God Will Act Against Worldwide Swamp – Bo Polny

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Biblical cycle timing expert, geopolitical and financial analyst Bo Polny has made many freakishly correct predictions.  One of his biggest was in February of 2020 when Polny said the whole world was about to change forever.  Regarding the CV19 infections, lockdowns, masks, social distancing and bioweapon vax that followed, Polny could not have been more correct.  What do we have to look forward to in 2023 and beyond?  In short, the money system we have today is about to change in a Biblical way.  Polny explains, “I think the Russians, who have their ruble attached to gold, are the only ones that are going to weather this storm that is coming on the very near horizon.  All other world currencies are paper backed, and they are fiat.  They attach nothing to gold, and as a result, they have been able to take this money system and print it, and print it and print it.  What have they done with it?  They have been enslaving and buying everybody.  So, the entire world we know today is captured.  This is why no one man can come in, like a “45” (President Trump) and say, wow, let’s drain the swamp.  The problem is that the swamp is not only in Washington, but it’s a worldwide swamp.  It’s everywhere.  Everything is captured, and how do they do it?  With the money. . . . Do you have a student loan?  You are enslaved.  Do you have a mortgage?  You are enslaved.  Do you have a credit card?  You are enslaved.  You have to understand that all of this money you think you owe, the banks created it out of thin air.”

Polny predicts, “If we, the world, do not have a Biblical intervention, and I literally mean the Hand of God coming down on Earth like the Red Sea.  Moses did not part the Red Sea–God did.  If we don’t have a moment like the Red Sea parts by the Hand of God, and then closes on the evil ones of this world, the next step is like Nazi Germany and concentration camps.  That is what they are pushing for.  However, because God loves us, he will not allow this to happen.  So, what we are about to witness is the Glory of God. . . .Evil is not going to win—ever.”

Polny talks about what is coming for Bitcoin, gold, silver, the U.S. dollar, the rebirth of America, the possibility of President Trump returning to office and some very important dates to watch for.  These are just a few of the things covered in this in-depth 1-hour and 31-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with Biblical cycle expert and financial analyst Bo Polny, founder of Gold2020Forecast.com for 1.14.23.

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After the Interview:

You can find free information on Gold2020Forecast.com.

To look at Polny’s free PowerPoint presentation called “Eight Years Left: End Times Prophecy of the U.S. Presidents,” click here.

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  1. Steve

    Hi Greg,
    I cannot get the video to play.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s up now.

      • David Bagley

        Any politician still silent about the 💉 is complicit..

        The deception is only visible through the truth of God.

      • Anthony Australia

        Greg can you please put these interviews up on a USAW Podcast?

      • cl

        The video does not work.

        • Greg Hunter

          (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)

      • Joan

        I like the guy personally, but some of what he says has been accurate, but some has been a bit crazy.
        Having said this, he is a good Christian.

    • Nadia Toribio de la Cruz

      lucky you.

    • Glenn Whittington

      In fact, God will soon once again cleanse the entire earth. There is an impending magnetic pole flip that will be preceded by a CME that will end man’s electronic age and plunge man back into the Stone Age. Timeline? CME potentially anytime now…magnetic pole reversal could be in the 2030’s to 2040 and that will be the big test for any who have survived the loss of modern civilization. Research Ben Davidson, author of “The Weatherman’s Guide to the Sun” book. Become a “Suspicious Observer”. And, as Ben’s favorite tee shirt reads, “Noah was a conspiracy theorist. And then it rained forty days…”

    • debbie collins

      NOTHING WILL PLAY on this end, Video Etc…

      • Greg Hunter

        Did you follow the instructions in my Tech Note? Not giving you a hard time I just want to know if this failed after you tried it.

        Here it is again: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)


    • Danny Mullen

      Daniel 12:8-13
      8 And I heard, but I understood not: then said I, O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things?
      9 And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.
      10 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.
      LDS Temples close due to Corona virus…fulfilled on March 25, 2020. 1290 days after that brings us to October 6, 2023, This is the woe Rev 9:13- 21 1/3 of people kill in war.
      11 And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.
      12 Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. (45 days after Oct 6, 2023 the difference between the two #) brings us to Nov. 20, 2023). After all of this we will meet at Adam-ondi-Ahman
      13 But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days

    • Joe M

      Bo isn’t wrong, he’s just wrong about timing. He has been predicting the market to collapse next month for the last two year. He continues to move the goal post every time his dates pass. Keep your eyes on God and forget what these people keep predicting on timing. He’s selling a news letter. I was a subscriber for over a year. Saved all his predictions. The only thing you can count on regarding his money predictions is your money going into his account.

      • Joe M

        I see that this comment will be moderated away…

    • jack

      The “Angle” of death??

      How many degrees is that, 180° or 360°?

    • Sharon Eddy

      I’m not sure where to find the rest of the video interview with Bo, is it Still not available ?

    • robert sherman

      If they decide to get rid of paper money they’re gonna have to get rid of denim too because paper is made out of blue jeans so we will never see blue jeans or a blue jeans coat again it’s something we can use in defense against this type of issue if it is ever to occur

  2. Gerald Benton

    I am getting a black screen.

    • Greg Hunter

      Check now. It’s live.

      • Tony Malysiak

        Can’t access the video!

        • Greg Hunter

          (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)

  3. Sean

    No offence to your religious standings but whether you’re on gods or the devil’s side those most dedicated are of the death cult. One evilly wanting to kill and the other wanting to see the salvation of god but both wanting the end to happen to justify their convictions

    • Clint

      2 Timothy 4:3

      3 For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.

      This apply’s to religion and politics.

    • DJ

      If you understand the war is between the forces of good and the forces of evil and you KNOW what constitutes good and what constitutes evil, convictions rightly are on the side of forces for good. Everyone must choose a team. Apathy is a vote for the forces of evil.

  4. Jess Shamus

    Saturday night US., Sunday school movie time, Oz.
    Sins of Jezebel (1954) | Full Movie |Paulette Goddard, as the Phoenician princess Jezebel and George Nader, John Hoyt, Eduard Franz, John Shelton, Margia Dean

  5. Stan

    Oh sure, and Elvis is going to deliver a pizza to my house tonight.

    • Ray

      If Elvis shows up singing Heartbreak Hotel, consider it your karma Stan.
      Take your pizza over to that bridge you promised you would jump off, and enjoy yourself a nice Last Supper.
      Fair Dinkum……….Oxygen Thief.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

    • Harry

      Some may dream of imaginary pie – but the reality is – gold has made a powerful “Golden Cross” – that’s when its 50 day moving average crosses back above its 200 day moving average from below (this is the most-bullish indicator of all technical indicators) and what it means is gold’s uptrend “is just getting started” (and silver will follow)!!

    • Dave

      And it was covered with Psychomagnotheric Slime…

    • Won Witness

      how much did you loose in your leveraged gold short you were posting about last week ?

      • Stan

        I’m still short and not worried one bit

        • Harry

          Between 1950 and 2050 gold could see a small correction – http://www.321gold.com/editorials/chan/chan011223/3.png – better use it as an opportunity to dump your short positions Stan – as gold will be going much much higher (i.e. 3000, 4000, 7000, 14000, etc., etc., etc.)!!

        • Carol Smith

          I know this.
          I heard the Lord say that we, my husband and I, would have more than we than we could ever spend
          Logic would say that it has to come with the g&s.
          Become a believer. He does speak
          Don’t bet against Him

    • Paul

      I hope some of Bo’s foretelling comes to pass. For change individually, if it is to be it is up to me-the man in the mirror.

      For changes to society it will be up to Us, with Gods strength and our courage.

      The monied have the lap dog corporation on the tit doing their bidding. Don’t support these adversaries.

      Paul from arkansas

    • King Ahab the Arab

      Reply to Stan;
      _____Pop corn, my lord! LOl!

    • sk

      And some barley and an apple for you-know-who!

    • Mike

      So you got to know the name of your Domino’s pizza delivery driver ? Nice work. At least now you have one friend in life.

  6. Carol Bolt

    I am seeing the video here now. I like Bo Polny. He has some good insights. If you ask me the hand of God is already at work in his mysterious ways. Payback or karma or whatever is a bitch and it is manifesting now all across the Democratic party. TY for this video Greg.

    • Deb

      Thanks Greg for bringing on Bo. He is always right on point with dates and has great insight.

  7. Nick Reynolds

    Thank you, Greg, for this pleasant breath of fresh air.
    Here’s a cool song for you. “God Help Us All” by FiveTimesAugust

    • Jerry

      Hello Greg,
      You had Bo Polny on September 10, 2022 saying Trump is coming back, and then Martin Armstrong in November 2022 saying that there may not be a 2024 election. Who do you trust to be telling the truth?

      • Carol Smith

        I wouln’t say Martin Armstrong

  8. Mike S

    Bo, thank God you aren’t stuck in Canada! You still have some remnants of that accent, no doubt aboot it!
    You’re here in the USA as part of God’s plan to bring the good news and guide God’s remnant here to SPREAD that in the midst of a great change; as promised, we will be charged with leading a Revival, and the works we’ll see will not be those of a timid church alter all!

    • Linda locascio

      That is an awesome song!!!

    • Harold

      Well Mike, i am stuck here in Canada and my soul is not for sale.

      • The Canuck

        Nor is mine Harold. There are many of us.

  9. Cathy S

    Evangelist in prison; no charges, no bail, obviously for persecution of preaching the Gospel! Over 6 mos in jail now! Came here for Asylum from Denmark which only allows Lutheran church.

    Please watch & share!

    More info on http://www.friendsoftorben.com

    • Robert Messina

      Thank you Cathy . . . We stand with Torben in prayer, . . . . he’s a good example of how to stand and stay Christlike in a trying situation. . . . . Lord bless and keep him and his family safe ! In Jesus name, Amen

  10. Shiloh1

    I wonder if Vlad lobs a football into Davos if that would be fulfilling a prophecy /secrets of Our Lady Of Fatima given to the three poor Portuguese children in 1917?

    • H P Smith

      prophecy of the two popes given by Mélanie at La Salette; when the second pope dies, then 35yrs of chastisement.

      around the same time, there was, in the longer run, an optomistic prophecy (Apocalypsis) attributed to St. Bernadette Subirous (1879), however that also speaks first of chastisement, and then a golden age on earth. And this prophecy is pertinent as it forecast the current repudiation of medical science due to the monstrosity now underway with the vax.

    • Better Chetter

      From your lips/type, to God’s ear – Shiloh1 … maybe the Biblical event will occur as this weblink, from John Moore’s (TheLibertyMan) points out, in 2024 with a comet/heavenly body passing by earth: https://www.thelibertyman.com/downloads/Planet-X/3_Seven%20Seals%20of%20Revelation%20Timeline%202.3mb.pdf

      I, Better Chetter, emailed the creator of the links, Gill Broussard, who replied back, with: I am also resetting the model for a possible “estimated” arrival of P-7 Mar/Apr 0f 2024.  The Scripture states for us to be “Watchmen!” The scripture alludes to a short notice on P-7X (Fiery Dragon) return. At best I expect a 6-7 month warning of P-7X (Planet size Comet) approach, only from the “Watchman”. The Goverment, I suspect, will give only a 40-day warning. (end of reply)

    • Peter

      Most of Western Europe is socialist now. Denmark does not care about denominations. Any Christian preaching the Gospel will get persecuted.

      • Carol Smith

        It says in the Word that His Word will be heard everywhere.
        Whether they believe is what will show their outcome

  11. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Polny.
    With God’s help we fight no matter how seemingly insurmountable .The jackals are meeting in Davos Switzerland protected by the 5000 soldiers of evil from the Swiss army.Nice to see Switzerland expose its hand to humanity evil working with evil.

    • Pete+only

      And the irony this year for the Jackals meeting in Davos is that the pilots flying their private jets can’t be vaccinated…(probably because there is only one pilot on the plane, unlike airlines who have at least one second pilot capable of taking over should a sudden health issue arise), but should a stray missle strike Davos, few people would shed a tear.

      • Harry

        All major airlines should now post on their flight terminal boards at the airport “the vaccine status of the pilots flying their passenger planes” As a Matter of Public Safety!! (all passengers should be given the right and ability to change their scheduled flight “especially if both pilots were vaccinated”)!!

      • Chris in Arkansas

        Most private jets have two pilots on board. I’ve flown on several – always two pilots when transporting passengers and crew.

        • Pete+only

          Chris, there are various sizes of private jets. Not very likely there would be 2 pilots in jets carrying just 6 to 8 people, or even 10 people, and this is the most common type that are flown . You are probably correct for larger private jets, but larger private jets are the minority being flown.

      • Jim Hall

        Boy you summed it up as well as I could have. You’re not whistling Dixie, no would shed a tear. I doubt that their families would either. Hip hip hurrah!

  12. Ed Mustafo

    DIVINE TIMING IN PLAY…TRUMP couldn’t come back until after Uncle Joe the Jackal was in office for two years for legal reasons as well. An amendment in the constitution states that no president under any circumstances can hold office for more than 10 years. So if Trump came back before January 21st 2023 he would not be eligible to run again in 2024. Which we already know he will and has officially announced it. Get ready, it’s starting to happen. Enjoy the show. Thanks Greg and Bo. Great interview !

    • Fred Daake

      @Ed Mustafo
      Donald Trump, Sr only held office for four years total . According to the 22nd Amendment, he is allowed to HOLD OFFICE for ten years MAX (as you said). That gives him the ability to be in office for up to six more years. Using Bo Polny’s projection, it would be from 2022 anywhere up to 2028.


    • Paul

      I voted for the man who gave up his wealth for my country.
      NOT the man who gave up my country for his wealth.

      Paul from arkansas

      • Jim Hall

        Paul, you summed up my thoughts on President Trump exactly. I don’t agree with him on everything but then I’ve changed my mind on some things too. He certainly isn’t perfect but who is. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” He had a perfect life and he gave it up to risk everything he had worked his whole life for to improve the lot of his country. I think that he probably shortened his life by the stress he received from his being President. Again, you said it perfectly, thank you for your insight.

  13. Hammering Truth

    Pfizer donates a million dollars to Kentucky Republicans: https://americanyellowvest.wordpress.com/2023/01/15/pfizer-donates-a-million-to-kentucky-gop/

    • Big Pfarma

      Kentuck RINO’S
      Brought To You By Your Tax Dollars to Pfizer!$$$$$$$$

  14. Frank S.

    Thanks for bringing Bo back, Greg. His calm, concise explanations help ‘clear the fog’ of the road ahead.

  15. Linda Majors


    Great interview with Bo! Thank you for giving him the time he needed.


  16. M

    Enjoyed the interview!

    In my hunble opinion, money is a man made invention, and not created by God. Bitcoin is better than gold for many reasons. Bitcoin is much more divisible, portable, verifiable, scarce, censor resistant than gold. Those who study it thoroughly realize bitcoin is a leap frog improvement in the invention of money. It was purposely designed to improve on the weaknesses of paper/digital fiat currency and the weaknesses of gold.

    I think anyone who owns gold or silver will do well if the currency crashes, but not nearly as well as bitcoin. In fact, Bitcoin has outperformed every asset since 2011…stocks, bonds, metals, commodities, you name it.

    Below is link to a chart of bitcoin vs gold with attached data since 2011. $1 invested in gold in 2011 compared to $1 invested in bitcoin in 2011. The purple line shows the number of bitcoin it takes to buy 1 ounce of gold since ….notice how it takes much less bitcoin to buy 1 ounce of gold as compared to 2011.

    Scroll down below the chart to see different time periods of investing in bitcoin compared to gold. Good lluck!


    • Ray

      Hi M,
      “ I think anyone who owns gold or silver will do well if the currency crashes, but not nearly as well as bitcoin.”.
      I’ll add my 2 cents…….
      If ever there is no electricity (likely in a nuclear war event), gold and silver will at the very least represent monetary value, as the basics of society implode.
      Those holding Bitcoin when there is no electricity might as well be holding a fart in their bathtubs or ashtrays on motorbikes.
      Take care legend…..wishing you all the best 🙂
      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • Annabel Victoria Australia

        Thanks Ray,
        Crypto never felt right and your analysis is spot on if power goes down. For me, real estate is king.

        • Harry

          Real estate is more a liability then an asset – it is taxed by State, County, Town and Village Governments along with School Boards “each and every year”!! – and if don’t pay your taxes on time “your real estate will be seized” – whereas physical gold and silver “are not taxed by anyone each year” and can be passed on to the next generation “without probate or setting up expensive trusts that have to be continually updated to keep your wealth out of the hands of the criminals in the government who are always looking to steal your wealth!!

          • Richard Longacre

            Harry, And you can add……
            Expect “wealth taxes” on the inflated property you already own that will be impossible to pay so the government can “legally” steal your home using their armed IRS agents.

            Expect the same kinds of “taxes” on guns, magazines, and ammo. They could not get it done any other way so they will use the IRS to confiscate weapons. Coming soon. They must disarm us to finish the enslavement.

            As their CBDC fiat digital currency total life control (MOTB) system is unleashed they will also attempt to tax annually, physical silver and gold “as wealth” making it nearly impossible to “legally” own or secretly sell these metals. BYOB = Be Your Own Bank
            This is a war we must win to remain free.

            • Harry

              Yes – they will attempt to tax our gold and silver – the key word is “attempt” – they first need to know you own it – however once the digital dollar is put in place (they will know) – so it is imperative to buy your gold and silver now (with cash)!!

        • Ray

          Keep your head on straight Annabel and prepare yourself & those around you whom you love and trust.
          Things are about to swing into 6th gear in the next few months.
          Remember……the word “crypt” means “hidden place”.
          No wonder the NWO wants to go to digital money.
          They want to keep their ways “hidden”.
          All this dross about a “distributed digital ledger” could NEVER work. There are hundreds of millions of transactions happening across the world every minute!!!
          Best Regards,
          Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • M

        Hi Ray,

        If “there is no electricity (likely in a nuclear war event)”, you’ll have a LOT more to worry about than the usefulness of bitcoin, silver, or gold, or any other store of value.

        In a nuclear war event, you won’t have access to heat, AC, refrigeration, food, water, ATMs, banks, credit cards, computers, grocery stores, gas pumps, traffic lights, cars, etc. The last thing you’ll be thinking is, “Gee, my gold still has value, so I can walk or ride my bike to the local grocery and buy food”. The store would be closed, any food there is not refrigerated, possibly radiated, stolen by desperate people for whatever food was there. It’s not like people would still be working at the store.

        The first thing people would want and/or need in the nuclear war scenario would be emergency medical care, shelter, food, heat, clothing, iodine, etc.. rather than gold or bitcoin. The things that matter in this scenario would be unavailable to most people.

        The nuclear event argument is a little like saying, “what if the sun does a supernova and wipes all life off the planet? What will we do with our bitcoin or gold?”

        You won’t need to worry about money at the end of civilization.

        Best of luck to you too!

        • Ray

          Hi M,
          Appreciate your reply 🙂
          What I am saying is that for those that may survive……God’s actual metal elements will still be around as well…..and therein lies the potential value.
          Electronic money will have disappeared and likely won’t return.
          As I state in my reply to Annabel in Victoria, I just cannot see how a distributed ledger will function minute -to-minute across every transaction on the planet.
          They can’t even keep the ATM’s at my local shopping centre up and running!!!
          But I do hope that your crypto investments flourish 🙂
          Ray, Canberra, Australia

          • M

            Hi Ray,

            Yes, gold will still be around in that case.

            Bitcoin will still be around too, because it is a global network, so if one country is attacked, the network will still function on other parts of the planet. If the whole planet is affected, then it won’t matter for anyone.

            The fact that the bitcoin network is decentralized and globally distributed is a great strength…the bitcoin network has never been hacked yet. The ATMs you are discussing are a centralized solution requiring a lot of trust (one ledger controlled by one bank who owns and controls depositor’s money), which can easily be hacked, and are often times, hacked. And as you say, sometimes does not run! The bitcoin network has never experienced an outage since the beginning forthe last 14 years….tick tock, next block.

            Thanks and good luck with your investments as well!

        • Carol Smith

          The only thing about this
          Bo is right
          I have heard these things myself.
          The Lord just needs all this cleaned up before this Huge time is coming.
          I can’t even imagin this new time

      • tuesdayisotlentgreenday

        Spot on Ray. My thoughts also on bitcoin.

    • Motto

      Bitcoin is a scam. Invented in cia’s basements and riddled with tons of back doors. A trap , to test grounds for CBDC and divert from Ag and Au (God’s money ) .

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Motto,
        Ditto – My thoughts exactly.

      • Dd

        Sorry, but you can read all the code if you care too. No one has found a back door yet.

        Maybe you can be the first?

    • Stan

      I don’t like either and hold US Dollars. Problem with Bitcoin is that there are 21.900 crypto-currencies in existence and hundreds more created every week. They all perform the same function as Bitcoin and will take market share from Bitcoin and greatly reduce its value.

      • Harry

        Stan – If you can realize there are “too many” crypto-currencies coming into existence (which makes them more and more worthless) – why can’t you also realize there are “too many” US dollars coming into existence (which makes them more and more worthless) as shown here: https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.howmuch.net%2Farticles%2FRise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

        • Stan

          Harry: The US Dollar is more that a currency – it is a franchise, a payment system, a tool needed for economic growth – all backed by a trigger happy military.

          • Harry

            Sort of like FTX is a franchise (backed by at least 196 members of our new Congress – who took cash from Sam Bankman-Fried)???

      • Ray

        I agree with you Stan!!!
        OMG…….what is that in the sky???
        It must be a 9 km wide meteor!!!!
        Yep……we’re not far from the end of things when I am in agreeance with Old Mate Stan!!!
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

        • Stan

          Thanks, Ray

          • Ray

            I’ll admit it Stan……..it feels nice to be in agreement with you after long years at opposition.
            Hoping you will feel the same with others…….King, Pauper & Fool.
            Your “wealth” sir, is not to be found in your bank account or your worldly luxuries that you have amassed or desire.
            Something tells me you are becoming aware of that……and that is indeed a wonderful thing.
            Take care.
            Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • Dd

        Sorry, but Bitcoin isn’t like any other crypto.

        There are cryptocurrencies and there’s is Bitcoin. They are VERY different.

    • jomer

      I have eggs that I will except FRN for, but I will except barter. I will trade gold, silver or any other item I might find useful, even labor (weed my strawberry bed for 15 minutes for a dozen eggs). BUT you can leave your bitcoin wallet at home, because I have no interest in them.

      • Harry

        With eggs at $8 dollars per dozen you are effectively paying $32 dollars per hour (tax free) to weed your strawberry bed – that sounds like a good deal to me – where is your strawberry field located??

    • Won Witness

      M, why bitcoin isn’t for me…
      my owner’s manual mentions gold in the first and last chapters (Genesis and Revelations). I will stick to the creator’s specifications.
      But Computer dependent Bitcoin ?
      As the computer has become such a negative to humanity’s welfare :
      kids living in their phones, their games, their social media, growing fat and unhealthy for lack of exercise, Computer facial recognition to control and cajole people (for example convincing people to take bio weapons (mrna) jabs).
      Those same computers will give you a wonderful stable money system ?
      Like they used to say, the Devil is in the details.
      Like they soon might say the Devil’s hands were the Computers.
      God made gold. God made Us. Fallible Man “satoshi” made fallible bitcoin.
      what woman would get married with a wedding ring maid of bitcoins ?
      Marriage has existed before and after electricity was utilized.
      Bit coin can’t So it’s the Gold band on that ring finger for Me.
      headlines we’ve seen:
      Man lost bitcoin to Mt Gox’s hack disaster
      Ftx collapse wipes away billions
      Heirs to Demented mans bitcoin fortune unable to recover vast fortune lost the key
      my favorite, Man recovers gold from safe after his house burns to the ground. Some eagles were scorched badly but still held full value. Man uses them to cover house and car deductibles and will rebuild.
      I’ll skip the test of time arguments for now…
      P.s. please remember to support Greg’s sponsors, Like Discount Gold and Silver !

      • Harry

        Who was the Bitcoin creator Sato-shi?? – “Sato” likely stems from the word Sadomasochism – (the sexual gratification obtained from the infliction of physical pain or humiliation either on another person or on oneself) – while “shi” likely implies the Bitcoin creators sexual orientation (who was probably a queer who decided to “transgender our money” into some kind of perverted entity)!!

      • M

        Hi won, that’s ok…no one forces people to use bitcoin, it is strictly voluntary. That’s unlike the fiat currency we use today, which is mandatory, and enforced at the point of a gun.

        Here’s a thought that came to me reading your reply…

        God created horses, and man has used horses as transportation for thousands of years. Man invented cars and planes 100 years ago. Most people use cars and planes today, because they are a better technology than horses for transportation. Do most of the people you know tend to travel by car or horse?

        God created trees…and man has used paper to write and communicate for thousands of years. Man invented computer technology last century, and now mostly use cell phones based on that technology to communicate to each other instantly and globally! Do most of the people you know communicate by writing letters or using their cell phone?

        God created gold, and man has used gold for jewelry, barter, and money for thousands of years. Man invented money, and has used shells, salt, beads, rai stones, silver, gold, paper, and now bitcoin in the search of the best money. If Bitcoin proves to be a better money than gold in the upcoming years, humanity will embrace it. In fact they are embracing it right now….300 million people around the globe are already using it! In a 2 or 3 years, bitcoin could have 1 billion users across the planet.

        I guess my point is God has created man with a brain, to use to invent new and better things to improve our lives. If bitcoin does improve our lives for the better, than I believe God would approve too.

        Being pro-bitcoin doesn’t mean gold will go away…people will still use it for jewelry, for some electronics, and as a store of value.

        • Harry

          Corrupto is not a better invention then gold – FTX and other corrupto currencies is simply a Ponzi scheme invented by some cheep queer named So-tushy who probably didn’t want to provide toilet paper for the crap he invented!!

      • M

        Hi Won,

        One more thought that came to me in your reply. “As the computer has become such a negative to humanity’s welfare” and “Like they soon might say the Devil’s hands were the Computers.”

        I don’t think of computers as “evil” or from “the Devil”. In my humble opinion, computers are man made tools that are neutral, not good or evil. Computers can be used for good or evil. It depends on how the person uses the tool. Computers can be used for good too, to learn a new language, to monitor your health, to communicate and debate with each other, and on and on. If the computer is “evil”, why are you using one to communicate and reply? Or using it to watch and learn from usawatchdog?

        If you believe computers are “evil”, then I would think you would throw away your cell phones, cars (which run on computer technology), disconnect the internet, etc. etc..

        Do you have knives in your kitchen? They can be used to murder people, yes? That doesn’t make the knife evil. Knives can be used for good, to cut food in preparing a meal, etc.

        Do you have a hammer in your tool box? Someone can use a hammer to kill a person, yes? That doesn’t make the hammer evil. The hammer can be used to build a house.

        Is fire evil? It can be used to burn someone’s house down, or it can be used for heat and cooking.

        You get the idea…anyone can come up with a endless list of examples…the point is these man made tools are neutral, not “good” or “evil”, and can be used either way. The internet is also a tool, and can be used for “good” or “evil”.

        Same with money…money is a tool, and can be used for “good” or “evil”. Bitcoin is a tool to which will increasingly be used as a store of value, medium of exchange, and a unit of account. Not overnight, but by the end of this decade we will be a lot closer to that reality.

      • Samuel L. Spad

        Won Witness,
        kids living in their phones, their games, their social media, growing fat and unhealthy for lack of exercise.[Also cell-phone radiation exposure?]

        “The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation” — Dr Devra Davis
        The University of Melbourne

        WEF Globalists gather in Davos with STUNNING new plans to control us | Redacted with Clayton Morris
        Enjoyed this video? Join my Locals community for exclusive content at redacted.locals.com!
        Klaus Schwab and the WEF are blocking the media from what is shaping up to be the most important meeting of globalists ever held. CBDC is just one of the many topics they’re discussing in order to control the proletariat.

    • Beligerant

      BTC keeps vanishing when stolen. Exchanges get hacked or ponzi and there is no guarantees where the investors lose “everything”. Its happened again and again and again. No refunds, no exchanges, no tracking when its stolen. It seems obvious that someone has back door keys to crypto and hacks exchanges or individual accounts as needed.

      I’m waiting for crypto to recover some and will sell my small holdings and never buy another $1 in this market. If you want to lose $1,000 or $100,000 due to no fault of your own then crypto is a great place to get scammed.

      • anon

        There is a glaring issue also.

        I’d say that ALL the modern computer hardware and phones we use are compromised. The newer it is the worse it is.

        I’m using hardware that’s over a decade old and even this possesses a very rudimentary spyware (Management Engine) at the lowest level – kinda like having a little shadow deepstate on your own PC. (Where is INTEL HQ based I wonder?)

        Crypto is possible to use safely’ish, but it requires a good level of IT savvy and OPSEC (Operational security).

        We require a very basic open source computer that can be security audited to use for sensitive operations such as dealing with crypto wallets. Otherwise we’re going to all dive into crypto… and THEY will be sitting there gathering ALL our keys from our compromised hardware and then boom… they scrape all our wallets, we’d all be screwed.

        Crypto can and could work under better circumstances but we’re surrounded by too much corruption right now for it to be safe in my opinion… but feel free to use it for smaller payments. I sometimes give little tips to people with a crypto called Monero (The only crypto I can get a buzz about – it’s the closest alternative to digital cash I know of).

        For those interested in BTC, take a look at BSV. It’s THE uncompromised Bitcoin. Maybe. It looks like BTC may well be compromised and is currently being touted by well meaning people as a means to combat the bankers when… it’s the opposite. Who couldn’a seen that a’comin’? https://youtube.com/watch?v=UYHFrf5ci_g

        I’m preparing to own nothing but my integrity… and be happy. Because if we can do that it might be the biggest spit in the eye we can give these “people”. We need to outsurvive them and then rebuild… so we can do all this over again and again and again.

    • Randy Best

      Bitcoin is fool’s gold.

    • Earth Angel

      I have always wondered how is bitcoin any better than the CBDC? What is it tied to in value? Is it backed by any gold, silver, precious metals, stones or any other sources of REAL value? I personally see no difference between these two digital currencies.. but perhaps I am missing something here. I have very little understanding or desire to participate in the digital world. So please enlighten me in as simple layman’s terms if there is any difference between CBDC & Bitcoins.

      • M

        That’s a good question. CBDCs and Bitcoin are as different as night and day. CBDCs are fiat currency CONTROLLED by central banks to a level never before imagined in human history. With CBDCs, governments and/or banks will be able to control people with impugnity. CBDCs allow governments to censor your money, to expire your money, to punish you with their money, if you do or don’t do certain actions the government or banks deem acceptable. And we know how much we can trust governments and banks, right?

        With CBDCs…these things are possible: Didn’t get vaxxed? Your money won’t work until you do get vaxxed. Did you vote for the wrong person or the wrong party? Your money may be restricted in some way. For example, they could restrict your movement by only allowing your money to work within a 5 mile radius of your home. Did you speed on the way to work? Don’t worry, you won’t have to go to court, the government will withdraw your CBDCs from the bank…easy peasy. Is the economy in recession? They could force your money in the bank to expire within 30 days so that you will have to spend it or see it go to zero to “stimulate” the economy. With this new power, maybe they won’t like your religion, your race, how much carbon you emit, your Internet searches, your opinions, etc. etc. It is very dystopian.

        Bitcoin is a bearer asset money…meaning you hold it yourself, and NEVER leave it on a exchange or a bank. It is PERMISSIONLESS and CENSOR RESISTANT money, meaning you decide how, when and where you spend it…there is NO MIDDLEMAN like a bank or governmwent or credit card company or a individual that can decide how much you spend or withdraw or what you spend your money on. Because you hold bitcoin, it is therefore TRUSTLESS money, you do not have to trust a central authority to hold your money, keep it safe, insure it, or worse. Bitcoin is like digital cash..it is FREEDOM money. You hold it, you own it.

        This lack of control of bitcoin by central banks is why they hate bitcoin, because it is a COMPETITOR to their fiat money, including CBDCs. The more people that use Bitcoin instead of fiat money created out of think air, the weaker the central banks become.

        What is Bitcoin backed by? Nothing.
        What is gold backed by? Nothing.
        What is paper currency backed by? Nothing.

        What gives bitcoin value? For me, a few major ideas give it value.
        1). Bitcoin’s properties or characteristics – this is long, so to be brief, some big ones for me are scarcity, divisibility, portability, verifiability.
        2). Bitcoin requires energy and work for the bitcoin network to function, and so is not created out of “thin air”. Capital is invested to purchase equipment, to build/rent a structure to house the equipment, personnel needed to operate and maintain the equipment to mine bitcoin. Energy is also required to mine bitcoin. This is true for gold as well.
        3). Bitcoin is the most decentralized, trustless, neutral money that exists in the world today. Bitcoin money is your own money…it is NOT a debt based currency like CBDCs, $, Euros, or any other fiat currency. Bitcoin is voluntary.

        For more info, two great books to read are The Bitcoin Standard (money perspective) and Inventing Bitcoin (layman’s way to understand how bitcoin works).

        Hope that helps and good luck!

        • Ray

          Hi M,
          Thanks for the run down there on BTC.
          Here is something I have long pondered…..perhaps you can assist?
          They say that each Bitcoin is “mined” (using CONSIDERABLE amounts of energy along the way), as so called Super Computers seek to unravel vast mathematical problems which, when solved, unlock each Bitcoin (from the original 21 million that were originally conceived).
          If this is true, then it stands to reason that each of those mathematical “problems” first had to thought out, then solved, then coded, then stored, in order for there to be an “answer” for the people in the future mining the Bitcoin.
          How then were 21 MILLION COMPLEX INDIVIDUAL MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS first thought up, and then actually solved, then stored as the original BTC without MASSIVE, MASSIVE, MASSIVE amounts of computing power going in to build and answer these mathematical problems?
          Newton taught us….. “Energy In = Energy Out”.
          Boy……then there must have been a LOT of energy going into Bitcoin to create it in the first instance.
          Alas……it seems no one can put a finger on it as to who would have that level of unimaginable computing power!
          Hmmm……..perhaps agencies like the CIA MIGHT have access to that form of computer power……but surely Bitcoin is far above the utter filth of a CIA controlled money experiment, wouldn’t you say M??
          I mean, why would the CIA want to suck the entire world into digital money slavery?
          The CIA after all stands for happiness and freedom, right?
          It doesn’t make sense? (sarcasm)
          I’d be interested and obliged to look at your detailed explanation.
          Take care M 🙂
          Ray, Canberra, Australia

          • M

            Hi Ray,

            Interesting out of the box idea, but it is incorrect.

            Bitcoin miners do not use supercomputers to mine bitcoin.
            Bitcoin miners use single pupose ASICs to mine bitcoin.

            Supercomputers are too expensive and would be the wrong tool for the job. They cost about $100 million to $1 billion to purchase. https://www.therichest.com/luxury/the-10-most-expensive-super-computers/

            ASICs are single purpose computers that do nothing else but mine bitcoin and cost about $8 thousand to $14 thousand to purchase.

            If a person was to add up the power used by all the bitcoin miners that are implemented around the world, they use collectively about 0.27% (less than 1% of all the energy in the world!) People probably use more energy around the world using their washing machines than bitcoin.

            Bitcoin miners are not attempting to solve super complex math problems. Miners compete with each other by attempting to be the first to guess a number with a certain range of numbers (using random number generator chips) within a 10 minute period, on average. Hashrate is the number of guesses a Bitcoin mining machine can make within a given period. The higher the hashrate one has, the more bitcoins they are likely to mine. A miner gets higher hash rate by having more ASICs running in the mining competition.


            So there are NOT 21 million individual math problems to solve (1 for each coin). There isn’t even 1 math problem to solve.

            CBDCs are the technology that will cause digital money slavery. CBDCs are dystopian, centrally controlled, bankster money that need to be rejected by humanity, because banksters and governments will be able to CONTROL people by expiring peoples’ savings, by reducing their freedom of movement, for any reason they wish. Truly tyrannical. CBDCs are FORCED upon humanity. Why do you think the banksters speak against bitcoin? They HATE it because with bitcoin, you can spend your money WITHOUT PERMISSION from a 3rd party. It is NOT DEBT BASED. Banksters CANNOT PRINT IT to cause inflation. There is NO BITCOIN ORGANIZATION and NO BITCOIN individual they can bribe. Bitcoin software is OPEN SOURCE. Bitcoin is TRUSTLESS, meaning you do not have to trust a 3rd party to hold, insure, protect your bitcoin, provided that you hold it yourself, and not leave it with a 3rd party (like a exchange).

            Just listen below to the Director of the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) 1 minute video about the problems with cash vs CBDCs…”we don’t know how you are spending cash”, and “the central bank will have absolute control” and “we will have the technology to enforce them”.


            If the CIA wanted to control humanity with digital money slavery, they never would have invented bitcoin because it gives people the FREEDOM of their own money. The CIA would have invented CBDCs, which allow for digital money slavery of people by government and banks.

            Read “Inventing Bitcoin” and “The Bitcoin Standard” if you wish to understand bitcoin. As I have received responses to my posts on this platform, I am learning there are many misconceptions and misunderstanding about bitcoin.

            • Ray

              Hi M,
              Your replies I truly appreciate……for their depth and their courtesy.
              Thank you.
              However…..I cannot and will never give myself over to a money system built upon, as you outline, “computer guesses”.
              Nup…….computers can be controlled from outside forces, so not in THE LEAST BIT INTERESTED.
              Just to let you know, I went down to the mall today to buy a can of tennis balls (I played a couple of sets earlier tonight).
              I asked the young crocodile at the checkout if I could pay for the balls in Bitcoin……he looked at me like a cow looks at an on-coming train!
              Fair Dinkum mate…….as it currently stands, Bitcoin can do Sweet F.A in the real world.
              If you could buy some tennis balls over at your end, and show me an updated copy of the Bitcoin distributed ledger (as proof of payment for the tennis balls) I might look into Bitcoin a little further 🙂
              “Never going to happen”!!!
              Thanks again for your strident, firm and well intentioned analysis……..very much appreciated, and my best wishes remain with you going forward.
              Ray, Canberra, Australia.

              • M

                Thanks Ray, my intention is educate anyone that has questions about bitcoin, not to influence people to but or sell it.

                Not being Australian, I didn’t understand all the slang, but enjoyed reading it! 🙂

                I sensed you are either fearful or distrustful of the technology. I was skeptical when I first heard of it many years ago. But, fear, misconceptions, false staements are never a good way to make decisions on anything. Education and evaluation of the technology is best, then if you decide “not for me”, then that’s fine. Only by learning about bitcoin in a serious way, not through comments like these o a web site, can a person learn about a new technology.

                Actually, I can buy merchandise with Bitcoin and it would show up on the public blockchain. But, it wouldn’t prove anything, because all transactions on the blockchain are pseudonymous, meaning the public ledger only shows the sending and receiving public bitcoin address of the entitiy or people transacting the bitcoin. The blockchain public ledger does not show the store name, store address, what was purchased, etc.. This makes bitcoin pseudonymous and private, which is a good thing, and one of the many benefits of bitcoin.

                On the other hand, you wouldn’t be able to buy the tennis balls in gold, right? How would they give you change? Or would they provide you a receipt showing the purchase in gold?

                A better idea might be to work with someone you know down under who knows bitcoin and the lightning network very well, and set up a Lightning wallet, not a base layer wallet, for this exercise only. Transfer very small amounts money (like a penny) between each other to see how it works.

                If the Internet was to stop working globally, bitcoin transactions can and have been done by satellite, bypassing the Internet. Just like the military does….and fyi, the first bitcoin transactions have been done by radio waves also. So it’s very resilient.

                Good luck!

    • The Canuck

      A simple spark from your finger tip due to static electricity and ….. “poof” ….. gone. Alasdair Mcloud of gold money presents a problem with crypto that nobody mentions. Given it exists on the blockchain it’s movement from person to person can be tracked. If it is passed forward from criminal activity or had been previously stolen you may not be the legal owner of it even if you paid for it. I suspect the same could be said for a gold or silver bar with a serial number.

      • M

        A single spark of static electricity will not “poof” your bitcoin. It’s not possible to lose your bitcoin as long as the person has their seed phrase, and kepy it private. Even from a hardware wallet that was damaged, lost, or stolen. In that case, a new hardware wallet is purchased and the old seed phrase can be used to recover bitcoin instantly.

        Re the tracking issue, one can use a mixer like CoinJoin to anonymize bitcoin. The purpose of a CoinJoin transaction composed by multiple inputs and outputs is to break blockchain surveillance heuristics.

        If one loses their gold, it is gone. My brother lost his gold ring in a public bathroom…realized it minutes after he left, went back in, and “poof”, it was gone. But he could not recover his gold.

        The other problem with gold is the risk, cost and trust required to store it. One can place it in a private company’s deposit box, and “poof”, someone breaks in and steals it. This happened in my hometown a couple years ago. Then, last year, the FBI broke into deposit boxes in Beverly Hills and “poof”, the gold was gone. And the courts backed the FBI!


        Then you have to trust either the owners of the business they won’t steal the gold and pay them expensive fees to store the gold. Will you be able to access it in a emergency? “Poof” …gold’s gone!

        Or you can store it at home, but taking the risk of robbery and/or death, and “poof”, it’s gone.

        You get the idea….hope that helps.

    • Georgie

      Except bitcoin is also fiat…it doesn’t even exist in as much as paper money is a piece of paper. Bitcoin is only an idea…& some pixels in a computer. Any crypto can be erased in the stroke of a key.

  17. larry giglio

    Hello. Great change a comin. It’s a nature thing. Who will survive? Why care? If it is so big an event there is nothing anyone can do to survive on the planet, and every species will be obliterated, why do you think your life is significant? Science can not predict the moment of your death. If you are not ready to die, where is your faith in God? Do you not believe your spirit self will be reborn? Do you fear losing family spirits you nurture and love? Have you no reverence to God? Our national and global tribulations are only results of paths away from God, evil incarnate. With evil unleashed, only Saints can save us, and correct our paths, and put evil down. Has anyone met a real Saint? Once you have lost faith, everything is a power struggle. Love holds the most power. Thank God for your life. I will pray you survive.

    • Harry

      The queer WEF atheists don’t have to believe in God because they think they have figured out a way to live forever – “inside a computer”!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Romans 1:21-22 comes to mind!!

        • Harry

          Yeah Greg – these atheistic WEF/MIC fools think they can create their own heaven inside a quantum computer where physical laws like gravity don’t have to exist and we can dodge bullets like Neal in the Matrix movie – but living in a world without rules is like living in Hell (just look at the US today to see what it will be like in such a Hell (i.e. no borders, 15 minute cities, corruption everywhere, etc., etc., etc.)!!

  18. Mountain Goat

    Greg Keep up the good work. Looks like starting in a week, will will see the next cards play out. I imagine this will be be both exciting and challenging time for us. I am thankful the Lord is saving the United States. I will only say, I’m excited and a little nervous as we watch how this all plays out. Hoping I have done right in how I positioned myself.

  19. Lorainne Brady

    THANK YOU GREG! for facilitating this presentation!! This totally spoke to my husband and I and now we have the strength and guidance to face what is going on. And THANK YOU BO!! We have been watching your work and so thankful for your insight and guidance, much love and light to each of you, Greg and Bo!

  20. Brian Washed

    Bo Said it himself. The lights will go out. I do not doubt that. Make sure to have physical silver and storable foods. There is no doubt in my mind that there will be a reduction in quality of life going forwards. We are never going back to 2019. Even Klaus Schwabbs says the same.

  21. Marie Joy

    God gives us free will for a reason and He will not help a people who cannot or will not help themselves.

  22. Marie Joy

    I find it hard to believe relatives of dead innocents have not acted. Fluoride works.

  23. Neville

    Hi Greg & Bo,
    I can’t as enthusiastic about the prospects of AAcrime or any other country for that matter.
    JESUS came down to Earth through The Virgin Mary to give hope to the world to cure the sick ,give sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf .Not to ever to forget bringing Lazarus back to life .
    Now!! the second time that JESUS comes back a time which only THE LORD OUR GOD knows……HE will come back to judge the living and the dead.
    The punishment will be severe as to eradicate the world of the evil under which we have been living for decades.
    If anyone has any doubt as to what we can expect the I urgently suggest that they
    recite THE LORDS PRAYER as everything is listed there in an albeit cryptic manner !!

    I ,unlike Bo do not think that GOD in his wisdom for us would entertain any cryptos along side HIS money namely Gold & Silver……and as for the Great Reset AAcrime will play absolutely NO part in it neither will any other country for that matter. AAcrime and the coalition of the willing broke the system and therefore cannot fix what they smashed.
    Those that have turned their backs on GOD AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST will pay for it with their lives.
    GOD only has a Covenant with the True Believers so forget any previous covenants made in the past anywhere in the world.
    Prepping is a very good idea and our friend Greg has a list of things above one may consider buying.
    Gong Xi Fa Cai 2023
    Happy New Year 2023

  24. Thomas Argyle

    Former California porn lawyer Adam Schiff isn’t going to get away with ‘blatant’ Trump-Russia lies: Rep. Donalds / Fox Business 1 day ago
    Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., on the House Steering Committee, latest installment of the ‘Twitter Files,’ Sen. Adam Schiff’s role in the Trump-Russia collusion story and the third batch of classified documents found in Biden’s Delaware home.

    Can a Nuclear War Be Avoided? — Scott Ritter
    Schiller Institute 74,034 views Jan 12, 2023

  25. Roger Stamper

    tks bo greg

  26. Motto

    Drain the Swamp from Silver !
    That’s the only way to piecefully defeat the Cabal.
    Bo talked a lot about Death, that never happens to soros, kissinger and their ilk. I wish them to live more and see Silver in stratosphere.

    • Harry

      Don’t worry they will be around – although most are planning to be living forever (immortal) inside a computer (as long as the Sun doesn’t shoot out a Coronal Mass Ejection that fry’s the computer’s memory with an Electro-Magnetic Pulse) – other more wealthy individuals (with all their stolen money) may opt to avoid that danger and grow a clone of themselves (then transfer their memory’s into their newly cloned body) – but that is not going to be as much fun as being able to dodge bullets (like Neal in the Matrix) and they need to worry about bullets – as bullets are now being fired into politicians homes and offices!!

  27. Marie Joy

    Stop financing people/orgs that want you dead.

    • Harry

      Boycott their products and services and put them out of business!!

  28. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Very clear description of the fiat monetary system at start of interview. In a nutshell: ‘Babylonian Money Magik’. The ‘k’ is deliberate. G. Edward Griffin explains the Fed’s (the cabal’s) fiat currency in his 1994 best selling book, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’. Mike Maloney explains the machinations of fiat currency in his on-line series, ‘The Hidden Secrets Of Money’.

    • Rwmctrofholz

      Episode 4 of hidden secrets of money is as good as it gets. I rewatch a few times per year to stay dialed in.

  29. Olaf from Oz

    Thanks for the video, Greg and Bo.
    As the Hebrew Calendar is OFF by 30 Days, where the 360 day Hebrew Calendar has to overcome the ~ 5.25 days of our ~ 365.25 day Circumnavigation of the Sun, it should have had a 30 Day LEAP Month inserted in September 2022.
    In the Gregorian Calendar we have 365 days, and to correct it, we have a leap Year by the addition of one DAY every 4 years (0.25 x 4 = 1).
    With that NON addition of the 30 DAYS, it puts all the FEAST Days 30 days too SOON!
    I believe that Hanukkah (Festival of LIGHTS) is when the parable of the 10 Virgins in Matthew 25 will take place. As Hanukkah was scheduled 30Days TOO soon, which was 26th of December 2022 – SHOULD happen 30 Days later on 25th of JANUARY 2023.
    Why Do I believe it (10 Virgins going to the WEDDING), it was the fact that the WISE 5 Virgins were admitted, by having Oil in their LAMPS – (Hanukkah has to do with LIGHTS?) – coincidentally, it is also the Anniversary of Noah’s ARK lifting with the rising FLOOD Waters.
    Matthew 24:37. But as the days of Noe [were], SO SHALL ALSO the coming of the Son of man be.
    +++++ (I believe that could be what some call the “RAPTURE”. )
    38. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,
    39. And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; SO SHALL ALSO the coming of the Son of man BE.
    40. Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be TAKEN, and the other left.
    41. Two [women shall be] grinding at the mill; the one shall be TAKEN, and the other left.
    42. Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.
    Just a THOUGHT of mine! :-))
    All the Best.

    • Richard Longacre

      Olaf, The Jewish leap month is added 7 times in a 19 year cycle. They did not miss it in 2022. This is calculated years ahead of time and agreed to but I do like your thinking. We often forget that we must use the Jewish calendar for Biblical prophecy and the Feasts of the Lord.

      I love the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24). But you must include Verses 29-31 – “But immediately “after the tribulation of those days”, ………they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky with power and great glory…….they will gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of the sky to the other”.

      Jesus amputates (cut short) the Great Tribulation at His return (Rapture/resurrection) for the sake of the elect. Verses 21-22. I believe we still have some very bad times of trials and tribulations ahead, including the abomination of Desolation and the MOTB, before Jesus returns but that day is certainly getting closer.

      As for “just like in the days of Noah” you must also read Luke 17: 22-37 where it says, “It was the same as happened in the days of Lot”. V:29 – “But on “The Day” that Lot went out from Sodom it rained fire and brimstone”……. The emphasis should be on “the same day” not the eating, drinking, buying, selling, etc.. The “same day” that Jesus returns and Resurrects the Saints (true believers/6th Seal) God’s wrath will begin to pour out on the unbelieving world. (7th Seal, 7 Trumpet Judgements, and 7 Bowl judgements). The “Day of the Lord/ God’s wrath” begins “On the “Same Day” as the rapture.

      • Olaf from Oz

        Richard, thanks for your comment. Some good points you made.
        I based the fact that Hanukkah was a WINTER Festival – and WINTER starts on the 21st of DECEMBER on the Gregorian Calendar.
        Hebcal on the net says that Chanukah for year 5783 is 18th to 26th of December, but looking on several years of Chanukah year – 5785 is is the only other year on their chart which is AFTER the EQUINOX of 21st of December. So the statement in John 10:22. And it was at Jerusalem the feast of the dedication, and IT WAS WINTER.
        That would make only Year 5785 (Gregorian 2024/25) if we consider WINTER to be AFTER December 21st .
        I made the assumption that this Chanukah should be in January 17th – 25th 2023 to be in WINTER.
        As for the 10 Virgin Parable, there was a DELAY, where the Virgins THOUGHT the groom was coming, but He DID come later. (Was it 30 days later?)
        Matt.25:5. While the bridegroom TARRIED, they all slumbered and slept.
        I beg to differ with that OTHER LIKENESS with LOT. I believe NOAH & LOT are Rapture and 2nd Advent RESPECTIVELY – In 2nd Advent/Resurrection, it is the MULTITUDE without number (Rev.7:9) who GO THROUGH the TRIBULATION, whereas the RAPTURED (Sealed) 144k were the ELECT CHOSEN ones that are the same as the 5 WISE who HAD the Extra “Good Oil” in intimation, “KNEW” the DAY – Foolish – Matt.25:13. Watch therefore, for YE know NEITHER the DAY nor the HOUR wherein the Son of man cometh.
        The 2nd Coming is AFTER the “CHOSEN” Bride had been to a place PREPARED – See John 14:3 which is the SAME Bride/Woman in Rev.12:6, where the SERPENT made war with the BRIDE’S seed Rev.12:17. And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
        The WOMAN was given 2 WINGS of a GREAT EAGLE to that PLACE Prepared. (Rev.12:14).
        John 14:3. And if I go and PREPARE a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, [there] ye may be also.
        There is much more but this is long enough.
        Olaf V – Australia

  30. Melinda Henson

    Think I’ll go back and watch your interview with Alex Newman! He is a true breath of fresh air! BTW, the demons of DAVOS are assembling as we speak! Let’s see what rabbits they will pull out of their hat (Hocus Pocus)! “He who lives by a glass ball is going to get cut by glass”!

  31. Olaf from Oz

    I forgot to mention Mark 13:19. For [in] those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created unto this time, neither shall be.
    20. And except that the Lord had SHORTENED those days, NO flesh should be saved: but for the elect’s sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath SHORTENED the days.
    Olaf from Oz

  32. Really Awake

    I’m glad you interview individuals who discuss the Bible. Bo has fascinating interpretations. I have my own, but it’s still intesting to listen to sincere Christians. I also like Bo because he states the he is not a prophet; therefore, if he is incorrect, we should not be stumbled because Bo is wrong….

    Bo obviously puts a lot of time in Bible study. I wish everybody would do that.

    • From The BasementBunker!

      Scott Ritter: We Are On The CUSP Of Thermonuclear War !!! Situation Is Out Of Control
      THANKS Astraea! Spot on!

      Zelenskyy aide resigns after suggesting Ukraine air defense caused a Russian missile to hit an apartment building, killing 44
      Story by [email protected] (Mia Jankowicz) • 44m ago

      The first casualty of war is the truth and all is fair in love and war. But there is a God and the truth will not be hidden, the things unseen are forever and the things seen are temporary…….2 Corinthians 4:18
      “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. . ”
      GOOD physical eyesight is a blessing. In fact, most people would say that few things they possess are more precious. For Christians, however, there is a kind of eyesight spoken of by the apostle Paul that is of greater value than even good physical eyesight. “We keep our eyes, not on the things seen, but on the things unseen,” wrote Paul. It must be a very special kind of vision that enables one to see things that are unseen! We might call it 20/20 vision of a spiritual kind.
      In speaking about what enabled Jesus to endure, Paul also pointed out the course for us when he wrote: “Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, as we look intently at the Chief Agent and Perfecter of our faith, Jesus.” (Hebrews 12:1, 2) Yes, to run the Christian course successfully and joyfully, we must look beyond the things immediately before us. But how do we “look intently” at Jesus, and what will it do for us?
      For one thing Jesus was installed as King of kings in God’s Kingdom, and he rules from heaven. All of this, of course, is invisible to our physical eyes. Yet, if we “look intently” at Jesus, our spiritual eyesight will help us to see that he is now poised to take action to bring about the end of this present wicked system of things and the banishment of Satan and his demonic hordes into bonds of inactivity. Looking still further, our spiritual vision will reveal a wonderful new world in which “death will be no more, neither will crying mourning or pain be anymore. The former things and ways have passed away.”—Revelation 19:11-16; 20:1-3; 21:4.
      So, then, instead of being burdened down by the temporary tribulations we may have to face each day, why not focus our gaze upon the things that are eternal? With eyes of faith, why not look beyond the sickness and the greed on this polluted earth to see a paradise filled with healthy, happy, and caring people? Why not look beyond our blemishes, both physical and spiritual, and see ourselves freed of them forever by the merit of Christ’s ransom sacrifice? Why not look beyond the carnage left behind by war, crime, and violence and see newly resurrected ones being instructed in the peace and righteousness of the unseen God of love?

  33. Wendy Leanda

    Dr. Leana Wen slammed after admitting there’s been ‘overcounting’ of COVID deaths: ‘TWO AND A HALF YEARS LATE’ / Story by Gabriel Hays • 4h ago
    CNN medical analyst and Washington Post columnist Dr. Leana Wen admitted in a column, Friday, that the medical community is “overcounting” the amount of “COVID deaths and hospitalizations.”

    In Case You Missed
    ______The Pandemic of Biotechnology
    NATURAL HEALTH By Guy Hatchard January 21, 2022

    The New Zealand Government Reaches for Total Medical Control
    JANUARY 15, 2023
    A Week of Extraordinary Revelations: Studies Confirm Serious Adverse Effects After Covid Vaccination / JANUARY 14, 2023

    How will the 2023 Therapeutic Products Bill affect the Availability of Natural Health Products?/JANUARY 13, 2023

    How Can People In Power Lie So Comfortably / JANUARY 12, 2023

    The Secret War—How Our World and the Medical Landscape Has Been Transformed
    JANUARY 10, 2023 https://hatchardreport.com/the-secret-war-how-our-world-and-the-medical-landscape-has-been-transformed/

  34. Cal

    Can we truthfully say that this twenty-first century world scene is dominated by the symbolic “wild beast,” “false prophet” and “dragon”? Yes! Hence, we all need to be warned about that God-defying trio, for it is bent on bringing about destruction of all mankind. How? Not by a nuclear third world war, but by a universal war at what the Bible calls Armageddon, Hebrew [Har–Magedon]. The Bible’s last book, Revelation, gives all people such a warning. Even though this book uses picture language, it is very clear and understandable as to the disastrous outcome of such a universal war for all mankind. As we read Revelation 16:13-16, we can see at what the warning, given in picture language, is driving. In The New English Bible the verses read:
    “Then I saw coming from the mouth of the dragon, the mouth of the beast, and the mouth of the false prophet, three foul spirits like frogs. These spirits were devils, with power to work miracles. They were sent out to muster all the kings of the world for the great day of battle of God the sovereign Lord. . . . So they assembled the kings at the place called in Hebrew Armageddon.”
    The “foul spirits” that hop “like frogs” out of the mouths of the dragon, wild beast and false prophet are not literal spirit creatures such as devils or demons. Since they come out of three mouths, they picture propaganda, in this case propaganda as foul as frogs that puff themselves up and make a dismal croaking sound. The propaganda is forceful, with a driving or persuasive power. Accordingly, the scripture continues: “They are, in fact, expressions inspired by demons.” They are “unclean inspired expressions” that come out of the mouths of the dragon, wild beast and false prophet. To what are those forceful expressions leading the rulers of the people? To no other eventuality but “the war of the great day of God the Almighty” at Har–Magedon. Yes, they are leading to war, not a war between man and man as in a nuclear third world war, but a war between man and God. This something big, of the most serious kind, Yes, Indeed it is!
    The march to the battleground of Har–Magedon is on! Is the foul, unclean propaganda persuading us individually to march with the “kings of the entire inhabited earth”? Are we going to let ourselves be propagandized into fighting against God the Almighty? If we personally do not want to do this, then how can we successfully resist the driving force of the “unclean inspired expressions” that issue from the dragon, wild beast and false prophet? We can do so only by the help of the counteractive force of the Almighty God’s holy spirit. This is a far superior force, not foul, not unclean, but holy. In Revelation 4:5, its effectiveness is pictured as being sevenfold, like the seven lamps that symbolized “the seven spirits of God.” The spirit of God is his holy invisible force. If we are enlightened and strengthened by it, we can overpower the driving force of the three unclean “spirits of demons,” or “expressions inspired by demons.”​—Rev. 16:14, American Standard Version
    Here, likely, someone might exclaim in dismay: ‘Why, such a thing would mean my taking a stand against the whole world. That is frightening!’ Yes, to a person without the spirit of God, it would indeed be so. What if we were to face, unarmed, a literal wild beast and a fiery-red dragon along with a false prophet, all at one time? Would that not be terrifying? Yes! But what about our standing up against the larger things symbolized by the wild beast and fiery-red dragon and the false prophet? Certainly it ought to be far more terrifying to stand up against a beastlike worldwide system of political rule and a nuclear-powered “false prophet” and their superhuman controller, the great Dragon, Satan the Devil! Could a mere human do this without adequate protection? In our own strength we could never hold firm against the propaganda and pressure from such mighty sources and keep refusing to compromise so as never to be a sharer with them. That triple combination, involving heaven and earth, looms up like a lofty mountain in our pathway. How can we ever surmount it?

    • Really Awake

      Interesting interpretation(s) on the book of Revelation;however, almighty God has already allowed nuclear bombs to be dropped in WW2;therefore, God certainly could allow more nuclear bombs to drop, nuclear missiles to fly and unmanned nuclear submarines to detonate. God could allow Satan and Satan’s demon army to influence (perhaps even possess) powerful men. And have those men push a button.

      Have you ever thought about how demons might actually possess somebody? It might not be like a horror movie. A person might be seemingly normal. Satan’s control might be subtle, and not scary looking at all. Satan’s control might be as short as a moment, a day or a few days. Long enough to start a nuclear war.

      I’m not implying that faithful Christians should not completely trust in God to protect them when the real Armageddon is fought; however, it is not known what events (including great wars) will happen before that final Great Day of God Almighty that’s written down in Revelation. Nobody living knows for sure. And, personally, I don’t see any genuinely inspired prophets who are infallible who are alive today. If there are any, I have yet to know of even one who can say for sure the “day and hour” of Armageddon or whether or not mankind has to endure yet another great war before the final war of Armageddon and whether or not it will include thermonuclear weapons.

      Almighty God has allowed millions to be slaughtered by means of war in just the last century alone, and He could certainly allow billions more to die from war, famine. plague and Wild-beast like government(s) which are really controlled by none other than Satan, himself.

      Armageddon shall indeed be fought with weapons of God’s heavenly angelic army which are far more lethal and selective than nuclear weapons. Those days for those who actually experience that time will be the greatest time of war ever fought.

      • Calvin Budge

        Really Awake, I agree with everything you said…….Iron sharpens iron, were all getting sharpened here! ◄ Proverbs 27:17 ► https://biblehub.com/proverbs/27-17.htm
        And if we have God the Almighty with us, we can cope with the pressure and opposition of the whole world. Nineteen centuries ago the Christian apostle Paul met a martyr’s death at the claws of the political “wild beast,” and yet he fearlessly said: “If God is for us, who will be against us?” (Rom. 8:31) Hence, what may seem like an insurmountable mountain of opposition to us the Almighty God can make like a level piece of land. That is what He said to the governor of ancient Jerusalem, whom He commissioned to rebuild the temple in that city. To encourage the governor, Zerubbabel, to go ahead despite the mountainous opposition from worldly outsiders, God said to him: “‘Not by a military force, nor by power, but by my spirit,’ Jehovah of armies has said.”​—Zech. 4:6.
        In the sixth century before our Common Era, the governor of Jerusalem put the spirit of God to the test by acting according to his commission from God. For proving God to be true, he had the joy of seeing the temple completed in the year 515 B.C.E. and of inaugurating it. (Zech. 4:8-10) Likewise, today our faith in the spirit of God is being put to the test, for we face opposition from the triple alliance of the “wild beast,” the “false prophet,” and the “dragon.” We are obliged to put God’s spirit to the test, in order to keep on worshiping at his spiritual temple and to stay separate and distinct from the world. If we do so, we are bound to be on the victorious side during the “war of the great day of God the Almighty” at Har–Magedon.

  35. Todd

    Just to make sure I heard everything correctly:
    Bo seems to state these items:
    #1. Jan 22 to 24 -something may happen.
    #2. End of Jan Crypto and Metals are to go up.
    #3 March 22 -something crazy may happen.
    #4 April 13 – something may happen.
    #5 Sometime this year (2023) -true believers will be healed from the deadly vaxxxine and people who lost their eyes/limbs will have them grow back.
    #6 Eventually silver may get to $2,000 sometime.
    #7 2030 -The Mark of the Beast comes into play.
    #8 Bo still seems to not know how to use rhetorical questions.

    Greg was great as usual!
    Did I miss or misunderstand any thing?

    Brother in Christ,

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Todd,
      Thanks for your most excellent synopsis 🙂 🙂

    • Randy Best

      Bo also pretty much said the same thing in 2022 but nothing ever materialized.

  36. Don Conrad

    Here is something I always notice about the ‘bitcoin-vs-gold’ debate. On the charts, gold always starts from current market value, so it can easily drop or rise on the charts. On the same charts, bitcoin always starts at almost $0 (in this case, $0.0007182) so going up is really the only choice, especially if you can get enough believers, speculators, investors, or hopefuls to join the bandwagon. This makes it easy to show bitcoin as the ‘winner’. and ‘smart choice’ But at the end of the day, gold is ‘in-your-hand’ no one else’s liability, insurance that has always held value for thousands of years. Bitcoin has a 14 year history (my dog lived longer), and even if it makes the crisis, will still be valued in the same fiat that is collapsing. If things resets and the world goes thru pure hell over an extended period of time, my beliefs are that gold will be my best chance to survive, and then rebuild. Thanks

    • Ray

      First Class analysis and comments there.
      Thank you sir for the solid wisdom you have shared with us.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

  37. Bob777

    Not only that, but GOD will “act against” and judge the entire inhabited earth, and except we repent, we will all likewise perish. Pay no heed to false prophets seducing you with their false, lying promises and lulling you back to spiritual sleep, instead of crying out far and wide for people to repent and turn from their wicked ways, because the LORD’S Judgment is at hand – that’s how you recognise a false prophet. GOD is about to pour out the wine of HIS Wrath undiluted on the great whore of babylon without delay and there will be no salvation except in the Name and Blood of JESUS CHRIST (YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH in Hebrew), please do not be deceived. Much love to you Greg and all listeners who have love and testimony of JESUS

  38. Thomas Malthaus

    If I live long enough to observe the hand of God swooping down to save humanity, it will be quite the awakening.

    I’m not presently capable of imagining that. Wouldn’t he need some earth-bound saints to accomplish this?

    • Harry

      The MIC and WEF are taking no chances and have plans “designed to kill off all those who may even think of helping to clean up the criminal infestation of our planet”!!

  39. S W

    Greg, you missed a chance to correct Bo when he said the US was Babylon. Didn’t you go on a rant about the US is not Babylon a few weeks ago?
    Jeremiah 50 & 51
    Isaiah 13, 14, 18, 21, 24 & 47
    Revelations 18

    Jer.50:12 the hindermost of the nations
    Jer.51:13 Rev.17:1 dwellest upon many waters
    Rev.18:16 clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and
    decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls. (exalted nation)
    Rev. 18:3 all the nations of the earth wax rich through her
    Jer.51:13 abundant in treasures
    Jer.50:29,31 proud against the Lord (arrogant)
    Jer.51:7; Rev.1:2 golden cup that makes the nations drunk
    Jer.50:11 a land that has become fat
    Jer 51: 12 prepare the ambushes, against the inhabitants of Babylon
    Jer.51:34,35 turn against Israel
    Rev.17:1 judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters
    Jer.51:52 judgment on graven images (religious idolatry/pagan worship)
    Jer 50:11 O ye destroyers of mine heritage,
    Isa. 24:5 Transgressed the Laws, changed the ordinance, and broken the everlasting covenant.
    Jer.50:23 the hammer broken (forger)
    Jer.50:4,19,28;51:6; Rev.18:4 Jewish population shall depart
    Isa 13”14 flee every one into his own land. (Foreigners flee before the destruction because of the violence).
    Jer 51:9 go every one into his own country, judgment reacheth unto heaven
    Jer.50:35 a sword upon rulers and people
    Jer.51:46 rumors and violence in the land, ruler against ruler
    Jer.50:32; Rev.18:8 fire in his cities
    Jer.51:58 labor in vain because of fire
    Jer.51:42 covered with waves
    Jer.50:30 army cut off (destroyed, made silent)
    Jer.51:53 defense mounted up to the heavens (star-wars?)
    Jer.51:33 threshingfloor (void place); thresh (walk); harvest
    Jer.50:3,9,41 a land out of the north
    Jer.50:9 the northern weapons shall hit their mark
    Jer.50:3,13 no longer inhabited
    Jer.50:3; Isa.14:4 made desolate
    Rev.18:10,19 judgment in one hour
    Jer.50:39,40 no longer inhabited as Sodom and Gomorrah
    Jer.50:40 neighbors suffer
    Rev.18:11,19 merchants of the earth weep
    Isa.14:9 Hell prepared to meet thee
    Rev.18:2 habitation of devils

    • Lisa

      Consider in verse 12, “the hindermost of nations” in place and in time.
      What country is on the opposite side of Israel (hindermost in place): USA
      What country has the last time zone before a new day begins (hindermost in time): USA
      What other country qualifies as hindermost?

  40. scott

    These certainly are interesting times. Things are changing all around us, people are dying, economies are crumbling, and strange weather events are non-stop. Guess what? We all can clearly see these things. We hardly need a sandwich board thumper to predict what anyone can clearly see in front of them.

  41. Gregory Morrissey

    Prophecy Update – Luke 21 – Skip Heitzig

    Please watch and comment, how close are we getting to the end ?

  42. dan

    Armstrong also has important date of Jan. 24th 25th. we shall see. Thanks Greg!

  43. John Maskell

    Well done Greg. It’s so refreshing to watch Bo Polny. I love his ( and yours ) enthusiasm . We will win this , just have faith and trust in our lord. I’m not a Christian but I have the deepest respect for Christianity . I didn’t have a religious upbringing ( I wished I had ) but my heart and willingness to do good is always there . I respect any religion and view a common belief that humanity must acknowledge each other with love and compassion . USA Watchdog has these qualities that’s why I love this channel !

    • Lightning

      God, so loved the world that he gave us his only son, Jesus.
      Jesus willingly suffered and died the most agonizing death on the cross , shedding his blood as an atonement for all past, present and future sins. It was his blood that washes us clean and gives us the opportunity to enter heaven.

      But we must , in our hearts and in our head, believe in him as the Son of God, believe and be grateful that he died for us as an act of Love , that he rose from the dead and sits at the right hand of God in the Judgement seat.

      Good works cannot get you to heaven. Jesus’s blood can and salvation is by faith alone, lest a man be boastful and think that Gods sacrifice falls short and must be augmented with their own deeds. Acknowledge your sins, repent of them, acknowledge Jesus as God , along with the Holy Spirit and God the Father.

      Yes, God wants us to follow his commandments , especially to love thy neighbor as Thy self, but especially to Love him.

      Please, my friend, spend time reading the KJV Bible , especially the New Testament , and reflect on this, as God wants you to be with him, but the choice to accept that invitation or slap back his outreached hand is yours.

      As a fellow sinner, I pray for you to see the light like I have.
      I wish you the peace and joy of Christ and will pray for your conversion.

      • John Maskell

        Thank you. I shall do my best knowing that a kind person which is you has my best interests at heart. So kind and thoughtful .

  44. ron martin

    Who cannot like Bo Polny & only idiots doubt the omnipotence of our creator God. As someone who was jailed for blocking an abortion mill I doubt the significance of the end of Row V Wade since not a single life of a single baby was saved. Trump contracted with Moderna to develop mRNA “vaccines” prior to the outbreak of covid19 so he is responsible for the deaths of millions. Also, name a single advisor or appointee of his that was not a traitor or enemy of the republic. I am merely an 80 year old seeking truth and I truly wish Bo’s predictions/theories/visions materialize but I think not. I see the US as Mystery Babylon whom our Father has abandoned after given many chances to repent. Now we must pay for our sins just as all nations for 6000 years who have chosen the darkside over God. Unfortunately, those who follow Bo & Trump will tend to relax like pre-tribbers and await a rescue that will never come.

    • Susan Walker

      Trump wasn’t President in 2015 when Moderna was in contract with the US gov’t for the vaccines; that would’ve been Obama. Glenn Beck exposed all this about 1 year ago. Our Gov’t not only helped create the virus, but also helped fund and research the MRNA vaccine to supposedly treat the virus. It’s all about depopulation and the new world order. You just have to look up the World Economic Forum, WHO, and Agenda 2030. They’re not hiding their plans for humanity.

  45. Rod Brumley Sr Lt. Col USMC (ret.)

    Bo is wrong almost all the time – the few times he is right he plays it for all it’s worth. I believe God will intervene but I’m not sure of the timeline – remember Nazi Germany started in the early 30’s and lasted until 1945 – so we could be in for a long horrible time. Eventually Good will Destroy Evil

    • Greg Hunter

      No Rod Bo is Not wrong all the time, but nobody is 100%. Polny has made some big calls on USAW and I wrote about on in Fed of 2020. Huge call.

      We will have to agree to disagree.


  46. john beasley

    They have plundered the USA just as they plundered Egypt.

    • Randy Best

      Are you referring to these Irsaelites?

  47. Mike Myer

    With the banks and government buying tons of gold over the past few years who’s gonna hold the wealth,??,I dare say the same evil that holds us here,,also he’s still comparing gold and silver to money price increases when he says today’s money will be worthless ,I’m a Christian but I’m just not seeing anything close to this in the bible.

  48. Russ 2

    Thank you Greg and Bo. Things are going to start getting heated.

    The May Edition Of The Irish Light: Pfizer Knew Their Vaccine Would Kill – Gemma O’Doherty Investigative Journalist Ireland

    So how many people would have been spared a vaxx shot if Pfizer hadn’t hidden the truth. How many people would have not taken a booster if the info hadn’t been suppressed. As it turns, apparently the Irish Light article came about due to a hack of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) website. The backstory is linked below.

    “Did Leaked Data Show Pfizer Vaccine Would Kill?! ”
    – Tech ARP
    “Leaked data shows shocking number of fatalities and side effects now officially associated with covid shots
    THE documents were leaked due to a cyber attack on the European Medicines Agency (EMA) website. More than 40 megabytes of classified information from the agency’s revlew were published on the dark web. and several Journalists including the BMJ were sent coples of the leak by anonvmous senders. …”

    Not a new article but I hadn’t seen it so thought I’d share. Things are looking up.

    • Russ 2

      Speaking of looking up — Just when everyone thought California would never grow food again —
      “California drought map 2023: Rain nearly eliminated ‘extreme drought’ statewide in wake of storms caused by atmospheric rivers”
      – ABC7 Los Angeles

      Good before and after drought maps.

      • Harry

        Could it be the good guys have taken over control of the weather modification geoengineering programs from the bad guys???

        • John

          I hope so !

        • Russ 2

          🙂 Yeah, I had the same thought. Suddenly, in 2 weeks +/-, the drought map goes from lots of red to virtually no red, lots of reservoirs are near capacity and the Sierras have a snow pack. I have to wonder who is at the controls of HAARP… hmm curious minds…

  49. David Bagley

    Any politician still silent about the 💉 is complicit..

    The deception is only visible through the truth of God.

  50. David Bagley

    Generalization is not anything special..

    The bible prophecy is detailed

  51. tim

    THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN TO THE DEVOS PEOPLE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8l5a9BMyx2I ROD OF GOD

    • Harry

      Seems all the fear about Iran and others getting nuclear weapons is hogwash so the MIC can have an excuse to invade another country – when all that is needed to have a powerful weapon with the same explosive power of a nuke is to put a heavy tungsten rod in space and drop it on your enemy!! (seems “Rods of God” can be the hands any nation who can launch a missile into space) – and may actually make the world a safer place (since the scorpions now going around invading nations for their gold may pause knowing their military headquarters can be targeted) – although the Pentagon was hit with a missile on 9-11 it was not a “Rod of God” – it was simply a small cruise missile “without wings” that was purposely directed by criminals within our own government right into the office of the auditors trying to figure out who’s pockets all the missing $2 to $27 Trillion in appropriated defense dollars went into)!!

  52. J.P. Morgunstun

    The significance of American citizenship and the threats it faces today.
    Citizenship is rare in human history but essential to free government. Today, the constitutional rule of citizens in America is threatened by a new form of government, unaccountable to the people, in which power is held by a ruling class that seeks to transform our society.

  53. Linda Locascio

    Greg! You’re interview was awesome!!! You allowed your guest to speak uninterrupted and you allowed him to finish his thoughts and sentences. It was terrific and I absolutely appreciate it!!!
    (Bo Polly was awesome too!)

  54. Thomas Malthaus

    Next week the debt limit comes up for a vote. Between now and April 23, we’ll have at least one or two rate hikes. Russia is going to escalate in Ukraine.

    I’d anticipate one or two surprises, but Celente has called for gold above $2,100 within two or three months.

  55. MickieKnows

    Pope Pius XII said when Israel became a nation in 1948, “We have now entered the End Times.”

  56. John Duffy

    Best presentation to date on excess deaths caused by the poison injections – it’s worse than even I thought.

  57. Susan R

    Greg, thank you for having Bo here. Thank you, Bo, for lifting my spirits! Your devotion is inspiring and enriches my life greatly. I will be watching and listening to this revelation unfold. Bless you!

  58. Southern Girl

    Greg And Bo,
    Thanks, from the bottom of my heart for all you do. I have remained with God’s peace all though out this plandemic. Thank God we got rid of our RINO Hutchinson. His son just got arrested again.
    LITTLE ROCK (KATV) — Asa Hutchinson’s son, William Asa Hutchinson III, was arrested by the Benton County Sheriff’s Office on Friday, Jan. 13.
    The former Arkansas governor’s 47-year-old son, who has been charged with multiple DWI offenses in recent years, faces even more serious charges now.

    In addition to being charged with refusal to submit to chemical testing, violation of the omnibus DWI act, and possession of a controlled substance, William has been charged with simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms.

    Thank God we now a Govenor, who is not part of the evil cabal
    “As Governor, I will always put the health, safety, and well-being of Arkansans first. President Biden declared the ‘pandemic is over’ during an appearance on ‘60 minutes’ last year. I promised that when I was elected governor, Arkansas would not have mask mandates or vaccine mandates and we would not shut down churches and schools because we believe in personal freedom and responsibility,” Sanders said. “The first case of COVID-19 was identified more than three years ago, and it is time for Arkansas – and America – to get back to normal.”

  59. Southern Girl

    Greg and Bo,
    I have still been buying silver just a little a few times a year. Thanks for all the heads up on the timeline. I knew my cousin, President Trump would be back just didn’t know when. My signs, Trump Won outside in my front yard are hanging in there. Thanks, and God bless you both.

    Anyone heard from Jerry??? Have not seen him posting lately. Worried!!

    • Ray

      Hi SG,
      As usual, your comments are spot on.
      Regarding Jerry……..yes…..where is he lately?
      He had mentioned that he wasn’t well around 6 moths ago, and he did lose his son last year, which must have been a terrible blow.
      I hope he is OK.
      One of THE great commenters here at USAWD is Jerry (along with you SG :-))
      Hope you and yours are well.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

  60. Justn Observer

    Greg, how many times can people say,, ‘ OH, thats not good! without getting overwhelmed with info and tongue tied at the same time? Interesting facts and sourced…
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdV_c0ihXkU =
    0:00 Intro, Swan Bitcoin promos
    1:40 Allegations involving banks in “One Nation Under Blackmail”
    10:21 Starting the book in the 1940’s
    13:33 Research process
    15:51 OSS intelligence agency during WWII
    29:56 Roy Cohn & 1929 crash, parallels to today
    32:55 iTrustCapital, Bitcoin 2023 promos
    35:13 BCCI Scandals & 1991 collapse
    38:51 Epstein’s bank and intelligence connections
    39:23 Clintons in the 90’s
    41:55 Epstein connection to Vince Foster
    46:11 Was Hillary Clinton selling nuclear codes to Israel?
    48:36 PROMIS (Prosecutors Management Information System) software
    52:30 PROMIS scandal
    54:09 Edward Snowden
    54:57 Journalists’ deaths in 1991
    56:04 William Barr was “a CIA mop-up man.”
    59:43 Fold app, CrowdHealth promos
    1:01:34 Larry Summers, Young Global Leaders of World Economic Forum
    1:05:20 Was Jeffrey Epstein a double agent?
    1:06:58 How much information is being collected?
    1:16:35 Twitter, Elon Musk, FBI, CIA
    1:21:09 China, TikTok algorithm, giving up information for convenience.
    1:23:37 Does Epstein have children?
    1:26:59 Was the pandemic a coordinated plan?
    1:30:23 Who’s the most powerful person in the world?
    1:33:26 “I don’t really see it as bravery, I see it as a necessity.”

    Now that it all has been inserted into the cyber systems, we all use in all the devices we buy and use…we essentially are accepting, and putting ourselves, all of our freedoms, privacy and lives at risk willingly for convenience? We can’t just point fingers and blame others when we are also doing it to ourselves wittenly and unwittenly a text, email, snapshot, app, phone call, and added device layer by layer… so all join in with me – OH, THATS NOT GOOD!

  61. DJW

    Bo’s answer to Greg’s question at around the 50 minute mark is gobbledygook. Death is certainly not passing over Israel – HUMAN deception and evil have taken innocent lives in Israel as with everywhere else. Children are innocent. It strikes me as idiotic beyond comprehension to suggest that all those who succumb to the clot shot died because they are not in God’s grace. Did I misinterpret what he said?

  62. montanagoose

    @47 mins Bo Polny claims that 1) the last day of Passover will be on April 13th this year and that 2) the angel of death came on the last day of Passover back in Exodus. He is correct that April 13th will be the last day of the Passover week in the diaspora (Pesach VIII); however, he is completely incorrect about the timing of the Exodus. On the evening of Passover (Erev Pesach) on the 14th of Aviv, Israel sacrificed their lambs, covered the posts and lintels of their doors with that blood, and then the angel of death came that very night. Not a week later!

  63. montanagoose

    @57 mins Bo Polny claims that the overturning of Roe vs. Wade is a fulfillment of 2 Chronicles 2:14. However, we must recall that these words were spoken by YHWH to Solomon at the dedication of the Temple. While abortion may indeed be very wicked, the “wicked ways” mentioned here are violations of Torah. These verses are specifically referring to 1) the blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience mentioned in Deuteronomy 28 and to 2) the repentance and forgiveness mentioned in Deuteronomy 30.

    “I have heard your prayer and have chosen this place for myself as a house of sacrifice. When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command the locust to devour the land, or send pestilence among my people, if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 2:12-14, ESV)

  64. Cathy Palmrt

    Jerimiah 32:27 – Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?

  65. Pete+only

    There was a lot to take in from this hour and a half podcast, and Bo raises some good points regarding the global swamp, and reminding us that God and Jesus has our backs.
    One key point is that there is now a hyperbolic amount of money needed by the Elites and the WEF to continue to lubricate the global corrupt officials, and the downfall of the U.S dollar as a reserve currency may put an end to their plans.
    Cliff High is of the same belief regarding the Elite’s ability to fund their evil plans going forward.

  66. Pete+only

    A week ahead of the annual Davos meeting, all of a sudden, the WEF Elites are rating “Cost of Living over the next 2 years” as the number one “major threat” to society as a whole, which surpasses Climate Change.
    Whoever believes these Elites have our best interests at heart as a society is likely double vaxed and boosted, and that is the true irony of things.

  67. Billy Channel

    Love you him ,Cliff , Catherine, all of them! Will donate when I can. Forgive me. I’m disabled and poor, but love your sanity in this crazy world.

  68. Charles McCullough

    IMHO Trump has committed a brazen sin by hosting a party for the Gay community. I suppose he could be elected again and put us back on the gold standard, but he must be a deceiver. Perhaps the anti-Christ. Not sure I believe in any of these prophets. I think Bo is correct, but the abortion laws weren’t overturned only turned back to the states to decide. That is not a united states, it is a fractured United States.

  69. Paul D Anders

    Personally, I do not see Trump coming back anytime soon.
    Proof of cheating would be the only way and at this point not a single entity has even agreed looked into that.
    If an investigation somehow start tomorrow it would take years by the time they drug it through the court system.
    I’m afraid we are stuck with Joe and the Ho for the next two years…at least.
    Q Team needs to step it up.
    And before all the nay sayers reply, if there was not an opposing force you would still be wearing a mask while waiting for your next poke. That’s assuming you were still on this side of the dirt .

  70. Gravlore

    I can’t begin to tell you how little I care about government threats. They are seriously the most undeserved humans on this earth to hold such positions. I welcome the collapse of this corrupt junk-heap of a society no matter the personal cost.

  71. Jerry Lundegaard's Oldsmobile

    So what kind of deep shit will Biden get America into this week?

    Why Was Hunter Paying Joe Biden $50k Per Month To Rent House Where Classified Documents Found? —> The most expensive place to rent in DE is $6k per month, why did Hunter pay HIS FATHER $50k per month?

    To the Republicans, Why isn’t Joe Biden a prison bitch yet?

  72. James P Paradise

    where will we go to sell an silver coin for $2000?

    • The Canuck

      First stop, a casino. Talk to the pit boss.
      It will probably be recognized for it’s weight, just like the ol days. Get some tin snips or hacksaw blades.

  73. Peter

    Just one thing Mr. Polny. A European Anti-Christ is an idea of the Reformed Church. Fact is the Roman Empire encompassed three continents: Europe, Asia, A nd Africa. Why can’t the Anti-Christ come from the Eastern Roman Empire? The Eastern Roman Empire was wealthier than the Western half. Jesus was born in Bethleham in the then Roman province of Judea. So if Satan wants to copy Christ he will need to be born of a Jewish woman from that same area. The Hebrew prophets had no notion of Western Europe but of the Middle East. So God, in my mind, will end time where he started it – the Middle East and not Europe. Same thing with the False Prophet. Saint John the Baptist was a relative of Christ born in that area. A European false prophet makes no sense to me either. A Pope from the Middle East can certainly be the False Prophet. But I doubt a European pope can be t he False Prophet.

  74. heather thomas

    It Is The Time Of Antichrist

    “We see how the power of the Antichrist is expanding, and we can only pray that the Lord will give us strong shepherds who will defend his church in this hour of need from the power of evil.”

    (orig German) “Man sieht, wie die Macht des Antichrist sich ausbreitet, und kann nur beten, dass der Herr uns kraftvolle Hirten schenkt, die seine Kirche in dieser Stunde der Not gegen die Macht des Bösen verteidigen.” ~ Benedict XVI


    the above is more in line with the prophecy of Françoise Mélanie Calvat. Read her bio, how she battled strongly against the Masons. ……… Clif High is so often ignorant & bigoted with his wholesale dismissal of the Roman Catholic Church. There has been Calvat and now today there is Cardinal Vigano.

  75. Murray Jon Krause

    If it wasn’t for Bo & his lovely missus ,I’d be feeling pretty grim these dayz

  76. steve sicinski

    take a quarter from 1964 and one from 2022 and feel the difference.
    all value has been taken out.
    silver all gone by 1968
    copper is gone from the penney.
    and most recent the nickel was taken out of the nickel.

    Give us back real money, not digital but real silver & gold. Steve

  77. KeenMind

    I don’t belong to any denomination; but, he’s right about Jesus not saying “and the day of vengeance of our God” if you go by the KJV of the Bible; but, if you go by the Douay-Rheims Bible, Jesus does say it using “reward” instead of “vengeance” which is the same thing. Vengeance is just retribution; hence, a reward for the good or bad works.
    And the movie showing this, is false. What happened in that scene in not in scripture.
    The Douay-Rheims Bible came out before the KJV and is based on the Latin-Vulgate.

    • Greg Hunter

      All you have to do is believe in Jesus with all your heart. This is what the “The Veil is torn” thing is all about. Mark 15:37-38 King James Version 37 And Jesus cried with a loud voice, and gave up the ghost. 38 And the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom.” This means we can pray directly to God the Father and His Son Jesus!!!

      • jane Jones

        I think it’s through his son Greg, same thing? Back to Sunday school, for me!

      • KeenMind

        “Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?”
        1 John 5:5
        I understand. I was merely pointing out that one Bible leaves it out and one Bible includes it. In the Latin-Vulgate “retribution” is used instead of “vengeance” or “reward”.
        Nevertheless, thank you, Greg.

    • Ken Robertson

      Visit biblegateway and search (in any translation) the New Testament, esp Romans and Revelation (not only James) for “deeds” and “works”. Hunter is painfully incorrect to say “all you have to do is believe”. Sorry but the way people are regularly misled about Christianity on USAWD is sacrilege. And the magical prophets are not the least of it.

  78. Tag Geren

    Not sure I am going to trust a Hollywood display like the “Chosen” to trust what God is saying. Actually I don’t trust anything that comes out of Hollywood. Not impressed with this interview.

    • Brian Vaci

      Just so you know. The Chosen is NOT “out of Hollywood”. It is anti-Hollywood. The creator specifically avoided movie studios and television networks. The project is entirely crowd funded by its viewers.

  79. David Caron

    We don’t have a money system, we are on a currency system!!!

  80. Rocky

    Bo looks like the nicest guy ever to be found in alternative media.

    It’s absolutely amazing how he can formulate multidimensional connections to the nth degree and then sit you down and take you down that journey for a whole hour and a half.

    This guy is a master story teller.

  81. Christine

    Interesting but long and content heavy. Too much to take in all at once. I will have a look at the slides. I am concerned about the prophecy of the churches becoming rich and having all the money and Bo thinking that’s a good idea. History tells us that leads to corruption and the Bible tells us that any churches will be taken in by the antichrist. There is also nothing in the new testament about a big revival. I know some believe it will happen but it is controversial. Guess we will see.

    • Mark Hawley


  82. Paul

    Love the new microphone Greg, much better audio quality and much easier to hear you now.

  83. Paul


    The population is going to find out about the vaccine soon. This was on the BBC

  84. William Mitchell

    Not all frauds end quickly. Social Security has been in existence for 90 years.

    • Paul from Indiana

      No, but when end does come, and it will, it will end quickly. This is a variation on “it works until it doesn’t.” How did you go broke? At first slowly, and then suddenly. Best always. PM

  85. H. L. Haldiman

    Chelsea Handler says she is deaf in one ear after her second
    @moderna_Tx shot.

  86. Juanita Wadsworth Binghamton

    Today Jacinda Ardern had her booster shot and warned us all to do the same.
    What Does It Mean to Be a Politician Going Down With the Ship?
    GOVERNMENT / By Guy Hatchard January 17, 2022
    The New Zealand Government Reaches for Total Medical Control
    If I was charitable I might say that she must be unaware of figures from overseas including Denmark, the UK, Israel, and USA which call the effectiveness of the booster into question.

    A Week of Extraordinary Revelations: Studies Confirm Serious Adverse Effects After Covid Vaccination
    How will the 2023 Therapeutic Products Bill affect the Availability of Natural Health Products?
    How Can People In Power Lie So Comfortably
    The Secret War—How Our World and the Medical Landscape Has Been Transformed

    • Ray

      Jacinta Ardern had a saline shot…….she has NEVER had an mRNA shot.
      Nor have ANY high ranking western politicians.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

    • Shiloh1

      Jacinda is satan’s spawn. Preparing NZ as a hidey-hole for WEF types.

      • Ray

        Good call Shiloh!!!!!
        The best news is…..TODAY SHE RESIGNED!!!!!!
        Hope springs eternal old mate!
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

  87. Victor Yanacovichski

    Wo in the Hell is George Santos from Brazil? Why is the New York Times people in such a tight wade over this guy? And Joe Beijing Biden’s whole life has been an outright fraud and lies?

  88. Hired by Quota

    When a child steals something, the child should return the items, apologize, affirm the lesson that was learned. Apparently several hundred years ago some people were stolen from Africa, and they should be returned so the rest of the American nation can finally live without forced inequality against the majority (since mob rules the current ‘democracy’).

    Brandon Kosatka, director of student services at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, admitted they did not issue the awards to 💩 avoid hurting the feelings 💩 of those not awarded. Asian American students are highly represented among the recipients, and some believe withholding the awards to be an act of racially motivated biases against Asian students.

    Time to remove the ‘victims’ and right a wrong.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      “I’m from Brooklyn, Mr. Tunney.”

  89. Justn Observer

    Greg, on the untruths behind gain of function orgins. =
    EcoHealth Whistleblower Dr. Andrew Huff: They Created the COVID-19 Virus Using Gain of Function in a Number of Laboratories and They Covered It Up (VIDEO)=


    “The elephant in the room,” however, according to McCullough, is the COVID jab. Before these shots were rolled out, the average number of cardiac arrests in all European soccer and football leagues combined was 29 per year. Since the advent of the COVID shots, 1,598 European pro athletes have suffered cardiac arrest, giving us a comparative annual tally of nearly 800. Of those 1,598 cardiac arrests, 1,101 were fatal.
    Are Athletes Dropping Dead From the COVID Jab? (mercola.com)=

  90. Axel Rhodes

    Western Media Now Admitting Russia Is Winning War In Ukraine While The Real Winner Is The Military Industrial Complex /Alex Jones Show January 16, 2023
    The rich get richer as the costly and deadly conflict continues
    During Sunday’s exclusive broadcast of The Alex Jones Show, the eponymous host explained to viewers how globalist arms dealers are getting rich off the war in Ukraine as Russia slowly decimates the poorest nation in Europe.
    Even mainstream media is now admitting this to the public.

  91. The Oostburg Lion

    Force a full IRS AUDIT on Al Capone Biden.
    Nail him on tax evasion, just like AL CAPONE

    From what I seen, All Capone Biden claimed his residence was the same address he also rented to son Hunter, rented at a rate which is 10X higher than the higest house for rent in the state of DE today. Bonus, Hunter got full access to numerous classifed documents while paying $50,000 per month rent to the big guy while the big guy claimed same home as residence.

    Send in the drug sniffing dogs and if any is found, confiscate the Biden house and sell it at an DEA auction.

    Republicans won’t persue it as half of DC gets away with this and 10 times more.

  92. Esmai Watson

    Today an extraordinary “wild beast,” a “false prophet” and a “dragon” dominate the earthly scene. The influence of this fear-inspiring trio reaches high up, even to the world’s political rulers, “the kings of the entire inhabited earth.” (Rev. 16:13, 14) This creates a grave danger for we common people, for the way in which our governmental rulers go affects us little people to a large degree. Yet, in spite of what our political rulers do, can we individually take a personal stand regarding the “wild beast,” the “false prophet” and the “dragon”? To what extent shall we let ourselves be influenced by these​—only to our injury? What is our defense?
    The “wild beast” is on the loose world wide! This vicious creature is supported by the fiery-red “dragon.” It is not a mere wild animal that has emerged from the dense forest of Brazil or from the jungle of some central African land. It is a kind of creature that has power, authority and even a throne. So it exercises rulership, not in the animal kingdom, but rulership in the political field. In this behalf, it has an intelligence like that of seven heads. It has a formidable power of aggression and of defense, like that of ten horns upon seven heads. That is why, in the prophetic book of Revelation or Apocalypse, it is described as a wild beast with seven heads and ten horns. It has won the admiration of patriotic people everywhere. They think that this symbolic wild beast of seven heads and ten horns is unconquerable. These admiring worshipers raise the challenging question: “Who is like the wild beast, and who can do battle with it?”​—Rev. 13:1-4. Ever wonder?

  93. Steve Bice

    Jennie Gow, BBC sports broadcaster: Stroke @ 45…


  94. E.Watson

    All along, we common people have seen this “wild beast” in action, but, before now, have any of us identified it? Have any of us figured out why it is pictured the way in which it is in the book of Revelation? This “wild beast” is with us today, and frightened people wonder for how much longer it will be with us. The inspired Bible answers that it will be with mankind down to the last, until it meets the one that can “do battle with it” and destroy it. Then it will be idolized no more.
    This “wild beast” is symbolic, like the four wild beasts pictured in the prophecy of Daniel, chapter seven. Those four symbolize certain human governments, empires, political world powers, such as the Babylonian Empire, the Medo-Persian Empire, the Grecian Empire, and the Roman Empire, with something added to picture the modern-day Anglo-American dual world super power. But what does the “wild beast” of Revelation, chapters thirteen through nineteen, symbolize? Human political rule as a whole, on a global scale. Although controlling the whole world, it is not a federation of all national governments with a central world capital. It is made up of many political parts, which have been dominated throughout millenniums of time by a succession of seven world powers. On top of that, it has been dominated by the superhuman fiery-red “dragon.”

    Earthly government of all mankind today is of human source. Hence, Revelation 13:1 pictures it as “ascending out of the sea.” It has ascended out of the vast “sea” of humanity, which is just as restless as the literal sea, and dissatisfied, because it refuses to be subject to the rulership of the Creator of heaven and earth. (Isa. 57:20, 21) The rulership to which it subjects itself is that of the superhuman fiery-red “dragon.” This explains why Revelation 13:2 informs us that “the dragon gave to the [wild] beast its power and its throne and great authority.” There is no mystery as to whom the “dragon” symbolizes. Revelation, chapter twelve, verse nine, plainly says that the “dragon” is the “original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth.” Satan the “dragon” is not alone in ruling all the political governments of the earth. He has legions of angels, superhuman spirits like himself, and these demons fight on the ‘dragon’s’ side over the issue of universal sovereignty.

  95. Robert

    Excellent presentation! Thank you for this message. I will view it again.

  96. Ron Conus

    Greg, you and other sites hungry for more views have failed to hold Bo accountable for his predictions. Next time you interview him would you please ask him to explain his prediction for Black Monday and worldwide collapse that would happen on October 24, 2022. The world has not collapsed and instead of Black Monday, the Dow has risen over 3600 points. Seems like you should be pointing out his failed predictions as well as his successes.

  97. 'a' simple horseman

    Greg, I know you and Bo are buddies and I respect that, but Bo doesn’t EVER address the ongoing Geo engineering assault, the state of the biosphere and the damn near gone ozone layer. If one were to add those factors into Bo’s time lines one would see how much “sooner” the shit is going to hit the fan and all systems fail”. And money? Lol, You can’t eat money and it won’t keep the rain off you or give you heat. It is ‘my’ opinion that the church is going to get a serious “come to God moment” for its failures and sins.
    So, When are you going to have Dane on? Oh how I wish the nice folks here would listen to Dane as intently and with open mind as they would Bo. You know what I mean there. Lastly, one thing we ‘all’ can agree on is, “short of divine intervention, we’re toast and so is the earth”. I’ll be ecstatic if we get to see 2030, but I won’t hold my breath, pun intended.

    • Greg Hunter

      I will have Dane Wigington on to address Geo Engineering soon.

      • Jackie Pollock

        Out of your many great guests Dane Wigington is one of the best on a subject no one can deny its reality, although many do..
        Looking forward to Dane’s return to USAWatchdog.com.
        Jackie from Texas

    • Jackie Pollock

      Hello “a” ,
      We people all live under the canopy covering the earth as well as do all life forms and it is a canopy none of us can remove ourselves to some place safer or freer from what is happening above every one of us. We have to only look up and see in our skies what is going on by people hired from our own numbers. Those lines and wide criss cross bands in the skies are filled with chemical toxins and are destroying our planet, our lives, none are excluded. This is a large plan being enacted and its devastation is becoming more and more the most urgent matter we all have to face. Very very soon.
      I agree with you “a” – Dane Wigington of geoengineeringwatch.org is the principal watchman and frontline hero on this topic and I too hope more people would give his reporting topmost attention.
      Jackie from Texas

  98. Coal Burner

    The Jackal! That would be Obama who is running the monster behind the scenes, since he first took office. Biden is just a common dimwit, demented crook, and husk of a man, being used as the monkey in charge. Now the Obama Cabal has decided to cut their losses and ditch him. Obama does not want the simpleton in charge for 2024 to 2028.

    • Peter

      Obama would be the Hyena behind the Jackal. My two cents.

    • Fred

      and who were the criminal billionaires that boosted the nobody Obama into prominence? Obama is as much of a front man as Biden. The largest donors to “both” parties come from the same group.

  99. JT

    Well it would certainly help if people started praying and turning to JESUS.
    God allowed Israel to be captured by Babylon when their hearts were turned away from God and toward all their earthly treasures like money.

  100. Greg

    Thanks Greg for the interview. I enjoy these types of guests. I appreciate you staying true on calling out the genocide with the shots. It’s just sad that so many are defending their decision and won’t fight back against it.

  101. Frances

    It’s Monday night – when I click to watch the video nothing happens – will not play!

    • Greg Hunter

      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)

  102. Vince Wagner

    Greg, I respect your courage for having this guy – who seldom gets anything correct – on your program.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not true Vinece, but nobody is 100%. Polny has made some big correct predictions.

      • Ajen

        Bo gets some things right, but he keeps moving the goal post. I was a subscriber of his in the fall . all his predictions were for a stock market crash in october, then november and now he is moving his crash to Dec 2023, how do you move your timeline by a year. He also was predicting all those silver levels to be reached in oct and november 2022 as well and now he’s predicting march/april. He doesnt seem to mention those previous timelines in his recent interviews. I do think precious metals will break out but in God’s timing, but wouldnt count on Bo’s timing

  103. Jimbo

    Bo is wrong…because the people (church) did not stand for what is right they will all be carted off by the Russia and Chinese handlers.

  104. Sylvia Sires

    I told you, the World Secret Religion controls the whole world! media, celebrities, world leaders, politicians, famous models etc etc. P.S. I can’t see or share the video.

    • Greg Hunter

      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)

  105. Steve

    The Bo Polney video does not start

    • Greg Hunter

      Try this: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)

  106. CatherineCronin

    ITS so wonderful to be on a platform that has so many good people. God country and family loving people are all we need to make America a moral law abiding and prosperous country again.
    God will not forsake us because there are many many good and God fearing people in this world so therefore we should just trust and have faith that God in his Mercy will eventually lead this world to a world where the Word of God is everywhere and the earth will be the place He originally wanted for us.. it will be the Garden of Eden on earth and the people who know God will be part of it.
    This year will be the beginning of the end of evil and within the decade we will be living in that land of milk and honey.
    KEEP THE FAITH,,,, and don’t stop praising God.

    • Ray

      Here Here Catherine……
      Well said.
      Very well said indeed.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

  107. debbie collins

    video on pony not playing

    • Greg Hunter

      Try this: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)

  108. Stephen Weber

    Awesome news and reporting!

  109. Randall Maxwell

    Humanity has been under the rule of Satan, with the wisdom from below, for over 6,000 years Dan. 2:44. Satan’s rule is divided into two ages by the first age of Christianity, where the King of Kings ruled on earth for about 250 years.
    We had to suffer under the wisdom from men, until the coming of the Lord’s day, 1000 years divided into two ages by the ways of men 2 Pet. 3:4; Job; James 5:7-11. The first coming of the Lord, was prophecied for 70AD Judas 3. The second coming of the Lord, was prophesied to be 40-43 years after Satan, was identified as the man of sin 2 Thess. 2:1-11; Micah 7:15; Rom. 5:12-21 which is about 2065 AD. Now we are in the first 3 years of preChristianity with the Lord granting to us wisdom from above James 1:5. In a couple of years, the second age of Christianity will be back, which is the first 40 years of Christianity before the second coming of the Lord.
    Gnosticism, the ways of men: men’s subjective truth and pseudo-science moral standards, religions, preaching, mediation, bibles, judgments, and condemnations are the cause of all human suffering. Evil men with the ways of men murdered YHWH, and today are trying to destroy all the world for themselves. It is not in man to guide his paths, much less the paths of others Jer. 10:23!
    We suffered under Satan’s rule because of free moral agency so that at the second coming of Christ, we would be well equipped to choose the ways of God over men’s ways so, around the world, billions will be saved from this perverse generation Acts 2:40!
    Consider the conversion of Saul to Paul, from the ways of men to the ways of YHWH.
    Satan rules over us by convincing us that we can be like YHWH Gen. 2:17-4:12. Satan, the man of sin, Rom. 5:12-21, the antichrist, the father of all liars, as a demon, while possessing the bodies of men, in the temple 2 Thess. 2:4, nailed Christ’s feet to the cross Gen. 3:15. He also convinced Saul that Elohim was singular in number rather than plural, that Christ did not come in the flesh, and Christ and Christians were blasphemers. It’s how Saul could, in all good conscience, be spiritually insane, hating his only source of salvation and persecuting Christians. It’s why even intelligent, conscientious men, who the Lord counts as righteous, cannot find the meaning of life. It is why we deny that Christ has all authority and believe we can preach better than YHWH Rom. 5:13; Acts 17:30: Dan. 2:44.

    The Lord is back, in these last days of the ways of men Heb. 1:2. Christ, is to be visualized in heaven as our Champion, breaking the seven seals/lies of Satan Rev. 5:1ff., that gives to modern man the Sword of the Spirit so we can fight the good fight of faith against the ways of men in these last days of the ways of men.

    Science is back. The Destroyer, the Messenger of Death, and Space Weather are avatars representing Christ. Throughout history, the Lord has utilized His countdown clock of doom to save the righteous and destroy the wicked cf. water with Noah. In 40 -43 years He will utilize fire to save the righteous Eph. 2:17; Matt. 5:5; Rom. 5:13; Acts 17:30 and destroy the wicked 2 Pet. 3; Rev. 18:4; Acts 2:17-21; Joel 2; Rev. 6; Rev. 8, etc.
    The ways of YHWH are as high as the heavens above the ways of men, exceeding abundantly greater than we can imagine Isa. 55:9; Eph. 3:20.

  110. Freedomdog

    God will act against the swamp ….. but the people do nothing….nor do they know who they are and will be lost because of their ignorance.
    Most are stuck in some type of messiah complex. They will never take full responsibility for their life. They want someone or something else to do it for them.
    The way this country was envisioned to function was for it to be a union of free republics with free self governing people refered to as state nationals. There were no US citizens in the begining…..There where no citizens at all but free people on the land. The term citizen refers to one who is bound to loyalty to the state in exchange for protection. It’s a knock off from feudal times- which is trying to make a comeback if you care to notice.
    Although God is ultimately in control people still need to have correct relationship to truth and still must have awareness of knowing who they are in relation to those systems of corruption that have tried and do in fact still enslave those not paying attention.
    The choise will be yours and you will either be aware of that choise or not.

  111. virginia clark

    Greg: PLEASE interview Sasha Latypova. I thought I knew almost everything about the shots, but this information blew me away. Destroy from within is an understatement.
    I watched an interview with her and Dr.Jane Ruby onhttps://ugetube.com/
    And part 2 on Rumble/aftertalk.
    Thank you as always for BO. I really needed his good words after listening to the above.
    I trust in God,, not the church. Believing is becoming work, but one must persevere.
    The only objection I would have, is in the Church being the “bride of Christ”. The church today in many denominations is corrupt. I abhor that the leaders of many bought into or were paid off by big pharma and instructed their church pastors/priests etc. to encourage the shot instead of suspecting the “mark of the beast” in any form. And shame on the parishioners who did not follow Jesus’s teachings.
    That was the main reason, even with all the info I saw (especially from A.Jones), the passage when Jesus says not to accept the Mark or go along with any man made mandates (paraphrasing). It stuck out as a red flag for me. Thank God.

    • Greg Hunter

      Karen Kingston is next. I like her more. Kingston will reveal some very interesting points with the DOD and Pfizer CV19 bioweapon/vax injection contracts.


  112. Jim Hall

    Greg I’m simply amazed at the intellect of your audience, but beyond that the wisdom that they possess. This was a great post and I found myself smiling throughout the entire program. Something I do to little of now. Thank you for having Bo on your show, it was truly inspirational, something that we all need during these trying times. God bless you and your wife and know that you are loved and appreciated by your listeners.

  113. Jim Hall

    I love Dane Wiggington too. You have the best guests on the internet. They actually tell the truth too. Catherine Austin Fitts, Martin Armstrong, Clif High, and many others that I can’t think of off hand.

  114. James

    What group of people does Bo refer to as Israel?

  115. Pete+only

    Spiritual awakening in Buffalo the other week. My wife was right immediately after it was known that Damar Hamlin was going to survive his ordeal being injured playing for the Buffalo Bills football team. She watches people recalling their near death experiences on youtube while I typically watch the football games and of course usawatchdog. she predicted that Damar would have some really interesting things to share from a spiritual basis, and one of those things is “God is Real”…no doubt in my mind, but today, in my opinion, a lot of people have lost their way.


    There will be 3.5 years great tribulation on the earth. It is in the Bible also.
    America is not in the prophecies of the Bible.
    EU is and it is the revived Roman Empire. The Third World War will start from there
    It will be no nuclear war on the earth.
    The Church is the nation of Israel, the former black slaves of the earth.
    US is crashing now.
    Bo does not know the Bible and makes assumptions that are nothin to do with what it is going to happen.
    He has not a clue if the Third Temple and the significance of it is.
    Bo does not know about the Roman Empire.
    Bo does not know about the Third Temple.
    Bo does not know about the God’s nation.
    He does not know what is coming to America and no, it is no good.
    I sent you, Greg a one hour video in which I explained what is coming to the world and how it is going to be. Strictly based on the prophecies of the Bible.
    But you prefer to listen people that make stories.
    All what he is talking is just almost nothing.

  117. Sal

    When will you get Jim Sinclair back on?

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not know.

  118. Lisa

    The video shows up but it’s an image, and won’t play. I updated the browser and it still won’t do anything. Maybe if someone could post a link to the video directly at Rumble or wherever it’s originating, that might work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Try a different browser. Also follow all of what I suggest in my tech note: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)

      Please let me know if any of this worked.


  119. Barbara Janzen

    Too bad Bo never mentions tithing. Every single person I know who has committed to tithing has been taken care of and blessed in ways you could never think up. GOD IS FAITHFUL TO HIS WORD. I have experienced it myself. Since I committed to tithing to my church 2 years ago, I’ve NEVER missed rent and I ALWAYS have more than enough. It sure beats struggling and being scared that’s for sure! Some folks can’t buy silver, but EVERYONE can tithe 10% to their local church. Sure, it’s scary at first but when you see God’s faithfulness right before your very eyes, it’s amazing! Watch The Tithe Project here:
    https://tithemovie.com/. It will cost about $15 to download, worth every penny in gold.

  120. Mark F

    Wow Bo nailed it again,
    Crazy stuff regarding 13+ billion loan from federal housing. Stopping all bitcoin transactions under $100k. For the facts listen to Mike Adams health ranger interview with John Perez on Brighteon! This is fascinating and Bo called the exact date once again!!!

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