Insane vs Sane – Demonic vs Divine – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report, financial expert and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.), has long said, “The federal government is being run as a criminal enterprise. . . .not just a little criminal, but a lot criminal.”  Now, CAF contends what is going on in America is much more than greedy criminals.  CAF says, “This has turned into warfare against “We the People” on a spiritual level.”

CAF goes on to point out, “There is so much effort in persuading people to think there is nothing you can do, and it’s hopeless.  Let me tell you something . . . the central bankers are telling you what they are going to do, and this is not far away in the future.  You have all these merchant codes where you cannot use your credit card to buy a gun or the bank throws you out.  That’s the control grid getting built.”

What can you do to fight for freedom?  CAF says, “Bring transparency, and the second thing is to use cash.  If we can all use cash, build cash back up and keep checks going, if you have cash and checks, they cannot go to an all-digital financial system.  Find out who is leading the way in your state, and see what you can do to support them.  Above anything, you can pray because this is a spiritual war.  The devil wants you to believe it’s hopeless and there is nothing you can do. . . . It’s not true.  The sane cannot go along with the insane.  The divine cannot go along with the demonic.  You have to say NO!  I am seeing this all over the country.  I am seeing Treasurers and State Attorney Generals, and they are all pushing back because they realize this is insane.  You cannot go along with this.”

CAF says not only do the Deep State globalists want control of the financial system, but they also want control of your food.  CAF says, “You see at this level when you are trying to protect freedom, they cannot get financial control unless they can control the food supply.  People can always start their own currencies as long as they can grow food.  If you look at the push for financial control and central bank digital currency, it is the same push.  They are pushing to control the food supply.”

CAF thinks Washington is so broken, corrupt and criminal that whoever wins the Presidential Election it will not make much of a difference.  CAF points out, “Look at how quickly Speaker Mike Johnson caved.  Speaker Johnson caved for Ukraine and war all over the world, but he won’t protect our borders.  Mike Johnson, Christian, conservative and not a dime to protect our borders. . . Washington is a criminal enterprise, and there is no electing someone big enough to change this.  This is not Trump vs Biden.  This is the pro-centralization team in Washington.  We have to pull power back from Washington.”

There is much more in the 56-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with the Publisher of The Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts, for 4.27.24.

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(Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec.  This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it.  In addition, try different browsers.  Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them.  Finally, clear your cache and that might help too.    All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

After the Interview: 

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Brilliant Greg! This lady deserves her own TV Show.

    On a personal note:
    The other morning I woke from a dream to see a dark shadow moving towards me. I could make out a head, shoulders and arm. I felt no threat, remaining calm and relaxed during this moment. The shadow then reached out an index finger and touched me on the shoulder which felt firm and avoid of any other sensation. I said thank you and it then disappeared, Angels are real! The moment any bad thoughts or impulses come in contact with you I would suggest you tell them to go away. These are demonic spirits that wish to use you as a portal to generate sordid frequencies for their thirst. Let the bad energy go, it will pass away and then recite the Lord’s Prayer. Engage with your heart and mind to see the good Angels, who are there waiting by your side, that will help you through the journey of healing.

    • Expat

      That is too simple. One day my wife felt opressed thru something strange in the night. We investigated the cause: We had a that time a penthouse apartment with an extra building made thru a former renter on the roof. He loved to live there, one day he got after returning from a public swimming pool a heart attack in his car before he arrived at his apartment. He died sitting in his car in the street. He obviously tried to defend his beloved apartment against my wife and me (I am less sensitive). There might be various explications.

    • sam

      If you are at all any familiar with the “Bible”….and or the “Scriptures”…..look up the uses of “anointing oil”…it give on Instructions on how to use it…
      “I would suggest you tell them to go away” (your words)…but..thats not how the Bible and the scriptures tells it…they are coming for you because somehow you let them in.

      • Anthony Australia

        Only good ones around me nowadays Sammy but with all of your kind words you might be the one that needs cleansing.
        God Bless

        • sam
          • Ray

            Please act now.
            For the well being of your website.
            Look at this guy’s reply to Anthony.
            Yet more bile and venom, even when you have asked him to stop.
            Why do you allow him to comment further in the manner he does?
            This is getting ridiculous.
            Anthony shows much respect for peoples’ opinions, and I try to do the same.
            We both have, over many years here.
            Sam doesn’t, yet he is allowed to carry on regardless.
            Enough is enough.
            Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘

            • Anthony Australia

              I’m not offended Ray Mate, you are right as well …Let’s spread love my Brother.

              • Ray

                I hear you my Brother 😎
                You are indeed wise.
                Thank you.

            • sam

              “What do we Want!?……BAN SAM!!!……..When do we want it…….NOW!!!

              • Greg Hunter

                Nobody is banning you, but please play nice. I said the same thing to Ray.

                • Ellen and Bob

                  Thanks for the free thought here Greg. We are praying for you and Catherine Austin Fitts each night. Blessings.

                  • Katy Bar

                    Here is some free thought – if in the beginning there was nothing – what are we doing here thinking about it??

            • Galaxy 500

              Hi Ray
              I got your back. Anthony’s too

          • Anthony Australia

            Colossians 3:17
            And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

            • Ray

              Thank you Brother 👍
              Same goes with me to you.
              Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺 🦘

              • Bruce McGott

                Yer right MATE! Sam is a disrupter. His assignment, bust up
                He’s an operative with a security clearance. Probably works for Booze Allen Hamilton.
                He’s been here before, under assumed names. He won’t be here much longer. He’ll use the excuse, or his boss will assign him, bigger fish to fry.
                Right now he’s more or less, just entertaining. But you see thru him, as I.
                As old Ben Franklin said to his fellow colonists, when going up against the British empire.
                “If we don’t hang together folk’s,
                we will all,
                most assuredly
                hang separately!”
                Remember what Patrick Henry said before the British hanged him, because he wouldn’t talk.
                “Give me liberty, or give me death!”
                He chose to die a free
                man, that wouldn’t betray his fellow colonialists!
                Patrick Henry died a man, not a good ole colonial boy!
                Do they even teach this stuff in school anymore? I don’t
                think so. It’s what we fought a Civil War for for too. To free the black man. White men killing white men, our fellow Americans. Upholding, that all men are created equal.Written in our constitution, Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. Written to all the empire and the heathen world, the cause of Liberty, Justice and the American way.
                Which even brought change to the empire, after losing half of North America! They had to mend they’re wicked, wicked ways, as your fellow Aussie Ray and Tony, Errol Flynn used to say!
                Don’t leave us Ray, we need you more than you think!✌️
                V for victory and Ray mate, if we don’t hang together, Sam will be there to hang us separate!
                Shout & Repeat three times!

                • Ray

                  Three cheers for you Bruce!
                  A real American looking out for the real America we all want back again.
                  Keep throwing out the left jab mate!
                  Ray, Canberra, Australia

                • Diana

                  Patrick Henry was not hanged by the British. He died of old age at his family home in 1799. Perhaps you’re confusing him with Nathan Hale.

                  • B.M.

                    Thanks Diana, it’s been a long time since school days fer me.
                    The seventies!
                    My earliest memories are watching Leslie Nielson as Francis Marion in Walt Disney’s The Swamp Fox, when Disney Corp. wasn’t woke and broke! Those were the good ole days..
                    Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo and
                    Practice on channel 9 from Canada, here in Michigan.
                    Being so close to Canada us Michiganders feal part of the Commonwealth!
                    Yup we were the Anglo-American Dual world super power.
                    Starting with the Magna-Carta and ending with Joe Bribery O’Biden!
                    Thanks for pointing out it was Nathan Hale.
                    Wasn’t the skipper on Gilligan’s Island a Hale too?
                    Ah the memories.
                    One day this will all be memories too.
                    Hopefully will be in the earth by then. Promised in the Bible, where the meek will inherit the Earth!
                    Cheer’s! B.M.

          • John

            She is ok a campaign for RFK, he is a far left wack job, look who his choice is for BP. Open your eyes everyone, she is as blind to this as she was when they were stealing money right under her nose.

            • Ken Yu

              All CAF was effectively saying was that Trump will be “a lame duck” President who won’t get much accomplished especially with his chosen buddy as House Speaker who won’t provide funds for our border security!!

              • Ellen and Bob

                He can veto however, or that is the hope. If Government would just stop passing laws and funding criminality for a season we could catch up a bit. Just sayin’.

                • Ken Yu

                  Yes , Trump may be a small sinner but he is sane in comparison to the really “totally insane” like Pfizer (planning to kill millions more with their new m-RNA vaccines) and hopefully veto the next kill shots and veto the totally insane plans by the Neocons to start WWIII and also fire any House Speaker who won’t allocate some money to close the border!!!

            • Angie


      • Anthony Australia

        Where is America in Biblical Prophecy? – Pastor Phil Hotsenpiller

      • Michael Myer

        Trump was put in a terrible situation and was looking to his medical gooros to pick the best path,,he did not kill millions of people,,he gave the so called medical leaders everything they needed,,what else could he do..only a fool would blame him for the outcome of evil doers,,I actually believe china and us worked together on this virus and dumped it on Trump just to have a chance to beat him in the election,,put in that situation his focus was on the welfare of the people.hinesight is 20 /20 and to judge a person put in that situation is worse than terrible..the government was humming along wonderfully and not being a dirty rotten scumbag politician for life,,he was also learning as he went along.not impressed with her judging anyone put in that position

        • William T Westenberger

          Trump also told the Pharms (it may have been in writing, but this is Washington DC) that the Vaccine had to be safe and effective. As we saw this was never the case!

        • virginia clark

          Michael Myer; Well said. I think he was naive and believed Fauci and the so called medical experts like WHO. He did put the money behind it I think, because he thought he was doing the right thing to save people. He was a total dupe. The hope has to be that he learned a valuable lesson and will stand against the next attempt to kill us. AND, fire Johnson if MTG doesn’t get to him first

    • Chria

      Speaking of spirits, has anyone noticed at 6:03 in the video the French Door opening by itself???

      • Just a friend

        if you are a Christian, you will probably be under attack at sometime or other. Without being there, it is hard to tell if there was some kind of bump. After the door opened, you can see something hanging in the other room moving. It is possible a person in the other room bumped the wall. However, it is good as Christians to know what to do if you think there is something demonic going on. Satan will oppress and harass whenever he can,but that isn’t the same as possession.

    • Angie

      Got news for you, dark shadows are not angels, they play for the other team!

    • Emmett

      Greg I’m surprised you don’t know how “ money laundering “ works..! The contract can be written for no funding to a pharmaceutical company, but the money comes to them through the back door. CAF is correct. Are congress and senate are bought by the money laundering techniques of our MIC and other corrupt corporations..!

    • Edgar


  2. sam

    CAF goes on record (in my view) as a Never Trumper…and she was a Government worker…so that puts her in the Political Class(?)…ok….so she bad mouths President Trump (OK, Her Right)….but she (as far as I know) didn’t endorse FJB…….either….so where is she going with that?…(in my opinion) AND (I may be wrong) she being a “Never Trumper”..she (in my opinion) must be a RINO?….I just hope that these foreigners who took over the comment section would just Follow the Americans and Not Lead (in my Factual Opinion) , ” Tie Yer Own Kangaroo Down, sport” “tend to yer own farm”……save the “Word Salad” for yer Own Kind…..we don’t get it (understand it) here….just nonsense to Americans (in my factual opinion)…… it or NOT….mate!

    • Greg Hunter

      CAF did say some nice things about Trump. I think I turned her some.

      • sam

        sounds like she has “Trump derangement syndrome”……..therefore I can’t (don’t) Trust her on ANYTHING…

        • Terri Webb

          She doesn’t have trump derangement syndrome, she just sees him as a human being. It doesn’t have to be that he is either the devil or the Messiah. He also, like all office holders should be held accountable. Even DJT. CAF should not be demeaned or shamed for giving her opinion or telling it like she sees it. That’s what the left does….divide us. I applaud her. Good for her for being kind but firm in her beliefs.

          • Katy Bar

            Finally the murdering vaccine makers are now being publicly held accountable by CAF and others. Remember it was just three short years ago when it was almost illegal to claim that the Kill Shots had any side effects. Sharing such theories online like CAF is doing now would lead to permanent bans for supposedly spreading “disinformation”. Fauci told us to “TRUST THE SCIENCE” and the world (including Trump) was thus deliberately coerced into injecting millions of innocently naive people with an “Experimental Poison”. So why to this day is there “so little action” being taken against the Big Pharma “Murderers” and the complicit Health Agencies who took part in abetting this crime against humanity and who are “only now grudgingly admitting the Jabs had Deadly Side Effects”?? Lets begin locking up these Murderers!!!

        • catherine cronin

          SAM,,,,youre right about CAF…she is one of them

          • Greg Hunter

            CAF is definitely not with the globalist Deep State. In the past they tried to murder her and bankrupt her. I know her well and she is for freedom and works every day to fight the deep state. CAF is an internation treasure. We do disagree on some President Trump points, but good people can disagree.

            • Freebreezer

              Hi Greg – Agree … Perhaps it’s as straightforward as this: Would the deep state intentionally deceive a sitting president and mislead him in order to achieve its objectives? Answer YES! and at best, what percentage of the time do good people in power make the right decision especially with bad/evil input?? At best, I am guessing, a coin toss. Given the early projected high mortality rates, the pressure on Trump was beyond the comprehension of all of us!

              • Jack

                Yes she is a never Trumper. Last time she made comments about how great RFK is. She seems to have forgotten what RFK said about what should happen to Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck concerning their viewpoint on climate change. Let’s just say it wasn’t constitutional and anyone that would support him (RFK) is evil.

          • David Bagley

            Trump stayed silent ☠️ 💉 greatest crime against humanity in history

            • Greg Hunter

              News flash: So did everyone else, including the President who mandated the shots for millions. JOE BIDEN!!!

              Amazing you are not worried about Biden, just the guy who have been out of office for 3 and 1/2 years????? Troll!!!!!

      • Judith

        I have always loved when you had CAF on as a guest. Such a brilliant woman with great insight. The last time you had her on, I saw the crack. She came out as anti-Trump and pro RFK Jr. I believe she actually works on RFK’s campaign. I thought, there it is. There are so many of these folks who do the talk show circuit string you along, win you over and then when the time is right, expose their true agenda. I have seen this with many of your regular guests; so much so that I was starting to question your motives. Greg, I was so impressed how you stood your ground on this current interview. Trump is by no means perfect, but I am sticking with him. I think a lot of people have forgotten a lot of good he had done during his term, most notably, exposing the press. God bless you Greg, keep up the good work.

        • Terri Webb

          I don’t think she has Trump derangement syndrome. She’s just telling it like she sees it. Not supporting Biden doesn’t automatically mean voting for Trump. She pointed out the truth. He DID support the vaccine. He’s never walked that back. Btw, I’m voting for Trump. But he’s not the Messiah. He is a man. There is only so much he can do in Washington. He will not be allowed to do certain things…or anything. The tentacles of those who want to control everything are too entrenched. It has to go local and grassroots. It’s simply just Not about Biden vs Trump. That’s the show and the false hope … the distraction.

          • Galaxy 500

            If you don’t vote for Trump whether it is not voting at all or voting for a 3rd party, that is voting for Biden. It doesn’t matter you didn’t pull the lever for him.
            This is a battle of Good against Evil and the choices are simple, Trump = Good and every other choice is Evil

          • Galaxy 500

            You wrote “ Btw, I’m voting for Trump. But he’s not the Messiah. He is a man. There is only so much he can do in Washington.”
            So true! Trump is a flawed human but then we all are.
            We need to get people together on a local level to assist Trump.
            We the people have to take a stand. First vote Trump and send him to DC with as many GOOD people as we can. Then we need to shake off the local despots

          • Carra nicki

            Hi Greg,
            You & CAF are both terrific. I think she is entitled to her opinion and was factual about DJT. He still hasn’t walked back the V and he shut everything down and continues to surround himself with the wrong people.
            More importantly, Which companies are inserting MRNA into our salads? I eat a lot of organic salads. Please let me know.
            Thank you!!

            • Greg Hunter

              CAF is entitled to her own opinion but not her own facts. Oh, and I have an opinion too, and I own the USAW enterprise.
              CAF got her say and you are just made you do not agree with what I have to say with those pesky facts. Thank you.

        • sam

          Judith…I see the SAME thing….not only with CAF, but the comment, creatures on here too.!

          • Carra nicki

            What did I say wrong? I said, you were both terrific and CAF was entitled to her opinion? I

            You’re hyper sensitive about DJT. Not good.

            I also asked more importantly which companies are putting MRNA into our salads.

            • Ken Yu

              Carra – I think Greg is just trying to bring balance to the “way out of control criticism of Israel” for the excess deaths they are creating in Gaza when it is actually “chicken feed” compared to the excess deaths caused by every other nation in the world “against their own populations” with the Covid Kill Shot (Excess Deaths In Japan Just Hit 115,000 Following their 3rd Covid Kill Shot)!!

              • Ken Yu

                Remember what Jesus said: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”!! But who listens to Jesus anymore??? Those putting m-RNA kill shots into our salad are many thousands of times more evil then those responsible for killing a few innocent Palestinians or Ukrainians!! If we want to stop “really massive evil” we sinners must go after the “mass murderers” (like Bill Gates, Fauci, etc., etc.)!!!

              • Katy Bar

                Excess deaths in Gaza is only around 10,000!! So as you say “it is chicken feed” compared to what every other nation is doing to their people (Killing them with Clot Shot Turbo Cancer Jabs)!!!

        • John Woodhead

          I would just like to say that you really are not going to vote your way out of this situation, I know about Karen Kingston and Greg was spot on to bring up that contract, but CAF is right, this is way too much for any one person and it has to be a grass roots movement that refuses to go along with insanity

      • Bryan

        …“I’d even take Biden over Junior, because our Country would last a year or two longer prior to collapse – But it would be dead either way. His Views on Vaccines are FAKE, as is everything else about his Candidacy.
        Let the Democrats have RFK Jr. They deserve him!” – 4/28/24

        Why is Trump still advocating vaccines?!

        • Tin foil hat

          I concur our country would be dead either way. The difference is Biden would likely take us to a disorderly and chaotic collapse (I also concur it would last a year or two longer) vs. Trump or RFK would hopefully take us to a lawful and orderly collapse.

          I understand CAF’s motive for backing RFK. She likely believes RFK is more an outsider/anti-establishment than Trump. Personally, if Biden were out of the equation and the election were between Trump and RFK. I would vote for RFK too even though he is a liberal dusch bag. However, since I don’t think RFK has a Chinaman’s chance of winning, I will vote for Trump.

          At this juncture, my #1 priority is to get somebody who will actually fight the Deep State in office, regardless of his political ideologies.

      • lin

        I have lost a lot of respect for CAF. Remember when Covid occurred Trump was leaving office.We did not know what covid was at that time or what was happening. He encouraged the Front Line Dr’s to try whatever they thought might work. Looking back now, it’s easy to criticize, but I know of no other person on this earth who has put his life on the line, his safety, his finances and his family’s safety on the line in order to try to ” save” America. And he continues to do so! Any person who can criticize Trump after all he has gone through for his love of America, is a big ZERO in my mind.

      • james chudzinski

        Bravo to you Greg , It is about time you called her out, I never liked her and I dont understand why you always have. And don`t sell yourself short YOU ARE WAY SMARTER THAN SHE IS . Great job keep up the great work.

      • Pat

        Thank you for holding her feet to the fire. I lost a lot of respect for CAF. Done with her. Sorry, this is the day she lost me. I’m saying no. Take your bias CAF and goodbye! The shame is, she made many other good points. But they’ve been lost in this anti-Trump mess. Which causes me to question her analysis on other topics.

      • pap

        I’ll say this, if Trump would have lost to hillary. The covid bs would have still happened, and it would have been 1000x worse. Most likely we wouldn’t be writing comments here today… CAF is short sighted to think Trump is responsible for covid and kill shot deaths. They were in the pipeline long before Trump took office. I think she tries to do the right thing but when she sited wikipedia that was the line in the sand when it comes to credentials.

        Mr Greg Hunter, I say Bravo to you when you ask her where she was getting her information from.

    • Ray

      Ban him now Greg.
      BAN HIM NOW.
      That is an attack not only on me, but on all fellow Australians.
      This Sam creature is a pathetic individual, incapable of resisting the urge to strike out at anyone who has a view opposing his own.
      In the WNW just released, you asked us both to stop… I see this comment throwing more fuel on the fire.
      Why publish it in the first place if you want the argument to cease?
      If you keep him here, and allow him to carry on like this, you will have fallen in my estimation.
      I have looked up to you for a long time. My respect for you is immense.
      Allowing this foul mouthed fool to continually snipe at people is bringing this website, known for its depth of interesting commentary, to a far lower vibration.
      I think you, and MANY others understand what I am saying.
      The choice is with you Greg.
      My best wishes be with you if you allow him to carry on……. I won’t bother coming back.


      Ray, Canberra , Australia 🇦🇺 🦘

      • Sir Bruce

        Ray, Sam will ban himself.
        Then he’ll just be watching us. That’s his job.
        Don’t be a notch on his sick noodle! He’s a sick, sick chameleon.
        When folk’s are free, and know the truth. Then Sam fears the people.
        When we aren’t free and in ignorance, it is tyranny and we the people fear , the Sams.
        Let him and his buddy’s fear us.
        We need you right here Ray, with your left hook of the spirit and your right of the truth, struth mate!
        Fair Dinkum and a big Dinky die!
        I had a girlfriend in Hawaii. She taught at Plimsole?, school in Sydney. She won a Plymouth, in the lottery and I met her celebrating in Hawaii.
        I had a lot of Aussie surfer friends in Hawaii too. Those were the days before Fukushima.
        I don’t think I’d like surfing in those waters now.
        But heck there’s a new world coming.
        So hang in there Ray, your the hope of USAWatchdog and the new world to come, thy will be done!

        • Ray

          Hi Sir Bruce,
          Your comment I value……and I will keep its’ sentiment with me as I go along.
          I haven’t heard of Plimsole school in Sydney mate, but I do hope you enjoyed your time with that Aussie lady of yours 🙂
          I know a lot of Australians enjoy the magic surf in Hawaii.
          I hope I can get over there one day myself.
          Take care mate, and thanks again for your support.


          Ray, Canberra, Australia.

    • perikleous

      Sam, there are many other options, many True Liberals & True Conservatives don’t like the REP or DEM options, it doesn’t make them RINO or DEM, True liberals like Joe Rogan, Russel Brand, Jimmy Dore may think Trump is our best choice, from the options offered, they don’t have to like Trump or his policies, they simply need to like them more than the other options…. Trump is a lifelong DEM voter/supporter, never mentioned religion until he needed the REP nomination.. He even voted for Obama in 08, because the other option was McCain(RINO/NeoCon DS WarMonger)… We have been herded into two options to keep it simple for big donors, winner take all DEM or REP if you want your vote to matter… Many of us love our Liberty, Constitution & BofR, believe in ProChoice(not 100% ProChoice, till delivery) or 100% ProLife unconditional, believe gov’t should be kept as bare bones minimalists in our lives (military/national policies only).. That doesn’t mean we are RINO/DEM o0r REP, we are 100% for whoever does the most to better WTP overall, and that doesn’t include open borders, war, Fentanyl, fake virus/policies, offshoring our industry & $ to other nations or dividing all of society by ideology,sexuality,race,gender or even political views all for the sake of protecting the wealthiest .01% of us, from facing justice for treason/murder/rape/blackmail or any crime that enabled growing that wealth!

      • sam

        perikleous….Good Points you made…You are way more coherent than the loud unhinged crybabies……My Goodness, they seem to come out of the woodwork nowadays….

    • Bonnie Guzman

      oh heavens, YES I DID. I thought I was seeing things.

    • pat

      yes, and then a little later, an arm reaching in and closing the door

  3. Don Doerr Sr.

    This is the best Article/Interview that I have seen. As Jesus-following Traditional Catholics, we have the added sadness of knowing that our “Good Catholic” Crime Boss Joe Biden and our “Holy Father” Francis are deeply entrenched in this Evil. We are losing both our Country and our Church. Only Jesus can save us!

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t Fear, You are still a Brother in Christ.

      • Mark in OKC

        I have a Jesus-saved, spirit-filled, Catholic friend and my cousin has a priest friend who is also a Jesus-saved and spirit-filled. Jesus Christ said, “And other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they will hear My voice; and there will be one flock and one shepherd” (John 10:16). God Bless you brothers Don and Greg.

    • TrainJunction

      an Evangelical can merely be a half-brother to a Roman Catholic because the Evangelical does not acknowledge Blessed Mary as mother, despite the command of Jesus from the Cross as part of his final words to humanity.

      • Greg Hunter

        Jesus basically told John to take care of his mother. Not sure this was a message to humanity. Jesus never said pray to my mother. Jesus said pray to my Father (Jehovah) in My (Jesus) name.

      • Don Doerr Sr.

        Mark in OKC, thank you for your kindness. In my 80 years I have never seen either America (under Obama, Hillary, and Biden) or the Catholic Church (of Francis) so corrupted. Will Jesus save a Nation that kills more children than are permitted to be born? All that we have left is the 1st and 2nd Amendments, and even they are under attack by the Communist-NAZI Democrats and their RINO co-conspirators.

  4. Jane Hill

    I agree w/ U Greg!
    Trump had a firm strong contract which was not followed by the pharmaceutical companies .

    • Greg Hunter

      Top Pfizer management should face murder charges along with treason.

      • Tx

        There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with heated debate. Greg and CAT: You two are wonderful breath of fresh air. You treat us all as intelligent adults that can process debate. The more heated, the better. Thank you both. For treating us to viewpoints.

        Now … I must say that CAF ‘s point is actually well noted. Which is that Warp Speed is basically government promotion of a deadly crime being perpetrated by a Corporate controlled Swamp. The existence of a contract is not a “get out” excuse for a government official (especially a president) that is supposed to protect us from lawlessness and racketeering.

        Trump was responsible for all Americans as the Commander in Chief. Let us never forget that he endorsed or hired many of the swamp creatures he vowed to eradicate. And lack of competence and awareness of criminal activity does not negate the responsibility.

        CAF is also correct that it’s the government structure that must go. Simply switching the high level executives and / or President is irrelevant. The system itself is rotten and Americans are deluding themselves if they believe a self promoting narcissist like Trump can fix it. In fact , he remains quite vulnerable to submitting to the Swamp’s needs as he once again demonstrated with his endorsement of Mike Johnson’s budget approval for continued Ukrainian and Israeli military aid (or the MIC itself).

        Sane vs Insane. So eloquently stated. Maybe that’s Trump’s true appeal. Not that he’s a good president, a brilliant leader, or even a moral man. But he is not insane. And that’s a positive for me.

        Thanks Greg. Thank you Catherine. For treating us like thinking adults.

        Lock and Load with your arsenals of sanity!

        • Terri Webb

          Well said and I completely agree?

          • Tin foil hat


    • sam

      Jane Hill……..Strong Woman You Are…….STRONG!

    • Lyle Christensen

      I was thinking during the heated exchange: If only Karen Kingston was there to set the record straight. Not ganging up on CAF but just bringing in a contract expert that actually experienced being inside the belly of the beast and ran the gauntlet. Karen should revisit Watchdog and address that contentious issue CAF has with Trump. Very unfair of CAF to blame thousands of deaths on Trump. not fair

      • Paul from Indiana

        What’s “fair” got to to do with it? There’s nothing “fair” in this world. We must deal with it and move on. Best always. PM

      • Carol

        Lyle, I was saying the same thing while listening to the disagreement. Greg, please bring Karen Kingston back on to explain the contracts and who was in charge of what. Also, why has Trump not walked back the shots??

    • Gina Boral


      You would have a point—IF Trump wasn’t STILL praising his KillShot!

      Which he just did AGAIN on Truth Social just a couple of days ago!

      As added insult, this time he attacked RFK, Jr. for speaking the TRUTH about the KillShot!

      I find it IMPOSSIBLE to believe that Trump hasn’t been informed about how disastrous his KillShot is…so that means he is KNOWINGLY LYING about it and covering up the horrible damage it caused, IS causing, and will CONTINUE causing well into the future!

      Remember: TRUMP was the one who shielded Big Pharma from liability for damage caused by the KillShot!


      • Galaxy 500

        Boy, so wrong. Contract that Trump wrote will put people out of business if he is reelected.
        The liability shield is null and void.

        Vote for Beijing Biden (by sitting home or voting 3rd party or acting voting for Biden) and watch the country burn. It’s already burning in San Fran, NYC, LA but this will come to your door if Slow Joe is cheated in

  5. Dave Scrimshaw

    “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different outcomes is the definition of insanity”

  6. J. Foster

    It’s great to see two people who obviously have deep respect and love for each other argue their points of view and with fervor. Two points of view with the same end. It’s tremendous.

    • Vincent Johnson

      My thoughts and take on it too

  7. sam

    where are all these Pseudo Intellects who Pontificate on USAWATCHDOG.COM all the time about how smart they are ?……Who….first….had the crazy idea that Mr. Greg Hunter is Qualified to be President Trumps PRESS SECRETARY?……….I think that guy should be banned from the net because “He sometimes HURT You’re FEELINGS”….because he called out something that was true ……but……you didn’t like……..
    one Pseudo Intellect even had the audacity to call me a “CIA OP”……Oh! the Irony!…and…….. the Foreigners went CRAZY BANANAS!…..even one wack job kangaroo went to the extreme as to “PLAGIARIZE My WRITING STYLE” ….that was a FUN READ!

    • Ray

      Ban this Imbecile……..
      He was directed by the owner of this site to cease and desist, yet he spits in the face of all.
      The stench he has brought here is overpowering.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘

      • sam

        Ban this Imbecile Ray….who give him the Right to pick who lives and who goes….he needs to learn that if he is offended, then he is the problem….not the one with a different thought process than his…

        • Greg Hunter

          I am not going to ban Ray and I am not going to ban you either. I am going to limit the nasty comments both are saying to each other.

          Much peace and love to you both.


      • catherine cronin

        Ray….don’t you think censorship to ban a person’s style you don’t agree with is a little over the top. I don’t know about your country, but in the states we still have laws protecting free speech, even though they are under attack currently …….and to be honest Greg can ban whomever he sees fit since this is his platform.
        One of the good things about living in the states is freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. … all are under attack by people in this country who believe only they have the right to say what is correct or incorrect; what religion is good and not good; what want we should have and not have; and as far are freedom from fear… well, they are the very epitome of FEAR so they definitely don’t want to stop fear from being a controlling factor over the land we live in and pay our taxes to.

        • sam

          Than YOU ..catherine cronin…. looks like you’re a WAY Smarter Person then He is….

        • sam

          Be Careful Catherine….he’ll talk his rhyming crybaby lingo…and try to have YOU Bumped Off here next….these Lefty unhinged foreigners are not right in the head…..

          • Ray

            I’m no “Lefty” Sam.
            Quite the opposite.
            Again, you demonstrate your intellect and your venom, whilst Greg allows you to fire your broadsides, even after he asked us both to stop.
            You continue onward with attacks.
            GAME ON THEN.
            You are no match for me son.

        • Ray

          Hi Catherine,
          Thanks for your comment.
          I always enjoy your input here.
          I agree with the overall sentiment you have put across.
          If you would kindly go back to Friday’s WNW, you will see that I decided to take the gloves off for a moment and give it to Sam, as I had grown tired of being constantly besmirched by him within the comment section week after week.
          You will see that Greg Hunter steps in and asks for a halt to the feuding, to which I respectfully replied (Sam has so far elected not to reply).
          Now, here we are on the Saturday night guest spot, and Sam is ripping into me again (and Australians in general), not caring a jot for the request made by the owner of the website.
          I’ll leave it to you to consider further, but I won’t cop it.
          It’s not about censorship.
          It’s about going along with a directive from the person who owns the business and runs the platform.
          In Australia, we call that respect, and I reckon it’s the same in the United States as well.
          I have no spleen against you Catherine……you are one of many excellent commenters here, and unlike some, you are thoughtful, bringing well crafted, interesting points of view for all to consider.


          Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘

          • Anthony Australia

            Crickey Mate, that’s not a Friday’s WNW, more like a Friday’s WWE!
            Calmer times ahead for us all hopefully. Reminder we are all Brothers & Sisters in Christ and also Alliance members for Geopolitical Affairs .

          • Bruce'ster the Rooster

            Good on ya Ray mate! Keep that, left hook coming!
            Like I said. Sam’s been here before trying to bust up the Watchdogs. He won’t succeed because, we don’t have the blood of the patriots and all free men on our hands like Sam and his deep creep state buddies, whom are directed by their supreme leader unbeknownst to them, Satan the Devile!
            Keep those left hooks coming and your dear mum proud,
            The meek will inherit the earth and God the father is our strong arm. Through his son we can make our petitions known to the father and he will guard our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus our Lord!
            You make us all proud Ray MATE! THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE EARTH!
            That’s WHAT MATTERS!
   is an example to the rest of this lost world that free men can beat the world at war or tiddlywinks if we all just stick together.
            Your the hope of the world Ray. We gotta keep loving our brothers, before this game is called out because of darkness!

            • Ray

              That’s a high quality comment Bruce’ster.
              You are a man of tremendous faith and elegant word.
              Your comment regarding my recently departed Mum was a lovely touch.
              I am heartened by your kindness.
              Keep throwing out the left jab mate.


              Ray, Canberra, Australia

        • Tx

          If you believe that one of the good things about living in the United States, you may want to consider elsewhere.

          Quality of life in the US has deteriorated considerably and freedom of speech along with it.

        • Anthony Australia

          Agreed CC ❤️❤️

          The CAA’s Grip On Freedom Of Speech – David Icke

          BREAKING: Australian Senator Calls For Elon Musk’s Arrest For Defending Free Speech

        • Bruce

          Don’t count Australia out!
          Their the closest thing to the States as being States too, even more so than Canada. In climate and topography and pioneer spirit and even outlaws!
          They still got guns too except on a stricter basis. That’s why in these last days they haven’t had a mass murder in over 20 years unlike here, one every few months!
          In fact a lot of folks feel Oz. Is more American or what America was.
          Unfortunately our America has become more south American.
          We’re fast becoming strangers in our own country.
          Woke, broke, busted ect. The south American way.
          Don’t cry for me Argentina!

  8. Don Doerr Sr.

    Thank you, Greg. We Catholics fear Francis because the Bible tells us that “Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church…. Whomsoever [Francis?] you bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven….

  9. Really Awake

    Unless you grow your own food, you won’t be sure of what’s in it. Of course, local food has a better chance of being pure and absent unnatural- poisonous additives.

    The bottom line is this is a demonic attack headed up by Satan himself. And the attack on humanity is a comprehensive broad spectrum war on the entire world. Food, water, medicine even the air and clouds in the sky are being used as delivery systems to attack mankind.

    Depopulate and remake civilization into Satan’s image – not God’s Kingdom. That’s the goal. Christians know that in the end Satan and the forces of evil lose against the invincible Jesus Christ. But in the meantime it’s going to get really, really evil, wicked and extremely bloody.

    The Bible has the best answers.

    I do like secular men and women who do their best to tell the truth like the guests on this news channel.

    • Glenn

      Actually you cannot know for sure what is in anything you eat even if you grow your own food. All you can do is hope that it is much better than buying it in the store if you do it properly.

    • brian

      Most people in america cannot grow food.
      They all live in corporate hellscapes.
      Many of them wanna leave their trench
      and homestead. But they cannot.
      One acre of fertile ground cost nearly $50,000
      in the most dastardly of environments.

      • Really Awake

        It’s so true that tens of millions of people are stuck in “hellscapes”. Those are the people who need our prayers.

        My advice to anybody who is stuck without any discretionary income they can redirect into getting out before their hellscape turns into a death trap: to those poor people I say this: gain as many useful skills as you can by taking advantage of all the free information on the internet. Learn how to do a service that people will need to have when Western Civilization collapses, e.g., canning food, growing food, sewing cloths, cooking inexpensive meals, first aid to name just a few. Learn how to purify water and make it safe to drink. That skill in and by itself will be very useful after the power grid goes out.

        The day is coming (and it may be soon) where you and I will have to have at least basic survival skills. Moreover, get in the best shape you can. We need to be able to do physical tasks or have somebody who can do that for us.

        Of course, our lives are all in Jehovah’s hands and His Mighty Son, Jesus Chist. So, read the Bible daily and earnestly pray for a way out. Prayer is free, and so is reading the Bible.

    • regaleagle

      Yes…..growing food locally is definitely a sure-fire way to guarantee quality food. But God Almighty already has plans for the Demons, Satan-worshippers, the Harlot, and all the Mark-takers. He will destroy the fish in the seas, turn the water poisonous or non-drinkable, cause volcanos and earthquakes world-wide to happen which changes the atmosphere and climate……just to name a few. These demonic entities…..many whom are members of the Harlot system…..will have their agendas turned against them by God Almighty. Yes…..the sky is falling, but not f0r me. I have nothing material and nothing to fear, but I do have the greatest wealth of all……Faith and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

      • Glenn

        guarantee? I think you mean that growing food locally greatly improves the chance of eating better quality food. Only God knows how safe it is,

  10. Robert says no

    You need to stop yelling at Catherine Austin Fitts. I wouldn’t blame her if she doesn’t come on your show anymore.

    • Greg Hunter

      Why don’t you not come back?

      • Won Witness

        I’ve noticed that comments sections here at watchdog and other non msm truthful news sources are loaded with DISTRACTION comments that steer readers off important critical timely topics. I’ve got a feeling in my gut that this could be bad actors/deep state/foreign enemys/wef/etc. keeping us focused away from the important topics from the interviews. I would like to suggest Whenever we see this activity we simply reply, “Distraction”

    • sam

      robert…..why don’t YOU just LEAVE….and ….never come back……

    • sam

      get outta the kitchen you soft headed lefty……go ride yer bike around the neighborhood…..

    • Benjamin Parry

      I agree with you, Robert. There is a right way and a wrong way to disagree with a guest on a publicly broadcast video interview. Robert’s way of disagreement was embarrassing!

  11. brian

    I always wait for your next interview.
    My favorites are always Catherine fitts
    and Martin Armstrong.

    Please don’t attempt to argue with either one
    of them. They are both extremely brilliant

    Thank-you Greg for another awesome interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      If they are that smart, then they can handle some questions.

      • sam

        These bleeding heart people are……way overboard in their “Politically Correct” crybaby mode….i just shake my head in AWE at how soft and fragile they are…no wonder this country is “on the Brink” of extinction because of their soft upbringing. and modern medical drug induced incoherence

      • Vincent Johnson

        Hear Hear

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Exactly Greg. I agree with you. The total truth has to come out. Trump has not come clean on the kill jabs and that is the only thing about him that bothers me. He can rally the people to stomp out the EVIL. I am sure of it. Katherine is a Trueasure and both of you are on the same page with almost all. God Bless both of you and everyone in here. This is why I so admire you Greg. You are a man or morals and also for the people and love God like me.

      • Galaxy 500

        Damn right, Greg. Debate help our Forefathers found this great nation. If you can not defend your position against questions, it’s a weak position.

      • Charles Whitlatch

        Thank you for standing up to Catherine. Despite her intelligence and knowledge she needs to be brought back to reality occasionally and address any apparent flaws in her logic or at least explain them better. None of us has the infinite perspective of God but we can, at least, try by opening our minds to other views whether we like them or not.

      • Tom From England

        Greg…you’re not capable of being honest or fair when it comes to Trump.

        You go on attack-and-spin mode at the slightest criticism of Trump–who was an AWFUL President who stabbed his own supporters and country in the back.

        If you were an actual journalist (instead of a Trump PR mouthpiece) you’d apply the same critical standards to Trump as you do CAF.

        Instead you make ridiculous excuses for everything Trump did, does, and says.


        • Greg Hunter

          Did you take all the CV19 bioweapon shots? You sound like your brain is fried. Please go out and get the 67th booster.

        • RK

          Tom from England = Distraction

          Don’t feed the trolls.

  12. sam

    I wonder f CAF would ENDORSE Mr. Greg Hunter for a Position in Presidents Press Department……I Know for a fact (just listening to her interviews) that she LIKES and RESPECTS Mr. Hunters Journalistic and Doggedly approach to His Craft…..I also wonder if she has ANY “Juice” left in the swamp lands (D.C.) that our Patriotic Leader (DJT) wants to clean up, and the Immense Impact that Mr. Greg Hunter would have because he is not a “Swamp Creature”….
    and the “Murky People” that attack the “Messenger” of this “ground swell” of pure genius to Draft Mr. Greg Hunter into the army of Patriotic Citizens to “DRAIN the SWAMP! ……..the negs that encircle this movement will get flushed out and Exposed…either as the WORD SALAD (down under) WHACK JOBS….or like the Gaslighter who accused me of being a “CIA OP”……(now I know how it feels to be ruthlessly pursued by hungry off-kilted Lu-Lu’s from LU-LU-Land!….it amuses me no end :-).

    • sam

      I wrote the above BEFORE I listened to the CAF interview….I therefore RETRACT any help I asked for from CAF…she is sounding like a crackling old woman now…….all of her credibility shot……. she is pissing in the wind…her dream of a grassroots movement is insane….it will take a Full Blown Military takeover…….the CORRUPTION here in America and the Individual States…is a stage 5 cancer blob that Must Be Surgically Removed….by the Military, NOT by the neighborhood watch, not by the sheriff, growing yer own lettuce, or spending quarters at the local grocery store or dropping names.

    • Ray

      More bile directed at Australians.
      Greg……why have you allowed this comment to be published, given what you directed both Sam and I to do moving forward in the comment section of your latest WNW?
      This is disappointing in the extreme.
      Please………do what you say.
      If Sam is allowed to continue like this, I reserve the right to pursue him up & down all avenues here, through valley and dale, to show him up for what he is, and not be asked by you to stop.
      I refuse to repeatedly get back handed slaps from this rude bastard, while you ask me to desist.
      That’s not fair, and it’s not the Greg Hunter I know.


      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother Ray, please give USAWatchdog another chance. You have many friends here, me among them. Please do NOT bail. Best always. PM

        • Ray

          My wonderful Hoosier friend 🙂
          I’ll be hanging around Brother,
          You can count on that.
          You have always been one of the leading lights here, for many, many years, and you have taught me a great deal, for which I am very grateful.
          We’ll all share frosty beers yet!!!
          Something to look forward to mate.


          Ray, Canberra, Australia

        • Tin foil hat


          • Ray

            Good on you Tin…..thank you.
            Mate, you too have been one of THE great commenters here over many years, and as I said to Paul, you have taught me a great deal over that time.
            We’re Brothers……all of us old troupe who joined Greg so long ago.
            The Watchdog Family is indeed a strong one.


            Ray, Canberra, Australia.

  13. Tom C.

    Never in world history has the world been subjected to this level of Evil.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Tom. Just the CV19 injections is mass murder and they keep pushing the murder injections!!!

      • Tom C.

        Greg, you can’t be thanked and commended enough for all you’re doing in many ways.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Tom. You are one of the few to do so.

      • Glenn W. Austin

        Yes – and Trump just keeps endorsing the things!! Bill Holter got to express his hope that Trump wasn’t just a part of the whole “scam” ??
        CAF maintained her composure in the face of your “passion” for the profession. God bless you for it!

    • sam

      Tom C…. and Pure Off the Charts CRYBABY TANTRUMS….so right you are Tom,……so right you are!

  14. Michael Quick

    The notion that Trump is responsible for deaths coming from the shot doesn’t carry a lot of weight. The pharmaceutical industry is more or less on autopilot, having been granted free reign, and any real pushback from Trump at the time would have just given his enemies the “anti-vax” label to slap on to him. He made the only real political play he could: Go through with Operation Warp Speed while also leaving it up to the people to decide for themselves. Which is what he did. The shot was coming anyways, and if it came later under a different regime, it likely would have come with more draconian attachments to it as well. Which is another reason to go through with it when he did.

    • sam

      Mike….PURE GENIUS Response…….you made the Intellectual just interviewed sound like a High School Debate Team…grasping for straws!……She CLEARLY has TDS….(in my opinion)….

    • Galaxy 500

      It sure doesn’t. He had an ironclad contract with a company that not only defrauded Trump but the American people as well. Trump isn’t a biotech engineer, he a business man who understands contracts. This contract should be used to prosecute and bankrupt and jail Pfizer.
      Biden was the one that forced the kill shots not Trump. Biden and his minions are the ones that shutdown everything.
      And yet the Satanic disciples come here and disparage Trump. Is Trump perfect? Hell, NO.
      However, He cares about the country and the little people.

    • Galaxy 500

      Well reasoned and damn well said

  15. Cat Merry

    Amen Catherine Austin Fitts!!! Insane need to go.
    This BS is done!

  16. Tom Breukers

    It’s not about Trump or Biden or kennedy
    Please stop being naive

    • Galaxy 500

      That is all it’s about. We the People and Trump against the principalities of power and the minions of Satan, himself.

  17. Ranger

    Everyone can talk Politics and Finances until the cows come home.
    Until The Federal Reserve Central Bank is Destroyed, and The Federal Reserve Act repealed, then none of it matters.
    America is a Corporation. Repeal The Act of 1871 and remove Washington DC.
    Always addressing the damn symptoms but never addressing the cause.

  18. Deborah ILyia

    Greg, Trump has never backed down as being self proclaimed the father of the vaccine. He has never wavered, but doubled down with Bill O’Reilly as also being boosted and recommending it to everyone. Please, please remember what he has told us and then do not give him a pass when he has had multiple years to set the record straight. It is now an insult for you to continually say he did not know or was misled by the folks around him.

  19. sam

    CAF NEVER really………”Left the Swamp”!!…….she has a boat and dock somewhere in there……….

  20. John Woodhead

    I can’t help but think of a book by the American economist Michael Hudson,the title of the book is…killing the host

  21. Kerry

    Does CAF still maintain people should put their money in smaller, local banks, credit unions etc.? I can’t imagine the big banks will crash before they’ve gobbled up the assets of all the smaller ones.

  22. Robert Dotson,MD

    Greg… Thanks for having CAF on today. I appreciate your attempts to bring truth to the people, but you cannot continue to prop up DJT. The man is part of the war on us all and continuing to believe that salvation lies with this narcissist is delusional and dangerous. Whoever ends up in the WH following the next election cycle, he/she/it will be an enemy of We-The-People. Period. Peace and Hope.

    • Greg Hunter

      Doc Robert,
      If that was the case, the Deep State would not be trying to bankrupt and jail Trump with fraudulent lawfare cases. Somebody sees Trump as a huge threat and not one of them. Your opinion is not a fact. Isn’t awful when the facts get in the way of narrative you want to to believe?? We will have to agree to disagree.

    • sam

      Robert Dotson,MD………so….HOW MANY Poisonous Covid Shots did you stab you’re Patients with?…I just LOVE how you people wear that MD at the end of yer name as if it automatically make you a deity…the blood is on MD’s Hands too….I wonder how much respect you Demand…or Command?

    • Galaxy 500

      Dr Robert
      What choice do you have other than Trump?
      Realistically, there is none.
      I would hate to be a patient of someone that can’t parse basic logic.
      You support evil but you project narcissism on Trump. Trump gave his salary away. Trump stopped war expansion. Trump grew the economy. And your issue is that he hurt your feelings.
      Damn, Dude… how pathetic

      • sam

        “And your issue is that he hurt your feelings.
        Damn, Dude… how pathetic”…..
        Agreed…..these CRYBABIES with their “Hurt Feelings”…..IS PATHETIC

    • sam

      “enemy of “We-The-People”…………C’mon Dotson,….How many Covid Shots did you Administer to “We-The-People”?….HuH?…you got alatta Nerve….Profiting by Harming … “We-The-People”
      right now as it stands…..if you shoved ONE Poison Shot int an arm of an American citizen….you are the
      “enemy of “We-The-People”……Not President Trump…did you take the “Hypocrite Oath”????

  23. Georgemubarek

    Question. How the He!! Am I supposed to grow a garden with temperatures too hot or too cold or too dry or too wet? In the 70s I could grow beautiful,abundant vegetables. Now, thanks to geoengineering, they kill my fruit trees, limit my growing season….ect. They are ruining Everything! God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth! Rev11:18
    Killing cows, chicken, and burning down food processing plants. Only solution is Gods Kingdom.

    • Lora

      Hello George
      You are right about outdoor growing seasons affecting crops, due to extremes in weather patterns.
      In preparation for when the SHTF, You can still buy organic seeds of many kinds now, and learn to do INDOOR sprouting, which is so easy to do, highly nutritious and can be gone anytime of the year!

    • Justn Observer

      Brian, NEW book and MORE about RFK involved in MM killing out soon? Maybe that is why RFKjr. had trouble dealing with something that caused his addictions? Rumors, worse than Ted Kennedy car off the bridge event. We will see.

    • Justn Observer

      George, its all about Grand Solar Minimum…as the polar plunges from both will become more erratic and deeper toward the equator for years to come. Crops will have to have shorter harvest seasons as later springs and earlier winters become the norm. Also, people will have to become more reliant on greenhouses to help extend the grow seasons. Starting plants earlier, and putting them in and growing some totally indoors as well. Root crops that tolerate cold better will also help.
      The degree days in many regions are already shorter, some by 20%, others by 10% ish but even that is alot if one is in areas that have cool and hot weather and already short seasons. Plants mostly shut down below 60% and over 90 to 95. so when nights are cool and it does not warm up until mid-morning then starts cooling down early…what amount of grow time is actually realized? Add atmospheric rains, poor soil that does not drain, hail, etc. We reached peak food years ago. so just expect less crop yield. Watch the ‘carry over’ of surplus is now less and less every year…AT A TIME the government are pushing to cut down and regulate out all the small ranchers and farmers…when they SHOULD be encouraging MORE production as the global food supply shrinks.
      MORE de-population planning?
      One can check their area by comparison to its historical DD’S or to other areas by going to
      Time to start adjusting was about 7 years ago…those that did not listen/beileve John L Casey and Valentina Zharkov are now nearly 30 years behind as they listened to Al Gore BS. rather than them. The earth is COOLING in the inhabited areas NOT warming generally. Planets are also aligning, and causing magnetic flux changes in our part of the universe-again.
      Have fun preparing for the future cycke =

  24. Edwin Bickel


    The Swarm – HOW the Few Control the Many. What WE Do to Break Free.

  25. Krista Marchildon

    I don’t trust CAF’s judgment anymore.

  26. Joe Wong

    The main reason why Joebama Buyden wants to go to war with China is not only about Taiwan, but also to teach the Chinese to stop doing this –

    The war against Russia is already LOST. Its the CORRUPTION within the USA’s MIC, the UK, EU, NATO and their corrupt governments that are on the take is how they LOST the war.

    • Ken Yu

      The high almighty moralists that criticize China for “killing cats”(and criticize Israel for killing a few Palestinians) completely ignore their own governments Mass Murder of Millions of men, women and children with their Covid Clot Shot Turbo Cancer Jab!!!

    • Katy Bar

      Eating cattle is OK but eating cat meat is against the word of God!!
      And so is eating Bugs (as the WEF wants us to do) is against the word of God!!
      Leviticus 11: 41 “‘Every creature that moves along the ground is to be regarded as unclean; it is not to be eaten. 42 You are not to eat any creature that moves along the ground, whether it moves on its belly or walks on all fours or on many feet; it is unclean. 43 Do not defile yourselves by any of these creatures. Do not make yourselves unclean by means of them or be made unclean by them. 44 I am the Lord your God; consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am holy. Do not make yourselves unclean by any creature that moves along the ground. 45 I am the Lord, who brought you up out of Egypt to be your God; therefore be holy, because I am holy.

      • Katy Bar

        Say in the beginning there was nothing – and yet here we are thinking about it – so does this not suggest (especially to these idiot Demonrats) that “there was something in the beginning” (like God Almighty) and that these Demon Rats are playing with fire (Eternal Fire) by doing the really evil wicked things they do (like jabbing Gods children with Kill Shots and starting Nuclear Wars)!!!

  27. Justn Observer

    Greg, THIS is a crime in the making against the health of children setting them up for dangerous side effects and health concerns in the future, It goes against everything the newer data and real science has shown about metabolic problems, diabetes, and causing them to be overweight -causing mega inflammation and auto immune problems in their future=

  28. George E

    Greg : Sorry can not trust this woman, it is more than her attack on Trump. Want the truth on Trump? Go to LaRouche PAC or just get Clif High on!

  29. Bradley

    Thank you Greg for having this wonderful lady on. The interview got heated but I loved it. I speculate all the Trump attacks are theatre. These people are lawless and I side with CAF that Trump knew what he was doing when he claimed to be “The Father of the Vaccine”. He is in the Zionists pocket as well as Biden (self claimed hew is a Zionist). He puts Israel interests above America. Definitely a tough situation and I pray for the Truth of all this evil to come out soon. Government is too far gone and unfortunately to turn things around may take 2 generations. Russia is still rebuilding from their commie coup.

    • DR K



      Jeffersonian/Jacksonian Banking System with interest free money backed by gold AND SILVER confiscated from the criminal international central bankers and printed by the Treasury Department(Abolish the FED!) ARREST, TRY FOR TREASON, AND EXECUTE ALL Communists INCLUDING central banksterists) for UNCONSTITUTIONAL sedition and treason! REPARATIONS TO POST COVID HOAX SMALL BUSINESS PEOPLE OUT OF CONFISCATED ROTH$CHILD […]
      Read more

  30. RJ Morgan

    Great interview Greg. CAF is one of the greatest minds in the freedom space. Stephen Gardner just posted this RFK video the other day on Youtube, and I cannot recommend it enough. I am not a supporter of RFK- this is not a plug for him as a candidate, but what he reveals as a human being and fellow American must be spread far and wide.
    Keep up the fantastic work.

  31. George E

    Greg: Thanks for exposing this person, gets her info. from wacopedia!

  32. Mike

    I see both sides from two Godly fine People. Great debate.

  33. GinSoaked Raisin

    Greg, thank you for the pushback in this interview with CAF. I love CAF, I am subscriber to Solari but she has been slamming Trump and leaving Biden out of the conversation. I have wondered if this position is because she is a RFK supporter. At the same time, she claims every president is the same. It is a rare blindspot for CAF. And my respect to you for pushing back.

  34. Mike

    CAF is correct that the problem is above politics. It is clear that a global war is a goal for the criminal Cabal. They want cover for the Great Reset. What would you do if all of the banks and markets shutdown? Your plastic card will not work anymore. Cash will only work until it runs out. Supply chains freeze up because there is no credit available. The criminals offer you a Universal Basic Income in their Central Bank Digital Currency.

  35. Galaxy 500

    This is normal right? No, not even close. More evidence of evil done against We the People yet ner’do’wells disparage the only good man in the race.

  36. Kay

    Thank you for having a much-needed debate on Trump and the jabs. We need to talk about it, but we need the facts. I hope you and CAF have many more discussions on this. You both are bringing out the facts we need to hear. There were many things you mentioned I didn’t know.

  37. Liber8tor

    Love CAF. I always use cash if possible. Have you seen the coins they are feeding into the money supply? Total trash…feels like coins are stamped out of plastic.

  38. Randy

    “Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown. ARE YOU RAPTURE READY?

  39. Thomas Wigand


    I watched this before I went to bed, and was practically jumping at the TV wishing I could interject: “You’re both correct, but incomplete!” I’m referring, of course, to the exchange about Trump.

    CAF is correct that he’s not the (total) solution. BUT. If we don’t get him back for the second term (to which he’s already been duly-elected) we won’t have time to build up locally. One doesn’t have to be prescient or a prophet to predict that if the forces behind the unelected Biden-Harris Junta pull off a second coup d’etat, that they’ll double-down to impose their globalist dystopia ASAP so that it’s irreversible.

    Conversely, she’s too tough on Trump and the (so-called) vaccines. Recall how the announcement of same was suppressed to hurt his re-election. I happened to watch the new documentary “FLYNN” yesterday afternoon (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), and Pence doesn’t come off well. And who was in charge of the Trump administration’s Covid response. I’m confident that Trump was lied-to about Covid and the vaccines … thought to yours and CAF’s credit, he really needs to recant his support for same.

    We’re in a spiritual war; let’s not the imperfect (Trump) be the enemy of the good. Whatever one thinks of him, Trump is the only horse we have to ride right now.

  40. John Duffy

    So you think the CIA is evil. Check this out. They are totally demonic.

  41. Liber8tor

    BTW..when I pay cash, I always ask for a 3% Discount to save credit card fees. Usually on service stuff like tree trimmers, lawn mowers, painters, etc. The contractors love it, I love it. Once the WEF gets their digital currency, they will know where every penny goes, what you bought, and every tax will be extracted.

    If you do something they don’t approve of, they will turn off your credit card and you won’t be able to buy food, gas, plane ticket or even see a doctor.

  42. Jimmy McDuffee

    Greg you are wrong. Trump gave them almost 3 billion dollars, as Catherine he put 18 billion into warp speed, He gave Physizer almost 3 billion to develop the shot. He gave Moderna a few billion as well who had never made one thing. He was in charge and put the military in charge. And to date as of a few months ago he was still bragging about warp speed and how he saved millions of people. Also Greg he chose Faucci and put him in charge. Trump is a very weak leader with no core values. Not as bad as Biden but a Trump road leads to the same place as Biden. Trump was involved in getting Mike Johnson to flip. Note I voted from him twice. Right now I have no person I can vote for as a president. Trump does not deserve a free pass on what he did.

  43. breamrod

    heated debates are good. keep it up greg and caf

  44. Linda

    I truly enjoy and respect Catherine Austin Fitts but in this discussion, it was obvious that she dislikes President Trump and this was one of the only times I’ve heard her bending and twisting facts to justify her point. I know she’s not a Trump fan (which was obvious from this discussion) but Gregg’s points were valid and I’m hoping she’ll stick to facts and not try to justify her point with her opinions.

  45. Jimmy McDuffee

    As you said Greg if you can face it God can fix it. Face the fact Trump did what he did, the buck stopped at him and to date he is so proud of warp speed. Another point Greg you or Catherine or some other needs to find. What did Trump pay China for the warp speed up load for the jab? Even back up to Sept 2018 when signed an EO to create mRNA jabs. Why? Why the lock downs? Why did he pick evil Faucci? Why did he pick Physizer who had billions in fines just a few years before? Why Merderna who had made nothing and is partly owned by the military? Oh so many questions and few want to hold Trump accountable.

  46. Galaxy 500

    Their dreams are our nightmares. These people can not be integrated into polite society. They refuse.
    These people will be one group of feral humans that you will have to deal with. I know a few that have pushed Satan out of their lives and embraced YHWH. But that is unusual.

    Here’s another group of feral humans that you will have to keep an eye on if you live in large cities or are near colleges. The new communist elite who think that you owe them everything thing YOU earned and own.

    Feral isn’t a color, it’s a condition.

  47. Susan

    Hi Gregg – I never leave messages but this time I have to tell you this really bothered me when Catherine was trying to give her point of view regarding Trump and you just kept loudly over talking her and not letting her finish her point of view. Whether you thought she was right or wrong you should of at least let her complete her thought and then tell your point of view of why you agree or disagree with her. I didn’t like what you d Gregg

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s called a discussion. If you don’t like the free content please find it someplace else. OH, and you are welcome.

      • Galaxy 500

        Discussion? Wow, Greg, I remember those. Where two parties would argue the merits and facts of their position without ad hominem attacks. Where two parties would shake hands and have a drink or meal afterwards. Back before the children took over.
        I agree with CAF that DC is a corrupt cesspool. Trump can effect change. He likely can’t fix all of it in 4 years but he will try. His first term taught him a lot about DC and the Reprehensible Republican RINOs

  48. Scott Manhart

    I think the conjecture regarding Trump is an assumption of knowledge versus naivety. it was not just Trump’s mistake,cdc and NIH grossly over estimated of the virus with the express intent of scaring people into compliance. In Trump‘s case, the forces of the administration aligned against him and told him that 30,000,000+ United States. Citizens would die unless he signed these documents. His fault was failing to recognize that it wasn’t just the FBI, NSAand the department of Justice that was working against him. But at the time, everyone thought that CDC and then NIH were doing God’s work because surely no one would have been so malign as to do what they actually did. We all know better now.

  49. Lora

    Hi Greg
    In this interview you asked Ms. Fitts if she flys, which reminded me of a conversation in 2019.
    In 2019, I was a healthcare provider, who specialized in international healthcare, preparing people with their healthcare requirements for travel abroad.
    At that time, I met a woman who worked as an airport supervisor, overseeing their mechanics for a popular Airlines (I will keep the name of airlines anonymous to protect this supervisor).
    She told me back then that they were dealing with personnel issues in her department, with the need to reprimand too many mechanics, who were not following safety protocols for airline maintenance to the highest standards.
    Now we see plane maintenance problems failing across the board for many airlines. And apparently these issues are thought of in mainstream media as “accidents” such as cargo ships malfunctioning hitting bridges and in near misses, multiple trains derailing, dumping dangerous cargo contaminating the air/ground.
    As far as planes are concerned, it appears to me that some of the airplane issues originate at Boeing in production.
    But I have to wonder about the mechanics, who work in our airports, where some may have nefarious intentions.
    These people are some of the last workers in the hangers to have access with a plane prior to flight departures.
    I wonder why there isn’t more public voiced debates and coverage regarding an ASTOUNDING increase in all these “accident” trends in transportation.
    For the time being, I won’t be flying or riding a train anytime soon.

  50. Earl Thornburg

    My two favorite people are in this interview! While you are correct about the contract with Pfizer, she also is correct about the military was given control over the COVID vaccine. Both are facts that can be confirmed by research.
    Now for opinion, I like Catherine, have concerns about Trump; the biggest one is him not admitting the vaccine is a bio-weapon. Unless he come clean on this issue, I don’t have the respect for him I once had. Trump by himself can not fix the problems we have with the Federal government ran by the deep state. The dollar is the source of funding all corruption, nothing can be fixed until it collapses. Obviously this is going to be awful. I would prefer Trump as president when this happens, but he can’t fix much until the collapse occurs.
    Keep up the great work,
    Earl Thornburg

    • Greg Hunter

      No, She is NOT. I have a copy of the contract and Pfizer was in control of the CV19 shots it produced–period the end. It was NOT paid by the government. That is also a FACT. Here is the contract:

      Pfizer had 63% of global CV19 injections. Where is the proof of the DOD and $15 billion paid out. It sure as hell not accurate if you find it on Wikipedia.

  51. Carlos Acutis

    The Obama got the people to queer their mantle (make their hair a peculiar color) and graffiti their bodies with tattoos in order to pave the way for the Mark of the Beast (chip implant). And got them to obsess the cell phone. Got them addicted to credit cards or bill-pay instead of cash. And got them to participate in or condone in others unnatural, disordered sexual relations. Now they are ready for Great Tribulation and the arrival of The Obama upon the throne of the world.

    QR Code prison in Canada is already here:
    53-sec clip:

    The following is another reason why it is increasingly difficult to communicate with “normies” (Clif High term) about what is increasingly obvious to awakened persons:

    The man of the flesh does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him; and he cannot know [them] because they are spiritually discerned. The man of the spirit discerns all things, but he is himself discerned not by the man of the flesh.
    1 Corinthians 2:14-15

    God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged natural relations for that which is contrary to nature
    Romans 1:26

    God gave them a spirit of stupor—eyes to see not and ears to hear not.
    Romans 11:18

  52. Catherine Cronin

    Most old liberal ladies ….look like CAF…. hate trump…like CAF …..AND will fight to the end to convince you they know everything about everything…and so goes their warped mind’s beliefs insisting she checks out all facts, by using wikipedia to prove her bias against trump proves to me at least, she is on par with the liberal lies wikipedia supports and even makes up. She never considered that wikipedia is to a bogus source….
    she is still working for BUSH…..
    Obviously Trump is not god or pretends to be but she is a just a controlled opposition pretending she is a conservative Christian….. and yet even that facade is falling apart. She is old and losing it. My take: she had the shot and her brain is now compromised as well as controlled by the powers that be. She is so obviously ONE OF THEM…
    YOU were so good by sticking to your guns. BRAVO…
    (btw all the above is just my personal opinion…I do not know her and do not care to)

    • sam

      Right on the money….Well Said….and I humbly Thank You for standing upright and defending the truth about these whack unhinged sorry souls,they be in the Public eye or commentators from the outside…

    • sam

      THANK YOU Catherine….You said EXACTLY what I was thinking….Bitter ans Over the Edge…CAF…is ignominy……

    • Lora

      No one knows for sure whether or not CAF took the Covid vaccine/s (I’d bet not). And I hope at her age that I am half as sharp as this brilliant woman, but she’s not always perfect in her summations, as Greg demonstrated.
      Yes I agree with you. Trump is not a “god” and when one looks at his feckless competition and the truly dangerous state of our failing American Republic, if elected Trump will be a better choice for conservative values.
      But God help and protect Trump because all hell will continue to break out by the Left if he is miraculously elected.
      And as Martin Armstrong correctly uses the term for America, Trump is also the best choice of the “ugly sisters,” and even if CAF worked in the Bush Administration, I’m fairly confident that she must realize now that 2024 is the last stand to save our dwindling freedoms.

      • Greg Hunter

        CAF did not take ANY CV19 shots and she used her publication: “The Solari Report” to tell people NOT to take the CV19 bioweapons.

    • R

      Youre saying you don’t favor the ol caf?

  53. Snap Factor

    Just keep in mind CAF is a personal friend and supporter of RFK Jr. So, of course, Trump is bad for America. It’s all just politics.

  54. TJZ


    “The point of the Pandemic was to shut down the economy”, really? That was a side effect but hardly the main reason. IT WAS A PLANNED GENOCIDE”.
    To Blame Trump for the devastation that we have all incurred is ludicrous!
    Good job Greg!

  55. Guy Storm

    They’re Destroying the United States | Col. Larry Wilkerson
    Dialogue Works 11,094 views Apr 28, 2024 Interviews

    US buys 81 Soviet-era combat aircraft from Russia’s ally for less than $20,000 each, report says
    Story by [email protected] (Rebecca Rommen) • 37m •

  56. Hubert Kleinpeter

    Dear sir,
    I understand you ethic for the facts. I believe your guest was trying to answer your question about Phizer and government involvement in its finance. She mentioned the word “Appropriation” in the budget process. But, in your insistence on facts, you did not ask her to clarify that appropriation process and how it may have assured the vaccine development. I do not know, but I wish she had been able to continue her line of thought.

    • Greg Hunter

      Show me the bill from Congress called “Warp Speed”. YOU Can’t, but you can see the CARES ACT. I most certainly did let her talk about the “Appropriation” and Catherine told me she saw it on Wikipedia which is NOT any sort of reliable source. I have the Pfizer contract, and My line of thought had some sourcing: Pfizer had 63% of the total CV19 injections. So, the contract is a big deal. And NO the government DID NOT pay Pfizer.

      So sorry the facts hurt your feelings and interrupted your narrative you want to believe.

      • Hubert Kleinpeter

        Your guest also said something the military. That exchange on budgets and military was obscured in the anxiety of the exchange. Everything you have validated is true but she mentioned those two things that the public can’t verify. I can’t I rely on individuals like you. Anyway, there was that “grey area” she touched on, many of us want investigations of those allegations. Thank you sir,

  57. Alfred (Hurghada)

    Dear Greg,
    Please don’t interrupt the lady.
    Thank you,

  58. Patrick

    Greg Hunter and CAF are two national treasures! I don’t agree 💯 with what anyone says and I see from most of the commentary here, that holds true for most. We must all use discernment to filter through the information. We must also listen to our inner voice, guidance. We can’t count others out over disagreements. We are entitled to have differing viewpoints. We’re not the same. Some are farther along the truth path than others. Some have more or less information. We can all learn something from everyone. Divide and conquer is evils plan. Children of God unite!!

  59. teresa

    Bless your heart, Trump is not the answer to make things change. Until Trump explains why he backed the shots I’m not giving him a pass. With Biden it’s out in the open what is going on. Trump maybe be a little more undercover.

  60. i: a man; travis behold a pale horse; a review of william cooper’s book; high frequency radio

  61. tim


  62. anon

    Won’t surprise me if Speaker Johnson has been soul swapped. They are magicians running this show. Look at why Karla Turner was killed – she was babbling about this, and other stuff, That’s probably why Congress is scared shit of the CIA, Yup, they can yank your soul out of the body and put their own guy in. Happens rather a lot BTW, That’s also why it ‘s pointless chanting Gitmo, Gitmo. These guy simply transfer to a new body. Here’s a guy explaining this on It’s Paris Tosen on “How Magicians Transfer Souls to Avoid Karmic Debt”. It also explains this transgender thing. They may make the video unavailable after I post this. Oh well….

  63. EH Foundation

    Thanks Greg for featuring Catherine Austin Fitts Respect her more than ever each time we hear from and listen to her Kathrine is so Spot On Knowledgeable Intelligent Well Versed Please Greg with All Due Respect for you A Great Man and Reporter Please Listen to Her

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree and you and CAF needed to listen to the facts. I do not use Wikipedia as a source–ever. I have been covering the CV19 Bioweapon from infection to injections since 2020. I was kicked off of YOU Tube, and my 90 million video views and 300,000 subscribers were flushed because I told people NOT to take the CV19 vax. More facts.

  64. Joe

    Trumpster needs to come clean on the kill shots! And apologize! And he needs to promise to prosecute Fraduci, Burkes and the rest of those criminals! WHY DOESN’T HE DO THAT?

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump is under heavy attack in case you have not noticed. Let’s let him clear the Lawfare cases and see what he does.
      Trump is not stupid and he knows he has to clear the air on the CV19 shots.

  65. A.J. Saferstein

    I love CAF but Greg was correct in their arguement around minute 31 / 32. There needs to be a Convention of States to remove powerful from the demonic corrupted District of Criminal global elitist asshats.



    • Greg Hunter

      Big tech is blocking on your end. Try this:

      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your cache and that might help too. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

      Let me know if it works.

  67. Prospector

    ” Washington is so broken ” – This is well said and needs to be repeated as long as it takes for Donald John Trump to finally GET IT.

    HealthRanger / Mikr Adams
    Trump’s recent lashing out against RFK Jr. over vaccines has proven one highly disturbing thing: #Trump is STILL surrounding himself with campaign decision makers who are completely disconnected from the people and who have no idea what’s actually going on across America. Trump’s first administration was characterized by the repeated failure to know what was going on in America because he was insulated by (and surrounded by) a group of handlers running interference, isolating him from the real world. With Trump’s recent comments attacking RFK, Jr., I don’t see that any of this has changed. Trump needs to FIRE his social media director, for starters, and bring on somebody who has their finger on the pulse of America. By definition, that needs to be someone OUTSIDE the political establishment. Get somebody from Utah, or Indiana or Tennessee. Stop hiring swamp creatures who live their lives in the artificial bubble known as Washington D.C. They are absolutely clueless about what real Americans think about vaccines and Operation Warp Speed.

  68. EH Foundation

    Dear Greg Please have Dr Brian Ardis on to educate all about Venoms in all Vaccines and Food Everything Being Sprayed on US and What to do about it Time to Wake Up to Reality before it kills you Thanks Get Going Greg TRUTH is Vital to Survive It All

  69. Steve Bice

    If you haven’t watched this interview with Andy Schectman, you probably should do so.

    It starts a little slow, but gets really interesting around the 26-minute mark. There are major changes occurring behind the scenes which are ignored by the media. I have quoted Mike before from “The Sun Also Rises” when asked how he went bankrupt: “Gradually, then suddenly”.

    “Suddenly” may be close.

    I’m on my third watch…

  70. Burkley

    Greg if you really want to dive into this issue, you should ask Katherine’s good friend, Dr. Joseph Farrell, to drop into your program. There are very few people in the world who is knowledgeable as Dr. Farrell about the issues in this interview…

  71. Justn Observer

    Greg, much of what CAF rings true, some does raise eyebrows and her willingness to diss Trump, who we all have some disfavor over some things…without opening disclosing whether she is a RFJjr supporter and why she thinks he can/would have any chance of controlling the swamp, one his family has been part of for decades, especially how that he has aligned with the wealthy women we are to believe is NOT part of ‘them’ and other relatives are in the CIA? One does need to look again at the old days of the formattable Pilgrim Society and other groups that led us down this disastrous path of failed economic policy. and endless wars. As is said, nothing is by accident! So, we all are again left with the decision of ””which is the least worst of evils to vote for, or another way, the most trusted and has the ability willingness and to do the ‘right thing’ for the people of this country to at least attempt to reign in all that is so out of control.
    Clearly that seems not to be Biden. and Kennedy’s ability is questionable , certainly who are the others in the ‘no party’ crew that have, if for no other reason the desire and fire and tenacity and reason to go after those that have caused him and his family so much pain, loss of wealth, defamatory grief that just is winning biggly…will itself be a serious blow to ‘their’ plans and if nothing else reverse some of the damage and buy time for people to WAKE the hell up and vote other RINOS, Marxists, and renegade establishment OUT !
    From a backing of Israel, stopping of endless wars, and resurrection of the economy – hoping it can be saved, and hopefully getting the Bankers out of the business of ‘weaponizing’ the SWIFT system as a cudgel people and nations.
    Who has not more angst and desire to do those than DJT? Am open for suggestions…

  72. Jennifer Smallin

    Thanks Greg! Could you set up a 3-way roundtable interview with
    Katherine, yourself and David Roger Webb? He wrote the book
    and did the documentary “The Great Taking”! You are all on
    the same page with ssving our system and stopping the evil
    WEF and IMF!! It would be an awesome interview! Thans!

  73. Jeff J

    Greg – I support Trump but I do have my concerns when he encouraged people to take the “shot”. and he must know that the shots are injuring and killing people, and yet he still wants credit for the vaccine. He has some explaining to do.

    I copied the following (author unknow) and it makes sense:
    #1 Had he not done so, he would have been labeled an enemy of the people for not providing a vaccine. He also would have been immediately attacked harder than ever, and then immediately impeached. For **** sake, they attacked him for talking about the things that did work, how the hell do you think they would have acted had he come out against the vaccine???
    #2 Had he not done that, we’d still be in lockdowns. We’d still have mask mandates, and half the damn country would still be at home.
    #4 He gave ALL OF US more than enough information on HCQ, Ivermectin and Regeneron. As well as Chlorine Dioxide, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc. He literally told the populace about all of that – like a broken record – FOR MONTHS before a ******* vaccine was even mentioned.
    #5 No one in this country was forced to take it. Yep. Some private companies mandated it. But ya know what? PEOPLE STILL HAD A CHOICE. Anyone in this country that took the vaccine made the choice to do so. I get that folks were forced to take it or lose their livelihood. I’m empathetic and understanding to that – at the same time, I’m not gonna ignore the fact that even those folks caved to fear and didn’t even offer up the opportunity for God to serve up a new job or career in their lives. For every person I know who took it to save a “job”, I know someone who stood firm in their convictions, denied it, and were lead to better opportunities by a divine hand. I’m sorry, but the vaccine was an ultimate test of faith in this country, and many failed to place their trust and faith in God to see them through, instead choosing to take the jab to stay in their comfort zone. God can’t work for you if you never even give him the chance by not standing within your truth and conviction.
    #6 DJT putting Fauci up front shined a spotlight right on him and exposed his **** to exponentially more people than it ever had been before.
    #7 DJT told us all from the get go what Covid was, where it came from, and how to treat it. Many, however, still choose to ignore all the above points and ree like school children being told they can’t have a nap.
    He literally had no ******* choice. Period. End of story

    • Tx

      I concur. But what is the most disturbing is not Trump promoting the jabs when they first appeared. That is excusable.

      It’s the fact that he continues to promote them now which is extremely unsettling.

      Is his learning curve flat? Is his pride keeping him from acknowledging that knowing how to operate a “reverse gear” is part of one’s driving skills? People’s health (and lives) are being threatened.

      And this latest support of Mike Johnson and the Ukraine/Israel/MIC pork bill is utterly inexcusable. Even that reckless neocon Lindsay Graham is thanking Trump.

      This means that Americans need to be extremely vigilant. And not be swayed by Trump’s resilience as being the same as being an effective Commander in Chief.

  74. Sara Mc

    Can Greg or CAF or a reader let me know if CAF has planned a “meet and greet” in Texas? If so I will certainly consider subscribing to Solari and attending.

  75. Steve Bice

    Greg: Andy Schectman would be a timely and interesting interview on

    You probably are aware that he and Bill Holter were affliliated in some fashion at Miles Franklin before Bill joined Jim Sinclair. I was impressed with his latest summary of the changes in the metals markets and how they are poised to re-invent the monetary order for the U.S. and the world. He explains why and how it is already underway, and expresses a sense of urgency about the need to protect our wealth. He further supports the idea that the COMEX and LBMA are coming under increasing pressure as metals flow to the East.

    When they default, look out as everything will change suddenly…

  76. Peter

    Hi Greg. You are 100% right about Trump and the vax. The way I understand it, Trump did Warp speed to force the bad guys hand. Otherwise we would be under lockdown for years and shots every 6 months. They wanted to crush our economy. Trump NEVER SAID ANYONE HAD TO TAKE THE SHOT. If Trump came out against the vax with 50% of the populace terrified he would have lost his credibility with half the country. People had to wake up. We are at WAR and there are always casualties of war. Those are the idiots that got 2-5 shots. Ps I love CAF but she’s wrong on this point. Thanks Greg. Rock on😃
    Also watch for election not going off on time because these guys will get crushed and the people are AWAKE NOW. God Bless🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Greg Hunter

      The idea that President Trump was in on a Murder and disability program is absurd. It’s not what the paperwork showed. For example:

      It says in the first and second paragraph:

      Moderna will manufacture the vaccine doses while clinical trials are underway. Manufacturing in parallel with clinical trials expedites the traditional vaccine development timeline and builds toward the U.S. government’s Operation Warp Speed goal to begin delivering safe and effective vaccines to the American people by the end of the year. If the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorizes use as outlined in agency guidance, the vaccine doses would be distributed and used as part of a COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

      “In creating a vaccine portfolio for Operation Warp Speed, the Trump Administration is increasing the likelihood that the United States will have at least one safe, effective vaccine by 2021,” said HHS Secretary Alex Azar.

      Are you seeing a pattern here? NOTE the WORDS “SAFE AND EFFECTIVE” Not deadly and debilitating. All the Vaccines were supposed to be (and required to be) “SAFE AN EFFECTIVE”

      The Pfizer contract said the exact same thing over and over again.

      So sorry the facts get in the way of a troll anti-Trump narrative. That said, Trump is going to be forced to recant on the CV19 injections. It’s painfully obvious they do NOT work and are NOT “Safe and Effective”.

      Oh, and Joe Biden and his boss Obama have been in office mandating these shots since they came out in December of 2020. One month after Trump was cheated out of office.


  77. tarey

    Thank you, Greg, for pushing back hard on CAF about the vaccines. She has done this before on your other shows and was never taken to task! Though she is brilliant, I always found her to be very prescriptive, rigid and willful in her opinions and thinking (does she have any children?). And the idea that she has referred to wikipedia as a reference for such controversial topics is gob-smacking. It’s clear she supports RFK Jr and finds nothing redeeming about Trump who managed to avoid world wars, controlled inflation and the economy and countless other issues including his battles with the deep state in his 4 years as President. I, too, have many concerns about Trump but, like Greg has said, the more they persecute and hate him, the more I like him. He’s all we have if the US is going to continue to exist beyond 2024. The country is already on life support.

  78. Davidiam

    As an outsider who has done their best to see where Trump, Biden and Kennedy are coming from I am hoping that you guys in the USA have the strength to go for the only one of the three that appears to stand for your constitution, Kennedy isn’t part of the Uniparty that is driving your country and the rest of the western world into the abyss! For the sake of humanity I am hoping you all take a deep breath and vote for real democracy!

  79. Mark Goff

    Greg, It sure sounds like Soylent Green is coming.

  80. Tx

    I had to watch the episode again.
    Damn… that was great dialogue between two good people, and so passionate.
    I can’t wait for the next discussion between GH and CAF.
    One interesting side note about the “kill shot”: Putting aside the contract debate, Trump promoted these experimental concoctions but it’s also true he did not mandate their use. And the reason why he promoted them was primarily for self serving political reasons where he could boast about the efficiency and his decisiveness as a president during a crisis. But what it actually revealed was his ignorance and recklessness in promoting something untested and potentially dangerous as a political priority (without taking responsibility for safety which he assigned to the “contract”).

    The contract issue is the result of his business acumen. The promotion is the result of his reckless gamble on narcissistic political gain. Where in the equation did Trump prioritize the health and wellbeing of the nation?

    Trump continues to behave this way today. Biden is multiple times worse as a demented geriatric grifter. Both are flawed and inadequate people to lead the American people.

    And that’s why Washington’s deep state can use them both so effectively to get what it wants. It’s not another empty suit president that America needs. It’s the dismantling of Washington itself that’s mandatory. And CAF has that dead right.

    Bring back Dual Federalism. It may already be too late.

    Thanks again Greg.

  81. Mercy Merc

    on Feb 13, 2024 seer Luz de Maria ( reported having received the following message from Blessed Mother:

    “Pray and repent, children of My Divine Son, pray for those who will suffer due to serious natural events. Pray for those who will cause attacks.”

    This indicates (some) natural events caused by humans. Therefore, this affirms what Dane Wigington has been warning on USAW about weather wars.

    Behold Oklahoma! The Antichrist will use events like this of this weekend to declare climate emergency and persecute those who won’t dance to the YMCA.

  82. Susan R

    I humbly offer my two cents. It was hard to see you both go at it and my heart gave thanks when it ended. Catherine found a way to put it with “insane or sane” not red or blue. If we can all come to this clarity even if it includes a little emotion, we will survive. We are railroaded with politics which are dirty, but most pick sides and that defines the fight. I love the spirit full idea of coming together for OUR common good. What is planned for us tells us it is time to fight by seeing through the deceit and declare we are God’s children and will thwart Satan’s rule.

  83. Bluesman

    The war they’re waging against us taking its toll on everyone. Most have no idea they’re being constantly bombarded with emf frequencies. Go look at and see what they do to you.
    And really, it’s considerably worse than what is described there.

    • jerry

      Thank you for this link! All of this crap is taking a toll that is a fact.

  84. Bluesman

    The war they’re waging against us taking its toll on everyone. Most have no idea they’re being constantly bombarded with emf frequencies. Go look at and see what they do to you.
    And really, it’s considerably worse than what is described there. They want to tie your soul to the cloud. It’s why Elon is putting up the satalites.

  85. Jeffrobbins

    We live in a low rain area. To share an idea about producing our own food; we bought a 30 mil RPE liner from a place in Arizona and they fused the seams, so it was one piece. It’s a bit over 300’ by 124’ , but as a liner across the bottom the pond isn’t quite that large. From the beginning of summer on i fill it at about 2 gallons a minute from my well via a garden hose. We stocked it with Comet gold fish and Blue Cannel cats and i hand feed them in the evenings. I don’t have the water pump yet but do have power in place to run the air pump. Eventually the water pump will pull the pond water up to a garden plot, fruit trees, and possible a green house- but not full on irrigation. There are more details for sure, and id be happy to share what I’ve learned. The way i have it figured a water reserve checks a lot of boxes and fish are much less attractive to steal compared to cattle.

    • Dirt farmer

      To Jeff Robbins is there a way I can contact you in private about the pond

  86. Edd

    Very important and in depth article concerning COVID and it’s beginning. Just realeasd Unredacted emails prove it goes back to the Obama admin.Govt. charts including the CDC show deaths by year and country.

  87. George

    CAF is Greg’s big sister.

    • Greg Hunter

      CAF is a Sister in Christ and I am her Brother in Christ.

  88. doug martens

    ive noticed a thing:
    often when people argue, THEY ARE BOTH CORRECT
    the thing is, they are stating separate facts, and they feel they are not being heard. they stop listening to the other person and focus on being heard themselves.
    we all do this.
    i think you are both right. and it speaks well for both of you that you both persisted in a tense and potentially volatile debate!

  89. MacGuy

    Very disappointing to read so many negative comments about CAF. Frankly nothing she said deserves this backlash, however, the most important fact that everyone seems to have forgotten or are simply unaware of is that Trump appointed both Mike Pence and Jared Corey Kushner to head up the Covid 19 response team. So if any person or persons is too blame for hiring Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx that decision rested with Pence and Kushner.

  90. Alexa S.

    As Nanner often says, I judge a person by his actions not his words which should be common sense for everyone especially when it comes to politicians. But sadly most by far don’t have this common sense. When it comes to politicians one should always look at all the positive things they have done as secondary to all the bad things they’ve done because I’m sure if you look at all the worst of the RINOs they have all done something good but so what!? If they are in there for what we put them there for they should be doing nothing but good things or neutral things at worst, never things that hurt the country and their constituents. Lets get one thing clear, before I go on, I think Biden is by far the worst “President” in the history of this country, but with that being said Trump has done things that unexcusable and I won’t even mention anything about the scamdemic. First lest start with his main running point which was building the wall and making Mexico pay for it. To this day he adamantly insists he accomplished the wall. And don’t give me any garbage about how he couldn’t build the was because Congress and the 9th circuit court wouldn’t let him. He could have completely bypassed both of those institutions by appropriating the funds from the DHS which the President alone controls, and then had the Army of Civil Engineers which the President also controls to build it. A no brainer if he really wanted to, but he didn’t and brags to this day like an arrogant fool that he did what he promised.

    Secondly, he talks the talk about censorship and promises how he’s going to make some executive orders to do something about it in a certain time frame and just when everyone was expecting his executive orders to do something about it, he instead signs and executive order to increase the crack down on freedom of speech by making it illegal to criticize anything that has to do with Jews on college campuses.

    Thirdly, he constantly called, and to this day continues to call Iran a terrorist state when clearly the terrorist (ISIS) groups were attacking Iran as well as any other middle eastern country Israel didn’t like, but never touched any countries Israel was friendly with in the region including Israel itself. Oh, I’m sorry, my mistake, ISIS did accidentally attack Israeli assets once, and guess what? They officially apologized for it, which shows you who was really behind ISIS, but yet Trump orders missiles targeting Syrian assets when Assad was clearly not supporting terrorists, but fighting them.

    Fourthly, Israel gets caught spying on the White House which even makes mainstream news and Israel is given a total free pass.

    Fifthly, Trump continuously hires people that go against him. Mind you this guy is a big business man. This man made a living on choosing the best people for the job that are on his team, yet he made, and continues to make mistake after mistake after mistake and never even seems to get better at it at that. As Sinclair would say, “it’s too stupid to be stupid.” And to this day he coddles and advocates for these RINOs like Grahm and Jonson. When are people going to wake up?

    I would continue, but I don’t know if “sixthly” is a word. Mark my words though, when Trump gets into office which he will, there will be no mass deportation. At best he will only deport the criminals, but he’ll pull another “my hands are tide” stunt just like the wall so he can blame it on those nasty ol Dems and RINO when in reality they are all RINOs, more or less.

    • sam

      You are no Sherlock Holmes…..cant figure out the game plan?….just wait until President Trump gets back the reigns……you might have to eat your own words

      • Alexa S.

        I already know what will happen, it’s obvious. Trump when in office will do some good thing, probably more good things then last time he was in office, and that’s part of the game. Obama accelerated the process of taking us down the abyss of darkness almost to the point of uprising, then behold, Trump comes in to save the day with all these promises and only accomplishes jest enough to pacify enough conservatives to keep the country from an uprising again, now it’s time for another Obama to take us in the the next stage of tyranny by accelerating the process far more. Now Trump will come in to save the day by doing just enough to pacify enough conservatives again to keep the country from uprising. They take us 4 steps into tyranny while Trump takes us two steps back. I’m not great at math but that still equals going two steps in the wrong direction and continues progress for the elites.

        I hope to God I will eat my words, but unfortunately I think it will be you eating your words. We needed a Trump 30 years ago, now it’s too little too late. Ron Paul in 2008 was our last chance, and they railroaded him swapping his primary votes with McCain to run him out. Why, because he was the last true threat because he was for real. All this court garbage on Trump is all show to make people think the elites really hate him, and their puppets like Biden, Pelosi, Schiff, etc, etc actually do hate him, but they are just puppets following orders and placed their because of their nature, they don’t call the shots. Trump will just play his part of keeping enough blind conservatives happy enough not to revolt while we get closer and closer to checkmate via their high tech countermeasures and prison that are far more advanced and dangerous then you think. By that time it won’t matter if the people revolt because they will nip every little uprising in the bud the second it gets started with their technology and surveillance grid. Eating my words will be the best tasting thing in my life!

  91. Matt

    I would greatly appreciate if you entertained the idea of interviewing Jordan Peterson.

  92. Kim

    Wikipedia and google. LOL. What is Bill DeBlasio’s real name. These sites are a joke and cover for the crooks. Don’t get me started

  93. kingdom of bees

    Besides the young Ukrainian soldier body parts being trafficked, extraction of money from Americans is another way to fund Cabal operations.

    Zelensky announces that Ukraine is working on a security agreement with the U.S. that will fix levels of support for the next 10 years. The $61 billion was just the beginning. The next two U.S. presidents won’t be able to switch it off.

  94. Davy Crockett

    According to the dumbest DEI hires ruining our government, our debt has gone DOWN the past month. President Delaware Crackpipe will be using this one in his upcoming ads.
    Watch Walled Street double at the opening tomorrow, CNBC running these numbers on the screen crawl on continuous loop, and the FED cut rates to 0%.
    The Debt
    4/25/2024. $34,554,969,025,868.11
    3/25/2024. $34,598,187,991,362.71

    • Jeffrobbins

      I remember Dr. Skidmore stating on this program, that he believed the ‘churn’ in the treasury market placed the debt being turned over in the area of 90 trillion. I believe that was two or three years ago.

  95. Jeffrobbins

    There are a good number of prophets that have prophesied bad times with some type of major economic component. Maybe it’s this or that detail, but i have really wondered if Trump will oversee the bankruptcy of the country. And it just wasn’t time for that until the next couple years. It would be good to have a mathematician dig into the exponential function on the debt and interest on the debt. Exponential is not how we normally think. It that the same as a logarithmic decay? Im not sure, either way it’s bad and comes quickly. Maybe there is a plan in play for bankruptcy and Speaker Johnson had to go along with it- i sure would like to be a fly on the wall at his house at dinner time.

  96. The Canuck

    A comment from a thirty thousand foot view point and a citizen north of your border. Regardless of who the next POTUS will be or has been in the past, this current global empire is in it’s final stages of existence. I’d say it peaked in superiority with Bush 1 at the helm in the 90’s given he described it as ” the new world order.” That was the beginning of the end and it has deteriorated ever since. The failing world order leaves a void and it’s the new emerging order that moves to begin filling that void. China has a window of opportunity it must take advantage of or it will be lost. They have already infiltrated our Canada in numerous stealth ways including a replay of the 1620’s opioid wars. David Murrin’s rise and falls of empires complete with the mob’s psychology at various stages provides an excellent insight to today’s events. His analyses is as interesting and accurate as Armstrong’s. With respect from Canada.

    • Tx

      Yes, the current empire is in fact in decline. Thank goodness for that because it is most definitely NOT benefiting the average American.

      The promise of a balanced America as part of a Global community of independent nations began its long and sad decline when those bullets passed through JFKs head.

      It’s not only that this empire must go. It’s that an independent nation of free peoples must be restored. And it must happen quickly before each American ends up a n impoverished, broken and hopeless individual under the watch of a global criminal syndicate who are anything but American (regardless of their citizenship).

      Godspeed America. A revolution is urgently at hand.

      • The Canuck

        Know that there are a good many of us up here in the north that stand firmly with you, regardless of what they tell you. Yah, we’re polite, … to a point.

  97. Joseph Grote

    Catherine Austin and Wikipedia? This is an awful data source. She has Trump de arrangement syndrome! She needs to watch & read Karen Kinghese matters!w of tston interview that covers the contract between Trump and drug companies like Pfizer Drugs. Greg, thank you for standing up to her vie

  98. Robert Dziok

    Saudi Arabia, Cameroun, Ghana and Nigeria are in the process of pulling their Gold Reserves out of the U.S. reports on this in 4/28/2024 article posted. Sanctioning, Freezing, Seizing a countries assets (e.g. Russia) has consequences. Countries are not stupid and see what is going on. Babylonian America again demonstrates it’s “intelligence” and “foresight” by doing such. All while 34 TRILLION in debt and a collapsing fiat paper financial system.

  99. Gabe

    it took years to manufacture enough vaccines for every person on earth 4x over….years..before Trump got in. Trump needed chest waiters not hip waiters for the swamp he was in…..unfortunately it cost the planet Billions of people, some havent died yet. It would have happened to any patriot that was surrounded by communist traitors who do you trust? Build the wall Trump…..warp speed it Sir…… These people crash airplanes to kill one guy…..they crash 4 planes to start wars, they release virus to stay in power. And they will not stop until they own the planet for themselves….and are self proclaimed Gods. They do not care about America…they care about themselves only and their fleshy desires….pedo islands, adrinochrome, money, power, framing others for their action. I think Catherine has been talked too.

  100. Armando

    Speaks the truth!
    Sounds like you can’t
    Handle the truth

    • Greg Hunter

      I provided sourced facts, and it appears it upset your Trump hating false narrative. You can’t handle the facts.

  101. Galaxy 500

    Afroman is back! My new favorite song…

    He was gonna get his laptop fixed, but Hunter got high (Ooh)
    He wasn’t gonna show all them di(¥ pics, but hunter got high (La-da-da-da)
    He shoulda let Hillary bleach the whole hard drive
    But Hunter got high (Hey), Hunter got high, Hunter got high

    • Paul from Indiana

      And neither of those two clowns, Hillary and Hunter, have ever or will ever be brought to justice over their crimes. What does that tell you? Who owns the system? Good thing justice allegedly comes in the next world, because it sure doesn’t come here. Best always. PM

      • Galaxy 500

        Either we are going to rally behind Trump and do our part, force change at the local level while he handles the Union.
        The system is going to fail and if Trump is in charge the landing is going to be softer… not soft but softer than with the Gibmedats in charge.

  102. HoosierDownUnder

    Sanity vs Insanity: being proved right here in the comments section. lol

    CAF on USAwatchdog with Greg Hunter is always enlightening.
    Thank you both for your good work. Stay sane. Cheers.

  103. Ken Yu

    Trump Can Only be Put on Trial by Congress – Not the Department of Justice which is composed of unelected DOJ lawyers many who work for special interest groups. The Founding Fathers understood the danger of allowing the Justice Department to interfere in politics and they specifically put into our Constitution “that elected representatives CANNOT be Arrested for ANY Crime” and therefore the President CANNOT be indicted by the Justice Department or dragged into Court by State Prosecutors (The Constitution only gives Congress the authority to impeach and remove a President)!!

  104. Adolph Hiccup

    Looks like it wasn’t blackmail but bribes that got Speaker Johnson to sell out America:

    Trump is good at firing. He is famous for saying “you’re fired!” He never claimed he was good at hiring.

    • Ken Yu

      I hope this time around Trump keeps his promise to “Lock up the Deep State” and does not do another “Hillary” on us, or (God forbid) give Pfizer another pass to inject us all again with another one of their “safe” and effective killer m-RNA vaccines!!!

      • Rhett Butlead

        One thing we know Kenly, Trump is gonna do his best and the land LORD will do the rest and the meek will inherit the earth and that counts you out.
        Enjoy your rapture and say laa vee!

        • Ken Yu

          Rhett Buthead – By the “MEEK” you obviously mean the Monstrously Evil Eugenicist Killers (which counts me out)!! And if these “MEEK” (Monstrously Evil Eugenicist Killers) do inherit the Earth – it is up to God’s people to make sure every one of them duly get their fair share [six(6) feet of earth] each!!!

  105. Kevin-Walter:Frantz

    the yellow fringe around the American flag represents Admiralty law and the Constitution is null and void!!!

  106. SilverHawk

    Quit wasting your time with this woman. Get Jim Willie on who has way better sources who know the truth. I personally figured out the reason for bug protein is that The Evil ones know all the animals will be Raptured, along with those who are Born Again. February 12 2027. 2 years and about 9 months. We’ll make it. 6000 year election between God and Satan coming to an end. Then those left behind will have 7 years to change or cast their vote. Then it’s lights out for Mankind. Gold and silver to protect your money. Turmeric to protect you from ALL viruses, cancer, bacteria, fungus and pneumonia.

  107. Jack Phillips

    Wikipedia has been hijacked and that is a fact.

  108. Rob Goad

    6 Month danger window says CAF…. coincides with Adapt 2030s geo=physical electromagnetic storm for Oct 2024. GOOD TIMES!!!!!

  109. Jones

    Why is it that anyone who isn’t on the Trump bandwagon gets shot down in flames and called a shill. CAF speaks it as she feels and is entitled to do so. Nobody is our saviour. Best from UK.

    • Greg Hunter

      Jones, Because you sound like a paid troll. Did you get the CV19 shots? Is everything going well in the UK with the mass illegal immigration? Are you so stupid you think Biden is doing good job? Do you think the UK government is doing a good job forcing you all to take the CV19 shots??? The UK population is very sick and many have already died. Is that OK with you????? Again, Are you stupid?? What kind of a world do you want to live in? Your UK butt head Politicians are going to get you all nuked by Russia. Is that OK??
      Go away and do not return. And Yes, somebody is our Savior, His name is Jesus Christ!!!


      • Jones

        Thank you for your reply Greg and no I am not a ‘troll’. I will continue to follow CAF she is excellent. Best from the UK.

        • Greg Hunter

          Did you get the CV19 bioweapon shots? Do you think things are going well in the UK? You did not answer my questions. You think injecting facts is a bad thing? Not a single person questioned the facts I put up.–Not one. Why is that?


  110. Paul in oz

    CAF is quite brilliant, but she is mesmerized by RFK … I think Trump is the only solution and she has been blinded … RFK is establishment as well …. It does require everyone to get this corrected, but someone who allows everyone to follow the constitution is required in the White House. It remains to be seen if DJT is indeed working for the people, (that’s my bet) if he isn’t actions at the local level will ultimately be negated by the globalist machine … pure and simple!

  111. Steph

    Greg, Trump was President while you & Catherine Austin Fitts were saving many of us from premature death by jointing having the courage to discuss known facts. I have never understood how as a housewife in a rural area, I seemed to learn more on this topic than the President. I don’t mean Biden. Trump did not replace Fauci w/someone whose interest genuinely was the American people. Truthfully in this realm I found him weak, unclear & indecisive. There also has been throughout history something called Suppression of the the Society of Jesuits: I may e wrong but my understanding is that Jesuits have been expelled from something like 83 countries through world history. Our nation seems to have a knowledge ban on this topic. Is it relevant? I don’t know but there seems to be a “no talk law”.

    • Greg Hunter

      To put this in perspective, what you watched was the biggest most complicated psyop in world history. At the center of it all was Donald Trump. It was global and demonic. Just in America, it involved the CIA, DOJ, FBI, NSA, HHS, FDA, CDC all medical boards, all pharmacy boards, all hospitals, all Big Tech (first and foremost Google) and the Lying Legacy Media (LLM). Making a decision for you and your family is one thing, making a decision for the entire country is another. When you have the entire medical community, AND THE ENTIRE ACADEMIC COMMUNITY against you and (everyone else mentioned above) telling you wrong information and concocting phony studies to kill off real medications that actually were “safe and Effective’ and push deadly bioweapons instead, it is insurmountable for one man to turn it around. You cannot compare what Trump was facing to that of a housewife making a decision for one family. Not fair and not objective.


      • Katy Bar

        Exactly Greg – these Globalists believe that in the beginning there was nothing and that it is their Satanic duty “to get us back to that state of nothingness” (no humans and no money)!! These Globalists feel that God the Father stole their thunder “by making something out of nothing” (people, gold, etc., etc.) and therefore it is up to them “thinking they are gods” to destroy all the people God created (with their Kill Shots and Nuclear War) and destroy Gods gold with their CBDC’s!!!

  112. Bern Bern

    I bet Greg is wearing out his censorship button today…how many dozens of pro-CAF posts have you deleted…?

    Free speech is NOT welcomed here at USAWD !

    • Greg Hunter

      What not welcome are anonymous trolls trying to gaslight the public. I did not get a single fact wrong that I pointed out to Catherine. What has the trolls like you are pissed about is I mess up you Trump hating troll narrative with cold hard facts. You don’t want “Free Speech” you want anonymous speech. Don’t crawl om my roof and holler out crazy unhinged unfactual crap with a bag on your head. Get on your roof and do it and take off the bag–low life!!!

  113. Miss Crabtree

    USAW should diversify its guest roster and host this Evangelical Watchwoman.

    She is saying banks will fail the instant Rapture occurs, which is imminent:

    The respectable thing about her is that she does NOT preach Polny-pabulum — that the Bible is there to make money trading Bitcoin. For her, the Bible is about Salvation.

  114. Lucie


    Let me preface with saying that I watch every program of yours and am a huge fan. First time posting, however.

    I know you’re a faithful Christian. Please be wary of Trump. I voted for him myself and was a huge supporter. However, I was wrong, and it is okay to admit that. Trump cannot say he was wrong about the so-called vaccine. He has no humility.

    Did you see Trump’s new Bible he is marketing? This is wrong and completely misses the point of Scripture.

    We need our eyes on the Lord, not looking for a man to save us. I have begun to even wonder if Trump is the, or an, Antichrist…

    Catherine is correct in pointing out that it probably doesn’t matter who wins, sadly. After his VP pick, I include RFK, Jr. in this, too (although I couldn’t vote for anyone pro-choice to begin with). It may be my first year abstaining from voting.

    • Don Blond

      Lucie, how will you feel when Gates, Biden and Dr. Fraudci force you to be vaxed?

  115. Led Skeletor

    The American people demand Joe Biden takes hourly drug tests and mental capacity tests until he is removed from his dictatorship.

    Joe Barstool Schlitzpants is trying to get away with the greatest theft of all-time.

    His plan is right out of Clown LSD ‘H’ Crackland. Like Joe wants to be the villain in the upcoming “Austin Powers: The President Has Lost His Fucking Mind” movie, .

    10-Year Agreement THAT CAN’T BE REVOKED with these defeated Ukrainians worth excess of ONE TRILLION dollars… to defend it and rebuild it. Ahem Joe, the war is nearly over and YOU LOST, — I TOLD YOU SO!!– along with the hundreds of billions of dollars pissed away, and hundred thousand Ukrainian men!!

    Joe Hindend is like Adolf Hitler in March of 1945, believing that Adolf is winning the war. Joe, what are you thinking? Russia should have the war ended by XMAS. And you want THE WORKING AMERICAN TAXPAYERS to pay to rebuild Ukraine for the Russians?? Go jump in the lake!

  116. Paul from Indiana

    Excellent presentation on both sides. Many thanks.

    Regarding her comments on government and THE government: not only must our government be radically reduced in size, it must be de-centralized, or the changes will have no effect. De-centralization is the only means whereby power can return to the people. Best always. PM

  117. Lauran F.

    Greg……..I feel that I must jump in here and say that I have been a fan of Catherine Fitts for years. She is NOT a personal friend of RFK Jr. , but does have a show on his website called Financial Rebellion, with her attorney , Carolyn Betts, and Polly Tommy, who has been at the front of the anti- vaccine movement for many years.
    She has in the past followed a libertarian bent , but has been more conservative in recent years. I do not know why she would follow Wikipedia, as it was started by a husband-wife team who were Democrats, and very liberal. Her business! Trump was never anything other than a businessman, and he was very naive when he was first in office. He has never been a professional politician , and he actually thought that the president of the United States ran the country, instead of the powers that be. I am amazed that a lot of people do not understand that when Trump was in office, we had the respect of the whole world. We are a laughing stock now!. No, he is not perfect, but if he does NOT win, there will be a horrible life given to all of us by what is in there now. He is also against war. The neocons do not like him for that.
    We cannot just wish this all away by being an idealist, and I fear sometimes CAF is more of that than I can be. Whoever is elected,.. the other side is not going to accept it. We must be prepared for a revolution, if that happens.
    I am so grateful to you, Greg, for bringing these wonderful guests on, and I am not pleased by the criticism some of these writers “heap ” on you, because you engage in discussion that is timely. Catherine has done a masterful job of informing the world about what is actually going on. You have every right to “spar” with a guest who does the same, and you are a great host!
    I love you both!

  118. Riverman

    I have posted this several times before.

    1) If enough people submit W-4 so that they do not overpay taxes and allow the government to hold their money until tax time.
    2) File your taxes on paper. Less than 5% of filer do so. If that number was 3o% it would be months before you check was cashed.
    3) Use cash as much as you can. I have posted this for years now.

    • Shiloh1

      “file on paper”. Handwrite, don’t type, fold the return pages, paperclips/ staples, tape the envelope. Old school. No computer or electricity involved – save the planet!

  119. Marie Joy

    Simmering frogs arguing batshit.

  120. Blinken’s

    James Howard Kunstler says that the Political Divide now in the U.S. is between the “Sane” and the “Insane”. He may be right…

    The Christians seem to vehemently believe that Trump is the “Savior”.

    They must have conceived of some interpretation of the Book of Revelations in which Trump is pictured in some way? Trump used to run the Taj Mahal gambling casino in Atlantic City. True story….

    • Rodney

      Not all Christians, no. There is only one Savior and one only….Jesus the Christ.

    • Coalburner

      Yes, Trump made mistakes, but we can only hope Trump will fire enough people in Washington to give us a chance. Biden /Obama are far worse than Trump.
      Catherine said we won’t get help from Washington that matters.
      We have to try to do it at the state level. She is right about figuring out how to starve Washington. The kids are right stop making any more money than it takes to survive so you don’t pay taxes. Live on less and resist.
      I have long believed interest rates will go up for the next thirty years from here.

  121. Jeffrobbins

    Question for Greg. Do you plan to do any farm type reports this year? I know the setting sun seemed to bedevil you in the past, but i must say that i thought it was so genuine and natural. Personally i loved it- sort of on the beat. I’m not a farmer, but always thought highly of it it all. I guess in an era when our national identity seems lost and conflicted, the small farmer should be held in high regard as an ideal and example of values and heritage.

  122. Justn Observer

    Greg, all of your interviews with the brave doctors that stood up were right and hope now their will be a way to reinstate their credentials AND recover some of their losses both financially and in damaged reputations,?

    IF this article is true, = many in social media and MSM/LLM have more than egg on their faces and should suffer personally and financially and all criminally for those that pushed their ‘mis-information memes and put doubts on the effective Meds that were available all along. Clearly then, also the shield from liability and the NOT BEING SAFE AND EFFECTIVE clause was violated, and the ‘hiding of the data’ seems as they say, shows conscious guilt and motive of intent? Will the other manufacturers take the fall as well?
    For all those doctors who gave the jabs without also giving the patients a list of ingredients so they would be provided with relivant informantion as far as ‘giving and getting INFORMED CONSENT…’their’ medical insurance companies might be feeling a bit squeamish after this revelation? Likely, the use of the just following orders excuse will become prolific in the coming days?
    Much gratitude to you and all the doctors, Ms. Kingston, and reseachers that so boldly spoke out and stood their ground.

  123. eckbach

    You should have reminded CAF that Trump got US out of the WHO, which compelled Bill Gates to fund it until Brain Dead shuffled in.

  124. Jeannie

    I appreciate every interview with CAF, but I am curious how her door opened at 6:04 in the video? She never noticed!

  125. Michele

    I Think Catherine referred to the next 6 months as being something that people are not prepared for. It would have been nice if that had been fleshed out. What does she see happening in the next 6 months?

  126. Shiloh1

    This is the deepest rabbit hole I’ve gone down on the subject –


    Watch for when Cullen talks about H7N9, and Trump mentioning the “1917 Flu”. All of us, including Trump, had U.S. History high school textbooks saying the “1918 Flu”. Cullen is saying the the DOD/Fauci created some other monster that they then used Covid to hide. If I am understanding Cullen corrected it was a gain-of-function combo of 1917 and 1918 flu. As Cullen said, you don’t find what you don’t test for (PCR test). Also how the regular flu ‘disappeared’ during Covid.

    The vax as bio-weapon is another matter.

  127. Miles Gooding

    I allowed my Solari subscription to lapse…every week she and John would talk shit on Israel and I’m not going to support that!

  128. Turgis Sterlink

    The Russians will film a live version of “Kelley’s Heroes” once they take Kiev.

    Instead of gold bars, Private Kellykov will be stealing the hundreds of billions of non-circulated US Taxpayer dollars wrapped neatly on 14 foot high pallets in an unguarded downtown acre-size whorehouse. See the shock and awe, see the Russian captured US and EU tanks battle against the American Axis, err, last remaining platoon of Ukrainian Hitlerjugend!!

    The part of Crapgame will be played by scene-hactor Crackpipe Biden. As long as the big guy gets his cut, we’ve got a reelection to steal and pay for, everyone’s on the take!

  129. Les L

    dont argue with her, you can’t convince her and she can’t convince you, don’t beat a dead horse.

  130. Justn Observer

    Greg, although am sure you know, but for those inner city types that rely the likes of Mike Bloombergs and his ‘whats so hard about growing food, just toss in some seed and water’ =
    YUP, just those dumb fly over ranchers and farmers that only have to understand weather, mechanics, water systems, grain drying and storage, etc as ‘they’ sit at desks with the ‘mouses’ clicking stock options and futures.
    Nothing hard about being a vegan right? Just trot down to a Whole Food and buy some right? lol
    Can’t wait for when all those spoiled idiots at the ‘IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITIES’ switch their protest signs to FEED ME and PLEASE ,TURN ON THOSE OIL AND GAS PIPELINES, WE’RE COLD !
    It’s NOT what is coming to those BLUE run cities….it soon will be what is NOT coming. and once they ‘get it’, it will already be too late!

    • Justn Observer

      One might wonder if within BIDENONOMICS andi n other nations with increased ‘migration plans’ they bothered to calculate the effects of more mouths to feed vs. a flat or declining ability to grow/produce enough food for those extra millions that will then be consuming not just the flat or falling supplies of food but of the energy requirements via heating and transport costs when also considering the earth is ‘cooling’ in the areas food has been grown in the more current historical perspective…that seems to be going off line as some have predicted. Then too, with the transport disruptions and delays due to political crisis and canal shutdowns…which will supply chain disruptions add to the mix?
      With obvious obesity in many parts of the world, maybe it’s a good thing? lol

  131. Drew

    Why have you cancelled my comments?
    I tried to offer some constructive feedback.
    You have cancelled my comments?
    Peace in Christ!

    • Greg Hunter

      Because I think you are a paid troll with an anonymous name.

      • Drew

        I’m not a paid troll.
        Drew is my real name.
        I will continue to pray for Jesus to provide you peace, and the Holy Spirit provide you discernment.
        God Bless you,

        • Greg Hunter

          Same to you.

  132. Natasha Jackson

    Evangelical watchwoman alerts, we are on brink of thermonuclear war!

    While Bo Polny uses the Bible to trade Bitcoin, this woman uses it to discern the middle east war. Huge difference in righteousness right there.

  133. Steve Hilsz

    Overview Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

    > loss of intellect and memory.

    > changes in personality.

    > loss of balance and co-ordination.

    > slurred speech.

    > vision problems and blindness.

    > abnormal jerking movements.

    > progressive loss of brain function and mobility.


    > “Normally this disease affects 1 in a 1,000,000 people,” Belzberg wrote.3 “To get 6 cases you would need 6,000,000 hits to the site assuming everyone reports. The chances of getting 1 case in 15,000 hits is 1 in 66. To see 6 cases in 1 group of 15,000 is 1/66^6 or 1 in 82,000,000,000, or 20 times more likely to win a Powerball lottery! .

    > ..

    > To reiterate, CJD is an exceptionally rare disease that is now a known and established severe adverse reaction (SAE) from the DEATHVAX™. Injecting this slow kill bioweapon can cause ailments that are about as likely to develop in the real word as getting struck by lightning twice. The proof is now irrefutable.”


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for posting this. Crazy driving has a cause.

  134. Kill Bill

    Then a voice told him, “Get up, Peter. Kill and eat.”
    Acts 10:13

    A man is not defiled by what enters his mouth, but by what comes out of it.”
    Matthew 15:11

    “Let food be thy medicine.”

    Cannabis is real food and real medicine from the tree of life, per Mark 6:13, James 5:14 and Revelation 22:2.

    Bioweapons are the devil’s fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

  135. Daniel Warrior

    been getting lots of Mormon missionaries canvassing our small town. They are aggressive, desperate. This is an indication the dark money is on the ropes. The Mormon cult used to run all the dark money of Las Vegas back when the Italian/Jewish mob owned all of Las Vegas, now they are connected with the US Gov war money laundering, just ask Mitt Romney.

    these young Mormon guys have a strange look in their eyes. The look possessed by Satan. They don’t have normal human emotions, reactions. We rebuke these heretics.

  136. Lois

    What if the plan was to lock us down longer? 10 years? What if they planned something far worse but POTUS forced them out into the light? What if Warp Speed was to save us from something bigger. We think COVID was horrible. What if? President Trump put them all in our faces. He told us about Ivermection, Hydrochlorquin, Dr Zelensky. The MSM inviserated him. He forced them to put up or shut up! Warp speed was to save as many as he could. Did we have damage.? You bet. WE ARE AT WAR. Understand that and you will be further along than most. Thanks Greg, Lois D

  137. A Friend

    I just contacted my North Carolina state legislature Senator and representative for my district and left messages asking them to call me back. Personally. I intend to ask them to watch this video with CAF and Greg and to emulate the legislation being put forth in Louisiana and also to emulate the legislation that has passed in Tennessee banning geoengineering over their skies. I suggested everybody in these audience do the same as soon as possible. We don’t have much time.

  138. George Stephenson

  139. Bob Liver

    an American fraternity has effectively rebuked Clif High who has through his unrelenting attacks upon the Bible inspired homosexuals and communist mobs to attack America.

  140. Coal Burner

    Dear Greg: I have been against Con Con since I first hear the idea. I am certain the the evil ones would step in , take over and destroy our Constitution. Just because conservatives think they would be in the driver seat, not so. Just like Mike Johnson sold out most likely under threat of family death. They would own us. The problem is that no one can stop these evil people unless enough people truely go Mid-evil!

  141. Coalburner

    Greg; How about that law they are working on in Missouri to make gold and silver, money. That is a big move too.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes it is!!

    • Jeffrey

      I live about an hour northeast of Greg. I’m moving to Mizzou if this law passes!

  142. Jeffrey

    Stay close to Jesus and Jehovah! They’re all we have left.

  143. Eins

    Not only young Ukrainian men are being killed.. there are Ukrainian women serving as well. You know nearly 100 years ago now, Hitler spoke of the lands to the east for the Germanic peoples to expand to. Funny thing huh that now the Ukraine is a killing fields where independent journalists are threatened for their life to enter. Its as if the Nazis (or their handlers the global financial /industrial elites) never left the scene and commandeered the EU. In 1984, the supposed war between Oceania and Eurasia where there are wars and “rumors” of wars. We are there. LIVE BIG BROTHER!

  144. Sherly Partridge

    The fungi in Southeast Asia are very Nasty.

    There are numerous bioweapons labs in Southeast Asia, which are no doubt working on molds and fungi.

    A flesh-eating fungus would be horrifying.

    Trump says that RFK, Jr.’s excellent book “The Wuhan Cover Up” is “Fake”. How can an idiot blithely declare an 600 page, footnoted book simply “Fake”? That’s very ignorant and obtuse…. Not helpful at all to simply dismissively just ignore information because you don’t want to know. Willfully ignorant….

  145. War Monger

    N.A.T.O. and the ‘West’ are utterly desperate as they push for World War Three.

    They (we) will lose and lose very badly… there won’t be anything left called civilization.

  146. Jeffrey

    Was never sure if I could trust CAF. Still not sure!

    • Greg Hunter

      CAF came out early and said Do Not take the CV19 shots. You can trust her, she is a patriot.

  147. virginia clark

    Always love CAF. This was certainly a lively discussion. Whether or not CAF is for Trump or not does not matter. Her message is always to impower your local situation with buying loca, growing your own animals and vegs, and support your local Sheriff.
    She is 100% right on that.
    As far as Trump owning the whole covid fiasco is wrong. I think Trump was coerced, misled and his trust in people and naivete were taken advantage of. I truely believe he thought he was doing what was right for the American people, based on what Fauci (the stinking rat) told him. A man like Trump does not apologize or admit wrong, because he is an alfa male. However, the hope has to be that he is also NOT narcissitic and will not fall for it next time. His experience with the swamp and withstanding everything they are throwing at him is why he is head and sholders above all the other candidates and they (also being egotists and narcissits ) know it. +

  148. Rachel Bachman

    Two brothers go flying during 165 mph 30 mile mile wide tornado rips apart town and pulled-up and apart their house!

  149. Jimmy McDuffee

    Greg since you saw one contract who signed it, which dept issued it? Why has the Moderna contact never come up? Who signed it and which dept issued it? How much was China paid for the jab upload? Answer all these before you defend Trump based on the contract alone. My suggestion anyway

  150. Mike

    She trusts Wikipedia?
    Why would anyone?
    Greg, it was nails on a chalkboard listening to her go after Trump who isn’t perfect like the rest of us.
    Although I think she has some good info she’s in the bag for Kennedy and God only knows why since he’s just another lifelong DC creature.

  151. Dale Anderson

    Montana passed a law prohibiting employer vaccine mandates.

  152. Felipe Ch

    Greg. Please do not excuse Trump in his role as authority in regards to vaccines , military expenditures and increase of debt.
    He don’t need this, and I think he must take responsibility for decisions made under his watch.

    I think Trump must be clear about all this.

    BTW I’m voting for him.

    May God bless you. Thank you Greg

    • Greg Hunter


  153. Kevin

    The military is the only way ! If not civil war will happen! Hang all of these scum until the ropes break !
    Militias are ready to rock and roll !

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