GMO Food Laced with Weed Killer and Bail-ins-Ellen Brown

4By Greg Hunter’s 

Author/journalist Ellen Brown is constantly warning the public about the harm banks and corporations are causing.  Her latest warning involves GMO foods (Genetically Modified Organisms) laced with a weed killer.  Brown says, “We’re not allowed to know our food is GMO . . . Glyphosate inhibits your enzymes to digest food  . . . it’s been linked to 40 different diseases.”  Brown says GMO food and many other things are part of the latest trade agreement called the Trans Pacific Partnership, or TPP.  Brown says, “It is supposedly a free trade agreement, but it is not really free trade.  It is more like a restrictive trade agreement.  In other words, it is imposing corporate monopolies on other countries and on us.”  

Brown, who has written a dozen books, is a proponent of public banking where banks are treated more like utilities that evenly spread capital around the economy.  Brown contends, “You don’t have to force a separation of deposits and investments.  Just give people a place to put their deposits, and they’ll all rush to the public bank because it is the only safe place to be.”  Brown thinks so-called ‘bail-ins’ are coming.  Depositors’ money will be legally taken.  Brown says, “That’s the big disaster that’s coming.  Probably one of these big derivative banks will go bankrupt . . . the derivative players will get first dibs.  They’ll grab all the deposits, and there won’t be anything left.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Ellen Brown founder of Web of Debt 

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  1. Rodster

    If you guys and gals want to see what this does to Lab Rats, go here:

    The bigger question is can we survive as a human species when we are intentionally being fed these poisons? Then you have the ecological nightmare at Fukushima and now there are reports that the side effects of fracking can cause earthquakes (a Texas town claims there is a correlation) albeit in the range of 2-3.5 magnitude. Massachusetts is already considering putting a 10 yr hold on any fracking in the State until there is enough evidence it is safe.

    • Galaxy 500

      You did read that the study was flawed and did not have a large enough sample size to be valid didn’t you? Or is improper science showing what you want is more valid than real science that disagrees with you? This looks like the artificial sweetner that caused cancer … if you drank 500 cases a day. I am not a fan of GMO as I don’t think we are as smart as we think we are. At some point the law of unintended consequences is going to kick us in the teeth. The science behind this study is like the one were a quack linked autism to vaccinations or the global warming quackery.

      • mohammad

        Remember Galaxy that they have a bank for seeds in a natural fridge that does not get turned off if electricity went down, they have that seed bank for a good reason, after a while we will never be able to produce seeds but they DO HAVE THEM!

        • Drew

          IT’s very simple… If you think it’s quackery, then keep eating the genetically modified foods. But if it manifests in degenerative disease, dont expect sympathy from me! It’s your life, your body, put in it what you want. All I would like is the ability to know. They should say whether or not this apple has pigs genes in it. What if your jewish? Just think one should know and be free to make their own choices.

          • mohammad

            or Moslem Drew … we do not eat pork!

      • Joe A

        No, the study was not flawed. It was a continuation of a Monsanto study. It continued where Monsanto stopped: after 90 days and continued for another 2 years. It used exactly the same type of rat that Monsanto used. The study used less rats (about half of the Monsanto study) but in the end Monsanto only tested half of their rats for result so exactly the same amount as Seralini tested. The Seralini study was validated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as properly designed and conducted. The study was retracted on the order of a journal that this year appointed a former Monsanto employee on their editorial staff. The basis for retraction was that the study was inconclusive but that is not a valid reason for retracting a study. That can only be done in cases of fraud and when a study is improperly conducted.

      • Brad27

        Vaccines are the major cause of the autism epidemic. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention did a study fourteen years ago that was to finally put an end to the controversy. Problem is, that the results proved a dramatic link betweem the MMR, (Measles, mumps, rubella vax) and autism especially in black boys when administered before 36 months of age. They were told to lie and cover it up. Finally, after 13 years of guilt, a senior CDC researcher, Dr. William Thompson, broke ranks and confessed to the fraud. There is a mountain of evidence proving how damaging and ineffective vaccines are. The US Supreme court has declared that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” Over three Billion dollars have been paid out by the US Gov’t to pay for autism damage due to vaccines. Here is the confession of Dr. William Thompson:

        Hear it from the mouths of parents who watched it happen:

        A wealth of information:

  2. Michael the Marine

    Now THAT WAS a great interview with someone who understands economics; not from a government point of view, but from a truly ECONOMIC POV! Thanks Greg Hunter!

    The Bank of North Dakota is a glimmer of light amidst the darkness of Banking Cartels…

    Next time, please ask what makes THAT BANK different.

    Nothing is as powerful as an IDEA who’s time has come, and we all need to focus on whatever is good, and worthy of being praised.

    • Greg

      Thank you Michael the Marine!

      • mohammad

        Michael , Greg,

        Very good point indeed and it is the exact reason why wall street is PUSHING FOR TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) and here is the link:

        Wall street has to SHOOT DOWN North Dakota bank that is been standing firm on its feet since 1919, not only because they are making fun of wall street banking in being so successful with their limited resources comparably but also because other states may follow suit.
        If they pass the TPP by the end of the year they may FORCE BND out of business because :

        “foreign bankers could claim the BND stops them from lending to commercial banks throughout the state,”

        So depends on the wording of the treaty it may deem BND “ILLEGAL”.
        If so wall street will have a good shot at the idea and kills it!

  3. Michael the Marine

    Here is a solution, and a Transition that can forestall the “Martial Law” option – IF enough people get on board and contact their own State Governments.


  4. Robert

    I’m sure your guest is a very smart woman. I just couldn’t bring myself to agree with a lot of the things that she was saying. The Fed printing money and buying US debt is not a solution, it is the problem. I thoroughly enjoy the variety of guests that you have on your website. They are thought-provoking and cause me to re-examine the things I believe. Keep up the good work.

  5. mohammad


    As usual very interesting insight, thank you.

    One observation, from her facial impression it could be that she has a component of scleroderma.

    I agree on the conclusion of NWO, and that is where we are heading.
    I do not think for a second that the internet freedom we have is out of their control, if they will harm from it they will turn the kill switch right away, look how much we are exposed with the face book where every breath we have is exposed, even here on this wonderful blog, every one of us has a very well gauged views and it is a tremendous wealth of info to any one seeks control from the elites, they know us better and thus they can have a better control of us!

    All in all, more unpleasant events are coming, we are heading towards more control, Anti-Christ is inching slowly but surely towards his ultimate goal, but just before his final celebration the table will turn on his head and his followers upside down in Damascus when Jesus will kill him.

    Let them have their party now they are destined to see the inevitable, they cannot change their fate, no force no matter what, no matter how powerful it seems to be, will ever win a war with god!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Rebecca

      “Let them have their party now they are destined to see the inevitable, they cannot change their fate, no force no matter what, no matter how powerful it seems to be, will ever win a war with god!!!!!!!!!!!”

      Amen, Mohammad.

      I would add: Amos 5:13

      “Therefore at that time the prudent person keeps silent, for it an evil time.”

  6. Galaxy 500
    The constitution is under.attack again

    • Ugly

      Not sure her pauses were from scleroderma, but a pause from fear. I think she wanted to say some things, but not on tape, thus she spoke and paused and then spoke with few innuedos. But I got the point. I think she doesn’t just believe, but absoultely knows terrible times are coming here shortly.

      As for the anti-Christ, I now totally believe he is alive and in a human’s body. I wouldn’t have said that 3-5 years ago. I remember Hal Lindsey saying in the 1980s that he thought that the anti-Christ may have been born in the 1968-1973 era. He gave his reasons and I cannot remember them, but I wrote it off as colorful evangelism. Not any more. That would put this person in the age 40-45.

      It is time that all people(s) give prayers and thanks and repentence to God above. Something ‘big’ is on the horizon.

  7. Mitch Bupp

    I had a good laugh about the negative interest rates because every fee the banks demand today is a debit on our debt based currency ….

    The system is designed to devalue then evolve currency. The central banks mission of full employment is a farce…. period….

    I have already pulled my money out of the bank and I keep a very minimal amount to pay bills as needed. the central bank model of theft was never meant to serve the people but the banks and corporation which are the monarchies and the ruling elite.

    Thank You Greg and Ellen

  8. Bert

    Epidemiological studies have not found associations between long term low level exposure to glyphosate and any disease. The EPA considered a “worst case” dietary risk model of an individual eating a lifetime of food derived entirely from glyphosate-sprayed fields *** with residues at their maximum levels***. This model indicated that no adverse health effects would be expected under such conditions. Someone is 100% wrong…

  9. jason

    The 120th Jubalee since the days of Adam is in September 2017.

    • Greg

      It will be one very big Jubalee!!

    • Rebecca

      Hi, Jason

      According to Torah, Jubilee returns all land to its original owners and all debt is forgiven.
      Do you think there is something of significance to happen in the world when the 120th Jubilee is observed?

  10. TJ Jackson

    She may have been a great attorney but I think that she is obviously out of her league in macro-economics.

  11. Jerry

    What an interesting interview Greg.
    Ellen Brown seems to be in the same camp as Karen Hudes , thinking that the Banking system can still be fixed to save this country. I’d probably think that way to if I made my living Banking. She lost me, when she said that it wouldn’t make a difference if the dollar was dropped as world reserve currency . Really? Do you think the Chinese are buying train loads of Gold right now, just because they like bright shiny objects?

    The real kicker was when you started talking about Bank failures. Bank of America dropping 70 Trillion dollars in derivatives , as no big deal. Hello ? Can you say collapse ? That’s a lot bigger than Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers were in 2008 I can assure you.

    I will agree with her on GMO foods. My closest friend is an agriculture engineer for several corporate farms. He spends about 90% of his time developing new seeds that produce higher yields. They could care less about nutrient value. Its about production and profit margin. Period. The soils have been farmed so much over the years, there is probably very few natural nutrients left in the soil. Monsanto makes up the difference with fertilizers.

  12. mohammad


    This is a very big news that went under the radar in the MSM.
    When the Vatican is audited for the first time in history, that is a very big news.
    There is something brewing and i hope if you interview either Catherine or Hudes since i can see her finger print in this.

    Courtesy to dr Joseph Farrell who drew my attention to this important news:

    He refers to Catherine’s article i linked to down below:

    • J.C. Davis

      Jerry, I vote your post best yet. I could not agree more.

      • J.C. Davis

        Sorry Mohammad I hit the wrong reply. Using a magnifier to see these days. The link about the Vatican being audited was interesting also

    • Angie

      Agree with you Jerry all the way around.

  13. Evan Moquah (please no posting last name)

    Very good interview with Ellen Brown. If you want to share this further link with
    community, It is in regards to the serious harmful health aspects of eating GMO foods on a daily/ long term basis. The film is called “Genetic Roulette -The Gamble of Our Lives” and it clearly , scientifically explains the very harmful conditions being set up in our bodies by eating GMO foods. I have nothing to do with this film, we just saw it at a public meeting regarding GMO’s and previous to the screening I had just thought mostly of the loss of pure seed strains regarding the GMO use in crops as well as species such as Salmon.
    The human harmful health aspect of this film will blow you away, I am sure, as to what is going on in our bodies by ingesting these frankenfoods. World Health Organization is shoving GMO’s down our throats as a positive “cure” to global hunger when you only need to look behind the curtain and see the “wizard” is Monsanto and such others , Big $.

    Trailer is on that link , as well as full length you tube here:

    sincerely ,
    your Pacific Northwest roving reporter,

    • Greg

      Thank you Evan.

  14. brian wilson

    The only thing that needs to be done, that is not being done is to have the rule of law. Criminals need to be identified in a court of law with a consistent and fair process and then they need to be adequately punished for the crimes that they have been reasonably proven to have done. Its really that simple.

    If people cannot get off their collective lazy asses and do what is needed to ensure we have the rule of law then nothing will work and we will continue to live and suffer and die under an ever increasing tyranny with a seemingly limitless capacity for cruelty….and all the while most will simply comply, even paying for the bullets used to kill their children, and they will cry themselves to sleep in a troubled wonder of why this is happening. Its enough to make me sick.

  15. Ugly


    Great interview with Ellen. With all your interviews this past year, this one probably scared me the most. Glad my Bank CD expires tomorrow. Will take out 50% of it and pay off house, one truck, and put remainder in my business.

    One more thing that should be added about the food is that people really should learn to garden and buy either heirloom or non-GMO hybrids. Also, buy locally s possible.

  16. Charles H.


    Possibilities are 50/50 – it’s “flip a coin” whether America will be saved from tyranny; or it will be saved in some recognizable form of a free Republic. “We the people” IS the essential form of governmental power – originating in the individual citizen, through a consensus of government. HOWEVER, power tends to concentrate; and monopoly is the best form of concentration. Therefore GOVERNMENT becomes the best vehicle through which monopoly is effected. Like Paul Craig Roberts affirms – the Rule of Law no longer functions in America. And I might add as an example – ‘an accomplished fact is worth a mountain of lies afterwards’ as in the case of Obamacare. I would like to believe that America will be saved, and enjoy something of what I knew in my youth: but the preponderance of informed voices seem to agree that the USA will crash very hard, and the consequences will burn many people to the ground. It is true that the Internet does have an influence, within the courses and circles people navigate in – but I cannot believe that it will be the instrument of enlightening and awakening necessary to prevent tyranny. Those who hold the reins of power WILL pull the trigger when they are ready. Personally, I think the “Musical Chairs” reference is my favorite. Nice counterpointing or contrasting with Ellen Brown here.

  17. Felicia

    Another great guest & interview. I liked her ideas re: public banks as a positive way of providing for investment capital and a safe haven for money. Thanks Greg.

  18. John M.

    Greg, I thought your polite and delicate “pressing” of Ellen Brown was done quite well. She seems to be an intelligent person whom I have listened to several times on coast-to-coast radio, but I can’t for the life of me understand how people like her think that our country will not completely fall apart with the consequences of printing too much money when the velocity of money finally shifts into high gear like it always does. The big banks, especially JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, own the Treasury and the whole federal government for that matter. They know the system will collapse, but those elites have the ability to decide when. They will fiddle and dance to the wonderful music of their smart trades and windfall profits, just like they did in the Great Depression while most Americans were happy to make it to another day. America will undoubtedly lose much of its power and prestige, and the banking/government cartel will install yet again another phony monetary system which they will also be able to manipulate as it will not be truthfully tied to anything real like gold since we as a sovereign nation have little gold if any at all. Perhaps we will be forced to accept a one-world currency that will be controlled by something more sinister than the Federal Reserve, if that’s possible. It’s educational and interesting to listen to somewhat like-minded people like Ms. Brown since obviously not all of us think that monetizing the debt is unconscionable and will lead to the horrors of Zimbabwe and the Weimar. The intrinsic value of our dollar is going fast to zero, it’s just not yet recognized by almost every American who is too busy trying to survive with declining incomes and higher living expenses because of the endless lies and theft by our private banks and every public governing body. I have no illusions that this will all end peacefully without a lot of death and wealth destruction.

  19. Harry, Not Larry, Not Jerry

    Greg – when your guest was talking about the dollar not becoming worthless if it loses its reserve currency status, I was reminded of the old saying “What the world needs is a good 5-cent cigar. The only problem is, they cost 10 cents.” If the dollar does lose its reserve currency status though, I am inclined to think a “good 5-cent cigar” will cost you a Benjamin or more.

    After listening to the interview a little more, I am convinced she is looney. All of our debt should be purchased by the Fed? Talk about a Weimar Ponzi scheme! But all is OK Greg – the only losers will be the pensioners and the savers. Oh, and don’t worry, it won’t be the end of the world when depositors lose their money! Life will go on. Interesting interview Greg, You sure now how to find ’em.

    • Greg

      Harry, Not Larry, Not Jerry,
      I try to put on as many views as possible. Thanks for the feedback.

    • Galaxy 500

      Agreed, she’s a macaroon

  20. Arizona

    EVERYONE seems to be sleeping,YOU can’t bomb the world into submission,borrow money from everyone,then spend it like a drunk sailor on leave,and THINK everything will work out,EVERY NATION on earth has been warning america to STOP,they have no intentions of stopping and the rest of the world has realized it,NUCLEAR WAR,thats whats coming,america wipped off the map,if you haven’t moved to the mountains,YOUR DEAD,its that simple,THERE ain’t no fix that will work,STOP DREAMING,ain’t going to happen,get ready to defend your family,and you better have lots of everything too,especially AMMO,your going to need it,and money won’t be worth nothing in a FAMINE,ammo yes,money,gold,silver NO, STICK close to the LORD,and pray for guidence,let the LORD lead you to a safe place,he knows where there all at,OR just stay where your at and realize how badly deceived you were when its to late……………….

    • Michael the Marine

      You’re right here: “stay where your at and realize how badly deceived you were when its to late…”

  21. Troy

    Like the new look!

    GMO is Pandora’s Box of un-?intended consequence.

    In this world of newspeak, Free Trade is anything but…

    Until at such point in time, that the people own their money interest free, We the People can and will not be free.

    Marry Christmas!!!

    • Greg

      There are some bugs but will work them out this week.
      Merry Christmas to you too!!

      • Troy

        Thought I hit the ‘E’ key… Yep bugs, LOL! :)!
        Merry Merry, Happy Holidays, Shop until you drop 😉

  22. Albert Tesla

    A comment that really caught my attention during the interview –

    1) “Surprised this has lasted as long as it has”
    Why would this charade continue this long? My theory is that there is a VERY STRONG allegiance on a global scale in terms of the “takeover” that many underestimate in size.

    Deception, is not just lying, it is considered an ART amongst many scholars of war (IE Sun Tzu).

    In this interview, both you and Ms.Brown give much credit to Vladmir Putin in his efforts to avoid conflict in Syria. I don’t believe Mr.Putin was as authentic and heroic as many now perceive him to be. As you become more wiser, you begin to realize that truly, NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS, and that lies and deceit dominate (in numbers) over truth and honor.

    What if it was all just a beautifully, well directed play? To deceive the earth on a massive scale that the concept RUSSIA VS USA exists and is alive, when in reality in private, they are perhaps the best of allies.

    All im trying to say is, you never know, and indeed, “looks” can, and usually are, deceiving.

    PS – kudos on the update greg, I feel so bourgeoisie with this new font 🙂

    • Greg

      Thank you Albert for the kind words of support and your comment.

    • mohammad

      In order for them to deceive very well they have fully to believe in what they do, they do not know the second higher level of control, they are played as well!

  23. Arizona

    GREG,I don’t know if I can open your eyes and shift you into a new way of thinking,but there maybe a few who already see whats coming and will understand,THE AGE of hate, death and war is ending and we are about to move into the thousand years of PEACE,the wheat and teres are being seperated,everything is being exposed,just as the LORD said it would be,ALL the bells are ringing on the change,and its underway,THE REALLY BIG PICTURE is a secret,NIBIRU,its the final piece of the puzzle,LIKE 777aej said ,we need to assemable all the pieces,then we’ll understand whats going on,I think many prophets are working on it,but its not clear to them yet,THE SIXth SEAL,Isaiah 24,Daniel,8:11/8:12,and a lot more pieces,and a picture developes,A MASSIVE CLEANING of evil from the world becomes clear,NIBIRU-the planet of the crossing,by skywatch media,YOU might want to watch it today……….it’ll help you understand what everyone sees, but haven’t quite figured it out yet……………….

    • Greg

      I hope you are correct.

    • Michael the Marine

      Isaiah 28 is Certainly pertinent today, especially verse 8-.
      “For all tables are full of vomit and filthiness, so that there is no place clean.
      Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine?”
      All the children have a taste for cow’s (animal milk; of a lower nature) milk, and do not know the taste of the (Spiritual) milk and honey provided by the Lord. How then can they be weaned who don’t even recognize the true “paps”?

  24. Michael the Marine

    One of the worse things about GMO foods is that it messes with your enzymes, which are necessary to breakdown the nutritional value of all foods. So even a little GMO food can hurt big time. Buying local is a good intermediate step, grow your own, even in an apartment, is the best option.

    If you have children drinking milk, watch the radiation alarms for your locale, and avoid buying milk for 2 weeks when it’s high. Its really concentrated in milk, and really damaging to young children. Just FYI – you all be safe out there!!

    PS: Gold at 1218, Silver 19.23, its gotta be tough hanging on thru this draw down…

  25. art barnes

    Well, well, well, if miss smarty pants thinks the FED can provide a fix I guess I can sleep nicely now. I’m not apologizing, I think she is off her medicine, the FED is how we got into this mess in the first place. Frankly stated, the FED is not the friend of the American working man & woman. One mistake we all make is not knowing who are our friends and who are ones enemies. All that being said, I am sure your guest is a very nice person with good intentions, just quite naive as old Chamberlain was when he declared “Peace in Our Time”. The FED knows the rigged fiat dollar is nearing its completion, the bankers, which the FED is the main one, have gotten very wealthy while the basic American has slid into the working poor class. Watch what happens when things hit the fan, the American people will be left holding the empty bag while the money got out of Dodge Enough rant, I still believe in free speech & opinion and hers is welcome in my world any time.

    • Greg

      Art Barnes,
      Brown is not our enemy. We have a difference of opinion and I try to have as many views as possible on the site. Thank you for your comment even if it was a little harsh.

      • Paul

        As people of this beautiful planet, cant we just take over the federal reserve banks by taking our depostis out of the private banks and buying out our central banks. By taking over the few publicly traded banks that currently control and get %6 dividends from our reserve banks.

      • art barnes

        I did not mean that Brown was the enemy, only that that FED is the problem and she didn’t see it. No, in fact, I’m sure she is a nice person as I stated, just has a naive understanding of who the FED is and what it has done to the working American. The FED produces nothing, manufactures nothing, and creates nothing, period! One should recognize who is ones friends and who is ones enemy.

        • Greg

          No problem Art Barnes. I just try to put as many smart people on as possible even if I don’t agree with everything they say. The “public banking” idea is totally anti-Fed.
          You are a good man Art!

    • Ugly


      I think everyone has an opinion to a solution to our very big problems. Ellen has hers and we all have ours. But, we have to accept the fact there are no solutions. We are toasted. Just plan for it, because it is coming. I doubt that even 10% of Americans even know what Quantitative Easing is. I doubt that 10% of Americans even know about the war in Syria and the fact the we (USA) have allocated another $500B to the opposition to do more killing.

      Thus, I think our real problems are Americans and our apathy. We (most) just don’t care as long as it isn’t happening to me. If Americans don’t care nor pay attention, then positive changes are impossible. Can you imagine if someone is running for senate with the platform of cutting welfare, cutting subsidies, cutting foreign aid, cutting military expenses and wars, cutting the increase of illegal immigration, allowing crooked bankers jail time, and so forth, would that person win?

      The answer is no. Therefore here we are.

      • art barnes

        Yea, I see it, I’m beginning to realize there is no solution as well and, you got the reason for it, apathy at least till the bellies get hungry.

  26. Ugly

    Here is my problem with GMOs. GMO are plants that have genes inserted into them from another organism that is impossible through normal hybrid techiques due to genetic differences. For example, you cannot cross pollinate a wheat plant with a potato. But you can insert genes from a potato into wheat’s DNA. You could also insert a human gene into wheat’s DNA. See where I am going? Thus, we could in future eat bread that has a human gene in it.

    In their offspring, GMO seeds do not produce. In the past, this was coined the ‘terminator’ gene because it terminated the offspring of the second generation (seed). Therefore, you always have to buy seed and their seed. If it is in short supply, well then probably mass starvation due to seed shortage.

    Normal seed from normal plants will grow. You can replant them. With GMO, must get new seed every year.

  27. Jerry

    Greg I must admit, at first I was unable to understand some of the things that Ellen Brown was talking about, until I found this article. Now its pretty clear why she has so much faith in the Banking System.

    You know the really sad thing is, if those Trillions of dollars in Tarp funds was given directly to businesses to hire and increase productivity , instead of the Banks and Big Government, the economy would have probably recovered and we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in right now.

    Thanks for keeping it interesting Greg.

  28. Galaxy 500

    So she is a proponent of ObamaBanking. That’s the ticket. Greg, of all the people you have interviewed, she is by far the worst. Too many uhms, dry as, etc.
    That and the idea that we will be saved by Obamabanking. What can I say?

  29. Doug

    An amazing compliment to the thread of interviews you put together for us. I am going to have to run through this one a time or two. Her thought process brings together many comprehensive responsive solutions. The one that got me was, well, the FED will just buy up all debt, cause they can, and slowly leak out the damage by letting an entity like BofA go down, with others, driving a force for monetary change, slowly creating an international currency that eventually (augments?) mirrors the dollar. Got to think she is more spot on with this than an ultimate collapse. Banking powers then keep hands on the controls, and the wealth.

    And, time will tell !

    Thanks for all you do Greg !

  30. Diane Carol Mark

    Hi Greg,
    Ellen had some interesting ideas like public banking with an example from Costa Rican history, something I’d never heard of and certainly a smart idea. Perhaps you might consider expanding your subject format into something like Coast-to-Coast AM–not the UFO content, but with some alternative positive views on creating our future. For example, new discoveries that we could leverage. If we’re going to rebuild our society from the ground up (and we might), then we might lay a foundation of collaborative methods now. It’s helpful to “start now” and also to accomplish projects step-by-step.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Greg

      Diane Carol Mark,
      Coast to Coast AM does a very good job in that area and I don’t think it is my strong point to compete there. Thank you for your comment and idea.

  31. Liquid Motion

    Somewhat perplexed by this interview. What was promising to be another bombshell (by way of GMO foods and their deleterious effects on humans and the connection between side effects and possible de-population programs ) got hijacked with talk of Public vs Private Banks and the actions of the FED and a possible BANK bankruptcy leading of course to the Bail In situation.
    I desperately wanted to hear more about the GMO situation. I read EB’s article on the storyline before you posted this interview and was very intrigued by her findings. She alluded to but didn’t quite step on the fact that these TNC’s (trans national corporations ) are slowly infiltrating the world and penetrating governments which literally puts them on the same footing as the leading banks of the world. Their power and control has become immense and this should also be on the radar concurrently with those of the poisoning of our food supplies as with those that are concerned about the monetary mayhem engulfing the world.
    One of the links within Ellen’s article takes you to a page that features none other than Bill Gates. It fascinates me how the elite have such inside knowledge about the happenings in the world of social and human engineering, even more so that his very own foundation supports activities that also have demonstrable associations with illness /disease/ defects. Is he knowingly partaking in the scam ? You decide.
    For those that wish to view said go
    Be prepared for some startling information…..!!
    Mention was made for the avoidance of Glass Steagall Act (Pt II)….I disagree entirely. For the banking/monetary system to survive (Private and Public) there needs to be a separation of the Casino Gambling vs Deposit Taking activities. Without deposits, Private banks have no collateral ….NO LEVERAGE. To suggest that the Public Banks take all depositors cash is foolhardy or wishful thinking at best. EB is not strong on this point at all. Larry Summers btw, is the man behind the repeal of Glass Steagall….The BIGGEST INSIDER and CRIMINAL the world will ever know. He almost got the top job in charge of the printing presses and literally become the Gatekeeper of Hell. What he did through those actions led directly to the distortions we have today. No wonder he ran as fast as he could when BHO offered the job to him. Its out of control now.

    She is right although on one point…we don’t live in a democracy.. that’s a charade too.
    But proposing that we still have voice to counter the foolhardy ways of our politicians and the FED (before its too late) is as preposterous as it is ambiguous.

    She let something slip at 31.00…. “holding them off from purposely triggering such an event “….aka a PLANNED CRASH of the SYSTEM … a done deal.
    Just like in 1929 with the Kennedy example…IMHO There are insiders… they have done the necessary …for they know the intentions of the TPTB. Governments will become superfluous under a “One World Company”.
    The rest of the dialogue is in direct contrast to the earlier comments about lack of democracy. YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS.
    As much as we all think and believe the FED is trapped…..we are even more so.

    I have so much more to say on these matters Greg, but I realise the length of my comment has already become somewhat verbose. Appreciate all that you do.

    • Greg

      Liquid Motion,
      I will promise to do more on the GMO subject in the future. I’ll be on the lookout for some other guests to take on that subject.

      • mohammad


        From what you know in farming business, do farmers have the option of getting non GMO seeds? Even lets say it produces less crop than GMO peers?

        • Greg Hunter

          The other side of the GMO issues are never talked about. There is clear evidence that GMO food can be harmful. That said, GMO food raises crop yields dramatically. Cut it off and large segments of the global population would likely starve. Also, non-GMO food has lots of chemicals sprayed on it for bugs and weeds. Even non-GMO seeds used to be plated with poison pellets to kill the worms and bugs that would eat the seed in the ground. Non-GMO food is much, much less environmentally friendly according to one of my professional farmer friends. I am not singing the praises of GMO, but not having it has a very large downside. I am torn, but I try not to eat GMO food.

          • Liquid Motion

            Mohammad & Greg
            Farmers are subject to pressure from seed suppliers to use GMO seeds. Cross pollination is also an issue. Once in the trap of using GMO seeds its very difficult to move away from it. Farmers are controlled. Our food chain is compromised.
            The GMO foods are quite vast and it would shock you to see what in fact is included.
            Here is a documentary that I encourage all to see….the truth about the GMO seeds

            This one on Monsanto is very good viewing too

            As for the “increased yield” Greg.. this is priceless
            go to 3.30

            • Greg Hunter

              Liquid Motion,
              I am not a proponent of GMO. It should at least be labeled. As far as the yield question, my source is a childhood friend who singlehandedly farms 500 acres of some of the best farm ground in Missouri. According to him, non-GMO seeds are lower in yield and require much more weedkiller and pesticides. He contends non-GMO is much more environmentally toxic. As I said, I am torn.

  32. tsuki

    Here is a site that your guest might like:

    I check it often.

  33. Galaxy 500

    I like your site improvements! 🙂

    • Greg

      Everything is not finished yet but getting there. Thank you!!

  34. JCN

    Hi Greg, Again thanks so much for bringing us news that we otherwise would never hear from MSM. You are earning a jewel with each interview. I agree that we should probably expect bail-ins in the not-too-distant future but is that only in reference to the big banks (TBTF)? A reason for a bail-in would be if the bank declared bankruptcy and their assets would be dispersed in the unfortunate order that is now law. My question is should we expect some kind of bail-in for community banks or state credit unions? Why would these smaller banks/cu participate in a bail-in if they are not insolvent?

    • Greg

      Thank you JCN for your comment and support!

      • JCN

        Greg, do you have any thoughts on my questions? Thanks!!

        • Greg Hunter

          What we are facing has never before in history been faced on a global scale. I suspect a bail-in will go hand-in-hand with a currency reset during a bank holiday. You need some cash outside the system but they will not protect the buying power of your money. Cash is going to work really good for a short amount of time. I do not know how long.

        • mohammad


          those banks will not escape the bail ins, actually the wall street banks are attempting to shoot those banks by passing the Trans Pacific Trade before the end of 2013:

          “Trade Agreements: Wall Street’s Weapon of Mass Destruction

          Clearly, from Wall Street’s perspective, the North Dakota bank must go, and all other state efforts to replicate it must be thwarted. Wall Street’s stealth weapon may be lodged within the latest corporate trade agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which currently is being negotiated in secret. We already know that Wall Street is seeking to remove all tariff restrictions that prevent the U.S. financial services industry from doing business in countries like Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. The biggest banks also want the treaty to eliminate “non-tariff” barriers including regulations that create “unfair” competition with state-owned financial enterprises.”

  35. Michael the Marine

    Ellen speaks about the Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, etc.. (the NGO’s) and the changing “state of control” going to Martial Law, the loss of freedoms; speech, privacy, etc…
    Do you remember the Movies with Matt Damon (Jason Bourne) about the Company? Remember that the “Shocker” of the Movie, and what became a threat to the Company was “American Citizens being terminated”! That movie is not THAT old! In the context of that movie (and society at that time) it was INCONCEIVABLE that the government would assassinate American Citizens. Now the President does it as a matter of routine (and claims to be very good at it!) and OPENLY ADMITS TO IT; CLAIMING to have the POWER to do so LEGALLY.
    How much further CAN Tyranny go? No right to an attorney. No right to speak. No right to due process. No right to confront the adversary. No right to jury of peers. No Habius Corpus. No Constitutional rights; and no God-Given rights! Death by one person’s whim, who claims he is not accountable to anyone. Is that NOT claiming to be “God”? I mean, HOW MUCH FURTHER CAN HE GO?

  36. Michael the Marine

    Here’s a link to several interviews by Carroll Quigley, the insider Ellen mentioned.
    Of course; he died in 1977, and this interview was in 1974. REMEMBER that he was a believer in the NWO, where he differed with others was that he believed the people should know about it.

  37. Michael the Marine

    Greg: here’s a good source for Carroll Quigley’s beliefs and historical expose of the Round Table (NGO which fathered the CFR). Here’s a quote:
    “The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences.”
    — Quote from Caroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope

    For those who truly want to understand the history and development of the NWO, understanding these NGO’s is prerequisite.


  38. Coalburner9

    The thing I liked about this interview is the feedback from some smart listeners. That made it a good and thinking persons interview. I noted you pressed her well on some points she seemed to want to flag on. She finished sounding a lot like Jim Sinclair who gets a lot of respect from me although I don’t buy everything he says or anyone else. Yesterday I was reading the big scare possibilities, Marshall Law, false flag scares, and bankers and politicians running for the hills. Well they fear the Moussillini Treatment, which does create different power groups with different agendas. I think Ms Brown, Ms Hudes etc. are hoping that a 1930’s slow crash and a generation to recover will be the winner. Right now, we are continuing the slow crash worldwide and will for years. If they are right it will be The Boiling Frog Plan. And it may be the best if we can keep away the Marshall Law and dictators. And maybe rebuild our Constitution in the next generation. Otherwise we need a MockingJay and soon!

  39. adink

    Greg, Please tell me why no guest ever talks about the aspect of trust (aka trust law) when talking about the government. And how it gets and keeps it’s power over the people? And why (because of that) they never have to listen to the people. I think people would be livid if they known ..

    • Greg

      Tell us more please.

  40. DAVE

    Hi Greg
    Nice interview.Here’s another nice read. There’s a lot of cash sloshing around out there.

    Thanks Dave

  41. Jerry

    The economic collapse is not only coming, its needed . We need to get the tentacles of government out of every aspect of our life and return to common sense and basic ideals of freedom. Many people who have chosen to live in the government slave system of socialism , will be hurt the worst when it comes, and in fact many of them will die. If hurricane Katrina taught us nothing else it was this. The only person you can truly trust is you, and the god above. Government will abandon you when you cease to be relevant for there purpose. People (like Ellen Brown) who believe that we are going to go through a slow burn and evolve our economic system into some new form to replace it, live in an idealistic world. History speaks differently. When you are hungry and desperate politics and economic theory will be the last thing on your mind I can assure you. The government bought Billions of rounds of hollow point bullets and thousands of assault vehicles for good reason. They fear the American people, and rightfully so. One day millions of armed Americans will wake up to the fact that they have been lied to and robbed blind by a group despots posing as politicians . And things will get ugly. Real ugly. No pun ugly.

    • JCN

      Jerry, Thanks for the reply. It’s interesting that you used the word “ugly” at the end of your post. I was talking with a family member at Thanksgiving who has just retired from being the VP over his large bank which is in several states. As a matter of fact, he was sent to oversee the start-up of that bank in 4 southwestern states. If anyone should know the inside scoop, I would think it to be him. His comment to me was, “It wouldn’t surprise me to see a devaluation of the currency. It is going to get ugly, real ugly”. When I asked what to do with my money in the bank, he said, “Take it out and put it under your mattress”. He said this with a bit of a chuckle but I still found it odd coming from a banker. This just reaffirmed everything Greg’s guest have been saying for a while now. But I still want to know why community banks or state credit unions would be compelled to participate in a bail-in if they don’t have solvency problems.

    • mohammad

      “The economic collapse is not only coming, its needed .”

      throughout history economical collapses lead to more tyranny and more control, simply because those collapses were engineered and not coincidental!

  42. Johnny Utah

    Another masterful interview, Greg. Ellen has many important things to tell people. I recall you interviewed Ellen roughly a few years ago, and you posted a link to a wonderful and very revealing article she wrote about the real reasons the U.S. (and NATO) bombed Libya and set up mercenary forces to overthrow Gaddafi. It was an imperative article that everyone should have read.

    Nice job, Greg. Stay strong and be careful.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you J Utah!

  43. Greg

    Nutcase, she needs to get back on her meds

  44. Todd

    Ellen needs to stick with talking about GMOs. She hasn’t the faintest idea about economics and what creates wealth.
    I understand Greg needs to be diplomatic with guests but when someone comes on spouting the non-sense that there is no problem with the Fed buying all the US debt they need to be called out. Giving someone a platform to espouse these preposterous notions is a waste and counter-productive to the cause of liberty.
    State solutions don’t work in any context. We already have a banking system controlled by a group of individuals that operate under a separate set of laws than ordinary citizens. How is a public bank going to solve this issue and the issue of fractional reserve banking, fiat currency printing and corruption? The free market operating with competing currencies under strict contract and private property law is the only way to solve the issues in the US and the world for that matter.
    It always strikes me when someone that claims to have such clarity about solutions to the issues in the US want to solve them by involving the government even further. Government intrusion is THE problem. The solution is liberty.

  45. Daniel Jantzi

    I am new to your site and what a site !! I think Gary North referenced one of your interviews and here I am. I have enjoyed listening through your archives and would like to make a few comments on the GMO aspect of what Karen Hunter had to say.
    I live in a dairy farm community in upstate New York. I have for the past 45 years handled and applied herbicides to field crops that are grown and fed to dairy cows. When Monsanto came out with the glyphosate product Roundup, I think in the 80’s, it was a godsend to our work; a product that had no soil residual and no known toxicity to humans, I believed that to be true then and I still do today.
    Ms Brown says that glyphosate is linked to 40 diseases; where is the scientific evidence to back that statement? Was the research done by someone who didn’t have a bias against that product? She also says she was tested by a Dr. in Ireland. What are his credentials? A few years ago we had a nutrition consultant here who among other things worked in crop nutrition consulting. He had a ‘black box’ that he used for his analysis work. A farmer friend of mine asked to look inside the box, it was absolutely empty !! Another crop consultant would stand at the edge of a field, take a polaroid photo (of the field) and send the photo to a diagnostic lab in Virginia. This lab would then send back a nutritional analysis of that field. No way am I able to trust the validity of either of these two ‘ expert’ consultants. My conclusion is that there are a lot of quacks out there bringing misinformation to and unnecessarily stirring up fear and anxiety in the populace.
    Back to glyphosate; I have handled this product every year since it came on the market and have used minimal precautions in protecting myself while using it. After handling herbicides for nearly 45 years I am in very good health.
    Also I you indicated that you have a friend who is a farmer and he stated that a positive consequence of using GMO seed is that we are using much less of other herbicides which have had the potential of greater harm to the environment than glyphosate. The products that we have today are much more environmentally friendly that in 1970 when I entered this arena. Pesticides in the past have gotten a bad rap and still are under fire today in spite of the great strides that have been to made through research to develop safe products to combat disease and pestilences.
    I believe that these ‘environmentally conscious’ people will be very happy to have anything to eat, something to eat if and when a food shortage occurs and I’m sure unfortunately that it will.
    One other thing; your interviews are excellent; keep up the good work. Some of the comments that your readers make seem to be a bit harsh, hope you are thick skinned. I’m not interested in just listening to someone who shares my view but I want to hear what all sides have to say. Also you seem to have a biblical world view – I like that.
    Daniel Jantzi (faizie)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding your professional perspective to the debate. There is both good and bad and science to back it up on both sides of the issue. This makes the GMO area not black and white but gray.

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