Gold is Kryptonite to the Dollar-Bill Holter

4.jpgBy Greg Hunter’s 

Financial writer Bill Holter says the players in the gold markets are fearful. Why?  Holter says, “The GOFO rates, or gold forward rates, in London are negative.  They should never be negative, and they are more negative now than any time since 2001.  That shows extreme tightness in the metals market. To me, it shows mistrust.  It shows that people are saying I want my gold now.  I don’t want gold in the future, I want it now.  Negative GOFO rates should never happen.”  Holter also says that the COMEX market is what he calls “corner-able.” 

How much would it take to buy the entire deliverable gold and silver inventory? Holter says, “The way I would put it is it’s a ham sandwich without the ham or the cheese.  You are talking about $1 billion would be enough to clean out COMEX gold registered category, and another billion dollars would clean out the silver inventory.   It’s nothing.  $2 billion dollars would clean the shelves dry.”

With reported fines being levied on banks for gold price rigging, it is clear the gold market is manipulated. Why manipulate prices of the yellow metal downward?  Holter says, “Gold is kryptonite to the dollar. The reason why gold and silver prices are manipulated down is to hold up the value of the dollar.  And thus, the value to the Treasury market which keeps interest rates down.  It allows us to keep interest rates lower than we normally could.”

What would happen if Russia or China spent $2 billion to clean out COMEX? Holter says, “Russia could do that and China could do that.  We would see the entire system implode.  The question is do they want to do that.  This whole scenario is about bleeding gold from the west.  It’s about taking gold from the west and transporting it to the east.  Do they want to blow up the game before they got their fill?  Do they want to blow up the game before we run out of gold?  No, they don’t.  Is it this expiration that they are going to blow it up?  I don’t know, but I do know the COMEX is killable.  The question is have we run out of gold to deliver to China and also Russia?”

Holter says one of the overarching issues in global finance comes down to trust. Holter explains, “The Russians, Chinese and Indians are all acquiring gold.  We have a Swiss referendum coming on Sunday.  They want to repatriate their gold.  This is about central banks not trusting central banks.  Interesting enough, the leading party in the polls in France is talking about repatriating French gold.  Why are there all these repatriations all of a sudden? The reason being is central banks are not trusting other central banks.  It’s all about trust, and gold is trust. . . . It’s going to be the last man standing.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with gold expert Bill Holter of Miles Franklin. 

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

Bill Holter writes articles several times a week.  If you would like to follow his work on the Miles Franklin site, please click here.


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  1. Alex Conner

    Good interview. The COMEX is a criminal enterprise. This nightmare won’t be over until its principals are imprisoned.

    • mick moore

      greg love your show. When the next gold “bug” comes on your show ask him why the cost of gold is more than the cost of mining ???
      It could be that the miners are rigging the market cost and no one else. I think that fiat currency is what is preventing an economic collapse. It will be around for many generation to come.

  2. allen ols


    You asked Bill H.
    ” If Amerika returned the dutch gold but could only return 5 tonnes of gold back to Germany, that must make merkel and Germany feel….”

    I wonder if we refused to return Germany’s gold, is BECAUSE, Germany leans to russia, and we don’t want Germany to leave the EU and join the BRIC’S to become BRIGC’S.

    • Greg Hunter

      Can you imagine the reverberations and hit the dollar and U.S. economy if the U.S. can not or will not return the 6,000 tons of gold we were keeping for other countries?

      • allen ols

        greg; yes, perils times coming;

        Strauss-Kahn was moved out of the way for two reasons. One is that he was the most likely winner over the American puppet president of France in the upcoming French presidential election. The other is that he was using his position as the head of the IMF to block the austerity that the European and New York banksters were determined to impose on the peoples of those countries, such as Greece, that had sovereign debt troubles disadvantageous for the large banks.

        In other words, Strauss-Kahn had announced his opposition to making ordinary poor citizens pay in reduced pensions, layoffs, and reduced social services for the mistakes of reckless and greedy banksters.

        That Strauss-Kahn was so easily done in with the complicity of the American left-wing demonstrates that it is impossible for anti-elite leadership to rise in the West. Any time anti-establishment leadership shows its head, it is cut off.

        This means that Western democracy is a hoax and that peoples have no chance whatsoever of achieving peaceful change at the ballot box. As Chris Hedges recently wrote, in the absence of professional revolutionaries the West is doomed to tyranny.

        In a recent article, Mike Whitney documents that Strauss-Kahn was axed just as I said at the time, because he was out of step with the ruling elite.

        Read Whitney’s article here:

        • Jerry

          So true Allen,

      • Bill Holter

        we did not even return the original gold that Germany deposited …what does that tell you Allen? Have we even gotten a real confirmation of the Dutch gold being received?

        • allen ols

          bill h;
          as usual I just figured if the dutch said they were getting their gold, “So let it be written,so let it be done” yul brenner”

  3. Silence is Golden

    Bill has written some amazing stuff (esp. of late) and this time around he truly does strike Gold.
    His comments on the Comex being “KILLABLE” are quite stark and vivid. The mere thought of that occurring instantly brings to mind the whole concept of Financial Warfare. Masterminding that scenario is one straight out of a terrorist plot to blow up the system.
    I believe the concept of Trust when it comes to the FED….is so thin…that you can only assume they are now running on vapour. Gold repatriation could also be due to the need or desire to have something tangible and of value should the need arise where the monetary system does not function and the currency du-jour fails (i.e. the USD goes into a tailspin). These are indeed warning signs / red flags for what is to come. Last time we had a lack of trust in the system …everything shut down, banks would not take on counterparty risk and liquidity froze. A Thanksgiving Holiday may very well precede the infamous and unexpected Bank Holiday.
    Maestro…… your tune….

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SIG!

    • Bill Holter

      “killable” apparently when China decides it is time. The repatriation from various central banks is very telling, they are breaking ranks!

      • Silence is Golden

        Absolutely and at the LOWEST possible “settlement” price I might add.


    It’s all about trust, and gold is trust. . . . It’s going to be the last man standing.”
    The Indian’s called him yellow hair and they died with their boots on. . .

    • Bill Holter

      …it is now “lack of trust”.


    Equal time. . . .

  6. allen ols


    My missionary friends came from italy and last evening CS told me, he got a call from wendy g. in el paso as she went to WELLS FARGO to send some money to missionary friends in honduras, and was told by wells fargo they cant ship dollars to honduras, and she should just close her account, as the account was used for missions. She tried BOFA, and it was worse. This friend CS is the same missionary that told me of the guillotines seen in northwest by an italian friend, who wandered into a warehouse at night and then fled back to italy, for fear.

    Nobel prize winning economist Joe Stiglitz and well-known economist Nouriel Roubini say that we’ve got to jail – or perhaps even hang – some bankers before they’ll stop looting the economy.

    Nobel prize winning economist George Akerlof has demonstrated that failure to punish white collar criminals – and instead bailing them out- creates incentives for more economic crimes and further destruction of the economy in the future.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Al, can you say “hello FATCA”? I knew you could! But I’ll take the ham and cheese sandwich he mentioned…. Happy Thanksgiving, Bro. Best always. PM

    • jc davis

      Allen that would be scripturally correct. I know I don’t read it as often as you. LOL
      Eccl 8

    • Bill Holter

      and thus squeezing all of the “ex pats” in the process. I used to be one of them>

  7. Mike M

    Greg, I think the gold traders and others you interview are really missing the mark on what’s really going on here.

    I disagree with Bill Holter and Ron Kirby when they say once China can’t get any more gold from the west it’s game over. The reason I disagree is because it is not just gold that the Chinese are after. They are aggressively going after other hard US assets they can get their hands on – from businesses to buildings along with both commercial and residential real estate. They are essentially buying up the country itself and not just the gold so the game will go on much longer than anyone thinks. As long as China can feast off of the decline of the US it will have no reason to leave the table or upset the apple cart. Of course, events can quickly take a dark turn since neither country likes or trusts the other one and a final day or reckoning will surely come between the two.

    Regarding the US, it’s a shame how a country with all its wealth and natural resources has reached such a low point and in such a short period of time.

    First went the jobs and factories and now they are selling whatever they can before the lights are turned off for good. How sad, how sad.


    • JMiller

      I agree. Plus we are China’s largest trading partner (customer). Why would you want to see your largest customer go out of “business”? And I am sure that China would love to have more of our technology. We still have a usefulness to China for the foreseeable future.

    • Bernie

      @Mike M, When you got the Gold, you make the rules. China will be in a position to buy whatever it wants when the West runs out. Good article on playing chess!

    • Collateral Damage


      You said, “As long as China can feast off of the decline of the US it will have no reason to leave the table….”

      Absolutely Brilliantly Said.


    • Silence is Golden

      Gold purchases are a strategic play. Investment in Businesses and Infrastructure are covert tactical operations, although being achieved in plain sight.
      Financial War games are not for the crowd who reside in a bygone era.
      They (China along with Russia) are way ahead of the curve and the mindset of the best US Intelligence and Security personnel and the systems they employ.
      It wont need China or Russia to create a default on Comex or LBMA. A HF or some other terrorist organisation under instruction of one of the many non-allies of the US can and probably will infiltrate an exchange / power grid or any other of a multitude of systems of critical importance, to wreak havoc and cause undue mayhem.
      Who stands ready to come to the table after the bloodbath ?

    • Bill Holter

      gold is the ULTIMATE prize .

    • Brad27

      Mike M.,
      Your comment about America’s selling anything it can to keep the ship sailing reminds me of an old film I saw about a steamship race at sea. One of the ships was about to win the race but they ran out of coal so they began tearing up the deck boards to use as fuel for the boiler fires. It seems like a fitting parallel.

  8. Mason

    Could it be that the reason for the Netherlands getting their 122,5 tons of their gold back, and Germany only getting 5 tons, is because “Germany is an occupied country and it will stay that way”, as president Obama said on his visit to U.S. base Ramstein in June 2009?

    The Netherlands never were an occupied country. Not by the U.S. in any case.

    • Bill Holter

      we still have no confirmation whatsoever that they really did get this gold. For all we know it could be just like the “gold in Ft. Knox”…there but is it really?

      • Mason

        Good question. But it is not necessarily true that the Dutch didn’t get their gold back. It is wise indeed to be careful and distrustful of declarations from governments (not only Western) in general regarding monetary matters.

        But there are reasons to think the Dutch DID get their gold back:
        1) Egon von Greyerz from Matterhorn Asset Management as well as repected goldbull Koos Jansen heard beforehand that the transport was happening and which company facilitated the gold-transports:

        2) Although all governments tend to corrupt by nature, the U.S. government really seems to be corrupt to the core. The government of the Netherlands seems to be a lot less corrupt in my opinion (and known to be very serious regarding financial matters).

        3). The Germans were boasting to get their gold back, while the Dutch chose a more stealthy tactic. You can get things done from the Empire (the US), but not if you are openly trying to humiliate it. Well, this alternate strategy seemed to pay off.

        And again, if Germany is still an occupied country as Obama seems to have said, it’s a different ball-game [I can’t wait what will happen if the German people find out about this].

  9. Mason

    I’m getting tired of the mainstream media spin that the civil unrest in Ferguson is about a white officer shooting a black man.

    The real story is the rise of the police state. To put it bluntly: The elite we have now cannot cannot survive without the backing of the police or military suppressing the population. If you are the elite, you have to protect your henchmen in suppressing the populus. I am not saying there are no good cops. That is not what I am saying. But what I am saying is that this is how the mechanisme works. The white versus black spin in the MSM is designed to diffuse the angry sentiment in the population, and keeping them from seeing what is really going on.

    Martin Armstrong just wrote an article about this:

    Bill Holter,
    I know you replied on some of the comments last time you were on USAWatchdog. So what say you about this?

    I am not saying I have to be right 100%. But I do think I have a point. You are an objective journalist, and you live in or near the area where the events in Ferguson are talking place. So you should have an standpoint on this issue. Unless it gets to dangerous for you to have a standpoint of course. You covered Ferguson in your last Weekly News Wrap Up, but you didn’t really touch the subject I am talking about. Do you think I am correct in this analysis, or not?

    • JMiller

      If the officer would have also been black it never would have escalated the way it did. Race did play a part in this, as it usually does.

      • Bill Holter

        I disagree, it is used as an excuse. For those who don’t like this comment, “for now”, I am still allowed to have an opinion.

        • JMiller

          Mr. Holter,

          Let me clarify what I mean. If the officer would have also been black you would not have had AS MUCH of an outrage in the beginning and it might even have ended in short order. But having the officer being white just added “fuel to the fire” for those blacks who are racists who then committed what we call racial violence. So yes race did contribute to the intensity of the situation in the beginning without question. Now however the anger and protests are toward police brutality where it should have been in the first place.

          If Michael Brown would have been white do you think ALL those black people would have reacted in the same violent way and would have continued to partake in the protests? Not a chance.

      • Brad27

        Where was the riot when the black cop in Salt Lake City shot and killed the white youngster. Where is Sharpton when we need him?

    • Collateral Damage


      You didn’t ask my opinion but I will give it to you anyway. I completely agree with you that the Ferguson mess is an INTENTIONAL effort on the part of TPTB to stir up civil unrest (i.e. cause internal divisiveness). I would, however, go on to say that they objective is two fold. The intent is to stir up division between the populace but it also serves the purpose of distraction (anyone talking about Amnesty now? “He#l No”). It distracts attention away from the state of the economy, away from everyone’s steadily declining standard of living.

      The old dependable Method for Control, Tried and True – DIVIDE AND CONCUR.

      • Mason


        I’m not saying the elite caused the Ferguson mess on purpose. That might be the case, or it might not be. My point is that the elite is only 0,01% of the population and they need the police/military to carry out orders or they are lost. Therefore, to ensure the backing of the police/military, they have to give immunity to police/military who carry out their orders and suppress / shoot the population if need be.
        THAT is what we are seeing in Ferguson.

        I agree though that the media is intentionally or unintentionally playing the divide and conquer card by making this about race. Because that way, the population doesn’t turn on them.

        • Mason

          by them, I mean the elite or 0,01%.

    • Collateral Damage

      Per your referenced article, the author said, “This was a very stupid decision and this decision will only now feed into the war cycle on the civil unrest side. Ferguson is a spark that ignites a new trend that will be national. To save one officer, they will set in motion the deaths of so many others. This should have gone to trial and let the people decide”

      Don’t you see, it wasn’t a stupid decision at all. It was completely sane and logical, assuming that you WANT to ‘feed into … civil unrest’. Does it make sense to delay the announcement of the decision to 9 p.m. when it is really easy to set fire and not be seen (or filmed doing it????) Come on people – wake up!

      And making the announcement during the absolute biggest shopping week of the year for maximum negative economic effect?

      Come on people, take of the Pollyanna, (give the benefit of the doubt) sunglasses and see the truth.

      How better to cover up ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’?



    • Bill Holter

      forget about “race”, this is all about a shitty economy and people robbing and looting “free stuff”. If the economy was not in the toilet…people, no matter what race would not be out in the streets. They burned down their own neighbors stores for God’s sake!

      • Mason

        Bill, thanks for your reply.

        I agree, this is not about race, but the MSM plays it that way in order to diffuse the angry sentiment of the population. Because there is no reason to turn against the elite if this is just a race-issue, right? Divide and conquer, that is what the media is doing in effect by playing the race card.

        It is indeed about a bad economy, but just as important is that the elite has to give cover to the police and military if the same police and miliatry is to continue to to carry out orders to suppress the population. If we just swallow this like good sheeple, the next step will be taken incrementally.

        This mechanism also ensures a toxic environment: the good law-enforcers are driven away as they can’t stand what is happening, and the cops that remain are the cops that obey orders to suppress the people. If you want to see this mechanism in full effect: just look at the people in the DHS.

        The rise of the police state is not on the radar of most people. But economic decline has its counterpart in what an accompanying domestic society looks like. At Casey Research they have some decent articles the rise of the police state.

  10. Mike

    Good morning Greg,
    Gee, no audit of the national gold reserves @ Fort Knox (the guards are there to guard the secret that there isn’t much or any gold in the vaults?) as well as no audit of the Federal Reserve (prolly much more currency not ‘money’ in circulation, or on the Feds balance sheet than is reported) which imho, both are joined @ the hip.
    Do I hope the dollar collapses or gets neutered? By no means no! I would prefer an honest money system to where the fundamentals apply and not the manipulations and secrecy. Then my financial decisions would be sound, rather than like a trip to the casinos. Until then I’ll hold the metals and pay down any debts.
    I hope that You do have a great Thanks Giving Day celebration Greg. Thank You for all that You do.
    Mike of DFW Texas

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mike for the comment and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    • Bill Holter

      we don’t need no stinkin’ audits …just trust us!

    • Silence is Golden

      Food for thought.
      Its undeniable who controls the Federal Reserve Vault (underground Manhattan) and whatever may be in there but who controls the gold (if any) at the Bullion Depository better known as Fort Knox ?
      For all the questions being asked about AUDITS here is something to chew on:
      – The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATELY run organisation …IT IS NOT REQUIRED BY LAW TO BE AUDITED (excl. recent bill). Private business is not public domain. Besides who has the right to interfere with independent monetary policy? WHO INDEED !!
      – The Fort Knox hoard of Gold is supposedly run/owned by the US Treasury Dept. Huh ? Really ….!!! My understanding is that the US gold has always been under the control of the Federal Reserve (consider its financial statements). In which case none of the Gold at the Vault in Manhattan or at Fort Knox (even though it was supposed to be the Gold of the citizens of the USA) is required to be AUDITED …..or even belongs to the citizens.
      Talk about the biggest Gold Heist in the history of mankind.
      One day they will be forced to come clean on that situation and that’s when Capital Punishment will be seen as too good for those who have undermined a Nation.
      Plain and simple the FED Reserve cannot be trusted.

  11. Jerry

    Greg this was a great interview. One of your best.
    As you remember in one of your earlier interviews, Harvey Organ predicted that supplies of Gold and Silver were running out , and that they didn’t have enough in reserve to make delivery on contracts in December? I believe Harvey was onto something. The western banking cabal was so desperate to save itself, that in the process of driving down the cost of PM to preserve the dollar, they sealed their own doom by not being able to make delivery.

    I’m in business too. A business cannot work for free, and neither can the companies that own these mines. They don’t get to print money like the government. At some point they have to shut down in order to cut their loses. As a farmer Greg, would you be willing to go in a hole, in order to sell your crop? Or would you go long, and hold?
    Something to think about.

    • Jerry

      As stated , here is the RMB hub being set up in Los Angles.
      Americans are so pathetically stupid if they can’t see that the dollars days are numbered when you see news like this. If things are so good, then why are the banks making these deals?

    • Jerry

      I just found out from my source (which I give full credit to), that according to his contacts, the elites are planning a major false flag event in the middle east sometime in January or February. According to him this event will be so horrific that it will demand a major military response from the west that will draw us into a major conflict with Russia. He predicted the conflict in Ukraine (though it was completely covert and unreported by the press) with pin point accuracy so I trust this information. It makes perfect sense to me, because the western banking cabal is running out of tactics to postpone the collapse of the dollar. Why else do you think countries around the world are doing Gold repatriation right now? Its a clear signal that they have lost faith in the dollar, and want their gold back. What do you think will happen, when they can’t make delivery?

      • allen ols

        I wonder if the destabilizing of the ME, was to weaken the arab armies, ref. Gen. Wesley Clark………contd below.

        Video for gen wesley clark and 7 nations attack► 2:13► 2:13
        Sep 11, 2011 – Uploaded by FacelesswithEyesOpen
        General Wesley Clark: Because I had been through the Pentagon right … General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned – Seven Countries In Five Years … him a few weeks later, and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan.

        contd……….so Israel can attack Iran’s neuk. program, and not have a very well coordinated arab response. Egypt, libya, syria, iraq, etc are neutered.

        jerry can u ask the source if HE THINKS, it is an israeli attack on iran?

    • Collateral Damage

      I remember videos of the Dairy Men during the Great Depression emptying their milk containers from the back of the truck, pouring the contents into the fields rather than take a net loss for the product.



    • Bill Holter

      thank you Jerry!

    • Jerry

      This is unbelievable ! Its like the information Custer received just before the battle of the Little Big Horn.
      You just know when a bank comes out and tells you not to buy gold, that something stinks in Denmark. In this case its Belgium.

  12. allen ols

    greg, jerry sig pfi, al, lastman, jc, larry curley and mo, 🙂

    from ron paul

    The Defeat of USA FREEDOM Act is a Victory for Freedom

    by Ron Paul, Ron Paul Institute:

    It will not shock readers to hear that quite often legislation on Capitol Hill is not as advertised. When Congress wants to do something particularly objectionable, they tend give it a fine-sounding name. The PATRIOT Act is perhaps the best-known example. The legislation had been drafted well before 9/11 but was going nowhere. Then the 9/11 attacks gave it a new lease on life. Politicians exploited the surge in patriotism following the attack to reintroduce the bill and call it the PATRIOT Act. To oppose it at that time was, by design, to seem unpatriotic.

    At the time, 62 Democrats voted against the Act. On the Republican side there were only three no votes: former Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH), former Rep. Butch Otter (R-ID), and myself.

    Read More @

    • jc davis

      Allen sometimes I think the only way to change anything is to shut down the interstates with freight trucks and as I told cuz Mark today if he keeps me safe we will hit the MSM with a big hit of truth… You know he has to much to lose. I would gladly lay my body down on a safely protected interstate if folks would just look at there lives.
      Mason. Ferguson is a Joke.

    • Bill Holter

      legislative titles are often 180 degrees reverse …so it sounds good to Joe 6-pack.

  13. mike

    Holy S&$$
    Bill sure looks different without his cowboy hat! LOL

    • Collateral Damage


      Keep your editorial comments to yourself. Or Post a Picture of yourself if you prefer! Full disclosure or shut your mouth. 🙂


  14. e sutton

    Here’s the link to the article Holten refers to. Good reading!!

    • Bill Holter

      I wear the hat out of “courtesy” to cut down on the glare. I am however entitled to wear a cowboy hat as I ride 6 days a week and roughly 20+ miles. Mi amigo Principe’ can get almost 1,000 miles on a pair of shoes with borium on them! …my boots not so much.

  15. Michael Haller

    Here’s the link to the article Bill Holter references in the interview about “grandmaster putins golden trap”.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Michael for posting this link!!

    • Jerry

      Thanks Michael, it all makes perfect sense. It is a brilliant strategy.

    • Bill Holter

      like I said, I wish I had written this. I am not jealous of much but this article yes, because it is BRILLIANT!

  16. Jeff L

    When does the (gold) music stop ? When we’ve run out of countries to pillage (steal their gold)…… Pretty sad that’s what we’ve become.

    • Bill Holter


  17. Timco

    Excellent interview. I really respect Bill Holter. Let us not forget to thank our Creator this Thanksgiving for all our blessings.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen brother!! Thank you for adding what’s really important.

    • Bill Holter

      thank you Timco. Yes, thank him for everything good. God bless you!

  18. vincent_g

    And yet we have another guest saying the same thing about Gold and Silver.
    They are all correct!

    The system in place to value the dollar is broken.
    The market system is also broken.
    The rules it seems are out the window as bankers all over the world are breaking the law.
    Correction on that last statement. Maybe there is no law!

    So we now live in fantasy land. Did Walt Disney or Rod Serling write this?
    It does sound like a Disney fantasy or a Twilight Zone episode.
    The sad part is it’s real.

    As to the downed Jet – it’s fact that it was shot down by a fighter jet.
    The investigators at the scene disclosed in an interview that they found what appears to be bullet holes in the wreckage. They also said they didn’t find evidence of a missile explosion.

    The black box information in England was never made public.
    Communication to the tower was also never made public.
    The info the US has given is from the Twilight Zone.
    And elephants don’t fly.

    It’s very simple we now have to change all the superman movies.
    We have to take out the part that says “truth justice and the American way”.
    It now has to say the American way or the highway.

    Does this sound ridiculous – it’s no more ridiculous than what the News Spews out every day and what has become of what was a decent country.

    A country which had such high ideals that the whole world looked up to us.

    • Collateral Damage

      “So we now live in fantasy land. Did Walt Disney or Rod Serling write this?”

      No it was George Orwell.


    • jc davis

      Vincent G You are tired. Tired of the lies, Tired of the manipulation in Main Stream Media, And most of all Tired of no action from the American people. . SO AM I. And others that keep up with what is happening. Soon the corrupt game will change. I Promise. God is not one to be mocked. The system will reap there reward for there deeds. Keep your head up brother. For the prepared it will be better times ahead.

    • Bill Holter

      Superman reruns have been taken off the air …and no more Leave it to Beaver either!

  19. Doug C.

    Dutch Gold? Has anyone seen it? Is there any pictures of the gold going into vaults? The problem for Germany is they are still an occupied country. How many U.S. fighter aircraft are located in Germany? Nucluer weapon’s on them Aircraft? Big threat to “Shut the F— UP” about getting your Gold Back. It isn’t going to happen. Eventually Germany will say enough is enough, since the sanctions against Russia are hurting them and their big Companies, the U.S., not so much. I think they are floating the idea that the Dutch got back a bunch of their Gold at a time that the Swiss are going to Vote for Gold backing of their currency. The “yes” vote is doing well, so now the PTB can say, “see the dutch can have their gold, so we can as well when ever we need it, we don’t need to have it in our country now”. Hopefully it doesn’t work for the average people in the world. The Elite are scare stiff that the underlings, you and I, might be trying to get some power back from the Banking Cartel. Good for Us, not good for the Minipulators. It will be interesting to see what happens and if the TPTB can rig the vote in their favour.

    • Bill Holter

      as I said above Doug, no confirmation?

  20. Jeff L

    Allen ols says…. ” This friend CS is the same missionary that told me of the guillotines seen in northwest by an italian friend, who wandered into a warehouse at night “………. Can you tell us more and your thoughts regarding this ? Who, why, where ?

    • allen ols

      as stated;
      Clark S. and his son Grant S. are missionaries to italy for 40 yrs. They offered this info. un solicited, that a friend of theirs worked as a night security guard at a mnfg plant in the north west, and one night wandered into a warehouse full of guillotines, and became fearful, and quit, and went back to italy. I was talking to them about fema camps, thousands of black plastic casket liners, and much more. They offered this info.. Jim Willie in one of his HT letters alluded to fema camps complete with ovens, and guillotines. Jim has subscribers in low echelon levels who have worked at the camps, and gave this info to him. the jackass often references the western elites as “nazi cabal”. It was scientists from the nazi rocket project, ie

      { Wernher von Braun – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Wernher Magnus Maximilian, Freiherr von Braun (March 23, 1912 – June 16, 1977) was a German and American aerospace engineer and space architect.
      ‎Sturmbannführer – ‎Robert H. Goddard – ‎Peenemünde – ‎Hans Kammler}

      that headed up the space program that put us on the moon in 1969, july 20. History repeats itself. circa;

      “The secret world of gold” by eric sprott, and andrew Mcguire. see

      the nazies went after the gold bullion in each country they Conquered, as “WE ARE DOING.”
      DHS, and more are buying up large quantities of AMMO, to quell the opposition. They are trying to disarm us, like stalin, mao, pol pot, hitler, and more.

      It is, I believe, the design of the CABAL, to depopulate the earth,

      ref. Depopulation of the Masses Has Begun | Dave Hodges ……/depopulation-of-the-masses-has-beg...
      Dec 3, 2013 – Zbigniew Brzezinski likes to keep his hand on the pulse of humanity. …. that human overpopulation is the fundamental problem on Earth Today” …
      NEW WORLD ORDER PLAN 2013 & WORLD WAR 3 – Dr …
      Video for zbigniew brzeziński depopulate the earth► 4:06► 4:06
      Jan 29, 2013 – Uploaded by youpoliticaljersey
      Read the GRAND CHESSBOARD by Dr Zbigniew BRZEZINSKI [the Strategic … Final solution” to depopulate 4-5 billion people from the Earth …
      WORLD DEPOPULATION – Club of Rome / Illuminati – Godlike Productions
      Jan 9, 2012 – 31 posts – ‎5 authors
      WORLD DEPOPULATION IS TOP NSA AGENDA: … the intervention of National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski and Secretaries of State …. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

      • paul

        I wouldn’t be surprised if this CABAL is working directly for off world “aliens” who have an Agenda to depopulate Earth of all humans … the 500,000 figure is a ruse (they will all be eliminated at a later time) … recent analysis of radioactivity on Mars suggests these same “aliens” depopulated Mars of its human colonies with hydrogen bombs and currently won’t let us back on the Moon to obtain evidence of the slaughter of the human Moon colony that was once there hundreds of centuries ago and is now in ruble … the “aliens” and the CABAL working for them wouldn’t mind creating another FLOOD or Nuclear War or Virus Pandemic to wipe out humanity … the only reason we are still around today is because of one smart fellow called Noah who built an Arc.

    • allen ols


      the elites are “DESPERATE”, their world is falling apart. The DOLLAR IS AT ITS END.

      They are eating their own, ie. killing their own bankers, or Suiciding them. They seem to mysteriously shoot themselves with nail guns, jump of 24 story bldngs, hang themselves from chandeliers, slice their wrists and necks, etc.
      they are soo desperate they invade countries, rape and pillage, circa gaddafi , S. Hussien, 911 fiasco; THEY WILL GO TO ANY LENGTHS to save themselves and their system.
      their leader is SATAN HIMSELF.

  21. Mr. T

    This is an excellent interview Greg & Bill! Informative and easy to comprehend. Also for the non financial experts among us. I think it shows great courage for you sirs to continue to do what you believe in. We’re facing weird times. For our friends that are in trouble you might already know that a good song can actually cure the mind, just like a medicine can ‘cure’ the body for a while. Just play ‘crosses’ by ‘José Gonzalez’, and listen to the chords and lyrics. Some wisdom being shared, right there. Thanks guys.

  22. paul

    Greg …

    As Holter says, “Gold is kryptonite to the dollar.

    Yet the bankers continue to manipulate gold and silver prices downward by various means thus holding up the relative value of the fiat dollar against other fiat currencies.

    So when does the End Game arrive and precious metals finally rise??

    Simple … the answer is when a sufficient number of common people worldwide ignore the banker induced manipulations that makes the fiat dollar look strong relative to other fiat currencies and they begin to go out and buy gold and silver with every spare dollar they have … despite the rise in the fiat dollar relative to other fiat currencies.

    And as you know this is exactly what is beginning to happen now!

    So have no fear … the Beginning of the End Game has Arrived … and the loss of confidence in fiat has begun … and is now turning into a worldwide phenomenon.

    • Bill Holter

      I prefer a little Spanish music …my horse dances to it as he is “Costarricense (Costa Rican).

  23. NC Gal

    What a great guest and what a great interview! I now have a clearer understanding of the mechanisms at work at the Comex than I did before. The part that was new for me was when Bill pointed out that the very actions being taken to keep the present system going are actually speeding up its demise.

    And THAT raises a recurring question, especially when I think back to Gregory Mannario’s interview earlier this week. Is this DELIBERATE or is it desperation? a few weeks ago, I expressed my thinking that the reason that the can was being kicked down the road was because the infrastructure for total control was not yet in place — i.e. the elites were not READY to go to the next step of the game by bringing down the present system. I don’t think they are at all afraid, but I do think they are running out of time and having to resort to more creative ways to keep things going as they are presently structured.

    I personally know only one person who has enough personal wealth to be concerned about preserving it, and his theory was that the elites are keeping things going as long as they can because it profits them to do so. According to him, every week that goes by allows that much more looting to take place and more goes into their pockets. I don’t know what time will bring or who will be proven right along the way, but the other thing that I “got” from listening to this interview was how market sentiment (fear) affects the GOFO rate, even if market “fundamentals” do not affect the spot price right now. I hadn’t understood that as clearly before.

    Once again, I must say that I feel an acceleration is taking place and that those long-term predictions that say the tipping point is still years away may very well be wrong. The tensions are clearly rising, and things can only be swept under the rug for so long before something erupts (or perhaps several “somethings”). The information about growing sentiment in France for repatriation of ITS gold points to a greater movement on the part of individual nation states wanting to take care of their own interests first and not being as favorable to being part of a single global system as the elites would like them to be. This tug of war is not over yet, by a long shot!

    As for attempts to silence the truthsayers, I don’t know if that’s desperation or just an ongoing resolve to control the information flow so that other plans can be put into motion without sufficient resistance to keep them from going forward. I do think it’s going to get very messy somewhere along the way.

    One other point that is a little off-topic is what happened in the Ferguson, MO grand jury deliberations and the consequent rioting by “people of color.” It seemed like “Rodney King” all over again, and that to me is another symptom of the convergence of many factors all coming together to increase the unraveling of the social and economic fabric. The world as we knew it is becoming very unstable, and I expect that trend to continue. Lots of potential “snowflake” moments piling up eventually cause an avalanche!

    • Bill Holter

      yes NC gal, the faster they run…”the behinder they get” this is exactly what is happening!

  24. Pär Ljungberg

    I just want to thank you for your interesting interviews. Really appreciate them and the way you do them.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Par!

    • Bill Holter

      Greg is a pleasure to interview with because he is “prepared” and asks on point questions. KUDOS Greg!

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Bill for the kind words, and thank you for taking the time to come on to answer comments and questions. That’s a rare treat from a guest.

  25. Tom Porter

    They guard those vaults as if their life were in jeopardy. If the President cant even visit… I seriously hope they have the gold there… and what if, just what if, in fact there actually is a lot of gold there?

    • Bill Holter

      “hope” is the vestige of fools.

  26. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    Another valuable public service interview. There are so many different facets to the ongoing crises facing humanity. All we can do is to prepare as many ways as we can for the Coming Storm.

    I still haven’t fully gotten my mind around the belief of gold and silver being real money- inherently money. It always seemed more plausible to me to have a country’s currency backed by its natural resources, political stability, military strength, sound economic policies (not printing trillions of dollars out of thin air).

    Is it the discipline that gold and silver backing forces on a country’s economy? Is it the scarcity and industrial uses of the metals? Something more mystical perhaps?

    • Bill Holter

      it is called “honesty or truth”. A gold standard prevents politicians from handing out money to buy votes. Gold, unlike other “money” (currency) cannot be created for free.

  27. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg
    Great interview – I like Bill Holter.
    As I said last time he was on, this man shoots straight!
    There is a hell of a lot happening out there at the moment but IMO the biggies out there are the Ukraine situation, the MH17 coverup, and the sudden desire for sovereign countries to repatriate gold reserves.

    Me-thinks there is something very rotten in the state of Holland.
    I will list some facts;
    #1 August 29 – Dutch press revealed that a secret pact had been signed by the MH17 joint investigation team which includes;
    Netherlands Australia Belgium Ukraine – notably Malaysia is not included WTH!!!
    Part of this agreement is that signatories retain control of the information they contribute so they can veto disclosure of any findings. Another way of saying this is they will only release information if it fits their own predetermined narrative!!!
    #2 Germany tries to repatriate some 700 tons of gold back from the US beginning in 2013. They have received a paltry 5 tons, none of which was their original gold and neither was it of the same purity!
    #3 Holland decides to secretly repatriate 122 tons from US in the last few months and claim to have taken delivery of it already.
    Call me suspicious, call me a conspiracy theorist, call me whatever you like but
    these events and their timing are extraordinarily alarming to me.

    I posted 10/29/2014 re gold repatriation and predicted that the Swiss referendum could have enormous consequences regardless of the outcome of the vote.
    17 days later we find that sovereign gold repatriation is indeed very much the order of the day. Would any country in the world with half a brain store any of their physical gold with the Fed or the BOE?
    First it was Germany, albeit unsuccessfully, next Holland, followed by Switzerland if the referendum votes a yes this weekend. Now of course France is talking about it too. This sounds to me rather like a world vault run on gold that could get completely out of control. It maybe the musical chairs game has already started and I think we already know which moronic countries are going to find themselves standing there without a seat.
    These countries have conspired to prop up the $ and in the process lost all the gold. Shouldn’t it have dawned on them by now that the $ does not even meet the most basic definition of money.


    • Bill Holter

      Hi Colin, I know you from the MF blog, thanks for commenting.

    • Silence is Golden

      Funny thing Col,
      They all know that Gold is the ONLY true Money. 😉

  28. Collateral Damage

    The Race Riots in Mo. have served their purpose well.

    Do you hear the loud outcry against the Amnesty of last week?

    No protest all all regarding Amnesty.

    I say, Ferguson has served it’s intended purpose well.


    • Bill Holter

      Exactly right, very perceptive CD!

  29. paul

    Greg …

    What is China up to??? …

    The Shenzheb-Guobao Mint of China just released the latest addition to its world-famous Chinese Panda coin series. The 1 oz Chinese Silver Pandas have been produced with one troy ounce of .999 pure silver each and every year since 1982. These Panda coins don’t just change their date each year like the Silver Eagle or Canadian Maple Leaf but feature “a totally all new design” every year making them a great collectors item.

    However … something is very different happened to the new 2015 Panda design … it lacks any reference to it being “One Ounce of Silver” and lacks any reference “to the Purity being .999” … the question I’m asking myself is … Why would China do such a thing? … and not state that it’s silver coin contains one troy ounce of .999 pure silver??? … UNLESS … unless it is planning to “Reduce the Amount of Silver in Each Coin”!!! … this would make a lot of sense (cents for us buying one ounce coins now) as silver is becoming harder and harder to get … notice how many mints have recently delayed making new coins because of the shortage of silver blanks …

    So perhaps “the expected re-set of the silver price” won’t be an overt announcement of a doubling or tripling in the price of each coin … but simply the Mint selling the coin at the current price … but “reducing the coins silver content” by one half or two-thirds …

    YES … this is becoming more plausible to me … that this action we are seeing by the Chinese mint could very well indicate we are getting extremely close to a “re-pricing” for both gold and silver!!! … [BY REDUCING THE SILVER CONTENT OF EACH ONE OUNCE COIN BY ADDING BASE METAL TO IT] …

    And all those one troy ounce Panda coins we have already stacked … will immediately go up to double or triple the current price …


    • Bill Holter

      interesting, I had not heard this. Thanks.

    • Silence is Golden

      Great catch Paul.
      Counterfeiting at its finest.

    • allen ols

      wow paul

  30. art barnes

    Greg, have a very nice holiday. From the Western Front, ab

    • Greg Hunter

      You too Art–from the Eastern front.

  31. David Brown

    One day, I would like to get a guest’s perspective on the stock market. Would the DJIA it tank about 2,000 to 3,000 points over a few days when gold and silver see open skies?

    • Bill Holter

      stock will also see open skies in a hyperinflation. The important thing is to own companies that make or produce real and NECESSARY things!

  32. Varughese

    The Ferguson verdict and the subsequent mistrust shows clearly why the Jury system(picking from public) is absolutely wrong. After all you demand the Investigative officer is a professional, the one argue also must be a professional but how on earth does the one who decide not be a professional?

  33. Smaulgld

    COMEX is a paper market
    The participants know it’s a paper market
    It’s where traders sell silver and gold they don’t have to people who don’t want to buy it.
    It’s like pro wrestling.
    The “longs” are the same entities as the “shorts” the bullion banks.
    The longs aren’t going to ask for delivery.
    The snap shot in this post is typical of the long and short positions

  34. Coal Burner

    Greg;and everyone, I have totally enjoyed this discussion. I believe China wants the gold but they want more. They want to turn as much of their green paper into assets as they can on the way down. Chinese are all business first and foremost and they mean to win. The USA and mega-corporations have sold our soul to them but they plan to take all they can get. Remember they have a billion plus to feed and find jobs for. If we have a few coins around that will be best but the real question by then will be can you keep them from all the hands trying to take them.
    Happy Thanksgiving one and all. I believe it will be our richest for the next forty years or 500!

    • allen ols

      strong point!!

  35. Jeff L

    I believe Holland is merely a US puppet…….. They supposedly buy our debt equal to their GDP. They hid the truth about flight MH17. Now they purchased 200+ tons of gold ? In your dreams and only to make the world think the gold is readily available………. I already stated my belief not to hold your breath on the Swiss gold passing. I will add one more thing to expect……… If it passes gold gets hammered…… If it fails gold gets hammered….. Not the end of the world or gold’s bull market, but it will happen.

    • Smaulgld

      I think you are correct. The central banks already have plan b in place if save our swiss gold passes

    • Marcelo

      “They supposedly buy our debt equal to their GDP. They hid the truth about flight MH17. Now they purchased 200+ tons of gold ? ” The ones who are buying US debt are the Belgians, not Holland. And they are not purchasing Gold, they are just bringing back to Holland their own gold, supposing this is true.

    • Bill Holter

      it is Belgium who purchased our Treasuries …called the “Belgian Bulge”.

  36. Jeff L

    Smaulgold……. The longs COULD ask for the gold. That is what the options market was created for. They wouldn’t get it, but they could ask for it (kind’a like Germany)……… David.. ” Would the DJIA tank about 2,000 to 3,000 points” ? Depending on WHY gold rose significantly. As Holter states, hyperinflation will rise most boats (at least for a while). What about gold rising from fear/black flag event, ect ? I think the market is over priced and will drop like a rock. Can you justify a 20+ P/E on consumer/service sector related co’s when TSHTF ? How about planes, trains, and automobiles if oil does a turn around ? My feeling is gold will be released when the dollar begins it’s decent. If the dollar drops oils going higher with gold. Just how many Co’s can stand up to higher costs and broke consumers ?

    • Smaulgld

      Correct. they could ask for delivery but they won’t because they know they won’t get it and it’s not he reason they trade on COMEX,
      The largest longs are the bullion banks and they have no interest in destroying COMEX- it’s their place to play make money and manipulate

  37. Klemens

    Insiders Looted Gold Worth $200b from South African Reserve Bank – See more at:

  38. Michael Harvey

    The Wise and Foolish Builders
    Put into practice as the wise men of China are doing by building their house on Gold. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on Gold. But alas, for everyone who hears these words and does not put them into practice is like the foolish men of the west who have built their houses on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against their houses, and they fell with a great crash.
    Beware ‘The Ides of March’
    Mike Harvey

  39. jc davis

    Bill Holter. Thank you for coming on to chat with the commenters. Like the spice in my pumpkin pie. I found a all new respect for you. Happy Thanksgiving.

  40. Roy B.

    I think the U.S is in the same boat as Germany in 1940 invading and taking gold to keep
    the war machine going. The countries that feared Germany moved there gold to U.S or
    Canada.Now the same countries want there gold back because they fear the U.S. When
    Germany feel a lot of people felt foolish for not realizing what was going on.When the
    U.S. falls you going to see a lot of people with dumb looks on there faces.

  41. Paul

    Greg, another great guest. I follow Bill Holter’s commentary on regular basis. He is very insightful . SRSrocco put out a report on Shanghai Silver . Remember , the previous report showed 81 mt available and this led some to believe Shanghai would alarmingly run out of silver by December. This report shows the Chinese were able to restock , though marginally, with another 4o-50 mt . Also Harvey Organ Blog of Nov 26 reported the December OI contracts on the COMEX have significantly fallen to just over 13,000 with one day remaining . I guess we’ll see on December 1st how many contracts are left standing for delivery . Harvey has some interesting comments about the the humongous trading activity in gold/ silver futures this past week as does Bo Polny. My point is this: it seems in the game PAPER vs ROCK; PAPER is winning! ( for now!!!)

  42. Paul

    PS: here is in part a quote from Harvey Organ’s blog from November 26th: ” For the past year we have been witnessing liquidation of contracts despite the fact that it costs nothing to roll. This makes no sense and smacks of cash settlements which are totally illegal. Since I have been following Comex data I have never witnessed such a MASSIVE liquidation in both gold and silver as these past TWO days…..”

    • paul

      Paul … this is the other Paul … although there is massive liquidation of gold and silver contracts (paper) … the writing is clearly written on the Great Wall of China … just by looking at the 2015 Pandas (rock) with absolutely “no reference to purity”.

      It seems to me we should be focusing more on the rock (the Pandas) and not the paper (futures contracts) for an indication as to where the price of gold and silver are really going.

      • paul

        PS: I wouldn’t be surprised if the holders of futures contracts (paper) are dumping them like crazy for cash so they can buy up any physical Pandas (rock) they can get their hands on.

  43. Mason

    Glenn Greenwald interviews James Risen, the man who won the Pulitzer Prize in 2005 for exposing the NSA warrantless eavesdropping program, on his new book: “Pay Any Price, the War on Terror and Press Freedoms”:

    A small excerpt:
    “GREENWALD:…..Yours [Risen’s book, Ed.] is really one of the first that has focused on a particular part of the War on Terror, namely the way in which economic motives, what you call the Homeland Security Industrial Complex, has driven a huge part of the war, and there’s a lot of new reporting about how that functions.
    I wanted to ask you…………how much of this economic motive is the cause of the fact that we’ve now been at war for 13 years as opposed to traditional war objectives such as increasing domestic power or asserting foreign influence. How big of a role do you think it actually plays?

    RISEN: That was my goal. That was one of the key objectives of writing the book, and I think it plays a really central role in why the war is continuing. I think it’s basically that after so many years there’s a whole class of people that have developed. A post-9/11 mercenary class that’s developed that have invested in their own lives an incentive to keep the war going. Not just people who are making money, but people who are in the government who their status and their power within the government are invested in continuing the war.”

  44. Doug Williams

    My predication that will happen over the weekend, the Swiss will vote “YES”. Monday Morning gold will pop to $1226.80 Tuesday, it will have fallen to $1180.80 Meaning that gold the Swiss have to buy don’t mean a thing, Why, you ask, with China, Russia,India buying tons of the crap and it’s not going anywhere with the price but down.And what’s this crap about “GAME OVER” when China, Russia, India can’t get any more gold? All that means that they got it all.. For China buying buildings in New York, well I hope they buy half of New York, so when they start WW3, they can “Nuke” New York. How sweet that would be? Greg, If, my predication comes true over the weekend into Monday and Tuesday, I’ll e-mail my my phone number and I’d like to become one of your talking heads.

  45. David Brown

    I’ve heard it theorized by Dave Kranzler that the 122 tons came from GLD, and not a US gold depository. Whether true or not, I’ve heard from too many analysts that little ( I mean little) exists in Federal hands.

    It would probably take a subpoena and personal visit from Supreme Court Justice John Roberts to ascertain the truth.

    Considering his support of Obamacare when the case appeared before his court, I count those odds as nil.

  46. Thomas1

    Article refers to reporter Gary Webb, who exposed CIA links to global drug trafficking.

    You mentioned the San Jose Mercury newspaper in you conversation with Bill, and this must have been the journalist you were referring to.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding this Thomas1.

  47. smaulgld

    Will Comex default?

  48. Jeff L

    Doug Williams yes Swiss vote prediction………… I will take the other side of that bet as I’ve been saying for weeks. No vote and $1150 the following week…………

    • Silence is Golden

      Good call JL

  49. Jeff L

    My bad for confusing Holland with Belgium. I knew better and had a senior moment………. I stated that the disclosure was for public perception (see gold is easily available). What no one has done is inspected, verified or tested the so called delivery.

  50. Just LakeEffect

    IF there are any Swiss folks tuned in to USAWatchdog, please vote YES on Sunday’s
    referendum regarding the repatriation of your gold holdings and please tell all your friends to do the same. You have the luxury, the opportunity to launch a movement of truth, which could spread across the globe and could overwhelm the evil banking cabal.

    Truth is the only weapon we have, as we are the David’s and they, the Goliath’s. The false confidence in their printing and debt creation will dissolve when enough become aware. The renewal of a gold backed currency is a big first step. Reclaim your reputation of sound money and end the debauchery of your Swiss Franc. Vote yes for all of us interested in spreading the truth.

    We are lucky in having this forum to speak freely. A day may come where this freedom may be taken away. Thank you Greg for providing it.

  51. Doug Williams

    Jeff L. I owe a Mcdonald hamburger from the dollar menu. I forgot to factor in the “THIN” air that the Swiss breath in. That seemed to clouded their judgement. 78 % voting against protecting the countrys wealth by investing in gold. All that means now, China or Russia or India has the opportunity to buy the 1500 tons of gold the Swiss don’t buy. The only thing that I have to say to the Swiss people, ” You poor sons – of – @#$%$#’s.” ( Just keep on collecting those worthless U.S dollars. )

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