Housing Market Hyper-Bubble-Fabian Calvo

Fabian Calvo 2By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Real estate expert Fabian Calvo says cheap money flooding into the housing market means we are nearing the end of the road for the current housing boom. Calvo explains, “What they have come up with now, through the Obama Administration and many other projects, is they have these down payment assistance programs, which is the federal government giving money to these local agencies.  So, in essence, it is a no-money-down loan to fuel this housing bubble, which is really starting to verge on a ‘hyper-bubble’ like we see in the stock market today.  It’s amazing to see what is happening and see it all repeat again.  It’s going to spill over into this election year, and we will continue to see prices go up.  We have these cheap interest rates and cheap money that has no value that is creating this artificial boom. . . . We are at the last and final stage of this current housing cycle, and that’s where the prices will take off exponentially as will the access to cheap money.”

Why a real estate boom and why now? Calvo, who buys and sells between $50 million to $100 million of real estate a year, contends, “The bankers on Wall Street that are creating this fake phony boom in real estate are all in the bag for Hillary Clinton.  If we see a crash in the economy, or in housing, or in the stock market, that’s going to hurt her directly.  It’s going to basically say Obama’s policies have failed.  So, they are going to keep this going past the election year into 2017.”

Calvo does offer a word of caution and warns, “Black swans are certainly possible. At the end of the day, what we see now is banksters on Wall Street trying to manage and control this economy with zero percent interest rates that we have had over 10 years.  That’s the scary thing about this.  They think they can control this market, and we know they can’t control this market.  Now some of them have gotten good at timing the market, particularly these Federal Reserve boom and bust cycles.  Now we have about 16 years of those taking place, but ultimately, when this crash happens . . . it’s going to be something unexpected.   There are a number of different things that can happen, whether it’s derivatives that blow up or trade wars that start between China and the United States.”

So, a crash is a lock, it’s just when.  “Calvo says, “I talk to a lot of people in the business, and they all know it’s coming, but it’s not coming yet.  I agree with them. . . . In my business, I don’t buy and hold anything.  I buy and immediately sell. . . . This hyper bubble is not just real estate.  It’s stocks, government debt and the dollar, as well.  I think all of those we could see crash simultaneously. . . . These people are so desperate and arrogant, there really is no telling what they will do.  The larger they create this bubble, the more that they fuel this bubble, ultimately, the bigger the crash will be and the more financial devastation and wreckage there will be.”

One sure fire way to pop this so called “hyper-bubble” is war. Calvo contends, “I look around, and I see the insanity and the incompetence of the so called leadership in the world today, and I think war is the potential thing that could derail this entire thing.  We see the West being belligerent with Russia and the Middle East completely on fire.  I wrote a book called “The Global Economic Reset,” and I talked about how a greater regional war, or a world war, could break out over the South China Sea.  That, I think, is the biggest black swan we potentially face.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Fabian Calvo, founder of The Note House.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

You can find Fabian Calvo on Fabian4Liberty.com. He does regular commentary and proved free information on the markets and politics.  You can also find Fabian Calvo and on LinkedIn.


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  1. Silence is Golden

    A crash is a near certainty in my mind (the Establishment/Elite/Bankers have all been planning this for some time now).
    It will achieve a number of key directives :
    – An opportunity to extinguish insurmountable debt – via a Debt Jubilee
    – A even greater transfer of wealth to be effected
    – A reset of the monetary system
    – The failure of the current default currency reserve aka USD
    – The establishment of the Yuan as the new (Gold Backed) Global Reserve Currency
    As to the general consensus of opinion of esteemed financial gurus and writers that we are headed into a world of chaos and civil unrest…..that may be true to some extent/degree in terms of financial destruction and its impact on the masses (lower and middle classes)….but I have this sense that the Unelected Rulers of the World…..need continuance….to ensure that they have/retain control (of their power) . Continuance implies obedience and good order. Without that the Elite lose everything. They will be overwhelmed and then the planet descends into a great social cataclysm…the likes of which we have never seen.
    The question is do they have the wherewithal to understand the dynamic of the current state of play. Given the trajectory over the last decade…it would seem on face value…that they really don’t know what they are doing.
    There is more to lose… if they don’t construct the next chapter in the correct fashion. Hence they must anticipate the outcomes of steering this beast in the desired direction.
    This is unfortunately I believe, a great moment in the history of mankind. If they get this very wrong, we will see a very different world to which none of us are accustomed to…..and most of us will not survive that trauma and destruction that will ensue.

    • DBCooper

      SIG, I do not disagree with your comments except to say that ‘they’ (TPTB) have already told us that a reduction of world population by some 95% is the plan. This will so simplify the ‘operation’ !! And facilitating this ‘operation’ is so simple … turn off the power and in 72 hours this country and many others turn into a blood bath … literally. We are all advised to prepare mentally/physically/&spiritually … as Greg tells us.
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • Greg Hunter

        This is spot-on analysis. Thank you for posting it Allen. Everybody should read this.

      • Silence is Golden

        I actually read this article after I posted this comment.
        I stand by my comments notwithstanding. Venezuela is unique in the sense that its economy revolves around the Oil dynamic. Its currency has been hit very hard. Dictatorship to a large extent, has merely inflamed the situation. They are in a death spiral…..to a large extent because of the unwillingness to succumb to the wishes of the Bankers and Elite.
        Martial Law is indeed a possibility in the US….but I draw your attention to TDV last para…..”warn that we are on the verge of a crisis of biblical proportions”. Whatever transpires I still honestly believe that they will lose total control if they do not steer this beast in the correct path…..that implies War….Revolution….Anarchy. A planned crash…will achieve one of their agendas….but they will not be able to control the masses who seek justice/revenge ….in the form of “off with their heads”…..style.
        And to think what Trump stands for….one of his main policies….hmmm…I smell a rat.

        • allen ols

          tks, I am staying tuned, and still prepping/adding to preps.
          I was at one of my country locations outside of Nashville, and had just divided my fuel stocks, when power went out from 2 am till 12 noon as a huge tree hat hit the power lines and required a crane to remove it. I had just moved one of my gen sets, and 2 rain tanks, so I slipped into emergency mode easily. I brought a buddie who was helping me move stuff, his camper was at another location, but it was exciting as this particular location is really remote. lol al

    • Brad

      ” Continuance implies obedience and good order. Without that the Elite lose everything. They will be overwhelmed and then the planet descends into a great social cataclysm…the likes of which we have never seen.”

      So what was WW2? Was it obedience and good order? Did the elite survive it?

      Do you think maybe they planned WW2?

      • Silence is Golden

        There are many degrees of separation (scale) between WWII and what we will see if this gets out of control. They risk losing everything.. is the point. Yes they can plan …as they did previously and have done now….however there are too many interconnected parts combined with the complexity of the system, making the outcome significantly more uncertain and unpredictable.

    • Dan

      Very well written my friend. I agree with all your statements except for:

      “– The establishment of the Yuan as the new (Gold Backed) Global Reserve Currency”

      I’ve written many times here about why this won’t happen. I’ve been living and working in China for 8 years now and know that for many cultural, social, governmental, structural, and other reasons why this will not work, at least in the short term. In short, to place the Yuan as a Reserve Currency would mean that the Chinese would have no choice but to give up control of their currency – not gonna happen! For instance, that would mean that their currency could be the target of short selling which would be out of their control and totally unacceptable to them.

      Other than my opinion stated above regarding this point, I think you have a firm grasp on what the elites are planning and the sequencing of it. It will be textbook “PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION”.

      • Tin foil hat

        I don’t think the establishment of the Yuan as the new (Gold Backed) Global Reserve Currency is gonna happen either.
        I think the answer is SDR as the new global Reserve Currency back by FreeGold.

    • Dan


      What you are describing is this very concept. For those unfamiliar with it, I recommend watching some David Icke videos:


      Here’s my take on this:

      Firstly, to supplement a bit of what you said: The debt is unpayable; governments, central banks, and TBTF banks are insolvent; the dollar is dying as the reserve currency; people are becoming more aware of this fraud and angrier at these criminals.

      PROBLEM (what the elites would be crafting):
      A deliberate 75% crash in the major stock markets (Western Europe, North America, Japan) within a matter of days/weeks followed by the failure of TBTF banks causing huge masses of the population to lose a huge chunk of their savings and investments, their homes, cars. Consequently, both the bond markets will crash destroying the balance sheets of many banks and corporations causing a wave of bankruptcies. Next, the US dollar will lose 30-40% of its purchasing power in a matter of months. Together, these factors will inevitably cause global trade to come to a halt (as banks won’t trust each other anymore), shutdowns in Just-in-Time inventory systems to occur (because the suppliers of food/goods that supply your supermarket chains, WalMarts, etc. will no longer accept credit – or even the US dollar – as a means of payment) whereby store shelves will be emptied in a matter of days/1-2 weeks causing mass anger, civil unrest, riots, starvation, sickness, especially in large cities and urban centers (like we are currently seeing in Venezuela).

      The populations will demand that a new financial/monetary system be put in place by the central authorities to handle the chaos and let people return to a more normal life. They will also demand that supply chains be fixed so that they can get food, medical supplies ASAP, etc.

      SOLUTION (this is the Elite’s goal):
      Many debts (especially sovereign, bank held, and corporate) will be forgiven (Jubiliee); the US dollar will be killed and replace by a 100% electronic payment system (backed by nothing) whereby government will be able to track ALL of their citizens’ monetary transactions, tax them directly in their accounts, and impose capital controls (such as Americans not being able to move their money or themselves out of their country). This is the Elite’s major goal (other than getting everyone micro-chipped).

      What’s your PROBLEM – REACTION – SOLUTION scenario?

      • eddiemd

        Nailed it.

        I would add the possibility of a biological agent released in urban areas with a rush to get a vaccine that may actually be the microchip hybrid.

        I believe that a tribulation like scenario will present itself in terms of natural phenomena, i.e. earthquakes, volcanic activity, tropical storms, tsunamis, etc

        I also see the strong possibility of WW III that destroys the USA and possibly the northern hemisphere.

        Demonic forces are being released.

    • Ed

      I hope that we can all recall the robot character from the 60’s t.v. series, Lost in Space, when the robot would wace his arms wildly and shout, “warning Dr. Smith! Warning!”.

    • Frank

      Fabian has been predicting this crash for a few years. He has never predicted
      anything right in his life. and he did not call the real estate bottom and
      has missed this entire move. You are now a renter if you listened to
      these people and have silver stacked in your closet. A revolutionary idea
      would be to get people on shows whom have actually predicted moves

      • Greg Hunter

        No Frank, you are wrong. Listen to the beginning of the interview. I stated tow of his correct predictions. That can nbe backed up by looking at Calvo’s past interviews.

    • Jerry

      The countdown has already begun. I have come to the realization that what the bankers have essentially done is build a replacement exchange system (backed by gold) right under the current one (backed by paper). I have nicknamed it “double bubble”.

      Stop and think about it. Why would the bankers smash gold prices, when they could easily sell it to the Chinese for top dollar? Its like everything else. Everybody always wants a cut of the action.

      As far as Dan’s comment. All I can say is:
      – AIIB
      – CIPS
      – GOLD

  2. Mission: Impossible

    From paul … 05/30/2016 •
    So lets vote for Trump … he won’t take us to war with Germany (or Russia, or China or Iran, etc, etc.) … he will take “good care” of our Military brass and our veterans … and begin the process of bringing jobs back to America … creating a vibrant economy and making America “morally great” once again … voting for the Neocon Hillary simply means using our kids to fight and die for other peoples wars of aggression … and likely for “a very big donation” to her charitable trust …!!!

    A REPLY; Dear Paul, I think you hit the nail on the head! THE present wicked system of things is founded on the fundamental lie that man can successfully rule the earth independent of God. (Ps. 2:2, 3) Can anything founded on falsehood stand forever? Absolutely not! Still, we do not have to wait for Satan’s world to end of its own accord. Rather, it will be destroyed by God at his appointed time and in his way. God’s action against this wicked world will perfectly reflect both his justice and his love.—Ps. 92:7; Prov. 2:21, 22.

    The other Paul and Peter foretold that Gods day would come “as a thief”—stealthily, unexpectedly. (Read 1 Thessalonians 5:1, 2.) Even true Christians, who are keeping in expectation of that day, will be surprised by its suddenness. (Matt. 24:44) The world, however, will experience much more than surprise. Paul wrote: “Whenever it is that they [who are alienated from God] are saying: ‘Peace and security!’ then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them just as the pang of distress upon a pregnant woman; and they will by no means escape.”—1 Thess. 5:3.

    Paul that’s were I think your right on the money! The Trumpster will win and win big [HUGE] He will bring such a boost to the average American, the average guys, the John Does, that we will, no doubt, hear that Biblical clarion call of peace and security!

    If they should ask you [the big shot elite and now politically incorrect] who the average John Doe is, you couldn’t tell him because he’s a million and one things . . .

    But how can we [THE JOHN DOE’S] avoid letting the cry “Peace and security!” deceive us Paul?

    • Mission: Impossible

      Meet John Doe, came out 5 years before another Frank Capra film “It’s A Wonderful Life” The story was not only trying to entertain audiences but also alerting them to the dangers of fascism, which was a very serious threat in the world of that time, with much of Europe already at war and America on the brink of being pulled in. It was released in May of 1941 seven months before the U.S. entered WWII. Capra was at his best! Telling the kind of story he liked to tell the best. Capra always loved story’s about the little guy, the common man who innocently gets duped by the city slickers, but in the end comes out on top just by being descent and forthright. He was a man known for infusing his films with humanity and a great deal of heart, as well as common sense, likable people and always first rate actors.


    • paul ...

      M.I. … There must be millions of Americans by now who have lost loved ones in all the wars fought for “other people” at the behest of our (s)elected leaders who always claim it is for world peace and security (but behind the scenes motives that usually entail a lot of money in their crooked pockets is the real reason for war) … it has been a long time coming but more and more people are awakening to the fact that “every war” is a money making racket … and the poor sacrificial lambs sent to slaughter so the crooks can make money are our precious children! … if America does not wise up fast Hillary will have our children fighting Iran (or any other country) if the payment made into her private Trust is large enough for her to sacrifice our children … and the givers of the cash can just sit back and not have to fight their own wars … it’s like that old western “Have Gun Will Travel” … America is simply a gun for hire … to the largest bidder … we sacrifice our children … our (s)elected politicians collect all the cash!!

    • Tin foil hat

      Mission Impossible,
      “begin the process of bringing jobs back to America”
      I hope Trump understand that our monetary system is a benevolent Ponzi scheme which has pulled nations out of poverty again and again since the end of WWII. Bringing manufacturing jobs back in this country will break this Ponzi – dollar is not supported by our GDPs, it’s supported by dollar recycling or any country using the dollar to settle trades .
      The jobs he needs to create has to be in technology, infrastructures and a real school system which produce doctors and engineers instead of Asian or African Studies graduates. Balancing the budget in a Ponzi economy is as pointless as growing a saving account in Bernie Madoff Investment Securities. The key of success in a Ponzi economy is confidence and what we need right now is to create tremendous smoke and mirrors to boost confidence. Bringing back manufacturing jobs, making shirts and underwears, will not have the effects we need to keep the Ponzi alive.

  3. Carl Boone

    Get an earful on how wrong Bill Crystal has consistently been. Go to the 20:00 mark;

  4. Anthony

    Australian housing bubble is beyond outrageous.

    Nice work Greg Hunter!

  5. James Hastings

    Enjoyed your enthusiasm. Everybody says….Thank you, for your work.

  6. Scott

    This couldn’t have come at a better time, Greg. Our Southern California suburban residence just went into escrow last week. God willing, our rental property in Orange County will go into escrow in a few more days.

    For the sake of brevity I’ll spare you the long version, but thebottom line is that there just aren’t any financially sound, well-capitalized buyers here outside of the TBTF banks seeking “investment properties.” The lion’s share of offers we’ve had have been first-time home buyers with very little to nothing down and poor credit scores. Take away the government program underwriting everything for them in the name of “equality” and they wouldn’t be buying at all. It’s bad out here, Brother.

    Prices haven’t fallen yet but they’ve stopped increasing. With water running out, Prop. 47-related crime skyrocketing, new gun bans coming, and exploding illegal immigration, we decided to take our chips off the table and cash out of California.

    This state is doomed, doomed, doomed…

    • Nancy F

      Scott, what state have you decided to move to, if I may ask…and I think you are wise to do what you are doing.

      • Scott

        Thanks for your encouraging words, Nancy.

        To answer your question, we haven’t decided. Presently we’re spending a few months with family in Asia, looking at various properties here. We’re worried about the financial future of the West in general and the U.S. in particular, so we want to reduce our exposure to risk. Not sure we’re going to cut our ties to America just yet, but remaining a tax mule and funding Cali’s bloated public welfare programs is unbearable.

        When we return, we’re going to rent for awhile as we review options, keeping our life small and our consumption, minimal. Maintaining mobility and flexibility has become a priority.

        Places we’d consider relocating to are Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming. Oregon and Washington are places we enjoy but their transformation into socialist nanny states excludes them from consideration. Arizona is preferred but its proximity to Mexico presents concern. We have friends in Idaho so we’re going to look at it, but they tell us the White House tyrant is populating the state with Muslims, contrary to the wishes of the locals. Troubling stuff.

        Sorry for the long-winded reply, but I wanted to answer you thoroughly. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them.

        Wishing you a pleasant weekend – take care, my friend.

        • xyz

          I would suggest if you are in Asia, move all of your money and stay there. This country and it’s citizens are Ina financial mess. My few cents, don’t come back. Just visit every year but stay away from this banking and corporation cartel. There isn’t anything for you and me here.

  7. Anne Elliott

    I still think that no politician will allow a Lehman’s type of collapse on their watch. They will wait until the last second, then turn the electric grid off for days to weeks, and then when the grid comes back up, they will blame it on a terrorist attack and take us directly into WWIII.

    • Brad

      Isn’t the electric grid in the US a complex interconnected and flexible network? Whilst it does have vulnerable points, I doubt you can just switch the whole thing off.

      They will have to blow it up in at least 5 places to make it “go down” in a convincing manner.

      • paul ...

        Brad … perhaps they simply tell the electric companies “to stand down” … you know … like they did to our military on 9-11!!

  8. Anne Elliott

    Zero Hedge article on Allan Greenspan warning “Our problem is not recession which is a short-term economic problem, I think youhave a very profound long-term problem of economic growth at the time when in the Western world there is a very large migration from being a worker to being a recipient of social benefits”. He also talks about the aging US population as being a problem. Just more fuel for the population control crowd. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-05-31/alan-greenspan-were-running-state-disaster

  9. Mike Horkey

    Hi Greg – The Fabian Calvo interview was really good. I agree with him that a great reset is coming, but not today, not at the end of the summer and probably not for some time. I cringe when reading claims regarding the immediacy of a looming crash. No one can accurately time the big one because we are all far from having the knowledge that our rulers (the governments and central banks) have up their collective selves. They will hold this thing together with everything that they have. Who would have thought that in 2008 this thing we call the global economy would still be in existence in its present form? But here we are… I personally believe that this process will be a long slow downward grind to an inevitable implosion. And along the way, many of us will experience our own personal financial implosions…

  10. Jerry

    The California housing bubble will go the way of what happened in Florida in 2012. My son was paying $1700. a month for a modest two bedroom apartment in a low income neighborhood in L.A. Two years ago he moved to Phoenix and bought a complete 2400 square foot house for $1100. a month. Insane. The democrats will do for California what they did to Detroit. Count on it.

    Meanwhile if Bill Holter is right, tomorrow will be a big day for the petrodollar.
    His sources are claiming the Saudi’s are ready to start accepting RMB for payment in a basket of currencies for oil. If that is true, its goodbye petrodollar. Considering they are selling off their bonds in order to survive I wouldn’t put it past them. Then you have to consider the overall leverage of the BRIC nations. Check out my next link.

  11. Jerry

    Just in case you’ve been ignoring the information I’ve been posting about China, this one will get your attention.http://www.china.org.cn/business/2016-05/30/content_38564580.htm

    AIIB top team ready. Mulls over investment strategies. The $54,000. dollar question is, ready for what? A fire sale on the dollar? With the Silk road project almost completed, SDR status by the IMF, World Bank acceptance, SWIFT backing, and the complete cornering of the gold market, what is left for them to mull over? The wait is almost over. We’ll find out soon enough.

  12. Dan

    Next year will see deflation in value of assets. Until Oct. 2017 Then they will create such hyper inflation to wipe out all debt they accrued and get your houses for next to nothing.
    They have big plans for 2018 and world money as salvation is just one of them.

    Take care

  13. andyb

    Greg: Fabian is right on a real estate crash. It has been incremental for at least 5 years now, but it could go full bore any day. All real estate asset classes have been affected; even farmland. I have 5 decades in real estate, construction,management, etc experience. My observations:

    Retail: 100s of malls closed; Sears, Pennys, Kohls, Macys are echo chambers; strip centers formally full now showing increasing vacancies; consumer spending is dead in the water.
    Office: corporate layoffs and increasing downsizing to cut costs;many see-through office buildings visible.
    Industrial: inventories down, shipping way way down; manufacturing almost non existent; industrial listings off the charts.
    Housing for sale: the simple key in understanding the big disconnect is that the median home for sale is over 5X the national median h/h income. The old (sane, non-delusional) rule used to be you couldn’t afford a home unless the price was less than 2.5x your gross income.
    Housing for rent: rates have increased the greatest among all asset classes; some estimate over 6% annually for the past 5 years. Many renters shelling out over 60% of gross income, even as Obamacare costs are increasing by a similar amount.

    Rock: meet hard place

  14. diane s.

    Like Fabian….interesting commentary.
    Thanks, Greg.

  15. Wiley

    Helicopter money scenario:
    1) Fed creates additional $trillions in currency and gives it to the banks
    2) Banks loan this counterfeit currency to anyone who promises to use it to buy real assets
    3) Economy declines, borrowers can’t make payments on their loans
    4) Banks seize assets, thus completing the process of converting their counterfeit currency into real assets

    This is an acceleration of the purpose (and is the natural end result) of fiat currency and fractional reserve banking, which is to transfer all of a country’s real wealth into the hands of the parasitic bankers and their government partners in crime.

    I think the best course of action is to simply not participate in the scam. Avoid dealing with the banks to the maximum extent possible. Keep a minimum of cash in the banks and don’t borrow from them–not mortgage loans, car loans, credit card loans or any other type of loan. Pay with cash wherever possible and use paper checks when the banking system must be used, and use debit cards when electronic payments can’t be avoided. Convert excess cash into real assets to which no one else has any legal claim. Starve the parasites.

    • paul ...

      Wiley … I know some people who are taking the counterfeit currency on their credit cards and buying “precious metals” (which they then give away to family members “as gifts”) … when the SHTF and the banks demand their credit card money back … they say they will simply claim bankruptcy! … this is not a moral thing to do … even to the immoral bankers!

  16. Jan

    “I look around, and I see the insanity and the incompetence of the so called leadership in the world today, and I think war is the potential thing that could derail this entire thing.” I know! Obama was elected because he didn’t vote for the Iraq War, plus he managed to win the Nobel Prize, and yet what does he do now? He becomes a bully, telling China and Russia what they can and cannot do!

    Oh, has anyone seen the Fox interview featuring the former Inspector General Krongard who was in charge when Hillary’s predecessor, Rice, was the Secretary of State (SOS). In case any of you were wondering, like I was–
    Question: Where was the inspector general of the state department when Hillary was using a personal server?
    The Answer: THERE WASN’T ONE!
    Krongard’s position was not replaced for five and a half years!
    That explains a lot, doesn’t it!

    Krongard said he would’ve been the “most unpopular” person in the building because he would have enforced a lot of rules. He also disagreed with Hillary’s claims that she did what the previous Secretaries of State (SOS) did. Wrong! Krongard’s is adamant that Rice did NOT use personal email for gov’t business.

    Colin Powell was the first SOS to use email for gov’t business, always used a gov’t server, and was known to use personal email to communicate with people OUTSIDE the state department. Hillary EXCLUSIVELY used a personal email and server, which she then tried to wipe clean.

    Notice that now that the IG report has shown that no one ever authorized Hillary’s setup (and no IG was even on staff at the time), Hillary has now switched from saying that what she did was permitted to now saying “I thought it was allowed”.

    • paul ...

      Jan … dumbbell Hillary thought using a private server would “protect” her “dealings” with contributors to her Trust for “favors” … this is a woman who has been in Washington for years … and she has never heard of the National Security Agency that taps every phone and reads every e-mail? … she seems to be living in her own private dream world where all she sees is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
      we have to give her the RED pill this November … TRUMP!!

      • paul ...

        Human “greed” is manifest in other areas besides “the politics of war” … the people in banking, the the stock market, big oil, the military/industrial complex, etc., etc. are also infected with greed … but its the politicians who can “kill our sons and daughters” we have to be especially wary of … and lets not forget the drug industry who can “kill our kids” way before we even get to know them … https://us-mg5.mail.yahoo.com/neo/launch?.rand=fskiaqd8jb83p#9790642711

  17. Old Hippie C.B.

    Ingeborg Macci · Hernando Beach, Florida

    Mr. Kagan, much of what you write would make so much sense if it would have have been written 5 to 6 years ago and instead of “Trump” the man you write about would have been Obama. I could fill pages to prove my points…I don’t have to. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like Trump and I don’t like Obama; what matters is how you can clearly see and write about Trump’s danger to this country should he get ellected, but could not, for the past 5 to 7 years realize that worse has been happening right under your nose and is still happening as I type this very moment. Our country has been battered and bullied and chastized…the word is ABUSED, by this administartion in every way possible. We all know we only see the tip of the iceberg! We also know there is no way this administration can allow a republican to win this election; can not happen and will not happen! The mess they made in order to bring America to its knees has to be hidden from the public, number one and is not finished yet, number two. I remember well and I am sure you do too, Obama’s famous words: “I will turn America inside out and upside down!” What would you have written if Trump were to say that? What would you write if Trump would have taken his lovely young children to a church, as the Obamas did, where the preacher shouts:”God damn America!” Mr Kagan, I just wrote something unflattering, but I deleted it. What’s the use. Is it possible you drank the kool-aid and don’t know it? . Just remember how that ended!

    May 28, 2016 6:45am

    Robert Kagan, Washington Post: How fascism will finally come to America
    Robert Kagan is an American historian, author, columnist, and foreign-policy commentator. Kagan is often characterized as a leading neoconservative, but prefers to call himself a “liberal interventionist”.

    Robert Kagan is married to Victoria Nuland
    Michael Hoeweler
    Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan fell in love “talking about democracy and the role of America in the world” on one of their first dates. It’s a shared passion that hasn’t faded over time.

    It was just two years ago that President Obama was gushing to aides about an essay that Kagan, a historian and author, wrote about the myth of American decline—a theme Obama echoed in his State of the Union that January. This year, Kagan’s sprawling New Republic essay, “Superpowers Don’t Get to Retire,” insisted on America’s enduring responsibility to shape the world order—and issued a direct challenge to a president who has summarized his own foreign-policy doctrine with a minimalist “don’t-do-stupid-shit” directive. Obama promptly invited Kagan in for a West Wing consult, but it was also clear that Kagan had helped rouse the president’s Republican critics. . . Was It Deep?
    Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/politico50/2014/victoria-nuland-47.html#.V06smOLmocC#ixzz4AJqL8VgM
    Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

    The New World Disorder Power Honeymoon
    World War III Anyone?

    Why They Dont Like Trump; It’s Deep!
    The Deep End, GIVE PEACE A CHANCE Please!

    • Robert G

      Could you provide link to (Obama’s famous words: “I will turn America inside out and upside down!)..Thank you.

      • Old Hippie C.B.

        Robert, you’ll have to write to Ingeborg Macci · Hernando Beach, Florida whom I quoted.
        I’m sure you can also find him on facebook ect…

        • Robert G

          The words should be easy to find since they are so “famous”. It’s stuff like this that drives me up a wall. He (Obama) obviously didn’t say them.

  18. Jan

    FYI: A timely article came out today over at David Stockman’s Contra Corner about the shameful precarious financial position affecting middle-class Americans:

  19. David Reich

    Thank you for bringing such wonderful guests to the rest of us!
    My only suggestion for improvement would be to ask you to please adjust the volume levels on both your microphone and your guest’s audio, so that they are somewhat balanced in volume. It’s very challenging to have Fabian barely audible while your volume is ear-splitting. Just sayin’.
    Would you please consider hosting Joel Skousen sometime? With all the talk about war, Joel is the foremost expert in practical personal preparation for that scenario. His books “Strategic Relocation” and “The Secure Home” are goldmines for anyone interested in surviving such an event. Brandon Smith and Warren Pollack are also clear-thinking voices for your show.
    Thank you again!
    Dave in Oregon

    • Greg Hunter

      I am trying out new technology and it’s a trial and error process. I’d rather put out the information that is a little less than the quality than I would like than to wait and post the perfect tech quality. I’ll git er done man.

  20. Hatemail

    If you’re not broke now, you will be, when the SHTF.

  21. your fan in Japan

    Greg, I have a comment not related to Fabian’s interview but on something you can see on some sites recently, that is the comment by the PM in Japan that we risk another Lehman bros crisis. I have a businessman student who told me that this comment had nothing to do with the actual risk of such an event, rather the PM needed a scapegoat for the unsuccess fo his Abenomics policy. He needed to not raise the consumption tax since Abenomics has not successfully rectified the Japanese economy- by blaming the risk of a Lehman event, he gets to deflect criticism against his Abenomics program. FWIW.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Fan for adding this perspective. This sounds right.

  22. pat the rat

    Maybe no crash if Trump is elected he may be smart enough to know that you can’t owe money to yourself. There is 6.5 trillion dollars in intergovernment debt . Trump just eliminate the debt to the government that it owes it self?

  23. Mike M

    Another supposed expert who doesn’t know what he is talking about.

    While there are subprime loans being made, it is no where near what it was like in the past when you had stated income, no verification loans and option ARMs that were guaranteed to raise monthly payments to levels people couldn’t possibly make.

    A bigger problem is millions don’t qualify for a home loan based on their debt to income levels due to student loans, car loans and credit card debt and that is only going to get worse. Just l like the bogus job market, the home loan market is also dead in the water with no economic recovery and more people depending on entitlements.

    None of this is sustainable, both public and private debt are increasing and there is only one viable solution to the problem – eliminate most of the population which is the end game plan that most of you can’t conceive or believe.

    When will it hit the fan? As soon as the PTB have everything they need in place. Based on what they have already done and completed it’s a safe bet the plug will be pulled no later than sometime in 2018. Of course, it could be earlier but that might only be wishful thinking.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike M,
      Calvo has sold up to $100 million of real estate in a single year. His track, record, experience and real world connections says he’s and an expert. Disagree all you want but don’t say he “doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” The facts of his resume say you are mistaken.

  24. Texas Nocs

    I do agree with most of what is discussed with the massive bubble burst in real estate, but sideline money concerns me equally because of the debt bubble and the coming currency collapse. So if you have these multi billion dollar investors going to a cash position, what happens if the cash becomes worthless. There will be real estate deals to be had, but if the dollar is worthless, (which it will be one day), how so you balance cash vs. hard assets when playing the post crash real estate market?

    • Brad

      The dollar will probably not just become worthless overnight.

      Even in the Weimar hyperinflation, the process took a few years and there were huge ups as well as downs.

      They always surprise us so its hard to predict what will happen.

  25. paul ...

    Tex … simple … just put aside 500 ounces of silver for every million dollar house you want to buy in the post crash real estate market!

  26. Jared


    Could you please have a visitor on who might be able to explain why the Dollar ratio to gold and silver are $7300 and $800 on the usdebtclock.org site? I believe this is a government website, so why would they have this on there since they are manipulating the metals? Also it has a section where the Dollar supply continues to grow, which puts a fork in the suggestion that QE has ended. Thoughts and opinions would be appreciated.


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