Great Reset or Great Awakening – Bo Polny

By Greg Hunter’s

Biblical cycle timing expert, geopolitical and financial analyst Bo Polny has been saying for many months the U.S. dollar is going to take a big hit this year.  With the reported rollout of the new BRICS currency (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) on August 22, 2023, it looks like that is going to happen.  Polny explains, “There are two agendas here that you can lay on the table. . . . It’s the ‘Great Reset,’ the Klaus Schwab ‘Great Reset’ plan.  Then, it’s the ‘Great Awakening’ possibility.  They are polar opposites because in the ‘Great Reset’ they are trying to bring on central bank digital currency (CBCD).  Basically, they are trying to bring on a one world government, and they are trying to bring on the ‘Mark of the Beast’ system.  That’s the ‘Great Reset.’  The ‘Great Awakening’ is the other side of the coin.  Is there evil in the world or is there a God? . . . There is night and day.  A coin has two sides. . . . What we are witnessing right now is evil on this earth.  Evil has grabbed hold of the Earth. . . . If God should intervene, and he will, as horrible and evil as their agenda is, the exact opposite is about to start.  That exact opposite will not be the ‘Great Reset,’ it will be the ‘Great Awakening.’”

Polny, who analyzes Biblical timelines, says many important events happen after 1,260 days.  The start of Covid was January 12 of 2020.  Fast-forward 1,260 days, and you get an important turn date of June 25, 2023.  Polny predicts, “Something crazy is about to start at the end of June.  The calculated date is June 25.  Could it be a little earlier or a little later?  On or about June 25, look out because something crazy is about to happen.”

One thing that may happen this year is the dollar tanking in value.  Polny predicts inflationary pain everywhere.  Polny says, “When the dollar loses its status as the world reserve currency, there are going to be bank-runs, and banks are going to shut down.  Credit cards are going to stop working.  Those who did not prepare are not going to be able to buy food or water.  What have we been talking about on your show?  Make sure you prepare and not just precious metals.  Do you have food?  Do you have water?  You don’t want to be running to the stores because they may be all closed, and the banks and ATM’s will be all down.  This is the death of one system.  The death of this system is going to look horrible.  It’s going to look scary. . . . People are going to throw up when people find out what these demons have been doing to kids and humanity.  This is the truth being revealed.  When this truth comes out, you are never going to be able to go back.  The truth is the spotlight being shown on the deals done in darkness.  Evil operates in darkness.  God is going to shine a giant spotlight. . . . God is going to humble the world.  Many people will lose their life savings.  You are going to have hyperinflation hit the world. . . . August onward we are going to see crystal clear hyperinflation.  Don’t be surprised it you wake up one morning and interest rates spike up to 20%.  This will crash the real estate market. . . . When God intervenes, every plan evil has comes to a screeching halt.   Look at Pharoh in ancient Egypt.  All his plans came to a screeching halt when the Red Sea closed.  Look at Jesus.  It looked bad before he rose from the dead.  Then Jesus had the greatest victory ever against evil.  But those three days before it looked horrible.”

In closing, Polny says, “The United States is about to die. . . . It has to die.  The United States is going to go through a Baptism.  It’s going to go through destruction, and that is what Baptism is.  It is death of self, and then America is going to be reborn.”

Polny is still forecasting President Donald Trump will have a second term in the White House, and it may be by the end of this year.

There is much more in the 1-hour and 6-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Biblical cycle expert and financial analyst Bo Polny, founder of for 6.20.23.

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After the Interview: 

Polny also said, “When hush money does not work anymore, guess what comes out?  The things that were hushed, and that’s your great awakening.  It’s all about the U.S. dollar.”

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  1. Gregory Alan Giboney

    It’s going to be both at the same time. The great awakening is going to be on the loosing side until Christ returns.

    • Anthony Australia

      Revelation 7:16

      ‘Never again will they hunger; never again will they thirst. The sun will not beat down on them,’ nor any scorching heat.’

      • Shirl

        Awesome interview and summation of everything going on, its Biblical and everyone knows the TRUTH wins in God Almighty, amen!

    • ethan dao

      People seriously..I just found this website…check it out..alot may be deceived…

      Has list of patriot names that exposed what they are..EVEN TRUMP>>>>

  2. Freedom-4-All

    Hi Greg,
    Looking forward to this interview. A couple day ago, one of your readers linked a short 4 minute video. I watched it and liked it so much, I was hoping you could repost the link and suggest every reader watch it. It is very well done and explains why everyone of us needs to stand up in these hard times. This explains why you do what you do and why I am trying. We all MUST unite.
    Please post and I ask all take 5 minutes and view.



    • Greg Hunter

      Please post it here.

      • Freedom-4-All

        Couldn’t sleep. Listen to Bo and he lifted my spirits. Every morning, I get up and immediately start my day with a walk and talk with my God. Been doing it for years. I believe this was key in the healing of my cancer naturally.

        Anyway, every day, I thank him for many things including the ‘Great Awakening’, the ‘Great Reset’, and all coming ‘Red Sea Moments’. I thank Him for letting me survive it and be parting of the repair process. I’m both very nervous and excited!

        Back in February, I put ‘Great Awakening’ shirts on my site because I too think its coming.

        Thanks for Bo’s interview

      • jay

        I would agree with the idea but disagree with timing and 1260 reference, the place i would look would be in Daniel and notice that a period of 3 and a half years is mentioned to explain the beast that is here for a short time #6. Biden the puppet much like the image of revelation has someone pulling his strings and speaking for him came into office in Jan 2021 so June 2024 would be the span however ruling the whole earth the little horn of Dan 7 who takes down 3 horns (USA Israel and the commonwealth) happened Jan 2020 with the pandemic which has lost its world grip. When counting the 7 beasts who ruled the earth John said Rome was #5 so nimrod must be included so many flavors of communism but all with the same agenda remove freewill by making all choices evil. Y

      • mahatma

        Thank you Greg and Bo.
        If this interview was put to music and sang it might sound something like this:

        Romans 8:38-39
        For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


        • D.


      • ethan dao

        People seriously..I just found this website…check it out..alot may be deceived…

        Has list of patriot names that exposed what they are..EVEN TRUMP>>>>


        Thank you Greg for having Bo Polny on again he’s so happy wished he could have spoken for two hours. Well I hope we’re as ready as we need to be if not Father God will help us fill in the gaps like the woman and son with a little flour and 🪔 God made it last until the famine was over because she trusted and fed a man of God’s. Amen Amen 🙏🙌

    • Linda

      That’s not much to go on. How about a little more detail or post a link yourself.

    • Jane

      Do not see link?

    • Adriana

      Hi DOn, I’d love to watch the video you said was so good. Would you please post is under y comment when you see it again or someone repost it? thank you!

  3. Sprice

    So many problems in the world.
    The world is being set up to worship the fake savior.

    • Cathy

      I love to hear Bo. He’s so right on with scriptures. Thank You Greg for having him on. Really appreciate it.

      • Debbie

        Bo never answered the question about whether or not Trump is going to admit they lied to him about the Covid vaccine. He glossed right over it. 😠

  4. Jerry Lundegaard

    When you add coincidental numbers onto dates of the past and then make ambiguous predictions…. what happens to your numerology when the greatest noteworthy thing that happened on planet Earth on 25 Jun 2023 was MSM berating Trump? This is 2023.

    • James

      Did you completely miss the Military Coup in Russia , when Putin’s most trusted Military leader the head of the Vagner private mercenary army revolted against him , this started on the Sat. 6-24 !

  5. Doreen Greystrok

    Biden’s past denials come back to haunt him after Hunter admits guilt in plea deal
    Fox News 149K views 6 hours ago
    ‘Outnumbered’ panel discuss Hunter Biden reaching a plea deal and the media’s reaction.

  6. y. Sckeptic

    Jesse Watters Primetime 6/20/23 FULL HD | BREAKING FOX NEWS June 20, 2023
    Mutfak Aşkıi 12K views 4 hours ago

    • Rick

      We should remember this trick – when the Demon Rats come after the “illegal guns in our possession” (that we use for self-protection) – all we have to do is say: “I’m on crack like Hunter Biden” (And All Charges Will Be Magically Dropped) !! – as for those tens of thousands of extra IRA agents – Biden “Had To Hire Them” (to scrounge up extra money “from the working poor” to pay the queers in Ukraine) – so the queers could then pay his son tens of millions of dollars in illegal bribes (That Hunter Didn’t Have To Pay Taxes On)!!!

      • Rick

        Now – begrudgingly -Hunter will have to pay taxes on all the illegal bribes – but – is the Justice Department going to use the RICO laws to claw back all the illegal bribe money?? Or Does The Justice Department Simply Allow Hunter Bribin “To Keep It All”???

  7. Going to HELL In A Hanbasket

    The Ingraham Angle 6/20/23 | BREAKING NEWS TODAY June 20, 2023
    930 views Jun 20, 2023 أميرة الفنجا THÀNH PHỐ NEW YORK

    • Greg Hunter

      Biden poll number Ingram is 32%. Total bull crap. 9.5% folks. That’s the real number according to Armstrong and my confidential source that works for big tech. 9.5%!!!!

      • Tim


        It would be good if Armstrong provided the details of poll he is referring to. This is a standard that all polls follow.

        Please report who conducted the poll, the methodology used, who was sampled and the deviation (+or -) error of the reported result. Polls must be transparent, subject to methodological and statistical scrutiny.

        Sorry, you can’t hide behind a veil of secrecy, if you want to believed!

  8. Naomie Zondervan

    JESUS was visibly angry​—and with good reason. You might find it difficult to imagine him that way, for he was such a mild-tempered man. (Matthew 21:5) He remained perfectly controlled, of course, for his was righteous wrath. a But what had so provoked this peace-loving man? A case of gross injustice.
    The temple in Jerusalem was dear to Jesus’ heart. In all the world, it was the only sacred place dedicated to the worship of his heavenly Father. Jews from many lands traveled great distances to worship there. Even God-fearing Gentiles came, entering the temple courtyard set aside for their use. But early in his ministry, Jesus entered the temple area and met with an appalling sight. Why, the place was more like a market than a house of worship! It was crowded with merchants and money brokers. Where, though, was the injustice? For these men, God’s temple was merely a place to exploit people​—even rob them. How so?​—John 2:14.
    The religious leaders had ruled that only one specific type of coin could be used to pay the temple tax. Visitors had to exchange their money to acquire such coins. So money changers set up their tables right inside the temple, charging a fee for each transaction. The business of selling animals was also very profitable. Visitors who wanted to offer up sacrifices could buy from any merchant in the city, but the temple officials might well reject their offerings as unfit. However, offerings bought right there in the temple area were sure to be accepted. Influence peddlers! Sound familiar? With the people thus at their mercy, the merchants at times charged exorbitant prices. This was worse than crass commercialism. It amounted to robbery!
    Jesus could not tolerate such injustice. This was his own Father’s house! He made a whip of ropes and drove the herds of cattle and sheep from the temple. Then he strode over to the money changers and overturned their tables. Imagine all those coins skittering across the marble floor! He sternly ordered the men selling doves: “Take these things away from here!” (John 2:15, 16) No one, it seems, dared to oppose this courageous man. “Take these things away from here!”

    • Steven Nussdorf

      Actually the money lenders rendered a good service….they converted different currencies into the local one so people could tithe which was part of jewish tradition….As a Jew this makes sense to me….no where in Torah does it talk about abuse of that service…nor in any other historic references.

      • Jaun Valdez

        Steve, I think the point was, the influence peddlers are alive and well in Washington. Some look at it as a service, as they did back in the day. But you must admit. Just as then as today, there is a conflict of interest. The conflict being, like a doctor who owns a funeral home. Or a doctor with a drug store in his office, or a dentist selling false teeth. I could go on and on but, the business of selling animals at the temple was very profitable. Visitors who wanted to offer up sacrifices could buy from any merchant in the city, but the temple officials might well reject their offerings as unfit. However, offerings bought right there in the temple area were sure to be accepted. Influence peddlers! Sound familiar? [Washington D.C.?] With the people thus at their mercy, the merchants at times charged exorbitant prices.
        [Was?] this worse than crass commercialism? [I think so!] It amounted to robbery! [Public officials should not have such conflicts of interest.]

      • Rick

        Steven – It was not the fact that the money lenders were making “an ungodly profit” – it was the fact that they were doing it right in God’s House of Worship and who clearly Commanded: “Thou Shall Not Steal”!!! – it was only because of Jesus chasing the greedy money changers out of the temple that we don’t see Chase Bank today putting ATM’s in all our Churches and Synagogues taking in 2 dollars and giving us back only 1 CBDC to put in the electronic collection boxes that all Church’s and Synagogues will now have to install when they get rid of cash!!

  9. The Seer

    Feeding of fish and loaves is not literal. The filling of each person was filled with the divine inflow into the soul and filled with this holy light. We are light. Some may have heard of breatharians who do not eat or yogis who do. When one sincerely raises oneself into living on/in the divine inflow there is a filling (feeding). In my experience doing this for awhile, I did not need to drink water or sleep and use a bathroom. Our bodies have many capabilities that remain hidden – when earned or graced will activate. This is what “they” fear……the integration of the soul and the hidden gifts manifesting and awakening the world.

    • Greg Hunter

      The story in the Bible is clear and it is literal.

      • J. Kimble Allen

        Greg … you are correct!

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Dear Seer. If the Bible says Jesus took the loves and fishes and lifted His face to Heaven and prayed over the food and thanked His Father then that’s what He did literally. The people were drawn to the love and compassion and light in Jesus and
          His WORDS of our Lord Jesus Christ the people were tired and hungry and Lord Jesus Christ fed them all then they gathered up ALL the leftovers so nothing was wasted. Jesus FED them all literally. ❤️ Real food for real people 🍞 🐠🐟

      • Trinacria

        Greg: Bo Polny is absolutely correct in stating that the guests and the information that you provide is WITHOUT EQUAL!!! Truly and sincerely.
        With regard to the points that Polny made, if I may, I would like to add a few items based on my continues research and monitoring of activity from a financial perspective:
        1. It seems to me that the “deflation monster” make its presence know before the “inflation monster” revs up. Remember that central banks hate deflation, whereas the see inflation as somewhat of a solution as they depreciate the debt, impoverish the masses and enrich the elites, at least in nominal terms for the time being.
        2. Last September, the CEO of FedEx issued and warning that worldwide activity/trade was decreasing significantly. I believe they along with UPS are good leading economic indicators. These companies have been experiencing decreases in activity since then.
        3. China, as the largest exporter is experiencing significant decreases in activity as well. I hope that this, along the Chinese real estate, which is a Ponzi Scheme, topples the CCP mafia that has a stranglehold on the country and frees the poor and battered Chinese people.
        4. This serious slowdown will start added more and more to the unemployment levels. The FED, and other central banks will follow suit will be forced to dramatically lower rates to save the economy. I believe that the short end of the yield curve will be near zero…again!!! They will also start QE, which will be much less effective and governments will again provide massive stimulus as they try to revive what is essentially a dead corpse.
        5. These actions will stimulate the “inflation monster”.
        6. We will have a brief window where the “pleebs” will be able to buy gold at more reduced prices….could be in the next month or two. Silver, initially won’t fare as well as gold as silver is and industrial metal and the economy will be seriously hampered. As I write this, gold is down again at $1,913. I see a brief rebound before starting the downward descent again. I believe low $1,800’s are in play.
        7. More banks and institutions will fail. Our commercial real estate sector is almost in a depression as we speak. Other sectors will follow.
        ***Please don’t view this as financial advice, I am only stating my opinion based on my research.
        All the best to men and women of good will!!!

      • USMC VietVet


    • Rick

      How would I literally feed 2000 people with five(5) loaves of bread and two(2) fish? – just the way Jesus did it: “Just give them something to eat (it doesn’t have to be that much)” – so everyone got “a crumb of bread dipped in fish sauce”!!


        Rick it was literal and the Bible said that they all are and we’re full and they gathered up the leftovers nothing wasted. Remember Jesus doesn’t do crumbs Jesus Christ is MORE than enough. Also remember Jesus gives unto us pushed down, shaken together, running over will men give into our bosom. When a woman came to Jesus for healing for her daughter she just wanted a crumb Lord Jesus Christ said she had great faith and that He was making her daughter not just healed BUT whole (nothing missing nothing broken.
        God is absolutely good 😊

        • Rick

          Linda – When you receive Holy Communion isn’t one wafer enough to fill your soul (you don’t need to gorge on them to be full) and at the end of Communion the Priest gathers up every leftover (nothing is wasted)!!

          • LINDA J CREAN

            Rick, when a person takes Communion they do it to remember what Lord Jesus Christ did for us the bread represents the body of Christ Jesus the Juice the blood of Jesus Christ we do this in rememberance of Lord Jesus giving His life its not to fill your soul. We are a spirit we have a soul (mind, will, emotions) and we live in a body. When you read your Bible Jesus restores your SOUL(mind, will .emotions). Jesus FED the people because they were hungry they all ate until they were filled a miracle like the water to wine at the wedding. You don’t take Communion because your hungry it’s to remember what Jesus did for us. By Jesus’ stripes we are healed by Jesus blood we are saved from Hell. Jesus probably gave the leftovers to the boy who gave Jesus his lunch. 🍞 & 🐠 🧺 You can read about it in your Bible 📖. Ps, I have a Pastor not every Christian is a Catholic we’re all called the body of Christ, Lord Jesus Christ is the head of the body Father God says so.

    • Mario

      The feeding of the thousands with the 5 fish and loaves is definitely literal.
      Jesus used parables for sure in the New Testament teaching however that wasn’t one of them.

    • Ed Hill

      How do you know it is not literal, and that your view is correct?

  10. FreeMpg

    Let us never forget that the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) knew as as April 2020–evidenced by papers leaked to Project Veritas–that Ivermectin works across ALL stages of COVID.

  11. TG

    Same at our hospital on mid Vancouver Island… So busy it is hard to find a spot to park. Blood tests have an appointment waiting list that can easily take hours to get a sample out… if you are lucky. Often people have to come back on day 2… for a simple blood sample… The tests can take days an even weeks to get the results.

  12. neil

    Bo’s on a mission from God, amen amen and amen .

    • Martin & Katrin

      We do our own blood tests…. we take our own blood with the proper gear sent to us by the lab. Then we post the bloods from Mallorca, Spain to the lab in Germany by UPS… usually it arrives next morning and we get the results that same day..I dunno if that’s possible in North America…Sure, it costs us the postage, but our insurance pays for the tests…

  13. Michael McCammack in Indiana

    Thank you, two wonderful men!
    Hopefully what will take place is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all flesh! This is to happen in the last days.
    Acts 2-17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.
    This is a quote from the book of Joel, quoted in the book of Acts.

  14. Marcella

    Greg! You forgot to say” Fear not…!!!!”

    • Greg Hunter

      I always say that at the end of the Weekly News Wrap-Up, but “Fear Not” is good to say anytime because Jesus is real!!

      • Mark Antolovic


      • John Morgan

        Amen. Aren’t experimental vaccines a crime according to Nuremberg protocol. The mnr vaccine was produced without testing

  15. Rachel.M.

    Great to recieve a Bo Polony update.
    Many thanks.

  16. Paul in oz

    Since I believe when you can say nothing positive, all i can say is ….

  17. David Gordon Dunne

    I like Bo and Jonathon too. I just have to think that the global collapse happens and there are no ATMs, worthless currencies, and this will coincide with no food, water, or any other necessity needed to sustain life. In no time at all, there will be riots, looting, killing, and mayheim all over the world. Hospitals will close, and there will be blood in the streets. No internet, no gas to pump, and most people laugh and have laughed at stocking up so I don’t see this ending smooth, pretty and calm. Thanks for all your support and info on my prostate cancer and the upcoming surgery of it. God Bless all of you whenever the chit hits the fan, it will a very dark day for the world. Maybe the pain must be felt first to gain in the end.

  18. Billy Craven

    Bo’s forecasts would be more accurate if he would stick to the New Testament, the book of Truth, the Christian scripture.

    ps. the PCR testis were tainted just like the Pfizer vax that Trump still has not unequivocally rebuked. Is Trump under demonic possession? Who would rest on years of pushing the vax? Seriously there is something wrong with him on this issue.

    2mins clip on PCR vax details

  19. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Polny , love the probing questions and willingness to step back and allow the interviewee to talk.

  20. Baregil de Gomçesval

    Men say that God says: x, y, z.
    Men claim to know what God says.
    Men quote the script, which was written by other men and say that the bible is the word of God.
    Men pretend that other men believe, _by faith:, what they claim is the word of God.
    What gratis is stated, gratis is negated.
    It’s sheer arrogance claiming to be God’s spokesperson.

    • Rick

      Men can claim there is no God up there and that the miracles Jesus did were just tricks (like magicians do all the time) – however – when a Demon Rat comedian promotes the Clot Shot modification of God’s DNA and makes jokes about being vaxxed, double vaxxed and boosted – gets struck down – after saying the words: “Jesus Loves Me The Most”!! – you know someone up there is listening to everything we do and say – and definitely “does not love Demons” the most!!! –

  21. Loxie Lou Davie

    All Bible students take notice…..Hebrew Scholar, Mauro Biglino, has a new book out called, “Gods of The Bible”!! Question……Why does it NOT matter if we received a correct translation of our Old Testament???

  22. Roger Stamper

    tks for post bo greg

  23. PersonaNonGrata

    Yet another doctor endorses Ivermectin . . .

  24. Paul D Anders

    Trump comes back how? For what reason?
    Nobody has even started listening about the cheat. If they did so today, it would take forever with investigations to come to a conclusion.
    And the Biden corruption would only remove Biden, that would not put Trump back in office.
    As each day passes I feel that much more that Trump will not be back in office.
    And wouldn’t it be full circle if RFK was there to finish what was started…

  25. Michae Scott

    Changes have happened in a blink of an eye, let alone 24 hours. Bo is correct, there is going to another 4th turning that is going to occur soon. The secular world will call it a “Black Swan” event, however, the faithful will realize it for what it is……a supernatural, God driven event.

    • Kathy

      I agree. But taking it further, all of the people who took the shots have been genetically modified. Will God recognize these people during judgement? Is Trump not partially responsible? Does anyone not look at it like that?

  26. Sher

    We are, indeed, in the prophesied end times. And, something YUGE (that’s a blatant political plug) is about to occur. The enemy within our gates think it’s theirs and that they will pull off the close-to-final submission and, then, destruction of humanity. But…nay! Our Lord is planning a surprise that will shock the nations and all the world. Take a long needed breath and…stay tuned and take heart. As in true shock and awe fashion, He will win the battle and the war. 🙂

  27. Jane

    Do not see link?

  28. sam

    Ag… XRP….and XLM

    • Paul D Anders

      Yep 👍

  29. Marie Joy

    Doctors and Big Pharma are in the business of genocide.

  30. Led Skeletor

    A Wise Old Man (that the liberal Hollywood meat-head entitlement left branded as crazy extreme) Once Sang On TV:

    Didn’t need no welfare state.
    Everybody pulled his weight
    Gee, our old LaSalle ran great.
    Those were the days

    And you knew where you were then
    Girls were girls and men were men.
    Mister, we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again.

    People seemed to be content.
    Fifty dollars paid the rent.
    Freaks were in a circus tent.
    Those were the days

    • Rick

      Yeah! Lets get back to the days when girls were Girls and men were Men – and lets put the freaking Gay Pride Queers back in the closet (with the puppets in the circus tent)!! –

      • Enrico

        Yes, Rick!

        1956, when men, (Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis) were men, and women (Gina Lollobrigida) were women!


        Rick it sounds like you have an anger problem Jesus Christ can help 🙏 you get rid of that. Be at peace 🕊️

  31. tibor

    ..we like Bo..we are all not perfect..we hope for the best.
    thanks for having him on.

  32. Justn Observer

    Greg, sometimes the subjects and timelines are just to uncanny to doubt there is a God’s plan to reveal it all as Bo Polny suggests.

  33. Donald Hoffman

    So what do we do with our cash in the bank? Buy PM and hope the crash in the dollar comes to pass? How do we pay our mortgage, electric bill etc?

  34. Matt

    I feel blessed that my family and household is one of our Lord Jesus Christ and, daily, praises thanks to God almighty. God bless you, Mr. Hunter, for continuing to bring important voices to the masses. You are doing His work!

    God bless to you and your family!

  35. Prospector

    After seeing hundreds of food production plants catch fire , many officially called ARSON , it it hard not to wonder if the droughts are man-made. We know from , that such things are possible. PRAY. FOR. RAIN.

    Production Problems in the Eastern Corn Belt? A Look at NOAA’s New Summer Drought Outlook

    • Rick

      Not only are droughts man made but we can cause earthquakes too!!

  36. I Dig Au

    Thank you Greg and Bo.


    The year is not over yet so anything can happen.

  38. Jeffrobbins

    Very interesting. I’m never sure what to think after Bo’s interviews- good and bad news all mixed together. He didn’t say it, but it would be good to have some cash- enough for a couple weeks anyway. He talked about three seals- one big cloud i would ask about is the forth seal? The third seal brings a rider with scales and the forth brings a rider with death. I’m going to keep feeding the catfish. Sometimes i think about “A County Boy Can Survive”

  39. Michael B Anenberg

    Russia will nuke Sodom ( California) and Gomorrah ( New York).
    The world will praise Putin for it.
    Trump will step into power from Mara Lago, FLA.
    The Great Re-building will begin.
    All those evil anti-Americans will be tried, jailed, and executed.

    • Helen Kingston

      Trump hosted 300 sodomites at a boozy party at Mar a Lago in Dec 2022. He stood before them all holding hands, and he told them he would fight for them. That same week he attacked Roman Catholics for being too opposed to abortion thus costing him the midterm elections

      When the Bud Light thin happened, Don Jr bosted of his sodomite close friends.

      These are indisputable facts.

  40. Susan R

    It has been quite a while I have been listening to Bo. I am hoping he will get much praise for his prediction. It is said we live in a time never seen before. It would be blissful to see the wrongs of the world righted. He does warn though to be prepared with food etc. when the system breaks. I have been a great appreciator of the beauty God has provided us, being an artist, but if the evil ones were to get their plan to work out, we would perish. As Bo Says, “All Glory Goes To God”

  41. Catherine Cronin

    Love Bo,,,,,he is so enthusiastic in his presentation that one knows he’s onto something big. Let’s hope sooner than later. GOD BLESS AMERICA. May God bless us and keep all God fearing people safe. May God save all the innocent children in this world who have be victims of countless crimes and evil. ITS TIME,,,THAT THE REIGN OF SATAN COMES TO AN END.

  42. John Maskell

    It’s so refreshing to have an enthusiastic analyst like Bo Polny . No matter what the outcome is , we will all meet up in God’s kingdom . I don’t get scared now, the reason being is the term “fear not”. I have listened to this at the end of the weekly news wrap up and these words that Greg repeats really resonate with me. We will be rewarded in heaven . As for the evil vax pushing filth and corrupt elite , the place for them is hell ! I hope darkness and torture awaits these twisted killers. Strong language but the good people of the world have had enough . Thank you Lord for having people like Greg and Bo to enlighten us !

  43. Dave

    There isn’t even a Hebrew word for coincidence.

    • Rick

      Yes there is “ישוע” – the official Hebrew word for coincidence is צירוף מקרים – the word coincidence is translated from the Greek word synkyrian (which is a combination of two words: syn and kyrios (syn means “together with” and kyrious means “supreme authority”) – and Jesus “ישוע” was coincidentally “together with God the Father”!!

  44. Damien

    I like Bo Polny, he’s a true believer. I’m afraid I’m a bit more of a dubious, believer. I’ve been waiting on God’s money to shine, but alas it does nuthin’ month after month, year after year, and I’m bettin’ my whole stack it will do absolutely, nuthin’ again this month or this year either.
    By nuthin’ I mean it better go waaaay past $50 per oz. or don’t even claim it has done squat against the (RELENTLESS) wealth destruction of the Central Bankers. I’ll bet it won’t even pass $40 this year. Supply & demand mean nothing. Naked shorts of a billion ounces a day are S.O.P. and no foriegn Arbitrage exists to check the LBME or CME’s naked price manipulations AND NOT ONE REGULATORY AGENCY EXISTS, there is ZERO possibility of precious metals shining.
    Not a knock on you or Bo, Greg, but I gotta call it like I see it and I don’t see metals moving up until well after they can be of any use in saving anyone from this wealth transfer. Then, when all of us Plebians are destroyed, and only then, will the criminals re-value metals to reflect true market value. At least that’s how I see it, and I am an Alumni of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) so I’m not totally, without my own economic chops. Keep up the vigilant work and God bless you & yours.

    • Mario

      When the dollar goes to zero as will all fiat currencies, and silver and gold is the only thing monetarily that’s still standing….
      Your silver will be priceless. Way more than 40-50$ an oz

    • Mark

      Hi Damien,
      Very interesting comments from Jim Willie during this interview with Scott regarding the “banker war” which is taking place between US and Europe. If I understand correctly, Jim sees a possibility of US bankers getting a “pass” on their failure to deliver physical metal while flipping out of their naked short positions in gold and silver to to long positions and the appearing of a dozen or so prices for the metals at different locations around the world through the BRICS and SCO. He even mentions the notion of JP Morgan being “reformed” and working with the “White Hats” against the European bankers in the possible take down of Deutsche Bank.

  45. Thomas Malthaus

    How ironic if the vote took place on June 25.

  46. Helen Ann Rudinsky

    I hope Bo is right. This evil has been going on for so long. It is hard to get up in the morning. I hope he is right.

  47. Barbara Hess

    Please stop taking Scripture out of context .The bible states their will be a new world order.This will happen when the world is looking for a savior but it will be the anti Christ that will be the ruler which will not happen until the church is removed Thessalonians 2 3-8.once the church is removed the seven year tribulation begins.The tribulation is judgement on the ungodly on the earth and for the salvation of the jews.Wears not in the seven year tribulation birth pangs study book of Daniel and Revelation

    • Jeffrobbins

      You might want to prepare for a midtrib rapture. It’s smart to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. There are some scriptures that point to a post trib rapture as well. The one i keep going back to is the parable of the ten virgins- half had oil and the other half went to get some when they heard the groom was close at hand. I think the important part of the parable is that the groom comes in the middle of the night- when things are dark. And we can see it getting dark- slow and steady- just like when the sun goes down.

  48. Ray Ragston

    Raytheon CEO Explains Why China Has US Military By The Balls | ZeroHedge

  49. Rock

    The USA must go down enough so that they offer no resistance to the invasion of Israel in the end times. That can happen gradually or in one brief moment. But there is no stopping it.

    God’s children are not sentenced to His wrath. And the mark of the beast is not enforced until then. So if you are a child of God, you do not need to worry about that.

    What you need to be concerned about is your salvation. If you are not saved, you WILL suffer Gods wrath, and how horrible that will be…

  50. Barbarahess Hess

    America is not in bible prophesy study your Bible please the next prophetic event is the rapture of the church.The seven year tribulation occurs when the church is removed and the anti Christ has power for we in years.God pours out his wrath . At the end of the seven year tribulation God returns to set up his 1000year milimum.Satan is locked up for a thousand years.We are in the birth pangs and there will be no peace till Jesus returns. get saved now Romans 10 ;9-13


    • Julia

      Barbara, may I please suggest a study of the Counter Reformation organized by the Jesuits? The word “Rapture” first appeared in the Jesuit bible the meaning being happy or excited. Over time the word took on a different meaning as it is used today. I do not know where the word “Rapture” is in the New Testament. I would also like to suggest Horae Apocalypticae by E.B. Elliott. I think you will enjoy it.

    • GayleneMuir

      AT Daniel 8:20 an angel of God told Daniel that the two-horned ram that he saw represented the dual kingdom of Medo-Persia. By this explanation God throws light on what is represented by the wild beast that the apostle John saw after having seen the dragon and the wild beast that ascended out of the sea: “And I saw another wild beast ascending out of the earth, and it had two horns like a lamb, but it began speaking as a dragon. And it exercises all the authority of the first wild beast in its sight. And it makes the earth and those who dwell in it worship the first wild beast, whose death-stroke got healed. And it performs great signs . . . And it misleads those who dwell on the earth, because of the signs that were granted it to perform in the sight of the wild beast.”—Rev. 13:11-14.
      Barb, what could this wild beast picture? Looming up prominently in front of the wild beast or Satan’s visible organization have been Great Britain and the United States. While both are separate nations, to all intents and purposes they have functioned as a dual world power, their language, their heritage, their principles and policies being the same, and they have been working together ever since their differences were settled in the War of 1812. Thus, history records that since the promulgation of the Monroe Doctrine in 1823 they have been collaborating in world affairs; striking examples of which they furnished in World Wars I and II.
      _________Barbara, see the rest of my comment somewhere, bellow.

    • John

      Here are a few off the top of my head but there is more.
      2 Sam 7:10 and 1 Chron 17:9 new home
      Isa 49:12 and Jer 3:18 northwest
      Psalm 72 7&8 and Zec 9:10 land between two seas
      This is what I see an old promised land and a new promised land.

    • Dawn

      But what happens after a 1000 years?
      Do we go through all this BS again where there is much suffering for many more 1000s of years?

  51. Mark

    Can seals be opened before tribulation?
    I’ve said this and people said I’m wrong
    It’s good to see I’m.not alone in this thinking.
    However I disagree that things Imprive before 2nd advent

  52. Naomie Zondervan

    IT WASN’T TOO LONG AFTER. Of course, CLEARING OUT THE TEMPLE, the merchants returned. About three years later, Jesus addressed the same injustice, this time quoting God’s own words condemning those who made His house “a cave of robbers.” (Jeremiah 7:11; Matthew 21:13) Yes, when Jesus saw the greedy exploitation of the people and the defilement of God’s temple, he felt just as his Father did. And no wonder! For countless millions of years, Jesus had been taught by his heavenly Father. As a result, he was imbued with his sense of justice. He became a living illustration of the saying, Like father, like son. So, if we want to obtain a clear picture of God’s quality of justice, we can do no better than ponder the example of Jesus Christ.​—John 14:9, 10.
    The only begotten Son was present when Satan unjustly called father a liar and questioned the righteousness of His rule. What slander! The Son also heard Satan’s later challenge that no one would serve’s God unselfishly, out of love. These false charges surely pained the son’s righteous heart. How thrilled he must have been to learn that he would play the key role in setting the record straight! (2 Corinthians 1:20) How would he do that?
    Jesus Christ gave the ultimate, conclusive answer to Satan’s charge impugning the integrity of God’s creatures. Jesus thereby laid the basis for clearing God’s holy name, from all slander​—including the lie, that his perfect way of ruling is faulty. As the father’s Chief Agent, Jesus will establish divine justice throughout the universe. (Acts 5:31) His life course on earth likewise reflected divine justice. God the father said of him: “I will put my spirit upon him, and what justice is he will make clear to the nations.” (Matthew 12:18) How did Jesus fulfill those words?
    __________Jesus Clarifies, just, “What Justice Is!”
    Jesus loved his father’s Law and lived by it. But the religious leaders of his day twisted and misapplied that, Law. Jesus said to them: “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! . . . You have disregarded the weightier matters of the Law, namely, justice and mercy and faithfulness.” (Matthew 23:23) Decidedly, those teachers of God’s Law were not making clear “what justice is.” Rather, they were obscuring divine justice. How? Consider a few examples.
    God directed his people to keep separate from the pagan nations surrounding them. (1 Kings 11:1, 2) However, some fanatic religious leaders encouraged the people to hold all non-Jews in contempt. The Mishnah even included this rule: “Cattle may not be left in the inns of the gentiles since they are suspected of bestiality.” Such blanket prejudice against all non-Jews was unjust and quite contrary to the spirit of the Mosaic Law. (Leviticus 19:34) Other man-made rules demeaned women. The oral law said that a wife should walk behind, not beside, her husband. A man was warned against conversing with a woman in public, even his own wife. Like slaves, women were not allowed to offer testimony in court. There was even a formal prayer in which men thanked God that they were not women.

    Jesus did more than teach about love. He lived “the law of the Christ.” It was embodied in his life course. I’m considering three ways, in which Jesus’ example made clear what justice is. So, stay tuned as we take a deep dive into.
    OUR SUPERMAN of STEEL, Courage and Justice!

  53. stephan groß

    On the belt buckle of the wehrmacht (that was the german army, which the nazis appropriated) it read – GOD WITH US -.

    The most dangerous thing is when nations claim that they are “God’s chosen ones” and “the only nation existing before God”

  54. Coco de Coco

    Because Trump has failed to rebuke the Co-vax extermination, more people are moving to RFK, Jr.

    “.The mainstream media will never report on the topics that RFK is covering. I am becoming increasingly impressed with his ideas – he’s someone to keep an eye on.”

  55. Mark

    Could you have Dr. Sam Bailey on your show in relation to vaccine issues? She and her husband are medical doctors in New Zealand who are debunkers of vaccine myths.

    BTW, thanks for convincing me not to take the clot shot!!

  56. Justn Observer

    Greg, looks like the U.S. setting up and getting ready to go crypto in July?
    @ 34:40 =

    Industrial silver supply down to 2 weeks’ worth?

    How is Joe going to make all those solar panels and EV cars and supply the new ‘chipmakers’ in the U.S. along with laptops, cell phones, and God forbid ‘smart’ weapons if he plans to supply Ukraine AND replenish the U.S. stockpiles should China should decide to give ‘the BIG GUY’ the finger and go for Taiwan?

  57. Jane jones

    This businessman — who went to prison for 2 years for corrupt donations to Biden — received jail time from the feds because he had wrong last name
    By Miranda Devine June 21, 2023

  58. DP Insider

    The Obama plan to remove Biden in order to make way for Michelle’s 2024 bid is proceeding on schedule.

    Everyone has known of Joe’s corruption for decades, yet he has been protected by the media, etc, until now…odd timing isn’t it?

    Obama has also kept Trump’s support up with all of the fake and staged ‘persecution’ of him.

    Trump—who couldn’t even defeat Joe Biden—will be incredibly easy for Michelle Obama to trounce in ‘24.

    Trump will have served his purpose to Obama at that point and will finally go away…I look forward to the gnashing of teeth here at USAWD when Michelle’s landslide victory is announced early on Election Night.

    • Tom Handle

      Mike Obama is tainted with the same brush as Bud Light and Target. That tranny is not going to get votes except from the depraved.

  59. Gay Muir

    Barbara continued,
    Of all the world powers to dominate this globe, from Egypt onward, this Anglo-American dual world power has been the greatest. It has spread out farther than any other, and by it succeeding the Holy Roman Empire as the dominating world power it became the seventh world power of Bible prophecy and history. Its having horns of a lamb are in keeping with the boast of Britain and America that they have fought only defensive wars and not wars of conquest. Certain it is that it was not by military conquests, such as those of Alexander the Great and Napoleon, that Great Britain first became a world power, it being joined by the United States in the early nineteenth century to form the Anglo-American world power. It has gained its ends by the lamblike methods, as it were, of diplomacy, commerce and religion. Though posing as a lamb, it has, nevertheless, had the voice of a dragon, a powerful voice, a voice like that of the dragon, Satan the Devil.

    By reason of its being the world power this two-horned beast has exercised all the authority of the first wild beast, dominating the rest of the world. Due to its prominent position in Satan’s world the effect of its aims and methods has been to cause the nations of the world to give their devotion to Satan’s organization instead of to God and his kingdom.

    It is linked with the dragon and the wild beast at Revelation 16:13, where it is termed the “false prophet.” That this false prophet is indeed the same as the two-horned beast is clear from both the physical facts and the reference to it at Revelation 19:20, where the “false prophet” is depicted as having done the things mentioned as being done by the two-horned beast in Re chapter 13. “The wild beast was caught, and along with it the false prophet that performed in front of it the signs with which he misled those who received the mark of the wild beast.” It is fitly termed a false prophet, for it has served as a spokesman for the wild beast, Satan’s visible organization, and that with the voice of a dragon. It will have the same destiny as that of the wild sea beast, for, “while still alive, they both were hurled into the fiery lake that burns with sulphur.” This lake of fire is elsewhere shown to be the second death, that is, eternal annihilation or destruction. —Rev. 19:20; 20:14.
    Seeing is believing.

  60. Jerry

    I’ll be stopping my monthly donation. I made a comment yesterday with biblical citations proving Israel wasn’t in Egypt 400 years. If you can’t publish the truth, I will not support you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry Jerry,
      I think that hit my automatic spam filter. Post again.

      • Jerry

        The Hebrews were NOT in Egypt 400 years. I believe the the 400 years started at the birth of Isaac. Here is the proof:

        As we see in Gen 46:11, Kohath (Moshe’s grandpa) walked into Egypt. In Ex 6:18, we see Kohath died at 133 years old. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, Kohath walked in to Egypt when he was one day old. So, when Kohath died, the Hebrews had been in Egypt 133 years.

        In Ex 6:20, we see that Amraam (Moshe’s father) died at the age of 137 years old. For the sake of argument, let’s say Amraam died in the last year of Kohath’s life. So, when Amraam died, the Hebrews had been in Egypt 270 years.

        In Ex 7:7, we see that Moshe was 80 years old when he spoke to Pharoah about releasing the Hebrews. Let’s say Moshe was born in the last year of Amraam’s life. So, we add the 80 to the 270 and we come up with 350 years.

        In reality, it was probably much less than 350. Some of their time must have been spent in Canaan before their move to Egypt.

  61. Don Ho Howe

    Mike Morell, Vlad Putin, in Bible prophecy;
    “I want to scare Assad” Mike Morell (Aug 8, 2016) | Charlie Rose
    88,425 views Aug 8, 2016
    Mike Morell, former deputy director of the CIA, discusses the need to put pressure on Syria and Russia.

    What Putin JUST Said is Terrifying (Col. Tony Shaffer)
    Stephen Gardner 126,605 views Jun 21, 2023
    Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer goes over the hard realities of the Russia Ukraine war. Colonel Shaffer breaks down what is happening in the Russia Ukraine war with Zelenskyy and Putin. We are not being told the full truth of this war just like with other wars of the past. The American people want peace but the military industrial congressional complex wants war because war is good for their donors.

    While people are saying, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. 1 Thessalonians 5:3►
    Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place. ◄ Matthew 24:34 ►

  62. WW3 Progress's

    Russian Su-35’s Modern Radars, Missiles Crush Zekensky’s Soviet-Era Jets; Kyiv Pilot’s Big Admission/ Hindustan Times
    40,612 views Jun 22, 2023
    Russian cutting-edge Su-35 fighter jets are fending off Ukraine’s Soviet-era jets. Speaking to CNN, a Ukrainian pilot said many of their aircraft have been destroyed by Russia’s technologically advanced jets. Ukraine says the Su-35s, equipped with long-range missiles, are giving Russia a major advantage in the war. Watch this video to know how Russia is conquering the aerial battles.

  63. Roger Winkelman

    Douglas Macgregor: U.S. NATO Council to give the Russians a role in Europe | GoTranscript Test 67,440 views Jun 21, 2023

    Russia’s ‘Nuclear Winter’ Threat to U.S; ‘Deadly’ Deterrent As Arms Control Pact Erodes
    Hindustan Times 13,301 views Jun 22, 2023
    Russia’s Vladimir Putin government has warned its rival, the U.S., against “nuclear winter.” Russia accused the U.S. of using coercion to strengthen its global position. Moscow cautioned that Washington’s actions could spiral into a nuclear winter. Watch this report to learn more about this dangerous deterrent from Moscow.

  64. Arnie Little

    it is simple testimonies like this regarding the power of calling upon the name Jesus

    that indicate Clif High is like the Ouija Board, there to dissaude people from the Lord. In his most recent audioblog he has begun, now, to chip away at the Gospels.

  65. Dawn

    I don’t understand how there can be
    Sux months
    Six weeks
    Six days
    Surely this equates to
    Seven months
    Two weeks
    Six days

    I fail to understand how/why Americans always think God will save them first and foremost over any other country on the planet 🤷‍♀️
    If God is to save us then He WILL save us all and NOT just a small slither if a place that has killed/murdered/displaced /maimed millions and millions and millions of people and has been at war many more years than not since 1776. Bc of her government lies / corruption and fraud all the while most people have looked the other way

  66. Pokie Joe

    YOU finally got the DURHAM REPORT.
    Remember ? There were gonna be BEEEEG INDICTMENTS of ALL the CRIMINALS in the FBI, CONGRESS, CLINTON CAMPAIGN, DNC, etc., who conspired to commit TREASON.

    Durham did not suggest ONE person be indicted for their crimes.
    NOT ONE. Of course it wouldn’t have mattered if he did, cause the whole joint is stacked with THUGS AND CRIMINALS.

    PS> Ask Bo about … it ain’t serving up no more pages. Maybe Bill Holter, another “expert” knows why ? Or if you can find’em, why not ask MR. GOLD, JIM SINCLAIR ?

    And now, back to your FREAK SHOW.

    • Tom Handle

      Jim Willie reporting that the white-hats are cleaning up, much happening — no need to inform civilians because that would jeopardize operations and risk more soldiers’ lives.

      parata sunt derisoribus iudicia et mallei percutientes stultorum corporibus

  67. Marie Joy

    Online discussion of malaria brings me here to tell you there is a mostly unknown simple treatment for malaria. The treatment, not a cure, keeps you from being symptomatic. The treatment would differ if you knew which malaria you had. Plasmodium vivax, for instance, would/could be a lesser dose than Plasmodium falciparum. The treatment is NSAIDS, taken once a month. If I had Plasmodium vivax, I would take one naproxen sodium per month. I would still have malaria but I would not be sick.

  68. Marie Joy

    Coors Light is the lead sponsor of Denver’s pride parade.
    Found that at
    It will be interesting to see what happens to the Coors Brand.

  69. Fred

    Trump still bragging about how his KillShot “saved 100 million lives”…anyone still supporting this fraud needs their head checked!

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump is just willfully ignorant on the subject. CV19 injections are bioweapons.


      • Mark

        Greg, as you like to say:

        “It’s too stupid to be stupid.”

        There is no way that Trump hasn’t heard the truth about the vax by now.

        He is such an awful man that he doesn’t even have the decency or sense to simply drop the subject.

        No, he must continue to brag and lie about how great it is.

        He doesn’t deserve the level of commitment and support that so many conservatives still give to him.

  70. George

    Greg, Bo claims that the evil doers will soon be eradicated and the world will experience a glorious rebirth. However, he then said that the mark of the beast system is still yet to come. So evil is supposedly destroyed, but then reemerges?

  71. Poochiwoo

    I hesitate posting a comment on this subject. My intent is not to troll the guest. I personally do not see evil losing any time soon. Revelation tells us the NWO will succeed for a season. Meaning we can expect at least 8 years of absolute hell on earth. . The pandemic was just a way to get things organized and work out the glitches by evaluating weaknesses and strengths. Lastly, , I do not have faith in a white-hats / military save the day type of scenario simply because they too depend on free money printing. The heart of man is weak, and it always falls. .

  72. Neville

    Once again the subject of the reset was brough up.AAcrime the condemned country and the coalition of the willing will play absolutely no role in it for they smashed the worlds economic system therefore they are hopelessly incapable of fixing it.The number which Bo mentioned the creation of both the money supply and the horrendous which has been built up in AAcrime and I dare say the rest of the world to a slightly lesser extent is just part and parcel of a huge list of CRIMES committed by AAcrime.The corvid scamdemic being one the greatest amonngst them as AAcrime are responsible for over 300 million people dying and billions being injured from the injection to infection toxic cocktail of drugs which were administered to more than 80% of the world.

    There will not be any reproachment made to the population at large except to those people who have followed Gregs excellent example of TELLING THE TRUTH and also of of timeously get THE TRUTH out to all of us who read this wonderful news service.

    Thanks Greg & Bo

  73. Jackie Pollock

    The biggest miracle will be the “come to Jesus” event that Bo says Trump will undergo here soon sometime within these last months of 2023. I hope it happens as Bo says he sees it will along with all the surrounding happenings involved with it inside our government and countries we have policies with. If Trump goes the way Bo describes we have a chance to get things righted in the US. But, honestly it seems so far-fetched – nevertheless, I am hoping Bo is correct in all his predictions. We are at a tipping point in so many directions that everything may implode one after another. We have been led astray and much of the population is conditioned to the new normal that they are almost comfortable with it all and cab’t be bothered.
    I think there are more than 10 of us who are righteous by Jesus’ standards that we all can be granted His mercy and keep up the good fight, which is what we are supposed to do. Not just sit and wait for a ticket out.

  74. Tolstoy at the Train Station

    I feel sorry for all the people who think they know,
    because they were told
    or they read it
    or watched it
    or were taught it

    no one knows anything,
    discernment of your spirit can feel the sickness
    of this earth
    and the soul feels the sorrow of having to live it,
    and experience it,
    and we know not why.

    but once you have died
    you will understand everything,
    for the microsecond that it matters
    and then – your soul – your spirit will just go on

    with the evolution of spiritual wisdom.

    and the paradox is
    I don’t even know if what I just said
    is anything at all except a passing cloud
    posing as a thought.

    there must be a reason you name is Hunter
    hunting for the truth
    collecting Meat (information) to feed the hungry.

    • Greg Hunter

      I know Jesus is real!!

  75. clyde cates jr.

    Will never vote for vaccine drug pusher Trump; Even Bo would not touch the subject. I’ll vote for the Gov. of Florida or none of the above.

  76. Ted

    Look at the gematria of seven eleven. The illiminati playing card shows a tsunami hit the east coast, knocking out all digital records.

    No more assets or debt, reset to zero all currency, and roll out the digital voucher system.

    Or Jesus comes and stops Evil from destroying his creation.

  77. Lisa Mooney

    Greg, Love it, “He will have to get Medieval on the Evil”.

  78. Tag Geren

    As much as i hope it will play out the way represented. i think it will be way harder than most can even imagine.

  79. Richard Longacre

    Bo stated that what is coming (possibly on 25 June) will be the death of the USA system as we know it, the fall of mystery Babylon, and a wealth transfer.
    He also stated that the MOTB economic system is coming, just not now.

    30 June 2023 is the LIBOR to SOFR transition (this will affect every single contract that has an interest rate attached and will cause mayhem in our bond markets, mortgages, credit cards, and derivatives).

    1 July is when our FED is going to give every single person their very own CBDC account. This is the beginning of the MOTB and will soon enough become mandatory to use or else and it will very likely also be linked to our vaccine status and social credit scores. This is the MOTB, and coming quickly.

    Most people can feel the tension globally building and threats of nuclear war are high as well as a global financial collapse.
    Wars, earthquakes everywhere, volcanos erupting, famines, pestilences, and hyperinflation are here now everywhere and getting worse (birth pangs – first 4-seals).

    The BRICS+ are announcing their own currency in August which will likely finish off whatever is left of the USD system. Even if we are looking at a re-birth of the USA under God starting in August we are going to have some very difficult times first. Plus we know that the MOTB system is still coming some time later (if not now). Preparation is vital.

    I do agree that this collapse will cause the largest wealth transfer in history and that those holding gold, silver, land, oil, food, energy, LNG, and commodities will inherit the largest part of this wealth transfer. Unfortunately these people are mostly the deep state players owning and controlling these things.

    I personally don’t see anything good coming from all of these things until Jesus returns. The fall of this old (Mystery Babylon) system is most likely going to bring about an even more tyrannical MOTB total life control system with programable digital currency, far more controls and threats. That is what I’m prepping for anyways.

    I love listening to Bo because he encourages me to prepare and he is very often correct (to the day) but I think he will need to re-evaluate his last days (Great Tribulation & MOTB) timelines when certain things don’t happen. I hope I’m wrong. I’m expecting the 5th seal (Great Tribulation) to begin soon enough after this collapse of Mystery Babylon along with the CBDC MOTB economic system before the return of Jesus (6th seal – resurrection and rapture) and the Day of the Lord/God’s final wrath on an unbelieving world (7th seal, 7 Trumpets, and 7 Bowl judgements) that begins on the same day (within 24 hours) of His return. I know there a lot of different views of the rapture and end times but this is how I read it and understand it. Tough times ahead for sure but we know God wins in the end.

  80. Johann Creutzberg

    Seems like something did happen on the date Bo mentioned. Vlad was stabbed in the back by one of his own. Looks like the guy was bought. We will see how it plays out. I bet Russia will come out of it stronger then ever.
    Greg, thanks for the interview and your work.
    God bless +

  81. Jeri

    I listened to this last night and today looks like Russian is in civil war. Talk about scary, Bo nailed it!

  82. john morgan

    Bo said something big would happen around the 25, Russian coup attempt, pretty big.

  83. Prospector

    Now we must think about how the Russia coup thing has domino effects elsewhere.
    A halt in the advance on Moscow, and talks of a deal reached. ( Hmmmmm )

    ” If you strike out at the king , you best not miss “

  84. Greg

    Bo nailed it Greg. The attempted failed coup against Vladimir Putin and Russia !


  85. Diana

    Greg, thank you for all your work. Today I decided to listen to Bo’s interview again. Today was a giant psy-op and the CIA is going to get us nuked or die trying. I went through some comments and if people keep nit-picking everything and everybody there is no win in our future. That type of behavior got us here and you need to see what is happening now or you are going to keep being wrong till nothing is left. Hopefully, God will intervene but with all the pettiness I’m not sure. We will see, watch the water.


    My Brother Greg Who cares about Rickards and Roberts…Pastor Bo’s info is Over The Target

  87. D

    Thought Trump was supposed to return to office last year. These so-called prophets keep moving the goal post when their predictions don’t come true. Just admit it.

  88. Ac

    The dollar could already be gone. We just don’t know it yet. We’re not going back to it that’s for sure but what comes next will be very interesting. What exciting times

  89. Karla Reinhardt

    When does the Anti-Christ appear? Or is he already here?

  90. James Hall

    This ties into what Polny Armstrong talk about. These are the cycles everyone talks about.
    The date ties into Polny’s Jan. 20 start date.

  91. Chloe

    This has all been a long-term setup by China.

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