Hyperinflationary Great Depression Coming – John Williams

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Economist John Williams says don’t think the happy news on CV19 vaccines is going to get the economy back to normal anytime soon.  Williams explains, “Put all the political turmoil aside for the moment.  The markets respond that this (CV19 vaccines) is going to turn the economy.  My point is it is not going to turn the economy . . . at least not soon because of what has happened to the economy and the severe structural damage.  We have had a lot of companies go out of business, in particular, small companies.  A lot of people have suffered, and we are going to have more of that going ahead.”

Because they has been so much damage done to the economy, Williams says there will have to be stimulus no matter who eventually makes it into the White House.  Williams contends, “Let’s say Trump gets re-elected.  He’s not going to have any choice but to increase stimulus to try to help the economy and help people.  If Biden takes over, he’s going to have to do the same.  He is already promising massive stimulus.  Where it gets really scary is if the Democrats can take control of the House, the Senate as well as the White House. . . . The stimulus there is going to be unbelievable. . . . The more radical Democrats will just print the money you need and spend whatever you need to spend it on, and don’t worry about it. . . . Whoever gets into power, there is going to be more deficit spending.  It’s just a matter of how radical it will be. . . . There is no way we are escaping massive stimulus for at least the next year and into 2022.”

Williams expects to see some very large inflation because of all the stimulus coming and predicts, “The more left we go, the more rapid will be the demise of the dollar.  Eventually, it will be a hyperinflation in the United States.  What I am looking at here is this evolving into a hyperinflationary Great Depression.  To save yourself, you have to preserve your wealth, your dollar assets.  To do that, you have to convert your dollars into physical gold and silver, precious metals and just hold them.  They will retain value over time as opposed to paper dollars that will effectively become worthless.  You’ll be getting a lot of money from the government, and they will keep giving you more and more and more, but that’s going to be an environment of rising and rising inflation.  It’s not necessarily going to buy you more. . . . Hyperinflation will bring political disruption. . . . Hyperinflation is a form of default.  Gold is telling us hyperinflation is straight ahead of us.”

Williams says, “When the Fed finally gets the more than 2% inflation it wants, the real inflation will be 12% to 15%. . . .  Hyperinflations happen quickly.”

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with John Williams, founder of ShadowStats.com.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Rachel

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for another really good interview. On your previous post where you comment in your weekly wrap-up about computer generated voter fraud …. Jim Willie speaks here about the same thing and adds on to the voter fraud issue with reported evidence of someone cremating many large bags full of Trump mail-in ballot papers in a crematorium near their voting poll in Philadelphia …

    See 19 minutes into this video youtube.com/watch?v=mnxhiJPjKQk

    • al

      If that is the case then a closely guarded second election must be held, then instead of Trump getting 80Million votes he may get 150Million. People are fed up and the silent Majority are now screaming!
      I watched several live streams of “stop the vote” rallies held throughout the Country. Some turned in to a screaming fest with Police in riot gear at the ready. What’s next?

      Jim now lives in Costa Rica and I don’t give too much credence to ex-pats now a days. I saw the interview, lately Jim has become melodramatic grasping for a scoop.
      It’s not the same Jim Willie we once knew.

      • Rachel

        Thanks Al,

        I shall integrate your observations into my learning curve.

        The interview didn’t stop there a second post contained a continuation of the interview where Jim was able to give scenarios that outline ‘how’ Trump can successfully navigate his way through this mess and achieve a re-vote using block-chain technology and methods at his disposal to break down giants like google and disband their grip. Although he is probably not as sharp Jim has long term knowledge behind him, an understanding of how legal processes can be utilised and people who still inform him about current events.

    • William+Stanley

      That was a GREAT link! I took the liberty of trying to make your link a little easier to use.

      • Paul ...

        Willy is spot on … the death penalty should be given to the programmers who wrote the “heads Bribe’n wins … tails Bribe’n wins” code (that gave 100% of the vote to Bribe’n) in some districts … the death penalty given to the people who burnt Trump ballets “in a crematorium” … and the death penalty to the people running the foreign servers who on a minute by minute basis were monitoring changing the election results by subtracting 10,000 votes from Trump and adding those 10,000 votes to Bribe’n … give them all “a fair trial” the way Hillary does it (to those who cross her) … but the “commies” will likely scream holy hell if they get Seth Rich’ed … saying “we demand our Constitutional Rights”!!

        • JC

          Just before the death penalty execution, will the question be asked…
          “You believe in Jesus?”


        • Paul ...

          We have Tucker asking Powell for “the evidence” … Tucker effectively says: “Where is the evidence that 1 + 1 = 2 … why can’t it be 1.25 + 0.75 = 2?? … the reason Tucker is we don’t have extra large 1.25 humans and extra small 0.75 humans … each human is “a single entity” and gets to cast only “1 vote” (not .75 of a vote for Trump nor 1.25 votes for Bribe’n) as was done on the Demon-ion voting machines!!

          • Greg Hunter

            Tucker is a jerk (like you) for getting into a tit for tat with Powell when he could have used his resources to highlight the actual proof the election was stolen. Namely lay out the RICO case that all the states shut down at the exact same time, all brought in truck loads of new votes and stopped anyone such as Republicans from viewing them. It was a uniform plan over several states and smacks of RICO. This at a time when Trump was surging ahead on election night. This is the same RICO case Rudy Giuliani laid out in last week’s press conference. Instead, Tucker made out like there was no proof and failed to act uncovering the fraud that his network is covering up and ignoring. By the way, Powell is continuing on and said she “agreed with the decision.” Don’t come back–jerk.

            • Robert Stiles

              So it’s really true, Greg? American’s live in a banana republic governed by a group of pedophiles, corrupt government agencies (CIA, FBI+) and communists who sold their souls, and America for what…? Money, power? With all of the news stories out there speaking of illegal votes, updated voter machine software and who knows what else, why can’t this election be recalled? Why isn’t the highest court in the land not stopping this illegal election? Sure, the public has been misled by the main street media but what about the courts, the ones who can stop this fraud? Where are they? Why are they so scared to speak out? Does Israel or some other entity have dirt on every one of our corrupt politicians, and even the courts? This is a sad day. I never thought I would say this but I’m looking for another country to move too. To watch this country crumble from abroad will be a sad day.

              • Greg Hunter

                Be patient Robert. It’s all headed to the Supreme Court.

        • Paul ...

          BREAKING NEWS!!! … The Supreme Court of the United States is “taking control of All State Supreme Courts” to prevent Unconstitutional Rulings by the lower Court “commies” … before they happen … this is the death knell for the Demon “commies” … the rats will be jumping ship so fast Bribe’n and Herass will be laughed off the Presidential stage before they can do another victory dance for the world on the Fake News channels!!

        • Paul ...

          And yes “it is confirmed” that Herass slept her way to the top of the ticket as Bribe’ns VP … most likely why “sleepy” Joe Bribe’n spent most of his campaign time “in his basement bedroom” … instead of out campaigning like Trump … he likely knew he didn’t need the peoples votes … and could afford to get some tail … as he had all the rigged Demon-ion voting machines set to “automatically make him President” … along with his “commie” henchmen (China, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.) who already had millions of extra mail in ballots printed up!! … https://www.independentsentinel.com/its-confirmed-kamala-harris-slept-her-way-to-the-top/

      • Beverly

        Prevention is the best medicine:
        Garlic has been proven to kill viruses and bacteria. It would be smart for everyone to start taking 1 or 2 cloves of garlic every day. 1 clove to start out with for those who aren’t used to it. Garlic enemas have a quick and amazing effect on flus. Also, everyone should have a NEBULIZER. You can nebulize colloidal silver into your lungs and colloidal silver is known to kill germs, virus, etc. as well. The nebulizer puts it into smaller particles than a vaporizer can and then you are breathing these small particles of medicine right into your lungs where it can really work. Vitamin A is really important too. Garlic boosts your immune system and so does cayenne. Get slippery elm to soothe the stomach if you aren’t used to garlic and cayenne. Very helpful.

  2. Mohammad

    mRNA Vaccine is what is promoted , BEWARE….!
    Will post more on the matter later.


    • Diane

      I’ll watch for your post, Mohammad.

      • Mohammad

        Here is how I see it, although I am a doctor but I lack the experience in the lab aspect of virology and vaccines but that being said:

        The traditional vaccines where either live vaccines with all the risks of introducing the disease to your body and ask the body to make antibodies to it to protect you.

        Or the dead components of the virus with less risks to achieve the same objective for your immune system to realize it as a foreign object that has to be rejected and makes antibodies to it to protect you.

        The new mRNA vaccine is very dangerous.

        The logic is this:
        I will take the core component of the virus which is the RNA and I will sneak it in your body with a camouflage to force it inside your cell, the camouflage could multi approaches from a zap of microwaves ( called “electroporation”, HENCE COMES 5G….Hmmmm), or another method that will carry it inside the cell based on the size of the virus .

        After the RNA gets into the cell it takes over the Mitochondria which is the holy grail of our cell, then will instruct it to make the protein components of the virus to release it into our body so our body can make the antibodies to it and form the immunity required .


        With the older methods of the vaccine the immune system realizes the foreign object FROM THE GET GO. So we are kinda of never lowered our guard.

        With the mRNA it is SNUK into our immune system until it gets a hold of our cell’s holy grail so our guard is lowered up until this sneaky RNA makes the messenger that will control the manufacturing of the protein of the virus and releases it …. AND THAT IS TO ME A NO NO…..
        I will never trust the vaccine with mRNA method because there is no way in hell we can predict what it will do after it gets into and HACKS our cell’s most precious coding apparatus the mitochondria….!

        here is a study that goes into a lot of technical details for the MD members on this site:



        • sk

          Ribosomes, not mitochondria, is where proteins are assembled. Mitochondria are the energy production subcellular components. Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccines are the FIRST EVER mRNA vaccines, and I don’t think anyone knows what side effects might occur, especially long term.

          • eddiemd

            This article better describes the links between mitoRNA and coronavirus. There is a very limited amount of mitoRNA which codes for proteins in the mitochondria itself. Proteins involved in the production of ATP and the electron transport chain. The mitochondria have ribosomes within the inner membrane.

            The link is between the endoplasmic reticulum and the mitochondria. Is there a possibility that vaccine mRNA can get inside the mitochondria. Perhaps.

            More likely the messenger RNA vaccine enters the cell and appears to be transcribed by ribosomes and enzymes in the cytoplasm outside the nucleus of the cell. Transcription of DNA occurs within the nucleus.

            The NIH article that Mohammed posted is fairly technical. It describes two factors in producing a vaccine. The structure of the mRNA used for the vaccine i.e. to ensure stability, and the method of transport, i.e. lipopolysaccharide, protamine, nanoparticle variations. This NIH article from Mohammed is difficult to read unless you know the basics of RNA, the immune system, basic vaccine science, and basic virology.


            Bottom line. Avoid the vaccine AND avoid being tested for it. They are promoting testing to get your name on the list for future use.

            The PCR test that is being used is overamplifying the RNA or whatever they are targeting by 100x. It is no wonder they are promoting this second wave. The plan is to induce fear and get people to take the “novel” vaccine.

            This is the great deception. They are preparing the way for the antichrist and false prophet.

            • eddiemd


              Transcription–> inside the nucleus

              translation–> outside the nucleus, the translation of the vaccine mRNA occurs in the cytoplasm outside the nucleus and supposedly outside the mitochondria…perhaps the mRNA of the vaccine can enter the mitochondria inner membrane…I don’t believe that the producers of the vaccine want to answer this question

              • eddiemd

                This coronavirus is a bioweapon being used for multiple purposes: induce fear and bring on the vaccine, mandate a vaccine coupled with digital currency, usher in the great reset, overthrow the US government and usher in democrats controlled by the NWO and luciferians, allow for the fraudulent election…all controlled by big tech censorship and a corrupt media.

                • eddiemd

                  This bioweapon targets the transmembrane protein that is coupled to the ACE2 receptor. The Italians picked up on this early on. In fact…this ACE2/transmembrane protein complex is targeted by hydroxychloroquine. (see Circulation article)

                  We are in a huge PSYOP.



                  Perhaps they are targeting populations with this TMPRSS2 protein. They have the capability using data from ancestry, DNA23, etc…

                  • notyourpatsy

                    EddieMD, It as I suspected YEARS ago when THEY started with all of the pushing of ‘ancestry’, ‘dna23’, etc! All of the liberals went for the bait and got themselves ‘cataloged’! for ‘later use’ by the govt!!! I warned everyone I knew NOT to participate in that bs ancestry crap. Now the ones who did are going to be REAL sorry when these vaccines are ‘activated by 5g’. Dumbasses! At least for the majority those are liberal demoncrats about to be vac’d!

                    Here’s my new take on ‘staying 6 ft apart’….If I don’t know you and you approach closer than 6ft then you’ll find out how heavy lead is. Not taking my duty belt off outside my home for any reason or anyone! Do the same if you are in a will carry state folks.

          • eddiemd

            As a side note on severe side effects.

            In the NEJM study review done by Pfizer, (stage 2) there were 180 participants divided in various doses and age groups. In the over 55yo part there were 4/90 people who developed a “severe reaction” classified as muscle pain. They did not further describe the muscle pain or follow up with lab data such CK level, evidence of myoglobin in the urine, or any other data related to the severe reactions.

            Extrapolate that out to millions taking this vaccine and the potential is there for 4-5% of people developing severe reactions of various types.

            Remember that mitochondria are concentrated in muscle. In all cells (except red blood cells which normally do not contain mitochondria, although exceptions exist) there are mitochondria but certainly in muscle.

            Covid-19 certainly has an attraction for cardiac muscle tissue as evidenced from earlier studies published. There lies a dilemma upon presentation of someone with coronavirus. If a troponin test is done and is positive, EKG with changes, and the coronavirus test is positive, how do you proceed? Is it coronavirus or is it an infract?


            “The initial phase of this virus infection can be marked by evidence of cardiac injury with the release of troponin. This portends a poor prognosis. Whereas the release of troponin is relatively modest, this may be an indication of either viral- or immune-mediated cardiac injury. “….or perhaps evidence of myocardial infarction in a person with risk factors….smoking, diabetes, autoimmune disease (chronic inflammation), family history, HTN, dyslipidemia, established coronary disease….etc

            • eddiemd


              They are pushing hard here in Arizona for testing everywhere.

              Remember this.

              You can go to the county health department and get an HIV test anonymously. You can vote without ID.

              You cannot get a coronavirus test with .gov issued ID. Why? They are making a list…checking it twice. Avoid testing if possible.

              Lastly. The PCR test that is currently being used is providing false positives. The amplification factor is upwards of 40x. This is beyond the usual factor.

              Here in Phoenix they have set up testing at the airport as “convenience”. This will be converted to vaccine clinics at the airports. You will not be able to fly without evidence of the vaccine. Beware.

              • eddiemd

                Correction. You cannot get a coronavirus test without a .gov ID.

        • K. Wayne

          As with all things under BIG Pharma….there are many secrets that the public shouldn’t be aware of.
          Especially when it comes to AstraZeneca and Oxford University in conjunction with medical institutes like NIH.
          As I understand it…these NAZI death scientists are at it again….secretly progressing the mRNA based Vaccine that proposes to do the work of GOD. Their work is planned to permanently alter human DNA.
          Is there any wonder they want to administer this stuff to the entire GLOBAL population!!!
          A critical element in the Vaccine design is that Chimpanzee mRNA is being used in the testing/trial vaccines to create what is called a Chimera. They literally are mixing DNA (human and monkey) to allow the testing of vaccines on humans – now legally defined as animals (whereby testing on animals is permitted)…. because of the blurring of the lines between human/animal….. intentionally. The altering of our genetic sequence permanently is not something that I will accept , ….. (I am horrified and angry that they intend to use the force of Medical Martial Law now being adopted by every Corporate to ensure compliance)….neither should you or the 7BLN other souls roaming the planet.
          What has been trialed (and injected into human volunteers) is a Monkey based serum.
          This was initially called the following during earlier trials…since renamed.
          Recommend studying the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine. (chimpanzee adenovirus-vectored vaccine )
          Is useful.
          In short they want to alter the human DNA permanently …on what basis…certainly not for treating the SARS- Cov2. This implies that you will carry the Chimpanzee mRNA in your genetics and will pass it onto your children … for generations / eternity.
          The quoted success/effectiveness rates (70-90%) are fabrications. They are lies. A Vaccine is not required.
          There are serious side-effects of the Vaccine being developed. As per usual they will not divulge the truth around the deaths or the serious permanent damage caused through the trials.

          We are being fed the usual BS…to achieve their desired De-Population Agenda. Watch for the increased propaganda around the necessity to be vaccinated – work/travel/socialize/consume. How deep this goes is mind boggling. They have already brainwashed the Corporate Elites to do their dirty work. It will be seen and promoted as being a ticket /free pass to participate in the New World. If you want to play along in their genetic modification scheme….then just roll up your sleeve. Corporate Fascism in conjunction with Medical Martial Law. WHO rules the World again?

          • Beverly

            Thank you for this very informative comment.

          • notyourpatsy

            K Wayne, You are right on the target! Excellent post for the rest of us, Thank You for doing the legwork. Since most african blacks already have the chimpout dna it won’t affect them as much. It’s ‘whites’ that are being targeted with this destructive dna bs! FIGHT BACK! KILL ANYONE ATTEMPTING TO ADMINISTER ANY SHOT AGAINST YOUR WILL! GOD WILL SAVE YOUR SOUL! The 10 commandments *only* apply between fellow Christians…..Everyone else is fair game! They are Satan’s spawn NOT Christians!

            • K. Wayne

              As you have inferred…I never accept the “Official” narrative. I do my own research for mine and my family’s sake. Like-minded individuals on this board who are paying attention will welcome this information. We are fighting a monster that is so dark & insidious , ruthless as it is inhuman. Whilst the body is hidden … its tentacles have enormous breadth and depth. Our only chance for survival is for every affected citizen to stand and fight for their human rights.
              The push back against these Luciferians will need to gather momentum to put a halt to the crimes they are planning to commit. Otherwise the Eugenicist Gates will achieve his de-population agenda of at least 10% within the next few years. I would expect that if they are successful in administering the first and second rounds of “Vaccine” (POISON to HUMANS) to the wider population, that even greater numbers will be recorded as deaths or permanently disabled ….evolving from the subsequent new strains of vaccine that are planned. We will see the Deaths being recorded as COVID related….causing mass hysteria.
              Where is gets really concerning is if they couple the Chimera based Vaccine with an Infertility sequence along with an Implantable Microchip /Enzyme …. then they have absolute control over every human being. This needs to be seen and called exactly what it is. It is not a Vaccine Program for a Pandemic. IT IS An PLANNED EXTERMINATION EVENT.
              Be on watch for the Governments of UK and perhaps even Australia making the Vaccine mandatory. These will be the signals for us Americans that they are coming for us too. Do not look to our Government Officials for protection. They have no desire or inclination to care or concern themselves with your welfare or health.


              did we expect anything less from the CCP….

              Think they are aren’t serious…

              I made my comments about this VIRUS well known back in Late January /early February especially on this website. I take no credit or praise for outlining the plan that is now unfolding.

        • Bob

          It sounds like the immune system will therefore attack the cells producing the proteins.
          Autoimmune disorder.

          • eddiemd

            Can these vaccines induce an autoimmune reaction? Certainly. All vaccines have that potential but this one more than other.

            Take for example Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). It is an autoimmune disease whereby the immune system targets self DNA and proteins (histones) that are involved in packaging the DNA. These are typically nucleus dwellers.


            The packaged mRNA is designed partially as an adjuvant. (see Mohammad’s original article) Immuno-stimulatory in nature perhaps able to induce foreign antigen to cause autoimmune disease. Also the packaging could cause additional problems. Long term effects unknown…it has only been tested over the past 6 months.

          • Mohammad

            Worse Bob,

            If they sneak in the RNA sequence of the vaccine another sequence that we do not know that will be AMPLIFIED by our cells , it will do things that we do not know nor we do expect, ONLY the manufacturers of the vaccine know the sequence of the RNA they are injecting.


        • Diane

          Thanks for the information, Mohammad

    • Paul ...

      Mohammad … Is this what you wanted to post?? … https://www.jsmineset.com/wp-content/uploads/live/6b52f54448a5_76BA/unnamed_thumb.png

      • Mohammad

        I concur..!


        • Paul ...

          Bill Gates’ eugenicist plan can be easily figured out … he is going to inject monkey RNA into our bodies to make humans “more like apes” with a lower IQ and then force us to live in a Banana Republic … at that point he can then more easily impose the Georgia Guide-stone commands to dispose of us humans … by simply calling us “laboratory animals”!!

  3. Marie+Joy

    Communism is a Depopulation tool. IF biden prevails, expect all things Americans need to survive, will disappear, one way or another. IF Trump has a second term, America will, still, tank, but at a slower rate.

    • Rachel

      Yes it is Marie Joy … and so is hyperinflation ! …. stock up on your standard supermarket items and canned foods, pasta, rice etc. as much as you can.

    • Self+Exiled

      Also variety for very small/young children; they have been known to starve because they can not eat repedivily/force themselves t0 eat. When prepping I read several masters thesis on the subject of preparatory written by people who had experienced the crises in Argentina and Russia.

  4. Conrad Carter

    One caveat about the election Greg, remember Ex. 5.23 and Gen. 15.16. There were things God couldn’t do until ‘the iniquity of the Amorites was full’, and Moses complaining to God, ‘hey, I said and did what you said but nothing is happening’. We are in a period now where God is forcing people to make choices, and He is marking it. Even the foolish virgins were being pressured to go to town for more religious material, and God sees it. He hardened Pharaoh’s heart many times before He said to Moses “Now you will see what I will do”. God hardens people for His glory and in the end He was “honored upon Pharaoh and all his host.
    We’re past asking God to fight His battle and brought now to just stand and give thanks with praise for what He is going to do. He is the Maker of it – He does it, He makes it, these are His strange works and His strange acts; and the weight of the Glory is all His.

    • Bob+Lamb

      There is a division and sifting going and when fully ripe in iniquity, we will incur the wrath of God. God does not harden hearts though. That is an error in the scriptures.

      • wayne hardin

        That is an error in the scriptures. ???????????
        There is NO error in the scriptures // The error comes along when people read it in the
        flesh , it means what it says and says what it means .
        God will harden their heart / blind their eyes / turn them over to a reprobate mind .
        I guess you could say they do it to themselves / for not heeding the call of God .
        But when God closes the door it is God that gives them over .
        Lets just say God allows it .
        But the way i see it he will do anything he has to / to make his word to come to pass.

        • wayne hardin

          There seems to be a lot of talk about before / mid / after trib . or Jesus coming tomorrow
          next week next year .
          It seems everybody wants to talk about everything but what is important .
          If you die today or five minutes from now where will you be going .
          So in the grand scheme of things does it really matter when he comes back ????
          Just be ready when he does .
          One more thing anybody that says the USA will not be judged .
          In living in lou / lou land .

        • notyourpatsy

          Wayne Hardin, Correct! GOD made NO errors! Only human ‘interpretation’ made errors in any study of the Bible. GOD will save those who wish to admit their sins and repent their actions. From that point on in your life live by the 10 commandments in order to be redeemed when the time comes!
          Bless the Hunter household this Thanksgiving for all that they have provided Americans with on UWD! Thank You Mr & Mrs Hunter!

  5. Paul ...

    John Williams says no matter who wins money printing is assured … and thus so is higher gold and silver prices … a look at the Debt Clock shows gold valued at $32,593 per ounce and silver at $4,273 per ounce just based upon the dollars already printed … at just one tenth these values we should have one ounce of gold selling for $3,259 … and one ounce of silver selling for $427 “right now”!! … people are buying one bitcoin for $15,000 dollars because they think it will go to $250,000 dollars (17 times their money) … buy one silver coin for $25 dollars and it will also give you 17 times your money (with the possibility of it being even ten times higher if it reaches its full Debt Clock value)!!!

    • Stan

      Paul: Silver was $50 in 1980. Increasing US Dollars in circulation has nothing to do with metals prices.

      • Her Majesty's Regent

        You are right. But only because paper silver derivatives have exploded since. These contracts are what determine the silver price.

      • Paul ...

        Stan you are an intellectual giant when compared to Lightfoot and Cuomo “in virus matters” … but what is it about infinitely printed “paper money” that puts your brain in a fog?? … could it be “your assumed wealth” is threatened by such thoughts???

        • Stan

          Paul: Historical data doesn’t lie. Money supply has increased since 1980 but silver price has not. You cannot refute this.

          • Paul ...

            Can’t refute that the CPI doesn’t rise along with real monetary inflation either Stan … but does that mean there is no inflation? … what did a Bentley cost you in 1980??

    • notyourpatsy

      Paul, You are only taking into account that America DOES’NT devolve into a civil war for these prices. I said it in a previous post months ago; regardless of what happens there will be no goods for purchase with gold, silver or fairy dust if the Country is in turmoil! There will be NO intrastate commerce, no trucking of any kind, nor rail service due to fuel control!! We’ll be lucky to obtain mail a few times a month, maybe!
      It would be great for P’Trump to force the real price discovery of PM’s to be published, and NOT the City of Londons/bank of englands control price. For someone with gold faucets in his penthouse in trump tower nyc, which I saw in the bathroom, I would have thought it would be a priority for this president.
      Mr Hunter, another great interview with John Williams, who I’ve also spoken to personally many years ago. Mr Williams has always come across as a consummate professional willing to share his knowledge freely with those who ask.

    • Stan

      Paul: Please explain why Gold is crashing today.

      • Freebrezer

        S – because the dollar is getting stronger … foreign capital is pouring into the USA markets and needs to go somewhere i.e. the stock market … but first to buy in, the foreign capital needs to be converted to dollars, thus making the dollar go up and gold goes down. The world (or the TPTB?) is on a honeymoon swooning over the realization that Trump is out! When they wake up the next morning and realize that what they are in bed with is an old goat … Katie bar the door! Trump had the most benevolent/magnanimous economic team America will ever see – and they were out to protect America. The new regime will throw open the doors and America is about to get raped by China and big tech!

      • Ramgoat

        December Gold contracts are expiring this week. Tuesday is the last “official” trading day for closing the December future (paper) contracts. Gold manipulators are pulling the prices down so they can flip to the Feb. contracts. Big drop tonight, up day after tomorrow.

        • Rachel

          Ramgoat’s reason is the right one!

      • Paul ...

        The reason gold is crashing Stan is because gold-bugs are foolishly selling their real money to buy electronic fiat Bitcoin … which they mistakenly feel will protect them from bankster manipulation and interference and from the exponential money creation the Fed will be massively doing well into the future … what the crypto buyers don’t understand is that the banksters are simply allowing Bitcoin to rise right now to give a boost to their own electronic fiat crypto … later on … they will ban trading electronic fiat Bitcoins the same way they are currently banning the use of our fiat paper dollars and copper coins … unlike electronic money real physical gold can’t ever be ordered into non-existence … and can be traded between people “irrespective of any edicts or orders of terminal governments … remenber gold as money has outlasted all the criminal governments that have failed over the last 5000 years!!

    • ConcAmDad

      ….and gold is down another $30 this morning, almost below $1800 …..

  6. Marie+Joy

    Has ANYONE had a normal flu? No one, I know of, has.

    • Paul ...

      People power will defeat MSM censorship and put the vaccine promoters like Fauci and Gates in jail … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdcRw_lldLU

    • Diane

      Good question Marie
      I wonder if they are adding glu cases and calling it Covid?

  7. Bill+the+Cat+Guy

    I agree with John Williams about hyperinflation. I believe the 2020s will be like the 1930s. I see a one world government forming over the next decade. The only real question in my mind is when Jesus will come for his church.

    • notyourpatsy

      Bill, Jesus Christ Our Lord Savior said he will come back for us, ‘once His Word has reached all the corners of the Earth’. Which means openly discussing His Word with EVERYONE you meet on a daily basis! Postal Carrier, neighbor, store clerk, delivery driver, etc. On vacation in a foreign Country?, do the same! Spreading His Word to save as many people as possible from Satan is Jesus Christ’s message to His followers. Until HE decides we’ve done as much as humanly possible, HE is not coming back! We are to act as his teachers/ambassadors and continue the work HE taught others that came before us.
      Remember, you are not disobeying a Commandment, if in the defense of your family you must use force. So go ahead teach your children how to defend themselves, and target the kneecaps to drop the intruders for the vultures!

      • JC

        G.A. STEWART:
        According to the late Father Malachi Martin, the Vatican began worshiping Satan on June 29, 1963. Consider that President John F. Kennedy was assainated that year, and President Charles President Charles De Gaulle escaped another assassination attempt.

        The Vatican understands the Master Plan and is telegraphing it to humanity.

        Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III,
        G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 157
        The supposed accidental photograph on September 23rd, 2015 of Barack Obama with horns meeting Pope Francis on Yom Kippur is a clear signal that The Antichrist and The False Prophet have come together and had a meeting of the minds.

        As I have mentioned, The Apocalypse is the conclusion to The War of the Gods and involves The Final Judgment of the Fallen Angels.


        • notyourpatsy

          JC, I have been saying this> the first part of your post< SINCE JFK WAS MURDERED! THE CATHOLIC CHURCH/VATICAN IS THE SEAT OF SATAN ON EARTH AND THE POPE IS THE ANTICHRIST! Pay attention folks before it's too late READ YOUR BIBLE WITH YOUR FAMILY!

  8. Jerry

    Once again, John is working off an outdated system.
    Here’s who really controls the markets, and the economy.

    Come on Greg, If the system wasn’t rigged, it would have already collapsed by now. The numbers don’t lie. Or do they? Just like the election they will tell you whatever they want you to believe, and you’d better go along with it, or they’ll beat the crap out of you. The MSM? They’re not propagandist. They’re paid whores. They are bought and paid for by the corporations who put them on the streets to spread lies. Look at the news corporations who are partners with the World Economic Forum, and tell me I’m wrong. The “Great Reset” will determine what level inflation is going to be. Not the markets.

    • notyourpatsy

      Jerry, Though I agree with your post; I don’t blame Mr Williams for using the data that is available to him. Mr Williams has worked tirelessly his whole life to help the average person understand ‘money/wealth’ and how to work towards financial self sufficiency IMO/E. I spoke by phone with Mr Williams 30 years ago and his advice helped me immensely. So though I agree with his, along with all of the other financial pundits, data being flawed we should’nt shoot the messenger. The majority of Americans realize our monetary system is a joke and don’t know when it will fail. And thus go on about their business until the Monday morning they awaken to news that they now need rolls of packing tape. That’s so they can tape together, side by side, the paper in their wallets and wipe their collective asses for not paying attention to their Bibles all these years!

      • Jerry

        I agree with you to a certain extent, but I have come to the conclusion that everything is rigged, so why waste time talking about meaningless numbers? We should be going after the people doing the rigging. Here’s a prime example.

        It’s put up or shut up time. What good is it to make rules laws no one follows? As for me, I have faith in only one thing. That is my lord Jesus Christ. Everything else is a lie. The pandemic. The economy. The election. All of it. I have watched the lawless practice of rigging for years. Precious metals being smashed. Stock buybacks. Money laundering at Deutsche bank. You name it. It’s all one great big lie being perpetrated by a group of globalist thrives. They’ve stolen it all. Now they’re coming after us, to steal what’s left with a global reset in which we will be the ones being bought and sold. This is going to end only way. It’s just a matter of which side you want to be on. If you’re not the lord Jesus Christ side, you will loose. Period.

        • notyourpatsy

          Jerry, Ok, now I agree with your complete post! So hopefully Mr Hunter can get on guests like Sidney Powell, etc that are/have appeared on fox communist sympathizer news. Since Patriots and REAL Americans now see fox commie news as NOT on the side of Liberty and Justice, those guests should be sought by Mr Hunter for his shows.
          Right, GOD IS GREAT, and the ONLY way to him is salvation through His Son Jesus Christ! Glad to share a foxhole with you Jerry!

          • Paul ...

            Would be great if Greg could get Powell on USAWatchdog … to get first hand the latest on her lawsuit against Georgia over voter fraud involving Dominion Voting Machines … and … the “foreign commie intrusion” into our election (which violates the civil rights of every American) … China will obviously be a target … and if it is proven China intruded into our elections (both electronically and with a virus release) there will be a big price to pay!!

    • SOD

      In 1937, Orwell told us about the ‘givens’ from the communist playbook. The lessons from the Spanish Civil War are just as evident today as they were then, ideological purges, propaganda battles and Soviet skullduggery. Just in case anyone still harbors any illusions, consider the list proving we are now living in the ‘Age of No’:
      1. No free speech/dissent
      2. No real markets
      3. No law and order
      4. No regard for the Constitution
      5. No transparent elections
      6.No tolerance of the Godly
      7. No food
      8. No travel
      9. No truth or journalism
      10. No property or wealth
      If you’ve made it to the bottom of this list-congratulations your descent into Communism is now complete. SOD

      • JC

        Speaking of The Constitution…

        G.A. STEWART:
        The fix in modern society is in and the Mainstream Media proved itself to be an enemy of The Constitution of The United States when it ignored The Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal and blamed it on the Russians. This must be the most juvenile and dangerous moment in American journalism.

        Today, journalists like Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald are being exiled by the new Progressive Left, who are simply Communists employing the usual Communist tactics of isolating and destroying the truth-tellers.


      • Jerry

        Great point. Might I suggest “The Great Reset” for dummies.

        In my humble opinion, Mr. Williams lives in the past by still believing economic principles still apply. Really? I’ve been wrong making predictions so many times, because I’ve believed the same thing for many years, instead of accepting the undisputed fact that the entire system is rigged by the central planners. Case in point. How do you pay for 189 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities using 3.4 trillion in tax revenue? The reality is you can’t. How much debt is there really? No one really knows. With years of money printing, stock buybacks, bank repo’s and bank fraud, It’s impossible to know how many quadrillions of dollars in debt have been created. With “ The Great Reset” on the horizon, the question must be asked, does it really matter anymore? New game. New rules. But yet here we are playing with imaginary numbers, like it really matters. Biometric injections linked to a digital wallet. That’s what we should be discussing. The NWO has plans, that includes a new economic scoring system. Read the report, and you’ll see what I mean.

        • FC

          Exactly Jerry, the swamp is far deeper than people think, in fact it should be called, Department of Wetlands (DoW).

          • notyourpatsy

            FC, Now THAT was funny! Welcome to the Family of UWD posters my friend! Happy Thanksgiving to All my Fellow UWDoggers!

        • SOD

          It looks like we are tracking many of the same concerns and flash points. When this old game draws to its ugly close, there will be a whole lot of sheeple wondering how they got corralled into this new and improved shell game (sarcasm). As the Good Book tells us ‘there is nothing new under the sun’. Best regards, SOD

        • K. Wayne

          Yes Agree.
          For me Mr Williams also continues to use logic that the system is working…and that the forces of Economics will resolve all the dilemmas. We are well past that train of thought…they have corrupted every vestige of reality. “Inflation target” is a mis-direction . It is an imaginary thought shaping tactic…to take your eyes and focus off the real issues. No amount of stimulus will bring this dead horse back to life. The Vultures are circling….and the theft is on a scale of magnitudes that would equate to 10 on the Richter scale. We are reading from the same page of the identical hymn book.

          • Jerry

            K. Wayne,
            Things are so distorted that even Homeland Security has created a truth bureau to filter information.

            LOL ..what a joke. Like a government shill would know anything about truth.

            • notyourpatsy

              Jerry, LOL! Since I may have had something to do with Don’t Have Shame at it’s inception, I can say they are really idfisreeal in plain sight. I resigned with a year….I have to be careful with what I disclose on a public forum……at your house you’d need a cardiologist on standby!

  9. Marie+Joy

    9 – 10% inflation PER YEAR.

    IF you own real estate, and the dollar collapses, you will have to have a medium of exchange, to pay your real estate taxes and expenses. Gold and silver MAY be acceptable to your town in payment, for taxes. Call your town and ask them if they will accept gold, silver and assets for payment of taxes, if the dollar collapses.

    • Self+Exiled

      I don’t think people realize after several; maybe less, years how badly things will break down. I’m witnessing the breakdown of immigration even on a personal level concerning my own case.

      • Rodster

        Currently that’s where current inflation is, between 9-10% possibly higher. It’s all the BS lies coming from the Gov’t that says inflation is nonexistent. I can see it with my own eyes and my wallet even says that inflation is MUCH MUCH higher than what we are being told.

        All I have to do is see how products keep shrinking in size while the price goes up.

    • Clare+Doll

      Marie + Joy
      One must NEVER pay official “debts” with gold and silver. U S gold and silver are marked as “dollars.” Silver as “one dollar” and gold ounces as “fifty dollars.” Whatever your taxes end up, they will not correspond to these official dollars. You pay your property taxes back to them in their own worthless currrencies!

      • notyourpatsy

        Clare, Glad you corrected Marie on PM’s value. They are to be used in person to person transactions NOT with ANY govt for ANY debt! Marie said she was 72 so we’ll give her a pass on not knowing what she’s talking about with regards to PMs. My take is she was thinking the govt would give her ‘street value’ vs ‘face value’ which isn’t how that works. People need to research the subject elsewhere as there are lots of sources of accurate info on the web right now….tomorrow not so much with byebyeden!

        • Marie+Joy

          CLARE and not,
          Thank you for that clarification. It would have never occurred to me.

          • notyourpatsy

            Marie, Right on, We’re ALL here on UWD to SHARE our collective knowledge for the benefit of everyone who reads our posts. I learn something from every post I read here on UWD. Even if I don’t agree, it gives me another person’s perspective. Keep your metals to barter with your KNOWN neighbors who you trust. Doing business with people outside of your circle.

  10. BDS

    Hi Greg,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and family! Another great guest. I have been watching USAWATCHDOG for so many years and John Williams has always been one of my favorites.
    Over the years , John has explained how the markets are being manipulated to keep the US dollar strong while suppressing precious metals. He has always stated in the end the US would have hyperinflation and to preserve your wealth get some PM’s.
    Your guests have kept me calm, informed and patient to the future possibilities to our country as others countries.
    Thanks again, great show!

  11. Scott

    COVID19 isn’t to blame as much as Antichrist-type rulers such as Newsom and Cuomo force-crashing local economies via diktat.

  12. gerald williams

    John has been predicting this for more than 6 years. It still has not happened. He will probably be correct eventually, but the timing does matter.

  13. Country Codger

    Dear Mr. Williams, ((I didn’t want to say Dear John.))
    You bring “information”, which I call true intelligence, to the public most people don’t even know exists. Your interviews always enlighten “us” little folks. We thank you for all you do, sir.
    Lo Iyrah!

  14. Francis Bondi

    Millions of radio astromony signal”s from an advanced civilization. Only us.

  15. al

    I always enjoy John Williams, he is a wealth of knowledge. Great interview.
    There is only one thing I am struggling with and that is Real Estate during a hyper-inflationary scenario.

    As of this week, according to Case Shiller, the Gold : Real Estate ratio is 156, that is to say 156 one ounce coins will allow you to purchase an average priced home.
    In 2011 it was at 108, and in 1980 it dropped to 83. The Ratio before 1970 is not relevant because the gold price was fixed and the dollar was backed by gold.

    I heard the same story from multiple credible sources throughout the years that a bell hop in Weimar was tipped 1 ounce of gold by a wealthy Man. He kept it and as hyperinflation hit, this bell hop purchased one block of homes with that one ounce gold coin.
    Say an average block holds 20 homes and the price of an average home goes to $500K, that’s $10 Million dollars. That’s how much one ounce gold will have to be worth during hyperinflation. If that scenario plays out again, then it’s better to hold gold than Real Estate.

    Here is the clincher… Mr. Willams said home prices will go up but how high can they go? The #1 rule of Real Estate is not location location location, but it’s how much someone is willing to pay for the home at that time.
    I live in a very desirable neighborhood, during the housing crash homes here fell to 1/3 of what they were priced at in 2007 and very few people would, or could afford it at the time. Mainly because Banks were not lending so readily and people were scared off… which takes me to the ultimate clincher.

    In order for Banks to survive a hyper-inflationary period, they must increasie lending rates to keep up with inflation, or they go under. With inflation rates at say 50% (instead of 3%), who can afford to buy a home? Even if the price of homes stay the same the mortgage payments on such a home will be unattainable, in turn home prices will have to be affordable therefore they may actually go down.
    Wages lag inflation, therefore wages will go up slowly resulting in a tug of war between home prices and affordability.

    They talk about a DEBT JUBILEE! Well, hyperinflation is a form of debt jubilee in the sense that you can pay off all your existing FIXED RATE loans with cheap money… but try and borrow during hyperinflation… you’ll get slammed !

    Unfortunately there is nowhere to run to because we are dealing with a basket of currencies devaluing at the same time. This hyper-inflationary event will be Worldwide where no currency will be a safe haven unless it’s backed by gold.

    In an nutshell..
    You better have everything you need now, whether you pay for it in full or borrow on a fixed rate basis. Most of all, you better have precious metals in your possession. Time is running out.

    I purchased a used truck one month ago. I wound up paying twice what I would have back in April of 2020, I waited, stimulus money brought on massive inflation in used automobiles. That was just a taste of what’s coming when the Government starts giving helicopter money out like it was trash.
    Be ready

    • notyourpatsy

      Al, My take on real estate, home ‘ownership’ in the coming crash is negative. It is my gut feeling that all the commie govr’s in all the commie states will go after the homeowners through massive taxes. Most won’t be able to pay, and this will allow the theft of wealth from most families. Thus, it would consolidate ‘real property’ in the hands of the disgustingly rich/banks= land barons. Something tells me reference ,’The Grapes of Wrath’ by John Steinbeck type mass homelessness, but that was caused by the dustbowl back then.
      As far as other durable goods, I am with you on buy now for use in the future. Durable goods like shoes will be scarce due to transportation, lack thereof, logistics, to name one item.
      Are you in that nice area of WEST JAX, fernadina bch, or thereabouts?

      • al

        Hey Buddy. No, I’m in St. Augustine, just south of fernindina beach. I’m about 7 miles south of Guana.
        Yeah, I thought about the tax thing too, but at that point we will have a tea party that will rival any revolution in the past. I’m telling you, it’s going to get ugly if this keeps up. Real ugly. (just reporting). Therefore, real estate tax will be the last thing on anyone’s mind.

  16. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Before we can find good answers, we must ask good questions. I think this is an especially appropriate time to question our fundamental assumptions about the nature of our economic, political and social circumstances. For example:
    1. Is the rule of law still a viable concept?
    2. Is liberty a predicate of rule of law rather than of men? Is tyranny the alternative?
    3. Has the Constitution been “reinterpreted” to the point where it no longer reflects the founders’ assumptions? Is it possible to continue to assume that we actually are still operating under “The Constitution”?
    4. Is liberty and human dignity possible when the government controls so much, and signifiant portions of the population have fundamentally differing conceptions about religion and philosophy?
    5. Is liberty possible when there are great disparities in wealth and, hence, power?
    6. Does the Government still have legitimacy? What gives legitimacy to a government?
    7. Is “Modern Monetary Theory” modern, or even a “theory”? What are its embedded assumptions? Is it simply a rationalization for continued (and greater) governmental spending and control?
    8. Is the existence of a Deep State, runaway Intelligence/Security institutions, the Military/Industrial Complex, and Globalist institutions (including companies such as Google and Facebook) fundamentally inconsistent with liberty or, even, the continued survival of “the masses” (i.e., “us”)?
    9. Do we actually need a “reset” to something quite different from both the present (actual) social/political/economic structure and the one the Globalists are trying to impose? If so, how best to go about it? If not, why not?
    10. Can a stolen election be tolerated under any circumstances? What constraints should apply to the means taken to rectify a stolen election? Does The Constitution really provide all the answers?
    11. ???

    • Paul ...

      11. Is this “in your face” stealing of our election psychologically designed to dis-empower the broad masses to make them fully accept their status “as helpless slaves” to a ruling global elite??

    • Charles+H


      A house divided against itself cannot stand?

    • notyourpatsy

      William Stanley, Could you repost each of these questions, one per post in future threads? I’d love to reply to them all but time constraints don’t allow that long a post from me. Thanks NYP

      • William+Stanley

        Sure, I’ll repost them one at a time (and over an extended time period). I’ll be expecting some criticisms of the assumptions that are embedded in the questions themselves.

        • William+Stanley

          I’ll ask this indulgence: Please first answer any one of the 10 questions or any of the subparts.

          I recently asked Charles H this question: “If the ends don’t justify the means, what does?” He responded appropriately and, generally, as I would have expected from a clergyman. However, my question had hidden assumptions that could have been dealt with somewhat differently, like this: “Yes, the ends do just the means. However, the means taken (always) have consequences that cannot be anticipated. Moreover, one should not be tempted to look only at the immediate consequences, which may be quite at odds with the overall and ultimate (including, second-order) consequences. Do you have the wisdom to anticipate all of that or, perhaps, should you more strictly adhere to the received wisdom of the Bible and/or of the wisdom of the ages and its dictates of ‘moral’ behavior?”

    • Rachel

      All good questions William … I have one more to add to the list…

      If bonds are changed into perpetual bonds that are never to be repaid by the governments and therefore last indefinitely, and then interest rates are negative so it costs the bond owner money to hold them so it doesn’t matter how much they go up in value because you can never redeem any money for them, and then nobody wants to hold them because they drain your income for the rest of your life, then have they perfected slavery?

      • William+Stanley

        LOL: Do you have the wherewithal to pay someone to take ownership of your negative-interest bond? Does that make for a moral dilemma? What is required of us to break the bonds of evil?

        • Rachel

          Well William, I would not be foolish enough to own bonds but if I did … then to your first question ..of course, I’m blond , that’s wherewithal enough …to your second question.. when did the bankers and central banks ever consider morals in any of their decisions? .. to your third question .. the military complex are working on it and their puppet ‘Donald Trump’ is on track to deliver providing he can get things done in timely manner!

          • William+Stanley

            Well done!

    • Charles+H


      I thought you’d see the juxtaposition… one disease, but many symptoms.

    • Charles+H

      OK, I’ll bite… number 10.

      NO – a ‘stolen’ or frauduelnt election cannot be tolerated. AND I will give you the reason: it undermines the fundamental operation of government; not just of the election process, but the allowance of corruption undermines ALL governmental processes.

      The ‘remedy’? A completely bi-partisen verifiable and permanently archived at-all-levels (local;county;state;national) DO-OVER. The system was JACKED. WHY , except the necessity to prove for Do-Over, would you want to the system that failed to justify the election? And by the time all is reversed – the Dems will call for a do-over themselves hoping to pull it off all over again. Physical, bi-partisen Voter Registration by lawful requirements of citizenship; physical voting with proper ID; ballots that are physical and registered. archived for twenty years with a twenty year prison penalty for tampering; and Absentee Balloting under bi-partizen teams for physically or medically handicapped individuals. NO non-person anonymous crap. There are enough GPS and bodycams for everyone nowadays. Could it be done? Certainly. But is there the political and public will to create it? Doubtful.

    • notyourpatsy

      William Stanley, First, Thank You for offering myself, and others here, to extrapolate on your posted questions. You obviously are a very well read man, which elevates all posts here by other contributors. Which, in essence, makes UWD, the ‘thinking man’s ZH IMO/E.
      Now, my understanding of the Bible, and I am a layman, is that it applies to ALL human beings regardless of one’s ‘standing in society’. Henceforth, I have come to believe that in the End Days that it will ONLY apply to those of us who identify as Christians to Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Savior. Anyone coming between your vow to the Lord Jesus Christ is to be considered one of Satan’s workers.
      Thus, IMO, the ‘Rule of Law’ is a societal construct that only applied within past ‘civil society’. Today’s ‘everyman for themselves society’ is not of the same makeup. So those of us who are Christians must enforce ‘the rule of law’ within our own communities, until all the communities within each of our states have reverted back to ‘civil society/decency’. Whether force needs to be used as militias in doing so because local, state and federal forces choose to allow chaos to divide us is to be determined on a state by state basis. MOVE to a state that is already heavily Patriot!

      • William+Stanley

        Thank you for the kind words.
        Like you, I enjoy finding out what my fellow commenters think and how they experience the world.

  17. Paul ...

    You need better eyes to see with … bet if you looked at the fire in this window … https://zh-prod-1cc738ca-7d3b-4a72-b792-20bd8d8fa069.storage.googleapis.com/s3fs-public/styles/teaser_desktop_2x/public/2020-11/2020-11-21_18-27-39%20%281%29.gif … you wouldn’t be able to see Satan’s many faces … I see about ten!!

  18. Major Payne

    Greg –

    If this guy is so sharp, why does he live in Berkeley, California? Good Lord!

    • SilverHawk

      Lol. I don’t envision John as the type of guy that looks forward to shoveling snow in the winter. I do. That’s why I live in MT.

      • notyourpatsy

        SilverHawk, No, you live in MT so you can walk outside and enjoy firing a couple of rounds off at the methheads stealing the tires off your truck. Now That is the REAL America our govt has created within our Country’s borders. Love that open carry state!

        • SilverHawk

          You read me like a book. Actually moved here 17 years ago in preperation for all this. MT voted 100% Republican and I’m a happy camper. When the people here reach the point of taking the law into their own hand, the crime rate will go to zero. Last safe place in America.

          • notyourpatsy

            SilverHawk, You made the right decision back then as you now know. That’s called foresight for those without a clue! Montana will be one of the better states to live in from here on out. There’s a really strong Patriot population which WILL rid the state of crime and commies as soon as shtf IMO/E. Those are REAL Americans who DON’T tolerate rifraf, druggies, sex offenders, or commies in their neighborhoods! They’ve waited years to clean up the state’s crap that the ‘law’, so far, has prevented them from doing….until now.

        • Mitch I. Gun

          Pat, Michigan has always been open carry.

          Is Michigan an open carry gun state?
          On the Mi. flag is a frontier Voyageur, open carrying.

          • notyourpatsy

            Mitch, I am aware of Michigan and it’s got a heavy Patriot presence. When the SHTF the Patriots WILL clean up their neighborhoods as needed. The liberals who live in Patriot states WILL be outted and not bartered with or included to the point THEY move out of the states. As for the illegals, whether imported by the govt or not they too will flee to liberal states, ie NJ, NY, MN. Once the stores close the liberals and illegals are done for as they will be the zombie hoards.

  19. Lord Nasdaq

    Thanks for another great interview, Greg.
    John Williams speaks the truth.
    Moved more into industrial food staples with adding Conagra Brands (CAG) this Friday to my list with Campbell Soup Company (CPB) in late October/early November.

    Silver in $23.00’s with less than $2.00 spot price is a great opportunity to hedge against dying fiat currency.
    With “elected” Cooper and state attorney general Stein, you’ll need all the precious metals you can buy.
    God bless.

  20. Paul ...

    Obama Judge in Pennsylvania throws Trump law suit out of court and says the State can “certify” Bribe’n … https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/pennsylvania-judge-throws-out-trump-campaign-lawsuit … good … now we can move on up to the Supreme Court for final resolution and a finding that Bribe’n is “certified alright” … a “certified commie” … a “certified vote manipulator” … a “certified threat to our National Security” … and a “certified pervert” (posing a threat to all women and children who may get near him)!!

  21. Paul ...

    H. Craig … Did you ever play this game … https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Monopoly-Board-165×110.jpg … I did … and it always ends in the banker “handing out free money” (to keep the game going) … eventually all players are flush with piles of monopoly money … and are forced to end the game because the economic rules that the game was based upon did not hold anymore … as the fiat paper monopoly money “became increasingly worthless to buy anything with” (as every property had hotels on them) … after “many hours” of playing … the final conclusion “that ends the game” … is the common realization among all the players “that it is senseless to keep accumulating more and more monopoly money” … If You Can’t Buy Anything With It!!

    • Freebrezer

      Paul – we used to play in college but with a 25$ buy in … a completely, completely different game when winner takes all. The roll of the dice would make or break you.

  22. Mike R

    John Williams is always right, and yes he has been predicting hyperinflation for a long time, and while we haven’t witnessed it quite yet in all of our goods and services, in the time tables that people may have been expecting, I’m fairly certain that nobody also expected that every other country on the planet would debase their currencies faster than our US dollar has been debased by the Fed’s QE. Its a wicked and darwinian fight for survival, while hundreds of trillions in debt are being taken on quite recklessly.

    Bitcoin seems much more sensitive and responsive to this latent hyperinflation (building under the surface), and its my belief that since Bitcoin is less able to be heavily contorted, manipulated, or controlled by central banks or any government agency ( like they can do with gold and silver via the major banks like JPM, that short gold for them at will) that Bitcoin will continue to rise far faster than gold or silver.

    Meanwhile here in the state of Illinois, we have a governor who has completely bamboozled the entire population of the state, that its the citizens who are to blame for rising covid cases, not the governor himself, who keeps issuing INEFFECTIVE lockdown mandates, and only wrecking and destroying businesses, and those owners and employees lives. Problem with his rhetoric, is that people get Covid while wearing masks. I have two nieces who religiously wore masks, strongly social distanced, even wore gloves while touching any public surfaces, stayed away from bars and restaurants and are two of the most healthy 20 something’s you’ll ever meet, and they got Covid.

    As we all know (except our governor apparently does not), the covid virus is sub-micron, and the pourousness of masks, even N95 cannot stop covid virus from spreading. Its like using a chain link fence to stop mosquitos.

    Yet our governor INSISTS, the covid is spreading bc not everyone is wearing masks. Funny that. Everywhere I go, people are wearing masks. Zero exceptions. Early on, way back in March and April that was not the case, but now EVERYONE is wearing them, yet the covid numbers are far far worse in our state than ever.

    • Glenn

      What you said about masks, including N95 respirators, needs explaining so someone does not get misled.. The purpose of wearing a mask is to help limit the amount of virus particles when someone coughs, sneezes, talks etc… It will not completely stop all the virus particles nor are they made to do that. Unfortunately the efficiency for the average cloth mask is only between 10% to 30% according to the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. As far as N95 respirators go, if properly worn, it will stop most of the viruses particles. These are the kind of masks that are worn to protect the wearer and are used by healthcare workers. If N95 respirators did not do a good job, then every healthcare worker who treats COVID patients would also have COVID, which they do not.

      • Greg Hunter

        This is a overblown hoax, but don’t take my word for it. Take the word of Dr. Roger Hodkinson, MA, MB, FRCPC, FCAP, CEO and medical director of Western Medical Assessments. Dr. Hodkinson made these comments at a public city meeting in Western Canada last week, calling masks “utterly useless” and saying that the coronavirus is “not Ebola.” You can hear it for yourself here:http://www.ini-world-report.org/2020/11/21/maker-of-covid-tests-says-pandemic-is-biggest-hoax-ever-perpetrated/

        Stop with the virtue signaling and the mask scam used as a control mechanism.


        • JC

          Pay attention everyone… listen to what Greg is saying…

          Masks Are a CONTROL MECHANISM.

          • K. Wayne

            I saw it last week as well. The Dr makes complete sense…strong irrefutable points and has no agenda other than to alert the masses about this Medical Tyranny. Ultimately where this potentially ends is that the Medical Truthers will not participate in the administration of the Vaccine Program – will protest en masse. Hence the need for the Military to be involved.
            eddiemd …. made a good point recently in stating how to avoid having the vaccine…from memory he mentioned that if you are forced to take it…that you should state that you have had adverse reactions to virus injections in the past (anaphylactic reactions – swelling tongue /throat…trouble breathing). Sound advice….eddiemd kindly reconfirm.

        • Glenn

          I never even mentioned anything about the virus being a hoax or not. I was just addressing the facts about masks from a health issue stand point. And yes we do have a health issue to deal with.

          • Greg Hunter

            No we don’t!! We have a political issue to deal with otherwise we would all just use HCQ, Zinc and a Z-Pac. This is a hoax for the most part.

            • Rodster

              Thank you for saying that. I am getting of the coronavirus fear mongering. Pushback is sorely needed. This has and will become oppressive medical tyranny in the future. My drivers license expires Nov 23rd and now I have to make an appointment and I MUST WEAR A MASK for the appointment.

              Just wait until that becomes, YOU MUST WEAR A MASK AND PROVE VACCINATION before you can get your drivers license. I hope one day people will figure out that they have been hoodwinked by the Govt at all levels and a corrupt Media.

              • Rodster

                People wearing those face-shields nonsense is evening more laughable. As comedian Ron White used to say, “you can’t fix stupid”.

                • Glenn


                  I do not understand what one hopes to accomplish by wearing a face shield.

            • paul jr.

              We also have a health issue unless you believe there is no such virus as COVID19. The flu and the common cold are also health issues.

          • notyourpatsy

            Glenn, No , what the WORLD has is a normal seasonal FLU that circulates around the WORLD EVERY YEAR FALL THROUGH MARCH! It’s due in most part to the ease of international travel, which allows ‘vistors’ from one part of the World to contract a flu strain NOT local to their home area. Thusly, THESE individuals are responsible for transmitting and infecting others.
            This CHINA VIRUS FLU STRAIN WAS DEVELOPED AND USED AS A BIOLOGICAL WEAPON AGAINST AMERICA! It empowered the nwo folks with blessings from the un cabal/ democommies in our govt so they can take control of AMERICA. Don’t miss, kneecap the bastards. Nothing finer than a crippled commie! What? you think EddieMD is going to run to their aid?LOL!!!!

            • JC


              G.A. STEWART:
              I have come to accept that COVID-19 is a biological weapon whose long term effects are unknown. From short-lived anti-bodies that allow a second reinfection, to permanent heart and lung damage, the experts are just beginning to understand how this virus works. Therefore, I believe prudence is necessary, but that needs to be an individual choice. COVID-19 is not a political statement, but obviously, politicians and Petty Tyrants are using COVID-19 as a power grab.


              • notyourpatsy

                JC, No, the ‘experts’ are busy trying to LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE about how CHINA UNLEASHED A BIOLOGICAL WEAPON UPON AMERICA! Then ‘our’ govt DID NOTHING! Nothing except try to enslave the American people for the whole year of 2020!! CHINA OWES EVERY AMERICAN $1 MILLION DOLLARS IN REPARATIONS for the hell they put us all through and continue to suffer through! Forget all of these corporations cowtowing to blm offering MILLIONS in white guilt reparations, via ‘management level’ jobs they’d never qualify for on merit! Sorry JC I know too much about all this to hear BS excuses.

        • Bob+Lamb

          If masks can stop water droplets, then they can stop some of the virus particles that are in the water droplets. Makes since to me to wear masks not as a sure thing but to help. I’m against forced wearing of masks though.

          • notyourpatsy

            Bob, If YOU are sick THEN WEAR A DAMN MASK! Only commies force other people to make like sheep and ‘run with the herd’! YOU want to breath your own recycled CO2 go for it pal! I’m a Patriot breathing fresh air for the rest of my life on earth. Try and force me to wear a mask IF I’m not sick. People are GETTING sick FROM wearing masks for a variety of reasons NONE of which are the CHINA VIRUS BIO WEAPON THEY UNLEASHED UPON AMERICA. DIRTY COMMIE BASTARDS! BOYCOTT ALL THEIR PLACES OF BUSINESS AND PRODUCTS MADE IN RED CHINA!

          • Anthony Bonaminio, M.D., M.S.

            just some info:
            cdc said regular [not n-95 ] masks will not stop smoke particles [ie, do not rely on them people in california where widfires were occurring].
            bacteria are 1-2 microns. smoke particles are in the middle range, along with grain pollens, dust particles, etc.
            viruses like covid are 50-150 NANOMETES, requiring an electron microscope to see,
            lung water vapor droplets carry the virus on them—and 97% plus of water droplets are smaller than smohe, dust, grain particles etc—ie, they go right through.

            wear your mask for a while shopping–see if it is soaked with your lung water vapor after a while–it will be bone dry. [if you are ill and coughing or sneezing you will generate larger particles, then you should wear a mask. [do not forget fauci, burx, redfield, all said way back masks will not help. did they change their tune to allow antifa to roam around like masked bandits? did they need fear to keep people locked down to allow mail in voter fraud? were they ”in on it”????? i do not trust any of those people.

            1. https://www.coloradoci.com/bin-pdf/5270/ParticleSize.pdf
            2. Voluntary coughs generated droplets ranging from 0.1 – 900 microns in size. Droplets of less than one-micron size represent 97% of the total number of measured droplets contained in the cough aerosol.
            Author: Gustavo Zayas, Ming C Chiang, Eric Wong, Fred MacDonald, Carlos F Lange, Ambikaipakan Senthilselvan,…

            the point is its ok to wear a mask, if you feel better. i do in the stores so as not to panic the elderly, who down here where i live in SC wear masks. so it is to be kind to others.
            but remember the flip-flopping of these people like fauci, and recall story after story how they are faking covid deaths, like people having heart attacks and trauma-related deaths, and cancer deaths, etc. greg is right that this mess is designed for political suppression and submission.

        • John

          Hope this goes viral to help stop the economic destruction this nonsense is perpetuating . Good post, we need a million more like it to redirect the herd.

        • Gary C

          Greg, this guy was on a conference zoom call with the Alberta, Health & Government.
          No where in the media here was this covered, and believe me this guy had more to loose than gain by making such a statement., glad you picked up on the story. The Premier
          Of the province is really RESISTING any lockdown, he was on the call.

          I have sent the link to several Doctors in the Edmonton area looking for
          a response.

      • Mike R

        Glen – you could not be more wrong about masks being at all effective.

        Let’s look at physics and mathematics Glen.
        Start with a single cough or sneeze.

        Everyone “knows” that if you cover a cough or sneeze, and you should do it into your sleeve instead of your hand, this will reduce the risk of someone else getting a virus you may have, right? Actually : Wrong.

        It doesn’t. So says the science! This is a myth, just like it is a myth that you can wear a mask and reduce transmission.

        Wait — you say! YUCK; that’s obvious that it helps.

        Well, no.

        Here’s why.

        You sneeze and a huge loogie comes out your nose. Yuck! Nasty! Mucus, full of germs.
        It goes, if uncovered…… downward, on the floor.

        And harms nobody.

        It’s disgusting, but that’s it. You should still do it anyway because it’s disgusting not to, but you won’t stop a virus by doing so.


        If I stop the loogie then how come that doesn’t do anything?

        Because in addition to the loogie, out come a HUGE bunch of large drops, each also laden with virus. Maybe a few hundred drops. Yuck! Thus covering or physically blocking those will reduce transmission to other people, right?

        Wrong again, statistically speaking.


        Because in that same forceful exhale are an enormous number of SUB-MICRON water droplets that are formed as the saturated vapor in your lungs (100% RH in expired air),which cools slightly as it travels up from the lungs to the trachea, and goes out the mouth or nose and comes into contact with the ambient air (well, unless it’s over 98.6F in the air where you are anyway!)

        Remember basic high school physics ? : As any saturated vapor cools it condenses. Any saturated vapor that cools by even a tiny amount will condense — that is, it will coalesce the individual vapor molecules into larger aggregates.

        Ordinary “tidal volume” (that is, the amount of air you move in a resting condition with each inhalation) is about 500ml. For a cough or sneeze it is much larger; the maximum volume of air that can be inspired in adult human lungs typically is in the range of 4-6L, or eight to 12 times the “at rest” breathing amount.

        When we breathe normally we produce very few or no large droplets. When we sing, play a wind instrument, yell, scream, cough or sneeze, we produce a fairly large number of them.

        But none of this matters at all, statistically, because with each breath, we produce millions of small condensate drops, and all of them which do not aggregate beyond the pore size of the medium in a mask will go right through said mask in either direction. Most of those condensed molecules are produced between the lungs and either before or just after exit from the body due to condensation of the 100% RH water vapor and each of them individually, if you are infected with a virus, can carry enough virons to infect another person.

        We’ve all “seen our breath” outside when it’s cold. Right ?

        Well that’s considered aggregation and condensation to a great enough degree that the aggregates are visible; there are thousands to millions more said aggregates that are too small to see, and so when it’s not cold outside none of them aggregate and condense sufficiently to be visible but they are all still there.

        Note that during ordinary breathing the mean particle size is sub-micron. Statistically none of these are filtered in either direction by anything less than an N95.

        This is why physics says that masks simply do not nor will ever work against viruses. We’ve known this for decades. In fact we’ve known this for more than 100 years !

        Never mind the repeated attempts to mandate masks in 1918 which did nothing to prevent the spread. Of course the revisionism of today says “well it’s because people didn’t adhere to it.” Sure, there were people who put up the middle finger; after all, they threw people in jail for refusing — but the facts are that nearly everyone complied.

        Every single person that has ever “seen their breath” in the winter months knows, if they think about it for 30 seconds, why masks can’t work and don’t.

        They can’t work because blocking 1,000 pretty-large droplets sounds like it’s great, except hundreds of thousands or even millions of condensed water vapor molecule clusters were also expelled, they have enough virons on them to infect another person and very nearly zero of those are caught by the mask in either direction. The ones you see when you breathe out in the winter are >50um (thats micrometers) in size (the limit of visibility to the unaided eye); more than 50 times the size of the mean particle you actually exhale. Worse, every one of those tiny particles, unless condensed out or breathed in by someone else can remain in the air for hours since they are small enough to remain within the purview of brownian motion of air molecules; that is, they “float” so to speak because the energy of said molecular vibration and ordinary air currents, even indoors, is large compared to the pull of gravity toward the ground and thus they remain suspended in the air.

        The reason we have a flu season, is that the higher the absolute humidity, which tracks with temperature, the greater the odds that further agglomeration of these clusters of molecules will occur and once they get large enough gravity takes over as they are too heavy and they fall to the ground harmlessly.

        So your mask stopped the nasty-looking and smelling loogie which can infect exactly one person, unless you wipe it around on people, and 1,000 of the 5,000 modest-size droplets you expelled. This is why the mask gets nasty all over the inside (which, by the way, if left on for any length of time or reused will breed bacteria on the inside surface which you can inhale, and it will be very bad for you if you do so.) So that mask you are wearing now in the fall, and going into winter, is going to not only NOT protect you, but more likely to screw you 6 ways to Sunday, in terms of other bacteria and other viruses not named Covid.

        Masks are also worthless in terms of protecting anyone else because at the same time you expelled the 5,001 droplets and stopped 1,001, which sounds like a decent hazard reduction, you also expelled anywhere from thousands to several million micrometer-size drops, an effective none of which were stopped, all of which are infectious, and thus you actually caught materially less than 1% of the potential infections that can screw someone else!

        1% is not statistically significant. Filtering out 0.1-1% of the infectious events out at the source DOES NOTHING.

        The reason workers in a virus lab wear moon suits, go through multiple sets of sealed doors with decontamination procedures before that suit is removed and breathe pressurized outside air while inside the lab, is that the above listed items are facts and said virus — any virus — will go right through any “mask.”

        These labs also know, that taking a mask off is a high-risk process because pathogens may be present on the outer surface of the mask and may result in self-contamination during removal .

        If your position on “masks” is really one that includes closing all places where food and/or beverages of any sort are consumed on-premise, along with the banning of consumption of food or beverages in public where by definition you will not be able to follow good protocol with a mask to limit cross-contamination of others and self-infection then just say so and be done with it. Those arguing for mask orders in the public in fact are arguing for a complete and permanent lockdown except to go get groceries or take a trip to the hospital; they must be forced to come clean as to their actual intent. Once you put a used one back on your face without first sterilizing it you have just contaminated yourself.
        Physics is not a list of suggestions Glen.

        It is a set of natural laws that nobody can violate.

        Masks are worthless when it comes to viral transmission by aerosol and in addition they are obviously also worthless against transmission that occurs due to contact with contaminated surfaces or objects. That’s the physics of it and nobody has ever demonstrated an ability to modify the laws of physics.

        Everyone just needs to grow up, man up, and deal with the fact that masks are worthless, and learn to live with the fact that this virus will not be responsive to voodoo or magical incantations by governors, mayors, or anyone else issuing mask edicts.

        • Paul ...

          Mike … In summary wearing masks all comes down to “greed” by Fauci and Gates … they know masks hardly help … but whatever little they do help “to prevent herd immunity” … they want it … “they want to prevent natural herd immunity” in any way they can (so they have us wearing masks) … because wearing masks will generate “extra millions in profits for them” selling their vaccines (which are touted to produce the herd immunity we could have gotten “for free” by not wearing masks)!!

        • Glenn

          Some of what you said is wrong or not real accurate but I not going to waste me time correcting you.

      • FC

        Glenn, may I suggest you read this report before you slip on your face diaper.
        This report was co-authored by Dr Fauci, back in 2008, the report revealed the main cause of death during the Spanish Flu was in fact Bacterial Pneumonia, in over words the continuous use of face diapers where a person would breathe in our viral load and he is telling us now to wear one…………they are killing us slowly and people allow it to happen.


        The CIA through Hollywood are telling us about Covid23


        • Glenn


          May I suggest that you read what I said carefully. All I said was that COVID19 is real just like the Spanish flu was real. The common cold is real. Diabetes is real. These are all health issues that some or most people need to deal with in some way. Also that report that was co-authored by Dr. Fauci back in 2008, says nothing about wearing a face mask causing bacterial pneumonia nor was face masks even mentioned. However if people who had the Spanish flu really then did get bacterial pneumonia because of continuous wearing a face mask, it may be because people did not wash them thoroughly or often enough. Cloth face masks are to be washed everyday. Most people do not do this. My employer provides us with paper-like masks. The box says they are to be worn for only 4 hours and then discarded. Most people wear the same mask the whole day.

          • eddiemd

            Back in the 1990’s and even recently it was suspected that pneumonias were typically caused by bacterial pathogens particularly Strep. species.


            You can see by the above link that there are various categories. Most common being community acquired which includes coronavirus.

            Lookin at community acquired we see that it includes its own categories:


            1. Bacterial
            2. Viral
            3. Fungal
            4. Parasitic

            TB has its own category but it is bacterial.

            It has been mainstream for many years that people with primary viral typically die from a bacterial superinfection. This coronavirus may be an exception although I suspect from treatment protocols I have seen directed against coronavirus…they are also giving antibiotics to cover pulmonary bacterial pathogens. Otherwise known as empiric treatment to cover these pathogens.

            Coronavirus causes a cytokine storm that causes all kinds of malfunction. Sepsis involving multiorgan systems.

            • Beverly

              And, nowadays we have heavy metals being sprayed into the skies with all the geo-engineering going on(chemtrails). It would be so easy for these people who are spraying us, to just add some viruses and bacteria to their load and dump it on us. But, Dane Wiggington has said there is proof of the aluminum, barium, strontium, etc. in the atmosphere. None of these things are going to be good for people’s lungs. The chemtrails were really bad today where I live—coincidence that we were sprayed heavily on the day before Thanksgiving? I don’t think so.

  23. Self+Exiled

    New Supreme Court Circuit Assignments… Look who’s in charge of swing states………………………….


  24. Mohammad

    If he does not get the military acting to stop this coup d’etat, courts including supreme courts will not budge. they are complicit.

    So far I hear crickets from the military, who by the way is itching for wars that peaceful Trump did not give to them.

    I am sad, frustrated but will keep the hope though and see where all this lands.


    • Frank+D

      Trump replaced SecDef Mike Espers with Chris Miller. Espers was a swamp creature. Miller is a Trump supporter. Within 24 hrs Miller announced that ALL SpecOps forces now report directly to him, and not some swamp creature in the Pentagon. There is a very good reason for this. Stay tuned. In the meantime, check out jeffreyprather.com (ex-SpecOps) who explains the plan in detail. Have hope. It’s coming to a head soon and the true patriots are in control.

      • Mohammad



      • JC

        G.A. STEWART:
        My main question has been if Donald J. Trump was going to “Drain The Swamp”, why did he continually hire swamp insiders? Trump hired numerous entrenched bureaucrats from The Deep State, including Attorney General William Barr, who is the ultimate Insiders insider. Barr was first hired as Attorney General under the administration of George H. W. Bush to cover up The Iran-Contra Scandal.

        In particular, weasel Elliott Abrams, another Iran-Contra Scandal convicted felon, has been moved from the Venezuela desk to the Iran desk.


        • Greg Hunter

          He did a lot of good to JC and all for $1 a year and while under constant threat and attack from all sides. Just look at how the landslide election is being stolen. President Trump has to get his people approved in the Senate and have you see all the GOP turncoats since the election attempted theft? Not sure you grasp what Trump and “We the People” are up against.

          • JC

            I am pro-Trump.
            But G.A. STEWART asks some interesting questions.
            Is it all a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, inside an enigma?

            • Greg Hunter

              We have no idea how deep the swamp really is and the swamp is global!!

              • Self+Exiled

                Thank You for pulling my head out of the mess and putting me back on a focused Biblical perspective. Enough. I’m going to Kalibo.

  25. Marie+Joy

    Grid down
    Loss of internet
    Loss of freedom to travel
    Gold confiscation
    Increased violence and chaos
    Killing the elderly
    Loss of Social Security and Retirement income
    and much more

    • Freebrezer

      Well – that’s an optimistic post

  26. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Williams, a clear analysis of the fraud in the financial system which is so important to us “little people”. Mr Williams in unearthing this fraud is seeing the deceit and the criminal accountancy that is law that makes no sense.FASB 157.
    Just like this gargoyle law in the USA and its attendant accountants,we here in the UK have liars galore in the surveying profession and archaic bunch of liars that have a huge impact on property prices that reflect into REITs that are bought by pension funds yes even in the USA.
    These “brave”souls at the RICS,see the royal to cover the lies,have set out to prevent property’s real valuation as it will directly reflect into the REIT.Such bravery is led by stalwarts of society.
    It can only make you heart flutter with pride with such liars in control.
    Meanwhile across the channel France protests and we know next to nothing of it,hopefully the French make much use of the glorious lamp posts.
    Still our economy is truly in the merde ad the Stasi/Chekka are all gunned up whilst we plebs peruse chemistry textbooks in frustration.

  27. Courtney Smite

    D. Hayes-Information Warfare,Buckle Up The [DS] Will Unleash Their Fury When Their [E] Agenda Fails _X22 Report 2.0

  28. JC

    I believe the CIA, FBI, NSA, IRS, SDNY, Russians, Ukrainians, Mueller, Deutsche Bank and you-name-it have had the goods on Donald from the beginning. I further believe Donald has been “allowed” to get away with all that he has gotten away with because something far greater is going to be pinned on him.

    I sense something big is coming.
    The news these next 62 days promises to be fascinating, even if I am wrong.


    • notyourpatsy

      JC, Those agencies ‘have the goods’ on everyone on planet Earth my friend. Having been inside most of them, and having worked at 2 of them I can say this definitively. If they want to control someone the agency develops a ‘profile’ of everything YOU think no one knows about you/that you’ve dove. When it’s time to make you ‘dance’ they start letting you know things to ‘put you in your place’.
      With regards to P’Trump they have the whole family in the bag from the clintonians that disgusting family that should be hung on gallows. Ivannnka has her man jared that has his idfisreallli connections to protect them. Plus those 2 dont give a shit about anyone BUT themselves..both narcisists to the max!

    • regaleagle

      Sorry JC……but you need to find a new Hamburger Stand, LOL. This guy is a quasi-liberal Colorado-influenced spreader of Fake News for profit in disguise. I see no patrotism anywhere in his article. His appeal is to those that ARE patriots to unbuckle their resolve to support the ONLY candidate that can prevent a takeover of the USA. I wouldn’t trust this imposter for 100 Gold Eagles in return.

  29. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,

    And now for some good news! Litigation attorney, Leigh Dundas, explains the significance of Trump’s Executive Order for Election Interference (passed Sept 12 2018).


    • AndrewB

      Sorry, got name of EO wrong. Correct title is: ‘Imposing Certain Sanctions In The Event Of Foreign Interference In The United States Elections’.

    • Paul ...

      It didn’t stop FOX News from flipping to the Dark Side … they are using Tucker and others … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjDPqfIP62E … to tell us there is “no evidence” of voter fraud!!! … but … according to Powell “the good guys got the server” … and if good guys who believe in America and it’s Constitutional Government have the evidence … we are going need to expand GITMO to segregate them away from us (the way the human body does by keeping cancer locked up inside a tumor)!!

  30. Jeanne Koontz

    EXCLUSIVE: GOP Michigan Canvasser Speaks OUT After Feeling Threatened
    1,035,708 views•Nov 20, 2020 NewsNOW from FOX

    BAD NEWS If You Hate Trump, He’s NOT Going Away | FOTM | ATS | Huckabee
    617,916 views•Nov 21, 2020 Huckabee
    Despite the media’s misinformation, Trump continues to fight against election fraud. Here’s the rundown on the 2020 election, Trump’s legal team, and more. This is Gov. Mike Huckabee’s Facts of the Matter!

    Congress has right to reject Electoral College votes: Rep. Brooks; Staff can adjust Dominion tally
    286,329 views•Nov 21, 2020
    00:00 Congress Has Last Word in Election: Brooks
    Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks has at least twice taken time on the House floor to talk about election integrity. And, in an interview on American Though Leaders, he said Congress has the right to reject potentially fraudulent Electoral College votes.

    02:04 Dominion Agreement With Santa Clara County Allows Staff to ‘Adjust Tally’
    A 2019 agreement between Santa Clara County, California, and Dominion states the system allows staff to adjust the tally based on a review of scanned ballot images. California’s Secretary of State says the system uses ImageCast X, which allows voters to use their paper ballot on the same machine to cast their vote. Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell says the machines were designed to be easily hacked.

    03:49 Alliance Urges China to End HK Crackdown
    The Five Eyes intelligence-sharing group is urging Beijing to reconsider its actions against Hong Kong’s elected legislature. And China gave them a dire warning: be careful or else.

    04:46 Rockefeller Tree’s Surprise Holiday Gift
    A surprise! The holiday season came early this year to New York City. The iconic Rockefeller tree came with a gift: a little owl hidden in its branches.

  31. Adam Shiftless

    Think very carefully before ‘writing Donald Trump off’
    386,598 views•Nov 21, 2020 Sky News Australia
    There are three main areas in the fallout of the US presidential election that still “demand answers” and as such, people must think very carefully before they write Donald Trump off, says Sky News host Rowan Dean.
    “There are three main areas that demand answers,” Mr Dean said.
    Firstly, you’ve got all the anecdotal evidence of unacceptable and indeed fraudulent behaviour by voting officials; Republican scrutineers being shunted away and so on,” he said.
    “Then you’ve got all the whistleblowers”.
    Mr Dean said there are still many “statistical implausibilities” to surface from the counting of election votes.
    He said the “real villains in the piece” relate to the “highly suspect voting machines and the companies that run them and who they are connected to”.
    “The truth will and must prevail in the end, whatever the truth is, and however unbelievable and however uncomfortable that truth may be for many, many people,” he said.
    Mr Dean said the mainstream media is now “completely ignoring an erupting Mount Vesuvius of suspicious and illegal voting activity across the US.”

  32. Vain Klayman

    Media ‘sided with Chinese Government’ in attempts to shutdown COVID-19-origin inquiry
    4,970 views•Nov 22, 2020 Sky News Australia

    Leftist media “sided with the Chinese Government” in trying to shut down inquiry into the origin of COVID-19, according to Sky News host Sharri Markson.
    Ms Markson said China had admitted its increasing attack on Australia was largely the result of Australia’s “world-leading” call for an inquiry into the origins of COVID-19.
    “But months after Australia first called for this inquiry, we are no closer to an answer about how this virus started,” she said.
    She said there appeared little interest from the media to investigate the topic, with most of the media almost entirely rejecting the notion the virus may have leaked from a Wuhan Laboratory.
    Ms Markson said in February 2020, the Lancet published a letter signed by 27 leading scientists saying the virus originated from animals and accused those who questioned whether it instead originated from a laboratory of spreading misinformation.
    She revealed 466 pages of new email correspondence was released under FOI this week and obtained by the US Right to Know group which exposed the letter in the Lancet was organised and authored by “a group called the EcoHealth Alliance”.
    “It is a US non-profit group that has received millions of dollars from the US to do joint research, genetically modifying coronaviruses, with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the same type of research that is suspected of having inadvertently leaked to cause COVID-19,” she said.
    “The real information, the truth, is that we still don’t know how the virus started. It may have had natural origins or it may have leaked from a laboratory.
    “It’s why Australia led the world in calling for an inquiry into the origins of the virus.
    And it’s why China is now coming after us.
    Ms Markson said it was “absurd” a group of scientists, just a month after the virus emerged publicly, signed off on an article in the Lancet claiming the virus came from animals, and criticizing any suggestion otherwise as “misinformation”.
    “And what’s more absurd, is that the majority of the media just swallowed this line without question. And those who did question it were attacked by the left, the Guardian, the Herald, the abc, media watch,” she said.
    “They sided with the Chinese Government in trying to shut down reporting of this question, just like the Chinese Government has tried to shut down an inquiry into the origins.”

  33. Connie

    Though you shouldn’t clean off the shelves during the disaster, purchasing things at a lower price because you know the price will go up is not hoarding-minute 17:36 of the video. It is no different than using your extra money to purchase stocks in hopes that their value will go up. You are just INVESTING in something you can use later and keeping it in your possession. It is a way to store some wealth and stave off inflation. With stocks, you have digits on a screen over which you have no control. Notice that no one ever called stock investors hoarders even though they are just storing their wealth in stocks? There is a reason for that. The powers that be want people to put their money in stocks so THEY have control of the wealth. It’s one of the things keeping this illusion going. One of my favorite lines from Trump was when asked if he was purchasing stocks when the market dropped he said, “I don’t own stocks, I own stuff.” Just another reason they hate him.

    • notyourpatsy

      Connie, Right on target! You know cases of canned food make excellent bed risers. They also add support below window level against any incoming rounds. Just saying you might want to consider positions of defense in your home and store your goods accordingly, ahem.
      Purchasing goods for later use is YOUR business alone not the nosy commie in line behind you at the grocery store, or neighbor’s wanting to know what’s all that for. I’m always ‘donating to the local food pantry’, ‘red cross donations’, etc baffle the commies into thinking your one of them. But the whole time you’re thinking,”I can’t wait to knee cap that commie bastard!” Shoot low, Don’t Miss!

  34. Canadian Prepper


    You made a comment in the interview about Obozzo warning about the threat of populism. Here in Canuckistan our own smurf finance minister Chrysta Freeland warned about “anti-democratic populism”. One they are singing from the same song sheet and two can you see the irony of that comment?

    • notyourpatsy

      Canuck Prepper, Love that smurf fin min comment LMAO! ANY Country whose govt allows it to be invaded by COMMUNIST RED CHINESE is dooming it’s own people. I don’t care if you have to take them out with hatchets and axes, but you will soon! Commies to the North of us,(not REAL Canucks), gangs of illegals to the South of us, Socialist Bolsheviks in wdc!

  35. SilverHawk

    I only have two big puzzle pieces for the end of the FRN. Alan Greenspan said “We’re next” in response to the Venezuela hyperinflation. And Kyle Bass was told by a Fed Official “We’re gonna kill the dollar” in an interview like 12 to 15 years ago. You probably have a better chance of getting Kyle in an interview, than Alan…? And Kyle knows whats going to happen. Be nice to hear about how the vault in Texas is going, too. Gold vault, that is.

  36. SilverHawk

    Forgot to mention. The Economist is out with “The World in 2021”. Dollar collapse in Q3? The wheel is spinning, like Q1 and Q4. Q2 is stable. 2 covids.

  37. George+Eddleston

    Greg; Old news LaRouche forecast this would happen back in 1972.

  38. Paul ...

    You know … the Globalists love to tell us about how they “listen to scientists” … they especially like listening to Einstein who said: “WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones” … and that’s why they need to get rid of Trump so they can proceed with WWIII (as nuclear warfare on a worldwide basis will definitely help to reduce Earth’s population) … and when Einstein said: “If the bees are killed humanity will have only 4 years to live” … they listened again and proceeded to use chem-trails to kill all the bees … so as to bring about the total reduction in Earth’s population they want (as stated on their Georgia Guidestones)!!

  39. john+duffy

    Do Trump Supporters Live In An Alternate Universe?

    • Paul ...

      Yes … we are being forced into an alternative reality by the Main Stream Media … where truth does not exist … and facts are simply made up out of thin air … just like our fiat paper dollars!!

      • notyourpatsy

        Paul, No we are not, we are happy to be reading all along sites like UWD! The fake media is losing their asses due to commercial revenue losses. If WE THE PEOPLE refuse to patronize businesses advertised on major media then THEY LOSE not US! Forgo any products advertised on propaganda tv this holiday season, and don’t let your family of any age buy their crap either! BOYCOTT COMMIE BUSINESS!!

      • JC

        They say… “This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.”


        • Paul ...

          JC … Thomas Jefferson told us what is extremely dangerous to our Republic … a government that does not protect our life (allowing Fauci to create gain of function viruses) … a government that does not protect our liberty (allowing Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to censor our free speech) … and a government that does not protect our property (allowing BLM to burn down our businesses and bring in a system like Klause proposes that will deny anyone the right to own private property and be happy about it)!!

          • Paul ...

            And once they take down our Republic … this is what Schwab proposes “to make us happy”!! … https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/great-reset/schwab-advocates-putting-chips-in-our-head-so-government-can-read-our-thoughts/

            • regaleagle

              Paul…….they forget one important thing about the good ‘ol USA compared to most nations of the world……..we are armed to the teeth and will not sit idly by losing the freedoms our nation’s sons have fought and died for to preserve. IF it’s a fight they want, then they will get it 100 fold…..as the Good Book says. And those politicians in WDC betting be running for the hills, because there are marksmen in every neighborhood in this country just itchin’ to put them in their crosshairs……and I’m one of them. Wanna try me on for size??? I double-dawg dare you.

  40. Farley "Fritz" Gunther

    WATCH: Chanel Rion on “Dominion-izing the Vote”
    245,575 views•Nov 22, 2020
    Please read comments. . .Sad.

    Dr. Dave Janda Operation Freedom LIVE NOW

  41. Shiftless Adam Shifter

    Elections Security Expert “Those Kinds Of Numbers Don’t Exist In The Real World.”
    As reports of massive election fraud pour in from many parts of the country, statistical and mathematical impossibilities are coming to light
    by vince 16 hours ago

    Patrick Colbeck – The [DS] Planned Out An Election Coup And They Got Caught
    Today’s Guest: Patrick Colbeck Website: Let’s Fix Stuff https://letsfixstuff.org/
    Patrick is an aerospace engineer, author, former elected official, and former candidate for governor in Michigan. Served Two 4-yr Terms in Michigan Senate. Patrick was on the frontlines during the elections, he was a poll watcher. He describes how he noticed that the Dominion system was connected to the internet and when he questioned this they told him to not to worry about it. Then he noticed ballots being dropped off in the middle of the night. He said they used covid as an excuse to keep the people watching 6 feet away. Patrick believes this is a coup and they got caught.

    Media coverage of Biden press conference
    158,072 views•Nov 22, 2020 Fox News
    6.62M subscribers
    Gutfeld examines the media coverage of Joe Biden’s first news conference as president-elect.

  42. Conrad Blackmoore

    Sidney Powell: It will be BIBLICAL
    2,395,538 views•Nov 21, 2020

    Joe Biden struggles to operate autocue
    438K views 21 hours ago Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Rowan Dean says he “can’t wait” until Joe Biden gets hold of the nuclear codes after he stumbled his way through …

    Prince Charles is now selling his ‘eco-fascist fantasy of the Great Reset’
    110K views 20 hours ago
    Prince Charles is now selling his “eco-fascist fantasy of the Great Reset” to the Germans themselves, according to Sky News host …

    South Australian officials locked down the state based on ‘what turned out to be a lie’
    9,891 views•Nov 22, 2020

  43. Gina *-*M*-* Mancarella.

    Greg, I caution you and your listeners that is going to cold hard winter for everyone, but especially for those who continue to support the illegitimate efforts of a sore loser from the 2020 election. I would ask you who among you wants to be investigated by the IRS ?

    Who among you wants to be investigated by the FBI for tax evasion ?

    Who among you wants to be investigated by the ATF for firearms violations ?

    Who among you wants to be investigated by Homeland Security for conspiracy ?

    Who among you wants to be deemed an unfit parent by Child Protective Services ?

    Who Greg ? Who ? People should be careful who and what they advocate for !

    Disaster awaits those who try to buck the clear trend cause paybacks are a bitch !!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      You and your cabal are not so tough.


    • Self+Exiled

      What you suggest we fear Gina, and what you list is so momentarily useless in the present situation; that what people are facing is far beyond your fear items and they know it. Existence on a personal level is what people are watching disappear, a societal fracturing is occuring [condoning your own demise]. The powers you list are diminishing every time your elk throws a brick. Your threatening some inner part of a person that has all ready been deemed unnecessary by your creed. You have only told us what you fear. To build takes decades, sometimes centuries, to destroy only a moment of ilconscieved thought.

    • Paul ...

      Gina … You want a woman for President? … I’ll vote for Sidney Powell … will you??

  44. Mohammad



    “Putin Says He’s Not Ready To Recognize Biden As US President”

    From my experience in my motherland Syria debacles and affairs, you can place your bet on Russian side and you win.


  45. Trinacria

    Thank you Greg for another great guest. John Williams is without a doubt a person of great knowledge, but most of all, I believe he has integrity – something that is sorely missing out there, especially in government.
    One source of inconsistency is causing me some confusion. Williams states that low interest rate mortgages can be restated in the event of a rest, however, he also states that the government can “inflate” its way out. Well, if mortgages are restated during a reset, wouldn’t government bonds and all debt also be reset? It can’t be one and not the other? Thank you again.

  46. Mohammad

    I am not sure what is your journalistic instinct on this Greg:


    To me I sense that this is a tactic distancing Powell from Trump legal team so when she unleashes havoc on the Dominion , Trump will remain in neutral position to absorb the rebound wave and to hit with a second strike at the level of the Supreme Court.

    I do not think for a second this is a devision, I think it is a tactic

    What say you Greg?


    • donna+s.

      I got the same feeling, and this may be part of the legal plan but I am not sure why as I do not know the ins and outs of the legal field. Wish I did. This is getting tense. She came out with a statement of her own after Trumps team announce she wasn’t part of the team saying that she will continue the fight and will be filing legal actions against Dominion and smartmatic on behalf of the voters. If you know more or have a Idea why they might do this I would love to hear it

      • Mohammad


        Think about it for a moment, do you think for a second the military will let the communist take over the country? not a chance.

        Notice also the powerful words Powell was putting recently after the change in DoD..!

        To me, I think Powell is THE MOUTHPIECE OF THE MILITARY…


    • Trinacria

      Mohammad: I saw this on several others sites as well. What you wrote is exactly what I am thinking as well. Keeping my fingers crossed and praying that Trump’s legal team will bring all this darkness to the sunlight !!! Would be great to get Greg’s insight on this.

    • notyourpatsy

      Mohammad, Great question, but things need to move at warp speed and I’m not talking about a vaccine. 60 or less days to get his act together. Like I posted before, I think P’ Trump is trying to not disrupt the holidays for the American people after the crappy year we all had. At least I hope that is his excuse for non action.

    • AndrewB

      Mohammad, I hope your conjecture is correct.

      Sidney Powell on Newsmax:
      Not sure how long Youtube will allow access to this news item.

      • Paul ...

        Sidney Powell is going after corruption that cuts across “both” Political Parties … and that is why Trump folded as usual and is not backing her up … Trump “is not the savior” we all want … he is just a better alternative to having those disgusting commie perverts Bribe’n and Herass ruining our Nation!!

        • Greg Hunter

          You don’t know what you are talking about. In Powell’s statement she said “She agrees with it.” Something else going on there. I don’t appreciate the foul language either and I won’t be posting that other comment.

          • Paul ...

            Greg … I know one thing … Powell would make a good Presidential candidate in 2024 … just listen to her: “We will not allow this great Republic to be stolen by communists from without and within or our votes altered or manipulated by foreign actors in Hong Kong, Iran, Venezuela, or Serbia” … and she will go after “all” the domestic swamp creatures irrespective of Party … https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/making-sense-news-about-sidney-powell

          • Mohammad


            Here is the the link to her statement :

            please notice this:
            “We will not allow this great Republic to be stolen by communists from without and within or our votes altered or manipulated by foreign actors in Hong Kong, Iran, Venezuela, or Serbia, ”

            THIS IS VERY VERY PRECISE detailed statement…!!!

            I recall Greg when you mentioned in your last news wrap that Powell said : She does not know who got the servers in the raid , the good guys or the bad guys, then you said that you bet it was the good guys…


            HOW DID SHE IN THE ABOVE STATEMENT LITERALLY MENTIONED SPECIFIC COUNTRIES INVOLVED if it was not for the fact that she knows what is in the servers and the GOOD GUYS are the ones who got it????????????


    • Blackmoore's View

      “DOMINION EXPOSED! This Should Terrify Every Single American”.
      See The Video with Kelli Ward
      Chavez is tied in to the story — [or was before he died seven years ago]
      , and what the top two real takeaways should be for both parties and all American voters now that the GOP has finally decided to become concerned — or, at least, pretend to be — about the dangers of electronic voting and tabulation systems:

      Simply because a computerized voting and tabulation system is vulnerable to fraud and manipulation does not mean that any particular election run on it has been defrauded or manipulated, and;
      Even if an election is 100% secure and accurate, if it can’t be known by the public to have been 100% secure and accurate, it is every bit as much of a threat to confidence in our democratic system as it would be if the election had actually been stolen on such a system.
      The past few days should give you plenty of evidence for that, at least!

      There are too many details beyond that to include in a summary, so I hope you’ll just buckle up and tune out the talking heads and brace yersleves fer the full rollicking skinny on this one!

      But, one other point worth noting here. While we’ve been reporting on all of these facts — with independently verifiable evidence — for nearly two decades now, it is for the above reasons that we have been inviting Republicans of late to put their money where there mouths are. If they are actually concerned about easily manipulated elections by Dominion (or any other computer vote system vendor), then join us in demanding the use of only hand-marked paper ballots for Georgia’s upcoming critical U.S. Senate runoffs in January (which will determine partisan control of the U.S. Senate). Those ballots should then be publicly hand-counted on Election Night. It’s just two races with two candidates each, so it’s very easy to count publicly in a single night, and it would result in Dominion being tossed out of elections entirely in the state of Georgia! How about it Repubs? You in? I’ll even drive out to Phoenix to make a new video about it with Kelli Ward if she joins the call. Why wouldn’t she?
      Then, we’re joined today by George Washington University Law School professor and Washington Post contributor RANDALL D. ELIASON, for his explanation as to why he believes it is appropriate to bring public pressure against high-profile law firms representing Trump in his evidence-based “voter fraud” cases, but not against attorneys and firms who choose to represent other despicable individuals like terrorists, child molesters and the KKK. That, after top national law firms recently withdrew from Trump’s “fraud” cases following public opprobrium encouraged by the anti-Trump Republicans of the Lincoln Project.

      Raw Data Confirms in 68 Seconds Tens of Thousands of Votes Switched: Brian Trascher
      579,142 views•Premiered 19 hours ago
      Zooming In with Simone Gao

      Trump will not concede, there’s a method to the madness. Donald J. Trump is the commander in chief. He can’t take up the Dominion fight because it’s been a tool of the US. intel services. The plausible deniability guy’s and girl have indicated that Sidney must go it alone. To prove the Democrat hijacking of the device and fraud software. She has more than enough evidence to prove her case and she will. The American people are demanding it, as Tucker Carlson has shown. Sidney will have her day in court, But the presidents legal team can not have the honor of having taken down half or more of the US. government of un-representatives. Hopefully this one single woman can and will restore representative government to the American people! Enough said and mum’s the word.

      323,832 views•Nov 22, 2020
      The Rest of The Story
      Last But Not the Least Bit

    • Tin foil hat

      Powell should not have said “the CIA, I’m sure, has a hand in it.”

      Trump and Giuliani would have to take on the CIA if they have gone down that path or they would look incompetence/cowardice. Hence, they must distance themselves from that statement.

  47. Self+Exiled

    Flights into Guantanamo Bay have gone up. Hmmmm…………..after election.


    • Self+Exiled

      Gina Haspel are you on one of these flights? Not seen for awhile. Very quiet.

    • Francis Bondi

      Aussie channel 9 gets the skinny on Trumps reality show’s reality, surprising Stefanovic.
      Like the US. bought off talking heads, surprise, surprise!

    • Blackmoore's View

      One other point worth noting here. While USAWatchdog.com has been reporting on all of these facts — with independently verifiable evidence — for nearly two decades now, it is for the above reasons that we have been inviting Republicans of late to put their money where there mouths are. If they are actually concerned about easily manipulated elections by Dominion (or any other computer vote system vendor), then join us in demanding the use of only hand-marked paper ballots for Georgia’s upcoming critical U.S. Senate runoffs in January (which will determine partisan control of the U.S. Senate). Those ballots should then be publicly hand-counted on Election Night. It’s just two races with two candidates each, so it’s very easy to count publicly in a single night, and it would result in Dominion being tossed out of elections entirely in the state of Georgia! How about it Repubs? You in?
      George Washington University Law School professor and Washington Post contributor RANDALL D. ELIASON, has a great explanation as to why he believes it is not appropriate to bring public pressure against high-profile law firms representing Trump in his evidence of “voter fraud” cases, but not against attorneys and firms who choose to represent despicable individuals like terrorists, child molesters and the KKK. That, after some top national law firms recently withdrew from Trump’s “fraud” cases following public opprobrium encouraged by the anti-Trump Republicans of the Lincoln Project. Even the Bible mentions cowards will not inherit God’s Kingdome, incoming!
      P.S. You can take a look inside the computer, d’état book @ Amazon.com

  48. Francis Bondi

    50.000 US. Troops amassing across the sea of Japan as show of force to China. Mind your own business!🌅

  49. Mike R

    Former US Army intelligence officer Anthony Shaffer—who currently serves as a member of the US Nuclear Strategy Forum and is a senior fellow to the London Center for Policy Research—on 6 November sent out the following cryptic message on his Twitter feed:“A hypothetical question for all the Democrats….What if DHS anticipated DNC counting fraud…What if they “tagged” each legitimate ballot….What would happen if DHS does an audit of all counted ballots and finds ballots without the tag (that is not visible to the naked eye, but can be seen under ultra-violet light) – what happens then?”

    Most remarkable to note about intelligence officer Shaffer, was the interview he gave in London during the middle of September 2019, that saw him describing exactly how this election was going to be stolen.

    • K. Wayne

      How the Election was “CORRUPTED”……there is no Democratic Process. We are ruled through Tyranny. YES IT WAS PLANNED…..and they have done a great job in convincing the Public too.

  50. tim+mcgraw

    I’m 13 minutes into the interview and wondering if John Williams is okay. He’s rambling and not sure of his facts. That’s not like Mr. Williams.
    This is the biggest transfer of wealth in history from the working middle class and the poor to the very rich. That’s it.
    Follow the money and find the villains.
    Covid shmovid. It’s always about the money!

    • eddiemd

      I agree. He was somewhat confused at the start.

  51. Self+Exiled

    Dept Dictatorship; call what it is. The IMF/BIS fight fractions within the Great Reset who do not have the monetary power to reset. The corrupt American Political System asset recuperation is a break up of US States; Americans will do it themselves unknowingly doing the deeds of the banks; banks need to give [land areas] our assets to other countries intigratigrating our country into their reset of debt liquidation. The new East Asian conference suggested these land mass transitions for debt relief in their area of influence. All this in the background of the election and the coved mass murder project. The elites are the ones who are in dept. Their money has become worthless.

  52. Self+Exiled

    “If Mr. Morell is the best the CIA has to offer, the agency should be replaced with a subscription to The New York Times at a savings of approximately $15 billion annually.”

    Bruce Fein — US Constitutional Lawyer

  53. Hay Klay man

    ‘Global woke fascism’ won’t even let ‘debate over voter-fraud’ to take place
    117,406 views•Nov 22, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News contributor Michael Kroger says the fact the left won’t allow discussion of voter fraud to occur is part of “the global woke fascism” that we have in the modern era, that “you shut down debate, you don’t even allow the debate to take place”.
    “There is fraud in every election, I don’t think the Trump’s campaign’s claims will come to anything,” Mr Kroger said.

    “But very clearly, what the Left have done in America, as they did in other ways throughout Trump’s presidency, is to say Biden’s won it’s all over, there’s no point discussing anything else – and that’s what they’re trying to do.

    “There will be fraud, there will be mistakes, but there certainly won’t be enough to change the result.

    “This is part of the artillery of the Left – shut down debate on topics we don’t like, don’t even refer to them, pretend those arguments don’t even exist.”

  54. Paul ...

    You know … now that it is being shown to us right before our very eyes … that man can fly (like the Annunaki gods of old did) … https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/worlds-first-electrified-wingsuit-reached-186-mph-first-flight … it may be time for us to sell our auto stocks which could prove to be a losing investment (sort of like the people who invested in horseshoe makers when the Model-T Ford was first introduced)!!

  55. mike martin

    My dear friends in America. Rise and stop this from happening. Individually one can do little but as a group you are a force that can change the direction of America. If the will of the people does not rise above the corruption here the Globalists will take over the World.

    The next few weeks will determine the fate of the World. Rise and be heard. My prayers are with you.

    • Mario

      Hey Mike
      I hope all is well.
      I’m in Canada too and I agree with you.
      Are you the Mike Martin I think you might be?
      Best regards and blessings,


    • Paul ...

      Hear this man Americans!! … “The Entire World” is hoping and praying … that we Patriots will save them and their children (from the terror that will be inflicted upon them by the evil Globalists and their “New Commie Order”)!!

      • notyourpatsy

        Paul, IF the ‘rest of the World’s patriots’ think that WE, the American Patriot, can ‘save the World’ without THEIR HELP, they are sorely mistaken. There is ‘power’ in numbers, so, since past administrations FLOODED OUR AMERICA with MILLIONS of ‘illegals’ who have devalued our vote, our communities, and public services, etc, WE THE PEOPLE need help! Come by plane, train, auto, on foot, just like all previous illegals, except in this instance you are all now soldiers of fortune! Come and help us turn the tide and we will gladly welcome YOU to our shores! Don’t come after the smoke clears because at that point you are the enemy.
        Patriots WILL NOT start the next internal war…..but WE WILL FINISH IT ONCE AND FOR ALL. Write that on MT Rushmore! Politicians and the elite mean NOTHING to REAL AMERICANS, they are actual the ‘deplorables’ in America! Every Patriot militia knows they alone are responsible for their states, and that adjacent state militias WILL come to their aid on state borders.

  56. roger+stamper

    tks for post

  57. Self+Exiled

    Oddly, Trump seemed to consider Powell a member of his legal team last week. The Washington Post, meanwhile (so take with appropriate grains of salt) is reporting that Trump told his advisers Powell was ‘too much’ for him, and doesn’t view her as helpful anymore.


    My rambling thoughts: I really think Trump is working with his own reset subgroup and the Davo’s crowd just tolerates him like they do Hilary. He just seems to miss the goal by the skin of his teeth on establishing some sort of legal order then it evaporates like smoke. Barr is just to handy of an excuse. Are you one of those rich boy floaters I use to see in college. Talk like you’re really studying, but down deep it’s only for fun, it’s all just a game your future is set; just act like you care, and you do a little bit, but you have no skin in the game. Everything’s just an opportunity with no investment. Your only real passion is for; No, i’m wrong there is no passion, it’s just a role you enjoy playing because there is no depth to the character. It’s personality deficit/deficiency or an inadequate personality, maybe it is an avoidant personality. He inherited everything and——

    • Dave

      Excellent thoughts re: Trump. You may have come close to nailing it.

      • Self+Exiled

        That is why Christ to me, The Jesus of the Bible, He who overcame death, has been the only true human being; sincere, honest as God intended us to be. I saw Christ in a man eyes on the Bay walk in August, 2011 Manila. I should post the story here for you who are His.

  58. Dave

    Even Rush is questioning the Giuliani/Powell presser last week – as in where is the evidence? Rush and others want Trump to go into Georgia to campaign but so far he hasn’t indicated he will. Was Trump a plant all along? I think so and oddly enough never Trumpers are worried rank and file GOP voters will not turn out for the Georgia election. They are so upset about the GOP and what they see as lack of support for Trump they’d just as soon see it crash and burn and lose the Senate. Presumably this group would come in and take control of the GOP in that scenario. In any case Democrats are energized in Georgia and Republicans’ are dis-illusionned. And Trump? He continues to spin chaos which was the plan all along – Trump has been zooming his supporters from the start.

    • eddiemd

      More disinfo PSYOP>

  59. Mike

    My gut feeling is that not only will the World be shocked but that America and it’s patriots will prevail. The power of drowning this darkness with the light of truth will overcome the darkness. Someone please put out the welcome mat at Gitmo. Guests are coming soon.

  60. Dave

    It is interesting that Powell suggested that the GOP Governor of Georgia is in on the Dominion fix. Others say the GOP Secretary of State is compromised and did not do a Senate recount which likely would have put Purdue over 50% with no runoff. Then Powell hints that Collins may have outperformed Loeffler (sp?) which will raise wounds among more conservative GOP voters in Georgia who are upset that Governor Kemp did not appoint Collins to the seat to begin with. Is Powell purposely stirring up friction among Georgia voters? And to what end? it only gives the Democrats a boost at taking the two seats. That is the goal – for the Democrats to take total control and many supposed “patriots” seem to be in on it. The GOP in Georgia is in chaos over all of this and Victor David Hanson today said it looks like the Dems will win both seats. Whither Trump? Will he make an all out effort for the GOP Senate candidates or will his ego take over and do little. . He is upset with the GOP Georgia leadership and the GOP in general. Some speculate he will spend his time after January in going after the GOP. An article to that effect in Politico today.

    Rush and Seb Gorku? Singing Powell’s praises to the heavens a few days ago and now turning. Especially Gorku who was obviously constraining himself not to let loose on Powell. But he was critical enough that he admitted some are saying Gorku is part of the Deep State for dissing Powell. Chaos is the name of the game and wherever Trump goes, as light follows day, chaos ensues. Michael Savage has been right is seems. He wondered out loud over the past 2 years whether Trump was the real deal or was it all “shadows on the wall” and were his supporters being played.

    • eddiemd

      More PSYOP.

    • Mitch I. Gun

      Kay, You can always opt out of the RNA for the Russki vaccine. Swallow your pride now!
      Self+Exiled, Trump never played anyone, ask your Filipino nurses aid. Those woman know most men are lazy, like most of us Americans living on the national debt, soon to end. Then what?
      And Dave, what will you say when the trump* landslide, catches the last liar, with his pants on flyer!

    • William+Stanley

      Loose the Kraken!
      (or at least dismantle it and its masters)

    • Napoleon's So Lowe

      Michael Savage has been right is seems. He wondered out loud over the past 2 years whether Trump was the real deal or was it all “shadows on the wall” and were his supporters being played. DAVE
      Dare you to call into the Michael Savage show Dave and tell him that. In fact I WILL. Hope you’ll be listening in. Like it’s been said so many times here, your psyops didn’t work in Syria and it wont work against Trump. Keep Gitmo in your heart, because home is where the heart is…🛸

      • notyourpatsy

        Napoleon, Welcome to the UWD, just the kind of Patriot we need in America! I have listened to Dr Savage since his early days on radio, attended many of his events, and purchased from his website every book he ever authored. I had/have a hard time believing that he was not selected for any job within this past administration. Dr Savage is one of THE most Patriotic people in America! His is the kind of leadership that it’s going to take to get America back on track. God Bless America and Dr Michael Savage and his family.

        • Elena Merina

          You should listen in more often Pat and in his new and up, incoming podcast. The president in the present and future administration did appoint him;
          Michael Savage Receives White House Appointment
          | Thursday, 26 March 2020 07:15 PM
          “President Trump saw [my] environmental background and asked if I would like to serve on The Presidio Trust,” Savage said, according to The Washington Times. “I hope to help save this great legacy while also reminding the public of the military significance of this land.”
          The appointment appears tailor-made for Savage.

  61. vegasrob

    Kraken is software……..
    Great watch

  62. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Thanks for indulging the extended comments and replies by so many of us. I’m sure that moderating them is very time consuming.

  63. Need To Know

    Nunes: The best course of action for President Trump
    259,193 views•Nov 23, 2020 Newsmax TV
    California Rep. Devin Nunes on Trump’s best route to victory through legal battles, a Biden presidency, securing integrity in our elections and more –
    If nothings wrong, Dominion has nothing to lose. Why did Dominion pack up and leave suddenly? The innocent don’t run.

    Ellis: It’s astonishing how these state election officials had complete disregard for election law
    Donald J Trump 281K views 4 hours ago

    No honest person can say that the 2020 election was fair. It was RIGGED – and we caught them!
    Donald J Trump 130K views 4 hours ago

    Mayor Rudy Giuliani: The Michigan attorney general doesn’t care if Democrats steal an election
    483,730 views•Nov 23, 2020 4 hours ago
    Mayor Rudy Giuliani: The Michigan attorney general doesn’t care if Democrats steal an election

    LIN WOOD: Lawsuits are not over
    Newsmax TV 5 hours ago

    Election 2020 Going to Supreme Court!
    Trish Regan 19K views 6 hours ago

    Donald Trump has ‘set fire to the curtains on his legacy’
    4,923 views•Nov 24, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News contributor Grahame Morris says it is a disgrace that Donald Trump has “set fire to the curtains on his legacy”.
    “He knocked all the walls out and now everyone’s just hoping at least there will be a back door open for the legacy before he destroys the lot,” Mr Morris told Sky News.
    “The last few weeks have proved, just all along, that he’s the wrong man for that office”.
    Hold on mates!
    The comments are hilariousness at it’s finest and these are only the first two!
    55 minutes ago
    The more the media screams and wallows, you know Trump is right over the target…
    48 minutes ago
    Sleepy joe ain’t president, period. A chicken can have a better opinion than these two.

    Lou Dobbs calls out ‘radical’ Michigan lawmaker
    165,319 views•Nov 23, 2020
    Michigan’s Attorney General may seek legal action against GOP officials.

  64. Marie+Joy

    Whichever side is the most vicious, that side will win.

    • notyourpatsy

      Marie, Wrong! Which ever side is on the side of GOD WILL PREVAIL!

    • regaleagle

      May I suggest some sweet potato casserole with marshmellow topping as a pick-me-up, Dear Sir……Lol.

  65. Clint+D.

    Great interview. Always give John Williams credibility. I suspect that the owners of the Federal Reserve (the 10 Kings) are setting up the USA for destruction. Expect to see faintness of heart, fear, rumors, violence and ruler against ruler in 2021. If this is what happens the USA will be destroyed as defined in Jeremiah 51:46, 47.

  66. Alannon

    WTF, Dow over 30,000 and gold down 37. Just learned something interesting(BS) bartering between individuals is subject to taxes, I am naïve I guess but they sure got you coming and going!! if I trade my grain mill for a drill from my neighbor, gold for food, bitcoin for whatever.

    • notyourpatsy

      Alannon, WRONG! Barter is a construct between two persons and the govt has no ‘interest/lien’ thereupon. You’re either a liberal, millenial, or foreigner with no knowledge of how actual barter works in reality. I’ve ‘bartered’ for over 45 years in order to maintain a quality of life to which the US (NOT ‘USA’) Constitution provides. Now that you learned something go and barter and keep your mouth shut about it.

  67. notyourpatsy

    The Donald is STILL out PLAYING GOLF, while the clock runs out?!!! They’re planning and holding a Xmas party while the rest of America was told to sit home alone without YOUR FAMILY. I’m anti govt, not anti trump, but he’s making it awful hard to stand behind him. This govt has gotten way too much like the royalty of ol’ england. Look at how the politicians live vs the American people! THEY stopped ‘representing’ us 100 yrs ago! THEY are all in it for themselves! Personally I’d like to pull the rope on every turncoat/rino like rommmnie! It makes me sick to watch them willingly go over to byebyeden’s side! There’s 2 sides, Patriot America and the Enemy! Pick your side now, come spring there will be hell to pay.

    • Greg Hunter

      Psyops go both ways.

      • notyourpatsy

        Mr Hunter, I agree the psyops go both ways. It’s hard to watch though for those of us who’ve held leadership roles throughout our careers. I had a hard time watching Pompeo on tv remarking about the choices the losers made for their govt! It’s like he’s conceding his job!
        Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Mr Hunter. Thank You for providing a source of real information for your fellow Patriots!

  68. notyourpatsy

    Check out the 7,000!! wedding party in brooklyn nyc!! The hasdic jews held it and got ‘fined’ (paid off) mayor deblabblaseio $15 large!! But YOU and YOUR FAMILY are not ‘allowed’ to have more than 10 *immediate* family present for YOUR holiday gatherings?!! WTF?! Americans need to stand up to the BS we’re being fed. DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH YOUR OWN FAMILY! Once WE start ‘obeying’ the govt then ALL LIBERTY is gone forever!

  69. notyourpatsy

    Everybody, go over to https/jsmineset.com and read ALL of the posted ‘essays’ by Eric/ NHAB/NeverHadABoss. This past nov’s are information for you and your family and friends to discuss and pay attention to IMO. Eric has his finger on the pulse of what’s transpiring in America and with what’s coming down the tracks.
    I’ve read every one of his essays he’s ever written, and his insight is invaluable! Mr Hunter get Eric on as a guest!

  70. eddiemd

    More excitement in the eastern Med. Germany intercepts a Turkish ship with supposed military cargo bound for Libya.


    • eddiemd

      Who is Edom?

      The Hebrew word Edom means “red”, and the Hebrew Bible relates it to the name of its founder, Esau, the elder son of the Hebrew patriarch Isaac, because he was born “red all over”. As a young adult, he sold his birthright to his brother Jacob for “red pottage”. The Tanakh describes the Edomites as descendants of Esau.

      The prophesy of Obadiah against Edom.


      “For the day of the Lord upon all the nations is near;
      As you have done, it shall be done to you;
      Your reprisal shall return upon your own head.

      Israel’s Final Triumph

      “But on Mount Zion there shall be deliverance,
      And there shall be holiness;
      The house of Jacob shall possess their possessions.

      The house of Jacob shall be a fire,
      And the house of Joseph a flame;
      But the house of Esau shall be stubble;
      They shall kindle them and devour them,
      And no survivor shall remain of the house of Esau,”
      For the Lord has spoken.
      The South shall possess the mountains of Esau,
      And the Lowland shall possess Philistia.
      They shall possess the fields of Ephraim
      And the fields of Samaria.
      Benjamin shall possess Gilead.
      And the captives of this host of the children of Israel
      Shall possess the land of the Canaanites
      As far as Zarephath.
      The captives of Jerusalem who are in Sepharad
      Shall possess the cities of the South.
      Then saviors shall come to Mount Zion
      To judge the mountains of Esau,
      And the kingdom shall be the Lord’s.

      It is a prophecy against Esau’s descendants.

    • notyourpatsy

      EddieMD, As usual you have the goods on what’s happening to the left and right of center! The Biblical War of All Wars WILL start in the ME as you have repeatedly posted over the past year. At least most of our guys will be out of the area when it does.
      As for the az submersives you and your fellow Patriots within az will have to hang’em high!

  71. eddiemd

    Interesting court documents.


    This was happening across the country. Here is Maricopa County we have a communist subversive as the Recorder and his fellow subversive as Secretary of State, The Arizona election was rigged. Everyone knows it.

  72. eddiemd

    Excellent video on deep state involvement. Pete Santilli show.


  73. Paul ...

    Just like on 9-11 when the “commies” collapsed Bldg 7 (which was never hit by a plane) and told us to believe “that fire will collapse a steel building the same way fire melts the grills on our kitchen stove” … the “commie” thieves got sloppy in this 2020 election also … telling us Bribe’n and Herass legally won by mail in votes “in excess of the population in many districts”!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/gingrich-thieves-who-stole-our-election-got-sloppy

  74. Self+Exiled

    Getting Interesting, shake downs?


    • Self+Exiled

      I think he gets confused. CIA flights would not be pro Trump /pro US flights. Gitmo maybe, but I doubt CIA dark sites are related or are they military dark sites. What do I know——————Gina where are you?

  75. bob

    greg, I’m just curious. will copper, brass, aluminum and other lesser metals ride the coat tails of precious metals?

    • Greg Hunter

      I think so. Just for grins I have been saving pre 1982 pennies. 82 and earlier are copper. The later ones are copper coated zinc.

    • Mike R

      what you want to be in, is energy, and specifically oil. We are about to embark upon a massive commodity run unlike the world has ever seen. Sure metals may be going up, but the world cannot run without energy, and SPECIFICALLY it NEEDS to be very CHEAP energy. Well we pretty much have drained the planet of virtually all the cheapest energy that ever existed, since we started the big time fracking here in the US in 2008.

      That gig is up. BIG TIME. Its over. Done. FINI.

      It was all funded by dirt cheap money, and that money is gone, and the drillers who did all this have mountains of debt. Funny thing is, the Saudi’s no longer have much cheap oil left either. Same thing with most middle eastern countries. Now its all about militaries and countries fighting HARD over what is left. Oil prices, and ALL energy prices have only one direction to go from here…. UP. WAY UP. Crazy high UP.

      So the hyperinflation Williams speaks of, will largely be driven by these super high oil prices that are forthcoming, AND the super high mountains of debt, that can’t just be ‘written off’, and so bond yields will be skyrocketing too. Bond holders are going to be skewered ! And SHOCKED.

      This has all been a long long time coming. Oil prices will seem like they are rising in coincidence with the hyperinflation, but they will actually BE LEADING the hyperinflation. Natural gas is hugely plentiful in the US, but the price has been artificially suppressed for decades. We needed the prices to be a LOT higher, to prevent what’s coming, because no long term E&P has been done for NG. Its only been the fracking, and the byproduct of going after the oil, that NG has been so plentifully available at the surface due to fracking. But that easy stuff too, is going to be gone. So watch your home heating bills triple and QUADruple, within the next 5 to 10 years. Maybe sooner. Wont matter whether your home is heated by NG, Oil, propane, whatever. Unless you have some massive thermal storage, and can some how harness the sun, and not via solar pV, but most importantly through solar thermal, you better batten down the hatches, get new super efficient windows, insulate the heck out of your home now while its not only still affordable, but still available. I just put in new windows after 35 years of triple pane, which were good, but nothing like today’s best windows. I’ll have R50 in our ceilings here for the northern midwest climates,once I am done. And Im re-doing the walls insulation with some special insulation that I cant reveal, since I want it to be finished before others find out about it. Your nest bet is to source a commercial fuel cell, that currently is designed for buildings, and fuel that with NG, get super high electrical efficiency, and size it large enough to generate about 50% of your home’s heating needs with the co-gen package you can get with the fuel cell. Its only by-product is water. Since there is no combustion of the NG, and hydrogen is being extracted from the NG to power the membranes to produce electrons. Add in some solar PV and good battery storage to compliment that fuel cell, and you’ll not only protect yourself majorly from energy hyperinflation, but you will be able to run your home with the power grid goes down. And since we have now basically 3rd world politics, in our elections, that is assuredly going to lead us to 3rd world power grid instability. Power Outages will become as commonplace here in the US, as they are in a place like Haiti. Its inevitable, as the utilities when they were deregulated, have barely sunk a dime into any real upgrades and most of the power transmission and distribution networks are 50 and 60 years old, and well past their useful life. It will take at least $20 trillion in 2010 dollars to get the power grid back to what it was like it terms of reliability when much of it was built in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Nuke plants are all past their original licenses, since they were mostly built in the 70’s and 80’s. Most coal plants are long gone, or will be soon. Renewables like wind and solar, have a real, fully burdened cost (if they are unsubsidized) of north of 30 cents/kwhr. Most people in the midwest are paying around 10 to maybe 14 cents/kwhr. NY is up around 17 to 20 cents per kwhr. Hawaii is close to 50 cents/kwhr, but thats because they rely on imported heavy fuel oil for their generators, or imported LNG.

      You could put in your own solar now, but its got to be grid connected to be remotely affordable, otherwise if you want to size it large enough to be stand alone, it will have to be kw wise, at least 3 times your average power consumption to be able to handle the peak loads. And the battery storage cost will double your solar PV system cost. Which is how you too will be getting up around 30 cents/kwhr to generate your own solar PV. People installing solar today being grid connected, have systems that will be too small, and not at all set up for being stand alone, so they will be screwed too, if and when they get a clue about what a stand alone system entails, and why in a few short years they will be kicking themselves for installing grid connected solar in the first place.

      If you dont believe me, then ask yourself why all these utilities have been promoting solar PV (grid tied) over the past 10 years, when they were ALL against it for the prior 40 years ? Well they know consumers are too stupid to figure out what they will need to be stand alone, and will all easily get sucked in by all the super greedy, and super unethical solar PV companies pounding on everyones door with solicitations, or emailing tons of spam offers to them. The grid tied solar PV is of huge benefit to the power grid operators, but not really at all to the homeowners who want to pretend to be ‘green.’ These homeowners by not being stand alone capable, are actually subsidizing the power utilities using their own capital, so this is basically a ‘free’ power install for the benefit of the utility’s profit margins, as every kwhr that doesn’t have to be delivered to that home, is worth 2.5 times their normal margin. When the power outages do come, and they will in spades, and electric prices skyrocket, which will be coincident with oil price skyrocketing, and all commodities hyperinflating, the utilities will still be winning, and the homeowners who installed grid tied Solar PV will be even more screwed. I’ll let you all do the rest of the math on why that will be true.

  76. Mike R

    Meanwhile, Biden is apparently already planning to bring back Smellin Yellen as Fed chair. US interest rates are going negative when that happens. GUARANTEED.

    Got Gold ?

    • Mike R

      Sorry, meant to say Treasury Secretary. Munchkins replacement.

  77. Judy

    Like John Williams very much, a wise an insightful senior economist. And he doesn’t talk partisan politics. We are better off with guests like these.

  78. Macaroni Gina

    Feeling Brave Macaroni, feel the fear curtesy of the American sheeple people!
    “When the shadow implausible unrepresentative government fears the people there is freedom, when the people fear they’re treasonous treacherous government, there is fascism” THOMAS JEFFERSONIAN
    Trump’s team ‘seem to have uncovered things that look suspicious’: Devine
    211,425 views•Nov 24, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Alan Jones says the “Trump haters” claim there is no evidence of fraud however the Trump team “have evidence by way of affidavit”.
    “And a signed affidavit, under threat of perjury … is evidence to be tested in court,” Mr Jones said.
    Mr Jones referenced George W.Bush’s presidential victory in the year 2000 saying, “after legal challenges, it took 37-days”.
    “It is only 21 days since the election”.
    Mr Jones spoke with New York Post columnist Miranda Devine about the Trump campaign’s legal path of taking its challenges to the US Supreme Court.
    “When it comes to anomalies and indications of election fraud in those swing states, in isolated places, they certainly seem to have uncovered things that look suspicious,” Ms Devine said.

    After Years Behind Bars, Activist Who Exposed ‘Shadow CIA’ and US Gov’t Crimes to Be Freed
    Don Via November 23, 2020

    “There was a powerful group of very high-ranking STATE officials that some referred to as ‘The 7th Floor Group’ or ‘The Shadow Government.’ This group met every Wednesday afternoon to discuss the FOIA process, Congressional records, and everything CLINTON-related to FOIA/Congressional inquiries,” the person told the FBI.

    Emergency petition filed after 150k possibly fraudulent ballots ID’d; Subpoena in Georgia election
    523,953 views•Streamed live 8 hours ago

    New report reveals even more Hunter Biden’s ties; House Republicans call for election probe | NTD 599,967 views•Nov 22, 2020
    01:34 GOP Senators: Hunter Biden Had More China Ties
    New records allegedly reveal further ties between associates of Hunter Biden and the Chinese regime. Two GOP senators have released the details.

    02:54 Poll Watcher: Suspicious Biden Vote Swarm
    Trump supporters in Michigan are saying they personally witnessed suspicious activities at polling sites.

    “MASSIVE FRAUD”: Inmates Get Paid Out MILLIONS In California For Unemployment | NewsNOW from FOX
    163,168 views•Nov 24, 2020 NewsNOW from FOX

    Alarming evidence in Georgia 18,046 views•Nov 24, 2020

    Wayne County Election Was Very Problematic: Zack Smith
    30,458 views•Nov 24, 2020

    Election Irregularities Must Be Investigated: Zack Smith
    3,159 views•Nov 24, 2020

    Group sues to stop certification of Wisconsin results
    32,781 views•Nov 24, 2020

    Mike Pompeo hits back at James Mattis’ critique of ‘America First’
    132,459 views•Premiered 10 hours ago
    Prosperity Gina, try and lick dat!

    China Shocked: US Navy shooting ICBM in south china sea.
    5,790 views•Nov 24, 2020

    Australia ditched diplomacy for ‘adversarial approach’ to China and ‘a pat on the head’ from US; 13,269 views•Nov 23, 2020

  79. Mac N. Chesses

    Brexit Talks Will Go Down to the Wire Again, Says Prof. Goodwin
    2,182 views•Nov 23, 2020

    Man rescues puppy from alligator’s jaws
    3,843 views•Nov 24, 2020

    Newsmax CEO: We stick to the facts
    506,074 views•Nov 24, 2020

    83,639 views•Nov 24, 2020 Black Conservative Patriot


    Trump UNLEASHED! Powell is the Kraken! Giuliani, Ellis Explain EVERYTHING!
    203,307 views•Nov 24, 2020

    Giuliani explains Trump team split w/ Powell; The ‘Great Reset’ and its global impact | NTD Business 466,423 views•Streamed live 13 hours ago

    Emergency petition filed after 150k possibly fraudulent ballots ID’d; Subpoena in Georgia election
    665,430 views•Streamed live 11 hours ago

    You have every right to be suspicious | Benny Johnson
    Newsmax TV 180K views 1 day ago

    Trump has been here before | Greg Kelly
    Newsmax TV
    321K views 9 hours ago

    Ha ha! We baited you Gina and like I said, you took the bait and got sloppy. Instead of getting covered up in a landslider, you all got caught with pants suits down. It’s not nice to fool the American sheeple.
    Relax a little Gina, take a 55 day respite to Peking
    We wish you the best!terfeit Goods
    29:14 Cuomo Cancels Thanksgiving After Backlash
    37:23 CCP Spent Millions to Run Ads in Us Media

  80. Jerry

    We all know about Event 201 that went live with the pandemic. Are you up on Operation Dark Winter?

    Joe the globalist ho spilled it out of his lying mouth during the debates. Trust me when I tell you this. The globalist elites like to shove the truth in your face, right before they follow through. Somehow it eases their conscience, assuming they even have one. Check it out. “ Build Back Better “ is a slogan used by many operatives of The World Financial Forum to describe the Great Reset. Is it any wonder the election was flipped? Joe is their man. So what is operation dark winter? This is the last phase of the pandemic that will lead to vaccinations and the great reset. Tyrants always use winter to launch their attacks. The battle of the bulge. The communist overthrow in Russia. Frederick the great. And many others. People are much more agreeable when they’re hungry and cold, and the only thing that separates you from that is the grid coming into your house right now. It’s just a matter of which false flag they want to use to implement it. EMP attack. Cyber attack. Solar radiation. 5G radiation. The tool box is full. It’s just a matter of which method they choose. Know this. If by the grace of God President Trump decides to launch a counter attack to stop them, they will pull the plug much sooner. Either way, it’s coming my friends. Get your spiritual house in order.

    P.S. President Trump is not playing golf. That’s his body double he has used several times as a distraction. My guess is he’s in a bunker somewhere trying to avoid assignation since the globalist are on a timeline.

    • Jerry

      Do you still think it’s fear porn? Think again.

      Biosensors are going to be placed in your body for tracking.
      Build back better, requires tracking of all human activity’s .
      It’s a major function of the NWO. If they think you are a threat, they’ll simply terminate your biological functions and blame it on something else. It’s the reverse of what they’re doing now with the pandemic where everything is blamed on the virus. But hey, when the game is rigged, you can change the rules whenever you want.

      • JC

        Thanks Jerry.
        Full speed ahead to The Twilight Zone.

  81. Paul ...

    The Saudi’s are now reaping the whirlwind for listening to Obama and starting a war with Yemen … https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/saudi-arabia-receives-dangerous-gifts-houthi-iranian-alliance … but at least they salvaged some of their losses by selling Aramco to the American public before the missile attacks started … wonder if they will now listen to Bribe’n (if elected) and go back into Syria??

  82. donna+s.

    Greg, I am reading a lot about Hammer and Scorecard in the alt news and how it was used to steal and change votes. A lot of former military and gov officials swearing about this being true. Didn’t Kevin Shipp say it was not real and had proof? What is your thoughts on this. I think , but not sure, I even heard lin wood saying this.

  83. JC

    We can’t live this way with the constant fear theme.



  84. Bonnie Eustis

    Blackburn calls Schumer ‘disrespectful’ for saying Dems will take Georgia
    144,338 views•Nov 25, 2020 Fox Business

    BREAKING: Pennsylvania Judge Grants Hearing For President Trump On Ballots | NewsNOW From FOX
    78,070 views•Nov 25, 2020 NewsNOW from FOX
    Pennsylvania Court grants hearing in election integrity case challenging the constitutionality of Act 77 (mail-in ballots)
    WOW! Bout time, ya thunk?
    The Independent: You can zoom ahead to 5:00 minute mark;

    “COUNT ONLY LEGAL VOTES” Rudy Giuliani OPENING STATEMENT On Election Fraud Claims | NewsNOW From FOX
    82,131 views•Nov 25, 2020 NewsNOW from FOX
    Pennsylvania judge orders halt in certification of state’s election results pending hearing on November 27 due to “extent that there remains any further action to perfect certification.”

    Crowd gasps after learning a spike of votes in PA had 600k votes for Biden and only 3,200 for Trump
    224,541 views•Nov 25, 2020 Donald J Trump
    WATCH: Crowd gasps after finding out that a mysterious spike of votes in #Pennsylvania had 600,000 votes for Biden and only 3,200 for Trump
    Simon Farnum 57 minutes ago
    The worst info to come out of this hearing is the fact that pa residents requested 1.8 million mail in ballots, however they counted 2.5 million mail in ballots.

    GOP observer: Hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots were processed with ZERO civilian oversight
    109,081 views•Nov 25, 2020

    GOP observer Justin Kweder: Hundreds of thousands of #Philadelphia mail-in ballots were processed with ZERO civilian oversight

    TRUMP CALLS IN: President Trump Phones In To Election 2020 Hearing In Pennsylvania
    26,632 views•Nov 25, 2020 NewsNOW from FOX

    Watchman Newscast BREAKING: Israel Strikes Iran AGAIN in Syria; 8 Iran-Backed Fighters Killed? TROUBLE IN THE BIDEN CAMPus.!
    7,191 views•Nov 25, 2020
    The Watchman with Erick Stakelbeck

    Downtown Sacramento CA Trump rally turns into a brawl
    More on the rumble in the jungle, California 2 days ago.

    Facebook changed its algorithm after election to favor certain news outlets: Report
    2,180 views•Nov 25, 2020 Fox Business

    It’s called social engineering folk’s and they’re from India. Lower wage replacements, taught by they’re replacements. Americans who were taught in school, freedom of speech!
    Do you want your child to become a un-social engineer?`
    Houston we got a problem…..

  85. Bonnie Eustis

    P.S. I love Indian food! I love Indians. I was recently in an Indian store.
    I just don’t think some people should be used by crony national socialist big government loving fat cats. Zucker, Dorsey, who both couldn’t even graduate from a Dorsey school!

  86. Self+Exiled

    In the course of my life time I can not remember these two heads of state ever meeting together. ————The other recent interesting development includes last Sunday’s historic first of a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, where a top issue under discussion was mutual cooperation against Iran.

    Israeli Military Prepares For Possible Trump Preemptive Attack On Iran:


    Trump Was Talked out of Preemptive Attack on Iran Last Thursday: Report


    The goal is to make it difficult for a Biden administration to rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal.


  87. Self+Exiled

    What NO ONE is Saying About The Lockdowns————-


  88. Mohammad


    I say military tribunals are COMING …!


    “The Pentagon staged its first “Zoom Court” linking the courtroom at Guantánamo Bay to a secret location in the United States for a classified hearing in a military commissions case.”

    “No judge in the slow-moving, troubled military commissions cases had ever presided remotely from a satellite location in the United States.

    It was also the first hearing of the pandemic after months of cancellations by military judges. All of the lawyers in the U.S. courtroom — whose location was secret — spoke through masks, according to participants. At Guantánamo, a prosecutor and defense lawyer took theirs off when each spoke from the lectern opposite the judge’s empty chair.”



  89. Lucill McGillacutty

    BREAKING: Data group exposes wide spread Mail-In Ballot Fraud
    241,655 views•Nov 25, 2020
    BREAKING: Data group exposes wide spread Mail-In Ballot Fraud, Chanel Rion reports for OANN
    Funny how truth keeps piling up faster than left can sweep it under the rug.
    M Blay 2 hours ago
    The left dismisses fraud, they also dismissed Antifa as a myth. God, are they ignorant.
    Jonah 1: 9 2 hours ago
    After the smoke clear, and you’re still POTUS, and Dominion is locked up and destroyed…
    Ban mail in ballots!
    don’t trust media or bill gates 2 hours ago
    It doesn’t matter if your a Democrat or a Republican, your a American first. This is horrifying to learn.
    Chaos 1 hour ago
    I wish the Netherlands had a president like Donald J Trump !
    Anakin Skywalker 4 hours ago
    And that’s why Republicans are less likely to “return their ballot”.
    Striker 333 2 hours ago
    The truth is now coming in faster than all those fake ballots did.

  90. wayne hardin

    OK hear we are . Trump will most likely be the president again .
    And i pray he is .
    But there are a lot of people saying that the one world order will be stopped ‘
    Do not believe that / no matter who is in office there will be a one world order .
    So do not forget what Gods word says . His word is true and anybody that says
    something different is a liar . So keep your eyes on Jesus . And don’t let your guard
    down .
    What saddens me is / it is almost like people don’t want the word of God to come
    to pass. Look at the way this world is / it is so evil and is only going to get worse
    how many baby’s will be killed how many women will be raped and on and on and
    on ….. My self i grown for the judgement of God and his coming .
    I am so tired of seeing evil done and they just go on their way .
    And i know satan is laughing his ass off . And the evil demons doing it are also.
    I say LORD COME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before i lose it … I am getting PISSED
    And i don’t want to do something that i ready don’t want to . But it is looking like
    that is what it is coming to.

    • Mario

      Hey Wayne
      I hear you brother!
      Vengeance is mine says the Lord!
      All the evil doers will pay.
      Stay strong my friend. As you said in your post… eyes on Jesus!

  91. Steven Farnsworth

    No video. Must have been a good one!

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