Global Economy Imploding Now-Warren Pollock

4By Greg Hunter’s

Warren Pollock warns the global economy is headed for a brick wall. Pollock explains, “It’s good you are using the term brick because that’s the part of the economy which is crashing first, the emerging markets, the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). That’s on the edge of empire, and now it is imploding inward. So, we can look at all of these peripheral economies, and that’s where the crash has occurred right now. When you talk about crash and people asking, ‘When is this going to happen?’ It’s happening right now, but it is not happening at the center of empire, it’s happening on the extremities of empire. These emerging markets, these miracle economies, the few countries in the world that had productive economies, they’ve hit a brick wall. They’ve crashed. China has crashed. When you look at Brazil–crash. When you look at Russia–crash. When you look at oil prices–crashing now. People keep asking when is this blowing up? And the answer is it’s blowing up right before your eyes right now, this minute. The domestic indicator is the declining velocity of money.”

So, when does the U.S. start seeing the crash? Pollock, who also has deep Wall Street experience, says, “We are seeing it now as a slow fester. We are seeing it now in this captured economy where prices are not allowed to go down. Some elements of deflation would be a real stimulus for the economy. That would mean giving savers a real return on their money instead of stealing from them. If you had $1 million worth of savings eight years ago, the government has stolen between $500,000 to $800,000 from you. . . . The future is being stolen away from you, and the end result is going to be war.”

On the 2016 election cycle, Pollock says, “This thing is a bread and circus clown show. They are there to provide you with entertainment as the velocity of money goes down, as the BRICS hit a brick wall, and as the first part of World War III breaks out in the Middle East between Sunni and Shia.”

On China, Pollock contends, “China will eventually overtake South Korea one way or the other using soft power or hard power. South Korea is the key to all the ship building of the world and the world’s naval capacity. . . . China is a land power, and the way for China to become a sea power is through Korea and southern Japan. . . . With China, it is a question of whether or not they can stay stable internally. That will be the trigger for war. As these economies unravel, the most dangerous economy to unravel is China.”

On gold and silver, Pollock says, “Initially, gold and silver will lose its liquidity; however, it will retain its value over time. You will be able to find liquidity over time. . . . Right now, you have your money in a bank, and that is giving you negative returns. Gold is not providing you with a negative return. It’s retaining its purchasing power relative to everything else. I would think gold right now is mis-priced. Gold is an amazing value right now given the uncertainty. . . . This is not about the price of gold. This is about the price of liberty and who can dictate the terms and your value as a human being in a world where the value of human beings are declining.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Wall Street and financial expert Warren Pollock.

After the Interview:

Warren Pollock says, “This is an incredible time to be alive. It’s all going to come down before our eyes.” Pollock prepared a detailed 80 page presentation in preparation for this interview. Many points were not included in the interview for length reasons. If you would like to buy this presentation, please click here. The cost is $10 and there is also a portion of the presentation that is free.


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  1. jack

    Very very good. this guy hits it where nobody else has!!!

  2. Saeed


    Thanks for the great interview with Warren Pollock. I agree with his analyses of depleting capital stock in the Western Economies due to labour arbitrage. What the Western consumer is left with is large debt without the high-paying manufacturing jobs to pay-off the debt.

    This story actually originates much further back. When Christians reformed and accepted interest in their financial transactions in the 16th and 17th century they allowed the money-changers (who were gold-smiths in the backwaters/ghettos of Europe and perfected their fractional reserve gold banking which transformed into modern fractional reserve banking system) to introduce debt-based monetary system in Europe. Initially this debt was productive as new technologies increased productivity and population was increasing, and thus standard of living in the West rose.

    But then Eastern people acquired the technical know-how and the corporate warlords provided the Easterners with capital to build their industries, while keeping the prices of things in the West almost the same, thus earning higher profits for their shareholders. The jobs are gone in the West but debts remain to be serviced. And when the deflationary collapse take hold and people are not able to pay off the only job remains is joining the military…great swings from welfare economics to warfare economics…and back again to welfare economics after the war when a new monetary system is introduced…happened after WW I & II.

    Please read “Pawns in the Game” (1957) by William Guy Carr and you will find out how these international bankers have financed wars for the last 300 years topple monarchies, so that they can bring about ‘democracy’ (equal representation) so that they can manipulate the dumb masses.

    Coming to ‘clash of civilisations’ the three world wars were designed back in 1871 so that the elite can bring about their new world order. The seeds for WW III was sown when the elite planted house of Saud in Arabia and the fifth column and promoted a deviant ideology known as Wahhabism to bring about this clash of civilisation. Sunni Traditional Islam has nothing to do with politics but personal salvation, but it is these Wahhabis who rather than focussing on personal salvation are excessively focussed on State Religion and hae thus turned into Islamo-facists.

    These are the people that the international bankers are using to supply weapons to destabilise traditional Muslim-majority countries whose people are fleeing these zealots. These Wahhabis are the heretics who have appeared in Islamic history before but Muslims rose up against them and liquidated them. Today however most Muslims are living in oppression by their own governments and are thus unable to take on these zealots, not to mention the strength the latter have received from Western clandestine organisations.

    I think your guest has over-simplified his Sunni versus Shi’a conflict/analyses without looking into history of WW I & II and artificial borders in Middle-East following the breakdown of Ottoman Caliphate, promotion of ibn Saud family/tribe backed by Bush family and others, promotion of deviant ideology of Wahhabism, etc.

    WW II butted heads between Christianity and Fascism in Europe and we know the outcome…Fascism won and Christianity lost. Likewise, the goal of WW III is to defame Islam as the last obstacle to the establishment of the new world order…a satanic world order where religion and morality has no place from any religious angle.

    If we want to promote and work for peace we should do proper analyses and not throw fuel into the fire of conflicts, and distract people with shallow analyses. Otherwise, Warren Pollock is a good Economic analysis.

    Thanks for having Warren on. Saeed

    • WEPollock

      Hi I intentionally over-simplified the Sunni versus Shi’a conflict. From a Western perspective the conflict is “internecine” a destructive conflict between the same group of people with no distinction made between Sunni vs Shia let alone the subtleties of. Alawites and Assad for instance. In previous presentations I have talked British and French involvement in the region, WW I and Attaturk, and also TE Larwence. I have also talked about Abdulla Gul and his banking connections.

      As it relates to Europe, the major omission relates to Ottoman wars in Europe specifically Hungary.

      In RE: “promotion of ibn Saud family/tribe backed by Bush family and others” has been covered to some extent in the companion document.

  3. mark

    Hi Greg,
    This may be a little off topic as I have not listened to your interview with Warren yet, but when I saw this article I was reminded of the most recent comment posted by CLS (Cryptic Little Sister) on that the coming collapse could be touched off by a major financial event in Germany. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Greg, for “greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world” and “God has not given to us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sober mind” 2Tim. 1:7

    • andyb

      The major financial crisis in Germany will be the imminent collapse of Deutsche Bank, which will have a worse domino effect on the world than Lehman. It will be armageddon in spades; within 48 hours all major banks globally will close. DB’s derivative position may be the largest in the world. When that unravels, no one will be safe.

    • BluBird

      I’m quite skeptical as to people proclaiming some specific date of the coming collapse. Many have given dates before and they have all come to pass with nothing.

    • Hilde

      Great link, mark. I enjoyed as well one commenter re Hillary:
      ‘In your guts you know she’s nuts ‘ .

  4. mark

    Hi Greg,
    Congratulations to you and Warren for an outstanding follow up to your interview with Bill Holter. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Greg!

  5. FC

    Damn it Greg, USAWatchDog is an addiction………….after promising myself that I would switch the computer off and start enjoying my life, without being so obsessive with the economic ‘Reset’ that I now find myself seeking in, three 40 minute visits a week to your channel only to calm my DT’s on a dose of WatchDog reality.

    Thank you for your time and effort in producing the only news source worthy of watching in today’s corrupt world.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you FC. So sorry you are hooked.

      • al hall

        Actually Greg: he’s hooked on the truth that most have no idea about, they live in a fantasy world of government lies!

  6. Collateral Damage

    “The Great Depression did not begin on Wall Street, as many American’s (and anti-Americans) fervemtly believe. It’s origins are to be found in Europe as a direct result of the first World War, which killed ten million young men in the prime of their productive lives and wrecked the economies of Russia, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Great Britain. New Zealand was one of the countries outside Europe to be severely affected. It’s economy had flourished during the war. When the troops came home, employment was at first strong and the price of Real Estate surged. But things began to go wrong as early as 1919. Part of the trouble was the movement of commodity prices for leading exports. Markets for New Zealand butter, milk and meat had always been volatile. After the Armistice, the US virtually gave away huge stocks of surplus food and commodities that had accumulated during the war.The market value of food exports from NZ fell sharply. The secular trend was a long decline punctuated by short and unsustained recoveries. In one way, NZ did better than most major economies. Historians recon that rates of unemployment peaked at 12 to 15 percent, compared with 20 o 25 percent in the United States and Australia, and 40 to 45 percent in Germany.”

    Reading a book by David Hackett Fischer comparing NZ and the US experience of history over the past 200 years. Interestingly enough, NZ real estate is surging right now, and has been for the past ~5 years. As Colin, our Farmer from NZ, pointed out commodity prices are falling dramatically now, especially commodity prices for leading exports.

    Another parallel, between the events leading up to the Great Depression and now, is the huge concentration of wealth worldwide that was accumulating in the hands of the super wealthy vs. the reduction of wealth in the hands of the general populace. An interesting question is whether this instability generated by the very accumulation of wealth in the hands of so few, is part of what triggers the economic collapses and the need for a reset. Basically being that the system becomes so lopsided and unbalanced that it cannot sustain itself any longer.

    I don’t know if the moment we wake up one morning and discover that all the banks are closed will be this fall or not, but I am not counting it out. We are so very overdue for a reset that I think that each of us can taste it.

    I wish each of you the very best as we face this prospect.


    • Lawrence of America


      Dr. Ravi Batra,

      Long ago said, “whenever an economy, society, gets too top heavy,[as today] it collapse’s.” In fact anything that gets too top heavy eventually is in danger of falling over. That’s common [cents]. The maimed steamed media keeps telling us our poor grand-kids will get saddled with all this dept when were dead and gone, well i’m sorry to have to inform you that all the money printing has been going to enrich the top, who qualified to get the the newly printed 8 trillion loaned to speculate in the Wall street casino that is protected by the federal reserve plunge protection middle class plundering team, WHICH ENRICHED THE BANKERS WHO WILL NOT WAIT ON THE GRAND-KIDS, BUT ARE SENDING US THE BILL, THIS [OUR GENERATION and THE BILL IS NOW OVERDUE!]

      Ravi explains how central and local bankers are plundering the middle class.

      Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank,[ur money] give a man a bank, our central bank and he can rob the world!

      Give George Soros enough money to rob the bank of England, then Gena he can buy Hillary Clinton!

  7. Your fan in Japan

    Another great interview. Pollack seems to hint that the US-Russia-and Japan are going to form some kind of military alliance against China and its allies. I am not a government official, just a guy on the street but I have a comment about Japan and Russia allying. As far as Japan is concerned, Russia unfairly took its northernmost islands at the end of WW2. Japan wants these islands back and has had numerous meetings with Russian officials on this- the latest, yesterday, ending in the usual stalemate. Any alliance would have to first address this issue and since there has been no compromise for the past 70 years, things don’t look hopeful.

    • WEPollock

      In my analysis I have considered the impact of Russo Japanese War, WWII, and the Boxer Rebellion and demographics.

      • Greg Hunter

        T^hank you for coming on and answering a few comments!! Insightful interview, by the way.

  8. Tommy

    Not sure how you “lay low” from the federal, state and local governments. He says to buy gold but you won’t be able to sell it, but it will still retained its value. He would rather have gold than a house to live in? Russia, Japan, US and Iran versus China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan? That’s some wild and wacky stuff.

    • al hall

      Tom: Most of the homes and business in the USA even those that are paid for – are not owned the way people think! You’d better have a deed to that property. If you have a mortgage and the system collapses- the Fed. Reserve owns that mortgage and will take the property if you can’t pay. Much(1/2) of QE was used to buy mortgage backed securities! Billions month after month! And how did they get rights to your property- via your mortgage-buy printing money out of thin air! Bet you wish you could print crap money(currency) and buy real assets? This is your Fed!
      Also- when everyone buys stocks, bonds, etc. You think you own them- heck, you paid for them right.? WRONG! VERY WRONG! Your 3rd in line to those stocks.
      You’d better do some deep research into the CDC. The markets are totally rigged by the banks using the CDC!!!
      Greg- you should have an expert on to explain this CDC group!
      Also, your money in the banks now is not yours- only if they let you have it back.
      The last G-20 meeting gave all rights to the banks for any money they hold- once you place it there it is theirs!!!
      Better wake-up and get out of this corrupt system!

      • dbcooper

        AH, EtAl… please bear in mind that a deed is a color of title… anything in color .. in law.. is a suggestion of the truth… I own my ranch with certified Land Patent Title. A title is proof of true ownership. That said … having paid off a mortgage on part of my ranch and having not received the promissory note as proof of having paid this debt of… who does law.. own this property. What a tangled web we weave!! How many times was this debt sold before I “Paid it Off??” There is so much more t comment on!! Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

      • Tommy

        And they would never come with their guns and take your gold?

    • Galaxy 500

      It is wild and wacky. I don’t buy that part of his analysis either.

    • susan

      Think about it, it may be wild and wacky stuff, but isn’t our world the most wild and wacky place you’ve ever seen? Nothing makes sense anymore. Especially the powers that be. Look at our own government. Do anything they do make sense anymore? I think wild and wacky is the new norm.

  9. Aussie Al

    Greg – Wow, Wow, Wow, I could seriously listen to this man speak all day! He is one switched on Cookie!!

  10. Joanna

    THANK YOU GREG for having Warren on again.
    I’ve been patiently waiting for him to be on again and was SO excited when I pulled up your site this morning to see who was in the goody bag for Wednesday.
    JACKPOT!!!! It was like winning the lottery!
    Honestly, this guy is the SMARTEST guy you have ever had on. Don’t get me wrong, most of them are very smart but this guy? WOW! He challenges and stimulates my mind every freaking time! I could listen to him all day! Seriously! I wish I could plug in to his mind and download all that knowledge!
    He needs to be a must have on once a month guest!
    No where, any where will you find interviews like yours! I’ve said it many times but you really are doing such a great service to everyone that follows your site!
    I just can’t thank you enough!

  11. Paul Mladjenovic

    Greg, you do a superb job with you online interview program! I will include it as a resource in my upcoming book. I wish you continued success! warm regards, Paul Mladjenovic.
    P.S. FYI…Here is my latest commentary on the markets:

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Paul for the plug in the upcoming book and for your comment.

    • Benjamin F

      Nice job with the video Paul, I especially enjoyed the Sysco analysis!

  12. Silvrwillwin

    27:27 ” we’re not thinking of gold correctly “. Sir , could you not be thinking of silver correctly perhaps ? 12:56

    Would it be wise to compare a storm’s turnout with the way people look at buying precious metals to that of a loss of currency followed by the lack of interest in it all together ? It would stand to reason that a natural disaster is not comparable to an economic one. Largely because an individual can remove themselves from a natural disaster fairly quickly by not having to travel far. An economic ,especially the state of affairs worldwide today is totally another story. Physical gold and silver will be as a bulwark against the lack there of regarding any financial devastation .Especially having to do with the black market and bartering asset for asset.

  13. Billy

    The bible says ( the prophet Daniel) the king of the south shall push at the king of the north, but the king of the north shall come like a whirlwind. Iran is the south and German led EU is the north. Germany is going to annihilate Islam and Iran. There is a strong man coming on the scene in Germany who will take on islam. Its in the bible!

    With all these refugees coming into Europe , you can see a clash coming a mile away. Jobs are tough, religion is different. There is a major clash coming.

  14. Darren

    Greg, Awesome interview as always.:) My qustion is this: What bulldozer is big enough to keep and continually push this giant bubble down the road? Sooner or later the bulldozer will come to a grnding hault. Thougts and God bless…

  15. Galaxy 500

    I remember many here saying the USA was dead and long live the BRICS. They had “real” economies. Nothing on these countries was real. These countries are corruption central.
    Yes we’re a screwed up nation that voted for it’s own destruction the last eight years.
    Trump 2016
    If you don’t vote, you don’t have the right to complain.

    • Steven R

      Why vote? By the time my state votes in the primary it is usually already a mathematical lock for both the republican and democrat nominees making my choice irrelevant. In the general election my state usually heavily votes republican making my vote one of the many or one of the few, again either way useless. And finally voting for either side with the same end result is really an act of wasted time and false hope. Sorry Bush looks like Clinton who looks like Obama… And to say if you don’t vote you cant complain is just hog wash…

    • rwmctrofholz

      Changing the players, does not change the game. The idea that voting for someone else will change anything is the biggest scam in the history of this once great Democratic Republic; right in front of centralized banking.

      • Galaxy 500

        If you don’t think it matters, why do though think both sides are trying to sink Trump?

    • jack

      Trump? yeah right just what this nation of losers deserves a Peacock masquerading as a leader!!! well maybe it doesn’t matter anymore. voting for the lesser of evils is still evil .

      • Galaxy 500

        A peacock that has real world expeirence, earned a fortune…
        Where exactly is the evil at?
        Exactly how is Trump any more evil than you are?
        I realize it is easy to just complain but they do have people that crab read the ballot to you if you need help. Good gave most of us a mind and expects us to use it. Your argument not to vote is silly

      • Collateral Damage


        You say, “…just what this nation of losers deserves.” On behalf of all US countrymen I resent your statement. I have had my share of disappointments with our fellow citizens in this country, as I am sure you have as well, but despite their/our faults, I have been told and I choose to believe based on my experience, that the U.S. garnered a larger percentage of individuals throughout history who really gave a damn and were willing to get off their butts and take an incredible risk and come to this country in hopes of BUILDING (not being given) but building a better world.

        This process of culling individuals with traits that more highly cherish freedom, liberty, justice among men is not without consequence even though we now live one hundred (give or take) years later.

        One of the finest men I ever knew (died of cancer a few years ago rest his soul) had traveled the world extensively before I met him. When I lamented the state of politics, economics, public awareness in this country 10 years ago when I met him. He straightened me out. He said that in all of his travels, (70 countries and counting) he was convinced that the caliber of people here in the states represented the best hope for mankind to not fall into another feudal dark ages.

        So please Jack, either consider what I have to say on that point, or…

        Choose to ‘Put it in your pipe and smoke it.’ 🙂



    • WD

      G 500,

      I agree to a point…BRICS is suffering, but they wanted to come together to stop being pushed around by the west. They were laying the basis for a more legitimate economy.

      Many of these countries have at least shored up their currencies by backing them with gold…. I think this will be their saving grace.


      • Galaxy 500

        I missed any press release that states though can trade any pig these currencies back to the central bank for a fixed amount of gold. When did that happen?

        • WD

          The gold backing is about collapse its insurance that is all I am saying….Look toward a future disaster. Its not about trading…unless I misunderstood your statement.

          The US situation is extremely bad, just no press coverage.

          What is the the saying Rome is burning while the US media is blaming China!!

      • Galaxy 500

        You are right. They did want to come together. The price of oil broke that wide open. PetroBrazil is a mess

      • Galaxy 500

        I am thinking that Argentina will make another run at the  Falkland Islands when things get bad. I also think that the Brits will resort to nukes to keep them if it comes to that.

        • WD

          Good point,

          What will Britain do this time?

    • Silence is Golden

      Corruption is endemic to ALL societies my friend.
      The US is not the poster child some want to believe in…..and hardly exemplary with regard fairness and equality…nor does it display any semblance of integrity, honesty and justice “special”….in many ways ….but punitively and oppressively speaking.
      Keep in mind the following when next speaking about China…..
      On May 31, 1996, President Clinton issued his determination to extend China’s waiver and most-favored-nation (MFN) status for another year; and, on June 21, 1996, he issued a determination renewing the trade agreement with China for another 3-year term (through January 31, 1998). The US let them off the leash….who can blame them for doing what they are doing ??

    • FC

      Galaxy 500 ‘didn’t vote, then don’t complain’ was my attitude many years ago, but then I realized both political parties work for the same boss, the Federal Reserve.

      The only real choice I have in life, where I know what the out come will be, is when I’m at the liquor store and I have a selection of 25 varieties of beers to choice from, the rest is just an illusion of choice.

    • frederick

      İm beginning to think this galaxy 500 is controlled opposition of some sort

      • Galaxy 500

        More like uncontrolled opposition
        I guess the big question is what do I oppose?

    • brian

      Why go out and lend credibility to a sham and fraud of a system, why mock yourself by voting, why swallow your dignity and choke on the bullshit choice you get at the polls, why not demand the rule of law be restored instead. Trump is a chump just like the rest of ’em.

      • Galaxy 500

        Trump may save the country. I say may because we may be past saving. I vote because my people fought for the right.
        I support Trump because all the Demoncrats and RINOs along with the MSM and a bevy of trolls are out to get him.
        One thing the Dems do that keep them on control is vote. I always wonder if the people telling the conservatives not to vote are demoncrat operatives. Three only way we can win is vote.

        • Occasnltrlvr

          Trump is a distraction, put in place to allow the spotlight of media attention to “gracefully” move off of Hillary and onto Biden. If there is a presidential election in 2016, Biden will win.

          There is no political solution to a spiritual problem.

        • brian

          The remedy to our problems here goes way beyond voting dude, the level of corruption here requires a gargantuan effort to adequately address; and quite frankly the American people are simply not up to it. The proof is in the puddin’ so they say.

  16. Galaxy 500

    Thanks for having Mr Pollock on. Interesting view.
    Asia markets down about 2% over night.
    Brazilian Real at 4 to the dollar,

  17. diane s.

    I like this man, Warren Pollack.
    Going to get his report.

  18. SeekingTheTruth

    Been watching your videos for a while Greg. This guy is saying that the religion of Islam is at fault for the troubles in the Mideast? How about blaming the West for creating problems! How about blaming the US, NATO, and crony countries of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Jordan for creating, training, and funding their proxies (al queda, al nusra, and ISIS) to tear the Mideast apart! This guy is obviously picking and choosing how he wants to see the world at large. War is not the result of the economy falling apart. War, just like the economy, has been intentionally manipulated with precise decisions being made to result in certain outcomes that will benefit a select few while 99% of humanity will be made to pay the price.

    • al hall

      S T Truth- You’ve got it! the CIA, MI-6 and Mossad are behind most of the middle east problems. They find and started ISIS-fact. Many insiders have leaked this!
      If you go back many (say 4 years) ago lindsey williams said the elite’s would do just what has happened in that region. He even gave the county-by- country where problems(wars) would occur- this was all planned events by the world elite’s. Remember, these corrupt banksters make money using wars. They back both sides-
      research the back ground of the Rothschilds- Riches family in the world and- “the biggest scum”!!! Here’s a start- May 10, 2010
      The Rothschilds, world kingpins, worth $500 trillion! They own Reuters, AP, and fix the price of gold… =

    • frederick

      You mention Qatar jordan and Saudi for being the troublemakers and you conviently leave out the smallest yet biggest culprit NİCE

  19. Alan

    Wow… Warren Pollock is one of the most straightforward and brilliant of all your guests imo and you have had an astonishing number of top tier guests of late Greg. Have to say as dire a set of conditions as the tea leaves suggest, I could listen to Warren’s reading of them for a lot longer than the last 35 minutes! Thank you for bringing him on once again. I am looking forward to reading Warren’s 80 pg report in order to be as informed as possible about as much as possible from some of the best and the brightest among us today. Outstanding job once again Greg.

  20. Paul

    Its interesting to me that the sharp downturn in the velocity of money coincides with the implementation of interest paid on excess reserves held with the federal reserve. Excess reserves are a bank’s customer deposits not lent out and held at the federal reserve above and beyond the reserve requirement. Interest paid on excess reserves required congressional authorization.

    Financial Services Regulatory Relief Act of 2006 authorized the Federal Reserve to begin paying interest on reserves held against certain types of deposit liabilities. The legislation was supposed to go into effect beginning October 1, 2011. However, during the financial crisis, the effective date was moved up by three years through the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.

    In 2007, required reserves averaged $43 billion, while excess reserves averaged only $1.9 billion. Excess reserves were historically less than 10% of total reserve holdings, because depository institutions had an incentive to minimize noninterest-bearing excess reserves held at the Fed. Once the Fed was authorized to pay interest on reserves, the relationship between the levels of required reserves and excess reserves changed dramatically. For example, required reserves averaged almost $100 billion during the first six months of 2012, while excess reserves averaged $1.5 trillion! It seems logical that the velocity of money would fall as banks hold back lending and deposit excess reserves with the federal reserve to earn risk free interest on it.

    Since January 2009, the monthly average interest rate on both required reserve and excess reserve balances has been 25 basis points.

    • Paul

      My point being, I wonder whether the cause for the steep decline in the velocity of money is the result of banks choosing not to lend bank deposits and originate new loans in lieu of collecting risk free interest from the Federal Reserve. And knowing that this change in Federal Reserve policy required Congressional authorization makes Congress complicit in the fact that economic activity has stalled.

      All this begs the question, why would Congress authorize a bill to divert bank deposits away from customary lending practices and encourage banks to hold deposits with the Federal Reserve? What does the Federal Reserve do with the excess reserves it holds? Fund government spending? Is this just a back handed way to fund excessive government spending and a reason why Congress would authorize paying interest on excess bank reserves?

  21. Barberous-Relic-Lover

    Mostly agree and interesting.

    However totally wrong about ISIS – Now common knowledge that it is a fake CIA/Mossad organization setup to do CIA dirty work that Congress is unwilling/to slow to act on. It is now a run-away Frankenstein monster that they no longer control. They are not even Muslim’s most of them – they are paid guns for hire (mostly from Balkans) – and the whole bombing story from “we the allies” is a fake as it could possibly be.

    How ashamed we should be about that – and that is why the whole Refugee story is phony – if we stopped the bombing they would simply go back home and live in peace in their own land…. Shame on the West ….But no – led by Whitehouse we will whip this up into the biggest frenzy in world history and will not stop till everything we know, love and cherish has been completely destroyed, smoldering in the dark ages. Thank you Washington.

    We all know what is coming – and in twenty years looking back we will say “oh – it was obvious right?”

    • Paul

      My point being, I wonder whether the cause for the steep decline in the velocity of money is the result of banks choosing not to lend bank deposits and originate new loans in lieu of collecting risk free interest from the Federal Reserve. And knowing that this change in Federal Reserve policy required Congressional authorization makes Congress complicit in the fact that economic activity has stalled.

      All this begs the question, why would Congress authorize a bill to divert bank deposits away from customary lending practices and encourage banks to hold deposits with the Federal Reserve? What does the Federal Reserve do with the excess reserves it holds? Fund government spending? Is this just a back handed way to fund excessive government spending and a reason why Congress would authorize paying interest on excess bank reserves?

    • Galaxy 500

      Common knowledge?

    • Collateral Damage


      I had a real problem with your name at first, BRL, Barberous-Relic-Lover…

      At first I thought you were calling yourself a ‘Barbarous Relic’, then I processed that you thought you were a ‘Lover’, then it flashed through my mind that you thought you were an amorous Centenarian, or perhaps you loved amorous Centenarians?

      It’s late, I need to sleep this one off. 🙂


  22. Jc Davis

    WOW. What a load of information. Warren gave the best reason to own metals. His perspective of coming /happening events was clearly explained. I am going to have to get a separate filling cabinet to put this one into.

  23. BabaGump

    i cant buy that book.
    Is it possilbe to get it over Apples Appstore?!

  24. David Clumpner

    Thanks Greg…
    Another great interview.
    It’s becoming pretty obvious the US and Russia are heading for a showdown at the OK Coral in Syria.
    So why aren’t any of the presidential contenders proposing an urgent summit?

    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct David. Thank you for weighing in.

  25. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    I always look forward to listening to Mr. Pollock. Whether I agree with or even comprehend all that he says, he is one of the few people whose interview I listen to multiple times.

    Greg, can I vent a bit? The Pope is having Mass today not too far from where I live. I read about some of the guests that are being invited to his state dinner. At first I thought it was an Internet joke or something from the satirical paper, the Onion.

    Among those invited are a transvestite ex-priest, a pro-abortion nun, an Episcopal priest who left his wife of14 years, married a man and then later divorced him. I read this on multiple news sites and heard it yesterday on a local talk show.

    I am appalled by this in your face disrespect and utter lack of class out of this White House.

    The Pope should skip this dinner.

    What has happened to my country?

    • Linda louin

      Under the circumstances one must ask why the Pope is allowing this type of entertainment. It is interesting because P. Obama has not in the past known any real interest in spiritual matters etc. (except for Muslim related affairs) but right now with the popes visit, Obama appears to be loving these photo shoots, smiling and standing as near as possible to Pope Francis. It appears that this Pope and Obama have a mutual goal in mind and have formed an alliance. Notice that the Pope is spending lots of time talking about global climate change and I believe that he is also heading to the United Nations to discuss plans for the One World Global Order. Unfortunately this is where Obama and the Pope have quite a lot in common. Obama and the Vatican has something great to gain out of this entire affair.

      • Galaxy 500

        The Pope spend s lot of time talking politics and fascism but I have yet to hear him mention Jesus Christ

        • art barnes

          Interesting remark, this politico Pope is just about as much Christian as Obama is. New world order, mark of the beast, false prophet here we come.

          • art barnes

            Oh, by the way, the second Moorish invasion of Europe is alive and well undeway, can you say GOT ISIS?

          • susan

            I do not believe the pope is the false prophet, but exactly follows his agenda. He’s laying the groundwork. What is amazing is the way people are falling all over him, nearly worshipping him. That’s scary.

            • Greg Hunter

              You are going to love the Weekly News Wrap-Up that will be up after midnight tonight.

            • aussie jeff

              Hi Susan, very astute of you, not many would come to the conclusion you did, and those that particpate in pope worship would swear black and blue that they don’t ….

      • Linda louin

        Notice that the Pope lectured conservatives in congress today who are against allowing all the illegals entry into the US. I say with the vast riches held by the Vatican, why don’t they welcome a few thousand or so into Vatican City? I believe that the ultimate goal is the elimination of all borders in the near future. This visit by the Pope to the US is an arrangement between the USA and the power players behind the Vatican in promotion of the socialist policies planned for the approaching New World Order.

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Linda you are correct. Lots to say about the Pope in the WNW.

        • Galaxy 500

          2 THESSALONIANS 3:10
          For even when we were with you, this we commanded you: that if any would not work, neither should he eat.
          The Bible specifically forbids social justice. Look at Leviticus 19:15

  26. al hall

    He is on target. But Lindsey Williams told us all of this 5+ years ago!
    On the Muslims invading Europe- this is a Muslim takeover. They have told us-we don’t listen- this is their goal- Muslims owning the world!
    I have sent this to you many times- maybe your viewers need to see this- It’s happening world wide and increasing faster now than this 5 year old video said!!
    This is fact and well done. Happening before our eyes! It is called- Muslim Demographics!

    As it says- ‘the world is changing”!

    • art barnes

      I am afraid you are so, so, so……right!

  27. NC Gal

    Warren Pollack is unquestionably brilliant and his accuracy in seeing where things are and where they will go comes from his ability to perceive the global process for what it really is. However, his recommendation to not vote and to go into hiding is not a meaningful solution.

    I have not voted since Robert Kennedy was killed and that hasn’t solved anything, even though it gives me some personal satisfaction that I am not actively approving of any of the choices I am being presented with. I live in a rural area, so am less likely to be visible than some people I know who are in cities, but ultimately no one is going to be able to escape the effects of what is coming. “You can run, but you cannot hide,” at least not forever.

    Pollack confirms what others have also said — namely that the collapse is already occurring — and I think he is very accurate in his characterizations of the elements involved, plus his opinion that PMs will not get one through the immediate crisis. I disagree that they will buy freedom, because if the elites have their way, there won’t be any to be had.

    I agree with his description of the GOP “debates” as a clown show, entertainment without substance. There is no hope for a true solution through our electoral process, so perhaps the solutions will come AFTER the collapse and as each person finds their way to their exit point. ALL of us will exit in one way or another. What we will experience along the way will differ from one individual to another, but all of us will eventually leave this world and move on to something else. I know where I am going and know some of those who are going with me, but it will not be a universal thing. I truly believe that there is a divine plan for each person, and that is what will play out for them.

    • NC Gal

      I would like to add the observation that if only ONE person votes, the election is valid. It would only be if NO ONE voted OR if we could vote AGAINST the entire ballot (with a “none of the above” option) that elections could be a meaningful measure of voter sentiment. Since that is not likely to happen, I do not believe that meaningful reform can occur until and unless the existing system is replaced by something that would provide a means to do that, and I personally don’t see that happening during my lifetime. While we can see the collapse is “baked into the cake” because the system of fractional reserve banking and debt creation automatically creates a state of diminishing returns that is ultimately unsustainable, what we CANNOT see is what will form up AFTER the collapse. A number of dystopian movies have attempted to portray that, but the data in “Mass Dreams of the Future” indicates that even for the most positive of the alternate futures, it will take hundreds of years to restore things to a functional system that is superior to what we have now. There are other futures that are very grim, indeed, with no recovery even 300 years out from now.

      We are still very much in the process of the collapse, and since there are at least 12 different outcomes that will emerge from this one shared reality, what one can personally expect depends on which timeline they are on and when they will exit altogether.

    • andyb

      The worst part of the “clown show” is that all of the clowns, no exceptions, want a stronger military to continue the psycho war mongering; the only distraction the elites have for what is coming. But I have this strange feeling that the 2016 elections will be called off, whether because of martial law or some excuse/crisis under the NDAA.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Did you listen to anything that Rand Paul said in either of the GOP debates?

        • Lawrence of America

          You guessed it Colin, nobody listened to Randy, Andy!

  28. Matt

    Will China go to the Shanghi Gold Exchange system in October? And how will that overall impact?

    • Jerry

      The China Gold Price Fix goes active in October. And when it does it will be the end of the dollar. The Western Banks will not be able to manipulate the market index’s anymore. The CIPS system is scheduled to go on line any day now and it will be used for all international trade with China. Final documentation is being sent to all participating Banks now. (Check RMB news)

      • matt

        Thanks Jerry.

      • J C Davis

        Jerry. Why did Chinas leader meet with Obama today. your thoughts ?

  29. Dennis

    Hello Gregg:

    Scribd website indicates that Pollock article is no longer available. Is there another way to obtain it? Thanks in advance.


    • Greg Hunter

      It worked for me. Here it is:

      • marc

        Only can see the 8 page available

        • Greg Hunter

          That’s correct Marc the other 72 pages Mr. Pollock is selling access to for $10.

  30. paul

    Interesting … China leasing land in Siberia and Russia making claims in the Arctic … places that will be “near the equator” after a pole shift!

    • Silence is Golden

      I think that’s referred to as a Re-Alignment…..apparently that happens every 10-12000 years. Now thats what you call a RESET……
      China and Russia staking out ground in the Frozen Tundra…while the US is digging holes in the sides of Mountains…and counterfeiting money like there’s no tomorrow…..
      Go figure.!!! 😉

      • paul

        SIG … A Pole Shift is thought by many to be “too crazy” to be believed? … but we know Einstein was not crazy … and when the Bible talks of the world being “created” 6,000 years ago (it may have been referring to the “world” starting all over again after the last Pole Shift and Noah) … and not talking about the “age of the earth” in geological time as scientists do!

        • Silence is Golden

          “Fingerprints of the Gods” – Graham Hancock.
          He talks about remnants of ancient civilisations scattered around the globe. He mentions their superior understanding of very complex mathematics/astrology. We all know of the famous Greeks who brought Mathematics to the world. Little is known that in fact Pythagoras was taught by the Elders of Egypt. Who taught them ??
          Hancock proposes a “PRE- History” theory…..which precedes all known history from early Egypt. History in terms of humans and their evolution is what we are taught through the rudimentary education system. We are not entitled to know the truth of our existence and evolution.
          He has some very valid data in the form of evidence of intact animal remains found in the Artic regions of Siberia / Nth America …animals which were known to be only capable of being habitants of MUCH warmer climates.
          One thing that is clear in his writing is that the Earth has been home to a number of superior races. Mysteriously they have vanished ……only for another to be established over the course of millennia.

  31. Betty

    Great discussion, the control of the monetary system is how they stole our future, this is what enabled them to develop the infamous military industrial complex which was employed to steal the planets resources, natrual weather and to create endless geonocidal wars.
    I concur having seen this from the inside: “working for government and educational institutions are 2 prime examples of fake jobs just feeding off the system, basically paper pushing which has no productive value to the economy or the world at large. THe research coming out of these institutions is being used for the elite agenda which is total subjugation of all life, not just human.

  32. Scott

    Could somebody please comment on his prediction that China, through either soft or hard power, will come to dominate Korea?

    It troubles me because part of my family still lives there. Will they be safe?

    Present trends toward authoritarianism in the U.S. Have thus far made me reluctant to encourage them to come here.

    I’m worried…

    • J C Davis

      I will give it a shot Scott. When there is no world currency, Respect for property will be gone. China can easily take japan, and North Korea. The South depends on what is left of America when Russian troops enter our soil. First strike will be the winner of ww3. China will have a free hand of dominance without the American threat of retaliation.

      • J C Davis

        I asked my friend Allen Ols where would he want to be in WW3 he said Jerusalem. God is the greatest protection in WW3.

    • WEPollock

      South Korea might Bend to China in which case it will stay intact. With a relatively small population (and with less concern for corporate finance and margin) the Korean Chaebols (in partnership with the government) control much of the worlds “physical” “Core” and “high end” manufacturing capacity. That capacity is “the war prize” if it could be captured or absorbed intact. To destroy it would be to hobble the US.

      • J C Davis

        Warren if the grid of the USA is down China will take every opportunity to advance there 1.4 billion. I see China as one country that will always be a world power. Respect your thoughts.

  33. al hall

    Mike- you’ve had to much of the government and communist American media kool-aid!
    Just like the Democrats and the Republicans- 2 headed one party system controlled by the elite’s. Russia is only made to look like an enemy. Why are we still part of their space program? Russia and China are part of the elite’s plans and New World Order group!
    There are powers that be in China that are ready to push back against this Rothschild elite group! We make them out to be the boogyman- part of the elite’s hate everyone and every other group bull-crap!.

    • dblu

      Mike, is that just a good guess or do you have knowledge of a group in China that is ready to stand up to the Elites? Catherine Austin Fitts said the Elites tell Putin what to do. I haven’t heard her mention China.

      • Benjamin F

        Thanks Greg for getting Warren on, it was good for my sanity….I think. Elites, I still don’t like that word, it implies that they are better which is what they want, maybe top sociopaths? Deep down I think we are all the same person, it’s interesting. Anyway, wouldn’t it be nice if Ralph Nadar had a name like Barry Sanders? Just rambling, gotta big day sorry cant stay

  34. SeekingTheTruth

    I see that you didn’t post my previous comment, and most of your commenters claim that the Pollack guy is “brilliant”! Well, they have no clue and/or choose to ignore reality. His arguments about what’s happening in the global economy are somewhat accurate, but his view of geopolitics are just awful and so off base it’s ridiculous. Either that or he’s intentionally being deceptive about reality. What a shame that too many people in the USA are choosing to ignore or are really ignorant of the reality of what the USA empire does around the world. They are misinformed enough to really believe that the refugee crisis in Europe is due to the “evil Assad government”, as opposed to the evil USA empire that hires proxies around the world to disrupt governments that don’t align with the goals of the West. Tell me that these people don’t know that the USA government has openly said that they were/are looking for “moderate” forces in the extremists Muslim groups to work with. Tell me they don’t know that members of the senate, such as John McCain, et al, have on many occasions visited and had photo ops taken with known members of al Queda ( In 2011, these extremist groups were in Libya disrupting, destroying that government, and murdering/displacing the population, while vowing to go into Syria next – which they did – thus creating the refugee crisis we see here and now. The same pattern has been done from one country to the next including Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, now Syria…. These countries have all been torn asunder because of policies of the insane Neocon PNAC. But, your so-called “brilliant” guest claims it’s “the Muslim” religion that’s the problem, and your readers are dumb enough to believe it. You are doing people a disservice to allow such lies to be perpetuated! I thought you claimed to be an alternative to the MSM who knowingly spews propaganda 24/7, but sadly you are not much different.

    And I’m sure you will not be posting my comment, which is ok.

    • Galaxy 500

      You wrote , “But, your so-called “brilliant” guest claims it’s “the Muslim” religion that’s the problem, and your readers are dumb enough to believe it. You are doing people a disservice to allow such lies to be perpetuated! I thought you claimed to be an alternative to the MSM who knowingly spews propaganda 24/7, but sadly you are not much different.”
      A personal attack on Greg, Pollock, and the entire Dog community. Since they can’t answer, I’ll do it. You’re a blithering angry little troll person. Don’t go away mad, n just go away and peddle your venom else where. I disagree with some of what Pollock had to say and I disagree with some. However, I’d be willing to bet that he would give you a thrashing in a debate as Greg would.

      • sk

        No personal attack that I can see. Merely a strongly voiced differing opinion. Galaxy, let people who disagree with you speak. Now ‘blithering angry little troll person’ does sound a bit…shall we say…personal….

        • Galaxy 500

          Please re-read the last two paragraphs. But then, perhaps you are one of the readers he speaks of. I don’t know for sure

          • sk

            You see, Galaxy, I think it is VERY IMPORTANT for people to know what the Neocon PNAC was, who wrote it, who supported the start of its implementation in Iraq. Truth about these events (which led to the current ME mess) is the only way to go. For some reason that seems to threaten you enormously. Can you tell us why?

    • FC

      SeekingTheTruth, I doubt there is regular viewer of USA WatchDog, who would argue with you, that Western intervention in the Middle East has been the reason for the mass migration of civilians fleeing the region.

      The problem with Muslims, is that don’t assimilate with Western Culture, which creates a division in our society that can not be solved, until they over populate each and every Western country they migrate too.

      This has been done by design, the goal of any collapsing Empire is to destabilize the rest of the world, this is the only way to maintain some sort of stability at home while desperately trying to hold onto control over other Nations………………and that’s the Truth.

      • art barnes

        Yes, and its interesting that if they won’t assimilate why in the world do they want to come? I don’t think I am missing their sinister reasons or underestimating it either.

      • Galaxy 500

        All one has to do to know the heart of moslems is to read the Koran.
        God’s word, The Torah and the Bible, teach love, gives you rules to judge good from evil and
        instruction on how to obtain everlasting life. The Bible says love your neighbor as thyself, prohibits pedophilia, and murder.
        The Koran, words from Satan transcribed by the rapists and pedophile Mohammed, says kill your neighbor if he’s not a moslem, rape your neighbors and child rape is OK, too. There is also taqiyya, the policy And practice on the Koran to lie about moslem motives until you can kill our convert them.
        And these are the people

    • Hilde

      Greg please cancel my last comment which by mistake was posted too early. Thanks.
      Seeking The Truth,
      I too think Pollock was totally brilliant re economy in many ways. Re the migration crisis, he said he’s not an expert. Personally I wholeheartedly agree with you that the infrastructure in eg Iraq, Syria, and now Libya was set up to unravel. Even Afganistan. You can’t bomb democracy into a people. But that was never the purpose, was it.
      Anybody with the slightest knowledge of Iraq knew it would lead to civil war to topple Saddam Hussein. Of course now IS has got a hold of all the military equipment. How convenient if your intention is total chaos. Same with Libya. Of course NATO “had to” kill Gaddafi to avoid another Srebrenica. Wether Gaddafi was deliberately drugged to publicly say the things that made it unavoidable for the international community (NATO) to react, is another question. It certainly is convenient that it looks like the primary leader of an oil- rich country is completely losing his marbles, because then one has to act to protect the people there, and the rest of the world, right?
      Personally I absolutely believe Christians and Muslims can live peacefully side by side, and that’s what we need to work towards from now on, more than ever. It’s vital. In Europe there are already hundreds of thousands of well integrated, well educated muslims. But they are rarely mentioned in the news. Because who reads cute happy stories in the news? Newspaper articles about hard working, well integrated well educated muslims don’t sell, and they don’t create hatred and chaos.

      • Galaxy 500

        There is no where on earth that moslems live in peace with Christians. Have Thu been to Europe or are you just this from some one? There are places in Munich that it isn’t safe for Jews or Christians. I made the mistake of walking into one about seven years ago. If we weren’t good sized men, the seven of us would have been in serious trouble. They decided that us being sober meant we were to much trouble.
        Obviously, you have never read the Koran. Europe is being invaded for the second time. So is the US.

        • Hilde

          G 500,
          I haven’t been to the Muslim area in Munich, and I’m sorry about your bad experience. No, I am not a Muslim.
          I am from Europe, blond, and I have been to several Muslim aras in Europe, and I never had a problem. Paris has a large Muslim community, and I always feel very safe there walking alone as well. No, I have not read the Koran.
          The problems with the Ghetto in Munich is another story.

      • Galaxy 500

        Here is a group of those fine moslems saying they be the masters soon.
        Here is one on their European take over.

        • Hilde

          G 500,
          I am very aware of some of their views. Please don’t underestimate me. I am also aware of that one can demonize by picking out certain stories. I have also worked many years with people who say we are invaded by Muslims. I know all the arguments. I also know the attitudes by many Muslim men against women. I am not blind. But they are not all like that. No, I am not married to a Muslim. The only way to handle it is to work on the bad attitudes that are there sometimes. There are hundred of thousands of well integrated and hard working people with Muslim background in Europe. You wouldn’t see a difference between them and any other citizen.

    • sk

      Well done, Seeker! Extremely well done. Let’s hope a few more take off their rose colored glasses.

      • Hilde

        Well , he is definately correct about the very volatile situation re the Shia-Sunni-relations. IMO he’s correct about a lot of things. I am sure European countries are painfully aware about the enormous challenge it will be to assimilate the muslims in this migration into the democratic European way of thinking. One of the biggest challenges will be to avoid that non-assimilated young Muslims create terrorist cells under the radar once they have settled down. I however probably have rose colored glasses when it comes to believing in our democracic ways in Europe, and that Muslims and Christians can work and live peacefully side by side. I can’t see any other way, because there is no way we can deny Muslims to enter the countries, and there sure is no way one can send them back since they are escaping war. In Syria alone 4000 schools have been bombed, both by Assad and the rebels and ISIS, it’s done purposely to deny the children a future and take away hope. There are alot of highly educated people who just simply want a better life and a future for their families among the migrants. True , there may be a problem with Trojan Horse etc, but one cannot simply deny the migrants entrance. That problem will have to be dealt with when the time comes. The fact that these countries have been purposely unravelled and brought/ bombed back to the Stone Age , is another and true story IMO. Where I differ is in that I believe it could turn out ok with the migrants in Europe. I have worked all my life with so many Muslim women, and seen them become integrated and educated. They can truly be a great asset , and they make great co-workers. It may take a lot of work and many years, but I truly believe it’s possible. One of my favorite breakfast places in Boston is run by two Muslim women. They serve tyrkey beacon with the eggs.:) They are some of the friendliest people I have met. I just wish so much that the papers could start writing about these well-functioning and hard working integrated Muslims. But as long as there is a divide and conquer philosophy in the mass media, that won’t happen. That’s why I posted the link about Rotschild owning the media. Always focusing on the negative with Muslims and never anything positive will get us nowhere, IMO.

        • sk

          Hilde! Please note that my post about ‘rose colored glasses’ was to ‘Seeking The Truth’ 9/23!!! My point was that those who refuse to consider the Neocon/PNAC issue and to educate themselves about how the Neocons started the destabilization of the ME, are wearing rose colored glasses. I am totally WITH you that Christians and Muslims can live together in peace.

  35. Midas Touch

    Greg, I think it’s very interesting that your guests are all starting to converge in their thinking! I just listened to about 5 recent interviews and every one of them has mentioned there being an unknown trigger causing people to lose confidence (or should I spell that CON-fidence) in “assets.” Assets being government issued bonds which creates credit which is used as money. When this confidence is lost the entire house of cards comes crashing down around us.

    Hopefully this thinking by your guests further converges into how us little guys can protect ourselves – before we reach the cliff edge. I think it would be interesting to look at the aftermath of LTCM crisis in Asia back in 1998-1999, or maybe the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989-90, as to how society re-configures itself.

    I’m starting to think more and more that something like a bitcoin (not run/controlled by any government or central bank since they are no longer trustworthy) will emerge as the new global reserve currency, I don’t know that it will be bitcoin, but something will take the place of the dollar, the bigger question is how long will this transition take, and how to best get through it?

  36. Robert Eastman

    Mr. Pollack may be brilliant, but I think that he’s a bit too far out on his tether.
    Yes, I do believe that we are watching (if we are the few actually paying attention) the collapse of the Western world, and I too believe that total war is coming, but I still own my home free-and-clear AND I still stack silver. I don’t have a lot to buy with (only Social Security, as long as that lasts), but 40% of my monthly payment to purchase that ‘insurance’ is about the best that I can do. That and storable foods.
    There is no where to run to, so laying low is the best idea, even learn about the ways of the ‘grey man’, which is a hoot because I am already grey!
    It is strange to know instinctively to behave as if I have less than I do, but that was the way I was brought up. I know that people laugh at me and think ‘that poor old guy’ for getting everywhere on my bicycle, and seem to think that I live on cheap red wine (well, that part isn’t exactly untrue), but I don’t think that I’ll come first to mind when my fine neighbors consider which house to hit next for the last can of beans in this zip code.
    Like my mother (RIP) said to me more than once: ‘Hang tough and keep on pitching’

    • Faith

      I agree with you, Mr. Eastman. I bought a plain house in a neighborhood surrounded by nicer houses that are bigger and newer. My house is smaller. Not fancy. Comfortable but plain. I also have been stacking silver. Gold is more portable. Of course. But silver is divisible. I don’t know if that is the correct word. Most folks are not going to take a one-ounce gold coin or bar and chop it into quarters or 10ths. Thus, silver is useful and something I think that the guest did not understand, or understand clearly. A silver coin is the equivalent of a $20 dollar bill, basically.

      One wall of my garage is filled with MREs. Cases of them. And yes, I am armed. I grew up shooting, fired Expert in the Army, and do have a gun I hope I never have to use. In the mean time, I plan on going out for the fall turkey hunt and will be looking for a small shack or cabin to buy. The plainer it is, the better.

      Happy Fall everyone. God bless you , Mr. Hunter. Another interesting show!

  37. Anne

    Wow, what a no-nonsense intelligent person Mr. Pollock is. I’m emailing a link to this interview to everyone I know. He has a great way of relating macro-economic concepts to what is sadly happening in this country and the world.

    I also appreciated the insights from your other guest this week, Mr. Holter. Again, I passed his interview to everyone I know.

    Thank you Greg..

  38. Saeed

    Here is how the Traditional Islamic Sunni Scholars are intellectually combatting this cancer in the Islamic community called Wahhabism/Salafism that ibn Saud family has been promoting since they took power in Arabia after WW I:

    “Refuting ISIS – a Rebuttal of Its Religious and Ideological Foundations” by Shaykh Dr. Mohammad Al-Yaqoubi (Aug 2015):

    Thanks, Saeed

    • Galaxy 500

      I don’t see very much combating going on

  39. Tommy

    Agreed. If I was King I would make an agreement with Russia and China and we’d divvy up the Middle East into thirds.

    • dblu

      When I am Queen, we will all go back home, invent new things for the improvement of the world, and leave each other ALONE!

  40. jack

    yes exactly . no way in hell Russia allies with the US. also I thought he said that the Saudis did 9-11???? did I hear that right? Geeez!!!

  41. Jim

    Muslims keep saying the US is causing the trouble, Israel is causing the trouble, Wahabbism is causing the trouble, or that Islam has been subverted.

    That is ALL TRUE, but Muslims are not without fault. In fact they deserve all that’s coming to them for what they are doing. If you go to Europe and look around, you see that they are molesting our women and strutting about the place as if they already own it. They are not nice people. Every single one I have met has been a complete bastard who sooner or later starts talking about killing people who insult Islam. What about their insults towards us? They should leave. They should all leave right now. If they do not they will eventually get what they deserve and it won’t be nice for anyone. They can’t win as Islam is already subverted.
    Europe will probably stay white, but lose half her population resolving this problem. Meanwhile the pressure keeps building.

    Invasion by immigration is an old plan. I’ve posted this before, but it’s worth repeating here.

    Its actually about the US purposefully making life unpleasant for Syrians and Libyans etc and then paying to have them transplanted to Europe for the purposes of genociding the white race in Europe. Proof the US is behind this is right here:

    Watch this video of Syrians arriving in Germany and Austria :

    According to the hardcore genocide promoter at the 2:20 mark “no country can opt out – that’s not the principle on which the European Union was founded or based.”

    Well, she’s dead right about that. The European Union was founded and based upon Richard Coudenhouve-Kalergi’s “Pan European” ideal, which calls for the explicit and total destruction of the White race in Europe!
    Angela Merkel actually won the Coudenhouve-Kalergi award a few years ago. These people do not hide. What they do hide is their real intent.

    That “Fleming” woman in the train station video is quite reminiscent of Barbara Lerner Specter who famously let slip the elite’s plans for the people of Europe in her creepy little speech.

    This is the big issue in the world right now Greg; not money, not the Dow index, not nukes, not cops shooting blacks. Nothing else comes close, and that’s why the silence on this issue is deafening. You can tell its the big issue because its too hot to talk about.

    So what is these people’s motivation? Obviously they want to destroy Europe, but how do they justify it to themselves? How to they think? I don’t know, but here is a video of one guy trying to figure it out. He explains how much they hate Christians too. THIS is the biggest issue on the planet, and it is sad that so many pretend not to know, and censor every mention of it. 🙁

    They will use Islam to cleanse the Christians from Europe (which they have admitted and gloated about even recently), and then they will implement a weakened Islam. They are pushing immigration hard, and stifling all dissent in order to get enough of them into the West for a decent “civil” war. The West will win, but it might be a Pyhrric victory. All of the millions of Muslims are walking into a trap. Why can’t they see it?

    The desirability of a non-white Europe has been spoken about by the likes of Albert Einstein and his buddies Richard Coudenhouve-Kalergi and Ludwig von Mises. Yes, the great libertarian hero had close ties to powerful people who spoke approvingly about or planned genocide on a continental scale. One wonders about Ron Paul then…

    • dbcooper

      So Jim…Do we think it is approaching time for the Next Crusade?? PC Be Damned??!! DB

  42. Robert Tedder

    Warren Pollock’s 80 pages PDF is a power point presentation. Without a corresponding lecture and explanation, it makes no sense. It simply comes across as his personal reminder notes for your interview. Much of which he was unable to cover due to time restraints. I’ve already requested a reimbursement and would not recommend that viewers purchase it.

    However, many thanks for such a great interview.

    • WEPollock

      “Without a corresponding lecture and explanation, it makes no sense”

      If I outlined the information to you “This is how it is” the answer back to me would be NO WAY IS THAT POSSIBLE

      I would be glad to answer questions on the slides assuming you have put some time into thinking about them.

      The task is to “make sense” of the information provided; some slides show people and relationships, others ask you to correlate a conclusion with something non-obvious, or they allude to relationships that buck what the media and alternate media has told (brainwashed) folks into thinking.

      For example, on one slide I talk about Silicon Valley, most people and consumers think Silicon Valley is great. The slide outline how this may/is not be the case; in fact people are captured by Silicon Valley.

      Another slide talks about Russian Military strength being a ” “Peep Show” Military with “Court Divisions” the slide also mentions mercenaries and small group of elite special forces; What exactly does this mean?

    • Pete

      I was also confused about some statements in the 80 page presentation.
      Interview was good but Paul Craig Roberts’ articles about the U.S. and Russia have much stronger points for a coming war between us instead of alliance.

  43. Fool on the Hill

    This is a quote from the free part of the article: Step 6 — “I can not longer sit back and allow …the International Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids”
    Is this supposed to be parody or comedy or what? (It could be a quote from Dr. Strangelove) But I don’t get it!

    • dbcooper

      FOTH, I would suggest that this is an analogy that tells us that communism sucks the life blood and bodily fluids out of all that it touches and when we look at the communist manifesto and look at our world today… turn 360 and template the manifesto on the world around us… the Perestroika Deception has been very successful. Yours, DB

    • WEPollock

      The slide talks about information.

      The slide recommends that “you keep the information that goes into your mind pure”

      The quote alludes to propaganda infiltrating and polluting your thought processes. Most notions people have are “pre-conceived” they are the talking and speaking agenda of someone else.

      The presentation connects to the very people most responsible for systemic propaganda.

    • 8Ball

      General Jack D. Ripper: Mandrake, have you ever seen a Commie drink a glass of water?

      Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake: Well, no, I can’t say I have.

  44. WD

    Ditto … I agree

  45. Bobby Kobito

    I don’t think people realize that with the BRICS nations that at least their money is Backed Physical Gold, whereas the EU & US is backed by Thin-Air!!!

  46. Jim

    Here’s a good article from

    But “Regime Change” is not really what its about. How about the truth- they are destroying Europe and its people. They are finishing what they started in WW2.
    Very nasty people trick our politicians into doing very nasty things.

  47. DLC (formerly Donna)

    I read a book recently called “The Road.” Did not know it had also been made into a movie.

    A father and son were attempting to reach the ocean on foot in a country that was ashes everywhere, hoping to find something different from what was in the interior of the country. The book never said what calamity took place. The only food was what they could find in abandoned homes that were for the most part already ransacked.

    I do not expect to see “the good times” again in my lifetime. That will have to be okay. I just turned Medicare age on Labor Day. I do feel that I had my fair share out of life and then some.

    My first tax return in AZ in 1982 states a GROSS of $4200. No air-conditioning in the apartment (could not afford to run it) or my car (none installed) for the first 2 years. I became a superb scratch cook, a designer-grade seamstress. Growing up, everyone had a Victory garden, a holdover from the Depression and WWII, so gardening was second nature to me.

    I know that the good life is not all about the money. When the bottom fell out in Russia, a good portion of the population had little gardens. The potato was king and easy to grow.

    I just looked at my bank statement. First time in a couple months that I am not running a negative balance, and when I was in negative territory, I just went back to work knowing all would work out okay. It always has.

    A woman asked for my help in the store a few days back. I found her the materials, the proper tools, and the best starter book to help remove any frustration factor she might have. Hope that when we have all this new-found time on our hands that we can share whatever strengths and skills we each have.

  48. dbcooper

    Greg, and all WDoggers… People ask what will it look like… what does the man on the street do to protect… we are in the 11th hour and well past 11:37… (Please forgive the 1st person) I have been in places in the world where there are dead bodies in the gutter… we have to prepare ourselves that this can (will?) come to our country. We refer to the 95%ers and I think it more likely 98%+. How in the Heck do you hunker down in the city/suburbs in time of the fecal matter hitting the oscillator??? IMHO it a’int gonna happen… a lot of people will die.. period. The only thing I would encourage is get out of the city… and I have to shake my head when I see these ads and offers for
    “Ten Acres of Non-Hybrid Seeds”… So folks who have perhaps never grown a garden in their lives are going to take this bucket of seeds and survive… We need to get real people…YOU NEED Community to survive and guaranteed a lot of people will die… community that includes skills that are valuable.

    I have finished the complete rebuild on a mid-60’s vintage Lister diesel gen-set to power the farm and hopefully tomorrow we will begin the break-in period for this engine that will last us the rest of our lives… however long that may be on this plain!!
    Greg and all… Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

  49. Calgirl

    Russia-China Alliance Could Launch New World Order
    from The Moscow Times

  50. Galaxy 500

    Don’t vote concede victory to the other side.
    Well y’all know I think that is stupid shiite but just in case some don’t, I’ll throw that out there.

  51. Silence is Golden

    I keep saying this…but….Great Interview Greg.
    WP is the man !!
    I agree with a lot of what he has to say.
    A missing piece of the puzzle…which seems to be overlooked in the bigger picture.
    If the Anglo/American alliance decided to invade (overtly or covertly) the Muslim states through various concocted and nefarious means….then surely they would have (through game planning) determined that there would eventually be displaced MILLIONS from these nations, searching for shelter/safety.
    Yes we can all see the disaster waiting to happen because of these refugees putting undue stress/pressure on an already fragile EUROPE. These are the INTENDED consequences of the actions of the mass exodus. Q: Why do they (refugees) choose EUR as opposed to residing with their countrymen in neighboring countries?
    Unknown knowns or perhaps KNOWN unknowns ….devilish plans are the work of the unelected rulers. They do indeed have ulterior motives. Israel is front and centre as the instigators of WWIII….for they control the US military. What does Israel want… or more importantly what do they have to do to create their Empire at the centre of the Arab world…..which also happens to be a critical and strategic geographic position globally.

  52. Duggo

    I’m a fan of Pollock. Very interesting interview.
    A bit disappointed with the purchase of the report though. I was expecting an ‘in-depth’ analysis but it’s about 80 slides of bullet-points. The whole thing is actually covered in the interview.

  53. frederick

    This just in “Vicky Nudelmann” rushed to St Francis medical center on Lİ with symtoms of a stroke Polonium tea or karma not sure which?

    • sk


  54. sk

    Agreed, Rezo.

  55. Ted


  56. Klemens

    Hi Greg,
    thank you very much for your very good work! It is a longer time that I did wrote something here, but I did allways read or listen to your interviews.
    I do think the next week will be a very important week, we will see.
    Hope you are all prepered otherwise use the weekend for shoping foods, etc., etc.

  57. It'sMe

    Since I’ve been unable to find a way of contacting Mr. Pollock directly I’m posting this here in the hope this will reach him.

    Mr Pollock: My attempt to purchase your paper was futile. After I’d entered my credit card information and clicked on download I got an error message which read in part: Error 503 backend read error.

    I’ve contacted Scribd about this.

    Just thought you’d like to know.

  58. Jerry

    I hope you read this. This is the snowflake moment. The Central Banks are at the end of their tether.
    Its going down on Tuesday the 29th the day after the Blood Moon. Documents are being finalized as I write.

    • Silence is Golden

      CLS said it was going down in Germany on 09/25/15.
      CLS also said wait for the Pope to speak to Congress then the announcement on the budget extension for “Lethal” aid for Ukraine.
      CLS said that will be the trigger for the US devaluation.
      Either way…..this last week in September could bring a new 4th July moment. Independence…. from Central Bankers.

  59. art barnes

    Hey Greg, Yellen very latest is now supporting a rate hike later this year, you can’t make this stuff up. She is simply trying to stop the downward slog lately of her beloved Wall Street after she found out that W. Street didn’t go way up with the decision to not hike as she thought it would. Yellen is talking out of both sides of her mouth and its just stupid and she needs to stop it, were not all that dumb.

    • Greg Hunter

      Former top Wall Street banker and current best-selling author Nomi Prins says,”No way on a Fed rate hike in December, and remember she said now way before the September FMOC debacle. Prins told me off camera in my latest interview “Do you think Yellen is going to mess up Jamie Dimon’s end of year bonus? No way.” Prins will be up next for an “Early Sunday Release.”

      • J C Davis

        Greg. you need to let things like this out to us. The deep readers.

      • Silence is Golden

        I really would love Nomi to categorically state what they (FED) fear. She did after all have an inside glimpse of what is happening behind the curtain.
        Probe her for the reason on why interest rates will NOT go up and why the FED is maintaining the extend and pretend for so long (and hoping to extend it further). I dont want her opinion …I want the FED’s reason. Condifence cannot surely remain with the FED and the financial system for too much longer.
        David Stockman believes they have to raise rates to retain any credibility at all. He stated that “the money market is the most important market in capitalism and if you dont have an honest price that separates supply and demand …you create huge distortions”….!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          I did and she makes it clear why they can’t. You will see in the “Early Sunday Release.”

    • Silence is Golden

      What did David Stockman call these Central Bankers……
      …”Bubble Blind and Bubble Deaf (bcos they dont understand the hypothecation and re-hypothecation concept and that ZIRP for 80 months has distorted the financial markets to such an extreme)”
      …”They have no capacity to understand the explosive nature of the financial markets that they’re toying with”…..
      …..”Keynesian Economists that talk amongst themselves…who urged the CB’s to paint themselves into a corner” ….
      I think he captured the essence of the Heads of the CB’s pretty well. 😉

  60. Elizabeth

    Greg, as you may have guessed this is not exactly a comment as much as reaching out for help in pointing me in the right direction.
    That said, as always great guests and I not only listen but take theirs and your advice to get out of paper.

    I have been trying to open an account with James Turk – GOLDMONEY since the beginning of September and have had continuous roadblocks. While it isn’t a very large amount it is my life savings and I want to protect it as well as have easy access to it when the time comes.
    The asked for a notarized copy of my passport and account verification from my US broker, they continually refuse both as they are saying it’s unacceptable –
    1) The notary’s last name on signature is different from her stamp (possibly married name – I suppose she became a notary before she got married.
    2) My Schwab statement says my full name Revocable Living Trust – not acceptable, same for address.

    I am getting nowhere and I am concerned that this delay could result in a loss of capital should a devaluation of the dollar occur before I am able to get out of paper assets.

    I am at my wits end working on this for the past month and have searched for contact information for Mr Turk without success. Is there any way I can reach him by email?

    Any advice/help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

    • Greg Hunter

      Why don’t you simply pay some taxes and penalties, physical gold, (and or silver,) and hold it under your direct control. Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Turk is a great guy, but you say you are not talking about a lot of money. Just buy the real thing, and hold it yourself. I’d use these Discount Gold and Silver and buy bullion only. 800-375-4188.

  61. Coalburner

    I think Pollards alliance projections are not just possible, but likely. Who would have believed 7 years ago that our President would be kissing an Iranian Mullah”s butt after bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia and allying with Iran while stabbing the House of Saude in the back But that is the secret deal going into effect. Obama et al does not want us Nationalistic heathen Americans to know until we are too broke to do anything about it and he has the action deeply embedded in the future. I actually do not know why we are against Russia so much anyway. They do not threaten us. All the fury in the Ukraine was started by us anyway. WE created ISIL and claimed to be trying to kill them, NOT! So maybe the problem has gotten too big and Russia has volunteered to take the job. It fits Obama’s plan to make us look weak and hapless and maybe we will believe it. As long as he is in charge he hates Americans worse than anyone else anyway. But I bet there enough morons in this country to re-elect the traitor and chief again.

  62. J C Davis

    There are now world oligarchy’s running every president Wepollack is the only one willing to say our only action is no action. I could not agree with him more. In fact I realized this 5 years ago. Got out of stocks at a paper lose. Bought land and now I am able to disappear. Your vote does not get counted. This has been proven to congress, and nothing was done to change anything. Oh I stand corrected the moved companies to Spain to count the vote. Clinton Eugene Curtis created the program. Just look at what the RNC did to Ron Paul. They kicked him out of the convention by changing the rules. It is all a big scam. In my mind only uninformed people think the have a vote.

    • J C Davis

      Gallaxy 500. Greg . If either of you ran for president and had 50 million voters supporting you. If the Oligarchy said (no) the main stream media, and the RNC would erase your name. You would become unelectable over night. They only operate in darkness. Love you guys.

  63. Coalburner

    I have never been to Europe but I believe what you are saying except I did not know who is funding the illegal immigration there. Since all of Eurpope is basically unarmed, you better be ready to fight the sharpened edge of an auto leaf spring. The worldwide number one accepted all purpose tool. That is why Americans will never give up their guns.

    • diane s.

      Coal burner
      You are so right
      After Pearl Harbor, a high ranking Japanese general wanted to invade Southern California.
      Our Navy had been pretty much destroyed and they thought they could seize San Diego…this was rejected by the highest ranking official.
      His reason.
      There will be a loaded gun behind ever other window to mow down our ground troops .
      Armed citizens are more important now than ever.

  64. mark

    Hi Greg,
    At the 27:11 mark Warren makes a very interesting observation regarding Harry Dent’s prediction of gold going to $300.00 an ounce. Now while that may seem absurd to those who do not agree, I should like to point out that Warren makes an excellent point in contrasting $300.00 gold with a house that “you don’t own” because it is a piece of “zombie real estate” that is state owned “that you have to service with every fiber of your being” and where the “government lets you live in your house as a favor” . So…. “would you rather have a house which you don’t own and live beholden to a totalitarianistic government or would you rather have a piece of gold and have your independence? THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE PRICE OF GOLD, THIS IS ABOUT THE PRICE OF LIBERTY. THIS IS ABOUT THE PRICE OF WHAT YOUR LIFE IS WORTH, IF YOU CAN DICTATE THE VALUES OF YOUR LIFE AS A HUMAN BEING IN A WORLD WHERE THE VALUE OF HUMAN BEINGS IS DECLINING.” (all caps for emphasis) Warren’s comment regarding the value of human life in a world where the value of human life is declining and the determination of who holds the power to decide that value for each of us is the most critical consideration that each and every one of us determine for ourselves each and every day and which determination we communicate to everyone around us through our words and actions. Along this line of consideration I should like to reference the apostle Peter who wrote in his first letter to those who believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and were scattered throughout the diaspora that “it was not with little coins of gold and silver that you were redeemed out and away from the vain manner of life handed down to you from your fathers, but with precious blood, blood as of a lamb without spot and without blemish, the spotless blood of Christ.” (1 Peter 1:8-19). Dear Greg and fellow watchdoggers and all who come here to read and post, it is with a heart full of joy in the Holy Spirit and thanksgiving that I announce to you that our value is not determined by such earthly things, even those to which the highest “value” is assigned. No, our value is determined by the price which God Himself, in the Person of His Son was willing to pay through the once for all shedding of His spotless-sinless blood that we may be redeemed (i.e. bought back) out from under the curse of the law with its consequence for sins being death, both physically and spiritually forever, that we may be “regenerated “, or “born anew”, “born from above” or, “born again” unto a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from among the dead and by the Spirit of His Son sent forth into our hearts crying “Abba Daddy” (Rom.8:15, Gal.4:6) which is the seal, pledge, foretaste, downpayment and guarantee (Eph.1:13, 2 Cor.5:5) of an eternal inheritance in glory forevermore, which inheritance is in the glory which the Son Himself knew in the bosom of the Father from before the foundation of the world . (1 Pe.1:14, Jn. 17:24). That is why I say to you dear watchdoggers and to everyone else who comes here to read and post that in the words of the Lord Jesus to the disciples ” these things I have spoken to you that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have affliction, but take courage; I have overcome the world.” (Jn.16:33) Be of good cheer then, for greater is He that is within you than he that is in the world. (1 John 4:4) and ” God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2Tim.1:7). So to you Greg and to all who come here to read and post I say “Fear Not” and “the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit”

  65. Galaxy 500

    More on Ahmed, Obama’s favorite teenage bomb maker.
    Psalms 96
    Say among the heathen that the LORD reigneth: the world also shall be established that it shall not be moved: he shall judge the people righteously.

  66. diane s.

    Most of you Watchdoggers know these tips…but here are some good ideas.

  67. Mike R

    Save the 9.99 folks. I bought it, and its a collage of highly random thoughts, with tons of gaps, a lot left to the imagination, and an endless series of inferences. Not at all a coherent work, or co-gent writing that will make sense. “lie low” ??? Come on. What does that REALLY mean ? We already have 94 million plus people ‘lying low’ not in the work force. How about get your butt out there, and create a job, do it for free if you have to, until someone finds value in what you do, to the point where they are willing to pay you ?
    I had 30 years of corp jobs, as an employee, up until earlier this year, I simply resigned, without a job. I decided to start my own two businesses. I’m doing work, and I created my own work, and my own designs from scratch. My own website and my own services. I’m living off savings, and yeah cutting expenses. That’s an obvious one, and about the only thing stated that made any sense in the 80 pages. My point here: None of what is going on around the world, that is mentioned in the 80 pages, is something that you have control over. Rather than view things so very bleakly, and the 80 slides are bleak and dark, focus on each day, as your day, and don’t worry about anything which you have no control over. It’s also senseless to debate anything that is in the 80 slides. Its neither right, nor wrong. They are not even words on a page, because there is not a cogent written, or well thought out and presented context surrounding any of it. In the end, I feel like a chump, a sucker, for having paid my money for the collage. But it was my decision, and mine only. I make 100’s of mistakes like this all the time, as one of those (dumb) consumers. I was lead to believe something of value would be within. Sort of like the buyers of VW’s were led to believe their car’s diesel exhaust was cleaner than it actually way, except, weren’t told that it’d only be the case on an emission test stand. Yep, they got duped too.

  68. Sayonara

    What a powerful intellectual interview. Essentially Pollock states is that we have “cocooned us into a totalitarian state.” That is exactly what this country has become. He is also correct that there will be no revolution because their are no revolutionaries.
    My comments on 5 things people should do:
    1. Spend Less: Agree-Starve the beast!
    2. Don’t Vote: Disagree-Just don’t vote for the institutional candidates as a protest.
    3. Do Not Donate to Political Parties: Absolutely Agree!-Starve the beast!
    4. Hide: Agree-They are coming for you (your assets).
    5. Lay Low: Agree-Do not bring attention to yourself – they are coming for you.

    We are at the point where the swell of the economic reset tsunami wave is just starting to grow much larger than the normal large wave and it is just a matter of time before it reaches maximum height and crashes.

  69. Bill B.


    Yes I found the presentation to be full of “inferences” and conclusions based on deduction and reasoning. That is a good thing.

    More so, It is going to take me days to figure the stuff in the slides out.

    Many of the slides are bleak and dark that is for sure! Most of the ideas are not like anything anyone is saying.

    One slide said “The Libertarian: Facade of American Oil based Corporate Nazism and Fascism. It defines Facade, the outward appearance that is maintenance to conceal a less pleasant or credible reality. Then it said; from Funding to story an then to face. Pictured are Fred C Koch, Robert Welch Founder of the John Birch Society (I looked him up) , Major General Edwin Walker (I looked him up), Alex Jones and Ron Paul.

    The Face is Alex Jones and Ron Paul
    The Story is from Robert Welch
    The Funding is from Koch (Bush family DuPont, Mellon, Rockefeller, Ford and others)

    THAT IS JUST A SINGLE SLIDE – took me about an hour to decipher the slide.

    So a big lie (after reading that slides) seems to be that BIG/OIL money in the form of the has been funding the Libertarians so they can control us.

    There are other related slides that tell a bigger story.

  70. Scott

    Question for Mr. Pollock:

    China moved substantial military assets and personnel to their shared border with Viet Nam back in 2014. To my knowledge they haven’t left that area, which suggests something is coming. Link:

    What does the future of China-Viet Nam relations look like to you? What will the future bring?

  71. Derrick Michael Reid

    There are so so many Greg, who accurately see a collapse coming, but dont have the solutions. They just complain, prepare, and effectively throw in the Towel. Greg, do you remember the 1960s, when we Americans had the saying, “CAN DO”.

    We Americans can fix it, Greg, we CAN DO!

    Warren Pollock as a dark horse to champion.

    The many issues are so interconnected that one issue actually raises them all. The problems are systemic, interconnected and embedded. To fix one problem means you have to fix them all, concurrently. Thus, the solutions are comprehensive, integrated, and wide spread, and must be solved concurrently. And that means, monitoring many social-economic subsystems, tweeking the same in real time, during the remedial solution process, to maintain a relatively seamless transition as dislocations provide impulse functions and excitations to those subsystems during the remedial fixing process.

    The number one issue, and the consequential rise of multiple system problems therefrom, is the bastardization of the Constitution over last 110 years by leftest political pandering as enabled by the U.S.S.A evil empire, comprising 1) Bankster greed and undue influence, 2) Judicial Fiat and 3) two pandering political machines.

    I am a master of reducing complex systems to their simplicity. In patent prosecution for example, reducing inventions so that juries and judges can comprehend the core, while patenting this country’s most sophisticated inventions by this country’s leading scientists and engineers, my success rate was 98%, whereas the average is 56%. Unless a candidate has the mix of skills and training that I have, (Engineering, Law, Markets, Military, Geopolitics) there is no way they will be able to cope with and solve these numerous systemic problems concurrently.

    Very Truly Yours, in Liberty and Freedom
    Derrick Michael Reid B.S.E.E., J.D.,
    2016 Presidential Candidate, Libertarian Party,
    the only known candidate with qualifications and
    skills necessary to fully restore Americana Greatness.
    Engineer, Lawyer, Military Scientist,
    Market Analyst, Geopolitical Analyst.

  72. chris paul


    I am a small business owner. My intent is to purchase income producing real estate. Is this not a viable investment which in turn will allow me to buy gold, hoard cash,etc. Or should I be in fear of the municipalities / tax authorities seizing my assets – real estate, gold,etc. Lord Rees-Mogg writes about the coming violence of the state against it’s citizens in “The Sovereign Individual”. Their will always be a need for goods and services with an ever growing population, or are my entrepreneurial dreams simply impossible in this totalitarian system?

    What can we do to earn and pay for the lifestyle we want and or need?

  73. OldPol

    Warren & Greg,
    Please take note of this article in re to pensions.

    Thank You

    • Greg Hunter

      I think this article is laying out yet another theft proposal by the banksters. Thank you.

  74. Larry Maheu

    So, is the economy going to collapse according to the presentation of Rogue Money or not ? I sense some back peddling from the experts that followed.

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