Impeachment War on USA, Dems Take Guns, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 415 12.20.19) 

The Dems have done what they have been threatening to do since the hour President Trump was sworn into office–they impeached him. Never mind there was no crime committed or outlined by the Dems. Never mind how unfair the process was. Never mind the so-called whistleblower was never officially identified of even testified. This goes to show you how lawless the Democrats are, and they will void your Constitutional rights just like they did to President Trump to take you down. This Democrat impeachment scam was not just an attack on Trump, it was an attack on “We the People,” and Trump is just in the way.

Rudy Giuliani says, “Impeachment is part of the Dem cover-up. Extortion, bribery and money laundering goes beyond Biden’s. Also, DNC collusion w/Ukraine to destroy candidate Trump.” Trouble is just getting started, and former top federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani, and personal lawyer for President Trump, says he is going to reveal much more in the coming weeks and months.

The stock market is hitting one new high after another lately. Does that mean the economy is doing well or are they propping it up by injecting trillions into the big banks?

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Gerald Celente, Publisher of “The Trends Journal,” will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. Celente is one of the top trends forecasters in the world and will give his trends and predictions for 2020.



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  1. Marie Joy

    The Silent Majority has been too silent.

    • Clay

      Nancy is withholding the articles of impeachment?

      McConnel should put the articles on the Senate docket and say: We have more important work on our docket and we will get to these articles per our priorities.

      Nancy can stall this process? Well, so can McConnel.

  2. Marie Joy

    Nancy hasn’t given impeachment to the senate, yet. IF they don’t give it to the senate, they could hold this over President Trump’s head for the rest of his presidency.

    • William Stanley

      I think you could just as easily see it as the Dems handing President Trump a hammer to hold over their heads. Now if A.G. Barr starts indicting the coup plotters, further action by the House against President Trump will be more clearly seen as retaliation and, in truth, as an attempt to “obstruct justice.”

      IMO, the Dems are in trouble either way, especially if A.G. Barr starts taking down a few (or, even, a bunch of) Republicans as well.

    • Justn Observer

      Marie Joy…
      Merry Christ mas…. Correct…..thus far NO IMPEACHMENT has occurred…
      POTUS Trump ‘affirmative defense’ coming? =
      Follow the ‘real’ evidence of who and what and how =
      President Trump is ‘innocent’ of all that did what they are trying to hang on him!
      Yes, what they claim about Trump….IS…..what ‘they’ have been doing for decades !

      • William Stanley

        Good links!
        Merry Christmas!

    • al

      Not so fast. The Senate is setting a court date soon, if Nervous Nancy and the gang don’t show up it’s a default. They will be FORCED to show up for their hanging.

    • Freebrezer

      MJ – Mark Levin had an interesting take … The stall is specifically for having something in the Dems pocket in case Ruth Ginsberg dies. I.e. if and when she goes, the Dems can play the impeachment card and thus force the senate to drop everything, which the senate has too, and the dems can gain time. This take is probably not far off the mark.

      • Freebrezer

        thus the impeachment isn’t about Trump, it is about the next Supreme court nominee!

    • Mike R

      Nope, you’d be wrong. There is NO impeachment until the articles are transferred to the Senate. Pelosi is playing stupid games with herself. She’s outwitting the only person she possibly could outwit – Nancy Pelosi.

      • Chip

        That’s not what the constitution says. It mentions nothing about “transferring” the articles of impeachment to the Senate. The articles of impeachment and the vote are in the congressional record. Done deal. Mitch can set a trial date and get on with it if he has the back bone to do so… Chip

  3. paul ...

    You know … we are in the middle of an impeachment scam, a stock market scam and a gold price scam … Stan wanted to see a long term chart of gold saying “I’m cherry picking my charts” … well Stan … how about a chart that goes back to 1918 … … as you can see Stan the value of gold has “caught up” to the amount of the base currency twice in the past 85 years … the first during the Great Depression … and the second in 1980 … and based on the extent of the recent Repo currency abuse by the Fed we are likely on the cusp “of another catch up” … and that catch up “to match the amount of base currency currently in existence” would require a gold price of $9,671 dollars per ounce as seen listed on the US National Debt Clock …

    • William Stanley

      Paul …,
      Interesting chart. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

      • paul ...

        Merry Christ-mas to you too William … and Merry Christ-mas to all USAWatchdoggers especially Greg for making his site available for all to all express their views and thoughts which can perhaps help correct the mess this world is in … it is sort of like a “Thinking Hour” where people can interact and express their thoughts back and forth … there should be such a class in our school system where our children can express their views back and forth and begin to exercise the brains God gave them … and not simply “repeat what they are told” by their “commie” teachers!!

        • K.Wayne

          Nice chart Paul.
          A quick extrapolation of the time between the last catch up of Gold /Base Money (external Debt)……sees ~ 2025 as being the ZERO hour period for this next catch up. Looking closely at the chart, the existing divergence would need some work to repair in a short amount of time…..not unlike the mid-late 70’s. The less obvious is what does Gold have to do in the current climate where Debt is going exponential….because in the historical account (per the chart) Debt/Money Base followed the upward sloping trendline until circa 2009. It implies Gold will have even more work to do.
          Is it possible? Short answer is YES !!
          What value ? Somewhere north of $10,000.
          What does it achieve ? Balances the external Debt of America (based on 8300 T) as it did in the past.
          Could very well support the logic behind the Global CB rush to acquire physical Gold. It also implies Gold will become central to the monetary system once again.
          Merry Christmas to you.

    • paul ...

      Millennials can buy a “safe” one ounce physical gold “bitcoin” (like an Eagle, Maple Leaf or Panda) at $1,475 and see it rise to $9,671 (without it being driven by scam artist money-launderers) but for some unknown reason they prefer to buy “electronic” bitcoins at $7,000 and chocolate?? …

      • paul ...

        You know …As absurd as it might seem the central bankers solution for over-indebtedness and financial instability is simply printing more money (QE) … at such a time when the banksters are fighting indebtedness with more indebtedness (QE) … one would think people would positioned themselves into precious metals … instead they buy Bitcoin (that can be QE’ed to infinity “just like fiat paper money” … by dividing it into infinitely smaller and smaller pieces) … so while fiat and crypto can be expanded by man to infinite levels … the gold and silver supply remains relatively fixed “by nature” (it is not just a pretty rock)!!

    • Stan

      $9671 – Paul are you smoking something? You are living in yesteryear. Gold is mo longer part of any civilized monetary system. Gold’s relationship to the amount of base currency is totally irrelevant.

  4. Russ

    “House-Senate Impeachment Impasse Would Mean Trump Wasn’t Impeached At All: Harvard Law Prof”
    If the House does not communicate its impeachment to the Senate, it hasn’t actually impeached the president. If the articles are not transmitted, Trump could legitimately say that he wasn’t truly impeached at all.
    That’s because “impeachment” under the Constitution means the House sending its approved articles of to the Senate, with House managers standing up in the Senate and saying the president is impeached.
    As for the headlines we saw after the House vote saying, “TRUMP IMPEACHED,” those are a media shorthand, not a technically correct legal statement. So far, the House has voted to impeach (future tense) Trump. He isn’t impeached (past tense) until the articles go to the Senate and the House members deliver the message. -Noah Feldman

    So the proverbial fat lady hasn’t sang her song … and she might not sing at all.

    • andyb

      Russ: the problem is that Trump needs “his day in court” to put impeachment to bed once and for all but he won’t get it. Too many Senators (both R & D) are part of the Ukraine gravy train that includes money laundering through many of the Balkans to enrich personal off shore accounts. Neither Biden (or any official in the US embassy in Ukraine) can afford to be cross-examined under oath and thus they won’t be.

      To Greg: a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

  5. Mark James

    Thanks Greg! Merry CHRISTmas to you too!!! Thanks again for your analysis, as always! Thank you!!

    Enjoy your **well-earned** break between Christmas and New Years! Excited to see Gerald’s Trend for 2020 + 2021!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mark. I am still going to put some material on USAW but not as much.

  6. Matt

    This impeachment is the opening act to the big show. The gloves are coming off. I’m with you Greg. People are ultimately going to jail and Obama will be humiliated in the end.

    • Brooklyn


      …and obama will ultimately be humiliated in jail, along with all his co-conspirators.

      Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. And, as Greg always says, “Fear not, Jesus Christ our Newborn Savior is firmly in charge.”

  7. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    It’s good to see you taking some time off to enjoy Christ mas.

  8. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report Greg.

  9. Roger Sparely

    Opinion: Washington Secrets

    Black voter support for Trump at ‘highest levels’ and could seal 2020 win
    by Paul Bedard
    | December 16, 2019
    I think black people would love to see you high maintenance white folk Washington corrupt, tax money grubbing politicians. Bidening your time in the hoosegow!

  10. Robert Dziok

    By misspelling names in documents (e.g. Corney instead of Comey) the Deep State can claim nothing was found when a Freedom of Information Request is filed pertaining to someone/something. That’s the game being played using that tactic which Americans are wise to now. P.S. MERRY CHRISTMAS Everybody!

  11. JC

    Good wrap-up. Greg, it’s good to take a break, it’s obvious to us all that you work a lot. You deserve to fully enjoy the Christmas season and spend time with your family.

    Happy Holidays? No.
    Merry Christmas? Yes!

    Tis’ the season to be jolly… fa-la-la-la…. la-la-la-la.

  12. Mark Martucci


    I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas as well. I hope your family has a happy and healthy holidays. You are a true American Patriot who still provides us who look for the truth someone to trust and believe. I look forward to watching you in the years to come. Thank you for your service to America the Great. Enjoy your holidays with your family, as Christ wanted us to spend them with people we love.

  13. Andrew de Berry

    A thousand blessings to you Greg and your loved ones. Wonderful that the babe in the crib has overcome the world!

  14. Art M

    Article III impeachment ahead.
    Right before President Trump addressed the crowd at the Battle Creek Michigan rally on Wednesday, nearly at the same time congress was voting on articles I & II to impeachment, Trump had to take a crap and briefly retreated to the secure presidential potty. The press pool became aware that Trump used way too much toilet paper wiping his asshole. An anonymous CIA toilet monitor whistle blower has come forward accusing the president of additional abuses of the power of his office in that he illegally disregarded the accepted feel good environmental policy protecting the environment and intentionally contributed to slaughtering unwitting trees to satisfy his own ass ahead of the millions of other asses around the country. It is alleged that the toilet paper in question was a product of the prolific but protected Russian Hoax Oak Tree. Article III impeachment hearings will be scheduled and heard at the sewage treatment plant in Battle Creek Michigan. Concerned that the presidential potty events simply don’t pass the smell test, California Democrap Adam Sh*t will chair hearings, interview “witnasses” and subpoena relevant paper coming out of the presidential potty, now referred to as the Presidential Pottygate scandal or PP-Scandal for short. Mr. Sh*t has vowed he will not crap out in his latest impeachment quest and was quoted as saying “We are really going to impeach this turd”. Another California Democrap, Eric Swalwell became unwell after admitting that pottygate was more than he could swallow. House speaker Pelosi is reported to be preparing for another shit storm. A spokesperson for Battle Creek’s sewage treatment facillity, the host of the Article III hearings expressed concern over the massive flush that might occur. A spokesman for the Trump administration claimed that the only thing that occurred was hot air. Dems are so smart, they can impeach a fart!

  15. GW

    Regarding the wording in the report about JAMES B COMEY, being called “JAMES 8 CORNEY” – the reason is so that anyone doing an online document search for info about COMEY will not get any hits, due to the intentional misspelling of his name. Just another DIRTY TRICK by the DEEP STATE.
    I for one cannot wait for these MF’s to get arrested for TREASON and receive the appropriate penalty as defined in the Constitution.

  16. Cole Davis

    Thank you Greg.

  17. Jerry

    Here’s a stocking stuffer for you. The fed dialed back its repo on Thursday and this is what happened.

    A supposed computer glitch delayed deposit transfers. Ya right. Let’s just call it what it is a “liquidity freeze”. They didn’t have the funds to transfer, so they made up this excuse.

    Folks this could be a precursor to a bank run. The moment people can’t get access to their money, or the banks can’t get transfers on time from the Fed, panic will set in when people can’t pay their bills, or buy food. Folks I’ve been seeing this dance for the past several weeks here in the Midwest. It always happens on Friday when people deposit their paychecks and try to get cash for the weekend.
    What usually happens If the banks don’t have the funds, is they put a stop on the payment and delay the withdrawal for a few days. But what happens if a few days becomes a few weeks? Or never?

    • JC

      Jerry, that’s a good question!

    • paul jr.


      You got it backwards. The Fed did not reduce it’s repos on Thursday. They offered the same amount as in the past. It was the primary dealers that reduced the amount of their bids as demand for repos seems to be declining. If the banks wanted to do more repos they could.

      And I see no connection with the primary dealers bidding less for repos and the problems with some direct deposits involving the Fed’s ACH Payment System. Problems like this have happened before and it sure had nothing to do with Fed repos back then.

  18. Elliot Ness

    Law Restrains
    Power Enables
    Constitutional Restraints on Power
    Saturday, April 1, 1978
    The problem with Washington today, why they’re afraid of the president. Why they hate him? Because their afraid of us. We sent Trump to Washington for one reason and only one reason, LOCK HER UP! Translation, LOCK THEM UP!

    Drain The Swamp

  19. Tommy

    It’s stunning that the Dems are withholding the articles until they are sure that the process in the Senate will be fair and transparent and will not just be something that has a predetermined outcome. And they say this and the MSN just stands they smiling. I keep telling people, if you don’t believe they are evil, what more will it take?

  20. John D - St Louis, MO

    At the risk of upsetting some people who can’t consider different views without mischaracterizing or condemning those whose hold them with some kind of negative label or pejorative state, I have included a link to Christianity Today which respectfully and cogently argues that President Trump should be removed from office.

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you read the article? I did. It lies right off the bat!!! It basically says President Trump committed a crime when HE DID NOT. NO CRIMES are laid out in the Democrat Articles of Impeachment. This is a fact. The articles themselves are not reasons stated in the U.S. Constitution as reason for impeachment–Another fact. This article is too stupid to be stupid. You are welcome to your own “different views” but you not welcome to your own “facts” that are lies– at least not here. If Christianity Today cannot get a simple facts correct, then I wonder what other lies it is telling. Aren’t these people supposed to be saving lives through the Salvation of Christ? This article is pure propaganda and not Christ-like because Christ tells the truth. Every Christian should run from these corrupt people masquerading as a Christian organization.

      Oh and by the way, as long as we are airing “Views” here’s one for you from Franklin Graham the son of Billy Graham on the “Christian Today” article:

    • Tommy

      Franklin Graham has is outraged by this editorial. He stated that his father voted for Trump in 2016 and would have been disappointed with this editorial and would not have agreed with it. The Bible is filled with men who were far from perfect but were appointed by God to serve His purpose. When you consider that without Trump’s election all the evil that has come to light would have remained hidden and would have continued on, unabated, you should be able to see what is happening. And what politician who would have even attempted to expose it could have withstood the onslaught that Trump has? None that come to my mind. It is not a good sign that a publication called Christianity Today is carrying the water for the Democrat Party and repeating the lie that Trump did a quid pro quo with the president of Ukraine when that has been completely debunked by the words of the Democrats own had picked witnesses in their recent Adam Schiff clown show.

    • JC

      John D, you are out of your mind! The Deathmasters, Bush, Bush Jr and Obama were very “Christian” in their actions? Wake up, you moron.

    • Freebrezer

      John D – Please … In the first time in decades the USA has a president that is looking in to the crimes that the corrupt establishment has committed … stealing the money of the Tax payers. Hell yes I want Ukraine to investigate Biden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell yes I want Trump to investigate Biden and his louse of son who made millions and millions and millions $$$$$ from daddies power. There is up to several billions of US $$$ which went missing during Biden’s tenure in Ukraine and coincidentally at the same time Hunter Biden gets appointed to a board of a very corrupt company for $80,000/month …. Yish … Here is the Definition of corruption: ‘dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery’

      • Freebrezer

        Mundus vult decipi “The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived.”

        • Montana Guy

          “The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.” ― George Orwell

    • Steve Bice

      …who, like you seems to have forgotten the cornerstone of the American judicial system: the presumption of innocence. There is the small matter of the trial not being held yet. On this, I absolutely condemn you without reservation. Pejorative that.

  21. Jc Davis

    I need a question answered. Can the President and Senate send the impeachment to the high court to have the impeachment removed and the conspirators locked up ? Looks like this would be a start to draining the swamp.

    • William Stanley

      Mr. Davis,
      I think that your desires may get (partially) fulfilled. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter:
      1. Impeachment (the bringing of formal charges of crimes) by the House of Representatives does not mean that President Trump will be convicted and removed from office. The Senate would have to vote to convict the President on those charges. By all indications, it won’t.
      The Supreme Court cannot Constitutionally act in conjunction with the President and the Senate to short-circuit the process and bring justice to the conspirators.
      2. Despite the recent vote in the House of Representatives, some legal scholars are questioning whether the House has yet to actually impeach President Trump. They argue that “impeachment” doesn’t legally occur until the charges are formally passed on to the Senate for trial there (as is required by the Constitution).
      As of now that hasn’t occurred. If it does, the Senate will likely find the President not guilty, the impeachment will be defeated, and President Trump’s presumption of innocence will legally remain.
      3. In theory, IMO, all of the conspirators could be locked up, including sitting members of Congress (and ex-President Obama) IF they can be shown to be part of an insurrection, or a seditious or treasonous conspiracy, i.e., they knowingly attempted to UNCONSTITUTIONALLY overthrow the government. They can also be prosecuted for other activities (crimes) they have committed which were not pursuant to their official duties.
      Remember, however, that the Congress (including the House of Representatives) is part of the government and normally its members cannot be punished for what they say or do as part of their CONSTITUTIONAL activities. Thus, as a practical matter, members of Congress (including the House) can’t and won’t be punished for conducting their sham investigations.
      4. It’s much more clear that Mr. Comey and other conspirators who are NOT members of Congress CAN be tried and convicted in courts of law for sedition and treason (and other crimes, e.g. perjury, IF their actions were taken for unlawful personal purposes, such as to cover up their own crimes or the crimes of others).
      In theory, IMO, they could also be tried by military tribunals if their actions are deemed part of an “insurrection.” In theory, they could be executed.
      No doubt, the court system, including the Supreme Court, would be involved in the process. (Things will get really confused if members of the judiciary are part of an insurrection or conspiracy against the United States).
      5. The President can fire intelligence-agency personnel, military officers, and administrators of the Executive branch of government. However, “the swamp” includes the Federal Reserve System, private contractors, and companies that lobby and do work for the government. It will take decades of sustained effort to substantially clean them out; and that will take the cooperation of both The House of Representatives and the Senate.

      • Jc Davis

        Thank you William Stanley. You cleared up the question well.

      • Chip

        “They argue that “impeachment” doesn’t legally occur until the charges are formally passed on to the Senate for trial there (as is required by the Constitution)”


      • Chip

        Article 1, Section 2, Clause 5

        The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.

        Article 1, Section 3, Clauses 6 and 7

        The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried the Chief Justice shall preside; And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.

        Judgement in Cases of Impreachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States: but the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgement and Punishment, according to Law.

        Article 2, Section 4

        The President, Vice President and all Civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

        Article 3, Section 1

        . . . The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour. .


        • William Stanley

          Well, Chip, I agree with that . . . even though I do give some weight to what “some” scholars say.

          Thus, as a counterpoint, I would note that precedent carries some weight in lending an aura of legitimacy; and — since it has been established practice — formally presenting actions proposed by one chamber of Congress to the other helps in that.

          Surely, nevertheless, the Constitution should not be interpreted in a way that would contradict and undermine
          its fundamental assumptions and purposes. Unfortunately, IMO, the Constitution does not provide unambiguous guidance in all situations. That is one reason why we have a Supreme Court.

          Moreover, again IMO, the framers of the Constitution did NOT (because that would be impossible for human beings) draft a document that deals well and explicitly with the possibility that a political party — in collusion with elements of the Executive branch — would gain control of the House of Representatives AND then act in bad faith in bringing Articles of Impeachment (or otherwise deliberately undercut the assumptions and purposes of the Constitution itself).

          So, yes, I agree that the Senate CAN proceed without presentment of the Articles of Impeachment. Nevertheless, one thing that I would urge going forward is that we don’t get too wound up in the notion that the Constitution is self explanatory OR that situations cannot arise for which the Constitution has no unambiguous solution. Sometimes we have to muddle our way forward while keeping the purposes and context of the Constitution in mind.

  22. Charles

    In your recent interview with Mr Taylor you very briefly touched on the Congressional Act of 1871 that made what is CORPORATE AMERICA.
    It would be nice if you could get a guest well versed in this treason.

    • Mark

      Hi Charles,
      If I am not mistaken, a gentleman by the name of Wayne Jett, whom Greg has interviewed on his show back on 09/01/2019 is someone who is knowledgeable of and can speak about the Congressional Act of 1871 which made the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” a corporation. Also probably G Edward Griffin, who also has been a guest on Greg’s show would also be someone to consult.

    • Cole Davis

      Charles – A good book to read on this subject is: For Anna Von Reitz, Disclosure 101: What you need to know, by David E. Robinson.

  23. Dan Fruth

    Great WNW Greg…..Here is a link to One America’s News 3 part report with Chanel Rion and Rudy Giuliani in Ukraine…..The Dems and the Biden crime family have been swimming in the sewer for decades. POTUS is being impeached because he threatens their evil conduct and will expose their crimes. Sounds just like John 3:19-20

  24. Da Yooper

    Greg Merry Christmas

    We understand …….all work & no play is not good for anyone …..take the time for you & your family & enjoy it. Who knows what next year will bring us? See ya when we see ya.

  25. paul ...

    The canary in the coal mine has died (the confidence game has failed) … the US (Rome) is figuratively burning … and people are running around shopping for things they don’t need … with money they don’t have … we are in the final stages now … the Fed is now borrowing (QE’ing ) money into existence at the inflationary rate of one billion dollars per day ($365 Billion per yer) … and most people still don’t have the good sense to buy some precious metal for protection!! …

  26. JC

    Hmm…. I recently posted a comment about Obama being Nostradamus’ third Anti-Christ (see Today, George Ure at Urban Survival wrote the following:

    “Once upon a time, I thought the people who were claiming Obama was the Anti-Christ were a bit crazy. Yet now that we behold the democrats fielding their new Weapon of Mass Deception and Election Destruction, we have to admit to a certain admiration for how The Beast’s minions are thinking outside the box.”

    “Yes, that’s right. The democrats and their damn Online Uprising enroute to Digital Mob Rule have managed to do what even the old shoe-pounder Nikita Khrushchev wasn’t able to do over the course of a 50-year Cold War: Overthrow the duly elected government of these (formerly) United Staters.”

  27. Jason

    I think it is time to put said governor in a room and keep him comfortable until he dies.

  28. Horsenut

    “And then one day it was over!” Yep everything ends, sooner or later.
    Rome took a couple hundred years to completely crumble,,, Probably would have been faster with the internet, LOL
    Merry Christmas Greg
    Will Loudner (Horsenut)

    • paul ...

      Horsenut … The funny thing is although it is over … workers being fired … dividends being slashed … buybacks halted … as manufacturing enters a deep recession … confirmed by the Fed’s Business Survey results … … which show it has crashed to a 4-year low … the Stock Market is in a full blown melt-up … we know Stan opinion but what do regular people think of this market rally???

      • paul ...

        Seems roughly half of all American households don’t have a cent invested in stocks … stock ownership was more common from 2001 to 2008 when an average 62% said they own stock … but since the end of the 2007-2009 recession … stock ownership has not fully rebounded … which is a good thing … people are getting out of the corrupt system where brokers are playing with stockholders money … hence less people will be hurt in the coming crash we know is coming!!

        • paul ...

          You know … with less people owning brokerage accounts “that can be “ripped off” by the Wall Street Crooks … they are probably in desperate need of Fed aid to abet their fraudulent trading operations … if the US investing public are closing down their stock and margin accounts the Banksters and brokers have used in the past to provide funds for their trading accounts … with less suckers in the game to appropriate funds for private Banker and Broker purposes … the Fed has stepped in “to give massive Repo loans to the ailing bankers and brokerage trading houses” the legality of which is in serious question … these loans started out as just overnight loans but they have since morphed to include 15-day and 42-day loans … strongly suggesting that one or more of these banker and broker firms can no longer obtain the funding they need from peoples private stock accounts the way they used to!!! …

          • paul ...

            Anyone who took the time to read the above attachment has to be crazy to voluntarily jump into a stock market “dark pool” filled with “piranha bankers and brokers” who can in minutes (as they compete in a feeding frenzy) strip your stock market account to the bone in minutes and have their man in control at the SEC to white wash the criminal operation!! …

            • paul ...

              Put your wealth into physical gold instead of brokerage accounts and the piranha bankers and brokers can’t eat it on you … all they can do is taunt you by saying “you can’t eat it” … but we are not trying to eat our gold … we are simply trying “to preserve our wealth”!!

  29. Country Codger

    Great wrap-up, Greg!
    Please remember, until Pelosi and company appoint managers to transmit the articles of impeachment to Senate Majority leader McConnell there is no impeachment, only a vote. If the senate never gets the articles to impeach, Trump has NOT BEEN impeached.
    Lo Iyrah!

  30. Dana Mason

    Is President Trump the Great Deceiver? He sounds really patriotic but he has done things that erode our sovereignty like promoting the USMCA which the re-publicans and demo-crats both unanimously support! This is a travesty. Look at the USMCA and it is worse than NAFTA & TPP together! It integrates the three countries into one economic/political block which is just what the elites want. Further, HR 5038 grants amnesty to millions of illegal aliens further destroying the middle class! Where is Trump on this and why isn’t he screaming about it? Where is the US Senate on this? We are going down into the NWO abyss swiftly now in my opinion.

    • Montana Guy

      Dana, you are correct. So-called conservatives have voted for the lessor of two evils for decades. And guess what we got?

      We whine about fake journalism and supposedly covet truth. Yet how many have read this month’s Washington Post ‘The Afghanistan Papers’? That is REAL JOURNALISM. Clearly THREE U.S. Presidents (plus staff and U.S. military generals) should be immediately arrested and tried for war crimes against humanity. They are responsible for suffering of Biblical proportion. Has one person here demand that? No because their agenda trumps truth.

    • Dave

      ITA. Trump is a dissembler. The new trade agreement will massively increase legal immigration to the US and begin breaking down the borders between the three countries. Not a peep from controlled conservative media. Medicare for all will indeed bust the budget but the space force – that is money down a black hole and a giveaway to the military industrial complex. Deportations are less under Trump than Obama and illegal immigration is massively worse. It is a sham. You know it when Rush says deficits don’t matter. He has no conservative principles. You know it when Levin touts Turning Point USA and receives their top award. Do a little research on Kirk and the organization. You will find it supports a massive increase in legal immigration, supports the LGBT agenda and warns student chapters not to talk about abortion and gay marriage. When Michelle Malkin pointed this out she was dropped by the Young Americans Foundation from any further speaking engagements. Much as Hannity – the “great American” keeps Michael Savage off of Fox. Controlled conservative media is doing their job of suppressing honest, effective conservative mobilization. Hannity, Levin and Rush are IMO part of the Deep State. They supported the wars and interventions until their audience was so opposed to it they had to change their position or loose their cash cow.

      • William Stanley

        Interesting take.

  31. Joe

    If Nancy Blowsi becomes President the streets of this country will be lined with feces just like her district!

    • paul ...

      Seems Nancy wants to take center stage over Madonna … and screw the entire Nation … “bombing the White House” with her impeachment gig!!

  32. john duffy

    Hermit of Loreto’s 1980s Premonition about President Trump

  33. iwitness02

    I wonder where the brain trust for the DNC is at? Seems like Tom Perez would be cheer leading for impeachment.
    If I remember right, the state of Connecticut told their citizens to turn in their AR 15s about two years ago, with almost zero compliance.
    In Virginia, the socialists have an opportunity to find out what it’s like to grab a tiger by the tail with the gun grab they wish to pursue.
    Connecticut was going to rely on local law enforcement, who didn’t seem to have much of an appetite for confiscation. We have to wait and see how eager the National Guard is to jump in and invade peoples homes and take private property from the people.
    All this use to agitate me to no end. But now I see things more clearly, and feel content to live my life right up to the moment my front door comes crashing down. Better yet, my early warning will let me know trouble is approaching, and I can meet it head on. We live in a 2A sanctuary county, so it is not the concern it once was. But it is a concern for America in general. Socialism is a concern for America. Impeachment is a concern for America. The economy and politics and phony law enforcement are all concerns. But oddly enough, I am at peace with it all. Many decisions have already been made on my part, so now I can keep an eye on things and see which way the wind is going to blow.
    Merry Christmas to all the Watchdoggers. Most of you feel like friends, and I am grateful to know you through the thoughts and words that we share here on a regular basis. Let’s hope for some peace and good will to go along with Christ mas.

    • iwitness02

      I read that mis spelling of names is deliberate. That way, when the fbi looks for records to satisfy FOIA requests, they can say we can’t find them, or there is none. That is the fbi way of telling the truth. (in their minds) A bunch of liars that hate liars. They are really conflicted.
      Maybe it was Tom Fitton that brought this out.

      • JC

        iwitness02, deliberate without a doubt.

    • William Stanley

      RE: “I am at peace with it all.”
      I believe it: you’ve acted in accordance with your intellect AS WELL AS your gut instincts. Well done. Merry Christmas!

      • iwitness02

        Whiskey Sierra, Merry Christmas!

  34. josh

    i think you should cut tulsi some slack. she’s from the bluest of blue districts and if she voted against impeachment, she would have alienated way too many of her constituents. as to the council on foreign relations membership that’s actually a plus. if you want to be a player, you have to sit at the table. yes, they are warmongers and globalists but there’s no getting around the fact that the cfr is the most influential foreign policy organization in the world.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nope I will not. She should have some balls because after all she wants to be President. She should also explain why she is in the Council on foreign Relations which I think are her true masters NOT the people in her district is Hawaii. Read for your self:
      This is the most anti-“We the People” organization on the planet and SHE is with THEM not with “We the People”!

      • Mark W.

        I believe John is “more correct”. Tulsi put forth the best vote that was available for her. If 50 of the moderate democrats who aren’t on board with the socialist agenda had done the same thing the vote would have slipped the whole matter into the dark of night.

        For many of the democrats a no vote would render them ineffective for the balance of their term and limit their chances in future elections. A simple “present” vote says “yes I was there, but I didn’t have faith in the process that brought us to that point.

  35. Montana Guy

    Listen to us howl. For decades we have voted for the lessor of two evils and now we are shocked.

    The only vote that ever mattered in history is secession. I see a flicker of hope in restoring Liberty in the emergence of 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries. It is grass roots. Deny Deny Deny is the proper tactic today. Like Gandhi’s India, ALL of the U.S. is occupied territory. Gandhi would embrace it. The Civil Rights Movement embraced it.

    Yes, civil disobedience will likely ignite massive violence by our tyrannical government. Isn’t that’s why we are armed?

  36. Bill B

    Grandma Nancy has a BIG problem, and its named “Impeachment ” As time passes, the Democrat con job on Americans is unraveling.
    I believe that before its all over with, the Dems will wish they never heard of Impeachment
    Wonder what our friend Gina has to say?

    • JC

      Bill B, our friend “Gina” may actually be Nancy…. or Hillary. Anything is possible.

  37. Marie Joy

    Please, contribute to pro Trump candidates.
    Thank you.

  38. Dwayne Lynch

    Greg, I pray God will give you and your family a wonderful time of refreshing during this CHRISTMAS celebration time. Bless you, Greg, and thanks for all your devotion to your subscribers. I appreciate you!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind Dwayne! Merry Christ mas!!!

  39. paul ...

    The Demon-rats were probably counting on Mueller to come up with some Russian collusion charges to impeach Trump with … and when that failed … they had to “invent something” … because this planned impeachment is what they were counting on from the beginning to win in 2020!! …

  40. al

    The impeachment farce was not only expected, it was welcomed by Trump. Now we can get Hussain, HITLERy and the Swamp Gang in court! The Senate will make a date for the Deep State gang to show up. If not, it’s in default, like not showing up for a court trial. The TRAP is set, hard questions will be asked. GITMO is waiting.

    They should thank Trump for being in the way because the alternative was going to be a bloody Civil War. No Patriot would stand for the total crap they spew, and the result would be catastrophic for them and the Country overall. They should be screaming “THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR BEING IN THE WAY!”

    It’s like when I walk a bad neighborhood, people say “be careful”… I say “no, they better be careful”.

    The CORNEY thing: It has to do with a word search, if you scrape multiple documents to match a word so you can get to the subject of the matter, and you search for Comey, nothing appears. It was done on purpose to keep certain entities from either scanning or redacting the name Comey which looks like Corney with the font they used. They also “mispelled” the name Obarna (obama). The font they use makes RN look like M in lower case.

  41. Jan

    Merry Christmas, Greg! I hope that next year, Christmas 2020 will see Nancy Pelosi on her way out of being House Majority Leader with the Republicans about to be in charge, but at least, the Republicans were completely united in their vote against impeachment and even joined by two Dems. I hope that Republicans continues to stand united against such attacks!

    The Democrats didn’t get away with completely making up impeachment charges (bribery, extortion etc.) because these charges were struck down by the (Democratic) constitutional law professor who testified–Jonathan Turley. On Turley’s site, he says: “I was pleased to see that the Judiciary Committee dropped previous claims of bribery, extortion, campaign finance and obstruction of justice as the basis for impeachment. I testified that the repeated assurances on these allegations from [accusers]… were well outside the definitions for these crimes. The Committee ultimately went forward with the only two articles that I viewed as legitimate.” The two articles, of course, were the ones they voted on–“abuse of power” and “obstruct Congress”. Elsewhere, Turley points out that their case for two articles is very weak.

  42. Merry Piper

    Thank you Greg Hunter for another stellar Wrap-Up. And a very Merry Christ Mas to you!

  43. John M.

    I don’t want to ruin anyone’s Christmas, but you really have to listen to Mike Adams on the recent Dave Hodge’s Show. It has got me a little disturbed to say the least. It’s about the Virginia situation being much bigger than we know, and much interesting other stuff too. It all sounds logical to me, and a reasonable possibility.

    • paul ...

      John … the Virginia Governor wants to do a combination of Waco and Ruby Ridge on a State wide scale … I guess all we can do is practice with our sniper rifles and buy anti-tank weapons “to balance the odds against a government turned tyrant” as allowed under our Constitution … however … do not fire the first shot … and don’t waste ammo … wait until you see the whites of their eyes!!

    • Montana Guy

      John M, yes the situation emerging in Virginia bears watching. It has the potential to become the next ‘Bundy Ranch’, or even better Gandhi’s great Salt March. It has grass roots.

      Both the Right and the Left have been cleverly groomed to believe that they are at war with each other. Wrong. Do you want their soil? I don’t. And I don’t believe they want mine.

      Both sides are ‘Occupied Territory’ just like 1947 India. It is crucial to understand that Washington represents neither group. Like the U.S. British-occupied India consisted of two totally incompatible groups, Gandhi’s Hindus and Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s (founding father of independent Pakistan) Muslims. Yes partitioning of India brought casualties amounting to ¼ of 1% of the population. But casualties in the American Civil War were 10 times greater at 2.5% of the population. Globalists openly state goals for depopulation. Guess which conflict they are orchestrating?

      The U.S. needs to be partitioned. Period.

  44. Stan

    I’m still waiting for Trump to take even a miniscule step towards throwing Hillary in jail. That will probably happen when you see $10,000 Gold – never!

    • Greg Hunter

      Apparently we are not going to get $1,000 gold either.

    • paul ...

      Stan … perhaps Trump is waiting for Hillary to become the Demon-ratic Party’s Presidential candidate … then he files criminal charges against her and locks her up … completely dismembering the Demon-ratic Party “half the swamp” forever!!

    • Jerry

      I’m still waiting for your 20. Deutsche Bank stock prediction to come true.. I’ll bet your Bentley against my Z28 that we will see $10,000. Gold before 20. Deutsche Bank stock. How about it Stanley?

      • Stan

        Jerry: One problem – the wager is too lopsided. I get a Z28 if I win and you get a Bentley if you win? If you revise the wager to include 200k in cash plus the Z28 then you have a deal.

  45. Jerry

    Trust me when I tell you this. The globalist who are trying to take guns away in Virginia have no idea what they are up against. The false narrative that the MSM is peddling is that most gun owners are right wing red necked wing nuts. Nothing could be further from the truth. My son owns a gun range, and I have spoke to many of his patrons who go there. The vast majority of them are former veterans. Many with multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. The bottom line is, if the governor of Virginia thinks he’s going to disarm its citizens, it will be a colossal mistake. Many of the sheriffs department personal I know have told me in no uncertain terms that they will stand with the people if the government tries to disarm the citizenry. Same thing for the military. Oath keepers have a strong presence there. If the deep state decides to bring in U.N. Troops to disarm Americans, you will see a full scale civil war fought in the streets. This is not going to happen no matter what these lunatics think. The scary part is many militia groups are itching for a fight, and the globalist just might give them a reason should they try and remove Trump from office by force. The one scenario I can see is a mass shooting event in which the deep state shoots a bunch of people, and President Trump, and blames it on a group of right wing gun nuts. In one fowl swoop they get everything they want.
    Let’s pray that doesn’t happen.

  46. paul ...

    Jim Richards 2020 forecast … he sees the Fed’s QE keeping the market rising until the election … so Stan should be happy … but still recommends 10% of your assets in gold!! …

    • paul ...

      Richards also thinks Hillary will step in at the last minute “in a grid locked” Demon-rat Convention and offer her services once again to run against Trump … likely saying “she got a majority of the vote” in the last election!!

    • paul ...

      If you get “double talk” in the video above … click off the volume!!

  47. Harvey Wallbanger

    If the crimes don’t fit you must acquit!

    • Occasnltrvlr

      You have struck upon gold!

      At trial, all Trump need do is play the “orange-race” card!

  48. Marie Joy

    Is impeachment a distraction while they do something worse?

  49. demsuck

    Hi Greg here in Iowa we have a guy that took down a quier flag on a church an burned it an got over 15 years in prison for a hate crime , same time we have a guy that embezzled 2 million is still walking.

  50. Marie Joy

    Hillary has a movement disorder as seen in her 9/11 Memorial melt down, getting into the van. The wearing of blue sunglasses, the type that Parkinsons patients wear, gives credence to that theory. Her jerking movements are further proof of serious illness. Her diarrhea stained clothes, unsteady walking, late to debates, poor campaigning schedule , etc prove, further, this woman is in no physical shape to campaign or run a nation. Her bodyguard’s Tell All proves she’s in no mental shape to do anything but stay home and bake cookies.

  51. jon

    Hello All, Thank you again Greg for your platform and commentary. True true, the democrat leadership, ie the pelosi, schiff etc. They really do appear to be pushing this insanity against President Trump to new limits. But I think this goes much deeper for them. It seems entirely possible that their handlers have given them an ultimatum that they must damage President Trump at all costs or they themselves will be eliminated. These seem to be desperate people because their lives are at risk.

  52. Russ McMeans

    Your best broadcast ever Greg. Thanks for pointing out facts not addressed by the Tv news sites. We can only hope Comey, Clapper and Brennen see prison time ASAP. Having Gerald Celente tomorrow is an especially nice way to end the year. We love our Brooklyn Italian American! May Jesus Christ come and visit you and wife this Christmas personally with a parade of raindeer following him with presents dangling from their antlers. ( with a few Chevy Malibu parts included)…. God Bless. Russ in Calitopia. Where the socialist unicorns dwell.

  53. JC

    What a lovely Christmas gift from the politicians to the American citizens (don’t let them refer to you as consumers).


    House Democrats have slipped an unqualified renewal of the draconian PATRIOT Act into an emergency funding bill – voting near-unanimously for sweeping surveillance carte blanche that was the basis for the notorious NSA program.

  54. tim mcgraw

    Merry Christmas, Greg! Enjoy your family on your time off. I like your shirt/tie combo; very classy. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has a new article out; “America on the Ropes”. He mentions all the Jews going after Trump in Congress. Now, I like Jews and think they are smart hard working people. Well, read the article by Roberts.
    Also a new parody video is out. Just search “Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody, Donald Trump cover.” I think it’s hilarious.
    The economy will reflect the line by Forrest Gump that you quote. Inflation is over 15% here in Sonoma County. People are leaving California. Check out the recent LA Times article on population loss in the Golden State.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tim and thanks for the new Trump vid!!! Merry Christ mas!! Thanks for the street reporting form what was once a beautiful state!

  55. tim mcgraw

    PS: Tulsi Gabbard was recently on the Jimmy Dore Show explaining her “Present” vote on Trump’s impeachment. Her reasons make sense. Yes, she’s part of CFR and that is a mistake that I hope she corrects. She’s still young.
    I think you would be wise to ignore Tulsi Gabbard as is the media and the Democratic Party. Personally, I think if the Democrats made Tulsi the nominee (which they WON’T because she is anti-war), Gabbard would beat Trump handily in 2020.
    Of course if the USA would split up into 50 pieces and return to the Articles of Confederation, none of this nonsense would be even happening.

    • Greg Hunter

      CFR is a huge mistake not a small mistake. She’s with them and against “We the People.” She thinks the Iran (NO SIGNATURE) nuke deal was a good one. Everybody knew, including Sec of State John Kerry, that Iran was going to use the money for terrorism and they did!!! Yeah Tulsi, I know you hate war but terrorism not so much.

  56. vincent_g

    The way I see it the democratic party is heading in the same direction as the Wig party
    The party is fractured and I don’t see how they can fix it
    When the money runs out it’s gone

  57. Marie Joy

    Food shortages, coming up are:
    corn, soybeans, potatoes, onions, milk and dairy, rice, sugar, flour, pork, chicken, beef, canned vegetables, cooking oils and more.
    There is a controlled demolition of our food supply.

  58. Wendy Bryan

    Thanks Greg, for all of your research and hard work to bring us the real news. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family and may GOD bless you and all patriots in the New Year 2020

  59. regaleagle

    They will NEVER disarm Texas…….and would be absolutely whacko to even try. I would venture to say there are more patriotic veterans living in Texas than 30 other states combined……perhaps even more than that. And that doesn’t even count all those that are currently serving in the military that would have no problem defending their home state over a radical socialist takeover attempt. And then there’s all the munitions and specialty weapons……and more…….and more……. and more. COME AND TAKE IT……and see what you get.

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