The Great Silver Crisis is Coming – David Morgan

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Precious metals expert and financial writer David Morgan says, “There is a lot of buying pressure in the silver market right now and for gold as well.”  Morgan points out that even more buying pressure from the industrial side of the market could catapult demand and price.  Morgan says, “We are probably entering into what I call ‘The Great Silver Crisis.’  ‘The Great Silver Crisis’ really is verified when the commercial bar category is bought for industrial use, and they panic. So, when Apple says we can’t make the 5G phone because it’s going to take silver and it’s on back order, and it will take two months to get it, they’ll have to shut down the production line.  That spills over into the electric vehicle market and spills over into a lot of electronic manufacturing.  When that happens, the industrial side, which is 60% of the market, panics into buying silver and has to warehouse it because they are afraid they are going to run out because without silver, it would put them out of business.  That would be ‘The Great Silver Crisis’. . . . We are not that close yet, but we are getting closer.”

On the financial end of the market for precious metals, it look dire.  People are getting scared.  Morgan says, “We are at a point now where they are printing so much money that people are trusting the currency less and less and less.  It becomes worth less and worth less, and then it becomes worthless.  We seem to be going to worthlessness.   That’s when you will see greater demand than we are already seeing.  We are seeing the precursor to what happens.  We are in the third leg up in a bull market.  The third leg in any market is the most substantial increase. . .”

Morgan points out that inflation is much more extreme than most people realize.  Morgan explains, “If you look at the metrics that we used in 1980 where food and energy, the two things humans need most to survive, were not taken out of the CPI (consumer price index) and they left that in, and we went with the same calculation, which is far more honest that the calculation we have now, it’s a simple math problem, and $50 silver in 1980 is $600 right now.  The $50 that silver hit in 2011 really didn’t buy you anything, and certainly not what it would have bought you in 1980.”

In closing, Morgan says, “A bull market is very much like riding a bull that will buck to try to get that rider off its back.  You will see these huge moves down like we saw this past week, 15% in one day, that will take weak hands off the bull, and they are never going to get back on it.  The main function as an investor is to hang on to that bull all the way up to near the top of the market, and then take a profit or whatever.  So, be prepared folks.  Bull markets go up and down, and you are going to see some real scary moves up and down.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with David Morgan, publisher of “The Morgan Report.”

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  1. Steve

    Did you see the article in Forbes projecting the national debt rising to 78 trillion by 2028. The author says this will present significant challenges. Ya think!!! I guess it’s time to short that barbaric relic. I just hope we have enough trees.

    • Ranlar

      Good Morning Steve,
      I too follow Forbes; however, I did a little research and found the Forbe’s family sold their enterprise to Whale Media Investments based out of Hong Kong. Now there are negotiations to sell Forbes to HNA Group Co., Ltd., which is a Chinese conglomerate headquartered in Haikou, Hainan, China. It’s unbelievable how many American companies that this group owns.

    • Boyeee!

      Trump needed to double the debt in his 8 year stint to avoid a collapse. He tried to be responsible and now is forced to play catch up. He will have to overshoot that number now so lets say 20T x2 = 40T by 2024 plus 10T = 50t. The next guy must double that so 78T by 2028 makes sense.

      • Tin foil hat

        You hit the nail right on the head. That is the trend since Ronald Reagan and Trump is a little behind.

    • eddiemd

      The DeepFake democratic convention starring Uncle Joe Biden.

      The deepfake technology will be used to cover for Biden.

      • William Stanley

        Interesting article!

        • eddiemd

          I just watched Joe Biden. Focused on his blinking, teeth, forehead, and cheeks. I don’t know if this was a deepfake. I suspect that it was. At the start they showed him walking in from the shadow. No side profile or noted walk up to the podium. This eliminates gait analysis.

          The end was very abrupt. Limited ability to analyze his gait.

          Any experts out there who have AI software to do analysis on this speech? Comparing his limited blinking? Teeth analysis from previous videos out there to compare?

        • eddiemd

          Brookings article on deepfakes.

          I guess we will know when the debates come…or not.

      • eddiemd

        Hillary repeating the Russian hack…she knew it was Seth Rich at this time. Pardon Assange and release the truth.

        • eddiemd

          Hillary Clinton is an evil person. Just watch the video. Despicable.

          Recognize the demonic forces that we are up against. This is a spiritual war. Clintons, Obamas, Jarret, Bush’s, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schummer…all luciferians. They will all face the wrath of the Almighty God. They are deceived and delusional. Given over to the dark powers.

  2. Self Exiled

    ”But if we’re truly honest about the messaging of the Democrats and the way they are positioning themselves for this election they are expecting to lose and steal the election through ballot harvesting and contesting state results to sow further discord.” YA Think. My long aged cynicism. Excellent grounded article, to be sent to doubtful relatives. This blindness we are encountering is spiritual so prayer is probably the only weapon that is viable. Now we know why the Bible never comments to Christ ever smiling. Eternal seriousness sees the horrible results of this lack of the heart to see. The number one complaint of Filipinos concerning people of the US. ”They think only with their head.”

    • Self Exiled

      I understand Gina’s rebellion at a system. Can you imagine graduating from any educational institution with a mediocre understanding of readen ritten and rithmatic and owing thousands of dollars for years to come. The usual K-Mart [banker] mentality of marketing applied to our most valuable asset [to use a bankers term] [should be gift] children. The inability of the youth to comprehend the crime that has been committed upon them [blindness] is the the result of a lack of insight into the fallen nature of man. Any system is only as good as the people who run it. God out of education, is no education at all: but, I preach to the choir.

      • Charles H

        S E,

        You return to a recurring theme – because it is the true basis of the underlying problem. American youth have been lied to and betrayed by their teachers.

        Actually – ALL systems of importance are corrupted or being corrupted. Science and medicine are gone: hydroxychloroquin is politically poison, and barred from prescribing. Politics itself is lost: can you spell “Democrat”? Failure to prosecute rioters in cities ring a bell? The Intelligence Agencies are weaponized and one-sided. Unions went the way of greed decades ago; the Post Office is in national view now.

        Like the Amish farmers – much of everything that lies beyond the peruse of daily, personal work and activity to the community: has lost accessibility and power to correct. It has been a natural progression, but with a more complicated world – disequality has fostered ingrained power structures. Technology is the cherry on top. The irony and shame is that all the “advancements” are not made to serve to benefit beyond an initial formation. That’s not to say I don’t like my Toyota Camry: it’s just I don’t like the fact that I need a scan tool and specialized tools to work on it. I miss the hand-crank windows.

        • Self Exiled

          So do I. My 2007 Yaris in the US had hand crank windows. Only two options , biggest heater, best stereo. Your comment: ”The power to correct” lost to those who will not.

          She did not listen and heed the voice [of God];
          She accepted no correction.
          She did not trust in the LORD [but trusted her own power];
          She did not draw near to her God [but to the pagan gods of Baal or Molech].
          Her officials within her are roaring lions;
          Her judges are [as hungry as] the wolves at evening,
          They leave nothing for the morning.
          Her prophets are reckless and treacherous men;
          Her priests have profaned the sanctuary;
          They have done violence to the law [by pretending their word is God’s word]. Zephaniah 3:2-4

          • Charles H

            S E,

            Here’s a curve – sinning away the day of Grace.

  3. paul ...

    Look at the following chart on silver (that John Williams at Shadow Stats created based upon the CPI) Silver’s all time high in 1980 was $683 dollars per ounce … … but we should remember that since 1980 (40 years ago) the Fed has been creating fiat out of thin air at an ever increasing exponential rate … so the high in 1980 of $683 dollars per ounce was made when the US dollar “was more valuable then it is today” … so to get back to that 1980 peak “in normalized dollars” simply look at the US Debt Clock ( which normalizes the price of silver to the current fiat dollar money supply … which places the current value of silver at $4,123 dollars per ounce … so Silver currently at just $27 dollars per ounce is definitely “not anywhere near a top”!!!

    • paul ...

      Manufacturers who need Silver as an anti-bacterial, or to manufacture solar panels, cell phones, semiconductors, etc., etc. will be increasingly hard pressed if the silver price keeps rising toward its true intrinsic value of $4,123 dollars per ounce (by the continual buying of savvy investors as a monetary asset) … and that’s why Silver’s price can skyrocket higher (out of the blue “right now” while it is cheap) as manufacturers begin to panic … and being stockpiling tons of Silver (as a very necessary and critical component) for use in manufacturing their industrial products!!

  4. Self Exiled

    If I were Snowden I would accept the pardon or delay it; but stay in Russia for my own safety. I wouldn’t doubt Putin has assigned a monitoring of Snowden for safety as well as international propriety. Putin’s lack of interest and Snowdens freedom in Russia has been an incalculable message sent world wide as to the insignificance of his concern with the domestic gyrations of the US. My thoughts. Plus I view Putin as a statesman not a politician.

    • Self Exiled

      I pray for Snowden whenever I think of him. He reminds me of a very moral close relative who can be trusted.

      • paul ...

        Trump should pardon Snowden and work to free Assange to give hope to his base that he is still on their side!!!

      • paul ...

        Trump should pardon Snowden and work to free Assange!!!

        • Self Exiled

          Absolutely to both your comments.

    • William Stanley


  5. Gary C

    Greg, thanks for getting David Morgan on, a real straight shooter when it comes to
    Silver. In Alberta all bullion dealers re out of Silver Maples, despite the price downturn
    last week, so investment demand is still fairly strong.

    I just put a 10 ounce silver bar in my water cistern holding tank, change it over every 10 years as it kills bad bacteria.

    • andyb

      silver is a great water purifier. I have 20 5 gal jugs for when and if the SHTF with a .999 coin in each. Potable water is becoming a scarce resource and will become more so in the years ahead. Billions of ounces of silver will be required. Unfortunately this amount will not be available within a short 10 years as the planet is running out of silver. I wonder if this is one of the key drivers behind space exploration, although there’s this tricky conundrum of the Van Allen radiation belt circling the globe that has yet to be overcome. No living form can pass through this belt without getting zapped into instant death.

      • Mario

        Hey Andy
        The funny thing is the Van Allen belt is between the earth and the moon… nobody landed on the moon yet because of that. another hoax, one of the greatest ones yet…. next to Covid that is.

  6. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    That was very informative. Thanks!

    • Beverly

      I agree. David Morgan is a great guest. Wasn’t it him who was talking about people seeing how many carrots they could plant in their backyards? I sure hope so, because if you can’t buy food, you better be producing it and storing it. Metals will be useful for a little while—as long as there is food to buy. But, when production stops and transportation stops as well, then people will want the Goods. They will want food, clothes, energy, etc. The basics. Some people predict fabulous technological development in the future. I tell them I don’t think so. People will have to be too focused on what they are going to eat and other basics of life.

  7. paul ...

    This is interesting … a journalist who planned to report the “real news” is arrested … … the documentary she was about to release showed exactly who was behind Russia-gate, the stealing of NSA data files, etc,., etc. … a shadow network called “I I A” run by Deep State operatives like Gen. Jones, Brennan, etc., etc. using “stolen” NSA collected data were able to obtain information that could be used to blackmail every single one of our Representatives in Congress!! … here is the documentary!!! …

  8. paul ...

    Hey Stan … one day soon you and many other people of like mind (who don’t want gold) … will be selling their cars and homes to get hold of some precious metal!!…

    • Stan

      Paul: I convinced two people last week to sell all their Gold and put the money in US Treasuries and the stock market.

      • Paul ...

        ahh ha ha … two more Demons will get what they deserve!!!

      • JC

        Stan, your “friend” Theodore said angry clients of yours were looking for you, regarding some bad bets regarding precious metals. Any news?

        Are you still in Vegas?

        • Stan

          Yes, staying at Wynn resorts

      • William Stanley


        I recently convinced two people, my brother and his wife (liberals!), to invest in precious metals the money that they got from selling an apartment building. I wonder if they lost money last week. I hope that they hung tough.

        I also just convinced my brother-in-law to buy some US Treasuries. (He always does the opposite of what I recommend. He decided on Inflation-Indexed bonds . . . He wanted to play it “safe.” LOL).

      • William Stanley

        I forgot to mention that “I” had convinced my brother to buy precious metals soon after I had sent him Mr. Hunter’s latest interviews with Messers Macleod, Hemke, and Holter.

  9. Self Exiled

    I’m surprised it is still on Utube. ”What They Don’t Want You To See”

    • Paul ...

      Sell all your YouTube shares … they don’t have long for this world as evil will be eradicated!!

  10. paul ...

    Sad news … Trumps brother Robert just passed away (lets hope it was not the workings of the very evil Deep State)!!! …

  11. paul ...

    Open letter to Dr. Fauci (who belongs in prison for murder along with his buddy Gates)!! …

    • Lucas Doolin

      I encourage everyone to read and post everywhere they can the zerohedge article that Paul posted. Doctors Pen Open Letter To Fauci Regarding The Use Of Hydroxychloroquine for Treating COVID-19

    • P ...

      Fauci accuses all of us of “attempted murder” if we don’t wear face masks and take his vaccine … while he “actually murders” hundreds of thousands by denying them use of hydroxychloroquine (to make the death numbers so high “as to justify us taking his vaccine”!!!

    • Bob Lamb

      From what I’ve read, zinc interferes with rna replication, the HCQ is an ionophore that gets it into your cells. I’ve read quercitine is also an ionophore. I bought a bunch of zinc and quercitine. don’t know if it will work but they are just over the counter supplements so if I dont overdo it, shouldn’t hurt me and I’m sure it is better than doing nothing.

      • Paul ...

        Eat a nice juicy steak (which has a lot of zinc in it) and saute up some onions on the side (which are high in quercitine) … or put fried sausage on a bun (which has a lot of zinc in it) and smother it in onions win hat sauce (high in quercitine) … and enjoy kill off the Corona virus “the way God meant us to do it” (we don’t need evil Gates’ and Fauci’s vaccine)!!

  12. Self Exiled

    CONTROL: the optical illusion we all strive for but can not obtain. If we can even control ourselves it is from God. Those who control the world are out of control and have stripped themselves of any ability to be in control of anything. The illusion causes destruction of themselves and others. Anything not of HIM is self destructive. Why do we not choose Life?

    I hurt myself today
    To see if I still feel
    I focus on the pain
    The only thing that’s real
    The needle tears a hole
    The old familiar sting
    Try to kill it all away
    But I remember everything What have I become
    My sweetest FRIEND
    Everyone I know goes away
    In the end
    And you could have it all
    My empire of dirt
    I will let you down
    I will make you hurt

    • William Stanley

      What a poignant poem!
      Did you write it? Is it personal? You once mentioned PTSD.
      I once had a friend who had been serially sexually abused as a small child. She had multiple personalities (a coping mechanism?) and was addicted to sex. She also cut herself from time to time (another coping mechanism?).
      We were never lovers, but I once asked her for a kiss. She gave me the most gentle, sweet, and chaste kiss I ever experienced.
      (I haven’t talked to her in years, but I think she’s making progress toward happiness).

    • William Stanley

      I see that I failed to get the reference to “Hurt” be Johnny Cash:

      • Self Exiled

        My fault I should have posted it as the song. I used to work with children who would become these adults, the cutting is trying to balance the emotional pain with a physical reference, the physical pain makes more sense, you can see the wound, emotional pain is confusing, and sometimes has no reference if memory is blocked [another coping device]. It takes years to work thru these issues, relationships for some are confusing, difficult, impossible. I can think of no worse way to destroy a child’s life. My PTS was a creation of two parents who had to many arguments in front of their children and who lacked unconditional love responses. These situations for children create a high degree of intelligence because the child [even if not a participant] in these issues has to cope with the events buy being forced into an adult thinking world so he copes by thinking thru the events [exercising his brain]. I had a student once who had two lawyer parents he was interesting. I have only meet one perfectly well adjusted Person, and Him they thought crazy. The religious community of the day requested His execution with the consent of the state. S.E.

        • William Stanley

          I actually liked it better the way you did it.
          Although my comment can be mistaken for criticism, it was really just an admission that I should have recognized the song lyrics, as so many others do.

  13. Self Exiled

    No more comments until I listen to the interview. Greg, thank You: The Lord Bless you and keep you, may his Face stay shine upon you, and grant thee His Peace. From memory. Your site after Christ is my therapy and I never said that about Walter.

    • Self Exiled

      The LORD helps them and delivers them;
      He delivers them from the wicked and saves them,
      Because they trust and take refuge in Him. Psalm 37:40

  14. JC

    Perth Mint issues James Bond 007 gold and silver coins in 2020.

    • Elliot Ness

      JC, It’s about time Pinewood’s top cop, not Hoolywood’s crap, get’s some credit.

    • Homey Comey

      JC, It’s about time Pinewood studio’s top cop Bond, get’s some credit and not just Holyweird all the time.

      • Charles H


        I thought you were “Elliot” – and your repetitive answers above proves it. So you assume TWO fake screen-names, use one to disguise JW come-on material; and the other to defend the attempt. Not very disingenuous. Building up recognition by interaction in comments won’t do any good. Your intellectual dishonesty won’t get your foot in the door.

  15. Marc

    Physical silver in YOUR possession has always (eventually) been THE trade of the 21st century. IF you have the courage and fortitude to hang on -you will be richly rewarded. Then the BIG test comes: will u be deeply spiritual enough to use it In a way that creates opportunity and support for others, or will you squander your “true” riches on foolsh frivolity, toys and ego satisfying BS.
    Your choice – your soul…. choose wisely and your energy will shine beautifully and bright for eternity in the presence of Christ and the Heavenly Father….Amen🙏🏼.

  16. Anthony Australia

    Thanks for a great interview Greg. This man knows what he’s talking about. Stay the course, remain focused and avoid the MSM at all cost.

  17. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Morgan.
    Salutary wake up call,yes even at his late stage,to the Bolshevik destruction of the USA.Mr Morgan and so many of your guests are like Gen.Paton,they find the truth then put their collective necks on the line,no matter how unpalatable.They are sirens against the foghorns of Bolsheviks,enticing us to safe habour whilst the wrecking rocks awaits the decidedly followers of Bolshevism.
    Here in Bolshevik controlled and lead UK our economy is over the cliff and we plebs think that the cool air rushing past us is a breeze on a Summer’s day,our terminal velocity has been reached and the rocks are below.Meanwhile the elite Bolsheviks have parachutes and are escaping.
    Also,vast amounts of explosives have gone missing in Europe and here in the UK and guns and bullets are flooding in from the Ukraine whilst encrypted phones are even more expensive.So all working swimmingly!

    • Self Exiled

      Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine What is with the Ukraine coming up all the time, weapons? It also came up in the documentary Paul and I sited above, like it is some sort of deep state out post in uncontrolled territory.

  18. FC

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Hillary becomes Speaker of the House of Representatives allowing expendable members of the Democrat party like Biden and Harris to have some sort of accident during their first term, propelling Hillary to Presidency if the Democrats are selected in…………..It’s Presidency by hook or by crook with her.

    • paul ...

      “Speaker of the House” is an excellent position for Hillary (to fulfill her Presidential dreams) … because when Biden is removed for dementia … VP Camilla Harris can not step in to the Presidency by law “because she is foreign born” … and that means that that “nice lady Hillary” will be next in line to automatically become “Madam President” … to prevent this possibility … vote a straight Congressional Republican ticket this November … so the House is put in Republican control and “some Constitutional Republican like a Rand Paul” can then become Speaker of the House … even if the Presidential election “is fixed” by the Deep State to make Biden win!!

      • Beverly

        If they somehow chase Trump out of Washington or off the earth, then I think their plan will be NO federal Government. I think their plan is total chaos to bring about a Revolution that will bring in Communism and world government. The Democrats want world government, which will be regional. The USMCA(United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement) is the agreement that the U.S. has signed that will bring forth a regional government to this part of the world. It will supercede any other government and this is the intention of all of that kind of stuff throughout the world. Now they are working on an Atlantic Agreement—so one between the U.S. and Europe. It never ends when evil people are trying to rule. People will have to fight for their freedoms if they want them.

        • Paul ...

          Your absolutely right Beverly!!

        • K. Wayne

          A revolution would imply a loss of Power for those who currently sit atop the Pyramid. So I would consider that will be avoided.
          Communism works when the fruits of the economic labor are shared equally. I sense that to some degree they are making progress with this insofar as bringing down the Middle Class to the Lower Class level……think destruction of small businesses, loss of jobs….UBI for those who cannot provide for themselves….loss of homes/shelter.
          Of course this paradigm doesn’t apply to the Wealthy. They can take losses and still live a comfortable life….ensuring a great divide between themselves and those below. Hence capacity to Rule from above will still apply.
          The regional split across the Globe is already decided and they have the blueprint for the Super Totalitarian Government Structure. I find it interesting to note that each Region will be Ruled by their own “Royalty” (think Kings and Queens)…with divine power for all regions residing in the Super State.
          Can we take a guess at who that Family might be for US SA C Region?

    • JC

      FC, it wouldn’t surprise me either.

    • paul ...

      Just what we need is a “Mad um President” who does crimes against children …

    • donna s.

      i think it will be more likely to have either barrack or michelle as the VP after biden steps aside or in some high level position. I also look for susan rice to play a big role also, ( but no matter what am sure obama will be running the show) Seems like I watched a interview years ago with billie bob clinton and him talking about how he could legally be the VP but could not be president again? That has always bothered me that these people keep trying to find inventive ways to stay in power and scary as hell.
      I think this november is going to be pure hell as no matter who wins, the cheat by mail is going to be a powder keg for either side that looses. They are already setting up for a recount saying if Trump looses that he won’t leave office. Keep your houses both spiritually and physically in order and keep your eyes open for what I believe is coming.

  19. Self Exiled

    Bill Gates; guess what, ”Japanese scientists turn to silkworms for COVID-19 vaccine”

  20. Anthony Australia


    • Brad Call

      Youtube censored ShadowGate. has it up.

      • JC

        Brad Call, you can find the video on Vimeo.

        G. A. STEWART:

        Nostradamus Quatrain X-78
        Subite ioye en subite tristesse
        Sera à Rome aux graces embrassées.
        Dueil, cris, pleurs, larm. sang excellent liesse:
        Contraires bandes surprinses & troulsées.

        Nostradamus Quatrain X-78
        Sudden joy to sudden sadness,
        At Rome the graces embrace,
        Grief, cries, tears, weeping, blood, excellent mirth:
        Contrary bands surprised and trussed up.

        August 16, 2020
        Conservative Journalist Arrested & Jailed Ahead Of ‘ShadowGate’ Documentary Release
        Millie Weaver’s arrest and disappearance is as brazen as it gets. She is one of the notable first. Why is this happening during President Donald J. Trump’s Administration?

        If President Donald J. Trump is legitimate and not a Deep State False Opposition construction, then he is making his move too late in the game.

        August 16, 2020
        Ex-FBI Resistance Lawyer To Plead Guilty In Durham’s Trump-Russia Probe
        When a war with China or Iran starts, nobody will care about Russia-Gate.

  21. paul ...

    Correct FC … If Biden is removed for Alzheimer’s and Harris disqualified for being “foreign born” … Hillary as Speaker of the House will automatically become “Madam President”!!!

  22. JC

    Isn’t it amazing that John Carpenter made two fictional films that are becoming reality? Who would ever have thought?
    Escape From New York
    Escape from L.A.

    Gold’s Gym has become synonymous with the Hollywood Dream.

    Set just a few hundred yards from the ocean in sun-kissed Venice Beach, Los Angeles, Gold’s was the backdrop for Pumping Iron, the 1977 documentary which followed a young, unknown Austrian bodybuilder called Arnold Schwarzenegger as he prepared for the Mr Universe contest.

    The film turned him into an overnight sensation. He would go on to become a global superstar, marry a member of the Kennedy clan, and become Governor of California.

    Yet today Gold’s sits amid post-apocalyptic scenes which have consumed much of LA, turning the City of Dreams into an urban nightmare from which people are fleeing in droves.

    • Larry Brunson

      Asking for a friend, but I thought you had to be a congressman before you could be speaker of the house.

      • Paul ...

        Larry … Do you think some “rule of law” is going stop Demon-rats from doing “what is necessary” to achieve their evil goals??

  23. Marie Joy

    The Modern Survivalist interviews Matt Bracken on
    Extremely informative prepper type, former seal.
    I strongly recommendation it.

  24. P ...

    Just what we need is a “Mad um President” who does crimes against children …

  25. P ...

    Lesson learned … all of us need to jump on the Deep State Sharks … and punch them in the nose … to save our families from certain death at their hands!!! …

  26. Marie Joy

    Ferfal, at The Modern Survalist, interviews Matt Bracken on YouTube at

  27. al


    Cliff High’s “predictive linguistics” program is called “web scraping” and can be done by anyone with a some knowledge of python “a newer programming language Cliff is now using”. If you can’t code, you can download the source code from github.
    Beware than when you initiate a web scraping session it will take days and pull terabytes of data making it an extremely expensive proposition.

    He takes this data and forms what is now called a “word cloud”, then tries to make sense of the words relative to how they are used in context.

    I have to say, this system worked well in the past as he tapped in to the mass psychology/consciousness of people. Now… not so much.

    His concept was unique back in the day when censorship and the propagation of fake news was minimal. Not today.
    As Cliff said and I quote “the data is being manipulated and cannot be trusted”.
    That’s where his sanity ends and his insanity begins.. he talks about the “Avians” aka Blue Chickens from outer space, being responsible. The Man thinks our planetary system is cone shaped with the Sun in front leading the way through Space.
    I disagree with you on that one Greg, Cliff is off his rocker.

    • Paul ...

      Cliff is not off his rocker … simply look at how water flushes down a toilet bowl … the Sun at the bottom of the bowl pulling the planets (turds) behind it … its a mini cone shaped solar system (and where the Sun is being pulled in a circular motion into the Galactic Center where a giant Black Hole is sucking everything into it)!!

      • Paul ...

        Instead of letting Bill Gates take away our humanity … we should be using our “God Given Brains” to develop a human outpost out beyond the Milky Way … where we can live outside the gravitational grip of the Black Hole of Nothingness that is at the Center of every Galaxy!!!

        • al

          LOL! Excellent stuff Paul.
          I wish we had an outpost, I’d be there in a heartbeat.

      • Freebrezer

        Paul – the electric-universe dudes place zero value in the concept of a ‘black hole’ … instead it is a plasmoid. Are dark matter and black holes fairy dust created by scientist to get $$$$$ or are they real? Hmmm given how wrong the science community is (see global warming; hydroxychloroquine; etc) one has to wonder???/

  28. Marie Joy

    Some very smart commenters

  29. neville

    Did Buffett Just Bet Against The US? Berkshire Buys Barrick Gold, Dumps Goldman
    Hi all ,I think you will for the most part agree that those are the most stunning headlines this year as far as GOLD is concerned the old codger Buffett is one of the wiliest dealers on the stock exchange and has serious clout.
    For the rest of the article go here…..

    David is absolutely right and I bought my first Kilo of Silver at $23;78
    Bought Krugerrands at $26,70 in 1967


  30. al

    How about silver at over $7 MILLION DOLLARS!?

    It’s WHEN not how much. David Morgan as well as well respected metals analysts all allude to that. Price is arbitrary because all you need is another Plandemic or (God forbid) World War, and the price blows off any speculation.

    Case in point:
    Look at the “starving billionaires” in Zimbabwe. As of Today, Aug 16 2020 silver is at $9,639.56 PER OUNCE in Zimbabwe Dollars! and this is after they revalued their failed currency several times. There are billionaires starving in the streets of Zimbabwe so I ask you… what is in a price set by a failed un-backed currency? Does price matter?

    As of Today In Venezuela, ONE OUNCE OF SILVER IS $7,131,353.84 Venezuelan Bolivar! SEVEN MILLION DOLLAR SILVER!!! And a little over a decade ago the Bolivar was close to 1:1 with the Dollar.

    Can it happen here? Why not? As soon as we totally lose World Currency status and the Dollar comes back to the US from the World Central Banks hyperinflation occurs, why not?
    It’s starting to happen now with the SWIFT system being taken over by blockchain technology. The tests started on Aug 4th and is now gathering momentum.

    I look at signs relative to cycles like Bo does. There will be a TIME (not price) when selling metals will make sense to the person that is awake. Where are the “we buy gold” sign spinners? Where is the media touting gold? Little to none..

    I remember in the late 70s people with some wealth were wearing gold necklaces touting their “wealth”. It was less a fashion statement than a status statement.
    It will happen again, however, as David and others have said “history rhymes”.
    I look for the store clerk having a loud conversation with someone about gold. I look for the equivalent of catalytic converters and copper pipes being stolen. I wouldn’t be surprised to see solar panels being ripped off people’s roofs for their sliver content.

    If one pays attention, they will feel the hyper-euphoria and know that it’s time to sell metals.

    Not to pat myself in the back but I purchased a used 8 Cylinder luxury SUV for peanuts
    {thank you Bob Chapman}. I paid cash for it back in 2005 when oil prices were going up, scaring people to death about their rise. Guess what? 15 years later, I’m still driving that beast and it’s a great vehicle! No car payments!
    I bought a home when everyone was throwing in the towel back in 2011 {thank you Peter Schiff}. How’s real estate doing now?
    Anyone can do this if they are awake and aware with proper guidance, not sitting down in front of the boob tube or playing games on the computer, but using that computer to research what people like David Morgan are saying.

    My take? I’m with David on this one, we are far away from the top. Nowhere near it.
    David and Bo say the same thing about the last gasp of the bull market in anything, the biggest moves usually take place at the end of a cycle and are short lived.

    What do I see now? President Trump just said yesterday “I want to make sure the money goes to the people so that they can have a better life”.. translation.. Money velocity coming.
    This is unavoidable and no blame should be given to anyone except the Federal Reserve, that’s how the monetary system is designed. Blame goes to the Fed, which is now dead and ready to be buried along with its failing currency.

    • Self Exiled

      I think the Fed and the rest of the international, national, state banking system will be digital monitors of all humanity.

    • Bob Lamb

      Silver should be priced in terms of something real like calories (food).

  31. john duffy

    Naturally, I’ve been reading about the ARSH 1918 “Spanish Flu” pandemic. It was gruesome – it hit young people very hard, and many would hemorrhage blood from their eyes, nose, mouth and ears as death approached. Absolutely terrible, right?

    Here’s the REST of the story. And it’s a Duzy.

  32. john duffy

    Naturally, I’ve been reading about the ARSH 1918 “Spanish Flu” pandemic. It was gruesome – it hit young people very hard, and many would hemorrhage blood from their eyes, nose, mouth and ears as death approached. Absolutely terrible, right?

    Here’s the REST of the story. And it’s a Duzy.

  33. Jerry

    Do you find this odd?

    It’s the world we live in. On the one hand we’re talking about the price of silver, while on the other one, preparing for an anthrax attack. I guess it’s no surprise when you consider we’ve replaced sports fans with cardboard cutouts. Can you say “ Lockstep”?

    • JC

      Jerry, odd?
      No, it’s the new normal, they are telegraphing what’s coming… again.

    • Jerry

      Do you find this odd Part II?
      Friends if you’ve read this far, I have something interesting to show you. Turn to the chart on page 12 of this document.

      Did you notice that a deliberate anthrax attack is listed on the chart for Florida? Now look again at the link I’ve posted above. Coincidence? This document was originally posted in September of 2019 well before the coronavirus pandemic. Do you see the connection? Every aspect of this pandemic is planned, right down to the details. Friends when are people going to wake up and realize we are being herded like cattle into a new world order by the globalist.
      I have purchased large amounts of silver to, but what good is it to talk about pricing in a rigged market when we are faced with much bigger challenges. Brace yourself. September will be a month to remember. Read the document, especially the dark print, and educate yourself on what the globalist are planning. You find this information on the MSM or listening to your friends who follow CNN or Fox.

      • JC

        Jerry, interesting chart. The ominous “black dot” on Florida, indicating anthrax bioterrorism.

      • MCasey

        The president filed a “declaration of domicile” in late September 2019….moving from NY to FL….like his walking right into it. And also wondering if FL a swing state this election?

        • Jerry

          I see this as a strategic move by the globalist. Northern Florida is a chokehold for the entire state. What comes after that is anyones guess, but if I lived in Florida I definitely would be hunkering down on 9/11. Elon Musk tipped his hand when they would begin beta testing 5G and it seems to coordinate the September timeline.

      • Jerry

        It appears Florida is the next target by the globalist because Florida produces 45% of our nations food supply.

        Disruption in food supply will become another leverage to control human behavior. In my opinion, globalist are huge believers in B.F. Skinner. It’s working so far. Are you wearing a mask?

        • paul jr.

          Yes, I am wearing a mask when NEEDED as should everyone since a good mask does help to limit the spread of the virus. I hope you are too when in close proximity to older people.

      • Charles H

        The PTB will never define anything but it’s own systems as valid and ruling. Would they treat precious metals the same as hydroxychloroquin? They will declare nobody but themselves the winner.

        • William Stanley

          Speaking of hydroxychloquine, I think you mentioned that you couldn’t get it to keep on hand, which is too bad because early treatment is key.

          So, maybe you should check out Ivermectin plus doxycycline (and zinc) as an alternative to hydroxychloroquine plus Azithromycin and zinc. See,

          At least one report/study I’ve seen indicates that the Ivermectin protocol is at least as efficacious as the Hydroxychloroquine protocol. It’s also still available as a veterinary medicine (horses). For humans, the dosages in the study I looked at were 100 micrograms per pound of weight administered once (which is similar to the 91 mcg/lb. dosage for horses); and 100 mg of doxycycline administered twice a day for ten days. Here is an Ivermectin dosage chart for some other diseases, and they seem comparable:

          (Maybe some of the doctors here could double check these dosages).

          • Chip

            Over the counter Quercetin plus Zinc. Both natural supplements that are very similar to HCQ plus zinc… Chip

            See Doctor Mercola for reference…

          • Charles H


            Thanks. I actually got some hydroxychloroquine – under having Malarial exposure, and is a prophylactic. It is barely enough to treat my wife and I. And I also got some veterinary grade Ivermectin; but it is in the injectable form. Otherwise it comes with other de-wormer medication. I have one bottle of Quercetin too.
            What a world when one has to scrape along with the ‘best’ one can do. The Lord has been very gracious to provide for my needs.

    • Self Exiled

      Anthrax would be an excellent method of cleaning up the environment of unwanted small pockets of people from a specific rural or remote geographical area. It would also keep people from reentry of the area. I had a neighbor who had a pasture he could not field cattle in usually in late August because anthrax spores would activate if there was no rain with hot dry conditions. Nose to the dusty ground cattle will breath in the spores with the dust.

  34. Greg Morrissey

    You should Get this Man on your show . He has great indebt analysis of what’s going on in the U.S.A. today

  35. K

    I think Hillary wants to be attorney general and go after trump.

  36. al

    BREAKING TODAY! TURKISH GOLD AT L. 14,316/ounce !!!

    Lira, Dollar, Yuan, Real, Pesos, etc.. it’s all paper BS. Take note! People are SELLING THEIR HOUSES AND CARS to buy Gold. What does that do for Real Estate in Turkey?

    Replace the word Lira with Dollar and Turkey with the United States, and you are reading an article of our situation in the not so distant future. Take note!

    Thank you Greg for all you do. We need you now more than ever.

  37. Self Exiled

    I’m still thinking about this.

  38. Pete M

    Great Show Greg.

    One thing that I need to comment on is that still only a few percent of the people own physical silver or gold outside of jewelry.

    As well, strange to say, but the reality is that because the price of silver is higher now, it is now actually respected more, and in demand by more people. (Not me, I recognized its value many years ago), and there are now physical shortages taking place.

    Gold is hoarded, Silver is consumed. The production ratio of silver vs gold is 10 to 1, but because 60% of silver is consumed for a wide spectrum of things, the actual ratio is really 4 to 1 albeit a minute amount of gold is used by industry, these are rough numbers. Silver is still a huge value because the present silver to gold ratio is roughly at 72 to 1, meaning it still takes 72 ozs of silver to buy 1 oz of gold. Could silver go up 18x to equal the true net price ratio of silver to gold is another matter, but there is a lot of room for silver to run, no doubt about it.

    The coming Green initiatives also use a lot of silver in their products, while the supply of silver had already been declining for 5 years now going into covid 19, (and will be 20% minimum less this year because of the mines being shut down) earlier this year. As well, recycled silver supply has also been on the decline for years now.

    This is all a great silver lining, but selling for currency that is rapidly becoming worthless is another matter. As long as you can transfer the proceeds immediately into hard goods or perhaps feeding yourself in tough times, I believe you shouldn’t get too caught up in the actual price it brings in dollars or any currency, but most important, keep the faith, as God has our back, and Jesus does too.

    Greg, thanks for everything one more time.

    • P ...

      Very sound advice Pete!!!

  39. Pete M

    Please watch this video entitled “Wow!!! Project Engineer Who Made Bill Gates Microchip Speaks the Truth & White Doctor Compliment from Voice TV Nigeria.

    In it, he explains how he made this chip, and how he is now showing remorse for his actions. He quotes passages from the book of revelations with his true feelings of remorse.

    The mainstream media failed to report the fact that there were 20,000 protestors in Germany regarding the vaccinations. Well, they probably watched this video among others.

    One more thing. There is proof that Google and its algorithyms are hyping the Corona virus. Please watch the video entitiled “Lie to deceive the world by google and bill gates. Google any 3 digit #, followed by typing in “new cases”. Watch for what comes up. You will be amazed. The video is a month old now, so they may have changed something since then, but this is proof of complicity.

  40. Boyeeee!

    This guy said silver would never go below $32 an ounce. Worst call I have ever seen.

    • Paul ...

      In 1980 dollars it never did get below $32 because on an inflation adjusted basis our money today is worth only 1/3 of what it was in 1980 … so at the recent low of $12 dollars Silver was effectively $36 dollars per ounce!!

  41. Boyeee!

    This guy doesn’t have afriggin’ clue. Silver should be 1/9 the gold price by stoich.
    Gold should be 10,000 right now. thats $1100 silver before any rush. Silver will be thousands and thousands Greggy my boy!

  42. JC

    Greg, FYI, don’t know if you are aware, the comments feature is not working correctly. Some have duplicate comments posted here and on the WNW because it is not functioning normally.

    For example, I commented earlier today, but it disappeared instead of staying in place with “your comment is awaiting moderation” there is nothing. But when you updated it appeared.

    Other comment posted doesn’t ‘t stay in place to who is being addressed, instead it drops to the bottom of the page.

    • JC

      Still the same problem today regarding posting comments.

  43. Norlin Gutz

    I wondered if you and follower’s would react to financial adviser, Dave Ramsey’s comment’s concerning Gold/Silver and advising his follower’s to not invest in them. He called them “colored rock’s ” and not a good history of return on investment.

    • Chip

      He’s an idiot… Chip

  44. shawn

    Seems like being a early LODE coin investor might just pay off yet…

  45. Lazlo

    Greg, I really appreciate you dropping the Sunday release early Saturday night. I can finally get to bed at a decent hour. Keep up the good work!

  46. P ...

    This is the reason every Demon needs to vote for a Demon-rat this November in every State of the Union … so the Demon-rats can make every State in the US into a “Commie Utopia” (like the State of California) … and this way everyone’s worldwide assets can be taxed (no matter where they try to move)!! …

  47. Homey Comski

    But The One Who Endures To The End Will Be Saved!
    Journey Into Light
    We may be heading into hell on earth, but it can be a journey into light, for us all. If we but endure!
    New Living Translation
    9“Then you will be arrested, persecuted, and killed. You will be hated all over the world because you are my followers.b 10And many will turn away from me and betray and hate each other. 11And many false prophets will appear and will deceive many people. 12Sin will be rampant everywhere, and the love of many will grow cold. 13But the one who endures to the end will be saved. 14And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come. ◄ Matthew 24 ►

    •Started streaming 3 minutes ago

    • eddiemd

      Do you JW’s ever give up?

      Get out of that cult while you are able.

      • Charles H

        Yep. Nope! The JWs are under mind-control similar to the Children of God cult. They are under guidance; they are under control. Whoever this poster is – they are trying hard to make their place in ‘the kingdom’ sure. IRONICALLY – they should be fleeing from the absolute reality of Hell. Twenty-two times it is mentioned in the New Testament; twenty-nine times it appears in the Old Testament. I guess people think they can change God by omitting and changing words! Where the worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched – and the smoke of torment rises up forever. Closing your eyes and stopping your ears – that will keep you safe?!?

      • Elliot Ness

        eddiemd, i’m a Jw and I don’t see it. Fill me in. An Episcopal and Salvation army movie and a scripture? You lost me.
        Be carefull you may have Jw derailment syndrome. Sounds like they got ya already!

        • Greg Hunter

          Remember Elliot, You asked for this. I don’t want JW material on my site by the way.

        • eddiemd

          Elliot Ness, Homey Comski….same person different name posting.

          Get out of the JW cult while there is still time. You will be thankful later. I know the delusion and mind control are very strong. There are recovery groups for ex-JW’s. Look them up. They will help you escape the control. You don’t have to listen to them. Jesus Christ can set you free. He is your Deliverer.

        • chuck

          Something to contemplate, Jesus deliberately chose those who he wanted in his government – not the other way around. God draws the person, He does not chase after them. JW’s misrepresent themselves. They want to represent themselves as God’s alternative to civil law and society as a whole – BUT – I’ve seen plenty of family abuse, I’ve seen larceny, I’ve seen a deliberate slander campaign, I’ve seen so much crime being excused through selective and misapplied scripture I got sick. Their entire purpose is to gain people. That’s NOT how God rolls at this time. The church that God has established is small, structured and acts as a school to train all those who will be the various parts of His global government. They are the first fruits of all humanity. All humanity will eventually learn to be be likewise in character and spirit.

          Then I found out that they had insinuated themselves into the UN as an official NGO that lasted 10 years, until a London reporter blew the whistle on them. In toto, they are not who they claim to be.

        • eddiemd

          You can break free from the mind control. You can know the Truth, Jesus Messiah of Nazareth. Only He can set you free this cult belief.

          Learn about the JWs.

          1. JWs do not believe that Jesus Christ is deity, that He is the Almighty God in the flesh.
          2. They do not believe that He physically rose from the dead.
          3. They changed the Scripture. Most importantly the first chapter of John. They deny Jesus Messiah as the Almighty God in the flesh.

          They worship a false Jesus Christ. The mind control over the people in the congregation is extraordinary. It is demonic. They want to believe the lies.

          Come out from this cult. Jesus Christ of Nazareth will set you free. He is your Deliverer. He has come to set the captives free. You will know the Truth, and it will set you free.

  48. P ...

    Can Weissmann and Goodman “legally advise” Dept. of Justice attorneys to refuse to help and actually hinder ongoing investigations “that could implicate them”?? … remember it was Weissmann who misrepresented justice and contorted the law “to get Flynn” who committed no crime!! …

  49. lightning

    Major postal carriers union endorses Biden.

    Now we can all rest easier that the Democrat pushed vote by mail fraud will be “officially ” supported by the US Postal workers.

    • Homey Comey

      Wow, Lightning. The Demoncrat party has gone postal!

    • Homey Comey

      Yup Lightning, the Demon rats have gone postal. Shoot low, they’re riding Shetland’s! Pictures Lightning, save yer ammo.

  50. Pete Mazurek

    Our Brothers and Sisters in Europe are starting to protest there against the vaccine, but the main stream media continues to hide it.

    The other day, 20,000 protesters in Germany, and today Spain…but not a mention by our main stream media.

    If you have friends or relatives in Europe, please have them send us videos to look at to show others.

    We are at war with Bill Gates, Microsoft, Google, and all the greed they all represent.

    We need people to wake up here on this continent. There’s safety in numbers.

    • K. Wayne

      “We are at war with Bill Gates, Microsoft, Google, and all the greed they all represent”.
      …and that is called psychological warfare. It is intended to draw your attention to those that seem obvious culprits….when in FACT….they are diversions.
      William Henry Gates IV is not who you think he is… a very wide margin.

  51. JC

    How to control the masses…

    Clive Maund:
    How is it possible to paralyze with fear billions of people with fabricated and lurid stories about a killer pandemic into giving up their basic rights en masse and submitting to being treated like farm animals? Simple – you control their inputs via the mainstream media. Ordinary people are not called “the masses” for nothing – they are largely ignorant, stupid and gullible, that’s why, instead of seeking to educate themselves about what is really going on, they fritter their lives away watching soaps, video games and following the lives of celebrities etc. By owning and controlling their favorite media, you control their limited thought processes and they are susceptible to any propaganda. Basically, by the skillful use of propaganda you can get the masses, who are about 70% of the population, to do anything you want, and they can then exert peer group pressure on more thoughtful individuals to conform, a classic and glaring example being the wearing of face masks, which is State sanctioned collective paranoia, and if that doesn’t work they are forced to conform and wear them by means of fines or imprisonment. Here it is worth noting that the most powerful institutions in the world, especially the banks, media and Wall St are heavily peopled by “the race who cannot be criticized”.

    • paul jr.

      To bad Clive Maund did not tell about the times when one should have a mask on. Also he made some misleading statements about the dangers of wearing a mask.

    • K. Wayne

      heavily “populated” by……
      Bravo …..5 Gold Stars.

  52. Homey Comski

    How an American hero and Hollywood heartthrob became a communist and lived, to tell about it!
    A great example of how the WWII Nazi sympathizer and Tito LOVER Communist [old sore ass] Soros, can deceive white American youth to take up arm’s against our cherished American values, for Godless communisms. That the rest of the world and even Russian/Serb/Croatians and Slovene’s [YUGOSLAVES] have long since abandoned and buried!
    _________Paul X. Rutz
    Sterling Hayden sacrificed his sailing dreams, a budding Hollywood career, a marriage and his very name to aid communist rebels fighting the Axis onslaught in Yugoslavia.
    American film actor Sterling Hayden—landed on the Yugoslav island of Korcula aboard a broken-down motorboat in the midst of a German attack. An operative with the Office of Strategic Services, [our budding CIA] he had crossed the Adriatic Sea from Allied-held southern Italy to make contact with Marshal Josip Broz [Tito’s] communist rebels, drop supplies and recon the Dalmatian islands to learn the strength of German landing forces. Hayden was surveilling Korcula by jeep with a partisan officer and two rebels when the men ran straight into an ambush. German gunfire killed the driver, while Hay and the remaining two men shot their way out. THE REST OF THE STORY;
    Remembering Sterling Hayden, Actor, OSS Operative
    by Steve Balestrieri Jan 20, 2020
    The old white guy, in all his gory glory;
    and for, all those old white and black guy’s, who fought together to bury fascistic communisms, then, now and forever! Goosebumps!
    Hear the music. It’s called “A Merlin!”

  53. Lora

    Hello Greg
    In your last Friday wrap up, I think you asked question as to whether or not that the current peace contract between Israel and UAE will be
    the beginning of development of the Bible’s 7 year tribulation contract. This current treaty with UAE is important because it does open the doors
    for other very important treaty’s with Israel such as the Palestinian/Israel peace treaty in the works, because apparently it contains requirements (so far) that are necessary to be the biblical contract. Irwin Baxter’s assistant at (endtime ministries) covers the 5 necessary components to make this happen today (very clear, concise information..,we are close):

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Lora. This is going to gather steam.

  54. Lora

    When I said “today” in my comment, I meant that I watched this newly released, very informative video TODAY! Thanks

  55. Self Exiled

    China in Focus: announces, guess who are registered Chinese Affiliates.

    • Charles H

      This makes perfect sense. Why war with an enemy: when you can buy traitors on the cheap? No wonder the Intelligence community has been corrupted and polarized: they could tap all the facts. Problem is that it would take too much time and political capital to remove all the compromised people. And just how many dominoes have fallen already? Public Education is sowing the seeds for Civil War.

  56. K. Wayne

    My comments aren’t posting ?

    • JC

      K. Wayne,
      I commented above to Greg about this. Something has changed in the way comments are processed.

    • Charles H

      Apparently, mine neither. Hopefully they will be archived – and be posted later.

      • Self Exiled

        Me too. When I hit reply it takes me to the posting mechanism , does not bring the posting mechanism to whom I wish to comment to. Then after I hit “Post Comment” my comment disappears. When I check latter it is on the site. The war is on. It discourages people from posting.

        • K. Wayne

          That’s happening regardless of the platform (web browser) used. So its either a back end issue or all Big Tech’s are causing interference.

  57. Tin foil hat

    “Here it is worth noting that the most powerful institutions in the world, especially the banks, media and Wall St are heavily peopled by “the race who cannot be criticized”.

    I hate to concur but it’s just too obvious. However, I must remind you, and myself, that many staunch conservatives like Mark Levin and Ben Sharpiro are also of “the race who cannot be criticized”.

    • K. Wayne

      TFH… are getting too close to the truth. Beware my friend.

  58. Jerry

    It’s no longer a theory of what the globalist have planed for us. The pandemic is a means to an end. And what is the end? Biometric topdown governance.

    For those that want to know, read further. What does 5G , pandemic testing, and a vaccines all have in common? Components to biometric grid. The moment your body is dowsed with a synthetic transmitter in the form of a vaccine, or in some cases a test swab, you will become part of the globalist grid. And for what purpose? It should be apparent by now, the moment you were told to put a mask on, or isolate yourself. Folks you have some important decisions coming your way. I would advise getting on your knees and praying for deliverance.

    • Self Exiled

      Well; when thy give me a dose of 5G I suspect I will show up on the grid all right. I’ll glow , no info just glowing orb floating across the landscape “What is that?” Oh that’s that weirdo that drinks nano silver once a week, also he breaths it in with a nebulizer once a month . He claims he helps his sinus and asthma.

    • paul jr.

      Sometimes wearing a mask is necessary.

      • JC

        Sweden’s disease expert says just wearing face masks could be ‘very dangerous’

        Tegnell has argued that evidence about the effectiveness of face mask use was “astonishingly weak.”

        • paul jr.

          The article states, “it’s “very dangerous” if people believe the coverings alone will stop the spread of the coronavirus.”

          No kidding. Limiting large gatherings and social distancing helps a lot. Wearing a GOOD mask also can help. But it is silly to think that if you are on a crowded bus that if you wear a mask that you are perfectly safe. However wearing a good mask is still better than wearing none at all in that type of situation.

  59. eddiemd

    US Congress candidate out of Baltimore.

  60. Gaby Hays

    JC, it’s about time Pinewood’s top cop and not Hoolywood’s narrative all the time , gets some credit!



    I have a question for Greg, or Bill Holter, or Bo Polney, or David Morgan, or any of the other experts.

    Major silver miners break even on silver at around $16-$20/oz. So If silver can be mined for $16-$20/oz, how can we reach prices like $80 or $100 or $600/0z? Won’t the miners just ramp up production as their profits increase, and meet the demand with more silver that will keep the price from spiking too high?

    • Mario

      Hey John
      That’s a good question.
      I’m no expert and would like to hear what Bill Holter, Jim Sinclair or Gerald Celente have to say on your question.
      In my humble opinion I think your theory would be true for any other elements (or resources) but silver and gold are the only things that are considered real “money”.
      The prices of silver and gold should be way higher than they are now but they are heavily manipulated. The demand for silver is huge with solar module manufacturing, any quality water filtration system and also in the medical industry, and the price should be higher now as a result but it’s not a “free”market with natural price discovery.
      The price will also set itself high if any major country goes with a gold backed currency, and the manipulation stops.
      Just my 1.5 cents 🙂

    • lightning


      As the price goes up, its reasonable to assume that supply will ramp up , but with a lag.

      If silver is not being produced today its because its uneconomical (i.e. the costs of production are too high).
      Having said that, starting a “new” mine takes years of permits, capital etc.

      If the dollar devalues (and that devaluation is a major part of the reason why Silver price is increasing), than I would anticipate the cost of things like energy will also go up, making the cost of producing silver increase as well.

      Most silver mined is a byproduct of copper , gold or Zn production which generally are not in high demand during a depression. If Silver price gets high enough, some of those mines may re-open and re-label themselves as “silver” mines rather than copper mines.

      Remember though that silver production is pretty small, all things considered.
      Hope that helps

  62. eddiemd

    Just watched Obama and Hillary give their talks for the DNC. It smells of desperation. Both must know that Biden is in rapid decline. They know he cannot debate Trump. They know that the end of the democrat is near.

    It is going to be a rough three months going forward. They are going to take down the country by force. They don’t care.

    • Self Exiled

      Sure looks that way.

    • K. Wayne

      What piqued my interest was watching the Caroline Kennedy (& Son) video endorsement for Biden’s support & Presidency. She likened Biden to her Father JFK…..WTF !!!!
      That made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
      The Kennedy connection and influence in American Politics has never really diminished since Joe Kennedy Snr. was on the scene. It appears that the family presence has always been there.
      If you care to watch it go here:
      There is something eerily strange about it……I have a sense that all is not quite right. It is more than the “Biden Dimentia issue”….desperation may have a part in their involvement….but there is another agenda here. I cant quite put my finger on it…but I will consider it more fully over the next few days and revert with my interpretation.

  63. Keith Wilson

    Well over here in Europe we see America falling to piecies. All your politicians are corrupted with wall street money. Epstein got them all with there pants down including President clinton. Any politician who does not follow AIPAC is never going to get very far in politics and will never become President because the cabal have the final say on who can and cannot be president. Most of the deepstate and the CIA is controlled by mossad operatives and the Israeli defence force have 7000 of its members working and running and controlling the us defence department. America is controlled and managed better by the Israeli cabal than the British in 1776. Why does America celebrate independence day every 4th of July when you are being controlled by a cabal from Tel Aviv ?

    • Self Exiled

      I see a row of graves. In the distance are the more ancient ones covered in vines and stately old trees. The two most recent ones are just dug waiting for their occupants. Near them leaning against a tree in the shadows is an individual, unrecognizable. I walk to the first grave and try to make out the etching on a very worn gravestone; after pushing away the vines that have overcome it’s view of the world. It says; Egyptian Empire: moving on, Hittites, Babylonian Empire, Assyrian Empire, Persian Empire, Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, and others, the last grave occupied was Nazi Germany. The gentlemen leaning under the tree is becoming more recognizable, he has the apparel of the Middle Eastern descent.

      I woke up wondering about it all and how it applied to the modern age I occupied. What did this have to do with me; the ancient history of empires? Turned on the news: Fox, the usual deep state, Bush, Clinton crime family, FBI, CIA battling it out with the Trump Presidency. Ho hum, and then the poor troubled Mr. Barr is being interviewed concerning the delayed Durham report. I wonder if my theory of him being a compromise appointy between the Bush, Clinton crime families and Trump to secure the lives of his family members might be true. No, but Barr sure looks like he’s carrying the world on his shoulders. Maybe Barr is caught between bigger giants and only he can see them. Let’s see, how did his Epstein failure fit in to his appearance of depression. Epstein, Mossad, his now captured madam and her father’s death. Farther down the tunnel I go. Amazingly Trump is still alive, how has he survived so long? He must be someones asset, he certainly has affirmed Israel and not released the Towers information.

      Oh well back to sleep. Darn; at that grave yard again. Nothing’s changed. The man in the shadows is still leaning there and the two open graves are still open: except the new graves have been etched with names. China, and the other United States of America. The man by the tree leans forward, confident, assured, purposeful, self assured, friendly and patiently waiting. I recognize him: yes Israel, well if anybody needs to control the AI cloud he does. He certainly has no illusions about his history of survival and attempted extermination. I guess it’s eternally wise to have God on your side. Kinda fits what you are saying so I thought I would post again.

      • K. Wayne

        Calling Trump “someone’s Asset” could generate all sorts of name calling…like “You are a Moron”…..Greg ? How did you conveniently overlook this comment and yet managed to find cause to blow a fuse over mine 2 weeks past?
        SE ….AGREED. You get it….which is a lot more than most.

    • Charles H

      HABIT, and a love for grilling meat. (?) We still have our guns. Do you?

      • Keith Wilson

        Well I should not tell you this Charles but I personally have a firearm. Don’t talk about it much,but it’s in the back of my wardrobe.Fully loaded and ready when the moment comes and I will have to use it. Also got a Lee Enfield 303 with a good bayonet ready to run them through the guts with. The BLM terrorists don’t like cold steel and me being a racist bigot and a man of no education I could not care less what the law states. When the BLM enter my home they are going to get the shock of there lives ?

        • Charles H


          All I can say is you impressed me. I have mostly handguns, and may make a gift of a shotgun I bought for my wife to family that may use it. I carry, legally. And I get real serious about putting a round through someone. The Enfield is real business. I’m a bit jealous. I look at surplus rifles: but I’m done buying now. I think somewhere down the road firearms will be declared a illegal. And if a criminal they make me: a criminal I’ll be.

    • Homey Comey

      Keith, Funny you being a Brit, know more what’s going on behind the wizard of Oz’s curtain, than 95% of the Yank’s!
      Comment by Charles H. some where’s above;
      [Closing your eyes and stopping your ears – that will keep you safe?!?]
      Charles if I was a JW, would I be a, follower and contributor, closing my eye’s and stopping my ears and sent 20 bucks to Greg back in 2014, in the form of a check?
      I’m a skin flint and not even a cult would want me! Only Greg Hunter would let a guy like me comment. Believe me. I wouldn’t be long at any site that would let me comment. Maybe that’s why I use fake names. Because I have a yellow stripe down my back? Put there, when I was drummed out the cavalry!

  64. Self Exiled

    Campaign Ad: Black Lives Don’t Matter To Democrats

  65. eddiemd

    Went to Chase bank early Saturday to withdraw cash. The ATM would only dispense $100 bills. I have never experienced this before. I keep minimal money in the bank. I withdrew the last $300 I had in the bank.

    The same bank has postings on the door and the drive thru that they want people to turn in their coins so that the bank will have coins due to the shortage. Very interesting that the bank wants coins. They are preparing to shut down the cash system. We are going cashless overnight in the near future.

  66. lightning

    Just want to thank you for being a voice of reason in a time where corruption and evil seem to be winning. Its hard for me to contemplate that there are so many people that hate America but apparently its the case. I grew up loving this country and Ive been working since I was 11. Nothing was given to me, but my work ethic and quality of work got me more opportunity over time and I built on that year over year .

    We really need a way of being proactive…yes voting for President Trump is #1 issue, but after he wins (God willing) , how do we take the next step and truly drain the swamp.
    Would appreciate your thoughts. Maybe all the new Republican Women can lead the charge!

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