Insane Globalists Collapsing World Economy – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

In his interview just two weeks ago, legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong said, The New World Order’s so-called ‘Great Reset’ plan for humanity is ‘falling apart,’ and pointed out, “They are basically desperate at this stage.  I don’t think they anticipated the amount of resistance they are getting.”

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is enormous resistance to the New World Order plans.  Armstrong, who has new data from his Socrates computer analysis, is out with a fresh critical update.  Armstrong explains, “It’s just total insanity.  They are, really at this stage, completely collapsing the world economy.  You have Apple and all these companies; there are over 300 American companies in Russia.  Their assets are going to be seized.  They are all now in a panic mode to get out, and you are going to see the same situation with China.  This is insane.  It really is insane, and you just don’t do this.  I can’t believe these governments have listened to this sort of advice.  It’s really, really disastrous.  What creates world peace is not nuclear weapons.  It’s economic, basically.  As long as everybody benefits, then you are not going to bite the hand that feeds you.  When you start cutting off trade on both sides, you are wiping out the global economy.  That is what has provided world peace since WWII. . . . By 2023, I don’t see this backing off.  Once you have undermined the global financial economy, you have removed the benefits and then it does turn to war.”

Armstrong sees a “serious problem with a war cycle in early 2023” but hopes it does not go full nuclear.  The financial war has already gone nuclear.

Before the end of this year, Armstrong’s “Socrates” computer program sees a “panic cycle” for the 2022 mid-term elections, mainly for the Democrats.  Armstrong explains more about this in the interview.

Armstrong says inflation is here to stay, and it’s going to be huge in some areas.  Armstrong sees gasoline rising to $8 to $10 per gallon sometime in 2023.  Armstrong says buy everything you think you will need because it will never be cheaper, and it may not even be there in the future at any price.  Food is high on Armstrong’s list, and he says have good old fashion cash on hand because of cyber-attacks and power outages that he sees coming in some areas.  Armstrong also sees an average of 25% inflation by 2024.  This, again, is according to his “Socrates” computer program.  Armstrong says “the commodity cycle will take off in 2024.”    Armstrong sees everything going up in price, and that includes gold and silver.  Interest rates will also be headed up, and the stock market is not going to do well in a trend that sees interest rates rising.

Armstrong says communism is what the New World Order really wants.  Armstrong says, “The globalists want communism, but the problem with communism is it does not work—period.”

Armstrong blames the western world leaders for the mess the world is in today.  Armstrong says, “It’s their fault. . . .This is the worst crop of world leaders I have ever seen, and I have been consulting governments for 40 years. . . . The level of stupidity on the world stage is stunning.”

Armstrong is also predicting the “civil unrest will not only continue, but “it will get much worse.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Martin Armstrong, author of “Manipulating the World Economy,” which has 70 fresh new pages in the 5th edition of this very popular book.   (3.5.22)  (There is much more in the 1 hour and 12-minute in-depth interview.)

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After the Interview:

There is some free information, analysis and articles on

To get a copy of Armstrong’s 5th edition of “Manipulating the World Economy” recently updated with 70 fresh pages of data and analysis on CV19 and the vaccines, click here.

To get a copy of “The Cycle of War and the Coronavirus: The New Threat to World Peace & Battle of the Billionaires,” click here.

There are hard cover and Kindle editions for both books.

Keep checking to see when the paperback of both books becomes available.

Also, keep checking for tickets and dates to Armstrong’s fall conference in Florida.

Finally, be on the lookout for the publication of Armstrong’s new untitled book on the coming “war cycle” the world is facing now.   Armstrong says the book will be published and for sale soon.

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  1. swimfinz

    Thank you Greg Hunter for posting another classic interview. Much appreciated! Things are getting very interesting, to say the least.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you swimfinz for all your support.

      • Computer Guy


        Do you think you might do a daily blog on your website? Things are moving so fast I feel the weekly wrap up is not enough.

      • Barb

        Greg have you asked Martin what can the truckers and American people do to get our country back. Peacefully. Would you ask him and see what his stuff says? If you do this and get an answer please send it to me . Thank you for reading barb

      • sam

        Dear Greg
        Next time you get Martin on can you ask for those of us who live in the UK or Europe and are much nearer this conflict, is there any timing from Socrates of when we will be fighting Russia on European soil?
        Does he think there will be fighting on British soil or will we just get bombed and if so when is the danger period?

        • Jeff

          Sam You won’t be bombed unless you bomb them first. So, ask your corrupt leaders that question.

      • Linda

        Yes, thank you for your honest reporting, Greg. How is Rob Kirby? I hope he is feeling better? I’m still praying for him.

        • Greg Hunter

          Doctors have taken him of the respirator and Rob is breathing on his own. I think they are going to slowly bring Rob out of his medically induced coma this weekend!!!

    • Anthony Australia

      Ray, I need your help with this one.

      Stone the crows.

      • Ray

        Mate……..excellent pick up there with the weatherman just coming out and saying it!!!!
        Let’s get this one out viral style.
        Upper NSW & lower Queensland this day lie in ABSOLUTE RUIN from the worst flooding event ever recorded in our nation……have you seen Lismore???
        Biblical flood event…….that town will probably never be rebuilt.
        But…… plays into the whole scenario of Schwab and Agenda 2030.
        They have to bring nations to their knees to enabled their Great Reset.
        This rain is coming hard again this week…….Sydney is about to cop it.
        As I said…….great pick up mate……you are a true Australian Patriot, Brother.
        Let’s send that link far & wide.
        Ray, Canberra, Saturated Nation

        • Anthony Australia

          Peace be with you my Brother.
          Yep we are all knee deep in it.
          The lying is not even covered up anymore.
          Here’s another one that blew my mind.

          • Warren B.

            JW certainly covers a lot of ground here. He is on target too….good work.

        • Anthony Australia

          I have seen it and my heart aches for all living souls.
          All in a short space of time.
          Revelations & Nostradamus onto something I think?

        • Anthony Australia

          Looked up some news on Lismore. Filtered through to this statement.
          ‘ Disaster-prone areas of Australia frequently hit by extreme weather events like floods and fires could soon become uninsurable, experts are warning.’

          Fair shake of the sauce bottle hey Mate!

        • eddiemd

          That was an interesting catch.

          Here in Arizona we have had similar events. The weatherman explained it away as military aircraft from Luke AFB releasing chaff during military exercises. It was not on the scale as seen in this video clip.

          I have heard talk about nanoparticle release during such actions. What the target would be I don’t know.

          I would suspect low level release could be used to spray disease. I have seen farmers now using drone aircraft to spray crops. The same technology can be used to spray just about anything. As long as it is stable in the environment.

          You could easily target a large city with a respiratory pathogen similar to coronavirus. I have previously said that Hantavirus would be a useful bioweapon. We were studying Hantavirus, Mayaro, and Machupo virus as bioweapons in the mid-90s. Machupo virus is the causative agent of Bolivian Hemorrhagic Fever.

          Back in the late 90s when I was in Bolivia, I used to warn the SF team to keep our hooches loceked down to prevent mice and other critters from getting in because of the risk of BHF.

        • Cher Darlington

          Ray, Mate.
          Crazy rainy weather, we have Tornado’s now in winter up here in the lap top nation!

          Tornado outbreak causes multiple deaths in Iowa, Saturday!

          Angels of Rev.14 Holding Back the Four Winds of the Earth

          You guy’s had a few, last winter too and now the rains!

          Australia’s tornado chaser: the man who’s flown across the world to chase twisters!

          Just as all roads led to Rome. All this bad news leads to hope!

          • Ray

            Good stuff Cher,
            I reckon it’s time to take “Rome” out.
            Fair Dinkum…..this world is right on the VERY precipice of unthinkable disaster.
            “Rome” have bunkers to retreat to……whilst we all experience “The Road”.
            America…….PICK UP YOUR GUNS and remove your imbecilic government before we are all turned to ash.
            The rest of the world will assist you with the next part……we await your glorious uprising.
            Ray, Canberra, Flooded Lap Dog Nation.

        • Breck Breckenridge

          Geo-engineering mates.
          The weather is controlled.

    • David

      Recently, I have become aware that “May you live in Interesting Times” really is a curse.

      • IIG

        But “the curse” put on us by Trudeau (seizing our bank accounts and going after our crypto) – and Biden (seizing Russia’s bank accounts) – was really “a blessing in disguise” – as it “woke the people up” to the fact that a “commie” government (any government) can steal your money – “at any time – for any reason” – and is why owning physical precious metal (in your possession) – is the “only truly secure money you can own – and by the looks of it – people are now finally moving to secure their wealth – the proper way –

        • IIG

          Has anyone wondered why it is so important for the Globalists to eliminate a huge chunk of humanity by 2030?? – well in 2030 Earth will be passing through the Taurid Meteor Stream that contains asteroids “triple the size” of the one that wiped out the dinosaurs – call this a conspiracy theory if you like – but if Earth is hit again by a swarm of meteors like what happened thousands of years ago which put all the craters on the Moon we still visibly see (the craters on Earth were worn away by weathering) then the underground bunkers the Elite’s planned to run to “will be useless” (as the earthquakes and heat rising from the molten lava of volcano’s will roast and kill them all) so “it has dawned on the Elite’s” that they will have to try and survive “on the surface” with the rest of us “useless eaters” – and thus “to eliminate the competition” – the Elites developed the Corona bio-weapon and “jabs” to reduce Earths population down by 99% (Georgia-Guide stones) by 2030 (when the meteors are due to hit) so they will able to maintain their control over a Mad-Max population scrounging for any available food!! –

    • Warren B.

      We don’t need to wait until 2024 to see a commodity cycle upswing as per MA.
      Its been in motion for the better part of a year now ….even longer for some specific commodities.
      Short…… and now suppressed supply……… will add to the misery.
      The thought of WAR and any actual larger confrontation will only inflame the already out of control inflation – WARS are known to boost demand across the spectrum….just look at history….it is telling us exactly what is in store. There is evidence of a repeating rhyme being played ….can you hear it?
      Martin’s views on what benefits from the USD plight (safe haven’s) is not too fanciful. I have said previously that the Stock Markets will continue their run (albeit after the initial reaction of “sell and preserve mode”. BUT …the real driver will be REAL ESTATE. IMHO we are on the cusp of witnessing the greatest exponential growth in REAL ESTATE that most of us will ever see in our lifetimes. If you understand the mechanisms of the criminal FED and their brethren Banks…you will clearly see the downstream effects of the ever increasing stimulus. This will drive the economy …regardless of the WARMONGERING. Monetary policy intervention (interest rates) is simply noise and rhetoric….it will be impotent. The aim is not to unwind the humungous bubbles everywhere….for at stake is the wealth and power of the International Bankers…..and their Aristocratic cousins, the Nobility of Europe.

    • Alan Stinson

      Greg, I am thankful that you supply a Venue for Guest-Speakers like Martin Armstrong, Bill Holter + Jim Sinclaire to speak about what they see coming, but your Questions are so long+Convaluted+ Emotional+ Passionate + Dramatic + Heated + Over the top, your emotion of the Situation seems to Dominate the tone of the Conversation and the Data that the listener is looking for. For your Journalistic consideration. Thanks Again, Alan

    • R.B

      What would a war be like if nobody comes?

    • Anthony Australia

      Not for the daily hearted.

    • Terminal Tom

      what Armstrong was trying to say was: People who think they can manage/control an economy of millions or billions of people are INSANE.
      Economies are way too complicated and extensive in scope.
      The “invisible hand” allows each individual to decide if he wants to trade because he benefits from the trade.
      That is what creates whole economies, from the grass roots up.
      these arrogant insane billionaires, if allowed, will get us all killed.

  2. IIG

    Biden and the Demon-rats are seizing the assets of Russia in the US – and they think Russia won’t seize US Corporate assets inside Russia?? – and what about China (Russia’s ally) think they won’t seize all the assets of the US Corporations that moved to China to help their ally Russia out??? – when playing Global Chess you don’t put all your assets at risk – unless you are a demonic psychopathic eugenicist who wants to see the entire world economy “shut down” – to kill as many people as possible (since half the world has refused to have a “tapeworm like parasite” jabbed into their veins and arteries – to clot their blood and give them heart attacks)!!

    • Joe Wong

      You mean DEMOCROOKS ???

      • IIG

        Yeah! – The evil Rothschild and Soros backed Fed “Demons” are cutting Russia off from financial markets and the inter-bank payment system because “he is destroying the bio-labs they need to force the entire world population to take the Mark of the Beast”!!

    • Anthony Australia

      Not sure how I stumbled across this news outlet but it is the tops, promotes USAW too!

    • Wanda

      well Russia just said that patents are not exclusive so they can copy any thing in todays environment. from weapons to drugs/pharmaceuticals. lol These brainless demonrats better start paying attention. Russia is fighting to keep its Sovereignty, unlike the US we are allowing Biden and Shultz and even some republicans to shred our Constitution! If you dont know what the evil left plan is in each and every State just search it. Its out there. ESG Any State that adapts ESG just took all your rights away. E= Energy S = Social credit score system G = Governmental The only States fighting it right now are the oil states (energy) and if they do not pass legislation against all 3 of these in this Bill? Just the one will not work. Just passing the one will undo it, and all 3 will be passed. I did a search on ESDG and yes it is available. However, the best source to learn exactly what this entails and how it will work? Glen Beck on YT he has several videos on this topic. I want to start taking names of every Republican who agreed to do this to we the people.

      • IIG

        The US depended upon the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency to give them the power to rule the world – but the insanely greedy criminal politicians and corporate crooks in the Military Industrial Complex allowed the US dollar to depreciate to the point where it is now worthless – – thinking they could continue to exercise their power by imposing Economic Sanctions and Nuclear War Military Confrontations to continue to impose their will on others – but they have simply driven Russia and China together along with other countries into an emerging Eurasian Military and Economic Alliance that will soon take away the privilege the US was given to Rule the World (because they failed to have the Moral or Noble Character to be a Great Nation) nor show any Responsibility in managing their economic affairs!!

  3. Jerry

    Super interview. The warnings are out. The stage is being set for phase two of the global reset. This one will be devastating.

    I predict if Russia takes Kiev the globalist will unleash a devastating cyber attack on the world grid and blame it on the Russians . This fight is for all the marbles and they know it.

    • Warren B.

      I hope Russia does indeed take back KIEV…for it is a cesspool of filth which is infecting the whole planet.
      This outcome will have material beneficial effects on the world population. That is a rather grandiose statement to make …but it is well justified. Connecting the dots….you will see that Putin has bigger plans……. that includes saving America….hard to believe…but its true.
      Our Alliance with Russia…. I have stated before…..goes back centuries.

      • Freebrezer

        W – but, but, how are the kids of Pelosi, Lurch, Romney, Biden , etc going to make money off the Ukrainian energy companies (plus all the deepstate players) if Kiev falls? As Mittens indicated – his kid was there to help push a greener world – the millions in salary meant absolutely nothing … nothing, he was there just to help the world! The humanity of these people! Thinks of the consequences if the elite kids have the ‘gravy train of $’ cut … i.e the US tax payer gives Ukraine billions and Ukraine turns around and employs the elite kids, pays them millions and every one can get rich … well not everyone … the US tax payer and the serfs who live in Ukraine. But hey, they are the elite and we are NOT!

        • Warren B.

          That’s true.
          But it goes much further than that.
          (US) Biolabs installed across the Ukraine will now be decapitated. That implies that the DS will be left impotent without the next strain of Virus (s) (being developed in those BSL3 facilities) to be unleashed on the masses. What will Fraudci and his Ilk do now.????…Wuhan is off limits…..such a dilemma !!! The level of anxiety being experienced by all these criminals will be off the charts. Time for the BLUE pill.
          I see the BIG BANKS are now starting to act in unison in regard to Sanctions on Russia.
          Russia has hit “nerve central”…..and the Criminal West knows it.

    • Jerry

      Folks are you following this?

      The anti Russian propagandist are saying Putin’s the one who is shutting it down. Do you see how the globalist are playing it? With control of technology truth is controlled and defined in whatever form they say it is. FYI I shut my Facebook account down after they decided they didn’t like the truth I was posting. So much for free speech. Somehow Americans point the finger at Putin and say he’s the one controlling propaganda. Really?

    • Breck Breckenridge

      Right. The Cyber-Pandemic was planned just like Event 201 was planned. Then came the Covid pandemic.

  4. Stephanie

    If I write an email to The White House I put down that my first name is Stephanie. Then The White House then asks me: “What is your gender?” You tell me–is this supposed to garner world-wide respect because we are strong…..?

    • Ray

      Well said Steph……
      When the White House is more interested in your gender than your actual question……well …….as Ayn Rand would say……”Then you will know that your society is doomed”.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • Mike Anenberg

      Gender? You should insert a gender that Washington will acknowledge so you may get a response. And if your male or female they will ignore you. Right?

    • Stan Tuttle

      WOW I plead the Blood of Jesus over Gods people in America

  5. Alfy

    hopefully will be the end for the globalists. this is a world war for all the marbles.

    • IIG

      Lucky for us – the “commie” Globalists were not able to take away Putin’s guns – so Putin can now de-Nazify Ukraine and more importantly destroy all their Bio-weapon labs!!

      • IIG

        US Demon-rats “in Violation of the International Bio-weapon Accord between Nations” proceeded to build thirty(30) bio-weapon labs in Ukraine (to develop specific viruses to attack Russia) – I bet Putin was more interested in destroying these Bio-weapon labs then he was in protecting the rights of the eastern Ukrainians –

  6. Tar Heel


    • Greg Hunter


  7. Sylvia in WA

    Best Ever ! ! ! ! Couldn’t be better helpful information. Thanks for having Martin on.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sylvia for all your support!

  8. Stan

    I know some Russian Oligarchs. I’ve been invited to parties on their yachts when I’m in St Maarten. I don’t blame Putin for bombing the crap out of Ukraine. Ukrainians are low class scum.

    • IIG

      Imagine Germany and France (who have shut down all their nuclear power plants and are now completely reliant upon Russia for natural gas) going to war with Russia? – talk about insane loony-tune scum-balls – these “Schwab appointed eugenicist commies” are purposely putting sanctions on Russia – “To Destroy Western Civilization” and bring in a One World Nazi Dictatorship!!!

      • Mike Davidson

        You don’t know what you’re talking about. France has NOT shut down their nuclear power plants. They are planning on upgrading their existing nuclear power plants and building new ones. They currently get about 70% of their electricity from nuclear power.

    • markp

      Stan, you are so full of it that you are going to drown in it. “I know oligarchs…”, yeah, right. And most Ukrainians are probably much nicer and more honest than you, and NOT “scum” as you describe them. They just happen to have a bunch of Nazi overlords, so get off their case. Markp xxxx

      • Psycho Bred

        He’s trolling, dude. Ignore.

    • john lance

      But, but Stan , Ukraine gives the ” Big Guy ” 10 % and sonny boy lots of coke . See them thar Ukrainians are a giving people.

    • Amelia Earnhardt

      Wow, Stan. You really blew your cover this time.
      Anyone’s got to be pretty ignorant not to see your part of the psyops. Well I’m sure your not fooling anyone now. Wether your paid or just a die hard atheist, remains to be seen. No faith and your just an animal. Like a lawyer, who the judge asked to translate the legalize and replied. It says we stole it all legally, your honor.
      Maybe not fair Stan, but being a square, a spook. All’s fair in love and war. But not in the war that will end war. Forever. Be there, or be square, old son🛫

      • IIG

        Exactly – It’s time to put your space helmets on gold-bugs – we ‘re going to the Moon!!!

    • Ray

      I asked you two weeks ago here…….
      Name the spot price of gold on 1st April 2022.
      Still waiting for a reply!
      You reckon you’re on a winner in shorting gold????
      It at RECORD HIGHS son!!!
      RECORD HIGHS…..and the world is on the threshold of war!!! Please……short some with me!!!!
      Fair Dinkum…….
      Mate……some people are indeed strange, but few can hold a candle to you.
      “I know some Russian oligarchs”!!!!!
      What a load of hot cock you bring to this intelligent website, week in – week out, without apology.
      Surely Greg keeps you here as his “comic section”.
      I say that ye are feeble of intellect, lacking in virtue and bereft of humility.
      Ray, Canberra, Glass Car Park Nation.

      • Stan

        Ray: STFU, where were you when I was shorting Gold at $2025 a few months ago?

        • Ray

          Um…..excuse me, Basement Dwelling Imbo!!!!!
          You never came to this website and stated your position / price / date on your gold shorts, so how can anyone know you are for real?
          Fair Dinkum!!!
          You are a deadset goat son!!!
          Again……I say……what you bring to this intelligent, truth seeking website is a total load of hot cock, and most, in fact, ALL contributors here at this website know it.
          Anyway, listen mate……all this back & forth……I’m famished!!!!
          Can you organise one of your Menu -Log co-workers to deliver me a Double Cheeseburger?
          I’m starvin’ Marvin!!!
          Thanks mate……Oh……and bring it over to Australia on one of your Russian Oligarch mates’ yachts will ya? I’ promise to give ya a tip.
          There’s a good lad 🙂
          Ray, Canberra, Australia

        • IIG

          Stan – Since most of us here are long term buyers of gold – it would be more beneficial to us if you would tell us “when you were covering your short positions” (so we could jump in and buy more at that point) – rather then telling us when you are short selling to skim a few bucks out of the market short term!!

  9. Robert Coleman

    Eye Opening, Jaw Dropping report – thank you for your continued journalistic excellence in reporting the Truth

  10. Nick Reynolds

    Mr. Armstrong is worth listening to anytime. Thank you Greg.

  11. jon

    Thank you Greg for Mr Armstrong interview. If a reader can avoid the western propaganda for research. It appears that Russia has achieved most of their pre-stated objectives. In a week or two. The Russians will wrap up their operation. It does not look like Russia plans to flatten Ukraine. They want. 1. Take out Bio weapons labs 2. Smash UAF strategic weapons, airforce, navy, military facilities. 3. Take down Azov nazi units 4. Main objective secure and protect Donbass and Crimea. They have already done the majority objectives. Why would they want the large cities etc. Ukraine overall is a Khazarian Crime Operation.

    • Warren B.

      Reports that I’m seeing show three startling facts:
      The Ukrainian (Neo Nazi) forces are positioning heavy weaponry to areas of high density civilian dwellings…..a tactic used in Gaza.
      The Ukrainian Army are firing directly onto (bombing) Ukrainian citizens (Donbas)… give false appearances of Russia’s destructive forces.
      The Ukrainian civilians were given arms to help thwart the Russian advance. Very soon after this ….there is a spree of killings, looting, theft amongst their own citizens.
      You wonder why the 1.5million Ukrainians are fleeing their cities…..even those trying to escape by road are being stopped , looted and assaulted and even murdered by the nazi’s running around pretending to defend the Ukraine.

  12. Jim B

    Martin is seeing prophecy fullfilled.
    The Lord has begun the harvest, the wheat into the garners the tares are to be bundled together amd are to be burned. The difference between the church of the lamb and the church of the devil lies in the heart of everyone of Gods children. The globalists have been given over to strong delusion, Martins term for this is ‘stupidity’ . God will not be mocked. Mother earth has begun her rebuke of the wickedness that is being manifest upon her, her sermons are going to bring all of us to our knees. The wicked will indeed seek to hide in their dens, to no avail, the spirit of the Lord is going to cleanse His earth. For those whose hearts are right with God, peace amid the turmoil and persecution will still be experienced. When the righteous begin praying for the souls of the wicked, then, will the Lord know His people will be ready for him for the righteous will have hearts of charity even ‘ the pure love of God’.
    Thankyou Greg for your faithful service in behalf of your fellowman.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your support is appreciated, Jim.

      • David Michael Stone

        Armstrong best interview since Dr. Paul Craig Roberts awaiting Catherine Austin Fitts view on this orange revolution part 2! Thanks much Greg for providing honest educational reporting so desperately needed across the globe. Good man 👍🇺🇲.

    • Astra Penny

      YES! Probably the most corrupt country on Earth – and full of the most sinister people imaginable.

      Thank God for Putin.

    • Jeff

      ” When the righteous begin praying for the souls of the wicked, then, will the Lord know His people will be ready for him”. Wisdom from God. Stop talking about “escaping” and start doing your job you agreed to do. He is your LORD and savior.

      • Martin K

        I needed a reminder to pray for those who don’t know Jesus. There is still time to believe and repent. Probably not much time left though.

  13. tsuki

    No direct democracy, rather restore the Republic. Repeal the 17th, That will restore the original check on the federal government, take a lot of cash out of the election system, and restore the autonomy of the states.

    • Dick Jones

      I’ve been saying the same thing.

    • Dana

      Tsuki: How refreshing to see someone refer to the 17th Amendment. Almost no one recognizes that the 17th Amendment ended the Republic as guaranteed by the constitution and set up a democracy (which never works).

      Once the States lost their voice in our bicameral Congress, no law passed from that day forward was an agreement between the people and the States. It also essentially castrated the 10th Amendment in the process. Revoking the 17th Amendment would go a long way toward restoring America’s greatness.

      And let us not forget that the 16th Amendment was not constitutionally ratified. The various State Legislatures were voting on at least four different languages, such that the language of the 16th Amendment as it now appears was not agreed to by the necessary percentage of State Legislatures.

      • Charles H.

        Essentially – America has been driven and hijacked for a long time.

    • Kimberly

      Thank God somebody else heard him say that (Direct Democracy)!! On a recent Highwire interview he actually said the only way to fix the current situation is to do Schwab’s Reset – but sell it differently!!! I wish I were kidding – here you go – start at about the 1 hr 50 min mark:

    • Kathryn A

      At 38:25 MA said “We have to get rid of this form of government… we have to go back to a direct democracy” No! Our constitutional republic based on biblical principles is the solution if we work to uphold it and enforce it. (check out for free course). AI, even if named “Socrates”, is NOT the answer. Our founders got it right with a constitutional republic based on the laws of Nature and Nature’s God, but as Ben Franklin said, “if you can keep it.” We dropped the ball. Our job now is to: 1) truly understand our form of government (and how it’s based in the bible), and 2) get back to the moral high ground of ethics and love of God.

  14. Anthony Australia

    Sunday’s are never the same without Greg Hunter

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks AA.
      I let Armstrong roll.

      • Anthony Australia

        I loved your reaction to sun of his analysis😀❤️

  15. KR

    As someone once said: A rising tide lifts all boats. Financial prosperity certainly encourages reasonable behavior on all levels. How do you maintain unlimited growth in a finite world?

    • Pete+only

      Precisely, KR, infinite expansion in a finite world. With this economic model, it goes a long way in explaining why there has been 500 currencies come and go since the middle ages. Not a lot of currencies have been around even for 50 or 60 years of time.
      We are coming to the end now however.
      If it is true that Putin’s Ruble is now backed by gold, China won’t be very far behind. I doubt there is very much physical gold in Fort Knox, but the government can say that it will come up with it’s own form of Bit Coin. The days of the U.S dollar being the main reserve currency are surely numbered.
      We will need to fight these coming digital concentration camps.

  16. Paul in Oz

    Hi Greg, thanks for the Armstrong update … so much I agree with but … I couldn’t drop hearing Jim Sinclair’s voice saying it is too stupid to be stupid … it is not mind boggling, it is by design … the day will come and I believe it will be soon … the precipice will arrive and the the WEF wins and humanity dies or we the people find the will to change and face the consequences and pay the price.

  17. IIG

    Now with the West inflicting damage on the Russian economy with broad sweeping sanctions placed on Russian Corporations – it is going to blow-right-back on the US and Europe – and will have the effect of turning the current rapidly rising inflation rate into hyperinflation – the Fed will most likely have to back off its interest rate hiking program and continue printing money to boost the economy as supply chains are broken (and print fiat for any hot war effort if Russia decides to take out NATO’s nuclear weapons in Poland) – so inflation is on track “to go out of control”!!

    • Johnny Cool


      Global Economic Collapse!

      Nostradamus Quatrain VIII-17
      The affluent suddenly cast down,
      By three brothers the world miserable and troubled,
      Marine city seized by enemies,
      Famine, fire, blood, pestilence, and all evils doubled.

      Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, Volume I, G.A. Stewart, 2017, Page 453
      “The affluent suddenly cast down” brings us back to Quatrain VIII-14 and the hint that “the great credit of gold and abundance of silver” may refer to The Global Economic Collapse.

      “Les trois freres” I suspect is Nostradamus’ reference to the three superpowers. Obviously, if they go to war they can bring “misery and trouble to the world”.

      • Ray

        Well stated Johnny,
        You remind me of a dear friend.
        I see you, Brother……..and you inspire me as always.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

        • Johnny Cool


          Over at the Urban Survival site of George Ure, his March 4 post cited the benefits of reducing the speed limit in the U.S. to 55 mph.

          He took a lot of heat for that in the comments section… and I only just now realized that this need for speed is part of what is described in the intro to Soylent Green…

          You know how that story goes, my friend.

          • Ray

            Loud & Clear Brother………
            Good to hear from you mate.
            Keep the good stuff coming…….
            Your friend,
            Ray, Canberra, Flooded Nation

  18. henry wale

    wow that was some interview Greg , always look forward to Armstrong , excellent reporting

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Henry!

  19. Poochiman

    The WEF Bolshevik reset is under way.

  20. Joseph Leger

    Wow, Greg, that was a roller coaster ride. My gut is churning. I love Armstrong. You did a great job with this interview. You are the best. Thank you. Funny story, a couple of years ago you convinced me to get new tires for my car as an inflation hedge. Turns out the tires were made in Russia. Excellent all season tires at a good price. No regrets.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Joseph! I bought an AGM battery for a vehicle that is a year out from having a new one. I am taking Armstrong’s advice and stocking up on everything.

      • Laz

        Thank you for another great interview… My question is: Are those closest to you waking up yet, at all? You’ve spoken about this in the past and it’s been really helpful for me to hear this from you because I can’t wake anybody up, still after 2++ years of utter nonsense. There are a lot of normies out there who have no clue whatsoever about their world. Greg, you are a beacon of light in these darkest of times. Eternally grateful, Patriot.

  21. Peter Makin

    This is a re-run of Georgia 2008. Gerald Celente did an interview with a guy in Donbass who confirmed (his opinion) what many watching could see coming. The Ukrainians were going to attack the rebels to destroy them and retake the enclaves, ethnic cleansing the region. Just like Georgia intended in 2008. Russia warned them off but the West promised to support Ukraine, just like they did Georgia. Russia tried to stop this again and again, to no avail. After 5 days Georgia got spanked and surrendered, the Russians forced a peace and went home.

    It doesn’t look like the Ukrainians have realised how badly the West has betrayed them yet. But the real threat here is the loss of confidence in US power projection. The last 70 years have been relatively peaceful, in particular across Europe, thanks to US power projection due to its manufacturing base. But America became proud and abused that power to secure itself more and more power and control since the fall of the Soviet Union. Now you have China and Russia standing up and challenging that power, and you keep backing down. The Baltic countries will be watching this wondering if NATO promises are worth anything. Taiwan must be trembling in its boots. Shinzo Abe suggests Japan host US nukes?!? Before Russia invaded Zelensky suggested Ukraine should arm with nukes. Why do these nations need Nukes if they trust in threat of American/NATO retaliation.

    Sure looks like the 4 Horsemen of Revelations 6 are riding to me.

  22. Really Awake

    War and commodity shortages/inflation go hand in hand. Price controls, ration cards and black markets are all forthcoming.

    Mr. Hunter asks great questions. And I really like how he lets Mr. Armstrong have time to give a complete answer. Mr. Armstrong offers sound advice. This interview validates my own personal outlook.

    It also looks like a starvation cycle is forthcoming in the poorer nations where individuals pay a large percentage of what they earn on food. In fact it sounds like the Rider of the Black Horse:

    “I saw, and look! a black horse, and the one seated on it had a pair of scales in his hand. I heard what sounded like a voice in the midst of the four living creatures say: ‘A quart of wheat for a denarius and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the olive oil and the wine.’”​ Rev.

    It also sounds something like the account of Seven Years of Feast and the Seven Years of Famine in Egypt. America has had decades of feast. Perhaps it’s time for some hunger. If gas rises to $8 per gallon, that’s an ominous sign. Why? Because energy drives everything. Look around you. Everything, and I mean everything, is affected by energy.

    One of my areas of expertise is farming. And the cost of fertilizer is heavily driven by the cost of energy. Diesel fuel is also a major cost factor in farming;therefore, it is a foregone conclusion that the cost of food will be Biblical in places like modern day Egypt. And there will be real hungry people in America. Hunger causes rising crime, desperation and civil unrest… So it looks like it’s going to be a very dangerous world to live in.

  23. IIG

    Russia has now closed its air space to thirty countries!! – that alone is going to blow global supply chains – so these sanctions are in actuality “self inflicted suicide” on the economies of both the US and Europe – Russia is a huge exporter of critical products like fertilizer and metals (phosphorous, nickel, palladium, platinum, etc., etc.) which the rest of the world needs – watch prices explode upward as sanctions now destroy the world’s supply chains – Which Will Bring Hyperinflation to both the US and Europe – Hyperinflation will erode people’s faith in fiat currencies even more – people can already see “that any value the US dollar once had” – Has Already Disappeared!! –

    • Johnny Cool


      Faith in currencies to disappear!

      What are the implications of Russia/Ukraine for natural resources globally? Russia is a huge exporter of metals to the rest of the world and we have seen nickel go from $11/lb to $13/lb, palladium and platinum are also rallying.

      Bob Moriarty:
      The sanctions are going to destroy the supply chain and easily could bring hyperinflation to the US and EU as people’s faith in the currencies disappears.

      • IIG

        We know the implications – when faith in the currency disappears as it becomes as worthless as the current dollar bill – – the price of gold goes to the moon – because no one wants to sell their precious rare gold and take worthless paper for it – and the price just keeps rising and rising and rising – until – some politician passes a law or the Fed steps in to back their worthless fiat dollar with Fort Knox gold – the re-set can happen overnight or over some long weekend but eventually those in charge of Fort Knox and the US economy (to keep things running and stable) will have to bite the bullet and simply say that they will officially give you a “Fort Knox Guaranteed One Ounce Gold Note” for every 50,000 fiat dollar notes you turn in to the government – effectively backing one(1) US dollar with 0.00002 ounces of gold!! (right now if you buy gold at $2000 dollars – your fiat Fed dollar is being valued at 0.0005 ounces of gold – so you are getting 25 times more gold by buying it now – rather then waiting for the government to re-set their currency and back it with Fort Knox gold)!!!

  24. Scott Morris

    Re Martin Armstrong.
    Martin always says the problem with gold is you can’t take it with you on a plane because they will take it.
    Isn’t it the same with cash? I’m sure if you tried to take 30k with you on a plane, they would confiscate that too.
    It seems you can’t take your wealth with you anywhere.

    • andyb

      When PMs are insured and shipped by FEDEX or UPS they are never confiscated. just saying…..

    • Mike Davidson

      Read up on Bitcoin and learn why it’s a store of value and considered by many billionaires to be Gold 2.0. It CAN easily be transmitted anywhere, unlike gold or silver. With self-custody using private keys, it cannot be confiscated by any government.

      • steve

        Yes but cryptos have not been performing as an alternative in this environment that they were touted – but gold is. Cryptos follow the Dow and SP500

        • Freebrezer

          I read a few days back were etherium was started by J P Morgan … imagine that! the big banks are in back of crpto – That should assure you that everything is “Safe”. The common person needs to realize that the people at the top of the ‘global reset’ are damn, damn smart and have been at this for 20 + years! An achilles heel to there plan is plain old hard currency (plus gold and silver) that is in your pocket … can’t trace it. Now I wonder, can a digital item like crpto be trace and controlled … hmmmm … makes you wonder?

      • IIG

        Have you forgotten Canada’s attempted crypto crackdown (although they can’t forcefully seize such funds “without a key to the individuals wallet” – do you think these Nazi dictators if they have a mind to – can’t use their own supercomputers to crack individuals code keys?? – and who insures you against loss when your own government seizes your funds??? – your only truly safe recourse is to have physical gold (or silver) in your possession!!

    • Pete+only

      Scott, good point comparing cash to gold and capital controls and confiscation of it when travelling. Taking as much money outside of the banking systems to preserve wealth should be what smart people should be doing, and this involves even burying it if need be. Knowing that food prices and many commodities will be rising soon by 25% or more should be lighting a fire under a wize person’s ass, but if you are living under a rock and listening to mainstream media, you will likely have a shorter lifespan anyway.
      I guess it’s nature’s way of getting rid of the stupid people out there for those believing what main stream media is saying, be it vaccinations the Ukraine/Russia War or the economy.
      This is a time to prepare, hunker down, make peace with God, and be greatfull for what you have, not thinking of travelling anywhere and not thinking to move any assets ouside of the country in my opinion anyway at least in my opinion anyway.

      • Scott

        Amen brother

    • Tim

      I agree with you. Plus stocks may be worth as much ch as a piece of paper or a computer bit. Precious metals can be used to barter with. Try to do that n the future with stocks.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Since 2007 I’ve been flying to Las Vegas (from the East Coast) once or twice a year with as much as $15,000 in cash on me and have never had a problem. I could probably get away with bringing a lot more. I suppose the counter argument to that is “Well, that’s because it’s Vegas.”

    • Rogier Taylor

      Buy digital gold and silver which is backed by the physical metal. You are able to pay and travel around the world with it.
      Look for example at they have a gold and silver coin.

  25. tim mcgraw

    So Klaus Schwab gets his power with access. Access to the world leaders that he’s groomed at the WEF.
    This is like Jim Jones (Poison Kool-Aid Prophet from SF Bay, ended up in Guyana at the Kool-Aid Death Party); deciding who are country’s “leaders” are.
    It’s madness!

  26. Bruce Stebbing

    History shows that it is the GDP , Gross Domestic Product decline , that predicts economic failure, political change and war. Now we have all 3. The political class in all nations, has failed, due to corruption, cowardice and incompetence. Crimes against humanity will continue as people just watch it on TV.

  27. tim mcgraw

    I’ve seen the movie “Mr. Jones”. It is excellent, but not for the squeamish.

  28. Michael

    Wow, Martin Armstrong is amazing. I keep hoping your audience will realize who he is and the accuracy of what he’s revealing to us.
    God is the only way we will win and keep our wits about us. Keep praying and keep believing. Yes, Jesus is real, and the bible is true.
    Great interview and thanks Mr. Hunter.

    • Judd

      Armstrong is the gold standard. I’ve been following him from the days he published his reports that typed out on the prison typewriter.

  29. Reuben

    Thanks Martin Armstrong for coming on again to offer your analysis on the current situation, we certainly need guests like you and a host like Greg Hunter during these times to make sense of these times and events. I agree that either dirty nukes, or a possible nuclear action is possible given these circumstances, and encourage those who prep to stock up now on IOSAT tablets in the event of radiation. A cyber attack may be more likely, and for that, be sure to back up your critical online information, Now, this is important for everyone.
    There are many more preps everyone should already have, the prices are not getting cheaper, and the availability is quite uncertain at this point for even basic items. Rotate the perishables you have and/or use them up, and make sure you have other essentials stacked to the degree that you all can. There may be little to no warning on anything happening, or about to happen. Practice, review, and refresh the skills you have, and learn and train more on the skills you may soon need.
    Stay in prayer, and do your part, in the times to come, others will need and rely on you in your family and community, and churches. Now is the time for leaders to stand up, our time is growing short.

  30. Mike R

    Gasoline in the US, will not get any higher than $5 per gallon on average, and most areas will be lower through 2030. Pockets like cities in California could see the above $6 range. Only 7 minor banks have been hit by swift sanctions in Russia. That’s it. Europe will still be getting oil and gas from Russia. That will not stop.

    Inflation has pretty much already reached its peak, and we will see a lot more signs on an ensuring economic slowdown that will turn the inflation over hype from hot to very cold.

    I have something far more accurate than any Socrates computer. It’s called the global bond market. It says inflation is pretty much done. Gold is only up right now due to the instability of war, not inflation. The bigger looming threat by far is deflation. There will not be 7 rate hikes by the Fed this year. At most 1 or 2. At most a quarter point each. What will happen is a resumption of QE, as we go yet again into QE 5. That begins before year end to arrest a stock market crash, that is followed by new stock market highs set again this summer. Lows are about in, within next 2 weeks. Again, the bond markets globally are telling you this. They are larger than anything else financially.

    As far as deflation, or inflation, it’s all about the debt stupid. The amount of debt globally is highly deflationary, not inflationary. Most of that debt is denominated in dollars. That debt is the worlds money folks. It’s not about the currency itself. Gotta learn to distinguish the two.

    Individually it’s dumb to get out of cheap debt, that is your biggest source of money. And it’s super super cheap right now, as the Fed has rates near zero. Your best source for most people to tap into that is a home mortgage, and always keeping a modest amount of it in your pocket, which is done via cash out refi. I’ve always hit the refi. Lows, while managing super low mortgage payments, but expanding my business immensely and retaining a substantial cash cushion. 2.85 % interest rate is dirt cheap, compared to my ROI of over 46% from that cash used in my business. Still have 60% equity in my house, and with the substantial shortage of housing across the US, forecasted to get even worse over the next 20 years due to the next boomer generation needing housing, my home value will at least double. Hence I will be cashing out even more when the next round of QE hits, and takes my interest rate for a new mortgage below 2% in 2023. The mass influx of immigrants from all countries flooding into hr US also makes the housing shortage ever worse. The housing shortage was exacerbated by the lack of home building for the past 13 years due to the prior bust.

    People always need a home to live in. Hence our mortgage rates will be staying low for many many years to come, as the amount of global debt is not going away, and debt is what is funding everyone’s ability to be in a home. Forget about high interest rates. Also you can forget about high oil prices, which are going to crash once again, after the Iran deal is inked, and Everyone finds that Russia will keep flooding the markets with its oil which they will need to keep funding a 10 to 20 year war.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think Armstrong and “Socrates” it is taking the other side of that bet.

      • Jeff

        I will take the other side of the bet also. The bond market is much larger but is as manipulated as the stock market. The FED does not set market rates, the market sets market rates.
        Mike R’s entire argument rests on whether inflation is here to stay or transitory.
        Inflation is a currency event. We will (and all currencies) print more and more at a greater rate than before.
        We have created in the last year 60% more dollars. Said another way, there are 60% more dollars in the world right now than there was before the plandemic.
        Please tell me why they will stop doing the only thing they know AND what they have done for the past 100 years. The dollars value is now 3 cents compared to 1913.

    • eddiemd

      Thanks for the laugh.

      • Tim

        Good one

      • Charles H.

        Ditto. Gaming the system? Works until it doesn’t.

    • IIG

      You say: “Gasoline in the US will not get any higher than $5 per gallon on average” and the reason is because “debt is denominated in dollars” and “debt is the worlds money”???? – – BUT – if the worlds money is tending toward “zero” – the price of gasoline (in that fiat money) should tend toward “infinity”!!!!

    • Paul

      Hi mike
      Myself Been in business 45 years, started at 20 years old – operate now in Michigan, Arkansas and Texas . Inventory and real estate businesses.

      Opm- other people’s money

      Used by most real estate millionaires
      Used by zombie corporations
      Used by fractional reserve banking
      Our boom and BUST participants

      Been used a long time-you got to be able to handle a 50 percent downward valuation in asset hit and maybe you can hang on. Notes can be called in when a bank is stressed.

      But remember this- the banks always give you the umbrella when it’s sunny and demand it back when it’s raining.

      My advise grow organic financially if you can. If you can’t, learn to

      By the way, new in arkansas, 6 years now and love it-compared to Michigan and Texas -hot springs area

      Paul from arkansas

  31. William Nedbalek

    Greg, thank you so much for having Martin Armstrong on tonight. And if you ever have the chance, please thank him and tell him how much we appreciate him coming on like this. I could really hear the sincerity and concern in his voice, and it really hit home hard. This kind of information is so profound, you can’t even describe it or quantify it. So thank you very much!

    • Greg Hunter

      You just did. Thanks!

  32. Self Exiled Twice Exiled

    The Schwab-run masters of the universe are set to use the current major power conflict as the means of impoverishing the planet; so they can continue there march to total control. We new this. We also new that covid has lost it’s usefulness, presently. The governments have lost to the globalist. We new this. He informed us of the seizure of personal assets. I hoped he would have continued into the transfer of wealth so we could follow the dynamic of there acquisition of said wealth and continued success. Desperation and/or panicked: I don’t think so. Remember chaos and distraction is the ultimate goal of their master who they continue to work for blindly and successfully. We will now see: in time, the desire of the corporations amalgamation into this one world government. This will herd the wealthy doubters more into their camp and solidify their resolve.

    • Greg Hunter

      Jesus said, “The gates of hell shall not prevail. . .

      • Self Exiled

        Yes, what we have and presently possess is beyond their understanding.

        And God’s peace [shall be yours, that tranquil state of a soul assured of its salvation through Christ, and so fearing nothing from God and being content with its earthly lot of whatever sort that is, that peace] which transcends all understanding shall garrison and mount guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7

      • Self Exiled

        I never underestimate their resolve and intelligence; I have watched the world manipulators for years sense the Kennedy assignation. And my grandfather watched them the preceding 50 years. He lost 2 sons in World War II. MY father always said if politicians had to fight wars there would be none. He fought in the Philippine Sea at the Gulf of Leyte.

  33. Mike

    Very interesting Greg.

    Martin’s facts mesh with what I hear. Two things to consider:

    This is a 4th Turning event
    Bitcoin will emerge as the world Reserve currency peg

    Get some folks on to talk about this.

    • Donald Wood

      After the smoke clears, there will only remain a “One World Currency” controlled by a “One World Government”. What are the odds of privately held Bitcoin being that currency?

      • Warren B.

        BRICS was formed to thwart the attempts of the International Bankers/City of London to create a One World Government. Their intention to bring forward a Currency backed by PM’s (ie honest money) flies in the face of the Petro-Dollar system. Russia is instrumental in achieving that outcome.

      • IIG

        PS: Unless the Banksters simply print up trillions in extra fiat “and buy it out of the hands of all private owners” (like Roosevelt did with gold in the 1930’s) and after taking complete control of it (at a cheap mandated price) – then use it as their own crypto electronic currency for the New World Banking Order)!!

        • Pete+only

          Both Woodrow Wilson (serving 2 terms) and Franklin D Roosevelt, (served 4 terms) were globalists, as is Borrack Obama (currently running the White House with his puppeteer Joe Biden).
          The Globalist emphasis in the U.S has been going on for some time. It is widely believed, at least a million Jewish people could have been saved if allowed to emigrate to the United States ahead of Hitler’s rise to power, and the media then were hiding the Nazi atrocities.
          Much of this was financed or influenced by the Rockefellers even to this day, among other evil people that we all know about.

  34. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for the interview with MA. Not happy news. Yes, the world “leaders” are the worst crop I’ve ever seen in my lifetime and I’m 70. I’ve seen Nixon, LBJ, the Bush family, Cheney, Kissinger, Pol Pot, Mao, Brezhnev (unbelievable eyebrows). Ida Amin, the House of Saud, Israel’s leadership, oh, I’ve seen lots of stupid shit from these MF’s.
    But the batch today of so called leaders are just bat shit stupid.

    • Warren B.

      In my view….MA is sidestepping the true issue at hand. It is not the World’s Leaders that are the problem as he states. It it those who are ……and always have been …pulling/pulled the strings. These statesmen/women are merely the puppets of the Unelected Rulers…those Satan Worshippers …hiding in the shadows. I sense that Martin has intentionally diverted attention away from the true evil actually perpetrating these deeds. The head of the Snake is Rothschild…..the baby/child killers/blood drinkers….following their satanic rituals to appease Baal/Moloch/ Satan/Lucifer.

      • Freebrezer

        W – Maybe there are more then just the Rothchilds? Some say there are up to 12 sacred blood lines (spawned by the devil – figurative speaking) intertwined in Europe/UK/America. I wonder if old Prince Charlie could be one?

        • Warren B.

          Yes you are correct…it does go beyond Rothschild…I only use that because they are mostly better known and are more acceptable for all the attention and blame. In truth they represent the International Bankers.
          The Bloodlines are important in understanding the structure of the World Order. This does not refer to that of Jesus Christ ….for he was a commoner….and not of Royal Blood… relates to ancient tribes and the ruling class. The Kings of Europe and their descendants….play the part of the Black Nobility ….Black because of the interbreeding/corruption (through a race not unlike that of the Money Changers) into the Royal families. The third appendage of this beast belongs to the RCC and the Pope. Every other entity or structure or secret society is a creation of one of these 3 Heads. Everything comes back to the core….where the true EVIL resides.

  35. r.v.

    Myth inviolability of private property in US, EU ruined. Capital amnesty law the State Duma voted for on Friday, which allows for bringing assets back to Russia. A law on the fourth stage of capital amnesty. The bill, initiated by the Russian government, was presented in a package of measures for support of individuals and businesses amid sanctions. It concerns the voluntary declaration of properties and bank accounts, legal guarantees of individuals’ capital and properties and also the protection of their property interests. The declaration can be filed between March 14, 2002 and February 28, 2023.
    Russia will use combination of Russian SPFS (System for Transfer of Financial Messages) with Chinese CIPS (Cross-Border Interbank Payment System and CIPS is independent of SWIFT. Russia and India both members nations of Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU). SPFS already linked to approximately 400 banks.
    Keystone would of produced at least 800,000 barrels compared to Moscow’s 600,000 barrels of oil soon officially we will be in a recession thanks to Biden administration. Now raw materials will sky rocket cobalt, palladium, nickel, and aluminum among others. 20% increase will devastate some families possibly create more homeless those of military age may signup for war just to get off the streets. Brent crude at 118.1. One and two punch first covid scam now sky rocket inflation of purchased items over natural resources like gas and oil from Russia. Bright side no nuke war yet. PS where are the iodine tables. Dems will be the laughing stock during elections and the republicans not far behind two sides of the same coin.

  36. regaleagle

    Devolution revolution needs to happen soon…..or these idiots are gonna put us in a nuclear crosshair…….a military one. They won’t bother with an EMP……they will simply fire off their hidden suitcase nukes in dozens of big cities……that should do it.

    • regaleagle

      And another thing…..if all those illegal aliens had any common sense, they would be running as far away from the USA as fast as they could and as far as they could get!!

      • Self Exiled

        I’m trying and I’m not illegal, just not vaccinated. lol

  37. Jim Ledayrd

    Putin only wants to destroy the Bio Weapons Labs that Biden and Fauci and the globalists have set up on his border. United States is buying 600,000 barrels of oil a day from Russia and Putin wants his money.

    The United States government is infiltrated and controlled by Chinese spies at every level.

    • Warren B.

      ….”Putin only wants to destroy the Bio Weapons Labs that Biden and Fauci and the globalists have set up on his border”…. Really ?
      I thought it had more to do with the Globalist/Fascist PIGS that have used Ukraine as a cash cow…..and are hell bent on destroying America……by any and all means possible.
      Drawing Russia in was a necessary evil perpetrated by the Ruling Class out of the City of London (Rothschild)…..America will be used and suffer immensely under the negative repercussions of involvement …..because those in Office (Government/Congress) are corrupted and compromised.
      Look to those who seek revenge on both Russia and America and you will discover the real purpose of these actions.
      Ukraine is the den of thieves and criminals…..Cabal HQ. Putin knows this and is taking the action required to save not only Russia but also America.

    • IIG

      Biden who wants to “jab” every American has been working with the Globalist Eugenicist Cabal to develop an even more deadly air-born virus (with a lethality of 100%) – Putin has completely destroyed this bio-lab located on Snake Island (notice the name of this island fits in very well with that immoral alien reptilian Satan)!! –

  38. Johnny Cool

    Italy begging to be bombed…

    ‘Italy seizes Russian oligarch’s €65 million superyacht’

  39. Neville

    Yet another gripping tell it like it is interview, thanks Greg and Martin.
    AAcrime has sunk further into the quick sand of their lies and and war
    mongering. All this when we can expect the return of our
    LORD JESUS CHRIST……Having a look at what is happening and that is
    if one can wade through all the fake news and articles put out by the
    satanic MSM which include pictures and video clips that have been well
    and truly touched up!!! ….even computer game footage is used to get their
    lies across.
    So if the evil scamdemic C19 didn’t get you the cabal is hoping for their latest
    crime namely the Ukrainian invasion which they stirred up and got Mr Putin \
    unwillingly involved in…….The evil of the cabal knows no bounds and the scumbag
    that that runs it claus schwarb will soon be on his way to purgatory where he will
    own nothing get nothing but pain and will be happy for it sic .

    This is white knuckle time so all those that love THE TRUTH please pray Psalm 91
    over yourselves family and friends and f course all people of Peace and Goodwill.
    Please take time to remember this wonder prayer
    Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel
    St. Michael the Archangel,
    defend us in battle.
    Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
    May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
    and do thou,
    O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
    by the power of God,
    thrust into hell Satan,
    and all the evil spirits,
    who prowl about the world
    seeking the ruin of souls. Amen. .


    • Dave

      Good prayer but directed to the wrong person. We are commanded to pray only to God. It is God who directs his angels, not us.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        “We are commanded to pray only to God.”

        So, that’s why Paul said:
        “Wherefore I pray you to take some meat: for this is for your health: for there shall not an hair fall from the head of any of you.”


        “Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God.”

        It is neither against God’s commands nor inappropriate to earnestly entreat an Archangel.

        • Charles H.

          Dave is right. Your point of the use of the word “pray” is legalistic. What is used in context as an injunction – you suggest is the base verb itself: it is not. No one but to God Himself should prayer be directed. Period. To accept prayer is to intrude upon what glory God alone should be ascribed: and no angelic being would accept it – because they understand this very thing.

  40. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    To paraphrase Martin Armstrong, ‘The current crop of politicians are stupid’. Turns out, the majority of these ‘stupid’ politicians are graduates of the Klaus Schwab Young Global Leaders School. These graduates are then propelled into world leadership positions by virtue of the financial clout of the WEF and its thousands of corporate members – not by virtue of their intellect! People who became world leaders used to have hard won experience of life and could apply that experience to their decision making. This latest crop of Schwab appointees have no depth of experience – they are mere puppets of ‘Dr Evil’.

    • Neville

      Hi ,
      To add to that comment ,this was prophesized be the the prophet Isaiah when he said that in the end days the leaders will be very young and inexperienced.
      The likes of this trash like troudeaux ,macaron,nicola sturgeon,jasenda and somemore below
      Giacomo Simoncini Captain Regent of San Marino (since 2021) 30 November 1994 27 years, 94 days
      2 Sanna Marin Prime Minister of Finland (since 2019) 16 November 1985 36 years, 108 days
      3 Mahamat Déby Interim President of Chad (since 2021) 1 January 1984 38 years, 62 days
      Chairman of the Transitional Military Council of Chad (since 2021)
      4 Kim Jong-un Supreme Leader of North Korea[9] (since 2011) 8 January 1983[10] 39 years, 55 days[10]
      4–5 Assimi Goïta Interim President of Mali (since 2021)[11] 1983 38 years, 63 days to
      39 years, 62 days
      6 Irakli Garibashvili Prime Minister of Georgia (since 2021)[12] 28 June 1982 39 years, 249 days
      7 Nayib Bukele President of El Salvador (since 2019) 24 July 1981 40 years, 223 days
      8 Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba Transitional President of Burkina Faso (since 2022) 2 January 1981 41 years, 61 days
      Head of the Patriotic Movement for
      Safeguard and Restoration of Burkina Faso (since 2022)
      9 Jacinda Ardern Prime Minister of New Zealand (since 2017) 26 July 1980 41 years, 221 days
      10 Luvsannamsrain Oyun-Erdene

      Most of the above could be under the influence of schwarb the western pm’s are most certainly screwed up by him!!!

    • Warren B.

      Klaus is not the brains trust behind this evil agenda. He is a front man for the Luciferian Rulers. The key to their (Cabal) success is ensuring they have intermediaries (individuals, organizations of varying size and agendas) acting as a shield …to keep their direct involvement hidden. A key to uncovering the true devil worshippers is to understand the nebulous names given to the myriad of institutions representing global interests…..along with their false pretenses/existence. Once the curtain is drawn – you cannot unsee what your eyes tell you.

  41. Jim Ledayrd

    Putin did not attack the Nuke plant. (That was made-for-TV propaganda) Putin hit the building NEXT to nuke plant which contained the Bio-Weapons Lab.

    • Mike Davidson

      How and where did you learn that the bio-weapons lab was next to the nuclear power plant in Ukraine?

    • IIG

      Seems the Russian military has so far obliterated 13 bio-weapon facilities across Ukraine – as far back as February 2020 Putin gave Zelenskyy fair warning to dismantle all his bio-labs and told Zelenskyy if he didn’t comply he would do it himself – thankfully the bio-lab on Snake Island (run by the Israeli Health Ministry and MOSSAD) has already been destroyed – seems this Snake Island bio-lab was involved in researching a weaponized type of “airborne rabies” (that could have ravaged the earth with nearly a 100% mortality rate) – so it was destroyed by Putin (using thermo-baric ordnance to prevent the survival of any deadly viruses)!!!

  42. Paul

    Good interview Greg
    He must know something worse this week coming
    I can see why for the emergency meeting.
    His tone was up an octave .

    The word “stupidity”seems to been used the most and the” worst leaders” in history , to lead us again, like the Covid tyranny,

    A planned take down with many killing objectives.
    Stupidity is the same as evil if you judge by the results
    And personal confiscation again, like Trudeau methodology. Same script, same people.
    The worry of a nations ability to attract investment or investors having their money confiscated in a “war zone” prematurely as a spoil. Investment stops and the rush for the gates begin. Unless you prefer investing when the bloods in the street

    Our strategy: of many
    And There worry- The world says – NO

    We must always be careful never to make more enemies than we could handle if they were all to attack at once.

    This new brazen attack after Covid war reeks of desperation. They know, wef, and participants many sights are on them and can range in on them.

    Paul from arkansas

    Stupidity is the same as evil if you judge by the results

  43. Lyon Barbara

    Stockpiling is contributing to shortages. Some people will have a basement full of supplies while many will have nothing. Be prepared to share one way or another.

    • Donald Wood

      Are you suggesting that the prepared among us should be subsidizing the willful ignorance of those who mocked our warnings. The people who will starve were given many chances to hear the truth. We don’t owe them anything more than we have already offered. They chose their path and we chose ours. Sorry!

      • Charles H.

        Agreed totally… Sorry; but not sorry. No one should be made to underwrite the stupidity or ignorance of another person’s action. But this very mentality pervades everything. (I spent borrowed money on an education that is worthless: now somebody pay that for me!!!)

      • Warren B.

        “One way or another”…… implies a rather non benevolent action. That is a given.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      That’s about what the grasshopper said to the ants, as I recall.

  44. swimfinz

    Here is what Putin is slaying in Ukraine, the Khazarian Mafia.
    Great read:

  45. Everett Triplett

    Ezekiel 7:5 the end has come a unique disaster it is coming behold the day has arrived. Ezekiel 5:9 because of the Abominations in the land or detestable idols the Lord is coming to do Lord is coming to do the likes of which has never been done before and will never be done again the question is what is going to happen the answer is 2nd Peter 2:6 the Lord condemned Sodom and Gomorrah by burning them to ashes and made them an example of what is going to happen to the ungodly. It is always being Godly who the judgment is coming up on this is an Isaiah chapter 3 first nine they parade their sin like Sodom woe to them they brought disaster on themselves but tell the righteous it will be well with them they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds. Woe to the wicked. This is repeated Ezekiel 18 the souls who sin are the ones who will die God is pleading with all mankind why let sin be your downfall why not rid yourself of all your offenses. Get yourself a new heart renew a right Spirit within you so that you might live for the Lord takes no pleasure in the death of anyone so repent and turn from your sin so that you might live. We know the wickedness is all around us. God has a good plan he has determined the process that is necessary to usher in the new age of a thousand years of peace on Earth the home of the righteous. But the signs of wars and rumors of wars I described as birth pains in Matthew 24 and we see the increasing military hostility that represents the contractions the result in the breaking of the water and that is normal birth pain event but in Prophecy it is the breaking of the seals in Revelation 6 when the four horsemen come out. The first horse comes out with the voice of Thunder which is a massive explosion representing nuclear bombing and that Rider rides forth to conquer then there s red horse has the sword and takes peace from the Earth. It’s just like World War II began with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and then the day after war was declared. The third horse with the scales brings famine and shortages of food fuel oil and wine. These four horsemen have power to kill on one fourth of the Earth because it is referred to as the day of the Lord in the Book of Joel chapter 2 enlarging Mighty Army comes the likes of which the world has never seen before and they’ll never be another one like it again in ages to come. Joel chapter 1 describes farmers grieving over the loss of the Harvest out in the fields confirming Matthew 24 where Jesus said when summer is near it is at the door but no one knows the day or the hour. But we’ve just been informed that it will be in the last month of spring. Is the world’s largest military attack and it comes in the middle of the night have a new moon according to Hosea 5 verse 7. This is powerful information from the word of God you could go to my YouTube channel Everett Triplett. Listen to my interview by Clay Clark on Rumble about the looming collapse of the dollar. I would love to come on Greg Hunter show and confirm that this is the time to spend your money stockpile your supplies. The military experts study the history of wars and one thing is consistent. It is the side that always loses are the ones who supplies your cutoff. We are experiencing a massive shipping crisis with 300,000 shipping containers off of our West Coast. This is an orchestrated Act of War. So the smartest and most appropriate counter-action is to immediately accumulate as many supplies has your finances enable you. Isaiah 3 vs 10 tell the righteous it will be well with them they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds, which is preparing

  46. Marie Joy

    I take issue with all of your guests who call this “stupidity”. It is a slow worldwide genocide. It’s slow at the moment but you can bet the farm it will heat up and BILLIONS will die unless WE take the bull by the horns. Like minded patriots need to come together.

    • Donald Wood

      I have always had the same issue that you mentioned. There is nothing ignorantly accidental about any decision being made by those in charge of our lives.

    • Angela

      I completely agree with you MJ. It is not “stupidity” but a planned satanic destruction of humanity via food shortages, supply chain issues, and economic implosion. All of these “world leaders” have taken an oath of allegiance to Lucifer who HATES humanity. Lucifer knows his time is short and that he cannot win in a battle against God, so his goal is to destroy as much of humanity as he can before his time is up. The only way out of this is through God and to put on the whole armor of God.

    • Paul

      The patriots are coming together and moving as we speak- the truckers-peoples convoy is in public domain. And I guarantee you that the truckers are swapping contact info.

      So many others patriots in camouflage for obvious reasons

      But on this platform their is mainly cohesion in words and advise. A roster, with given consent, could facilitate additional strength and comfort. All of us have unique skills, inputs and geography attributes. Of course, Greg would need to devise if this is in future here.

      The five fingers are independent units.
      Close them in a fist and this is strength.
      This is an organization.

      Paul from arkansas

    • Warren B.

      “Stupidity” = Misdirection !!!
      They know full well where the Evil resides and WHO these Satanists are.
      Speaking publicly about them and their true agenda… not a healthy vocation.
      Just ask 50 % of Congress – they will tell you in private what the score is…..and where the money flows (Cayman Islands) for their corruption and treason.
      Selling your soul to Satan for Fortune, Power and Fame ….gets you a one way ticket to Hell. There is no refund or credit.

  47. Howie

    Greg, I don’t see inflation as high as 25%. First of all, Biden will be out of office soon, and when Trump gets back in office, he will reverse back what damage Biden has done. It will take time, but all the pipelines will be back online. That will lower inflation. Also, nobody is talking about the indictments Durham will unseal, and eventually the swamp will be drained. I am a lot more optimistic that other people. It will take time, but we will be back to the old normal.

  48. Jerry

    This is why the globalist played the war card.

    There’s nothing to see here. Move along to the next distraction. Why do you think they call it programming?

  49. yurgis

    If Finland wants to join NATO, Germany overrules weapons transfer policy dating back to WWII then you know that is the beginning of World War 3.. I would also look into Biden’s role at Burisma Holdings Ltd – Ukraine’s largest natural gas company where Hunter Biden was on board of directors…

  50. Jerry

    It’s complicated. Our media is not telling us the truth abiut Ukraine.

    WARNING: Putin has taken the bait. The world is being setup for phase two of the reset. Cyber polygon is set to go live July 8th 2022 but it will most likely be preceded by a series of cyber attacks on the banks leading up to that date. The globalist now have their boogie man.

    • Jerry

      How soon we forget.

      And they called it conspiracy. Before any American puts one foot in Ukraine they need have a full investigation into the Biden crime family’s deals in Ukraine. I’ve heard everything from laundering money, to child trafficking, but don’t hold your breath, it’s all neatly packaged and stowed away from prying eyes. This whole thing stinks!

    • Warren B.

      But who will initiate the cyber crimes and bring down the grids?
      My bet is that Mossad, MI6 and DHS /FBI/CIA will all be involved… in a concerted effort.

      • Jerry

        Warren B.
        This plan has been put in place for over forty years.
        I totally agree.

  51. MC

    “Do you think I have come to bring peace to the earth?
    No, I have come to divide people against each other!”

    In context of these days we live now, Pasolini’s version (1964) of Jesus of Nazareth is apropos. Pasolini shows us a fierce Lord who is uncompromising—viz., this portrayal illustrates Luke 12:51. And, furthermore, this movie also conveys the sublimity of Blessed Mary. Pasolini , who was an atheist, even he is fulfilling the prophecy (or was it a command, or both) of Luke 1:48.

    …. click cc for subtitles, or click settings to adjust caption languages:

    By watching this movie, men shall realize that before you pray to the Lord, correct your body posture and appearance. The Lord demands decorum.

    ps. the purpose of American martial music is to summon warrior spirit. . . . Book-mark link:

    While this is playing, a father can hoist a fire-poker and march the kids and dog around while mom claps her hands to the tempo. . . . Then that wet blanket bad news about the future will evaporate.

  52. Maria das Santos

    Mr Hunter thank you so much for having Mr Martin Armstrong on,his technology is formidable as is his intellect and his clear warnings of the dreadful state of the world due to incompetence and corruption is not surprising anymore.
    Love your work Mr Armstrong and love the bravery and determination of Mr Hunter.

  53. John Pick

    The current U.S. Government has also been infiltrated By Klaus Scheab. Mayor Pete is a graduate of the WEF Young Leaders School.

  54. Jim Miller

    Thank God for Greg Hunter’s pursuit of the truth.
    Trudeau and ZELENSKY are both acolytes of Klaus Schwab
    In the Mar 4 edition of the Lew Rockwell report, there is a photo of Trudeau and Zelensky hugging up to each other. They are both publicly admitted acolytes of Klaus Schwab. Zelensky admits that he gave up comedy because he was inspired by Trudeau, his buddy, to go into politics. And a much more lucrative career.

  55. Marie Joy

    So many willing to sell out the human race for money and power.

  56. Pilot87

    I looked down the list and did not see anyone that mentioned the council of Foreign Relations or the Tri-Lateral Commission. In the 1990’s five of us made a study of these organizations and how they want a “one world government”. When you know that they have been involved with helping all but two of the last seven Presidents get elected and they are Reagan and Trump. They are the wealthy of the world. The C of F-R. owns a whole city square in NYC that is several stories tall and I had the pleasure of meeting the then owner of Evergreen Shipping CO who was flying from Hong Kong, where he lived, to SFO for a meeting and then on to the Tri-L C. meeting in NYC for three days, and when I showed him what I knew about them he confirmed that and gave me more info. But the people of this nation do NOT have a clue as to who they are or what they are doing right before our eyes.
    Now the good news. The Bible tells us that we will have a one world gov. before the end times when Jesus comes for his people. So we need this in the world if we know that a one world gov. is needed first. But that isn’t the only thing that is happening that is moving us to the end times. We are headed there now and moving faster and faster in that direction. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

    • Self Exiled

      I read this verse many years ago and thought it always had a deeper meaning — The earth is defiled by its people; they have disobeyed the laws, violated the statutes and broken the everlasting covenant. — Isaiah 24:5 New International Version. I understand the significance of Israel breaking its covenant with God. I thought it might have another reference: it speaks to the inhabitants of the earth as we enter the times of the end. I’m thinking of the breaking of the genetic code which mankind has now defiled [”broken the everlasting covenant”].

  57. James

    Another excellent program, Greg. Somehow I don’t think policy is being made by any of the front creatures we hear about. All Western nations and maybe “our” adversaries too are in the hands of the unmentionable international banking cabalists (in all senses). Warburg, Schiff, et al were enthusiastic backers of Lenin and Trotsky and Mao managed t0 U.S. support “somehow.”

    “Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce” – President James A. Garfield

    “History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments
    by controlling the money and its issuance” – James Madison

    • Warren B.

      They needed to go one step further and NAME who these money changers were.
      The head of the SNAKE = ROTHSCHILD.
      They practice the secrets contained within the infamous TALMUD…..Babylonian Money Magick (money from nothing). Without their ability to create money out of thin air…they are no longer a threat to humanity.

  58. Ed Siceloff

    Price of oil/gas going up plus financial war. Course the fuel can go up without going to war. But, scarcity does cause war, in most of the human past.
    But remember, the fuel scarcity now more basic to our society than merely heating our homes and cooking. Petroleum is the basis for the plastic industry. It is basic to commercial agriculture. It is the basis for most of our pharmaceuticals. All of this goes up in price as it becomes scarce, and those industries in control try to draw out their own wealth. What hurts is that the “oil” is not really scarce. All of this is result of manipulated central control at all levels. Centralized power. It continues to take the power we have over our lives to choose how we live. Basically, a religious right has been taken away from us.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes, excellent observation, but why do we tolerate this control? Best always. PM

    • Charles H.

      “Hydrocarbon” in a carbon-based world; second only to water in plenitude. Why do you think old wells refill to a degree after time?

  59. Roger Stamper

    tks martin greg

  60. TJZ


    None of what is going on, in this World, is by accident!
    This has all been orchestrated leading to a conclusion!
    World Leaders are being directed on what to do. It is right there in front of you to see!
    When it is too stupid to believe; it isn’t, it is on PURPOSE!
    We are in a Spiritual War! Prepare accordingly!
    By the way, the “Invisible hand” spoken about by Adam Smith was nothing more than the World’s PTB effecting commerce and growth according to their plans.
    God bless!

  61. Rosemary Hyslop

    Those pulling the strings know exactly what they are doing – destroying western civilization. Zelinsky was set up by Soros. He does what he is told. Look what the US did to Mubarak, Libya, and Syria. Our disgraceful foreign policy would not only destroy Putin but support a Stalin. Remember Obama’s support of Mohamed Morsi? As for Lindsey Graham, he is compromised. He runs scared. Either he says what he’s told or babbles nonsense that he thinks improves his posture.

  62. Donald Wood

    I wonder what Socrates would be predicting IF Martin were to load some Biblical prophecy software onto his magical, forecasting computer???

    • Self Exiled

      I sometimes wonder if it exists. Maybe this is why he keeps saying people are so stupid. Oh well.

    • Myn

      So true! That would be awesome if he did put bible prophecies in and see what comes out!

    • Robert Messina

      It would come out something like this:
      when first seal opens

  63. Hedley

    Thank you Greg, you’re on a roll! As always, Mr. Armstrong is insightful and compelling.
    As for me, the comments that ask “are these people stupid?” or statements like “they’re idiots” miss the mark. I understand why no one in your position will state the obvious.
    My observations, especially over the past six years convince me that “these people” (world leaders and others) have an agenda with a 2030 end date. They are as smart as you and I and have a stated goal of a one world (communist) government. They are relentlessly pushing this agenda forward. That is, America foremost and the Western democracies must be destroyed by any means possible. They create chaos; famine, pestilence, economic, militarily etc. Any any all means will be used to reduce the “West” to ashes, and then they will “build back better”. They are not “idiots”. They are evil, committed to their agenda and very dangerous.

    • Paul

      Why do you think they have bone head Biden in office- and his administration-
      Making All the wrong moves for our country

      Stupidity is the same as evil if you judge by the results

      Stupid is not enough, you have to be proud of it

      Handlers are cunning and patient but have exploitable faults

      Paul from arkansas

  64. Joseph V

    You are the BEST. Thank you so much.

  65. James

    Some basic dirt on Bill Browder, grandson of poor, persecuted Commie Earl Browder –

  66. Da Yooper

    Greg as you know I have been here since your very first show ( interview) ……this ….is your finest hour.

    How anyone can admit to being a democrat after what has gone on since 2020 is beyond me. Putting a democrat yard sign up shows how corrupt & stupid you are. Republican’s need to kick the RINO’s out RFN Mrs Graham & China McConnell need to go & take Rubio & any other RINO hangers on with them. MA says stock up folks you better stock up.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think a large chunk of Dems are leaving the party for the next two national elections. No every Dem is that stupid.

  67. Anti-Invasion

    Funny how you guys skip the part that most of the U.S. population is against the Ukraine invasion, because Putin is basically a modern day feudal lord/robber baron. Are you really, truly on Putin’s side, like Donald Trump? Will you be ready to lick Mr. Putin’s boots when he asks, like Donald Trump is? Sigh…Hoopleheads, all of you.

    • Paul

      And the Creatures of Jekyll island did not invade our country Mr. anti- invasion .
      Should of been required reading.
      Read this instead, then respond intelligently

      Paul from arkansas

    • Michael

      We have all gotten way past the obvious. No one I know of in the civilian population wants any war anywhere ever.
      We all also agree Putin is a bad character.
      We all also know saddling up Zelenski is much like saddling up Gorge Floyd. Another lame horse with lots of issues. You can ride him if you wish but you won’t get far.

    • Sicanturd

      Most of the US population has their head in the boob tube. Getcha a box o salt for the boots in YOUR mouth.

    • Vichyssoise France

      The enema of my enema? Or Pete Butigheg? New world dis odor, or Putin?
      I’ll take ARMAGEDDON and arm ah gettin outa here!

  68. Joseph Boudreau

    Greg, thanks for another great interview. I hope you don’t mind my promoting USAWatchDog and your interviews on my blog.
    I also posted the link on my WallStreetSilver page…
    Look! 14 upvotes already!!
    Also, sending prayers for Rob Kirby!!!

  69. Paul

    To deal with this reality you must first recognize it as such.
    The truth is messy. It’s raw and uncomfortable. You can’t blame people for preferring lies.

    When we are designing our plans , don’t think what we need to do, think in terms what we need to achieve. Big difference!
    If we aren’t preparing for war, we will live like a prisoner and casualty of war.

    Thanks for bringing us the canary, Greg

    Paul from arkansas

  70. Virginia

    Greg, How much does America and the world have to fall before these num-nuts wake-up?! Inflation into 2024? Wow!, that’s a long time! Brandon would not have to be building fences around the White House if he knew he was working for the American people instead of against them.
    After hearing how crocked Ukrain is for years suddenly they are worth protecting and Putin once again is the Bad guy. The way I see it Putin is writing his own great reset his way. I don’t blame him for not wanting weapons of war on his border, we did not want them in Cuba! NATO kept on advancing, tantalizing Putin what did they think he would do, sit back and take it? The left wants war that’s all they have left.
    Thank you Greg for another great interview.

  71. Roger...

    Stalin said, “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”.

    • Charles H.

      And he was completely correct.

      • Paul from Indiana

        So why are the elections of 2022 seen as our saving moment? Either this current disaster of a president was by design or, unimaginable to me, “we” CHOSE him! Either way it’s bad and a complete disgrace. Did we gain separation from Great Britain by voting? Did we sit back and let God do it for us? Best always. PM

        • Charles H.

          Good points. The overall backbone of our culture is rotten; the moral compass isn’t there anymore. At this point we are just individuals – who can chose our last stand. Technology has superimposed dynamics that would be hard to challenge… could we organize better then the NSA; or out-play the FBI at their own game? Who will organize the ground level to displace the political parties that control the voting machine? Like the sheriff in the movie “No Country For Old Men” – I get the feeling I’m outclassed.

          • Paul from Indiana

            Au contraire, from what I have seen from you, you are nothing BUT class! Best always. PM

  72. Gary

    Hi Greg, Martins talk is partly false because we do NOT OWN anything.With all the TAXES on everything.We are ALREADY share croppers .Don’t pay the property taxes and see if you own the property when the criminals in government steal YOUR supposed land.Also you think you own your car.Don’t get a drivers license ,insurance and registration and see if you OWN your car when the criminals in government steal YOUR supposed car.ALL of these supposed TAXES are unconstitutional and THEFT.ALL the criminals in government should be charged with TREASON and hanged when found guilty for TREASON to the constitution.

    • Jeff

      Gary I made that exact point when stating it would be better to own gold/silver than pay down your 3% mortgage.

  73. Sean

    Recorded in past video where WEF Klaus Schwab talks about his committed followers around the world Klaus also drops PUTIN’s name.

  74. Pam

    BOOM! Putin Returns Russia to the Gold Standard!!
    Is this information real or BS…………….Just wondering…………

  75. Rick Larson

    I thought you were going to blow a fuse! Happy the interview ended on a calm note.

  76. Paul

    Who is to gain is what to know.
    Who is to lose is all the reason to fortify.

    Expect many devastating false flags in many countries to up the sentiment for war.
    Expect major damage in equity markets, supply chains, banks, real estate valuations, food and travel – more public sentiment to repair the damage that they created.
    Martial law will be easier and more extensive to implement with war than their Covid lockdowns.

    With a gun a man can rob a bank, with a bank a man can rob the world.

    Paul from arkansas

    • regaleagle

      With a sword, Jesus Christ can make a world.

      • regaleagle

        I meant it to read: With His mighty sword…..Jesus Christ can make a New World.

  77. Pam

    Clif High came out with his latest podcast about what he thinks is going on regarding Russia and China………..
    Knowledge Base Service Status
    © 2017-2022 Bit Chute Limited
    Would love to see you have Clif back on your podcast to discuss this.

  78. Jeff

    Keep it up Ed. The truth is the antidote to the fear and lies we are constantly fed. God bless

  79. Rusty

    I’m sure we could get AOC and the other Dems who tried to impeach Trump after he was out of office behind this idea.
    Alaska Congressman Don Young (sadly my Congressman for 50 years now–and he’s 88 and running again) is floating a Bill to seize Russian yachts. Yeah, that’d work out great for our Alaska fishermen who are already having clashes with the Russian Navy. Not to mention that there’s 300 American corporations with assets in Russia they could seize in retaliation.
    You’d think somebody from Alaska would know not to “poke the Bear.”

  80. Caroline

    Former surgeon general of Finland, Dr. Rauni Kilde, attended military conventions. She wrote the book “Bright Lights on Dark Shadows”. You can watch old interviews on video posted on-line. She reported on the “Committee of 300”. They want 80% depopulation as they discussed during 1992 UN conference on UN Agenda 21. They want dissolution of nation states sovereignty. They want total legalization of all drugs & pornography. They want one world religion and they want total “mind control “.
    Please start talking about this technology as the U.S. is out of control secretly engaging this mind control technology where your thoughts are read on a computer screen – it was asked who was doing this ?
    She said Colonel John Alexander states that in the middle of the triangle symbol there is the new world order. To the left is the Star of David. To the right there is CIA, FBI & British Intelligence MI6.
    Much of the graphene oxide injected into people assists with this IOT technology. She said that “committee of 300” state that 80% of the population must die. This has been planned long ago.
    Start talking about the mind control technology.
    It can no longer remain secret. Neural laws must be enacted. The U. S. Government is out of control & violating people’s human rights off the charts as this is State Criminality unpunished for half a century.
    Dr. Kilde knew all of their plans as you can witness for yourself by taking a couple hours to watch her video interviews. Chile & Spain are now enacting Neural laws.

  81. Nick Reynolds

    Martin is changing his tune a bit. He attributes the decisions and actions of political leaders to their stupidity. As you have said many times, they do things that are too stupid to be stupid. This is far more serious than even Mr. Armstrong dares to believe or admit.
    But this Ukraine nonsense shows how powerful TV is. The American population is brainwashed by TV once again, just as it was with the Covid. It’s no wonder so many people think we need to be locked down or up. It’s hard to go against the prevailing TV propaganda. This war hysteria is really a distraction from the covid “vaccine” mandates. Some Americans even want to send Bitcoin to Ukranians. Why not send it to Canadian truckers, or better yet, to American truckers? Stop the covid insanity, especially stop injecting our kids, Mr. fake-President Biden!
    If we ever get back to a working Congress, we would be well-advised to go back to secret ballots in all Congressional votes. In 1971, the US, under Nixon, went off the gold standard (bad move), and it reorganized Congress and made all votes public (an even badder move). That caused the number of lobbyists in the swamp area to increase dramatically. Now those who contribute campaign money can see how their politicians vote. Before they didn’t know. Now they know. So, we have rule by people who are ruled by wealthy corporations. So, what we really have is fascism, i.e. corporate rule. Secret ballots in Congress could possibly change that. Ultimately, we’re going to have to get rid of most, if not all, of the US federal government. That causes most of our problems. Go back to sovereign States. That’d be more of a de-centralized democracy.
    Otherwise, get ready. Store everything you think you’ll need for six months, at least. Get away from big cities. And don’t forget the salt. It will be very valuable again someday. You might also pray for Jesus to return. We’re going to need Divine help. Nothing is certain here, no matter what “Socrates” says.

  82. Paul Anthony

    martin armstrongs book is 119 dollars

    94 on kindle … i was gonna buy ill hold off for now ….

  83. Felix A Renteria

    Martin is a very smart guy but anyone who has followed what these demons have been doing for decades,meaning the globalist,this is all by design.They control just about all industries and banking these are evil people and depopulation is their main agenda.That is their main agenda.All governments are controlled and they always towed the bankers line.He who prints the fake mony controls everything.GOD bless the american patriots that know truth not evil

  84. D. A. Espinet

    Excellent interview Greg! I didn´t use to think so much of him, but I have to admit that Martin Armstrong has proven to be right on almost everything he´s suggested would come. That said, I´m not sure how difficult it would be to set up an interview with him, but Col. Douglas McGregor (U.S. Army, Ret.) would be a really fantastic guest. He´s been on Tucker Carlson quite a few times, and in the last week he´s been interviewed by both Stuart Varney and Trey Gowdy. The thing is, I get the distinct feeling that the man speaks a truth so true, that it goes too hard against the predominant bi-partisan (neocon & neoliberal) narrative – and therefore he may be too politically incorrect to bring on in the future (even on Fox). It´s just a suggestion, but I really believe you could make it one of your all-time best interviews. In any case, thanks for what you do Greg, we really appreciate you.

  85. Marie Joy

    Greg, During what will, undoubtedly, be interesting times, would the collective you, please, consider adding another interview to your week and forgive the brazen request of an old lady? Thank you for all you do. Marie

  86. Pamela Hankins

    It seems to me that the reason Governments have taken ‘this advice’ is because it accomplishes their goal. They WANT the insanity. The want the destabilization. In my opinion they seem to adore weaving fairy tales for the thumb sucking public to soothe them back to sleep.

  87. Tony Lauria

    Armstrong is on target as usual except when he calls for direct Democracy.
    Does he advocate that a 51% wish/desire should prevail over the 49% when OBiden just allowed 2 million illegals over the Southern border? Doesn’t he realize this was to skew the vote? In fact, to make a mockery of all elections from now on.

  88. Todd

    Pete Buttigieg is one of little goon Global leaders as well…and he’s in charge of our Transportation?
    What could possibly go wrong!

  89. Clint Young

    Daniel 7:5 speaks of a bear having 3 ribs in its mouth between its teeth.
    It looks like the first rib could be Ukraine. I have heard the next 2 ribs will be Estonia and Latvia. But it does not matter who the next 2 ribs might be. Whenever 3 ribs are seen in the mouth of the bear, look out USA and NATO.

    If this verse of prophecy is being fulfilled by Russia rising up on one of its side showing 3 ribs, then this will be a sign that Babylon USA is about to go down. It will be destroyed in one hour. Forget getting prepared within the USA. Get out of the USA before it is too late. If you don’t hava a passport get one. Pay the rush fee and get one fast while you still can.

  90. Paul

    Russia is very experienced in war than most, as their empire is older, vast and bounded by many ruthless mercenary countries.

    As Charles Nenner suggested axis of future global domination is in the Indonesia region where Ukraine/Russia resources will supply those material needs. Ukraine rails, ports and roads is two day trucking to most all of Europe. Their northern boundaries extend to the mineral rich attic circle

    If Putin hangs in their and rids us of the global parasites. He would be on a global pedestal which very few leaders in history have ever been able to achieve. Or a martyr. Either way, Russia region is poised to supply europe and Indonesia region with their material goods. As the USA did in the 20th century in our rise to super power.
    We now supply the world with rainbow flags

    Paul from arkansas

    • IIG

      As Putin takes out “the Ukrainian bio-weapon labs and their dirty nuclear bombs” – Biden promotes the unisex family “where two queers can create a clone baby in an incubator” thereby eliminating any need for women (who are now being targeted by the “jab” to become sterile by screwing up their menstrual cycle and making them shake uncontrollably) – the choice is clear – humanity continues as God wanted with a man and women bringing new life into the world – or – humanity continues on as the Globalist gay faggarts envision ( a world “without” women) – where “Story Time Queers” simply clone new queers “forever” – thinking that by cloning themselves – these fags have somehow achieved immortality (because their queer offspring will look and act exactly like themselves)!!

  91. Steve Petschel

    Fantastic interview!
    We’ve been watching you for about 10 years now and you always ask what, should the little people do, and the answer always seems to be the same. I think it would be very helpful for a lot of people if you had a guest on that could speak, not about what is coming (I think we all know what to expect), but to address in greater detail what preparations should taken, considering we are all in different economic situations. Some of us own homes others are renting, some are working and some retired, some own rental property and other investments while others don’t ect.

    We appreciate what you do and the clarity in which you do it. Thank you!

  92. jon

    The Bio Weapons Lab is only part of the equation. Zelenskyy has talked about getting Nuclear weapons. The Zaporizhzhia Power Plant was one of the EU’s largest. High Probability it is coupled as a Breeder Reactor series. Breeder Reactors produce Weapons Grade material. 1 + 1 = 2 problems of humanity.

  93. ken

    Armstrong calls all this… insanity,,, mind boggling,,,stupidity,,, etc.

    So where has he been over the last 2 years?

    insanity,,, mind boggling,,,stupidity,,, has pretty much been SOP…

    • Greg Hunter

      The 2020 cheat to get Biden and Obama back in the WH was well played even it is is pure evil.

  94. al

    I live in NE Florida and traffic is bad up here too. Not as bad as the South East coast but bad enough to make me think twice about driving to town for anything.
    I ran away from this BS that was happening in South Florida, I ended up here because it wasn’t that crowded. Now look at it. It’s a shame.
    Yes, I have a home in a desirable part of Fl and yes it’s going up in value constantly. I don’t care. I just want to live in a quiet part of the World.

    I remember when Russian and Venezuelan money came to South Fl to buy up our homes back in 2003 and 2011, Chinese and Canadian money too. I guess it’s happening again but this time it’s North-easterners for the most part. We have NO MORE VACANCY!

    My Wife and I moved here in the 80s. So much has changed in such a short time.

    Excellent report as usual

    • Freebrezer

      Al – it is not bad when the Russian and Venezuelan money came or Chinese and Canadian money … but when it’s North-easterners and Californians – that is rock bottom!

  95. Greg Morrissey

    PLEASE continue with this series in Deuter0n0my chapter 19 Let’s get to know the lord
    We are all going to need this relationship The world is changing fast
    Thank you so much Greg for bringing this info at this critical time

  96. Trutherseeker

    Please get Clif High back on. In early February he forecasted that the covid narrative was going away, and now what do we see happening? Everyone’s wondering what happened to covid and where is Fauci! The horrible dangerous virus that shut societies globally for two years is suddenly vanishing into thin air. And just as fake news stops focusing on covid to replace it once again with Russia Russia Russia, one of many Pfizer documents is released which shows their shots could result in over 1300 potential very lethal adverse affects. (, ( These people, if they are human, know exactly what they are doing by causing chaos everywhere! The Great Reset is meant to destroy everything and build back better!

    Clif also says there will not be nuclear war. The people will find out about the lethality of the shots as he forecasted last year that people will be “angry beyond understanding” and will want blood! Their rage will be taken out on politicians, which may explain why many of the democrats are not running again or retiring, as well as fake news media.

    The last time Mr. Armstrong was on he seemed wishy washy about the nature of these evil people like Schwab, saying that he’s not some evil villain, but just misguided in his beliefs. I think those who have done the research can say that he is undeniably evil when you see the products of his Young Global Leaders Institute. The fact that he wants to take away people’s rights to own anything, except for the elite who will own everything, is evil in itself. Not sure why Mr. Armstrong doesn’t see that as being evil.

    At any rate, please get Clif High on again.

    Thank you.

  97. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg — Excellent update from Martin Armstrong. After a major shift in the geo-political situation (Russia moving into Ukraine) it’s totally understandable that a forecast update going forward was needed.

    From Russia’s point-of-view, Kamala stating what she did about Ukraine joining NATO was a game-changer — an official statement from the US VP made it sound like the USA would support Ukraine’s membership in NATO. Was that deliberate or just Kamala putting words before thought? Scary that she is so close to sitting at the Resolute Desk.

    Very informative video featuring Dr Zelenko regarding Covid is at:
    “Dr. Zelenko: The Deep State Did Not Reach Their Goal! There Is Hope For Those Who Received The Death Jab!”
    Over an hour and worth every minute.

  98. J. Bonner

    Biden Corruption Invites NWO Nuke Hell On Earth
    Jon Bowne March 5th 2022
    Corruption in Ukraine as a result of meddling by Joe Biden and George Soros has finally compelled Russia to act, even threatening nuclear war with NATO.
    Then, OBAMA-Vice President Joe Biden threw his weight around Ukraine, establishing a foothold for the New World Order after George Soros had dug his claws in with Open Society infiltration in 2014.
    Now those chickens are coming home to roost, as Russian President Vladimir Putin plunges headlong into nuclear war tensions, the like of, the world has never seen!
    Meanwhile, the globalists flee for their bunkers signaling a plan B scenario to cull the human population after the pandemic debacle failed miserably. ALL HERE;

  99. dro

    interviewing Martin Armstrong is always a treat.

  100. Gale

    Martin talks as if these people are just stupid …he doesn’t look at it in terms that they know exactly what they are doing. This is all planned….they aren’t incompetent they know exactly what they are doing. Do these people …the Martin Armstrons’s of the world really think these governments have the people’s best interest at heart??? I got from this interview he hasn’t got a clue who or what he is dealing with!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      They are pretty stupid Cale.

  101. Jim


    Just keep summarily deleting valid or appropriate comments from this site and see if someone does not eventually run you down at your farm in Missouri and “tune you up “. Messing around with Freedom of Speech has possible consequences. Think about it.

  102. The Seer

    Putin won the Nobel
    Prize in medicine for
    ending covid. Showed up
    in person.

  103. Jim Wade

    Greg; a very interesting conversation with Martin. I have lived in Russia for several years. Something is fishy here and it is not Russia. Perhaps this is the answer:

    • Greg Hunter

      NATO broke and ignored the 1991 agreement that said Ukraine would be neutral and never be included into NATO. Putin just wanted that deal to continue.

      • Freebrezer

        Greg it really makes you wonder who is the ‘Evil Empire?

  104. Joe

    Thanks for a great interview. Martin Armstrong’s batting average is so high that it behooves us to act on what he has to say.

  105. Martin Thorne

    Another outstanding interview. As an aside, last Thursday (here in central NY) I put 10 gallons in my truck, at $3.859. I passed the same station today, and the price is $4.399, a half a buck jump in just 3 days. Shock and awe! Shock and awe!

  106. John Valley

    Revelation 6:2
    And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow**[toxon: , toxone ( tok’sŏn, tok’sōn ), A hypothetical bacterial product] ,and a crown**[The name “coronavirus” is derived from Latin corona, meaning “crown”] was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer. **original meaning in Greek from Strong’s Concordance . Greg you find this interesting🤔💉

  107. Jennifer

    Hi Greg,
    Here is Clif High’s latest video, “Dojo”. He gives an excellent overview of the Ukrainian situation, the Taiwan situation, much more and who the globalists really are. You’ll also come to understand why Klaus Schwab has a statue of Lenin in his office.

  108. Graham Leadbeatter

    Great interview with Martin Armstrong. Thanks Greg.

  109. Sidj

    Clif High offers his perspective on Ukraine in his own unique way. After learning who the Ukrainians are historically I’ll never look at them the same again.

  110. John


    Do you now anything about region smart that involves Tennessee, Aransas and Missouri?
    Why are they are legislatures trying to keep it from the public?

  111. DillonC

    Inflation isn’t just only due to shortages. That’s one small part of it. The real issue is the expansion of the currency supply by central banks worldwide. Things are getting more expensive because the currencies are being debased. Supply and demand is just a convenient excuse for the bankers to explain away the price increases. Next they will blame Putin. When the reality is, it’s due to Central bankers. Supply and demand issues are a small portion of this inflation.

  112. Jim Clavito

    Take care of your health and prevent graphene is being transmitted from the “Vaccinated” to Vaccine-Free People.

  113. ken e weberg

    Greg I don’t know about Socrates but I do know about Ezekiel 38/39. So it is written so it shall be

  114. Ruby

    Wait until Putin decides to back the Ruble by gold. Same with China.

    Then the US$ is done.

  115. R Shannon

    I love when you have Martin Armstrong on. He’s so smart and has so much insight from his knowledge of history. Loved every minute of the video today!

  116. steve

    I am sure Armstrong understands these are unprecedented times- thats why personal opinion does not work. Socrates has no allegience to opinion

  117. Von Hindenburg

    I’m rooting for the side that Soros/EU/NATO/UN/the faux President/CNN/MSNBC/ABC/CBS claims to be the enemy. The ememy is Soros/EU/NATO/UN/the faux President/CNN/MSNBC/ABC/CBS.

    Biden, Pelosi, Kerry and Romny all have children on the boards of the Ukrainian oil and gas. American boys will die in the tens of thousands before any Biden/Pelosi/Kerry/Romny loses any money.

    There are at least 7 bio labs back by US taxpayer money there too. Can’t have those labs fall into the hands of the Russians, the truth of the virus could topple the entire American government.


  118. Jeff

    Pam posted this earlier… Gold is now @ $2000 so worth re-posting. War just around the corner. False flag nuclear attack (NY?) imminent (JMHO).

  119. Jo

    It’s ALL about the Belt & Road Initiative, the Mackinder world map aka the Pan Eurasian super state. Everyone at the top despite their apparent “stupidity” comprehend this is out of their hands and COMPLETELY in the hands of The City. This is a big plan, and you’re not in on it.

  120. Dan

    Putin is taking out the biolabs and the human trafficking in Ukraine.

  121. Mike R

    Stan’s gold shorts are getting slaughtered.

    • IIG

      Stan is just like a brainwashed non-thinking mind controlled Borg voluntarily getting in line to get “jabbed” multiple times – we are at the start of a Five(5) Year Bull Market for Gold!!

    • Stan

      Mike R: Be patient. I think the top is in today.

      • Greg Hunter

        Investing advice from the man who has been shorting gold since $1,200 per ounce???

        • Charles H.

          Stan moves the goalposts to accommodate his side. Without fixed criteria – it is propaganda.

      • Warren B.

        You’re on FIRE Stan.
        No…..I mean literally……as in FLAMES….SMOKE….ASHES…….you are toast.
        ……are you done yet ?….hmmmmm….with your endless BS.
        I suspect Bentley will be foreclosed on…along with every other asset you managed to use as collateral for your junk views and habits….shorting Gold……I sincerely hope and trust you didn’t put the parents house up as well……your basement dwelling will be no more.

  122. Coal Burner

    Thanks You Greg, Martin and Socrates!

  123. Self Exiled

    I have heard that 75% of all United Nations resolutions concern Israel. Interesting imbalance of concern: last days issue.

    • IIG

      Jeffery Epstein did a good job bribing all these UN criminals!!

  124. Bonner J.

    Top Army Colonel: ‘Puppet’ Zelensky Putting His People At ‘Unnecessary Risk’
    by Jamie White
    March 5th 2022, 4:02 pm
    “A neutral Ukraine would be good for us as well for Russia. It would create the buffer that frankly, both sides want. But he’s being told to hang on and trying to drag this out, which is tragic for the people who have to live through this,” says Douglas MacGregor.
    “I don’t see anything heroic about the man. And I think the most heroic thing he can do right now is to come to terms with reality.”
    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is a “puppet” who’s putting his people at “unnecessary risk” by dragging out the conflict with Russia, according to retired Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor.

    • IIG

      The “Puppet” Clown Zelenskyy would be funny if he was killing people in a Puppet Show (because people would see the strings attached and know he was being handled by a puppet master (Soros) and that it was “all just make-believe” – what is not so funny is that this evil clown has built bio-labs throughout the Ukraine to develop unbelievably deadly viruses that can kill 99% of the human race (along with dirty bombs that can be set off in American cities to bring about the Globalists New World Order)!!

  125. Douglas

    One living being on the land, standing tall through self knowing,being responsible and fighting for freedom,your learnings plus teachings brings truth to the front of history, our hardest teacher.Leadership that is so greatly needed in these hard times and to come.Ready plus always giving your most precious,” Time” bravo to you, and all who do so Greg.If I may,one is hearing plus seeing the building of a foundation,”Making Childhood Great Again.” We must never let,anyone or thing steal our “ Dreams.”
    Truth is bubbling to the surface.Making falsehood very
    Uncomfortable,plus confusing,world wade.
    Truth shall set our children free.!!!

  126. nzandy

    Great interview Greg, cheers

  127. Marie Joy

    Matt Bracken is interviewed on TheModernSurvivalist on Odysee, 3/6/2022. Matt is one smart cookie. Recommend. Long.

    • Justn Observer

      and to those interesting points =
      WHO IS Ihor Valeriyovych Kolomoyskyi
      Ihor Kolomoyskyi – Wikipedia

      AND WHO IS HIS PUPPET ? = Zeneskyy , who fox news apparently hope to support…” Kolomoyski owns 70% of the 1+1 Media Group whose TV channel 1+1 aired “Servant of the People”, the comedy series in which Volodymyr Zelensky ‘
      US Congress quietly enables funding for Ukrainian neo-Nazi-led Azov Regiment – World Socialist Web Site ( = older article from 2016 =

      ‘The 2016 Consolidated Appropriations Act, signed into law by US President Barack Obama late last year, did not include a previously expected ban against the funding of the Azov Regiment, a military organization that originated as a volunteer militia in May 2014 and was subsequently incorporated into the National Guard of Ukraine.

      The Azov Regiment is notorious for the openly white supremacist and anti-Semitic views of its members, and its use of the Wolfsangel, a swastika-like symbol once used by certain divisions of the armed forces of Nazi Germany, as well as its leading role in the Battle of Mariupol in May-June 2014. The regiment’s leader is Andriy Biletsky, a current member of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (parliament) and also leader of the neo-Nazi Social-National Assembly. In a characteristic statement, Biletsky was quoted by the UK Telegraph last August as stating, “The historic mission of our nation in this critical moment is to lead the White Races of the world in a final crusade for their survival, a crusade against the Semite-led Untermenschen.”

      The 2016 Consolidated Appropriations Act includes a section entitled “Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative,” which appropriates $250 million “to provide assistance, including training; equipment; lethal weapons of a defensive nature; logistics support, supplies and services; sustainment; and intelligence support to the military and national security forces of Ukraine.. .” Additionally, the US is to spend at least $658.2 million on “bilateral economic assistance,” international security assistance,” “multilateral assistance,” and “export and investment assistance” for Ukraine in 2016. All this follows nearly $760 million in “security, programmatic, and technical assistance” and $2 billion in loan guarantees that the US has provided Ukraine since the February 2014 Maidan coup.

      In June last year, the House of Representatives voted to amend the 2016 Department of Defense Appropriations Act so as to include the text, “None of the funds made available by this Act may be used to provide arms, training, or other assistance to the Azov Battalion.” Representative John Conyers, Jr. (Democrat-Michigan) had introduced this proposal, pointing out that the magazine Foreign Affairs as well as other leading media organizations characterized the Azov Battalion as “openly neo-Nazi” and “fascist,” and arguing that “these groups run counter to American values.”

      According to the Nation, the Defense Department subsequently began exerting pressure on the House Defense Appropriations Committee to withdraw the proposed amendment, arguing that the restriction was redundant. According to this specious line of reasoning, funding of the Azov Regiment should already be prohibited by the Leahy Law, which establishes that “No assistance shall be furnished … to any unit of the security forces of a foreign country if the Secretary of State has credible information that such unit has committed a gross violation of human rights.”

      The Department of State explains on one of its official web sites that it “vets its assistance to foreign security forces, as well as certain Department of Defense training programs, to ensure that recipients have not committed gross human rights abuses. When the vetting process uncovers credible information that an individual or unit has committed a gross violation of human rights, US assistance is withheld.”

      Reports published by Amnesty International in 2014 and 2015 gave evidence of widespread torture and summary executions in Ukraine but did not specifically name the Azov Regiment or its members as suspects. The UN also issued a report in 2014 accusing both sides of the Ukrainian civil war of committing acts of torture and attacks on civilian targets.’


  128. Boyeeee!

    Greg, what you and Martin need to understand is that everyone but Putin are for world chaos and destruction . The west is led by luciferians who want to depopulate 95% of us.
    Please, both of you read the Georgia guide stones and you will get it. These people think they are going merge with computers in some singularity that they say will be eternal.
    I’m not kidding. They really are that delusional.

  129. Paul

    I excel at pulling strings!”
    I am the spider- (applies to many)

    The idiots are confident. It requires a great amount of wisdom and knowledge to be confused.

    Paul from arkansas

  130. IIG

    The evil Globalists don’t want to think about events that occurred before the Big Bang – because it can have consequences they simply don’t want to believe – “that there is a God” (who has the power to change the world “they think they own”)!!

  131. Clay W.

    Released After The Arrest on Protest Today. What Was Inside The Police. Live
    9,012 views Streamed live 14 hours ago Baklykov. Live
    Sergei released after being detained in lengthy interview by police in nation wide Ukraine conflict protest. Innocent bystander or not? You decide.
    Revelation 12:12 12 Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short.”
    New International Version , Copyright 2011-2019 Biblica

  132. Christopher

    Greg, thanks again for an excellent and informative interview!

    Have you considered interviewing Alex Thomson from UK Column about Ukraine etc? He’s a former GCHQ (UK equivalent of the NSA) officer, who specialised in Eastern Europe, and now also helps with Bible translations for Eastern European languages.

    Alex recently did a fascinating interview here and also in February gave evidence to Reiner Fuellmich’s Grand Jury

    I think you would find him a very interesting guest!

  133. Gary

    Hi, Greg ,Mr. Martin says these globalists are stupid.Hogwash, these blood sucking vermin KNOW exactly what they are doing.They are trying to force COMMUNIZIUM on us besides the FACT that they want to MURDER ALL of us useless eaters.We need to try them ALL and execute them ALL for the crimes against humanity.

  134. warning signs

    I have Martin’s articles made by his manual typewriter in prison – I knew he was trying to warn us back then, made hard copies to hand down to the children and grand children. I am a second generation home school Momma Bear who invested in the children. They are the real GOLD.

  135. eddiemd

    And Ross Perot.

    • Paul from Indiana

      AND Pat Buchanan (Go, Pat, Go!). Best always. PM

  136. eddiemd

    Looking at some of the bomb damage photographs from Kharkov and Mariupol alone suggests that it will be a huge expense to rebuild Ukraine. All of whic could have been avoided.

    I am disgusted by the leadership of the USA. To think I served as a soldier in special operations for nearly 11 years and now this country has been taken over completely by corrupt, filthy leaders is beyond comprehension. The propaganda media running the game has totally brainwashed the ignorant masses not just here in the USA, but clearly around the world.

    We are inside the matrix of the great deception. It will only get worse.

    Don’t forget to wear your Ukrainian flag. You might as well paste a swastika next to it.

    • eddiemd

      Just checked Drudge report.

      Propaganda central. This is the headline site where the iPhone addicts get their mind control news.

      The Russians are on the verge of complete extermination of the Ukraine forces trapped in the Donbass front. This is the truth. This is what is causing the panic. There are probably US special forces advisors and SAS in this area that will be exposed. They are trapped. Probably some US .gov contractors in the AO also.

      It makes you think about what happens when the Restrainer is removed. If you think things are bad now, watch what happens when the Holy Spirit is removed. Mad Max world on steroids. Everything is in place.

      • Johnny Cool

        Drudge is out of control. Propaganda with no holds barred.

      • Charles H.

        You are correct about hell breaking loose when the Holy Spirit is taken out of the earth:but my eschatology removes the born-again Church at the same time. We’ll get right up next to it; and the hatred toward anything godly will go bananas. Our witness now is practically the Last Call.

    • eddiemd

      Just checked Drudge report.

      Propaganda central. This is the headline site where the iPhone addicts get their mind control news.

      The Russians are on the verge of complete extermination of the Ukraine forces trapped in the Donbass front. This is the truth. This is what is causing the panic. There are probably US special forces advisors and SAS in this area that will be exposed. They are trapped. Probably some US .gov contractors in the AO also.

      It makes you think about what happens when the Restrainer is removed. If you think things are bad now, watch what happens when the Holy Spirit is removed. Mad Max world on steroids. Everything is in place.

      Jeremiah 9:23-24;OJB

  137. d

    Monday LIVE: Russia Accuses Ukraine/NATO of Planning Massive Nuclear False Flag to Force Western Intervention //InformationWars March 7th 2022
    Meanwhile, in the United States, Biden’s refusal to allow more stateside drilling while also making deals to import oil from our enemies is now waking up even the most ignorant low-info Americans, to the reality that globalists are STRANGLING our nation!

    This is a must watch/listen broadcast! Newsmax whistleblower, Emerald Robinson, LIVE on-air to expose how the Biden administration secretly paid her, her employer and thousands of MSM outlets over $1 billion to KEEP QUIET about Covid vaccine damage!

  138. Paul

    News cycle
    at all time high,

    Can be distracting , Keep focusing on what’s important and achievable today .

    We have a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.

    Paul from arkansas

  139. DuShan Belgravich

    Ark Midnight (March 5, 2022) The Fortnight Intelligence Briefing / National Security / NWO: Rise of the Tyrant Class
    Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (USAF Ret.) • Jack Maxey • Edward Dowd • Mary Fanning & Alan Jones

  140. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Was disheartened to hear a message from our Metropolitan this Sunday that Ukraine was invaded unprovoked, which is not true. Marty mentioned how Harris floated the idea that Ukraine should join NATO. Lol. Can someone inform her infringing on his border is precisely why Vlad is pissed? 🤷🏻‍♂️These are just not serious people, we have in there. As far as Ukraine/Russia goes, all I see is Orthodox Christians killing each other, and it makes my heart incredibly heavy, indeed. Lord Have Mercy!😔☦️🙏🏻

  141. Prigge's Meat Market

    Joe the big chicken Biden is mulling a visit to Saudi Arabia, to beg on his hands and knees.

    So what can Traitor-Joe steal from the stupid legal American citizen working TAXPAYER to give to the Saudi’s that they don’t already own? more corn syrup? 99 year leases to all of America’s fresh water lakes?

    I bet Beavis sends Cameltoe over there to laugh like the Joker after saying her three word sentences.

  142. R.B

    What is done by the globalists now is to divide the people and get them fighting each other for absolutely no reason.

  143. Rich R

    Greg: One drop of blood mixed with the VAX under a electron microscope. See images at this site.
    I looks to me that everyone has a chip in them now.

  144. Self Exiled

    We are watching the setup for the Great Tribulation. Massive starvation, disease and death. I speculate the inoculated whose immune systems are compromised will be the victims who will display sores [Revelation 16 2]: possible Bill Gates projection of smallpox; maybe. My thoughts. To be inoculated and to become aware of the deception that has befallen you is a blessing. GOD calling before the great and terrible day. Answer the call!!!!!!!!

    • eddiemd

      No doubt.

      The skin manifestation will be a delayed graft v host reaction. I have been saying this over the past two years.
      What will be the triggering if any?

      Perhaps radiation fallout from a nuclear war that will compromise the immune system even further.

      It will be interesting to see if there will be some type of mucocutaneous problems that precede the skin ulcers/boils/etc. I suspect that there will be in the mouth. The people will be blaspheming the Almighty God so the oral and nasal passages seem likely the start point.

      I have noted over the past 30 years arthritic conditions in the masonic crowd. Arthritic conditions also in the spiritists on the indian reservation. Physical maladies in the antichrist crowd is not unusual. The curses of Deuteronomy.

  145. Paul

    He’s working hard

    Cliff high – new
    The “name Steelers”

    Paul from arkansas

  146. Gale Storm

    Kyiv citizens preparing for war!

    Ukraine’s defense ministry is asking mothers of captured Russian soldiers to pick up their sons. [MOTHER’S DON’T LET YOUR SONS GROW-UP TO BE SOLDIERS!]
    In a Facebook post, it gives detailed instructions for mothers to come to Kyiv for their children.
    The country’s interior ministry had urged families to identify captured or killed Russian troops.

  147. EJ Cayton

    Very thought provoking information as always Greg! I think Martin might be my second favorite interview just a close close second to Catherine! However, after filling my car up at my usual gas station today, I was wondering if Martin has any idea when Biden is going to lift the sanctions off America??

  148. Greg Morrissey

    Please watch the lessons the book Of Revelation and then start reading the book of Revelation
    Revelation 1-11 – The Bible from 30,000 Feet

    Revelation 12-22 – The Bible from 30,000 Feet
    We are so close PLEASE get to Know God and His son Jesus Christ

    • eddiemd

      Use your discernment with these “shepherds”.

      Are they hirelings or really shepherding the people?

    • eddiemd

      Use your discernment with these “shepherds”.

      Are they hirelings or really shepherding the people?

      Listen carefully and know what the beliefs are. Do they know Jesus Christ as the Almighty God in the flesh?

  149. Old Rancher

    Just to be clear on Mr. Armstrong’s prediction on inflation does he mean that prices will rise, on average, 25% from here by 2024 or be rising at a rate of 25% per year by that time? Either one will be a death blow to our economy – and probably before we get to 2024.

  150. Pete+only

    If you ever wanted to see how the mechanics of evil works through the World Economic Forum, and is likely already in a neighborhood near you, look no further than the Global Shapers, an offset of the Young Global Leaders of Karl Schwab.
    This group pushes all the policies of the World Economic Forum, including the march towards digital concentration camps, covid mandates, you name it.
    These people are well armed, strategically allied, and have many connections as you will see in this recent amazing polly podcast. These people need to be named and shamed.
    They have the audacity to call themselves a grass roots organization yet nothing can be further from the truth; top down from the cult of evil. You will find this podcast quite interesting regarding how obnoxious government policies come to fruition, and as george Carlin once said, “it’s one big club, and you ain’t in it”.

  151. Greg Morrissey

    He predicts in this lesson what is about to happen in the middle east and how it ties in with this lesson on 1 Corinthians chapter 10:11-11:1

  152. Sandra+McIntosh

    Absolutely an amazing interview…Thank you Both

  153. Breck Breckenridge

    How can you and Martin continue to exclaim “This is insane”!?? It’s not insane if it was PLANNED. Duh! Does it ever occur to you that creating this kind of chaos is PRECISELY what Schwab and the Bilderbergers want? Because out of this chaos they come up with their solution. Hegelian Dialectic. It’s a lot easier to take over the World if it is in chaos than if everything is still working. The underling puppets like Boris Johnson and Trudeau and Biden/Harris might be DUMB but they serve their purpose just fine. The people who work for the WEF and Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission are most assuredly NOT dumb.

    • IIG

      The “fatal flaw” the Globalists have is that they believe they are smarter then others and thus make “huge errors” – like when Trudeau shut the Truckers out of their bank accounts and created a bank run (as people ran to get their money out of the banks and put it into physical gold at home before the commie/fascists invented some other excuse for seizing peoples money out of the criminal banking institutions)!!

  154. Anita

    Great show , thank you both. I will say what Martin did not. Martin stated how stupid these people are, but they are even more evil to their core. Remember that demon in TX. said about if they don’t give up their guns nuke them. CV & the depopulation jab was just the ramping up of what they have been doing & will increasingly do. They will get their NWO no matter how many they have to kill. Them like their father the devil hates humanity.

  155. Sheri F. Nottingham

    Tucker: We are at war with Russia
    531,149 views Mar 7, 2022
    They wanted a war and now we got one.
    Did you see aunt Nancy rubbing her hands together in delight, the other night?
    Romney, Kerry, Biden, McCain, Pelosi, Schiff, Mueller, Soros, Brennan, Obama and Clinton are all tied to Communist China’s sketchy Ukraine money laundering deals. No wonder they needed to take down President Trump.

  156. Kim

    Thanks for all u do. Please don’t take this the wrong way,BUT PLEASE STOP INTERRUPTING your host!!!!

  157. Marie Joy

    Soros is pro Ukraine. That should be all you need to know.

  158. Justn Observer

    Greg, another addition to above….is Victoria Nuland’s Admits Washington Has Spent $5 Billion to “Subvert Ukraine” all the way back in 2013/2014 BEFORE Trump was ever elected….and under then VP Biden ? =

  159. Marie Joy

    Americans will be harmed more by the Russia/Ukraine War sanctions than Russians will be. We won’t be able to get food, fuel, fertilizer, raw materials, etc. This war will turn us into a third world country but, we know, that is the intent because this is a genocide.

  160. Marie Joy

    Poplar Preparedness (Are the SANCTIONS working) on YouTube says SWIFT runs on Windows 7. IF true, that means SWIFT will go down soon. FYI.
    Windows 7

  161. Bonnie

    Martin’s interview was so great, I had to listen to it twice. Followed up by Clif High’s missive on Substack yesterday, titled Zero Day, I think we all need to get ready for what is going down SOON. Thanks so much for your incredible interviews. I always come here FIRST.

  162. Marie Joy

    Expanding Russia/Ukraine into Poland involves NATO and that will start WWIII which is intentional genocide.

  163. Stan

    I’ve never seen such bullsheet Gold manipulation in my life! I just put my fist through the wall!

    • Mike R

      You shorted the crap out of the most valuable and stable currency on the planet.

      We know you are not strong enough to put your foot thru a wet paper bag.

      So quit yur faux bellyaching.

  164. IIG

    The price of gold now just beginning to skyrocket – – shows Biden to be better then Trudeau at creating bank/monetary runs – Biden has just effectively blown up “the entire world” paper money system (even before American Truckers got to Washington DC) with his sanctions –

  165. Stan

    Massive blow-off top in Gold happening now!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are getting killed shorting this. I hope you have stop loss protection.

    • IIG

      No Stan – we Gold-Bugs (GB) are now in control of manipulating gold and we are breaking it out of a massive cup and handle formation – – better buy yourself a space helmet Stan (so instead of jumping from the GW Bridge) you can jump aboard the GB rocket now firing up its engines on launch pad – for a long five year journey to the Moon “and beyond”!!

    • Mike R

      Wrong again. On to new highs.

      You are not very good at this stuff Stan.


  166. Pete+only

    This 3 minute skit represents what Klause Schwab’s World Economic Forum has in mind for those people it considers even worthy enough to be allowed to live.
    It is literally a digital concentration camp. Bill Gates probably provides the food.
    It starts with a 5 second commercial which you can skip.

  167. Bible Reader

    High gas prices means it’s time to bring back the Smack: Smack’s Booster!

    Smack Booster: Before & After Mileage Test Results
    Oct 10, 2008

    This is the second time I have tried to post this vid – hopefully this will one will take.

    The before and after mileage test results on my 97 ford ranger, 4 cylinder, with 91K miles, going back and forth to work….

  168. Bible Reader

    Here’s something weird. Almost every day for the last two years (since the outbreak in Wuhan) I’ve been going to DuckDuckGo and searching “virus scientist.” The last few days the Covid reports are declining but weirder this keeps showing up. I never saw it before in two years. Dr. Carrie Madej said she found parasites in the Covid vials. So are these alien parasites?

    Symbiote (comics)
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    The Klyntar (colloquial: symbiotes) are a fictional species of extraterrestrial symbiotes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, most commonly in association with Spider-Man. The symbiotes form a symbiotic bond with their hosts, through which a single entity is created. They are able to alter their hosts’ personalities and/or memories by influencing their darkest desires, along with amplifying their physical and emotional traits and personality and thereby granting them super-human abilities. There are more than 40 known symbiotes in the Marvel Universe.


    Eggs Hatching by the Millions: Bioweapon Shots Contain Living Parasite eggs
    Stew Peters Network Published March 7, 2022

    As the plandemic continues to unfold, so does the devious plot and secret ingredients of the Pfizer jabs. Dr. Jane Ruby joined the Stew Peters Show Monday to expose the alleged parasitic hybrid entities within the Pfizer jab vials. Dr. Ruby goes in-depth regarding the behavior and composition of the Pfizer parasites, and the dangers people face from their injections.

  169. Paul from Indiana

    Maybe they’re both right? Just not at the same time? Hyperinflation will certainly elevate the Dow, but it will crash when the dollar goes to zero, which is the end-game of the inflation. It’s a default by a different name. Also, the government that plays this game as a means to default does not survive the bust it creates. Best always. PM

  170. Paul

    Get ready for the skinny

    Paul from arkansas

  171. Justn Observer

    Greg, truth coming from consequences or? We need this explained to the people of the U,.S. , why, who, ? DTRA, FAUCI AND CREW, NIH, USAID ? ANY WONDER WERE THE ””MISSING TRILLIONS”’ has been getting spent now?

    The US has 336 labs in 30 countries under its control, including 26 in Ukraine alone. It should give a full account of its biological military activities at home and abroad and subject itself to multilateral verification.

    It’s starting to look more and more like it was the US deep state with help from other DS people in other countries who released COVID.

  172. J. Kimble Allen

    Greg … could you please provide us an update on Rob Kirby? Thanks!

  173. SkippingDog

    The war in Ukraine isn’t a war of globalism versus nationalism. It’s a predatory war of conquest for Russia and Vlad Putin. There is nothing admirable there at all.
    It’s clear where your loyalties are, and they aren’t with the U.S., E.U., Ukraine, or decency. You’ve firmly committed to the criminality of Russia under Putin.

    • Paul

      And You’ve are firmly committed to the criminality of America under Biden.

      Paul from arkansas

      • Paul from Indiana

        Funny how that works. Best always. PM

    • eddiemd

      Turn off the mainstream propaganda news. They lied to you about the coronavirus and now they are lying about the situation in Ukraine.

      The globalists have deceived the masses. This Ukraine war is mass hysteria formation in overdrive.

      Putin in discussions with Israel last week. Something coming to Syria and the middle east.

  174. Leethal

    Actually, I disagree the New Word Order wants communism. They want something that is opposite of what the successful West (mainly America and Britain) and to bring it down. The goal is actually to destroy Britain and America and whatever it takes or hides behind whether it’s phony communism, New Word Order, Global Warming, the Grate Reset, COVID, overpopulation, etc.

    • eddiemd

      You JWs never cease.

      • Greg Hunter

        Got him and spammed him. Thanks.

  175. Lady Au Stackers United

    Kindly requesting Bo Polney interview.

  176. Justn Observer

    Greg, Harry the Greek shows the documents and gets credit for this layout of before unconnected dots leading up to where we are now concerning Ukraine. Interesting that broadcast and cable news with their resources could not do and report the same? Shows alot of what is running in the background of all the ‘crisis’ created before and all during the Trump presidency by those hoping to defeat and then unseat his Presidency and admin plan of stopping the endless borders?


  177. Justn Observer

    Greg, This posted on Zerohedge…is this conformation there ARE bio labs in Ukraine?
    And if true….and Putin did hit them….could his military NOT be going in until there is a ‘threat assessment’ of what MIGHT be in the air? Much like the early concern that the military might be standing off for a reason? AND of course what might those bio-labs have had in them IF they were hit? AND is there any concern of now 2 million people crossing into other countries infected with something and if so how long before that might show up?

    • Marie Joy

      If Newland says Russia is going to start an epidemic, odds are Nuland, et al, are starting an epidemic. Smallpox has been talked about by Gates of Hell and there are reports of smallpox, in Yemen, on Christian sites. Of course, there are horrific diseases available that we have never heard of, as well. Psychotics never give up.
      One reason this war and more are starting now is because the masses were ready to string up the covid murderers and this war distraction saves mass murderers from punishment.

  178. Marie Joy

    Protests and convoys won’t stop a damn thing.

  179. Marie Joy

    Americans are waiting for somebody, anybody, else, to do what needs to be done. that is not how things get done. I have one foot in the grave while my relatives are digging the hole so it won’t be me.

  180. Marie Joy

    When your politicians want war, it is war you will have.

  181. Jerry

    Hold your nose when you read this post.

    Can we all agree now that our country has been high jacked by lunatics that are hell bent on pounding sand in a Ukrainian rat hole?
    Every time I hear Putin use the term nazis when referring to Ukraine I think back to Adolf Hitler sending ten year boys to face advancing allied troops during WWII when Germany was falling. Is it really any different when Ukraine’s president is asking citizens to go fight Russian tank battalions using Molotov cocktails and AK-47 rifles? I’m just saying. Something is not right. Why would you not call a ceasefire and ask for negotiations? Greg you’re a reporter. Why won’t Ukraine’s president stop this insanity by calling a ceasefire and at the very least let the refugees flee to safety without being shelled on by Gods knows who? Someone is giving this man bad advice and in and in the process getting thousands of people killed. Newsflash. You can’t win urban gorilla warfare if you have no food or water. Once the Russians circle all the major cities all they have to do is wait and starve the Ukrainian fighters out. It’s totally insanity.

    • Warren B.

      Zelensky is the puppet of US/UK/EU and the Rothschilds. He will do as they wish.
      Their Army/Airforce has been trained by American SF’s and British SAS. Weaponry supplied by US/UK/EU. Funding (in the Billions) has gone into the quagmire that is Ukraine….which ends up finding its way back to those who seek to gain from the corrupted State. Perpetuation of the Evil allows for even more destruction….that of the mother land and America.
      The casualties of WAR will unfortunately be the innocent public….human shields….used to propagate the lie of how Russia is barbaric and committing war crimes daily.
      Do you think Putin knew what he was getting into…..I have read that the Plot by the Ukrainian Snr Government/Military officials was uncovered by Putin in February – an all out assault on the Eastern regions of Ukraine by the Ukrainian forces. He had to act or witness the slaughter of the Russian people living in these areas. I believe he also knew of the Biolabs…..and will bring this to Light with the AID of China’s Xi. America’s corrupted Congress members as well as the Executive Arm of Government along with those in the MIC as well as CDC/NIH/NIAID …are all backtracking/running for cover at double time.

  182. Roger...

    DOJ Offers 70- to 87-Month Prison Sentence For Man Photographed With Feet Up in Nancy Pelosi’s Office -Jan 6th

  183. Trevor

    I think all this is good news in disguise. The global cabal is coming to the end of the road and throwing its final punches. Check out New Earth Insights.

  184. Jr

    tired of political donation phone blitzes by the Nancy, Chucky & Don Jrs ?
    Fight back with an “anti-vaxxx” spoken-word message – none of your marxist family likes you anymore anyway – right?

  185. Gordo McRae

    Global Bombshell: State Dept. Confirms US Operating Bioweapon Labs in Ukraine, Pentagon Warns Putin May Use Nukes Preemptively
    CREATING AN ANGRY WORLD March 9th 2022, 10:40 am
    Meanwhile, Puppet-President Joe Biden is so discredited that world leaders are now REFUSING to take his calls over Ukraine and the global energy crisis while instead choosing to talk to Putin!
    THE FIGHT FOR [world?] No! YOUR DOMINATION! Continues. . . …
    The First Casualty In World War> ..IS THE TRUTH!
    Now were in an information war, will God allow a real world Duke Nukage war?

    Russia drops gold tax to encourage savers to dump dollars
    by RT March 9th 2022, 4:25 am
    Individuals no longer have to pay 20% VAT
    Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday signed a law that exempts individuals from value added tax (VAT) on the purchase of gold.
    The measure is meant to provide support to Russian citizens, looking to invest their rubles, which have been depreciating in value amid Western sanctions.
    Moscow has imposed restrictions on the purchase of some foreign currencies, including the US dollar and the euro, the common way for Russians to protect their savings in the past.
    The document was published on the state portal for legal information. Corresponding amendments have also been made to the Russian Tax Code.
    The new legislation is retroactive and applies to purchases made since March 1.
    Previously, when buying physical gold, Russians had to pay 20% from the purchase in VAT. When selling the precious metal back to the bank, the VAT paid was not returned.

  186. Stan

    Gold crash has begun! Cha-Ching!

    • Jeff

      Hi Stan. Love your energy and was looking for your back-at-you comment. The DSI for gold was showing most overbought ever. So any perceived good news would bring a sell-off. And a market short covering.
      I always hedge with Dust calls and covered a few shorts the last 2 days. I began adding to my FAZ and UVXY calls today. This whole “truce” storyline is another head fake. It’s not over.
      Even DB got a 2 day bounce (been shorting that for a while).
      Todays rally will soon be forgotten and gold will find a bottom. I believe that bottom will be the last opportunity to go long. Especially silver.
      P.S. Risk reward on rare earth miners is looking exceptional.
      Nice to hear from you.

    • Jeff

      Stan Not a crash, and correction. Trade accordingly. God bless

  187. DrDog

    $10 gas? Guaranteed and THIS year. I saw a sign board in downtown LA that already had regular gas at $6.75. Getting to $10 is a lot easier than it was to read $6.75.

    • Stan

      DrDog: If costs me 8k to fill up my Bertram 61. Stop kvetching about a measly $100 or $150 to fill up your car.

  188. Getting Deeper

    Tulsi Gabbard: Labs need to be ‘shut down immediately’
    16,323 viewsMar 9, 2022 Fox News
    Former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard tells Tucker there’s a ‘real certainty’ one of these labs will be breached if war doesn’t end tonight.
    Last comments
    Tulsi Gabbard is a highly intelligent woman. She is always 100% spot on with her analysis. She is a rare breed: a democrat with common sense.
    Tulsi and Tucker are great for questioning all of this. Can’t trust DC.
    When a country doesn’t want to get caught breaking the law, it just gives money to a third party to break the law. For example the lab in Africa where medical experiments are performed on Beagle puppies… experiments that are illegal here in the United States.
    Nuland didn’t get the latest lie list from “the big guy”. Psaki must have took two by mistake.
    Our enemies are both internal as well as external. We are surrounded with hateful people…
    It was a sad day for the world when Tulsi was passed over for that top job.
    What a different world we would have with her as the 1st female president of America.
    She is more presidential than the top 3 combined.
    Hopefully she will run in these midterms. You guys in America deserve her. Maybe not, but we need’s her NOW!
    And the rest of us need a solid competent leader of the so called free world.
    It sure as hell isn’t going well with the lifelong political deviant creatures that run your country now.
    At least one woman that knows what she is taking about.
    She’s one of the only adults left in the Democrat party.

  189. Joyce Dillinger

    Ukraine war: ‘My city’s being shelled, but mum won’t believe me’
    By Maria Korenyuk and Jack Goodman
    World Service Disinformation Team
    Oleksandra says her mother repeats the narratives of what she hears on Russian state TV
    Oleksandra and her four rescue dogs have been sheltering in the bathroom of her flat in Kharkiv since the shelling began.
    “When I heard the first explosions, I ran out of the house to get my dogs from their enclosures outside. People were panicking, abandoning their cars. I was so scared,” she says.
    The 25-year-old has been speaking regularly to her mother, who lives in Moscow. But in these conversations, and even after sending videos from her heavily bombarded hometown, Oleksandra is unable to convince her mother about the danger she is in.
    And Oleksandra sheltering with her dogs in her flat’s bathroom in KharkivImage source,

  190. C.Wayne

    Where Russians Can Immigrate Right NOW After SANCTIONS 2022 and Total CANCELLING of Mumma Russia
    6,365 views Mar 9, 2022 Baklykov. Live
    For the last two weeks Russia turned to be the most sanctioned country EVER because of conflict in Ukraine. The sanctions are not only against the President Putin, government officials, oligarchs, state media journalists but against all regular people of Russia.
    For this reason, many Russians are now considering as permanent immigration, as temporary relocations to sit tight during the tough time and time of uncertainty.
    In this video I’m talking about the countries where Russians still can go right NOW having only international passport (passport for travelling abroad).
    Disclaimer: I personally not gonna immigrate.

  191. Gale Storm

    876,795 viewsMar 8, 2022 Fox News
    Fox News host reacts to Biden banning Russian oil and natural gas imports on ‘Tucker Carlson

  192. Jerry

    The globalist are definitely preparing to use cyberattacks soon.

    Anytime a crime is getting ready to be committed you must remove all traces of evidence before hand. Trust me on this. You could find evidence everywhere you looked about event 201 prior to the pandemic because the globalist didn’t care whether we knew or not about it. They’ve since learned their lesson. With the pushback on the vaccines they now know to remove all evidence before hand so they can spin whatever narrative they want. Greg this is serious. With the Russians in Ukraine they will use this to their advantage to blame them for it, since the Russians are disconnecting from the internet.

    • Warren B.

      Good find Jerry….this act alone should start alarm bells ringing. Creative / critical thinking would allow extrapolation of recent events to arrive at a rather dark future for humankind. We cannot mix our thoughts or words here…..or allow them to further indoctrinate us with their psycho-babble BS. Acts 1 and 2 have been to soften us up…..the best lies dead ahead. Act 3 will be where the real Evil comes to the table.

      They’ve woken up to the FACT that publishing their desires/wishes on a public platform was not the smartest thing to do…..Agenda 21 / 2030 …Event 201 …..all moving towards a common goal of a “Sustainable Future”…..what that implies is very sinister indeed.
      Aaron Russo certainly gave a massive heads up (some 20 yrs prior) on where their agenda was headed.
      We cant say we haven’t been warned. You can only bury your head in the sand for so long….even Blind Freddy could see what was coming.

  193. Marie Joy

    While Sean Penn is working to send Polish MIGs to Ukraine, one wonders if the Russians would have put an electronic kill (from a distance) switch in their MIGS during the manufacturing process. It would be a smart move.

  194. Marie Joy

    I have been thinking Putin is a good guy among murderers but I am reevaluating that. Putin was a member of Klaus Schwab”s “Young Leaders”. Yesterday I was wondering where Putin, really, stands in this. Today I’m thinking he is controlled opposition and he is part of the plan. That is based on the loss of food, fertilizer, fuel and everything we need to survive and thrive. This Ukraine War seems to be the nail in the coffin of 3 – 4 BILLION people losing everything they need to live.
    It’s being kept very private that Americans are starving to death.
    Please, consider bringing your decent relatives into your group.

  195. Roger...

    FBI Raids Home of Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio at 6 AM – Drag Him Out of His Home in His Underwear – Arrest Him Despite Not Being in DC for Jan. 6 Protests – MEDIA NOTIFIED OF RAID

  196. Paul

    I love those who can smile at trouble and adversity
    The roughest roads always lead to the top

    A dynasty is nothing but the successful orchestration of treachery.

    Paul from arkansas

  197. Seb

    America is the Weimar Republic 2.0 :

  198. Foley

    Peace with Russia: How Joe Biden failed where Donald Trump succeeded
    48,616 views Mar 9, 2022 Sky News Australia
    As all great military strategists and politicians have known for centuries, if you want peace, prepare for war.

  199. Rod Van Mechelen

    Another important interview. I harassed my sister and a bunch of other people to listen to this.

  200. Matt

    Spectacular interview Greg, really. I’ve never been so impressed by Martin Armstrong. He’s just a straight shooter all the way. He provides very critical information and, what I expect, are very accurate views on what is going on in the world, including the potential and probable risks. I think we are all wise to take his views to heart. None of your listeners will be surprised by what is coming thanks to interviews like this.

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