Guns Protect Honest People-Catherine Austin Fitts

Greg Hunter’s 7

Financial expert, Catherine Austin Fitts, says the sudden turn to gun control in the face of mounting financial problems is no accident.  Fitts contends, “Guns protect honest people.  It’s a little scary, the timing of this, and I think a little bit obvious.  Gun control is a way to take away the financial assets of the honest hard working people.”  She goes on to say, “I think there is a real risk here that they’re going to awake the sleeping giant.”  Fitts says we are not necessarily going to get a “new” currency, but it is definitely going digital.  Fitts warns, “Once we are in a spot where the currency can be entirely digital, then we’re in a new state of very invasive control. . . .  One of the reasons I love gold and silver is that it allows me not to be digital”   Fitts says the real fight over the fiscal cliff is how we are going to pay for the mess.  Fitts thinks, “Politicians have already committed to inflation.”  Fitts predicts, “The chances of another financial collapse are very small because every time we come up to a moment where a financial collapse starts to be a real risk, what happens?  We get war.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts of

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  1. Rebecca

    Wow. What a great report!
    Thank you, Greg, for bring Catherine on.

    • Greg

      She is the real deal. She is so well connected and so well informed that it’s hard to not see there is a master plan for what is going on. Thank you for your comment and support.

  2. tsuki

    A great interview. She is one of my favorites.

    About gun control. We own guns. I had a discussion with my friends about it. They are all for “gun control”. I asked them how a convicted murdered on parole got his hands on three guns to shoot volunteer firemen. The answer was that he bought them illegally. How? On the black market. Who is supplying the black market fast and furiously? We came to the conclusion that maybe we need to be talking about controlling the sale of illegal guns. If you can embed electrical copper wire with a tracker that cannot be removed to control the sale of illegal copper wire, why can you not track guns better?

    Any argument where the talking point is about gun control, they win. We have to re-frame the argument.

    Just my point of view.

    Thanks again for a great interview.

    • Greg

      Thank you Tsuki, Mars and Edward for the comments.

    • Colin H

      tsuki, That point about controlling illegal guns does not make sense.

      Re – “The answer was that he bought them illegally. How? On the black market. Who is supplying the black market fast and furiously? We came to the conclusion that maybe we need to be talking about controlling the sale of illegal guns.” – In Britain the ordinary citizen is not allowed to buy guns (farmers can have shotguns but handguns and rifles are illegal) but criminals still get them – control illegal guns? – OK, but we should control illegal drugs too.

      Re – “If you can embed electrical copper wire with a tracker that cannot be removed to control the sale of illegal copper wire, why can you not track guns better?” I cannot argue this point as I do not know what sort of tracker you mean but in Britain utility companies use something called Smartwater to mark copper cables, but a crooked metal dealer will still buy it then melt it down.

      Re – “Any argument where the talking point is about gun control, they win” – they haven’t won at all, their argument is nonsense. In Britan, where gun ownership is outlawed, criminals still get guns. It is only the law abiding citizen that does not have a gun.

      We had a well known case in 1999 of a farmer, alone at night in a remote Norfolk farmhouse, who shot two intruders and one died. The farmer was jailed.

      Since then I have lost count of how many old people in Britain have been murdered in their homes by intruders. In fact it is now so common that cases do not usually make the national press, only local That farmer went to jail but at least he is still alive, thanks to his gun.

      • KGB

        Guns already have a unique serial number stamped on them as a means (for the ATF) to ‘record’ and ‘track’ where they are. The caveat being only ‘legit’ guns have a properly recorded ‘history’ (traceable from manufacture to retail to final ownership). It’s the same old argument that “criminals don’t care about laws, only law-abiding citizens do” (which is why serial numbers are filed off weapons used in crime to prevent/make it difficult to trace their origin/ownership).

        Tony Martin was the farmer by the way. He was jailed not so much for man-slaughter but for doing so with an invalid(?) firearms certificate. And therein lies the problem, being in a situation where you need permission to defend yourself and/or your property.

    • Arizona

      HEY I HAVE EVEN a better plan ,why don’t all you commies who embrace a world where the people who would be safe if they had guns ,AREN”T,like in china ,I’AM sure you gun grabbers would be much happier living in a country with real rules like north korea,or japan where the people can’t fight back and are now dieing of radiation sickness,cause they have a criminal government like us,ONLY WE’RE GOING TO HANG OUR LEADERS AND THATS ON THE HORIZON AND THE THIEVING BASTARDS KNOW IT TOO…………………………

  3. Mars

    Thanks for the interview with Ms. Fitts Greg. Great job! I always respect her opinions. Interesting tidbit about the tsunami I hadn’t thought about.

  4. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Folks that don’t want guns around shouldn’t have them around. Period. But those same folks must understand that the ONLY reason THEY are relatively safe is the fact that criminals don’t know they do not have guns. Once most honest folks don’t have guns, the would-be criminals who have guns will not hesitate to invade any honest citizen’s home, and be gone before the police can show up. Like liberty and honest money, folks won’t appreciate what they had until it’s gone.

  5. jc davis

    Thank you Greg for having Catherine fits on today.
    H.a.a.r.p. controls the weather using chemtrials. Anything that controls the weather can control earthquakes, volcanos, and every other earth change. Catherine is the smartest woman I have seen. her comments on electronic banking is in line with the use of the R.F.I.D. chip. I believe its the ultimate goal of the World Oligarchy.
    Thanks again. I am really looking forward to see you interview John Williams, and get the real numbers for 2012.

    • Greg

      Thank you JC Davis for the comments and the links.

  6. jc davis

    Greg I found the to be good reading today on
    It is about the 1 trillion dollar coin, and the power of the fed bank over our elected officials.

  7. Chuck Allen


    Financial problems being a triggering point; the activities of our government is leading to bad, bad, bad, things happening this year. In all likelihood 2013 will be the beginning of the final act of the experiment called The United States of America. There are just too many citizens here that support Obama’s plan for change. Too many others don’t believe BAD will happen. Like Ostriches with their heads stuck in the ground, they will not see what is happening around them. I am not recommending the purchase of this documentary film, but your readers should just look at the promo and read the information about it on the site. Some found out to late, check it out.

    Obama and his congressional conspirators are working to sign treaties, now in work, giving the United Nations and other countries the right to disarm American citizens. Check it out at:

    The following statement by one of our founding fathers is still significant.


    Our 150 year standing around reloading moment has passed 1864 until 2013. It appears that the Obama administration and ALL members of congress are putting in place the elements to instigate a new civil war. This is the only action that may get our country back from the communists that are now in power in America. They are out to destroy America since we are the only FREE people on the planet earth.

    This will surpass the first civil war in American causalities! Our military, under the control of the United Nations and supported by Obama administration; has the most powerful and sophisticated weapons systems on the earth to use against Americans, and paid for by Americans. Shotguns, rifles and handguns, will not stand-up for long against Predators and other drones that are remotely operated from afar.

    We can only hope that those responsible for the instigation of this are taken out within the first five days. History has shown that those that helped overthrow the Russian Tsar and other dictatorial governments were also the first “useful idiots” that were killed shortly after the “HOPE AND CHANGE.”

    • Greg

      Thank you Chuck for adding content and your voice to this post!

  8. John Titus

    I wonder exactly what Fitts considers “a little bit obvious” about the recent gun control push in connection with “tak[ing] away the financial assets of honest hard-working people”?

    As MF Global taught us, gun control is wholly unnecessary for confiscating most assets: a few keyboard clicks by someone above the law will do.

    Perhaps she means confiscating physical assets, a topic she discusses later (at 16:00): “If I want to steal all the assets on the planet, I want fiat currency because it is the process of debasement that allows me to basically buy everybody up for free with money that I just print. But once I own and control everything, I have a vested interest in switching to a sound currency because how am I going to keep it? Well I’m going to keep it by switching to a sound currency. I think the natural next phase of the financial coup d’etat is to use gold to reset values between financial assets and tangibles.”

    Or perhaps she means that the predicate for the government’s newfound zeal for gun control arises from a version of events at Sandy Hook that has some rather obvious, well, holes in it. Another truth teller (and former high-ranking government insider), Paul Craig Roberts, has pointed these out more than once:

    Great interview. Fitts foresaw the current legal crisis in the U.S. ten years ago:

    • Greg

      Thank you John for adding to the content of this interview!!

  9. Jim Waldo

    Why is it that the United States of America is the number one in the world for gunfire deaths? Most of which are law abiding folks killing law abiding folks. Loughner and Holmes were law abiding folks until they pulled the triggers.

    • Greg

      Jim Waldo,
      Law abiding yes, but they were also certifiably insane. On top of that, they were on mood altering drugs. How about taking a long look at the drug and mental health industries? The answer is not destroying the Second Amendment. The Fourth is already destroyed by the NDAA. Does that bother you> How about the president right to act as judge jury and executioner which he dis to 3 U.S. citizens in Yemen. Are you worried about that? How about the millions of people illegally kicked out of their homes in foreclosure fraud? The banks have been getting away with this without criminal charges. How much crime do you think this will cause? Are you worried about that? What about the sever financial problems of the U.S.? The President want an unlimited debt ceiling. How well do you think the poor are going to do in this kind of economy? Do you think broke poor people, (fighting increasing inflation to feed their families) are going to take this well or do you think crime will increase? I get it, taking guns away from law abiding certifiably sane people not on mood altering drugs is your big issue. Point taken. It’s not mine. Disarming the honest, sane law abiding citizens is not my priority. Thank you for your comment.

      • Dan Pipes

        Great interview Greg, as always.

        I just wanted to correct Jim Waldo’s comment about law-abing people killing each other. Of the 11000 homacides, 74% are gang on gang murders and many are suicides. He needs to go to the FBI’s web site. Chicago had more homicides in 2012 than in Afghanistan.

        “To bear arms” is a birth right, not a priviledge.

        As an aside, where’s the video of Lanza carrying and / or using the infamous AR-15? Pete Williams on NBC reported that the AR-15 was left in the car and not used.

        Keep up the good work.

      • jc davis

        In 2009, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 66.9% of all homicides in the United States were perpetrated using a firearm.[5] There were 52,447 deliberate and 23,237 accidental non-fatal gunshot injuries in the United States during 2000.[6] Just over half of all gun-related deaths in the United States are suicides.[7] Of the 30,470 firearm-related deaths in the United States in 2010, 19,392 (63.6%) were suicide deaths, and 11,078 (36.4%) homicide deaths.[8]

    • KGB

      Jim, just FYI, the USA is far from being first on the list. There are several countries with even higher death-rates, Mexico is one, and that has severe restrictions on the civilian ownership of firearms in place (a de facto ‘ban’). Can you explain that?.

      El Salvador 50.36
      Jamaica 47.44
      Honduras 46.70
      Guatemala 38.52
      Swaziland 37.16
      Mexico 25.14
      Colombia 11.10
      Brazil 11.01
      Panama 10.92
      United States 10.2

      [source: “Gun Deaths per 100,000 population”

      As for Loughner and Holmes, it’s an assumptions they were ‘Law Abiding’ prior to their acts as that information has not been looked into iirc. It’s also not besides the point the moment they made the decision to cause harm they became ‘criminals’, a fact which precludes the use of guns.

  10. Charles Savoie

    The need is desperate! The need for the public to be aware that psychiatric drugs are causing people to “snap” and go on rampages! The Money Power is all over the drug companies same as it is in metals; speaking of which, here’s some thoughts re a recent thread here—
    The source of precious metals suppression lies within a MEMBERSHIP ORGANIZATION (why should that be unnatural) calling itself “The Pilgrims Society” that stands back of the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve. This is heavily documented at the free access link. I am convinced if we can get enough publicity for this group their actions can be stopped. Quotes from only 5 members over the years—The Times, London, August 24, 1931, page 12—“I am surprised to see responsible statesmen advocating the remonetization of silver, which would add very little to currency, and is a form of confiscation and repudiation”—diamond tycoon Sir Abe Bailey, whose fellow members of The Pilgrims London drove silver to 24.5 cents per ounce in Feb 1931, and took England off the gold standard the month after he made his mercenary remarks! Douglas Dillon, Treasury Secretary 1961-1965, who took us off silver coins, wanted to “Assure the silver users that the price will not rise beyond its present market for a long time to come”—Wall Street Journal, March 12, 1963, page 4. The Economist, London, July 13, 1963, page 166— “Dillon, the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, has said that silver bullion would be released on demand to prevent silver rising.” That was the main reason for the Silver Purchase Act of 1934 followed by Roosevelt’s silver nationalization grabbing over 113MOZ from the public—to concentrate global silver in the Treasury for use by The Pilgrims Society to suppress world prices! James Zirin, currently in The Pilgrims management, worked for the son of Henry Morgenthau Jr., FDR’s Treasury Secretary who ran the gold and silver absorption vortex and a member! Week by week details of the metals seizure, March 1933 through February 1937 are in a 312 page pdf at In the Federal Reserve Bulletin, April 1963, page 469, we notice the testimony by (Pilgrims member) William McChesney Martin Jr. head of the Federal Reserve System at a Congressional hearing—“The Board believes it is unnecessary to utilize silver as part of the U.S. monetary system. Although some concern has been expressed that removing the silver “backing” from part of our currency might lower its value, I would not agree.” Pilgrims member William Simon, who bombed gold from $200 to $103.50 as Treasury Secretary, and who was on the COMEX board when the Hunt silver play was crushed in January 1980, said “The international monetary role of gold should continue to diminish”–Vital Speeches of the Day, January 15, 1977, page 199. In a speech at the International Monetary Fund on August 31, 1975, Pilgrims member Alfred Hayes, who as president of the NY Fed Bank oversaw removal of silver coins from the nation’s largest banking district, said—“I am particularly proud of the Federal Reserve Swap network, in the development of which I was involved from its inception, linking the Federal Reserve and 14 other central banks and the Bank for International Settlements. Gold has long been viewed by many as a barbarous relic and phasing it out of the system completely seems to have a good deal of appeal in some quarters.” The fact that a membership organization of powerful people has directed the suppression of precious metals for over a century has to easily be the biggest news in precious metals. There is enough documentation to make a strong court case. Why do so many in the PM long community continue to ignore this documentary (all free access, it’s about protecting our property rights, not about me making money selling a book!) At Guide Star I find Paul Volcker is a Pilgrims VP, he’s Obama’s top economic adviser and arranged for the Hunts to forfeit almost 60MOZ silver by 1986! Will Volcker “advise” Obama to nationalize gold and silver? Publicity can prevent this catastrophe! Only after 7 years of agitation on my part did their site go up, they mention Defense Secretary Weinberger was a member, but left out that he bled 11MOZ silver from the national stockpile for price suppression, and to create excuse for a second silver grab “we’re at war and we have no silver; hoarders must surrender silver at once!” It fails me to understand why many of the PM longs would just ignore all this and so very much more I DOCUMENT about this low profile group of world makers whose motto is “Here And Everywhere.”

  11. Jim H

    Thank you Greg for bringing Catherine to your site.
    I emailed with her several years ago about other matters too lengthly to mention here. Let me just say, she is one savy person who has felt punches from pure evil in our nation and somehow found the faith and courage to continue with a smile on her face. She knows more of what the secret one are capable of than most of us. Ask her about what happened to her at Hamilton some time, it’s a real eye opener. For some time now, I am of the opinion that the “free market” was always a tool along with many others to bring us to this cliff again. Same old cliff, just steeper this time. For us to say we need to go back to or tweak this rotton system where profit eventually trumps humanity and nature is insane. I don’t know exactly what doing the right thing for free and for nothing would look like but I know I have yet to see it. When we do evolve to good purpose it will be people like you and Catherine leading the way.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jim H for the comment.

  12. Max

    Greg –

    Thanks for another,
    very informative interview…

    • Greg

      Max and Time Traveler,
      Thank you for your comments.

  13. TimeTraveler

    Greetings Greg,

    I just would first like to thank you for bringing truthful information here about whats going on in the world. It’s very difficult to awaken a dumbed down and brainwashed society that still thinks this government is honest and will always take care of them, when just the opposite is happenning.

    I agree mostly with what Catherine says, but events will be happening much quicker than anyone can imagine. The time for talk is over. The system is broke and beyond repair! The mighty hand of our Lord will cleanse this world of the evil that resides on her.

    This plan by these dark entities has been forged long ago, to create wars and economic hardships thru out the years, as far back when the first banking system originated over 2,000 years ago, all created to enslave humanity! It’s an illusion created by a very dark force who has been around long before mankind walked on this world.

    The system of usury was thus created, so humans would never experienced what true Freedom is, as God intended. The experiment went on for thousands of years, but is now ready for a turn toward a place where there will be no need for money, politics, or religion. As the native Americans and other indigenous people around the world know, you are entering the Fifth World, a new reality.

    So, I will say that this world, Mother Earth, Gaia, is in a stage of great change. The Source of all Creation and our Mother have a plan for humanity, one that will bring true Freedom, peace and tranquility to those who are ready for it.

    The dark veil that covers this world will be dissolved, and a Light so powerful will envelope this world, the feminine energy, which is the most powerful Light in all the cosmos. Her Love will bring about a new age, and a new human, a Being of Light.

    There comes very dark times now, as the perfect storm approaches. Mankind will experience global war, famine, hyperinflation, and the total collapse of the western banking system. It will happen quickly, and with no warning, as this government knows this economic system is imploding, as is Europe, Japan, and Britian, and is making plans for much hardship.

    They control the populace thru fear, as 9/11 was the trigger event to install fear thru an imaginary invented term called Al-Queda! Now, after this inauguration, Obama will sign an executive order for gun control. It will create civil unrest and an excuse for Martial Law, and the catalyst for a major war as Catherine noted.

    But the evil that exists is no match for the Love of our creator. Our Mother Earth is going to cleanse this world of the darkness. One cycle ending, and another rebirthing. As what happened 6,000 years ago with the great flood, so shall it be now. Humans cannot stop this change, everything goes in cycles thru out time.

    Our Mother Earth is rebirthing herself, as all the Earth’s crust is moving, volcanos are erupting, and weather patterns changing, creating droughts and famine thru out the world, whether helped by manmade creations thru harp or not, she will have her way!

    This planet is in the galactic plane, and as we align with the center of the Milky Way, the energy coming thru from the brightest light in all the cosmos hits our Sun, our Father will direct it to us, and change will come!

    Look inside, that is where your power lies! The fire from within, the Light of the human heart has the power to change this world with the power of our Mother,
    Gaia, as this timeline will change, and a new reality for some will transpire. From darkness came the Light, the Fire that created the universe.

    All it takes is the belief in ones self, a oneness, AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. Don’t let the fear and this illusion of how they want you to live dominate your Spirit.

    Humans were given this most sacred planet, and the Tree of Life, which has all the knowledge of the universe. Humans were created with the capacity of Love and Compassion. It connects the whole universe. God created nature and all the living sentient beings for humanity to connect with. It’s the power of nature that will give humans the power to manifest anything they want in a world of Light, the Love of our creator, God.

    The time is now, as this cycle in this hyperdimensional world in which humans live is again ending, and a new Golden Age is rebirthing. Change is the constant Law of the Universe. Harmony out of Chaos. Be true to yourself. Bend, but do not break. Have faith, for the time of change is at hand!

    All the Love,


    • Just a reasoned observer

      Dear Time Travaler: just go back to your crack pipe and quit spewing your asinine humanistic garbage. The truth about the future can be found in the book of Revelation it’s the last one in the bible. If I want the truth about what the world is facing I’ll just keep trusting the word of God.

      You and the truth – Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. But then like the famous movie line goes “”You can’t handle the truth”. But ignoring His truth comes with eternal consequence. It’s called Hell. Ignore it at your peril for each must decide for themselves whom the shall serve. I hope for your sake you do find it in Jesus Christ.

  14. JRMFL

    Catherine has and continues to provide insightful commentary to out collective circumstance. Thank you for interviewing her Greg, I particularly enjoyed her comment regarding “when” sound money arrives and have suggested the same for over a decade, it was wonderful to hear someone else voice this arrangement.

    This was a common sense piece I thought you might enjoy, a wonderful testament to our reality –

    Again, keep up the tireless work Greg and please know it is appreciated.

    Kind Regards,


    • Greg

      Thank you JRMFL for your kind words, comment and for adding content to this post.

  15. Steve

    Here is an article I hope you read Greg, I think its important.

    If you read it, I wonder if it will mean anything to you? If Americans claim to be a Christian Nation, why is it so hard to follow…. what Jesus has to say about how to handle conflict.

    What do, you, Greg think?

    • Greg

      I am a Christan who also believes in the U.S. Constitution. We are entering a point in history unlike any before. What do you think Christ would say about the Constitution (4th Amendment) that allows for due process? The Obama Administration signed that away. What do you think Christ would say about the President having the power to kill any U.S. citizen with out charge? This happened a few years ago in Yemen. What do you think Christ would say about the bankers committing $trillions in fraud without a single criminal prosecution? Millions lost their homes and there are millions more to come. I do not know what Christ would say about taking the gun rights away from law abiding citizens who are not certifiably insane. I think I know what Adolf Hitler would say–do it!! Because that is exactly what he did, and then he incinerated 6 million Jews. Christ is the “Lamb of God.” I don’t think God meant everyone of us to also be lambs.

      • Steve

        Read what Christ said in the New Testament, there are a lot of answers there.

        BTW, it would be nice for you to interview, say, Jim Wallis. I think he would help you and a lot of us understand what Jesus would have to say about …..

        -the Constitution (4th Amendment) that allows for due process
        -the President having the power to kill any U.S. citizen with out charge
        -the bankers committing $trillions in fraud without a single criminal prosecution
        -taking the gun rights away from law abiding citizens who are not certifiably insane

        and I know Jim would have plenty to say on:

        -Christ is the “Lamb of God.” I don’t think God meant everyone of us to also be lambs

        It would be an interesting interview Greg, and I know you would get a tremendous amount of comments and discussion points.

        What do you say?

        • Greg

          Thank you for the comment.

          • Steve

            Here is a article written by Jim Wallis, from Sojourners. I take by your above comment Greg, you won’t be interviewing him anytime soon. So I have posted an article he just put on his website today, 1/17/2013. It will give you an idea of his “theology” if you will and I know his ideas about guns. Then maybe you already know that?

            The NRA’S Dangerous Theology is the tile, go here to read:

            My assumption is that you, Greg, being a reporter and interviewer, would be open to differing opinions, am I right? And being a Christian, you would be interested in someone who has faith in Christ as you do, am I right again?

            Please take the time to read the article.

            • Greg

              You are correct on both counts. That is why I read and I am putting up this comment and the link you included with the comment. Wallis’ post does not give a full picture of what is really going on here. Let me briefly round out the total picture that is not reported in the mainstream media. We have a backdrop of massive financial crime that is setting the country up for an even bigger financial calamity. A few of the crimes perpetrated by big banks include money laundering for drug cartels and terror groups, mortgage-backed security fraud, ratings fraud, global interest rate rigging fraud, foreclosure fraud. The mainstream media called it “robo-signing” when in fact it was forgery, perjury and fraud on the court. There have been ZERO criminal prosecutions for any of these massive multi=trillion dollar crimes. This crime is off-the charts and unprecedented in U.S. or world history. The government is not only not prosecuting this crime but covering it up. Nothing kills trust and confidence in an economy faster than unchecked fraud and crime. You think crime and violence is bad now? What do you think will happen in the next, even bigger, meltdown? On top of that, our Constitutional rights are being destroyed. The Fourth Amendment (Due Process) has been gutted by the NDAA legislation signed by the President. He can take anyone away and hold them indefinitely in a secret jail without charge. The President has a license to kill any U.S. citizen anywhere in the world, and the President did just that in Yemen to 3 Americans in 2011. I read Wallis post. He is putting up a very narrow argument that ignores the great peril the Republic is in today. It’s as if he’s totally oblivious to what is really happening to America. How do you think Wallis gets to practice his Christian religion? Why does Wallis think he can go online and say or write what he wishes? If you guessed the rights afforded in the U.S. Constitution you would be correct. The Constitution is under attack and crooks and criminals are allowed to run wild by our government. The NRA and its members are law abiding citizens. These crimes were committed by violent insane people that are on pharmaceutical drugs for depression. There is no mention of any of these issues I briefly wrote about in this reply.

    • g. johnson


      i had pretty much got to the point some time ago where i had had enough of you.

      first off, while there is a faction of fundamentalists who are incessantly banging the gong about america being a christian nation, to say “if americans claim to be a christain nation…” is fiendishly misleading and totally without credibility.

      i read the ariticle that you posted by mr. wallis and got pretty much what i expected. total horse crap. another useful idiot blathering the party line of insanity.

      to illustrate, let’s take a look at his closing, soft and fuzzy moment with his brainwashed nine year old child.

      “I was putting my 9-year-old to bed a few nights ago. He said, “Dad I heard you talking on the phone about guns and the press conference you’re talking at tomorrow. “

      “What do you think about it Jack? What do you think about it Jack?” I asked him.

      And here’s what Jack said:

      “I think that they ought to let people who, like licensed hunters, have guns if they use them to hunt. And people who need guns — who need guns for their job like policemen and army. But I don’t think that we should just let anybody have any kind of gun and any kind of bullets that they want. That’s pretty crazy.”

      I agree with Jack.”

      ah yes, let’s ask the nine year old and exploit his answer for all to see. i really hope, and think that this child will rebel against his lunatic father in the not too distant future.

      what the child said in essence was. let the government have guns and take them away from everyone else.

      yeah, terrific idea.

      steve, what are you doing here? don’t you think that you and mr. wallis and your ilk would be happier in mexico where gun control is as tight as tight can be? where the church has much more social power? go there, live it, love it. and let the real freedom minded citizens of the usa fight for our freedom in peace.

      • Steve

        I like your response, fight for our freedom in peace. Love it!

  16. Al

    9/11, Gun control, Collapse of the U.S economy (Nafta, money printing) were all planned.
    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the US public believes is false.”
    -William J. Casey, 1981 , CIA Director
    “We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it.
    The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”
    James Paul Warburg – Federal Reserve Architect

  17. frosty


    This was an interesting interview. The lady doesn’t pull her punches and I’m definitely going to look for more of what she has to say.

    Catherine’s take on government involvement in the narcotics trade is interesting but not at all surprising given that CIA’s Iran Contra fiasco exposed this issue years ago, as has the current administration’s recent fast and furious debacle. This incestuous economic relationship between drug cartels, banking cartels and US politicians has obviously been going on unabated for quite a while now.

    What I found most interesting, however, was her response when asked to give an opinion on the current political fights taking place over the issue of additional taxes vs. spending cuts. She said:..

    “There’s something much deeper…. if you look a the way the federal finances have been run, they’ve been run, not in compliance with the Constitution or the law related to federal financial management. So, once you start to cut deeply, whether it’s taxes or spending, into the tax payers, there is real concern that the tax payers are going to take a look at the federal accounts and say ‘Look…not all is kosher.’ And frankly, if you look at what’s been happening, the legal grounds are with the citizens, not with Congress or the administration. So you literally have the risk that citizens start to assert proper legal authority over the finances of the country, and that would be a very difficult thing.”

    It seems this well informed and and well connected lady is aware that citizens have legal options other than those of simply allowing our nation to be economically raped and pillaged by the politicians and bankers. I, on the other hand, am left wondering exactly what she meant by this interesting statement.

    • Greg

      Thank you Frosty and John for the comments.

  18. John Hards

    I believe that there is still a fee for depositing US dollars in Mexican banks which can be a high as 5% to 10%. The fee is to insure that the funds are legal. Returning to Mexico 10 years ago in retirement I asked business friends about the banks for my SSI direct deposit ($US) and was advised of this fee so stopped fussing about the 1% to 3% fee charged for using the ATM machine for withdrawing from my US bank. This means that the 1.9 billion was probably 5% of the 38 trillion in deposits and would be available from all Mexican banks! No, I plan not to ask again any time soon.

  19. Brian

    Given that those with their hands on the levers of power are very likely to be as cold, cruel and calculating as Catherine intimates that they are I then wonder if they would not adhere to the old adage, “Don’t fight a land war in Asia” when it comes to disarming all of us.

    To say it another way, why would they seek to disarm a population of 350 million or more when they could set themselves up in a position to sweep in and take control of a much smaller population that would be left after a series of well orchestrated or at least partially instigated mishaps……….disturbing stuff to have to consider.

  20. Don


    Here are some questions of mine to Law Professor Jonathan Turley, we’ll see if he answers:

    Don 1, January 14, 2013 at 7:51 pm

    Professor Turley,

    Excuse me if you’ve already answered these type questions before.

    Why hasn’t any lawyers/federal prosecutors/ federal judges empaneled Federal Grand Juries, open for public observation, to investigate Clinton, Bush, Obama, their administrations & many of the congress/courts for:

    Election Fraud through the use of Electronic Voting Machines, etc…

    Banking/Insurance/Securities Frauds of Wallst/London

    (IE: Recent cases at HSBC, JP Morgan etc..)

    War Crimes

    Crimes Against Humanity





    Creating Wars & Public Danger for the propose of Insurrection & overthrowing We The People’s legitimate Government.

    This is not a complete list of allegations.

    There is a mountain of publicly available information that I believe prove my charges to be true.

    Among the evidence is presented on your website, including this link below.

    Also evidence from 911, Fast & Furious, Irag/Afgan wars, etc…

    And the most recent event at Sandy Hook being used to attack the 2nd Amd..

    >> At Sandy Hook, with no trail yet, no info going on a month now, isn’t most all of evidence of any crime effectively contaminated at this point?

    Case in point, observe how Conan O’Brian’s video of Alex Jones vs Pezhead (Piers) Morgan interview, Conan changes the video & puts a gun in AJ’s hand where no gun was before.

    Isn’t Sandy Hook really in doubt now of just being another Govt False Flag Operation?

    US govt was the 1st to report using weaponized Drones to kill Americans. Could it be possible that rogue forces within the US govt used drone tech to comment part of the 911 attacks? <<

    Video Report: Operation Gladio – The Cold War ‘Black Op’ Continues
    January 13th, 2013

    Hurricane Katerina aftermath & LA Riots, etc

    Can you think of any other peaceful actions citizens can take against the corrupt pieces of this govt?

    Thank You for your consideration,



    Here is the wording of the Fifth Amendment.

    “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself; nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”


    It protects the People in two ways. First, in the case of capital or otherwise infamous crimes, government cannot prosecute an individual without the People’s consent, in the form of Jurors. The decision to not indict is an absolute protection against government abuse, and cannot be overturned even by the President, Congress, or the Supreme Court.

    “The grand jury brings suspects before neighbors, not strangers. Just recently in Stirone v. United States, 361 U.S. 212, 218, we said, ‘The very purpose of the requirement that a man be indicted by grand jury is to limit his jeopardy to offenses charged by a group of his fellow citizens acting independently of either prosecuting attorney or judge.’” ― Justice Douglas, Hannah v. Larche (363US420)

    Second, the Grand Jury is empowered to judge government itself, with the power to investigate and indict, within its jurisdiction, judges, district attorneys, sheriffs, county supervisors, state attorney generals, all other government agents, and even the President of the United States.


  21. Ken

    Hey Greg,
    Thank youuuu, for all your great interviews and articles. What a great service you are doing.

  22. brian

    Hey everyone. go to the whitehouse website and sign every petition that supports the 2nd ammendment. This is important. We could be standing on the verge of a bloody and horrible outcome. USe the 1st ammendment. it only takes a few minutes and it could impact you for the rest of your life.
    I dont know if this will take you to the exact page but its litterally the Whitehouses petetion site. PLease, if you have time to read this then you have time to sign some petitions. Let America hear your voice!!!



    First, again let me say what was said decades ago by Thomas Edison; when he told US that “not one person on Planet Earth knows even 1 millionth of 1% about anything.” That to me is just how informed we all aren’t.
    My descent with Catherine etc. is that my deceased grandparents wouldn’t understand one word she was saying but they would know economically speaking today that they would be cheated out of their interest income by somebody.
    Catherine sounds like someone who would make a potential international speculator without any connection to any loyalty to any ountry similar to Doug Casey. To be a good speculator on the right side of your trades you have to be faily “informed” about geopolitical events don’t you? There’s absolutely no way OUR Nations’ millions of grandpa’s & grandma’s can be that informed and so they have traditionally depended upon geting some interest on their money, in order to participate in keeping their families sound monetarily but not anymore in this environment huh? Money by the way not under attack by government inflation that errodes the buying power of their savings they intended to earn them interest income.
    In his published book in 1987, The Triumph Of Gold, Dr. Frantz Pick mentioned that the world of investing in the US died and he reflected that US Bonds would thereby become “certificates of guaranteed confiscation which today they are due to the errosion of their purchasing power via inflation.” Inflation which by the way, as Catherine & Greg we can be sure would agree, is totally Constitutionally illegal; according to Article 1; Section 10 which calls for specie gold and silver coins only as OUR only National money without the use of any kind of paper money. See Fiat Money Inflation In France by Andrew Dixon White; the co-founder of Cornell University, at the Von Mises Institute website @ their online PDF File site which is around 70 pages documenting what happens to those nations that inflate their purchasing media. One of the Frenchmen in this cronicle calls inflation: “A virtual debauch of athority in delirium” or something similar, as my memory isn’t complete.
    We as a world today have turned to inflation as OUR savior of the economic realm and history has already proven that it brings about nothing but war, death & destrucion including the death of all morality on every level of society of which the worst sector is that of the stock jobing speculator class as we are once again proving on Wall Street. For those of US who KNOW this route that always & invitably leads a Nation to its’ downfall & destruction, there is nothing unusual about what is happening today including gun controls and more controls than what we could ever shake a stick the old saying goes doesn’t it? Get ready therefore for much more of the same, because in France as in America Oratory won out over all sound monetary reasoning no matter what routes the sound reasoning took.
    Dr. Mark Faber @ the National Inflaton Association’s website, in their 57 minute documentary video, MELTUP, towards the end tells us that gold shouldn’t be in the clutches of the whipsaw, speculative up, down & all around Futures market responding day by day to geopolitical events but that the inflation should be stopped with gold pegged @ $1,000,000 per troy oz. such as it was pegged @ $35 per troy oz. under Bretton Woods. Gold being bought & sold below $1,000,000 per troy Oz. therefore is the elit’s way/method for confiscating the purchasing power of Americans’ gold hedge which is much easier than confiscating OUR physical gold such as was under Roosevelt. The gold in Fort Knox etc. should be minted by OUR US MINT for FREE & distributed among all American citizens; according to Article 1; Section 10 of OUR US Constitution ASAP. The Constituion on this issue among others is being defeated by the collusion of treason we are all commiting in my views.

    RUSS SMITH, CA. (One Of OUR Broke Fiat Money States)
    [email protected]

  24. Troy

    She is always spot on! Mon. – Fri 9 AM Hawaii time

    May be a future good interview?

  25. Miguel

    Hi there,

    I live in Kinshasa, on the Democratic Republic of Congo. Yes, ex-Zaire. A society full of social, political and economical problems. Everything is a mess: traffic, rising inflation, corruption, shattered roads, you name it. But guess what: there are no murders at all. When someones kills somebody else, it is news on the national TV, RTNC.

    You guys back in America think that Congo is all about raping, looting and killing. That is true on the East side of the country, where milicias rule to control economic mineral resources (gold, coltan, cobalt, diamonds, etc). But on the Western side, things are peaceful though I live on a violent country.

    So, right now you are asking yourselves: how come there are almost no murders on a city like Kinshasa, where 10 million souls struggle to survive day after day? Easy: civilians do not own weapons at all.

    It is simple, isn’t it?

    • Greg

      No, it’s not that simple. Where are you getting your research?

      • Miguel

        Hi Greg,

        this research comes from my daily experiences both in Bandundu (another province) and in Kinshasa. I have been living in Democratic Republic of Congo since 2006 and I can assure to you that the murder rate is very, very low on the Western side of the country.

        For instance, in Bandundu, during all these years, I have never heard about a single murder though I may admit that some incidents may occur without any media coverage because the province’s area is very big (one third of France) and not densely populated.

        In Kinshasa, from times to times, murders occur but I would bet that on a significant percentage of the cases, they involve directly or indirectly security forces (military or police).

        On the East side, it is a different scenario due to the militias (M23, Mai-Mai, LRA, etc) and due to the military forces from FARCD (Forces Armées de la la Republique Democratique du Congo).

        But I can give you another example in Africa that I also know very well as some of my friends live there. I am talking specifically about Angola. As they went through a deadly and destructive a civil war, weapons possession is widespread among the civilian population. Due to that fact, Luanda and some other major cities face a high level of violent crimes that involve theft, kidnapping and murder.

        In comparison, Luanda it is much more dangerous than Kinshasa though people in Europe and America think that the reality is completely different. For instance, in some areas of Luanda, after 17h/18h, you cannot stop at the traffic lights. In Kinshasa, you must only avoid police controls ……….

        Best Regards,

        • Greg

          Thank you Miguel. This is not the same situation here in the U.S., but your point is well taken. Thank you for posting it here.

  26. Brad27

    Hi Greg,
    I must take issue with the unsubstantiated point that Miss Fitts made. She asserted that there will not be financial collapse because every time we approach such an event there will be war, and that we then take the resources of the loser. That thought may be found in history textbooks if you exclude the USA. We have only taken enough ground in our winnings to bury our dead. War is extremely costly to both sides. There is no financial gain only loss. Nearly everything manufactured in wartime is blown up or otherwise destroyed. Bombs, bullets, fuel, etc. are all burned up. We have not even been the “winner” in our wars lately. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea come to mind (consider North Korea). There was talk of taking the oil of Iraq to pay for the war but we took nothing and now they want us to pay them. Spoils of war? I haven’t seen them yet. Consider the ongoing cost of caring for the wounded veterans. These wars can only be considered to be inflationary borrowing events and hasten our collapse. I suspect that Obama keeps us there to bleed us physically and financially, hastening our collapse so he can get on with the new program for America.

  27. Doug


  28. Linda Freier

    Your reports are an oasis of journalism in a world of government paid propaganda shills passing themselves off as “news.”

    • Greg

      Linda Freier,
      What a compliment. I am not sure I deserve the high praise, but thank you for saying it. You made my day!!!!

  29. Kevin

    FITTS 2016!!!!!

    I love this woman!! I miss her free podcast!

  30. Steve

    Greg, thanks for answering my question on your post some where way up on this thread.

    I am not going to beat a dead horse, just make two comments.

    You said, “How do you think Wallis gets to practice his Christian religion?” IMO, I do not speak for Mr. Wallis, but my Christian faith or religion is something I do not “practice” as you put it. It is something I believe, with my heart and mind and express with my voice and my actions.

    Did you know Greg that in the last month, over 900 people have been killed by guns? Yes there are bigger issues here. Mr. Wallis is dealing with them one at a time. Like one tree at a time and not the whole forest.

    BTW, does Mr. Wallis have other issues the deals with. Yes he does. I have not read the book, perhaps it would be a good read for you. Find it on Amazon.

    Thanks Greg for the conversation.


    • Greg

      You are playing a game of semantics. When I used the term “practice” I meant no disrespect. I think you know that. The point is the Constitution protects the Freedom of Religion and the Freedom of Speech and Due Process and many other rights. I don’t want any of them taken away. Criminals and insane people get guns, and I think we can agree they should not be allowed to get them. That dosen’t mean they should be taken away from good honest sane people. I am sorry but we are going to have to agree to disagree.

  31. Dean

    If you believe giving up guns is the way to go, please watch this and see if you don’t have a change of heart.

  32. Dan McCartney


    You are doing all of us such a wonderful service. I continue to be educated, edified, and enlightened by your website. I don’t know how I have been missing Catherine Austin Fitts all this time, but I truly want to thank you for introducing her to me! Her intelligence, connections, and courage are just what we need. Wow, what a lady! Please highlight her again soon! Thank you for all you do. Dan McCartney

    • Greg

      Thank you Dan McCartney,
      Ms. Fitts is very smart and connected. She is rarely wrong in the the big picture. Thank you for your kind words.

  33. Charles Savoie

    The causation of mass shooting massacres is (may I use all caps, because this situation is an outrage) “PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS.” Even in the infamous case of the unfortunate Connecticut woman whose hands were ripped off, face ripped off, blinded and permanently disfigured in an attack by a berserk 200 pound chimp named Travis, the “household pet” (wild animal) was on XANAX!! The drug companies are our “good friends” of course, and are seeking to cartelize vitamins/minerals/herbs to make them by RX only, so they can jack prices up by 800% Of course, the drug companies are heavily represented in the same apex organization in absolute control of the metals suppression,The Pilgrims of the United States, 122 East 58th Street, second floor.

  34. Anon

    The ILLEGALITY of the Central Banks operations, is being exposed, in part, due to the END THE FED! (Ahem…Audit the Fed) drive by Ron Paul, and his supporters. TPTB (The-Powers-That-Be, ie, Central Bankers) don’t want to play by the rules any longer. They feel they own everything, including you and me, and anyone else who actually WORKS for a living, and actually PAYS TAXES!!!

    They will purposely implode the economy, in order to gain more control over everything and everyone. It’s all planned. They need to take away especially large capacity magazine (“scary-looking”) assault rifles, which account for a VERY SMALL percentage of gun crime in the U.S., BECAUSE, they are afraid of people standing up for their GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS, and defending themselves, against the CRIMINALS, AT THE TOP, who DO NOTHING, themselves, to earn a living.
    They are parasites.

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