Great Recession Headed for Greater Depression-Michael Pento

By Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Money manager Michael Pento says don’t believe the Fed when it says “the economy is doing well.” It’s not. Pento explains, “As long as the stock market continues to go up, the Fed is going to continue to slowly raise interest rates. So, when the inevitable collapse occurs, and that’s what the Fed does, the Fed is in the business of lowering interest rates, creating asset bubbles, which pile up the level of debt, then raising rates and collapsing the economy. That’s their mantra. That’s their MO (modus operandi) and it has happened over and over again. The occurrences are going to be much more dire as we go through time. So, the Fed is trying to get bullets in the chamber. The Fed is going to raise rates slowly. The yield curve is going to invert. . . . We are going to have another catastrophe in the stock market and in the bond market and in the real estate market and in the global economy.”

With the latest GDP number now coming in at less than 1%, Pento says the Fed will be forced to reverse course soon when the economy tanks again. Pento contends, “They will have no choice, this is what they are going to do. They are going to do everything they can to rebuild the asset bubble, but it’s going to take a lot more than lowering interest rates and a little bit of QE. They’re going to have to have helicopter money, and I think that’s going to happen right after we enter this next depression. I don’t use hyperbole here either. I say depression because I look at the data. The data tells me the great recession that was headed towards a depression started in 2007 and ended in 2009. They were talking about not getting money out of the ATMs and massive bank defaults. That was going to make the Great depression in the 1930’s look like a Sunday picnic. That was caused by a Fed Funds rate at 1% for one year and a housing bubble. You look at the bubbles we have today, the national debt in 2008 was $10 trillion. It’s now $20 trillion. . . . You have the entire globe that has massively and exponentially raised its level of debt . . . and the level of asset bubbles. . . . Most of the metrics are at all-time record highs. The GDP has been artificially boosted by 100 months of 1% or lower Fed Funds rate. I think a depression is absolutely unavoidable. What did they fix? Absolutely nothing. They just made the economy exponentially more artificial and more dependent on free money.”

Pento predicted the bond market would ultimately collapse in his 2013 book titled “The Coming Bond Market Collapse.” He says the collapse has started and will get worse quickly. Pento is watching Europe and says, “When the European Central Bank (ECB) announces they are going to take the $60 billion a month of easing and take it to zero, you are going to see a bond market revolt. The free market, whatever is left of it, is going to aggressively start shorting bonds. You will see yields spike in Europe, which is going to drag up bond yields across the globe. That’s when this thing will all unravel and unravel very, very quickly.”

In closing, Pento predicts, “The stock market is a bubble. It’s going to fall at least 50% for starters and before Janet Yellen gets to helicopter money. You better be ready.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with money manager Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

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  1. Mohammad

    Wars, Greg, Wars…


    • Robert Lykens, Rabid Zionist

      Washington meddling in Syria is only “illegal” if America is subject to laws besides her own. UN laws maybe? If America is a sovereign state then nothing “illegal” has been done.

      • Bob

        Rabid Robert, the alleged crimes were committed on Syrian territory and thus probably come under Syrian law. I suspect that you’d get at least a ticket for blowing up half the country, but I admit I’m not a Syrian legal expert. Also, the Americans dropping bombs may have violated immigration rules, and air traffic control conventions too. Not to mention failing to declare dangerous cargo and multiple vandalism counts. We won’t go into the murder angle. I’d say they’d be in court for weeks if they didn’t blow that up too.

        Adolf Eichmann’s activities on the other hand were 100% legal and conducted in Germany under German law, but the other rabid Zionists in Israel decided to use a different set of territorial jurisdictional standards than the one you advocate on this particular occasion.

        Rabid Zionists like you always have double standards – reasonably high double standards, I’ll grant you that. It would be so much fun if Norman Finkelstein was here although I think I did an OK job voiding your stupid “argument”.

        • Robert Lykens

          In my opinion Israel had two reasons for pursuing the Nazis: revenge and warning. The motive for the revenge factor is obvious. The motive for the warning factor is to prevent something similar from happening in the future.

          As for America bombing Syria, I would hope that our motives are a little higher than you seem to believe: namely, the desire to exterminate islamic terrorists, who did us a great hurt on 9/11 and continue hurting and killing their unrighteous way across the world. Maybe you think we should just stand by and let it happen without seeking them out and destroying them, but not me. If I was King, I’d bomb Syria too. I can assure you that my motives would be very just and pure.
          Think about it. If you agree that America is under the laws of the UN, then you’re saying that you’re a globalist. Pure and simple.

          May I ask you a question? Why do Jew-haters like you always feel the need to insult? Is it impossible to just have a conversation? A give-and-take discussion without resorting to childish tactics? By the way, I call myself “Rabid Zionist” because that’s what another bigoted Jew-hater on this site called me. It’s a badge of pride for me, kind of like “rebel”. You and he may call me “Rabid Zionist” all you like.
          Thank you.

          • Mohammad

            So Israel you are proud of is hurrying to save the ass of their operatives in Palmyra/Syria (ISIS) after the Syrian Army was about to kick their ass there and saved their day?????
            Is that the what you stand for?


            So you are for bombing the forces that are fighting ISIS..????

            Good for you Rabid, I think we should call the animal control center.


          • Bob

            The reasons for Jews chasing Nazis is irrelevant to the discussion on jurisdiction. Stop deflecting.

            I did not say the US should be subject to the UN. Stop lying.

            I made a perfectly valid statement on the legality of US aggression in Syria. If it’s ISIS they are worried about then why aren’t they halping Assad get rid of them? Stop lying Robert.

            I called you rabid because you did and was unaware of any history regarding that.

            It is impossible to have a discussion with you because you lie too much. See above.

            • Greg Hunter

              You cannot have a real discussion if you keep calling the other party a “liar.” Say where you disagree and make your points that way. In short pleas keep it civil. By the way, you do make some valid points and so does Robert.

      • Robert Lykens

        1 – The United States has never been a democracy. It is a representative republic. Main Street has the same say it has always had: electing representatives to govern.

        2 – The “deep state” by no means makes the calls to invade or bomb another country. Those calls are made in the military chain of command. Always have been.

        3 – The”monumental mess” was created by Syrian rebels trying to overthrow Assad (remember the Arab Spring). It was made worse by Hussein Obama. However, with al Qaeda, Isis, Hizballah and Iran operating there, I agree with whoever made the decision to go in and rout these evil, murdering thugs out.

        4 – So you believe that the United States is under international law? That means you’re a globalist. Now you’ll probably disagree with me on that, but there really isn’t any way around it. Maybe you just never thought it through that far.

        5 – Am I a warmonger? I don’t think so. I desire peace as much as anyone. But I refuse to be bullied. I refuse to stand by idly while I and my loved ones are attacked. If that means preemptive military strikes against North Korea, so be it. If that means going after Islamic terrorists, so be it. Bullies and thugs are emboldened by cowering inaction. Inaction and lack of self-defense only encourages them to strike harder and more often. Ithink that’s what you want: cowering inaction. Subservience. Appeasement.
        Not me.

        • Mark Maples

          The problem Robert is the evolution of how the military is used. I did 8 years as an 0311 in the Marine Corps. I joined as soon as I graduated high school in the early 80s. Things seemed black and white to me then. Us, the good guys, vs the Soviet, bad guys. I was a supporter of our nation and military. That all changed during the W administration. We invaded Iraq, who was no more a threat to national security than Australia is. In retrospect it all went sideways when Truman fired McCarthur because the general after driving the Chinese and North Loreans across the Yalu river had ever intention of taking the fight into China to force the Maoist to capitulate. Since that time we embroil ourselves in never ending body count wars with no way to win and no clear achievable objective. IMO as a former grunt, we should only use the military if we have a clear objective, take the gloves off, do the job and go home. You do realize hard core shariah fundamentalist have been around for over a millennia and we managed to survive. We have troops stationed in over 140 nations. Not one nation in the Middle East is a national security threat to the sovereignty of the United States. Bring our troops home, let other nations fight, revolt, or not to decide the government they are willing to fight for and live with. Send the message that we will hold nations accountable for the actions of its citizens as it pertains to our homeland and that is it. This is not the nation that it used to be and still should be.

          • Greg Hunter

            I appreciate you service to the country Mark, and your street level perspective. Thank you for adding it here.

            • Mark Maples

              Thank you sir. I was fortunate to never see combat and I received much more from the Corps than I gave. I appreciate your site even if I don’t agree with some of the guests and posters. Hearty and civil debate and disagreement is a vital part of a free society and, I am sad to say, it seems to be going the way of VHS and beta.

              • Greg Hunter

                Thank you Mark. I don’t agree with everybody but I try to keep an open mind. Many make points that I agree with and some points I don’t agree with but I post them anyway. Oorah!!

          • Frederick

            Mark but they ARE a threat to Israel hence the policy of D.C. Everyone can see that VERY clearly We are hijacked I think George Carlin and others warned us but few listened or cared

        • Bob

          So when Wesley Clark read out the list of 7 countries to bomb, where did that list come from? He was pretty high up in the chain of command but didn’t seem to know. Lying again Robbie?

          No one here is a globalist. Stop lying Robbie.

      • Frederick

        First of all that’s just incorrect International laws would apply NOT internal laws of the USA and are you so sure the USA is truly a sovereign state because I’m not at all sure of that As a matter of fact I believe we have been hijacked by traitors like Johnny MCCain and his puppet master Soros

        • Bob

          Like I said, if you blow stuff up in Syria it is against Syrian law. Isn’t that enough?

    • Mohammad

      So far (as an exit to the previous statement?)…???
      When will you remove the tin foil hat?


    • Bob

      Actually Mo, Tim Allen was talking about liberals acting like Nazis, not Trump supporters acting like Nazis. Blaming that on Trump is not the same as blaming 1930s Germany on Hitler.

      Hillary Clinton was pretty happy about what happened to Libya on her watch and said “He came, we saw, we killed him” and cackled like a witch. It wasn’t a good look.

      • Frederick

        No it sure was not and it let everybody see what a freaking sociopathic monster she truly is Only NYers could even consider such a lunatic to be their mayor or maybe some cities on the West coast as well Scary what people will vote for isn’t it people?

    • Mohammad

      Time will tell ….


    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      It’s been a long time since college kids shouted,”Hey! Hey! LBJ! How many kids did you kill today??”
      Today’s draft age college kids make it appear the suspicious were right: Boomers didn’t care about Vietnamese babies, only their own looming ‘skin in the game’.
      This boomer wishes I were wrong…but things sure look that way. Total silence from the 18-28 years olds.

    • Tin foil hat

      Roger D,
      Right or wrong, we are already committed in that mess. Running away now with tail between our legs is not an option.
      Obama’s collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood has failed miserably. ISIS is on the run as Hizbollah and Iraqi Shiite militia are filling the vacuum. If we don’t manage the situation, this has the potential to lit the whole world on fire.
      Turkey will oppose it but the Kurdish have been looking for a homeland forever and they are neither Shiite nor Sunnis.

      • Tin foil hat

        I mean the Kurds are not aligned with either the Saudis or Iranians.

    • Tin foil hat

      Obama and Hilary both wish they could repeat the infamous; “we came, we saw, he died” on Assad.
      Perhaps you could see clearly after you take off your rose glasses and put on a tin foil hat.

    • pedro

      Tanks Roger, Tanks

  2. FC

    Back in 2006, I’ve said to family and friends we’ve had the Great Depression and now we are heading for the Greatest Depression if we continue to spend the way we do and they all laughed at me.

    From 2009 – 2010 they gave heed to my warning but the laughter soon returned and only got louder when things started improving with TARP, Cash for Clunkers, the QE’s and the unheard of zero interest rates on your money.

    Well, I looked and felt like a ripe old idiot as my family and friends were investing in areas where common sense was telling me to stay clear of.

    Anyway, throughout the past 11 years, I have remained loyal to my gut instinct that the Greatest Depression will be upon us and if I’m fortunate enough to make it out the other side I will try and show restraint not to laugh at them.

    • This sceptred Isle

      I think you will be proven correct. As we have had the biggest credit bubble in history it is not unreasonable to expect the biggest depression to follow. The new wealth that has been created is illusory because if everybody tries to access their money from the bank at the same time it will disappear. Ditto paper gold. Debt related wealth will disappear once it has been admitted that the debt cannot be repaid and real estate prices will plunge when the credit dries up. I am not ashamed to be a contrarian (and even enjoy it!), even if it gets a bit frustrating sometimes.

    • Guest

      I can relate. However, I wish I had put my money in stocks in 2009 and held until now. I’d be quite wealthy! Instead, I put most of my money into precious metals. I’m still hopeful that that will prove to have been a wise decision.

      • Paul ...

        Stocks like GM, Ford, Samsung, etc., etc. which allowed the CIA to spy on us?? … I wonder if the American people will demand a massive “re-call” of all cars, TV’s, etc with compromised spyware electronics to patch them up? … Will even one American demand from their new car dealer that the computer in “be fixed” before he buys it??

        • Paul ...

          And another thing … shouldn’t the buyers of stocks demand that the “stock manipulation computers” be fixed before they invest in the stock market while they are demanding a re-call on their car computers to have them fixed … the nice thing about gold and silver coins is that as of now they don’t have embedded computers that can kill you … those “waiting to buy” precious metal coins may learn to their regret that the CIA embedded them with explosive devices …

          • Paul ...

            If you are not being directed to the Bix Weir interview at … try again … one important point I would like to make about Bix saying all paper money will become worthless … is this … take a look at the new $100 dollar bill … notice that on the left side (the Fed Note side) there is no mention that the Fed Note side of the bill is legal tender for all debts public and private … however … on the right side (the Treasury Note side) … it does say that it will be accepted for all debts public and private … think about what that implies … “they” are getting ready to make all Fed paper money illegal for the payment of your bills … and only Treasury paper money will function as a valid currency!!! Those people who have saved $100 dollar bills under your mattress instead of gold and silver coin better think about turning in your old $100 dollar bills for the new ones!!

    • David

      FC: I know where you’re coming from. I think time will prove us right…

    • al Hall


      • Beligarant

        Greg, I like your site. Great job!

        @Al Hall : I’ve noticed an interesting trend on the alternative media the past few months. Every time someone complains they purchased silver at $40 and deeply underwater there always seems to be someone like yourself that posts they purchased the metal at $6 or $10. LOL.

        Have you noticed that premiums, especially on gold, have collapsed. The entities which wanted to cap and destroy the metals have done a good job but may find out they did too good of a job. Time for the final purge as many dealers and mines will close shop.

        Right now I wished I would of left my investments in designated mutual funds and high tech stocks instead of switching them over into gold and silver stocks. I’ve lost heavily listening to these continual cries of silver to the moon. Ugh! I like Michael Pento so lets see if is correct this time. Obviously his Jan 2, 2017 call for a market drop was way off target.

        • al Hall

          Beligarant – Better than Mile P. listen to Clif High. First thing I’d say is you have to be patient with this gold and silver play!
          Why do you think the elite’s and the banksters have loaded up on gold/silver. They know what is coming. ( by the way- don’t own gold and silver shares of anything- only physical will do) Greg will tell you this also. Any shares are (use to be) nothing but paper and as my source told me long ago- ” if it printed on paper it’s only worth the paper it is printed on.”
          Today it’s even worse- shares are only digits in a banksters/wall streets computer. Research this to find out who really owns what you think are your shares. Google the “DTCC” and see how it works. You are like 3rd in line to own what you paid for- wall street crooks are ahead of you in a collapse. Sad but true!
          Get real physical silver and you’ll be happy in the end. I also have silver I paid $30-44/oz. Doesn’t bother me. When it does go up- $44 will be a bargain. And I can sleep at night not worrying if and when the elite’s collapse the markets. Mike P. knows it’s coming as do most of Greg’s guests. The elite’s are regrouping and have altered their plans- because of Trump. There goal is still the same.
          See this article by Bix Weir- also one of Greg’s guests-

          Manipulation of gold/silver is totally known for decades- yet the elite’s/banksters still do it- why because they own the people who are in place to stop it-AND DON’T!
          Hang in there- time is on our side. Worry more about Nibiru coming back and killing us all! It’s real and coming!!

        • al Hall

          also, see this audio from today 3/21/17


    • Tin foil hat

      You are paying the price for eating the fruit from the forbidden tree. You are not alone. I and many others here are with you. We are all here being burn by the fire of knowledge.

  3. FC

    In 1948 they could see this coming and we are still blind today.

    • Mohammad


      It lifts my spirit and makes me think this country (my only home now after I lost my mother home Syria) will remain the land of free.


      • Diane

        Loved it…thanks for posting FC

        When you put ISM on the end of an ideology it loses truth.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Thanks for this pre-cold war history with some jokes on us rubes. I liked the Greatest Generation before they fell in love with themselves and Spielburg.

  4. Mike T

    Always enjoy Mr. Pento. I hope we all take advantage of the window in time we have to prepare.

  5. Corleone

    The depression in 1930s was deflationary and Treasury still had many gold bars. Today’s depression is high inflationary and Treasury has only bonds and low quality silver coins. It is worse.

    • Tin foil hat

      The depression in 1930s America still had men and women with work ethics. Today, work ethics are mere meaningless words but entitlements are absolute rights.
      Yes, it is worse.
      Ask not what you can do for your country – demand what the country can give you from the cradle to the grave.
      It is much worse.

      • Charles H

        Not only that – but people were simpler and more disingenuous back then. They thought that somehow it was their fault things went south. Today, all people know to do is point fingers.

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          How old are ya?
          My grandparents were the only Republican votes in Crosbyton, Texas back in 1932. Their car was soaped and their garage set on fire….and that was before Granddaddy banned dancing from the schools. He was School Board pres.

          People blamed everybody from Hoover to the Jesuits to the Mob. But they had a lot of buyers remorse for their debts.

          • Charles H

            63. The grandparents I knew – I have no idea of political affiliation. He worked in a Cartage business, still using mules, in Grand Rapids, MI. I heard he took family members in and fed them, or helped with bills until things turned around. I am a staunch conservative from a family of Liberals.

      • Corleone

        And there was no COMEX back then.

        • Tin foil hat

          E.U. thought the COMEX would be broken in four year after the Washington Agreements on gold was signed in September 1999. The E.U. didn’t expect 911 and the doubling down on the paper gold market in 2004 – GLD.
          I often wonder whether to curse the Deep State or thank them for delaying/saving us from?? the collapse of the dollar.

    • Frederick

      Corleone Low quality silver coins? WTHeck are you talking about ?

      • Charles H

        Junk Silver – American quarters and dimes before 1964; Mexcian pesos, Philippine pesos, etc. which circulated with a major percentage of silver content.

  6. Paul ...

    Michael … With Janet Yellen raising interest rates … wouldn’t Trump signing an Executive Order for the US Treasury to “naked short” the T–bond market bring in billions of dollars to balance the budget? … Why is it only the banksters get to do this to make money??

    • Tin foil hat

      You are thinking small. US Treasury should simply ask the Fed to digitally create 1,000 trillion dollars to buy the new Treasury bonds. After we take care of all the outstanding debts, bailouts and obligations, we would still have 700-800 trillion left over to play around with.

      • Paul ...

        Tin Foil … printing the dollars will create massive inflation … “naked shorting” is the better way … as it does not add more fiat to the monetary system!!

        • Tin foil hat

          Treasury will lose credibility either way.

  7. Jon

    Thanks Greg, I’m going to watch this tonight.

    I would also urge people here to watch the just publicized interview Professor Spellman had with Dr Lacy Hunt. At the end of the interview, they are talking about treasury money, not central bank notes (at 59 min). Great for Gold and Silver I guess. Raise the sealing for treasury money, could you talk about that a little more in your next interview Greg? Many thanks from Holland.

  8. Scott Miller

    Bond market collapse in 2017 according to Michael Pento. Here we go again!

    Btw, this IS the mother of all collapses, meaning a doomsday scenario.
    Hypothetically, let’s say he is correct, there is no recovery. Plan all you want like he says and it won’t make a bit of difference. The delusion is you can protect yourself from the consequences.

    You can’t.

    Enjoy while this wonderful economy lasts, and

    Fear not


    • This sceptred Isle

      If you look at unmanipulated economic data like the velocity of money and labour participation rate something has already happened and this is despite all the QE and record low interest rates! If we are getting these rates of inflation with record low levels of velocity of money that in itself is frightening.

    • Frederick

      Wonderful economy? What are you smoking Scott?

      • Scott Miller

        Same ole same ole

        Just keeps chugging along. No collapse. No depression. No runs. No bank holidays. Stock market doing well.

        Smoke that!


        • Charles H

          There is a difference between smoking something; and being smoked. Every train is good: until it comes off the tracks.

        • Frederick

          Still a dreamer I see You’ve bought the lamestream propaganda hook line and sinker Mr Arsehat I’d think someone who follows Greg would have learned what’s really going on but I’d be wrong That stuff must be strong a lot of THC huh Scottie?

        • Tin foil hat

          SCOTT MILLER,
          I’m repeating my aforementioned statement here again; I really don’t know whether I should curse or thank the squids for all the “Just keeps chugging along. No collapse. No depression. No runs. No bank holidays. Stock market doing well.”

          Smoke that! I can almost taste the cancer in that smoke!

        • Jerry

          SCOTT MILLER.
          I sure hope you haven’t contractually put our name to that loaf of normalcy bias your swallowing. You might choke on it.

    • Paul ...

      Everyone seems to think that when the bond market crashes … the money will flow into stocks … now if you were a money manager would you take your good money out of bonds (because rates are rising) and put it into stocks that are going to have to deal with massive re-calls (to fix the embedded CIA spyware in their products with new computer chips)? … I once heard that a day would come when the Dow and the price of gold were going to be equal (I always assumed that it would be when the Dow reached 50,000) … but now with all the coming re-calls (that will put many businesses into bankruptcy) … the more likely scenario is … the Dow crashes down to where gold is now 1200 !!!

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Golly Gee…tour readers have a lot of dough, Greg!!!

  9. ross

    Another great interview Greg. Michael is right in saying that deflation will be the first event. Venezuela has hyper-inflation but their country runs on a lot of cash which the Govt prints.In the USA a lot more money is created as debt because of digital money and credit cards. Unlike actual Govt printed cash, this money is taken from the economy as interest is paid.With fewer jobs ,how is more money going to enter the consumption economy without helicopter money into bank accounts ? They say $ trillions in foreign reserves will come home as the US $ declines as a reserve currency but this will be in the pockets of the upper classes who have limited consumption spending. Perhaps this will go into the share market.
    We have debt saturation unable to be repaid, and bubbles in just about every asset class bar PM’s which are manipulated. Finding a safe haven is the biggest dilemma.

  10. kenlee

    Thanks for all your hard work. You are one of the three or four blogs that we look to in this time of turmoil for a straight story. What really cuts you out of the herd, though, is you willingness to allow guys like Clif High to take us places like under the ice into the Antarctic. Entertaining and fascinating. USA WDN, you have it all!

  11. Jerry

    There is a reason the Saudis signed a trade deal with China on Friday ahead of the IMF World Bank meeting on April 21st. They are making preparations for trading oil in gold backed Yuan.

    I defy anyone to explain to me how the dollar can retain reserve currency status when China has set up six new trade zones in the last six months, gained control of the gold market by draining the COMEX into the Shanghai Gold Exchange, and most likely bailing out the European Union with the purchase of Deutsche Bank? The Chinese have strategically, methodically, moved their exchange platforms in place, and have been trading massive amounts of gold on private exchanges. I am also hearing from outside sources that on tier 4 levels, HSBC bank has already began converting U.S. treasury bonds into Chinese Panda bonds.

    The reality is our banks are in to deep globally to get out of the IMF World Bank controlled system. Just like invasion of the body snatchers, the dollar is being financially absorbed one market at a time into a whole new financial body. What will it look like when its done? I don’t know, but you’d better practice your mandarin.

    • Faith

      Jerry, I agree. I have been advising new parents to start teaching their children Chinese for at least 10 years. If your child does not grow up learning to speak either Chinese or Spanish their horizon of possibilities will be limited. The only way to achieve deep structure, which means the ability to not only translate a language but to think in that language, is to acquire those language skills prior to the age of 12. After the age of 12 deep structure may be possible but the difficulty level increases and, without immersion, is unlikely.

      I recently finished reading Ricard’s book, “The Road to Ruin.” I didn’t have any formal education with regard to business and economics and this was an excellent primer on the basic schools of economic thought (although he didn’t discuss Von Mises) that are considered to be standard in the present era. The book made it very clear that the powers that be have been slowly progressing towards using the SDR as a type of world reserve currency. The USD is being undermined and gold flows have been moving from the west to the east for a number of years.

      I see a huge depression as a given, at this point. I don’t see any way to stop it. I am grateful to this site, and others, because they taught me what to do to get ready. At least I am aware of what is coming, unlike in 2008. The people that have not been getting ready and have not been paying attention are going to be blindsided.

      Keep up the good work Jerry! I always appreciate your comments!

      • Jerry

        The American people are on a need to know basis with the central banking cabal. On private exchanges, the reset has already occurred with the purchases of cheap gold and precious metals. They’ll continue to suck financial blood out of the American host by pumping up the NYSE until they can no longer make a profit. And then?

        • Faith

          Jerry, and then the bubble pops. Like you I am no longer invested in paper (other than holding a limited amount of physcial cash as an emergency reserve). I was able to stock up on silver when it was $13 an ounce. I was also able to refinance my house down a 30-year fixed rate of 2.875.

          The best part of my loan is I can not only sell my house but I can sell the loan as it is a VA loan and the note is assumable by another veteran (meaning a qualified veteran can buy or assume my mortgage note). This hasn’t happened in many years but once inflation starts creeping up faster and faster I think I will do okay.

          I am also planting raised beds to grow fresh greens, bush beans, tomatoes, and zucchini. Various salad greens that are organic cost a fortune at my local store! They are easy to grow and don’t require a lot of space.

          Keep stacking!

    • Jerry

      As I have stated, the banking conversion away from the dollar is taking place globally.
      Just because it hasn’t happened to your bank yet, doesn’t mean it wont.

    • Jerry

      Please, someone explain to me how the United States can retain world currency peg status , when we can’t even hit 1% GDP? Meanwhile China is cleaning our clock with 6.7%.
      The writing is on the wall. In business there are no second chances. If anyone thinks the IMF and World Bank are going to roll over and let the emerging markets of the world absorb the Federal Reserve Interest rate hike, think again. Those of you still in paper have my condolences.

    • Jerry

      For those of you that need a refresher course, this has been the goal of the Chinese all along. Come April 21st. They may get their wish.

      • Tin foil hat

        China has already gotten what they want. They have accumulated sufficient amount of gold reserve to offset potential lost in their dollar reserve and the yuan is already part of the SDR.
        I don’t think the Chinese will do anything to rock the boat on April 21.

  12. john

    GREG have the best show ever ….thank you

    • Faith

      I second that!

  13. Wisconsin Patriot (formerly Oregon Patriot)

    Ugh, I am so weary from the “collapse is imminent” chant from all of the “in the know folks” it has literally wore me out. I hope the big one hits soon while I have a semblance of my old steam left. I love the site Greg but I only really listen to folks who don’t say the sky is falling on our financial world anymore. I’m plum wore out when it comes to this banking info. Get Jesse Ventura on or somebody talking about anything but money.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Praise the Lord! Thanks, WP!
      John Wesley often said, “Protestants blame Catholics for bowing to golden pictures and statues….then they bow to the gold in the banks!”

  14. William Betts

    There some of us hoping that when Trump was elected he would go to the problem that is destroying America for the last 103 years, ie the Federal Reserve System. The Rothschild private bank cartel that creates the people’s money and charges them interest on it to use it. Putin was smart enough to run the SOBs out of Russia last year. Now they create their money debt free. This will make them a very wealthy country – same with China and South Korea. Not America – the ponzi scheme set in motion in 1914 is coming to the apex. It will collapse and there is nothing that Janet Yellen and the rest of this cartel can do to stop it. When all this crap comes about within this year, let us hope there is a leader out there to lead the Revolution to a sound monetary system that has a Wealth Economy instead of Rothschild’s debt economy……Betts

  15. Frederick

    I think Mr Pento is right TPTB will create a crash to profit from it and transfer more wealth from us little people to them Stay diversified and out of debt if at all possible

  16. jim

    Mr. pento, I am a believer in most of what you say but , how can you have anyone that will listen to you now after your last greg hunter interview you said at the end of dec. 2016 that the market was going to crash on jan. second or third , and then it went up 3000 points, You gave no explanation why you were wrong.

    • Bob

      Good point. Have you tried emailing him at

  17. Teeter

    A whole lotta OPINION in this interview, very little FACT. Yellen is a tool of the Globalists, she’ll do what she’s told to do. Rate hikes are coming, 50/50 chance imo. Gold purchasing took a nose dive recently, why ??? Bitcon isn’t gonna be the next big thing, so whats left other then the YUAN or the US Dollar (more printing coming). One thing we do know, is that we don’t know whats coming. Did he really say 50% ?????? lol, really?

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll believe Pento before I would believe somebody who anonymously comments with he name “Teeter” any day.

      • Teeter

        Gee Greg, that’s sound reasoning? smh, makes perfect sense that you believe Pento over me because I use a name like Teeter, perfect sense. Stick to the facts, ALL your guests have been WRONG 99% of the time, Stock, Housing, UP, Gold & Silver FLAT, you cost people a lot of money with the SKY IS FALLING talking heads. Jerry is pretty much the only one whos bring FACTS, something you have not. Love the site and the effort you put in, but FACTS are FACTS and your guest have been WRONG.

        • Greg Hunter

          Why would you “love the site” if “ALL your guests have been WRONG 99% of the time” ? Please go to MSNBC or CNBC or any place but here.

          • Teeter

            I appreciate the different opinions, not that I believe everything I read thou. Try not to be so bitter when someone has a different opinion then yours, its unbecoming. We know things will change, nobody knows when, where and how it’ll play out. FACT

            • Greg Hunter

              Please don’t mistake what I said as “bitter.” It’s more confusion as I do not often hear someone say they “like the site” but it’s “99% wrong.” (Which by the way I disagree.)

          • Charles H

            Perfect! Someone caught in their own double-speak. ‘Luv the site – but take this jam right up the whazoo!’

            As much as there are no more markets: there are no more facts. What is left is the perceptions of seasoned experts, in a game with no rules anymore.

            Time proves all things. For things with a postive nature – time just ticks away; adding and adding. For things portenting problems or disasters: time becomes a count-down. Anonymity must be the first denial.

            • Mark Maples

              The facts are nothing has collapsed despite dozens of drop dead dates from multiple guests that have come and gone. I did 30 minutes of research on Cliff High. Did you know he has been calling for the “Mad Max” scenario since 2002 and has been selling that fear still to this day? Just so I understand your logic, Teeter is posting false information by stating you have lost a lot of money if you left the market in years past (truth bomb) but guys like High who sell subscriptions for money since 2002 peddling everything from a coastal flooding event to aliens under the Antarctic ice cap are truth warriors?

            • Tin foil hat

              Mark Maples,
              You don’t loss or make money in the market until you sell.
              I lost money in the stock market when BTU went bankrupt but I haven’t lost any money in PMs – except the gold miner ANV which also went bankrupt. I also made money when I sold SWC, HL, SLW, CVX, CHK and X.
              Btw, I’m still playing the musical chairs game on the Titanic; with one eye on the door and a ticket for a seat on the life boat in my pocket.

              • Mark Maples

                Tim, I am not saying you made a mistake. If you are content with the financial choices you have made that is all that matters. Perhaps I could have worded my response better. The gist of Teeters post is that in any money market account the past 10 years your wealth has increased. That is a fact. If you Tin, believe that we are right around the corner from economic collapse then react accordingly that is the right choice for you. Or how about this, you can’t say “collapse” as if it is fact, it hasn’t happened. Posters should not attack someone who is bemoaning lost funds by virtue of a premature market exit. I see people that don’t believe in collapse any day now mocked and ridiculed and then see the same posters giving Cliff High a pass when he has a documented track record for 15 plus years of “mad max” failed predictions that I found in30 minutes. (He did corrects all the election, so he gets credit for that)

    • al Hall

      Teeter- In the end Greg’s guests will be proven correct. I have a friend who knows the elite’s(globalist). He tells me they have changed their plans many times about crashing the economy. Why, because they really aren’t the God’s they think they are? It started when they tried to take Syria down- thought to be an easy task- BUT, Russia(Putin) stepped in and Obama wen and hide under his desk! (The Gay SOB). The USA is the aggressor all over the world – our government -secret government is the world’s problem.
      Greg is correct- don’t believe what the MSM crowd is yelling and give Trump time. He know what is going on- he has the plan and is working it out slowly!
      Research this Am. hero- and what he has been doing- he is behind Trump –
      Dr. Steve Pieczenik. He is the real man behind Tom Clancy’s books!- Jack Ryan

  18. James Brown

    Michael Pento is great.
    What he says will actually happen.
    It will start in Europe.
    People will panic and money will come to the U.S. markets.
    The DJIA will hit 40,000 and then the bad stuff Michael talks about will happen here in the USA.
    Please get Martin Armstrong back on.

    • Frederick

      James that’s what everybody expects so I’m going to take a contrarian view and think the spark will be elsewhere but who knows

    • Bob

      I used to subscribe to Stewart Thomson in Canada, and about 5 years ago he said the Dow would go to 40,000 before it crashes. He’s still right. He was always right. I never saw him make a mistake or false prediction and I read his report every day. I unsubscribed when gold got boring after 2012.

      Greg should get him on. I think he actually knows exactly what he’s talking about and is able to convey that to his readers. He tells his readers first and foremost how NOT TO LOSE money which few others do.

      ST says silver will eventually go to maybe $600 / oz and then crash hard and stay down, but gold will stay in a trading range at some higher level forever.

  19. al Hall

    Greg: I agree with Mr. Pento on every point he made! Many believe this will happen in 2017 by the end of the year.
    Add to all of this what is happening in Antarctica and where this craziness is going to lead? The scientist fools there have awakened the sleeping giants(real giants), brought them back to life after 600,000 yrs. in their hibernation chambers. (NEED STEVE QUAYLE ON AGAIN SOON!)
    We are in deep crap. And as usual- the little guy and the middle income people will get crushed! My people have warned this was coming since the 2009 fake recovery. Mr. Pento would probably agree that he is surprised it has taken this long for another COLLAPSE! This one many times big than any before. Just what the elite’s(fed. reserve) want. The Federal reserve owns nearly of all the mortgages on property in America. They will steal all of these properties when these loans are defaulted on!


    • al Hall

      Mr. Pento didn’t mention the effect of interest rate increases on the derivative market?
      I’m told this is were the collapse will begin?
      I’m surprised he is putting money into stocks at all. Stocks are nothing but pieces of paper( at least they use to be, now they are nothing but digits on a computer someplace)
      and as Pastor Williams says- “If it is written on a piece of paper, it is worth the paper it is written on.!! he had said – ” GET OUT OF ANYTHING PAPER!”

  20. John Davis


    Great interview! I really look forward to hearing what Pento has to say because the way he lays out his case – very logical. In addition, I also enjoy listening to Stockman, Rickards and Nenner as well. When I was much younger I remember my grandfather shaking his head in disbelief as to why any investor would purchase a bond of a country almost one trillion dollars in debt – that was the US back in the 80’s if I recall correctly. Here we are today with at least 20 trillion in debt with yields suggesting safety. This is insanity. Rates should be at junk bond status reflecting the real possibility that you will not get your investment back. Consequently, the price of these bonds should be lower. I fear that we are going to experience deflation of financial assets and inflation of commodities at the same time – very soon. Our major issue is the debt and the artificial low rates that are needed to service this debt – this is preventing the market discovery of what assets are truly worth. My plan – as a messianic jew – love God and seek his wisdom, follow the teachings of Yeshua, help others as best we can, pay down debt, stock water/food, have some cash and buy Gold/Silver and get small – when this thing blows up it is going to be ugly. My grandfather went through the depression in 1929 and it was not easy and we are much more divided today than back then.

  21. Galaxy 500

    So, 3 Pakistanis were in control of Dem Congressmens computer and were paid almost 3 times the average person in the like positions in Congress.
    Why is this not more in the News? I have only seen it on Fox and on the web.

  22. Todd

    Michael Pento Wow Great stuff! Thanks Greg

  23. Cspokane

    Great interview, once again. However I will wait till the stock market corrects and then buy in. Thank you again Mr. Hunter.

  24. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    As I have said many times in the past Michael Pento is one of my favorites, second only to C.A.F.
    Folks, you need to be planting gardens and canning food like noboby’s business. This past year was a sabbatical year and our food supplies are still high enough for at least 8 more months of zero food production, which has never happened for us, even during the drought of 2011 or the sabbatical year, something always comes in. If you get caught without food and/or water there is only one person to blame and you can find them in the mirror.


    • andyb

      CC: Few of us have the land to garden, but your advice is well taken. Some other points: 1) neither community banks or credit unions have derivative exposure; I moved from a TBTF bank to a credit union 6 months ago. 2) 6 months worth of storable food that is effectively sealed by the manufacturer; ie. packaged pasta, not boxed. 3) at least 6 5-gal jugs of water plus containers to catch rainwater, plus a good water filter (I have Berkey). 4) cash on hand (all denominations) plus gold and silver (1-ounce silver rounds should be best. 5) barter items such as toilet paper, booze, and cigarettes. 6) One or both if possible: pump shotgun, small firearm, plus at least 1000 rounds of ammo.

      My SHTF prognostication is from Memorial Day onward, regardless of the results of the political dog and pony show that will be the debt ceiling negotiations.

      • Chip

        all good advice andyb! Chip

      • Flattop

        andyb: Back during the big one. (depression) people had cows and chickens in their back yards and vege gardens in front yard. We need to stat thinking survival, long term. Don’t think we will walk out of the coming trouble in a couple months. AND PRAY

      • Faith

        Andy, you can grow lettuce or greens in a very small space. You can grow tomatoes in buckets on a small porch! Or make some raised beds from lumber and fill with good dirt. I have watched Utube vids on how to recycle corrugated roofing into garden beds.

        Where there is a will there is a way. Microgreens and sprouts can be grown on trays inside your house. In my area there are also U-pick farms for berries and other fruits. You pay by the bushel and pick yourself and people take home berries to freeze or can or make into jam. Great family hobby!

        • susan

          Greens don’t have much food value. Carrots, beets or anything dark-colored are best including tomatoes, which can be grown in buckets year round in the north. Learn before you need the vegetables!!!! You would be amazed how much you can grow in a small space to go along with beans and rice.

  25. darren

    Greg….Great interview…In the simplest terms…What exactly is helicopter money?….Will folks get a check in the mail similiar to what Bush did?…Thanks Greg…….Darren

  26. john duffy

    Interesting comments made by Marie LePen on the banks and Trump.
    Starts at the 30 minute mark.

    • Diane

      Make France Great Again….
      Vote Marie Le Pen

      • Charles H

        The question is – will Le Pen face the same rigging and political cheating and obstruction as Hillary tried to foist? Geert Wilders lost his run.

        • Bob

          She will. The anti-white genocidal maniacs like Merkel want to destroy Europe and create a continent of stupid mongrels they can control. They are serious and hate Le Pen.

          Read about the Kalergi Plan. This evil plot was hatched by the father of the EU and in 1925 he said “We intend to make Europe into a mixed race”

          Merkel won the Coudenhove-Kalergi award a few years ago. She is a communist.

    • Paul ...

      Bob Chapman must surely be pulling some strings in Heaven for his granddaughter … Satan doesn’t have a chance … God is moving to free France from Neocon bondage … Allez LePen … Viva La France!!

      • Paul ...

        With Le Pen in charge … the Middle East “invaders” will have less chance of getting their hands on France’s nuclear arsenal and aiming it at Israel … not sure about who is going to prevent Germany’s nuclear arsenal from being aimed at Israel once these “invaders” begin to take political office!!

      • Paul ...

        Correction: Vive La France

  27. This sceptred Isle

    Demand for the dollar seems to depend heavily on its petrodollar status.
    This is dependent on:
    1) The amount of oil purchased using the dollar – dollar demand is reduced by oil trade agreements that exclude the dollar.
    2) As Jim Willie pointed out demand for the petro dollar is reduced if the price of oil falls.
    If oil halves in price the demand for dollars to buy oil halves.

  28. john duffy

    The Saudi word for Black is slave.

    • Petedivine

      Same in Spanish..Negro = black. Doesn’t mean a thing. It’s the word for black.

      • john duffy

        No, they literally call Blacks slaves, did you watch the video?

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Read Stanley’s accounts of the Arab slave traders he passed while looking for Livingstone in Africa. The tough NY reporter often vomited with horror.

  29. al

    But Michael, all those important metrics you mentioned are … well… how did Janet put it? … OH YEAH! Noisy. Come on Michael, stop making noise please, everything is beautiful.

    • Frederick

      Mr Yellen is about as noisy as an old Studebaker

  30. David Clumpner

    Ah ha…Bernanke’s ‘Helicopter Money Theory’ is raised, finally. Trump alluded to it in his campaign. Certainly appears to be the temporary solution before a default, Greg.

  31. RealityCheck

    If and But or Perhaps… Should, would, could, might and maybe.

  32. Everett

    Greetings Greg,
    Great interview, no sense in me babbling about my opinion which is nonsense to most anyway. I agree with Michael, REAL bad times are ahead……….period.
    Thanks, Everett

  33. Abby

    Just a little info. In China they have been running up the debt for five years and building infrastructure. When bond defaults begin they will have infrastructure what will we have? Nothing but bad debt. Eventually all debt will have have to be defaulted on which is the only way to restart the system.

    • Diane

      You may be right Abby
      When everything crashes and burns…all countries may just default on debt to save themselves….including the US.
      Socialism has finally taken its toll.

  34. WK Swanson

    Michael Pento is really sharp…love to hear his opinions…and highly recommend his book.

  35. David Reich

    Thank you for all that you do!
    The Pakistanis that you referred to are the Awan brothers – there are 4 of them and 2 wives, if I remember correctly. The source for this is the brave journalist George Webb; just search “George Webb – YouTube” and you will find all 140+ days of his videos and investigation.
    Perhaps you could interview George Webb and help get the word out?
    Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David!

  36. David Reich

    Here is the link to George Webb’s YouTube channel:

    George is on Day 147 and he is one brave investigative journalist. Somebody needs to send his video series on to Trump and Sessions.


  37. Robert Lykens, Rabid Zionist

    Hizballah and Iranian forces are gathering on Israel’s northern border at a time when Russia is angry with Israel for its attack on airbase T4 in central Syria. T4 is used by Russia to house Russian troops and attack helicopters. Russia is also embarrassed that Israel overcame its famed S200/300 anti-aircraft missiles.’s-Golan-grab

    Again I remind you of the prophesied jnvasion of Israel from the north, consisting of Russia, Iran and many others (Ezekiel 38, 39). This invasion will apparently lead to worldwide nuclear war. I have warned that when you see these nations gathering on Israel’s northern border, be ready to get away from potential nuclear targets.

    The nations are beginning to gather.

    • Bob

      Israel’s Samson option is all ready and properly maintained? Good. Europe’s capital cities could do with a little disinfection.

      • Frederick

        Bob why would European cities be targeted by Israel? And I hope you are joking when you say that they need sanitizing It seems to me places like D.C. And NY need sanitizing even more I’d throw London and Tel Aviv in for good measure

  38. Robert Lykens, Rabid Zionist

    Muslim prayers and Koran readings were held at the Vatican for the first time in history on Sunday.

    • TheTao

      What wonderful news. All religions only point the way to an ultimate truth. No religion has that ultimate truth itself. I’m a Taoist.

      • Charles H

        It is terrible news. And there MUST be one, complete and true revelation that excludes all others – otherwise there are no absolutes. And even Taoism teaches, in it’s pantheistic way, of the Three Pure Ones at the top of the pantheon of dieties; or the Jade Emperor, as a representation of the most high God. So I have to disagree with you. Taoism cannot define that which does not pertain to it.

      • Flattop

        The Tao; You may believe that no religion has ultimate truth, and that is true. However there is one who is truth, and his name is Jesus

        • Frederick

          In your opinion Flattop

      • Tin foil hat

        Do Taoists pray with their heads in the sand? The ultimate truth for Islam is SUBMISSION!

  39. James Sullivan

    Hello Greg ….how about jesse Ventura? …sure, he’s got a voice like 40 miles of dirt road ….but he talks straight ….and he has insight. …..just sayin……

    • Frederick

      Jesses the man no doubt I love that guy and his honesty

  40. Deanna Johnston Clark

    As usual I like to pull the camera far back and pan these shots.
    Historians mention that the gold Britain secured by the concentration camps of Dutch Boer farmers…that gold…was lost forever on July 1, 1916 at the Somme. Some get into the moral collapse as the Empire went from being middling decent to naked shame in the Boer War….all pretense of virtue dropped (except in the newspapers)
    The ISIS horror is too awful, too desperate, too sadistic, to have any shred of excuse….only an Empire on the ropes with its pants down.
    I only imagine what Britain would have been like without the gold …perhaps it would have been a great example of a Christian empire withdrawing gracefully and doing it with real class!

  41. Flattop

    GREG: Get out of paper?? Might that include the dollar under the mattress?? If so, what do I replace it with??

    • Jerry

      Hard assets. Gold, silver, jewelry, property, real estate. Just remember, its a buy and hold strategy to be used on the backend of a reset.

    • Paul ...

      Flattop … One day “soon” all Federal Reserve Notes you have under your mattress will be declared “illegal counter-feit money” … Trump by Executive Order will likely outlaw the Federal Reserve Bank as being an Unconstitutional “Ponzi Scheme” entity working against the interests of the American people … only money issued by the US Treasury will be deemed “legal money” … now lets think about that … what money right now is issued by the US Treasury?? … you guessed it Flattop … pocket change … it may thus be very wise (for you and those who want to hold “cash” instead of gold and silver under their mattress) to hold pennies, nickels, etc. coins under your bed … as paper money (Federal Reserve Notes) will more then likely be declared “Constitutionally Illegal and Void” for the settlement of any financial transactions!!

  42. Gadfly


    Clock is Right-On Twice a Day.
    I have been hearing about the next crash or financial crisis since the last one. Yes, the stock market, real estate market, and bond market are all in a huge bubble. However, we live in an “altered reality” today, so nothing makes sense and therefore, nothing can be accurately predicted. Either nothing “works” or everything “works”, as you choose to see it.
    I suspect many stock portfolio managers, especially hedge funds, are finding out their past successes are not transferring-over into current financial markets. Old ways or methods that once worked consistently no longer do so.

    • Paul ...

      It might be wise for everyone to take the battery out of their wristwatch … better to be right twice a day then to be blown up by an embedded CIA chip surrounded by C4 in your wristwatch … but alas … what do we do about those credit cards (with embedded chips)? … just use cash?? … what if cash itself is embedded with an explosive CIA chip??? … carry coins????

      • Paul ...

        The Amish people must have been warned by friends in the CIA … they do not to use any electronic equipment and use horse and buggy instead of a car!! … now lets think about this seriously … what if Americans start to become more “Amish” and restrict or stop buying any electronic gadgets … will the stock market go up?? … or down??? … those CIA folks with “wooden heads” thought they could do what they did and not affect the economy?? … and look what they did to our military (our warships can be easily shut down by an enemy getting into the CIA “backdoors” built into all our electronics) … they have put us on the path to “wind powered sailing ships” for our Navy and “wooden shoes” for the people!!!

        • Flattop

          PAUL: We may be going to an Amish lifestyle soon whether we want to or not. For those urbanites, buy an acre of land, dig a well, level a place for a tent or put a shipping container on it. Store some kerosene for heating , cooking, illumination.

  43. DavidC

    A fantastic interview, even better than usual!

    Greetings from England,


  44. Da Yooper

    End the corrupt fed

    • Frederick

      Da Yooper Yes please couldn’t agree more

  45. claude atkins

    Charles H
    03/17/2017 •
    Roger D,
    There is only ONE God – whom the Hebrews refused to accept when He visited them; and the Ishmaelites or mohammadians changed to be only a man, in order to promote their own false god by substitution: which set Israel back by forewarned punishment, and Islam into abject idolatry. The same with America, whose Founders embraced the only true God, left-off the knowledge of Him for a profane and atheistic “scientific knowledge”

    Charles i’ve noticed here on USAW that you have certain criteria on who is a christian or not. So after reading your comment to Roger D back on the 17th, it got me to thinking and after reading this interesting article thought i’d share it with you on a strictly, “wonder what Charles would think about this and our founding fathers beliefe in the one true god”. Sounds as if one true god might not mean what the next man means or founding father for that matter._ C.A.
    Alexander Campbell and Thomas Jefferson
    A Comparative Study of Two Old Virginians

    • Charles H

      claude atkins,

      I think making a direct interogation to me is quite off-topic. Charles does not enter into the topic of Christianity except for reflection toward another comment, or clarification of mentions in the interview. So I will approach this under a ‘one-time only’ reply. And before answering any comparative material – I would like to address your very first sentence.
      Just then WHO is the authoritative judge of “who is a christian or not”. Here are the connecting dots. It is certainly not me: it IS God. The Triune God of the Bible is a unique arrangement – having “3” as a key in Nature and mathematics. This arrangement differentiates the God of the Bible as distinguished from the other ‘mono-theistic’ (these three [Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] are one; 1Jn5:7) ‘religions’ of Abrahamic ascription.
      Since God became flesh and dwelt among us – the Hebrews of their day fulfilled prophesy by not receiving Him, and putting Him up to a Roman death: which effects two things – they were set aside in God’s dealing for a time; and the Gentiles were grafted into the commonwealth of Israel (Rom 11:7-12; 15-25). The Dispensation of the Law, by Moses, was fulfilled and superseded in Jesus Christ, to begin the Dispensation of Grace – the entrance thereunto is Biblical Faith. The complete revelation, from Moses’ Pentateuch, to Apostle John’s Revelation (the Bible) is one continuous strain – including the bulk of Hebraic scripture AND that which Old Testament prophesy realized (New Testament revelation): so that the criteria for Faith is found only there: the Bible. Internal Biblical evidence confirms that no other revelation is authorized: so as to disqualify any subsequent or alternative belief system or revelation – such as the Quran, or the Book of Mormon. SO – from the Creation account, to the Person and redemptive work of Jesus Christ, to the finished and complete revelation of the New Testament: the criteria of who is a Christian IS the Word of God, the Bible, for the matter of Faith; and Who judges the validity of such faith is God Himself. There is, then, an issue bearing upon the nature of faith, based on the source; and the quality of the faith, in order to meet God’s acceptance. One cannot simply go forward during an alter-call chewing and popping gum, then say “I believe” to all the questions in the matter of faith – and God is somehow obligated to respect that. God sees the heart: so He knows what you really believe; and you only believe what you really trust. God adopts someone into His spiritual family – and I doubt He does this when what you believe is an admixture of Biblical Scripture and Old Wives Tales. I submit, then, that there is a quality or degree of completeness to Biblical Faith which God alone recognizes and accepts. Therefore you are a Christian when God says you are. Everything else is just an association or claim to a title. There is either a spiritual reality that God makes real (“That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit [Holy Spirit] is spirit. Marvel not that I said unto thee Ye must be born again.” Jn3:6,7); or an intellectual ascent which falls short. There are no two ways about it: it is “either – or”.

      And even before I get to your linked material – the Founding Fathers: there were 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence – to which Alexander Campbell is not even a signer; but a clergyman of the Restoration Movement. So preliminarily – I would think that half of your examples don’t even pertain to the subject, as you raise it.
      Also – Kermit Zarley, a professional golfer, turned controversial religious writer: is hardly a good reference to begin comparisons in the past. Neither do I think Leroy Garret, as a controversial Church of Christ figure, who embraced ‘modern scholarship’ is a good source. So – I think I will leave-off taking any more space here. If it seems to you that my view of Christianity, and specially who is a Christian is questionable: the answer does not reside within the pervue of any man’s opinion, or the meaning he takes; but with God Himself – Who has given the source and capacity for Faith. Every soul shall encounter one of two replies: “Come, inherit…”; or “Depart from Me…”: based on Jesus Christ ‘knowing’ or ‘not knowing’ them. I submit you are not ‘known’ until you are saved or born again and adopted into God’s family by God Himself. This, I believe, conforms completely to Biblical criteria. Short answer: God the Son, Jesus Christ decides who is a Christian, and who is not.

      • Greg Hunter

        Charles H,
        I was wondering how you were going to respond, and you did so beautifully and instructionally!! Bravo Brother!!!

        • John Davis


          I would love to respond to both parties here but would ask your permission first as this would not be related to our current economic situation but a discussion on nazarene judaism – one the several sects of judaism prior to the destruction of the temple. Yeshua being the spiritual leader of the Nazarene sect and a Torah observant Jew. In regards to grafting in the gentiles – better have a good understanding of the Noahide Laws and how it relates to James the Just – brother of Jesus/Yeshua – leader of the church after the crucifixion of Yeshua.

          • Greg Hunter

            Yes John,
            But try to keep it reasonable in length.

            • John Davis


              I feel that it is very important for Christians to embrace their Jewish roots. The first followers of Yeshua were the Nazarenes and the Ebionites. These two sects were Torah observant. The Ebionites were “The Poor”. They considered themselves to be Jewish – not Christians. I will be upfront and state that I am not a trinitarian in the Methodist tradition. Yeshua does not claim parity with the Father. There are many ” red letters” in the NT that support this view. He never said that the law was not valid – only that we need to go deeper in its adherence/meaning. When Yeshua is in the temple at twelve years of age and they were amazed at his understanding of the Torah he would have been speaking to the House of Hillel and Gamaliel. This is very important as he had issues with both houses and common ground with both as well – at a very early age! Truly God was speaking through him to return his people to the Torah – the easy yoke. It is important also to understand that the “Jews” did not kill Yeshua – the Jewish courts may have convicted him but there was a deep popular support of his mission when he arrived into the city. There is so much to say reflecting decades of research on this subject but the grafting in of the Gentiles was made via James the Just by not placing the burden of circumcision on the gentiles but having them observe something more ancient than the Torah – elements of the Noahide Laws as mentioned in Acts if I recall correctly. Jews were still called to follow the Torah – Yeshua certainly did but made its meaning deeper. The Bible states – and I paraphrase – that God would send his messenger to place my Torah in their hearts. Yeshua fulfilled this prophecy – no one else in Jewish history comes close – not Hillell nor Gamaliel. We are called to both faith and action – this was endorsed by the individual who lived with and knew Yeshua in the flesh – James, his brother. I would not be too caught up in labels (jewish/christian) – if Yeshua has shaped your heart God will know it!
              Greg – you are doing a great service with your website by helping people to get ready. Clearly. you have been called to action by your faith. Keep up the good work – and yes – fear not God the Father is in control.

              • Greg Hunter

                Thank you John.

                • Mohammad

                  I will keep it simple Greg:

                  La ilaha Illa allah Muhammad rasool allah.


                  • Greg Hunter

                    We don’t believe in the same God. Jesus is the Son of God, and that is what I will always believe. Please don’t post this anymore.

                  • Mohammad

                    you believe in whatever you want, why I cannot post what I believe in?
                    I did not ask you to be muslim.
                    I did not bring the subject up, someone jumped on my belief and attacked, read above, I only posted my belief, you cannot handle that? yet insults on islam are welcomed on your site?


              • Charles H

                John Davis,

                There are two issues that are the most fought by evil: the Person of God and His Work; and the Word of God. I’ll deal only wioth the first.
                The Person of God is a matter of identity: Who He really is. Isa 53 describes His earthly ministry in prophesy. Isa 9:6 gives His titles: two specifically indicate God, and the Father; Isa 7:14 declares His incarnation – Immanuel: “God with us”. In John 10:30 – Jesus Christ plainly says: “I and my Father are one.” The letters may be printed in the color red: but they are His words (not parenthetical). Confirmed in 1John 5:7 “For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost; these three are one.” Concorded to John 1:14 “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us…” So there is overwhelming internal evidence that Jesus Christ is Himself very God, with the Father and Holy Spirit. Also, from Genesis 1:26 “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…” using the plural of “us”, “our”, and “our” again. After eating of the Tree of Knowledge of God and Evil – ” Behold the man has become as one of us…” using the plural again. And at the Tower of Babel (Gen 11:7) “Go to, let us go down to confound their language…” Again God refering to Himself in the PLURAL sense. I don’t know how it can be more clear that there is ONE GOD, in Three Persons. I don’t consider myself ‘trinitarian’: but in the matter of Faith – the object of that Faith must be exact and accurate as the source of Faith states. Again – the direction of Scripture is one way; we conform our understanding to Scripture; NOT conform Scripture to our understanding. The CRUX of Christianity is that God Himself died a substutionary death on the cross for our sins. If that is not a key element of your faith: likely you still fall short.
                “Beware lest any man spoil your through philosophy and vain deceit, after the traditions of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. For in him dwelleth the fulness of the Godhead bodily.” Col. 2:8,9

                As a bonus – I consider that all Authority resides in the Father; the affairs of man and Creation, to judge and rule resides in Jesus Christ; and the Holy Spirit as the earnest of our eternal inheritance, and agent of the new (spiritual) birth – is God in us. So there may be uniqueness and disparity in the Godhead, in a sense of rank or purpose; but absolute, perfect unity and harmony in function and nature as God Almighty.

        • Charles H

          You are very kind, Greg. I initially was somewhat skeptical of why and where the topic was going. So I took some cues from an investigative reporter that worked for CNN and Good Morning America, to dig-up sources. That brought me around to stay ‘on topic’ and deal with the real issue, as I learned from the aforementioned gentleman. Believe it or not: we learn a lot from you.

          • Greg Hunter

            Charles H,
            I was my honor to post it. I learned something!

      • MCasey

        John 1:14King James Version (KJV)

        14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

        God’s “Word” became flesh…..not “God became flesh and dwelt among us”.
        The manifested Word of God is Jesus….the only begotten (spoken) of the Father. And the Word of God is Truth….

  46. Diane

    The Solution
    Martin Armstrong. …excellent

  47. Lake M


    I noticed you’ve stated in the last several interviews that the latest GDP growth figure is 9/10th of a per cent, according to the Atlanta Fed. Just like to point out the calculation uses the government number for inflation. Gross GDP minus inflation equals the net GDP. If using a more realistic number like one provided by John Williams over at Shadow Stats, say 6-7% per year, there has been negative growth every year since 2008. Quarter after quarter. The statistic is just one part of the continuous obfuscation by the FED.

    ALSO, Mr Pento sketches an interesting scenario but he fails to mention the developments going on with China and fellow trading partners. China is steadfast in its desire to create new non-dollar centric trade agreements. For example, Russia sells China oil and gets paid in RMB. They can take that down to the Shanghai Gold Exchange and get a nice 9999 Kilo bar of gold. Or they can use the RMB to buy some Chinese made products. No USD or treasury bond necessary. Australia, New Zealand ditto. Everybody is happy. As the US empire continues to crumble, confidence in the
    dollar will eventually succumb to the reality of the the US monetary system. And down we go.
    If there is a bond crash in the EU and Japan, could the US T-bond join in? It would rain a deluge of fiat currency backed by worthless debt. A new system will then be needed. The old one will be no more.

    • Charles H

      I fear that the economic reality of the West is perhaps nothing but an old fashion ‘shell game’. I think they can buy, or sell between themselves anything, to any amount – going up or down, and still make money. It will take the separation of the Eastern Block and Developing Nations to choke-off America and it’s partners -in-crime, bring them to their knees, and maybe senses. Plus, I don’t think we will ever get the reals story; no matter how many candles we light in the dark.

  48. Laura Snyder

    I enjoy the various guests, your thoughtful questions, & the clarifying comments as you proceed on behalf of the listeners. Equally enjoyable are the comments, particularly ones that point out doable, common-sense, simple actions we can practice now & reap benefits.
    While there may come numerous of the worst imaginable situations, the idea of focusing on them as being money-making opportunities will not be the priority. It will be managing your body wastes without water & washing via a sponge bath. It will be growing fresh food in your home by growing sprouts & from a potted kale, celery, or parsley plant brought in the previous fall. For many, the priority will be not living on a fault line, nor in the city, nor down hill from a dam, nor by the ocean or large bodies of water. It will be having appropriate clothing, a first aid kit, & a safe abode.

  49. regular NJ guy

    Okay now. For several years now, the central theme of this website is, “we are going to hell in a handbasket” and “the economy is going to implode” and “we are going to have a societal collapse” and “the world as we know it will end” and all kinds of very final, epic, drastic, endings. Yet, nothing happens. Gold plods along its price and silver meanders along its price and nothing earthshattering has or will happen. I’ve lost faith in the prognosticators who serve their fearmongering views and have grown weary of the alt-realistic rhetoric as this is just as bad as the liberal view that preaches all manner of behavior is okay as long as it serves the ultimate objectives. Time to tune out and get a nice camping space out in the wilderness and ignore the world.

  50. Jerry


    • Jerry

      Here is the most recent data on treasury holdings by Saudi Arabia.
      It is my speculation that part of the agreement with China on Friday, was to sell off U.S. treasuries and purchase Yuan. The Saudis are finically desperate and need capital, not to mention having their gold stolen by the western banking cabal in 2014. Just to break even they must have $60. a barrel for oil

      • Frederick

        The Saudis had nothing to do with 911 It was the Mossad and members of the deep state in DC and NY Who would believe the Saudis had anywheres near the sophistication or access to pull of a false flag of that magnitude The truth is out and people are finally talking freely about it Thankfully finally

        • Greg Hunter

          It’s the “Jews” again. This is getting tired.

      • Da Yooper

        Good job Jerry have you looked at this?

        “In just two and a half years, Saudi Arabia’s currency reserves declined $258 billion (U.S. Dollars) to $536 billion currently (Dec 2016).”

        • Jerry

          Selling dollars. Buying Yuan. The petrodollar train has jumped the track, and headed towards the canyon.

    • Mark Maples

      Jerry, the Saudis only hold 116 billion in US treasuries. That ranks 13th in nations holding treasuries. It would bearly cause a ripple. Japan and China are the two heavyweights as both hold north of a trillion each

  51. Justn Observer


  52. Deanna Johnston Clark

    This may shock some, but the word “Christian” used to be an adjective describing a good hearted, generous person. I remember those times….but then I still say grip for suitcase.

  53. john ward

    Hello Greg Hunter, I am going to post a comment that rather speaks for itself. If I had an easy manner to post it on one of Mike Adam’s websites, I would, but I can’t seem to post on Discus sites. I do respect you also and have seen a few of your interviews in the past. If you could get this forwarded to Mike Adams, I would appreciate it. I do not care if this is posted here, but I would like your objective impressions of these ideas, not anything just to be complementary. So here are some of my thoughts:
    WeThePeople by the wording of the Preamble of the Constitution of 1789 are the Embodiment of the very Sovereignty of this United States of America, de Jure. As such, our Authority, as a body-politic, exceeds every level of government and corporation, as well as their sub-agencies, in this land. For reasons which may not seem so obvious to some, without my stating it, I will also add here; our Authority also exceeds any foreign interests or authorities that may think that it, or they, may displace ours with theirs! This statement should set the stage for the following:
    There are rumblings in the responsible and informative media, sometimes referred to as the “alternative” media, which are voicing concerns about the dangers of a monetary collapse; more specifically, an “engineered” collapse by those who have been operating our monetary system for over 100 years. It is also true that our monetary history during that time has not been without serious crises, including poor fiscal policies, deep debt resulting in bankruptcies, damaging inflation to lessen the value of the currency, and the removal of any backing of our currency with anything of “intrinsic” value that may be of serious use by WeThePeople for protection from such poor policy.
    One could continue to blame the US Congress for the poor fiscal policies of the past, and to some degree, it would be justified. However, I think that we should also consider it in this light; the Federal Reserve System was brought into their sphere of Authority purportedly as experts in the monetary field, exceeding in such knowledge and expertise of that had by any members of Congress, or any other agency in our government. It should also be stated as historical that the Fed was voted into its position in the early 1900’s during a Christmas recess, or at least a period when most of the Congress was not available for full consideration. Common sense would suggest that such a situation should never have been a lawful manner in which to operate, especially in regard to such important matters.
    Most people alive today who are not either sleep walking during their daily routines or brain-dead should know about these lackluster performances over these many years by this Federal Reserve System. We know that this system was born or perhaps re-born in 1913 after a secret trip by less than a dozen or so characters who made the trip by train down to Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia to conger up their plan to get their proverbial “foot in the door” (again!), despite the stern warnings of President Andrew Jackson especially, early on, probably realizing the intelligent advice by his very intelligent predecessor, President Thomas Jefferson. We also have learned all too late to have been effective in protecting him adequately, of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s brief attempt to start printing this nation’s own interest-free currency. What a great, common sense idea; who would guess that it would warrant the death penalty in co-operation with a few other disgruntled, shady power-hungry monsters, many of whom, if not all, were never brought to justice. We should, without further delay, realize that our system of justice in this country has been SERIOUSLY FLAWED FOR A LONG TIME!
    So here we are, again with the threat of serious damage to our nation monetarily, while noboby seems to be doing anything about it! Albert Einstein is credited with the wisdom that says, “The sure sign of insanity is doing the same thing time after time to solve a problem that has never worked in the past!” Some other anonymous individual also has said that “extraordinary situations requires extraordinary solutions”, perhaps calling for “out of the box” solutions. Since this is the age of computers with relative ease of communications and data collection, let us, WeThePeople. rise to the occasion and put meaning into those words. After all, we have now a President in office who has shown the way to ”rise to the occasion”, as none other has in our lifetimes. After all, he, in his Inaugural Address stated most clearly, “I am returning the government to the People, RIGHT HERE, AND RIGHT NOW!”

    Therefore, let us engage in an enjoyable exercise; it could begin as a poll of the awakened, alert, and concerned People who wish to support our extraordinary President. The poll will ask the simple question: “In the interest of preventing a serious monetary Crisis, Should we Revoke the Federal Reserve System (Charter)? To be replaced by the best Monetary Minds in the nation coming together in the most reasoned and logical manner with both short term and long term considerations for a Responsible, Interest-Free, Workable Plan for our Nation and the 50 States in which the Sovereigns, WeThePeople, are domiciled?
    It is to be noted that our present perilous situation has been arrived at by people and an organization that were supposedly experts in their field. With that in mind, and their past record which was probably not established by accident; Then, with the realization that WeThePeople have the most to lose and the greatest potential of gain and Earned Pride in Accomplishment, I see nothing but Enthusiastic Optimism in such a Plan. What think you, My Fellow Americans?
    PS: I was prompted by my deep concerns, to write this after having read an article on one of Mike Adam’s (the Health Ranger) Websites. He was expressing similar concerns about our monetary future, and spoke highly of some of the people who are looking at the stock market, etc, with a skeptical eye, contrary to the main-stream media. Some of those people in whom he has good confidence are money manager Michael Pento, James Rickards and Gerald Celente, Charles Nenner, Gregory Mannarino and John Williams, among others).
    I am no expert in monetary matters but I think I am a fairly good judge of intelligence and character, with regards to Mike Adams, and is why I took note of these people mentioned above. He also spoke highly of Greg Hunter of the website. I have an idea that these few men would be able to come up with several others as intelligent and concerned to come together for a conference with President Trump and his Team.

    Respectfully, John Ward (outside) Wasilla, Alaska


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John Ward.

  54. coalburner

    Mohammad, I think Tin Foil HAt is onto something about the buffer Kurds. Second if Jerry is right and I hope not , the Saudi’s have decided we won’t help them anymore and maybe China will. Either that or they are going to let us down easy over a few years. We stay in the reserve basket for a while. But Saudi is definitely changng its strategy for survuival reasons. They need more money and we are going energy independent. Maybe Trump thinks it is time for us all to move on and figures we have enough power left to recover from all our financial loses. Maybe Trump told Saudi’s to move on because we are going bankrupt. China has been preparing for years for this.

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