Iran Did It, Impeachment is On, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 388 6.14.19)

Two oil tankers attacked off the coast of Iran this week sent oil prices and the DOW higher. The U.S. says Iran did it, but Iran denies it. Everybody wants oil prices higher except the global consumer, and until today, prices were headed down along with the slowing economy. Was this attack a false flag?

Looks like Democrats have finally turned the corner on trying to officially impeach President Trump. Can they do it? Did Trump commit an impeachable crime? The answer is No and No.

The economy continues to decline, which is why central bankers are talking about cutting interest rates and printing money. Wait–didn’t central bankers do this for the last 10 years since the financial crisis? Is this going to work now when it’s failed to fix anything? The answer should scare the heck out of you.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thank you Greg,

    This is all over the MSM here, yet 95% of the comments by the readers see this as a false flag. The citizens of Australia are not buying the dribble, it is shows like USAW that has awakened the masses. Do not underestimate your influence Mr. Hunter!

    Do you think Trump will dump Bolton? He seems to be the one stirring up the trouble everywhere he go, no matter who is heading the administration.

    • paul ...

      Anthony … If Trump put Bolton in so he could play “good cop – bad cop” in making his deals … then Trump would need another “bad cop” to replace Bolton!!

    • Robert

      I don’t understand why Trump placed Bolton in that position.

      I do think Trump is being heavily influenced by the neocons. The PNAC crowd are alive and thriving, just as they were under Obama. And yes, I too, think the bombings of the tankers were false flags. They were too convenient for the goals of Bolton, but I dont think it was an American implanted false flag hint hint.

      What a mess. This whole PNAC goal of remaking the middle east into a capitalist utopia and modernizing Islam, was a huge mistake. Trump is being sucked into it.

    • Crybabe

      Even the Japanese colony is being disobedient!

    • Galaxy 500

      Some times a cigar is just a cigar.