Greg Mannarino-You Are Going To See Inflation You Are Not Going To Believe

Greg Hunter’s 

Greg Mannarino says, “A new monetary system is already in the works.”  He says central banks will continue to print money to keep an insolvent system afloat.  Mannarino says it will be on “. . . an epic scale. . . .We’re going to see inflation that people are not going to believe.”  He thinks many “too big to fail banks” will fail, but not all will go under.  Mannarino says, “I believe there is going to be a consolidation of power just like there was after the crash of 2008.”   Greg Mannarino is a former Bear Stearns floor trader who recently released a new book titled “The Politics of Money.”  He’s a fan of anything tangible, and that includes physical gold and silver.  For anyone who does not hold physical assets, Mannarino says, “People are going to be slaughtered who are not ready for this.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Greg Mannarino.

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  1. jay 2

    LOL… Greg do you have these fits often? That was great.


    Greg ! You need to review the last 2 seconds of this interview .

    • Greg

      That was a mistake. It was not edited properly, my bad.


      • Margie

        I loved your outburst Greg!! shows how truly excited and happy you get for your listeners to know the truth! God bless

  3. bob

    My god. We are headed to COMPLETE and utter slaughter by I N T E N T!!!!!! Being sleepy now, at this time in history, will DESTROY the sheeple. IDIOTS ALL!!!!! I just hope Gregs message wakes a few more up. And now Greg just exploded at the end of his video. Our leader IS GONE!!! What next? Horrible news every day now. Get out of paper and into tangibles. Gold/silver/farm land/—–N O PAPER!!!!!!—Nice video from both Greg and guest—-beautiful advice.

  4. Brian

    The way it looks to me is that there is only one thing we as Americans can do to protect ourselves from what is likely coming here. If we do not do something now to prosecute the criminals running the show and remove them from power (legally) then we are doomed to be under their thumb for as long as we care to think.

    What good is gold, silver, guns and farmland going to do when the powers that be are allowed to tighten their stranglehold on the nation you and I live in, when huge, massive “security” agencies are created and unleashed upon us all, when “laws” will be passed to criminalize and undermine self sufficiency, when you are taxed into dependency and under the vigilant eye of greedy, corrupt “officials” and when the very fabric of the nation you live in becomes soiled and rotten with the stench of tyrannical rule? I’ll tell you what good gold, guns and farmland will be, it will buy you a single day of peace when the thugs come by, but what will you give them when they come by the next day, and the day after that?

    If we cannot even get the crimes of those “in charge” formally recognized in a court of law now, and if we cannot remove from power the tyrants of today how much harder will it be years from now after they have become even more entrenched and more powerful?

    People need to wake up today and realize how serious this is, there is nothing we can do to prepare ourselves for the total dissolution of our liberties and our freedom, and the usurpation of our wealth, other than to prevent such a thing from fully happening.

  5. Chuck Allen


    I believe Greg Mannarino is right on. The American public has been set up to fail. The only true wealth anyone can expect to have is the “PHYSICAL ASSETS” controlled by them.

    Dollars, as demonstrated by Mr. Mannarino’s chart of the U.S. dollar decline, since 2002, says it all. THE DOLLAR IS VAPOR IN THE WIND!

    When a country does not control its own monetary value and allows a private entity to do what ever they want to do, without even oversight; that country will succumb to those that control the real values.

    As always, this is great information.

    • Greg

      Chuck Allen,
      Thank you for your comment and for your support.

  6. Paul

    Greg –

    Mannarino is one of the very few who dares to touch the third rail issue of the velocity of money. An excellent interview!

    Common sense stuff for the contrarian investment style.

    Follow the herd and you’re bound to slog ankle-deep in their excrement.

  7. Jonathan Knight

    That last 3 seconds of the video is priceless!

    • Greg

      Jonathan Knight,
      Happy you liked it but it will never happen again-I hope. Thank you.

      • UncleJoe

        Don’t worry about it. It puts a real human element to a face on a computer screen.

        Thanks again for all you do.

        • Greg

          Thank you,

  8. GreedDontwork

    Mr. Hunter I very much enjoy what you do! I usually don’t post comments but I want to thank you for having Greg Mannarino on your site. His detailed answers to your very important questions are bringing a knowledge NOT available through the main stream media. I’m sorry I missed your first interview with Mr. Mannarino.. I enjoy watching and listening to you and now I enjoy watching and listening to Mr. Mannarino

    • Greg

      Thank you for your comment and for your support.

  9. therooster

    As bullion is monetized by the grass roots of the marketplace, it will support economic liquidity, which further allows for existing fiat based debt to be withdrawn and destroyed …. back to nothing. This is a reversal of Gresham’s Law as GL was predicated on FIXED bullion values, not floating values that could rise. When God closes a door, a window surely opens, as always.

    • Greg

      Good stuff Therooster!

  10. Anna

    Greg! Loved it! Watch all your videos – great job. Loved the end of it, too. 🙂 Thank you for your work.

    • Greg

      Thank you Anna for your kind words and support.

  11. This Guy

    Loved the interview, LOVED the ending. Great to see your enthusiasm and energy! THAT is what it takes in this world to rise above the herd, and that is what TPTB try to sap more from us than even our money – if they can break our will, our energy, our enthusiasm, then they really do win. Life is infinitely better if you are fortunate to do what you love as your profession. Thanks for everything, Greg(s)!

    • Greg

      This Guy,
      The “Gregs” thank and appreciate your comment and support!!!
      Greg Hunter

  12. Anti-State

    Not sure I agree with getting out of debt. If you have the ability to make the payments with good sources of income isn’t debt a blessing? Paying back the banks with dollars that are becoming worth less and less let’s them take the hit on inflation.

    Why pay them now with dollars that purchase more when you can use them to buy gold or other tangible assets that hedge inflation or give you income?

    • Greg

      I understand what you are saying and you are correct!! I hope people will not take on new debt with the intention of market forces inflating it away. What if they go to a new currency and the powers that be get government to require all debts to be repriced into the new currency? I suspect something like that may happen. So, being debt free is the safest play going given the uncertainty of the coming calamity. That said, what you are saying about gold and silver is on-target . I think everybody needs some for protection from a devaluing U.S. dollar. Thank you for weighing in here!!!

  13. norcar survivor

    If you touch the last two seconds I’m gonna break your legs. I feel like that every time I see your post and I believe we all do, knowing that someone is out there telling the truth like it is. It is so much more real than the imagined thrill running up someones leg over a fake messiah. Keep bringing the news and we will continue to process it as best we can. Good work and great interview. Phil.

    • Greg

      Thank you Phil. i won’t touch the last 2 seconds, I need my legs. Really Phil, thank you for all your comments and for your support.


  14. g.johnson

    history tells those paying atttention that the people, going about the daily exercise of living their lives, are always slow to catch on to the “elitist” control freaks that have been trying to conguer all of mankind since the beginning of society, and are always even slower to react. but when the people react, they always do so with the proper spirit of justice and vengeance.

    we have gotten to the point where everyone who is going to wake up, has pretty much already woke up. the moron majority has always been in the way and always will be. this nation was won from king george by approximately 3% of the population.

    mr. mannarino is spot on about many things. “they will keep printing money to buy assets.” please tell me that one did not get buy you.
    we need to stop thinking of banks as great bastions established to hold, distribute and protect the wealth of nations. we need to start seeing them as the expendable tools for underhanded confiscation of assets that they are. banks are not failing because the “elite” screwed up; banks are failing because they were designed to fail. when the bank the houses your financial assets goes under, you lose. but guess who wins. this should be fairly obvious by now.

    gold is not money. i don’t care what some guy named rothschild says. for gold to be money it has to be coined to uniform and agreed upon standards of weight, value and design. ergo, a one ounce gold ingot only fits two thirds of the requirement and is still a commodity, something that can be traded for money or assets of value.

    money is a state of mind, an ideal, an agreed upon reality. if it was not for this simple fact, we would already be tearing tree bark apart looking for grubs to eat. (a concept to keep in mind by the way, as protein could become very hard to come by in the not too distant future.)

    if we do get to “beyond thunderdome” your greatest assets will be skills, knowledge and equanimity. the hardest thing in life may well be keeping the peace among the disenfranchised. strife and confusion will rule if we do not keep our heads and a true sense of values centering on human compassion and the understanding that our most valuable, by far, asset is and always will be, the ability of a society to produce free individual human beings.

    i watched both conventions over the past couple weeks. my realization is confirmed. my voting days are over.

  15. Ben


    I appreciate the video, however, I must say that evaluating a company’s business model solely on the basis on market price ignores things like stock splits.

    Overall though, thank you for your non-MS views and website.


    • Greg

      I do not think any of the stocks show have split since 2005. The ones shown have all gone down in price. JP-Morgan is relatively flat. Thank you for your comment.

  16. Norm Ezzie

    Where’s Alan Greenspan now? The Bubble Man is no where to be found!Another great post!

    • Greg

      Thank you Norm. Greenspan was one of the driving forces behind the Gramm, Bliley, Leach Act (1999). It effectively gutted Glass Steagall and allowed the TBTF banks. Now everyone says that was a mistake including former Citi CEO Sandy Weill. Now that’s leadership!

  17. dan

    I enjoy your website and refer to it often.
    Why question for when people predict massive inflation, why do they recommend becoming debt free, when inflation should eliminate ones debt for them?
    It seems that only those predicting deflation (and there are many doing so) should be calling for eliminating ones debt.

    • Greg

      I think debt could be repriced in the new currency that we many say is on the way. The safest play is to own what you have free and clear. it is simple and surefire. Debt has a funny way of backfiring on you. Thank you for your comment and for your support.

  18. tsuki

    Great interview, but I have a small quibble. Inflation, as measured by the 99%, is here. Food price increases are small unless you look at the container sizes. A half gallon of ice cream is now a quart and a half. Electricity is up, gasoline is up, water/sewer is up, insurance is way up among other things.

    Of course, the inflation index has been changed to not include those items one uses daily. Sort of a cognitive dissonance economy we have.

    • Greg

      In a year you will wish we had these prices back. Please do all you can to prepare for inflation. Everything you buy (with a few exceptions) will be more expensive in the future. Thank you for weighing in here and thank you for your support.

      • tsuki

        We are trying. A few years ago, a core group organically came together (over beer and wine :). We decided to break down our bills and try to save 25% of the cost.

        We have been fairly successful, but recently, we have had to revise our goal to a 25% savings on consumption, not cost.

        My last electric bill is an example of what is happening. I consumed a little more than 25% less electricity, but my cost savings was only a little more than 18%.

        We are finding the same results in almost every area.

        • Greg

          Don’t give up. You are making headway even if it is not as much as you want. Keep going and do everything you can do. You are not alone.

  19. Herman Munster's Handsome Twin

    Greg – haha – I was not “watching” the video above, I was busy in the kitchen and just listening to it, as the computer was on the table. At the end, I heard a noise and thought “what the hell?” I re-ran the last 10 seconds, and then I thought “Oh, Poor Greg, his Tourett’s Syndrome is acting up.” Lol! Just kidding Greg. It was good for a laugh though! And the interview with Greg was great. Thank You. Wow, I just realized there are 2 Gregs in this video, haha. Greg interviewing Greg.

  20. JJ

    Please advise which US banks are secure and safe for our money. I currently have my money in HSBC and Chase, which I learned are not secure. Thanks

    • Greg

      Go to or and check your bank. I have to say your main concern should be the buying power of your currency. It is going to buy less and less and that is whjere you will be robbed.

  21. kenny

    That was to coolest of all endings …….Thanks for that Greg.

    • Greg

      It was a mistake in editing but I am happy you liked it.

  22. John

    What do you and Mannarino think about the “bank oo yourself” system in light of his comments alluding to that idea (becoming your own bank). I’m in decision-making mode with that model in mind. Thanks!


    • Greg

      You must have some asserts OUTSIDE of the system. I am for “bank on yourself.” Everybody should be doing this to some degree.

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