Huge Financial Shock Inevitable & Hitting Now – Ed Dowd

By Greg Hunter’s  

Former Wall Street money manager Ed Dowd is a skillful financial analyst.  Even though he has a wildly popular book on CV19 vax deaths and injuries called “Cause Unknown,” he is now turning his attention back to the economy.  Dowd warns the economy can fall out of bed at any time.  Dowd explains, “What’s coming up next is a credit cycle.  We are going to see commercial real estate go into problem mode.  There are a lot of loans that need to be rolled over in 2024 and 25.  A lot of these properties are down 80% . . . .  There is huge credit risk coming.  The prediction of bank failures is accurate.  We are going to see, over the next 12 to 24 months, banks go belly-up.  Then, they will have to get merged with bigger banks.”

What happens to the Biden economy?  Dowd says, “The economy is going to take a nosedive sometime in the next 12 months.  The real economy is not doing well. . . . The only thing that has been holding up the GDP growth is government spending.  We are spending $1 trillion every 100 days.  That’s adding $1 trillion to the deficit.  The only job creation is government jobs, and they don’t actually add to the economy. . . . Reports are coming out now that the low-income consumer is getting absolutely hammered.  McDonald’s talked about it in their most recent earnings call. . . . So, low-income and the middle-class are getting squeezed while the rich continue to plug along.”

Dowd told me off camera that the economy could get into trouble without warning.  Dowd explains, “You’ve got to look at history.  In 2008 and 2009, everyone talks about the crisis, but bank failures started showing up in 2007. . . . I suspect as we roll through time in the real economy and the money supply issues start to hit the economy, we will see more bank failures and more businesses shut down.  46% of small businesses are having problems paying their rent.   There is going to come a time in the next 6 to 12 months this huge shock that we saw in the 2008 financial crisis, and the 2000 bubble where massive layoffs start to happen–it’s inevitable.  This is what happens when you crank up interest rates from 0% to 5.5%.  There is a lag in the real economy, and it’s hitting right now.  It’s only going to intensify as time goes on.

Dowd likes gold as a core asset.  He also thinks the dollar has a way to go before it tanks, but it will tank someday.  Down also thinks that the CV19 bioweapon shot pushers are trying to change the narrative to admit “some deaths” happened, but the amount is small.  Dowd calls BS on that, and he thinks the death and injuries are at least 33 million in the USA alone.  According to Dowd’s research, the CV19 vax was a criminal enterprise that murdered and seriously harmed millions.  Dowd thinks the deaths and injuries from the CV19 vax are going to get worse.  Dowd thinks Johns Hopkins and the rest of the medical community are trying to change the narrative, so they don’t get blamed for pushing a massive death and disability CV19 vax program.

There is much more in the 53-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with money manager and investment expert Ed Dowd, author of the recently updated book called “Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021, 2022 and 2023” for 5.11.24.

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(Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec.  This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it.  In addition, try different browsers.  Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them.  Finally, clear your cache and that might help too.    All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

After the Interview:

You can order Dowd’s newly updated book called “Cause Unknown” by clicking here.

If you want to go to Dowd’s website called, click here.

Dowd’s work on compiling data on deaths and disabilities caused by the CV19 bioweapon/vax is all free at his website.

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  1. Jeffrey

    THANK YOU, Greg for all you do!!!! May Jehovah bless you and your family!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Brother Jeffrey!
      Brother Greg

      • Freebreezer

        Thanks Greg for having Edward Dowd on again – His frankness for the facts/truth says it all … unfortunately for the western world, Mark Twain said it best: “The truth has no defense against a fool determined to believe a lie” … The worst bunch are going to be the young gals coming out of college brain washing … in Mao’s China, they -the young women were the blood thirsty monsters killing all that disagreed with them … ruled completely by self centered emotion!


        Greg Prion disease or Mad Cow disease is showing up in people who have had Covid shots and or virus they only live for at most one year with medicine. Sleeplessness, blindness, confusion, dementia then death. These people who did this need
        to be executed NOW. I watched an article on Dave Hodges.

    • sam

      Yes…Thank You Mr Greg Hunter…..Hopefully our Next Press Secretary for President Donald Trump..(if he has any brains)…..that would really drive the trolls crazy here…..and….elsewhere….


        I pray Ed Dowd is in Pres Trump’s next administration what an honorable man he is. Father God I ask you to keep Ed Dowd and his family in your protective arms in Lord Jesus Christ name 🙏 Amen ♥️🕊️ Amen

        • Point Of Know Return

          Unless Trump comes clean about his part in the CV19 reset, I cannot see that happening. Dowd’s info is a result of what the Trump/Biden/Fauci admins did to the US and its citizens.

          • TED

            I think Trump’s biggest weakness in his previous term was trusting the wrong people. I think he has (hopefully!) learned from that and will be more careful about who to trust in the future.

    • Jerry Wendel

      Greg, please remember that Trump was initially treated (very successfully) for covid with HCQ and monoclonal antibodies. When Ed Dowd mentioned that the establishment had to disparage the use of ivermectin in order to get the Emergency Use Authorization passed, it MUST also be noted that the story about Trump and HCQ was immediately squashed.

      I am hoping that you can use this point to hammer home the disreputable nature of the reporting from the “legacy media”.

      • TED

        As soon as Trump spoke positively about HCQ it was IMMEDIATELY demonized by the media. All the talking heads were screaming (literally in some cases) things like, “That stuff will kill you!” It was disgusting. They have blood on their hands.

    • Anthony Australia

      2 MORE Books Of ENOCH Has Just Been Found! What They Reveal Will Scare You 2024

      • Greg Hunter

        Enoch cannot save us. If he could we would not have needed Jesus. Put your faith in Jesus not Enoch.

        • Anthony Australia

          Already there my Brother.

  2. Garry

    We know that they are lying, they know that they are lying. They know, that we know that they are lying. We know they know we know. And yet,they keep lying.” (Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn +2008)

    • Robert

      What does he mean we’re at the end? Then he says thing will start over again.
      I want to be free, I’m sick of being a dollar slave! Give me liberty or give me death!


      Garry 👍

  3. Pamela Fingar

    Thank you Ed! I’ve watched you on many pod casts and appreciate so much your expertise and knowledge! May the Heavens watch over us while we battle this evil and guide us to save our once beautiful world turning inside out🙏🏻❣️

    • tibor

      reply to Garry..
      bingo ..winner!
      Ed Dowd equal straight truth,
      thanks Greg

  4. Jim Wade

    This was outstanding. You did a great job interviewing Ed. Keep it going.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jim.


        Greg I looked up this so called doctor Amesh he’s Hindu, he works for John Hopkins 💰💰 at the Bloomberg school of public health, was on C -Span 10/29/22 speaking (lying) about the💉. His first name is a girls name ? it means “color of a gem” he’s no gem , he’s on ” Dr Dan Abrams live. Are either of these men Christian’s ? If not we aren’t supposed to trust their words
        Psalms 1 because they can lie to our face and feal no remorse. I know Christians can do the same but the Lord tries to correct them. Look at their faces and their eyes 👀👀 they can’t look right into the camera 📸 while they’re 🤥 👃 LYING. The love of MONEY 💰💰💰 IS the root of all evil money, is💰💰 their god they couldn’t care less who they lie to or kill “it’s all for the greater good” 🤑. They will care soon when TRUTH & JUSTICE ⚖️ returns to the Earth🔥 🥵 🌎🌍. His name is
        LORD 👑 JESUS CHRIST 🐎 He has 🔥 fire shooting out of His eyes He is FAITHFUL AND TRUE
        PS Did you notice the colors of the 4 horseman in the book
        of Revelation 1st White
        🤍 (fake christ), 2nd Red ♥️, 3rd Green 💚 (pale horse), 4th Black 🖤 🐈‍⬛ . What colors are the Muslim flags from all their different countries?
        White, Red, Green, Black.
        Pss, look who made the word to express who ALMIGHTY GOD is, (FATHER GOD to me) William Wycliffe from England who was hung and burned at the stake for translating our first English Bible. I will be so happy to meet him in Heaven and his darling Mother and Father for bringing into this world such a wonderful son/man. What a wonderful gift from our FATHER. What is the WORD he created? JEHOVAH!
        Thank you Lord Jesus Christ .💞 ❤️ William made many other words in his short life.🤲🙏
        Happy Mother’s day 💐 ladies.


        Hi Greg I texted the wrong last name on the Bible scholar who translated the first English Bible and gave us the word “Jehovah” he created the word by studying the words from the Hebrew YHWH,YHVH,JHWH,JHVH and added vowels and came up with JEHOVAH his name is William Tyndale born 1494 ,he was hung then burned at the stake and as many of his notes and Bibles (he had printed on them newly invented printing press) they could find by the Catholic Church for translating the Bible for us.. This man Wycliffe ,John Wycliffe 14th century also standing against the Catholic Church died of a stroke then they dug up his body burnt it his bones and all his writing’s and tossed them in the nearest river. Then there was a Roman Catholic Priest John Has.
        John Has b.1369 they also burned him alive at the stake as he prayed and sang to Lord Jesus Christ as he was burning. 🔥 Please read up about this wonderful man. This is what men had to go through 😭 to get us an English Bible and people complain about if we use the right word for Almighty God. Almighty God looks at our hearts He knows if we are calling out to Him and He won’t hang up on us if we mispronounce HIS name. HE loves us so much. ❤️

  5. Poochiwoo

    They’ll just do more infinite printing to bailout friends. I am not worried. When you can print trillions out of thin air you can keep the markets booming forever. As long as the top tier is happy, the status quo can be maintained for a long time. Things will change when China becomes the clear top dog. I predict 5-12 years before the US empire is diminished lap dog status.

  6. Jay

    All you can do with gold is trade it for dollars or some other currency. If you try to use it to pay for anything, the government will arrest you. I suppose an argument could be made for trading gold for other currencies when the dollar collapses, but what other currency will survive when the dollar collapses? Everything is linked to the dollar. Corrupt politicians are using the dollar to destroy other economies around the world and that is partly why the rest of the world hates America.

    • andrea

      wrong ! you can sell gold to coin shops , pawn shops, on Ebay , OR get a “glintpay” card where you can buy and store gold , as wel as USD GBP , and Euro also you can pay with thiur gold , via Mastercard , which this GLINTPAY card is , useable all over the world, go glintpay down load the app or on facebook and read up on it ,

    • Zeek

      For agenda 2030 and fifteen minute cities to be implemented ,the US will have to be collapsed long before your estimated timeframe.
      Also just look at how quickly Ai is ramping up.
      It will collapse long before your timeframe.

    • Dick Hubbard

      Last fall I traded some of my Au for Ag when the GSR was >90.

    • I Dig Au

      Jay –

      I can go anywhere in the world and purchase anything I want with physical gold & silver. Since my twenty dollar gold coins and pre-1965 silver coins are real money and U.S. currency, nobody is going to be arrested for using them in exchange for goods and services.

      Over a dozen states now are once again recognizing gold and silver as money, and allowing it to be used for any transaction two parties wish to conduct. Gold and silver have been used as money for over five thousand years and will continue to be used as money long after the ‘dollar’ collapses.

      • Mike D.

        Try paying your federal taxes with gold. It’s a NO GO.

    • TED

      Greg I hope you don’t mind me posting this. There is a bill (HR8279) to make buying/selling with gold and silver legal. See the following which I copy/pasted from Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty newsletter. The link will take you to a form to send a post card to your Rep. (You have the option to make a donation but it is NOT required.)

      There’s only one kind of money authorized by the U.S. Constitution: gold and silver.
      “No State shall […] make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.”
      We know why the Founders insisted on this – because governments throughout history had attempted to conjure value from thin air and back money with nothing more than their word . . . and it always ended in collapse.

      They understood sound money. Sadly, our leaders today do not.

      But while our government ignores its constitutional mandate, some of us continue to use gold and silver because, unlike Federal Reserve notes, they have intrinsic value. They are real money.

      But it’s not enough that the government ignores its mandate to use gold and silver currency.

      They want to punish you for using it, too.

      But last week, Rep. Alexander Mooney (R-WV) introduced legislation to protect your right to use gold and silver money.

      H.R. 8279 is a simple, common-sense measure that declares gold and silver are not taxable.

      This bill simply upholds the U.S. Constitution by saying you cannot be penalized for converting your dollars (Federal Reserve notes) to gold and silver and vice-versa.

      You would think that wouldn’t be controversial.

      This bill is the first step toward allowing sound money banking, where you can hold real physical gold and/or silver in a bank and use it in transactions!

      That is why it is essential you contact your U.S. Representative and tell him or her to cosponsor this bill immediately.

  7. Tim K

    It sounds like we are going to see a hockey stick increase in death and disability in the next 18 to 24 months.

    Ed Dowd and the rest of us do not want to see this, but unfortunately this is going to happen. Brace yourself as best as humanly possible.


    • andrea

      wrong ! you can sell gold to coin shops , pawn shops, on Ebay , OR get a “glintpay” card where you can buy and store gold , as wel as USD GBP , and Euro also you can pay with thiur gold , via Mastercard , which this GLINTPAY card is , useable all over the world, go glintpay down load the app or on facebook and read up on it ,

  8. Mark in OKC

    With government books taken “dark” without accountability, the Bank records are looking even worse… JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citibank Holding $7.4 Trillion in Off-Balance Sheet of Potentially Dangerous Cocktail of Unknown Assests

  9. Sam rothstien

    Can you get Jim rickards back on. Thanks Greg

  10. John Leigh

    These are hard times, and even more difficult times ahead. There has never been a time like this in human history. May God be with us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Matt 24 agrees with you.

      • Don W.

        And what Matt 24 does not cover, Rev. does. We are getting very near the end times.

  11. Katy Bar

    Ed Dowd proves with the statistical facts that America as a Nation is “disabled” with a bad case of brain fog compounded by neurological, cancer and heart deaths, etc. “that are abnormally killing people by more then Ten(10) Standard Deviations”. And the Evil Perpetraitors who deviously engineered this Mass Murder are now purposely driving us toward a Nuclear War with Russia (to cover-up their crime of human genocide “before the election”) probably thinking that a lot more deaths from Nuclear Bombs Falling On America will cover up their Evil Eugenicist Covid, Bird Flu, etc., etc. Plans to Depopulate the Earth!!!

    • Ken Yu

      I think Putin knows the Globalists are trying to cover up their Mass Murder “Kill Shot” Crime by forcing him to “Drop Nuclear Weapons on the US and Europe” to create so many casualties that it will then hide their Covid crime. But Putin is not falling for their dirty scheme and is currently restraining those in Russia who want to Nuke the US and Europe. Putin (if he continues to act responsibly) will eventually get the evil Globalists (who removed the Legitimate Ukrainian Government) and see these evil doers hung by their own people who they also inflicted a genocide upon with their Kill Shots!!!

      • Katy Bar

        Now that France and England are drafting their young boys to go fight and die in the Ukraine killing Russians, I’m not so sure you are right about Putin’s ability to hold back his Military Generals (who according to Scott Ritter want to Nuke France, England and Poland)!!

  12. doug

    keep it firmly in mind for ever:
    the people pushing this travesty want YOU DEAD.
    think about this, often, and watch out for the next attempt.

    • Katy Bar

      Watch out for the next attempt!! Former CDC Director Robert Redfield stated this about the Bird Flu: “In the laboratory I could make it highly infectious for humans in months”!!!

  13. Rich B

    At the 37 minute mark, Ed mentioned how the illegal aliens are getting money, and in turn spending it at the big box stores,,, true. See them all the time at Walmart. The I.A.’s also are directed to shop at Goodwill, St.Vincent de Paul (Catholic Charities), Sal Army, Savers, etc. Just remember, in regards to Catholic Charities, the Fed Govt gives them direct money, and they are reaping money from their storefronts. Win-Win for Them.
    And since I shop regularly, for years at the thrift stores mentioned, the starling uptick in, what I can only describe as the closure of complete households, i.e. furniture, appliances, dishware, paintings, EVERYTHNG. I have never seen so much stuff donated in volume like this before.
    I beginning to think that the amount of items donated to Goodwill, directly correlates to sudden rises in death, or foreclosures.
    But hey, the illegals are buying the dishes, chairs, dining tables, sporting goods, microwave ovens, etc
    By there buying trends, the illegals are playing for keeps, setting up homes, and have no plans to return to their homelands

    • Richard Longacre

      Rich B, You nailed it. Our thrift store are packed with all kinds of great stuff donated after someone died from the jab. Same with the increase in the number of estate sales. This is called “Wealth Transfer”. Wealth that should have gone to the surviving family is being transferred to Illegals because the surviving family members are too lazy to be bothered with selling the “stuff” (and we are paying for it while these thrift stores are getting rich).
      These IA’s may or may not be an invasion force (yet to be determined) but they most definitely are a replacement force and none of them are being forced vaccinated. They are letting them in with TB and then try to scare the rest of us that there is a TB outbreak.

  14. Marie Joy

    If people are shedding, it may be a good idea to avoid people.
    The US government said they will change disability laws.
    Do things change if President Trump is president? vs Biden?

    • Bob

      Some people smell bad from the vax, really bad.
      It’s usually fat people.

    • TED

      Let’s hope so!

  15. Jeffrobbins

    Great guest, on par with Martin Armstrong. This down turn seems to be slow moving. If finances get real bad- I have thought about having some cash on the side to bid on county tax foreclosure auctions. I live in a tax deed state, and according to state law we (Washington state) have a redemption period of 3 years, but it is in fact it’s 7 years due to title companies not willing to issue title insurance until the seven year mark. That just means no finance (or resale) is available for the full seven years, but it could be used for what ever it is and you could spend cash for a remodel or such. I have bought a couple of properties this way- you really need to do the homework regarding zoning, flood plains, land use issues, how easy is it to get utilities, etc. I read about farms being sold/lost this way in the 30’s. If there are no bidders the county becomes the default owner.—just a thought for all the Watch Dogs. The long cycle is in play according to the experts.

  16. sam

    Certain Pseudo Intellectual Trolls here will soon be inhabiting Quarantined Camps by their “communistgovernment”….because they have NO second amendment rights…..can’t wait for these pseudo intellectuals to get what they deserve at “Camp Outback” because their “government” IS monitoring what the say thanks to a nice letter s-a-m sent, via back channels he acquired from pro friendly sources looking for “ratbags”…..GOOD LUCK ma-ties…. Good Luck

    • Ray

      In posting the above backhander from Sam, it is clear that Greg has no problem with his site being dragged down to this level of base, venomous discourse.

      I then reserve the right of reply, and expect Greg to post it in full.

      Sit back and enjoy Watchdoggers, as I take square aim at this loathsome character who is intent on darkening this bright place.

      Firstly Sam, once again you display all the spelling and grammar skills of a six year old.
      Fair Dinkum…..I thought that you might make a better effort, but it is obvious to all & sundry that you are currently operating at your highest capacity, and therefor totally unable to do any better.

      “Pseudo Intellectual Troll”:
      The Watchdog Community have made it known over recent weeks that the biggest troll at this site is you.
      Nothing more needs to be said on that front.

      “Communist Government”:
      Even though you were unable to separate the two words (unlike six year olds who can), I will state the following.

      It’s a bit rich to call the Australian government communist, when the current President of the United States was BLATANTLY CHEATED INTO OFFICE by an ORGANISED CABAL of communist sympathisers.

      Your ridiculous comment goes a long way in demonstrating the complete lack of intellectual depth you have at your disposal.

      Moreover, the current law fare that is being imposed upon the previous President only confirms that the USA has now reached Banana Republic status.


      The whole world knows it too.

      The Australian Electoral Commission has election standards that are light years ahead of those found in the fractured, nonsensical US system.

      “No second amendment rights”:
      Plenty of Australians own guns, and it is legal to own a gun here.
      Now, I would also state that as Australians, we take our kids to school everyday, and leave them there comforted in the knowledge that at school they remain quite safe.
      NEVER ONCE has there been a HORRIFIC SLAUGHTER of innocent little children being SHOT IN THE FACE by whack-a-doodle imbeciles with high powered guns.

      It happens in America YEAR, AFTER YEAR, AFTER YEAR.

      Same goes for our cinemas…….no one shot up whilst watching a movie either, unlike your country.

      We have one of THE highest living standards in the world, and we have one of THE most beautiful countries in the world. We are a happy, proud and welcoming people here.

      Most people in the world LOVE Australians……..THINK ABOUT IT.

      There are no TENS OF MILLIONS of people on food stamps either.
      There is no need for them here, largely because we don’t waste untold hundreds of billions on fermenting continual war and death across the globe like the US government does.
      The count in fiscal year 2022 was 42.1 MILLION Americans on food stamps……that’s about 12.5% of the population, which equates to one person in 8, and that’s emblematic of a society in UTTER DECAY.
      If food stamps were taken away from your nation, many would go without, and there would be absolute rioting in the streets (Never mind…….there will be rioting in the streets of the USA within the next seven months anyway. That is guaranteed).

      “Back Channels”:
      It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon, and your ridiculous assertion that you have some kind of clandestine back channels has given me the belly laugh I needed.
      Thank you.
      The only “back channel” you have Sam is the one adjacent your undies…… fair dinkum.
      That which comes out of your “back channel” is the exact same thing that consistently comes out of your mouth…….and is allowed to be posted here, for the amusement of all.

      I mean no offence to my American friends.
      Sam took a shot at my country…..he got one back, and it was a good one at that.

      That’s how Aussies roll.

      Until your next snide, backhanded comment Sam, do work harder on your spelling and grammar skills, and I recommend putting greater effort into research before making ridiculous assertions on nations outside of the US.

      My best wishes be with you.

      Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘🐊

      • Greg Hunter

        I should not have posted Sam’s comment. I admit I did not read it carefully. Let’s make this the last comment between the two of you.

        • Ray

          G’day Greg,
          No worries mate.
          Sam got off his stool and led with nothing but a weak left and a glass jaw.
          I hit him with a neat 5 punch combination: Straight left, right cross, right cross, left hook and right uppercut.
          Now’s he’s on his back, on the canvas.
          Whenever he steps into the ring with me Greg, he’ll go down like a sack of spuds every time, because he is totally outclassed, lacking the basic skills with which to debate with me.
          Unfortunately, whilst I will look to refrain from commenting with regard to him, you will have to watch his comments VERY CLOSELY.
          It is his style to slither through your comment section, and give backhanded slaps to me whilst making replies to other people’s comments, such is his demeanour.

          Thanks for the recent reports……..the usual high standard just gets higher.
          God has a rich reward awaiting you in Heaven mate.

          Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘🐊

      • Anthony Australia

        Fear not.
        Best in the business….
        Free Julian Assange!

      • Gardengrowing Outlaw

        At least 70% of Australia is triple jabbed.
        Lockdowns were at all time highs for you folks.
        Rolled over would be the proper term.

        In August 2020, Morrison announced that COVID-19 vaccines would be mandatory for all citizens, a move that was met with some controversy.
        Yet you all lined up for the scamdemic.
        Tyranny was just fine with you guys.

        Don’t forget the excitement some had about locking up the purebreds.

        • Ray

          Hi Gardengrowing Outlaw (Excellent handle 🙂 )

          Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it.

          Morrison may have verbally stated that the vaccines were “mandatory”.
          That didn’t stop thinking people from resisting and not complying.

          That is because there is a difference between what is termed “mandatory”, and what is termed “compulsory”.

          For me, there are only 5 things in my life that are compulsory:

          Breath air, drink water, eat food, go to the toilet and stay warm.

          Everything else is a personal choice, and whilst choices always have consequences, they are choices none the less.

          I never took the shots, and no one ever forced me to.

          That is because there was NEVER a way for them to force me.

          It is true though, the police over here were heavy handed in some situations, especially in the state of Victoria.

          Tyranny is not “just fine with us guys”, just the same as it is not “just fine” with Americans, so I refute your generalization on that point.
          Plenty of Australians stood their ground, as I did, and I respectfully suggest you would do well to research how many Australians did just that.

          When my boss asked me why I was the only person in the company (he owns the company, and there are around 20 employees) that hadn’t taken the vaccine, I simply told him I wasn’t taking it because the vaccines hadn’t been subjected to the usual rigorous standards that the medical profession had previously required in years gone by.

          When he pushed on further with the conversation, I handed him the business card of my lawyer, and said that I would be happy to continue the discussion with my lawyer in the room.

          He backed off right there and then.

          Unfortunately for my boss, 2 weeks later he had his second jab, and spent two days in hospital after a bad reaction.
          Needless to say, his attitude toward vaccines has changed a great deal since, and I reckon that most Australians won’t tumble for it again if a similar BS stunt is pulled by the globalist cabal in the future.

          Thanks again GGO…….wishing you and yours all the best moving forward.

          Ray, Canberra, Australia

  17. Clyde

    Greg, you and Ed are 100% correct in blaming this bio-weapon/clot-shot for the many terrible malodies that were currently seeing.
    I have an older brother and an older cousin who both took 3+ jabs and now both of them have prostate cancer and has spread into the lymphnodes.
    Anyone who supports these killer jabs should be held accountable and stand trial for supporting this crime against humanity.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry for the bad news, but thanks for the real-time reporting.

      • Dale Anderson

        Another great show!


      • Jo Silva

        My nephew, 48, died from a sudden brain bleed this month. His father, my brother died 4 months ago from turbo lung/brain cancer, my neighbor42 just died from major stroke—- I could go on and on but it’s much to painful & sad. Death & cancer all around. I don’t believe anyone who says their family hasn’t been touch by this vaxx in one way or another!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Jo, for the real-world reporting. I am so sorry for your losses, but we need to hear this because the Lying Legacy Media will not report it.

        • Bruce

          A big dinky die Ray, to your fair dinkum, mate!
          Don’t mind sam, his job is to disrupt the truth tellers, he’s been here before and throughout history. His kind eventually lose’s because the truth marches on and it proves there is a God whose job no. one is to moderate his site, the Earth. He loves us all even sam. He doesn’t desire anybody to be destroyed but desires all to attain to repentance and choose life!
          I recommend watching the film, “The Adventures of Robin Hood !” With Errol Flynn! The best and foremost recreation of the most loved person of the English speaking people!
          Rest assured, it is without doubt possibly the most hated film by a certain unmentionable,
          except for maybe, “Meet John Doe”!
          Old Hollywod had it right, love concurs all.
          Eventually, there’s that stickler again. Why this wicked system has been drawn out so long, because our God of love wants everybody to attain to life in a paradise lost from our first parents disobedience. To paradise regained in a Earth inherited by the meek. As John Doe says,
          If the meek are ever going to inherit the Earth, the John Doe’s got to start loving their neighbor’s!
          The US. has never had a better neighbor than the ANAC’S and Australia has fought in every war the USA has ever fought, except our Civil War and except for Flynn, fighting on the side of the Union as General Custer’s Wolverines of the 7th. Calvary’ Michiganders in old Hollywood, you could say Oz had a part in that one too, to boot!
          Yup, Ray. The Yanks and Aussies have died fighting together with they’re, Boot’s On!
          And the truth keeps marching on !

          • Ray

            Such a splendid post Bruce…….thanks mate.

            Australians and Americans share a very special bond, and it will never be broken.
            It is my hope that, moving forward into the future, Australians and Americans come to see all others in a similar light.

            As you say, love conquers all, and that was perhaps Jesus’ most profound teaching.

            As for old mate Sam……..
            If you look back through older posts, there have been times when I have attempted to reach out to him.
            I reckon if he and I were to bump into each other, unexpectedly in some bar, with a pool table, a juke box and some frosty beer, we’d have a pretty good night, and probably leave as friends.
            If I may be so bold as to speak for him, I would say he is probably as annoyed with world events as me and many others here, and that’s fair enough.

            I wish him well, and hope we can build a bridge.

            That is what Jesus would ask of me to, be sure.

            That said, if Sam is insistent on taking more and more pot shots at me, well, I will have to leave that in Gregs’ capable hands, as I am committed to do as he has asked in regard to this feud…… to cease and desist.

            I owe Greg a great deal.

            He is the man who led me back to Christ, and I will be eternally grateful for that.

            Take care brother Bruce……stay in touch mate.


            Brother Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘🐊

          • Rod Sturt

            You forgot the z, in ANZAC’S🙊!
            SHIPMATE! Or should I say cellmates 😂!

            • Ray

              Speaking of cellmates……

              The nation with the largest prison population on Earth is:

              The United States Of America, with over 2 MILLION PEOPLE incarcerated as at October 2021.

              Source: World Prison Brief.

              Prisons are an industry in the USA.

              It’s not the case in Australia.

              Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • David Gordon Dunne

        I did not take any kill jabs, have not been around anyone who did and I got Prostate Cancer. The data goes way, way back and 1 in 6 men get PC in their lifetimes. I guess it could be up but it was up big through history at 1 in 6. I think the kill jabs make it go Turbo fast. I have an old HS friend and she went from no cancer to stage 3 breast cancer in a matter of weeks and now they took them off of her and she is geting chemo. She took 2 shots and 2 boosters so that makes sense she got it from them. She still loves the kill jabs too.

        • Moiya

          TO: David Gordon Dunne,
          Look up supplementing BORON as a possible natural complementary help with your ailment. Simple Boric Acid may help with the hormone balancing side of things.

    • LoriQ

      There is an older farmer on my husband’s ditch route that hasn’t taken irrigation water for two years now. His reason? He told my husband that he has been attending funerals of his family and friends, nonstop. He said many ended up dead due to the jabs.

    • Don W.

      I am sorry for your family members as I know some about that by the loss of my oldest son just five days after his second booster. He was one of many that had the blood clots. Also, I am so glad that you, Greg, have done a wonderful job of covering this so well all of the time we have suffered through it.
      Blessings to all

      • Greg Hunter

        Brother Don,
        So sorry for your loss. Praying for you.
        Brother Greg

      • Jo Silva

        Sorry for the loss of your son
        God’s blessings to you

      • Ray

        Reading your post breaks my heart mate.
        My thoughts and best wishes, from many thousands of miles away, be with you and your family sir.
        You WILL be reunited with your son, in a special time and a special place.
        Take care Captain.
        Thinking of you mate, even though we have never met.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘🐊

    • i: a man; travis John Richardson is a very interesting guy. And so was his father who endured the tyranny and persecution of the feds because he was healing people with natural remedies. John’s family was close to G. Edward Griffin who wrote the seminal book ‘World Without Cancer’ in which he told the world the truth about vitamin B17; disclaimer: copy and paste of the SGT REPORT

    • Richard Longacre

      Clyde, Have your family members with cancer try 7mg nicotine patches for 10 days as well as Ivermectin, apricot seeds, and Chlorine Dioxide/MMS. Nicotine is not addictive and if their cancer is caused by these snake venom jabs then the nicotine will help by removing the snake venom proteins from their A7 nicotine receptor cells. Dr. Ardis has done some fantastic work and research in this area. Chlorine dioxide is also safe (it is not laundry bleach).
      G. Edward Griffin wrote a fantastic book called “A World Without Cancer” about 50 years ago. It has been updated and is still for sale. We have been lied to about everything, especially cancer.
      Chemo and radiation is not the answer. That is the answer from the same people trying to kill us.

    • Seer
      bloodroot capsules effective against cancers. The black salve can also be used topically.
      Have friends that in 5 weeks new skin back to normal used on nose and ear. Internal capsule use read reviews at this website. Ignore the negative mainstream sites in searches they object to natural remedies that work. Also to combat jab consider taking NAC, nattokinase, quercetin, black seed oil, zinc, IV vitamin C 50-70,000 mg twice week then weekly, D3K2. EDTA crème 1.5 tsp rubbed into thin skin at neck and chest three days in row every 2 weeks will remove metals in the jab. c60 oil from olive oil 1 tsp daily for 6 months breaks down the rubbery stringy clots. No sugar no alcohol. Check with your naturopath doctor. Above is what the holistic communities use in New Zealand.

    • FastMark

      Half of the guys I know around my age have prostate cancer. Late 50’s – mid 60’s. We all know why.

  18. Ken Yu

    The reason the USA is now a waning superpower is because it is so morally corrupted that its politicians “believe in mass murder” (using a Kill Shot, War. etc.) and now intend on bringing us another m-RNA vaccine from Pfizer (which Trump is currently supporting) to supposedly cure the spike in cancers their evil Covid vaccine produced!!

    • Katy Bar

      The Biden administration is now trying to pass a law equating criticism of the Israeli “government” with anti-Semitism. But criticism of “a government” is something “that should not be outlawed by our Constitution” otherwise we will have a dictatorship. Instead the Demonrats should just support the Noahide Laws (the way Trump does) which will fully reconstitute morality back to America. We need someone like Trump who supports the Noahide Laws of the Bible because it cracks down on Idol Worshipers, Anti-Semites, Homosexuality, etc., etc. (all good things that will restore morality back to the United States). The only problem I personally have with the Noahide Laws is that it defines all Christians “as idol-worshipers” (just because they believe in Jesus)!!! So it seems all Christians (in order to avoid the death penalty) will need to get used to not speaking the name Jesus (and instead only use Jehovah when speaking of God)!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Thant’s in the House Katy and I doubt it can pass in the Senate.

        • Katy Bar

          Hopefully you are right Greg. The only two (2) Party’s I believe is now coming into being is the Patriot and Traitor Party’s. People need to make a choice, they are either for Humanity or against Humanity. People don’t have to agree on everything but at least should agree on what is Right and Wrong. If people can agree that it is wrong to Purposefully Kill People then that takes care of any further m-RNA Jabs and the constant push for Nuclear War. If people can agree that Fraud is Wrong then that will take care of the Illegal Elections. If people can agree that a man can’t have a baby we can get the Transgender Queers “Story Time Sessions” out of our Schools. People must begin to stand up and choose between Good and Evil, and since I believe there are more Good People in the World we can Win over the Evil Globalists who want to Exterminate the Entire Human Race and replace us with AI Robotic Borgs. Our Evil CIA Controlled Mass Media has evilly fostered a Moral Inversion in the minds of the American Public by effectively promoting the Virtues of Vices like Stealing, Abnormal sex, Self-indulgence and Individual Extremism Without Limit (which are now the hallmarks of our banality unrestrained Banana Republic now trying to foster Two Nuclear Wars (one with Russia and another in the Middle East). People are being intentionally patterned socially with the help of the Evil CIA Controlled Mass Media’s screen-based simulation of reality (which is feeding the Mental Health Deterioration of the Public already injured by the Jab). Currently the Mass Media Agents of the Deep State still have a big hand in shaping our views about ourselves, our reality and our life choices subliminally and this must change!! Everyone needs to make an individual choice as to whether they are a Patriot or Traitor, which is easily done by asking oneself “Should I Do Good – Or Should I Do Evil”!!

    • Julie

      What shot is that?

  19. Really Awake

    Regarding Neo-Dark Age: Yes. Indeed. One way or the other something like the Bronze Age Collapse is coming unless, of course, Kingdom Come first. And, as we know, before Kingdom Come there shall be a Great Tribulation wherein “no flesh” (humans) would be saved unless Almighty God cut short and rescues the chosen ones.

    One way or the other big changes are coming. And what happens when the so called “Great Reset” fails as the secular expert, Marry Armstrong, predicts it will fail? The possibility of Western Civilization totally collapsing seems likely. And perhaps with all of this GMO, mRNA and Gene editing going on, maybe Jehovah will allow a total collapse in order to end the Evil Scientific Satanism. Really, all of these alterations of God’s creation by so called scientists is looking more and more like Satan’s Science.

    Add to all of this the moral sewer Weestern Civilization has transmorgraphed into including all of the evil gender drugs and sex change surgery. This is Sodom and Gomorrah on drugs and surgery.

    Moreover, spirituality is disappearing. And no amount of political activity will solve a spritual problem. Therefore, it is actually more important than ever to be a spritual person, a Christian, a real Christian. Secularism won’t solve the world’s greatest problems including Satan’s evil rulership.

    In my opinion Revelation is the book which predicted a “Dark Age” and also predicts another one. Both a spritual Dark Age and a secular one.

    I like Ed Dowd. I hope he finds Christ and then puts the Kingdom first by storing up treasure there.

  20. David Gordon Dunne

    Thank you Greg and Ed. Two class big brains with Integrity, Honesty and Clarity.
    Greg, You know I am battling prostate cancer and I found another Ivermectin type pill.
    Fendendazole. All Studies were suppressed but John Hopkins did one. I am taking 250mg 3 times a week for 10, then off 10 and then back on. I take 1 Iver. once a week too.
    When you have PC, it is all about the PSA readings. Mine went up by a triple my 2nd BW since the remval surgery. That is not good. My 3rd BW is this week. I have so many foolish friends who took all the Frankenshots and bam another one named Lisa got a turbo breast cancer out of no where. She already had them cut off. She still loves these shots and refuses to see any correlation at all. You know I was with Oppenheimer and Co in 1989-91 in Houston and was after Corp. Cash for our Long Short Program in Utility Stocks and they averaged 150BPTs above the going money market at the time. Enron was one that was close to working with us. It crashed though and I am lucky I there. We would have big meetings with the CFO and others. They were very smooth talkers. God Bless you Greg, Ed and all the wonderful people here. I have come to a conclusion that when you get PC, you really never get cured, only managed and die older of something else if you are lucky. My Marine son, now a Contractor for many years using his Architecutal Degree has the heart tumor and after many months, the team is assembled under Dr. Michael Reardon at Houston Methodist to go the surgery. Only 3 or 4 of these are done Globally in a year so it is very rare. No cancer. This Doctor got his start with Dr. Debaki who created the artificial heart. Please say a prayer for my only son, my hero for him fighting for our country so bravely all over the ME. I asked God to take me if he has to take anyone in this matter.

  21. Katy Bar

    Ed Dowd says Gold should be a part of everyone’s long term portfolio (and so should Silver based upon the following chart)!! –

    • Joe Serino

      Ed Dowd is brilliant but he is a classic Wall Street investor so he still believes in the system that is completely manipulated and fraudulent. He knows it is distorted and will undergo a “correction”. This is in contract to the fact that the distortion and manipulation is unsustainable and will not correct but will crash and be replaced by either a completely virtual digital totalitarian economy or a true commodities based true market economy. I believe the latter and analysts like Mike Maloney, Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Willie and Andy Schectman.

  22. EH Foundation

    Thanks Greg Always best interviews information we need to know Truth

  23. James Hall

    Greg, you need to be anti-vax. They have always been dangerous. Look at what President Reagen with the vaccine court. The 1918 pandemic used deadly vaccines.

  24. Jeff

    I think more and more media reports will
    Come out against Biden as we get closer
    To the Democrat convention. With super delegates they can pick anyone they want. The fact no one is campaigning is proof enough for me that they’re confident they can cheat. All this assuming we even have an election which I believe is seriously in doubt. I still suspect we haven’t heard the end of Hilary

    • Katy Bar

      As we get closer to the Demonrat Convention we will likely see super delegates used to pick Gavin Newsom (who doesn’t know how to run a State Government) to be President of the US Government. California’s Total State and Local Government Debt now stands at almost $1.6 Trillion dollars with a net Budget Deficit this year of $222 Billion. Newsom’s bad policies and mismanagement have the people of California (totally sick of Newsom’s progressive madness) voting with their feet, triggering a massive exodus. And the loss of both people and businesses from California is creating an even bigger revenue shortfall of personal and corporate income taxes. California has now lost 573,019 people almost as much as New York State which holds the highest record loss (631,104 people) and it will get worse when the next recession hits. In the course of two years incompetent Newsom (the likely Demonrat Presidential nominee) has turned a $100 Billion surplus into a $73 Billion deficit. Just imagine what this man will do to the US Budget if elected, he will probably have us spending a Trillion dollars per month!!!

  25. Linda

    Well, I haven’t listened to the interview yet, but I wonder what Ed Dowd thinks of all the institutions that are entering Bitcoin and Bitcoin itself. Even J.P. Morgan Chase has BTC eposure & of course, everyone knows about the IBIT ETF and 8 other U.S. ETFs.

    • Ray

      Hi Linda,
      I like your comment.
      Perhaps it shows that even Bitcoin……once held up as the Great Anti Fiat Solution……has indeed been fatally infected by the very same parasite that runs the fiat illusion.
      Time will tell.

      Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘🐊

  26. Da Yooper

    Good interview Greg

    I love how Ed Dowd speaks to your viewers.

    More at the link below.

    Mysterious thumbs up and downs on Videocalls????

    So, over the past month or so I’ve noticed something really weird happen. It only happens when i call a certain person, calling them Jessica here. Only when i call Jessica does my phone randomly once in a blue moon show a thumbs down while on Videocall. Idk how to explain it but it’s like a thought bubble with a thumbs down. Today for the first time it showed a thumbs up. It doesn’t happen when i Videocall anyone else but also, i Videocall Jessica the most. Has this happened to anyone else????? If you don’t understand i do have screenshots that i can add to help.

    Edit: i use an iPhone with the latest version of ios and WhatsApp. The same has also occurred when I’ve called Jessica from my OnePlus device.

    There are four “hidden features” I discovered on WhatsApp video calls recently:
    1 Thumbs up – Displays a blue thumbs-up emoji
    1 Thumbs down – Displays a blue thumbs down emoji
    Both thumbs up – Displays fireworks in the background
    Both thumbs down – Displays rain

    There may probably be others but that’s just what I found 🙂

  27. blackbeard

    I have heard of so much death among close friends. Young people dying suddenly from heart attacks. One of my cousins who was 20 years old recently died of a brain infection, Doctors say it was an infection but when have we ever heard of 20 year olds getting rare brain infections. It is my belief this was the effect of the spike protein, yet within the family many are just ignorant to the idea.

    • Greg Hunter

      At some point everyone will know the CV19 vax was a bioweapon murder program–everyone.

      • Tim K

        I hope to God you are right, but have my doubts.

        Take care


  28. Randy

    Nothing will save you>> Are you Rapture Ready??>>>>Ezekiel 7:19 in the Bible says that “They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will seem unclean. Their silver and gold cannot save them in the day of the wrath of the LORD!> Enjoy

  29. Sharon

    Few days ago, my husband surprisingly rec’d a call from CDC headquarters in Atlanta. He was about to hang up as he wasn’t interested and didn’t have the time. Woman said I’m taking a survey. He asked her a survey about what? She then asked him, do you have children ages up to 3, 4 to 12 or teens living there? No, no, no. We’re just 2 old people living here. She wasn’t interested in old people, just children. We then realized they’re calling to ask about children’s vaccination schedule. They’re targeting the children. Very scary.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting Sharon!!

  30. Thomas Malthaus

    The residential real estate market doesn’t look so rosy either.

  31. william

    My childhood friend just died in Cali. at 72 yrs old. He took the initial shot and every booster. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer in March and a good chance at arresting it according to his doctor-no biggie. Unfortunately, before even starting therapy it spread to his brain, in roughly two weeks from the initial diagnosis. Another 3 weeks and kaput. Tell me it wasn’t ‘turbo’ cancer. I have no words.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry for your loss. Thanks for the reporting in the real world. This is a good reason why the vaxed and unvaxed (Shedding) need to be taking Ivermectin on a regular basis. It fights cancer and binds to spike proteins and removes them from the body according to all the doctors I talk to.

  32. John Leigh

    I have been following Ed’s advice. I have some money in the 3 month treasury bonds. I was going to take them out, but I guess it is safe to keep them in for another 3 months.
    Thanks Ed! So helpful for people like me who don’t have any training/ expertise in financial investing.

  33. Susan

    UK at war with Russia

    • Tim K

      These psychopaths want nuclear war. They will also die (will just take longer). There is no way they can prepare for every contingency when something goes wrong in their underground bunkers.

      Trust in the trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)

      Take care


  34. Helen Ann Rudinsky

    I wonder who was putting those “thumbs down” icons on the screen. Weird times we are living in. I tried to do it but wasn’t able to. It seems like they were done during the actual interview with Ed and not the one uploaded we got later. Big brother is watching!

  35. Guardian Angel

    “If one person sins against another, God may mediate for the offender; but if anyone sins against the LORD, who will intercede for them?”
    1 Samuel 2:25

    A man in the crowd called out, “Teacher, I beg you to look at my son, for he is my only child. A spirit seizes him and he suddenly screams; it throws him into convulsions so that he foams at the mouth. It scarcely ever leaves him and is destroying him. I begged your disciples to drive it out, but they could not.”
    Luke 9:38-40

  36. John Leigh

    Good to hear that Ed thinks the dollar still has about 5 years of life left, maybe longer.
    I have been exchanging dollars into metals but I guess having dollars especially in smaller bills is a strategy for the time being!

  37. John Maskell

    Well done Greg. First class interview . All the best from England , John .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks John!

  38. tim

    You got to be nuts to put your money in T-BILLS or any other US Bonds….Did you forget CBDC coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. alex kalish

    One of your best interviews Greg. Mr Dowd is very realistic. It’s amazing what you can do with a trillion a quarter but this is going away.
    Biden is not going to win, I think he’s out at the convention.
    I think farm land is best, then cash and gold.
    When the system fails out of control is an understatement.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Alex.

  40. Prospector

    COVID Reckoning , they know it is coming so now legacy lying media is trying to say ” NOT OUR FAULT , WE GOT BAD INFORMATION .” ” Nobody did anything to you , it was all voluntary. ” Nice try. No sale.

    Chris “Adequate Citations” Martenson, PhD
    Chris Cuomo is taking Ivermectin? Vaccine injuries being reported in the NYTimes?

    We’re being trickle-truthed. Here’s my take on the subject.

  41. Prospector

    Will this be an excuse for a declared ” Climate Emergency / Lockdowns ” ?

    Canada wildfires start up again on May 11, 2024 , in B.C and Alberta. Smoke moving South to US. Excellent satellite images captured live as MULTIPLE fires start at the same time. Why ???


  42. Richard Longacre

    Thank you Greg for bringing Ed on your show and having him talk about financial issues. It’s funny how when I talk to friends and family and say the same things Ed said I get called a “Conspiracy Theorist” and dismissed outright. I guess that is just an easy way out for those with reality avoidance syndrome/disease.
    Ed was talking about Black Swan (political, economic, war, natural disasters, alien invasions, return of the Watchers, etc.) potential triggers. There are so many potential triggers all lined up back to back and all seem to be aligning with the 2024 election. Here a re few others not mentioned by Ed:
    1) WHO Pandemic treaty being signed this month (stealing national and personal body sovereignty) and giving it to the unelected WHO and UN.
    2) The UN summit of the Future (i.e. Master Plan For Humanity) Treaty being signed in September (Stealing whatever sovereignty not already stolen by the WHO Pandemic treaty right before the election). Can you say, “Censorship”? Can you say, “Mandates”?
    3) The next Plandemic unleashed from a bioweapon’s lab to enforce the WHO treaty (and forced emergency global response mandates) on the world and to make sure that only mail in ballots will be allowed in the USA election (to ensure they can cheat enough to win). I have little doubt that all of the Illegal Alien invasion and replacement forces will be allowed to mail in a ballot as well as communist from all over the world. Expect travel restrictions, lock downs, mask mandates, mandatory PCR testing and possibly even mandatory vaccines even before the election.
    4) Riots and other mostly peaceful protests that burn down a few more cities.
    5) On 23-24 October 2024 the 4 gas giant planets will align in a perfect square surrounding the Earth. This is a once in every 2,000- years event. I am expecting massive earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, mud floods, and massive plasma events making it dangerous to even go outside. We of course will be told it is “Man Caused Climate Change” causing it all and if only we had submitted to their total tyrannical control earlier it would not have happened.
    6) The sun spots and solar storms are going to increase this year as we finish up this solar maximum cycle and it appears we are entering a Grand Solar Minimum cycle this next year and beyond bring a host of other issues with it. The solar storms also bring earthquakes as well as those wonderful aurora borealis lights.
    7) the Earth’s magnetic field (our protection from solar radiation) is collapsing rapidly at the same time the solar storms are increasing. Expect increased UV-A, UV-B, UV-C and even X-rays reaching the earth.
    8) It also appears the earth’s magnetic poles are shifting. This has happened a few times in earths history but this would be life changing for sure.
    There are more things hurling towards us these next few years but this was just a few to give you an idea of some of the possible “Black Swans” that are piling up at the exact same time. Come Lord Jesus. I’m ready but I will do my best to persevere until He does return and cut short the Great Tribulation.

  43. geo

    Remember the Going Direct Document and the fact that the powers that be want massive inflation. Remember Operation Lockstep document and they want control and will kill billions to get it.
    It now looks like the front organisation for this power grab is the United Nations and they have recruited and trained a massive army. Many of the illegal migrants are UN soldiers waiting for the attack. It was UN soldiers that attacked Israel and we see how barbaric they are. Russia and China are not the enemies but some in these countries will be as the UN forces are in most countries in the world. Prepare for global civil war. Know your enemy.

  44. Prospector

    Discern. We may have interpreted LUKE 21;26 a little bit wrong.

    ” Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. ”

    The FEAR generated by the corrupt media pushed millions to take the Clot-Shot deadly vaxxine. In other words the ” Fear ” of Covid drove people to be deceived , then take the injections , THEN their hearts failed them. Their hearts failed due to what people did in response to the media created FEAR of Covid-19. Father-of-Lies could not be happier.
    A new documentary.

    Pierre Kory, MD MPA
    COVID was a historic disaster—yet there’s never been a professional exposé on it until now. This independent documentary brilliantly shows how “the science” hid each effective COVID treatment and the media, in lockstep kept repeating their talking points.

  45. z

    Fast Food Duncan and McDonalds refusing legal tender $20 50$ $100 bills. This is against the law and part of the banking system part of the S constitution . If legal tender is refused then the company must give the product for free. Most Harbard MBA do not know the consitution.

    This is a growing problem refusing a $20 dollar bill. Greg could you please ask KAthern austin fitts about this or any of your business guests about this topic. Refusing the US dollar is illegal,

  46. z

    The same with the Us Postal system refusing legal tender. Kathern austin fitts says use cash. But with if they refuse the us dollar over the counter ?

    This has been happening for the last ten years. Harvard MBA have no clue what is part of the banking section of us constitution. Is this the canary in the coalmine. People business refusing US Legal tender ? How can business refuse US Legal tender ?
    $20 dollar bill to big. Us POST office refused my $20 cash. Does the Us Postal office have to obey the US constitution ?

    When entity refuses cash the debt is considered paid. The product must be given for free ?

    I demanded this in front of a police officer and I forced them to break the $20
    as fast food place. Police officers and law enforcement have a duty to uphold the US Consitution.

  47. Bob Mack

    Hi. Today I posted a link to a Bitchute video from “Tim Truth” about Ivermecton being dangerous. He just posted a second video about Chlorine Dioxide, where he exposed himself touting fake news. Please ignore my earlier posting

    • Greg Hunter

      “Tim Truth” is an f-ing liar. This is false. Dr Kory (Who I have interviewed several times on USAW) wrote a book on Ivermectin, and he says it’s the safest most effective drug ever invented.

  48. Shiloh1

    Kunster’s last paragraph today –

    Predicts Hilary and Governor Fatso ticket, dumping FJB and Kamala The Laughing Hyena at the Chicago DNC convention. About 100 days to find out.

  49. Jeffrobbins

    I like reading the comments- a number of them about unexpected deaths- my uncle as well even though he was in his 70s. I don’t know where it starts, but there needs to be town by town and county by county conversations about cause of death. I wonder if there is some kind of pay off for coroners ‘not’ to conduct autopsies???? You won’t find what you’re not looking for!! It’s entirely possible that even if no criminal charges are brought; wrongful death could be claimed and families could sue any number of responsible people, cooperations, school districts, government agencies, and so on over these shots. And let’s be honest, law school is expensive and the lawyers need to earn a living too. Anger and greed are a potent combination.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Jeff, for analysis.

  50. Debbie Francis

    Excellent Interview – Thank you!

  51. Arnold Jones

    If you want evidence of vax-caused brain damage:

    The USA is having a rematch of the Plandemic Presidents Trump & Biden–who both still think the ClotShot was/is great.

    You really can’t fix stupid!

    • Jerry

      My sentiment all along!

  52. Jerry

    Contract stated it must be safe and safe was stated multiple times.

  53. RB

    A research study done in the UK Dr. Phillip Macmillan stated Insurance companies have seen a 20% to 25% increase in deaths over EVERY age group.

  54. TED

    Greg: I think that the “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” was something with Ed’s computer and/or camera. He gestures with his hands sometimes when he is talking. Every time he did a thumbs up with his hand the thumbs up would appear on his screen (likewise for thumbs down). I think his camera was picking it up and automatically adding the icon/emoji/whatever to match. I don’t think it was hacking.

  55. Phil

    I live in a very state that has a small population. I booked marked the obits for this state and review them twice weekly. since the day they started giving the shots.
    The 5 yr average for all cause fatalities for the age range of 0-17 in this state from 2017-2021 is right at 500 people.
    This year 2024 I have already surpassed that number in this state for babies 0 to 3 yrs old. And I just sent a list to the news media outlets in this state on 51324 that had 36 babies under 3 from the prior 3 weeks, today 51924, I already have a list of babies under 3 yrs old, standing at this time at: 11 more from the 13th to the 19th of this month 05/24.
    I have a book for people in this state under 39 yrs of age that just died for no reason. (1056 people from this state died in 10 yrs in Vietnam), I have a list of people that is almost twice that number under 39 here that have just died here for no known reason, in the last 20 months. And no one will say a word.
    I sure I get a few wrong, but when I search , I go to hometown newspapers and look for stories of cause of death, check the state police logs etc….. If they meet this criteria of being killed in an accident, in hospice care, Murdered, or have a pre existing condition such as cancer I throw these people, (God bless them), off the list. These are just the ones with no reason stated or any articles written in the news that would allude to a probable cause. I only look at the obits that give a date of birth or age. So I am sure I miss some if not many. And I try to err on the conservative side. But no matter, this is not right. You don’t have to post this Greg, I just wanted you to know. It is the truth.

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