Biggest Fed Flip Flop in History-Gregory Mannarino

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino says the Federal Reserve just did an about-face on raising interest rates in a matter of weeks. Mannarino contends, “This is incredible and hard to get my head around.  This has got to be the flip-flop of all flip-flops.  At the last FOMC meeting, Janet Yellen was practically pounding the table talking about how they were going to be continuing to raise rates, that they are going to start unloading their balance sheet here, and then she does an absolute 180.  I am sitting there in real time watching it (this past week).  My face dropped, and the moment I heard this, I started buying everything I could. . . . I thought this is it.  The market is going to keep going higher. . . . The Federal Reserve has created a freaking monster.  These distortions are now going to get much worse because Janet Yellen has given these markets the green light to go record up, record up and record up.”

But not everything is distorted upward. The dollar is going down, and Mannarino says, “It is interesting to see what’s happening to the U.S. dollar.  It’s getting melted down. . . . Janet Yellen has promised to keep interest rates suppressed artificially.  There is no normalization in sight for the Fed balance sheet, and the dollar is going to continue its downward trajectory.”

Don’t get comfortable with the Fed or all the other central banks keeping this all going forever. Mannarino says mistakes will be made and contends, “The Federal Reserve never had a plan to do this, and it never had a plan to unwind their $4.5 trillion balance sheet.  They are flying by the seat of their pants.  This is uncharted territory, and the Federal Reserve does not have one, not one viable model to gauge how this is going to affect our economy or the global economy as they try to normalize their massively abnormal balance sheet.  There is huge potential for mistakes to be made.  Would anybody be surprised if the Fed gets it wrong once again?  The Fed is always wrong.  The Fed is never, ever, ever right.”

In closing, Mannarino says, “I’ll tell you what concerns me. Despite the fact we have a stock market at a record high, housing near record high, interest rates near record lows, tax receipts are down, money velocity is near historic lows and our economy is stuck. . . . So, without the Federal Reserve keeping their foot on the floor, and that’s what Janet Yellen is going to continue to do, this will all melt down in a blink of an eye.  The Federal Reserve has got to keep the juice going.  The moment they decide to take away the juice, all of this is going to correct to fair value.  It’s going to do it no matter what.  It will either do it when the Fed decides to pull their foot off the pedal, or it’s going to happen from some random event where people are going to start selling.  I think it will begin in the debt market.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino.

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  1. Gregory Mannarino

    Thanks Greg! Being on USAWatchdog is always GREAT!

    • Greg Hunter

      People like YOU make it great!! Thanks for coming on and throwing strikes!!!

    • murcus

      Hi Greg’s ! It is so refreshing to be kept up to date with “TRUTH” in this crazy corruption that constantly surrounds us all…….recently I was watching a program on Australian Native TV, it is an aboriginal based program. The show was about the murdering of aboriginal men on a famous Island named Rottnest…..They made the men build a round house prison which is now a luxury retreat for the wealthy….Soon after the prison was complet with a hanging station in the middle, the Aboriginal men witnessed their first hanging, the cries of the men were of silence as they have never witnessed any thing so barbaric in their 70,000 year existence. While they were been hung to death a priest would stand by the accused death sentence and read passages from the bible. Please understand that I was abused as a child buy a religious christian organisation and why I have lot of time for the “TRUTH” to be known. It concerns me when you bring the bible into your back up for the TRUTH, when as a civilization like the Aboriginal people lived in harmony with it surrounds for 70,000 years……I know evil men exist and band together to create evil empires but it is a construct of man. We live in a 3dimentinal world with our 6 scenes to respect what we have …..It worries me that we have to trust in God because it was written in the BIBLE to right the evil men….I would like us to trust in MANKIND to ride the evil, and when that can happen just maybe the curse will be lifted by our spiritual ancestors.

  2. Will Wonka

    Comments found on the web,
    As Mr. Morell states we may even have a Manchurian candidate, Morrell, the author of this endorsement, works for Beacon Global Strategies with 3 partners, and all 4 of them are hoping to be appointed to high level positions by Ms. Clinton should she be elected. Also Morell was acting director of the CIA, but he was never director because Obama didn’t want him to be. Finally, his suggestion that he is breaking from a habit of not endorsing a candidate during his government service is misleading. He is no longer in government service.

    I imagine most people will say who cares that he has an undisclosed conflict of interest, in that he and his buddies hope to be hired by Clinton and that his account of his background is misleading. Well, I care.

    I’m dismayed by this “endorsement”. A Democratic Presidential nominee being endorsed by a former ACTING director of the CIA is chilling and disturbing. Unfortunately, it’s not surprising. Clinton will be very good for business for people like Morrell who make big bucks out of war..foreign, domestic, declared, undeclared, covert or overt.

    The military should not be used as a police force or for nation building. It should be used to defend the U.S. and not to defend other countries. Mutual defense agreements should not require the U.S. military to staff foreign bases at enormous cost. Trump thinks outside the box on these issues and a new approach is what we need. The Obama-Clinton approach has failed because the CIA is running the show, our beloved deep do do state!

    ‘Donald Trump is not a patriot,’ says former acting CIA chief Michael Morell

    George W. Bush’s CIA Briefer: Bush and Cheney Falsely Presented WMD Intelligence to Public
    On “Hardball,” Michael Morell concedes the Bush administration misled the nation into the Iraq War.

    Security Contractor, DIA Docs Debunk Michael Morell’s Benghazi Narrative

    The man behind the Mockingbird media’s smackdown of President Trump. loyal supporter of the former Clinton team, Michael J. Morell.
    Who’s record amply confirms, it is he who has, again and again, constituted the actual threat to our national security.
    Far from protecting American security, Morell has repeatedly undermined it.

    Our intelligence agencies
    – Did not see the collapse of he Soviet Union coming. They were shocked when it happened.
    – Did not detect and stop the first World Trade Center bombing in the 1990s that failed to bring down the towers.
    – Did not detect and stop the second World Trade Center attack, conducted by the same organization, Al Qaeda, that did the first attack
    – Claimed there were WMD in Iraq
    – Claimed the Benghazi attacks were caused by a movie
    – Did not stop the Boston Marathon bomber brothers, even though Russia warned them that these boys should be watched. I guess they figured they were just a couple of nice Chechen boys being persecuted by those mean old Russians.
    – Did not see the rise of ISIS coming
    – Thinks Assad is worse than the rebels
    – Didn’t predict the jihadi wonderland resulting from the removal of Qaddafi
    – Doesn’t think there will be a jihadi wonderland in Syria if Assad is taken out
    We could go on and on, but I think we get the picture. Who’s we, we the people!

    Is Mike Morell a psychopath or just a glutton for punishment? You be the judge.

    “Our intelligence agencies” … are supposed to have something to do with intelligence /cleverness, at a reasonable IQ-level.

  3. Peter

    Dear Greg,

    Again You see: the USA is a ‘ Banana Republic’ but is very dangerous for the world. All those monkey’s have to much power.



  4. This sceptred isle

    With monetary velocity near record lows it is amazing that we have the inflation that we have. What happens when monetary velocity increases along with Monetary easing?

    • Paul ...

      Monetary velocity won’t increase if people don’t take out loans to buy things … most people already have everything they need … so they don’t need to borrow or spend … and thus the Fed’s fiat system is done for … unless the Fed can generate another bubble and suck people into buying into it using borrowed money … this will increase the velocity of money along with inflation!!

      • Paul ...

        Imagine one day an ounce of gold being worth what a single family home sells for … bankers can then lend out 80% of the cash necessary to buy that one ounce of gold … and if the market for gold is rising (the way real estate rises in a bubble) … the Fed will see the velocity of money increase along with price inflation … but listen to Holter and Zang … good discussion on everything from the Fed, gold, silver to crypto … some points made is that holding junk silver is better then holding gold … and I like the one that someday we may be able to buy an entire city block (and all the houses on it) for just 25 ounces of gold!! …

      • This sceptred isle

        Dollar dumping on an international level would increase velocity of money though.

    • JCD

      Great question !

    • Arthur Barnes

      Can you say GOT HYPERINFLATION?

      • JCD

        Art. we put our deflation off on the rest of the world. Could it be that inflation could be put on them also. It has in the past. What we are seeing has never happened before in history. Love you brother .

  5. Scott Miller

    Hey Greg Hunter!

    It’s the second half of 2017. The DOW is over 21,500+++!
    First, dire predictions for calamity during the January to June 2017 time, made in 2016, were all wrong.

    The next set of dire warnings is for the Fall of 2017. Right around the corner! It’s mid July.

    The next time period is the winter of 2017. Be here before you know it.

    You said the economy is bad. In fact, you repeated yourself. Too much debt you said. Too many global black swan possibilities you said.

    I said we are rolling into 2018. I repeat and double down, there is no extreme collapse this year. A lot of fake news. However, your strongest points are based on your outstanding, dogged, research, and articulation, against the MASSIVE amount of fake news. I sincerely thank you for this! Quite impressive!

    Once again, another year cruises along despite the false prophets. And this has been SEVEN CONSEQUETIVE YEARS of false prediction. John Williams of shadowstats predicted HYPERINFLATION in 2014! 3 years later and still no hyperinflation. When he is wrong, I listen. I remember. I still love this guy. He still has credibility with me.

    So far, it’s a good summer. It’s hot. Call it climate change, global warming, the effects of Chem trails, not sure that’s 2 words, remember Wiggington?

    Finally, you were quite profound in your faith statements with a photo to pound the point home of people laying hands on Donald Trump, and of course, your motto, Fear Not, and biblical verse citation, made me want to point out that this run of “luck”, because nothing collapsed, let alone slid, was also the Lord’s Will, if you believe. If it goes bad, or stays good, if the debt increases, or business as usual, and we make ends meet for another month, it’s God’s Will. After all, we have entered hurricane season. Blessed are those the storms miss, but God is NOT punishing those that suffer the wind and water. That’s just nature. Stay prepared. As I say, hope for the best!

    Instead of Fear Not.

    • Greg Hunter

      You do understand why it’s going up and staying up? There is nothing organic about any of the markets. Go long and stay long.

      • Scott Miller


        I don’t know what your comment, “nothing organic about any of the markets” means.

        I can speculate. However, it is unnecessary. Please write better.

        And remember, I have my metal. No stocks. It’s not fake news.

        The stock market is way up.


        • Eagleeye

          Greg does not need to write better. You need to get your passive-aggressive behavior in check because you’re starting to smell like a troll. Well, perhaps a moderate one. You never answered Greg’s question about why the stock market is the way it is. What do you not get about a riggged system?

          Just to clarify, Greg does not recite a Bible verse when he ends his weekly news wrap ups. If you read the Good Book then you would’ve known that. You can say hope for the best when you host your own show ok? Let’s see what kind of following you have.

          • Scott Miller

            Yo eagleeye
            No passive aggressive now.

            You moron! The markets have been rigged the entire obama pres. Get it thru your dense skull!

            No change. It is as it has been!

            Idiots try to grapple with me on this site. Get a clue! Oh wait!

            You are too stupid to know what a clue is.


    • This sceptred Isle

      First you write “The DOW is over 21,500+++!” and then you say “3 years later and still no hyperinflation.” That is the hyperinflation.
      Although I do agree with you that there have been too many predictions that have been month specific that have not been accurate but surely when the Dow Jones, bond market and house prices are all at/near record highs simultaneously and interest rates are at multi decade lows there is something amiss.

      • Scott Miller

        No way have we seen hyperinflation!

        Sorry. Greg Hunter, Greg Mannarino, John Williams, Bill Holter, Rob Kirby, and more disagree with you.



        • Greg Hunter

          Never said we had seen hyperinflation. Dollar destruction is going on.

          • Scott Miller

            I know Greg.

            I was replying to a comment directly above.

            On a side note, if you judge the success of an interview based solely on the volume and numbers of comments, this Mannarino interview was a grand slam, Super Bowl trophy and NBA championship sweep!

            It was something to take notice of.


    • Paul ...

      Scott … you have to realize that when Greg Mannarino predicted a market crash the Fed was raising rates (which was a very logical call) and it is also logical for Mannarino to now predict the opposite happening as the Fed has “now reversed position” … it’s not Mannarino’s fault the Fed keeps “flip-flopping”!!

      • Tommy

        Mannarino predicted that Dow 16,000 was the top and it would be downhill from there. That was three years ago. The fed didn’t start raising rates till after that. We have had 4 rate hikes since then. He made a call that looked good for awhile but not so much now.

    • Petedivine

      I was over at the gander mountain close out was a depressing affair. Many retailers are closing their doors in 2017. The stock market is not Main Street. It’s in a Fed induced bubble. Look at housing. Prices are near record highs, construction cranes are everywhere, yet fewer Americans own a house then at any other time. How can that be? Why do millennials live at home with their parents? Why aren’t they forming separate households? Why are boomers not retiring ? Why are 40 million Americans on food stamps? Why are the automakers stuffing the channel? What about the record amount of housing debt, student loans, car loans? What part of the collapse are you missing? Look around…it’s in your face.

  6. Frederick

    Greg Your buddy Mannarino seems like a nice guy but sorry he has NOT been spot on whatesoever He like so many others called for a market crash in the spring if I’m not mistaken Nobody can call these manipulated markets Stocks housing gold or any others

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes you are mistaken. When trump wan he said it was a “game changer.” He’s plays the markets both ways but overall he’s been saying it is going to go up.

      • Dan

        That’s funny – I remember you giving him “kudos” for calling a market top sometime last year – WRONG!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          He’s a trader and his top held for more than a year. He changed after Trump was elected. Hard to call something accurately that is this manipulated. I wrote this to Scott earlier to explain my point about organic growth in the economy–WE DO NOT HAVE IT. : “Earnings … are … driven by massive Fed/ESF and central bank bond buying, money printing, price suppression of commodities such as gold and silver, interest rate suppression and unprosecuted financial fraud–lots of it. Take out all of that and then you get organic business and true price discovery of everything. You don’t really think the economy would grow without all of the above do you???????”

          If you want to jump into this swimming pool and play be my guest. I hope you get out before the central banks drop a hairdryer into it.

      • Scott Miller

        What? Is it organic?

        I don’t understand you Greg. One you criticize me. The other you prop up Mannarino for predicting what I pointed out.

        Totally confused.


        • Greg Hunter

          Earnings that are not driven by massive Fed/ESF and central bank bond buying, money printing, price suppression of commodities such as gold and silver, interest rate suppression and unprosecuted financial fraud–lots of it. Take out all of that and then you get organic business and true price discovery of everything. You don’t really think the economy would grow without all of the above do you???????

          • Scott Miller

            Ok Greg.

            I concede your point.

            You are definitely correct about all.

            None of it is organic.

            • Greg Hunter

              No worries man. This has never happened in human history. I know the markets have gone up but it WILL end badly and very quickly. It will be stunning to the unprepared masses and they will never recover like 2000 and 2008 meltdowns–never. I think that is exactly the plan by the NWO elite.

      • Frederick

        Greg was Greg Mannerino a physicians assistant or a nurse earlier in life? I read that somewhere but never confirmed it

        • Greg Hunter

          Mannarino was a trader at Bear Stearns in the late 80’s and 90’s. He became a physicians assistant (PA) which is like a doctor in that he can prescribe all kinds of medications including for pain. He does identical work as a MD for less, but still makes four times what an RN makes. He is now trading full time for a living. You can follow all his trades for free on

    • This sceptred Isle

      Although, I bet Janet Yellen’s friends play the manipulated markets uncannily well…

  7. Deanna Johnston Clark

    God bless all here….

  8. Tinfoil hat Canuck

    … sigh. It’s hard being the laughing stock by friends and family. How many months, no years has it been since we were introduced to the alternate, ‘real’ news media urgently waving their arms to get out of the market, nothing has been solved about 08, black swans could decimate your “investments” in the casino Ponzi scheme of all Ponzi schemes? Buy gold, buy silver ! You need to protect yourself. Do it now!

    And the logic and math backed up the predictions.

    But economics is founded on the emotions of the masses . Remember the years of ‘don’t fight the fed!?’

    And here we are, on the sidelines and Greg saying it looks like the casino is heading to the moon. All it takes it for a player to sell some of their ‘paper’ gains and boom, they walk out of the casino with fistfuls of paper that can buy lots of pretty rocks or land or whatever.

    Some days it comes seems to come down to being right ( in heart and mind) or being rich.

    • This sceptred Isle

      A melt up in the stock markets has always been a possibility. I found this prescient comment posted on a Ron Paul forum by ‘Knighted’ in 2008.

      While the country of Zimbabwe is enduring unheard of inflation at rates so high that they cause my TI-89 to emit smoke and flames, apparently the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange is doing quite well. In 2007, the Zimbabwe Industrials locked in a 12-month gain of +12,000%. That sure looks better than US stocks, bonds, or even gold at the moment. Are you surprised? Probably not, if you have heard anything of the hyperinflation that country has suffered. But here is the kicker: apparently, the Zimbabwe stock market has grown at a rate far greater than the consumer price index in the country. In other words, after adjusting for inflation, it’s suggested that the Zimbabwe stock market is earning returns far in excess of anything we in our industrial countries have ever seen relative to its consumer goods.

      I bring this up for a couple of reasons. One is that many judge the health of a nation’s stock market to be indicative of the health of that nation’s economy. But with 80% unemployment and half of the country starving, Zimbabwe is not exactly the ideal candidate for a healthy economy.

      Another reason is that many people on the RP forums voice the opinion that investing money in the US stock market is a crap shoot and one should flee to hard currency like gold, for the end is nigh. But with some predicting the possibility of an economic collapse in the US akin to that of Zimbabwe, would the US stock market necessarily be a bad place to park one’s money? Personally, i’ve associated large inflation bouts with poor relative stock market performance as seen during the 1970s oil crisis. But what if this is not the case when a government, such as Zimbabwe’s and now ours, is intent on printing and injecting as much money into the system as possible?
      Last edited by Knighted; 12-29-2008 at 01:14 AM.

      Knighted seemed to have a very good understanding of failing markets and monetary policy, even in 2008. However, I will stick with real assets as I am sceptical that we really own stocks in pooled accounts and often wonder if these assets would be seized in the event of a stockbroker going bust.

    • Petedivine

      The average American was financially gutted in the crises of 2008. The big winners are sovereign wealth funds, the 1%, and central banks buying equities like the BoJ and the Swiss central bank. It must be great to cheat price discovery by indiscriminately printing money and buying real assets. And if you think your 401k will be worth something better check the Dollar index. It’s falling against all the other horses in the glue factory. You’ll be a big winner of worthless fiat.

    • Charles H

      There is no explaining the madness of the Markets, or economy. Just being ‘right’ is all one can do. When interest rates fell under 2% – I left the Dollar. With food and rainment, therewith be content.

  9. Richard Lauter

    You are talking about the some what old movie named “Margin Call.” Check it out. They are at it again.

  10. Jerry

    There is a reason that the Fed did a 180. According to my sources (which can’t be confirmed) the globalist in collusion with the Chinese, who intend to do a global economic reset, will not be ready to roll out their new replacement currencies on the public exchanges until October 1st. Its a stall tactic.

    From what I am gathering, the hydration process of saturating the global banking system with the new currencies is taking longer than the central planners anticipated, so they have decided to lineup the reset with the beginning of the first fiscal quarter of 2018 which starts October 1st. Am I saying that’s a reset date? I have no idea. This thing could end a thousand different ways when you factor in North Korea, the budget ceiling debate in September , and of course Russia.., Russia….Russia.

    I will say this though. The international gold backed currencies ARE being traded on private exchanges (well at least the ones that aren’t fraudulent) so its a matter of time before they go public. The flap in Qatar is related to this transition because they want to receive payment for oil in gold backed securities instead of the dollar, essentially putting an end to the petrodollar.

    • Jerry

      The truth is the Federal Reserve Bank can’t clear its balance sheets because with the global currency reset waiting in the wings, there is no one left who wants to buy the bonds. Especially countries tied to the petrodollar like Qatar.

    • Jerry

      Gold exchanges beginning to “link up” in advance of currency reset.

      • Jerry

        I hope by now that your readers know that there is a concerted effort to replace the dollar as world reserve currency. Need more proof?

        When you factor in the fact that whatever currency or currencies that will be used in the new global currency system are all backed by gold, you begin to see the master plan at work. The ugly truth is America doesn’t have any gold. If it did …….Henry Kissinger wouldn’t have had to create the petrodollar and leave the gold standard. If it did…..there would have been a verifiable audit from an independent source. The last president that tried that got shot.

        Make no mistake the Rothschild’s ransacked the gold reserve in 1928 just prior to the great depression and moved the gold to their own private vaults in London. Thus the power of the “City of London Corporation”. Anyone that doubts that still believes in the tooth fairy.

        So where did the People’s Bank of China get their financial backing at the beginning of this century? You guessed it. “The City of London Corporation” when China was a British Colony. Do you see the pattern? The Rothschild’s and their errand boy George Soros are firmly in control of the world banking system, and when they are done milking the old system (and I’d say with the DOW hitting above 2000 they’re almost there) they’re going to take it down……….period. I’ve seen this act before via my grandparents who witnessed the last reset.

        The market trap has been set. The bait was greed. Those that get caught, will become the ones in need.

        They say it isn’t so, it can’t happen to me. All I can say, I’ll keep stacking and then we will see.

    • The Seer

      I am sending timing for something dramatic around my birthday early October……

      • Jerry

        The Seer.
        October 1st was the date I was given when the BRICS plan to roll out their new currency on the public exchanges. They are already using gold backed crypto currency on the private exchanges. My guess is they want to tether the new currency to block chain technology which is still being installed.

        • Tin foil hat

          I suspect the Chinese are not going to make any decisive move to initiate a reset. The Russians are annoyed that the Chinese are not doing more to resist the dollar hegemony, mocking President Xi as the smiling Buddha.
          China is trying to stay neutral as long as possible. She is too pragmatic to put a financial target on her back rocking the dollar boat but she will not betray Russia over global banking system “entrenchment” either. The geographic importance of Russia is vital to China’s own strategic economic interests.
          I think the Chinese are not much different from us. They are fully aware of the pending collapse and made preparation accordingly, but they have no idea if a gold/asset backed currency system could handle the transition without suffering major financial hiccups.
          The Chinese understand that if they did anything to initiate the collapse but couldn’t guarantee a smooth transition, they would have to deal with the wrath from all corners of the the world. I’m sure they will be blamed by the western mainstream media (CIA/Deep State).
          The Chinese are too smart to activate the new system or drop the lifeboat before the ship sink, especially they don’t even know for sure if the lifeboat would float. They will likely not risk taking the blame for sinking the Titanic and much more likely to play the rescuer saving the world from the financial chaos after the dollar collapse all by it own self.

  11. Shawn G

    Another outstanding interview!

  12. George Mubarek

    I do not get it. How many years has Greg M been pounding the table saying “the Fed cannot raise interest rates”. And now they lie again for the umpteenth time and Greg is shocked? Why? Didn’t you believe what you said?

    • Dan

      Indeed, and the Fed did raise rates twice since he said that – WRONG AGAIN!!!

      • Jerry

        In defense of GM those were nothing more than token increases. Thirty Eight Years ago ( during Jimmy Carter’s Admin) I was paying 12.5 % with a 20% down stroke. There’s nothing even close to that.

  13. NC Gal

    I think that when Greg refers to a “random event” that will trigger a collapse he is talking about the same thing as James Rickard’s “snowflake” that will trigger the avalanche. For me, sitting on the sidelines with no money to play with, it strikes me that most people (except those that follow this site) have no grasp of how they are part of a gigantic Ponzi scheme that has absolutely no foundation worth counting.

    When Greg talks about the Fed having to keep the juice flowing, I am reminded of the way a cancer cell behaves in a Petri dish. For a while, it just sits there, looking like any other cell, but then, as its internal regulation breaks down, its processes deviate more and more from normal behavior, and it gets more and more out of control. Seen from the outside, it gets wilder and wilder internally until it shatters and leaves pieces of itself all over the Petri dish.

    We are watching a cancer cell in a Petri dish when we observe the actions of the Fed. The Fed is just one focal point (one cell) in a cancer tissue (the elites), but because of people’s perceptions about its power, it is the one that gets our attention, but the entire cancer (the elites) is eating the host alive — consuming/taking everything it can and not having any way of stopping the breakdown that is baked into the cake.

    What is amazing is that it has gone on as long as it has. There is no way of knowing ahead of time what the “snowflake” will be or when it will fall and act as the tipping point for the entire avalanche that will swallow up everything in its path. Because the entire system is built upon debt creation and needs more and more debt to continue its existence, when the bill DOES come due, it is already unpayable, and the ensuing breakdown will only serve as an excuse for the elites to institute more and more controls.

    That much is obvious to me. What is NOT clear is how the elites will accomplish their other goal of population reduction. Perhaps a financial cataclysm will assist them with that, as people will literally die without food and services. However, even that will not be enough to achieve their goals. We are only 13 years away from 2030, the target year for their global plan (do a search on “Agenda 2030”), and many targets have to be met by 2020, only 3 years from now, so what we are seeing now is the prelude to the entire plan being implemented now, in real tme.

    Technology plays a very large role in this, and isn’t it interesting how many “smart” devices are hitting the market now, including the need to protect “smart” devices/”smart” homes from being hacked! Smart cities are part of the goal, too, but they won’t become established fully until the population reduction is achieved. Only the survivors will occupy them.

    The Fed is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. What is astonishing to me is that almost no one in the mass culture sees it for what it is — a focal point in a cancer that is gobbling up everything there is.

    • Clare Doll

      NC Gal,
      From one NC gal to another, THERE IS NO SNOWFLAKE; nor will there be truly. Look at all the snowflakes that have landed, looking to cause the collapse of all collapses; and, they have all been MANAGED. The elite will decide when and where and how and everything else. Will it succeed? Maybe. Maybe not as we don’t really know what the definition of success is for them. But know this: that little snowflake is a determined entity and will fall when they decide. How that damn snowflake is dealt with is up to us but just so you know; it is as much a true snowflake as is the present value of gold and silver! I don’t believe in James Rickards and I sure as H don’t believe in he and James Mauldin’s snowflakes.

      • Charles H

        A ‘managed transition’ where there are winners and losers. (?) Ms Fitts stated something of this years ago. At some point America will lose Reserve Currency staus and a paradigm will appear.

    • Paul ...

      NC Gal … 5G technology is now being launched and it will boost the human cancer rate to extreme levels … that’s smart … will people tend to avoid the new G5 phones? … likely if they need them to trade crypto!!

    • Ray

      NC Gal,
      Your post is one of THE finest explanations of the global monetary system I have ever had the privilege to come across.
      Ray, Australia

      • Ray

        Also…….have a look at this website that discusses how “the way out” of all this Agenda 2030 nonsense is to stop using “smart devices”.
        Am am proud to say that the guy that runs this site is an Aussie as well.
        Regards to all here at USAWATCHDOG.
        Ray, Australia.

  14. Tad

    Perhaps the Belgian government is “purchasing” these CDOs? Then again, another agency gifted with creating money out of thin air, the Exchange Stabilization Fund probably/may have a hand in ridding the Fed of toxic assets.

  15. andyb

    Greg: GM seems to infer that there will be helicopter money coming soon in order to hyperinflate the economy, even though we see inflation in all necessities and deflation in commodities and other non-essentials other than gasoline. Yellen is certainly a case study. A little old lady spewing insane gibberish, seemingly senile. But behind that facade is pure evil with an agenda of continuing incremental destruction of the US economy, beginning in earnest in 1971, and continuing through the offshoring of jobs to the current situation where all government statistics are a propaganda mix of mis- and dis- information to hide the fact that the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse can be viewed in the near distance; 1)the illegally contrived and massive job killing Obamacare, 2) the tanking of the critically important auto industry, 3) the rapid decline of disposable family income, and most importantly, 4) the overwhelming national and global debt. Of course #3 is a cause of the retail catastrophe, and the rollover in housing and commercial real estate. Soon the pension crisis will be horseman #5. The evil agenda is proceeding on schedule. Is everyone prepared for the ultimate end game?

    • Paul ...

      If we can get the banksters to give back the 40 trillion dollars they stole from us … our Social Security and private pensions will be made whole and health care for all will be no problem … but we need to “enforce the Constitution” to get our money back from the crooks … however … the crooks are now trying to get the Constitution “modified” (by proposing a Constitutional Convention) so that we can’t claw back the 40 trillion dollars they stole from us!!

      • Paul ...

        Guess who else is planning “the incremental destruction” of the US and Israel … Soros … him and his buddies will soon be toast as Trump does a reverse “color revolution” on them!!

  16. Allannon

    Ok ok so years ago the advice was to get out of the market, many followed that advice, now it’s going to go higher and we should be in. Many individuals who followed the advice here and got out have made a HUGE mistake as the markets would have to crash over 60% to get back to the point where they got out. I know I now am going to get the “go back to sleep” responses but I just want to here that “we were wrong” just admit it and don’t come back with some timing response as missing the timing is wrong.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Did you exit the stock market prematurely or have you ridden it all the way to the top?

    • John

      I do not feel that you see the magnitude of the problem – the issue is not the stock market but the bond market. Rates can’t be allowed to rise as it will destroy the value of the bonds. For what was once toxic will be toxic again – just much more of it since 2008. A new system needs to be booted to clear all this junk out of the current system – the dollar is being destroyed by a stated desire for inflation and decreasing demand around the world – not good for those items priced in dollars – stocks, bonds, real estate and gold/silver. You need to be out of debt, own as much as you can and have gold/silver on the back side of this as you will need it to start over.

    • evan trofholz

      Can you refer me to the person, or persons, who “years ago” said the Dow was going to 21k?

    • Dan

      Agreed – not only will “they” (including Mannarino) not say they’re wrong, they’ll claim to always be right!

    • Concerned american dad

      Agree- the advice was to not play in the casino/ take your 401k’s to the sidelines. It is very frustrating.

    • Tin foil hat

      You should learn from the Chinese. The Chinese know the dollar is in deep doo-doo since 2008. Did they abandon the U.S. market and stop all exports in exchange for dollar? No, they kept exporting goods for the dollar and accumulating hard assets at the same time. Do you think the Chinese are complaining about the gold price?
      The only thing I can’t understand is why are they, Russians and Chinese, buying real estates in the U.S.?

    • dbcooper

      All, We got out of the market years ago and bought an airplane instead !! DB

  17. Russ McMeans

    Vonderful interview Sir Greg!
    And ending the interview with a note on charity giving was a big plus. Most people envy the rich, but the rich employ us- including me. And the wealthy quietly make all kinds of charitable contributions behind the scenes and in the limelight. 2 examples: Rush Limbaugh does a lot of things for children/ hospital stuff and Bill Gates does all sorts of things. Also Mark Levin does legal work and is a big provider for the Humane Society.
    I find it odd that the people criticize all these benevolent people but they themselves don’t lift a finger. All they do is complain and try to take from the rich by force- i.e. TAXATION.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Yeah, I hear the slave traders of the 18/19 century were rich. I guess they were good guys as well…A lot of wealthy dynasties gained their fortunes through the slave trade.
      A lot of wealthy people have been benevolent and contributed greatly to society but a lot are parasites that enrich themselves at the expense of the masses. A lot would also be bankrupt now if it weren’t for the central bankers bailing them out!
      A lot of that so called philanthropy is just social engineering.

  18. Dean Young

    One moment this guy is doom and gloom and next he is buy buy buy

    • Greg Hunter

      He’s a trader.

      • Clare Doll


  19. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    As always Greg2 was great.

  20. Russ

    Thanks Greg. It’s always good to listen in on you and Gregory Mannarino discussing current events and economic/financial issues. I have had this feeling that the FED was stuck between a rock and a hard place, but now I’m not so sure. We don’t know what we don’t know and who knows what the true condition of the FED’s balance really is today. It’s not like they are opening up their books for all to see.

    An article at seems to indicate the FED might be stuck, but is that a fact… Quote “I am not smart enough to know how the Fed will react. Nor do I know how far stocks might run. This is a dangerous moment. …although I am loathed to sell the US dollar down here, I am becoming even more enamoured with precious metals. Gold and silver have been crushed by rising US short rates. If the Fed blinks, they might be due for a nice pop.” Unquote. That said, we need the correction to fair value we should have seen back in ’08. It’s going to really hurt. Then again, maybe they can keep that beach ball under water forever… nahhh.

    Gregory Mannarino’s closing thoughts on donating to charity are right on. There’s a local charity with which I volunteer and occasionally donate $$. Cash is always needed and donating does make you feel good; volunteering your time makes you feel even better.

  21. al

    Mannarino is a great guest. I truly enjoy his insights… but he does not talk about the HOW when it comes to crypto manipulation. How are “they” now manipulating cryptos and who are “they”? What is the mechanism behind this? The promise of a “split” in August? Or news of options on cryptos? Mannarino is not the only one stating crypto manipulation but to date I see no other mechanism but pure selling in to a burst (bubble/burst) and since most of the buying was done in the far East like China, Japan and so forth, why the selling? Can’t it be just a bubble bursting? I see the manipulation and distortions all over, I don’t see it in cryptos.

    Here’s another big how… How is a crypto commodity like bitcoin going to be “adopted” or in to a legacy sovereign currency like the Yuan, Yen, or even the Dollar?

    I’m a BIG BELIEVER IN THE BLOCKCHAIN for smart contracts and honest transactions, but cryptos are a bubble speculation who’s time has come. In 2000, the NASDAQ did the same exact thing. Bitcoin is the of the blockchain, where the blockchain is a separate entity and will have a life on to its own. Blockchain does not equal bitcoin or tokens, in essence it’s a distributed database / ledger. What a great idea. Let’s use that primarily for voting.

    Awesome show once more Greg.

    • Ray

      Hi Al,
      Just a question regarding the so called “perfect clarity of transactions” of the block chain.
      There are around 8 Billion people on the planet.
      If 7 Billion people made 5 transactions each day for just one week, we are looking at a block chain / ledger with 245 Billion separate transactions on it.
      Apparently, the appeal of the block chain is that so called “fraudulent transactions” can be identified / traced to source.
      So……if Joe Schmo makes a fraudulent transaction, how will it be picked up amongst the 245 Billion transactions…..and by whom?
      At present, the say that Bitcoin can only handle around 7 transactions (max) per second because to re write the entire ledger per transaction takes so long!
      That means if 7 Billion people order their cup of coffee on 5th of August 2017, the owner of the coffee shop might have his transaction cleared sometime around October 2965.
      Come on mate……there is a reason it is called block CHAIN.
      It is to CHAIN humanity to digital money.
      Ray, Australia.

  22. Paul ...

    The Fed may be turning its interest rate guns on bit coin (that represents a threat to its very existence) by pushing other financial assets upward while they sell the bit coins “they bought” with fiat money they simply created out of thin air … so those who have put everything into bit coin are at risk of being slaughtered … remember the banksters that buy governments with fiat money to allow their parasitic financial schemes without prosecution are not going to allow bit coins to ruin “their thing” without a fight … and if it takes releasing gold and silver from their manipulative bondage “to kill bit coins” don’t think they won’t do it … they would actually rather have “physical silver and gold bit coins” then “electronic bit coins” … as the “electronic” ones are more insidious to “their fiat base of power” … so you bit coiners … don’t throw caution to the wind … you are up against an insidious enemy that “buys governments” for a living … and “they” can have those governments go after bit coin holders in many ways (tax evasion, money laundering, terrorist activities, sedition and treason to mention a few) … as for gold and silver they have been around too long and the banksters may now decide to use them to steal bit coins thunder as they create panic selling in the bit coin market by dumping all the coins they bought with fiat printed out of thin air … heed Stefan Molyneux’s warning attached below … to beware the hidden dangers of upsetting the banksters apple cart! …

    • Paul ...

      Persecutions of the first “bit coins” (like E-gold and Liberty Reserve) by the banksters creating a host of problems for them … totally destroyed these first attempts to substitute “bit coins” for fiat currency … the banksters successfully put them out of business … not so our one ounce silver coins … which are a bit of precious metal “in cold storage” outside of the banksters fiat system and therefore untouchable by them (except for creating an artificial market price that no one in their right mind believes)!

    • JCD

      Paul I could listen to Stefan Molyneux’s for hours. He words things so simple. Thanks.

  23. Todd

    Greg, thanks for your super interviews! You help bring people into reality. We live in such a distorted world which is based on debt and deceit. You find the best guest ever!!!! I really wanted to thank you for bringing on Lynette Zang last week. I Have seen her on two amazing interviews after yours. I believe we are witnessing what a global reset looks like. We must look at this long term. We must get out of the debt based system and into things of true value. We must put our trust in God!!! We must understand that we are in very critical times. We have strayed way to far from God and His constitution!!!! We must be prepared. We must be as self sufficient as possible. I believe basic food and toiletry items are going to be very needed in the coming months. We should go back to the basics. God family and country. We need to all be patriots. Liberty is Gods gift to us, but we must obeys its laws or it will be taken from us. We must always have Gods eternal perspective in mind. If we put our full trust in God and serve Him we will gain the eternal reward which will be joy and eternal happiness.

    • Charles H

      Liberty is an ancilliary benefit of Truth – and there is only One source for that.

  24. Frederick

    ZeroHedge story on Haiti official who exposed the Clinton Foundation found dead in Florida Age 50 Suicide The boys aren’t buying it obviously

    • This sceptred Isle

      another one bites the dust…

  25. al Hall

    Greg H – why would Greg M. chase more dollars in a corrupt stock market. The dollar a near worthless currency and going down as he speaks? He may know how to play this market- but the other 99% have no clue-even with his help!
    I’m out of this market for good and sleep well each night.

    • Greg Hunter

      He makes money and routinely converts it into gold and silver.

      • al Hall

        Gold and silver is where I am- via the elite’s have told the world- their only money is “gold and silver”!! Be in their money not paper “anything!”

      • Frederick

        I’m glad at least some bodies getting rich

  26. eddiemd

    What is the real issue with McCain?

    “Washington, D.C. ­– At the request of Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and his family, Mayo Clinic released the following statement today:

    “Following a routine annual physical, Sen. John McCain underwent a procedure to remove a blood clot from above his left eye on Friday, July 14 at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix. Surgeons successfully removed the 5-cm blood clot during a minimally invasive craniotomy with an eyebrow incision. Tissue pathology reports are pending within the next several days.

    “The Senator is resting comfortably at home and is in good condition. His Mayo Clinic doctors report that the surgery went ‘very well’ and he is in good spirits. Once the pathology information is available, further care will be discussed between doctors and the family. In the meantime, his Mayo Clinic care team will not be conducting interviews.”

    The office of Senator McCain also released the following statement:

    “Senator McCain received excellent treatment at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, and appreciates the tremendous professionalism and care by its doctors and staff. He is in good spirits and recovering comfortably at home with his family. On the advice of his doctors, Senator McCain will be recovering in Arizona next week.”

    As available, more information on Senator McCain’s progress will be made public.

    A 5cm “clot” removed with a “minimally” invasive craniotomy above the left eyebrow which requires tissue pathology that was discovered on a “routine physical exam”?

    Sounds very suspicious to me.

    A different perspective.

    “while undergoing follow-up for known history of melanoma, it was noted on the MRI of the head/neck that there was a suspicious lesion involving the left frontal lobe area” “patient underwent a craniotomy for biopsy” “we are awaiting tissue pathology to confirm the diagnosis”

    • Paul ...

      eddie MD … I think your suspicions are right … blood clot? … Mayo Clinic is a “cancer” hospital … a lesion in the frontal lobe area of McCains brain could account for his “weird behavior” like selling ground to air missiles to terrorists and posing for pictures with them while helping them with their Christian beheading’s … hope the craniotomy removed his “entire frontal lobe” so Trump will have one less neocon to deal with!

    • eddiemd

      New Tork Times article published today on the McCain situation.

      With his known history of melanoma since his presidential run in 2008, I would suspect that he undergoes periodic PET scans to search for possible abnormal metabolic activity. The original melanoma was removed from his face in 2000.

      • Greg Hunter

        Good medical call and analysis. Thank you.

        • dbcooper

          Me thinks they were rebooting his implant !! DB

    • Paul from Indiana

      Doc, sounds similar to FDR, but with 70 more years’ medical experience to benefit from. They tell us what they want us to know. The truth will come out eventually. Thanks for your input. Best always. PM

  27. mushy

    There will be no crash. All economies are in gradual declines into an eventual worldwide economic feudal state much like Charles Dickens wrote about.

    How do you prepare for this? Simple. You can’t.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Greg Mannarino may not care if the FED trashes the economy as long as he is making money but he will when law and order collapses along with it!

      • Greg Hunter

        Mannarino knows this but there is really nothing he can do about it so he is trading it because he is a trader. Mannarino is constantly sweeping money out of the market and dollar cost averaging into PM’s and other tangible assets. He’s a personal friend of mine and I know this to be a fact. He tells other people to do the same thing no matter the price of gold and silver. Remember Mannarino went long after Trump was elected. He has shorted the market and some stocks along the way but he’s been long. He’s watching the bond/debt markets for a clue as to when it blows and I think he’s right. Thank you for your comments.

        • This sceptred Isle

          Thanks for the website! I am off down the pub to watch Game of Thrones and the approaching hundred years winter.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Catherine Austin Fitts and the slow burn. The crash provides opportunities for restart. The slow burn to extinction/servitude does not. The American experiment was a grand gesture, but human nature takes over sooner or later. Best always. PM

  28. Eric

    “This has got to be the flip-flop of all flip-flops” (Fed).
    That was my exact thoughts and really contemplated the possible reasons.
    What I think is happening is we are very close to a watershed/swan moment and they didn’t want to be blamed.
    Something is coming.

  29. Dan

    The overall message is that we are looking at a forced stagflation for what could be a very long time. Meanwhile the hoggish elites keep receiving the valuable assets from the victims to whom they feed on. Not encouraging at all.

    • This sceptred Isle

      They have their snouts in the magic money trough!

  30. Oscar

    On Tuesday of last week
    Jamie Dimon was very outspoken about the Fed
    unwinding their balance sheet. Janet Yellen is a
    sock puppet. The entire Fed dances to the bankers
    tune. Just watch stock indices which I’m surprised
    Mannarino never comments on. The dow 30 and
    S&P 500 are clearly manipulated on a daily basis.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mannarino clearly understands the markets are manipulated and propped up. He talks about it all the time and he also did in this interview.

  31. Paul ...

    The Main Stream Media’s screaming, ranting, raving and shouting about Trump and Trump Jr can’t be toned down … but there is “absolute silence” about Hillary’s latest (murder?) … which goes completely unmentioned … is Trump ever going to put her in jail? … and perhaps put a stop these murders! … Gina should definitely read this …

    • Flattop

      Also, no one seems to be interested in the collusion that went on between the DNC and Ukraine during the election. That has been proven.

  32. Paul ...

    This short movie about Trump may be too graphic for little children’s eyes … so better send them out of the room (this includes you Gina) …

    • Greg Hunter

      That was tooooooo Funny!!!!!!!! Thank you.

  33. Ken

    I am sure that some of the more astute posters noticed this. But watching Waters world Saturday night he intervened a ANTIFA creep from Boston. If you paid looked closely there was a framed photo on a stand behind him. He stated he was a Bernie Sanders supporter but voted for Hillary Clinton because he could not stand Trump. The photo was Karl Marx, yes the the author of the The Communist Manifesto!
    This tells me how far down the road we have gone under the Obama years. This can not end well!!

  34. Joe

    *** ATTENTION ***
    Mr. Greg!

    Did you see this??? This man was scheduled to testify next week and now he’s DEAD!


    Haiti Official Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation Is Found Dead

    • Joe

      Mr. Greg, you must lead the charge. The MSM is trying to make sure this story does not get out so they ignore it and discredit anyone who mentions it.

  35. Derrick Reid

    thanks greg, for the wonderful guests, great commentary, and stellar interviews.

  36. Farmer Jim, Indiana

    I am seeing the fruit of all the money printing on the farm. It is taking lots $’s to do anything and property taxes continuing to rise. Just got reassessment last week. My land stayed about the same as the state dictates in Indiana what farmland is assessed. However my buildings 50 years and original house 135 years old raised 52,000. If the levy stays the same that is another $120 a month on top of the 1100 a month property tax tacks now. 88% to the schools making the county services look reasonable. Have heard some horror stories from farmers with newer grain bins etc. Low interest rates have enticed expansion in machinery and land that will ultimately decimate many eager beaver farmers that do not know history. Their only way out will ultimately be big inflation or a scenario that drives commodity prices way up. We know historically that is major shortages or war. Can only squeeze the golden gooses so hard. We are the RV capital of the world booming here in Elkhart County but you can’t buy a job in this town when they have a setback.

    • Flattop

      Farmer Jim:
      We need to force our local politicians to explain and justify raising property taxes, and not just political article in the newspaper explaining the reason. Town hall meetings where they have to face the public.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Farmer Jim, I am down south, Scott County. The only way land moves down here is via auction. Nobody has any money. Everybody bought new equipment back in the land/crop boom of 2012+. Now, it’s dead. Best always. PM

  37. Chris

    Is the Fed inept, or do they have a sinister agenda for the USA? Who does Janet Yellen answer to? Who even owns the Fed anyway! Considering the Treasury can do what the Fed does, why not eliminate it? Why is congress hesitant to audit the Fed? How come Fed policy is detrimental to the middle class? Why doesn’t the Fed want to enrich the nation? Reading between the lines, it sure looks as though the Fed is a nefarious organization…

    • Keith wilson

      Janet yellen works for Goldman Sachs,Goldman Sachs works for the Zionist illuminati banking cabal.The new world order,the globalists,who want to destroy your democracy,your freedoms,and take away your right to bear arms,Take away your constitution and everything America stands for.That’s who Janet yellen works 24/7 for.Every time I see her on TV she makes me physically sick with her constant BS.

  38. Son Won Seong

    Mannarino correct. Stock Market is good place. In DOW have a long term hyperbolic caternary formation with many reverse head and shoulder. Similar in NASDAQ with long K wave supported by high amplitude oscillation. This one good sign and good long term formation expanding for long time. Peoples will makes much money and very happy. No worry about boring stuff like PE ratio and dividend. Now only need to worry about profit profit profit.

    • Chris

      So is the Fed owned by Goldman Sachs though? Who else? Who in Goldman Sachs tells Yellen what to do?

      • Keith wilson

        Who owns and controls the federal reserve bank. The federal reserve.Zionist private bankers. Currently unknown to most Americans the Rothschild banking family control 57% of all stock of the federal reserve.Which is not available for purchasing at any price.Since 1910 the USA has been ruled from england by the Rothschild banking dynasty.Jacob Rothschild controls the fed. Janet yellen is the saleswomen of the banking dynasty.Goldman Sachs manage the day to day operations at the Fed.They have no major stock ownership.

      • Son Won Seong

        I not knowing about that. Maybe asking Greg Manarino or Greg Hunter. They maybe knowing that.

        • Frederick

          Som ting Wong where do you live under a rock?

          • Son Won Seong

            No Im origin South Korea but now live at Texas

        • Chris

          Sorry, I responded to the wrong guy!

      • Frederick

        Who knows but I think a good guess would be Blankfein who answers to the really big money people like Rothshilds,etc but that’s just my take on it

  39. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, the FED has changed course again, they are not stupid, there is some deflation in some areas of the economy which is a cancer cells for the FED. Other areas ares are too low in inflation for the FED’s policy of inflation to pay off debt, hence the change course in interest rates from rising to staying the course. However the FED is a lot like many of your guests, they can’t understand how their policies don’t work as well as they used to, simple really, rigged markets become entities of their own and behave in their own self interest, out of control from the FED who created them in the first place. Its kind of like the parent who raised his children to be big bad bullies & petty criminals and then the parent wonders why they don’t listen to father any longer when they grow up. In the future don’t expect the FED to have much influence as to what the economies will do in the long run, they lost their control of the gangs they created in the first instance. In closing, the FED is becoming not relevant and they know it!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art, all assumptions about inflation are based on the HISTORIC rate of money velocity. We have never had these levels of money non-velocity, so it is impossible to have traditional inflation. So the inflation has gone out of traditional cash and into intangibles (stock market and related), all to the benefit of the 1%. QE was a scam, pure and simple. The average consumer is so debt-laden that the demand side is crushed, no matter how much “money” the FED puts into the system via the member banks loaning the conjured cash into existence. Loan demand is faltering, and as loans are paid on and retired, and/or defaulted on and written off, what you have is a de facto contraction of the money supply, which is, by definition, deflationary and recessionary. Sooner or later, the distortions and and the artificial inputs must stop. To me, Japan is the canary in the coal mine. But they are into this thing for 30 years now with no signs of abatement. It can go on longer than I can, that’s for sure. Best always. PM

      • Arthur Barnes

        Brother Paul, always good to hear from you, astute reply as always. ab

  40. Scott Miller

    Ok Mr. Mannarino!

    That is the definitive word on making money, earnings, because they are inflating bubbles again. Mannarino is long, and doesn’t care about when a collapse is coming because it should have already. Instead, everyday, Mannarino is watching the angle of the yield curve, for warning signs. His words.

    My new take from Mr. Hunter’s mouth, was the new pushed back date of February 2018. Yes Hunter mentioned the Fall again. However, that new time in February is 6 months from now. Yes I realize Hunter heard it from someone else. What you can take from this is there is absolutely no rush to buy silver and gold. As long as the Fed is inflating the market, as well as what Mr. Hunter says is already happening, the dumping of toxic assets, based on them saying they want to if the market is stabilized, you have to consider the run we are on. Cheap dollars and inflated markets! It is going to take us through the rest of 2017.

    That’s why Mannarino is happy with last weeks earnings. One of the best for him. Give him props for doing well in the markets. I don’t and won’t do what he is doing, but I commend him for taking advantage of a market that is increasing in value. For taking advantage of the inflation of bubbles, that for all intent and purposes, does not need to stop in the near future, as in the Fall, nor the winter.

    The bankers are taking advantage of the Trump bump, including the fake news corporate media. Their ratings are up. Their profits are up, despite dumping payroll by eliminating jobs. Look, I’m a sports guy. They have evolved their coverage dramatically now that the Obama era is over. More and more internet, less and less brick and mortar. Less research, and more analysis, and stating opinions, covering BS, anything to keep your attention and distraction you from turning the channel, or in our vernacular, surfing the net.

    The bankers and the corporate media are doing well in Trumpland, just like the markets and real estate. Mannarino sees it and earned a living. He sounds excited and pleased with himself. He also isn’t worried about a crash. Hunter kept bringing it up, but Mannarino is long and taking a small piece of his profits and buying silver and gold, mostly silver.

    This is the game that kept the whole economy rolling for years under obama, but doing better under Trump. Don’t worry about Trump’s approval ratings. They are just polls. Those are not the numbers that matter. Assets. Inflating bubbles. Highest stock market. Resurgence in real estate. What the central banks are doing to keep it all going.

    This looks awfully familiar to me.

    Oh yeah. Before I forget. Well done Greg Hunter! Please do not wait toooooo long before you and Mannarino do another round. I enjoyed the give and take.


    • This sceptred Isle

      Greg Mannarino is playing the game well and should be congratulated for that. It is great that he is sharing his valuable insights with us, with great clarity, and I have learnt a lot from him.
      However, he is a professional trader and I would be naive to think I could play that game without getting my fingers burnt. I am just keeping it simple and crossing my fingers.

      • Scott Miller


        I won’t play the markets either. However, my fingers are NOT crossed.
        Too much rigging by the rich and powerful to stop now.
        They are making themselves a lot of earnings, and are maintaining control.
        Why would they change in the immediate future?

  41. Corleone

    Janet Yellen: “It is still uncertain when our sluggish recovery will end, but we are on the right and we can be sure now that there will never be any crisis after this one is over.”

    Kim Jong Un: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

  42. Flattop

    Is Jamie Dimons comments on the MSM a personal opinion, or is he a spokesman for the banksters??

  43. Truth Serum

    Truth serum for Yellen: REVERSE SPEECH. Look it up.

    I won’t respond to a reply. Please delete this message after viewing.

  44. Flattop

    GREG Mannarino:
    Andy Hoffman says the second largest silver mine ( Guatemala) is shut down by the govt over the environment, wont this create a large silver shortage??

  45. Chris

    Greg and Gregory: A good Charity is the Shriners Hospital for Children. 22 Hospitals and I have personally seen how much they have helped over 1,000,000 children since 1921. 90+percent of donations go toward the care of the child. Just hoping to continue this work. Thank you for your work, understand where you and we have been and understand the direction we are going.

  46. Mike from the North

    The news out today from Roger Stone only causes me to believe that God is in charge and now taking action.

    The Gloves are OFF and now we head in a downward spiral.
    The downward spiral must occur before the healing can begin.

  47. Tad

    “That reminds me of the old joke: What is the definition of a lie in economics? A decimal point. I may have made up that joke but I can’t remember.” –John Mauldin

    I think at least three zeros myself.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good one!!!

    • This sceptred Isle

      What is the definition of a lie in economics? Janen Yellen moving her lips?

  48. John Tipping

    hi Greg,
    why not launch straight into a topic …
    (ala Michael William Lebron) ?

  49. Jerry

    To those that still don’t think there is a global agenda going forward I offer up this document as proof.

    I ask you, have you ever heard or seen this report from our main stream media?
    Of course not. So what makes you think they will report anything of significance to keep you informed about a market crash, or global currency reset? I have one word for those of you still in the markets. SUCKER!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are helping us all here not be “suckers”!! I thank you, and please keep posting here!!

    • FC

      I’m with you, Jerry…………the weak are easily led by greed, but only a few will survive the financial slaughter.

  50. Dale Kosted, D.V.M.

    Sometimes even liberal websites show something truthful in spite of themselves. It is priceless seeing Helicopter Ben admitting the Fed just prints money out of nothing. In addition , this short video is hilarious. Enjoy.


  51. Justn Observer


  52. Lois Petersen

    Everyone needs to watch this video with Catherine Austin Fitts.

  53. Newbloomfield

    When I read that Mr. Mannarino said that ”I started buying everything I could. . . . I thought this is it. The market is going to keep going higher. . . . ”,
    I had to wonder if this change in *his* market perspective constituted “The Biggest Flip-Flop in History”?

    Sorry for the sarcasm, but give me a break . . . this is a little hard to swallow after years of calling for an imminent market crash. I understand that the ultimate forecast of a crash remains, that all markets are being manipulated, etc etc, but honestly, doesn’t it seem somewhat disingenuous to at this point announce that he was “buying everything in sight”?
    Consider previous interviews:
    6/11/17 Market Crash and Civil War Possible-Gregory Mannarino
    3/9/17 Market Meltdown Already Underway-Gregory Mannarino
    2/7/2017 DOW 6,000 Extreme Sell-Off Coming-Gregory Mannarino
    6/10/15 The Collapse Is Now-Gregory Mannarino
    2/24/14 Massive Sell-Off Coming Buy Gold-Gregory Mannarino

    In my opinion, we are now in a fascist system in which law and freedom is absent, and thus there are no limits to any sort of financial manipulation or theft, including the confiscation of all wealth. This is being done primarily through the creation of infinite amounts of fiat “legal tender” that is being used to allow the purchase of most equities, commodities, and properties via the Central Banks.

    Of course the markets will continue to go up under such circumstances. The wild cards here come from outside the US and its vassal states. In my opinion, the weak link comes from the offshoring of the industrial base, which makes the US utterly dependent upon imported industrial goods. Once China et al decide that they will no longer accept US Treasuries, T-Bills, and dollars in exchange for these goods, then the plug will be pulled on this racket. The question then is whether or not nuclear weapons will be used as a result.

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