Globalists Will Crash Markets and Blame it on Trump-Rob Kirby

17By Greg Hunter’s

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby explains the violent moves in the markets by saying, “We really do not have markets anymore. We have interventions, and we have massive fraud committed on a daily basis in what we call our capital markets. Our capital markets have become nothing more than a crime scene.”

Look no further than the gold market on election night. The stock market was 800 points down in the red, and gold was way up in the black.  All that reversed in a matter of a few days.  How did the powers pull off a stunning reversal, especially with the skyrocketing price of gold?  Kirby says, “It was roughly 8,000 metric tons from late election night through Friday.  It’s up in the area of three years of global production in the paper markets in the space of three days.”

Who has 8,000 tons of physical gold for sale? Kirby, who buys gold by the ton for his clients, says, “It is not for sale anywhere.  If someone actually had 8,000 tons of gold to sell, I would suggest to you that if it was transparent, there are very serious players in the world that would actually pay a premium for it. . . . It’s a staggering amount, and the old saying goes if something is too good to be true, it isn’t true.  It is too big of a story to believe that there exists 8,000 tons of gold to sell because there clearly isn’t.”

Does that mean a crash has been avoided? No, and Kirby goes on to explain, “The globalist operators have infested both the mainline DNC (Democrat) and RNC (Republican).  They are infested with globalists.  The central bank of the United States, the Federal Reserve, is the backbone of the globalist system.  The globalists are acting in crisis mode right now.  So, paying heed to the notion of never letting a good crisis go to waste, it wouldn’t shock me at all for what the globalists have in store for us.  They have contempt for humanity, and they would let the markets absolutely sewer the minute Donald Trump is sworn in, if he lives that long.  That’s where I think we are headed, and the plans may be hastened.”

Kirby has wealthy contacts and clients all over the world. What are they telling him about the big down move in gold?  Kirby says, “They basically can’t get enough of the stuff, and it is getting harder and harder to get as time goes on to source meaningful amounts of physical bullion.  People who are buying bullion are not turning away in the slightest.”

On his clients and contacts, Kirby goes on to say, “Everybody seems to be on edge. I’ve never seen people more on edge.  There is a lot of resentment because of all these interventions.”

In closing, Kirby says, “The globalists are going to crash the markets and blame it all on Trump. Then, they will say he’s the reason why it crashed.  This way they can, in their minds, try to get rid of Trump.  If Americans’ 401ks go to zero, they are going to want someone to blame, and they will fall into line. If the globalists blame Trump, it will be off with his head.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rob Kirby of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Kirby adds that he thinks the world is in “maximum danger” because the globalists are so desperate to not let their power or one world government be interrupted.  Kirby goes on to say, “We are entering a bizarre time, and I have concern for humanity because what is coming is evil.”

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    • steven a bucelato

      thank you, Mr Hunter for Being here with the Real News, for those who care! and bring to your News Site, the best in guest … and the other sites that report the real,and important news will Now be around fora very long time….Kirby is always right ON as are your other guest! thanks, steve and mayumi

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Steve for your support.

        • Concerned american dad

          Mr kirby also said something big was coming in the next couple weeks after the Libor rigging exposure- that was months ago. Looks like america’s already great again: housing starts have surged 25% and jobless claims are at 43 year lows.

  1. Rodster

    What Kirby is saying is what Brandon Smith wrote an article back in October.

    “Global Elites Are Getting Ready To Blame You For The Coming Financial Crash”

    • Rodster

      And so it begins. A currency ban in India on large denomination bills and Australia is considering the same. Eventually the globalists will ban cash around the world.

      Panic has set in India as depositors are trying to get their money and gold purchases are skyrocketing.

    • Guest

      That’s funny. As soon as I saw the title to this interview, I said to myself that Kirby must be reading Brandon Smith’s work.

      Brandon Smith posted another article today (Wednesday). He predicts that the elites are going to pull the plug soon and let the economy implode. And Smith has been very accurate in his predictions.

      • JMiller

        Most of the times people in the ALT media including Brandon Smith get their info and their ideas from other sources. While Brandon Smith was right about some things, he is wrong about other things. Brandon Smith stated that the reason Trump got elected was because the Elites wanted Trump to be President and that was their plan all along. That is not true. The evidence, such as the leaked Podesta emails that detail the plan to get Clinton elected and the widespread voter rigging in favor of Clinton, show that the Elites wanted Clinton to win but they failed to make that happen. This is why Kirby and others are saying that the Elites are now in crisis or panic mode.

  2. 8Ball

    Globalists Regroup

    Globalists Regroup

    See article:

    They are regrouping to reassess their strategies… Here’s a clue for them: The majority of the world’s people do not want your garbage and they are tired of you screwing around with their lives.

    • Paul ...

      When the globalists listen to Dent it probably reinforces their warped minds to go to war and destroy all the “excess manufacturing capacity” in the world … when all we have to do is raise tarriffs to stop all the excess production …

    • J SMITH

      I’m amazed at all these comments and astounding views…..yet, notihing is done to the “globalists”…. just write and talk. Another classic “while Rome burned, Nero fiddled.” What is wrong with people??? The most corrupt administration is about to take over the United States….. after cheating to get there…. yet the people do nothing because the evil denizens (globalists) funded the chaotic havoc wreaked over the last 7 months…. mainstream media, bought and paid for, a Congress on BOTH sides of the aisle bought off…. and America sits on his butt !!! This country gets what it sows:::: destruction and slavery of the 4th world type !!!! And you pundits make your living making these worthless comments !!!!

  3. Charles H


    Gotta love Rob Kirby. Straight forward, clear, and tells it as it is. By the way, skimming Yahoo! shows they are blaming Trump for anything and everything financial: and he isn’t even in office! Pathetic. Will the Globalists pull the plug on Trump? Once they’ve milked what they can. At least we dodged Hillary and Martial Law.
    “If he lives that long.” (?!?!) Now there’s a brush-stroke to conjure with.

    A smile and a chuckle from Rob – priceless.

  4. Oxfarmer

    The MSM has not missed a beat since the election in smearing Trump. The were already in that mode and they’ve just been looking around for more dirt, blame and faults to sling at him. We will have to get used to this. When Trump’s policies begin to return the markets to reality the screams will be deafening, and no one will be blaming Obummer.

    The only thing we can do is TURN THEM OFF, cancel subscriptions, make it hard for them to get their message out, while supporting alt news in every form.

    A lot of us put in the ‘pain’ before there was ‘gain’. Now is the time to point people to the truth. And thanks, Greg, for your post election wrapup, and Cliff High’s insights. Very very interesting. Good work, man. Pray for Trump, his safety, wisdom and good counsel.

    • Dave Rohlman

      I just made another donation to Greg. I’ve cancelled cable, only take my local paper, and ignore MSM broadcasts with the exception of the weather forecast.

      Starve the beast and feed truth. I do that by reading my Bible and sites like
      thanks Greg. Keep it up.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Dave for some of that cable money!!

    • Chip

      Boycott the NBA, NFL, and ESPN as well as Hollyweird and the MSM… Chip

  5. Faith

    Wow. That was one heck of an interview! I have always liked Mr. Kirby’s honesty and passion! I heard Dr. Jim Willie interviewed earlier this week on and Dr. Willie made similar statements about the US dollar not lasting as the world reserve currency or, if it does last, it will be in a diminished form that will greatly impact the lifestyles of most Americans.

    I concur with Mr. Kirby’s analysis with regard to machinations being made behind the scenes by the globablists. They are furious at Trump having won the election. Obama’s snide comment from his presser in Greece about “nationalism getting out of hand” was a bow to the globablists. Obama makes me want to vomit. He worked overtime, for eight years, to destroy the US and everything went according to plan until Trump won the election last week.

    I also agree with Mr. Kirby, that President-elect Trump is a real patriot, and honestly loves the US and its citizens! It was a joy to watch President-elect Trump interviewed on 60 Minutes and to hear him say that he would take the minimum amount as pay: $1 per year! I thought that leftist / globablist shill, Leslie Stahl was going to fall off of her chair when he said that! It was beautiful to see a man of courage and a real patriot tolerate the simpering leftist press and handle them with ease! When President-elect Trump mentioned that he didn’t plan on taking many vacations I could feel the cheers erupt from working- and middle-class living rooms around the US! I certainly cheered! People are sick of seeing the Obama’s fly around the world and live like they are royalty at taxpayer expense. Like the press, the globablists are out of touch. That will be Obama’s legacy. A clueless academic that lived high on the hog (at US Taxpayer expense) while the US sank into ruin and decay. Of course that was the globablists agenda and plan all along, to diminish the US.

    It looks like the Italians are going to do a bail-in on one of their big banks, Mt. Peschi as I recall from articles. There is still the matter of Deutsche Bank though there hasn’t been much in the MSM about it this week or last. Mr. Kirby is right, however, about people flipping out when their 401Ks are bailed in or go to zero. It will not surprise me when that happens but, of course, since the MSM doesn’t give people accurate or timely information it will be a huge shock to masses of people in the US. Charles Hugh Smith had an excellent article on his blog: that was also posted on Zerohedge earlier today and is worth reading.

    I am as ready as I can be for what the future holds. I am grateful that it will not be a surprise, that I took the time to become informed and educated myself and took sensible measures in advance. There is nothing left for me to do now except to pray.

    • dan

      “That will be Obama’s legacy. A clueless academic that lived high on the hog (at US Taxpayer expense) while the US sank into ruin and decay. ”

      “CLUELESS” ?


  6. BetterChetter

    Greg, I keep hearing you ask guests when the big crash will be, & I surmise that your biblical background has you in apocalyptic or armageddon-awaiting status. When Catherine Austin Fitts noted a few years back, that while we were due for a correction, the US was more likely to have a slow burn & not a major collapse – – it was a shock to you. Yet with each new guest (or old) that same question arises … & I know you ask to prepare your listening audience, so I just offer this 2 cents of mine, for you to look at (or discard, if you’re already aware of the other shoe dropping paradigm)

  7. ross

    Another excellent interview Greg. Trump is going to build infrastructure but will have to borrow again from the private Federal Reserve to do so. This means more debt.He is also relying on 15% Corporate tax to bring money back from OS to build it. There is going to be a lot more inflation in the real economy and with interest rates rising a collapse in the fake economy.Trump needs a new US $ issued by the US Treasury for real growth to happen.I fear he will not have the time to save the USA and the rest of the West from these criminals.

  8. Bob

    The financial markets are the biggest story NOT being reported on by the MSM. I agree with Mr Kirby that the plug will be pulled after Trump is sworn into office. All of CNN’s efforts now are to plant the seeds of hate and derision up to Jan 20 and then that sets up DJT as an easy target on whom to blame the inevitable crash. The current reaction of all markets make absolutely no sense right now which means there must be total manipulation. The whining and crying the snowflakes are doing now will pale in comparison as to how they will totally collapse when the economic system fails completely and their free ride comes to a screeching halt.

  9. oneno

    8000 tons = 8000 tons * 2000 lbs/ton * 16 oz/lbs = 256000000 oz

    256000000 oz * USD 1300 / oz = USD 3.328 e+11 printed out of thin air to sell paper gold

    Then when price of gold dropped to USD 1200,

    Close paper contract 256000000 oz * USD 1200 / oz = 3.072 e+11 USD

    Giving profit of 3.328 e+11 – 3.072 e+11 = 2.56 e+10 USD after destroying original 3.328 e+11 borrowed.

    • Freebreezer

      O – thanks for doing the math – it is the old saying ‘follow the money’! $25,600,000,000 (25 billion!)… when you own the Federal reserve, anything is possible.

  10. NH Watcher

    And Brandon Smith’s latest article (posted today) further explains and supports Kirby’s analysis:

    Are we acting like the Jewish populace when Jesus came, ready to reject Him when He did not come to lead a revolt against Rome? Now is the time to get your SPIRITUAL house in order, first and foremost. Either you trust God to take care of you, or you don’t. There really is no third position. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and lose his very soul?”

    If the Globalists swear allegiance to Lucifer, and if Lucifer’s desire is to lead as many as possible away from his adversary, Jesus Christ, how much more would Trump be his vehicle? It is still very important to “stay frosty” on Trump (and I voted for Trump).

    Lucifer’s ways are as easy to discern as in C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, when the junior devil pleaded with his uncle for help in tempting this newborn Christian, who was living so Christ-like and humble … the junior devil said none of his temptations had any effect on him. Finally his uncle replied gently, “But have you told him yet that he is humble?”

    There is a beautiful side to evil, and that is why, we can so easily be deceived, if we do not, first and foremost, know what it is we believe and why, and to Whom we trust. Our actions, if not led by the Holy Spirit, will never work.

    Pray for Trump, and pray for his soul, because the temptations now must be greater indeed than any he has experienced before in his life.

    • Faith

      NH: thank you for posting a link to the article. Also for mentioning C.S. Lewis and prayer. Indeed.

  11. Dan

    We absolutely love your cold hard truth Rob!

    Keep it coming my friend.

  12. Dan

    Globalists crashing the system soon after Trump takes office in January is a very feasible (and scary) possibility.

    The only thing I think would impede/delay this is that I don’t think they expected to lose the Presidency to Trump and thus would need several months to come up with an alternative monetary system post-crash (because the dollar wouldn’t survive post-crash).

    Not sure at all what they could come up with. Certainly not a gold or PM-backed system as they don’t have any in stock. But I think the most likely option would be a form of e-cash (no bills or coins at all), as this would “trap” everyone in their system. And it would also be fairly easy for them to “revalue” things like 401k’s, IRA’s, mortgages, bank/brokerage accounts to their new ponzi dollar standard.

    Any other thoughts on this crash and post-crash?

  13. Dan

    By the way, IMO there is no path to success for Trump unless he both audits and abolishes the Fed and puts back the creation of money back to the Treasury. EVERYTHING is contingent upon this.

    He’s a savvy billionnaire businessman and if he doesn’t get that his Gov’t has to pay interest on every single Note issued by the private Fed along with a yearly 6% to their banskter satanic owners, then it’s kinda pointless don’t you all think? Who he will choose as Treasury Secretary will be his most important appointment. If he chooses this Goldman Sachs clown (forget his name), it will also be game over.

    What can we do?

    I went on Trump’s website and clicked the “Share Your Ideas” button where anyone can send a message to Trump. If many people from this website go there and REPEAT this message about auditing & abolishing the Fed, perhaps it will resonate. So I plead all of you to take a couple of minutes to do so.

    Trump needs to do this before or within his first month of office or else the globalists and banksters will easily continue with business as usual.

    • flattop

      HEY DAN; Since The Pres Elect said in one of his speeches the economy would collapse right after he takes office, one would assume he is formulating a plan to confront thatg issue. His momma didn’t raise no dummy…

      • susan

        flattop, I agree with you so much. Nobody is giving Trump any credit. Do you think he got where he is by having no clue as to what the globalists are doing. Good grief, if he doesn’t have a plan for doing what he needs to do to counteract them, then he isn’t as intelligent as we all believed. Really, I am sure he has a plan knowing what they are planning to do.

    • Amaguila2009

      Done. I asked for the same plea.

  14. WK Swanson

    They have to blame the forthcoming crash on Trump, because to do otherwise would require acting like a grown-up and taking responsibility for this mess we are in.

  15. mjmikey

    This week two “average demonstrators” were interviewed by USA Today. They were both mentioned by name, in Wikileaks’ release as Democratic Operatives. The paper forgot to mention this small fact and thier research department did not find.

  16. Mr. Lee

    Does anyone think that the establishment globalist cabal will just give up this easy? Look at the response from the EU, the media, all of these social action groups, Hollywood et al. It is unprecedented.
    Just yesterday watching Gerald C’s daily trends, he stated that things are heating up in Ukraine as the Ukrainian military fired missiles into the ethnic Russian territory. Just because Ms. Clinton lost does not mean that this group has given up on its goal, one would be naïve to believe that.

  17. Jerry

    Thank you for having Rob Kirby back on. He is a voice of reason in a world of kneejerk emotional reaction.

    FOLKS THIS IS IT. The major players in the global economy are beginning to refuse payment in fiat currency for trade in India. The other major world markets are likely to follow.

    The timing of the collapse is next to impossible to predict, but I would take this selloff of paper assets as a warning sign that the paradigm shift to the gold global economy is beginning to pick up speed. Need I remind you that China has purchased all the major gold vaults in the world (see next link) and has collateralized over 2800 financial institutions with SWIFT to begin trade with RMB? Rob is right. THE TABLE IS SET!

    As much as I want to believe that electing Donald Trump meant something. At the end of the day the election was nothing more than a beauty contest. NOTHING has really changed. The globalist still control our banks and our politicians and the global economy. The bottom line is the same as its always been. Prepare yourself.

    • Charles H

      Here is a little indication that the wheels are coming off – India outlawing big bills:

      • erv

        I said this under another comment but I think it is worthy to repeat. The so called large bills come out to $7.50 in US dollars for the 500 Rupee and $15.00 for the 1,000 Rupee. Our wheels will come off to if the Hamilton and all larger notes are outlawed.

        • Charles H

          Yes, you and Rodster hit it earlier above. The article on ZeroHedge gives much more real-time reporting and effects.: like the country may strangle in just a matter of days or weeks.

    • Jerry

      Does anybody want to take a stab at why there is selloff of U.S. Treasuries going on at this very moment? Possibly $585. Billion or more. (posted 11/17/16)

      Could it be what is driving the U.S. dollar up, and the gold prices down, is all the money printing by the Exchange Stabilization Fund to keep the dollar from collapsing under this selloff? I will be the first to admit that the ESF is much stronger than I ever thought they were, continuing this sham of an economy. But at some point don’t you think real market principles will “Trump” market manipulation? How much longer will foreign investors continue to take this beating before they decouple from the dollar? Especially since they have invested so much capital in the purchase of gold.

      I thought back in 2012 when the banking cartel collapsed the gold market, that they were preparing to collapse the entire global economy in order to set up a new digital exchange system. I WAS WRONG! They were using it as a delaying mechanism to stall off the collapse just long enough to create an alternate exchange system using gold and a new form of currency under the SDR. Well guess what? They’ve done it, and the transition is taking place right before our eyes.

      The next question is when? When will the new system be unveiled? Do you remember Christine Lagardes famous ” SEVEN” speech? Much speculation has been given as to what she was referring to. I’m not going to propose that I know, but I will say this twenty “SEVEN” teen starts in less than a month.

  18. Robert Lykens

    Is Trump strong enough to stand up to the NWO/globalist forces which are entrenched and have had their way for 20 years now? I doubt it.
    I reallly hope I’m wrong but I think those hoping for a return to common-sense conservatism (myself included) will be disappointed. Already there is talk that Obamacare may not be repealed, simply “changed”.
    It’s going to be essential that we derive our peace and joy from Christ, instead of man, if/when we see Trump walking down that same old leftist road. If our hope is in Christ it cannot be crushed.
    True, a president Trump is preferable to a president Hillary. But it might be only a matter of degree.

    • Robert Lykens

      Here’s an example of what I mean:
      Trump said on 60 Minutes last Sunday that he considers same-sex marriage “settled law” and he has no plans to revisit it during his administration.
      What other dark, unclean influences is he willing to bring or allow to remain on the American people?

      • Frederick

        Or as Michael Savage would say while mocking Elena Kagans Brooklyn accent “its established lawa”

    • DBCooper

      Mr. Lykens, I wish to relate to you that after posting here on Greg’s excellent site for the last couple years there are perhaps four posters who I do not respond to and for the most part do not read at all … One being the good muslim Dr. who due to his normalcy bias or cognitive dissonance refuses to acknowledge the heinous nature and teachings and actions of his fascist ideology … this IMO puts him in the category of ‘irrelevant’ … the next is the little guy in Turkey who you have been back and forth with and who has a habit of labeling people and calling them names … (In my opinion I am not insane!!) … next is the Spanky person who attacked me as being (take your pick) stupid/ignorant/liar, suffice it to say that this does not sit well with me as (once again In my opinion!!) am not guilty of any of these accusations!! Life is short and on the farm here everyday is over full and hence I do not have time to waste on those who just want to stir up the puckies!! So my advice is leave it alone … do not respond and move on with the germane. The other poster of course is the good Mz. Macaroni who deserves no recognition at all!!
      In regard to Israel … I feel we must make a distinction between the secular body politic and the spiritual body of the Church Body of Jesus Christ. Personally I have a hard time getting past the USS Liberty incident … then we have the fact that the largest Homo Fest in the world is promoted and put on in Israel … hello ??!! How is this slap in the face of my GOD ok?? … Or do we just ignore that which does not fit our meme?? Honestly I do not understand this … perhaps in good faith and understanding you can help me to understand … but with this all said I have to urge that we all have to agree to disagree … is there anything really more basic in civilized life … I do like Cliff High’s reference to ‘Honor’ … this is a thing like Jesus’ teachings of Truth we all should carry with us through our entire lives and practice everyday.
      Your friend in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • Charles H


        I understand how you feel. However… naming names here sets a difficult precedent – as others can do this and things get out of hand. I ALMOST placed a comment of ‘birds of a feather, take pot-shots together’; where it is plain to see who reinforces who here, and what side of the fence is preferred.
        You’re a good egg, and well read. I thought I’d throw this out for your consideration. CH

        • Charles H

          DB – I mean. Sorry. In a hurry today.

      • Robert Lykens

        DB, believe me, I do distinguish between the secular and the body of Christ. What I read in the Bible tells me that God is not finished with national Israel. In this age Israel is secular, but Romans 11:26 tells us that all Israel shall be saved.
        But the present age is the Church Age. The time will come when God removes the Church and turns back to Israel.
        I believe that the Temple is on the verge of being rebuilt in Jerusalem. I rejoice to see it –
        – because at Jesus’ return, he will set foot on the Mount of Olives, walk across the Kidron Valley, open the Eastern Gate and enter the Temple, where he will be seated as God in the Holy of Holies. What a fulfillment!
        – because the rebuilding of the Temple proves that we are in the last of the last days of this age.
        – however, I attach no necessary spiritual significance to the rebuilding of the Temple. Jesus is our sacrifice; we need no other. Jesus Christ is our All. We are fulfilled in Christ alone with no need for anything else. But there are many prophecies in which God spoke promises regarding national Israel in the last days. If Israel was going to be replaced by the Church, why did God speak those prophecies? Surely he would have known that Israel would not be a nation any longer?
        Regarding the USS Liberty, of course it was tragic. Was it purposeful on the part of Israel? Who knows? But as Christians we are called to forgive, and I do.
        As for the gay festival in Israel, well, I deplore it as well. Political Correctness is a pervasive sin problem and I long for the day when Christ slays it with the Sword of his Mouth. But you know what? I have family members who I love and they commit some very heinous sins as well. As do I. I hope the people against whom I’ve sinned forgive me and continue loving me.
        Thank you for your polite, civil words. Brothers in Christ ought to never have bad blood between them.

        As for the few people here at USA Watchdog, what are you going to do? Most are knowledgeable, decent posters. But some people aren’t happy unless they are spewing piss and vomit at others. Once again I apologize to everyone for being drawn into it.
        Best to just ignore them.

        • Charles H


        • Robert Lykens

          DB –
          From Israel Hayom:
          “”They say ‘tendency,’ ‘perversion’ — nonsense. There is lust, and a person can overcome it if he wants, as with any other kind of lust,” says Chief Sephardi Rabbi of Jerusalem Shlomo Amar of homosexuality”

          DB, the politically correct sin of homosexual celebration is not universally accepted in Israel.

      • aussie jeff

        Romans 9:6
        “Not as though the word of God has taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel:”

        Hi DB,
        You I believe are correct,
        Its a point i have tried making before here regarding Israel,the apostle Paul makes it very clear that NOT all Israel belongs to God!
        Their indeed will come a time of full restitution but that is not now.
        According to my understanding of scripture, Israel is God’s chosen nation,yet the gospel of Jesus Christ has largely fallen on deaf ears when it comes to Israel.
        Thus God has allowed the gentiles/heathens (non Jewish) to take up and be grafted into the vine,availing themselves of what was first offered to Israel.(a place in heaven to rule as Kings and Priests)
        This is covered in the parable of the wedding in Matthew22:1-14
        While Israel will eventually repent during “Jacob’s time of trouble”
        for now she continues to turn her face away from the Father and go her own way,with the exception of a faithful few,Paul once again clarifies this in Romans 11:5,
        “It is the same today, for a few of the people of Israel have remained faithful because of God’s grace–his undeserved kindness in choosing them.”
        It is this remnant inside Israel today which God is protecting,the rest of Israel while being alienated from God benefit in being protected also due to this faithful few, until it is God’s time for the nation as a whole to repent.
        God Bless you brother.

      • Frederick

        Pathetic however predictable response from such a closed minded person Your ignorance is obvious by your insults

      • Casey Hawkins

        I must say that I kind of enjoyed Gina’s rants. The way they got meaner, and the way she devolved the closer we got to the election showed the left’s true colors. She got to a point where all she could do was cuss, and call people names, because she knew hitlery was losing. A small piece of comedy during these trying times really helped my perspective.

    • Bill Howland

      If what you say is true, that there is only a ‘degree’ of difference between Trump and Clinton, then why would the Globalists crash the economy since they can use either Puppet? To add your concern, Trump also said re: Bill and Hillary “They’re Good People!”, and “I don’t want to hurt them!”.
      Point 2). Mr. Kirby is one of my favorites, but why didn’t he mention why the system didn’t absolutely collapse by last September as he’s previously stated.

      • Robert Lykens

        Bill, I may not have made myself plain. I was trying to convey that I have fear and concern that Trump will not be all we hoped. I said, “…it MIGHT be only a matter of degree.”
        I really hope my fears are baseless.

        • Bill Howland

          I’ve since heard an alternate explanation which may explain why Trump did a ‘180’. Obama did say Trump was taught “Our Deepest and Darkest Secrets”. 90 minute meeting vs. expected 15. Trump looked like he was a changed man. In this case the ’60 minutes’ interview gave coded answers to supporters.

      • Errol[in like]Flynn

        Bill u old cadger you! We don’t need ur inconvenient truth’s!

        • Bill Howland

          Please explain it to me then. Comments without content are unhelpful.

  19. Russ

    The rats are already making plans to leave the ship…
    SEC Chair Mary Jo White Announces Departure Plans –

    Rob Kirby may be right on with his forecast of a market crash and the current SEC Chair wants to not be there when it crashes. Let somebody else sit in front of a hostile Senate committee and explain what the heck just happened. Then again, maybe she’s just tired of the BS…

  20. Jerry

    The FEMA Provisional Government has been set up for Presidential Executive powers in a time of a crises. Here is a list of executive orders that President Obama has signed.

    You say ………….”Jerry there’s no crisis, what are you talking about”? Connect the dots. Obama has signed more FEMA executive orders in the last nine months than he has in his entire presidency. There is no way that the globalist are going to turn their pet project over to Donald Trump. There was an election alright, but I seriously doubt there will be a change in Presidency. The election is just a dog and pony show to keep us distracted long enough for the clowns behind the curtain to set up their final act.

    • FC

      You are scaring me Jerry, not with your information, but with your avatar.

      • Faith

        It looks like there are other posters with the same avatar. (Scroll down) Curious.

        • Robert Lykens

          Greg, what’s going on with that “predator” pic? Has your site been hacked?

          • Greg Hunter

            I don’t see it Robert.

    • Mike R

      So you think Obama is going to do something before he leaves office, and that this FEMA provisional government, will be activated before Trump makes it into power ?

      Maybe that is related to John Kerry’s visit to Antarctica, so John could see firsthand the existence of Nibiru in the scopes set up down there, which probably will crash into the earth, sometime before Obama leaves office? That made John Kerry’s visit, SO important, that he had to leave on or before Election Day.

      Sounds like a good reason to hold gold.

  21. Al Hall

    Greg: your title of this article is just what I said months before the election. I knew the polls were lies and this win by Trump would be the elite’s play. It all will be blamed on Trump by the corrupt media. Nothing was gay Obie fault via the media- it was Bush’s fault!
    Rob is 100% correct in what he says. I doubt Trump can drain the swamp- it has gotten to big, and the black government(elite’s) behind the scenes and in black ops control everything. Trump I believe has already been told this when he spent 90 minutes at the white house second day after the election. Someone laid it down and out for Trump.
    He instantly soften on Hillary and Bill calling them -“good people”? Are you kidding me!! No one would us these words for them and Obie!!!!
    NOTE ALSO: what was Sec. John Kerry doing in Antarctia?? Something big is happening down there- hear this info here:
    Dr. Ted Broer- The Secrets of Antarctica- The Common
    Sense Show 11/13/16 – ( also talked about here- aliens/fallen angels or whatever and what is the truth)

    • Mike R

      Wasn’t life so wonderful before the internet, where everyone could live totally in blissful ignorance, where access to information like we have now, was only for the government and privileged few to learn and understand ?

      • FC

        My wife has a T-shirt with ‘ignorance is bliss’ written across the front and I agree with it every time she wears it.

    • Ian

      Spot on Al. Trump has gone from promising to lock the Clintons up to calling them nice people. Sorry, I think it was VERY nice. If this can happen after an hour talk with Obama what else is he going to back away from. It’s the same old script, tell the masses what they want to hear, get the job and then do what your told by the powers who are really running the show.

  22. Falcon101

    OK, so we all know what the globalists have planned to upset the unexpected Trump victory, What are we going to do to derail, prevent and return action against these global criminals for these crimes against humanity? We know they wish to kill Trump to continue in their quest for global domination and we need to find a way to protect Trump and stop this global genocide. Any plans?

    • susan

      Prayer does wonders. I believe it got Mr. Trump elected.

      • Greg Hunter

        Amen Sister!!

  23. john duffy

    India is a test case:
    The Oligarchs’ Plan to Monetize Humanity – Stewart Dougherty

    • Galaxy 500

      You did not have to spend your rupees but you did have to deposit them in the bank. Supposedly it was to catch so called black money but I think they need more capital to do a bank bail on. There is a restriction on how fast you can take your money out as smaller bills so the corrupt government is up to something.
      The link seems to misrepresent what happened.
      And the point about human derivatives is pulled right out his nether regions.

  24. Tin foil hat

    The VIX Is Dead: According To The BIS, The Dollar Is The New “Fear Indicator”

    The BIS paper finds that years of monetary easing by global central banks has kept volatility low for stocks while compressing credit spreads which has stripped the VIX from virtually all of its predictive power. At the same time it has pushed more international borrowers and investors toward the dollar.

    As a result, “just as the VIX index was a good summary measure of the price of balance sheet before the crisis, so the dollar has become a good measure of the price of balance sheet after the crisis. The mantle of the barometer of risk appetite and leverage has slipped from the VIX, and has passed to the dollar.”

    Years of monetary easing by global central banks has kept volatility low for stocks while compressing credit spreads. Institutional investors who needed to mitigate the risk of currency mismatches between assets and domestic liabilities have been engaged in USD hedging, which is mostly done through banks. These banks also lay off their own risk by borrowing dollars. This demand implied a dollar “shortage” that made the financial sector more vulnerable to the strength in U.S. currency.

    The risk-taking channel of exchange rates turns on the impact of dollar appreciation in a world where many balance sheets have dollar liabilities. When so many borrowers have borrowed so much in dollars, whether for hedging or speculative purposes, dollar appreciation exposes borrowers and lenders to valuation changes and, in turn, impacts their balance sheets.

    And therein lies the rub: the ongoing surge in the dollar, while on one hand indicative of US economic strength and the Fed’s intentions to tighten monetary policy, is at the same time a far more troubling indicator of rising systemic stress – dollar has replaced VIX as an indicator for volatility.

    The signals that the dollar’s surge, since it implies volatility surge (higher demand for the dollar implies increasing shortage that made the financial sector more vulnerable), after Donald Trump’s U.S. electoral victory shouldn’t be interpreted as a clear sign of confidence across markets.

    • Tin foil hat

      If the objective of a currency war were to reach the bottom first, does it mean we lost the race to the bottom with the soaring dollar?????

      • Dan

        In the minds of the globalists there seems to be very good reasons to do away with currency worldwide. Tax control , black market pressure , overall controls on the masses throughout the world. How about this reason for adding to the list ; Taking a barometer away from Joe Q Public so when the might of the financial institution falters , no reason to report it to those not needing to be in the know as assessed by the globalists.

  25. francis m reps

    Mr. Kirby is Mr. CORRECT. A hope for the country lies in the fact that the mainstream media is so discredited that the Alternative media will finally have the ears of the entire nation. This will be an example of ; ” The Tule of Unintended Consequences “. Network TV and Major Newspapers will fade away. Trump and Putin may just hire a few trusted agents to very quietly , and efficiently do a bit of street cleaning. I am hopeful for a good ending to this epic.

  26. David

    A breath of Fresh air!!

  27. andyb

    Thanks Greg for RK’s update. If he’s finding it almost impossible to source gold, then the end of the manipulation could be close at hand. Already the premiums both in India and at the SGE indicate that there is significant arbitrage to be had between East/West prices which will certainly drain what’s left in Western vaults and thus delivery defaults are on the near horizon.
    On another matter, while I know this site is basically for economic, financial, and geopolitical issues, you should try to get either Arnie Gundersen ( or Helen Caldicott (many youtube videos) for interviews. Both are experts on nuclear radiation and its effects. Because of deliberate non-reporting by the MSM and through the complicity of all global governments, the majority of the global population has extreme cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias on the eventual consequences of the never ending and technically UNSTOPPABLE radiation emanating from Fukushima. In reality, Fukushima is an E.L.E.; i.e. Extinction Level Event. Within 50 years, it is certain that few will survive in all the Pacific Rim countries. And that includes, of course, the West Coast of North America. The 2020 Olympics scheduled for Tokyo are a cruel and sadistic joke.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Andy for your comment and support.

    • Charles H

      We stopped eating fish and any canned tuna three years ago. Also the best seafood restaurant in town went out of business. ATLANTIC fish may still be viable: but how long?

    • Freebreezer

      Andyb … I check all my fish regular with a S.E. Inspector (a really good geiger counter) and I am yet to hit a hot spot with pacific fish. I know that it is working because when I get to the produce and go by the bananas it let’s out a yell! bananas have a high source of k40 (Potassium) that gives off beta. When I was out in California this summer, I picked up no unusual readings on the beach (San Diego area). If worried about radioactive fish, don’t stop eating fish just start geiger countering it! I love fish, though it sure costs an arm and leg lately. And yes my kids think dad’s a geek! Note – I think the fish producers are doing the same … testing all the fish. They know that if a geek like me finds a “hot’ fish and goes to a news source – game over.

      • Freebreezer

        Do note – the two grocery stores where i shop were hesitant when the found me testing the fish and have asked me to be descreet! Understandable in that they have to run a business.

  28. Jerry

    Globalist find a backdoor with Trump finance treasury pick.

    You know what they say? The more things change, the more they stay the same. Nothing shouts change like staffing your cabinet with government insiders. Really? A Goldman Sachs CEO running the Treasury. That’s rich.

    • Frederick

      And John Bolton who Dr Savage just described as a warmongering fool which he truly is and god forbid Rudy who is a very unsavory character on the level of the windbag Christie who was eliminated because of Bridgegate scandal where his secretary took the fall for him I hope Im wrong but it sure is suspicious

    • Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

      It seems the presidency is really more of a middle level management position. They’ve already taken the Donald aside, shown him the Zapruder film, and told him it’s best to just follow their orders.

      • Galaxy 500

        Oh, bovine skate. What mendacious BS.

        • Frederick

          Theres the insulting condescending know it all again How predictable is that?

          • Charles H

            Exactly as predictable as your reply.

          • JC Davis

            Fred don’t you think you earned a little , small amount of trouble for what you are trying to do? We see.

      • JC Davis

        STMWTSP.. Get a name if you really STAND for anything.

    • Gina M Mancarella

      Don’t laugh too soon. A lot of things can happen. Trump could have himself an accident. The population could rise up and riot nationwide in protest. Fires could be started. Looting could be set off. Bombs could be detonated. You don’t want to be facing 1000 angry rioting democrats in a metropolitan area.

      Still, I thought Hillary was going to be the best thing to happen to this country since the pantsuit.

      • Greg Hunter

        So now you are turning from “Progressive’ to full blown Nazi?

        • Robert Lykens

          Greg, what’s with Stan’s and Gina’s pics being exactly the same? What’s going on?

          • FC

            And don’t forget Jerry’s avatar is the same also, I need a cup tea and a lie down.

            • Freebreezer

              It makes you think that some one got a little sloppy! Hmmm …. Stan, Gina and Jerry’s all have the same avatar! And an avatar I have not seen on this site before! This makes a person go Hmmmmmm!!!!!

        • Gina M Mancarella

          Extreme times demand extreme responses, Greg.

          • Greg Hunter

            What you are talking about is illegal and treasonous. We just has an election. Your side lost despite the dirty trick, MSM propaganda and voter and election fraud. Give it a rest, “We the People” won. By the way, it is a felony to threaten the life of a President.

            • Deanna Clark

              Thanks for pointing that out. Threatening anyone’s life in a letter or email is against the law. I had a distant relative serve 2 years for a threatening letter to a congressman. If Uncle Sam wants more $$ he can jolly well go after these bathroom walls here.

            • Charles H


              What immaturity will NOT allow is civility. “Gina’s” reply, redacted from other’s responses – follow threats and intimidations galore, I assume. But what ‘she’ doesn’t realize is: if those things which ‘she’ pronounces ever come to pass – then the gloves come off and time to fight fire with fire begins. People like ‘her’ don’t realize is that the very substance of the threats, being an intellectual author here: place ‘her’ and her loved ones under those exact consequences. At some point, like this election, the tolerance stops. I am sure ‘she’ doesn’t believe ‘she’ will ever be held accountable for what ‘she’ writes here: but I wouldn’t be too sure. It’s push, push, push – but if things go south and people snap – consequences will go beyond control. And ‘she’ will be remembered as an architect of the chaos. It is too stupid to be stupid.

      • Mike R

        Gina – still plenty of time for Hillary to don that Orange Pantsuit.

      • Anthony Australia

        This statement is a copy and paste GerM

      • Pinocchio

        Congratulations for the backpack bombs you assemblied in Mosul. Have you sent them to your agents in Chicago ?

      • Jerry

        I just loved the way your gal threw her supporters under the bus last Tuesday night by not showing up to console them in the face of her defeat. It speaks volumes about her character. And so does your last post.
        “I’m shaking in my booties”.

      • Galaxy 500

        Gina, don’t laugh ? Really? I laugh at everything you write. It is hilarious. Sorry, I can’t help but laugh

      • Galaxy 500

        Greg, aren’t you required to report threats to the President to the Secret Service?

      • sk

        Good grief!!! Stan-the-man and Gina have the same picture?

      • Rod King

        Well at least Gena still has a sense of humor. Pantsuit, LOL!

      • Tad

        Right now, those angry types are from outside most affected areas.

        Young, stupid, and nearly broke, if wasn’t for the “education” from George Soros and, etc.

    • Bill

      Jerry; There is an old saying, ” Keep your friends close and your enemies closer “

    • JC Davis

      Tic toc said the clock.. Jesus is lord My friend Jerry. We will see what will become.

  29. Diane D.

    Thanks Rob and Greg for a great and timely interview.

    Makes sense to me. Like Rodster said, Brandon Smith is predicting the same. Kirby and Smith are both very savvy in my book. Kirby is right about Americans’ reaction to their 401k disappearing. The vast majority STILL have no clue that there are PTB no less what their end game is.

  30. eddiemd

    Don’t forget Syria. All the pieces are in place for WW III. The Russians are ready to throw down. Erdogan is preparing to move on Mosul and even Aleppo. Things are not getting better, perhaps they are getting worse. No mention from the corporate media.

    Article over at Oathkeepers on the current protests.

  31. 8Ball

    Fear Not…
    It all comes down to who is going to drive you home when you leave this world.

  32. Mark


    Another interview gem with Rob Kirby. He sums up the markets, MSM, election and globalist intentions like nobody else. I heard a great interview with him last week and provides solid insight about the TTIP secret trade proposals. Well worth a listen.

  33. Mike R

    I like Mr. Kirby. He’s always got an interesting take. Regarding gold however, the paper gold sell off on election night, was not that hard to understand. The election at one point looked more like there would be a potential tie in electoral votes. Setting up a potential constitutional crisis, and a long spat between lawyers and an unsettled Presidency. Everyone was previously on the side of the ship of Hillary winning. However, once it became very clear Trump was pushing past the tie, thats when gold reversed. I was up until 2 am watching it unfold.

    Right now, if you look at the dollar, its under-going a potential reverse head and shoulders breakdown (or rather up). Once it breaks above 100, its clear sailing to 120 or higher. So that will do a lot of damage to the gold price, so anyone holding it, better be prepared for a long ride. Often on a head and shoulders chart, its telling when a major break is going to occur, as there are usually a number of attempts. The dollar has touched this 100 point (roughly) 3 times. Once it breaks, then its all over for the price of gold. This is why Druckenmiller sold his entire stash. Perhaps a crash or ‘collapse’ will occur in something after Trump is sworn in, but that is likely to continue to be the bond market crashing, and many other currencies collapsing, which will continue the flight to dollars. When people sell off bonds, they need to convert them to dollars before the next transaction. Since this bond sell off is just getting going, the dollar is likely to go far far higher. Not good for gold, and this doesn’t mean to sell it off if you are in it for the very long term, but certainly the prospects are very low for it rising higher in the next 12 to 18 months. Just sayin’ folks, and not bashing Kirby, but you have to think these things through, and do the math based on whats happening, not what you may fear will happen. That reversal in gold was a really significant tell, in terms of charting. Lots of people i follow, and respect, even got that one wrong on gold. Maybe its a time to be accumulating it for very very long term, but lower gold prices ahead, should not surprise you given whats happening with the dollar, and bond markets, which dwarf the gold market.

    • Pinocchio

      Gold price and US dollar are rising together in India. How would you explain it ?

      • Charles H

        Safe-haven panic. But most Indians are not educated or informed on the real condition/situation of the Dollar – and only think of the historic value of American currency. Plus wedding and gold demand season is starting there.

    • Robert S

      While I can’t argue against the strong dollar logic, folks smack in the middle of the London wholesale gold market like Andrew Maguire insists the manipulation between the synthetic paper market and physical ends in 2017. I believe he was interviewed 2 weeks ago on and gave an incredible explanation as to why. Add the advertised change in Islamic law beginning in 2017 which brings a “ton” of pent up demand into the equation. Something will give shortly.

  34. Kim

    Great interview! Your take on how the suppression of PM, needed such a high volume for that result, tells me things are not good for those with evil intentions.

    Great spoiler alert (They loose, but they do a lot of damage) sums up the real situation of the good vs evil battle we are in. Seek truth, give love and know peace. God’s tremendous love never stops! A man who changed the world said, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. Time to let the light shine!

  35. Michael

    Hi Greg

    this debate might interest you

    Keep up good work.



    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Michael for posting this link!!

  36. Galaxy 500

    I look forward to listening to Kirby. But when I saw the head line, I said to myself that this almost is an insult from Kirby to Trump. It is like Donald doesn’t understand even what the group of us here understand and I have to believe that someone with 10 billion dollars to protect has people thst understand the dire situation of the global economy.
    As I said, haven’t watched your broadcast yet but I found Kirby’s theme a little insulting.

  37. Chris


    Another fine interview with Mr. Kirby. I have determined the new name for the MSM is ‘News Entertainment’, similar to WWE being ‘Sports Entertainment’. The concept being: The all move and act like its real, but its scripted and fake.

    You are the ALT-R. Congratulations and keep up the great work.

  38. eddiemd

    The patch federal funding bill expires on December 9th. Then what happens? Will the lame duck congress extend it into 2017? What will Ryan and McConnell do in the next 3-4 weeks and what will Obama sign or not sign?

    Will we have a government shut-down as a Merry Christmas gift that could last from December 10th to January 21st? It will be interesting.

  39. Dr. Georgi Stankov

    Dear Mr. Greg Hunter,
    Dear Mr. Kirby,

    I have just published your interview on my website with my personal interpretation why the ruling cabal – you call them globalists – will crash the markets very soon in order to prevent Trump from taking over the power in Washington D.C.

    The scenario I outline goes back to my economic analysis since 1997 and you can find a lot of articles on economic affairs on my website explaining why and how the financial system in the USA and the west is totally rigged. Although there is a remarkable unanimity in our personal assessments I am discussing the current situation on the ground from a higher spiritual vantage point of view that explains the hidden agenda of the ruling cabal on this planet in the End Time. But as far as I can overlook it, I am the only thinker in the New Age movement that has a very deep and profound economic (macro- and micro) knowledge and can link the fraud and developments in the financial markets to the overarching dimension of human existence. I have done this in my position as a scientist – physicist, mathematician, medical doctor and cutting edge clinical researcher for many years – philosopher and holistic thinker.

    I would like to invite you to visit my website and read the 15 books and more than 3000 articles which deal with the aforementioned topics.

    and in particular the section on economic collapse which I expected to happen much earlier in concordance with you and Greg Hunter.

    I would especially recommend you to read my recent article which explains how the Fed and the globalists have engineered every crisis in the last 30 -40 years which is unique it its insight and gives you a vademecum as to how the cabal will crash the markets in the days ahead:

    I would be very appreciative to hear from you

    With best regards

    Dr. Georgi Stankov
    Vancouver, Canada
    Munich, Germany
    Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    • eddiemd

      Look to Jesus Christ while you still can. He is the only One that can save you.

      • Louis

        Amen brother!

    • Mike R

      Georgi boy. Your article states… “This will prevent the nomination of Donald Trump at the GOP convention as the party will postpone this event indefinitely under martial law. The party bosses will argue that this is not their fault. Killary will be also not nominated at the national convention of the democratic party on July 25 -28 but this does not bother the cabal anymore as she is so much compromised with her email scandal that she no longer serves their NWO plan.”

      So basically it was all wrong. Hillary did become nominee. Trump is President. No martial law. And no market crash this year.

      Good luck in convincing people to believe your next prognostications.

      • Dr. Georgi Stankov

        Dear Mike,

        Your objections stem from the usual 3D thinking. If you bother to read all my articles regarding the multidimensionality of all existence which is a basic gnostic knowledge of enlightened people you will know that I am always discussing probable alternative scenarios in the End Time that indeed occur on parallel timelines of this earth:

        I recommend you to read a recent article on this topic as to gain a deeper knowledge into the inner logic of the cosmic forces that shape the earthly events behind the veil in the current End Time.

        It is my duty to highlight negative scenarios of the ascension process so that they do not happen on this ascending uppermost mother planet. This has nothing to do with the correctness of my prophecies in this linear time which is a human illusion. This is a very complex topic that you can only fully grasp when you have reached the necessary level of spiritual evolution. Before that you will remain stuck in the duality of this reality and will use such 3D arguments as mental crutches.

        For instance in order to have this positive outcome in the US elections a whole timeline of this earth nearby ours was destroyed in a thermonuclear war on November 3rd.

        And please do not tell me you have not seen or felt anything similar as this will be the usual acknowledgement of the limitations of conventional human thinking, which awakening people like you should begin to overcome as I have just written with respect to Brenton Smith from

        As you see I am ready to engage with you in a meaningful discussion but I cannot drop the bar so low as to fit into your limited human cognition and reflect on the irrelevance of your 3D arguments.

        With best regards
        Dr. Georgi Stankov

        • Charles H

          Dr. Stankov,

          Thank you for your esoteric nonsense. I deeply appreciate your sincere condescension as well.
          Sir: there is no spiritual evolution. There is only to remain in spiritual death by sin; or enter into spiritual life by salvation in Jesus Christ and be born-again through Faith and Repentance by God’s Grace. There is no other Way, Truth, or Life other than God the Second Person, the Lord Jesus Christ. You miss this: you miss everything.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you Charles.

            • Kiera

              What is it exactly you are thanking Charles for, here…with his type of response?

              As these two (Charles and Georgi) are demonstrating to everyone, and as the Universal Laws always dictate — “birds of a feather take pot shots (at each other) together”

              They are simply 2 mirror reflections of 2 different Conscious Awareness extremes, with one of them sitting at genius level with a more open mind, and the other still sitting far below with a closed mind.

              Same personality traits, though.

        • Luces Veritatis

          Dear Georgi,

          in your own words: „In the meantime you must have registered the invariant gnostic pattern of all my forecasts. As soon as I predict a new astral alternative […] this alternative shifts to a lower timeline where it manifests.“
          „This does not mean that my forecast was wrong – quite on the contrary. It only bears testimony what powerful creators we have become…“

          Does that mean that your forecasts regarding yourself and your PAT (Planetary Ascension Team) that you would take over power soon („Why We Must Ascend and Appear as Logos Gods of Humanity before Trump’s Inauguration as US President“) fill the same gnostic pattern? So by predicting it you spare us from that horrible outcome and you and your PAT shift to a lower alternative reality where you will be able to play around like Gods?

          One day you might be able to take the training wheels off and people will start to take you seriously.

          • Kiera

            Nice catch, Luces.
            That is EXACTLY what is happening, and most of the time he doesn’t realize that he is contradicting and/or sabotaging himself with his predictions.

            Sometimes he recognizes his own fallacy, but not as often as I would expect…seeing as you (and I) can pick these fallacies out immediately.
            But he has been a consistently fallacious person, for half a decade now.

            I would say YOU are at the top of the genius list, here, as you also recognized his “Animal Farm” The-pigs-elevate-themselves-to-positions-of-leadership ambitions.
            (a Trump scenario, revisited)

            Although unlike Trump, he would expand his coveted admire-me/worship-me Leadership aspirations in much more Positive higher frequency directions — however, we would still be stuck with the old 3D hierarchy paradigm of POWER OVER OTHERS.
            And again the constant feeding of our energies, to ego-maniacal Narcissistic personalities.

            As in “Animal Farm”, the Seven Commandments of Animalism, the most important of which is, “All animals are equal.” — would be just as viciously and ridiculously and quickly disregarded in Georgi’s parallel reality.

  40. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,

    You are Superman!

    “Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.”

  41. MCasey

    Sanctuary City Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck: “Local policing needs the cooperation of the majority of the folks who live within their jurisdiction. Over 500,000 Angelenos are undocumented immigrants, I need their cooperation. I need them to work with their local police stations. I need them to be witnesses to violent crimes. I need them to be the heart of the fabric of Los Angeles if we’re going to keep this city safe,” he continued.

    There is so much wrong with L.A. Chief Charlie Beck’s statement!

    “I need them…I need them…I need them….I need them….I need them (5 times he said, “I need them”). Maybe there would be no “violent crimes” for the illegals to witness and report if there were no illegal communities.

    And he NEEDS them to be the “heart of the fabric of Los Angeles…”, does that extrapolate to the “heart of the fabric of the U.S.”? He needs illegals to keep L.A. safe? (from other illegals?)

    Now, Chief Charlie Beck, what is the REAL reason behind this pitiful excuse? You said, “It is not a matter of money. This is a matter of principal.” Well, we know the caveat to that….so what is the source of the REAL money? What is the kick-back to Sanctuary Cities? Drug?

  42. Robert Lykens

    I’m tired of Google tracking me and storing my data. They have too much power and they use it intrusively. They deliver search results to align with their leftist viewpoints.
    I’m firing them.

  43. eddiemd

    Oath of Allegiance for military members. Spot the differences. Officers do not take an Oath to the president or officers appointed over them. Only to the US Constitution or State Constitutions. Note that an officer/enlisted in NG takes an Oath to the president and governor. DOD civilian employees take the same Oath as the military officer.


    Oath of Enlistment

    I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.


    Officers Oath

    I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

    Officer National Guard:

    I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State (Commonwealth, District, Territory) of ___ against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the Governor of the State (Commonwealth, District, Territory) of ___, that I make this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the Office of [grade] in the Army/Air National Guard of the State (Commonwealth, District, Territory) of ___ on which I am about to enter, so help me God.

    • Faith

      Eddie: thanks for that information, I had no idea! I served as an enlisted person and didn’t realize that the various ranks took different oaths.

      For what it is worth, my oath didn’t have an expiration date.

  44. eddiemd

    I am hoping that Bowe Bergdahl will get the firing squad under the Trump administration. Traitor.

    The same should have happened to the jihadi in Fort Hood, Nidal Hasan. Hasan received the death penalty in 2013. Time to carry it out.

  45. Carl


    Just finished the Rob Kirby interview and as always an excellent guest.
    Wanted to let you know Utube is screwing with you. The interview was
    littered with pop up screens saying lost connection please wait? The interview
    was not interrupted but an annoying pop up to distract the your audience, FYI
    my friend.



    • Greg Hunter

      What can I say. The perspective and info here is not mainstream.

      • Neil

        There is a concerted counter psyop going on.
        1. Discount the election results and obstruct new government formation. Probably bullying or threatening of Trump and his team behind the scenes. Obama does nothing to bring order partly out of petty spite, partly to assist NWO agenda and partly because he has been a pretty useless and ineffective president.
        2. Attack and discredit alt media and if possible shut down or black list. Continue Trump smear campaign, spread rumour, lies and innuendo requiring on-going denials.
        2. Destabilise US society with organised rioting with the deliberate intent to bring about civil war scale violence and discord.

        What this amounts to is blatant subversion , insurrection and treason. These people, conspicuously – Soros, but also the hidden hand of Kissinger etc. are very arrogant and obnoxious. Their criminality knows no bounds.
        A. Soros is charged with insurrection. Obama is threatened with impeachment if he will not be responsible and see that the laws of the land are upheld.
        B. Everyone who voted Trump boycotts MSM. That’s a 50% drop of income.
        B. It is made clear to the evil shadow government that their activities are known all over the world, we know who they are and they can be located quickly and dealt to. It is only a matter of time until they are prosecuted and that it the best option for them otherwise rough justice at the hands of the mob is likely.
        C. All good people get organised and be pro-active in bringing about an end to the NWO. If we just report and react the cause is lost.

  46. Dan

    Great recent interview with Rob Kirby – thanks for your excellent journalism in the pursuit of truth – it’s appreciated

  47. nightshiftsucks

    All Trump has to do is declare the globalist as terrorist and drone them,the laws are in place.

  48. eddiemd

    Interesting headline news here on the local NBC station in Phoenix. Owned by Gannett. They are attacking the “alt-right” news as racist and white supremacist.

    Over at the “alt-right”…

  49. Greg Hunter

    Warren Buffett is a disgrace who’s investment company required a huge taxpayer bailout. Buffet is incompetent. Any money manager needing a taxpayer bailout is incompetent.

    • Mike R

      I wholeheartedly agree with you on Buffet. It baffles the mind why and how so many worship that guy. He is as crooked as they come, which is why it was no surprise he supported crooked Hillary. His ‘folksy’ awe-shucks demeanor, is a complete facade.

    • Deanna Clark

      Yes, he needs to go to Feed the Pig and start over….for a start, make a living actually contributing to human life and well being.

    • Tad

      He’s probably waiting in line to see Donald Trump. We must be near another crisis.

  50. Frederick

    Mr Bradley he never said that you cant buy gold what he said was you cant find tonnage or large quantities easily Evidently thats true although Ive never tried that so Im not sure

  51. coalburner

    Greg and Eddie MD. All DOD members take the oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

    Second, the Globalists know we are going to resist now. That is what the Trump vote was about. Taking our cash will not work. Americans are motivated to find a way around them.
    Third, listen up Gina and the traitor organizations. The sheep dogs voted for Trump and we are laughing at you spitting crybaby sheep. If you touch him you there is going to be one hell of a pitchfork brigade out. The losers risk getting hurt after the inaugaration too if they keep up the stupidity. We will put the bow wow news outfits completely out of business it they dont stop this lying garbage. The NFL down 30%, shucks the NBC has to be going broke, no one watches it unless it is accidentlly left on while no attantion is being given. With satelite TV , every minute is counted. Just turn the channel from these useless enemies. Why do you think Megan Kelly has changed her attitude? People were simply, turning her off.

  52. Elderlearner

    It still leaves the question of who is going to pay the guy to pick up the garbage in the morning if the dollar becomes toast? But the best (most fearful) direction that I read off the Internet is that a pole shift that is coming in 2017 will kill off most of the world when Nibiru arrives so the people in the know want to position themselves with the most “toys” so they win before it’s all over. And I still haven’t any idea the best way to invest if there is going to be a future.

  53. David John Williams

    Hi Greg,

    You continue to deliver fantastic interviews week after week! Clif High was a very interesting/insightful new voice to me and Rob Kirby is a straight shooter as always. I have been so focused these past few months on exposing the corruption of the msm, and their promotion of psychopath Hillary, that nothing else mattered. Now it is time to scrutinize Trump. Greg, you are a good person and you have shown optimism and a willingness to extend your faith in Trump’s promises and I too pray that Trump is sincere. But… I’ve had a gnawing feeling that the election was an elaborate Hollywood style deception to keep people engaged in a rigged one party system. The people that are beginning to surround Trump have the insider neocon globalist stink and I hope you will not hold your criticism in preserve of faith. You know better than anyone that Trump is likely the last shot at upending the deep state before they collapse the present infrastructure and implement even worse tyranny.
    You have a strong voice Greg, the truth must continue to be spoken as it arises, however it arises. An interesting article from Global Research:

    All the best,

    David John

  54. Hatemail

    USA Watchdog is not on the list, but, is. So is The Onion and Infowars

  55. Diane

    Great comment by Cather Austin Fitts

    • Mike R

      Great commentary at that link, by Fitts. She is right. America dodged a YUGE bullet, with Hillary losing. But there is a lot of work to be done by every American. It’s going to be painful to dig our way out of the debt, and to cut back or cut off completely many of the over-promised pensions. Productivity alone will not do it. We will need some major energy breakthrough. I personally believe the energy breakthrough, will be a path away from the way we use electricity. People just don’t understand how terribly inefficient electricity is as a carrier of energy. We’ve made it so very convenient to use though, so its going to be very very hard for people to envision an alternative way to harness, deliver and use energy.

  56. Mike R

    Just a little more perspective on my prior commentary as to why we won’t see hyperinflation anytime soon. Here’s whats happening around the globe,outside our glorious little economy…..

    “We know the narrative…Trump equals higher inflation, a tailwind for commodities and a headwind for bonds. We are “Endgame Inflationistas”, but declining US dollar liquidity threatens this narrative near-term.

    Dollar illiquidity is something that even central banks struggle to control, e.g. Swiss Franc peg, BoJ losing control of the Yen and now the PBoC/RMB.

    The price of the dollar acts like a “Global Fed Funds Rate”. A rising dollar tightens economic conditions globally, adding considerable deflationary pressure as is clear from the chart below.” (see chart here at this link folks)

    And more on the topic here:

    Hence the result is the dollar is getting stronger…as a result of a shortage of them in the global markets. And will continue to do so as:
    1) foreignors sell off US denominated bonds
    2) Interest rates rise
    3) Other currencies collapse
    All of that QE and money printing, got sunk into banks, and to plug holes in all of the debt laden economies of the world. It did not, as most people think, create a hyperinflationary global economy. Just look at Japan. They have done QE for 30 years, and still have deflation. As long as world wide debt is so massive, and until it collapses via defaults, we will continue to have massive deflationary pressures.

    • Tin foil hat

      Mike R,
      Your conclusion is correct only if the dollar would not lose its reserve currency status. I suspect the BRICS and other developing nations, unlike the Japanese, will not put up with severe/massive deflationary pressures due to the dollar shortage, they will in unity demand a new global reserve currency – SDR which Jerry has mentioned repeatedly on this blog.
      When IMF flood the global market with SDR to rejuvenate the stagnated world market with liquidity, Americans may experience severe deflation on things we own and hyperinflation on things we need. I believe that is when paper gold will burn and COMEX will lose its relevancy.

  57. flattop

    Hey Watchdoggers: Those of you who are currently employed. Job openings in Hollywood since all the actors said they were moving out of the country if The Donald wins!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Too funny Flattop!!

  58. Tin foil hat

    Two interesting articles,
    J.C. Collins believes Trump has the backing of the international bankers, the Rothschild, under the banner of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).
    He also believes the American establishment, democrats and republicans, serves the interests of George Soros, a financial hitman, who represents the interests for the Federal Reserve.
    The Banksters’ War is happening right in front of our eyes.

    Brandon Smith believes the banksters are a unified entity and Trump along with his conservative supporters are being set up by the banksters.

  59. Steve King


    It’s starting already. Liberal college “professor” (a tenured non-producer) lists right wing news sites as “Fake News”. USAWD is not on the list; I’m surprised because it is more a political witch hunt than any sort of real evaluation of alternate news to the MSM. Problem with the ultra left is that is if you have a winning argument, their only response is to try to shut you up. Meanwhile as you predicted… NY Daily News big layoff, AOL Huffington Post laying off 5%.. Like 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean, that’s a good start.

    Steve K.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve for posting this!

    • Neil

      Fake news = propaganda and smear campaigns competing with Nazi best
      Fake statistics = detailing an improving economy led by an army of bartenders
      Fake money = digital life support system for bankers provided by fake central bank
      Fake gold reserve = quietly stolen or sold already
      Fake dollar = artificial worth but headed for multiple devaluations
      Fake stock and metals market = propped up with fake paper
      Fake economy = 90 m unemployed 45m on food stamps, shrinking manufacturing base and slowing money velocity, a service sector of part timers playing musical chairs
      Fake health care = extortionate scheme to benefit insurance companies
      Fake retirement schemes and bank accounts = either empty or waiting to be taken
      Fake government = front for a secret society of sick headed old men who believe they are uniquely gifted to run the world
      Fake president = another convenient stooge to deliver fake speeches
      Fake military = covertly supplying ISIS while flying in pointless circles and making we’ll kick your ass jibes (fake planes and warships endlessly under development with fake budgets)
      Fake terror events = work for actors and excuse to militarise police

      fake everything…

      • Neil

        fake election supporters, protestors and results
        fake war on drugs courtesy of Mena Arkansas and Afghanistan
        fake deaths of people who got in the way of the club
        fake 911, WMD, including death of Bin Laden – several times
        fake constitution and judicial system violated by lame judges, executive orders and atrocious pardons.
        fake nation states courtesy of Bilderberg cabal meetings since 1954
        fake political system courtesy of Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones
        fake basis of history, society and institutions courtesy of plots by Fabian Society, CFR, Roundtables and the like.

      • JMiller

        90 million unemployed? The unemployment rate is no where near 40 percent. More like 30 million unemployed if you include part-timers who want full-time work. The only way you get a 90 million number is if you count many of the 38 million people who are retired and the 20 million full-time high school and college students along with the 12 million people who stay at home to take care of children or elderly relatives and the 15 million people who are out of the labor force because of temporary or permanent illness or disabled. These people are not available or able to work full-time. These people make up the majority of the 94 million in the “Not in the Labor Force” category. Most of them are not unemployed workers as many mistakenly believe. This is a fact.

        • Neil

          Perhaps I should have called it NOT-IN-THE-LABOR-FORCE rather than unemployed, my apologies. Mind you we haven’t hit the skids properly yet so 40% unemployed is not impossible. Youth unemployment is about 40% in Spain and 45% in Greece for example so those levels are not beyond consideration in the US. The statistics provided by the US government certainly aren’t a reflection of the actual situation though. Even if we differ by how much they are wrong we can agree that official figures are yet another dimension of fake. My eyes glazed over reading through it but this is the best I could find at short notice for those that wish to know the ins and outs

          • JMiller


            Thanks for the link. It contains some good info but unfortunately the info is misused at times and some BS things are said. It says that the 95 million “Not in the Labor Force” are “able-bodied people who can work but chose not to work”. Nonsense. There are tens of millions of them who are elderly or disabled. Many of those types of people are certainly not abled-bodied people who can work. The article also does the same BS that others have done by saying that all 95 million “Not in the Labor Force” should be “classified as unemployed in the same manner that marginalized and underemployed citizens are included in the U6 Unemployment category”. Nonsense. School students, severely disabled people, stay-at-home moms, and retirees have never been included in the unemployment number in the past. If it did, the unemployment rate would have been 30% or more every year.

            Many of the 95 million “Not in the Labor Force” are not currently looking for work because they do not want a job. And the reason most do not want a job is because they not available or able to work full-time. That article however implies that 95% of them do not want a job because they are lazy and getting welfare. Nonsense. Why should tens of millions of full-time students, moms taking care of small children, older retirees and severely disabled people be out there looking for a job?

            The only ones in the “Not in the Labor Force” category that should be included in the unemployment rate are the long-term discouraged workers who are not counted by the government as being unemployed. To find the true unemployment rate one should take the U6 unemployment rate which is currently 9.5% and add to it the number of long-term discouraged workers. I believe the BLS estimates that number to be around 5 million people. So the unemployment rate should be more like 13% according to the government numbers. Now John Williams of ShadowStats says the unemployment rate is really around 23%. From listening to him and reading how he calculates the unemployment rate, it seems he takes the U6 unemployment rate and uses his own estimate of long-term discouraged workers which is much higher than the government’s to come up with his 23% number. I believe that ShadowStats unemployment rate of 23%, while probably close to being correct back in 2009, is too high today for reasons that I will not get into. My own unemployment rate estimate is around 15-18%.

            • Neil

              Hi, well you are a bit of mischief aren’t you… Probably you are not in a position to nominate what is misused or BS, if it is, because that implies you have even more of an expert knowledge than The Bureau of Labor Statistics themselves or John Williams of Shadow Stats who has years of experience, still I accept your opinion and that is different from my own.
              If you read the article you will see there are 7o million people in a separate ‘cannot work’ category which includes the retired, children, moms, disabled etc. that you discount from the 95 million ‘not in the labour force’ so I think your interpretation is a little confused, but hey that wasn’t the point of my post. The US does have serious unemployment problems no matter how you look at it. Later…

              • JMiller

                Sorry Neil. That article is wrong. The 7o million people in the separate ‘cannot work’ category in that article are mainly children. A graph in the article says so. The number of children, age 0-15, in the U.S. is about 65 million.


                The remaining 5 million are probably the inmates and active duty members of the armed forces which do number 5 million. So children and inmates and active duty members total 70 million and the ‘can’t work’ category also totals 70 million. That makes sense.

                However that article says that the ‘cannot work’ category also includes retirees, moms, and the disabled. That is false. It can’t be because those people alone number about 65 million. And those people are listed in the “Not in the Labor Force” category just like I said along with students and the long-term discouraged workers. Do yourself a favor and Google “not in the labor force” and read who included in that category.

    • beLIEve

      MSM………..a……………SIN-PHONEY of LYRES !

  60. Armistead Garrett

    Greg, I was typing a response but did not really want to send it. I dropped my mouse and lost the comment. Assuming it was sent please do not post. Armistead Garrett

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