Global Crash Will Force More Money Printing-Gerald Celente

CelenteBy Greg Hunter’s   (Early Sunday Release)

Top trends researcher Gerald Celente has recently predicted a market crash between now and the end of the year. It looks like that prediction is unfolding now, and Celente contends, “It’s very simple. You have a global slowdown, and this is after central banks have pumped in trillions of dollars, yen, yuan, euros and you name it to propping it up. We are in unprecedented territory. This has never happened before in the history of the world. . . . Even the Wall Street Journal came out last week with a front page story and said the Fed used up all its ammunition. They have nothing left to do because they have record low interest rates, but I disagree with them. I believe they will come out with another round of quantitative easing (QE or money printing). They will do anything they can. It looks pretty sure they are not going to raise interest rates in September. . . . What is going to create jobs? The jobs they are creating stink. Here’s a number for you. Medium household income is 6% below where it was in 1990.   Look at the new home buyers. In good times, first time buyers are usually around 40%. It is down to 28%. Look at the amount of people who own homes. It’s back to 1960 levels. Look at the labor force participation rate. It is back to late 1970’s levels. There is no recovery. It’s been a cover-up.” 

Celente sees stocks and bonds taking a big hit, while gold prices spike. Celente explains, “By the end of the year, the equity markets will be down by more than 20%. Look at the NASDAQ. It’s below 5,000. The last time the NASDAQ was at 5,000 was March of 2000. That was 15 years ago. I am bullish on gold. I believe when gold prices go up, they are going to spike up. We believe, and we are on record, that the bottom in gold is between $1,000 per ounce to $1,150 per ounce. That was the downside risk because it doesn’t pay to pull it out of the ground at any level lower than that. It’s not like oil where you have to keep pumping just to keep things going. Now, we believe that when gold prices go up, they are going to skyrocket up. We are looking for gold to beat its 2011 level when it was $1,927 per ounce. We believe it is going to go over $2,000 per ounce. We are not as bullish on silver because silver is used for production, and we don’t see production increasing. Silver is a manufacturing metal, as well. However, having said that, it will not go down along with other raw materials. It will probably rise, but not at the pace we see gold rising. Gold has been looked upon as when all else fails, there is gold. People will be looking for a safe haven commodity when this all begins to collapse. You are going to see riots in Brazil and more riots in Venezuela. I just got back from Italy. There are migrants everywhere. You got a war in Libya. You got a war in Syria. You got a war in Iraq. You got a war in Yemen. You got a war in Afghanistan. You have destabilization from Mali to the Congo, central Africa to Sudan to Somalia. These people are flooding out into Europe. There is no way of stopping this wave because besides the wars, you have crashing commodity prices.  Commodities were holding these countries together as they were exporting it to China when China was manufacturing. This is when the Americans and Europeans were buying. What you are looking at are crises coming from many different levels. We are talking about economy, geo politics and civil wars to regional wars and social unrest.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, Publisher of The Trends Journal.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

Gerald Celente publishes in-depth research on This interview just scratches the surface of his work. To subscribe to The Trends Journal click here.  You may also request a discount by (clicking here.)

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  1. Guest

    “We are not as bullish on silver because silver is used for production, and we don’t see production increasing. Silver is a manufacturing metal, as well. However, having said that, it will not go down along with other raw materials. It will probably rise, but not at the pace we see gold rising.”

    Huh? That’s not what he was saying a few years ago.

    There are many conflicting views among these “experts.” It’s so hard to know what to believe.

    • David Morris

      It will rise when there is no affordable gold left!!!

    • al hall



  2. David

    These past many weeks have been outstanding. All timely interviews and with some of the most knowledgeable people available. As we watch the markets unwind, I feel well positioned and prepared. Thank you Greg. You are providing a crucial service.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David. Please help others if you can.

  3. JC Davis

    The old man that owned over 50 % of Giant foods told listened all week to the debate between the union and the company board. The company board had a fix the union should have taken. At the end of the week (Friday ) a man that did not speak all week said we have offered you a good deal, so If you reject it, we will close it down. The union laughed it off. Monday came and Giant foods closed down. That man owned 51 % of Giant foods. The union said? My pocket is full of holes.

    • JC Davis

      My point is. the Dollar is now owned by those who borrowed it.

  4. Gary

    Thank God hes not always 100 percent right because I own alot of silver just sayin

    • smaulgld

      Historically silver ALWAYS falls harder in bear markets and rises greater in bull markets.
      I”ll pull some charts from my site

      • smaulgld

        Also the gold silver ratio is near historic highs which means silver has some catching up to do AND the % of silver for investment purposes is growing as seen in the massive increase in demand for American Silver Eagles, Maples and other silver coins and bars

        • andyb

          Although there are questions about the current tightness in the silver market (some say big supply deficit, others say there are millions of ounces available, it’s simply supply chain issues), the reality is that, Per the USGS, the planet will ruin out of accessible, in the ground silver within a decade. Consider that we can live without gold in our daily lives, but we cannot do so without silver, the most strategically important industrial metal on the planet. Since I’m a holder and not a trader, I can wait for the time that silver may even be more valuable than gold.

          • Smaulgld

            Yes Andy I like to say
            Gold is desired but silver required

      • Smaulgld

        Here is the Gold Silver Ratio current and historically. A look at the longer term charts and you will silver is trading very low compared to gold on a historic basis.

        Here are gold and silver vs the DOW, youll notice silver soars higher than gold and falls lower vs the Dow than gold.

        • Greg Hunter

          Good stuff Louis!

    • Guest

      So do I. I can assure you people like Hoffman, Holter, Duane , etc. will strongly disagree with Celente on that one.

      • Smaulgld

        Mr. Celente does have a point. History doesnt always repeat if there is a serious slow down in overall demand that side of silver demand will suffer
        But the silver market is so small if investment demand for gold causes it to spike, investment silver demand woulf more than make up for the lost industrial demand.
        But since when is the silver market driven by physical supply and demand!

    • F. Hayek

      Take heart, Gary. Silver may be the poor man’s gold, but it will have a street value beyond that of which the government says so, IMHO. After all, markets will be destabilized for an extended period.

    • al hall


  5. Your fan in Japan

    Greg! Love Celente! He talks like my uncle Charlie- who, when stopped by the NYPD and asked, “Hey buddy, don’t you know what that yellow light means?” replied, “Yeah, it means go like hell to beat the red.” traffic jokes aside (and neither uncle Charlie nor I are giving driving advice-my disclaimer) Celente understands the problem and is trying to forge a solution. Hope it works- for all of our sakes. thanks for having him on.

  6. diane s.

    What percentage of the world’s population own gold?
    Who would determine the value of it?

    • diane s.

      That should read :
      What percent of people on the world own physical gold?
      How about physical silver?

      • al hall

        DIANE- a very low percentage own gold and or silver. Most of the western world has been told gold is worthless metal.
        Truly it is the only real money- 500 years. as the elite’s tell the world is nothing- they buy it by the tonnes at super low manipulated prices.
        As I keep saying – get out of anything paper= ” if it’s printed on paper- it’s only worth the paper it’s printed on!!” This quote is from one of the elite’s!

      • James Hastings

        Enjoyed so much, I had to watch it again. Love the stock market….finished down 588. This is a good basic course in economics…..Own paper…….Keep it. It will come in handy for the bathroom. 🙂

        Gold and silver….historical currency. You want to trade, or buy…then this is it. Most people are dummied down….they don’t know much else. Great interview. Nature and God……thin the herd…OR as the worldly love to believe… Survival of the fittest….LOL

  7. James Hastings

    Dang Homie….I been checking all day. 🙂

    I like Gerald Celente. I surmise, he is an angry procrastinator. He is justified too. He see’s reality. He is angry at the worlds denial of reality. “I don’t like the truth….I’m not ready to see reality…..I reject your warnings…..If I don’t see it….I’m innocent of my sins and stupidity….
    ” Wow, that felt much gooder”. This interview hit the spot. I feel much better. Almost like a cool fall breeze, or the sound of a mountain stream bubbling by….

    Would you consider…running sound bites of previous predictions…..from all guests…to appease the masses….between interviews?

    Enjoyed that.

  8. jc Davis

    Greg. Thank you for not interrupting him. Good questions, and plenty of time to let him go in answers. Great interview. Having said that Gold is the same as any other metal. It is used when needed. I really wish the talk of gold would not be mentioned in such a time as this. We are in a state never seen before. This country is in a fix it can not get out of . Gold is the last thing on my mind. Greg you did wonderful job. Loved it. I am trying to stay positive to the end.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” JC. You are not alone.

    • al hall

      JC- And at the end- what then JC?? What will you buy with worthless dollars – banks closed, ATM shut down. not much food, and your neighbors rioting because they are hungry and without water. That when you want gold and silver – Greg mentions this because he know this is the only real money!!!

      • jc Davis

        Al Hall. I have some metals for a time currency gets recreated. If someone homeless, hungry, and thirsty wants to trade me gold for a glass of water, or food I will likely tell the to keep there metal. I believe in Jesus so what his spirit instructs me so I will do.
        The great subject of the here and now is not gold. It is the present collapse of all of the worlds currency. Gold and silver has a long way to go before it is used as money on the street.

  9. Leonardo DiSanti

    Another delightful interview. Mr. Celente really gets it – all of it. Thank…..

  10. art barnes

    Greg, 20 percent correction, we are already almost 10 percent this month. If GC is listening I want to say: WHAT ELSE DO YOU HAVE? Civil unrest, more job lost, more wars here and there, one again I ask: WHAT ELSE DO YOU HAVE, what else is new? A blind man can see what GC is trending, hell, you don’t need to be a genius like Mr. C to see those forecasts. He just got back from Italy, well, welcome back to America,hope you enjoyed your first class stay, but I’m beginning to wonder if he has lost his eyesight for main street USA cause its crumbling all over and what about us, the simpletons, the workers, what happens to us, that is what trend I am interested in knowing? Here is my uneducated, lower IQ American trend: WE DON’T HAVE LONG UNTIL WE ARE A THIRD WORLD COUNTY, power interruptions, food shortages, hyper inflation, police on the street 24-7 etc., etc, what so you MR. C. about my poor trends journal.

    • David Morris

      While the dollar is the world’s reserve currency there will not be hyper inflation. Watch out for a new reserve currency and a new internal US Dollar.

    • al hall

      Art- hate to inform you of this- but the elite’s and the elite banksters and government have it all planned for you, me and 80% of Americans.

      see this: fact! Sorry – the truth husts!

    • Hilde

      We might be better at fishing and planting potatoes than any wealthy person could ever dream of. 🙂 Our dirt poor forefathers survived hard times too. My grandmother raised 7 children , the only income was from my grandfathers fishing income in the North Sea, and working on a small fishing boat , that was a tiny income. One can only imagine the hard work not to mention rough weather conditions. But you have to search far to find people with a better attitude and more positive and practical outlook on life . One has to have faith and keep a positive attitude , that’s what a real asset truly is. I have worked in old people’s homes with people who grew up in African countries in houses made of cow dung. They were the most hard working , inspirational, fun, polite and compassionate people I have ever worked with. I have learned so many lessons working with people like this, from all over the world .

      • Hilde

        My point was that I’m a simpleton and a worker too, like Art mentioned, but it’s important to keep the faith, stay alert and informed , and that’s possible also for us. Of course Celente like many others interviewed are multimillionaires, and in many ways live in a different world than me, but the advices on this page are for free , and there are many things we can do to be prepared. I am personally a big fan of Greg’s advices . There are many advices that don’t include PMs for that matter. And it’s true , you are not alone.

  11. Thomas

    Love his delivery, and I agree with pretty much everything he said. Market drops below 16,000, that’ll be the start of the SHTF. More bad news, events coming, adjust accordingly. That’s Greg, you have enlightened many.

  12. Southern Girl

    Gee, I thought you might have someone on who was not so boring and had a little excitement. Ding…Ding..Ding….Gerald know what he is talking about. I have joined his web site years ago and find he know so much. He said about that with in 2 years we would not have Christmas as we know it….well this is year 3 and I think the stores already see the righting on the wall. Why did we have Black Friday in July??? Because they know what is coming. Bought all my Christmas last year knowing it was coming and got 50% off.

    Side note I had a student of mine with her family came over last night. She is now 37 years old. We visited the garden where my purple hall peas were doing great. I mean huge pods up to 10 inches and guess what….the dame varmints ate almost every green pod. Well I am more that pi**ed. So I have gone out and set the trap again and have poured chili pepper on all of them hoping to give them diarrhea. Will post my latest catch report on this site. I have harvested almost nothing this year ..ugh! Why don’t they take the sweet potatoes??? They would have to dig for them.

    Hope your visit home was wonderful…well deserved.

    • susan

      How about this! We are shocked! We had our first freeze last night. At least it wasn’t too bad, only the squash and cucumbers were ruined and one tomato plant. We had all our pickles canned and pickled beets. It will be in the nineties next week so all is good.

      • Hilde

        Well done Susan, you go girl!:-)


    Hi Greg,
    Great interview Mr. Celente. L have learned allot from his interviews in the past years and I value his insight. However, I respectfully disagree with his view on silver. I believe that when gold takes off, the average person will not be able to afford it. They will do as they always done and that is buy the next best thing which is silver. Using history as a guide, while gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of the people. And we all know that the quantity of silver has been greatly diminished by consumption. Maybe we will finally find out how much is really above ground very soon.

    • paul

      Celente is wrong about silver simply because we will have to use solar power (which requires silver) to produce the oxygen we will need to breathe (that used to be provided by the ocean plankton) … however he is right about the need for QE4 (to bail out the falling stock markets and bring life back to the economy) … he is wrong about the Fed not raising interest rates later this year (because higher rates are absolutely necessary to prevent the bond market bubble from deflating) … and finally he is right about gold soon going over $2000 dollars per ounce!

    • al hall

      Man: you are spot on correct. These is less silver now above ground than gold. People just don’t know the truth about anything. Buy silver now at any price- when people realize it’s value there will be none!-
      JP Morgan has purchased some 55 million oz. of silver this past year== “what do they know most do not know?? They are the top insiders.

  14. Don

    I share Mr. Celente’s discus over the political system, and economic policies. In the long haul, and if there’ time left before the Lord’s return, this is not going to play out well for the people. This September may bring a more complete picture of what to look for, and what plans if any, reset or a deflationary collapse, or hyperinflation, depending on more QE or not, that they might have. Mr. Celente may be right about the additional QE, but if they do, this time I believe it won’t just be to banks, it will make it into the M2 money supply and cause a high inflation. Good Job once again Greg

    • al hall

      Don and all= view this

      Reset Coming? Something BIG About To Happen

      • FC

        Al Hall, I’ve been reading a lot of your comments and click onto the websites you attach and I gather you strongly believe a Reset is imminent, as do I, but in what form or shape will this Reset take shape, none of us really know.

        But, what I find is curious and perhaps you may find it as well, is that on the 9/23/2015 we have the 266th Catholic Pope, who will be the first Pope to address the full US Congress, on the 266th day of this year, which is also the Day of Atonement, another interesting fact is the human gestation period is 266 days from conception to birth.

        If you go to Google Maps and type in date the Pope addresses the US Congress 9/23/2015 and click on the search icon, it takes you to a town called Cern, where the Hadron Collider is located, some people call it the door to the abyss.

        Are these all coincidences, perhaps, but I believe things happen for a reason…………….after all, this is the Year of the Lucifer.

  15. JM

    I disagree with Gerald on silver. Yes, it’s an industrial metal but it has a very long history as a monetary metal. It will rise with gold when gold supplies get tight. Not to mention if the GSR swings back to normal..

  16. art barnes

    Greg, GC is fun to watch & listen to but lets be honest here as he did not give you any
    more but educated guesses of what is going to happen in a global downturn with spiking national debt eating away at the middle class. This has been the trend for quite sometime. Maybe he has been drinking too much red wine with his Italian pasta lately, but the working people he buys his wine & pasta from are in serious trouble, not just trending down here and there but the middle class is imploding. With each trip to the grocery store, not to mention loss of jobs and higher prices for common services the trend for the middle class is toast; now that’s not only a trend its a prediction. Now when all this comes to fruition I don’t need recognition as having foresight cause an imbecilic moron can see it coming. Having said all that Mr. C. may have to come out of the closet one of these trends months and tell it like it is, that is, THE MIDDLE CLASS IS TOAST – THIRD WORLD COUNTRY UNDERWAY!

    • brian

      The one thing he nailed though is that we are headed into a war. Just as sure as the standard of living is slipping, the ones who caused it to happen are going to try to export the blame.

      • Charles H.


        Although they may TRY to export the blame – I am not sure they will make it stick. If nukes become confused for firecrackers; or sabotage of industries coincidentally increases – the world may polarize further: but MAD will limit activities. And whether or not the US produces some ‘International’ currency – the trust or believability won’t be there. Selling back Treasuries is a last straw for America.

  17. Jack

    Silver is down over 70% from it’s highs, gold down only about 40%. Richard Russell has been advising his subscribers for some time now to buy physical silver.

  18. WD

    To all.. just saw this…
    China retaliates? Massive explosion rips through U.S. military ammunitions storage facility near Tokyo; sabotage device found on the scene

    • Anne Elliott

      Like Gerald says – “currency wars, commodity wars and then they take you to war”, real war. We’ve had and been having the first two, and I strongly believe the first skirmishes of real war have been happening with these repetitive hacks and little blow ups – China was about to join the IMF and become more prominent in the world, then China’s markets tank suddenly, then the US government and two US companies have major computer problems/hacks, then China’s chemical depot in the middle of their port blows, etc, etc… Are these the start of something bigger???

    • al hall

      WD: this can be a “false flag” set up by the elite’s. they do this all the time – WW2, 9/11, Oklahoma bombing of federal building. all proven inside jobs!! When will people wake up! Benghazi – the 4 men shot, Amb. Stevens was murdered by Hillary and Obama for his stand against running arms/weapons through Libya to Turkey. Told this the day after by a CIA insider. We have total scum in the white house. Oh, whoile I ranting- check this out- Obama is married to a man- Michelle is a man- name Michael Robinson. Google it and find out the truth. People are so blind- stupid! Not you WD- people in general. Greg’s crew are great thinks – mostly.

      • WD


        I believe that this could be a response to the chemical plant explosion….a sort of spy vs spy war….

      • Charles H.

        Maybe the birth records that should be investigated are the kids? Adopted? Surrogate?

    • JMiller

      There have been a number of explosions set off near U.S. bases over the years by Japanese extremists so the odds are good it was them. If it was China, I would expect something much more than that. Unfortunately Mike Adams and others in the ALT media fail to report that fact.

  19. Ignatius J. Reilly

    Has anyone checked out the costco sight for emergency food? Out of stock of nearly everything…

    • paul

      Ig … what you are seeing in Costco right now is nothing compared to what is coming … because the world is on a path to “a biologically dead” ocean …fish are now starving for food and oxygen because plankton in the oceans are being killed by radiation (from previous nuclear atmospheric tests and fukushima i.e. remember the half life of plutonium is many thousands of years) … without plankton around to remove 200 million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere each day … it is no wonder politicians like Al Gore are running around screaming about “global warming” (that “they” caused) … without sufficient plankton in the Pacific the State of California doesn’t have a chance to recover from its present drought because plankton are also responsible for producing airborne gases (like dimethyl sulfate) and other organic matter that “seed the clouds” to produce rain.

      • paul

        The world better begin working on oxygen generation machinery (solar powered electrolysis) and carbon scrubbing equipment now … so humanity can survive (without seafood) when the oceans die!

        • paul

          Unlike Jerry Brown who did not build water distillation units to save California … world leaders better begin building solar powered “oxygen generation plants” now as a lack of sufficient oxygen in the atmosphere will eventually give everyone cancer … the world will need to produce 130 million tons of oxygen each day to replace what the plankton used to provide to us to breathe … CO2 scrubbing units will have to remove about 60 million tons of Carbon out of the atmosphere each day … and we better get to work fast … because at the rate fukushima is spilling radioactive materials into the ocean I figure the Pacific Ocean will be dead within 6 years!

          • paul

            Remember silver has the property of producing electrons (electricity) when light hits it … that electricity can be used to create the oxygen (by electrolysis) the world will lose when all the plankton die and the oceans become dead sea’s … that same electricity silver produces can be used to scrub carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere … in fact the hydrogen made during electrolysis can be combined with CO2 in the presence of platinum or gold catalysts to produce fuel (methane) … the oil cartel won’t be very happy about that … but the point you should make note of is that silver, gold and platinum are metals that will be very necessary “to maintain life on Earth” once the oceans die.

    • al hall

      Not lately- bought 2 years worth two years ago. I’z real!

  20. Brian Stemmerman

    If you are not going to post my comments please give me a refund for my donation. Please send my refund to the Girl Scouts of America..

    • Greg Hunter

      What is your address? How much did you send? I will be happy to issue a refund. You should apply it to starting your own site.

      • dchayden

        LOL your wit is as entertaining as your interviews !! You will continue to get my donations Mr. Hunter ! Great interview !


        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Derek for all your comments and support.

      • Jerry

        Brian. Send it to Jerry’s kids. Greg has my email.

        • jc Davis

          Jerry first read I laughed. Second read I have to say It is still as funny.

    • Dan

      BUSH LEAGUE Brian! Greg, I really didn’t think Gerald would come on again after the last interview. I was wrong! I would just like to add my thanks for your recent string of excellent interviews. OUTSTANDING!!!

  21. g

    another great commentary from your guests Greg,
    keep them coming, particularly right now as we enter what might be the most dramatic financial period in a very long time.
    NS is in the pipeline

  22. frederick

    İ absolutely love MrCelente Greenscam great Maybe because İ am his bro same age group and born and raised in the NYC area İ love his honesty and chutzpah Bravo Mr Celente dont change a bit please frederick

  23. Markp

    Another great interview, Greg.
    Ah, Gerald Celente, I love listening to this guy. He has a passion for his country that makes the politicians and media look like a bunch of sell-outs.
    GC is probably correct with his analysis that the global slowdown will cause less demand for silver because it is used extensively as an industrial metal. He goes on to suggest this will thus affect its [projected] price, which will not therefore match the expected percentage increase in gold. data gives total silver production [2014] at 1062 million oz, with mined production at 877.5 million oz and scrap silver recovery at 168.5 million oz. The data gives the approximate breakdown of silver uses as 215 million oz for jewellery, 196 million oz for coins/bars, 61 million oz for silverware and 595 million oz for industrial uses (that’s 55.8% for industrial uses, proving GC’s statement on silver consumption by industry). states “It is estimated that 70 percent of silver production comes as a by-product from base metal and gold mines.” This would suggest to me that, as the global slowdown proceeds, the base metal miners will also pare down, or even halt, production due to less demand. I just can’t see base metal miners with their foot to the floor in a declining market. Therefore, since silver production is largely a base metal by-product, the amount of silver available should also decrease.
    So, I’d just like to make the point that this decrease in available silver may actually offset the decreased demand for industrial use, and hence silver prices in the future may not be as subdued as GC suggests. We [stackers] can live in hope! Apart from that point, the rest of his interview was a blast – thanks for having GC back, Greg.

  24. woody188

    Gerald Celente has said the same thing for the last 3 years and that’s just what I am aware of. If CBS and WSJ are saying there will be a correction this year, then I’d think it will not be this year. Always believe the opposite of what ABCNNBCBS and FOX say.

    “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.” ― Thomas Jefferson

  25. FC

    Greg, with each passing interview the News gets more depressing, which tells us the time is near, I believe all us WD’s need a little Helium Infused Beer to put a smile on our face.


    • Collateral Damage


      THANK YOU!!!! We laughed so hard we cried. 🙂


    • Southern Girl


      Thanks, I needed that laugh. Laughed so hard I almost wet my pants….now that’s a good laugh. Keep them coming.

    • Charles H.

      DARN! I can’t see how these guys stayed in their seats! Good thing I had a good back on mine!!! They can’t say WD-ers aren’t are well rounded now!

  26. USAF Airman Rich Treadway

    I agree with pretty much everything Celente says except for his comment about going to war. There are wars this very moment that we should be fighting, but we’re not even preparing for the battlefield yet. The regime in Syria for example is every bit as bad as Sadam’s ever was and we need to take these people out and liberate the country. However the biggest current threat is in Iran with their nuclear capability growing by the hour. Our generals have pleaded with the executive for a green light to attack with no avail. Unfortunately, Israel will have to attack first in order to get things started and then maybe the JDL or some other organization can prod POTUS to act. I fear that if we dont bomb the living bejesus out of these mothers, there will be nothing left for our civilization to continue. Remember, these are radical muslims that believe that they are going home to 144 virgins when they die and they consider us the so called great satan. Such evil needs to be snuffed out and our airforce is capable of turning the entire Iranian landscape into volcanic glass within minutes. Never before has there been such an imperitive to act, but act we must and SOON.

    • paul

      You are certainly a person without any human decency or respect for life … did you ever once consider what your “enemies” with thoughts similar to yours will do in retaliation … once you start nuking them?

    • brian

      Don’t worry “airman treadway”, you’ll get your war, and you will wish to God you didn’t, that I can guarantee.

      So start chalkin’ obscenities on those bombs, put a little hate in your heart, warm up those afterburners, get into your flight suit and sharpen those reflexes flyboy; there’s gonna be some good and plenty killin’ for ‘ya.

    • Rick S

      War? We have been conducting wars against countries that resist becoming vassals of the US for the past several years. These wars are not conventional, military wars but take on a different form which is more indirect and politically less sensitive. The strategy was carried out in Libya and is currently being waged against Syria and against Russia via the Ukraine.

      Here is a free, well researched ebook ” Hybrid Wars: The Indirect Adaptive Approach To Regime Change” which explains how its done:

    • Patient Man

      You are quite right. Obama has been slow to attack the haters of freedom and democracy. If we elect a Republican in 2016 or even Hillary, I believe we can once again look to a “bombs away” approach to dispensing justice to those nations that wish us harm. Its a complete mystery why we havent bombed the #$@# out of Syria and Iran expecially since they hate Israel so much. One of our natural missions ever since the founding of the Constitution has been to defend Israel. Friends. if Israel gpoes, so goes the world. We must protect and defend Israel with our dying breath and we must back it up with our best bombs. Israel will love to see our new F-35 stike fighter doing our best to defend freedom.

      • brian

        see now that is some good trolling “Patient Man”, or shall I call you “airman Treadwell”; you even got an “F” bomb of your own past Greg….nice job!

        • Greg Hunter

          I would not allow it I saw it. I could not find it when I looked back. Tell me where is the F-bomb and I will take it down.

          • brian

            It’s in Patient Man’s 8-25-2015 post right above our posts here:

            “Its a complete mystery why we havent bombed the fuck out of Syria and Iran expecially since they hate Israel so much.”

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you, fixed it.

  27. paul

    Clinton’s fizzle, Trump’s sizzle, Palin’s good looks … however Sarah better change her eye glasses if she wants to become Trump’s running mate (makes her look cross-eyed) …

  28. Thomas justin harmon

    Thank you Greg for the interview I just have one question.
    Why is silver tanking right now and the stock market is down over 1500 points in three days and gold to stedy . Should gold not be up by $200 or$300 and silver up by $2 of $3 . Thomas

    • Greg Hunter

      Be patient and remember you are holding an asset and not a trade.

      • al

        Greg: Today as the opening crashed you could see the Obama plunge protection team go to work. They were buying stocks of the down to make the sell-off less and at the same time selling short paper gold and silver . MASSIVE MANIPULATION TODAY!

      • Pondering

        If inverse proportions are correct, PMs should rise against falling fiat currency. That they have not is a departure from the norm that betrays the fact that blatant manipulation of markets is occurring. A more precise question is: has this phenomenon
        happened before, and what were the conditions, so that the public can react appropriately?

        • Greg Hunter

          Good question but what you have to consider is the demand. Everyone buying now knows that the market is manipulated. That is provable as the 6 biggest banks just plead guilty to rigging the $5.3 trillion a day FOREX market. If currencies are manipulated, then gold and silver are manipulated. So the rich know full well the game is rigged and yet they still want their metal. Why? They know that all games end, and this one will end badly for any one holding the Monopoly money. The rich are taking out insurance for a coming calamity, and they chose not to hold paper but a real asset.

        • woody188

          Everything is relative. Dollar strength is still rather high. I believe we are still seeing the meteoric rise of the dollar versus other currencies and commodities. These PM’s are more expensive if paid for in Yuan or Rubles. 🙂

    • Anne Elliott

      Just more manipulation to soothe the masses and provide no clear alternative investment to the dollar and stocks.

  29. art barnes

    Greg, I wonder who got out of this market 6 weeks ago? May I suggest the Chinese. But fear not as CNBC is seeing buy signals in every sector including financials: GOT BANK STOCK?

  30. Tommy

    Gerald stated that you have gold to protect against currency crashes. China’s markets and currency are crashing yet I thought they have accumulated a huge stockpile of gold, perhaps the largest horde in the world. What effect is this going to have with China?

    Also, Gerald predicts deflation while the fed is pumping out more money. How can prices fall when you are printing monopoly money?

    • jc Davis

      Good questions Tommy. The paper gold market is many times larger then the real gold.
      The price of gold is still controlled by paper. I believe it always will be. As to deflation. It can happen to some extent, however again I am with you. They will simply print print print. To the moon. Gold will go up then.

  31. art barnes

    Greg, CNBC is blaming this whole sell off on China, poor old China, I say its indicative of a middle class declining and can’t buy all the trinkets necessary to live in a plastic world.

  32. Russ

    Thanks Greg, as always that was a great interview, timely too with gold up, silver down and the markets get whacked a bit while waiting for the hammer to truly fall. I don’t have much to add, but a couple thoughts re gold from folks smarter than me might be appropriate:
    “Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; debt is the money of slaves” — Norm Franz (Author, from his book, Money and Wealth of the New Millennium)
    and there’s Cold Iron by Rudyard Kipling:
    Gold is for the mistress — silver for the maid —
    Copper for the craftsman cunning at his trade.
    “Good!” said the Baron, sitting in his hall,
    “But Iron — Cold Iron — is master of them all.”

  33. paul

    Gold “treasure map” update …

    As the gold price approaches it’s 200 day moving average those WatchDogger’s who entered a trade at the end of August should prepare to take “trading profits” of about 10% on your money … a gain of 10% in one month’s time is equivalent to an annualized gain of 120% (and remember you have to get ahead of those traders at Goldman Saks who leverage their gold trades 30 to 1 and will likely begin to book their 3600% annualized gain!

    • paul

      Woops … [those WatchDogger’s who entered a trade at the end of August] should read: “those WatchDogger’s who entered a trade at the end of July” ….

      • paul

        As for the US dollar …
        It is at a very critical juncture right now … if it breaks below its 40 week moving average it could move into the “80” area very quickly and gold will “pop” up to and above its 200 day moving average … at which point taking profits on your trading position would be logical … but not your long term physical “stacked” gold position.

  34. vincent_g

    Here’s a tidbit for you.

    “There is a realization that the global growth is not moving as quickly as expected,” said Ernie Cecilia, chief investment officer of Bryn Mawr Trust.

    Gezz – do ya think?

    I always get a kick out of the wacky things people say as the building they are in is burning down.

  35. David Morris

    The world wide currency movement out of local into reserve means US stocks will go up there is no where else for the money to go, read Martyn Armstrong’s blog.

  36. Jerry

    Pay no attention to the Stock Market convulsions! They are symbolic of something much , much, worse. The end of the fiat debt based system. Here is more proof.
    You now have 5 weeks to finish your preparations. Use it wisely.

    • WD


      Another real stat that shows us the true economy.


  37. Jerry

    Revelation fulfilled 🙂
    In the last days a loud Trump shall be heard before his coming. (Corinthians 15:52)

    • Anne Elliott

      Rotflol! Very good Jerry!!!

  38. Z'Big

    “Germans Begin The Looting Of Greece”
    Bailout paves the way for the fire-sale privatization of the public’s assets!
    Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder

    Read it and weep; >Think China in your future!

    • Charles H.

      If China loots the USA like Germany is doing Greece – then will Social Security still exist when China rolls on in? I mean, I could use the money…

  39. don

    The one ‘big’ issue I have with libertarians like Celente is his call for isolationism…he seems to think we’re still living in the 19th century. In an age of global trade, interconnectivity, nuclear weapons and ICBMs that is a recipe for disaster.

    • vincent_g

      You are in confusion.
      You confuse non intervention with isolation.

      The US expanded it’s interventionism to a point where it has become a world dictator.
      This started way back in time when Eisenhower was president.
      The USA overthrew the government of Iran.
      From that point on the world became a chess board and one country after another was either overthrown or wound up in a military action.

      The Republican party started that propaganda about isolationism when they were trying to squash Ron Paul.

      Words like that are designed to allow one to get away breaking the laws.
      You simply rationalize that a crime is not a crime by explaining it away by twisting words and the meaning of words.

      It was not intervention that we overthrew Iran back in the 1950’s .
      We couldn’t allow then to take the oil from the British Oil company ( BP ).
      Why if we didn’t get involved that would be isolationism.

      Wait does that also work if we say well that the rich guy didn’t need that car.
      It wouldn’t be theft if we took the car.
      It wouldn’t be murder if we killed him for not allowing us to take his car.

      Tell me how you can defend this type of behavior?

  40. Hugo

    On mr Celente his comment about the link about gold and the Dollar I like to share this thought for clarification.

    Gold prices the Dollar, the Dollar prices the rest. Once one fully understands that sentence, fiancial things make more sense.

    Regards Hugo

  41. DanielSong39

    Looks like QE4 has already started… just look at what happened with the stocks today; that pretty much speaks for itself.

    • Charles H.

      Most informed people understand that intervention would occur; that the Market WOULD be driven up; and all the media Outlets would blow the same hot-air. But it is all insult to injury. At some point only banks and government will BE the Market. Then, like Obamacare – everyone will be bailed-in for fresh blood.

    • susan

      It is called the plunge protection team taking care of matters. Oh, but can they contain this?

      • Greg Hunter

        According to Jim Sinclair the PPT will be “overrun.” I am posting Mr Sinclairs brand new interview in the next 20 minutes. You will not want to miss it.

  42. VShook

    As taught in Economics 101 — low or zero interest rates destroy business capital. This is especially true for smaller businesses. The Fed and other central bankers (the banking cartels) knew this full well when they implemented their current policies, including QE for themselves — not for main street. They kept those policies in effect for an extended period of time, and in fact and law they continue today. It has all been intentional and self-serving. Remember they are cartels, and cartels exist only for the good of their members. Their goal is wealth transfer to themselves, masquerading as attempts to “save the western financial system” , the “world economy”, etc., etc. Too many people are ascribing good intentions to their actions. Follow the money, including that confiscated by our government’s ever escalating taxation, size and programs (ObamaCare). Where it goes and to whom, tells the real story, as plunder has become their way of life.

  43. Leonardo DiSanti

    Remember Harry Dent – he’ s on Fox now saying everything goes down including gold_& silver and Dow will crater to 6,000…

    Good luck…

    • Tommy

      I’m surprised Joe Granville hasn’t come back from the beyond to say, “see, I told you”.

  44. Buck


    I’ve read and heard (maybe Ellen Brown on Watchdog) brokerage accounts are safer than banks.

    Any recommendations on FDIC or SPIC within a brokerage account?

    • Greg Hunter

      FDIC is much safer than SPIC. FDIC has way more money and a line of credit at the Treasury. You need good old fashion cash outside of the bank though.

      • Smaulgld

        For information on SIPC check out this USA Watchdog interview with Lawrence Kotlikoff

        • JMiller

          What is strange is that Laurence Kotlikoff tells people to get out of brokerage accounts and instead to buy mutual funds. What does he think happens when mutual funds buy stocks and bonds? Pretty much the same thing that happens when you go through a broker. And the custodians of most mutual funds are usually the big banks. Also the mutual funds do not hold the actual certificates nor do their custodians. They are still held by the DTC.

          • Smaulgld

            Yes that had me scratching my head- Harry Dent says similar things – everything is going to fail but have your money in a schwab money market account !!!???

  45. Nathan

    After todays financial fiasco, I’m buying the patent for the bumper sticker “Shemitah happens.”

    • Bob Lamb

      Did you make that up?

  46. dee garmon

    This was perfect timing , Greg. Tx for the great interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dee.

  47. JMiller


    People should be looking more at percentage declines instead of point declines to measure the severity. Those two days were not any where near the biggest two day declines in history as measured in percent terms which is more important. Some, like Alex Jones, are ignoring that fact to make the decline seem much worse than it is. I have been investing/trading for 30 years so I have seen my share of large market declines so I am not surprised as some are.

  48. Mary Casey

    Reminds me of IMF Christine Lagarde’s cryptic speech on numerology and the “Magic 7” at the National Press Club luncheon on January 15th, 2014.

    “888 is a ‘Phase About to End’ sign. This sign…will bring about the end of a phase, whether this end be natural or abrupt,” according to the website,,

    530, 358, and now today is 588? Interesting play on “8”s.

    (btw, Numerology is the study of the vibration and meaning of numbers; God/the Bible/Hebrew language does communicate with numbers, but we need to be sure it is His vibration and His meaning….and not of those who would corrupt His words)

  49. Kim Moore

    Hi Greg. Once again, thank you for the information for those seeking the truth! I’ve just started searching for the truth, thanks to a friend at work, and things are always on time…in time! I don’t fear! But, honestly my heart does race for a little bit till I can “think” about things! Have a super blessed day!

    • Greg Hunter

      We are all on the same train and it will crash. The question is do you want to be in the front cars or the rear cars? Make you way to the back of the train. It will be much more survivable. In short, prepare, and food and water are you two top priorities. This will keep you out of the street (Front of the train) and if I am wrong, you eat the food and drink the water. Time is short and keep on getting yourself in a better position and don’t take your eye off you plan. Also, at this point do not try to save your friends and family just concentrate on you and yours. Don’t take my word for it. Read what a former top advisor to UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown said yesterday in the UK Independent:

      • WD

        Thanks for that posting…its as if more and more of these “recognizable” experts, advisors and mainstream pundits are coming up for air.

        Donated $25.00

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you WD for your comments and support.

  50. Sayonara

    You couldn’t have had the most perfect guest at the right time. Celente is the trends visionary Rock Star. And so are you! Things are starting to unfold as every one of your guests has predicted except about 4 – 6 weeks earlier. The 4 – 6 weeks earlier is attributable to an extraordinary fall this year. Out west in California we are starting to see signs of an extraordinary early fall by both plant and animal behavior. Human beings are like all other animals and are acting instinctively to their economic environment.
    My wife and I were watching the Opening Bell this morning and I said the market will implode within minutes of the opening. When the market was down 1,000+, she said are you happy? I said NO!, I have seen this coming for along time and I have hopefully prepared us and this is just the beginning. Hold on to your hats kids because this is going to be the Wild Ride of our lifetime. JMHE(Educated by USAWatchdog)O.
    Your the Best plain and simple. Thank You!

  51. Jerry

    Greg I believe this is going to put more pressure on the western banks as China prepares to decouple from the dollar in September.
    – AIIB
    – CIPS
    – Gold
    What better way to fire up a new exchange system than to flood it with money to lend? Meanwhile our money velocity is zero, and there is virtually no liquidity at all in any of the Western Markets.

    We are witnessing the birth of a totally new system created by the BRIC nations outside the influence of the petrodollar.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Jerry, big changes coming this fall and beyond.

      • Jerry

        And now the MSM news for the day.
        Line up sheep.

        • jc Davis

          Jerry I listened to Dave Ramsey today to get his excuse for the stock lose. Not a peep out of him.

          • WD


            Still give Dave Ramsey credit for preaching to be debt free….at least if you listen to his philosophy
            you wont have any debt. He doesn’t even believe in mortgages….

  52. Dan

    Another “Expert” interviewed by our soft ball captain, Greg Hunter.
    Question….what’s the difference between these “interviews” and “infomercials” ?
    Answer > The infomercials are a lot more polished. But then they better be. Greg’s not charging anything close to what Guthy Renker gets for producing one, and the air time is big bucks on cable, and next to nothing on

    It’s barf time.

    • Greg Hunter

      You should start you own site and show us all how it is done man. Please don’t waste your intellect commenting on this one, “Dan.”
      Brave comment from an anonymous person.

    • brian

      Dan, be honest, your just another twenty something racked with college debt, working a retail register, driving a 20 year old honda with a loud muffler and a suspension company sticker in the rear window. Your disillusioned, frustrated, bitter and broke and just killing time on comments boards.

      Do yourself a favor; admit you got had, cut your losses, ditch the attitude and go find something worthwhile to do with the rest of your life…’cause sitting around being a troll ain’t gonna really do it for ‘ya. Besides your not that good of a troll anyway, not with lines like “Its barf time” hahahaha.

    • Charles H.

      I remember Diver Dan – wayyyyyy back that one. Today we have Barf Dan – impelled to come to this site and throw-down on Greg and his work.
      Yep, it’s Barf Time alright! Eh, Dan? Barf Dan – kinda catchy – using your own words.

    • Hilde

      I disagree strongly with you Dan. In my opinion Greg’s page is the best one out there, and I read up on a lot of different news and views. The interviews he does are brilliant , and Greg’s advices are pure good sense with great practical advices . One picks a little info here and there, and put it together .

  53. francis

    Thank’s for another informative and entertaining piece Mr. Hunter, (personally i love listening to Mr. Celente tell it how he see’s it).. I’ve tuned in to your videos for some time now and would like to commend you on all your fabulous presentations, and to comment to all those expecting a repeat of history and a return to the gold and silver standard if our current monetary system does in fact collapse…IMO, the most poignant remark Mr. Celente made was the fact that less than 200 years ago, there were less than 1 billion people on the planet, where the marginality rate and discrepancy between “haves and have nots” was much greater in pre industrialization times when the “middle class” was effectively non existent,, where the average citizen’s life took place within a 10 mile radius of where they were born, in an age of local economies where news of the world traveled slowly if at all…Imagine a modern world of 7 billion needing to resort to gold and silver as exchangeable currency due to whatever currency calamities that have the potential to occur?, let alone in developing countries where i imagine fortitude and self sufficiency is still commonplace, imagine such an occurrence in most of your reader’s realities, where the slightest threat of hurricane winds on the weather channel sends people in a mad frenzy clamouring to the grocery store to stock up on coke and potato chips, where fighting over a parking spot is routine on xmas eve, where super bowl weekend spikes the GDP as well as domestic abuse reports, where alcohol and pharmaceutical dependancy is common place…ahem, now imagine these same “middle class masses” when one monday morning they wake to closed work places, closed stores, closed banks and ATM’s, and worthless paper that they have lived and breathed for their entire conscious lives, the gross majority of which who’s only reference to silver and gold is the one brought to them by the olympic committee every four years?…too horrible to imagine and again, imo, not going to happen, not without major social unrest the likes of which the powers that be will not want to witness nor risk setting off.. What will happen when and if this “Ponzie scheme”, as Mr. Celente puts it, does collapse?,- I don’t know, but the ones now in power are mostly younger than myself, so I likely won’t be around to find out.. (thank goodness for me)..
    Keep up the great and necessary work Mr Hunter, most of us need to hear voices like yours and those of your fabulous guests!…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your comment and support.

  54. RichM

    Hi Greg:
    Thanks for having Gerald Celente on. He is always one of my favorites.
    I found an interesting article talking about how Donald Trump has really started to tick off the Globalists. This is in line with what I have been worried about for the safety of any non-establishment/career politician candidate who catches on. Trump has definitely caught on. God Bless him. I sure hope his security detail stays frosty…
    Article Is Called:
    Trump catches attention of CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral
    here’s the link below..

  55. Robbie41

    Hello to you today, I saw this new story on the bank’s, soI wanted to pass this along to you, & hope this help’s you out..

  56. DanielSong39

    Stocks up 4% before the open? QE4 is now commencing in full force, LOL.

  57. paul

    Here is an interesting analysis of “mind control” the main stream media uses to mold public opinion …

  58. Rock

    In any event, we are closer to the Lord’s return. Check this information out from a person that has concluded that the Lord will return for His church between September 12 and September 16, and has backed it up with the reasons and Scripture. Only the Father knows the hour and day, but this is a labor of love for the Lord that is worth the time to look at and ponder.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Brother Rock.

  59. Collateral Damage

    So, I don’t consider myself a highly superstitious person, but…

    Is anybody else out there just a little queasy with the final bell of the DOW today?


  60. Donna S from Arkansas

    I read your response to Kim Moore “We are all on the same train and it will crash. The question is do you want to be in the front cars or the rear cars? Make you way to the back of the train. It will be much more survivable. In short, prepare, and food and water are you two top priorities”. I understand the food as people will loot the stores for it, but water I do not get. Will I not be able to turn on the tap and water come out? What would stop the water from coming out? Will my city turn it off, will I not be able to the bill….etc???? I am a faithful reader and have learned a lot from your website, but I am still learning. Thank you for all you have done to get the word out. You are appreciated.

    • Greg Hunter

      Without power the pumps will stop pumping. You have to plan that this may happen. No water no life.

    • rambo's monster

      Awhile back in West Va they had some sort of spill into the city’s drinking water source. Didn’t look up details because the relevancy is most had no water for a few days and had nothing stored even for a day. This was small scale so other good samaritans, Red Cross, et al could set up stations and hand out bottled water. There were lines and waiting. What if something else was going on like riots simultaneously?

      What if this happened on a larger scale; Katrina, Sandy, terrorists poisoning a large water supply or an emp occurred and shut everything down? Water…food…ammo. Water is vital!

  61. paul

    The plunge protection team should try to hold the line at 1830 on the SP500 … good long term support at that level …

  62. Coalburner

    Airman Tread;
    I think Paul was too harsh to you. Here is the problem for most of us. We have no freaking idea what the truth is about Iran. There has been so much lying and Political obfuscation that we dont know if they could manage to load a cap gun or blow up the world. I doubt that you do either, if you did, the wheels would be all over you for your comment. Lets face it we dont know if the Intelligence agencies know crap-olla about Iran and its nuc or imaginary nuc progress. No one here trusts this administration or the last two when they say War is necessary. Someone here had it right. Hillary allowed or set up the Ambassador to die in Bengazi because he tried to stop her from sending Kadaffi’s weapons to Syria. But maybe he did not know how high the deck was stacked against him, like all the reasons KAdaffi was killed in the first place. After all he had been a good boy since Reagon tried to kill him. Ecxcept for selling oil in something besides dollars(very dangerous infraction that alone could have gotten him killed by the USA). The CIA and Hillary got several birds with one stone. Punish Kaddfi w the death penalty, steal his gold for London and France, take his weapons for Syrian forerunner ISIL and further destabilize the ME for who knows what nefarious purpose. Iran had nothing to do with this stuff. You must know Obama has bet part of his legacy(LOL) on a peace agreement w Iran, he loves the muslim brotherhood, and is not about to jump Iran. My conclusion? I am wondering if you are you a nubie or a troll? Nubies are fine! You would have to tell us what Iran actually has that is dangerous and how ou know. Meantime you can tell us if the kids are playing with the new toys before Chrismas like the “Rod of God” a name so cute it is probably a deception????? If that hole is real in the areal photo China’s port, who cares what Iran has?

  63. Dan

    “Confirmation Bias”

    Look it up…morons.

    You come here to “hear” what you want to “hear”….much the same as the morons watch CNBC to “hear” what they want to “hear”.

    But what you don’t get on either channel is respectful challenge of opinion, and a requirement to explain and defend positions. Oh, and by the way, you NEVER get a formal and honest performance history (track record) of what these “guests” have PREVIOUSLY forecast. NEVER.

    But then again, if that was a requirement, maybe you wouldn’t have any more “guests”.

    • Greg Hunter

      Tell us all what is really going on and while you are at it please use a real verifiable name or are you too much of a “moron” to do that for us? Come on, show off your profound intellect, and use a real verifiable name.

    • Charles H.

      Sorry Barf – no juice for you. Your first comment above was NOT “a respectful challenge of opinion”: it was a derogatory insinuation. Then you go on to make an unfair comparison. Greg Hunter isn’t providing a platform to throw-down on; or a forum for controversy. If that is what you crave: watch Heraldo, if he’s still on.

      Mr. Hunter has crafted a site which centers upon alternative, non-Mainstream news and issues, according to his personal vision and capacity. There is a context and flow of CONTRIBUTIONS, which commenters enjoin generally, in the bulk of Interviewee’s material.
      You come here and want to throw-down; but that isn’t congruent with the purpose of this site: so you attack the organization and founder. And you want to throw-down here because you don’t agree with the general viewpoint expressed by those interviewed and commenters following. You don’t get your way and you blow full hot with name-calling and accusations. In short: you are a BRAT; and an anonymous one at that.

      “Confirmation Bias” – what a technical term to label ‘birds of a feather’ in a negative way. I would call that unnecessary and vindictive “harpooning”. Years ago the word “Discrimination” was connotatively good. A discriminate person was one who held to a higher standard: but today it is negatively connotative in the extreme; and works as a ‘key’ or ‘flag’ word – like “racial”! So take such a word and associate it a descriptive and – wha-lah! You get a negative label to cast as you will. Sorry to burst your bubble: but people are by nature “BIASED”. Perhaps we should outlaw preferences that you do not like or agree with?
      Try as you might to make us feel guilty: I doubt it will have any effect. And it’s too bad you cannot play nice – you actually spell well.
      Do let us know what site you decide to build. You could call it: “Anti-Barf-O” – for the Cognitive Dissonant and Controversy Seekers.

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