Giant Fraud Economy Crashes Before End of 2016-Gerald Celente

5hBy Greg Hunter’s

Trends forecaster Gerald Celente has been predicting a financial panic in 2016. How close are we?  Celente says, “I believe we are very near an inflection point coming up very soon. . . . I would have thought this would have happened back in 2012; however, there has never been such a thing as quantitative easing.  There has never been such a thing as zero interest rate policy and negative interest rate policy.  We make forecasts based on information that used to be, but now we have things that never were.  . . . I was never taught that central banks could take over the economy as it is now.  This is not capitalism.  Capitalism is dead–it’s now bankism.  The only thing that is keeping this up is a giant fraud.  October is usually the killer month. . . . I believe the crash will happen before the end of the year, and it almost happened with Brexit.

Celente also predicts, “All this cheap money is building bigger bubbles. When this bubble bursts, it will be the worst one in modern history.  It will be far worse than the crash of 1929 because this is truly global, and it’s truly inflated with fake money.  It’s backed by nothing.  It’s printed on nothing.  It’s digital zeros.”

On gold, Celente says, “Why would I want cheap money that is being devalued and backed by nothing? The way we see it is if the Fed raises rates at all, it will be after the election.  Go back to last December.  The Fed said they would raise rates four times in 2016.  Here it is in the third quarter, and the Fed has not raised rates once . . . The world cannot take more expensive money.  You can only keep Ponzi alive with cheap dough.  That’s why we think gold is going to spike when it goes well over $1,400 (per ounce).  We believe it’s going to spike to $2,000 per ounce, and it’s going to be a quick hit up.  Nothing goes straight up, of course.  When you adjust gold for inflation, gold never hit the peak that it hit when it hit $850 in 1980.”

On the 2016 election, a surprising turn around for Trump. Celente explains, “We now forecast Trump will win.  First, we had Clinton.  Trump is his own worst enemy. . . . What’s going to determine the election, we believe, is the debates.  These debates will determine it more than they did with Kennedy and Nixon.  You are going to see viewer turnout on this break records, maybe even Super Bowl records.  It’s going to come down to the debates if Trump doesn’t destroy himself and/or there is not a wild card event.  In the absence of that, Trump has a shot at winning this.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, Publisher of The Trends Journal.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

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  1. Rick Geisler

    All I heard during this interview with Gerald Celente was the sound of a hammer in the background. Each point he made was solid and absolute. Bam, bam, bam. Great interview. Yes I too believe it will go real bad this fall. Kudos Gerald.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rick.

    • Robert Lykens

      Rick, with all respect, that’s exactly what Celente was talking about – that predictions can’t be made because the same old rules/laws don’t apply anymore.
      Yes, a collapse may very well occur this fall, but on what do you base that timeframe? I’m sincerely not trying to be argumentative, but predictions based on the past are worth less and less these days because the NWO globalists, leftists, progressives and socialists have changed the world.

      And no, not for the better.

      • Rick Geisler

        Robert Lykens,
        It is common sense basically. Historically economic collapse happens in the fall. It was suppose to happen in 2008. The bankers have delayed this for eight years wanting a controlled collapse in their favor or at least the best one they can get. Along comes a “wild card” named Donald Trump who wants to turn the gaming tables over. What do you think will happen before he has a chance?

        • Robert Lykens

          Rick, I honestly don’t know, but the timelines I see outlined in the Bible take on detail and clarity with each passing day.
          I believe that our God intentionally avoided specific time details so that men would turn to him for solace and assurance.

    • steve fauble

      Greg, I have noticed that for the last few weeks the video and audio of your guests are not in sinc. It is annoying.

      • Greg Hunter

        It’s a free site and I am working on it.

        • Paul Anthony

          It’s a FANTASTIC FREE SITE. Keep up the good work Greg. The news and information is golden!

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you Paul!

          • Rob M

            I agree with Paul, Greg. Keep up the good work. On a different note, I think the Clintons are crooks, through and through. The Clinton Foundation is supposed to be a charitable organizations, but look who has benefited from the “charity.” The were “dead broke” when they left the White House, but the foundation enriched them and kicked into high gear when Hillary became Secretary of State. I have heard no talk about the foundation when Hillary was a senator. Have any of you readers ever tried to reason with a Democrat? They have truly drunk the Kool-Ade. They are just smarter than everyone else and all of this criminal activity is ignored as propaganda from the right. Like Celente, I think that the debates will make it closer, but I am afraid that if the crash panic does not start before the election, the crooks will be in, they can declare martial law, stop any investigations into their business, or pardon anyone they want. Celente mentions the almost universally unpopular congress, our representatives (what a joke). Once they get into the club they care nothing about us, just about lining their pockets and working toward re-election. They might have a building built in their district, for the common good. But it will have their name on it to remind us what wonderful leaders they are for us. All of the acronyms they have put into place to serve us have turned on us. The EPA can take your land, the FDA can keep you from taking a drug they haven’t approved that may keep you alive when you have a terminal disease. Even now the FBI has failed us. And there are more than 250 more government agency acronyms, all there to “help” us. The IRS is Gestapo and when they were targeting pro-conservative groups from getting non–profit status for tax exemptions, what happened to that? What happened to Lois Lerner? The DOJ didn’t charge her with anything while saying they found “substantial evidence of mismanagement, poor judgment and institutional inertia,” but did nothing to her. Another example of legalized crime, just like the pay to play of the Clinton Foundation. I don’t know if Trump is the answer, but I know Hillary is the worst thing that could possibly happen. Our enemies no longer fear us, they buy our leaders. No need to fight us in a war when money is all it takes. Sorry to ramble and I could go on, but will relinquish my time to the next poster. Again, great job, Greg!

      • Jerry

        If that’s the worse thing that happens to you today, consider yourself lucky.

  2. Frederick

    Love Geralds in your face Bronx attitude and honesty Three cheers for a true patriot trying to inform and help his fellow Americans

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Frederick.

  3. Frederick

    I see Rudy(think building 7) Giuliani is out stomping for Trump and I assume he is looking for some position in Trumps cabinet and due to that Im really starting to wonder about Trump Why would he want anything to do with traitors and coconspirators in the murder of 3000 Americans you have to ask yourself

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not think Giuliani was in on it.

    • Paul ...

      Rudy is a sleazy wimp trying to attach himself to Trump for personal gain … don’t let this glad-fly dissuade you from Trump who will make the United States of America “great again” by uprooting the United Snakes of America (the Wall Street Crowd and the Banksters)!

      • frederick

        I agree he is sleazy thats for sure and I wouldnt be so fast to give him a free pass on 911 Remember he was mayor and what happened with building 7 was the true smoking gun with the destruction of the command center and records housed in that place Im very skeptical Of that character

    • Frank jeffries

      Yea, Guiliani…. Scumhead…. sucking up to Trump. Must want something. He didn’t say anything the past 15 years on 911.

  4. Anthony Australia

    Honest minds, with honest hearts share honest ideals.
    Love your work Greg Hunter!
    Wish I could meet you all in person.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Anthony.

  5. 8Ball

    Thank you Gerald… Perhaps 2017?

    I have been listening to you for years and you sound like a broken record…

    • Robert Lykens

      Did you hear Celente explain why his past predictions have failed? His explanation says it all.

      • 8Ball

        I would say that his past predictions have failed for the simple reason that his assessment of the existing global and domestic situations was wrong.

        Need we go any further than that?

        • Hildabeast

          Schemes undreamed of.


        • Frank jeffries

          Yes. No one knows $#!^. Even Peter Schiff. I can’t find anyone.

      • StillWaiting

        Explanations or excuses? He is hailed as the TOP trends forecaster, but he doesn’t understand the the effects of QE? I certainly don’t understand the workings of a complicated economy. That’s why I come to these sites for advice/information. The “Crash” that has been forecast as “weeks/months away” by many here and elsewhere, for years, is yet to be seen.

        I can’t wait until Bo Polny comes on again and explains how his “Perfect” cycle analysis is still right although almost everything he has said here has been wrong.

  6. Jerry

    I happen to be one of those who think Gerald is right. I have been hearing from multiple sources that we are going to experience some type of false flag event just prior to the economic reset. The prevailing thought is that it will come in the form of some type of grid takedown. Possibly an EMP attack perpetrated by Islamic terrorist. Whatever it is, it’s apparent that insiders in Germany are preparing for something.

    The key factor in any theft or crime is being able to cover your tracks. A grid takedown provides the perfect scenario in order to accomplish that goal. The trillions of dollars in tarp money that has been stolen, magically disappears only to resurface on the other side of the reset in the hands of our purported saviors riding in to save us all. The globalist who perpetrated this act get to use their new found power to rebuild our economic system in image of their liking, Constitution be damned.

    Before all the detractors rush in to bash Gerald and me, let me ask you a question? Do you really think that the system is not rigged by the globalist? (and no I’m not talking about the Clinton Global Initiative) Do you still think free markets exist and that there is no manipulation in the gold market and the stock market? ( and no I’m not talking about Hillary’s cattle futures) If you do, then we deserve to have a criminal for President. After all we’re living in a criminal state run by gangsters.

    • Charles H

      At some point – the economy will be the government; and the government ( to save the people and the nation) will be the economy. What a far cry from the “Limited Form of Government” we started out to be. Thanks Jerry.

    • Freebreezer

      Jerry – just a thought … the globalist control many of the important national banks, thus all they have to do is print more and more “ponzi money”, and then use that fake money to buy up more and more major companies stock … (surprise that is what they are doing) thus, eventually giving to ‘them’ controlling interest in all major industry and resources. It is criminal racketeering beyond belief and at the highest level and beats/cremes/leaves in the dust anything that the mob could ever dream up. At least that is one possible scheme that I can see. In a few years the TPTB own our country and others …. Game over. Given this scenario, I am on the fence as per a big melt down coming … why give up a criminal gig when it is working? In fact, I hope a huge melt down does occurs and happens quickly, otherwise the above scenario might be played out – the monopolization of all major assets in to the Federal Reserve (i.e. TPTB).

      • Jerry

        I tend to agree with your analogy, but the problem is the eastern oligarchs feel that the western crime syndicate is cutting them off at the wrist when they reach for their chips. In other words…….they’re leaving the crap table.

      • Paul ...

        Not only that … the United Snakes of America will soon provide “dumb” Americans the free”dumb” to live in FEMA Camps and call it NWO “dumb”ocracy … and the Hitlery voting “dumb” bells are so stupidly gullible they will willingly stand in line when the neo”cons” tell them they are simply going to the showers!!

        • Frank jeffries

          That was great.

    • Robert Lykens

      Jerry, your words eerily echo the predictions in the book of Revelation – “The globalist who perpetrated this act get to use their new found power to rebuild our economic system in image of their liking, Constitution be damned.

      When it starts becoming apparent to men that world systems are being remade “in the image” of globalists –
      Look out!

      • Jerry

        Robert Lykens.
        Truly John was a Revelator. Just as Daniel said “the stone that has been cut out of the mountain will roll fourth throughout the entire earth and crush Lucifer’s kingdoms”. (paraphrase)

        • Robert Lykens

          Jerry, my faith – indeed, my entire life – is grounded on that Stone.

      • Frank jeffries

        Yea, Obama starting another unconstitutional war in Syria. No laws, no rules, no penalties, no consequences for behavior, in fact rewards for abominations for the Elite Globalists.

    • C romana

      A grid black out, then reset to digital? What I want to know is, if the big money corporations etc can borrow free money how would there ever be a melt down? Just borrow more to cover losses. Are banks going to say no? The bailout rescue, as in federal reserve, goes on ad infinitum because they can’t be audited, so we are not going to see a collapse, just a devaluation.

    • Kerry

      On the Gulf Coast we stockpile food and water routinely. All it takes is one bad weather hit and you can be without utilities for weeks. The longest we went without power was 3 weeks. And that was with help coming in from other parts of the country. This warning to German citizens sounds like common sense to me. Around here, during hurricane season, supplies for 10 days is not enough. So many people have NO supplies at home at all for any emergency. What if the emergency was widespread? What if help was not coming? What would you do?

  7. Randy0302

    Presidential Debates:
    The Secret Service met directly with Infowars to tell them Hillary is not going to make it.
    Expect announcement early-mid Sept. Brain-dead Biden will replace Half-Dead Hillary.

    • Robert G

      The secret service could care less about Infowars. Reliable source please.. Unbelievable.

      • Frank jeffries

        Like The New York Times?

    • Jerry

      You could be right, Clearly something is wrong with the woman.

  8. Jerry

    What’s in the number “SEVEN” ? Seven years ago in “SEPTEMBER” Benjamin Cohen released this statement from the IMF.

    For those of you who don’t know who he is, click on the attached addendum for a complete analysis of his role with the IMF. At the time this statement was released,
    AIIB, CIPS, and the BRIC alliance did not exist, not mention the SGE. Denial is a symptom of living in the normalcy bias.

    • Jerry

      Do you see a pattern yet? The BIS put this statement by……wait for it…. (Benjamin Cohen) on their website only a few days before the G20 meeting in September. Publicly they may not say anything about the reserve currency status of the dollar, but behind closed doors you can bet they are discussing it .

      This has been in the works since 1944. Folks the corruption in the Bretton Woods system has broken the world bank. Money printing, and negative interest rates simply cannot go on. Its placing to much of a burden on many of the emerging economies to continue and the IMF knows it. I’m not saying the SDR will work, but right now that’s the only alternative they have.

      You can believe whatever you want to, but I happen to think that China, Russia and India have been buying gold for a reason. And no its not because they have a love affair with gold. In my mind the IMF has every intention of introducing gold into the basket of currencies come October 1. We’ll see ?

      • Charles H

        The BRICS are just engaged in self-preservation. They KNOW how badly they’ve been ripped-off over the last decades. They have to break America’s power by replacing or paralleling the World Reserve Currency. Can’t blame them.

    • Jerry

      I’m reposting this link for those who might have missed it a few months ago. I think after reading it, the G20 meeting in September will take on greater significance for those that are dialed in.

      To many times, we get a kneejerk reaction from those that comment about one particular post without seeing an entire strand of dots that are connected.

  9. big Al Banano

    Celente is NOT wrong, never was. What’s wrong is THIS CORRUPT LIE OF A SYSTEM. People live the lie and are totally in denial.. I call it pure stupidity and mental laziness. They don’t want to hear what Gerald has to say because THEY and THEY ALONE are in total denial. This system is hanging on a very thin thread and once it breaks it’s over! This time it’s all over.. and people don’t want to hear that. They’d rather live the lie.

    • frederick

      Exactamundo big Al

    • Anthony Australia

      Everything about our modern existence seems to be a complete fraud.

      What has happened to humankind?

      • Charles H

        In leaving the overall leaven of the Judeo-Christian Ethic, that the Bible gives us: the majority in the world has changed the Truth into a lie. Technology has aided in the mesmerization. Everyone does what is right in their own eyes.”Red is grey, and yellow, white; but we decide which is right – and which is an illusion”. Moody Blues, Nights In White Satin, Days of Future Past.

    • Frank jeffries


  10. Matties

    The criminals can’t stop Trump. Plan B.

    The FED will raise rates and crash the economy. This will be followed with the withholding of credits on the food cards. This will cause massive upheaval in the city’s.

    Obama will postpone the elections. Forever…

    • Linda L.

      This certainly would be one way to stop Trump. Just before the elections, the biggest false flag event we’ve ever seen occurs (maybe international event/s). Obama/globalists would not only stop Trump in his tracks, but Obama wouldn’t have to kiss up to Hillary anymore. Simultaneously, Obama could retain his office for awhile longer to complete his mission, which I believe to be the complete unraveling of the US Republic with end game… structures in place for NWO. I’m a bit concerned that this may be in the cards, but hope/pray not.

    • Frank jeffries

      If they can’t stop Trump, they will do something extreme….. It could be anything….. I mean anything as a distraction.

  11. JC Davis

    Thanks Greg. Good interview. Crystal clear sound.

  12. Robert E. Salt

    America has abandoned its space program for good. We have to rely on the Russians to get to the space station. Aside from weightless experiments, the space station isn’t much good for anything. You can’t physically travel to Mars or the moon, because they are separate realities. Several whistleblowers have come forward telling how they were enlisted to perform teleportation, time travel and space travel experiments when they were young in the 70‘s and 80‘s. These people include Andrew Basiago, Brett Stillings and Bernie Mendez. Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, and one of his female appointees were among this group. Bernie Mendez has a four hour interview on youtube created by Revolution radio in Australia in 2012 telling of his experiences, many of which he doesn’t understand. If this is an act, he’s putting all the Oscar winners to shame. He tells about going to Ford’s theater the night Lincoln was assassinated. He broke a piece off from the theater and brought it back with him. It should have been wood, but it appeared to be plastic. The information to reassemble the event exists, but the primitive technology used to recreate it at that time was lacking. A low resolution 3D piece of wood resembles plastic. Mendez walked out behind the theater and saw nothing but darkness. If he had walked far enough he would have come up against a barrier. When they were on Mars, Obama would fire a flare into the sky. After rising sixty feet, it would hit a barrier and fall to the ground for the same reason. The size of the hologram created with this early technology is limited. Basiago tells about the time when he was a child, his father drove him to a building and had him wait in the car while he went inside. He went in clean shaven and returned fifteen minutes later with a two or three day growth of beard. Did the Apollo Astronauts actually set foot on the moon? They may well have, but there is no way they got there the way we have been told, and all of the Apollo videos are fake. Our reality is not what we have been led to believe. Max Planck was a German theoretical physicist who won the Nobel prize in 1918 and was a friend of Albert Einstein. He believed that consciousness was the foundation of reality. Piecing together what I’ve heard from hundreds of speakers on dozens of subjects I would have to agree with Herr Planck. At the basic level there is nothing but consciousness providing every kind of information imaginable. It doesn’t occupy any space or include anything physical. There are no locations or distances or time that can be measured. If you can grasp this concept, you’re on your way to understanding quantum entanglement and quantum mechanics which form the second level consisting of subatomic paticles. This is where we encounter energy, forces, magnetism, electricity and the like. These are the building blocks of the third level, physical reality. Desertron was a collider being built in Texas which would have been larger than the Hadron collider in Europe. It was canceled in 1993 due to budget problems. Budget problems? I don’t think so! More than likely it was realized that analysis of the physical was reaching a dead end, and that studying consciousness in the form of mind control was the way to go. Draw a huge circle in your mind to represent universal consciousness. Draw thousands upon thousands of tiny circles inside the larger one to represent loosely connected realities. One of these small circles represent our terrestrial reality. It’s all about information! Everything we perceive is information received through our five senses creating a physical illusion. Each reality is a hologram, information projected from a collective consciousness. The concept of time is unique to each reality. The present moment in one reality does not correspond to that of another. The careful manipulation of information make teleportation, time travel and space travel possible. Think of everyone on earth as a computer connected as a network processing the same information in different ways according to certain rules (laws of physics). For beings to come here from another reality, they would have to connect to our network of information but not necessarily obey our rules. There have been alien craft in our skies making impossible maneuvers at impossible speeds penetrating both land and sea. Alien beings have been known to walk through walls or extract abductees through the roofs of their homes. There have been reports of aliens coming here from the stars in flimsy crafts without any controls. Bigfoot seems to move in and out of our reality at will. We create our own reality from information selected from the basic level, projecting it as a hologram. I was listening to a speaker who spent his life studying prophecy. He claims that the group with the best record predicting the future is science fiction writers. What he doesn’t realize is that these writers don’t predict the future; they create it through their millions of followers. If we allow ourselves to be dumbed down and mind controlled we surrender our influence. An emphasis has been taken off mathematics in our educational system, because Big Brother wants us to accept whatever we’re told without analysis to see if it makes sense. We’re all at least somewhat familiar with Greek mythology and other ancient mythology. The strange creatures in these strange stories represent a reality that existed once upon a time. World religions were created to control the masses and stabilize our reality into what it has been for many centuries minimizing the strangeness of mythology. During the past hundred years, runaway reality and runaway technology have been going hand in hand. For the first time seniors are experiencing a reality far different than the one they experienced as teenagers. Consciousness and information are real; physical matter, space, time, location, distance and travel are illusions. What does this mean for science? The scientific method is brilliant, but science is not all it’s cracked up to be. Biology, chemistry and physics are based on a physical illusion. A good example of bad science is carbon dating. Corrupt leadership results in a corrupt environment. The web of lies has gotten so thick and heavy that it’s beginning to collapse. Eventually all the sociopaths in power will be gone, because everyone will be communicating telepathically. Sociopaths rise to powerful positions using deception. Deception will no longer be possible once your thoughts can be read by others. It won’t be long! From telephones to cell phones to texting with brief acronyms, we’re well on our way. From phonograph records to CD’s to mp3‘s in clouds, the trend is clear.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is a little lone but I love your passion.

    • Charles H


      I disagree. World Religions were not created to control the masses. ONE belief system is a genuine article; the rest a Baskins Robbins – any flavor you want – imitation or variation. Science with God-less Humanism, government, and technology work for evil: true Christianity, which will become a very small minority, works in the world for righteousness. Christianity should NOT be lumped-in with everything else; or anything else.
      It’s easy to get real discouraged and negative. Besides – this old world isn’t going to be around long enough for humans to become telepathic. You have today: make the most of it.

      • Tin foil hat

        Charles H,
        I concur with this statement ,”Christianity, which will become a very small minority, works in the world for righteousness. Christianity should NOT be lumped-in with everything else; or anything else.”
        However, I believe all organized religions were created to control the masses.

        • Charles H

          T f h,

          I won’t lecture here. Substitute “destroy” for “control”: and you get closer to the real initiative.

    • David Clumpner

      Robert, I hate to rain somewhat on your parade but…
      I too see this coming in the next 15 yrs or so, per Ray Kerzweil/Singularity/Transhumanism, but HERE’S the rub…WHO do you think will be in the ‘Wheel House’? You are assuming that ‘We the People’ will be at the Helm but don’t think for a second the 1 percenters are gonna just turn it over to us.
      Always keep Ephesians 6:12 in mind:
      “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

    • Hatemail

      Could you expand upon this a little more?

    • Rob M

      I know Buzz Aldridge personally and was his neighbor at the time he walked on the moon. I talked to hm about his trip. I worked in the buildings the LEM was built in. Those who say that it was a fake are flat earthers and still believe the moon is made of cheese. Wake up!

      • Anthony Australia

        Bloody fake! A con and a total scam

  13. Tommy

    “Why would anyone pay Bill or Hillary Clinton $300k an hour to hear them BS when you can hear it for free all day long until you want to vomit”? I’d like to hear someone answer that question. Thanks for the great interview with Celente who never disappoints. Hillary tries to paint Trump as having some kind of cozy relationship with Putin when she’s not saying that Trump will lead us to nuclear war with him. But even the NY Times published a damning articles last year detailing the cash that flowed into the Clinton Foundation from Uranium One ($145 million) and the $500k that Russia paid Bill to give a speech right before Hillary’s state department approved Russia’s acquisition of Uranium One making them one of the largest holders of uranium including over 20% of the uranium in the US. Hillary also facilitated a Russian “Silicon Valley” project in which the biggest of the biggest US companies helped develop Skolkovo tech park in 2010. This provided the gateway for Russia to gain access to highly sensitive technology which was used to modernize their weaponry putting us in danger. Again, millions flowed into the Clinton Foundation from the US and Russian companies involved as well as more Bill Clinton speeches. All this under the Secretary of State who now want’s to be president. It boggles the mind how anyone could even entertain the idea of voting for this woman.

    • Tommy

      As a correction, the $145 million in contributions to the Clinton Foundation came from individual investors not from Uranium One or its predecessor. And this these deals remind me of Bill Clinton allowing the technology sale to China in the late 90’s so China could launch “communication satellites”. And we all know how that turned out. The Clintons have shown us time and time again that anything is for sale, if the price is right.

    • MCasey

      Tommy… asked, “…’Why would anyone pay Bill or Hillary Clinton $300k an hour to hear them BS when you can hear it for free all day long until you want to vomit?’ I’d like to hear someone answer that question.”

      The answer is simple: Bill and Hillary are “wind-up dolls”. Wind them up for $300k per hour and they say (and do) whatever you tell them to say. It’s only the rest of us who get the vomit for free. You get what you pay for…… Vote Trump!

  14. The Mohawk

    Mr. Celente implied this but I wish he would come out and just say it. The Federal Reserve System is an Organized Criminal Syndicate run for and by these private Banksters which is a private enterprise. There is nothing Federal about it. The so called “experts” which they are hardly, need to be rounded up, assets seized and imprisoned at the very least for many, many years. Mr. Greenspan, Mr. Bernanke, and Mrs Yellen as well as all fed staff , regional directors etc. at the regional locations. The federal govt has morphed into an Organized Criminal Enterprise and every Congressman and Senator needs to be questioned under oath and their assets seized as they have been stealing from the citizens of this once great country via insider trading among other things (the story about Bob Corker sure did disappear didn’t it–Greg, do you even know about it?–Just one example and the latest). The assets of the owners of The Federal Reserve need to be seized whether it be securities, real estate and hard assets such as gold and silver. Send Special Forces to their domiciles (which are many and worldwide) and seize those assets. The use of force will be required.

    There was a time when the the OWNERS of private banks (which the Federal Reserve is) were responsible (personally) for the losses incurred upon the nation were responsible for the losses incurred by their actions and are responsible to pay it back. This concept disappeared with the illegal and unconstitutional founding of the privately owned Federal Reserve System. A few very wealthy families have stolen literally hundreds of trillions of dollars for the privilege of merely printing paper fiat money.

    The very concept that the Federal Reserve has a “target” of inflation is beyond absurd. Inflation is not and never has been a measure of economic growth and implied productivity. This false goal was only proposed to debase the currency further and they have been quite successful at it. The original intent of having a central Bank was to ensure one thing–a stable and sound currency—period. Having bastardized that original charter these private banksters have used their foolish John Maynard Keynes theory (which they are not even practicing properly) and have since used it to debase the currency (on purpose) some 99% since 1913 and have put millions out of work and on the dole. These are and always have been thieves, liars and charlatans. They have committed Capital Crimes. The wars (funding of), the suicides——-a long list of Capital crimes.

    The ONLY way to address this issue is #1–Repudiate the debt–every nickel—it is illegitimate and was only issued by means of Fraud and there is no statute of limitations on fraud. In short, we don’t owe it—-the owners of the private banks do #2–Seize the assets of the owners and operators of said Federal Reserve–everything down to their shoelaces. Mr. Rothschild et al and their extended family will be lucky if he is allowed to live under an overpass in Compton. #3—Fractional Reserve Lending must be outlawed and perpetrators of it punished severely. #4—Our Treasury must IMMEDIATEY seize the issuance of all currency and do it themselves at no cost other than the production and small G&A of administrating such a system

    Last but not least, each and every Tax Avoidance “Foundation” must cease to operate and taxed retroactively for the assets they hold and the money they have spent on their wild orgy of Social Engineering. This includes but not limited to The Clinton Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Ford Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and thousands of others. They are in essence———terrorist organizations primarily focused on depopulation in their sick and immoral funding off Eugenics worldwide among other things. The Open Society “Foundation” is a prime example. Owned by Mr. George Soros, it ‘s focus is on destabilizing nations and taking them over by coup d’état, encouraging voter fraud by suing anyone wanting a simple I.D. to vote. The man needs to be imprisoned for 30 years minimum and all his assets seized and those of his tax avoidance foundation.

    The Federal Government is merely G&A and is suppose to serve We The People and they must be cutdown to the spending level a prudent business would be cut down to. Start with an Organization Chart with a drop down menu of every branch and departments, the names, salaries and benefits of each employee of OURS including contract employees and those under their employ. Make it illegal for any bureaucrat to enact a binding rule without approval by congress and those in place are null and void except certain criminal laws. No proposed legislation or regulation must not exceed 25 pages and EVERY proposed law and regulation MUST be covered with an Executive Summary summarizing the proposed law and will be illegal to leave out any impactful part of such a proposal and presented to We The People for a minimum of 21 days for legal review.

    The pensions of ALL public servants including members of congress, teachers and police officers and all bureaucrats MUST NOT exceed the maximum allowable payment now paid to Social Security recipients retroactively (currently about $3500.00 a month–quite adequate to live on). The days of $100,000 to $800,000 annual pensions are over—retroactively. Members of the House and Senate salaries MUST NOT exceed the average salary of those they serve–currently about $51,500. Enact that and you’ll see regulations scrapped and salaries in this nation begin to grow once again as will employment. Unionization must also be stopped for all civil servants. The shield of incompetence and greed must be removed. It is unconstitutional because they work for The People. We are their Union.

    Clawbacks of all bonuses and a substantial portion of their assets to any employee of a bank who received Tarp money or issued Q/E money at 0%. Credit card interest rates may not exceed 6% over what these banks borrow and their rate. The 13th Amendment (The abolition of Slavery) cited as the basis of such a law.

    Break up the Tech Tyrants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon among many others. The new robber barons of the 21st Century. Dismember them from our government (were you aware Eric Schmidt, Jeff Bezos among others–see below

    Fiat Currency is a massive ponzi scheme and must end NOW!! End the FED and fiat currency and this madness stops tomorrow morning. Don’t do these things–we are done as a nation and a people.

    Love One Another

    The Mohawk

    • Greg Hunter

      The Mohawk,
      This too is on the long side, but it is well worth reading. Thank you.

      • The Mohawk

        Thank you Mr. Hunter. I too was alarmed at the length when I finished it but felt it needed to be said. I sent a very similar proposal to Mr. David Stockman about a year ago and he thanked me for my input but haven’t heard back since (I believe he assumed I was auditioning for his publication based on his response—–I was not—-I was attempting to stop this madness). I enjoy your site and your guests are wonderful. Keep up the good work, sir. Our Lord knows what you’re doing. He’s watching. Be well.

        ps-Maybe a copy of my proposal to Mr. Trump? I don’t need any credit and don’t care about me. I’m fighting to save this nation as are you albeit in different ways and methods. He understands production business versus service industry and the corresponding G&A and their reasonable and prudent levels.

        The Mohawk

        • Greg Hunter

          The Mohawk,
          It was a worthy read my friend!! Once in a while it’s OK!!

          • The Mohawk

            Deleted your insult? Yes, you insulted a man. I wept. Wasn’t a good move JACKASS (to insult a fan–a loyal fan -and deleted the exchange-a pertinent exchange). Shoulda kept the entire exchange in. You have been outed Mr. Hunter. I am done here and will shall not be back and the word has spread like wildfire. (I have more followers than thee..) May God may forgive you for what you have done here. (Mr. “Have no fear, God Is In Charge”) God is gonna kick your ass for being an ##@##@–I’d kick the #### out of you for invoking his name and for other reason now..pray we never meet. This is war and you just kicked the balls of a 4 Star General (hardened steel balls–hope the foot is okay Statist?). We are strong. You are a statist. Next move?

            • Greg Hunter

              I have no idea what you are talking about or who I insulted or what was deleted. If I insulted somebody I did not intend to. I don’t want or need “war” with anyone. By the way, I am NOT your enemy and DO NOT want to be.

    • C romana

      Some good ideas here. We The People should not be paying huge pensions to civil servants when we are struggling to survive!

      • frederick

        No we shouldnt The entire system is broken and a huge reset is the only cure unfortunately There will be ALOT of pain and suffering but sadly its the only solution in my opinion

  15. Paul ...

    Everyone says rising interest rates will crash the bond market, crash the housing market, crash the stock market and crash the rest of the economy into a black hole and predict it will happen in October or before the election or before year end … and then they say the Fed will talk of raising raise interest rates but will never do it … so if the Fed never raises rates … how are we going to get a crash before the end of the year?
    And if the elite love Hillary and she is elected … do you think they will allow rates to rise if she is elected? … only if Trump is elected will rates be allowed to rise to crash everything on him … now the question becomes … do we vote for evil Hillary so rates won’t rise? … or do we do the right thing and vote for Trump to purge the system of systemic evil, bring down the evil banks with the economy and take the pain, in order to make a better future and a better America for our children and their children’s children?

    • Paul ...

      Lets say America calls the Fed’s “bluff” to raise rates and crash everything … and we elect Trump … do you think the Fed will actually commit suicide and destroy all their banker and Wall Street buddies (just to get even with us for electing Trump)?
      I bet the Fed cowards won’t do it … and will come to some “accommodation” with Trump … any accommodation with Trump will be a greater benefit to our Nation and people … then continuing to live with the systemic evil that voting for Hillary will bring!

  16. Chip

    Great interview Greg and Gerald… Chip

  17. ugly but proud


  18. frtancis m reps

    Mr. Celente has outlined the bias of the mainstream media; with examples of the New York Times, in a graphic and compelling way. His clarity in reference to a method to stop all immigration { like 1930’s policies } is also very keen. His presentation of some other important, but not well known facts about our national situation is worth listening to. The ” fun ” aspect of watching him is the Altar with the unlit candles in the background, and his gesticulating to make his points. After claiming he is a ” Political Athiest ” ; he goes on to say he managed political campaigns in the past. I guess he has outgrown that part of his career. Keep him on your program as an informative and entertaining guest.

  19. vincent_g

    Gerald has made it clear that Bill Clinton has been the worst President we ever had.

    One man rips all the safeguards away.
    Removes Glass Steagall
    The banks now become too big to fail.

    Allows drug companies to advertise
    Drug prices skyrocket

    deregulates fcc
    Turns the news industry into a propaganda machine

    In each case these moves are in response to big money.

  20. Jallen

    Gerald always tells it like it is. With his political background, his opinion on politics is to be taken seriously. Celente, Mannarino and Pento are fearless, when it comes to telling the truth. Bravo, Gerald, Greg and Michael.
    How pathetic has America become, when it puts forth a candidate such as Hillary Clinton! The Democrat party along with all its supporting class, you know, Buffet, Gates, Soros and other wealthy puppet masters are in the process of destroying America, in order to set up their One World Government! It is the old Roman Empire standard for controlling the masses, Welfare Checks, Football Games etc, feed and entertain the masses. Wake up Democrats, the Democrat party most likely stole the primary election from Bernnie Sanders, in order to replace Puppet Obummer with Puppet Hillary. America is the Frog in the pan, raise the temperature one election at a time until death. AMERICA, YOUR ARE TRADING IN YOUR FREEDOM FOR A WELFARE CHECK AND OBUMMER CARE, YOU SOON WILL BE A FINANCIAL SLAVE, IF NOT ONE ALREADY. WOE UNTO THE FEDERAL RESERVE, YOU ARE THE POISON THAT IS KILLING AMERICA, BY KILLING THE DOLLAR THROUGH YOUR ENDLESS CREATION OF DIGITAL DOLLARS!!! THE FED HAS PAVED A ROAD STRAIGHT TO FINANCIAL HELL, WITH ITS QE TO ETERNITY.
    As the song says, “DANCE TO THE MUSIC”.

    • C romana

      And they will serve the dark forces after death , in hell.

  21. Barn Cat

    Great interview. I have to disagree with one point though. I believe that the people who own the big banks own the media and both political parties. They also control Hollywood and the educational establishment. I believe that the average person who gets all their information from the mainstream media is more brainwashed than someone who lived in Soviet Russia. At least there the people knew they were being lied to.
    I remember when homelessness and AIDS were big political issues that were blamed on Reagan and Bush. Once Bill Clinton was elected they disappeared from media coverage.

  22. diane s.

    I’ve never been a follower of Gerald, but this was a great interview.
    Thank you Gerald and Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind to say that Diane S.

  23. donh

    These central bankers keep pulling rabbits out of a hat to put off the collapse…can’t they come up with a few more tricks we have not seen before, thus postponing doomsday a little longer? If they were to eliminate physical cash from the system, thus preventing bank runs, wouldn’t that buy them more time?

    • JMiller


      Eliminate physical cash from the system would not prevent bank runs. Bank runs can happen just as well by having large numbers of depositors take money out electronically or by writing checks. There is also something called a silent bank run.

      Only capital controls which prevents people from closing accounts and limits the amount one can withdrawal from their account can stop bank runs.

  24. Todd Salerno


    Awesome as usual. Gerald has taken some heat, but like he says who could have predicted QE to infinity, negative interest rates and bail ins? BTW here in Canuckistan our esteemed Prime Minister has passed similar bank bail in legislation between selfies, shirtless vacations and rock concerts. He is absolutely clueless and so are 95% of the people here . I post the article on my Facebook page and it gets zero attention. I thank God every day for the blessing about being in the middle of nowhere and needing minimal contact. I don’t think even our imagination can comprehend the magnitude of this impending disaster and the chaos when our coddled urban zombies clue in.

    • Charles H

      Food and Meds, Todd. They will ‘nationalize’ Walmart, after the initial sackings – then guard with the military.

      • Todd Salerno

        Our military can secure every city in Canada……. Problem is only one at a time.

  25. Lightworker 420

    I have been waiting for this corrupt fraudulent system to crash for several years now, I really believe this article is pretty accurate I’ve been watching it (coming collapse) daily for years I welcome it, it’s time for a fair honest system to be implemented thanks for your hard work Gerald Celente, 2 thumbs up and thank God

  26. Bill

    GREG: Gerald and you were great as usual. All your guests speak to the collapse that is coming. Would it be possible to have a guest who could speak to what financial conditions might be like after the collapse, other than to just say there will be chaos. God Bless

  27. Mike

    Celente is one of my favorite guests. His flair and sarcasm is a true delight. He has also been around long enough to know that in trends forecasting, there is always that unforeseen event(s) that could affect a forecast. We’ll see what happens a little over a week from now. Looking at the 6.2 in Italy, I am sure more like it, but bigger, are on the way. Get prepared now.

    • Paul ...

      What is even more interesting is not the $880.58 price for silver and the $7,969 price for gold but the gold/silver ratio implied which is approximately nine(9)! … now take the true value of gold as given by Sinclair ($50,000 per ounce) and divide by 9 and we get the true (Sinclair) value of $5555 per ounce … with silver now selling at $20 dollars per ounce we are talking about an investment that will return 277 times your money! … the idiots putting money in banks at a negative interest rate are fools … the idiots putting their money in Treasury bonds at 1.5% are fools … the idiots putting their money in stocks for 5 times their money are fools … the idiots putting their money in derivatives (options) for 50 times there money are fools … the only wise people are those locking away (outside the system) silver (for a potential 277 times their money)!

  28. mickey byrnes

    Congress men pass laws given to them by lobbyists and the Feds set policy with made up numbers.What do they do all day? to make matters worse they all a Hugh staff. thx for your hard work at a real occupation

    • Bill

      mickey byrnes; Only one term for politicians. Not term limits, just don’t re-elect them. We can then take our country away from their greed, and their monsterous egos.

  29. ericblairwuzright

    First, Gerald was sure that Hillary would win.
    Then, The Donald.
    Now, not so sure…

    All I know is that our immediate future is not nearly as frightening as that shirt.

  30. Bill

    GREG; Classic Celente: Ponzinomics?? and Capitolism is dead, now we have bankerism. Only Gerald can do that. Keep up the good work.. Gerald Celente and Greg Hunter together are a well oiled machine. God Bless

  31. gregd

    I don’t think there is much chance that the markets will crash. Unless of course, they want them to. I base this on the fact that all the central banks are all buying stocks right now. They can buy and own all the stocks in all the markets and who’s going to stop them. Nobody. Nobody’s going to complain and live to tell about it too long or do an audit. Please tell me who’s going to stop them? The presstitutes only care about their next pay check.
    As long as they can digitize money they can keep the markets and PM’s anywhere they want them. Other countries will still sell them crap for paper because their leaders have sold their souls as well. It may sound cynical but I think its real. This is where we’re at folks. Without a military coup, I think we better get use to it. The military took an oath to defend this Country from enemies both foreign and domestic. Its about time they step up and do their jobs. The politicians and 1% would look a lot better in those FEMA camps then us.

    • Paul ...

      A military coup by those sworn to uphold the Constitution and defend this Country from enemies both foreign and domestic would be highly acceptable to what we have now … however … when I think about 9-11 and how the military acted to defend our country then (they could not even defend the Pentagon) … hoping for the military to save us is more of a pipe dream then reality … we need to vote for Trump to take down the systemic evil now ingrained in Washington!

    • C romana


    • jim c.

      Gregd , Ill tell you who will stop them, there are people that think this scam of a system can go on forever, well it can`t because the rest of the world will not let it. china and russia for one, We need them they do NOT need us, they will not continue to take our toilet paper currency much longer.

      • gregd

        jim c,
        I sure hope you’re right my friend. But I do have my doubts. I thought as you do but they keep taking our digital money, perhaps they fear our military power.
        I want to put a Trump bumper sticker on my car but with everyone I hear who does, gets attacked or their car damaged. So I have to be part of the silent majority.

    • Matt In Pa

      Well stated about the military carrying out their Oath at home.

  32. Robert Lykens

    Greg, two statements:

    First, I have been one of Celente’s most vocal critics, quick to point out his failed predictions.

    Second, I have stated myself – here on USAWatchdog – that the reasons Mannarino’s, Kirby’s and others’ predictions have failed is because the normal rules of economics don’t apply anymore.

    It’s nice to see Mr. Celente say the same thing, and it gives me a new respect for him. We live in a world that no one has ever seen before. It’s impossible to make predictions based on traditional American values, capitalism, even the rule of law, because they don’t exist anymore.
    This frightens me, and the best advice I can give anyone is to buy silver & gold and to always be armed – because there’s no knowing what might happen suddenly, at a moment’s notice.

  33. Abby

    I like Gerald however not voting means his opinion does not matter. In this election someone not voting is a vote for Hillary.

    • Paul ...

      Exactly right Abby!

    • jim c.

      Abby, I agree, A vote for trump is a question mark, but a vote for hitlary is a guaranteed vote for poverty and destruction. Everyone must vote for trump or we are doomed .

  34. Mister King

    Immigration accounts for all the GDP growth during Obama. 50 million new entitlement recipients, now that’s great for Walled Sleeze and CNBC. Every immigrant that comes here either steals work from an unemployed American (and that legal American goes on entitlements) or the immigrant goes on welfare and that legal American also refuses to work and remains on entitlements. Look at Europe, they need to add millions of immigrants on entitlements or else collapse GDP.

    The cost of entitlements exceeds $1 trillion, and needs to expand year over year in order to have a positive GDP. I wish Williams did an interview on this.

    population growth = debt growth = GDP growth
    Ballgame over!

  35. Robert Lykens

    Why hasn’t the system failed yet?
    I believe I can answer that if you care to hear an explanation from the prophecies of the Bible, which has never failed:

    First, the cause of the current problems which will ultimately resolve into collapse:
    It’s beyond dispute that the USA has made many foolish decisions for as long as it’s been around. So what continues to uphold the US? Why haven’t our poor policies and decisions derailed us?
    Simply put: “Support For Israel”. God has defended and supported us because we have supported national, Zionist Israel. Revelation 12:14 proves this.
    Now comes along a series of “presidents” (Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Hussein Obama, who is demonstrably muslim) who, to a certain extent, have begun withdrawing American support for Israel. This is not a left/right, Republican/Democrat issue – BOTH are at fault. As support for Israel has waned and criticism toward Israel has waxed, troubles in America have compounded. With more time I can prove it by listing the timeframes of national disasters compared with decisions made vis-a-vis Israel. Said quickly, our greatest disasters (including 9/11 and Katrina) were perfectly timed to coincide with attempts to remove land from Zion and give it to the Gentile nations.

    Now think about the IMMINENT economic collapse. It should have imploded long ago, right? Why hasn’t it? What holds it together?

    That’s the second point.
    What has delayed the collapse and held this fatally-flawed system together thus far is the Mercy of God.
    When time has run out for men to repent, the Collapse will come. Look for an imminent invasion of Israel from the north, by Russia, Iran and “many others” (Ezekiel 38, 39).

  36. Wolf

    I have been following Gerald Celente for years and I have the highest regard and respect for his passion and his message. He knows how to talk to the hearts of people in a way they can understand. Great interview Greg, one of the best ever.

  37. Robert Lykens

    How Hillary gave Russia increased control over US uranium:

  38. Hatemail

    Douche Bank is going to take Germany’s balls and go home if they go broke.

    “If Deutsche Bank goes down it is taking everyone down with it, when, as cited by Bloomberg, the bank’s CEO, John Cryan warned of “fatal consequences” for savers and pension plans. “

    • Greg Hunter

      DB is the MOST systemically dangerous bank in the world according top the Fed and IMF.

  39. Robert Lykens

    Many times on this website I have warned that the collapse will come following an invasion of Israel by Russia, Iran and “many others” (Ezekiel 38, 39).
    One of the “others” mentioned prominently in Ezekiel’s prophecy is Turkey. Today Turkey took a HUGE step toward fulfilling that part of the prophecy by sending their tanks into Syria.

    Do you see what that means? Another major player in Ezekiel’s prophecy is now in place. Turkey’s army, allied with Russia and Iran, is now on Israel’s northern border.

    Soon, soon.

    • Paul ...

      Exactly what I’ve been warning about Robert … the Israeli “neocons” are creating conditions that will bring Ezekiel’s prophecy to fruition … Israel should be partnering with Russia to develop their gas fields!!

      • Paul ...

        An invasion of Israel by Russia and others can be easily prevented by making Russia Israels partner … the loony tunes running things over there are going to get Israel killed!!

        • Paul ...

          Remember (Ezekiel 38, 39) is not written in stone … so we do have the ability to change things for the better … we all don’t want to see the Holy Land nuked … for what kind of a legacy is that to Christ when he returns (to see his home land glassed over in toxic radiation that will make it uninhabitable for 1000 years)!

          • Paul ...

            Unless … unless that was the 1000 years of peace talked about in the Bible???

    • aussie jeff

      Like you Robert,i have been closely monitoring the movements of these countries.
      Damascus i believe is the canary in the coal mine,its demise is set in concrete…..
      “A prophecy against Damascus: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.”
      My hunch is Damascus will be obliterated
      before Israel is attacked,
      the ruination of Damascus will infuriate the King of the North and his cohorts,……….Turkey has light the match that will ignite the fuse.
      With Turkish tanks rolling into Syria,it now becomes clear why Erdogan visited Putin a few weeks back.
      Germany announcing that its citizens stock up on food and water should be a warning to all of us.
      Let us pray for each other.

      • Robert Lykens

        aussie jeff, I have wondered about the timing of Damascus’ ruin. With so many militaries and terrorist organizations operating in that theater today, it seems close, even “at the door”. If Damascus was annihilated today I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.

    • Charles H

      Robert – you are a great presence here. In college I used to hear in the Chapel Services from preachers stirring the pot by announcing the Return of Christ SO SOON – that they stampeded the kids into getting married before graduation. So I decided I wouldn’t begin to engage in that folly. Similarly, as to the nations which will invade Israel – I’ve decided that the issues which the Bible doesn’t spell out clearly: I will also leave that alone. I know one can trace and track through the Bible: but not all agree. One thing for sure: Bible prophesy is being realized before our very eyes!

      • Robert Lykens

        Charles, please go to Amazon, buy and study “The Silence Is Broken” by Douglas Berner. In his great book, he examines the Gog/Magog prophecy in intense, in-depth detail, sparing no word or portion of that Scripture.

        It’s not an “armchair” read – it’s intended to be a detailed, word-by-word study of Scripture.

      • aussie jeff

        Charles agreed with your entirely.

  40. Spurr

    Don’t count on it… there will NOT be any debates! Hitlery is sick remember!
    In a debate Trump will simply destroy her with the emails and foundation scandal… never mind the people she made disappear! The democrats will not take that chance and how would it look if someone was near her to give her a shot when she freezes!!!

    I hope you’re right Gerald about October and Jerry you may be right on with the EMP attack, that might fit in perfectly in the Bombers plan for a third term and let Hitlery go to a brain surgeon for a brain transplant… !

    • Paul ...

      Remember Igor in the movie Young Dr. Frankenstein when asked to bring back “a normal” brain dropped it … and replaced it with the “Abby”normal brain … what if Trump is in the hospital to remove a splinter in his finger and surgeons replacing Hillary’s brain accidentally replace it with Trumps! … the Trump family would obviously have a big law suit … but how will the Democrats vote? … for Hillary with Trumps brain or for Trumps VP??

      • frederick


  41. ron whelan

    totally agree tod . Our clueless prime minister is riding a wave of popularity on the backs of a clueless public.

  42. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Keep up the great work. My wife does not like Gerald but I do. He reminds me of a great uncle of mine who always had a story to tell in order to teach us young ‘uns a lesson.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CC!!

  43. Peter

    I doubt that the US economy will cave before the election, but Celente is right about the current situation being fraudulent.
    Hillary would lose to Trump if the economy tanked, she may anyhow. Her Wall Street , Banking and Fed buddies however don’t want to see their donations wasted. They’ll do their best to hold things together until November. It’s pay to play with Hillary as president and only Trump can change this.
    Every night MSNBC, CNN and the other liberal cable networks run biased hit
    pieces on Trump while never discussing Hillary’s faults. It’s enough to make a patriotic person ashamed of what this country has fallen to. To God, I pray that Trump wins because I believe good should triumph over evil and he could help change the direction at the very least.

  44. coalburner

    Best ever for you and Gerald.
    I am going now to replay the interview.

  45. frederick

    Hillary in Nantucket needs to be careful Somebody might mistake her for a whale and harpoon her

  46. David Clumpner

    Thanx again Greg and Gerald for another whing dinger!
    The only thing I can add is when the implosion does occur, my guess is that EVERYTHING except maybe the Dollar will drop precipitously, and that includes gold, at least til the dust settles a little.
    THEN, I’d predict it will rise and eventually hit 2, 3, 4000 or more as Rickards has been spouting.
    I still believe, at some point, the Fed will unite with the IMF, BIS, and perhaps BRICS to come up with the next globalized QE Ponzi Scheme…
    That or ‘Helicopter Money’ along the line of what Bernanke has alluded to from time to time as well as Trump.
    This is the ‘Black Swan’ that very very few are even considering, including you Gerald.
    A digitized crypto SDR could also be in the mix.

    • frederick

      You are probably correct that the collapse will drag metals lower before they explode much higher but I personally want to get some before the implosion as I feel they may be unavailable at lower prices after the fact Better to be a year early than a day late sort of thing you know but to each his own Dave

  47. charles turner

    This time things are different.
    For the first time in history, cash could be abolished and replaced with electronic currency. The choice facing those in power might get down to letting the whole system crash worse than the 1930’s or banning cash over night ,taking control of all deposits and using electronic control for both monetary and fiscal policy.
    The day this happens all freedom goes and we enter a period much worse than communism.

    But what choices do they have:
    a. Keep this thing going until it blows. with an inflection point with QE and negative interest rates.
    b. Go to War with Russia or China and blame everything on them.
    c. Go completely electronic, so everything can be monitored and controlled.

    I suspect that (b) is the preferred route, but the aggressive Russia simply isn’t aggressive enough and some people are starting to questions whether they aggressive at all.

  48. asmith

    Is Gerald getting scared? No histrionics in this interview.

  49. Just'n Observer

    Greg… Talked with Andy Hoffman about recent gold market move…appears he thinks something right around the corner now..

    • frederick

      Andy is a good and knowledgeable guy I intend to do business with his firm Miles Franklin wherever possible

  50. C romana

    Agreed, and….here’s a new thought. Russia will design a better economic system with the Brics that will eventually change the world. The west will either change or become lost in corruption.

    • Robert Lykens

      C Romana, a “better economic system” would have to be Free Market Capitalism. Are you saying that Russia will join with the BRICS nations in true Free Market Capitalism?

      • C romana

        Yes, the Fed is creating digital currency ad infinitum to prop up the market and banks. QE to infinity is what I have read. We will possibly go to digital currency. I believe that the Brics will reject this if they can. And lead us back to a free market with sovereign control of monetary policy.

  51. Diane D.

    Very interesting interview. Thank you Greg.

    I often lament that ‘I don’t have a dog in the fight’. But I DO HAVE USAWatchDog.

  52. ecobel

    another ‘worst crash”
    protecting his book!
    what is going to happen with all these people when nothing happens in
    in the next four months. I can see it now “by July17, worse crash ever”

    • Rob M

      If they keep putting off the crash it will be like waiting for Jesus to return. One is inevitable; the other folly.

      • Greg Hunter

        Excellent point Rob M!!!

  53. Jerry

    Hello…. naysayers….government trolls!
    The love affair with gold has now spread to the Rothschild empire. What’s that tell you about your convoluted idea that “nothing is wrong”?

    Anytime the master purveyor of fiat currency trash, throws in the proverbial towel, to purchase gold, its time to pull your head out of your………well you know where? Slice it, dice it, anyway you like, but this is a self preservation move pure and simple. But if you are so inclined to continue to play the denial game, be my guest. Just don’t come running to Greg crying when the SHTF.

  54. vincent_g

    Reminds me of some old James Cagney movies where he says you ain’t got nothing on me copper.

  55. Bill

    GREG: Might you invite a real estate professional to give us some insight on the present, and the future outlook for real estate

    • frederick

      Beware the socalled “real estate professionals” they will alwats say real estate is going higher Personally Im paying attention to what the big sucessful investors in RE are doing like Sammy Zell and he aint buying hes selling a big chunk of his holdings

  56. Sayonara

    Classic Celente interview. Gerald is exactly right in his admission regarding timing. The things we learned from our studies of finance and economics have been thrown out the window. We were never taught about QE and negative interest rates in our economic and finance classes at prominent universities. We were taught fraud and financial manipulation were crimes of great magnitude – not any more when you are too big to fail. So everything is upside down and inside out for the moment. When economic mother nature catches up, there will catastrophic economic hell to pay. When does that occur? When the global central banks and elites run out of tricks to play. I like many others who are interviewed and participate on this great site thought this should have happened years ago based on common economic and finance laws of order. I cannot say when, but, I know it is imminent. Just be prepared.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sayonara!

  57. 8Ball

    The Roman Empire crumbled over a period of centuries… it did not “collapse” as the result of some terminal, chaotic, event that occurred in a few days.

    The present socio-economic paradigm is crumbling and those who are waiting for some dramatic, terminal, event to happen will be waiting for a long time…

    Listen to this lecture by J. Peden:

    • gregd

      I agree with you but I have only one caveat, the U.S. is the reserve currency of the world and that being taken away suddenly would trigger a collapse in my opinion. Just give this a thought, why would anybody have to work in the U.S. when we can all have servants and buy anything we want with printed money.

      • 8Ball

        You assume “suddenly”… That is the error of this current group of alarmists who have been raised watching 30-60 minute TV Sitcoms where the show ends and everyone lives happily ever after.

        The world does not work that way… Listen to Peden: The Roman government made it up as they went along until they couldn’t make it up any longer.

        It did not “collapse”, it fizzled out like a firecracker that does not explode.

      • frederick

        Its not being taken away suddenly its been going away since 1971 gregd

  58. MikeL

    Gerald Celente along with Paul Craig Roberts are National Treasures.
    Keep up the great service you provide Greg – I love reading your articles and watching your videos.
    Celente’s forecasts may not be completely accurate time-wise as some readers complain, but it is only because we are in uncharted waters and no one can predict the seemingly unlimited resources the Powers That Be wield so ruthlessly, nontheless but he is 100% correct.
    As the saying goes – I’d rather be a year early than a day late when the SHTF
    Thank you

  59. C romana

    We are doomed until the Federal Reserve is abolished. Doomed to the inevitable destruction of our currency.

  60. Sal

    We are doomed until Jesus Christ returns. So stand firm, kick depression, hopelessness, and anxiety to the curb and know the end is near. Praise the Lord!!!

  61. Jon

    Greg – great show as always. You may want to consider asking to interview Don mcalvany at some point. He is the editor of mcalvanyintelligenceadvisor. He has a very interesting viewpoint and unique perspective on things. His address is : [email protected]

  62. Mme Hedin

    Looking back on this interview, I believe it reveals Geralld Celentes’ general weaknesses as a forecaster – he allows his (very) subjective opinions as a white, conservative male to overrule the numbers which his forecasts are (presumably) based upon. Honestly, he can be very, very subjective and his emotions seem to often overrule his raationale.

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