Greg Hunter’s Live Election Coverage 2020 11.03.2020 – Where History is Recorded

This is the most important Election of our generation and, quite possibly, in the history of America.  This comes down to a simple choice between Constitutional Liberty and Marxist tyranny.

As I predicted on September 11, 2020, it’s going to be a “Trump Blowout.”  This Election is NOT going to be close!  God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ are going to show everyone who is in charge.
Join Greg Hunter “LIVE” as covers the 2020 Election, which started on Election Day November 3rd at a little after 8pm EST. The recording of the live stream is below. Enjoy:

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  1. Robin Young

    Just saw on Daily Mail – Joe called his granddaughter his deceased son Beau – link –

    • Robert Lykens

      Folks, we may be on the very brink of widespread end-time persecution of Christians in America – just days away.
      Please watch this video by Perry Stone quickly – he explains an amazing election/prophecy parallel.

      Please prepare your souls for Trouble. The Sword is coming upon this land.
      Repent and settle in your heart that you are a disciple of Jesus Christ.

  2. Lynne

    Can’t wait for this coverage. Everyone around the world seems to waiting on the results. There are those who have a nasty plan!
    We fight fire with holy fire! God bless all of us around the world.

    • Matt

      Such a “great father”…

  3. Lazlo

    God WINS.

    • Greg Hunter

      You Bet Lazlo!! Every time!!

      • Theresa

        Hey Greg, so looking forward to you live election coverage but I can’t find it anywhere. Your site, youtube, etc. Please keep us posted on how to watch you!

      • Lazlo

        You sniffed out the shenanigans in real-time. Great work, Greg! Best 2020 election coverage I’ve seen.

  4. James McCumiskey

    I’m going to bed now here in Ireland at 6pm EST. I hope to wake up to a Trump landslide. important for the US and the world

    • Brooklyn

      Good night, James. And, how does that saying go, ‘When Irish eyes are smiling – you know there up to something’ …. FOUR MORE YEARS – KAG!

  5. Sue Robinson

    Many thanks in advance for your livestream, Greg. We are witnessing history and your efforts tonight will be a great help. Last weekend, I was part of the national caravan for Trump that burst out everywhere, even in Blue Western Washington state, where I live most of the time. I felt a wonderful kinship of the heart with my brothers and sisters in arms across our country and even across the world.
    We prayed together and we stood together. I am so grateful to be a small part of this and to witness the incredible campaign of our champion, President Trump. Godspeed to us all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sue!!

  6. Ascanius

    Thank you sir for all you do I look forward meeting you in our fathers house to thank you in person

    • Greg Hunter

      Welcome aboard Ascanius. Getting ready. This is going to be fun!!

  7. Gina+M+Mancarella

    Greg, there’s no need to stay up with your vigil tonight. Our candidate Joe Biden will be the 46 president of the United States ! People are choosing competence !!!

    The American people want a president that does the eight thing ! The American people are sick and tired or the white supremacist patriarchy. The American people are on the side of truth and through their vote will speak truth to power. Tonight we wil celebrate the end of the 4 year Trump nightmare. We’ve got this one in the bag ! IN THE BAG !!!!!

    So sad ! Bye Bye ! Dont be mad ! Dont cry !!! See ya later !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • wayne hardin

      I wish people would STOP calling me a supremacist I don”t agree .
      So stop it pretty please .
      Grow up.

      • Branko

        The Bible has one name for people like you REPROBATES, which means unfixable

        • wayne hardin

          Why for not thinking i am not a supremacist ???
          If that makes me REPROBATE or unfixable .
          I am OK with that.

        • wayne hardin

          Why ?? for not thinking i am a supremacist .
          If that makes me a REPROBATE or unfixable
          I am OK with that .

        • wayne hardin

          To be clear I am not a white supremacist .
          I hate that you think i am .
          you keep calling me one.
          That was to Gina .

      • SusanD

        Oh man do you have some waking up to do! You need to go deeper down the rabbit hole regarding just how corrupt that family is!

        • Keith+Wilson

          Well I though America was the greatest democracy in the western world. President Trump was cruising to another term as your president.Then all of a sudden the election became a farce. Biden the moron and the satanic death cult of George soros,Michael bloomberg,and the cabal of AIPAC decided to rig the election and stop trump from becoming president. We know who owns the democratic party and who is behind all this corruption of us politics. Biden is the chosen one and what the American people want does not go with what the cabal want. Putin in Russia would have this lot arrested and thrown in prison and deported

    • Jo Brown

      Biden the treasonous pedophile may win and I’m sure you, as a supporter of pedophiles, would be very happy but the question is why would you be happy to support a treasonous pedophile? You’re one of the crazy ones for sure:-)

    • Beverly

      You are a kind man to post this comment of Gina’s, since this woman is obviously crazy! To think that Joe Biden is going to somehow give fairness and equality?! You’ve got the head up the ass lady. What’s sad is that there are so many others that also have their heads up their asses.

    • Alex

      Gina –
      Competence ?
      Truth ?
      You have been lied to and believed it .
      Tonight , America is in the balance . Globalist serfdom or Constitutional freedom .
      Tomorrow , we will not be crying – we will be preparing , either way this goes .

      I wish you well . Eventually the Truth will be undeniable .

    • Jennifer

      You already have one. He controls the DNC and he is a white, 90 year old, man who swore that he would destroy the United States before he died. At 90.. he’s running out of time.

      Enjoy a Biden presidency if Soros is able to con him into office. His presidency will be short lived as the House implements the 25th Amendment, removes Biden, and swears career ho Kamala Harris in as President. She’s a Communist. She said so herself. You’re going to be scraping the barrel of poverty while your government makes your life choices fir you.

      Kiss any business you may have goodbye because you will be crushed by the federal tax burden.

      The DNC may sound educated, charming, and eloquent, but they will only give a crap about you when they need your vote. You are irrelevant to them the rest of the time.

    • Mike+G

      “Do the eight thing”. Old Gina kinda pulled a Biden

    • Mike+G

      Better than a lewinski though.

    • Gabriel's Trumpet

      It was predictated here on the comments section, that if Trump was winning. They would come up with extra ballots to count. They also predictated that like your colour revolution, in Kiev Ukraine. When the protests begin, shot’s would be fired, and protester killed and blamed on Trump supporters or secret service agents to protect the president.
      Giner, you and all your ilk would and will do anything to avoid prosecution for your act’s of treason against the government and the people of these United States of America. You can only go so long and escape, the long arm of the law. The law you swore, so help you God. To uphold and protect and preserve.
      Now see Giner, the mighty hand of the invisible God! P.S. you have his word on it, in writing and in the flesh!

    • New USA Watchdog Traveler

      I don’t agree with your characterization that Biden is competent let alone truthful. You are one of those socialists that want communism, but better be careful about what you wish for because you just may get it even though it is under VERY SUSPICIOUS circumstances. Rest assured that when Karma or justice comes back around, your ilk will be in the crosshairs if not occupying a comfortable lonely cell on Rikers island.

  8. Thomas

    Wow Greg, I hope you are correct. I bet 1000 on Trump +130.

  9. Thomas

    What does Bo Polny predict?

  10. Ron

    Good job Greg!
    Even here in Canada we can’t get unbiased coverage of your elections.
    The nedia is opemly hostile to President Trump !!!

    Thanks for the coverage,
    we knew we could count on you for a real true to life journalustic coverage…

    God bless you,
    God bless Trump,
    God bless your constitution!
    Those that are awake here support you with our hearts and souls!!!

    Farmer Ron

  11. Brooklyn

    Greg, At 7:10pm here in Covidistan, New Jersey, we voted this morning, by taking our mail-in ballot to the polling place, because the USPS endorsed Sleepy-Joe and we did not trust them to deliver our votes, plus going to the polls in NJ was like giving Fil a Bronx Cheer (and that is being extremely kind…;)

    But, on Sunday we met at the local Reginald high school and along with 5-600 Trump Train vehicles we went north to Toms River where we met up with 8-10,000 other Trump supporters with flags, banners and horns blazing for our Lion, Donald J. Trump. There was another section of the Garden State Parkway that had so many Trump Train vehicles it shut down the parkway, Oh yeah, and AH Fil told the troopers not to let the Trump supporters get off at the rest area, so that worked dipstick. Keeping in mind, all these boat and car Trump Trains are happening in dark blue Covidistan, NJ….;) Can you imagine, Nah, neither can we. The Joisey Sure has great beaches, but too many ignorant liberals…;

  12. Kenneth Noga

    This will be fun. Will be watching your coverage in my TV room.

  13. Carol

    Greg, I was thrilled to receive your email re: election night!! I have signed onto your
    mailing list any number of times and NEVER received an email. I know the thought
    police monitor the internet and will censor certain sites. I hope I keep receiving your
    emails, now that one finally got through. Thanks for ALL of your fine work!!!!!!
    Jesus Bless and Protect you and yours, and give you continued wisdom. Praise Our Lord!

  14. regaleagle

    I have definitely been praying steadfastly for months……but each morning in particular for President Trump and his family, for out great nation where freedom is the last bastion of hope in our world, and for every believer in Jesus Christ to be led to vote Republican this election……regardless of past history or party affilliation. Let’s pray for a miraculous healing of this nation beginning with a landslide victory for President Donald Trump. Amen.

  15. mike martin

    only place I know I will find a fair analysis and discussion. Followed you Greg for many many years. Never never miss an interview here.

  16. jim furr

    Brother, You said yopu were going to cover the elections, I don’t see any links to a video??
    -Jim >

    • Greg Hunter

      Stand by. Getting the live feed up.

      • Jim

        It’s telling me to install a driver!
        I have 20 tabs open and many live streams – no drivers needed brother!

  17. Hal

    Glad to spend a few informal moments with you and I am pleased with your success.

    • Jim

      ok, That was just an ad, sorry!

  18. regaleagle

    I’ve used some of my contacts to invite as many as may be interested to tune in to your site tonight from Texas, Greg…….for this historical election coverage instead of listening to all of the mumbo-jumbo of the fake media outlets and their spins of what this election means to not only the American people living in the USA…..but to a vast majority of citizens of the world.

  19. pete hart

    I followed the instructions &nothing happens. Tried my cell phone also.

  20. Randall

    very MUCH appreciate your live stream, Greg. You are a really good guy, a model American, and I appreciate that too!

  21. Judith

    God’s Blessings without measure to you and yours Greg. Judith

  22. Joan DuNard

    Looking forward to your coverage of the Presidential election and praying that our election is fairly and honestly accounted. I signed up and received your email and am thrilled to be watching tonight.
    –Joan DuNard

  23. Foot in the Forest

    Remember everyone that the Democrats will be committing massive voter fraud thru mail in voting. KEEP PRAYING our country depends on a Trump win.

  24. Michael+Christian+Peak

    JESUS 2020!

  25. Greg Morrissey

    For Bo Polny God and has changed his mind on the outcomes of what people expect
    what about Job 23:13 Psalm 115:3 and Psalm 135:6. He is in charge and calls the final outcome .What about the examples of God changing his mind ? Does this come in to your study of God .Please read Jonah chapter 3 : 1 through 10
    second kings 22:14 through 20
    and @ Chronicles 12 : 1 thru 8
    Let me know what your thoughts are on these versus and how they can apply today
    Thank you

    • MCasey

      Greg Morrissey:
      Bo Polny said Trump would WIN the election; which he has. He didn’t say if Trump would be allowed by the Democrat Globalists to continue to govern.

      Yes, God is in charge. And my bet is President Trump will also govern for the next four years.

      However, God NEVER changes his mind. Jonah 3:1-10; 2 Kings 22:14-20; and 2 Chronicles 12:1- 8 are not examples of God “changing his mind”; study them more closely. Job 23:13 states God is unchangeable …that includes “changing his mind”.

      In fact, saying you will do something and then you don’t….for whatever reason…is lying. And God can not lie. (Numbers 23:19; Titus 1:2; Hebrews 6:18).

      But, God does make conditional statements (IF, THEN, ELSE; Boolean Logic).

      IF my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; THEN will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

  26. AndrewB

    Flawed system! No votes should be counted (published) until all polling has closed, nationwide. Otherwise, biased reporting of early results in East coast states can be utilised to influence votes in states where polls are still open. This is nuts!

    Also, political adds allowed to run while polls are still open, e.g., NBC continually running add featuring Biden asking Harris, “Are you ready to go to work?”. The subliminal message being, Biden has won and we are ready to start running the country. This while polls in Western States are still open. Makes a mockery of the democratic process.

    • Keith+Wilson

      Well I though America was the greatest democracy in the western world. President Trump was cruising to another term as your president.Then all of a sudden the election became a farce. Biden the moron and the satanic death cult of George soros,Michael bloomberg,and the cabal of AIPAC decided to rig the election and stop trump from becoming president. We know who owns the democratic party and who is behind all this corruption of us politics. Biden is the chosen one and what the American people want does not go with what the cabal want. Putin in Russia would have this lot arrested and thrown in prison and deported

  27. Malinda A Midzenski

    Check out Rhode Island

  28. Darlene

    Not all of Ohio is brain-dead, although I was discouraged by a conversation I overheard in a supermarket today. They had already voted, so I did not jump in. Some people are hopeless, anyway. I’m praying!

  29. Malinda A Midzenski

    NC just went red

  30. Brian Malcolm

    You probably won’t get this until it’s all over, but drill in on IL and NM. In Illinois, with the exception of Chicago, all counties “won” by Biden are reporting 0% as of 9PM central. And the rest that Biden is “leading” are polling ~80% Trump with ~70% of the vote in. New Mexico is following the same pattern.

    The map is propaganda, they can’t show Trump leading, ever. They will claim the Russians swooped in at the end and stole it for their boy.

  31. Roy Reimer

    Greg, We don’t know that any of the media coverage is accurate, or true. Could be everything they’re telling us is totally fabricated.

  32. John Eastman

    calentees audio sux and the picture is blurry. WTF?

  33. Tom Deplorable from Raleigh

    Greg. Call it now for Trump! I hope you have better ratings than CNN. !

    Lamestream media is dead. Killed by hubris!

  34. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Loving your election coverage with Gerald Celeste. Imprinted on my mind, “It’s over – put a fork in it!!!” LOL.

    • AndrewB

      Correction – Celente.

      Plus, my wife just told me someone posted on Twitter, “Biden calls it for Ukraine”. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  35. notyourpatsy

    Great FUN coverage from UWD Mr Hunter! Thanks for an enjoyable election for once! Had lots of great snacks while enjoying the commentary.
    HI is full of liberal demoncrats, but folks in AK are’nt wimps! Glad to see little Rhody go for Trump! Here in Taxjersey we took to the roads as you saw on tv and online this past week for Trump! Wait until we have the Trump WON parade on the highways this week, end to end! Parking lot speeds! Liberals get out of the way and move your priuses from the right lanes LOL!

  36. Joe

    Thanks Greg. Got my new tires last week. You’re the best.

  37. Andy

    Thanks for all you do to inform and spread truth.

  38. Jim

    Awesome coverage on this election Greg! Loved the interview with Gerald Celente! You are awesome!

  39. AndrewB

    There should not be any surprise that ‘they’ will not call Florida for Trump, and call Virginia wrongly for Biden, just read the aims of the Transition Integrity Project. Integrity – pull the other one. Number one priority is to prevent Trump from being able to claim a win. Their declared aim is to sow seeds of doubt in the minds of the mindless – to inflame dissent. Look at the crowds of protesters in front of the White House even before the result was clear.

  40. Lore

    Greg: You’re going to explode. Cool down. Breathe.
    Thank you for setting this up, but please strive to let your guests finish their sentences.

  41. tsuki

    Rep Debbie Powell lost in Florida Link to FL results

  42. andrew

    I just want to tell you how much we LOVE your live election coverage. Totally raw, unrehearsed and down to what’s happening. You DO NOT get that on the MSM s**t storm they are peddling as ‘NEWS’. MSM is defunct, bankrupt and totally irrelevant. YOUR channel will be THE leading source in time to come….(it is for US already).

  43. Won Idaho

    Thanks Greg, Republicans closing in on House 👍

  44. Paul in oz

    Great job Greg … it looked to me based on many years of watching the trend, the trend was clearly in Trump’s favour and then an unprecedented shift occurred … whatever … a couple days, a couple weeks .. we will receive the message we need for what will come … and we will all know what to do.

  45. iwitness02

    Great coverage! Let’s see what morning brings.

  46. Cook jr. Kyle

    1:00 PM EST USA TIME on Aussie TV Sky News, after analyzing Bidens, nobody should claim a victory, says he’s on track to win it! They’re laughing in Australia and it’s at Biden, trying to take the narrative. Were waiting to hear from Trump, he is still leading at the moment, but twitting he wont let the election be stolen. Now were worried about a rumble.
    Joe Biden fearing defeat has come out, to try to cut off Trump from claiming victory. The Australians, just saying. . . .

  47. regaleagle

    I remember hearing on this site by one of your guests to keep praying for President Trump all the way thru this (s)election process……..that the spin doctors and democraps will not relent all the way until inauguration day. So we all need to get on our knees and keep praying to God Almighty for our nation, for President Trump and his family…….to thwart evil at its core in our nation and allow goodness and justice to prevail over the dark places where God’s angels of light can do battle for us. Thank You Greg for allowing us to see firsthand how the tabulation of electoral votes should be followed and tabulated without bias and coercement. It should be more than obvious to those that tuned in to USAWD tonight that there is a huge chasm that exists between what should be reported and the propoganda that IS being shoved into the faces of the American public. May God restore this nation with some honest leadership that will use wisdom and authority to mete out justice using the rule of law and God’s laws.

  48. Jonathan

    Great coverage tonight! I cannot thank you enough for it. I absolutely love Gerald Celente and your other guests were surely beneficial as well. What you consistently bring to the news table I cannot seem to find anywhere else. I have been a devoted viewer for 10+ yrs and your style, premium guests and honesty always keeps me coming back for more. YOU ARE THE MAN! Please keep it up. Thank you.

    It is an uphill battle when the other side is so willing to cheat and blame us for exactly what they themselves are guilty of. I am sick of it. It is like playing a game that is completely rigged. Who has the guts to finally prosecute these scumbags?

    Also, I’m beyond tired of the election meddling. I think tonight is an easy win if it wasn’t for all the never before extended voting and record mail in ballots. Not to mention the dopes at F 0 x. I have been ragging on them for years. They are NOT conservative. What the heck was up with the Virginia early call?
    Twitter censoring the president on election night?
    Where is the line in the sand?!

    • GenEarly

      the democRats drew the line at our heels and said “What now?”

  49. AndrewB

    Hi Greg, I hope your live broadcast was recorded in full because your analysis as the results came in nailed it for a Trump win. Once this outcome became clear, the plans cooked up in advance by the Transition Integrity Project (what a misnomer!!!) kicked in and Biden gave his pre-prepared, ‘we’ll need to be patient – the result may not be in for several days’ speech. Your record of the results as they came in may be needed to secure an honest outcome.

  50. JC

    If Biden wins, either the election was rigged or the “new breed” of Americans have lost their collective minds…

    The older folks that grew up in a pre-digital age are dying off. They were more connected to reality, sound judgement, ethics and morals.

    If Biden wins, it is the official beginning of the end of another empire. I suppose someone will document it, as a sequel to “The Rise and Fall of Rome.”

    • JC

      Look at this crap!

      ‘Former Vice President Joe Biden has now received more votes for president than any other candidate in U.S. election history, officially surpassing former President Barack Obama’s 2008 popular vote numbers on Wednesday afternoon. Biden had 69,949,918 votes as of 2:30 p.m. ET with several states still tallying results, while Obama notched 69,498,516 total.’

      • Paul ...

        Looks like America wanted to show the world that they would rather vote for a degenerate Alzheimer’ed criminal “commie” immoral pervert taking bribes from China … rather then continue to wait and wait and wait and wait for Trump to get around to locking up even one Deep State Traitor!!

    • Self+Exiled

      JC I disagree with your assessment concerning “The older folks that grew up in a pre-digital age are dying off. They were more connected to reality, sound judgement, ethics and morals.” i’m one of these olderfolks, born 1949, and exactly half of my friends have passed on. My generation was raised morally to an extent and there was a unity amongst the Vietnam generation. {Notice how we designate generations by the war they fought.} We knew something was wrong starting with the Kennedy assassination , when Vietnam was raging so were we but not about morality. Unified we knew something was wrong but could not put our finger on it. We knew there was an enemy, we could not identify him and it was not a man living in a grass hut in in Asia. As the powers that be learned their lessons, no caskets in the news, no draftees, ect. ; we as a generation gave up, in part due to the the fact the silent majority remained silent; our parents gave no alarms plus they did not support our concerns. So most focused on a family, a career and acquiring wealth and went to sleep. Some of us tho latter started to research and question but the fast majority did not want to hear it anymore and by that time the mass media, industrial monopolies, had begun to consolidate it’s ranks and the industrial banking syndicate had already been entrenched for a generation or two. Also the wealth syndrome took hold of my generation and they bought it and the stock market hook line and sinker and fell asleep, or basically had lost their moral direction and so did the nation. Christianity in America also followed. I yelled, scream, bitched, moaned but the candidates to be elected where also following the general path. “They were more connected to reality, sound judgement, ethics and morals.” No way. Granted it appears that way and to certain extendent has some truth because of; TV, technology, digital, computers etc; and each generations selling out of morality has brought us to this point. We were warned by Christ and He even saw the same in His generation. The United States was a miracle of God brought about by a few dedicated people with a vision given to them by God to work His will. We are seeing the culmination of his will on a universal bases. Sorry I think this election has gotten to me more than I should have allowed. I snapped.

      • JC

        Hi Self-Exiled, by “older” I was thinking some years before 1949.
        Hang in there.

  51. Jerry

    Last night I had a nightmare that I was forced to wear a face mask and vote between an aging pedophile with dementia, and a former aging reality show star that had a secret army of followers that he knew nothing about. In the middle of this nightmare, it turned out that the election was gridlocked and wound up going to the Supreme Court for a decision. It turned out that the Supreme Court called for a re-election and the whole process started all over again. It was a nightmare right?

    • JC

      No Jerry, not a nightmare.

      As Rod Serling would say.
      “You’ve just crossed over into… the Twilight Zone.”

      • Paul ...

        You know … Trump could have easily won re-election (but he lost the “conservative religious white vote” who obviously grew tired waiting for years for Trump “to fire his immoral Attorney General” (who never locked up a single high ranking Deep State criminal) … the only thing Barr ever locked up was the laptops of Hillary, Epstein,Wiener and Biden (to protect these Deep State criminals)… and Trump never fired immoral Fauci … result? … looks like Trump just got fired !!!

  52. Jerry

    I’m calling the election. The globalist have won.

    Don’t look here. Look over there. Bidens dog whistle ? That being blown by Kamala Harris.

    • JC

      Thanks Jerry.
      I hope everyone takes the time to read this Time article.

    • Tin foil hat

      I concur the globalists have probably won. The Deep State is fine with sharing a corrupted and senile POTUS with China. In Djibouti, we have to carry bagful of cash to conduct businesses while the Chinese have already established their bank before we do, their naval base there is bigger and looks better than ours, they are building bridges, rails, roads, cables … and we seem to be okay with it???

      I think you are spot on regarding the Working Group, Bloomberg is one of many collabotors who will bring about the pending monetary and societal reset – in 2023???

  53. Thomas McLaughlin

    Greg, you and your guests made my night. Thank you!! (Please thank your guests too!)
    It now is quite clear how powerful the media & big tech were in manipulating the voters.
    Looks like the strategy of the democratic governors to keep covid lock downs and enable mail in voting may put Biden over the top to win. It’s surprising the republicans didn’t see that coming and encourage early voting too for their party.
    Still hoping and praying for a Trump win.

  54. Gary

    Hey Greg, you going to do a day after update? I don’t trust anyone else to give the straight scoop on what is going on.

    Thank you for your integrity.

  55. AndrewB

    “It isn’t the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.” Attributed to Joseph Stalin (evil genius). How right an observation, and how wrong in every way!

  56. Thomas

    News blackout re Biden corruption, vote counting stopped in key counties in order to see how many votes need to be “manufactured” to overcome Trump = Biden win….it is disgusting to me…

    • Paul ...

      At 4 o’clock in the morning trucks arrive at polling centers in all the swing states across America with boxes and boxes filled with 10,000 ballets (or more) “and all the ballets in these boxes are marked for Biden” (not even a single vote for Trump) … this massive election corruption is a fraud upon the American People and Trump should ask for “a new election in these swing states” (along with rigid election monitoring and voting deadlines)!!

  57. Tommy

    Interesting that the remaining states, PA, WI, MI, NC and GA are all close and critical for Trump. Let the Biden voter fraud organization get busy. Four of the five have Democrat governors who have stopped the counting and are playing with mail-in and absentee ballots. GA has a Republican governor but the main problem area is that Fulton County stopped counting due to a water pipe breaking. So we have all the states where Trump had substantial leads as of midnight on election day and now we are seeing the leads slip away with various shenanigans like not counting the votes as they wait to see how many they need. We should at least have Jimmy Carter as an observer since he has much experience observing third world elections and deeming them fair.

  58. Frank Stewart

    Great job Greg
    From Canada media here is biased and fake also.
    God bless you and your family.
    Never give up God is in control
    Frank Stewart

  59. robert+heartland

    Just like Florida for W Bush! The Democrats are going to steal the election! Trump clearly owns the election but now the Democrats are playing stop the clock! They can’t win legally so the election goes dark and off the rails! This is sickening America! DON’T FALL FOR IT!!! You are being suckered! Trump is a clear winner and the news media is going along with the con! The MSN is disgusting! They should be tried for treason and if convicted should be stood up against a wall and shot as traitors and co conspirators! This is horrible! The Super Rich would rather have civil war and destroy our country than let We The People have it! You have enemies America! This race wasn’t even close!

  60. Country Codger

    Howdy Greg,
    You did a fantastic job last night and you at lasted me but my wife hung in their with you. I was shocked, seeing the momentum that Trump had in states like Va., to wake up and see the race undecided and states flipped for Biden. But that was their plan all along…to cheat.

    Enough about the election, I want to talk about the cartoon you chose as the emblem of this election. It is one of Mr. Ramirez’s finest. My dad was in the Battle of the Bulge and other battles and when people look at “old” men and women they don’t appreciate what those “old farts” represent – Freedom. Now, I’m officially an “old fart” and a Vietnam veteran and it hurts to see all these young people coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq maimed inside and out having to suffer so the rich could get richer. That said, Thank You, for choosing that as the emblem for the election.
    Lo Iyrah!
    p.s. Get some rest. You’ve earned it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks CC!!

    • Michael Becker

      No President of the United States of America will have to leave office due to voter fraud. There is no legal argument for it. He stays!
      And please do not forget or take lightly; real America. We get angry also. But our anger is righteous and we don’t use it to break windows to steal liquor or Rolex watches. We use it to fight for our country and save our freedom by any means necessary!!

  61. Steve Bannon

    War Room: Streaming Live
    We must not let this day live in infamy!

    • Bannon Steve

      I don’t know why the beginning of the War Room they got this, maybe one minute of the pandemic, an introduction. Believe me they don’t even talk about the pandemic. So don’t let it throw you off. It’s not even a full minute. But they do have the skinny on this wide-spread voter fraud in democrat stronghold’s across the country. The same places you can riot, you can cheat also!

  62. Thomas McLaughlin

    Could it be that Bo Polny’s biblical timeline using Noah’s great flood / 370 days of which a new era officially begins April 26, 2021 is the day that Trump loses all of his Supreme Court challenges to the election? Biden, a puppet for the globalists, then officially becomes POTUS, so wouldn’t THAT be a new era for the world?
    I love Bo and you like brothers, just offering a different possibility for discussion.

  63. Nick-Dog

    Hi Greg! I stayed up all night with you and your coverage of the election. It was great.

    That said, I am in Virginia and I was watching the State Board of Elections website the whole night.

    Something definitely did not add up. At about 10 or so, I went through every locality to see how many precincts were left. Trump was up 200k votes. Then, after the last of Northern VA and Norfolk turned in, he was up 60k votes with only rural, unpopulous counties left to go. Then, at 1247AM or so, Biden was suddenly over Trump by 300k votes!!!

    I was blown…how could that be. The same with the Senate race….Gade up all night, and then at the last minute he is down by 200k+ votes in the end.

    Smells like fraud all the way. I can tell you that outside of NOVA, there was literally no enthusiasm for Biden elsewhere in the state, so how they manufactured this garbage precisely remains to be seen….

    Thank you for a great night and for covering the election. It was such a breath of fresh air to watch along with you and get your take as things went down.

  64. Dave Miller

    Watched your election coverage and came to the same conclusion. No way Trump could lose. Told my wife when I went to bed that Trump is ahead and will now wait until the election fraud from the Deep State steals it from him. So sad. Now you know how the Romans felt when their beloved Republic was stripped away from them.

  65. Westen and Kristen

    Happy Birthday Jerry!!! I appreciate everyone here on USA watchdog including Greg. I like looking at all the different opinions and I have been looking at this site for a long time. My father comes here to post his information not to prove anyone wrong but to share his information and knowledge that is researched to try to protect families. We appreciate all the information all of you share!

  66. Marie+Joy

    This is a communist coup.

  67. JC

    Hunter Biden Laptop…
    Anthony Wiener laptop…
    Hunter Biden laptop…
    Anthony Wiener laptop…

    FBI, hello, hello?
    Anyone there?

  68. Kenneth J Krieb

    Greg, my entire family watched your coverage of last nights election and woke up today in SHOCK at the results. We know you know insiders. WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW? Please update us. You are literally the ONLY person in news media that we trust.

    • Greg Hunter

      Massive vote rigging and cheating on a scale never seen before in America. Don’t take my word for it just listen to thje Leader of the democrat Party Joe Biden:

      • Rodster

        I absolutely agree on the voter fraud but I expected NO less. The Left tried evicting Trump out of Office 4 yrs in a row. They failed but the Deep State made sure they would not fail during the election.

        What’s rankles my undies is how the US goes around the world making sure other Nations hold fair and honest elections and the Left goes out of its way to do the opposite. Hopefully Trump takes this to the Supreme Court. At least the are more conservatives now on the bench but you never know how they’ll vote, especially with guys like Judge Roberts.

      • K. Wayne

        America will never be the same. Democracy is dead. The Demonic Powers that rule this Nation (and the Globe) will have their way by first installing Communism then Fascism. Expect chaos and civil unrest as the Liberal movement segues into Power. Whilst it isn’t official as yet…it seems as though the fraud and corruption was always going to prevail…..regardless of the increased voting participation numbers.

      • Mario

        Hey Greg

        I hope all is well.
        Thanks for all you do.
        What do you think is going to happen? We know there is voter fraud and it was rigged. But what happens next? Riots, martial law? Can Trump stay in office?

      • Dumb American teeniebopper

        Greg, briben scare crow Joe Biden, is in a second chilhood. Why his handlers kept him in the basement. Oldsters can be brutally honest as can be seen in they’re driving too. When they pull out right in front of you and cut you off, ect. My dad was still a good driver but managed to cause a lot of accidents. If quid qou pro Joe isn’t stopped by Trump or impeached, please whom ever it may concern. Don’t let poor old sleepy Joe drive or run the country?

  69. Mike

    Has it occurred to anyone , that removal of Biden would give us a Karbala/ pelosi nightmare?????? May God help us all

    • Bannon Steve

      He will, you have his word on it, Jesus Christ!

  70. MCasey

    Bo Polny said Trump would WIN the election; which he has. He didn’t say if Trump would be allowed by the Democrat Globalists to continue to govern.

    However, my bet is President Trump will also govern for the next four years.

  71. Ed

    Greg, in Michigan here. Trump signs everywhere. Went to sleep last night and Trump was winning by like 120k votes with 89% reporting and was up like 52% to 47%. Woke up and had 91% reporting and he was losing by like 120k votes. Not quite sure what’s going on here? People were protesting to stop the count at the TCF center.

    • Cook jr. Kyle

      Ed if you were white or older or have white hair and a few other prerogatives, you were handed a Sharpie to fill your ballot at the poll’s in the urban centers of higher population. They assumed you would vote Trump. THE SHARPIES BLEED AND SOAK THRU. GO ONLINE AND CHECK YOUR VOTE< YOULL FIND YOUR NOT EVEN REGISTERED! They'll SAY YOUR VOTE IS ILLEGAL! SHARPIE VOTERS UNITE AND PUSH BACK!!!!
      74 counties went for Trump in Michigan and 9 for Biden and they came up with 200.000 ballots all Democrat. THEY BLAM REPUB'S FOR FRAUD BUT DO THE FRAUD.

    • Wallis Sibley

      Ed this is what went on;
      MAR 6, 2020
      Evidence Found of Electronic Ballot Box Stuffing Against Trump
      Despite President Donald Trump’s continued insistence, with no evidence, that voter fraud was behind Hillary Clinton’s accumulation of 3 million more votes than him in the recent US presidential election, evidence has been found which points to an entirely different form of election-related fraud, electronic ballot box stuffing. This form of fraud took the spotlight in the 2016 Democratic primary, when election experts and statisticians alleged that there was strong evidence that the primary was stolen by Hillary Clinton from Bernie Sanders.
      In Michigan, 37% of Detroit’s precincts reported more votes than the number of actual voters who checked into the polling stations, a sign of “electronic ballot box stuffing.” In this form of fraud, a vote-counting machine’s software is accessed – hacked into – and instructed to add or subtract votes in a manner which benefits a certain candidate.
      Krista Haroutunian, chairwoman of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, told the Detroit News:
      “There’s always going to be small problems to some degree, but we didn’t expect the degree of problem we saw in Detroit. This isn’t normal,”
      FEB 27, 2019
      Ohio’s Secretary of State Fights to Destroy Evidence of Vote Count
      RALPH LOPEZ—politics
      The counties have introduced new voting equipment that utilizes digital ballot imaging. After each physical ballot is cast, the machines take a digital image of each voter’s ballot and uses the images to tally the votes. Secretary Jon Husted and the Boards of Election of the aforementioned counties would like to delete all of the digital images created by the machines, and count the votes the old fashioned way.
      MAR 6, 2020
      Evidence Found of Electronic Ballot Box Stuffing Against Trump
      OCT 14, 2020
      Stunning Progressive Upsets in Three States [With Ballot Image Verification]
      RALPH LOPEZ Learn More below; ^___IMPORTANT TREAD___^;
      the Transition Integrity Project (TIP), which convened “war games” exercises suggesting the likelihood of a “contested election scenario,” and of ensuing chaos should President Trump refuse to leave office. We further showed how these “contested election” scenarios we are hearing so much about play perfectly into the Color Revolution framework sketched out Revolver News’ first installment in the Color Revolution series.
      This third installment of Revolver News‘ series exposing the Color Revolution against Trump will focus on one quiet and indeed mostly overlooked participant in the Transition Integrity Project’s biased election “war games” exercise—a man by the name of Norm Eisen.
      Democrats colluding with CIA to launch intelligence operation that ALTERS voting machine results: Report
      by Guest Post November 2, 2020

      ROGER STONE: How the Democrats Plan to Steal the 2020 Election
      Roger Stone
      November 1st 2020, 9:52 am
      Democrats engaging in widespread voter fraud, including mail-in voting abuse, illegal ballot harvesting, multiple votes cast by one individual, votes cast in the name of deceased persons, manipulation of computerized voting machine tabulations

      The Steal Is On. What Republicans Must Do Next To Guarantee Victory.

      Coming up later today, the Sharpie pen non vote….
      How Michigan and Arizona could be lost by bleeding Sharpie pens for Trump voters and how they were able to peg them as passing out the Sharpies insisting only Sharpie pens used!

  72. Gary C

    From a Canuck perspective this election was stolen from Trump, yet our MEDIA in Canada and the USA does not even question the process.
    Martin Armstrong said this is exactly what would happen AND IT DID

    This is a really sad day for the rule of law.

  73. wayne hardin

    The one thing you can be sure of.
    God is in control and his word will come to pass. What ever and who ever it takes
    to make it happen . that is what it will be.
    There will be a one world government a one world religion and a one world currency ‘
    that is something you can bank on.
    So get ready for what the bible says is coming.
    The only reason i voted was to show the world where i stood . God already knew.
    Some people don’t seem to stand for anything but them selves. A sad thing but the bible says that is what would happen . A lot of people are so self centered that they don’t seem
    to care about anything or anybody but them selves .
    Come quickly LORD>>>>>>>>>>

  74. Mike R

    Sadly Greg, your prediction has not come true….
    “As I predicted on September 11, 2020, it’s going to be a “Trump Blowout.” This Election is NOT going to be close! God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ are going to show everyone who is in charge.”

    The DEMS are once again committing high crimes and treason against the nation, with the most pervasive voting fraud ever perpetrated in the history of the country. They are aided by MSM, including Google, Facebook, Twitter and many other fraudulent platforms, in declaring victory where they have none, and they are forcing Trump to sue every state and make him look worse than what occurred during the shampeachment. Its an ongoing ‘coup’ and the sheeple are buying the Dems fraud, hook, line and sinker.

    Fraudulent CNBC is even in on the act saying Biden is only 17 electoral votes away, when we KNOW that could not be further from the truth. Dems are using Media to BULLY their way into declaring false victories, trying to make people believe it is over.

    Trump KNEW this was coming. The DEEP state did too, as they planned it. If Trump is able to remain in office, the only way that occurs is if he declares martial law, and puts an absolute end to this treasonous and seditious coup. The Chinese are behind this, as they want one of their bribed and co-opted favorites, Joe Biden to be there to suck on China’s toes and to bow before China and kiss their a** from here on out.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sadly Mike it has and will. Stay tuned and don’t give up.

  75. Claude Will

    Faux News (as they should be called) are now the King of Fake News.

  76. Robert

    “As I predicted on September 11, 2020, it’s going to be a “Trump Blowout.” This Election is NOT going to be close! God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ are going to show everyone who is in charge.”

    REALLY? Looks like the Trump Prophesies are a load of crap too.

    I’m thinking its time to put my faith in a second civil war.

  77. Heinrich

    Game over for „Trump and the patriots“. On the bright side the outcome of the elections debunks all the false prophets like Polny, Taylor and Cahn. Also positive, that idiotic radio shows like the x22report will disappear.
    Unfortunately, the swamp won, the middle class will be decimated and socialism and facism will reign the world. Sadly, thats what the majority of people are asking for.
    Game over for us !
    Good night, western society !

    • Greg Hunter

      “Oh ye of little faith.”

  78. Mike Massey

    Greg: I just want to say it’s never over until the big dog sings! I don’t know why the multitude of people want Socialism. I believe the American people have been brain dead for over 50 years. Our schools turn out idiots. Jesus is still in control. Hold on tight Greg because we are going into the Greatest Depression. The young people today will experience what a real economic Depression is all about. Keep stacking Silver and Gold, canned food will become a luxury.

  79. regaleagle

    Greg…….I’m totally through with Fox Network and all of their under the table deception toward the American people. I was watching their “Election Central” reporting with the volume turned off while watching your reporting of returns LIVE all night to the end. All of the reporters went into a new role as soon as it was apparent that Trump was waaaay ahead on the official electorial counts in the vast majority of states. They then began spinning their webs of deception to the viewers……showing their true colors of which candidate they really supported…….and all of them spoke against Trump. All of them were wearing blue also…….on election night…..boldly!! Also they seemed rather giddy in finally being able to spew their true venom toward President Trump…….it was certainly obvious to this veiwer what was taking place right on Live TV. They kept bringing on their “election specialists” to spin more reasons why Biden would end up winning states that Trump had a big lead in that were close, but key states for him to win. You could see that “the fix was in” and that “vote harvesting” had to be introduced so that Biden would have a chance to steal this election from the American people. I’m sick to my very core about how many turncoats are in every position of our major media outlets…….and Fox has proved now to be among the most deceitful and fake. FOX is FAKE!!! Now Hannity, Ingraham, and all the other fake supporters of Trump and the American way of life will try to convince the veiwers today that everything is on the “up and up” after they did their dasturdly deeds last night. All they truly care about are their own bank accounts and high profile positions to protect…….not the good of our country and the American people. They are even worse than all the other stinking fake media outlets that boldly show who they are……FOX is being used by the Elitists as the main convincer of the American people for trust. It’s a dog and pony show…….and we are the fools they put the show on for. Total corruption…….

  80. Mike R

    The voting process has been CORRUPTED for years by Demoncrats. Its the only way the know how to win.

    So the process needs to CHANGE NOW. You get ONE day only to vote, no mail in bs, no cheat by mail, no absentee ballots, nothing but in person, and your finger gets dipped in indelible ink showing you got your ONE Vote. Not two, not twenty two, BUT ONE VOTE.

    Many other countries do this. Ours is corrupt to the bone, AGAIN, thanks to the dems ! The GOP is complicit as well, turning their heads and looking away. theres AT LEAST 6 states, that Biden did NOT win, but claimed he has, or the media has done that for him. The MSM is obviously complicit in this fraud. People must go to jail for this. NOW. Not next year, NOW, today. Trump just needs to declare martial law. Period. He can do it, and the Dems cannot do a damn thing about it.

  81. Clint+D.

    This election will bring much more fear into the land via violence and ruler against ruler (Jeremiah 51:46). If the USA is Mystery, Babylon the Great (Revelation 17, 18, Jeremiah 50-51, Isaiah 13-14); then she does not have much time left before she is totally destroyed. If so, God says get out of her midst. None will survive in the last days Babylon when the king of North releases war upon her. Being in a remote location or being well prepared will do no good. Obey what God says about the last days Babylon and get out of her.

  82. eddiemd

    I posted on October 22nd the Sharpie pen bleed through on the Arizona ballots.

    Someone here sued the county in this regards yesterday.

    It was obvious 2 weeks ago that there was a problem.

    The Maricopa County recorder and state secretary of state are both crooked democrats here in Arizona.

  83. Rickey Johnson

    Great job on the live broadcast

  84. H.Craig Bradley


    First, remember that numbers don’t lie but liars can figure. Vote counting fraud is always present in our Democratic system. Its a form of corruption, of course and its tolerated by most people with such rationalizations as “they all do it” or “its always been that way”. However, I seriously doubt President Trump takes that common view of ballot cheating.

    Now, inorder for President Trump to win the required minimum electoral votes (270) and be reelected, a number of states must be certified as Trump victories. Among the contested states yet to report results: North Carolina, Penn., Georgia, Nevada and Alaska or Michigan.

    Trump needs ALL these states to conclusively win, although Nevada is not as critical, but all the rest are to get 270+ votes. Biden is already very close to the 270 mark with 264 electoral votes. At this time, Joe Biden is the one to beat, not Trump. I do not believe you can litigate yourself to victory in our system of government. The fact is, President Trump lost votes he might have had if it were not for Covid-19 which hurt millions of American businesses and former employees.

    So, if President Trump loses by a hair, that would be my primary reason for his defeat: Covid-19. Luckily, it still looks like the Senate will barely keep a Republican majority, thus foiling the “Blue Wave” for this election cycle anyway. This is a important victory in an otherwise marred Presidential election ( The most corrupt election in our history, according to Martin A. Armstrong).

  85. Alexander Cane

    Once again, the electorate those the media once defended, have been raped by the not so special interests; their frauds are now perpetrated openly, petulantly, with cocksure bravado. FOX called Virginia for “Say I Ain’t Slow Joe” when Trump was up; Trump was up 900,000 votes in Pennsylvania, after everyone else on the east coast finished counting,,,. But it wasn’t called, and it will not be called for Trump,,,. If Biden had been up by 900,000, would they have called it for “Say I Ain’t Slow”,,, or no??? Why did “Oh No, Joe” know Michigan, Wisconsin would flip, close to 12 am, as they did, in his favor, a proven statistical impossibility??? Certainly not because his handlers posted it on the teleprompter Ray Ban Sunglasses that tell him what to say,,, not because the fix was in,,, no. This is an outrageous suggestion if I do say so myself. And the fact President Trump foretold of this third coup when he spoke at 3 am e.s.t., when Wisconsin, Michigan were rightly colored bright red on the electoral map, warning that there were forces who were seeking to silence the voice of the People, also is just a coincidence. It’s a coincidence, it’s not proof of the continuing betrayal, rape of our Republic.

  86. dlc

    Alex Christoforou of The Duran, former Phoenix resident, gives his take on the DNC game plan.

  87. wayne hardin

    They will call right wrong’ good bad ‘ a lie the truth’ and so on .
    This has been foretold by God .
    A lot of people seem to not want what God said to come to pass.
    They want a good word something to make them feel good not the truth .
    Their goes the bible talking again .
    It is goat and sheep time.
    God has got every thing under control.
    He did not say we would like it . But he said he would be with us WHEN WE GO THROUGH IT >

  88. Gina************M************Mancarella

    Greg, the American people have given us a mandate !!!!! We have the power to change the world !!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are wrong–again!! Wait for it.

  89. Pissed off Dan in Texas

    So I guess Joe Biden pardons Hunter after he is sworn in and Durham’s probe is dropped ? Just crazy. And Ghilasne Maxwell pardoned and immunized too for good measure ? Surely this must be the alternate universe.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not going to happen. Keep your faith!!

  90. Eric Beckmann

    The election has been stolen. The most powerful weapon? The HAMMER a sophisticated computer program developed for use against foreign nations by the CIA. Has been used against the American people by Obama/Biden. Has the app SCORECARD for stealing elections. DR Dave Janda is supposed to know about this. I believe this was used in the state of Washington my state. The governor Jay Inslee is close with Biden. He virtually didn’t campaign and won in a blow out. Every Democrat that I know couldn’t stand Inslee and they were going to vote for Loren Culp the republican.

  91. wayne hardin

    Dear heavenly Father .
    I come to you right now and i praise you for knowing you are in control .
    We don”t understand how this can be going on but i know that all of this will
    come out just like you want it to .
    Now i ask that you open every eye and show them who you are .
    Now father do your will and give us peace knowing you know what you are doing
    Give us peace and the stretch that we need to stand for you although you say they will
    hate us . In JESUS mighty name AMEN

    • wayne hardin

      i could have put strength in there but i think we need to stretch more
      or reach to stand strongly for God.
      We will have to stand in his not our power .

  92. jeffersonian

    For Trump’s sake I hope he loses which he probably will. Why ? every president elected in a year ending in zero since early in our history has had terrible things happen during their tenure in office–1860 Loncoln elected asassinated in second term, Mckinnley 1900 assassinated 1902 , Harding elected 1920 dies of heart atttack while in office, JFK elected 1960 assassinated 1963, Regan elected 1980 nearly assassinated by Bush senior cohorts, Bush junior elected 2000 9/11, bank bailouts, lost war in Irag/Afghanastan etc.
    Let Trump ride in to the sunset and enjoy his last years with his business and family–he desreves it. Biden will be forced out via 25th Amendment, Harris next president and Pelosi or Hilary or Michelle VP. As the country and US economy implode these puppets will be blamed and demeaned and indeed so well deserving.
    In the meantime take care of yourself, loved ones and close friends and ignore the noise–it’s not healthy.
    And Greg when the reality sets in And Biden is declared winner, please keep up your optimism–we need it! You the man and of course Jesus too.

  93. Lucas Doolin

    Maybe good news. Eleven minute video.

    Intelligence Insider: President Trump Setup Democrats In “Sting Operation” To Catch Them Stealing Election! Dr. Steve Pieczenick drops a huge bombshell exclusively on The War Room

  94. H.Craig Bradley


    Do you recall Bo Plony and his Biblical Market Forecast here a month ago? I sure do and he did state that the Stock Market Cycle ( 7-year cycle) will go up until around this time and by late Dec. or early next year, turn down sharply. Bo inferred we should expect to at least repeat the March lows ( -38%). This is the occasion where we determine if Bo is right or Bo is a false prophet or at least, a fake forecaster with another opinion or unique spin on market forecasting. I say probably a fake, but I will reserve my judgement on Bo’s correctness until sometime later-on next year. Remember the thing about such financial forecasts ( besides being a dime a dozen ) is a broken clock is always accurate twice a day automatically.

  95. Mark Goff

    This is what you saw on election night.

    Take away from trump and given to Biden.

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