Grand Goal Is War-Gregory Mannarino

By Greg Hunter’s

Analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino says war should figure into any investment strategy because one is coming. Mannarino says, “It should be clear to people that we are now at a pivotal moment. . . . Whenever the economy in the United States starts to get shaky, unfortunately, we seem to escalate into new wars, and I think that is where we are going.  We have spoken about this in the past.  This is their grand goal.  War is the goal.  War has always been the goal.  We are already in it, and I really believe this war started a while ago.  It’s now really starting to come into the public light, and now we are in the propaganda war.  This is what goes on at the beginning of every major engagement.”

Mannarino goes on to say, “It does not matter who is in the White House. The U.S. military is the enforcement arm of the Federal Reserve. . . . Wars are engineered, and they are going to decide how much blood will be spilled to keep this twisted, disgusting debt based economic model going.  That’s where we are right now.”

Mannarino says the Fed wants war to get fearful investors into the bond market. Fearful investors will buy bonds, and that demand will drive interest rates down.  Mannarino explains, “Does anybody here find it suspicious that the Federal Reserve is talking about dumping its mortgage-backed securities (also called toxic assets) right now and dumping Treasury securities right now?  Does anybody find that suspicious right now where geopolitical events appear to be going?  If you don’t find that troubling, then you are not engaging your brain.  I think the goal here of the Federal Reserve, who is the real government . . . will do anything they need to do to keep power.  They don’t care how much blood they have to spill.  They don’t care how much people are going to suffer. . . . The Federal Reserve has re-inflated a housing bubble.  So now, those ‘toxic assets,’ those mortgage-backed securities are worth something.  Now, they are going to sell these at a profit.  The profit should be going to the poor people who were kicked out of their houses and lost everything.  That is not going to happen.  The Federal Reserve has deliberately created bubbles to save themselves.  If the Federal Reserve allowed the markets to do it’s one and only job, and that is to determine fair value, we’d be out of the woods by now.  We wouldn’t be facing another war right now.  They refused to do this.  The free market has been stolen.  We really could be on the edge of a major event that would force people into the debt market.  There could be huge amounts of cash coming out of the stock market because of all this fear.  There could be massive amounts of cash going into suppressed assets like gold and silver.  Housing could come under pressure.  We could be staring at the next real Great Depression.”

In closing, Mannarino says, “The global debt problem is going to get monumentally worse. Let’s see anyone argue that.  Does anyone here believe that the global debt problem is going to get better?  That should tell you what you need to do.  This is like adding 2 + 2.  This should be so simple for people to understand what they need to do. . . . If you want to hold those pieces of paper with numbers printed on them, they are unbacked liabilities being dispersed by bankrupted governments.  If you want to hold that, good for you.  I can promise you I am going to be taking the opposite side to that trade, and I will win.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino.

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  1. Gregory Mannarino

    Thank you Greg Hunter USAWatchdog! Always great to be on your show. I hope people enjoy this one!

    • Greg Hunter

      It was educational and the bond market analysis tied to war is golden.

    • Allen Starr

      This information is just breaking. It appears that after seeing the US threatening to nuke North Korea, that the powers to be in Russia have issued an ultimatum to the US on Syria. If the US or any of it’s allies as much as passes gas in Syria we will be in a nuclear war. I warned readers in the last thread that Russia would pick their own time when they came to a decision that there was no hope for peace. The US has left them with a choice of either submitting and becoming slaves to the US or having a nuclear war. That’s an easy choice for the Russian people and I totally agree with the Russians decision. The current rulers in the US can’t be allowed to live so we will all die.

      • Allen Starr

        Russia and the US kissed and made up yesterday. Russia got everything it needed and I’ll bet the US will talk with Russia on the next false flag before doing anything. The agreement they had that Russia cancelled still hasn’t been reinstated. They may work together but the Russians won’t trust the US even if they make agreements. It will take years if they ever do have a good relationship.

    • brian


      Everyone fails to see that Rome has the Gold of the world (collecting it for the past 2,000 years) and has been manipulating this end time scenario to become the great Saviour of the world to bail out the world governments but forcing them into total servitude to their system. The entire G20 system if you recall began with the G5, which was USA, UK, France, Japan and West Germany, there were however six signers as the Secretary of State of the Vatican was an initial signer. It was the Vatican who put together these summits. They later brought in Italy which has no economy to hide the fact that it was actually the Vatican who orchestrated these meetings which have continued for the past 30 plus years and has manipulated the world financial markets ever since.

      • sk

        Boo, Brian! There’s a Jesuit under your bed. Tremble! Quake in fear. (Every time I see the Vatican or Jesuits blamed for the world’s ills I have to laugh).

  2. The Seer

    Dr. Dave Janda would be a great guest.
    Medical and scientific info that this was a false flag show.

    • The Seer

      Greg, I did not mean your interview.
      I meant as “show” the current situation in Syria.

      • Greg Hunter

        No problem.

    • dbcooper

      SEER, I will try to ask you again … do you know anyone who has been able to take their property off the tax rolls using allodial title? DB.

      • Allen Starr

        Been giving a little thought to this US/Russia thing after I replied to your e-mail this morning. Yes, we are in deep shit but we are at a point where nothing really has changed since Trump hit the Syrian air base. All the whores in the world live and work for that huge US whore house because they all belong to the same system. It’s only because China, Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea and a few others refuse to submit to the US that there is a problem for the world order. China, Russia, Iran, and Syria will not turn on each other under any circumstances as they would be picked off one at a time by the US. Tillerson went to Russia to deliver a message that Russia must accept because they’re scared to death of the US. Tillerson was told to go F himself and Putin wouldn’t meet with him the next day. Trump just got his first taste on how the Russians react to ultimatums. I’ve been in meetings here where some dumb foreigner has tried the same trick and watched the expressions on their faces when the Russians respond. It’s really funny to watch. Since Tillerson has spent much time in Russia, he probably wasn’t dumb enough to be the least bit forceful. Anyway some changes must have been made so he got his meeting with Putin and attended by Lavrov. Russia got everything it needed and the US was able to continue to tell the lie about Syria being responsible for the gas attack. The agreement that was cancelled by Russia has not been reinstated because it would allow the US to pull the same stunt again on any Syrian site and I will guarantee you that any hostile act against Syria or any of it’s allies will be attacked immediately which means a nuclear war. Any future false flag chemical attacks will be investigated before any action is taken. All this other BS being spouted by the MSM just shows that they are all fools and know nothing. Be scared to death if the US pulls something else in Syria or Ukraine. After this idiotic stunt was pulled by Trump. All the loop holes have been closed and there will be no way to avert the war. Any hope of a good relationship between Putin and Trump is gone as there is absolutely no trust left. Trump and his people used up their wild card. Russia will never get out of Syria as they can never allow a Saudi, Qatar, Jordan, and Israel pipeline to be built through Syria and they will never stop supporting the Donbas. I started following the oil and gas business here in Russia since 2000 and only started watching politics because of the oil and gas business. I know exactly what is going to happen and wait for the collapse of the western financial and economic system to crash if we somehow avoid the war.

        • Greg Hunter

          America is not the only bad guy in the world. Try to open a site like in Russia and then criticize Putin. Same for China and Iran. How long would you think you would be allowed to trash your government in Russia, China or Iran with or or I’d give you about two days to live. I’ve been hosting INSIDE the US of A since 2009. I am still here. Hope you get my point. Hey Allen, how about giving us some criticism of Putin on this site. Give us all some dirt on how the Russian Government is run by oligarch criminals or how corrupt it is. (we all know Putin is not perfect).

          • Allen Starr

            Your point is well taken but I am a US citizen living in Siberia in Russia for 16 years and I wish to live in peace and not have the US and it’s allies continually attacking Russia and making me nervous when it’s all based on lies. I am not looking for an argument with you but I know you know pretty much what is going on and it’s a race for an economic collapse or starting war. It appears that war is being pushed harder at the moment. I have sued the Russian government and won. After winning a different lawsuit I was being screwed over by a Russian Administration mafia agency. It took me 4 years to finally get help from people who had enough power to put things back in order last month. I have met and still know a few mafia bosses. I have met ex Russian Special Forces, ex KGB agents, and current FSB in living here. And even giving you this information can cause me trouble because I have been monitored by NSA for a very long time and I am no threat to National Security. I gave you some of the negative on Russia in the post you destroyed below. The problem with the Oligarchs is that they are mostly Jewish and you don’t want to accept that as a problem. It is a problem here and last October Putin created a 2 million man army and reinstated the KGB which he needs to take out the Oligarchs. Things move slowly here and when they make a change it is set in stone. I can also tell you that the medical system here isn’t bad but it is really different and it works. I spent 40 days in the hospital last year in 4 different stints for observation, tests, and 2 surgeries (Kidney stones and prostate). It didn’t cost me a dime but once in awhile the hospital doesn’t have a certain medication and you must buy it yourself. I just finished tests at the hospital this week so I can have a cataract removed on the 20th. In May, the work at the Dacha begins. The roads here are terrible and they spend all summer repairing them. The MSM are complete morons when it comes to telling you anything about Russia whether its economic or military. If you are really curious about some things in Russia, Ask me. If you are serious about knowing the truth about the US/Russia conflict, you should probably have Stephen Cohen on here or just call and talk to him. He does know Russia and won’t lie to you.

            • Greg Hunter

              Fair enough Allen. Thank you for the information.

        • Tin foil hat

          Allen Starr,
          “China, Russia, Iran and Syria will not turn on each other under any circumstance”
          I believe China had not only turned against the E.U. or euro/SDR via the “The Working Group” dollar and yuan exchange & clearing house. She had also stabbed Putin in the back by abstaining from the UN Security Council vote.

          China seems to have picked the U.S. as her partner to expand the usage of the yuan instead of the SDR – I wonder what was promised to the Chinese; 60/40 or 70/30 split of the pie.
          Anyway, the Deep State wins again by co-opting Trump and China. Putin is alone and the world greatest ever Ponzi will live on.
          P.S. I do feel a little sorry for Putin. He is no saint but he is the cleanest shirt in the laundromat.

          • Allen Starr

            Tin foil hat
            The Security Council vote was no stab in the back as it only needed Russia’s veto to kill it. China and Russia are totally different when it comes to their economic and currency needs. The sanctions placed on Russia have been a blessing in disguise and you have no idea how much this has helped Russia. The new CIP and Yuan systems are in place and have begun to operate. Russia is fully capable of operating by itself and without the US $. China still has Treasury notes to get rid of and economic ties to the US. I strongly disagree with you about Putin being alone and the Ponzi scheme going on and think you should spend a lot more time reading up on what is going on in the Russian Arctic and why Russia/China need each other. One other thing you should keep in the back of your head and that is that the US breaks every contract it has ever made. Both Russians and Chinese are not fools and know this. If you really take the time to analyze what came out of the meetings in the US and Russia. You are going to find out that China and Russia didn’t give up anything. The longer a war is avoided, the more time Russia and China have to produce their new military technology. Russian military assets are in high demand at this time with more coming on line. China is making much progress in its technology and new equipment coming aboard. Don’t feel sorry for Putin. He’s been fighting this battle for some time and is strong enough to take it. He will not sell out the Russian people. That’s the difference between Russia and the US and its allies.

            • Tin foil hat

              Allen Starr,
              “Don’t feel sorry for Putin”
              Perhaps I’m just feeling a little sorry for ourselves. I had hope that Trump will do us good.
              Who knows, maybe he is going to wind down this Ponzi gradually in some other way.

  3. Paul ...

    As Gregory Mannarino says “war should figure into any investment strategy” … and the people doing the figuring is none other then the Wall Street Gang at Goldman Sachs … they have billions invested in an oil trade that sees oil spiking to $200 dollars per barrel … this trade has been going against them … and they don’t want to lose money … so they “need a war” in the Middle East to drive oil prices higher thus making their “oil trade” profitable!! … Mattis is now moving troops and equipment down from Romania toward the northern boarder of Syria and is moving troops and equipment into Jordan to attack Syria from the South … if Trump allows this “unconstitutional” invasion he can be impeached and removed from office (just as the “deep state” wants) and as a side benefit they get to collect billions in profits from their oil trade … this does not have to happen … there are only about 500 people in the US Government that are traitors … it should be easy for Trump to arrest them and have them tried for treason … Trump must get back to keeping his word about “America First” and not go out of his way to appease the banksters economic goals and put the political goals of Saudi Arabia and Israel before those of the American people who can die in the millions in a nuclear war with Russia!!

    • Dan

      100 % AGREE Paul ! I cast my vote to block the evilness of Hitlery but at the same time shuttered at anything as an alternative due to the ultimate control of the very force that George Carlin professed as the BIG CLUB ! Trump and his world of the past is just that, past. He has to be fully aware at this point that he has no alternatives and control. The Deep State who has taken over the
      U.S. some 30 years ago still call the shots.

      • Paul ...

        The “Big Club” of traitors is only about 500 people … are 320 million Americans just going to sit back and allow “500 people” start a nuclear war in the Middle East … that will not only change their destiny but incinerate their fathers, mothers, wives and children??? … Trump better get back on track fast because “Mad Dog” Mattis is getting ready to take out the last “Christian” nation in the Middle East … we cry tears for the unfortunate Muslim women and children who were gassed with chemicals ISIS was storing at an arms depot … but do we now have to kill millions of Christians by invading Syria because (US created) ISIS is still harboring thousands of chemical weapons Hillary shipped up to them from Libya?? … and is ISIS now preparing to set off some chemical weapons in Israel (as an excuse to for the US to begin its invasion Syria)? … I wouldn’t doubt it one bit (especially with Goldman Sachs ready to make billions as the oil price skyrockets toward $200 dollars per barrel)!!

    • This sceptred Isle

      Rise of the robots will figure in my investment strategy.

      In the future when artificial intelligence and robots have taken over they will require silver in order to build more robots/computers. By this stage humans will be superfluos to their requirements and therefore disposable. However, I will have several hidden deposits of silver and will use this with which to bargain for my life. It pays to think ahead.

      • Greg Hunter

        I’ll have Pb for them.

    • Chip

      What happened to Trump?

      Ann Coulter: Back in 2013, when President Obama was being egged on to attack Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack far more sweeping than this latest one, Trump tweeted:

      — Aug. 29, 2013:

      “What will we get for bombing Syria besides more debt and a possible long term conflict? Obama needs Congressional approval.”

      — Aug. 31, 2013:

      “Be prepared, there is a small chance that our horrendous leadership could unknowingly lead us into World War III.”

      — Sept. 1, 2013:

      “If the U.S. attacks Syria and hits the wrong targets, killing civilians, there will be worldwide hell to pay. Stay away and fix broken U.S.”

  4. donna

    As you know I don’t comment often, but I have to say Mannarino is by far one of my favorites. I have made myself over the past 10-12 years learn about economics and finance to get a good grasp on what is happening. I have my masters in pathology which is a far cry from the monetary world. Having said that Both gregs have really helped me to understand so much and Mannarino has a way of putting things into perspective that I can easily understand. I have been fighting family the entire time trying to wake them up and they still think I am crazy. Your interviews give me some peace in that they let me know I am on the right track and not alone in my thinking. As a single mom I am constantly praying that what I am doing is right for my kids while it seems everyone I know tells me I am wrong. Thank you both so much.

    • Clare Doll

      And what do we do when we have “financial security” but our boys are drafted and killed? I have been grappling with this one for years. I told my boy he was going to be gay — they wiped that argument away a few years later. Then I told my boy we are going to do a new religion, one that doesn’t believe in fighting. Don’t think that one will fly. WHAT is the answer? I have known about war since 2006. There is no answer but Canada and that doesn’t work, either. Donna, tell me what to do!!!

      • donna

        wish I had all the answers, but like you I also have sons in that age range that could be drafted and those same thoughts have gone through my mind as well. who really wants there sons or daughters fighting a war for evil so they can get richer by the blood of our children.

    • Eagleye

      Your obligation is to your immediate family only. My question to you is what will you do when they come knocking on your door asking for help?

    • Nemesis

      You’re doing the right and sensible things. The crowd never picks the winner. It’s ironic that our families judge and criticize us for doing the things that will save their lives. The Ancient Greeks said”Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.”

    • Russ McMeans

      I’m on the same page as Donna. Thanks for typing it up for me lady. God bless you all. Great website with the most civility. When my crummy hands can type, I hang out in Zero Hedge, but there’s some mean people in there. I’m new there but I’ll plug for this lovely site when the opportunity arises. Thank you sir Gregs!
      BTW: your website and others, will be posted on the back of my truck. I’ve got a friend that has a sign shop. I’ll send a photo to Greg when it’s completed. Everyone but radical knowledgeable liberals will love it or ponder it. People that only do sports or music will just scratch their heads. ( a lot of those dopes here in Calitopia). Bye!

  5. Frederick

    We ALL want the truth Not only about this gas attack but about 911 as well but don’t look for much transparency It wouldn’t be good for TPTBs continued agenda

  6. Gadfly

    (This is Greg Hunter verifiable name and resume to comment. I think you are a paid troll.)

  7. FC

    War World 3, be it nuclear or not, will be the perfect solution to cleanse the financial sins of the Central Banks around the world and it will also rid the majority of the population in accordance to the Georgia Guidestones of 500 million.

  8. randy0302

    Wow Very helpful!
    Thanks Gregs!

  9. ross

    The stackers need to be patient and look at the fundamentals. Why Silver Doctors publishes rubbish like this is beyond me. Charts mean zilch until the system collapses and their manipulation ends.
    The current rise in metals will be again put down by the fat controllers but fear and awareness is rising and there will come a point when infinite money no longer matters. Their system is eating itself and they are in a panic. As many like Greg have observed , they need war to mask their treachery.

  10. John Woodhead

    Thank you for another good interview bringing us I think back to reality, for me politicians are paid to take the shit,people think they cause it, no they don’t they take their orders from their masters,Greg Hunter has my support and trust because just like Dr Paul Craig Roberts I am sure you are a principled American doing things for the right reasons, Jim Sinclair said it a while ago there is no free markets, the set up is coming to it’s fruition,Trump? Just another puppet independent of nothing, as the creature from Jekyll island tells us and recent financial events (2008) show,what really rules is never elected

  11. William Betts

    Greg Hunter:
    I want to share something I learned yesterday about our military after 15 years of war. It is a fact that the USAF is 1600 pilots short out of 12000 active and reserve pilots. There are 900 fighter pilots short. Missions are going off with nobody to fly them. The airforce is considering keeping pilots against their will beyond their contract for active duty. This has not happened since WWII. I could not find any statistics on the navy pilot situation. It has to be about the same from what I know about the Navy. Senior grade enlisted people are as short as pilots. They are fed up with war. Where is the military industrial complex going to fine all this talent that is not there. It takes a long time to train and get a pilot up to combat readiness. This country needs to arrest and put in jail every SOB that works for the FED!!!!! Betts

    • Frederick

      12 thousand pilots That should tell you just how insanely bloated our military has become I say cut that number in half and have reserves that can be called up in case of war where we will probably all be dead anyway What a waste

  12. Dan

    Greg M. stated that “the Federal Reserve were the real ones in control here” 23:40 . I believe that the Exchange Stabilization Fund are the one’s instead.
    They do things without being watched.

    • Paul ...

      Russia should issue an ultimatum to the globalist elites (the same way the US issued an ultimatum to N. Korea) … and if the globalists don’t stop pushing for war … Russia should pre-emptively use mini-nukes to take out all the globalist headquarters around the world … this includes the Soros, Rothschild compounds and the Fed in NY… the reason it is so hard to kill the insane beast is because it has metastisized beyond the borders of a single country! … if the US foolishly considers the destruction of incarnate evil (the Fed) as an attack upon the US so be it … then everyone has to die to save the Fed!

  13. Larry Keuhlen

    After I lost my 401k for the second time in 2008 this old dog started to try and learn new tricks. I read a lot of books and then came the computer and more learning. What I learned about the FED, fractional reserve banking, the IMF and the BIS opened my eyes and the Petro Dollar system just blew me away. I had bought some gold coins in the past because they were kind of cool and pretty but with knowledge that all changed. I buy GOLD and SILVER no more paper assets. Well, I do have a bunch of toilet paper but that’s it. I would urge all of your readers to also consider investing in food, water and high speed semi-precious metals in multiple calibers, ie; .308, 5.56 and various others. Thanks Greg to you and Greggory and all the other “fake news” websites that have contributed to this old dogs second education. Larry

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Larry!

  14. Don

    The Fed has always been willing to sacrifice the economy to keep the bond market strong.

  15. JC Davis

    It takes a special kind of person to want to invest in stocks , bonds, and bitcoin seeing the power of the big banks to rip off any market any time they please.
    Proverbs 1: 17.

    • Greg Hunter

      Loved this! Please post more when appropriate.

      • JC

        Off topic = The cost of the mother of all bombs. The cost to kill 36 ISIS
        It took $314 million to develop and has a unit cost of $16 million.

  16. andyb

    What GM says is unfortunately so true. To many, the fact that the FED controls our government is disconcerting to say the least. It also controls the CIA, and its collection agent is the totally illegal IRS which, coincidentally (or not), was established at the same time. Most do not realize that, like the FED, the IRS is not a USG entity; it is a private corporation. It will take a true revolution to reestablish the founders’ wishes under the Constitution. I believe that in time, but probably not in my lifetime, the Red Shield and fellow criminals will push even a dumbed-down populace too far, and the Walking Dead and Hunger Games scenarios will become all too real. Meanwhile our political puppets will stage a never ending dog and pony show to assuage the sheep who are being shorn without understanding. By all realistic (meaning non-governmental) accounts, inflation has averaged 5-7% per year compounded for the last decade. How many can report a doubling of their income during that period? Because that is what it would take to break even on purchasing power.

  17. dlc

    Yesterday, Mark Levin used the term “code pink Republicans.” Another armchair Viking. I guess we gotta fight the newest declared Hitler (to what concrete end I don’t know) or wear that label. Yesterday, Savage asked Buchanan how Putin got to be Hitler all of a sudden.

    Saddam had to go. Gadafi had to go. Mubarak had to go. Ukranian democratically elected prez had to go. Assad has to go. Putin has to go. A few short months ago we were worrying as to what our own gov’t had in mind regarding subjugating us.

    Meanwhile, Australians are asked to not display crosses to avoid upsetting Muslims. Sweden considering banning cars to avoid Muslim slaughter using same. German culture has been all but obliterated. But, don’t forget, Putin is the new Hitler.

    We’ve been shown that our own rights come only after the invaders, BLM, raging progressives and all Muslims.

    We already have mass neglect at the VA. Blasting Syria, Korea, Russia, China solves what? Whose opinion wins out, the Pieczenik/Robert Steele faction or McCain/McMaster? Who’s the next David Bloom for the next fool’s mission?

    • Canadian Prepper

      Well said.

  18. Tim

    Hello Greg great interview. I loved the emotion. Gregory is one of my favorites and I believe he is right on most fronts. America needs debt, war and lies to keep the present system going and they will use all three till the end. I have been storing food, water and buying PMs sense GW Bush said he had to abandon free market principals to save the free market. It has been a long and sometimes lonely road. People have called me crazy, been laughed at even lost some friends. My own dad thinks I’m nuts. I think the only way that I will not benefit from the things I have done is nuclear war and if the happens we are all done.

    By the way Greg I just made a purchase from Discount Gold and Silver on Monday. Great people and got a great deal too. First of many I hope.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for supporting Discount Gold and Silver Trading.

  19. Alan

    Excellent, spot on analysis by GM! The chart with those two double bottom “W”s speaks volumes both financially & geopolitically. And as Gerald Celente has said countless times, “when all else fails, they take you to war”. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has openly acknowledged he never imagined the depths of criminality/corruption that characterizes Fed policy, e.g. their trading desk (!!!), and so he did not in his wildest anticipate the ponzi scheme continuing as long as it has. The Military-Industrial/Security-Complex is a monster that HAS to be fed, and the Fed is at the heart of the beast.

    Thank you both for telling it like it is and doing all you possibly can to help your viewers & listeners get it! Awesome job from the G-Squared duo!!!

  20. Dannu

    Thank you Greg-squared!

  21. Linda L.

    Thank you! I really like Mr. Mannarino, and I think his feeling that interests rates may go down under current circumstances is probably right. I once asked a man I respect (Ron) for timing regarding when to invest in certain items. Ron told me to get into a taxi and ask the taxi driver what his clients are doing, and then Ron said just do the opposite. If one keeps in mind that the feds/bankers are preying wolves, not having the common man’s interests for their end goal, just remember to follow the minority.

  22. dlc

    “SEALS train to take out Kim.”

    Will Kim then be “buried at sea?” Will those same SEALS be the next batch to be transported on another flying Chrysler DeSoto in order to minimize truth telling?

    • JMiller

      And also out of safe deposit boxes at credit unions.

  23. dlc

    McCain as the real Hitler. Who knew?

    • Frederick

      If you watch Gabe Zolna then you knew Johnny “Wetstart” is a disaster

  24. Mark


    Great interview with Mr. Mannarino! I’m never bored listening to his analysis and the summary of our rigged/unstable economic state he provided around 24:45 of this discussion was brilliant. No matter who I listen to it all comes back to securing one’s future with hard assets like gold & silver for the coming reset. I hope more heed this important message!

    Thanks to both of you for an enlightening interview and critical reality check!

  25. Sylvia Sterling

    He said to “watch the bond market”. for. clues . How does the average person “WATCH
    THE BOND MARKET” ? What are we watching for. Interest changes? Going up, going down? Where do we go online to “watch the bond market”.
    I would love to watch the bond market, if I knew where to watch it.


    • MT

      Go to upper left – Rates (tab)
      Watch the US 10yr bond

    • This sceptred Isle

      Sylvia 925 (I like it!)

      Yes, you are correct. Greg advises to keep an eye on the US bond yield (specifically the 10 year). You are looking for a significant change in the interest rate whether up or down.
      Bond yields are inversely correlated to the price of the bond so if the yield goes up the price of the bond goes down. The bond market is supposed to be many times bigger than the stock market. If money is moving out of the bond market the yields should rise and the money should flow into another asset class e.g. the stock market. In this case I think Greg Mannarino is predicting money retreating from the stockmarket (due to risk of WW3) and heading into supposed safe havens such as the bond market.
      Bloomberg is a good website to monitor the bond action.

  26. francis m reps

    Mr. Hunter, Mr. Mannarino is the “Feature Film “. The previous guest on your website ; even tho he was entertaining ; was like the Cartoon we used to see at the Movies ; before the main show. Mr. Mannerino’s insights would be even MORE effective if he was not interrupted so much. His insights and common sense are needed by your audience. Please cull your guests so we can hear more from him…Ms Fitt…Mr. Wigington, and Mr. Hugo ?Salinas Price. These are the people who make your program valuable…AS WELL AS YOU AND YOUR GREAT DEMEANOR.

  27. Mohammad


    150000 chinese troops on the northern border of NK to take on their nuclear facilities if they do not behave…?????
    Are you kidding…?


    • donna

      I am not sure I agree with them wanting to take south korea if war breaks out but I agree it is not just to keep the north koreans from pouring into china. They do not want us at their backdoor by taking north korea but then neither does russia . I know russia has only a small border with north korea but sure it is significant. I am not sure what I think is going on but I am with you that we are not seeing what either side is thinking and it may be more than we bargin for

  28. Patty

    Does anyone know how much debt the U.S. government can actually handle before things totally collapse? $20 trillion won’t do it, but maybe $30 trillion will. That’s what my father said. Maybe someone could project when the government will go bankrupt due to wars, infrastructure spending, etc. It would be great if the economic collapse could be avoided entirely, but because the government spends so much money all the time, and can’t stop, that tells me it is not avoidable. We can hope there isn’t a great depression again, but without actually taking action personally with our finances, there really isn’t hope. I read in some online news that Trump doesn’t want boots on the ground in Syria now, which is good. However, some Navy Seals want to take out Kim Jong-Un of North Korea now, but it may just be a rumor, because it was in The Sun. Thanks for a good show.

    • This sceptred Isle

      As Peter Schiff likes to say “the depression is the cure”.

      • Frederick

        He’s been correct all along He said the longer they delay the medicine the harder the cure will be

  29. Da Yooper

    ” They don’t care how much blood they have to spill. They don’t care how much people are going to suffer. . . ”

    Of course they dont care how much blood is spilled …….it wont be their blood & they will not be the ones suffering. The Fed is pure evil, Satan’s spawn.

    • This sceptred Isle

      The amazing thing is they convince otherwise normal people to spill the blood on their behalf!

      • Da Yooper

        otherwise normal people

        got screwed when the bankers off shored their jobs

        so they are left with very few choices

  30. Kevin

    That was enlightening….Mr Mannarino is dabbling in war prediction now?..not one mention of war for the entire history of this site? I truly think he is on to something…not even the great Celente has ever predicted war… very informative interview….Thanks Greg….keep em coning:)

    • This sceptred Isle

      This might be the big one that precedes the one to be fought with sticks and stones that Einstein went on about. At least that will be one way to cut the military budget!

    • Frederick

      Celente always says When all else fails they take you to war

  31. regular NJ guy

    Yes to war ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA !

    Dick Cheyney said … “Tim (Russert), I don’t believe we’ll be perceived as invaders. The Iraqi people are going to welcome us as liberators.”

    Bill Kristol says …. “War is necessary … and it’s right.”

    “I did not have sex with that woman.”

    “the steel columns simply failed as a result of heat stress causing the buildings to fall.”

    • Greg Hunter

      This is sarcasm right?

      • regular NJ guy


        • JC Davis

          NJ. and the list could go on and on. Thumbs up!

    • Frederick


    • Corleone

      We want more kabuki !

      We want another Fukushima !

      Long live USA (Unidentified Sayonaraed America) !!!!!!!!!!

  32. Mohammad

    Gregory Mannarino,

    Please look at this photo curtsy of zero hedge and you will have the answer to your question:

    In it you can see that every world reserve currency is instated and ended with a WAR.
    We are in a transition to a new reserve currency, it will happen after the coming war.

    Usually the losing party will be dragged with feet kicking into the new system.

    The money changers that were whipped by Jesus are the same as the federal reserve and will be transformed east bound in a different color different form but the substance remains the same.

    This time around it is the digital currency.

    Did you get your answer?


    • This sceptred Isle

      It seems to be an unspoken assumption that we need a world reserve currency. Do you think it is necessary to have a reserve currency or do you think it is just another way for the dominant empire of the day to control the world?

      • Mohammad

        Money has been always in human history a necessity for trade, there always was the need for a unit of something to set some kind of values to goods. Gold/Silver has been serving this function for thousand of years.
        The devaluation of currency by diluting that unit is not new, romans did it in the past, Jesus kicked the money changers from the temple because simply they were doing just that so it is not something new.
        However it is now more evil with the current technology and it seems the digital slavery chains and shackles are in the cards for humanity including digital currency.


        • John


          Jesus kicked out the money changers from the temple because they turned “my fathers house” into a marketplace – exchanging various offerings to be used at the temple for money – thereby making the temple something like a store instead of a place of worship. Of course we know what happened to the temple – it was burned and the stones were taken down to the foundation to recover the gold that had melted between the joints. Jesus predicted this decades before it happened because he saw the “rot” within the system where “the law” was only practiced at the superficial level but not understood within the heart – hence why he came – to place Gods instruction on our hearts and just not on our sleeves – not to protect the currency from devaluation. Mohammad, I have read some of your postings and I just wanted to say that the problem with the world is not so much an issue with a person being a Muslim, a Christian or a Jew to name a few of the more recognized religions – instead its an issue with the heart and there is no single group of people/nation that have a monopoly on that failed condition. BTW – thanks for your various inputs – I always enjoy reading your perspective and observations.

  33. Russ

    Greg & Greg — Thank you very much for this outstanding interview. I agree with most all that was discussed. However, being a glass-half-full kinda guy, I don’t think we’re going to war. I do think there is a faction who wants war, but during dinner at Mar-a-Lago, that issue may have been settled. I’m deleting my dissertation rationalizing my thoughts, and going straight to the conclusion. There will be regime change in Syria but it will remain in Russia’s sphere of influence; Putin will probably select the new President. There will also be regime change in N.Korea, but President Xi will be in charge of that. Both areas will be stabilized and there will be no U.S. boots on the ground executing the regime change.

    We’re going to finish up with ISIS and then stay to help stabilize the M.E. We’re well established in South Korea and we’ll stay until that issue is finally resolved. It’s in our interest to to convince Putin and Xi to change their respective puppets, not to do it for them.

    As much as some players want a big war that they can finance and profit, there are other players on the board that don’t want war. The glass is half full and cooler heads will prevail. As much as some want a war, Trump was not switching sides to be a neocon. That strike was a demonstration of resolve to start a conversation with Putin and Xi. The conversations are not over yet.

    All speculation, but imo the strike on Shayrat was about North Korea as much as it was about Syria. Time will tell.

    • Linda L

      I don’t think that Putin would be allowed to be in charge of anything, especially picking a new president for Syria because the globalists want Syria for their own self serving financial interests, which is the real reason for the push to eliminate Assad, and I don’t think that Putin is happy about this objective. In addition to, I doubt that Putin would allow himself to become a puppet for the New World Order. War is most likely on its way, and where it begins first, we’ll see.

      • Russ

        I agree with your assessment of what the globalists want, but people in hell want ice-water. As much as the globalists want Syria for an oil pipeline, President Trump does not want to expand the wars (plural) in the M.E. and Putin knows it. Also:
        * Putin will not throw Assad under the bus to make way for a Globalist puppet. Putin might make for an easy exit for Assad with a safe place to retire, but that will need to be Assad’s call.
        * The Assad family has been good for Russia and Putin needs to ensure that loyalty(?) is recognized.
        * Putin is not going to give up his access to the Tartus, Syria naval facility. Throwing Assad aside as an expedient to make nice with the world would result in a new guy that might not stand with him under globalist pressure.

        Putin is in many ways a thug and a bully, but he stands by his allies. Obama had a habit of throwing allies under the nearest bus for short term goals, Putin is at the other end of the leadership spectrum. Like him or hate him, you’ve got to respect his loyalty.

        Also, from what I’ve seen, President Trump understands and respects loyalty. Again, time will tell, but I just don’t see Trump expanding a war in Syria to put us head-head against Russia.

  34. Da Yooper

    All wars are banker’s wars

    • This sceptred Isle

      They are always funded by debt aren’t they? No one ever has the foresight to save up for one.

      • Paul ...

        Right … and “saving up” for the next war would likely take 1000 years of peace … so “to stop war” in its tracks … we must demand a clamp down on debt creation … ending the Fed is one way … ending the dollar is another … lets work on doing both!!

  35. Dee Garmon

    Indeed it is very suspicious to say the least. 95% of the gains could keep going to the top 1% so long as they keep the current living standards and they will not hesitate to wage o war to maintain status quo.

  36. Greg Hunter

    It we could just get rid of the Jews . . . Isn’t that what was being talked about before WWII?? Funny, Muslims are NEVER a problem–Never.

    • Mohammad


      Israel owns federal reserve,
      Even STEELE you interviewed on your site and you appraised said in a link posted on Clif High’s interview that Israel gets from us, taxpayers, 30000$ a month on every man woman and child….They spend it on building settlements/military…etc… when a bridge in Atlanta will take 6 freaking months to fix…..!

      I advice you to listen to his interview:
      Educate yourself Greg, there is nothing wrong with that, it has nothing to do with Jews and muslims nor with christians.


      • Greg Hunter

        Israel does NOT own the Fed. Get real.

        • Mohammad

          I am very real Greg.
          You know it in your gut.
          Every one here knows it.
          but they are afraid talking about it.
          I am not.
          That is all.


          • Greg Hunter

            You can count the list of banks that are “Primary Dealers” in Treasury bonds as the basic framework of the Fed. Here’s the list: You are telling me that Israel controls them all–preposterous and crazy.

            • Mohammad

              Common Greg,
              You can every bank desk on the planet, it is one or maximum two financial dark shadowy families that control the asses of all Govs. in the world, you know it, and all established Israel and supporting it at the expense of all humanity , so who is the controlling them?

              You can be stubborn as much as you want but deep inside you know am right.


              • Greg Hunter

                I am not stubborn, facts are stubborn, and I deal in facts.

        • Allen Starr

          You ripped me good a month or two ago about some comments I made about Jews. I am going to try again to explain that there is a problem with some segments of Jews in the world just like the Italian mafia is not all Italians. I don’t hate Jews and I have Jewish friends here in Russia. Soros and the Rothschilds are Khazarian (fake Jews) . . .

          (This is Greg Hunter I am not allowing the total BS of the “Khazarian (fake Jews)” : You are not going to be allowed to post myths and lies because you hate “some” Jews. Matter of fact, if you want to do that, please do not comment again. This makes work for me and frankly I don’t need anymore.

          By the way, I think Soros is a real weasel, and I don’t care much for the Rothschild’s eithere, but as soon as you bring up the Khazarian bull crap that tells me you hate all Jews.

  37. Diane

    My husband was reading our local newspaper and said to me……”this looks very bad…seems like we are going to war….again.
    I just played him the tape of Greg’s interview …he just looked at me and agreed. He is am unusually optimistic man…..sadly…Greg M. is right.

  38. Jim Gilly

    Nice to see dumb and dumber together again. Mannarino was the one who called a top in the stock market a year ago didn’t he? Another genius whose only claim to fame is he has a worthless opinion – just like all the other bozos who come on this site and talk drivel.

    How Hunter can keep a straight face when he interviews these clowns is beyond me. You can get more credible information going to a con artist fortune teller who reads tea leaves so stop wasting your time listening to this garbage. Fortunately, this site won’t be around much longer, nor will Hunter and the rest of you. Good riddance.

    • Faizie

      If you don’t like what is said on this site why do you come here ? If others do like it what is it to you ?

    • Macray

      Babbling Beverage Mixture this time????

      Ok Mr. Gilly, what did you add to your water before visiting Mr. Hunter website : )))

      Might I suggest you try adding the ELIXIR to induce EUPHORIA and spend your time at a site that promises to be around for the long term, such as : )))

  39. Frederick

    Hope all you watchdoggers listened and got yourselves some gold and silver Trump just came out and said we need a weaker dollar which I’ve been expecting for awhile now

    • This sceptred isle

      Do you think more money printing or a straight out devaluation is on the cards? Judging by trump’s doors he has a lot of Au floating around.

  40. al

    OMG BADABOOM!!! what an awesome follow up to Clif. Mannarino is the man. My Compare! You don’t get this type of analysis from just anyone in the NEW MEDIA. I’ve heard a lot of analysts but Mannarino has the big picture. Awesome!

  41. Mohammad




  42. ecor00

    Here is a scenario where US Treasuries could be a real safe have over the next couple years. The guiding principle is to protect the value of the dollar and US Bonds. Fed raises rates, corporate earnings decline, stock market crashes, lots of corporate debt defaults, fed, state and local govs have to cut employees and default on pension obligations. This is called austerity when imposed by German banks on the Greek people. This same program will be applied to the American people and called a depression caused by the American voter unwisely choosing Trump over Clinton. Three or four years of depression should be enough time to force gov firings and pension defaults. Then new president 4 years from now, Fed loosens monetary policy and the new regime are heros. All assets would decline except dollar and US Treasuries in this scenario. It is consistent with central banks around the world demanding that government employees be fired and pensions be reduced. It seems likely this same program will be imposed in the US.

  43. John M.

    I don’t see how America escapes the connundrum, as we seem heading to both a world war and a depressionary hyperinflation.
    Most Americans are saturated in debt and can’t rub two nickels together, let alone buy a substantial amount of US debt. If a lot of money does come from the stock market, then that shell game will only resort in most Americans seeing their pensions and retirements obliterated. I suspect that our govt has already been secretly soaking up massive amounts of US Treasury and mortgage debt, and there’s no records or accountability as everything given to us are damn lies and fake news.
    Eventually, the US govt will be much less discreet in buying up everything — stocks, bonds, and selective real estate. At that point we will arrive at full-blown hyperinflation, with very few places for finding both personal and economic refuge.
    The two big questions are:
    1) When will the Fed be like Zimbabwe and issue its own trillion and zillion dollar reserve notes for the world’s reserve currency(Petrodollar) of the last 40 years?
    2.) At what point does China and Russia no longer restrain themselves from the aggressive provocations of the Deep State? (As we will bloody their noses, they will beat us to a pulp.)
    I would strongly submit that the true intention of the Globalist/Deep State is to destroy America from both within and without. They want to be sure to cover all bases as they do the devil’s work.

    • This sceptred isle

      The fed has been following the same inflationy Monetary policy as Zimbabwe. The difference is the rest of the world swallows American inflation by holding us dollars as reserves whilst the Zimbabwe currency remained within the country to cause hyperinflation. America will therefore experience massive inflation when the world regurgitates the dollar and the dollars return to America to buy assets. Ironically i bought a Zimbabwe 100 trillion dollar note so if they had hung onto them they would have gained value as an artefact of Monetary history.

  44. Jim Miles

    Excellent interview. I have done my research and arrived at the same conclusion as Greg M. re the US military being used to support the petrodollar as the fiat reserve currency based on Saudi/Qatari et al sales of oil resources using the US$. If that fails, so does the US$ On the other hand as Greg M. talks about the debt load and the bond market (the latter which I admit I do not fully understand) and the possible moves domestically, that too could essentially wreck the US$.

  45. Mike from the North

    I just wanted to make a comment that I hope will cause some to have hope.

    Seldom are things as they appear to be.

    Stealth should be the word of the decade.

    WE have brought the World to the edge of precipice AGAIN.

    Do we fall into the hole or do we change direction before it is too late.

    I did not like Mr.Trump when he was just another developer.. I BELIEVE Mr. Trump is who he has said he is…a man who wants to take us back to principles of a just society.

    Will he outsmart those who have destroyed America or will he jump ship.

    I think I know the answer and I respectfully suggest the following…IT IS NOT OVER UNTIL THE FAT LADY SINGS.

    The next 24 hours could change everything…keep an eye on the situation in North Korea.
    Pray for us as we need divine intervention.

    • Corleone

      The fat lady will not sing. Michael Robinson (Michelle Obama) had injected her with a tranquilizer usually used on elephants.

  46. al

    Message for you. Greg, you don’t have to post this. Your last few videos have a lagging audio issue. This is not a function of Skype or OOVOO or whatever you use, it’s your computer being bogged down by background processes. Make sure to clean it up and that the least amount of services and applications are running in the background when you Skype. A good updated anti-virus scan is also good. The Silicon Valley Internet company I work for from home uses AVG. I use it and it served me well. I’ve working with computers and electronics since the mid 1980s and am still active at it.
    Anytime you need help or advice, I’m here.
    Thanks for having Mannarino on, he really has the pulse of this financial system.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Al.

    • Mohammad

      Or get a Mac…


    People, Please, do not say the FED is in charge….The members of the Council on Foreign Relations OWN the Big Banks–The same people OWN the FED….They tell the FED, Administration, Supreme Court, and Key Congressmen and Key Senators what to do—go look at the CFR membership roster see how many of the names are the owners of the big Corporations, Media, Banking families, US Politicians, Leaders of both Parties, and key Generals and Admirals…
    THESE people run the country for about 500,000 wealthy elites and dont care about the other 360 odd million of us….so start using the right name for these Fascists…


  48. Dave Reic

    Thank you for all that you do! Would you please ask Joel Skousen to appear on your show? He has been forecasting war between the three evil superpowers (China, Russia and US) for many years and he has also been explaining what Americans need to do now to survive the coming war. Joel did a good interview with Alex Jones several years ago that is available to watch on YouTube entitled “Strategic Relocation.” Thanks again!

  49. Matt

    “A near extinction level event on earth with regard to human life” Gregory Mannarino.

    The Great Waves of Change – Resource depletion (Greg has ALWAYS referenced this problem as a scarcity of resources), environmental degradation, climate change, and the presence of alien forces who are here to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity. All disguised as a financial crisis and a march to war. The Fed is pushing the enslavement of humanity…

  50. Arthur Barnes

    Mohammad, your showing your anti-Christian and anti-Jewish alter-ego again. The Religion of Peace was at it again in Egypt, did that Palm Sunday event please your Muslim side? Say what you will, but I suspect it did! I make no bones about it, I am anti-religion of peace because I know it a farce but a very well marketed one. Remember Mo, you can sell snow to an Eskimo it you market it right. Take care, I always enjoy your post even if I strongly disagree with most of it. a b

    • Mohammad

      When will you get your head out of your ass and see that zionists highjacked Judaism?
      When will you see that zionists raped your country when they
      Took your currency in 1913?
      Did 9/11 and laughed at you going to its wars while they enjoyed the sun on TelAviv beaches?

      If you educate your self a bit you will realize what am talking about has nothing to do with religions.

      But you will never learn because hatred fills your heart.
      It is the heart that sees not the eyes.


      • Greg Hunter

        First od all be respectful please. I think lots of people use the term “Zionist” to comer up the fact they are really anti-Semitic. You know as well as I do the most of the Islamic world would burn every Jew in Israel alive if they could. It ain’t ever going to happen–again. Get over it. How dare those Jews protect themselves from radical Islam that wants to destroy them!!!

        • Mohammad

          You can ask him to be respectful when he claims that my muslim side enjoys Palm Sunday event, seems your respect manners goes one way only, when he loses respect for himself making such preposterous claims I have all the right to respond.


        • Mohammad

          You are wrong Greg.
          Muslims respect jews .
          Your friends the Neo zionists will burn all humanity for their hidden agenda.
          Do not claim things that are flat out wrong out of hatred.
          Clean up your heart.


        • Johnny k

          Greg you’re a Jew liking fool.

          • Greg Hunter

            I sure am Johnny K and you are an anti-Semite. Don’t comment again.

        • Greg Hunter

          Really???? All the wealth in the world sucked into little bitty Israel???? This is a joke, right.

      • Charles H


        There is a human/political Zion; and there is a spiritual Zion. To most people – the difference is not distinguished; but they are separate entities. That the one human entity endeavors to overlap and usurp from the spiritual does not detract from the nature of the spiritual. Zion is the encapsulation of Almighty God’s yet unfulfilled promise to a people. Nothing will change or interfere with that.
        What this whole conflict boils down to is this: two belief systems claim to be the exclusive Truth, which confers authority from on High. Since both cannot be true: one must be false. In this case – one ‘system’ seeks only it’s existence and identity; the other seeks to deny both, while intending to convert the world. This picture is clear to all but those who are intimately and closely vested. Political Zionism may be a source of disturbance in the world. And many who are not Zionist may make such claims as to aggrandize their agendas. But Israel, or Jews, or Zionists are NOT the scourge and great evil in the world. THE issue of this conflict is “who is right, and who is wrong”: based on the system of belief. It is petty jealosy wrought out to global proportions.
        God Himself will justify His purposes and work toward mankind. If you are on the ‘right’ side, believing the right ‘system’ – you will come out alright. God will not let evil prevail. IF you are on the wrong side, because you have chosen to believe the ‘system’ not of the true God: then your fate is of your own choice.
        You are right about seeing with the heart, Doc. “The heart is desperately wicked and decietful above all things: who can know it?” Before seeing clearly, the heart must be cleansed; but it cannot be cleansed by man. How, then, is it cleansed?

        • Mohammad

          Heart is a mirror, I can see with it and it never failed Me once, YOU CLEAN IT WITH LOVE.
          Got the recipe from the doctor?
          Trust me take it and your heart will see.

          Happy easter Charles and sorry for the harsh word I used , we are humans and we sometimes get over the board sometimes.

          I love you in humanity same as Greg and all people here no matter what is your belief is.
          One day we will find out who is right and who is wrong.

          TIME WILL TELL


          • Charles H


            Your words bring tears to my eyes. One does not often sense true greatness in others: so it warms my heart to see it in you. There is honor and dignity, which refreshes hope in life. Forgive me for overlooking this in you; for I too have been harsh at times. Peace and truth be unto you in these days.

  51. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, can you hear the drums of war? A deaf man can hear through his skull bones, the vibrations are imposing & telling. Love G. M. Greg. Take care, have a nice Easter. a b

  52. mushroom

    Since the Fed now has an active trading desk war is not necessary.

    Think about this….

    • Greg Hunter

      The trading desk has taken them as far as it can go.

      • mushroom

        Greg. Thank you for your reply.

        Dr. P. C. Roberts now believes the desk can continue to keep pumping the fiat machine………until the U. S. living standard degenerates incrementally to a status resembling “India”.

        Time will tell.

  53. Wayne

    Purchase of bonds represent the buyer’s confidence in the ability of the issuer (nation-corporation-state-municipality-etc.) to pay back the principal and the yield after x period of time. In all of these types of bonds, debt saturation has been reached, in many cases quite a while ago. Especially today, where mutually assured destruction in war is more likely than ever, why would anyone have confidence in these (paper) future promises as a “safe haven”? As we now live in The Bizarro World, who knows what motivates such buyers? Maybe they think they can sell them to the greater fool? For tangible assets?

    The reality is globally that the debt load has grown so large that borrowers cannot even repay the interest on this debt. That is why we see extremes, like the ECB resorting to looting its own members (e.g., Greece, Portugal) through privatizing their national/public assets to repay these “loans” (currency manufactured out of thin air!).

    You wonder if the debt problem can get better. Doubtful. But maybe its implosion can be delayed. Perhaps by the lenders being able to or willing to – if it is even possible these days – to renegotiate the terms of the debt. The balance is precarious, as this bond market cannot tolerate steep increases in interest/yield. Yet the other choice is death by a thousand cuts, if near-zero interest continues its multiple year run.

    Can this debt restructuring be meaningful in what Michael Hudson calls the rentier economy, where all productivity is directed to the profit of the financial sector before this parasite finally kills its host? (“Neoliberal economics is a predatory device that justifies the exorbitant incomes of the One Percent while blaming rising debt on those forced into debt-peonage in order to survive.” Source: .)

    As I have detailed in many prior comments on this site, the privately-owned cabal that is the Fed has as its sole mandate the enrichment of its owners via the mechanism of fractional reserve banking. Interest is paid to the Fed on debt instruments called “money,” regardless of the status of employment or inflation. The US government clearly does not care about its people, so why would the Fed, which is not part of the government? They laugh at the debt enslavement they have caused; it’s their profit.

    So of course the Fed creates bubbles; how else could it have reached the final phase of its debt-saturated Ponzi scheme? The really sad part is that Americans have no longer been taught about sound money and finances so that they believe the Fed-contrived parasitic peristalsis (hey I just made that term up!) called “booms” and “busts” are just inherent to “natural” economic cycles.

    One other issue. Is there real utility in using charts (Techical Analysis), given that all markets today are rigged? What is being looked at historically are interventions upon interventions, ad nauseum. So predictions are based on the premise that future interventions will be similar past ones over the time horizon considered? I do not see that classical patterns (e.g., reversals indicated by head-and-shoulders or cup-and-handle) inspire much confidence given the frequency-variety-intensity of such rigging. Except perhaps in precious metals, where the timing of their COMEX smashes has been quite consistent over so many years.

  54. Mohammad


    Help me please understand this:
    Today Trump in a joint meeting with the Nato chief said that he promised the Chinese president a good deal on trade if he helps him with N.K…..
    As if the Chinese have a bad deal with US now?
    WTF ?
    Didn’t he promised he will squeeze the Chinese on trade?
    Now he will give them sweeter deal that what they already have?

    Is this president trustworthy?
    “Trump Says China Will Get Better Trade Deal if It Solves ‘North Korean Problem’”


    • Justn Observer

      Questions and Speculation have consequences?
      Those interested in rounding out ‘opinion before making final judgements .
      Might check this tube channel to help that…and maybe Trump as well get to the truth of what he is being told…or not told?
      Syriana Analysis:
      Hope this helps bring ‘clarity’ to the events as we move forward listening to the drum beats towards Greg Mannarino’s extinction events in the world…

  55. getting nervous

    Wasn’t Mannarino all hyped up about Trump and drinking the Trump Recovery Kool-aid last time he was on? what more can I say. His credibility is lost with me. when will all the smart guys tell us something we don’t know? and for cliff high – has anyone thought about how in the H.E. double hockey sticks he can possibly predict all this stuff from internet traffic? People trained in statistical methodology are suspicious…Don’t get me wrong, I think the western is a train wreck waiting to happen. But not a single one of your guests is capable or willing to tell us anything we don’t know or can’t find for ourselves from other sources. Tired of all of these guys trying sound smart and sell us their crap. Since at least 2008, they have been trying to play the Guru, but not a single one predicted the central governments had the power, technology, and smarts to kick the can this far down the road. Bring someone on with the balls to tell us what we don’t know or isn’t going to flip flop like Mannarino.

    • FC

      Getting Nervous, unfortunately, flip-flopping is extremely necessary in today’s world if you want a return on your investments.
      Traditionally we would stay the cause on our blue chip investments whatever they may be, but now we live in an era of negative interest rates and very little returns on the traditionals……………..we need to flip and flop at the same time.

    • Greg Hunter

      Getting nervous,
      Did it ever occur to you that you are just not that smart? By the way, I have had several people say they would “kick the can down the road.” Mannarino correctly predicted that there would be a Trump rally. If you just want to come here to trash the site, why don’t you just go to CNN or MSNBC. If you think you can get a better level of analysis FOR FREE by all means go there. I too and “Tired of all of these guys like ‘getting nervous’ trying sound smart and sell us their crap.”

      • getting nervous

        Greg, Tsk, tsk! censoring comments?…very weak for one who has earned respect for trying to find the truth.

        • Greg Hunter

          Getting Nervous,
          You are free to start you own site and pout any lie that you think is the “truth” on YOUR site.

  56. Mohammad

    Greg, every one on this blog…

    عيد فصح مجيد



    • Justn Observer

      And the same Peace for you and your family…our family… Mohammad. I hope the world finds that way to co-exist without ‘infringements’ on each other’s beliefs until all our children play cheerfully under the sun of our Creator. No better joy than the laughter of children unfettered by politics and religion.

  57. 4321Dud

    Mr. Hunter, Clif High and Gregory Mannarino are always crowd pleasers. But if what they are saying happens according to their time projections, then we don’t have to worry too much about back to school sales this coming fall.

  58. Robert Dziok

    US/West wants a Sunni Qatar/Syria/Turkey gas pipeline to supply Europe. Syria will not allow it. Thus US/West wants him out. Russia backs a Shiia Iran/Iraq/Syria gas pipeline to supply Europe as it is not opposed to having some competition from it’s ally Iran for some of the European market it is the major supplier of.
    Israel has found massive amounts of oil via the Golan Heights that are said to rival the amounts of Saudi Arabia. Problem is the reserves lie in Syria.
    Thus, multiple West backed parties want a piece of Syria. Would also be a support for the dying “petrodollar”. Thus war again (as usual for the Neocons ). Kind of sad and disgusting isn’t it? Russia is the only country asked by Syria to be there. They also have ports/bases there and will never leave because of that alone. US now says it will not “invade” Syria. Problem is that was done years ago via proxy ISIS army created by the Obama/Clinton “regime” to try to overthrow Assad.
    Congress has on the table legislation to reenact the Draft whenever. We will draft “Snowflakes/Cupcakes” who are taught what bathroom to use. Russia just drafted another 150,000 who are taught at age 6 how to take AK47s apart. Really think it is a good idea to go to war with Russia?

  59. Justn Observer

    Greg, Seems this Catholic Bishop might be some one Potus Trump could share a phone call with?
    As a side note…likely more friction will be coming concerning other ‘shipments’ of products than just the competitive pipeline projects thru Syria soon enough…

  60. regular NJ guy

    Trump now is endorsed by Hillary, Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Bill Kristol ! What a magnificent adjustment ! Read his lips folks ! Believe me ! Second thought, read his tweets.

  61. Keith wilson

    Breaking news.Us air force kill 18 anti Assad fighters in Syria,in a friendly fire incident.Just hope to god the pentagon don’t drop there A bombs on Japan,or mainland China when Trump is told by the CIA,and the illuminati bankers to get stuck in to North Korea.When Trump was needed in Vietnam in 1969, you couldn’t find him.Spent the whole of the Vietnam war filling in forms to dodge the draft.Three months into his presidency,he has gone full John Rambo.What have the illuminati got on Trump.?

  62. Steven

    The best investment any of us can make is a garden. If you have a grassy location that gets 5-6 hours on sunlight you should be changing that lawn into a garden. If you dont have food your are at the mercy of those who do…

  63. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, tomorrow is Good Friday and I wish you and yours a happy Easter on Sunday, he rose therefore I fear not the grave or anything else for that matter. Have a good one!

  64. Wayne Jett

    I will offer two opinions. First is that who is POTUS certainly does make a difference, at least this time. Proof of this point is a moment’s consideration of our predicament if HRC had won the election. Yes, the ruling elite try to name both candidates, but extraordinary circumstances in 2016 allowed an apparent outsider to win for the first time in my voting life (not counting when Barry Goldwater stepped in front of Nelson Rockefeller for the Republican nomination and was squashed in the general election). We have to allow some leeway to this president for sleight-of-hand about his policies and actions, because he faces a well-entrenched shadow government and deep state apparatus seeking to defeat any substantial change in their control of policy.

    Secondly, the monumental debt problem GregM describes appears to be the one involving dollars borrowed by the USG and by private individuals. Yes, those debts are very large and very troubling, and largely caused by ease of borrowing the dollars produced by the Fed. The other debt problem not mentioned in this interview is the fact that each dollar is itself a debt instrument – a “note” issued by the Fed supposedly promising to deliver/pay to the bearer the unstated value of a dollar at an uncertain future date without interest. Congress has given the Fed the sole right to buy all services and products of Americans by making this “note” legal tender for all public and private debts. At the end, the Fed’s owners will own all hard assets and holders of dollars will hold worthless paper. We should end this arrangement with the Fed asap.

  65. Roger D

    Mr. Mannarino never disappoints. He is solid. Like the expression in Maine, ‘the ice is really thick under him’. Thank you Greg H.

    Sixteen years of unconstitutional wars have devastated nations. So much shedding of innocent blood. America’s churches are silent. God requires blood for blood. This wicked God-less US will pay for its sins.

    I am one of the 2,880 engineers and architects who are fighting for truth about 9/11. It pains me to see many who finally KNOW the lies justifying these wars yet remain silent and complicit.

    • Tin foil hat

      Roger D,
      It’s very hard for most Americans to accept the truth about 911. I couldn’t accept that myself for more than 14 years simply because I didn’t see why we would do that to ourselves.
      Once I figured out the motive by accident (I was researching the causes of the sub-prime mortgage fiasco), I began to see things clearly.
      Looking back, it took me more than 5 years to figure out the real culprit isn’t the sub-prime mortgages but the foundation of that Ponzi which is the dollar.

  66. Mohammad


    How many civilians, women, children were EVAPORATED today with this super bomb?


    I guess as long as you cannot see the victims they do not count, huh……!
    All of you who elected this man will stand in front of the mirror one day and ask yourself what the f@ck have I done.
    This is the easter greeting to Afghanistan from the christian believers, huh……!!!!?

    What is the difference between this and what F#@$ing ISIS does?


    • Greg Hunter

      I whish you would get this upset when radical Islamic terrorists kill people around the world:
      Happy Easter Christ has Risen!!

      • Mohammad

        Innocent lives mean nothing to you….
        Happy Easter.


        • Greg Hunter

          Nothing I can do about it and I did not cause it. Come on.

          • Mohammad

            The least you can do Greg is say something about it, of the sake of those lives evaporated in what is called MOAB, they laugh about it , not when innocent lives are EVAPORATED on the other side.
            Lives are precious and should not be taken away by any one , any reason, any belief.


            • Greg Hunter

              I do not do foreign policy. I report. A war is coming and it will be a big one. Heaven help us all.

        • Tin foil hat

          No Muslims who follow sharia law are innocent and their lives mean absolutely nothing to me.
          As far as I’m concern, we are doing the few Christians and Buddhists who are stuck in that God forsaken country a big favor. The more we kill, the less they could offend and get themselves stone to death for blasphemy.
          The only complaint I have is that the bomb was dropped in a mountainous terrain where there is nothing but mountain goats.
          With that said, I’m embarrassed for what we have done in Syria. Assad is a good man and a secular Muslim who doesn’t deserve what’s about to happen.
          I voted for Trump because I thought he would change the bloody course which was set in motion by Obama and Hillary. The good Christians here have done their duties to spare the innocent Syrian Muslims and Christians. I will stand in front of the mirror every single day and look proudly into the mirror for who I’d voted for. Trump is the Russian roulette vs. Hillary’s fully loaded revolver, I gave the good Syrians (and ourselves) a chance.
          Obama should be arrested and charged for war crime. The same applies to Trump if he caused further lost of lives in Syria.
          Btw, I don’t recall you ever laying any blame on Obama. Is it because he is a closet Muslim or because he’s a democrat? How about Hillary? Did you vote for her?
          P.S. Please don’t ignore my questions like you always do. If you supported sharia law or voted for Hillary, you should defend your belief and take a stand!!
          Happy Easter.

    • JCD

      Doc the count moved from 36 to 94 dead in the ISIS compound. I did not feel any grief except the cost of bombing them.

  67. coalburner

    Hey Allan Starr, just exactly where are you from in siberia? Can you get me a good cheap bear hunt?

  68. glen charles

    The Donald may not have done his duty in VN but he is now as commander in chief.

  69. Paul Johnson

    WW3 is coming EXCEPT this time the elite are going to roast too. They are going to FRY like the plebs, unless they go underground. And I have to ask wouldn’t you have rather fried? Sooner or later you have to surface and rot.

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