Greg Hunter on Infowars Nightly News

By Greg Hunbter’s

I was asked to be on the Nightly News show with Alex Jones.  Arron Dykes filled in for Alex and did a great job.   I want to point out that this newscast is really on the cutting edge of information technology.  In the news world, the Internet represents what is called “disruptive technology.”  Now, you do not need the mainstream media’s spin on the days news.  You can get very good alternative news and analysis from the Internet. is providing this product. The cable and broadcast networks should be shaking in their argyle socks about how “disruptive” this is to their message and business model.  This is only the beginning of things to come, and this change will be for the better.  Please enjoy the video below:

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  1. John

    I don’t believe that we will have to wait for it to get that high. Last time it got to the 4 dollar level here (KY), the econony started shutting down. Once it gets to $5, it will be over for most people.

    It looks like most americans are still asleep with the recent political
    race results.

    Thanks for all you do Greg, keep trying to wake the rest of the asleep public before we all drown. The MSM has them fooled.


    • Greg

      If we go to war with Iran all will be hit with a cold bucket of water smack in the face. We will all be awake then. Thank you for your comment and support.

  2. M SMITH

    Fantastic job! I have a feeling all paper assets will become trash soon, Iran is hit with a double in prices in one day, has the proof. One hell of year is a under statement! The U.S. & those in Europe who have put the screws to the innocent people of Iran will suffer the most, but they will also see ‘us’ & NATO as the ones who made their lives pure hell because the leaders of Iran will paint all of those who put the screws to the nation of Iran as the demons. Damn, we just can’t keep our back room dictators running the gov from starting a war we can’t afford, way to many war hawks in congress who are bought & paid for by the military arms sales complex who will make trillions on the deaths of millions of people!

    A friend of mine sat with me today & talked about gold/silver, he said who will be able to buy it from you if we have a collasp? My answer, was nobody at first, but when the new dollar becomes our currency, those holding old ones will be Broke, Gold is the wealth the ‘giants always hold’ & those with insurance(gold) & silver to a point with proper planning will get by until the reset is complete! It may not work that way & it may, but it’s better to have some proven assets that none at all! Your site is growing daily, that is a big deal, a very big deal! Good Luck, we will need all we can get!

    • Greg

      Thank you M Smith.

    • Stephen Clay McGehee

      “Gold is the currency of kings; silver is the currency of gentlemen; barter is the currency of peasants, and debt is the currency of slaves.” – Author unknown

      I suspect that government-issued paper is somewhere between barter and debt on that scale.

  3. Art Barnes

    Greg, I like R. Paul but as a Christian I believe this country should protect Israel. There is a bible scripture, I’m not a theologian so I can’t tell you were it is but I have read it and it says “I will bless those who help (protect) Israel and curse those who don’t. Besides that, Israel would not hesitate to be on our side if push came to shove and we needed its help. Mr. Paul will not support any country that I can tell, but other than his stand on Israel I support him. If he would change his stance on Israel I believe his support would be stronger not weaker; There is an old saying you really need to know who your friends are. The empty suit Perry of Texas figured that one out and has stated it. Thanks for your video.

    • Greg

      I don’t think Paul is against Israel. That country has as many as 300 nukes and only a fool would let those weapons fall into the hands of Hezbollah or Hamas. Paul is no fool. Thank you for your comment and your support.

    • droidX-G

      In some ways Paul makes sense and others he has child like lack of understanding.

    • Hoppe

      Wow, you need to study your Bible a bit more and learn about dispensations in the Word. God has never needed another nations help protecting Israel, and has used other nations to punish Israel when He thought they needed it. Anyone interfering risks God’s omnipotent wrath and sets themselves up as “knowing God’s will”. Rather big headed eh?

      Besides, the nation of Israel of the Old Testament was a godly theocracy. The Israel of today is a humanistic democracy that rejected God. It is modern Zionism failed.

      Let God take care of Israel and America care for the blessing He has given us.

    • masterluke

      I believe Dr. Paul is a good guy. The question remains is it possible to be an elected official and not be a puppet. JFK made a speech before his death that was trying to warn the public against certain powers. He was shot dead. As much as I like Dr. Paul his main enemies are not abroad but at home. The politicians are merely hired servants to the corporations. It has been like that for a long time.

  4. Bob

    good job Greg.

    • Greg

      Thank you Bob for the comment and support.

  5. droidX-G

    Great insight

  6. Ambrose


    That was a great news show – much better than what we get from those MSM evening shows. I am glad to see that more and more people like you and Alex Jones are reporting the “truths” to us. I am going to watch the Nightly News more often.

    For serious news coverage, I turn to websites like and

    For more relaxing news, I watch shows from Comedy Central such as “Colbert Nation: The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert” and “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”.

    Unless I hear the warning sound from the Emergency Alert System, the MSM news would be my last choice for real news.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Greg

      Thank you Ambrose!

  7. Jeff C

    Thanks Greg. I always enjoy your fantastic insight. My personal thinking is so closely aligned with what you say, that it’s scary.

    I’ve been buying up Canadian oil sands stocks for the past few months in anticipation of the coming event in the Strait of Hormuz. Whether or not the US can defeat Iran in the area is inconsequential – the damage that can be done by even a slight disruption will be enormous given the current state of world economic affairs.

    BTW – I have been watching CNN coverage of NH tonight. They spend more time talking about the 3rd and 4th place participants, then Ron Paul. They’ve must be scared to death of what RP represents.

    • Greg

      Jeff C
      Both the left and the right are scared to death about Dr. Paul.

  8. FNPMitchreturns

    another outstanding report Greg!… The writing is on the wall and the dollar will soon die. When we go to war with Iran it will only be a cover for the collapse of the dollar. I believe that TPTB know the dollar is has no future. Their conundrum is “how to let it collapse with out blowing their covert plan to take over America. Their plan to shift blame from our political and corporate plutocracy to someone that the American people will vilify and then rally behind their governmenr without question is in full swing.

    This is similar to the false flag by the Nazis where they burned the Reichstag and blamed it on Jewish radicals except this time it will be Iranians used as the veil to blind the American people. The war will be an economic disaster for the USA since we really don’t have the natural resources to fight world wars anymore. And the dollar will be damaged beyond repair giving the elite a chance to bring about a one world currency and one world government.

    • Greg

      Thank you Mitch!

  9. Georgev

    The main stream media isn’t main stream anymore.
    Thanks to real patriots like yourself and Alex Jones.
    Long live freedom.
    Long live the Republic.

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