Interest Rate Spike Will End Extreme Fakery- Gregory Mannarino

By Greg Hunter’s

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino says, “This market is coo coo,” and “we are in an environment of extremes.” Mannarino says you will know when the real crash comes by watching interest rates and the bond market, not the stock market. Mannarino explains, “The potential for a hard uncontrolled selloff in the bond market is rising. What does that mean? If bonds sell off, yields spike, and that is when we are going to know when there is a big problem in this market. Right now, they seem to have that managed pretty well. This is a managed market . . . We’ve had a managed market since the meltdown of 2008. . . . Ever since DOW 6,000, they jumped in and started buying up everything in sight. It’s not just the Federal Reserve. This is every single central bank on the planet. They are all doing the same thing at the same time. Nothing is real. This is an environment of extreme fakery. I believe they are going to keep this going until they can’t do it anymore. If you are looking for the real issue, you don’t want to look at the stock market. You want to look at the bond market first.”

Mannarino says, “People are being lulled into a false sense of security.” Mannarino goes on to say, “We are told how everything is great, and we are in a global recovery. There is no global recovery. We reflated a debt bubble around the world. You can’t borrow your way into prosperity anywhere. This is what the illusion is and that is everything is okay, but it’s not. Everything is being propped up on the back of the debt bubble, which is a financial Frankenstein. What is going to happen is nothing new, although the magnitude of this one is going to be worse than we have ever seen before. We are going to have a correction to fair value. They are going to be caught on the wrong side of this, and there is no way out of this for them. . . . If you took every single bubble that we’ve had in the past and put them all on top of each other, we are still not reaching the magnitude of this one. This is going to be it, and we are going to watch a systematic destruction of the middle class. We are going back to a two-tier society.”

Mannarino says the dark powers want you to think there is nothing you can do. Mannarino explains, “It’s a case of learned helplessness. People are getting into a state where they think it’s so out of control that they just throw their hands up and they just surrender. No, you can’t surrender. You’ve got to fight back. In the United States, this is supposed to be our government of the people, by the people and for the people. To leave the decisions up to the people over there at the top is insane. We are the government. Let’s take it back—period.”

To protect yourself, Mannarino says, “You have to be your own central bank . . . You need to do the opposite of debt.” That means own real assets such as gold, silver, farmland, art, a house and even a car title. Simply own your stuff and get out of paper.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Gregory M has been in fine form of late, caught a little of his live broadcast.
    For all his critics and doubters, this guys speaks the truth and calls out the market manipulators for what they are…. Turds! The system is not here to benefit the people, only enslave us in debt and misery.

    One market forum I read and subscribe to in Australia tell a sorry tale of sorry and delusion. There used to be support and really good business/ investment tips on there, now it seems to be one based on Trolls and daliy attacks. No one is really sure where to park their hard earned dollars to try get ahead. The whole system is geared to institutions, insider trading and fake earning reports.

    Greg Hunter I am going to nominate you for a Logie Award 🙂

    • Jesse James

      I Nominate you for the sterling silver, Ned Kelly award!

    • Chip

      Everyone check out this campaign video. The republicans should play this 24×7 on every network in the US…

      Enjoy… Chip

      • Greg Hunter

        THIS IS GREAT!!!!! thank you for posting it.

        • Chip

          You are welcome Greg. I will always try to share whenever I think it is worthy of you and your audience. Thank you brother in Christ… Chip

    • Colateral Damage

      Once Upon a Time – President Eisenhower effectively took action to control the southern border (see below).

      Right Now – An Invasion is strategically attacking our this same southern border. This invasion merits a response appropritely strong to repel it. The President of the United States is entrusted with the protection of this Nation. He has the capability to protect her. He is not without resources to repel it.

      He better be strong enough to take the steps necessary, up to and including deploying the military if necessary. Many of us out here in Trump Country will be devastated if the horde is allowed to roll on through.

      God help Trump to protect this Country. God help us (US).
      Operation Wetback (1954) – Implementation and tactics

      Operation Wetback was a system of tactical control and cooperation within the U.S. Border Patrol and alongside the Mexican government.[26] Planning between the INS, led by Gen. Joseph Swing as appointed by President Eisenhower, and the Mexican government began in early 1954 while the program was formally announced in May 1954.[27] On May 17, command teams of 12 Border Patrol agents, buses, planes, and temporary processing stations began locating, processing, and deporting Mexicans who had illegally entered the United States. A total of 750 immigration and border patrol officers and investigators; 300 jeeps, cars and buses; and seven airplanes were allocated for the operation.[28] Teams were focused on quick processing, as planes were able to coordinate with ground efforts and quickly deport people into Mexico.[29] Those deported were handed off to Mexican officials, who in turn moved them into central Mexico where there were many labor opportunities.[30] While the operation included the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago, its main targets were border areas in Texas and California.[29]

      Listen to Hour 1 on 24October Broadcast. It is worth your time to listen to it.

      Best Wishes to all of you, and pray for our Country.



  2. paul ...

    We have coo coo investors … coup coup demon-rats … when what we really need is more Q (Que Que)!!

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    I always enjoy seeing you and Mr. Mannarino interact.
    And, yes: Good timing in having him as your guest.

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Mannarino.
    The DOW swings 500 points geed up by very deep pockets who are willing to “risk”$1Trillions on a trade that simply sucked in everyone.Previously platforms for trading were simply down and not responding.We are in fascist economy,the elite do not lose money,only we “deplorables”take the risk and get no reward.Meanwhile in the real world,shops are shutting,yes even WalMarts,fracking plants are running at minimum,petrol/gas and diesel are being exported to Europe and sit on ships until the “buyer”actually has the money,no credit,so the ship toddles along to the UK,Portugal,Spain or Italy and is paid in hard earned US Dollars for this energy.I wish I could say this was a one off,however since late 2007 this has been a mechanism in play.You in the USA use your idling frack plants to produce gasoline/diesel for our vehicles here in Europe and the UK and this product is still cheaper than our home grown variety produced in our fracking plants which are struggling to find new buyers of themselves never mind their product.
    So all is well,we outside the USA have borrowed 14% of GLOBAL GDP from this USA so far this year,yet their is still a shortage of US Dollars for us!Our currencies face collapse first and as the Dollar strengthens then the Dollar crisis evolves as our debt outside the USA becomes utterly unmanageable.
    Here the economy still sucks and holidays are for the rich and celebrating religious or secular holidays are impossible for us peasants.Just saying!

    • Mike R

      haha. The Dow dumped again, 600 points today, after yesterday being down 500, but then ‘recovering.’ If the market is trying to find a ‘bottom’ this isn’t how its done. It appears to me, they are ramping it using HFT, then the big boys are dumping very large amount of shares, trying to get the little players to ‘buy’ the dips. Rinse, cycle, repeat.
      Until eventually the Dow is down 20% or so. This could keep going on for awhile, or the manipulators can step in any time, to drive it back up real high, so as to suck more people in. Its a big con game. Who would want to play in this crap ? Dumb. Dow is negative for the year now, as was predicted by many early this year when it looked like a big time dump was coming. Then they ramped it, and it was all she wrote, until October. This is a very unhealthy market. Meaning get the heck out.

  5. Ba-Donka-Donk

    (This is Greg Hunter. This is way too long, but it is good. In the future please post only a portion of the article and then link to the rest.)

    An Elite Global Cabal Has A Problem

    The US dollar remains the world’s reserve currency.
    That means other nations have to hold and use the US dollar for international trade, instead of their own currencies.
    This creates a virtually unlimited demand for US dollars…
    And it allows us to print trillions of dollars each year to pay for wars, debt and anything we want.
    Basically, it’s a license to print money and abuse the global system.
    And that’s why we’ve been able to accumulate more than $19 trillion in debt without suffering any consequences.
    As long as there’s no alternative to the US dollar, we can keep doing that forever.
    Look, our nation had an amazing run with the US dollar as the #1 reserve currency.
    Because of it, we have the world’s best technology…
    The word’s most influential culture…
    The world’s most powerful military…
    We were able to build a true empire with seemingly unlimited control of the world.
    But that’s precisely why global elites are sick of the US dollar.
    How do you think the other 190+ nations feel about the fact we can print a $100 bill anytime we want…
    While they actually have to pony up $100 of actual goods in order to obtain that same bill?
    Global elites are sick of what has been called America’s “exorbitant privilege.”
    And now they’re finally about to take action and are fixing to “fix” the problem.

    Many nations soon will be able to dump the US dollar for SDRs.
    Look, you don’t need to be an economist to connect the dots here.
    But let me sum it all up for you…

    Fact #1 — The IMF issues a globalist currency called SDRs.

    Fact #2 — The IMF has confirmed they want to replace the US dollar with SDRs.

    Fact #3 — The IMF has confirmed Distributed Ledgers can be used for “currency substitution”… and they’ve even set up a special task force.
    Why do you think they’re so interested in Distributed Ledgers?
    The IMF isn’t looking at this technology to create a dollar payment system.
    Their looking at it to create an SDR payment system, because that’s the type of currency they will issue.

    Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF,
    when asked about the task force, said:
    “As I see it, all this amounts to a brave new world for the financial sector.”
    Yes, a brave new world where the dollar is no longer the world reserve currency.
    Barbara C., a former US Treasury Department attaché to the European Union, has reached the same conclusion.
    She said the link between the globalists’ currency and Distributed Ledgers “is impossible to avoid.”
    And that “the IMF seems to be exploring the possibility of permitting a broader use of [their globalist currency] beyond internal transactions among member central banks.”

    Make no mistake…
    The IMF is planning to use Distributed Ledgers to replace the US dollar with SDRs.
    And just to be clear…
    SDRs will NOT be available to everyday folks like you.
    It’s not something you can have in your wallet.
    Instead, you’ll be left with devalued dollars.

    Once this plan goes live, You’ll no longer be able to retire comfortably.
    You see, once other nations start accumulating the globalist currency through Distributed Ledgers…
    They will no longer need to hold dollars.
    And that will have a DIRECT impact on welfare programs, such as Social Security and Medicare.
    When we buy things from other nations, like textiles, electronics, etc…
    We pay them in US dollars.
    And what do they do with that money?
    They can’t use it in their own economies. So most of them invest in Treasury bonds.
    And that’s exactly how our government finances its operations…
    By issuing Treasury bonds to other nations.
    Once Distributed Ledgers go live, other nations will no longer need to buy Treasury bonds.
    And that means our government will no longer be able to finance its normal operations, including welfare programs.
    Some private banks have already started to issue SDR bonds.
    That process will accelerate once Distributed Ledgers go live…
    With many other nations dumping US Treasury bonds in exchange for SDR bonds…
    Essentially cutting the funding of the US government…
    And YOUR Social Security and Medicare.

    If you have your retirement account parked in stocks, you could watch it evaporate in a matter of days…
    Because the weakest companies in the stock market could collapse once this plan goes live.
    Just look what happened the last time we had a big change in our global financial system.
    In 1971 Nixon announced the US would no longer officially trade dollars for gold.
    That created a lot of uncertainties, turning that decade into a nightmare for stock investors.
    Take a look… the Dow Jones, an index of “stable” blue chip stocks (the kind most retirees like to hold), was cut in half!
    Stock investors bailed out of the market and, for the most part, didn’t come back for a decade.
    Expect something similar once Distributed Ledgers go live.
    Because the transition from a US dollar system to a new system dominated by SDRs will be messy.
    Stocks will collapse… and will stay down.
    There will be no recovery this time.
    Because the US government won’t be able to come to the rescue, like they did in 2008.
    They won’t even have funding for normal operations…
    Let alone to save stock investors.

    The IMF-Led Currency Coup… Revealed
    As mentioned before, most international financial transactions are conducted in the US dollar…
    And that means they must pass through the US banking system’s network.
    This gives the US government an incredible amount of power.
    They can not only see all the transactions, but stop, trace or freeze them.
    For example, in 2014 the Obama administration fined French bank BNP Paribas $9 billion because they did business with Cuba and Iran.
    The bank didn’t break any French laws.
    But the US government threatened to kick them out of the US banking system if they didn’t pay the fee.
    Since the US dollar plays such a key role in international trade…
    Being kicked out of the US banking system is like a death sentence.
    As long as the US dollar remains the world’s dominant reserve currency…
    International financial institutions must be able to clear and settle US dollar transactions if they want to remain in business.
    That’s why French bank BNP Paribas paid the fee.
    Something similar happened with Britain’s Standard Chartered Bank, Germany’s Commerzbank and Switzerland’s UBS, among others.
    But what if global elites could set up another network beyond the reach of the US government…
    And What if Other Countries Could use That Network to Settle Their Transactions in SDRs, Instead of the US Dollar?
    That’s exactly what Distributed Ledger technology is all about.
    It’s a new financial technology to clear and settle international financial transactions.
    With this distributed system, America will no longer have a stranglehold over the world’s international finance system.
    It allows foreign banks and other institutions to conduct transactions in SDRs instead of dollars…
    And transfer funds across international borders without using America’s payment system.
    You see, for years the IMF has been planning to replace the US dollar with SDRs…
    But they didn’t have the infrastructure necessary to make that happen.
    They didn’t have a decentralized payment system that could facilitate wide adoption of SDRs.
    Now they do!
    With a Distributed Ledger, it will be much easier for other nations to dump the US dollar and replace it with SDRs.
    Since this is an untraceable, encrypted ledger…
    Countries like China and Russia will be able to invest in SDR bonds… and the US government will never know.
    It’s totally outside America’s control.
    And because it’s a Distributed Ledger, there’s no choke point we can control.
    That means we can’t stop it.
    Remember, this is all part of the global elites’ agenda of world government, world money, and world taxation.
    They’re going for the jugular…
    Because they know replacing the US dollar with their globalist currency is the ultimate way to transfer power from the US to the global elites.
    Don’t get me wrong…
    Your dollars in your wallet or bank account won’t disappear from circulation.
    When global elites make that switch…
    That new globalist currency will NOT trickle down to you and me.
    It will remain at the top of the system, in the vaults of central banks, monetary agencies and global corporations.
    You won’t have SDRs in your wallet.
    Instead, we’ll be left with near worthless dollars for everyday transactions.
    The dollar will become just a local currency… no different than the Mexican peso.
    Just like Mexican pesos are good only in Mexico…
    The US dollar will be good only in America.
    They won’t be good anywhere else because other nations will NOT need them.
    Since they will be using SDRs instead.
    Like I mentioned earlier, retirees on fixed incomes will be hit the hardest…
    Because we’ll see major disruptions in welfare programs like Social Security and Medicare.
    Most seniors will end up on the breadlines…

    But there’s no reason you have to join them.
    Even when almost everyone else’s is crashing around you.
    When stock investors bailed out of the market and, for the most part, didn’t come back for a decade.
    Expect something similar once Distributed Ledgers go live.
    Because the transition from a US dollar system to a new system dominated by SDRs will be messy.
    Stocks will collapse… and will stay down.
    There will be no recovery this time.
    Because the US government won’t be able to come to the rescue, like they did in 2008.
    They won’t even have funding for normal operations…
    Let alone to save stock investors.
    But don’t worry. Reading, your in like Flynn! In for what? Stay tuned, same time same channel, right here @! Your already ahead of the game, more than most!
    Just remember don’t do what your local central bank says, do what your central bank does!

    • Ba-Donka-Donk

      Greg, Thank You. When possible will do so, unfortunately per this comment not entirely possible. As now and in future will make every effort to do so.
      In your debt and in gratitude, sincerely, Ba-Donka-Donk!

    • MCasey

      Thank you for the information. Good clarity. (By the way, as wage/debt slaves, most of us have paid Social Security & Medicare ‘contributions’ – also known as FICA taxes….. before we finally figured it out. Extorting almost 8% of one’s income for over 40 years, and then hoping they drop dead before age 65 or soon thereafter, is only ‘welfare’ for the government.)

      • paul ...

        Social Security was a Ponzi Scheme that went horribly wrong for the evil crooks when we began watching our health and living longer … imagine what Social Security will do to the budget when we gain immortality! … however that other Ponzi scheme “Death Insurance” should compensate somewhat … as they will never have to pay off on a policy when everyone lives forever!!

    • William Stanley

      You have raised a number of interesting issues and made some interesting assertions. Here are some of my thoughts:
      1. Concerning the dollar as THE world’s reserve currency: We need to be careful here. While the dollar is the dominant reserve currency, it isn’t the only one. Other countries still need dollars to buy, primarily, two or three things: oil, US goods and services, and US denominated debt as a store of value (for as long as US debt is perceived to be a store of value). That others may use the dollar for other trades is because they want to, not because they have to; that is, it’s the cleanest dirty shirt in the hamper. It’s also interesting to note that although central bank “reserves” (such as China’s) are often enumerated partly in “dollars,” much of that is in US Treasury bonds and notes, not dollar-denominated demand deposits or cash.
      2. Compared with the dollar, the SDR plays a tiny role in international finance. There are only a few hundred billion “dollars” worth of value in SDRs (and a significant portion of the SDR basket of currencies is “backed” by dollars). In comparison, there are Trillions of dollars of bank deposits (approximately $T14 in the US alone), $Trillions more in bank deposits and cash abroad, and yet more $Trillions of US Treasury debt held as “reserves” in foreign central banks and elsewhere. Moreover, the US exerts tremendous influence over the IMF. The IMF cannot destroy or replace the dollar without US agreement.
      3. Distributed ledger technology has its own weaknesses. That it more easily facilitates anonymity is a weakness in the eyes of governments. How do you collect taxes on income, value added, or sales if you can’t verify what was paid and to whom? Moreover, while Bitcoin (for example) may be limited in potential quantity, thus precluding out-of-control “printing,” why would people trust the IMF not to go out of control in funding their pet projects and people with SDRs? It seems to me that the problem is out-of-control debt. Yet that is a problem in most countries, including China, Japan, UK, and the EU; indeed it is even worse in many of them than in the US.
      4. Finally, I agree your implicit assumption that debt levels are unsustainable in the US as well as worldwide and, hence, a great disruption is coming to finance and commerce. When? As soon as enough people no longer have faith that debts will be repaid with money that has the purchasing power they had anticipated or a better money comes to be widely accepted. Gold-backed Yuan? Maybe, but I’m still skeptical because China has credibility problems, too. IMO, the catastrophe will occur before a maximum of five more years have passed. I agree, that the disruption in commerce and the redistributions of wealth — and an accompanying “reset” of some sort — will cause enormous hardship for almost everyone, but much more for the insufficiently prepared.

    • paul ...

      SDR’s will not work as the new reserve currency of the world because it is just another “piece of paper” backed by the worthless paper of individual countries … now if they use slight of hand and re-set the price of gold and use gold to back this new international paper … the paper will still be worthless to people (unless people have the right to turn it in for physical gold we can hold in our hand) … but they don’t intend on giving ordinary people the right to own SDR’s … nor will they give people the right to turn in SDR’s for gold!!

    • Gary C

      Great Article, can you post a LINK

  6. Frank Caridi

    Not like GM himself, but I have a lot of friends who are effluent but we all know we’re on the right side of this upcoming reset so when it’s all over we’re all hoping to be affluent ourselves.

    • Frederick

      We all have friends who are “effluent” unfortunately

  7. Mark James

    Great video. I am still afraid that the crash will be so fast, that a normal person (like me) would be able to “get out.” It will literally be billions of dollars trying to squeak through a tiny crack. When the entire markets, financial instruments that control / impact the markets (like LIBOR), and people running them are fake, there is no way for a normal person to win. Great advice from both Gregs. Thank you!

    • Tad

      We’ve all lost something before the crash and it will continue afterward.

    • Frederick

      Mark James That’s True (((They))) have an advantage over us so why not get out early Rather a year early than a day late is my motto I’ve been in cash and metals for awhile now and I just put more popcorn in the popper and wait

  8. H. Craig Bradley


    It seems like the central bankers will just keep raising rates until we blow-up. However, I doubt they want to annihilate themselves in the process. FED Chair Powell is merely compensating for the fact that Janet Yellen did not do her job. She raised rates at the slowest pace on record since the FED was created over 100 years ago.

    As far as two-tier society, well, Its not so bad, provided you are in the upper tier. Kind of sucks for those poor souls who are not at the top of the pyramid. Always been that way. The Middle Class was a historical accident. It was an offshoot of America winning WWII and having little of no competition for 25 years afterwards. Then, our excesses began to reduce the Middle. Not so much left anymore. We need to shed some tears for the former Middle Class, who once were the backbone of our Democracy. What comes next, politically? A dictatorship more or less. We can get buy and those lucky enough to be at the top will have to roll with the punches.

    • Chip

      “Kind of sucks for those poor souls who are not at the top of the pyramid.”… well then that pretty much sucks for everyone… Chip

    • paul ...

      The Ruling Class simply want a slave class they can control and rule with an iron thumb (and that’s it) … so they have been out to destroy America that had “a different vision” since 1776 … a vision where “All Men Had an Equal Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” … this concept of freedom does not sit well with a Royal Elite who want slaves and think they are some sort of “Chosen People” … but remember that the “Evil God” that chose them … also taught them to sacrifice children, drink their blood and eat their flesh!!

  9. NH Watcher

    Over and over what I keep hearing from those you interview, the biggest piece of advice is: GET OUT OF DEBT. When all other financial advice is dizzying, i.e., what to buy, what not to buy, etc., etc., being debt-free remains the best barometer for survival … coupled with having a strong constitution and/or putting your spiritual house in order.

    The first American Revolution was no walk in the park. Certainly, the Civil War almost divided this country forever. What will happen now? Are we as a people strong enough to hold it together, when all else is lost? We will soon find out.

    • paul ...

      The American Revolution threatened “the Elite Ruling Class in Europe” that depends upon keeping people poor as subjugated debt slaves in their Colonial Imperial Empire … this is why England and the “Royals” have been America’s enemy since 1776 … we should have taken Canada from the English years ago (and only left Quebec to the French for their help during the revolution) … and we should have taken Mexico and all Central America up to the Panama Canal years ago … and today we would not only have a defensible border … but vast fortune contained in Mexican silver mines to back our US dollar!!

  10. Charles

    Mannarino is outstanding. I use to listen to him every day.But I tired of his it’s a lovely day schtick I now only listen to the recap he puts out on Sundays.

  11. Stan

    Hey Jerry, what use will gold be when interest rates go up? Investors will prefer interest bearing assets to a lump of metal. Send your ‘sources’ my regards.

    • Jerry

      Once again you’ve proven you don’t know diddly squat. Like DB. How’s that working for you?

      FYI gold is and always will be the standard when paper assets fail.
      Do your history chumly.

      • Stan

        If you must know I sold all my Deutsche Bank shares last week and locked in a profit but thanks for your concern. How much money have you made in precious metals? Let me guess you went all in in 2011 and are now underwater. Don’t worry when I start my own newsletter I will give you a discount on your subscription fee to help you out a bit.

    • Frederick

      Hey Stan Ihope you sold your DB shares Its looking at 9 dollars and change

      • paul ...

        Frederick … Stan is looking for “a hole” in one … which he will only find looking in a mirror … if he were a true trader he would be waiting for DB to break above it’s 200 day moving average before loading up … DB is making a series of “lower lows” and is now below both its 50 and 200 day moving average … Stan is slicing his wrists with this falling knife … and will shortly bleed to death!!

        • Frederick

          Paul It’s very obvious that someone or some entity is propping DB share price up They refuse to allow it to drop below ten dollars It seems to be their “ Line in the sand”

  12. Chip

    I don’t know how many of you get email updates from the white house but I find them pretty informative. This one is especially good considering the socialist direction of the democrat party… Chip

    Socialism belongs in the dustbin of history

    With the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth, socialism is making a comeback in America. Democrats used to accuse Republicans of fear-mongering when they called out certain far-left policy ideas as “socialist.” Now, a growing number of Democrats are wearing the label as a badge of honor.

    American socialists may imagine their proposals mirror those in Northern European countries such as Sweden and Norway. In reality, ideas along the lines of “Medicare for All” have more in common with economists’ traditional definition of socialism. The record of countries who have experimented with those types of command-and-control systems is devastating: Maoist China, the Soviet Union, and Venezuela among them.

    Something to share: Socialism has a long legacy of failure across the world.

    The sky-high taxes needed to fund “Medicare for All” alone, for example, would lead to a staggering $17,000 drop in household incomes after taxes and healthcare expenditures—a 19 percent decline. Without taxing American workers, funding this radical plan would require cuts to half of the Federal budget, wrecking Medicaid, Social Security, and traditional Medicare in the process.

    Socialist policies have failed across the world wherever they are tested. They have no place in the United States of America.

  13. Roger D

    Awesome interview. Greg Mannarino is the real deal. He nailed it with the “systematic destruction of the middle class.”

    Our Founders recognized the same “design to reduce them under absolute Despotism”. They knew what their duty was. They had no interest in remaining subjects of the tyrannical British Crown. I have no interest in remaining a subject of Lincoln’s tyrannical republic.

  14. Twox2

    Just FYI…there goes Deutsche Bank, Jerry. Down 45 cents pre-market to $10.27. Scary territory…they have to save it. Never count your money while you are sitting at the table, to he who shall remain nameless. We need to be supporting each other and making positive contributions, rather than always tearing down those who try to offer a glimpse of the future.

  15. Jake

    Greg, another quality interview. Greg M. is the man. Getting the herd to wake up with your excellent guests is for the public good. A fellow you may want to approach that has called the market to a tee is David Brady CFA. I attached a interview from Feb 2018 he seems to be able to nail timeframes. In the interview he says a big correction will happen this fall (looks like we are in it now) and expects in 2020 / 2021 2008 type event. He also expects the dollar to lose world reserve currency (all orchestrated). He has a big twitter following and goes by @globaltraderpro.

    Thanks for all you do!

  16. andyb

    Greg: it’s fairly obvious that the ESF is propping up the market with timed purchases. On days the market is heading for a big loss, you can see the attempts when the Dow suddenly gains 200 points on no positive news. Everyone now is predicting a 1st Qtr 19 crash. What the FED and its cronies cannot do is change the reality of the collapsing housing and auto markets. Also I seriously doubt the claims that retailing is trending up or stable.

    Regarding GM’s comments on the disappearance of the middle class: the Founding Fathers strongly emphasized that without a strong and vibrant middle class, there can be no democracy; thus we are inexorably headed towards totalitarianism. This trend will continue as long as we maintain our current marxist educational system. Please notice that the College Board scores have dropped precipitously in that last 2 decades. The US is no longer in the top 20 of nations for proficiency in math and science. In mid 20th Century we were #1.

  17. Jake

    Oops Greg two things i got Davids twitter wrong it’s @GlobalProTrader
    Finally he thinks gold will be $10,000 in 2021 after the Fed reverses policy and goes QE on steroids and get this silver at X40 to X80 thats $600 to $1200 per ounce?
    Here are 2 threads he discusses gold / silver

    David Brady and Luke Gromen have been the two most accurate financial analysts i have seen to date on the global macro picture and timeframes.

  18. Mike

    Rigging the gold/silver market to keep prices low makes saving real money for the aware individual affordable. Dependence on Goldman Sachs for individual investment advice and retirement account management is the kiss of death. Goldmoney accounts provided a means to get cash from gold independent of the banks via a MasterCard. Goldmoney is forcing MasterCard holders in the US to get a new card after the end of October. This could be an indicator that something big will happen soon with US banks.

  19. Tin foil hat

    Nobody knows the actual values of debts and assets right now, Grey Mannarino hits the nail on the head!
    Most assets in the west are speculative assets which c0uld evaporate overnight. Productive assets in the west have been squeezed out by these speculative assets and moved east. I don’t think there are much safe heaven assets the people in the west can move into other than PMs.
    Some may argue that PMs are speculative assets too. I’d say that it’s partially true, PMs are, one of very few speculative assets, able to transform from speculative to productive assets after the reset. FANG stocks and most real estates will not be able to crossover well.

  20. Jallen

    Greg and Greg and Watchdogs,
    If you have dishonest money how can you have honest markets? THE FEDERAL RESERVE AND OTHER CENTRAL BANKS CAN MAKE CREDIT AT WILL!
    WHEN THE FEDERAL RESERVE WAS CREATED. Until the citizens of America demand THE FEDERAL RESERVE be declared illegal and shutdown or the DOLLAR COLLAPSES nothing will change and the middle class will be destroyed.
    Satan is a master of deception and THE FEDERAL RESERVE is one of his finest acts.
    If you destroy the middle class you will destroy the country.
    It is my thinking that Satan will control the World by controlling the World’s money and he shall rule from Israel. In order to open your eyes, one needs to study the World Wars and who financed them. In my opinion, America is one big credit bubble looking for a pin! Food for thought; what did Satan offer Jesus when he took him to a high mountain and tempted him?

    In closing, I am always impressed with Greg Mannarino’s passion for his subject matter.


  21. JC

    Excellent. You guys make a great team. Thanks for being a shining light in a gloomy world.

  22. pat the rat

    Greg M is right rates are rising in the bond market despite what the powers that be are doing,in the long run what they are doing is not working. This is a long slow slipper slope,till the bubble burst. Greg M is wrong there is one country on earth that may not in debt try North Korea. lol

  23. Barn Cat

    The Fed has been been buying stocks to prop up the market. They can crash it whenever they want to. I’d be surprised if it didn’t happen just in time for the midterm elections.

  24. Gregory Mannarino

    Thanks Greg and EVERYONE! Hey, you might like this- “Epiphany! How About Allowing THE MARKET To Determine Fair Value!!!” By Gregory Mannarino CLICK HERE:

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Gregory for coming on and for commenting here!!

    • Mohammad


      What both of you miss is the HARVESTING of gold to prop dollar up by propping treasuries and suppressing gold, now it is the harvesting of Iran and S.A. /UAE…


    • Open Eyes

      That was a very interesting and wide-ranging interview. Thanks Greg-Squared!

      Here’s something interesting to add:

      Back in the early ’90s I read a book on prophecy. It was about Edgar Cayce and was by a female author. (Prophecy for the New Millennium?). At the start of the book she wrote of how researchers found out that there was a secret group controlling the banking system and that they manipulated the 1929 stock market crash to occur to steal the wealth of the masses.

      What I remember she wrote was that they caused the 1920s stock market to soar and then crashed it by raising interest rates. She said these manipulators would do it again and the sign to watch for was the stock market soaring and the raising of interest rates. Once that happens the stock market crash would occur transferring wealth. Just what Gregory Mannarino was talking about.

      About a month ago, Argentina’s interest rate spiked up to 63%, I think, if you’re wondering how high interest rates could spike. I think Turkey’s was at 19%.

      Two weeks ago the IMG forecast Venezuela’s interest rate to be 1,000,000% by the end of the year.

      Gregory Mannarino has good advice about history repeating, cycles repeating, cash is trash, debt is dumb, and holding hard assets. He’s also right about money flowing from one asset class into another in crises.

      Thanks for having this interview… but the real question to ask is:

      Is he? Money Metalhead Mannarino or The Trader’s Choice Vampire of Vegas? Just kidding, don’t point that elephant gun at me!

      • Mohammad

        To complete opening eyes I will suggest for you and audience reading a book by Thomas Chittum called :

        I read it cover to cover and was written in 90’s


      • Open Eyes

        Correction: That’s Venezuela’s inflation rate.

  25. Donald

    “The potential for a hard uncontrolled selloff in the bond market is rising. What does that mean?”

    This potential has been here for about a decade. So what? In an era where privately owned and controlled central banks can print money at will and launder it through shell corporations or whatever, there is zero risk of a meltdown. What will happen (and is happening) is the real rate of inflation is killing everyone. Incomes continue to fall behind inflation and this will only accelerate. A major black swan event is needed. This will shock everyone and overload the system causing it to collapse. Then, once private central banks finally come to an end, so will all these fake propped up companies such as Google, Amazon and so on. They know they are fake and this is why they work so hard to manipulate the media. They depend on the corrupt financial system for their ridiculous stock valuations and survival (as do many other companies). If you want to know what corrupt central banks can do, look no farther than WWII. Despite hemorrhaging government costs due to war, a collapsing and failing economy and so on, the Bank of England kept interest rates steady and low making it possible for Britain to finance its war against Germany. There was no bond market collapse because the market was propped up – just like now. But what will happen if a black swan event doesn’t surface, is more and more and more money will flood the system. Costs will keep rising and rising, and pension plan after pension plan will collapse. The Rothschilds cabal knows that if/when the banking system collapses, they will be removed as its custodians. So they will do whatever they can to keep it going, and apparently they have the green light to keep doing so.

    • Greg Hunter

      Every big money manager out there, and including former Fed President Greenspan, says the opposite.

  26. Donald

    Listen, I have over $300 trillion dollars. More than enough to pay the world’s so called massive debt. So what??? Trouble is, this is Zimbabwe dollars. This can be repeated in any fiat currency out there. So what if the world has thousands of trillions of debt? This can all be taken care of with a few pieces of paper. But what can’t be papered away is tangible assets such as gold and silver. By the way, I recently acquired some silver and from the time I ordered it until it was delivered was about 3 weeks. Apparently the bullion dealer had to wait for freshly minted coins before being able to make the delivery. So anyone that thinks they can wait to the last minute to buy this stuff will be too late. In fact, hoping to but this stuff two weeks before an unexpected black swan event occurs will also be too late.

  27. Matt Jaymes

    It’s always good to hear “Greg Squared,” lol. Excellent “boots on the ground” commentary.

    I have a request: My gizzard has been in a knot the past couple of weeks, as I’m getting the sense that critical mass has been attained in the “financial system.” I think it would be an excellent idea to have Jim Sinclair and/or Bill Holter on again soon!

    Thanks for all the great work.

  28. Greg Hunter

    Socialism is theft. Capitalism involves bankruptcy and that is what did not happen in 2008. We got socialism for the bankers and evil Clinton/Soros globalists.

    • David

      “Socialism is theft.” I could not agree more. I assume you support repealing the 16th amendment since the taxes stolen, um, collected are used to fund socialist programs. Would that be correct?

    • Greg Hunter

      There is no moral dimension in Socialism — just theft.

    • Ray

      You make a fair point.
      Not having shot at Greg Hunter, but you need to remember he was raised as a boy at a time in the USA when ALL CHILDREN were taught to HATE Socialism / Communism, and were conditioned to believe that Capitalism was the only road to a better society.
      Fact is, none of that is essentially true.
      All the “isms” have massive faults in them.
      It’s just that Greg cannot bring himself to say that the “ism” he has been conditioned to cherish, Capitalism, has just as many faults as the others do.
      But hey…’s his website, not ours!!!
      With Respect,
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • Greg Hunter

        I taught myself that socialism = theft. It totally sucks and never works. Look at Venezuela for the extreme failure. Europe too is failing right along with the socialist/communist top down controlled freedom hating EU.

  29. DB Cooper

    TSI, We used to call it Free Enterprise and if I am not mistaken Capitalism came from Marx. In my mind this is akin to calling our Constitutional Republic a Democracy.
    Yours, DB

  30. Green Lantern

    Think “false flag” and you’ll be closer to the truth.

    • Roger D

      B-I-N-G-O! Green Lantern.

      For starters ask yourself, who would have all these private addresses?

  31. Cicero

    You just nailed it Sceptred,
    these people are running another psy-op on the
    uninformed sheeple. Lets hope that everyone sees
    through the latest B.S. and not buy into it.
    When have three bombs been planted and not
    one actually went off ? Oh Please, enough already.

  32. Green Lantern


    Recently (past two days), Coinbase added a new token called “USDC”, which runs on the Ethereum platform. In doing a little digging, it appears that this crypto has a direct link to Goldman Sachs and “fully backed” by the US dollar. Gee, sounds like a nice sound investment, right? Coinbase states that it’s the “only stablecoin currently supported by Coinbase”. Honestly, I’m not quite certain what Coinbase means, regarding that declaration. Maybe someone can clarify that.

    I thought it should be on your radar screen, since it was released by those friendly bankers, who have reminded and discouraged us to not get into any cryptocurrencies.

    Green Lantern

  33. Rock

    Thanks Greg. You continue to do great work for all of us. I hear Greg M. say to get out of the market, and I understand that point. But what does he think about the miners? Seems like they would shoot up with the price of the physical. Keep up the good work brother.

  34. John Lilith

    US Will Lose Reserve Status, There Will Be An 80-90% Devaluation of The New Dollar
    Everything in this report is and has come to fruition;
    From Just before the presidential election of Donald J. Trump
    Deutsche Bank the Wall St. London gold shorting whipping boy?

  35. C. Hewlett

    Some great historian said, “capitalism doesn’t work or survive without Christianity” and no doubt the closer to true Christianity the better it’ll work and survive. Now socialism to work or survive must have Christians in it, to not fall into tyranny. I would assume, which it in-veritably does. Whats the solution. In Christianity there is a founder who said he will bring his Kingdom to earth one day when our prays for it will expose the fact we finally really want it. That all the human lead governments/kingdoms we tried don’t work and we will except his rule over us, through his, out of this world, kingdom/government.
    I will research this more, till then enjoy;
    How Christianity Created Capitalism by Michael Novak • July 20, 2010

  36. C. Hewlett

    The left is all about getting rid of their biggest threat. Mobs vs. Jobs is more than a great slogan. It will put president Trump in the cat-bird seat! The lefts answer is the lame brained bomb scare we are now in. This latest scandal that the lame stream media is busting a nut over, is no doubt out of the left’s play-book, whether it’s deep state or not. Left and right are facing off, splitting even our shadow government. Nobody in their right mind believes the right would shoot themselves in the foot by sending bombs to the left. Just as Assad didn’t gas his own people, woman & children, to bring the wrath of the entire world on his government and if the world believed it he’d be gone by now and only the lame brained media pretend to even believe this latest farce.
    As far as the prince killing Kashoogi, that was just pure evil religious insanity and nobody believes him and he will get the government action he deserves! MEDIA, you cant fool mother nature and you cant fool all the people all the time. Honest Abe.

  37. Stan

    I loaded up on more Deutsche Bank stock today – Big time – with 5x leverage

  38. brian

    I mean don’t get me wrong, I like Gregory Mannarino just as much as the next guy, but one glaring inconsistency I could never get over is how on the one hand he rightly points out how immoral, fraudulent and rigged the “market” is but then on the other hand he seeks to position himself (as well as encourages others) to profit from the same.

    How can somebody actively participate in something so heinous as this rigged market fueled by crushing debt and not also be seen as part of the problem?

    Am I stupid for thinking such things?

    • wondrouscat

      brian – Many successful gamblers are at heart highly contemptuous of the game – that just adds to the glee of fleecing it.

    • paul ...

      Your not stupid brian but moral … exactly why I did not short the market a few days back when the NASDAQ broke trend … it’s like taking part in an evil corrupt enterprise because a profit can be made … no better then being a drug dealer … just say no … and morally put your savings in God’s money (gold)!

      • kevin

        Gold is NOT God’s money. Nowhere in the Bible does God call gold His money nor does God even say that gold is money. Only man calls it money and God owns it just like he owns everything else. Bill Holter keeps making that same erroneous statement about Gold being God’s money.

        • Greg Hunter

          What Bible are you reading? In the KJV Bible, gold is mentioned 417 times, silver 320 times and the word “money” 140 times. Not once does the Bible mention paper currency. All through the Bible, gold and silver are asserted as real wealth.”

          The Bible is the inspired word of God!


          • brandon w.

            Gold and silver may be wealth to God, just like land and cattle, without it necessarily being money to God.

        • brandon w.

          You are correct Kevin. Haggai 2:8, which is the verse that people quote does not say that gold is money. It just says that the gold and silver belong to God. Just because people in the Bible used gold and silver as money does not mean that God views it as such.

  39. Mike

    It doesn’t matter what they want. They are losing.

  40. Sylvia Sterling

    Good interview.

    The financial gurus are always telling us to watch the bond market, watch the bond market.. My question is , Where do you go on line to check the bond market every day? Doesn’t seem as easy to find as the stock market.

    • Justn Observer

      • Justn Observer

        Desperate people need to do desperate things?
        And maybe that plus this is causing it?
        and maybe the no -bomb bomb threat, to use Greg M. phrase…. is just more ‘look HERE………………DON’T LOOK HERE !
        WHERE did the KHASHOGGI STORY GO? WHAT did ROSENSTEIN SAY…OR DID HE anything ? Bond market DOING WHAT? and ADD record crop losses world wide… RYE drops to half of prior years production and Oats, Wheat, Soy to follow… What could go wrong? lol
        Am sure both Gregs…weekend wraps will be quite interesting as this one was !

  41. paul ...

    TSI … It’s more likely a desperate attempt by a Patriot (terrorist) to rid our Nation of the top New World Order Commies … who just got fed up that no action ever seems to taken by politicians and likely said to himself “I’m just not going to take it anymore” … and decided to stop those who want to do a regime change in America on his own … sort of like doing a regime change on the regime changers … now we all know using pipe bombs is not the kosher thing to do … but in a world where one Comey says another Commie did not commit treason by having unprotected servers you have to have some sympathy for this man (when they hang him from the gallows) … probably his last words will be: “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country”!!

  42. Chip

    Off topic. BUT, my wife works for the USPS and is due to retire in March 2019 after 30 years of service. She has been in every position from letter carrier on a walking route, vehicular route, she has been a post master (very trusted position), and in nationwide marketing and sales (competing against FedEx and UPS for package delivery). She has seen the “bomb” packages and says that NONE of them could have been delivered through the USPS. NONE of the stamps have been post marked which is mandatory so that they cannot be taken off and used again. Just a bit of TRUTH to share with our friends at USA Watchdog dot com… Chip and Tammy

    • Chip

      MEANING, they could only have been hand delivered by some perp with evil intentions. This entire thing from east coast to west was coordinated by someone trying to make it look like a bunch of “right wing” cucks are trying to do President Trump’s dirty work… Chip

    • paul ...

      So if the pipe bombs never went through the US Postal Service did drones deliver them to their intended targets?? … besides outlawing guns watch the demon-rats now try to outlaw drones!!

      • paul ...

        If the elite fear the Second Amendment … just imagine the fear generated in their evil warped minds knowing they can be held “personally accountable” for their wicked, immoral, depraved, vicious and malicious actions they have imposed on others all these years … interesting how Google’s CEO can watch over us on the internet but then has a problem with people looking back upon him!! …

        • paul ...

          If our Founding Father’s were alive today … they would surely say … “more then guns, drones can hold the elite to account … so let’s endeavor to make owning a drone part of the Second Amendment Constitutional Rights of All Citizens”!!

  43. Anthony Australia

    Brexit jitters?
    Italy problems, EU largely?
    Saudi Arabia killing a journalist?
    The Fed unwinding QE?
    Interest rate increases by the Fed?
    Problems in Argentina, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Venezuela?
    Excessive debt in China.
    Australia’s housing boom bubble has been popped.

    I see lots of things that have nothing to do with Mr Trump!

  44. al

    Interesting, the last President that ribbed the Federal Reserve was President Regan.
    6 years in to the Regan administration we had Black Monday 1987 where the team originally called the President’s Working Group in Financial Markets was born (aka: Plunge Protection Team). The markets recovered in a few weeks.
    As I write this post (Wednesday) the market just gave up all its gains since Jan 2018. It looks like a crash to me, but we have the PPT (plunge protection team), what’s going on?
    Trump, in his heart, does not believe in this market, he said it before he was elected. He mentioned it was manipulated (look back at the videos).
    Let’s see what happens. It’s only Wednesday. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump lets it fall and blames the Fed but we have about 2 weeks left until the elections. Oh boy.

    Excellent info Greg H.
    Greg Mannarino is my CNBC

  45. john duffy

    Ba-Donka-Donk’s long dissertation on the destruction of the $US misses one important fact. SDR’s will be made up of a basket of currencies. Guess which one will be the dominate one?

    • J.P. Morgunstun

      No, a basket of commodities?

  46. Peter

    The political polls are slowly turning against democrats as most Americans understand democrats offer nothing positive, just mobs and violence .Donald Trump’s poll numbers are improving recently for a reason as Americans are starting to get it.
    Trump has been great for the US economy and a great leader!

    The stock market has finally taken a serious downturn even though US bonds are being bought up at a terrific pace. The bond market has little to do with the stock market.
    It’s the fed raising interest rates that is hurting stocks, as Celente pointed out. Gerald Celente appears to be more right each day now, so I hope you invite him back soon. The US economy has been stellar up to this time but stocks are starting to look very iffy.

  47. dlc

    Can always count on the 2 geldings, Flake and Romney, to lecture Trump and MAGA supporters — suffering lockjaw when it comes to lawless Dimms. Waiting to see what Flake’s payoff is.

    Thanks, Utah, for encouraging Mitt who will be the replacement wrench in the works for our departed loon, McCain.

  48. KrazyUncle

    Greg and Greg,
    I am pretty much in complete agreement with most everything that was said and especially regarding the bond market and it being an important signal as to where stock markets are headed. However, I have a slightly different take on the timing. The stock market has begun a decline. IMO it is not just a correction. The stock market peaked on the 3rd and the rates peaked on the 5th. For the last three weeks the bond market and the stock market have been very closely correlated….both going up and down together. Both are falling due to the realization that the next recession has arrived. I expect both to continue falling. I don’t think its necessary to wait to see bond rates head higher before deciding what is happening. This is IT right now. The recession (and declining stock prices) will be well underway by the time bond rates move higher scream this is it. For what will cause rates to move higher while in a recession? Certainly not the Fed! How about a failing dollar? Slowly at first and then all at once!

    • KrazyUncle

      PS….Deutsche Bank closed at $10. What does sub $10 mean? Could this trigger….A Banking Crisis?

      • Occasnltrvlr

        The stock could drop to 1¢ and that wouldn’t actually cause a banking crisis.

        Defaulting on debt, or confiscating deposits, would likely trigger a banking crisis.

  49. Beverly Kingsford

    Greg Mannarino has a way of lightening up the whole situation we are in. Thanks for having him on again, Greg. I think it’s a real smart idea to buy hard assets and commodities. I don’t think it’s wise to invest in cars. I don’t think we’ll be able to get gas for them. Greg is absolutely right in saying—-love our neighbors, work together, that kind of thing. We are going to have to come together in this country and work together if we want to survive this war against evil. It’s back to pioneer times when people manufactured their own household goods, grew their own food, did their own sewing and the big question is—will we have electricity? Personally, I think we are going to have to start living kind of like the Amish or invent another way of getting electricity to our houses.

  50. paul ...

    Fact: Nuclear weapons are obsolete … all one has to do is fire a chunk of metal at high speed at a target and it will deliver the equivalent energy of a nuclear weapon (i.e. meteors from outer space hitting the Earth are just blobs of rock and metal and yet when they enter the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed they can deliver the force of hundreds of nuclear weapons) … so having a nuclear arsenal is not all that it is made out to be … a country like Iran for instance can simply develop hypersonic weapons and do away with the monetary and political cost of developing nuclear weapons!! …

    • Mike R

      The inherent problem with launching a nuclear weapon, especially if you are an adversary of the United States, is that it virtually GUARANTEES complete irradiation of your own entire country. The US WILL retaliate with NUKES, and has shown in past history it has no problem doing so. If any country wants to build nukes, they are essentially assuring a death sentence and complete destruction of their own country.

      a greater worry is small terrorist groups setting off dirty nuke bombs (little ‘nukes’) in targeted areas. once this starts, and someone gets away with it, the chances it snowballs is fairly significant. Short of shutting down the entire country via a permanent martial law, its pretty much impossible to prevent dirty nukes. And the US can’t just go launching their own nukes against a terrorists ‘home country.’

      • paul ...

        Yes Mike … asymmetric warfare can defeat a nation with nuclear weapons!!

  51. Jerry

    I’m getting unconfirmed reports that some stages of martial law may be implemented in selected areas of the United States before Thanksgiving. It is suggested that travel may become limited to localized areas, and resources may be strained. Right now I don’t have and specific details so take this post with a grain of salt. Just keep in mind that military tribunals are scheduled to go into law January 1st 2019 and that the Gitmo expansion is now complete as I have previously posted.

      • paul ...

        Makes a lot of sense Jerry!! … can wait for the internment of the elites to begin Jan 2019 … and lets keep them locked up waiting 20 to 30 years before their Military Trial (hey … they are the ones who destroyed our protections under the Constitution … now let them feel the pain of their evil actions)!!

      • kevin

        Just in case you do not know Jerry, ads for Internment/Resettlement Specialists have been around for at least 10 years so it means nothing.

    • kevin

      Thanks. And I certainly will take it with a grain of salt.


    URGENT 🔴 President Trump, FLOTUS Melania Speech on NYC Packages, Historic Opioid Crisis Combat
    Space Force News Published on Oct 24, 2018

    • paul ...

      Good to go after the “middle men” killing our children … but why doesn’t Trump give our Military an order to burn all the poppy fields in Afghanistan??? … too simple???? …. doesn’t cost a lot of money??????

  53. Roger D

    I believe ‘The Caravan’ has the potential of becoming this generation’s ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ with casualties as great as 9/11.

    California became a sanctuary state in October 2017. Governor Brown could authorize (albeit illegally) the California National Guard to defend the 5,000 illegals against federal troops.

    • paul ...

      Lets give the Caravan people a choice … go back home or be sent to a sanctuary city on the dark side of the moon (where they will never look upon Earth again) … they can all get good jobs and be put to work hollowing out the Moon for the aliens … their pay will not be in paper US dollars Moonbeam would provide … but in the money the aliens use “moon dust”!!

  54. Bill Bradshaw

    GREG: A question.
    All the financial ups and downs going on, might they be caused by the Deep State attempting to take the economy down just before the midterms??

  55. flattop

    Been thinking about one of your former female guests who said she had her money in 13 week T Bills. Where does one buy T Bills?

    • paul ...

      Why are you seeking paper debt flattop that will be paid back to you with more paper debt?? … when God’s money (gold) is “real money” (not a debt owed to you) … and is easily available now at a bargain paper debt price!!

    • KrazyUncle

    • kevin

      Treasury Direct or from a broker.

    • Tad

      I’ve purchased them at banks.

  56. Ken

    Just hope we make it thru the mid terms before it blows.
    New campaign add that’s great!!

    • paul ...

      Great because it tells the truth … not the lies of the Demon-rats!!!

    • Arrowflinger

      United States Treasury Direct.

      It is far better than having money in a FDIC insured bank account and there is no $250,000 cap.

  57. Paul Anthony

    I am hoping with President Trump part of his success will be to negotiate that debt down and have it be manageable for our country and that THEIR criminality is not put on the backs of the American citizens who were deceived for how many decades regarding the money system and the Federal Reserve? I believe that is in part why God has placed him as President. Yes I believe God is guiding the President whether he knows it or not. (I think he does) The elite sure as heck fought and are fighting him because of this. That and prison and or Tribunals.

    Keep praying and don’t stop!

    Greg Thank you for your work!


    • paul ...

      God took down evil in Heaven … it is up to us to take down evil on Earth (this November 6th) … God sent evil Satan to Hell … Trump will send the evil Demon-rats to Guantanamo!!

  58. Freddie the unintelligence agents Freeloader

    jackmerz 15 hours ago
    Special Ops by Dems & Globalists if I’ve ever seen one. _ Having run special ops myself (some in conjunct w CIA agents), this has so many earmarks of a false flag op to influence voters & Trump-opposition forces prior to the elections. Hope the unthinking public opens their eyes & really takes a look at what is going on. All the targets of the suspicious bomb pkgs are Dems or big-time Dem supporters. All the bomb pkgs are simple construction devices for somebody who is trained to make explosive devices. The delivery methods used almost insure discovery (e.g. address to bad address & then have it returned to sender). All the delivery sites where the devices ended up were Dem controlled areas (NY, Washigton DC, Broward Cty in Florida, etc). The device wrappings, postage, stains, irregular shapes, address labels , typed labels vs hand writing, etc, were all classic characteristics that bomb experts warn people endlessly to be aware of. None of the devices actually exploded (WHY ????). All the explosive device pkgs were discovered at roughly the same point in time. The Media had so many facts & details almost immediately. __ Looks to me like a special Obama/Brennan leftover to be fired CIA team ran this OP & created the devices. __ These explosive device happenings appear to be time co-ordinated with other unfolding events ( the immigrant Caravan, the Khashoggi execution, etc). _ Hope people take a close look at what is happening.
    Two biggest tell- tales which Blitzen, Lemonhead & Pooper Scooper totally fail to recognize is timing to sync with Midterms & complete absence of a single detonation.
    Karen Johnson
    Yes Jack -why did they remove one device and take out to a field to dispose No evidence left but it sure blew up so everyone will assume how dangerous others are pure Ff
    NO packages to Clinton, Hussein, et al went through the USPS. There are NO watermarks over the stamps.
    They were hand delivered and therefore there is surveillance video of the person delivering the packages. This is a deep state false flag event and I doubt the alleged bombs were even real explosives. FAKE NEWS using FAKE BOMBS. This was a media circus…that’s all. The Democrats have become The Marx Brothers it is farcical.
    Mike MCDaniel
    Deep State panicking, and sending ‘packages’ to themselves, happens every time to “cover” the release of information on the Deep State. Rod Rosenstein testimony delayed, and death of Journalists not working.

    Deep State Unleashes Everything They Have

    False Flag? Another ‘Suspicious Package’ – This One Was Sent To Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
    Mac Slavo, October 25, 2018

    Pipe Bombs & Violence: Republicans Don’t Do Things Like This
    This is so far out of the Republican playbook, it defies all logic. What could Republicans possibly have to gain by such an act?
    Elizabeth Vaughn — October 25, 2018

    Only The Left Can Stop Political Violence In America
    Daniel Greenfield, October 25, 2018

  59. Pete Pope

    IT WAS A TOTAL HOAX! Clocks Taped to ‘Pipe Bombs’ Do Not Have Alarm Function! Were Just for Show!
    by Jim Hoft October 24, 2018

    • wondrouscat

      So does this meet the criteria of a terrorist attack if these so called bombs were just toys straight out of a Hollywood movie prop shop? Is it illegal to send people fake guns/bombs how ’bout a fake army tank filled with zombies? Happy Halloween.

  60. Pete Pope

    Donald Trump on Late Night, 1986-87
    A skinny, Donald, Amazing!

  61. Pete Pope

    Donald Trump on David Letterman 17 October, 2013 Full Interview
    The Donald we now know and love!

  62. Don Barlow

    Democrats Are Silent On This NewYorkTimes Hit Piece That Fantasizes About Assassinating President Trump!
    Democrats are clearly playing false flag with the pipe bombs and attempting to score political points by blaming what they are behind on President Donald Trump. The evidence is overwhelming that the bombs never even went through the mail. With that said, they are strangely silent over a New York Times piece that fantasizes about the assassination of President Donald Trump. Mmmm?!/back

  63. Pete Pope

    Last Ditch Effort_ Just Before Before Mid-Terms!
    Soros planning on a caravan riot at border, with many casualties to blame Trump
    Dr. David Janda

    Ingraham: The flameout of the Democrats’ latest stars
    No wonder the deep left is having a conniption fit!

  64. Freddie the unintelligence agents Freeloader

    Records Support Claims That Minnesota Muslima State Rep Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother

  65. Gina's Macaroni

    WOW! Super Power Face Off/ Very Interesting_Your There
    Putin Teases Bolton: Has Your Eagle Already Eaten All The Olives Leaving Only The Arrows?
    Russia Insight Published on Oct 23, 2018

  66. Scott

    Excellent interview, Mr. Mannerino is always great to hear from, love his perspective.

    Not sure why you’d want to stay on Zerohedge though, or even cite it. The quality of news there has become an embarrassment, the brightest, market-connected users have long since left, and the people who remain are like unto the bottom of a septic tank. Zerohedge has become a collecting point for mindless, rabid anti-Semites and other, assorted and dysfunctional nut-jobs.

  67. PJ

    I don’t think people will be turned out of their homes even if they stop making payments on their mortgage. That only happens when a small percentage are defaulting. When the entire middle class, at the same time, defaults, people won’t allow anybody to kick them out. You cannot turn half of society out into the streets, not with 300 million guns in that society.

    The outcome of this is that the bankers will be taking a hit after all.

    The above is just a guess what is going to happen. I’m not a financial guy.

  68. PJ

    TSI, if you love socialism, I hope you get it. See what it is like to live in that system. Just don’t expect the rest of us to subsidize your choice.

    That’s Panarchy. “Let socialists be socialists, let capitalists be capitalists.” Then just sit back and see which society works over the long term.

    I have a feeling socialists will discover it ain’t such a wonderful system after all. But maybe not – who knows? I just want no part of it.

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