Greg Hunter-Financial Survival Network Interview

By Greg Hunter’s

The Financial Survival Network (FSN) invited me on to talk about the state of journalism in the mainstream media (MSM).  People are largely in the dark about what is really going on in the world today and are woefully unprepared for a coming calamity.  It’s all because of the terrible job the MSM is doing informing the public!  Kerry Lutz is the founder of FSN.  Lutz is a lawyer and investor who turned journalist just a few years ago.  His site has only been operational a year and a half, but already gets 500,000 downloads per month.  We talked about many subjects from the possibility of an economic collapse to probable war in the Middle East.  I’m picking up the interview Mr. Lutz did with me in progress.  We are discussing Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s allegation that President Obama’s birth certificate is a phony and questioning why the MSM continues to ignore the story.  Enjoy.  

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  1. slingshot

    You did not give the man time to talk. I would like to have heard more of his opinions. Anyway, have to check out his site.

    • Greg

      He was interviewing me. I just posted it on

  2. AndyB

    Greg: it’s actually worse than you and Kerry examine. The 4th Estate is now the mouthpiece of the 4th Reich.

  3. Trap

    Good interview Greg, Thanks for helping to get the truth out, as Orwell said ” in the empire of lies, truth is treason” In this context I’m trying to one treasonous S.O.B. If I could I’d like to invite you to look into a few things you may find interesting, are you familiar with Teresa Ghilarducci? If not you should be, watch this video (trust me your head will pop!)

    Congress has floated the ideas put forth by this women.

    Also are you familiar with the “The U.S. Army’s Operating Concept 2016-2028”?
    have a look at this;

    On a personal note, I’ve been dedicated to waking up the masses for some time, my activities have garnered some attention in my community and our local paper has printed 13 columns (unedited) I’ve written. FYI I am NOT a writer, but I find myself moved by a power greater than myself.

    I know your a busy man but I would love to have you read them and give opinion. You can find them here;

    Thanks for your time and efforts.
    Your Friend in Liberty
    Sgt at Arms Texas Sons of Liberty Riders

  4. josh

    i wish you would stick to the financial crisis and not waste your time on this birther nonsense. the reason that the msm is ignoring this story is because its not really news anymore. fwiw, even if the president wasn’t born here, he still qualifies for office because his mother was a citizen. only naturalized citizens like schwarzenegger are excluded.

    • Greg

      I do not report what folks want me to report, I report what is not reported. You cannot simply dismiss this as “nonsense” without citing a single fact. Here are some basic facts. A renown Arizona Sheriff (and former FBI agent) has done an investigation and alleges that the birth certificate of the President of the United States is a digital computer fraud posted on a government website ( This is a new allegation!! It comes from a team of professional law enforcement investigators. My question is if this is nonsense, which means it is basically a false allegation against the President, then why doesn’t the MSM do a story to refute this? I am did investigations at two networks for nearly 9 years. This is an easy story to do because all the evidence is on-line. Everything is there, from the President’s birth certificate to the entire Sheriff Arpaio investigation–ALL ON-LINE. Why is this being ignored and dismissed without scrutiny? If this is a lie, then this is a huge story. Arpaio is one of the best known Sheriffs ever, and he is a Republican. If this is a big fat lie that is “nonsense,” then this story would be like shooting fish in a barrel. I could do it in 2 days with very little cost. I would not have to leave the office!!! You are parroting the MSM and its excuse for ignoring it. What, you are afraid of wasting their time? I used to work for the MSM at ABC and CNN as an investigative reporter. I know what I am talking about. Thank you for your comment and for supporting this site.

  5. Mitch Bupp

    Thank You Greg for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with FSN about what is missing from the MSM and their reporting.. I recently saw a comment, The 4th estate has joined the 4th Reich”

    I just can not believe so many intelligent people are so blinded by the MSM and government propaganda… that is some powerful koolaid!

    Thumps up Greg

  6. Don Johnson

    Hi Greg:
    I don’t know if you are aware of what the Fraser institute is but it is a think tank and a government watchdog here in Canada. Here is Peter Schiff, CEO and chief global strategist at Euro Pacific Capital and a video of what he presented.
    You are probably aware of him but just in case love to hear your response.

    • Greg

      Mr. Schiff has bee spot on in the big picture. Short term, he has had his problems, but he invests in PM’s and that is to be expected. Let me say again, he has been spot on in the big picture and I think he will continue to be. I sure would not go long the U.S. Dollar or Treasuries. Thank you for your comment and for the link!!

  7. Noel Proctor


    Thanks for having the courage to go after the truth. We rely on your site to stay informed about issues the MSM is afraid to touch.

    Somehow, the American citizens must be shown the truth before they make a huge mistake in November. This will be the most important presidential election in our lifetime.


    • Greg

      Thank you Noel.

    • George Too

      Noel, How do you show someone something the would rather not see? Things are going to have to kick the silent majority in the teeth before they even start to look around them. I think when the middle class has 401-K’s confiscated or wiped out, they will come around

  8. George Too

    Greg, It is funny that people complain about the reporting without addressing the questions you raise. Why is the MSM not clubbing Sher. Joe like a Harp seal? It is hard to refute facts with subterfuge

    • Greg

      Thank you George Too!!

  9. Timothy Beckman

    Greg Hunter…Hi Greg, can’t begin to tell you what a great job you are doing. My Dad thought 40 years ago we should blow the whistle and start over, I was 19 years old. One might ask? What was his issue in 1972? 40 years later we are talking about blowing the whistle and starting over. Only now I have lived to be 59 years old and have fought the Government, the IRS, the Banking system for the last 40 years, and yes I am ready to see the whistle be blown and let’s start over with an equity based system instead of a debt based system, and let’s get rid of fractional banking, and the IRS. My next question is? Yes, why can’t we just all get along? Love & Light Baby. Money hungry bankers and fraudulent stock market gas is so high I barley exist and I have to drive for my work every day. I live in a rural area. All we do is just exist: We live in modern day slavery if you don’t believe it try not paying your taxes and see where you live then! I am so tired of my Government stealing my money and using it for Black Opp’s projects and lying to me about technologies. We are so lied to about oil, electricity, and free energy. Our money hungry Governments and our money hungry banks are just like dope addicts, but instead of dope they need money. They keep us living in terror and fear just so we will obey. I long for the day this gets reversed. Today is the day. It starts with Libor and it will end with every bad politician in jail world wide. Maybe then we can get along and live in peace world wide.

  10. Craig

    Greg, here are examples of these numerical terms we use.

    A million seconds is 12 days.
    A billion seconds is 32 years.
    A TILLION seconds is 32,000 years!

    If you spent a million dollars a day since the day Christ was born, you would not have spent a trillion dollars yet!

    This is just perspective of how much a trillion is and how there’s no way to EVER get out of this debt bubble.

    Craig Z

    • Greg

      Thank you Craig!

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