God’s Trump Cycles Continue – Bo Polny

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Financial analyst and cycle expert Bo Polny called for a big market crash by the end of 2019. It did not happen. There was a good reason why. Polny says, “Billions and billions of dollars were pumped into the market at the end of the year to not let the crash happen. That is the number one reason the markets did not crash in December. That takes us to the second point, and that is the cycle is not over yet. . . . That is still pointing to a very big event in the first or second quarter of this year and the latter part of the year, too. This is not over. We are not out of the woods.”

Bo also says, “We have seen the highs in the stock market . . . and come this Wednesday, it will be the start of something not so nice in the markets. We have a down cycle that began on Friday February 7th, and the markets are expected to continue down all of next week.”

Polny thinks this down cycle for the markets will not stop until late April and forecasts there could be a “35% correction.”

So, will this sink President Trump’s chances for a second term? Polny, who has coined the term “God’s Trump Cycles,” says, “Absolutely not, according to Daniel’s timeline. It is two cycles of 1,260 days. This April 21st is only the completion of the first half of the cycle of 1,260 days. Then we have the second cycle of 1,260 days taking us into the end of 2023. So, Trump’s election is this November, and he’s going to continue to be President, and the cycle doesn’t end until December of 2023. Does that mean you don’t need to vote for Trump? The answer is 100% you must go vote for Trump. Here’s the thing you must understand whether you like Trump or not. The bottom line is the math calculations I present to you in my PDF (found for free in the “After the Interview” section) presentation is beyond any form of mathematical luck. It’s impossible for this to be luck.”

Polny has also made some big calls you cannot chalk up to luck. In December of 2015, he called a “bottom in gold at $1,045 per ounce” on the exact day it bottomed. Almost all other experts were calling for the yellow metal to go lower. In May of 2019, on USAWatchdog.com, Polny predicted gold would “never look back from $1,275 per ounce.” Polny was correct again. Gold is now $1,570 per ounce. In November of 2018 (Midterm Election Day), Polny predicted on USAWatchdog.com there was going to be a market crash going into the fall. The DOW fell nearly 20%, and stopped falling on Christmas Eve. Polny has also made many other well documented calls on Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

So, what is Polny saying now on gold, silver and Bitcoin? Polny predicts, “This September going into October, gold embarks on a bull market the likes of which we have never seen before. That doesn’t mean we will not have gold to continue to go up because we will, but there is going to be a second leg for gold that’s going to be epic. . . .That will tie into the 7 years of plenty. We have had 3&1/2 years so far, but the plenty is not over yet.”

On Bitcoin, Polny says, “It is just going to keep making higher highs and higher lows. . . . It’s just going to keep accelerating.”

In the years ahead, Polny says, “Bitcoin will be moving with gold . . . and topping at $200,000 per unit.”

Silver is your least risky play, and it’s the best deal because Polny says, “Silver is cheap. . . . There is going to be faster returns in Bitcoin in the short term, but in the longer term, silver is the way to go.” Polny predicts silver will end up being hundreds of dollars an ounce, and gold will be thousands of dollars per ounce in the next few years. Polny says renowned gold expert Jim Sinclair’s prediction of gold at $50,000 an ounce is not farfetched.

Polny says, “We are going to have several phases where it just breaks, and gold and silver explodes. They are trying to hold it down, but there are going to be phases where it just spikes. There may be a phase where the market just explodes and spikes and they shut the markets down for a couple of weeks. . . . They might open the market back up, and silver may be $60 or $70. You can expect at some point that silver explodes and doubles or triples in price.”

In closing, Polny warns, “Please remember we are going to have 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine. . . . It’s so important that you must prepare because these are times of plenty, and when the other side of the coin hits, it’s not going to be pretty.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on One with analyst Bo Polny, founder of Gold2020Forecast.com in an extensive interview.

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After the Interview:

You can find free information on Gold2020Forecast.com.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,
    I’m always intrigued and objective when Bo speaks.
    One must always keep an open mind.
    Prepare best you can my mates as this is only the beginning.
    Like I’ve mentioned before; I’ve never seen face masks and hand sanitizers sell out, no matter how much the MSM try to calm things here, the people can feel something is jus not right

    • Rachel

      Hi Greg,
      Thanks for bringing Bo Polony on. I enjoy listening to his unique research and ideas.

      Anthony, our masks were sold out due to our bushfires well before the news broke regarding the corona virus. We have had countless days of excessive fire smoke in air this summer that makes it tough for people who want to exercise outdoors or play sport. And also it triggers asthma in some people as well. Even today in my area there is smoke outside right now. (Melbournes Eastern Suburbs)

    • Brendan James

      Enjoy your posts Anthony. Said it for a long time, but China wants to take over the world and Australia and NZ are going to be colonies of China. No doubt imo. (partly are already) Troubled times ahead in the Pacific. Russia and China will join, America will be neutralised and European countries will be picked off by Russia like USSR (just not socialist) and Africa (the strategic countries with minerals and farming) will be one massive colony of China. South East Asia will be controlled and owned (some of it nearly are already)…. China will pay back Japan for WW2…. Us goes off petrodollar and has limited control around the world. And last point is that Coronavirus is just one big bioweapon that is another dynamic of strategic warfare…

    • Lucas Doolin

      Sold out from what I can tell in the Philippines too.

      Bo if you are reading comments here can you discuss what you see for gold and silver miners? Conventional wisdom says they will go up much higher than the price of gold or silver. If gold and silver and sold out everywhere people will have to buy miners if they want exposure to precious metals. Your thoughts?

      • AL


        • Occasnltrvlr

          Yes, of course, The Chaplain.

      • H. Craig Bradley

        Right now, the U.S. Dollar is strong. So, the price in gold reflects this economic relationship. Plus, demand by most Americans for gold or silver is nil. So, gold is not going to do a moon shot any time soon. The gold bugs have a broken record as with each uptick, they predict the gold bull is alive. Not quite yet, folks.

        Here is what matters the most: The strength of the U.S. Dollar


    • Jason Sykes

      I have been watching your site for several years. I believe I have watched every video interview over that time. You have had Bo on previously trying to wrtiggle out of his ‘absolutlely certain’ predictions that didn’t come true. Making a prediction then saying it didn’t come true because of money printing, is rediculous.

      I thought you had learnt by now, that Bo is a Loon. Having him on your site deminishes its credability. He cites no fundamentals, just his own impressions of what God is going to do.

      Keep the good work up.

      • Robin Miller

        Bo’s so-called “Vortex math” is just hand-waving and smoke. There is no such mathematical discipline. Sheer chartist snake-oil, taking advantage of the innumeracy of the public.

        There are plenty of reasons to expect financial panic, and why PM’s should be part of your preps, but they are based in reality – e.g., Coronavirus shutting down the supply chains. My Dad (pbuh) told me that ‘showing up and paying attention is half the job’ – and keeping a weather eye on the news (and your site) can aid in that quest. But I am disappointed that no hard questions were asked of this numerological charlatan. Put not your faith in fortune-tellers!

    • Renee

      OMG I loved Bo!! He was my favorite interview you have done. Please bring him back on. Any one who was on here saying he is full of it….You are wrong! He said stock market would begin to crash. Well it is,exactly the correct time he said it would. He has been right so many other times. I wish I could afford his subscription! I would love him to teach us about the other crypto currencies like XRP Ripple. Thank You Bo,for what You did give us for free.

  2. R. Patrick

    Ok Fine

    We will keep an eye on April 21, 2020. I’m seeing a lot of signs that the global economy is at a tipping point! We are prepared, most are not. Printing trillions of dollars, euros, yen, yuan can’t be good! If its not April fine! more time for preparing. China looks to be falling apart quickly.

    I noticed the Border Patrol and Sheriffs are in possession of Armored Transports (MRAPS). They have gun turrets on them. Probably just for parades and what not? Lol.

    • paul jr.

      Glad to hear that those protecting our southern border are properly armed.

    • K.Wayne

      It could arrive a lot sooner than April 21, 2020.
      This paper written and released by Global Research regarding the Corona virus (nCoV2019) is a must read for those who want a first hand account of the unfolding crisis.
      Startling claims of a man made disease for this and other Viruses.
      This is a follow up story from the same people explaining how the Western Media spin the news on the Virus.

      • K.Wayne

        Chris Martenson’s offering about the nCoV 2019 should be required reading for all. He makes a number of valid observations and is very blunt about the flow on consequences. This is his BlackSwan moment.
        His key points are complacency and real risk.
        But his summary is nothing short of terrifying if it comes to fruition.
        “This is already a massive shock to the Chinese economy. Which in this hyper-connected world, will quickly translate into a shock to the entire global economy” .

        • K.Wayne

          Charles Hugh Smith does an exemplary job too when he throws the onus back on us the people …asking “What were we thinking”? Are we that delusional that we miss this entirely? Context is everything.
          Read this article, superbly done.

          • K.Wayne

            Here is the horrific truth of life in China under this Dystopian Quarantine scenario…..coming to a state near you.

            • K.Wayne

              3 provinces, 60 cities and 400 million people are now facing China’s most-strict level of lockdown as Beijing struggles to contain the coronavirus outbreak as the virus has already spread to more than 2 dozen countries.

              • paul ...

                This is what is important for everyone to keep in mind … of the 830 confirmed cases … 25 have died!! … so “we now know” that the death rate “once infected” is 3% … back in 1918-19 the population of the world was 1,600,000,000 and the flu pandemic back then killed 10% (of the people 500,000 people who got infected) and 50 million people died … but “so far” it looks like this Corona Virus is “3 times less deadly” then the 1918-19 flu … today the world population is 7,800,000,000 if 1/3rd get infected (like back in 1918-19) but only 3% die (not the 10% that died back in 1918-19) … then we are looking at the Corona Virus only killing 78 million people (but it will result in “more deaths” then 50 million who died worldwide in the 1918-19 pandemic … even though the Corona Virus seems to be “less deadly”)!!!

                • paul ...

                  err … the world population was 1,600,000,000 and the flu pandemic back then killed 10% (of the 500 million people who got infected (500,000,000) and 50 million people died!!

                  • paul ...

                    So how dangerous is this Corona Virus? … it compares very well (in terms of the deaths it can inflict) with what evil men did to themselves in the greatest war in history … during World War II (the deadliest military conflict in history) an estimated total of 70-80 million people perished (which was about 3% of the 1940 world population of 2.3 Billion people) … this is the magnitude of the problem the world now seems to be facing (and it seems we will need some “divine intervention” to stop it)!!

                • K.Wayne

                  What is abundantly clear to me is that this is no ordinary flu/virus.
                  No data or commentary coming out of China can be trusted.
                  They (CCP) seem to be taking extreme measures by way of locking down 400 BLN people for only a few hundred deaths. Hunting down suspected carriers (“Infected”) and taking them to quarantine shelters (Death Camps). Restricting personal rights – 14 day curfew.
                  The crematoriums working 24/7 is nothing short of breathtaking. Death toll is in the order of magnitude 100 times higher than reported.
                  Knowing full well the consequences to their economy, the CCP have resorted to shutting off China.
                  Reports of 5 Cruise Ships, each with more than 2000 passengers on board are being rejected by all ports because of passengers being infected.
                  The WHO have been negligent in not declaring this a Global Emergency sooner.
                  There is a narrative that the Governments in the East and West are pushing to ensure there is no breakdown in society. The narrative is not in sync with their actions.
                  The Government in China has overtly failed its citizens. The same will be true when this virus hits America. We cannot rely on our Local, State and Federal Governments to ensure the safety of every American citizen. We must all become self-reliant. It that sense self-quarantining will be essential.

        • Mike

          Chris is good in how he describes the corona scenario. Smart guy. The thing I keep coming back to, is with over 400 million quarantined, and businesses by and large shutdown, the economic hit being taken by China right now, would only be allowed if hundreds of thousands were dying, and 10’s of millions were infected. While 1000 deaths is a lot, when you have 1.5 billion people in a country, that country is already experiencing thousands dying every day due to many other causes. 1000 deaths is a minor blip in that sort of daily scenario, even if you just look a Wuhan, a city with 11 million people.

          If 400 million are quarantined, that leaves over 1 billion still moving around. Even if that is ‘rural’ everyone knows that many people from the cities, commute back and forth daily from rural to urban for their jobs, and that situation occurred long before things were locked down.

          I’d have to say that no less than 150,000 deaths have occurred from Corona Virus, and more than 2 million have already been infected, given the fact that everyone knows Rnaught is above 2.0. It would ONLY be those sorts of numbers, that would force a quarantine of this size, and duration, where the cases and deaths are simply OVERWHELMING the entire China ‘health care system.’ The quarantines arent there just to arrest the spread, but to stem the onslaught on the medical people, the police, the funeral homes, the crematories, the people involved in infrastructure and city management. If they didn’t keep people inside, they would have mass riots on every street, and at every possible venue like hospitals where people were already waiting in lines with thousands asking for help at each one.

          WHO and the CDC must know there are many more thousands dead, and must know millions are infected. Yet they are being mum on it, so as to not ‘panic’ the entire globe. There is nothing anyone can do now globally anyway, except go about one’s business.

          Sure people can ‘prep’ but I dont think WHO nor CDC wants people to ‘prep’ as so many things would run out, as there would be a run on everything. We are a ‘just in time’ society, with no spare capacity to produce enough food or medicine to allow everyone to store up a few weeks, or even dare say a few months. Empty shelves would further incite panic, just like a run on a bank. Even bank runs could, if people felt threatened by possible food shortages nationwide or globally. So whether we like it or not, I doubt we will ever hear the truth, unless this is somehow contained in the next few weeks. The odds of containment are quite low, and so the virus will either have to mutate to something less contagious or less deadly, or just be allowed to run ts course, even if it means people in China go back to work before its over, and millions more get infected.

          Epidemiologists are putting the numbers at 56 million infected before this is over. Maybe we are still in the 1 st inning of this. China could not possibly quarantine 400 million for more than a few more weeks. Their entire economy would grind to an un-recoverable halt, and take years to start back up. Starvation and riots would ensue, as there would not be enough people able to keep running food into those quarantined. I suspect that is already happening where too many are going hungry, and finding ways to flee the quarantined areas.

          • Bob Lamb

            Why is the US setting up military bases as quarantine sites if this was not serious? This and the Chinese response all make me think it could be more serious than reported like you said.

    • Lucas Doolin

      I have both. But I wish I had bought the Faangs 10 years ago.

  3. Cole Davis

    May God continue to bless you richly for your faithfulness, Greg. Whenever I hear Bo share his insight, I experience a peace that passes understanding. The human condition, and indeed, where we are on the edge of history, is very sobering and can be flat out depressing. This is why the insight provided by interviewees like Bo is so valuable – he reminds us that God is in control.
    Thank you, Greg.

  4. H. Craig Bradley


    Bo calls himself an market “analyst”. Heck, Joe Biden thinks he can still be president, as does Sen. Elizabeth Warren. We are clever at fooling ourselves. We have rather big egos but its usually to compensate for being less impressive otherwise. Every man thinks he is right in his own eyes. However, if you are from Missouri, you may have some doubts about it.

    • Auntie Seize

      Men are inherently lazy. That is why they would prefer to listen to and accept the prognostications of self-proclaimed experts than to do their own homework/investigation.

      Jesus said that the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of TRUTH – would LEAD you into all truth.
      Therefore you need no intermediaries between you and God.

      • RichM

        Very wise Aunty Seize….

  5. Thomas McLaughlin

    Thank you Greg for having Bo Polny back on, got up at 4 AM to watch it twice before I shine up my halo with God.
    Sure that Bo has made incredible calls, missed some calls too, but I really do like his presentations, conviction and time cycle work.
    To the nay sayers, if you understand that everything in nature has a repeating cycle, a year has 4 seasons, you know that summer follows spring but you con’t predict exactly how hot it will be.
    Another analogy, as cycles predict a predisposition for a market move up or down, it’s like flying with a tail wind or a head wind.
    Thanks again Greg for having Bo on again, I really enjoy his presentations!

    • BrendanJames

      Cycles are like trying to determine the weather. Just tooooo many variables. And in todays age… There are more than EVER!!

  6. Howie

    Greg, The last time Bo Polny was on your broadcast, he predicted all-time highs in the precious metals by the end of 2019. Now he is saying the second leg of the bull market will start in October of this year. By that I infer we won’t hit all-time highs this year either. I will believe what Bo Polny says when it happens. Charles Nenner said we will hit $2,500 within three years. That I believe.

    • Greg Hunter

      No he did not predict all time highs in precious metals in 2019 on USAW. I was there.

      • BrendanJames

        Thanks for the correction.

      • The world's greatest trader

        Hi Greg, I think what Howie was referring to was this interview back in May 26th 2019. He doesn’t say all time new highs he actually goes further and says :
        1)end of financial system as we know it (I don’t see much difference)
        2)the markets were about to crash (I don’t think that happened at all)
        3)The move in July for gold and silver will be epic/biblicle (I take epic/biblicle to be a massive move, I think it was a brief 10% move).

        Don’t take my word for it, watch the interview and make your own minds up. However if you are calling for a massive crash regularly, at some point a crash may occur at that time. I don’t consider a 10% or 20% correction a crash I’m afraid.

        Love your channel Greg, my first stop for real news! God bless

        • Greg Hunter

          We covered Pony’s bad call at the very beginning of the latest interview. Polny admitted he got it wrong.

          • The world's greatest trader

            Yes I watched the interview (actually twice) but I was only replying to your comment above to Howie where you say Howie was wrong.

            No he did not predict all time highs in precious metals in 2019 on USAW. I was there.’

          • mikam

            True prophets don’t get it wrong sometimes and right other times.

            • Greg Hunter

              Polny has said many times he is NOT a Prophet. He calls himself and “Analyst of Time.”

              • WD

                Its next to impossible to make accurate predictions when so many sources are “cheating” the whole system.
                The fundamental math just doesn’t add up….And as I have been instructed my whole life…the math dont lie!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you not watch the interview? We covered his wrong prediction at the very beginning.

  7. JC

    Greg, when you mentioned the date April 21, I thought of something that G.A. Stewart has pointed out in his book as well as in his latest post.

    April 20th is Hitler’s birthday.


    “When I started looking into the history of this date, even before Adolf Hitler was born in 1889, many important and often bloody historical events seemed to occur on this date, or on the eve of this date. These include some highly symbolic events related to Christianity, such as the foiling of the Pisonian Conspiracy to assassinate Emperor Nero in 65 CE, and the martyrdom of Ælfheah, the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1012 CE, and this extends right to the beginning of Pope Benedict XVI’s reign on April 19th, 2005.”


    • Gary Galant

      April 19, 1775 was the start of the American Revolution, also the raid on the Branch Dividian was April 19 as was the Oklahoma City bombing.

  8. Papa Randy

    I have been looking foreword to this interview all week Bo Polny never fails to encourage, and entertain his enthusiasm is infectious (I should pick a better word).

    His main goal being to educate, I respect his fearlessness in putting out, and standing behind his work. This being an uncommon trait these days.

    So many analysts fear damaging their reputation. May we follow his example, and your constant reminder to fear not. Thanks again for the interview! Koolerbythelake.blogspot.com

  9. Jerry

    In the last days, there will be heard, the sound of a loud Trump.

    I’ve posted this before. The lord always announces the sound of his coming ahead of time with the shofar. Daniel truly testifies of the last days. But I prefer the parable of the ten virgins, because it speaks directly to the members of Christ Church. Keep your lamp trimmed my friend. We are truly in the midst of darkness, and this is no time to sleep.

  10. jim

    Greg you are the best , But if you keep having people like Bo on your show , you will lose viewers , He make no sence with his numbers and charts, He has NEVER been right, yes he guessed right one time, Got lucky. How can you go by numbers and charts when you know everything is manipulated . He totally loses everyone with all his numbers and cycles.

    • Greg Hunter

      Bo would be the fist to say he’s not 100% and is said so at the beginning of this interview. As far as Bo “NEVER been right,” the facts and his record say that is not true. Please read what I wrote: “Polny has also made some big calls you cannot chalk up to luck. In December of 2015, he called a “bottom in gold at $1,045 per ounce” on the exact day it bottomed. Almost all other experts were calling for the yellow metal to go lower. In May of 2019, on USAWatchdog.com, Polny predicted gold would “never look back from $1,275 per ounce.” Polny was correct again. Gold is now $1,570 per ounce. In November of 2018 (Midterm Election Day), Polny predicted on USAWatchdog.com there was going to be a market crash going into the fall. The DOW fell nearly 20%, and stopped falling on Christmas Eve. Polny has also made many other well documented calls on Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.”
      Jim, nobody is forcing you to come to a free site. I put on who I think is Most helpful and interesting to the public. By the sounds of your comment you did not even watch the interview.

      • BrendanJames

        No offense Greg – but it just comes down to luck. No one has a clue in the current environment. No one foresaw the QE to eternity. A clock does strike twice a day. Having said that, then you talk about fundamentals. And I love that. You speak logic and good ol common sense. AND you get people on with differing opinions. You’re doing a great job. Thank you.

        • Greg Hunter

          Not really Brendan. We are in the biggest money printing era in the history of fiat currency and the history of the world. There are no markets and zero price discovery. Every week we see a new and more outrageous manipulation, liquidity injection or outright financial fraud. This will end badly, and again, this time is like no other in recorded history. If Bo is off by a few month, so what. You all better get ready and stay ready. Peop0le are going to be stunned how fast this gets bad and stunned again on how bad it will get.

      • paul jr.


        Bo Polny made bottom calls in gold at higher levels before he finally got that one right.

        • Greg Hunter

          Not true paul Jr.

          • Greg Hunter

            No Paul Jr.,
            I did not post your comments because I am not posting hit pieces on Polny from anonymous people such as Silver Doctors. Who are the Silver Doctors? What are their names??? Did you personally vet this information? Of course not!!!! Here’s what I know and wrote about in my post: “Polny has also made some big calls you cannot chalk up to luck. In December of 2015, he called a “bottom in gold at $1,045 per ounce” on the exact day it bottomed. Almost all other experts were calling for the yellow metal to go lower. In May of 2019, on USAWatchdog.com, Polny predicted gold would “never look back from $1,275 per ounce.” Polny was correct again. Gold is now $1,570 per ounce. In November of 2018 (Midterm Election Day), Polny predicted on USAWatchdog.com there was going to be a market crash going into the fall. The DOW fell nearly 20%, and stopped falling on Christmas Eve. Polny has also made many other well documented calls on Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.”
            I confirmed and vetted the information above. These are only a few good calls that I personally know because I heard the prediction when he made it!!! Polny has many other calls documented with his subscription service and on YouTube. But you only want to tear him down and make him look like he’s wrong 100% of the time which is verifiably false!!!!!!! It’s also Not fair or objective. You simply want to make Polny look as bad as possible because you hate him, and you want to do it with a chicken $#!T anonymous name with chicken $#!T anonymous sources. Silver who?? You have been on here awhile and you are a bit of a blockhead. You do not understand that the markets are manipulated worse than at any point in recorded history, and yet, you want to show us all some stupid long term chart of stocks and ignore the money printing, manipulation (overt and covert) and financial fraud worse that ever before in history. Making calls in this environment can be a little difficult but Polny has managed to make some very good calls.
            Is Polny 100%? No!!!!!, and he would be the first to tell you that. You do realize I started the interview with Polny asking him why he made a mistake in calling a crash at the end of 2019? Give it a rest “Jr.” You are not being forced to watch, and I doubt you even watched the interview. You just hate Polny. So, NOT NO but HELL NO, I did not post your anonymous hit piece with you anonymous sources.
            And don’t bother to answer as I am not going to post it. I get the last word here. Now, go away.

            • Steve Bice

              One advantage of using our real names when we post is that it serves as an important “filter” for what we write. It makes us kinder and more careful, and eliminates some of the arrogance and smugness that can emerge from behind a mask.

              With so many challenges in our world, we need to restore civilized debate so the best ideas can rise to the surface without fear of ridicule and constant ad hominem attacks. No one can tell the future with perfect clarity, and to hold someone to that standard is absurd.

              Bo is a good man, doing his best. Every listener, reader and investor is responsible for his own vetting and analysis of any forecast. To suggest otherwise is an abdication of personal responsibility. Scapegoating accomplishes nothing… and ultimately reveals more about the critic than the one being criticized.

              Consider coming out from behind the pseudonyms and standing behind what you write to further strengthen our discourse on Greg’s incredible platform. It doesn’t hurt (much) at all…

              • Brendan James

                What’s wrong with having an opinion and to let the “audience” decide? Guess that is the epicentre of free speech.

    • BrendanJames

      I’m with you Jim. No one really has a clue. No one saw the stock market breaking record after record etc etc etc. As I said to Greg, it’s not just Bill, it’s all just a guessing game. I’ve gone all in with Gold and Silver and one day I absolutely believe I will get a wonderful return on investment. When it will be… Not one person has a clue. But as the debt deepens everywhere, that day is getting mighty closer. My 2020 major goal was Health. Master that as best one can. Without it we won’t be enjoying the rich reward of smart investing. Key consideration is when to pull out when everyone heads for metals and where to invest the cash 🙂 And listen to Greg’s basic logic. He is as smart as any of the guests. He is just modest.

      • Freebrezer

        B – My thoughts – I hope the price of gold goes way, way down! If gold is going up, up, up, things are getting worse, worse, worse and the fiat $$ currency (and all other world fiat currencies) is/are loosing their remaining purchasing power … If gold is at 10,000 US$, a loaf a bread will be at 25+ $, gas at 35+$ … this is not good! When the poor can not afford a loaf of bread, society gets real ugly and goes to hell real quick! As a lot of guest on Greg’s show point out – Gold & silver are (at least for us little guys) an insurance policy, a storage of value, against a corrupt government and fiat currency, and for the worst case of a breakdown of society.

        • Brendan James

          Freebreezer, I had this discussion with someone the other day. I am sorry to say this but the world needs a world war or something of huge magnitude (disaster) for society to reset. I dont want it in any way shape or form, but societies in general have become a cesspool of debauchery, corruption, greed and disgusting values… Precious metals will be an insurance policy, but they will also go to the moon. This is why Greg has said GET PREPARED for as long as I can remember. It is inevitable what is around the corner. Society is heading for a breakdown like we never imagined.

    • Revd Andrew de Berry

      Have to agree Jim.

    • Jerry

      This is a chart you cannot argue with. Even with repos liquidity in the banks is cratering.

      I’m not sure about Bo’s prediction for April, but if money velocity continues to decline, April could be the bottom of the index. And the end of the dollar as reserve currency.

  11. Mike

    It is not possible to predict a high for metals because there is no limit on fiat dollar creation. The fair market value for gold/silver is much higher than today’s price but insane devaluation of dollars does not create any additional wealth in gold/silver.

    • Freebrezer

      So right! it took years and years of listening to Greg (and others) to realize this!

      • Steve Bice

        There is a wealth play in the metals precisely because of the manipulation in London and on the Comex. Naked shorting spoofs the market by creating massive additional (artificial) supply, which pegs a much lower equilibrium price. When the paper market is overrun, price will snap back…as it responds to actual supply.

        Anyone who bought at artificially suppressed prices will enjoy a significant rise in personal wealth. Analysis of recent and current market conditions suggests the now often repeated axiom that gold (and silver) are simply wealth insurance should be critically re-examined…as it has a significant bearing on recommended allocations to the sector.

        For a more complete discussion of this subject, see the response to Paul and Paul Jr. in the comments (3/4 of the way down) in Greg’s January 19th interview with Rob Kirby.

  12. JC

    Today I bought a $25.00 pre-paid Master Card that is used for online purchases and successfully donated to USA Watchdog. It’s easy and no worries. Please everybody, let’s all try to chip in to help Greg keep USA Watchdog up and running.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you JC!!

  13. Howie

    Greg, Please listen to your interview with Bo Polny on May 26. At minute 24 of that interview, Bo DID say gold, silver and bitcoin would be at all-time highs by the end of the year. I just listened to the entire interview. I am not making it up.

    • Greg Hunter

      OK Howie He got it wrong but let’s give him some credit too. Both gold and silver went up significantly from May 26 2019, especially gold.

  14. AL



  15. eddiemd

    The only truth is that which can be found in the Book of Truth given by the Spirit of Truth.

    We as believers are no longer under the spirit of bondage. We have been set free from the law of sin and death.

    We look to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The Way, the Truth, and the Light. Christ in us the hope of glory. We have been sprinkled with His Blood. We will worship Him forever.

  16. Bradley

    Always remember that Bitcoin can be divided to infinite fractions of the original. You cannot do that with Gold and Silver in physical form…a nano gram of Gold cannot be practically used as physical money. Gold and Silver are limited on both ends …. cannot be created to infinity nor divided to infinity. Just something for people to think about. There is a place for Crypto for sure in our changing economic world. Good interview with Bo. Always a good listen.

  17. Fatima message

    Strange how Bo’s timeline fits the Grand Solar Minimum’s timeline. 2023-24 will reach the bottom of GSM. Extremely bad times for mankind. 2028 will see huge cold times devastating crop failures worldwide. The ‘shortening of days’ will be Caused by a huge cosmic event. This event was depicted by the miracle of the sun at Fatima in 1917. As science is finding the sun is ‘locked and loaded’ for a large coronal mass ejection or micro nova.

  18. eddiemd

    Just watched a video of Chinese police rounding up citizens for health check-ups. It is a look into the future of what is coming to the West and to the USA.

    Perhaps the health check-up will be for a different reason here in the USA. Gun confiscation, persecution of Christians, people on the fusion center checklist identified as enemies against the state, alt-media, etc. It is coming.

    The Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We will overcome by the Blood of the Lamb. So says the Book of Revelation. Our lives will be required.

  19. BrendanJames

    Don’t forget – It’s what Gold and Silver will buy, not the price. That escaped me for quite a while.

  20. Kyle

    The 1290 and and 1335 day timeline in Daniel is talking about the tribulation period not what is going on with the financial cycles. I do find it interesting however that 75 days after the peace plan was released is April 12th 2020, which is the same day Polny is saying a big event will happen. In Daniel 12:11 it says that there will be 1335 days in the first half of the tribulation until the abomination of desolation takes place then after that there will be 1290 days until Jesus returns. In Revelation 12 it talks about the woman being protected from the antichrist for 1260 days then Satan will be cast out of heaven, which happens at the halfway point of the tribulation. So it is possible that the big event Bo is talking about is the confirmation of the covenant Daniel 9:27 on or around April 12th which would be the start of the 7 year tribulation. Not sure if it will happen but it is something to keep an eye on.

  21. Fred

    Very interesting. Captivating. Thanks.

  22. Auntie Seize

    Bitcoin, and other crypto currencies (CC), are sucker traps.
    Is there anything preventing the creation of a CC superior to Bitcoin, or other existing CC? NO! What then would happen to these? They’d get dumped en masse and posthaste, and holders of Bitcoin or other inferior CCs would be left “holding the bag”.

    “There are only a finite number of Bitcoins”. Yeah, and so what? There are only a finite number of prime numbers between 2 and 1000 trillion (say). Maybe I should calculate – oh excuse me, “mine” – all these primes and invest in them?

    PT Barnum once said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Today, there are 10 suckers born every minute.

    • Freebrezer

      A – the other part of the sucker trap is that bitcoin only stays viable as long as hoards are electronic mining it … Bitcoin’s viability is in having millions of computers to verify the block chain. Plus, a big part of bitcoin’s price increase (and past) is many Chinese trying to get some of their wealth out of China … another not so good sign!

    • Randy Best

      Love your comments. Very appropriate and true. “There is a fool born every minute”

  23. J.P. Morgunstun

    Judge Jeanine’s message for Mitt Romney
    139,896 views•Feb 9, 2020

    • Freebrezer

      I Prefer Pierre Delecto – a much more inspired and sophisticated name!

  24. iwitness02

    Loved the comment about 20/20 vision in 2020.
    It sure rings true with me. I’m thinking about all that is going on in DC right now.
    More corruption has come to light since Trump was elected, than any other time that I can remember. It looks like we are going into a time of global upheaval and change. Change in every category of life. Lots of people hate change. Poor them. If ever there was a time to learn to roll with the punches, it would be now. Adapt.
    China is now the biggest uncertainty on the planet (in my mind) and no one can say for sure what all the consequences coming out China will be.
    For history buffs, this is a fascinating time. For those who would simply like to live life in happiness and safety, it is a very uncertain time. Lost? Or Saved? This seems to be the big question before us.
    Destruction? Restitution?

    • Randy Best

      Yes, you are right! Most people are satisfied with the status quo. They can’t accept change.

  25. J.P. Morgunstun

    Now The Dark Truth About Mitt Romney🤐
    Willard Has Skeletons In His Closet. . ..
    Patrick Howley by Patrick Howley — January 27, 2020

  26. John

    God doesn’t care about the stock market and didn’t leave any magical stock market wisdom in the bible. Yeah, there will be a market correction at some point just like it has in the past many times. Stay in the market and don’t lock in your losses.

  27. john duffy

    Dr. Mildred Jefferson — the first Black woman to graduate from Harvard


  28. eddiemd

    Interesting article of note. Not sure if the percentages of production are correct. I know that India produces a large amount of the chemical components that make up medications that are assembled here stateside. The EU tends to produce much of their own medications within the EU.


    I can remember having the discussion about the production of antibiotics several years ago and the effects on the military while in the Army. It was noted to be a strategic problem.

    See if you can get your physician to write you for several months of meds and go to buy them cash pay. Leave insurance out of it. Generics are inexpensive.

  29. chuck

    The Book of Ezekiel was written to the latter day descendants of ancient Israel and ancient Judah, as was most prophecy – not to be applied to the rest of the world in general. It opens with the message of an economic siege which will be visited on America. This is followed by the biggest military defeat in US history. Then America will be involved in a Civil war that kills 100 million. Then our enemies will take advantage of this vulnerability and invade and kill another 100 million and take the last 100 million away to other nations to work as slave labour. This all happens, according to the prophet Amos, and also recorded in the book of Kings, under the leadership of a man who appears in the spirit and style of Jeroboam II.

    Trump will be re-elected but his 2nd term will bring God’s judgement and ruin to America.

  30. gouger

    How do I use my bitcoin when the power is out and I need some fuel to run my generator to charge my phone?

    • JC

      gouger, Polny didn’t say to have only bitcoins.

      • Greg Hunter

        That’s right JC. He said “silver was the best deal long term” and “you don’t have to learn anything about blockchain.” Bo was talking physical silver in hand.

    • Auntie Seize

      You sell your Bitcoin (or other crypto currencies, or other images/representations/IOUs/receipts/notes/promises-to-pay of real/tangible things) to greater fools than yourself. (No offense or insult intended, BTW.)
      If you’ve never heard of the Greater Fool Theory of investment strategy, then check it out. Because that’s what ALL these “investments” are.
      GFT in a nutshell: you “invest” in stupid foolish things in the hope of selling them to fools greater than yourself.

      For the hard-of-thinking: An image/representation of an X is not an X.

  31. J.D. Clampett

    The Civilian War Has Only Just Begun
    Battle Cry 2020 is on!
    Stop Us Now Aunt Nancy😡

  32. al

    Bo is Bo, we’ll see what happens. At some point things are going to blow.

    As for Trump, I only have one phrase. ” WE WILL NEVER GO BACK !”

    Trump 2020

    • al

      2/11 update
      Yesterday Trump mentioned April as the possible end of this economic killing virus. Interesting

  33. Andrew Butterworth

    Hi Greg
    Interesting interview.
    I do not understand the MSM math on the virus, they are dividing the death rate into the total number of cases giving a 2% death rate.
    That to me is stupid math. The way I see the math, it should be the number of deaths compared to the number of recoveries which actually works out at more than a 25% death rate.
    Also note how small the recovery figure is, not even a single days worth of new infections.
    It must be a long sickness.

    • Randy Best

      The MSM can’t be trusted at all. They have lost any credibility they once had.

    • Keith wilson

      The lucky Chinese who catch coronavirus have doctors and nurses and health workers working to save them. Plus oxygen tanks and medicine. When we get into April with millions sick the hospitals will be over run with sickness and you will not be able to find a doctor or nurse. They will be infected or dead. The medicine will be all gone and they will be no oxygen tanks to help you. Plus food will be in running out. This is when the system will break. It will be every man for himself. Expect 50% to die in the holocaust that will destroy China and many other Asian countries. There are unconfirmed reports that the virus has become airborne which means it can not be controlled and will spread with the wind. If this is correct expect billions to become infected and sick throughout Asia.

  34. Steady Boy's Steady

    Rudy Giuliani lays out the Biden’s corruption in Ukraine
    517,508 views•Feb 9, 2020

    We the people know our family business Joe and it’s Gitmo for all traitors. To drain the SWAMP!! For We The People, Are Marion’s Men. Our President, _Trump!
    Our fight was almost spiritual then, as is now!

  35. Mike

    Gold’s next rally will take it up to $1750, shortly after we conclude the current consolidation pattern. Of course Stan will continue to be wrong, and suffer even more pain on his gold shorts. lol.

  36. Kay Beeswax

    You can do no more for a daughter, than that she knows, she has the true love, of her father!
    ◄ 1 Corinthians 13 ►
    __________________Love Is the Greatest

    1If I could speak all the languages of earth and of angels, but didn’t love others, I would only be a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. 2If I had the gift of prophecy, and if I understood all of God’s secret plans and possessed all knowledge, and if I had such faith that I could move mountains, but didn’t love others, I would be nothing. 3If I gave everything I have to the poor and even sacrificed my body, I could boast about it;a but if I didn’t love others, I would have gained nothing.

    4Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud 5or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. 6It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. 7Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

    8Prophecy and speaking in unknown languages and special knowledge will become useless. But love will last forever! 9Now our knowledge is partial and incomplete, and even the gift of prophecy reveals only part of the whole picture! 10But when the time of perfection comes, these partial things will become useless.

    11When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things. 12Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity.c All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely.

    13Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.
    New Living Translation

  37. RichM

    The problemI have with Bo Poiny is him calling gold “God’s Money”. So much evil has been done in the name of gold….. hands chopped off, elections bought, civilizations conquered, German Jews robbed and mass murdered, and our own Lord and Savior sold out for silver pieces.

    Now gold as a means of wealth preservation I am all for. But I have trouble with people who all but worship gold as some sort of sanctified ambrosia (food of the God’s).

    • Greg Hunter

      Rich M,
      I don’t think anyone here worships gold or anything else but God the father and this includes Bo Polny. What’s coming is biblical in nature and we are all just trying to prepare the best we can and still enjoy life our creator gave us.

      • Brendan James

        Very well said!

  38. Doc Washburn

    Nunes slams Dems for withholding impeachment documents
    249,301 views•Feb 9, 202o

  39. paul ...

    Virus Update: The officially-reported “confirmed cases” has risen to 29,631 … as China’s official death toll rises to at least 902 … so the Corona Virus death rate is holding at about 3% … we don’t want to see this death rate increase!! … China is taking extraordinary measures to stop the pandemic (and has currently begun shutting down it’s Capital Beijing) … the economic collapse of China’s economy pales in comparison to what the world currently faces … demand for copper has effectively come to a halt (as manufacturing is forcibly shut down to control Corona Virus infections from increasing) … in the US … investors (like Stan) completely in the dark about the seriousness of what is happening think this is simply “just another common cold” … and are jumping into the stock market on any dip driving it to repeated new highs (with help from the Fed) which turned on a multi-trillion-dollar money spigot that has been operating every business day since September 17, 2019 to prevent the market from falling … the Fed is fighting a losing battle!!

    • paul ...

      As China’s economy “grinds a halt” … it will result in “a wave of guidance cuts”on Wall Street in a few weeks … that will “inevitably” unleash a selling panic in S&P 500 companies with any China exposure … US investors don’t seem to understand (that when commerce is interrupted, slowed or idled completely … company “revenues and profits drop hard” … a coffee or a burger or an apple not bought in China “will” greatly affect many American company’s ability “to entice greater fools into buying their stock” the insiders are trying desperately to sell (with Fed help)!! … interesting how Stan (an expert in selling things short) tells us to buy stocks ???

      • paul ...

        While regular doctors watch over people … Dr. Copper watches over the global economy and the companies that represent it … https://zh-prod-1cc738ca-7d3b-4a72-b792-20bd8d8fa069.storage.googleapis.com/s3fs-public/styles/inline_image_desktop/public/inline-images/2020-02-08%20%282%29.jpg?itok=-TXst6Zm … well … the price of copper is plunging … and this most popular “barometer for the state of the global economy” has now disconnected from both Chinese stocks and the S&P500 … the question peoples God given brains have to figure out is … will copper demand begin to increase in the face of China shutting down most of its manufacturing companies? … or will the S&P 500 react to the downside??

      • Stan

        Paul: DB trading at $10.58 today. This stock is on a tear! Sadly, you laughed at me when I stated it was a steal at $7.00

        • Greg Hunter

          I have to admit Good call. How much of that was manipulation and intervention because we all know BD business has tanked.

          • K.Wayne

            Not so if you consider the REPO injections and the FALSE Market. Price discovery ????
            Sounds to me like DB got a chunk of the REPO window “bailouts”.

          • Stan

            Thanks Greg

        • Mike

          Hey Stan – “’It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”

          You really ought to get out of the forecasting business while you are ahead. You got lucky once.

          Also, we have zero evidence you actually own any shares of DB. People make up a LOT of ‘stories’ on the internet to make themselves look better than they actually are.

    • Freebrezer

      Paul – As I see it, the corona virus (as of now) is more of a third world contagion, and its spread is directly related to the sanitary practices of a country. It’s infection means/rate is very similar to the noroviruses that plague cruise ships … many people in confined areas – main Transmission vector vomit and diarrhea (not washing hands with soap and water). Exactly what happened on the Japanese cruise ship that is quarantined. What is very scary is the corona virus mutating and becoming a primary airborne transmission vector … This is when it gets Scary, Scary, Scary! Now the big play is being able to discover what midsize European and/or USA chemical company still has the capacity to produce the needed chemicals for big Pharm — their stock is going to go through the roof!

      • Cole

        There are two more ships- one off the coast of Italy and the other off of Taiwan.
        I read in the Daily Mail that close to 1 million? fled the city of Wuhan before mandatory quarantine. The article has since been taken down. And why would anyone get on cruise ship now? Crazy.
        We went through Hurricane Florence and almost died. We were on a curfew and all of our entry and exit points were washed away. Luckily, after about 2 weeks supplies and help were able to slowly gain access. The police and local, state, and federal govt were of NO help at all during those two weeks. It was a huge wake up call for us. Our water supply was almost cut off due to generators failing and dams bursting. We learned from this. We did ok, but would have had to ration water if it had gone beyond two weeks. Our pug also went into distress and almost died due to the heat. Thankfully we had one clinic with a generator that took him in.
        We had four 90+ year olds that died shortly afterwards due to the stress of it all on our block alone. I would caution everyone to seek antibiotics now just in case. Luckily we have people in the medical profession who can write for us. I learned from this not to ever count on the govt or police( of whom I support) they are overwhelmed in these dire situations. Good luck everyone and be safe. Thank you, Greg, for allowing us this forum.

        • iwitness02

          Wow! Full blown survival situation, just like that.
          Having survived it, you are stronger and wiser.
          Hard won wisdom.
          Thank you for sharing your story, Cole.

          • cole

            Thanks Iwitness,
            We stock pile cipro and doxy.
            We also have boats at the ready as we are at a port.
            No longer stuck here when bridges are washed away.

            I would suggest mountains or ports in case of emergencies.

        • susan

          Does anyone know what antibiotics to stockpile?

          • eddiemd

            Ciprofloxacin 500mg. Keflex (cephaxelin) 500mg. Amoxicillin 500mg. All oral tablets.

            Perhaps Septra. Sulfur based.

            Also consider doxycycline with long expiration date.

  40. JC

    Have people forgotten the market crashes of 2000 and 2008? I remember friends being all in, saying why should I keep money in a bank account, I’m making 20% in my mutual funds. They all thought they were investing geniuses. Then with the crash, they suddenly got very quiet, except for my boss who said “My 401K is now a 101K.”

    Greg offers sound advice, get ready, be prepared, take some risk off the table.

  41. ivan

    Joe Biden Should Be Scared of This Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=52&v=SovLDqAQNt8&feature=emb_logo Rudy Giuliani lays out the Biden’s corruption in Ukraine https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=vxvoFfjn2do&feature=emb_logo

  42. ivan

    Dick Jackman, Super Hero Investigator🕵️‍♂️
    11.1K Tweets https://twitter.com/DickJackman1?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

  43. Jerry

    The fight for financial survival is on. The PBOC just made the second largest injection within one week.

    This is getting serious by the day. The church I belong to just pulled 150 missionary’s out of Hong Kong because of the corona virus. Do not assume that the central banks are not interconnected. They are. In the back of my mind, I cannot help but think that the corona virus is being used as an impetus for a global currency reset? What better scapegoat could you have? It checks all the boxes.

    • Greg Hunter

      I predicted Biden would not make it to the election as the presidential candidate for the Dems. I am going to be right on this.

      • Freebrezer

        Greg – I am still trying to figure out – did Biden run to cover up the Ukranian/China money stealing angle and to put a trap out for Trump? The Dems are just this evil to try and set this trap, i.e. the whole impeachment charades. Or does he really think he might get elected ? Just watching him makes me cringe on how out of touch he is. Some old people are sharp as a razor and that is definitely not this guy! … basically I feel that it is really embarrassing to watch him and his lack of (?) … I wish I had words for it. Thus back to the first part, was this just a set up?

      • ivan

        Greg , I think history will prove you correct , but if it doesn’t it will be a sad day for the democrats because President Trump will chew Mr Biden up and spit him out . Ivan

  44. Galaxy 500

    Interesting. I do believe in the Word of GOD. I also know many have predicted many things.
    I also know that anyone who is not prepared for some sort of economic crash, natural disaster, etc is a fool.
    Glory be to the ONE, TRUE GOD. And in the Name of His Son, Jesus, the Christ, I pray for our Nation, our President, and for the entire Watchdog family.

  45. Paul Harvey

    Greg, another excellent show! Bo Polny is a class act. I have been following him for years and he get’s it right more often than not. His work is based on Biblical teachings and Daniel’s timeline. My take is God reveals wisdom to whom he chooses to reveal wisdom. Mankind continues to play god with it’s financial trickery , pumping trillions of dollars into the financial systems. Why? The answer- to keep it from disintegration or blowing up. This false god of a financial system will not last, cannot last. As in days of old, God gave many warnings through prophets but the people scoffed and made fun of these men. Bo is not perfect in his analysis but he is perfect in his fore warnings. Thank’s Greg!

  46. Stan

    Greg: You are the best interviewer on the internet.

  47. paul ...

    You know … if up to 50,000 are getting infected per day … and 3% die … we are talking 1,500 people dying “each day” … but … the official figures “only show 900 people have died so far” over the last few months????? … Greg any chance getting Chris Martenson on to speak to us?? … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbvibANxARg

    • paul ...

      China is “manipulating the Corona Virus data” … they are doing it by “redefining who is carrying the Corona Virus infection” … the Chinese National Health Commission has quietly changed its definition of a Corona Virus “confirmed case” … patients from now on “who test positive for the virus” but have no outward symptoms … “will no longer be regarded as confirmed” … completely ignoring the fact that the Corona Virus “can be transmitted by infected patients “even when they are not showing symptoms” … China’s “bizarre change in definition” conflicts with World Health Organization (WHO) guidance that clearly states “a person with laboratory confirmation that they are carrying the virus should be counted irrespective of clinical signs and symptoms”!!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/health/how-china-rigging-number-coronavirus-infections

      • paul ...

        Perhaps China should now begin freeze drying the Corona Virus victims right “before they die” … then they won’t have to be added to the “confirmed” death total list (because they did not officially die before they were freeze dried) … then declare China open for business again … and the world economy will get right back on track!!

  48. Justn Observer

    Greg, Great speech by Candance Owen =
    “What the DNC fears most is maybe BO was right! LOL
    “The American dream is to be like Donald Trump” -Barack Obama

    • Greg Hunter

      J O
      Danger!!!!! Ms Owens and many other black people are escaping the Dem thought plantation.

  49. JC

    “The #1 tourists around the world are always from the hottest economy. So with the coronavirus, Chinese tourism has come to a complete halt. This will have a negative impact on the economies dependent upon tourism.”


  50. JC

    Martin Armstrong says capital f!ow analysis is the key to everything.

    “The market has risen NOT because of cheap rates but on a capital flight from just about everywhere into the US dollar. We are nowhere close to the highs of 2007.
    We are looking at, not inflation, but a massive shift in investment strategy from public to private.”


  51. Jerry

    I don’t want to go on record saying BO is right about the April timeline, but this time he may be RIGHT.

    The fed stated back in December it would stop the repo program in April. Judging by the money velocity chart, it doesn’t take much of an expert to see that the bottom of the index could be reached in April. So, my question is this. With money velocity still in decline, even with the repos, what is the feds next move? We all know the markets have been manipulated, but how can they continue money injections if it’s not having any effect on liquidity?

    The stock market is being pumped up to an all time high, while banks are lending money, hand over fist for construction projects at a pace never seen before in the building industry. I don’t get it? Why is money velocity still cratering with all this money injection going on in the markets? My conclusion, is that money creation has debased currency so much, it no longer has value. Hello Zimbabwe.
    I’m open for other suggestions.

  52. Justin Observer

    Greg, Any more about Mayor Pete from Kevin Shipp?
    Kevin Shipp‏ @Kevin_Shipp · Feb 9
    “Mayor Pete,” you know, the small town Mayor? Also a Rhodes Scholar. The Rhodes Trust was set up by Cecil Rhodes, a known pedophile. The purpose of the scholarship is to select and groom world leaders. Hmmmm.

    Like how does a guy get in military without boot camp? Go to Arabic school in Africa, then to Afghanistan for a short tour as a ‘dirt sailor’? …(a traveling CIA embed like Pfc Manning? Never know when someone needs to insert a thumb drive so ‘fake news’ can go to Assange ?) All speculation of course.
    Connie Bevan Retweeted
    TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb‏ @GeorgWebb · 21h21 hours ago
    The key to stopping Schiff and Strzok’s next article of Impeachment will be Leonid Vindman – the one you don’t know about with a Teneo Blackberry. January 21, 2020 First Impeachment Witness – Ukraine and Iran Nuke Smug… https://youtu.be/oz0oLLj23p8 via @YouTube
    *Anyone notice how many x-cia running for congress and being ‘contributors’ on MSM? And now ‘another’ one running for President? like Hillary and Obama etc.?
    Seems there is now something about the Biden’s ties to property on island with ‘de-commissioned’ submarine base near Jeff Epsteins? hmmm What a way to ship ‘things’ undetected around the world…from one x sub-base to another …say to Ukraine – Greece- Libya – Syria ? Who knows what shipped weapons might bring on the return back to pay for them? Opiates? naa – people in the U.S. government would ever do than – right A.G. Barr and Ollie North? Of course there too is that ‘mis-guided’ guns to the Mexico across the border under AG Holder right?
    One has to wonder how many young Americans and other’s in the world make this all – OK for what more grand scheme? Answers like those of Madeline Albright seem rather uncomfortable to digest on such matters right? Who gets to decide who’s deaths , “are worth it”? and then too, what is IT?
    Madeleine Albright on 500,000 dead Iraqi children – it was worth it
    And ‘they’ think POTUS Trump has a mental problem? ‘They’ think POTUS Trump needs to be ‘removed’ because he is reckless and wants to stop the opiate problem killing tens of thousands of U.S. residents and citizens AND wants to ‘drain’ the swamp of corruption/kickbacks/compromise/trafficking of children/weapons and drugs?
    Watch for a string of old war sub-bases to become a theme in the story- again?…from the Mediterranean thru the Atlantic to South America and even Antarctica? ( Maybe Kerry owns one way out there on the rim of the world?) I wonder if/when POTUS Trump will get to visit Antarctica too? lol

  53. Tommy

    Here we go again. Bible prophecy, blood moons, magic numbers, etc. that tell us what the stock market will do. Please.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hold on to the black hole of nothingness.

    • eddiemd

      You are correct. Bible prophecy will occur whether the stock market goes up or down.

      Get your soul ready. Seek Jesus Christ while He may be found. If you seek Him with your entire being, believe, and repent, then He will have mercy on you. It is your choice.

      • Tommy

        Yes. I’m just saying that anyone who says the Bible is going to predict the stock market is, well, let’s just say it’s so wrong.

  54. Justin Observer

    Greg, At what point do you think POTUS Trump will re-launch the ‘small hands’ meme they used on him? LOL mini-Mikey will take on a new meaning to ‘small’? https://twitter.com/Kevin_Shipp/status/1224200563950325762

  55. win reed

    l look back at bo’s appearance on your site:
    since 2016, your cycle expert has predicted
    crash, crash, crash……..he’s missed the biggest
    bull run in history…..can’t you find a bull
    somewhere…….maybe you could interview
    trump…….he’s a bull………..you talk about
    fake news……you seem to fall into that
    category…….l’ll be surprised if l see this
    post posted……another example of your
    not being balanced ……..

    • Greg Hunter

      Well Win,
      It’s hard to make the bull case when the markets have been totally manipulated with money printing and fraud since the 2008-2009 meltdown. This includes the addition $21 trillion of covert money printing on top of the $23 trillion current deficit. The Fed taking over the repo market is the latest example of intervention and massive money printing. The Fed’s balance sheet grew by $500 billion in the last three month of 2019 according to Nomi Prins and Michael Pento. Take away all of that, and would you have had a bull market? Of course not. That said, People like Catherine Austin Fitts was bullish on the stock market for many years in what she called “the slow burn.” I have had other guests predicting the market would rise on the Trump win in 2016. One guest called it a “Game Changer” the week after the election. I guess you would consider this if you want to be “balanced.”

      By the way Bo correctly predicted a crash on USAW on election night 2018. He said the markets would crash into fall and it crashed nearly 20% and stopped falling on Christmas Eve.

      So take you unbalanced troll self away and get lost. I published your bought and paid for comment that was totally un-“balanced”

  56. Justin Observer

    Greg, Maybe eyes on soon?

  57. WD


    I have a friend who is a die hard Bernie supporter, and he is an older man in his early 60s. A very smart guy but a degree slanted. He swears that Bernie will pull this off….I asked him how? He said the “real silent majority”…I asked him to explain….he said sure;
    His words ” the real silent majority are those with this monstrous student debt; Bernie has declared an all out forgiveness of this debt, we have senior citizens now having their checks garnished by Department of education…..This is our golden arrow. When we tell people this you should see the look on their faces”

    I have heard through grapevine, have no idea of its credibility that the next middle class tax cut from DJT; will be student loan forgiveness… Not sure if that is true or not.

  58. Bob Lamb

    You may not believe the man who said the following is inspired but this is the thoughts of one religious leader:

    In coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost.
    Russell M. Nelson, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 2018

  59. JW

    What I’m gonna say makes me want to puke. Makes me sad. But I’m scared to death Greg that I’m right. “Who are the globalists running in this next presidential election?” None other than President Donald Trump. I say this with a heavy heart. But it explains why the democrats are running complete losers. It explains why there’s no wall, no end to the military industrial complex, no end to the medical industrial complex, why no heads have rolled or crooks been jailed, no end to Wall Street’s exploitation of main street. No end of insane fed policy. I’m sorry Greg. I hate saying this more than you hate reading it. But if you have your eyes open. Your mind open. With no bias. If you are truly conscious. You can’t help but seriously entertain the notion we’ve been sold down the river.

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump is not Deep State and you need to open YOUR eyes too along with opening your eyes. I have pointed to many things, Paris Climate accord, PPT, Iran unsigned Nuke deal that were all the darling projects of the Deep State. Oh then there is the wall that Trump has fought tooth and nail for and oh this week AG Barr has sued sanctuary cities which are all ways the Deep State wanted to take down America. So, OPEN YOUR EYES and OPEN YOU MIND and stop sending me this drivel crap that has no real back up with fact. I just gave you factual examples where you are wrong and all the other weasels spouting this crap are wrong who ignore these and many other facts.

      • JW

        FYI the person who first brought it to my attention that Trump may not be the “great opposition” we all believe him to be was none other than G. EDWARD GRIFFIN in an interview he had. And when Ed talks. I listen.
        Remember the 30 pieces of silver I wanted to bet you months ago that no heads would roll by now? That all the talk about jailing Bill and Hillary and Holder and the whole lot of them was just talk? How many heads have rolled Greg? There’s A FACT FOR YOU.
        The only people behind bars I can think of are Julian Assange and possibly soon to be Roger Stone………
        Sorry my “drivel crap” gets in the road of your fantasy that Trump is making America Great Again. But hey, don’t take my advise. I’m a nobody. But maybe YOU SHOULD take a red pill from Ed Griffin, open your eyes and start questioning things for yourself, or listen to Celente when he tells you it’s a rigged one party system, or Denninger when he goes on his next FACT FRENZY how Trump has talked big and basically changed nothing. None of those three well respected men, and guests on your show, worship Trump. Maybe you should ask yourself WHY that is, instead of calling us all weasels. Just an idea. If you can handle it.

  60. Fredrick Getzschman

    Greg is correct, President Trump, Donald Trump is not part of the deep state kakistocracy of bureaurats. AG Barr is not going to do much about anything, mostly the typical noise as he could be or he might be a slight improvement over former AG Sessions, but I do not believe AG Barr is not going to prosecute anybody in the deep state kakistocracy and as far as the economy and the fiat dollar printing it will be what it will be which is printing fiat dollars with lots of bogus accounting by both the private federal reserve fiat dollar printers and the US Government. Right now the US fiat dollar is supported by hot air and the confidence scam created by the same US Congress that gave away their power to regulate, coin and issue dollars to the private federal reserve. The real status is that the private federal reserve and US Congress used public law and public offices for private purposes.

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