Grave Danger Elite Bankers Might Make Trump Fail-Lior Gantz

lior-gantzBy Greg Hunter’s

Financial expert Lior Gantz says there is good news and bad news for the economy with the election of Donald Trump. Gantz explains, “If he changes the equation, it could cause a lot of inflation in the U.S.  U.S. banks are so liquid and have so much excess cash because of TARP programs and QE programs that this could prompt them to start lending, and lend to the wrong people.  It could prompt the government to start issuing increased food stamps, universal unemployment checks and all kinds of stuff that can create large inflation in the U.S.  So, that is one side that is problematic.  The other side is very spectacular for the U.S. economy because Trump is doing a lot of things that should have been done years ago:  deregulation, cutting back on taxes, cutting the red tape and making sure that businesses are more comfortable with opening new branches in the U.S.  The best indicator of this is the Russell 2000 index that is up much more than the Dow because the small cap companies are mostly based in the U.S., and the large cap companies are international.”

Gantz warns that problems could be caused by central banks either by accident or on purpose. Gantz, who was a money manager for the wealthy, says, “I would even say that there is real grave danger that the government or the elite banking system will create problems.  I will even say they might even make Trump fail.  They might do something to his disadvantage on purpose because he’s not mainstream, because he’s not them.  He came out of nowhere, and he was not backed like Hillary.  That is also baked in the cake, and it is what we call a black swan.”

So, if push comes to shove, will the global elite allow deflation or will they trip the inflation button? Gantz, who specializes in resource stocks, says, “They will trip the inflation button.  They will not allow deflation to happen in the U.S., and I will tell you why.  They feel like they are invincible, and they can’t admit failure.  They will never admit, hey, we have done this wrong.  QE programs were wrong.  Negative interest rates were wrong.  They will not come out and say it.  They will do whatever it takes to play their end game.  They honestly don’t care about the average person.  That’s the last thing on their mind.  They care about their lifestyle and the way they live life on the toil, sweat and energy of the people who really create the economy and innovation.”

Gantz also warns of a possible derivative war between top bankers that could bring the global economy down. Gantz contends, “Once somebody begins to change the way they look at derivatives, and start using derivatives as a weapon . . .  they’re going to fight between each other.  These are nasty people that all they care about is what they make in cold hard cash to take home.  They really could start a derivative war that would not be beneficial for anyone.  It would be more violent than an orchestrated derivative explosion that I really don’t think is possible.  The derivative market is so big that it is out of the control of anybody.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Lior Gantz.

(There is much more in the video interview.)



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  1. Johnny Walker Red

    Clash of Ideologies:
    Communism, Islam, and the West
    John Walker

    If we take the Islamic scriptures seriously, then anybody who believes them cannot also accept the tenets of Western civilisation. Conversely, somebody who is fully integrated into Western civilisation must necessarily be an apostate from this pure interpretation of Islam, just as an émigré from a communist country must have renounced fundamental precepts of its society to fully join the West. MORE BELOW;

    Islam and Political Freedom
    John Walker

    There have been a number of contentious discussions about admitting refugees from the conflicts in the Muslim world, the immigration of Muslims in general, and admitting Muslim visitors, students, and guest workers on temporary visas. An undercurrent in many of these discussions is whether Islam (whether defined by religion, culture, or the majority religion of country of origin) is in some way incompatible with individual liberty and political freedom as defined in the West.

    Crunched numbers on this;

  2. eddiemd

    First war, then default. Twenty trillion dollars will never be repaid.

    Get out of the dollar. He is right about having 12 months of cash outside the bank. The banks are not paying any real interest so why keep anything in the bank.
    I would say 20% in precious metal, in hand physically.
    Any way you look at it, we are going to lose money. People with large amounts of money in retirement funds are going to get wiped out.

    For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.
    Roman 10:12

    For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
    II Timothy 1:7

    • This sceptred Isle

      I am interested in whether there are any differences between notes and coins arising from the fact that they are issued by different authorities. In Britain notes are issued by the bank of England whilst coins are produced by the Royal mint. I am sure a similar relationship exists in America.
      In the event of a debt jubilee/wipe-out would coins be safer, as I have read that central banks are over-leveraged whilst national mints are not?

      • Paul ...

        Coins are “absolutely safer” … coins are issued by a government entity (for example the Dept. of the Treasury) that has a small chance of being dissolved … while paper fiat IOU’s are issued by a “private corporation” (like the Fed) that can “easily” simply declare bankruptcy!!!

        • Paul ...

          Anyone who wants to keep cash under the bed for an emergency should be keeping coins (not fiat paper) under there … and make sure some of those coins are made of silver!

  3. Dan

    The problem with forecasting much higher gold by comparing to earlier periods such as late 70s & early 80s for today is that it is flawed. Why? Because the level of manipulation of this (+ silver) market is really much more on a monumental scale compared to back then. Moreover, this and most other guests fail to recognize that this manipulation will continue to go on so long as the Fed (and bullion banks such as JPM & GS) and its dark pool trading desks will be instructed to do so and as long as dollars can be conjured up out of thin air.
    Even with arbitrage (i.e., a huge price difference between Shanghai and LBMA/COMEX) it still WON’T happen, at least in the West as they will continue to state the price and consumers (retail, commercial, and even miners) will have to follow suit.
    Let me repeat the only way this will end is when the wheels come off the dollar. Otherwise, this is continuing for a very long time. I challenge anyone here or any guest to prove my logic wrong.

    • RealityCheck

      I suspect that you are correct. People who are betting on some big “collapse” event to occur will be waiting for a long time.

      When something does finally happen it will be so overwhelming that it will overtake even the best of the prepared…

      • eddiemd

        A big collapse is coming. War will come first.

        Even the best prepared will be crushed.

    • Robert S

      The gold manipulation game runs out with a failure to deliver physical. The cupboards are close to bare. Watch the Oct 28th silver doctor interview with Andrew McGuire on why the game is over as it relates to the paper manipulation….best explanation from a gold wholesaler expert. The world will simply run out of deliverable gold. The 3 year’s worth of pretend paper gold dumped on the market election night shows how incredibly desperate these folks are becoming to keep the scam going.

      • Dan

        Robert, I love Andrew MaGuire as he is the tops in the field. However, he’s been saying for over 2 years now that the vaults are almost empty. We must note that the only real players on these markets now are the bullion agents – who will NEVER ask for delivery as they are ordered not to do so. These crooks are the market, no one else in there…

        • Robert S


          Andrew is awesome. The Shanghai gold exchange is the great equalizer for the paper gold charade. COMEX and London markets know this is a game changer and there isn’t much they can do to compete with the SGE exchange for physical purchases. The physical vs paper prices are now going their seperate ways. COMEX and London are relegated to a casino. Andrew explained why the synthetic paper market will not be able to even fulfill 2% of the physical deliveries which has been historically been ballpark. COMEX and London will have to go out and purchase the gold to fulfill the delivery request. The inventory to cover the deliveries simply isn’t there according to Andrew. 2017 is where the game finally runs out. We will see if his assessment is accurate. The end game can’t be far off now.

          • This sceptred isle

            The Achilles heel is silver as industrial companies need physical not paper silver to make their products.

  4. LEE

    hi Greg thanks for the interview, he sound like a smart guy, here’s a bit of info i found , you might be interested in regarding the India cash ban

  5. Faith

    This was an excellent interview! I totally agree with his advice that people should have 12 months of expenses saved as cash. How many people have even one month of expenses as cash?

    Great interview and I can’t wait to see the stock pics on his website!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Faith for your comment and support.

      • Gary Canuck

        Greg, for a young guy , Lior seems to have a pretty good take
        on things and explains his conclusions very rationally.
        Please get him on again.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree Gary. He’s a young guy with deep experience with wealth.

    • Concerned american dad

      If you believe people don’t even have one month of expenses saved up- how can you fillow his thought processes based on his example of a 55 yr old with a million dollars and what to do with it to combat banker manipulation is to save another milllion. I almost tuned iut immediately when he stated that the alternative to Trump was “borderline” criminal.

      • Paul ...

        “Borderline criminal” Hilary probably had her amygdala removed along with her many brain tumors … recent scientific evidence shows why liars keep on lying …

        • Paul ...

          We elected Trump to remove the lying slime from the Washington swamp who said “we can have our own doctors” … who said “there is no cost of living increase necessary this year”… who said “the cash in our pockets is legal tender for all debts, public and private” … now the lying bankers are globally banning cash in India, Spain, Australia, etc. to prevent “bank runs” … soon when you go to the bank to withdraw some cash the teller will tell you “I can’t give you cash because it is illegal … I can only give you a tellers check” … now what good is a tellers check (that can only be deposited in another bank) that will similarly tell you they can’t give you any cash (only another tellers check) … to stop all the lies and immorality the Fed must be “nationalized” and put under the control of a Treasury Dept. that stands by its word … That Cash is Legal Tender for All Debts, Public and Private!!!

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        He said “borderline” because he’s an unusually polite fellow…many money people cuss and throw personal insults very freely. I like his style myself.

    • Jim

      Yes, right. Look at all of the people in India who had a nice cash hoard saved up. They are doing great (sarc).

      • Pinocchio

        If you hoard fiat paper currency in Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe would give you a medal of honour. If you do that in Venezuela, Maduro would make a monument to comemorate your heroic deed. If you do the same heroic deed in Antarctica, scientists would categorize you as an ancient alien from a long gone star system.

      • Paul ...

        Americans with a nice cash hoard will also do “great” … because the banksters are now beginning to refuse all “cash” payments … even though the IOU’s issued by the Fed (the US dollar) has written on it “legal tender for all debts, public and private” … the banksters must be laughing and rolling on the floor seeing how the US dollar keeps going up in value against other currencies while they refuse to honor it for payment!!
        However, evenually these “legal tender dollars” (that are simply IOU’s printed by the Fed) and saved under your bed for emergency purchases … will not be accepted to buy anything … but have no fear … the US dollar hoard under the bed will continue to show strength on the foreign exchange markets (against all other world fiat currencies that are also effectively worth nothing)! … people must have an IQ below 80 not wanting to use their “legal tender” hoard (while they still have a chance) to buy some silver coins (from coin dealers who are still accepting US dollars in payment unlike the bankers) … or they have been brainwashed by the banksters that precious metal coins are simply worthless relics!

        • Paul ...

          JP Morgan is becoming extremely aggressive buying physical silver while at the same time selling its COMEX silver short position … Gary Christenson gives a good analysis as to why …… when JP Morgan is ready (probably when derivatives begin to fail and they need extra money) they will stop the manipulation and allow silver to fly!!

    • Carol Smith

      Everyone needs to read this Link. I have had deep suspicions that this entire event in India was US backed. Reading this article answers many questions, but not all. The reasons and depth behind this horrendous act of changing cash notes. The Elites
      again ??
      Referring to this article and their attempts for a cashless society, where does this put American citizens with their cash ?
      And where does this put gold in the equation ? Will they also ban gold ? It would seem that all transactions would go underground.

      We need more in depth information. Who is a knowledgeable expert on this topic ?
      As always, we looked to Gregg for connections.

  6. Anthony Australia

    Your efforts in keeping the awakened public informed with unbiased media is not going unnoticed.
    Sincerest thanks from Australia 🇦🇺
    Please advise if it’s ok to repost or to copy your link to friends and publications here.

    • Greg Hunter

      A A,
      Please send links anywhere you wish. The only thing we do not allow it re-uploading video instead of embedding or linking to it.

      • Anthony Australia


        Thanks for the reply Greg

  7. Fernando Berwash

    Assange Believes The Obama Administration Is Targeting Russia To ‘Delegitimize’ Trump

    UPROXX Andrew Husband January 3, 2017

    Choice excerpts from two antagonists turned besties, discussing President-elect Donald Trump’s favorite subject to forget — Russia’s alleged hacking of the election he won.

  8. So Called
    Kasparov: Putins in the way, not Russia!

  9. BLT

    Well at least I won’t feel bad if we have to rise as a people to finally stop this madness. No one wanted to rock the boat while the first “black” President was there for fear of being called names. Kindergarten mentality. Now if nothing changes we can honestly say that we were stabbed in the back and lied to just to get our votes. We knew that barrack wasn’t for us, only himself and his “people.” This time it is different.

  10. Jerry

    At the rate the Yuan is collapsing, we might not even make it to the IMF meeting in April to see China and the BRICS totally decouple from the dollar peg.

    The acceleration of the bond selloff seems to have picked up speed following a lull during the holidays. What that means to you and me is the likelihood that the IMF may not wait until their April meeting to unseat the reserve currency status of the dollar in order to save the other currencies of the world from collapsing. Every time the Chinese offload dollars, the Federal Reserve Bank prints even more money to finance its buyback program. Its the perfect catch twenty two death spiral.

    To date the measures the Chinese have taken to stop the collapse of the Yuan have all failed. At some point they will have no choice but to increase their currency basket weight by adding more countries to it, and possibly resetting the gold prices from the Shanghai Gold Exchange. Rumors were circulating in November that they were planning on doing that should Donald Trump consider import tariffs.

    • Jerry

      More evidence the Yuan is collapsing.

      Consider this. Should the Chinese fail in their attempt to curb capital outflows what is they’re alternative? Borrow money from us:)

      • Jerry

        This is what a currency collapse looks like.

        When banks have to step into to keep the markets from imploding, you know its just a matter of time. You know that Tsunami wave of dollars we’ve talked about that may precede the collapse of the dollar? Its just about to come in. As a matter of survival the Chinese central banks have no other choice but to selloff all of their remaining U.S. Treasuries to keep the Yuan propped up. Its either that or watch their economic system implode. What would you do?

        At some point I believe they will be forced to play the gold card as well by resetting the price structure in Shanghai. Again what would you do? They purchased all this gold as insurance. It just a matter of time before they collect on it at this rate.

  11. So Called

    Sarah Palin Apologizes To Julian Assange
    [International Business Times]
    Seerat Chabba January 4, 2017

    Assange: Russian government not the source of WikiLeaks emails
    Published January 03, 2017
    Check out end; Napolitano Confirms Everything! Intel community infighting?

    Assange: Clinton is a cog for Goldman Sachs & the Saudis (JOHN PILGER EXCLUSIVE VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT) Published on Nov 5, 2016
    Whistleblower Julian Assange has given one of his most incendiary interviews ever in a John Pilger Special, courtesy of Dartmouth Films, in which he summarizes what can be gleaned from the tens of thousands of Clinton emails released by WikiLeaks this year.

    Fake News Brietbart, Exposes Fake News: Guardian Caught Deceptively Editing Quotes from Julian Assange Interview

  12. Mike from the North

    EVERYTHING and I mean everything we consider normal is about to be turned upside down.

    This entire way of life the West has lived these last 5 decades is based on mostly FRAUD and deception.

    The truth is now emerging and for many the truth will be above their ability to process.

    We have lived the high life on the backs of our children and now are children and grandchildren will have to pay the price.

    The liabilities that are going to be exposed by these frauds will bring the system down if it does not come down before.

    Many months ago I told those close to me that the banking industry would be devastated by the law suits seeking damages by miners and their investors.

    We are seeing that come to fruition as we speak.
    Next we see finger pointing and back room deals as all of these scums bags turn against each other.

    What we face next is those of us that are prepared are targeted by those that are not prepared.

    Yes, the globalists win.. They have created a situation were the deadbeat consumers will be pitted against each other as they attempt to survive.

    Not a pretty picture is it?

    I hope President elect Mr. Trump confiscates all the bankers riches and uses it to build cell blocks for them, were they spend the balance of their lives.

    I am disgusted with the entire banking industry.

    An industry based on fraud and non disclosure in my humble opinion.

  13. So Called

    Leaked Kerry Audio Shows Obama Wanted ISIS To Grow in Syria
    The Alex Jones Channel Published on Jan 4, 2017
    New evidence has surfaced underscoring Trump’s assertion that Obama was the founder of ISIS. Additionally, the evidence is overwhelming that the establishment media colluded with the Obama administration to push the narrative for regime change in Syria, while concealing the truth that the US was arming and funding ISIS.
    Left Click
    Leaked Audio Exposes Plans For

  14. andyb

    The best takeaway from this excellent interview is that fiat money has a significant counter party risk, especially considering that the principle counter party is the criminal FED. The 2nd best takeaway is that silver may be the most undervalued asset on the planet. We know already that peak silver (and gold) is at hand (or has already occurred); ever declining ore grades mined attest to that. I would imagine that the lawsuits in motion against the bullion banks will lead to true price discovery, although it may take a few years, barring a global epiphany in the case of a well publicized failure to deliver, which is highly likely to transpire sooner rather than later due to the current tightness in the physical market for quantity. I would advise the purchase of low premium rounds or bars from established mints rather than the pricier sovereign coins since the ultimate value is the one received from a refiner after melt down. A .999 ounce is a .999 ounce; the fancy engraving is immaterial to the monetary value.

  15. Robert Lykens

    One week from Sunday, on Jan 15, the Paris Conference will begin. Its stated purpose is to find a solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict. In the past there have been many attempts to achieve a lasting peace accord between these two parties. The method which has been used repeatedly is to remove land from Israel and give it to the Palestinians.

    As many of you know, the Bible speaks against dividing the land of Israel. God gave that land to his people, the Jews. Nowhere in the Bible does God say that the world has the right to parcel out the land to various parties.

    To keep this post as short as possible I will not go into any great detail about Jewish Israeli/Palestinian history except to say that the land of Israel was given to the Jews by God himself (Deuteronomy 34:4) and:
    The Temple Mount – the central point of today’s conflict – was legally purchased by David, the king of Israel, at the command of God himself (2 Samuel 24: 19-25).
    So you see that the entire country of Israel, including the Temple Mount, is considered by God to belong to the Jews. If you disagree, your argument is not with me or even Israel. Your argument is with God.

    Back to the present-day attempts to divide Israel:
    A political entity exists whose sole purpose is to bring “peace” to the Middle East. This entity, The Quartet on the Middle East (or simply, “The Quartet”) is composed of :
    1- The United States
    2- Russia
    3- The European Union
    4- The United Nations
    The Quartet will be deeply involved in the upcoming Paris Conference.

    I have said all the above because I want to make you aware of a biblical prophecy which apparently mentions the Quartet. The prophecy is found in Zechariah 1:18-21.
    This is what it says:
    “18 Then lifted I up mine eyes, and saw, and behold four horns.
    19 And I said unto the angel that talked with me, What be these? And he answered me, These are the horns which have scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem.
    20 And the Lord shewed me four carpenters.
    21 Then said I, What come these to do? And he spake, saying, These are the horns which have scattered Judah, so that no man did lift up his head: but these are come to fray them, to cast out the horns of the Gentiles, which lifted up their horn over the land of Judah to scatter it.”

    In the Bible, political powers are often called “horns” (v 18). Here we see four horns – four political powers, which I believe to be The Quartet. The angel says that these horns “have scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem.” So apparently this prophecy is telling us that The Quartet will succeed in dividing the land which God gave to Jewish Israel.
    Further, we are told here that God sent four “carpenters” (skilled workers) to “fray” and “cast out” The Quartet.

    My purpose in telling you all this is so that you will be ready for possible trouble.
    – I don’t know that these things will take place at the upcoming Paris Conference, but given the recent UNSC resolution, the world seems to have momentum against Israel.
    – God will not allow the land of Israel to be divided, and do nothing about it.
    – It is well-documented that past attempts to divide Israel have resulted in severe consequences, from 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina to the great European Heat Wave to massive floods, tornadoes and earthquakes. I have posted a list of these consequences on USA Watchdog a couple of times before.

    If indeed The Quartet succeeds in dividing Israel at the Paris Conference, God has already promised – over 2000 years ago – that he will send consequences against the US, Russia, the EU and the UN. He will “fray” and “cast out” those four horns.

    Please pray for Israel and keep an eye on the upcoming conference. Be ready for swift trouble should it go badly for Israel.

    • This sceptred Isle

      So a book written by Jewish people says that God gave the Jewish people the land of Israel? Really?
      Any impartial sources on this topic?

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        The actual real estate of Israel is not owned by”Jews” often anyway. The State of Israel is at least half a chimera of politics, not actual land ownership. Does anyone here know the facts about Israel ? Is it a homestead or rental? Did G*D give legal title and to whom? If Scripture has the final say on its destiny, I would think a trip to the courthouse would be in order.

    • Paul ...

      Robert … if the Palestinians are genetically Jews … the land is not being divided!!!

      • Paul ...

        It is good to see the Israeli Courts taking a moral stand against “brother killing brother” … since Cain and Able this “brother killing brother” has gotten way out of hand …

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Yes…the dna of Syrian Orthodox Christians and Palestinians is the same exact dna as Jesus…as the Hebrew people of the first century. Perhaps that threatens some upstarts who entered the culture later on. If “Jews” care about their race…and race was the decisive factor for Israeli citizenship in 1948, not religion…then there needs to be a family reunion with better t-shirts.

        • clare doll

          Love the analysis Deanna!!!!

        • Faizie

          How do you know what the dna of Jesus was ? I believe Mary and Joseph were both of the tribe of Judah but Joseph certainly was not the biological father of Jesus and what proof do we have that Jesus had the same dna as Mary ?

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Of course…they are the same dna as the old Jewish Hebrews that inhabited Palestine at the time of Jesus. There’s a lot of self-serving gibberish being pushed about “Jews” pro and con. The religion was not part of citizenship or immigration to the State of Israel…only race.

        Since then we have a little thing called dna testing…this has thrown a curve ball into all race stuff. A man here went all out African…clothes, vacations, literature, house furnishings. He got his dna tested…you guessed it…mostly German.

  16. Teeter

    lol, more speculation, war, crash, gold, sounds like all the other interviews with doom and gloom predictions. What we do know is that Trump takes over and what hell accomplished is just as unknown as what the future holds. We whatever happens happens, there is very little you can do to prepare, just be ready for something unforseen.

  17. francis m reps

    Your guest is as sharp as a TACK. His ability to explain some fundamental truths is superb. Were I looking for a money manager ; He would be at the top of the list. Thanks again for visiting his wisdom on your audience ; however…..none of this information will be of much use to us, if the disastrous geo engineering particulates being spewed on the populations of the world { from unacknowledged ; but obvious aircraft} is not halted. Please get Dane Wigington back on your website.

  18. Jerry

    I find it very interesting that in light of the fact that currencies across the globe are crashing under the weight of the dollar,
    that President Obama should brings all of our aircraft carriers back into port, essentially eliminating our first line of defense. I’m just saying it seems odd that at a time of impending financial volatility that a President would lessen his ability to respond to a crisis of some sort?

    • Linda L.

      It isn’t hard or odd that the current POTUS is bringing aircraft carriers back, most likely undermining US defenses, especially when one remembers that most of his policies have been anti-American, insulting the best interests of this country since his first day in office. This POTUS will continue to create chaos where ever possible until his last moment in office. Hopefully and God willing, we all survive.

      • Linda L.

        Also wanted to add/remind folks that as Obama was coming into office almost 8 years ago, he clearly stated that he planned to ‘”fundamentally” change America. In retrospect for some, and very clear all along for others, this POTUS hasn’t ever had plans to do so (instigate change) for the benefit of America in any way, shape or form. This POTUS planned all along to subjugate and destroy the very fabric of America, while those who we elected to protect us have set back and allowed it to happen, muttering in undertones that it’s the ‘race card’ that has stopped them from removing this tumor. Nothing that this POTUS does to further along his agenda against the US (in or out of Office) should surprise anyone at this point in time. God help us all because this POTUS and his cronies are far from done.

  19. Robert Lykens

    1000-man mob chanting “allahu akhbar” attacks police on New Year’s Eve, sets Germany’s oldest church on fire.

    The “religion of peace” strikes again. How many tens of thousands of these peaceful worshipers has Hussein Obama dumped in our communities?

    • eddiemd

      They can get away with it in Germany. No Second Amendment.

      Here we have the means to defend ourselves against violent protestors.

      If they try that here in the USA, they will face a mob with hunting rifles. I reckon that the enemy can be engaged at a range of 500 to 700 meters. With iron sights one can engage at 300-400 meters (expert marksman).

    • Paul ...

      If mobs attack police in the US lets put them in FEMA camps … rather then enriching Hillary by using her private “for profit” prisons!!

    • David John Williams

      Within the Christian context, the word ‘discernment’ means perception with the absence of judgement with a view to obtaining spiritual understanding. People without discernment are the target audience for these engineered terror-psyops. Individuals who lack authentic spiritual understanding remain poised in a defensive readiness to attack other zealots who are equally spiritually obtuse. Move to the light, don’t dwell in the dark.
      Regarding your other post: If you believe the land of Israel was given to the Jews by God himself and that the Jews are his chosen people than you will never free your mind from the larger socio-politico-religio-economic narrative that has imprisoned humanity for centuries. God’s greatness is not divided.

  20. Jallen

    An excellent interview with Lior. Lior is a wealth of knowledge and conveys it with his teaching style. I hope you put Lior on your roster and use his expertise and teaching style for the more difficult economic subjects.
    Greg a belated Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Happy New year to you and the Watchdogs.

  21. Mike R

    Extreme CAUTION !!! with Bitcoin now reaching $1100, and near parity with Gold, in my very humble opinion, something is about to collapse. It’s either the USD, the stock market, the bond market, or all of the above. It ain’t going to be gold though, and it is possible that gold is about to play major catch up to what BitCoin has done recently, and quickly become the REAL ‘go-to.’ While you can’t use gold at your friendly bank, grocer, gas station, retailer, etc etc, you can exchange for just about any other currency if you need to, before going to these entities. That said, try using Bitcoin where you think you need to use it, and try counting on it to be stable at the price you buy it today. 3 months from now, it could easily re-collapse, just as it did when it nearly reached parity with gold back in 2013.
    In any event, Bitcoin is now doing what gold used to do, before it was so heavily manipulated, and that is, it’s signaling some massive danger somewhere in the system, dead ahead.

    • Mike R

      And sure enough, just as I said earlier, shan is hitting the fit in China somemore this evening.
      “As one veteran trader noted “something is very broken.” After a massive short-squeeze sent the offshore yuan soaring during the US day session, overnight yuan deposit rates have exploded 31.5 percentage points higher to 45% – just shy of the record highs – as China’s interbank liquidity crisis is front-and-center. At the same time, coincidence or not, Bitcoin denominated in yuan has gone vertical, smashing through previous record highs.”

      Chinese Monkey markets are collapsing. We’re not immune, and likely to be next. This Yuan devaluation is unstoppable, which is going to mean a massive sell off by China of US treasuries to try to stabilize something which is broken beyond repair. Which then means, that bond sell off world wide is going to go bonkers in earnest.

      This could be the beginning of the nightmare that Clif high spoke of, whereby we see interest rates of 9 to 10% by March. This forecast would be sooooo unbelievable if true, and Clif would be the forecasting guru of the 21st century for sure. And you all here at Watchdog got to see it first. Greg would be on mainstream TV with Clif by his side, being interviewed by all of the MSM pundits, and CNBC folks, right during the middle of the disaster.

      This liquidity stuff is nothing to mess with. There is truly a dearth of liquidity in our markets too, bc all that money the FED ginned up, went right into a whole lot of bank reserves worldwide, and that stuff is tied up. Its just there as an accounting gimmick, to show that the banks have adequate ‘reserves’, only though its just that. All for show. It cannot be lent out, which is WHY we have not seen true inflation, and mostly still deflation since 2009. Also, all of these fund managers and hedgies, have the lowest cash amounts now, nearly on record, around 3%, which is coincident with other market peaks. They are all in, so if any amount of selling occurs, they have to sell their portfolio’s off to meet redemptions. These fund managers are a thousand camels dancing on the head of a needle financially.

    • Anthony Australia

      Bitcoin is vulnerable, just dropped 20%

      I seen it being manipulated for the 1% more than anything else.

  22. Mike from the North

    Time to play poker!!!

    President elect Mr. Trump understands the powers that are aligned AGAINST him.

    He and his team know the risks and know what he must do to protect himself and his plan to rebuild and save America from the Globalists.

    I for one cannot wait for the rest of the population to wake up.

    The shock of what is coming will be too much for many.

    Play your cards well President Trump. Play them close to your chest and never let your guard down. We need you to drain the swamp.

    Remove their power…then show your TRUMP

    • Beligarant

      Remember the silver high near $50 and gold almost $2,000 before a massive raid began in April 2011 under the Obama regime. If these trades unwind it would make sense that gold and silver rocket upwards in the near future. There is no reason for silver to fall by 70% given the economic policies outside of direct intervention and manipulation. Things should get interesting in the next few weeks as the Obama administration and their cronies pack bags and leave the capital.

  23. Russ

    Thanks Greg, always good to hear a new perspective even if we agree only due to our confirmation bias. But I’m a very agreeable person — when the other guy is right 😉

    If you missed it, Nomi Prins is back —
    As tumultuous as last year was from a global political perspective on the back of a rocky start market-wise, 2017 will be much more so. The central bank subsidization of the financial system (especially in the US and Europe) that began with the Fed invoking zero interest rate policy in 2008, gave way to international distrust of the enabling status quo that unfolded in different ways across the planet. My prognosis is for more destabilization, financially and politically. In other words, the world’s a mess. … snip
    continued at link.

    • Russ

      My favorite snip:
      … In addition to watching the yellow metal, as I’ve urged over the past few years, routinely extracting cash from bank accounts remains a smart defensive play for 2017. People have asked me where to keep it. The answers depend on individual financial situations, but paying down debt, buying necessary hard assets and staying liquid with the rest in physical reach (there’s a reason for the term, keeping it ‘under the mattress’ is practical. …

  24. Mike R

    I don’t see how all of the pensions out there can survive this….

    After 36 years of bond bull market, the amount of US bonds has ballooned to $47 trillion, up 24% from just ten years ago:

    US Treasurys ($19.8 trillion),
    Municipal bonds ($3.8 trillion)
    Mortgage related bonds ($8.9 trillion)
    Corporate bonds ($8.6 trillion)
    Federal Agency bonds ($2 trillion)
    Money Markets ($2.6 trillion)
    Asset backed Securities ($1.3 trillion)

    Bonds dwarfs the US stock market capitalization ($27 trillion). Bonds are a global phenomenon with even bigger bubbles elsewhere, particularly in NIRP countries, such as those in Europe, and in Japan. That’s why bonds matter. They’re enormous. And the damage they can do to investors is huge.

    Just a few percentage points up on Yields, and we have a mega-disaster.

    Where will the money go in any bond sell off ???? (Probably to pay off just a small part of the existing debt, and more importantly to fund day to day operations of states, cities, all forms of governments, corporations, individuals, retirees.)

    It ain’t pretty folks. I can guarantee you, most boomers who have a 401k, with any meaningful amount, at that age, they are probably 50 to 70% bonds in their portfolios. The same as it would be with pensions. All of sudden, their principal is going to take a major dump. Problem is NOBODY rotates maturities with any aplomb or regularity on their bond portfolios unless they are big time professionals. Even then the pro’s get whacked in a situation like this. Not at all like stocks, which are more regularly traded and rotated. 10,000 retirees per day, just in the US alone.

    Tell me that bonds won’t keep selling off, and tell me the sell off will not accelerate from here, now that the 36 year trend lines are being broken.

  25. Bill

    GREG: A great way o start the new year, with this young man. Without this site, most of us would get lost in the disaster that is on our horizon. Please keep on keepin on, for the sake of all of us, and know we support you with our prayers. God Bless

  26. Kevin Price

    Hands down, my favorite interview in years and you have MANY great interviews. I could have listened to this common sense guy for hours as he not full of BS. I only wish it would have been one of your 55 minute interviews like the last one. Bring this guy back soon and thank you Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kevin. I will bring Gantz back if he is willing.

      • Zak

        Yeah – but be aware all his links are to scooop up email addresses. That’s his game. Which he wa less than honest about and promised to give names of 8% yield income stocks – which he does not inless you subscribe and pay.

        His spamming autoresponder is setup to harvest all Gregs viewers – be aware Greg!

        • Greg Hunter

          There is some analysis where you do not need to give an email. It’s at the bottom of his home page. Thank you for the heads up Zak.

          • Kevin Price

            Boy do I hate to say this after my very positive comment about Lior Gantz. Zak is right. Although what you said Greg about joining without giving your email address sounds good, I never noticed it but it wouldn’t have mattered. I went to Lior’s website and read all I could and downloaded all kinds of information and all of that was free but the whole time he talked and talked about how you can make all of this money and how much money you’ll need and how we can follow the rich and he does all of this research, blah blah, blah. Never once did he ever mention one single stock. He kept talking of upcoming news and emails and money making investments. He bragged about insane gains in the 100’s of percents. I really dug deep in all he had to offer for over a week and the bottom line is that you have to pay $2000 to him to get the name of a stock. All that being said, I STILL think he’s a brilliant guy probably with great research, but a lot of his wealth will come from the $2000 he gets from every single subscriber of which I’ll not be one of. Bring him back anyway Greg and get a couple of stock names out of him.

  27. Jerry

    This is called priming the engine.
    The Chinese are priming their economic engine before the IMF meeting on April 21st to accommodate the addition of several more countries that will be added into their currency basket. While the depreciation of the Yuan may be seen by many (including myself) as a collapse of the Yuan , it is actually a systematic restructuring of a completely new and separate economic engine. Don’t be fooled. They have CIPS and AIIB in place.

    • Tin foil hat

      I don’t know if I’m interpreting your message correctly regarding the collapse of the yuan. Is the yuan depreciating because of the internationalizing of the yuan? If the Chinese were allowing this flow to occur in order to justifiably rid of the US Treasury and internationalizing the yuan, how are they going to end it? Will the China gold market strengthen the yuan by settling physical gold trades in yuan rather than the dollar? What are they going to do if the flow continue to leak into the real estates in Vancouver, New Zealand, NYC and San Fransico rather than gold.

  28. David John Williams

    Hi Greg,

    So grateful as always for your fantastic interviews. It is because of the accrued wisdom gleaned from shows like yours that I am reasonably prepared for what is coming in terms of supplies, some cash, bullion etc. I find myself reluctant to speculate on miners or other resource plays for fear of unprecedented occurrences that could usurp investments as this criminal system implodes. I would love to hear more focused discussion between you and your guests about possible ways that conventional investment strategies could backfire or otherwise be ‘blacked out’ by system failures.
    Thanks so much,

  29. Frederick

    Thursday 10AM EST Bitcoin China bubble burst down 31 percent(zero hedge)

    • Mike R

      Fred – go check out Clif High’s video on Bitcoin, from last summer. He forecasts it going over $1000, but then quickly retreating back to the high $880’s. Consolidating for awhile.

      His timing was off as he said this would occur last August, but the forecast is spooky in it’s outcome. You could have bought bitcoin around $605 when he made this, and pocketed a handsome profit. His comments about silver and gold, and the connection didn’t quite pan out. He talked about a ‘marker’ at $688 for Bitcoin, and silver going to $22. Maybe there is a lag. But he also mentioned how Chinese would be going crazy for bitcoin in January 2017. Thats been playing out as we speak. He did say Bitcoin would resume rising after the drop, and go back well above $1000.

      We could see the silver and gold comments play out on a lagged basis. He spoke of ‘air gaps’ in the price rises on silver, meaning the price would jump rapidly with little trading of the prices in between. I.e. it would from 23 up to 26, very quickly. My sense is that will play out here in this month of January, and maybe Feb., where silver plays ‘catch’ up with Bitcoin, concurrent with the consolidation in Bitcoin, where Chinese money and Indian money, and other big money, now seek ‘diversification’ in other assets similar to the characteristics of Bitcoin. (i.e. you can’t create silver quickly, and there are small amounts, just like Bitcoin). Gold should keep just trudging higher, with no rapid increases. At least thats another thing Clif mentioned. So the REAL scary part is that if his forecasts are even half right on this last interview, or as close as he was on this Bitcoin stuff, we could see some harrowing action in the markets come March, particularly if interest rates shoot up like Clif said. (near 8 to 10% on the 10 year). Even if interest rates went to 5% on the 10 yr T-bill, markets would be likely coming unglued. Batten down the hatches, if Clif ‘s interpretation of his web scan linguistics algo’s is to be believed.

  30. Deanna Johnston Clark

    I like this young fellow because he is very smart and speaks without the wise guy cussing of so many other economic. Makes me wnder if his grandmother helped raise him.
    BUT also…he doesn’t talk about what happened last week and analyze it. He talks about what we might expect from his personal knowledge of the very powerful and their characters. If character is destiny…then their character is our destiny…scary concept. But he understands that very well. Thanks, Lior!

  31. Linda L.

    This is off subject but interesting info. Here’s an article that gives the step by step process for how ISIS was formed by the Obama Administration/Hillary, subsequently resulting in the displacement and murder of hundreds of thousands of people world wide. What a horrible “legacy”:

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Damascus has had it’s water contaminated by ISIS as payback for Aleppo. I believe I got this right…also gas for heating. I tremble to think what the bar of history will decide about our use of power and money.

  32. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Another fascinating interview. Lior Gantz is hugely switched on clearly. There was no mention however of crypto currencies which with so many countries now threatening cashless economies suggests bitcoin, etc will be the go-to source of available cash. For those into gold Gold Money stands to offer the best of both worlds in the crypto sphere.

  33. J. Case

    Careful Greg, I was very impressed with your interview with Lior Gantz until I read the disclaimer. It sounds like a classic “pump and dump” operation to me. His disclaimer clearly states that he may buy shares of stock or accumulate shares from companies, getting in before the public and then as the public is buying due to his hyping the stock, he can sell at the top leaving the public holding the bag.

    Thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the heads-up!

    • Kevin Price

      That is dead on correct J.Case. I left that out on my earlier comment. He DOES talk about tiny stocks and mentions that time is of the essence on his trades which are in and out for the most part. That’s classic pump and dump. The market cap of stocks like that are generally tiny and he mentions that you’d get in on the ground floor before these companies are even making any money. Very risky, but some people are into that on the OTC exchange. They’re penny stocks trading for under a dollar a share. I’ve been burned on two of those kinds of stocks in the past years ago even after I did all the research I could find on these types of companies, which was not much. Frankly I was gambling, knew it, and lost.

  34. coalburner

    So Called; Watchdoggers, probably Alex Jones too have known this for at least a couple years. But thanks for the release of backup.

  35. Mike from the North

    To my fellow watchdoggers.

    I case you have not seen this amazing revelation.

  36. D Cave

    Other than Mr. Case who was one of the first comments on this interview, I don’t see further discussion about the fact that Lior Gantz’s newsletter is nothing more than a Penny Pick, pump and dump scheme. Three of the 14 page Wealth Report he mentions in the interview and advertises for free on his web site lays out that he receives either monetary payment or free shares from the company he is recommending as compensation for the Pick. And, that he can sell these shares at any time during his promotion of the company which will greatly influence the rise and fall in share price. This is a highly volatile atmosphere in the market. Just a heads up as I know many rarely read disclaimers. To his credit, at least he publishes them.

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