Gold Rising Because it Protects Against Government – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Legendary geopolitical and financial analyst Martin Armstrong continues to be bullish on America. Armstrong contends, “The U.S. economy has been the only thing holding up the world. People do not realize what is the difference between the U.S. vs. the rest of the world? China respects it, and they are starting to move in the proper direction. . . . The United States has the biggest consumer market, which is why everybody wants to sell here. China now realizes the mistake. China is going to turn inward and try and develop its own consumer market.”

Things are not looking good for the long term viability of the euro. Armstrong says, “Because Europe is a basket case, the likelihood of the euro going to completely fall apart is actually quite high. What did the euro do? It basically replaced 28 currencies. So, the diversity has been shot.”

Armstrong also points out, “Gold has been rallying right along with the U.S. stock market. This is what I said all along. Eventually, towards the end, they have to align. Why? Because at that stage of the game, it’s us against government. So, tangible assets rise.”

Armstrong says global debt is what you need to watch. Armstrong further contends, “Debt is a real problem. . . . People need to realize the problem is in government and not in the private sector. Interest rates will start to rise, and that is what we are looking for going out of the year 2020. You also have all this crazy stuff going on in Congress. . . . Real hatred has developed. It’s incredible. Before, if whoever you voted for lost, you accepted it and moved on. I mean people don’t accept it anymore. So, what is this stuff ‘Trump is not my President’? Well, then, who is he?  There is no President of the United States? It’s your way or no way is what they are really saying. It has polarized the country so much that it’s going to be permanent gridlock. Congress is out of control. Don’t expect anything to help the economy coming out of there. All they are going to do is continually raise taxes. That’s going to really be disastrous.”

What about Armstrong’s “War Cycle”? Armstrong predicts, “It’s pointing straight up. . . . We have two cycles. One is civil unrest and the other is international war. The civil unrest would show more on the revolutionary side, and, normally, they don’t particularly take place at the same time. They realign once every 300 or so years, and that’s what is happening right now. So, we have a rise in civil unrest, and you can see it with this polarization in politics. That will lead to civil war, and there is no other way around this. Neither side is going to accept whoever wins in 2020. This nonsense about Russia and Trump and Russia is absolutely absurd. They claim the Russians hacked the DNC emails and that is why Hillary lost. There is no allegation that anybody faked the emails or they weren’t true. . . . Over 70% of Democrats think that Russia is the enemy. . . . You create that kind of sentiment, and that is what leads to war.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with renowned analyst Martin Armstrong, founder of Armstrong Economics.

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After the Interview:

There is much free information and articles on You can sign up for his conference in Italy in May, and also be on the lookout for his upcoming analysis and predictions for the global economy, including the USA in the next few weeks.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    I love this man.

    • Rob

      Yes I also love Martin’s cycles because they agree with the first four seals that our Father gives Jesus to open during the 1st half of the tribulation:

      1st seal ~ white horse ~ manchild ~ Moses was a type! ~ possibly 2021
      2nd seal ~ red horse ~ peace taken from the earth ~ possibly 2022
      3rd seal ~ black horse ~ famine from both inflation and crop failure ~ possibly 2023
      4th seal ~ pale horse ~ death that follows those 3 horses ~ possibly 2024

      Even our government websites predict much loss of life in the more industrialized nations of the world by 2025:

      Martin was correct when when he said it will be “us” against the government near the end! The governments of the world are becoming the beast by the midst of the next decace that will coincide with the midst of the tribulation:

      Revelation 13:16-17 And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

      The “us” are those Christians those Christians who as the woman flee into their wilderness where the corporate manchild will be waiting to nourish them spiritually as the tribulation commences:

      Revelation 12:5-6 And she was delivered of a son, a man child, who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and unto his throne. (6) And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that there they may nourish her a thousand two hundred and threescore days.

      Please understand what Peter meant when he used the term “us-ward”:

      • TSI

        Mark of the beast – Mithraic initiation and activation of the third eye.

        • paul ...

          TSI … The men who wrote the Bible forgot to mention that God’s money (gold and silver) destroys the mark of the beast(s) … the Deutsche Mark, the Yen, the Dollar, etc., etc. … if everyone would just activate their third eye “and see” that all fiat (whether paper or electronic) is fake (simply a debt liability) compared to “real” money (gold and silver)!!

        • TSI

          The Roman emperors from the time of Caligula onwards claimed to be living Gods and were worshipped as such. This is the same as Luciferian doctrine that says “ye shall be as gods”.

    • JC

      Me too! Thank you Greg and Martin for helping to guide us through these dark times. God bless you both.

      • The ORIGINAL Q

        The KEY to navigating through the darkness is to come OUT OF the world that IS, into the NEW World; the Kingdom of God which comes in Christ. Those who love the old world (where money rules) have no part in the New World. So anyone who’s entire focus is on money is NOT guiding you to the Light, but keeping your focus on the Old World. Therefore to escape the Darkness you must first be found WORTHY to escape the Old World, and most are NOT worthy. See the Scriptures for the QUALIFICATIONS.

        • paul ...

          Q …Would be nice if the Churches were more like Jesus “who gave free lectures on morality” … and offer us “a free ticket” to the Kingdom just like Jesus (and stop passing the basket around to collect money) … for as you say “anyone who’s entire focus is on money is NOT guiding you to the Light” … just look at where the Catholic Church is now by accepting the riches of the world offered by Satan!!

        • Rob

          Yes Q this is to be seated in heavenly places in Christ:

          Ephesians 2:6 and raised us up with him, and made us to sit with him in the heavenly places, in Christ Jesus:

          The purpose of my website is to help navigate out of the world and then out of the apostate churches and their demon doctrines:

  2. Mark James

    It works on MS Edge but not on Google Chrome. It crashes right when you flip to Martin. FYI. Thanks!

  3. Mark James

    It works on You Tube on Chrome. Thanks!

    • Craig

      Despite changing browser (chrome to Opera)
      The media playback was aborted due to a corruption problem or because the media used features your browser did not support.”

      Works in Microsoft browser.

      • Greg Hunter

        I am trying out a new video player to not be dependent on you tube.

        • APB

          Love the new player! Thanks Greg!

        • Mark James

          Thanks Greg! We all support you. Just wanted you to know. 🙂 Thank you for another great interview!! Have a nice Sunday!

          • Greg Hunter

            You are very kind to support USAW!!

        • AH

          Glad to see you OFF YouTube, Greg.

        • Beverly Kingsford

          Smart thinking Greg. Great interview. Martin Armstrong knows that good will win out in the end. It will be a dirty show, but the world is like a child. We have to learn the hard way and people are learning. Keep praying for Trump and for this nation.

        • Black Hole of Nothingness


          • William Stanley

            Firefox fixed my problem. Now I have two browsers. It wasn’t difficult, and maybe I should have gone with Firefox from the get go.

  4. Scott

    Excellent content, Greg, as always…

    ~ S

  5. Sayonara

    Government is the ENEMY!

    • paul ...

      Now now … that’s not exactly true … how can our government’s trillion dollar budget deficits every year to fight wars in 80 foreign Nations be damaging to the US economy when it provides low paying jobs to the people and exorbitant profits to the elites? … and we know from Karl Marx that we can print money out of thin air for both war and social programs without any worry at all … so lets let in as many people as we want from Mexico (there is no need for a Wall) … and put them all on welfare like the Military Industrial Bankster Complex is now on government welfare … can’t just call such a government “an enemy” if you are (or are not) a US citizen and are currently on the dole with your hand in the cookie jar can you?

    • jack

      Martin acknowledges the debt problem but fails to note that creating money as debt that compounds for decades is the real problem. Like compounding interest, principal + debt will always eventually outstrip the money supply to repay it. Mathematical fact. Blaming Govts is too simplistic. With the whole system on QE debt life support , I very much doubt it will last a few more years.People are losing confidence already and articles are in MSM warning of another potential GFC. So are the bankers going to buy all the shares and markets continue to trade in cyber space with no connection to the real world ?

      • William Stanley


        • DB Cooper

          WS, Yeah, we like our dogs too … all five of them !! DB

          • William Stanley

            Hi, DB!
            My present dog is a Shetland Sheepdog. He needs job counseling. He thinks his job is to chase off anything that flies . . . including Boeing 737s at 35,000 ft.

            • paul ...

              William … that’s the kind of dog everyone needs (to chase off the chem-trail planes) … is your dog’s name “Sidewinder”?

      • Donald

        “Blaming Govts is too simplistic.”

        Yep, I agree too. There is much much more going on than meets the eye. How come Iceland, which was supposed to blow up or be in perpetual poverty endlessly for disconnecting themselves from the corrupt banking system of the West, has made a nice recovery? There is something very strange going on with western banking. For instance, since the central banks are privately owned, who audits them and how? What prevents them from printing unaccounted for money and using it for manipulation of markets? What prevents the owners of these banks from printing free money for themselves? I have often thought that the rate of inflation is way too high for whatever monetized debt has come into the market.

        • jack

          Yep . Dr Mark Skidmore reveals this potential skeleton in the closet with the unaccounted extra $21 trillion. It is corruption on a scale impossible to imagine. Mike Maloney said that the insiders started to exist the share market in 2015 leaving the pension funds and masses to yet again hype the tulip bubble. The property bubble has been hyped yet again and they will move into the share market right at the time of a massive orchestrated collapse.Harry Dent has just said the Dow will go to 35000 and collapse at the end of this year. In my view only fools make predictions because infinite money at this early stage of serious inflation ,covers a lot of treachery. There will come a point that even bankers will totally lose control.

        • Iceviking

          Iceland has recovered due to massive low currency, attractive nature which led to overflow or tourists, who have spent lots of money. Plus, the government that was here before and after the crisis has not overspent but rather paid DOWN debt. and then they have currency tarriffs meaning foreign currency can not go easily out of the country. and finally the banking system has shrunk alot. to name a few thing that helped the economy to recover.

        • Donald

          Here is a good – and very new video to watch:

          This is what virtually all analysts miss – they routinely talk of the Federal Reserve is some kind of benevolent institution that is only reacting to natural market currents and that is working in your best interests.

      • Beverly Kingsford

        I think the most accurate timeline is in the scriptures. And, the scriptures have shown that when a nation repents, God will spare that nation. Jonah didn’t want to go to Ninevah and call the people to repentance because they were so wicked. But, he eventually did go. And, they rejected Jonah at first, but Jonah fasted and prayed and kept on talking. Finally the people DID decided to repent and they repented in sackcloth and ashes. But, when nations listed in the Bible did NOT repent, they were destroyed. So, if the U.S. Nation or any other nation does not want destruction, then the people have to turn towards God, namely Jesus Christ. They have to quit committing their awful crimes. If the people of this nation will not stop, then I think you can expect this country to go down pretty quick. If we do get rid of abortion and some other really horrible sins, then maybe we will get a few more years. The question is, how willing are the people of this country, to turn towards God?

        • jack

          Beverly I respect your faith ,but being an ex Catholic , have little faith in religion. One thing is certain, evil has taken over this planet with family and societal breakdown. For our leaders to be involved with pedophilia , murder via wars, human trafficking, organ harvesting etc says the human race is a failure.

          • Donald

            “have little faith in religion”

            But how about the Bible? You would be surprised just how much in the way of prophecy has come true up to now with more to follow. Religion cannot make a person do good, they have to willingly do so themselves. But as it seems, wherever you go this world, psychopaths have infiltrated just about everything. Their favorite strategy is to cause a problem, blame you for it, get someone else to fight for them and then profit from the effort.

            • TSI

              Is the bible the same as religion? Discuss.

              • Greg Hunter

                Please do not answer as TSI is an atheist. You are wasting your breath. He will say nothing about the Muslim terrorist invasion that is destroying his beloved England.

                • Black Hole of Nothingness

                  Why are you always picking on TSI?

                  • Greg Hunter

                    A fact is still a fact no matter how harsh it is. TSI has publicly stated he is an atheist on USAW.

                  • William Stanley

                    Mr. Hunter is our host. Sure, come to the party and have some fun. But don’t go out of your way to annoy him.

    • Diane

      Is there ANY government on this planet who
      puts we the people ahead of their own selfish interests? No, I dont think so.

      There are only a few reporters who are honest AND humble. Greg Hunter is in the top 1% of them.
      Thank you Greg.
      We love you.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Diane!

      • Freebrezer

        Diane – to continue your theme … are there any government workers that will forgo some of their pensions to help the working man – there are a slim few but the overwhelming majority are only in it for themselves – thus NO … Governments morph into a parasite which feeds on the governed, this until it kills the host … I think of ticks killing wild animals ….. MA was pretty blunt – this cycle is about governments failing! And the first thing that comes to mind is Venezuela … is this the future that trickles through Europe, Australia, England and finally into USA society? Add on food shortages … Not good.

        • William Stanley

          RE: ” . . . are there any government workers that will forgo some of their pensions to help the working man . . .[?]”
          I’m detecting, a disturbing inconsistency in your attitude toward contracts. In a recent post you opposed Venezuela’s stealing of oil-refinery investments made by large US companies on the basis of the morality of contracts (“The large USA oil companies had made contracts (operative word – contracts to share the wealth) with the previous Venezuela government/s”).
          Yet now you would brush aside the contracts under which government workers provided their labor, and ask them (alone?) to “forego some of their pensions to help the working man.”
          Freebrezer, they were “the working man.” They labored in performance of their part of the contract. Yet you now want to steal — apparently from them alone — some of the contracted for compensation that they are owed for their sacrifices of time, labor, and risk. Not only that, you have the effrontry to call them “parasites.” Well, Freebrezer, the real “parasites” here are the people who would steal some of what is contractually owed to the working men and women who have already provided their labor on behalf of their fellow citizens. Not good, indeed.

          • Freebrezer

            WS – Absolutely/completely not inconsistent … Please! If you missed the point, it is that government employees, in general, would be wise (operative word) to ‘forego some’/restructure their retirement programs (i.e. their contracts) now before the strain on payouts pushes/overwhelms the system into bankruptcy. And some locals around the USA have done this. And yes that means to ‘forgo some’ now to prevent losing a whole lot latter in bankruptcy … I am not sure what twisted logic would conclude that this is called stealing. I would call it facing reality. And in reality some contracts become untenable (not capable of being maintained) … … When the funds are not there to pay out 100% of what is contracted, what then? Bankruptcy. In bankruptcy, a person usually gets dimes on the dollar vs what was contracted for. Case in point – take Chicago … The police pension was initially based on 8 police on the beat paying in for one person on a pension. The working ratio now is ~ 3 to 1. Each year in Chicago more and more of the budget goes to pensions which reduces the funds for paid employees and less police on the beat – this is ‘parasitic’. Who suffers from not enough Police? the “working man” … look at the crime rate in Chicago! To cover government pensions in Ill the Taxes are going up … and more and more people (‘working man’) are moving out of the state vs. in … this all leads to eventually less tax revenue and pretty soon not enough funds = bankruptcy. The Ill pension plan is untenable and is parasitic!

            • William Stanley

              So you weren’t focusing on those who have already served and retired? If so, good! That DOES make a difference. I’m glad you cleared that up. So, just to be clear, you’re not advocating placing the entire burden of underfunded retirement plans on the shoulders of people who have already performed their obligations under THEIR contracts. Right?

              • William Stanley

                Another point: Many, if not most, state and federal pension plans are not the liabilities of current workers in that line of work only, e.g.,present working police paying for the retired police). Rather, they are liabilities of the entire government and, yes, present taxpayers (where the pension funds are underfunded). Taking their labor and then reneging on the obligation to pay them for it is stealing. No?

                • William Stanley

                  Oh, Freebrezer, I checked. I was unable to substantiate your claim that, even in Chicago, the working police shoulder the liability for the retired police –except in their roles as taxpayers. (“Case in point – take Chicago … The police pension was initially based on 8 police on the beat paying in for one person on a pension”).

                  • William Stanley

                    Of course, that is not to imply that current employees may not contribute to their own pension fund. However, at least some plans actually do have the option whereby the employee actually receives less in present salary in exchange for the employer paying what would otherwise be contributed by the employee.

              • Freebrezer

                WS – The pension plans now in place will not work period. It is like social Security … My guess is that if you are under 55 you are not going to get what was promised. (period) … governments do not work that way … they only try to fix the mess they creat vs. proactive working to stop something. Best to negotiate now vs. later before it collapses. The systems are going broke. The debt ball rolling towards all of us is HUGE!!!! When it hits and explodes, I do not think anyone has a clear picture of what is on the other side!

            • Tin foil hat

              It’s not just some locals around the US, the entire country is technically bankrupted. The question should be “Are there any American receiving or about to receive SS, Medicare or welfare that will forgo some of their benefits to help the . . “.

              • William Stanley

                TFH, the question goes much farther than even you pointed out. Only part of the question is whether the entire citizenry/taxpayers will pay what they contractually owe to the people who provided the services that they have already enjoyed: Like the police and firemen who protected them, the teachers who taught their children . . .? Such people worked for what they are owed. Paying them what we agreed to pay them isn’t bestowing them with some sort of gift.
                It seems to me that we might most morally start dealing with the problem by operating government within a balanced budget — including proper funding for any deferred expenses, such as pensions which are promised as part of the compensation for the labor to be provided. Either raise taxes or cut the size of government or both.
                We shouldn’t conflate the issues by pretending that we don’t owe what we do, in fact, owe to those who have already made the sacrifices to provide that which we have already received.
                Living within our means might require cutting expenditures on the military, government spying operations, government provided schooling (especially at the university level), and a ton of other stuff, (especially) government-provided health care.

                • Tin foil hat

                  William Stanley,
                  “It seems to me that we might most morally start dealing with the problem by operating government within a balanced budget — including proper funding for any deferred expenses, such as pensions …”

                  All that should have been done in 1971. The horses are long gone. Why even bother closing the barn door now?

                  The only question is whether the people are going to choose the road of progressive socialism or Constitutional Republic when the Ponzi well turns dry.

                  At 2:36, George Bernard Shaw praised FDR and bashed the Constituion.


                  • William Stanley

                    RE: “The horses are long gone. Why even bother closing the barn door now?”
                    Well, I hope the barn door stays open because I’m going to need a roof over my head. I’ve considered getting a new tent, but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to afford that very much longer with inflation and all.

          • Tin foil hat

            William Stanley,
            RE: ” . . . are there any government workers that will forgo some of their pensions to help the working man . . .[?]”

            Perhaps the better question should be: .. are there any citizens that will forgo some of their benefits to help the working man . . .[?]”

            I did a little research on the cost of welfare benefits and healthcare (NHS) in the UK came up with the followings:

            NHS – $123.7 bn
            Housing – $23.5bn
            Disability Living – $15.5bn
            Incapacity – $14.1bn
            Attendance, Jobseeker & Carer Allowance -$11bn
            State Pension – $86.5bn



            I believe all nations are already bankrupted, with the exception of Russia and Iceland, and most citizens in those countries are bascially parasites with the exception of farmers, factory workers and doctors.
            Perhaps we should ask the question which George Bernard Shaw had pondered on; Justify Your Existence!


            • William Stanley

              I don’t know if it affects your point or not, but the word “pension” has a different connotation in the US than in the UK. There you seem to use the word in much the same way we in the US use the phrase “social security payment.”
              When I have used the word “pension,” I’m referring to contractual payments made to retired government workers that they receive as part of the deal that they made with local, state, and the federal governments when they agreed to work for those governmental entities.
              (Note that the word “pension” could also be used for similar deals that employees of private companies make as part of their compensation for working for those companies. However, those contracts are not what I’ve been talking about here).

      • rwmctrofholz

        Nailed it. Greg Hunter is a hidden gem!

      • The ORIGINAL Q

        The LUST for more more more, and the priority of SELF INTEREST First is not limited to governments. It is a basic tenet of fallen human nature, and is a natural trait of everyone born of Adam. What we truly need is a NEW Nature, and that is exactly what God offers each of us in Christ, to partake in His own Nature which is Self SACRIFICE for the good of others. The Word of God urges us to consider others’ interests as well as our own, and treat others the way we want to be treated. But it doesn’t promise rewards in this life, and if we got our rewards here and now, it would hardly be worth it.

    • William Stanley

      That makes you an enemy of the state.

      • Sayonara

        Correction -> A very proud enemy of the “state”!
        Thank you very kindly

  6. Marie Joy

    Please become active, politically, or become an election monitor.

  7. R. patrick

    It seems that some experts feel that we are moving into a recession this year. Some experts like Mr. Armstrong not really buying into it. Some say many people going to be indicted soon, others say the indictments do not exist and further never did except for a dozen or so. What a variety of opinions we have here. I need a crystal ball because I’m not sure who is right about what?

    • Donald

      “I need a crystal ball because I’m not sure who is right about what?”

      Yep. Seems there are many in your camp. In my opinion, Martin Armstrong is extremely good at economic analysis. He has been one of the best at it so far. His analysis and explanations are exceptionally good. But his analysis essentially relies on a stable economic environment that assumes those who control the central banks are working for the best interests of the nations. This is where it breaks down. The corruption of those in control is appalling. The people before them started WWI to eliminate Germany as a rival and profit from the war. That’s what it has been about for hundreds (thousands?) of years now, eliminate your rival and profit from it. So, many black swans are circling overhead (as others have pointed out). And when one of them comes in for a landing, things will change very quickly.

      • William Stanley


      • paul ...

        Donald … You hit the nail on the head when you said: “That’s what it has been about for hundreds (thousands?) of years now, eliminate your rival and profit from it” … exactly why the US put sanctions on Iran and Venezuela (so we can sell our oil and gas to Europe and balance our trade deficit) … it’s a dog eat dog world we live in … is it right? … No … but it will soon be cured by “free energy” that puts all the immoral dogs in chains!!

    • AndrewB

      R. Patrick
      Spot on! The dichotomy of opinion, even in the ‘alt media’, is striking. Placing faith in any leader or ‘political cause’ seems guaranteed to lead to disillusionment – since no politicians ever keep faith with their own words, or the people who voted for them. Whoever ultimately pulls the strings in the earthly realm and somehow (????) subverts all world ‘leaders’ is, judging by current events, machiavellian (to put it mildly).

    • Robert

      I agree R Patrick. The only thing I do believe is the projectory towards civil war and world war and for the reasons Armstrong has hypothesized. The divisions are so great in the USA, and the liberal msm is right there to fan them. The left is so certain that Russian collusion with Trump made their candidate lose, even though there’s absolutely no evidence. The left believe peeps like Manafort and Cohen and the others Mueller has indicted are the evidence Trump is guilty. There’s no reasoning with them. The far lefts hatred of Trump is growing, not dissipating.

      I made mention of the recent attack on that student at Berkeley and the lack of coverage compared to the J. Smollet incident and I was told to stop whining. The left has lost the moral high ground I felt they use to have, especially during the lies of the GWB administration that brought about endless wars for endless profits.

  8. Marie Joy

    More information on the coming cold, that Mr Armstrong mentioned, at minute 38:40, can be found at Ice Age Farmer on YouTube.

    Wood stoves with a lot of wood, solar, wind, water power … When It comes to the survival of you and yours, redundent redundency is key.

    Another good site is

    • Rich

      that hits the nail on the head R. Patrick

      • regaleagle

        Another good site is the Yucatan in southern Mexico… Or even further south!!!

    • bill

      adapt2030 on y-tube has daily videos with good grand solar minimum info,crop failures will accompany that cold.

      • paul ...

        Bill … Trump better use his Space Force to put agricultural space stations in orbit which can grow food for us hydroponically 24/7 before the ground on Earth is covered in snow “year round”!!

  9. Anthony Australia

    So basically the US economy is chugging along and doing okay only because the rest of the world is a basket case. Back before 1971 there was 8% growth, nowadays its 3%. I’m no economist but can safely say we are all pickled.

    • Paul from Indiana

      This phenomenon is due solely to monetary devaluation through inflation (money printing) and astronomical debt levels present today. The former kills purchasing power, and the latter dampens, or extinguishes outright, growth due to structural overhead. Best always. PM

  10. paul ...

    Armstrong says: “Gold is rising because it protects against government” … now why do we need protection from the government? … if there is something wrong … we know the government would be the first to let us know about it (like who killed JFK, who did 9-11, who stole our Fort Knox gold, who was responsible for giving our secrets to China, why chemicals are being sprayed on us, why they need microphones in our dishwashers and cell phones and why they have to kill babies after they are born, etc., etc..) … we do live in America you know … it’s the land of the free (loaders) and home of the brave (1% Indians) … so we don’t need any protection “from our owned” government … so no one needs to buy gold … especially when Fed paper IOU’s “hold their value so well” (the 100 cent dollar has only lost about 98 cents of its value) and Congress is now considering raising taxes to pay for more social programs to help the illegal aliens they don’t want to stop from entering our country … obviously a Congress that gets a 5% kick-back on all the drug running and human trafficking into America “is not in the pocket of the drug Cartel” and will always be straight with the American people on why we don’t need a Wall … with things in such good hands there is obviously no need to buy gold or silver … and don’t worry about the fact that precious metals are beginning to rise … it is a temporary aberration … that can be easily fixed by the Government’s very reputable Ponzi Protection Team!!

    • The ORIGINAL Q

      The problem is quite simple, as God states in His own word; the scriptures, the problem is our LEADERS. And just as it was in the days of Noah, so it is today. I have not met or listened to ONE Leader in all of churchianity who knows Jesus Christ, personally. And I am CERTAIN these do not know Him, because I DO. And He is nothing at all like our Leaders make Him out to be.

  11. paul ...

    Trump … what I said was: “you have to burn down the poppy fields” … just bombing the opium manufacturing sites is not going to work … you have to attack the problem “at the source” … and this means also burning down the poppy fields in Mexico … now burning down Demon-rat California with fire and drought is a good start but now you have to aim your weapons on all the poppy fields!! …

  12. paul ...

    As for those who try to degrade America by saying we are just a bunch of warmongers at war with almost the entire planet … just don’t know what they are talking about … the US is at war with “only 80 Nations” out of the 193 Nations in the world (not counting the Holy See or Palestine) … so it is “one big damn lie” trying to make it look like America is at war with the entire world … we still have over 100 countries we can still attack … and we are building four(4) more 51 foot Orca XLUUVs submarines at a small cost to our budget of only $43 million dollars that can travel “to reach these 100 countries we are not at war with yet” unaided!! …

    • paul ...

      Now get this … a global coalition of Microsoft workers are refusing to create technology for warfare and oppression! … can you believe it … people actually revolting against the Military Industrial Government Bankster Complex? … what is this world coming to any way?? … did you ever hear of such nonsense as “peace and brotherhood toward all men”??? … what ever guy is putting such thoughts into the minds of men should be hung on a cross!! …

      • paul ...

        Come on … we know we can’t believe poll results stating that “government is the problem in America” (which backs up Armstrong’s claim to buy gold) because polls can be manipulated … especially when you see Demon-rat commies coming to the same conclusion … we know the fake news media lies about everything … so how can we believe such poll numbers … there is absolutely no need to buy any gold what so ever!! …

        • paul ...

          Error! … seems I have to make it 81 Nations the US is “at war with” (Venezuela) … … as our National leaders seem to be “infected with the dizzying Hillary Virus” … now Rubio is collapsing into a hee hee hee mental state… “we came, we saw, he died” … now who wants to make a bet? … that Nation 82 is already on the neocon drawing board!!! … just wondering … what do you suppose the warmongering neocons are going to do when they finally achieve their magic goal “of the Deep State pushing the American people to be at war with all 195 Nations on Planet Earth?? … and don’t tell me that’s what the new US Space Force is for!! … I hear there are over 100 different alien species nearby in space that the warmongering neocons can attack!! … wonder if ordinary Americans will come to their senses and buy gold when the US Defense Budget rises to over $10 trillion printed dollars per year (all paid for out of thin air)!! … we all know what the “Solution is” … the simple way “to stop” the warmongering neocons from having infinitely more and more wars (with every alien species they can find in the Galactic Plane of the Milky Way before moving on to the Andromeda Galaxy) … is to SHUT DOWN the FED!!

          • Beverly Kingsford

            We have the United Nations making life miserable for many nations around the world. Nations don’t have sovereignty anymore if the U.N. can help it. But, who is controlling the U.N.? It’s the Catholic Church! The Catholic Church has a white pope and a black pope because this fulfills what they want to create in their idea of world government. They want one arm on religion-a world religion, and another arm on political power and that would be a One World Order. This may be something that many, many people cannot believe and will not believe. But, do your research. The Catholic Church is controlling the money situations all over the whole world. They are controlling politics. Pope Francis is a dang Communist. If people want to get at the root of all the evil here, they need to focus on the Catholic Church and who they are giving orders to.

            • paul ...

              Beverly … the commie Pope is being removed for his Satanic practices … but will it save the Catholic Church? … I don’t think so … too many children have been abused, sacrificed and killed … they had a good thing going but really fu*ked it up royally by putting in a commie Pope who unbelievably sacrificed the son he had out of wedlock on Satan’s Alter!! …

            • TSI

              Constantine attempted to subvert Christianity by merging it with the Roman mystery cults in order to create a one world religion. This is why they encourage you to pray to saints (fallen angels) and worship Mary (Catholic goddess worship).

              • Greg Hunter

                We are back to this????? I am a former Catholic (raised in the Catholic church and educated, in part, in a Catholic school.) I was NEVER instructed to replace a saint for Jesus or God the Father. You are an atheist and you do NOT know what you are talking about. That said, the current Pope is a complete weasel.

                • TSI

                  Greg, I cannot dispute your personal experiences but the Catholic sources I have come across on the internet heavily defend intercessionary prayer to saints. I know you don’t like wiki as a source but…

                  “The Catholic doctrine of intercession and invocation is set forth by the Council of Trent, which teaches that “…the saints who reign together with Christ offer up their own prayers to God for men. It is good and useful suppliantly to invoke them, and to have recourse to their prayers, aid, and help for obtaining benefits from God, through His Son Jesus Christ our Lord, Who alone is our Redeemer and Saviour”

                  I believe the bible warns against praying to intermediaries for a good reason. Fallen angels/demons can appear as saints, various religious figures and dead relatives in order to deceive and lead people astray. This is a dangerous practice and this is why the bible instructs to go through Jesus/God directly.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    I grew up Catholic. I lived it and I know it. You have no idea what the Catholic doctrine is. You, an atheist, quoting the Bible is a little rich. The FIVE pillars of the Catholic doctrine are: Christ was the Son of God, He was Born of the Virgin Mary, He was crucified in a blood sacrifice to take away the sins of the world, He rose again on the third day and will come again to judge the living and the dead–Period the end. You hate God and hate religion and hate anything that leads people to Christ. Who, by the way, is scientifically documented and sourced as a real person with real works and miracles also we documented. We do not need your atheist interpretation and distorted Bible quotes. Anything you say is designed to lead people away from Christ!!! Stop it. DO NOT respond. End of discussion.

                  • Tin foil hat

                    Many of the saints revered during the era of the Knights Templar (12th and 13th centuries) were removed from the liturgical calendar in the sweeping reforms of the Catholic Church in the 1960s.


      • William Stanley

        paul …,
        Crucifixion can be quite a deterrent.
        Reminds me of the time my friend Bob (no saint, BTW) lied to one of our teachers (Captain Brock, USN retired) about where he was going. Captain Brock threatened Bob with crucifixion if he every lied to him again. The delivery of the threat was extremely convincing, and Bob never lied again — to Captain Brock, anyway.

        • paul ...

          William … too bad “not lying” didn’t protect Jesus … this is why the Deep surveillance State “is so dangerous” … they tell us “what are you worried about if you did nothing wrong” … well … Jesus did nothing wrong … and still got crucified!!

  13. Jay

    I think Gold is due for a ride upward but PM’s have done this before and crashed back down to their respective lows in their trading zones. The unrest in India/Pakistan may be a factor but that has been an open wound since the British left. Every so often saber rattling and heated words raise the temperature and rhetoric but it will calm down and gold prices with it. It would take a lot more than these tensions to blow past gold and silvers trading levels to make it really attractive to the general population which is what is needed for a substantial rise to the former lofty levels of 2011

  14. Zoe Chomsky

    Passengers escape just before sinkhole swallows car in Tennessee
    Cassandra Stephenson 4 hrs ago

  15. TSI

    Fascinating interview but …1) do central banks need assets that produce an income? I thought they created money. Why are central banks INCREASING their gold holdings? Doesn’t make sense. 2) Martin Armstrong talks about markets as if they are free and there is no rigging. So stocks never go up because of the crash protection team it is because foreigners smell a bargain. Why then did Mnuchin call the heads of the 6 largest banks when the stock market was tanking in December. The market rebound has also been on low volume. 3) the police have no obligation to defend children in a school. WHAT!!!! Surely the police have an obligation to prevent a crime if one is taking place. If you are not doing your job properly it may not be illegal but you should still be made redundant for not doing your job. 4) taxes on the 0.1 percent highest income Americans was on average 50.6 percent during the 1950s when it is generally agreed America had the highest standard of living. 5). The value of gold is NOT determined by the man on the street but by central banks and high net worth individuals. 6) surely when the economy tanks, companies will have to sell the stocks they bought back to make ends meet. Similarly, Mike Maloney has shown that investors have borrowed record amounts of money to buy stocks on leverage.

    • TSI

      Armstrong says that stocks are the only game in town because institutions need assets that perform with a yield. The only problem is that the higher the stock prices go the LOWER the yield compared to the stock price. This problem will be compounded if we head into a recession and dividend yields decline further. On top of that Armstrong ignores the risk of investing in individual companies. Dividends are not guaranteed and can be reduced/cancelled if a companies runs into trouble.

      • TSI

        How does Martin Armstrong explain that the dividend yield of the most highly bought FANG stocks are less than the US 10 year bond yield (which is around 2.6percent)? Amazon – no dividend, Facebook – no dividend, Apple 1.6 percent, Netflix – no dividend, Google – no dividend. So if yield is the biggest reason why institutions are investing in the stock market why do the most purchased stocks have no dividend? No manipulation of the market?

        • William Stanley

          YES (mostly)!
          Yes number 2 is highly important (yet Armstrong shares that same shortcoming with David Stockman, who is a favorite of mine).
          As for a cop’s duty to protect at the risk of his own life: apparently that is only a moral and ethical duty nowadays. However, while the local sheriff’s deputies refused to act at the Parkland school shooting, the FBI’s SWAT and field officers didn’t hesitate to go in to clear the school building, even as some of the students were refusing to cooperate and comply with lawful orders to leave. The parents weren’t much better: They clogged the streets leading to the crime scene with their cars and made it much more difficult for the FBI and other emergency responders to get to the scene and get the job done. And, yes, the Governor finally did relieve the county sheriff of his duties. (Truly, again, just rumor and speculation. I know nothing).
          I am also skeptical about your point number 6 (which also relates to point number 1): when SHTF arrives, I don’t think we’ll see much demand from speculators willing to catch all the falling knives. And the CENTRAL banks will probably try to buy stocks (Fed is not presently supposed to do that . . . at least not directly). Commercial banks will, IMO, clam up completely on almost any lending.
          Well done, TSI!

          • TSI

            Thanks William. Nobody seems to mention that stock dividends have declined as well as bond yields due to inflated asset prices. I was researching on line and discovered that the average s and p 500 dividend yield has declined from 3.1 to 1.99 percent since all this QE started. If you take into account weakening currencies the discrepancy is even worse. This seems like a possible upside limiting factor on the stock market. To be fair to Armstrong he has been generally correct on the direction of the stock market, even if his timing was off a few years. Thanks for your feedback William.

  16. al

    Greg, excellent move to Brighteon. It’s unfortunate that with all the technical advancements Google (the do evil people) and Youtube (the nazi censor kids) we have to scale back and use something similar, but not as powerful. Brighteon works well for me on Firefox. I guess in this World, freedom and convenience are opposite one another.

    Armstrong is not always spot on, he’s good, but relative to other true analysts out there he doesn’t see the full picture.
    Bond alternatives are out there in cryptocurrencies and hard assets. Bonds are not the only “asset” that people would go to if the market crashes.
    Also… According to his charts, real estate peaked in 2015 and will be going down for another 20 years. Well, we’re 4 years in to the downturn, that’s 1/5th of the cycle length and I see real estate holding its own.

    Out of all the analysts, Armstrong info is hard to swallow. I’m not saying he is totally incorrect, just that he sees a different picture and in my humble opinion he skips over multiple factors in his analysis.
    His views on revolution is spot on in my book. Either way, the next election will be true and fair as they are clamping down on the fraud as we speak. In such a situation Trump will have way over 53% of the vote. I’d say in the 80% range.

    Thank you Greg, you are a gem for bringing on such varied information.

    • TSI

      I would agree with you. I don’t see that stocks offer a higher yield to bonds. Am I missing something? The artificial manipulation of markets has driven bond yields lower, it is true. However, the same manipulation has driven stock prices up and therefore also drive down stock dividends. If Armstrong is right and the stock market continues to increase whilst the bond market goes down that means stock dividends will continue to decline whilst bond yields will go up therefore negating his reasoning for institutions buying into the stock market.

      • paul ...

        TSI … you make a good point … when stocks continue to rise (and eventually yield zero) they will become “just like the gold that Fund managers won’t buy (because it pays no dividend) … but the stocks of companies have a fatal liability compared to gold … they can go bankrupt … gold (not being a corporate entity) can never go bankrupt … all stocks have an inherent P/E “ratio risk” … whereas gold is blessed with an inherent P/F “ratio reward” (where F stands for the amount of fiat in the world)!!

        • William Stanley

          paul …,
          Yes, an important point.

  17. Jerry

    Civil unrest, is and has been on the table since Trump was elected. Nothing to see here ( except 5A) move along.

    You have to think outside the box to understand the thinking behind this executive order. Given that our current prison system is already overloaded, how to do you jail and prosecute thousands of people who may be involved in a government insurrection? The answer is simple. President Trump will use the one asset he has available to him as commander in chief . The military. Gitmo is just the tip of the iceberg. There are military tribunals that go on month to month all over this country on bases that are never reported by the press. FYI I have personally seen a FEMA facility at Fort Leonard Wood that is fully operational. Need I remind your readers, that we are currently under a national emergency. The moment that the propaganda press, leaks to the public, that some high profile member of the deep state has been jailed, all hell will break loose. Mark my words. Thanks to the globalist, America has become a banana republic that is on the verge of a civil war. A virtual tender box waiting for a match.

      • kevin

        That job has been advertised for over 7 years. It used to be called something else before that. It is nothing new.

      • ConcAmDad

        Jerry- looks like you’ve given up on your reset updates as we’ve blown past every one of your dates as well.

        • Jerry

          Let me get you up to speed since you can’t seem to keep up. As I have posted numerous times, the only benchmark for a date I am watching is this one.

          Once the index hits zero you will have your reset. I think all of us who are aware know by now that the markets are rigged and are as fake as Bernie Sanders promises. But hey if it makes you feel like a big man to take a shot at me, go ahead.

          • ConcAmDad

            Wasn’t taking a shot, it was merely an observation. It is getting harder to find real info any more. For a while i had been scrolling to your reset updates for crumbs of actual machinations. ‘Been awake for longer than most who still buy into this ridiculously phony left/ right dog and pony show. Trump campaigned on cutting through the lies and illusions of the phony stock market bubble, phony unemployment figures,etc…. now he embraces the fakery as testimonials to his success. It would have been easier to wake more of those sleeping if he stuck to truths.The only people going to jail are those associated with him. Where are the 40000 indictments? Where are all the truth bombs that were going to come out. Those in charge are still in charge. The rig is still rigged. I remember we weren’t going to make it through november of 2014- now we’re alrrady talking about the next election and the same parade of scoundrels. The search for real truth gets frustrating. How the fed maintains any inkling of credibilty is beyond me…………

    • kevin

      Civil unrest has been going on for decades.

    • Paul in oz

      At one time when the stock market was not the ponzi scheme that it now is, there were two classifications investors used for stocks in determining there place in a portfolio. Income producing stocks (generally blue chippers also known as cash cows) were stocks that were generally very stable made small increases in steady revenue streams, and were able to provide dividend income to investors . Think ATT, GE, Coca Colam US STeel etc etc. Growth stocks were considered more highly speculative with the ability to have rapid capital appreciation, had limited cash on hand but whose ideas were innovative and likely to succeed. The newer model is nohing more than a ponzi scheme (the dot com era was the perfect way to get people yo forget sounds market principles) whereby sales and not earnings became the basis for valuations. I believe Armstrong no longer distinguishes between capital appreciation and dividend in the search for yield and that is your answer to why he is suggesting stocks are the only game in town. In addition consider, the zirp and negative yields esoecially in the “stable” country bonds of Europe etc when tinking bond yields which again supports his postulations. Since the market ponzi scheme provides the illusion of prosperity “patience” is required to continue raising rates/yield … if as most suggest the fed again start cutting rates, where will yields go. Finally how are the current bond yields derived … the answer is by a phony market whereby one arm of the establishment buys what is needed to produce the desired number by the other arm of the markets. This economy is simply a unicorn …it is not real, it is pure fantasy and it depends on the ongoing ignorance of the sheople. Its time we all admit it there is no hope it is OVER!

  18. George Eddleston

    Greg; Know your enemy. Who has been the traditional enemy of The United States of America since and before it’s founding. Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Instigator of the civil war……on and on , dead presidents on and on….pop culture, the drug trade……. rogue banking radical free trade. It’s not the British citizen (they are in worse shape than we are) It’s the British read London and Wall St. fellow travelers. What is known as the swamp is the ruling class of London and their american fellow travelers in the tradition of Arron Burr and Albert Gallatin. The deep state is a joke it’s a foreign political power and it’s not Russia. You cannot understand what is going on in our republic without reading Treason In America by Anton Chatkin.

    • paul ...

      Another George had something to say about foreigners bribing our Congressional representatives (who should be arrested and sent to GITMO for life ) … and the Congressional representatives who take the bribes should simply be executed (the way China executes its drug traffickers) … for “history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of Republican Government” …
      George Washington

    • William Stanley

      I’ll buy the book. But what you say seems on the right track, based on other things that I think I know.

    • Robin Hapenstance

      Treason in America
      by Anton Chaitkin (Author)
      4.2 out of 5 stars 11 customer reviews

      Treason In America by Anton Chatkin.
      Great Book Despite the Praise of Tyrants
      May 17, 2015
      This book was on my shelf since the early 90s, since I first head of LaRouche and Dope Inc. And as a man from Britain I identify strongly with and support the critiques of the Venetian-Swiss-British alliance, and there part in undermining the sovereignty of America. It’s not a topic known to enough Americans, and the LaRouche people certainly emphasize the role of British oligarchs such as Lord Shelbourne, Cecil Rhodes, and many others, in the sabotaging of America. However, one must be careful about siding too strongly with a single authority or group. This goes for every aspect of “alternative history.” No one writer or speaker has all the answers.

      In this book Alexander Hamilton is placed center stage and lionized by Chaitkin. Again, not a sane move. Therefore we must balance his ideas with those who apparently know more. I strongly suggest that you read ‘THE REAL LINCOLN” by Thomas DeLorenzo, and my own article “THE CONSTITUTION CON” (Below). After that you’ll realize that the praising of Franklin, Hamilton, Lincoln and Roosevelt, not to mention other political figures, is for the most part wrongheaded.

      ✔ The Constitution Con
      (A Sad Tale of Parchment Idolatry)
      . . .by Michael Tresion

      • William Stanley

        Thanks, Robin! I was aware of some of that, although less about Franklin than the others. I can’t say that it surprises me too much, though. It’s a hard job getting even close to the truth. However, it’s especially fun to have to deal with one’s own prior misconceptions.

  19. criticalthinking

    Warren Buffett warns of natural or human-made ‘megacatastrophe,’ and says our losses will be huge
    Erin Brodwin 8 hrs ago
    “When the megacatastrophe strikes, we will get our share of the losses and they will be big – very big,” Buffett wrote.
    Although such a disaster could happen tomorrow or decades from now, one thing is sure, he said: the catastrophe is inevitable. Yet Buffett said he had a plan for such an outcome.
    “Unlike many other insurers,” he wrote, “we will be looking to add business the next day.”

    He now has his base’s safely covered! At least he thinks so? Wait & see warren, you don’t. LOL!

    • Greg Hunter

      Buffett is and incompetent failed investor that required a government bailout to stay in business. He pays less money in taxes than his secretary, but he also gets multi-trillion $ bailouts she does not get either!!!
      He’s waring to quell his guilt!! Thank you for posting this. I just had to do a little rant about idiot Buffett.

  20. mark

    The dollar is still king: How in the world did that happen?

    • paul ...

      Mark … Being King of the hill in a garbage dump full of fiat paper trash is not something to admired or be amazed at … the more intelligent are picking through the garbage collecting discarded electronic equipment for the gold!!

      • William Stanley

        paul …,
        Do you have an opinion about Itronics?

        • paul ...

          William … we should not be “wasting resources” … especially those provided by the Sun (gold) … or the Moon (silver) … the Sun provides “free energy” … the Moon provides “refuge” from the coming flood on Earth (due to the Sun’s periodic explosions) … the Sun Nova’s every 12,000 years and is due to explode once again around 2042 (best place for humanity to hide “and protect all God’s species” is inside a hollowed out Moon) … the Moon is like Noah’s Ark for mankind … this Ark was placed in orbit around Earth by God the Father … and it is his “Covenant to humanity” to protect us from harm when his Sun periodically explodes (as all his stars do on a regular basis to spread the elements of life throughout the Galaxy)!!

          • William Stanley

            But , paul …, gold is produced in SUPER-novas. I doubt the moon will provide protection from that.

  21. Jerry

    The dirty little scecret the Marxist in congress dont want you to see.

    I guess 150,00o deaths on our border is no cause for concern? Truth be told Nancy Pelosi is getting paid under the table by the cartel to keep the borders open. This is what happens when you allow cabal members to do business with each other. It’s not about immigration. It’s about money. Big money. Money that is being made by drug sales and human trafficking. God forbid Donald Trump should ever be allowed to cut into profit margins.

    • paul ...

      Five (5%) percent is the standard cut our corrupt Congress men and women get of the drug and human trafficking trade by the evil criminal Cartel … Trump needs to burn down their poppy fields along with their synthetic drug manufacturing capabilities!!

    • Freebrezer

      Jerry – I agree 100% …. Many, many politicians are bought and paid for by the cartels! … and on both sides of the isles. I wondered that about Paul Ryan – most likely indirect funds, but blood money never the less.

  22. Da Yooper

    Good Interview Greg

    The new video player worked fine for me. I used a Chrome browser & no problems.

  23. Madi

    Greg , I am so greatful that because of USAwatchdog helped me becoming an informed citizen. 6.7 billion $$$/week is the amount of interest for our national debt.
    Great show as always.

  24. Mohammad


    Cannot play the video on Mac.


  25. Jak

    Armstrong was on Watchdog in 2014 and said the US would turn down in 2015. That didn’t happen. He said the main advantage of gold was that it was “portable.” Now he says it isn’t portable. He said gold would go under $1000, which didn’t happen. He said after 2016 the system would collapse. He has been accurate on the stock market but on his blog he says the Fed absolutely did not cave to the stock market, which is laughable.

  26. Mike

    What would happen if the deep state is destroyed and the agenda to divide America comes to an end? Imagine a world where the news is real and political debates are based on facts. Look back on the days of Ronald Reagan and see how far down we have gone since then. Using the current political climate as a guide for future projections is unreliable given actions that Trump will take in the near future.

    • paul ...

      It’s good to think positive Mike … as quantum mechanics shows we can change the physical world simply with “our thoughts” … scientists are now recognizing that our universe is made of immaterial matter and that “our thoughts alone” can change “physical reality” (which they say is like a hologram or a spiritual matrix)!!

  27. Robert

    I don’t understand how the USA has the biggest consumer market? China just by population alone, far exceeds us.

    • TSI

      I think because America has more people with disposable income.

    • Frank D2

      Robert, its based on amount spent, not population. Yes, China has a billion more people than us, but each one spends less, on average, than our citizens do (at least currently).

  28. Liberty


    You might like this one article from Egon von Greyerz


    One of the brightest minds in finance, R.E. McMaster, has summarised the global situation as follows:

    “The globalist New World Order could fall apart. First of all, all of the world’s governments today are socialist, a guarantee of failure.
    Moreover, debt globally has reached a tipping point (by 2022 at the latest). (A root meaning of the word “debt” is “death”.)
    Social Credit Red China could implode from all its excessive reckless debt and imperialistic over-extension.
    The un-elected elitist EU is already coming part with Italy, France, the UK, Poland and Hungary in revolt.
    The US Empire is self-destructing from military overstretch, bloated debt at all levels, and spoiled, childlike, take-offense-at-everything selfishness by identity groups and welfare recipients squabbling over the loot taken from productive citizens by the government, while billionaire oligarchic-run corporations pick them apart.
    Plus, nearly all governments are equally destructive cultural Marxist.
    Then there is the instability of the earth’s magnetic poles, its fast weakening magnetic field, the increasing numbers and intensity of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, plus solar instability, not to mention expensive and increasingly scarce energy.
    The risk of an internet shutdown.
    The risk of a population-exterminating epidemic (likely a virus, man-made), and the risk of a destructive global nuclear war.
    Mankind today, at least the mad narcissistic sociopathic and psychopathic Luciferian rulers, seem to have a comprehensive death wish. …”

    • paul ...

      Liberty … The US better start to back engineer these Vimana found in India … … lets begin building our own “Vimana Noah’s Ark” before 2030 and start transporting Humans, Plants (and seeds) along with Animals (and their DNA) to the Moon and Mars before the Sun goes Nova (as it does every 12,000 years) and is set to blow off a giant gas cloud very soon … God the Father “created us for one purpose” … to “take care of his creations” … let’s not fail to do the job God created us for!!

      • paul ...

        AND … Just in case anyone does not know “what the meaning of life is” … I’ll tell you … “”It Is To Save Life”” … our job (given to us by God the Father) is to [Preserve All Of His Living Creations] … this means from an embryo in a Mother’s womb to the simple bumble bee … our job on Earth is “to save all life” (not destroy life by supporting neocons in their quest for constant unending wars … nor to perform Satanic rituals in our houses of worship to kill innocent babies and drink their blood)!!!

  29. Todd


    This interview is illustrative of why I appreciate your website so much and donate. No B.S, no spin, just opinion and questions from a true journalist. It’s the kind of news we need.

    As for here in Canuckistan, we are experiencing the same divide, except the loony left are in charge. In the course of 4 years they have:

    Killed our oil industry.
    Flooded the country with Islamic refugees 90% of whom are unemployed and causing no end to issues with violence and crime.
    Put us into deficit after years of surplus.
    Signed the global agreement on refugees.
    Trying to impose a carbon tax.
    And now trying to impose a handgun and “assault” rifle ban.

    The last item is probably the line in the sand where the civil war starts. The rate of firearms ownership in Canada is second only to the United States. We are well aware of the results of disarming of Venezuelans.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Todd for the street reporting.

    • Paul in oz

      Although Harper was by far a better leader that the current dope, he was responsible for significant federal spending deficits. You have to go back to the Chretien years with Paul Martin as finance ministers to find government surpluses at the federal level.

    • Liberty

      Hi Todd,

      You forget to mention the corruption in the government that we are seeing more and more with this new scandal of attorney general.

      Hope this “wissel” and his team get the way out in October
      Even the PCC is part of this globalist agenda. Never forget that Scheer is for the UN.

      Hope the PPC of Maxime Bernier could win this would be great for our country.

  30. andyb

    Greg: Martin is a superb analyst, and I tend to accept his view that a crash is not imminent. I am now of the opinion that the great reset will result not from TBTF bank derivatives, or the gigantic pension shortfalls (or other internal US issues) but from an external happening. Most likely it will emanate from China, a country with great financial and structural problems. which are dramatically worse than in any other country. Posit what happens if the Chinese (who now effectively control the gold market), suddenly decide to reprice gold at $50-$100k per ounce.

  31. Bill

    I normally convert these to mp3 so I can listen to them during the day. I am unable to convert your new player.

    • Ron

      I also grab a lot of internet content as mp3 and listen off-line while I am working. While I haven’t worked out a way to grab the audio directly from this site, you can still use youtube as a download source since Greg posted this video there. Adding a direct mp3 download link would be really useful to people like Bill and I.

  32. Tin foil hat

    If global cooling has begun since 1998 then the data collected by NASA
    below is wrong.

    • Jerry

      That is correct: NASA revised the data-sets and has not adjusted correctly for the urban heat island effect. Why would they do such a thing? To support Globalism by saying CO2 is the cause of “global warming” [Note: the government scientists get grant monies for reporting item that support “global warming”; on the other hand, they get no money for contradicting the “global warming, CO2” process].

      Unfortunately, the vast majority of people “believe” their teachers. Also, the vast majority believe their pastors. Try to discuss the “virgin birth” [use Bible verses] with you pastor……

      • Greg Hunter

        We have another “Jerry” so you should identify yourself as Jerry #2.

        • Jerry

          Thank you Greg for not letting someone besmirch my name 🙂 I’m o.k. with Jerry #2 sitting in my chair occassionally. It’s like financial musical chairs. I just want to make sure I have a chair to sit in when the music stops.

          • Greg Hunter

            I just want Jerry#2 to not be confused with you, Jerry.

    • Freebrezer

      TFH – governments would never, ever lie to the people. Honestly.

  33. Douglas Tuttle

    Black screen with audio only on Safari 12.03

  34. Ralph B. Seymour

    Chromebook refused to play your new video player.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the feed back.

      • paul ...

        Greg … same here … Firefox 45.9.0 won’t play your Armstrong interview!

        • Greg Hunter

          Check back in an hour to try my fix to the video. I am going to delet the video there and replace it with smaller file and I think that will fix this on all platforms. Let me know and test is in an hour or so. I’ll put as a programming note I replaced the video after the donations sentence.

          • paul ...

            A OK Greg … everything is working fine on my end … good that you got your fire WALL up to prevent the commies who don’t believe in the First Amendment out of your “free speech site” (and you even got your Wall up before Trump)! … good job brother!!

  35. Joshua Homans

    Confusion. The world started to turn down a year ago and continue until 1/2020. The dollar is the reserve currency as a uk investor buying the Dow gives me currency appreciation and the Dow as it rises I get a bonus currency + stocks going up. Why? As an American Dow and Gold will go up together. Gold is king if Trump loses and so I ASR’s get in office gold will benefit from being out the system. Marty knows what he’s talking about no need to question him he’s on our side politics are in jeopardy everywhere unless you are a cultural dope and brainwashed. Look East. I think you should sell real estate before rates go up and keep to T bills 90 days. I hope this helps I am not Marty or an expert but enjoy to study. This is not investment advice risk warning.

  36. Sylvia Sterling

    Thanks so much for having the Martin Armstrong interview on USA Watchdog. He is articulate, to the point, with much experience behind his expansive views. He seems to understand our Constitution and history too. A very enlightening interview.

  37. Sylvia Sterling

    Your server said I already made a comment, but I did not.

    • Greg Hunter

      Tech is imperfect. Sorry.

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter,
        Good interview that provided insight in several dimensions.
        However, I had to go to YouTube to watch it. My Mac just didn’t work with your technology.

        • Greg Hunter

          Working on reducing the file size of the video that is embedded. Please let me know if it plays later when I reupload and small file in place of the one on the USAW site.

        • susan

          My Mac got the interview, but only a half-screen. I was still able to see their faces and hear the whole conversation.

  38. breamrod

    He’s my favorite guest of yours Greg. Thanks much!

    • Dave

      M. Armstrong is a former convict. Spent 5 years in prison for misappropriating client funds; running a ponzi scheme, as well as failure to hand over gold and other assets. Not a credible guest in my opinion.

      • Greg Hunter

        Everybody knows Armstrong’s history but that does not stop governments and hedge funds globally from hiring him to do financial consulting at a very high level. He has more credibility than a anonymous poster named “Dave.”

        • anthony bona, m.d.

          mr. Armstrong has stated he was imprisoned for contempt of court by a crooked judge, and not convicted of any crime by a jury in a court of law. my impression was that it was a mueller-style rap, all crooked, or if you will a hit job like with roger stone and this weisenstein goon of Mueller’s. dave, I think you should consider how corrupt these government goons are and how they will go to the ends of the earth to torture and harass people. you should never blindly trust government goons.

          • Greg Hunter

            I don’t trust government goons. I despise them. There are some government good guys though.

            • anthony bona, m.d.

              sorry greg, I was responding to dave trusting the gov goons. my apologies.

  39. iwitness02

    We live in a point and counter point world these days. It reminds me of William Casey when he stated that the CIA work is complete when everything the American people believe is false. Government is the problem in so many ways. Especially in this age of gridlock. Almost sounds like we are entering into a time of trouble, like we have never seen before. I do hope that we get a little more time before things devolve into war, or civil war, or worldwide anarchy, or all three in a cascade of death and destruction. Even the weather seems like it is turning against us. Cold and more cold. Three feet of snow in Flagstaff! WTH? Faith in our Creator is going to be more valuable than gold or silver. At least as far as protecting us from utter despair. And a lot of people don’t have it. That is very dangerous. They will be frightened and desperate with no place to turn. However, some of us believe that these days will be cut short. At what point that is, no one knows. That is the hard part. I wish there was more that I could do to make this world a better place for my grand daughter. I worry about her future, more than my own. One thing this proves to me, is that man is not capable of ruling himself. Globally speaking. Perhaps this is a lesson that we need to learn.

    • TSI

      Yes, that makes sense as the best way to control a population is to misinform them. Much easier than using the military. Democracy, I have heard it said, only works properly with an informed and educated population so their goal must be antidemocratic.

  40. Clare Doll

    What a little weasel! I’ve read his work and he knows exactly what he is lying about. A scammer in chief! Walk away, walk away . . . . Please don’t take this piff seriously. He is playing with the audience and he deserves to be smacked. THis is not a game.

    • William Stanley

      Thanks for the sanity check.
      Although I know that it’s as difficult to judge a person’s sincerity as it is his analyses, this guy gives off vibes that give me the willies. Moreover, his analysis seems to all but ignore the herd of elephants in the room, especially the monstrous size of both public and private debt. The combination of those two factors left me in the strange predicament of agreeing with many people with whom I’ve disagreed in the past. It’s sort of like Gavin DeBecker’s advice in his book “The Gift of Fear”: Don’t ignore your intuitions.

      • TSI

        William, surely I can’t be one of the above mentioned people.

        • William Stanley

          For what it’s worth, TSI, I consider you a friend.

          • TSI

            Your honest feedback has kept me on the straight and narrow.

    • James Bond

      Violence is never the answer. You know what happens to military police in Aldershot back in the day we tied them up and hanged them by their feet with the tail gate open at 3 thousand feet. But for you I would open the boar pen door

      • William Stanley

        Your comment reads like a threat. Hopefully you can improve the level of your discourse.

        • TSI

          James Bond likes people shaken not stirred!

    • Jerry #2

      Proof, data otherwise you are just carrying out standard “Democratic” character assassination.

      • Clare Doll

        Man up Jerry #2 and do your own diligence. Grow some and recognize the problems of a weasel. I will not do the work for you.

        • Mike Mc

          I have identified the weasel, and it is you. Classic weasel tactics, assault someone’s character behind the keyboard then when asked for evidence, assume the pseudo intellectual high ground of “I’m not doing your work for you.” Translation: You have nothing of substance or you are too lazy or ignorant to do the work and analysis.

          You don’t agree with the man, fine, but you don’t have to insult him. I don’t agree with everything Armstrong says, but I can still learn something. That’s how education and evolution of the mind works.

          Suggestion Clare; discard the adolescent behavior and adopt a mature mind. Otherwise no one is interested in what you are saying except others in your echo chamber suffering from arrested development.

          • Clare Doll

            Mike Mc,
            You have entirely missed the point of what I said. Actually READ and THINK next time before opening your mouth to insult which is the very thing you think you are cautioning against.
            For the POINT. READ carefully. Martin Armstrong believes that because he disseminates information normally for a hell of a lot of money (according to him) that those of us who listen to him for free can be lied to indiscriminately. He MOCKS the audience, including YOU.
            I, on the other hand, mock you openly and to your face! Now, do I need to write in tiny words for your sake or can you understand that the issue is NOT ME as you try to make it out to be?
            Go back and listen to a disappointing interview but a brilliant interviewer who has made this point oh so well!
            I am here to make the point. I do not have to make an argument where there is NONE. You can see it for yourself. I will not hold your hand.

            • Mike Mc

              Thank you for solidifying my core point

  41. paul ...

    Now isn’t this great … the warmongering neocons are setting a brand new precedent … … where-by the Demon-rat commies here in America can now “legally ask China to meet up with Pelosi and Schumer to do a regime change in America and remove Trump” … exactly the same way Trump is planning to legally remove Maduros … Trump better wake up his “regime change” neocons by shaking their brains out of their ass … MIC ass kissing warmongering neocons need to be immediately removed from the White House!!

  42. Gary

    Hi Greg,
    The feed on Safari was problematic — no video and intermittent audio. I changed to Firefox and things were fine.

    Thank you for keeping us informed. God bless you and your family.

  43. Joseph

    I had no ‘Martin Armstrong’ sound or video this morning at 10 a.m. MT.
    ‘just tried (1:15 p.m. MT) again and got choppy sound at all times selected and, again, no video.
    ‘glad you’re trying alternatives to YT!!
    If my tech issues suggest a solution please communicate to me.
    Thank You,

    • Greg Hunter

      Working on the file size Joseph. Check back later tonight and let me know if it plays. Are you on a desk top or smart phone?

  44. Jk

    This is brilliant as always. Your rapid fire questioning of Martin Armstrong is excellent. I live in a very high tax economy (Ireland) where the 25-45 year olds have emigrated in vast numbers because of high taxation and poor salaries. Our country is essentially communist like most western economies. A friend has returned from China where he explained there is no free education, no free healthcare, no pensions and no unemployment assistance. That’s the real centre of capitalism and that’s the reason for Martin Armstrongs “shift in economic power” in 2032. We have a declining population in the west with an inverted population curve (more old than young) with greater financial dependency on a shrinking young population because of all the benefits given away in the last 50 years. Change will come through pain or enlightenment and I fear it will be the former. I am a doctor and I firmly believe the “socialists” have targeted the unborn first and will follow this by targeting the elderly (euthanasia) under the guise of “my right to choose” . This will remove the economic burden about to be unleashed on the new generation of tax payers. My 17 year old nephew already mentioned this during a family debate on economics recently and I couldn’t change his mind. Never mind the enemy in Russia – the real enemy is sitting beside you and probably in your own family.
    Well done again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you JK!!

    • TSI

      Unfortunately the system is designed to fail. The resulting pain and dysfunction will be used to usher in the New world order and one world religion.

  45. Dan T

    Greg, Armstrong was speaking of The Grand Solar Minimum during the interview, it is a natural solar cycle and is in the early stages now. Maybe this is why Trump pulled us out of the Paris agreement?. It would be a great show if you had someone to speak of this cycle and totally trash the Climate Change theory. The sun makes the weather, not human activity and we are in for a wild ride as Martin alluded to.

    • Freebrezer

      A picture is worth a 1000 words:

    • Ron

      Here is a recently posted video that addresses the state of current research into “space weather” and how ignoring it has let climate scientists reach their (false) conclusions about global climate issues being caused by humanity. I don’t know the producer personally…I’ve listed to his daily update for over a year. He may be open to an interview.

      Fatal Flaw in Climate Science

      • Ron

        Oops. I’ve “listened” to his show.

  46. Jerry #2

    Yes, the common man might not understand Gold/Silver, but the metal dealers do. Unless they put restrictions on them, you will always be able to sell Gold/Silver to them and get fiat to live.

    Of course, the black market will be active and be glad to take your Gold/Silver for one-half listed value.

  47. Dan T

    The cold period Armstrong spoke of was the Dalton minimum. It was a period of wild weather swings and increased seismic and volcanic activity. At the end of that cycle were events such as The Carrington effect and the eruption of Mt. Tambora and The Year of No Summer. We would be lucky with a Dalton minimum as a Maunder minimum would be a geopolitical, economic and social disaster. This is potentially the biggest news event of the last 200 years. Please look into it.

  48. Tim McGraw

    Great interview! I’ve read Armstrong’s works for years. He’s a true Libertarian who understands markets, governments, and businesses. We worry about taxation here in California. The Democrats own every political office and a super majority in the legislature in Sacramento. There is no check or balance on the Democrats. They can raise taxes to the moon if they wish.

  49. GH Hanssen

    Maybe I am reading Martin incorrectly, I believe he is placing too much emphasis on charts , graphs and cycles. I say this taking into consideration ALL markets are manipulated one cannot predict “ A Crash “ !

    His opinion on the acquisition of gold and silver/ real money is diametrically opposed to what is taking place with central banks and individual countries , as if there is a difference. They are taking a strong position in those metals .

    Much of his information and opinion flies in the face of your other guests and more importantly, historical fact and laws of economics . With that said, your followers need exposure to all opinions and insight to allow personal and educated discernment to engage.

    Thanks Greg for doing a spectacular job educating those with eyes to see and ears to hear .


    • Diane

      The government put Martin in prison for 8 years because he wouldn’t turn over his Soctates computer. It was accurately predicting the downfall of countries .
      Watch the movie about him…the Forecaster.
      A lot of economic advisers criticize Martin…because they are envious.
      Real reporters like Greg Hunter are not.

      • Gary C

        Diane, The Newyork Fed, Goldman, wanted his source code to what is now Socrates,.

        I would never bet against this guy on any forecast he makes.

        • Diane

          Agree Gary
          Martin would never give them Socrates..he says they would use it for more power and not help anyone but themselves.
          Not to mention wars, etc.
          The politicians and their funders are heartless evil people.

      • Tim McGraw


  50. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    It works in Firefox on my Mac; but in Safari, although I now get the audio, the video isn’t centered and I can only see half of the screen.

  51. paul ...

    Armstrong says fund managers won’t sell down the stock market because they don’t want to take that stock money and buy bonds with it that don’t yield anything … and won’t buy gold because it has no yield … so these fund managers want to own things that yield interest (that can be taxed by politicians?)! … the reason gold doesn’t pay interest is “because it is money” … but gold can yield gains by rising in price the same way stocks yield capital gains by rising in price in an inflationary environment … the real problem is that the gold and silver markets are small … so even if a few fund managers threw the huge amount of money under their control into the precious metals markets … gold and silver prices would explode higher … so owning gold and silver “is a good strategic choice for people” (screw the fund managers) … especially since Armstrong sees War as a coming high probability event (which is always massively inflationary and good for gold, silver and commodities) … so we should stack up on some gold and silver (just in case we can’t stop the neocons from starting another war) … hopefully we will succeed in stopping the neocons from going to war … but then we have the commies here at home spending and taxing without restraint … the commies figure by taxing us at higher and higher levels it will control the inflation caused by their spending money printed out of thin air … what they don’t realize is that their is an upper limit on the amount of money they can collect (100%) but no upper limit on the amount of money they can print (thousands of percent) … so again … gold and silver will be necessary to own so as to moderate the massive inflation in fiat paper (by rising in fiat paper terms) … so war or no war … “owning gold and silver is a good strategic choice for people … to steadily accumulate … simply buy every dip”!!

    • paul ...

      A return to a gold standard is another way nations can contain the interest cost of servicing debt (because gold pays no interest) … sell fund managers a “gold bond” that pays no interest and we have an alternative to the current inflationary policies that lead to higher interest rates and currency destruction … why would fund managers buy a “gold bond”? … because it is not anyone else’s liability and won’t depreciate in value (the number of ounces of gold you finally get back) … unlike fiat Treasury Bonds that need to pay interest to compensate for the loss of purchasing power!! … Fund managers better wise up to the fact that the “Force” is with owning gold (as it results in the preservation of wealth) … whereas holding Treasury Bonds is joining the Dark Side (as it results in the destruction of wealth) … the choice is simple one … either own God’s gold or Commie fiat … clearly everyone should choose Good over Evil … God over Satan … Gold over Fiat!!

    • TSI

      And also why do these fund managers love FANG stocks because there is no dividend on them? Everything has become about speculation and driving up asset prices.

  52. anthony bona, m.d.

    hi greg and thanks for the great interview. this is video feedback: it was overall good quality. I have rural hughsnet satellite but its clear and I am downloading at about 20 – 30 mbs now. latency is around 700 with hughsnet, bad for video games and the like. your vid took a good 2 minutes to start then buffered a bit, then was real good for the remainder. keep in mind this was probably more trouble on my end than yours. I suspect people with a dsl line or spectrum or cable may have better latency. overall your new system is a go, and I do not have a good system but its better than nothing and works well when the weather is good. congrats on dumping commie utube.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Doctor Anthony!!

  53. Joseph

    At 10 p.m. mountain time the tech issue was improved enough to see faces and hear non-choppy dialogue.
    When your image took up the left half and Martin’s the right half together they filled the bottom third of the screen. When just you or just Martin were speaking the image took up the bottom half with the American flag and blank space combining to take up the top half. So it was good enough to consume/assimilate. You’re almost back to normal.
    I am using the latest MacBook Pro with Safari as the browser. Thanks for your enterprise.

  54. Ed

    Hi Greg – I had problems viewing this video earlier today but so far so good (10:30pm mountain time) with the changes you made. Video quality is OK and audio is good. Thanks for making the adjustment.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the feedback Ed!!

  55. Bonnie Granger

    If you become discouraged in the day of distress, your strength will be meager.​—Prov. 24:10.
    All of us need encouragement. That is especially true when we are growing up. “Children . . . need encouragement like plants need water,” explains educator Timothy Evans. “With encouragement, a child feels worthwhile and appreciated.” But we live in critical times. People are selfish, there is little natural affection, and encouragement is scarce. (2 Tim. 3:1-5) Satan the Devil wants to discourage us because he knows that discouragement can make us weak spiritually and in other ways. Satan used a combination of calamities and accusations in an effort to discourage righteous Job, but that cruel scheme failed. (Job 2:3; 22:3; 27:5) We can fight the works of the Devil by encouraging members of our family and of the congregation. This will help to make our home, where we feel happy and secure.

  56. Jeff J

    Hi Greg, Martin was a refreshing quest. I tend to side with him versus other individuals who see much dire events playing out in the near term. Question though. Online I read that he was convicted in 1999 of cheating investors out of seven hundred million dollars and hiding fifteen million dollars in assets from regulators. I am curious what’s the story behind that? Have you even discussed this with him? Perhaps on a previous podcast? Thanks for everything!

    • Gary C

      Jeff, you can search his website, or watch the movie the Forecster, to get the real story
      on how Armstrong was set up.

      Greg, many thanks for having Martin on again, this guy is the Champion of the average joe, makes his forecasting model available to the general public, and yet charges millions of dollars to Governments, Hedge Funds, etc.

  57. Mohammad


    I was able to listen to it today on safari and was OK .
    Martin makes a lot of sense when saying the equities are the only game in town.
    That will change though when civil unrest and International war cycles meet and kick in.
    As far as AOC she is not a fad, she is extremely dangerous and should not be taken lightly by Trump in the coming election, reason for that is she is doing now what Trump did when he came up with his personal aggressive style that fired his base to go and vote, AOC is coming up with what seemingly is crazy but she is firing up her base and may get them into her camp, I will be surprised if she is not been groomed by the Democratic Party to run for 2020…Will see..!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mohammad!

      • Mohammad




    • Major Payne

      Mohammed – She can’t run for President. One of the requirements is the candidate must be as least 35 years old. But I agree that she is dangerous. By the way, tell us the Koran passages where respect for Christians and Jews is advised. You said I was being childish for asking. I say they don’t exist. Prove me wrong. There are, however, many passages that command that Jews and Christians be “terminated with extreme prejudice”.
      Carry on.

    • Mike

      AOC is just a ‘ruse’ to make Hillary appear to be sane, and almost centrist. nice try but that aint gonna fool anyone.

      • Mohammad

        You mean Michelle Obama?


  58. George Eddleston

    Greg; Treason In America by Anton Chaltkin is no normal history of the United States, it was purpose is to present true story of our nations founding, truthful primary source information from family members and original archives overlooked or perverted by the Harvard history pushed upon the public for their political control. Presents the treasonous individuals and families who ware the for runners of the deep state and very British bosses.

  59. Jerry

    This information is for the red pill people only. The arrest have started. According to my on the ground sources, black government vans with satelite communication devices and transport cages have been seen in multiple upscale locations around Kansas City. These people are being taken out of their homes in handcuffs, and transported in the vans to a military base in Kansas and then flown out on military transport planes. I don’t have any specific knowledge as to who these people are, or what they are being arrested for, but this activity has been going on now for about two weeks according to my source. I would advise people to be prepared for some type of retaliation from the deep state, once this information begins to leak out. Apparently President Trump has decided to take the fight directly to the deep state rather than wait for the next round of assignation attempts. March is shaping up to be one wild month.

    • Mike

      why just in KC ?
      Why not Chicago, Boston, New York, LA, San Fran, DC, where all the REAL criminal activity is taking place ?

      When I see Hillary in handcuffs, then I’ll know they are hitting the mark. Until then, people getting arrested and taken away in black vans, is not going to set off any fireworks for me in terms of the so called deep staters.

    • WD

      Jerry I hope you are right,,,,,I wish you could get some photos.


    • Jerry

      Everyone wants a prediction. Here’s one.

      How many times have I posted this in the past six months? Naysayers keep drinking the globalist koolaide. Your buddies at camp FEMA are waiting for you.

  60. jeffersonian

    Thanks Greg–you two interact well together. However, too bad you didn’t press him on why Chumpman Powell and the Goons did a 180 on hikes, balancing books and possibility of qe4. If the economy is so strong and we’re the only gig in town, why did they reverse course? Perhaps because the market,which is not a true reflection of our economy’s strength, is propped up by artificially low credit and and lots of liquidity. It will pop when who knows. But it will.

    Personally, give me hard physical assets, farm producing property and real estate that produces income. Why? At the end of the days your equities will be worth 40-60 cents on the dollar–and you all ain’t getting out at the same time.

    PS: Armstrong reminded me a little bit of that shill from the fed you had on a while ago–just not quite as myopic. Read Estulin’s book, In the Shadows of a Presidency. Good but very slow read–very detail orientated. Perhaps Armstrong should read it–might change his perspective a little or not.

  61. paul ...

    Here is a random thought … perhaps our economic system has been purposely designed to fail by the “God Guy’s” … to bring down the 585 “Bad Guys” … as it’s the 585 Billionaires who are responsible for our governments perverted actions and all these many unending wars in the world to acquire resources … Trump’s job is not going to be easy … he has to play off the billionaires against one another … offering incentives (i.e Iran, Venezuela, ect.) … to move them into a more vulnerable position where the “God Guy’s” can then more easily eliminate them … then … when the time is right “make their money worthless” … either by a re-set (a massive inflation) or simply by Executive Order (where for instance Trump makes it “illegal” for any one person to own more then a million dollars in cash) … remember how Roosevelt called in the peoples “gold” during the Great Depression … this time around Trump should call in the 585 Billionaires “cash” (essentially make holding large amounts of cash illegal) … by taking away the Billionaires cash Trump takes away their power to bribe our representatives and thus control our Government and put an end these Billionaires incessant need for wars of conquest to feed their “psychopathic propensity for unbounded greed” … limit everyone’s cash holdings to one million dollars but then sneakily use a commie/fascist tactic against them and make the Government a 51% partner in every Billionaire’s corporation … this way the American people will have a controlling say in the operation of their businesses (the same way they have had a controlling say over the operation of our Government for way too long) … and we can finally put a stop these incessant wars that these 585 men have been producing non-stop … killing and slaughtering the children of 340,000,000 million Americans for generations in their perverted “private wars” of conquest!! …

  62. George Koch

    Pray to Jesus that the 0.1% who own 90% of the World’s wealth have the wisdom to lead us on the Path of Righteousness.

    • paul ...

      No George … it’s the 99.9% who will lead the world to Righteousness … the evidence clearly shows the 0.1% will always lead mankind to continual non-stop War to satisfy their greed!!

  63. WD

    A little off topic; but I heard the news about Robert Kraft and his arrest and wondered if there was more to this story.
    ” Robert Kraft, billionaire owner of the New England Patriots, was snared in a sex trafficking investigation in South Florida. There were 173 men named in all, including the likes of Wall Street financier John Childs, former Citigroup president and COO John Havens, Kenneth Wessel, the 75-year-old president of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Indian River County, and three former police officers.”

    My question is why would a few muti billionaires go to some dive massage shop when they can really ” buy” any woman in the world? I mean this smells funny….there have been claims of sex trafficking early on in this case as well. I am wondering if these are cracks coming to the surface.

    • regaleagle

      This latest news did seem to be slightly stinky-smelling to me as well……I had the same sentiment regarding this story.

    • George Koch

      Good question. Those women at that massage parlor were Skanks.

    • paul ...

      OK “God guys” … one down 584 to go!!! … well maybe 583 if Pope Francis is out … or 582 if they can bankrupt Buffet … let’s keep the ball rolling!!!

      • paul ...

        Come on 340,000,000 Patriots … we can’t arrest 500 people?? … and finally change the world for the better (lets unleash the “free energy” God provided for all the people) … how hard can it be? … it’s just 500 people and we know who they are … they are the ones who file 1040’s and claim they owe “no tax” on the fortunes they are making off their slaves … and laugh that their secretaries and workers on minimum wage are paying more taxes then them!!

        • paul ...

          We let 500 assholes crap on us with 9-11, killing JFK, etc., etc. to foremen their many unending wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc., etc. … well we have assholes too … and we can crap on them!!

    • Jerry

      Read my post above. Apparently there is a national sting operation going on that is tied to pizzagate.

  64. George Koch


    Please get Paul Craig Roberts back on the show.

    Thank you.

  65. George Koch

    A frustrated Christian bloke recently commented on a blog:

    “I wish that Jesus would just get it over with.”

    I presume that he wasn’t referring to the coup in Venezuela?

  66. Anthony Australia

    Bill Holter mentioned ‘Truth Bombs”, some are exploding.

  67. Jimmy Carter


    Martin Armstrong suggests eventually gold and equities must rise together but its toward the end of the cycle. According to his previous comments on his website (blog), that would be in about 10 more years. However, he predicts a coming commodity boom from 2020-2024. Consumers can thus expect to experience some Stagflation whenever commodities rise faster than wages. Commodities are 37% of the Consumer Price Index ( CPI ). I would pay attention to oil. Right now, oil is flat or depressed.

    So, gold may go up a bit more from here, but its just a starting point. Being volatile, there is no reason it can not drop way down on occasion with other commodities. The future is uncertain but if you have any gold or silver, just set it aside as some insurance and forget bout it.

  68. Mike

    Martin Armstrong doesnt like gold and silver because making a run across the border with it proved unsucessful when he tried to hide fraudulent funds in gold/silver and antiquities that got confiscated after getting convicted and thrown in jail.

  69. Open Eyes

    Apple iPad report:

    On the small screen, the video is off-center by a third. The top third of the screen is black. I can see you, Greg, but you’re cut off from your mouth down.

    The full screen is fine. The video is lined up in the center. The top and bottom third are black.

    • Greg Hunter

      Testing Open eyes and thank you for the feedback. I am developing a plan B incase I get the “Jones” treatment.

  70. Open Eyes

    Apple iPad report:

    The audio is fine.

  71. Tim McGraw

    If anyone takes up more than one inch of column space on this site in the comments section; they are wasting theirs and our time. Be succinct.

  72. Judith

    Poor Mr Armstrong. He’s drunk the Koolade Mr. Trump is selling as well. First off, Democrats aren’t going to start (or win) a civil war, because they represent just a tiny, tiny percentage of gun owners. Second, Russia IS the enemy, and has been for decades – apparently Mr. Armstrong is too young to remember Stalin, the Cold War and the rise of Russian oligarchs/the Russian Mob after the fall of the USSR. Furthermore, he says “it’s us against the government”, but then he goes on to say that Democrats won’t accept the President. Which is it, Mr. Roberts …you’ll accept Mr. Trump, but you won’t accept the government he’s in charge of?
    BTW, Mr. Mueller has indicted 18 Russians for hacking into secure U.S. computer systems with verified attempts to influence the 2016 election in favor of Mr. Trump. Does that FACT not register in the mind of Mr. Armstrong? He may be an economist and have his own opinions, but he might try more bi-partisanship in his analysis and recommendations. One Country, by the People, for the People. We’re all in this together, so let’s find solutions for the Whole.

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