Globalism vs. Patriotism, Evil vs. Good – Mark Taylor

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Mark Taylor, author of the wildly popular book “The Trump Prophecies,” correctly predicted, early on, a victory by Donald Trump to win the White House.  Taylor is a retired firefighter that has become an unlikely prophet of God, who contends “President Trump is God’s anointed.” Taylor says what is going on is nothing short of a grand battle between good and evil.  Taylor explains, “Here’s what I believe is going on right now.  There is no longer a Republican and Democrat party – period.  This is about globalism vs. patriotism basically right now.  This is about light vs. dark.  What you are seeing happen right now is God has anointed Donald Trump to pull us out of this hole we have been in for so long,  this period of darkness we have been in.  Donald Trump has literally stopped the enemy’s timeline. . . . The globalists have an agenda for this New World Order (NWO) timeline.  They wanted Hillary Clinton as the finisher – period.  I tell people all the time if anybody is pro-open borders and pro-immigration, you are a globalist.  You are part of the NWO agenda.  You are trying to forward the kingdom of darkness.   They are coming against Donald Trump because the Christians in this nation, and I am not going to say the church because the church is in bad shape right now, it was the ‘remnant’ (Christians) that won this victory on November 8th.  Because we won this victory, we cut the head off of that snake.  This snake is kicking and screaming, writhing and kicking around and not liking the fact that their plans . . .  have been derailed. . . . When you start putting these things together, Obama was the author of all this stuff, and Hillary was going to be the finisher of it.  She was going to say this is the way it’s going to be, and by 2021 or 2022, America was going to be under a New World Order.   It was going to be pro-open borders, completely open, and it was going to be a free flow of products and free flow of people.  We have stopped that.  By us putting him in office, we have stopped the enemy’s time line, and they are angry. . . . God is not even having to expose these people.  They are exposing themselves.”

Will God use the Trump Administration to strike back? First up is the legacy propaganda news media.  Taylor says, “God is going to clean house on the news media, and I firmly believe that.  You are going to begin to see the spirit of truth begin to flow. . . . You are already seeing it take place right now because the news media is being exposed like never before.”

What about the so-called deep state and politicians?  Taylor starts with fired FBI Director James Comey. Taylor contends, “James Comey was the clog in the pipe that was keeping the swamp from being drained.  Now that he’s out of the way, you are starting to see things happen. . . . In 2015, I wrote a prophetic statement from God, and it says the spirit of God says your time has come to an end.  You are both (Bill and Hillary Clinton) being omitted for the crime you have committed. . . . this is what God told me to write. . . . They are going to go down.  I believe at some point, she (Hillary) will go to jail.  It will be a sign to the United States that that spirit of Jezebel has been locked up and the key thrown away.  God is not going to let this stuff go, and look at the pedophilia.  There has been a total media blackout, and there has been 4,000 arrests. . . . This is what God has been telling me for a long time.  There are military style tribunals coming because this thing goes so deep.  I think it is even boggling the mind of Donald Trump right now.  He’s trying to get his team in place so they can go after these people and prosecute them.  There are going to be military style tribunals break out when the names come to light.”

Taylor says, “Don’t fall for the doom and gloom. . . Some of my prophecies I have written say America is going to prosper like never before.  Everybody thinks America is under judgment . . . but what about all the good things America has done.  There are 100 different countries out there that are way worse than America, and they are still on the map.  90% of the Gospel that has gone throughout the earth has come from America.  Where are all those seeds?  God is going to use Donald Trump to bring those seeds back, and part of that is going to be getting America out of debt.  You have a hard time prospering if you are in debt.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Mark Taylor, author of the popular book “The Trump Prophecies.”

(There is much, much more in this nearly hour long interview.)

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After the Interview:

Mark Taylor says, “Right now, God wants to stress unity, unity and unity among Christians.  All Christians should be thinking with one heart, one mind, in accord and in unity.”

To buy a copy of “The Trump Prophecies” in paperback or eBook version click here for Amazon version and  click here for Barnes and Nobel.

To get Mark’s prophetic writings for free, go to his business website  (Taylor sells cutting edge rescue equipment.)  Click the “Prophetic Words” tab at the top of the page.  There is also a free short trailer about Mark Taylor and the Prophecies he says are coming from God the Father.

What’s next for Mark Taylor?  Taylor tells me that he and “The Trump Prophecies”  co-author Mary Colbert  “will be on Cornerstone TV on September 11th for a National Day of Repentance, Fasting and Prayer.  Mary Colbert will lead off at the 9am slot, and I will be doing the Target focused repentance at 3pm EST.”  Mark sends “Blessings” to all.



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  1. This sceptred Isle

    There definitely seems to be an epic confrontation between the globalists and the nationalists. It is never good to have a manufactured consensus. For too long the nationalists have been condemned as racists and xenophobic. However, extremism in any form is dangerous whether it be globalism or nationalism.

      • Paul ...

        The banksters are now aiming Hurricane Irma packing 220 mi/hr winds into the Gulf of Mexico using their microwave technology (talk about “manufactured extremism” to help get them out from under their failing oil derivative contracts) … Hurricane Harvey only took out one fifth of US refining capacity … they need Irma to take out the other 4/5ths … the evil bankers will have to keep their microwave towers powered up to full strength to keep Irma from moving up the Florida peninsula and keep it situated over the warm Gulf waters to rev up the wind speed even more! …

        • Paul ...

          These hurricane attacks against civilians by the Deep State Satanists working for the banksters is a crime against humanity and a breach of the Geneva Convention … for the Deep State to kill civilians for “bankster profit” is a gross human rights violation … whether attacking civilians with a hurricane or pre-emptive nuclear weapons … it is subject to universal jurisdiction under the Fourth Geneva Convention (exclusively focused on the protection of civilians) … the Crime against humanity “of murder” – is defined as the “killing one or more persons as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against a civilian population.”!

        • Frederick

          Paul The Zolna Report did a great video on 911 called ” falling man” Check it out everybody

          • j

            Excellent. Well said.

    • Dan

      Hillary will run again in 2020. Mark it down. Her handlers want results. And no one in dc wants Trump in office. He will be blocked at every turn, except by the warmongers. If he succeeds, he will be reelected, and they don’t want that. Certainly not the democrats, and not the rhinos either. Hillary will then say, “what has Donald done for you the last 4 years? Nothing! Elect me and we will get something done!” Mark it down. Problem is, I’m voting for Trump again. Trump 2020!

      • Frederick

        Dan You are assuming she’s still around by then That’s quite an assumption by the way from what I see

      • Chip

        Problem is Dan, she’s just plain too old and worn out. NOT going to happen IMO… Chip

      • Flattop

        Dan: If she isn’t in prison

      • Paul ...

        Dan … did you hear “pious” Killary who supports “taxpayer funded” abortion and marriage between two men (or three men) wants to become an ordained Methodist minister in order to share “her faith” (i.e. Satanic spirit cooking) with her flock!! … I can’t think of a better way to create more Atheists in the world to further the Demon-rat communist agenda and garner their votes in 2020!! …

        • Paul ...

          Now all she needs is to have some Antifa have a vision and declare her to be a profit (a billion dollar prophet) that speaks in forked tongues … and Church leaders allow this? … must be Methodist to her madness?

        • Frederick

          Obviously that satanic witch is pandering to her sick base again

    • AmbigUS

      It’s also worth pointing out the the GLOBALIST’s are COMMUNIST’s….
      They’re trying to set up Marx’s/Stalin’s “Soviet Union” WORLDWIDE…

    • EchosofTruth

      I read an article recently that many of the Judaic belief systems out there preach that anytime in history there’s been a Nationalism movement the Jews were always persecuted for one reason or another…so I’d imagine much of this demonization of Nationalism seen worldwide has to be influenced somewhat by their views and money printing machines…

  2. This sceptred Isle

    I think if America has any chance of prosperity in the new system it needs to relinquish its world hegemony peacefully and except a multi-polar world with good grace.

    • William Stanley

      This Sceptered Isle:
      Would I be wrong if I were to guess that you are a British economist? (in addition to your pen name, your posts are consistently well thought out, beautifully composed — and recently, rather casually, you referred to the “Triffin Dilemma”).
      If my guess is correct, that might explain the atonality of your comments today: First, I imagine today’s interviewee was not your cup of tea: how does one argue with someone who claims to speak for God? Second, you framed your comments as an optimization problem, rather than as an existential, winner-take-all battle between good and evil, and you seem almost unaware that infliction of harm and pain might deliberately be included in an opportunity set, rather than produced as unintended externalities of otherwise benign behavior. Finally, you apparently view America’s waning hegemony in the same light one might analyze an empire in decline — which is not how most Americans conceptualize it. Please don’t take all this the wrong way: British economists are among my heroes and it is with some trepidation that I would criticize one.

      • This sceptred isle

        Thank you for your kind words. I sensed that a big but was coming in the second paragraph though. I guess many Americans view it as an existential crisis.

        • William Stanley

          This sceptered isle:
          I think we Americans view our “existential crises” as not so much about global power although, yes, that is a source of much false pride and the neocon contingent focuses on that. Rather, our “existential crisis” concerns our individual liberties and our national sovereignty and character as influenced by our internal “deep state,” our military industrial complex, and the related problems of political and social corruption, albeit with significant foreign influence as part of the mix. Therein lies the battle between good and evil.
          Indeed, I thank many, if not most, Americans want out of all the wars, and would welcome the end of the petrodollar and a less aggressive, more “isolationist” position in the world — even if that would lower GDP. Moreover, many of us think that under current arrangements, less foreign trade (especially with some countries) would actually benefit domestic manufacturing and, eventually, GDP. Also, Trump’s campaign position for better relations with Russia was very popular.
          Many of us here, as apparently in the UK, abhor the New World Order and the attendant loss of national sovereignty and character.

          • William Stanley

            This scepterd isle:
            It’s the spell checker!

  3. Bruce Maclean

    “but what about all the good things America has done” For instance????

    • Greg Hunter

      You are kidding right? You have fallen for the “America is evil” propaganda.

      • Richard

        Did you know that in 1789 after Washington’ s inauguration, there was a consecration service to the Lord at Trinity Church in lower Manhattan, a short walk from the inaugural site on Wall Street? Our history books have been scrubbed clean of this momentous occurrence.

        • Randy RHCE

          Good Morning Richard,
          You are spot on correct. There is much more to the story than a “normal consecration service”. Washington took an oath before God and asked God to bless the newly formed nation. At that time Washington made a covenant with God. Historically correct my friend.

    • William Stanley

      This Sceptred Isle:
      Oops. Looks like I, too, as you have pointed out to others, have misspelled your pen name. Sometimes we see what we expect to see.

      • William Stanley

        This sceptred Isle:
        It looks like globalization has gone further than I realized: The United Nations Committee on Standard Spellings has decided, in order to facilitate international trade and “humin” understanding, that your name is now spelled “sceeptered” not “sceptred.” (and, periods must now go inside quotation marks — and outside stand-alone parentheses). Moreover, because he is a dead white male, Shakespeare will now be spelled shakespeer (note the lower case “s”). Also, Greenwich will now be spelled ” Grenitch. However, that won’t matter too much because, under section 21(c)(1.03) of the “Soros Act” international time will now use Singapore as the measuring point, e.g. 24:00 SMT.
        I know that’s a lot to remember on short notice, but the Neighborhood Committees on Inclusiveness and Comity (NCIC) will be checking, and the penalty for mistakes must be paid in crypto IMF units, since all former fiat currencies and precious metals are unlawful for payment of penalties and fines of any type (unless your gender is undeterminable under the current 63 classifications).

      • This sceptred Isle

        Don’t worry about it. I just realised I wrote ‘except’ instead of ‘accept’ in my above post!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Don’t confuse the government policies in subordination to internationalists with the American people. We have been duped and misled into all sorts of cruelty and mayhem for 200 years!!! And, yes, we were fools.
      But all throughout there were countless Americans who opposed these policies. When NYC had a nuclear war drill, dear Dorothy Day sat knitting on a park bench. She was one of the unfooled.
      Jackson was besieged with tens of thousands of protests to the Cherokee Removal. He ignored Chief Justice Marshall’s ruling against that cruelty. The Cherokee reservation still in North Carolina was a gift to the surviving Cherokee hidden in the mountains by a methodist pastor who bought the land and kept it for them. Now that’s a PROTEST.
      Americans are the most generous people of all in charitable giving.
      The history of benevolence, against all opposition by power, is very long. Our greatest quality is disdain for uniforms and poppycock authority. My favorite movie line is in “Splash” when a cabbie in NY is waiting for a fare and blocking the marines chasing poor Madison. The cabbie yells, ” shut up, Gomer, I’m waiting for a fare!”

      My own Dad saved the lives of Marine officers at Guadecanal by refusing to obey orders and land them under heavy enemy fire. Were they grateful!!! He always told me free people will always win over totalitarianism because they can size up situations and think for themselves.

    • William Stanley

      This sceptred isle, This sceptred isle. . . . 100 times.

  4. JC