Iraq, Syria and Ukraine-Financial Gateways-Nomi Prins

Nomi PrinsBy Greg Hunter’s 

Best-selling author Nomi Prins says the trouble with Ukraine, Iraq and Syria are happening because they are what she calls the “gateways.”  Prins explains, “What I call the gateways are the countries in the world where political and financial strategy connect in respect to the United States and its bankers. . . . Why do we care about the Ukraine?  We care about Ukraine because it’s a gateway to oil.  It’s a gateway to Eastern Europe.  It’s a gateway to control a situation politically, but also for our banking system to get involved from a financial perspective.  Putin understands Ukraine is a gateway, as well.  Russia backed a lot of the larger Russian banks . . . to fund oil and infrastructure and to basically take over the roll the U.S. banks and European banks were starting to have in the Ukraine.”

The Middle East is the same scenario.  Prins says, “Russia has backed pipelines in Iraq.  Lukoil is involved in projects there that have billions of dollars of money attached to them.   U.S. banks also see the potential for billions of dollars of, not just oil money, but financing, or what’s called project financing, of the pipelines in Iraq.  There is an $18 billion pipeline project and Citi Group wants to finance that.  Citi Group set up a bank in Iraq last year to be able to do that.  Citi Group has a $2 billion contract with Boeing financing airplanes with Iraq.  So, there are a lot of other components in that region that are still in flux.”

Prins, who was also a top Goldman Sachs banker, says there are big risks for bankers in the Middle East and warns, “What could go wrong is we could get into another five or ten years . . . of civil war with multiple factions of terrorism in the area that we cannot possibly have control over.  The fact that we are even having this conversation, the conversation in Washington is going on about ISIS, means we have no control over the situation. . . . The United States has been trying to pick the faction that is going to be most friendly for decades, and the faction that is most friendly is the one that is supposed to support the opening of the area for financial and resource purposes, and that doesn’t always work!  It often leads to heightened terrorism and heightened aggression against the United States and its citizens.  We come in and make that unstable situation even more unstable.”

Prins goes on to say, “These are areas everybody wants to control for resource purposes, as well as financial infrastructure purposes, and to change and open these countries in such a way so that is available to both Russia and China as well as to the U.S. in the future.  That’s what’s at stake here. . . . Nobody really wants to have a third world war.  That’s expensive and deadly, but this fighting over financial political gain is really continuing to crescendo.  It’s crescendoing because there is so much money on the table and because the economies involved, ours, China’s, Russia’s, are really all weaker than any government wants to admit on the surface.”

On the so-called recovery, Prins contends, “We are not even stable enough as it is.  We haven’t created enough jobs for the population growth since the crisis in 2008, regardless of what the percentage numbers say, and most of us know that.  What the market has been growing on is zero percent interest rates for the past six years.  It’s the same thing in Europe. . . . The central banks are not going to be raising rates because they can’t.  The only thing keeping any semblance of economic positivity for corporations, individuals and markets is the fact that money has no cost. . . . The reality is the jobs aren’t there.  This is artificial.  The money isn’t funneling into the average citizens in any of these countries, and that creates instability.  Which is, again, why all these gateway areas are so important. . . . There is a lot at stake here globally.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Nomi Prins, author of “All the Presidents’ Bankers.” 

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:
Nomi Prins writes articles on her website you can access for free.  For her article on “Gateways,” please go to  If you would like to get a copy of her terrific new book “All the Presidents’ Bankers,” please click here.

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  1. Dan

    Hi Greg,
    The amount & content of your interviews are impressive & appreciated. Thanks for the great work you do! Your following is impressive as well. I learn as much from reading the comments as I do from the interviews (& that’s quite a bit!)

  2. Jeff

    In short, we kill and destroy lives around the world for greed. Somehow we never see pictures of the beautiful cities and country sides we completely destroy. Nor look into the eyes of those who have lost everything. We have been trained to be distracted. Any wonder they hate us……. Think about it………

    • CrazyCanuck

      I would have to agree. We are complicit in the “zero sum” game as we benefit as well. Maybe not to the extent the billionaires do, but in the comfort and lifestyle we have become accustomed to and expectant of. Going forward into resource scarcity and increased expectations amongst emerging economies ( of China, India et. al.) it may get increasingly ugly.

    • Galaxy 500

      How about the tens of billions that we American taxpayers have invested in that beautiful area, the Gaza strip? It should be a shining jewel in the Middle East. But no, the corrupt terrorists governments have siphoned off 90% of what we gave to pay suicide bombers and buy rockets and weapons to kill Americans and Jews. I agree with your point. Our dollars go to preach hate and inculcate the arab children to hate.Americans and Jews. We shouldn’t give the PA another damn dime. We should wipe the dust from our sandals as we leave the area. The only way to stop these terrorists and their children, or as I call them, terrorists in training is to destroy them all.

    • Winston Churchill

      Its collective psychopathy, distributed from the top down and as infectious as ebola.
      The US has turned itself into a giant hospital for the criminally insane.
      Now that is scary.

    • Country Codger

      Hi Jeff,
      You are more correct than you know, possibly. In the early ’70’s I was sent to DLI Monterey to learn Vietnamese. We had a T-shirt that said, “Learn a new language, travel to foreign lands, meet new people see exciting place and Blow The Hell out of them.” Of course we had another that read, “In God we trust, all others we monitor.”

    • Mahalia Jackson

      The US bombed the 2,000 year old souks, which are ancient trading markets in Syria.
      Wonderful place, used to be famous for all kinds of products.

      Obama, Congress & Senate to blame. I don’t approve & I don’t agree with this facism.

      • Ugly

        No doubt. But people love their Dems….

    • Collateral Damage

      Mankind – we consider ourselves ‘civilized and modern’, but deep in our hearts where we succor our most urgent drives and desires, down in the hidden crevices of our souls, reside the most fundamental characteristics of our hunter-gatherer fore bearers.

      Urgent Greed for resources, for power, for advantage, for security, for sex.

      Preference for direct kin and tribe with very limited consideration for ‘others’.

      This paradigm was extremely successful when our race existed as small tribes, widely scattered across the globe. ‘To the victor goes the spoils.’

      This paradigm – not well suited for massive populations, high technology, limited resources.

      The hope for mankind as a race lies in the development of social systems that are better suited for the realities of the world in which we now reside.

      In order to develop these alternate ‘social systems’, we must first learn to control our most base instincts, (and ‘those’ of those around us) and develop and perpetuate interpersonal social skills which emphasize cooperation and joint benefit for all of ‘us’ and for the ‘sustainment’ of the closed ecosystem of this world on which we find ourselves.

      This is the singular hope for a positive future for our children and our children’s children.

      Lets hope that we can get there from here. 🙂

      Please read, “The Evolution of Cooperation”. It provides a hopeful view of how cooperation comes about and benefits those who partake of it.

      Very Best Regards,


    • AL HALL

      Jeff: spot on with these comments- Gerald Celente has been pushing this for years.
      We don’t cut off head- we just bomb the crap out of them- long distance killing.
      Dead is dead- no matter how it’s done!
      Our fore-fathers told us – stay out of foreign entanglements. Yet this government and the ill-minded want nothing but wars. Can you say lets feed the “military industrial complex”

  3. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Your guest is bit inaccurate, because Russian economy may be relatively weak (although it is improving), Chinese economy is bubbly (huge overcapacity) but the USA’s, EU’s economy is failing apart and Ukraine’s is non existent.

    War is a racket and all wars are bankers wars.

    My 2 cents

  4. bob

    nomi says a whole lot here. it’s all unravling. and tell me if i’m wrong but it’s the banks behind all this. this has been going on since 1913 at least. now we are after countries for the money to get us out of hock? or is this the beginning of the new world order? i like how nomi says that nobody can afford ww3. i think this could be done through financial war which could bring us down quickly. russia and china are buying up gold and silver. nomi says china is all over south america. nomi says we are waiting for castro to die to get back a gateway. could it be too late? this is proving that we live in facism. including the rest of the world. hymm. first clue, you won’t here this on the major networks.
    so, our young men are at the mercy of the big banks? to save their butts and our country 2nd for their greed.
    i wonder what our country would look like if we would have been still on the gold standard, nafta would have never passed and that our media would never had been bought out by big corp. or banks. i’m not even going to mention real energy tech. “nicola tesla” “ford” he stepped on rockefellars toes with the fact of his engine running on alcohol. hence prohibition, look it up. a little off the subject but the web we weave is so inter twined that you have to look at everything and follow the money.
    great interview greg, you are smacking them out of the park, thanks

  5. Silence is Golden

    Oh My Goodness,
    Nomi may be a fast talker, but a lot of what she said is only half of the truth. By limiting that to be half true I must admit is a stretch. None of what she said went unnoticed. Loved the subtly and well placed phrases though. Quite an art form. One would expect nothing less from a highly ranked officer of GS.

    ……”The World Bank and the IMF are involved in funding Ukraine”……SAY NO MORE !!……joining the dots…….world control…….USD Hegemony….Agents of the Bankers and the Unelected Elite…… working overtime.
    Show some respect here please Nomi. We are better educated than you give us credit for.
    “Gateway” is a more digestible term used in lieu of ABSOLUTE CONTROL, BANKRUPTCY & removal of SOVEREIGNTY. The WB / IMF are experts in this field with their fascist MO, well supported by the imposition of severely disturbing conditionality. They have more success in Bankrupting & Pillaging Nations than they do in saving them.
    The US is a Politically Zionist controlled and run country (as is UK and EUR and for that matter Russia and China). It uses its political might in conjunction with its well resourced Bankers and Others to “Lend a Helping Hand” where necessary.
    Q: Were Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine unstable before the US involvement ? Was lending them a helping hand necessarily required too ????
    Gateway…shut the front door !!

    “Poroshenko understands and is listening to the money” ….sure he does…. he is a CIA /US Political Puppet (mole for the US State Dept. since 2006) whose agenda is the ensure the US Controlled Banks have access to his country’s assets and to undermine Russia’s strategy. He is installed to facilitate the rape and pillage of the country & its people allowing the Rothschild footprints through Soros funding, to stamp all over the Kiev. He will get well rewarded for his (dis) loyalty.

    “No one really wants WWIII”….when I heard that I almost fell off my chair. Political Zionism and Geo-Politics with their NWO agendas ( which the “City” controlled US Government and its handlers are masters at) are synonymous with global economic instability and de-stabilisation of the democratic process (toppling governments) and removal of personal freedoms. China and Russia (perhaps even the US although no one admits it) are communist/fascist countries. Communism will align with capitalism and hands down control governments. Communism and now fascism are after all Political Zionist plots. That…. right there…… is WWIII. Connect the frikkin dots peeps.

    Interest rates cannot ….repeat CANNOT….go up. The financial system does not have any more flexibility to handle this extra credit….there is no money in the system to pay the debt let alone the interest. To stay afloat the world economies must grow perpetually. We have been in the end game now for 6 years. It only deteriorates from here.

    Just so that its clear…..The Petro- Dollar system is paramount for the survival of the USD. As long as the World needs Oil and as long as the Oil is ONLY sold in USD, there will always be demand for USD. Sure its about money……BUT … More about Control.
    Without the world’s USD demand and the convenience it bestows on the US, the US would not be able to use its power under the programs such as “Sanctions” now used as a financial weapon of Economic War in conjunction with Geopolitical side arm weapons of Demonizing and Sabre Rattling.

    Don’t believe in the drive for continued US hegemony….read this…

    Nomi would be very familiar with the term ….”Balancing the Debt” …I am quite sure.
    This is more than just an accounting entry. It is the process of stealing the world’s wealth by stealth.

    Thank you Greg for allowing comments such as mine and for providing this platform to project our words. Your dedication to uncovering the truth is unwavering and appreciated. You have witnessed the other side of media and we are eternally grateful that you are determined to seek and espouse the truth.

  6. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    You nailed it.
    The human misery caused by the US all over the world is intolerable.
    I will quote a paragraph from the writer of a post by Brad Cabana.
    “This woman’s eyes have haunted me since 4:00 p.m. Ukraine time, June 2, 2014. Her name was Inna Kukuruza. She was a wife, a mother, and a citizen of Luhansk city. On that day, June 2, 2014, she made a fatal mistake walking past the City’s Administration building after work. She, and many others, had her life ended in a hail of unguided rockets fired by a lone Ukraine air force jet. However, unlike the rest of those dead around her, she did not die immediately. She lay there for seconds, all filmed by the ever present phone cameras, and asked to speak with her daughter. Then she died. What the picture above doesn’t show is her mangled legs, or her missing foot. She bled to death. My heart broke for her at that moment.”

    If you want to see misery have a look in this link;

    We all need to know that this tragic death is the direct result of Washington meddling in the affairs of a sovereign country on Russia’s border. Inna is just one one thousands of innocent victims in these vicious games that the US plays all over the world. This was particularly poignant for me to witness this photo and to remember that I too have a beautiful daughter of similar age who is the mother of two gorgeous granddaughters. If she was unfortunate enough to live in the Ukraine this could just as easily have been her wanting to speak to her wee daughters before she passed away. As gory and tragic as this photo is we as educated, ‘informed’ westerners need to see the havoc that the Obama regime wrecks on innocent people’s lives all over the world.

  7. Mike Soon Over

    Sorry can’t bring up link, Google Larry Parks interviews Chris Powell Secretary of Treasurer GATA US treasury has right from 1934 Gold Act to rig Gold market and a 1970 amendment to rig any market. Excellent interview and explains the Gold smack down.

    • Mike Soon Over

      Larry Parks Interviews Chris Powell, Secretay/Treaurer Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee,GATA

  8. Keezer 1955

    You know something ? Nomi is really hot in addition to her knowledge of the world banking system. I dont care that she isnt enamored with gold because she makes up for it by just being the nicest eye candy ever interviewed on USAWatchdog. You go girl !

  9. Aziz JAAFAR

    Exactly Jeff,
    the US government bombs and its banksters hope to make money for the reconstruction.Of course,the human aspect is uninteresting ,above all since it concerns these savage Arabs…

  10. Robert

    That was a great interview. I suppose Ms. Prins is correct in saying the Fed and other central banks can keep the shell game going for some time to come yet… perhaps as long as another year or two. However, there are so many other areas from which a black swan could arise and throw the world into chaos. What I am saying is that a financial collapse or meltdown doesn’t need to begin as a financial matter. War, natural disasters, an act of terrorism, domestic civil unrest, a precious metals delivery default, etc. could all start the financial collapse ball rolling. It just seems like there are so many plates spinning in the air at the same time, something has got to give soon.
    Keep up the good work,

  11. pumpkinhead

    Sorry Greg I cut this interview after 3 minutes . This woman has no idea whatsoever . Just the same old American superpower crap . Any way thanks for showing me her book so I wont waste any money buying it . The book might be somewhat interesting ,but she is dilusional

  12. art barnes

    Greg, it always comes down to the bankers doesn’t it? The oncoming police state in America will be at the direct imperative of the bankers as well, including having our young die for them once again to protect their interest; frankly, I for one see the truth and it is ugly. The country is run by the bankers, by the bankers, and for the bankers.

    • Jerry

      You get it. Banking was conceived in sin, and born of iniquity. Who do you think the money changers were that Christ threw out of the Temple? In my world, they are the sons of Satan causing people to hoar themselves out, just so they can die on a patch of ground that they will never actually own. Sometime, I’ll tell you how I really feel.
      Best always.

  13. pessimist

    All the war, death, and destructive government policy are merely symptoms and not the causes. What we are witnessing is the collapse of modern civilization … a civilization birthed on the discovery of fossil fuels — first coal, then oil and gas. All you need to do is step back and look at these current events from a historical perspective. This modern industrial civilization is winding down as the limits of the resources that fueled it began to run out. It is called PEAK OIL! PEAK NATURAL RESOURCES! PEAK EMPIRE!

  14. Stan

    Perhaps I’m just getting too cynical in my latter years, but really this ISIS/ISIL thing seems just too contrived to be real. I have no doubt that some idealistically misguided Muslim kids living in 1st world countries get taken in by it and try to join the cause, but I strongly suspect the whole thing is just another US war machine manufactured bogey man. The last I heard ISIS had a bit more than 30,000 members fighting in Iraq and Syria – this is supposed to be a global threat for which we all have to sacrifice what civil liberties haven’t already been taken away?

    • Silence is Golden

      …and the Hegelian Dialectic continues to work overtime…….
      Slightly digressing…
      Not long ago Obama called ISIS for what they really are “Nihilists”.
      This made the hairs on the back of my neck and arms stand erect.
      Firstly because it came from the mouth of the CIC on the world stage….puppet of the ruling Elite.
      Secondly because Nihilists (who stand for opposing all constitutional authority, religious and moral principles) are the ones, in conjunction with the Atheists, who will bring about the great social cataclysm…the last of the three planned revolutions.
      This is a very poignant time indeed.
      If you start at the END (NWO)…..trace the steps backwards… and you shall find reasons and cause for the events of today. It is not accidental.

    • Chip

      Right-oh Stan! Just a diversion and excuse to get our war with Syria…

  15. Tommy

    Nomi is one smart lady. She can cut through the BS and get to the meat of the matter. Another person I would love to see you interview is Jerry Robinson of A while ago I read his 4 part articles entitled “Preparing for the Collapse of the Petrodollar System”. He begins with the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference establishing the USD as the world reserve currency and follows through to the current wars in the Middle East. After reading this everything became crystal clear. Everything we have done is for the preservation of the petrodollar. It would be nice to hear his opinion on what is going on today.

  16. Galaxy 500

    Interesting story about our corrupt Senator, Kay Hag…er ah…HagAN
    Chip Hagan among owners of hydroelectric facilities that sued local gov’ts over riparian rights…
    Senator recommended judge, who found in favor of Chip Hagan’s biz, for a federal court position…

  17. Sylvia

    Nomi Prins is obviously very knowledgeable, but she should take a course in public speaking. She talks fast and never pauses at the end of her sentences. One thought just seems to run into another . Her speaking is simply not easy to understand.

    • Silence is Golden

      Yes good point. Intentionally done to avoid critical analysis ? Confuse the real issue with many issues……makes for great politics.

  18. brian

    Yeah I made it just past the 11 minute mark on this one and had to go cool off. I mean listening to Nomi casually note that a peace perspective sits as a placid alternative to a financial perspective is just gut wrenching to me, does she even know the gravity of such a condition? It means that peace is not viewed as a viable means to achieve the goal that the financial interests have set for themselves to attain–that goal obviously being to make ungodly sum upon immeasurable gob of money.

    But for me, the best part comes as she almost blithely postulates that the financial interests have everything to gain by “reconstructing” areas of the world that they ultimately lobbied to have destroyed………I wonder if she imagines that shattered bones, lacerated skin, rattled nerves, singed faces and mutilated families will be put back together by those wise and self-measured stewards, shepherds and captains of all things paper? Or is it seeded within the calculus of the financial interests that just such carnage will act as a great multiplier in guaranteeing that out of such agony and loss will arise an insatiable desire for vengeance which will only further perpetuate those all too profitable flames of conflict.

    I could let my anger get the best of me and say that I think Nomi’s judgement is questionable, her perspective is flawed and her understanding of the world has all the ear marks of being based upon a lifetime of solely results driven ambition. If I did say such a thing out loud I could then add that I was sorry if it sounded harsh, but sometimes opinions can be that way, especially when I have to hear conflict trivialized in such an egregious manner.

    • Silence is Golden

      I agree entirely with you Brian.
      Bankers are programmed to extract blood.
      There is no sense of empathy in anything she said. Its one thing providing analysis of current geopolitics and banking opportunities….but she completely obfuscates the collateral damage.
      Sounds harsh but she didn’t get to be MD at GS (previously at Bear Stearns, Chase and Lehman) by being complacent. Being ruthless is par for the course.

    • woody188

      I don’t think Nomi is indifferent to the suffering, but is instead very plain spoken about the matter and how the bankers think. This is the way the world works. Bankers tend to be sadistic and narcissists. She isn’t going to sugar coat that fact. The only fellow I ever know worked on Wall Street was also the worst human I’ve ever known. He cared for nothing but himself and enjoyed watching others suffer, especially if he was the cause of their suffering. Nomi must have a touch of that because she was one of them, but came to reject it later in life. Bankers view us cattle to be herded and eventually slaughtered for their profit. It won’t change until the cattle stampede, trampling the bankers in the process.

  19. Sam Grant

    Hi Greg.
    Yaaaaah – NO! In spite of Ms. Prins’ impressive background, she described the exact opposite of what’s really happening! The US/UK banksters aren’t using Ukraine and Syria as gateways to the east! On the contrary – they’re trying to block Russia’s pipelines from coming through the Ukraine and Syria into Europe. (Why Europe is standing for this boggles the mind!) In other words, the bankers are trying to block the east (Russia) from coming OUT. Ukraine is the no-pass checkpoint just like the Hindenberg Gates were!
    But I also must take Ms. Prins to task for saying, “No one wants war”. Are you KIDDING me? How disingenuous can you get? As a former highly placed insider she KNOWS that bankers, all bankers, LOVE war. It’s only the people getting bombed who don’t want war! While Ms. Prins says the private banks are going to make a fortune loaning money to these countries and building infrastructure, they make SO MUCH MORE money when they finance war, then go in and rebuild afterwards. I find Ms. Prins to be highly annoying to any thinking person.

    • Silence is Golden

      We should catch up for a drink sometime. 😉

    • Chip

      Not to put words in your mouth but i think you mean the Brandenburg Gate? Old east-west German border in Berlin…

    • Jerry

      Sam, you win the prize with this statement.
      On the contrary – they’re trying to block Russia’s pipelines from coming through the Ukraine and Syria into Europe.
      You are one of the few who get it.

  20. Larry

    Ms Prins I am sure knows that Poreshenko was installed into power following the coup by our State Dept. Naturally he is going to attach himself to the US and NATO. If he knows what is good for himself.

  21. allen ols

    nice interview, i liked it.

    now the JEWISH SABBATICAL YEAR year called, SHMITA to let the land rest, and all debts forgiven except of course; THOSE PESKY BANKERS.

    Among the rules that present a unique challenge to the work of his community: “Don’t plant crops, don’t lay new grass, just take care of what exists, don’t add anything new.”

    “Every seven years, debts are supposed to be canceled, per Deuteronomy 15:1. However, banks in Israel do not implement that provision.”

    They must be Gentile bankers, or non jewish.

    • Greg Hunter

      Banks in America don’t either. 30-year mortgage?

      • allen ols


        ha, soooo true!!

  22. John M.

    It seems to me that it is always the same evil ambitions of man that keep repeating through history. And one popular and recurring theme is the killing and stealing which has been only intensified by modern centralized banking from London and Washington, the global mega-banks and their interconnected corporate affiliates, and monolithic bureaucratic governments that rely on war and political power to keep together this game of world-wide tyranny to keep on humming along.
    Just think of all the money and human life that was wasted in the destruction of Saddam Hussein and Iraq, only to be reconstructed again with new bank loans from the West and the corresponding spending and profits by politically well-connected global companies. Then came Libya and Egypt. And this same cycle of destruction and rebuilding wants to be replicated in Ukraine and Syria … and who knows where else? This whole drummed up hysteria with ISIS, ISIL, or IS, and this barbaric “terror of beheading” seems to be merely another ploy to remove Assad and destabilize Syria.
    What would Jesus and His Father think of all this? Would he approve of such chaos and violence so that some people can make tons of money in war and reconstruction?
    Even if we remove God and Christian morality from the equation, America is really in serious trouble as Quantitative Easing to infinity along with ZIRP (0% interest rates) are destroying whatever productive and positive elements that have not died and are still functioning in America. Obviously, our days of relative stability and normalcy in this country are numbered.
    As for China, I happen to believe that the trillion plus treasuries and dollars they might still be officially holding can be used as a lethal weapon to start the avalanche that collapses the dollar. Why do China and Russia really care about dollars, as combined they most likely have more gold, more control of resources, and more industrial momentum going forward? It seems to me that America has not been simply outsmarted by the East. Plans were made long ago, by some of our own, to sacrifice our nation to their godless NWO. Nothing else makes any sense.

  23. Rock

    ISIS looks to be nothing more than a tool for the administration to use to create fear and justify war to help the military industrial complex and grease the skids for other social issues that are on the agenda , such as gun control. Look at the pictures of this outfit, all dressed in black, with their faces shielded. Is it an alphabet organization psy-op? Looks like it. Then Obama steps in and says he is going to handle the whole handling over the military intervention. What is up with that? Like he is qualified in the slightest way to handle that. Seems to be a made up bunch of “bad guys” to get us throwing bombs and weapons around the middle east to make it so messy that it is harder for everybody to follow the bouncing ball as to what is going on. The MSM is sure making them out to be a huge force, creating an image to scare us into needing big bro to come and rescue us, with strings, of course.
    Thanks for your great work Greg.

  24. Jerry

    Great interview Greg. Nomi is one of my favorites. Plus she’s easy on the eyes. What’s not to like?
    I think its important for us to understand that the paradigm shift away from the dollar has already happened. What is occurring in Ukraine and Syria is a last ditch effort by the western Banking cabal to retain its seat of power. But the problem with this is the East has caught on, and they aren’t buying it (literally) anymore!
    Greg take a look at the list of countries who are dumping the US Dollar in Bilateral Trades.
    – Brazil
    – Argentina
    – China
    – Indonesia
    – India
    – Iran
    – UAE
    – Belarus
    – Hong Kong
    – South Korea
    – Russia
    – Japan
    – Malaysia
    – Venezuela
    – Syria
    – Cuba
    – Turkey
    – Dubai
    – England
    – France
    – Germany
    – add 11+ Latin American countries to that list.
    Here’s the really big one “SAUDI ARABIA”. Do you remember two weeks ago the Saudi diplomats convoy being attacked in France? The Saudis were getting ready to ink a deal with the Chinese. Forget about ISIS in Syria. This has to do with pleading a case to the Saudis for retaining the petrodollar. The Saudi’s want Assad gone so the Russians can’t run their oil pipeline from Iran through Syria to the sea. They can’t survive the competition with Iran when their wells are only pumping 20%. That’s what the war in Syria is about. Its just that simple. But guess what? The Saudi’s are not stupid. They know about the financial shift, and they want to be part of it with the Chinese, rather than be left behind with us when it happens. The truth is the Saudi’s and the Chinese have been building a strong coalition for quite some time. In fact the Saudi’s have even bought Drones from the Chinese.

    Greg as much as I like Nomi, her timing is wrong. We don’t have years. We have months. There’s nothing to hold the Chinese back, from the final shift, once they realize there is no more gold to be delivered. No one wants our paper debt. The western Banking Cabals fiat Ponzi scheme has run its course, and their time has past. Its all about returning the markets to what they were intended to be. Hard assets, backed by real numbers.

    • Greg Hunter

      I Never get tired of your posts!

    • Silence is Golden

      Missing munitions/explosives !!!
      Time for raising the false flag in……….SAUDI ?
      Don’t for one second underestimate the criminals’ mind patterns.

    • allen ols


      From the desk of the Jackass;

      “I have just had an email from a Russian source who says that his insider in the Middle East, via high level meetings, has become aware that the anticipated divorce of Saudi from the USDollar system has essentially now been rubber stamped in totality, a fait accompli. Expect to see announcements in due course of de-dollarisation of oil trade payments and trade deals with Saudi partners to be announced in non-dollar terms. We are essentially seeing the demise of the Petro-Dollar happening, which has stood as the foundation for the USD for four decades. The shock waves from a Saudi rejection of the USD, coupled with the new Russia-China deals denominated in Rubles & Yuan, means the end of the Dollar Regime Era. Great channges come.” ~ London Paul (the big storm is near)

      As Napoleon Bonaparte long ago stated, “Let China sleep, for when she awakes, she will shake the world.”

      • Jerry

        Wow Allen. That’s astounding news. The waves are coming in much quicker now than I ever expected.

      • pessimist

        I’m a big fan of Dr. Willie but the very recent US joint coalition with the Saudi in attacks on Syrian soil do not make sense if the Saudi have truly abandoned their relationship to the USD.

        Does Dr. Willie have an explanation for this?

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Your last sentence is so true:
      “Its all about returning the markets to what they were intended to be. Hard assets, backed by real numbers.”

      It reminds me so much of what I regard as a truly outstanding comment made by Rob Kirby on Watchdog April 20 2014 – I will quote ;
      “The real problem is with the money itself. We need to revert back to real capitalism which is real weights and measures and honest commerce. Otherwise, we are going to devolve into a very dark period of feudalist oppression.”

    • lastmanstanding

      Didn’t Mohammad say something about Syria being the key?

      Didn’t he say that they had some gold as well?

    • woody188

      There’s nothing to hold the Chinese back, from the final shift, once they realize there is no more gold to be delivered.

      Except that 17% of Chinese exports go to the United States. The USA is their second largest trading partner, the first being the EU. Russia comes in seventh. There is also a history of Sino-Russian mistrust. It would not surprise me if China has been promised the whole eastern bloc of Russia in exchange for continuing to support the current paradigm. It is also Chinese history to annex territory from their neighbors. Think Tibet…

    • Jerry

      Like I was saying. This deal was with the house of Saud to keep the Petrodollar going.
      Even I can’t make this stuff up.

  25. Jerry

    Sorry Greg. I know you get tired of my post, but I had to post this.
    Hillary Clinton speaks about “The Global Initiative”. And here I thought globalism was just an invention of the tin foiled hat group.

  26. Eddie Laidler

    Just look at the gas pipelines that go through the Ukraine..

    • Jerry

      WOW Eddie !! That’s astounding.

  27. Alan

    Hi Greg,
    Another great interview, Nomi is intelligent and very well attuned to the truth on the ground (and in the financial power centers).

    I think the proper term you were struggling for when trying to describe the situation would be “cluster#*%!”. To merely call it a debacle would be a gross understatement.

  28. Merc

    China buying the long end? US Treasuries, Bonds, she says…China buying long end, wow! that is like Russian Roulette, eh what?

  29. Larry

    “in such a way so that is available to both Russia and China as well as to the U.S. in the future.” I’m not sure I agree with this statement.

    I would agree that ‘control of resources’ is the primary driver but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the control of resources automatically means availability of resources so much as it is to deny our competitors access (read: Russia, Iran, and China) and direct the flow of resources through western markets to bring availability to whomever the west chooses.

  30. smaulgld

    It’s all manipulated- real jobs and growth are not being created.
    Instead what is manufactured are rosy economic reports, trillions of dollars out of thin air, “solid” “recovery”media stories , stock and real estate price gains and wars.

  31. fred

    sorry but this Nomi is diverting attention from the real directors of all of this slaughter

  32. allen ols

    GREG ;

    A whistleblower has revealed extraordinary information on the U.S. government’s support for international terrorist networks and organised crime. The government has denied the allegations yet gone to extraordinary lengths to silence her. Her critics have derided her as a fabulist and fabricator. But now comes word that some of her most serious allegations were confirmed by a major European newspaper only to be squashed at the request of the U.S. government.

    In a recent book Classified Woman, Sibel Edmonds, a former translator for the FBI, describes how the Pentagon, CIA and State Department maintained intimate ties to al-Qaeda militants as late as 2001. Her memoir, Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story, published last year, charged senior government officials with negligence, corruption and collaboration with al Qaeda in illegal arms smuggling and drugs trafficking in Central Asia.

    In interviews with this author in early March, Edmonds claimed that Ayman al-Zawahiri, current head of al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden’s deputy at the time, had innumerable, regular meetings at the U.S. embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan, with U.S. military and intelligence officials between 1997 and 2001, as part of an operation known as ‘Gladio B’. Al-Zawahiri, she charged, as well as various members of the bin Laden family and other mujahideen, were transported on NATO planes to various parts of Central Asia and the Balkans to participate in Pentagon-backed destabilisation operations.

    According to two Sunday Times journalists speaking on condition of anonymity, this and related revelations had…
    Continue reading →

    NATO’s “Operation Gladio” – Sibel Edmonds on NATO …
    Mar 7, 2013 – Sibel Edmonds is the Publisher & Editor of Boiling Frogs Post and the … US-NATO Gladio Operations in the Islamization and Terrorization of …

    Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B – Part 1 – YouTube
    Video for SIBEL EDMONDS OPERATION GLADIO► 67:51► 67:51
    Feb 19, 2013 – Uploaded by corbettreport
    Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B – Part 1 … and Boiling Frogs Post founder Sibel Edmonds lays out the thread … by JAMES CORBETT

    • allen ols

      silence is gold…

      sibel edmonds, translator, turkish language, and many more languages for the fbi, SAYS;

      Now, the following report-article came out today:

      Azerbaijan is significant transit country for illicit drug trafficking, and through its territory 11 tons of heroin transfer
      Azerbaijan is a significant transit country for heroin and other narcotics, as it is situated along major drug trafficking routes from Afghanistan and Iran to Europe and Russia, the annual report of the US State Department on “2013 International Narcotics Control Strategy (INCSR)” says.

      In the previous report of the State Department was mentioned that Azerbaijan is a transit country for transporting drugs from Afghanistan, Central Asia and Iran to Russia and Europe.

  33. Jerry

    I’m hearing reports from some military insiders that some explosives are missing from a munitions supply truck. They are saying the thing was totally cleaned out. I was wondering if anyone else has heard this report as well? That’s a bit unnerving to me considering we just launched an attack on ISIS less than 48 hours ago. Its either a set up for a false flag, or the real thing.

  34. Matt

    No doubt Jeff. Read up on Smedley Butlers writtings and conclusions of war and profit. His awakening should be tought to young ones on a daily bases. Not by schools, but aware family.

  35. allen ols

    country codger

    Pls review this video

  36. Steve

    The Middle east may be a financial gateway for the US but it also secures Israel ( very convienent )

  37. Doorman

    What irritates me about the central banks and the traitors in the federal government is that they create and finance these boogey men whether it’s Bin Laden, Sadaam, Kadafi, al qaeda, ISIS, etc, and then they use the media to deceive people in America to think it’s their patriotic duty to go fight the “enemy” to free people from oppression etc.

    The whole time the goal of the real enemy is to get a lasting foothold in these countries in order to take over the resources of that country.

  38. Jim H

    Thanks Greg. Great guest. Precious metals important? Not so much says Nomi. I agree with her ,Armstrong, Fitts and many others. It’s about manageability and visibility of little peoples assets worldwide and the ability to make actions of not little peoples actions invisible. The plan in the west seems to be to make the sheeple work longer and harder with no expectation of retirement. I’m not so sure what we do even impacts the world of finance much any more. There are no human names attached to any actions in big finance. Names like Rockefeller, Redshield and the like have been replaced by names like the US, Russia, China, Goldman Sachs, Investors, derivatives, stocks, bonds and well you get the idea. These names do nothing. There are people behind the names with names doing everything. On a daily basis the media tells us the US did this or that. How can this be without you, me or some of our friends knowing we were going to do it. Who is the US?
    I do have a question. Precious metals investment has changed since I played the game some years back. Can people with paper gold sell their paper and get physical gold?

    • Greg Hunter

      Jim H,
      Yes, and physical is what you should hold. You also need some cash because it will work really well for a short while when the next crash happens

      • Jim H

        Thanks Greg.
        Don’t think I was clear. What I am asking is can people with paper trade it directly for physical gold? That may be the question you answered, just want to be sure. If they can then actually the paper gold has replaced the dollar when we were on the gold standard. I many times feel I’m missing something and this doubt sometimes stops me from acting. Not always a bad thing I guess.

        • Greg Hunter

          You will have to convert to USD.

  39. David Brown

    Pardon me, with what may appear to be sarcasm, but one has to consider Syria’s rebuilding plans with some skepticism, since the global economic collapse is near. Not to be lost, is that the US and other nations are increasing accepting refugees who are more than willing to leave for greener pastures–permanently.

    The sectarian strife since 2011 can’t leave much optimism for rebuilding and reconciliation.

  40. ron

    Thanks for your work and concern, Greg! Nomi has got to be one of the sharpest and articulate financial pros around! She just shoots from then hip and brings snappy clarity. One element I wish she would consider is the by now PATHOLOGICAL nature of our soft Fascist predator state. The neo-cons, in particular, as well as many Western oligarchs, seem to be obsessed with endless wars and failed states as “gateway” points(as per Nomi). Complete CHAOS must develop wherein many factions within a broken state are all fighting among one another and helped by the US or Dictatorships–S. Arabia, Qatar, et. al.
    I would go so far as to suggest that for the sickest of these cowardly men–especially the neo-cons–unconsciously desire a WW111. They enjoy sending the innocent young into a slaughter and care not a wit about killing millions and poisoning areas with Depleted Uranium(Iraq) forever. They get off on it! Endless war is their wish.
    I would hope Nomi reads all these comments. You have a sharp following. It would be interesting for you to interview someone who studies the psychopathology of these people behind the curtain. Nero(or Richard Perle)fiddling while the world burns.

  41. CoalBurner

    Greg; Nomi is good, really good!
    Some of you folks are being awfully tough on the good old USA. I am not going to challenge how right you may be or what measure of overstating you may be doing. No not Gerald or PRC either. But you might consider that there are three major competing powers in the world now. This is one of the big Obama surprises. And no I am not including the banksters all in line with their own respective world power or what I consider the fading power of the NWO and World Bank. Crossing the 500 year cycle is leaving the old alliances and thinking behind, well partly. Look at our jobless numbers, our debt, our failing economy! Do you want your grandchildren to be third world any sooner than necessary? Yes it is a nasty mess, blood, and dirt, bombs and energy production being jockeyed world over by Russia , China and us. Do you really want the back seat. We have been slow to waken, woith our leftys solid in power th elast 70 years. We allowed China to buy up the resources worldwide with our money. We let Russia rise again. I am not saying we should have interfeared but I think the wind of change has completely altered the reasoning from 40 years ago when we first started shipping our industry overseas and creating these giant competitors. Do you think Obama , king of lily livered leftys would be bombing if he did not finally realize their won’t be anyplace for him to run too if we fall out of the top three.
    Our politicians have let us fall a long way and hitting the brakes will be nasty business. Join the debate, 500, Al, Codger, Jerry and all. I am going back to reread and relisten.

    • Mason

      You mention good points, BUT I think the way your story is framed puts too much emphasis on nations instead of the people leading the nations. So much so, that it defeats the purpose of your post. I am just giving you my 2 cents, but this is crucial to understand in my opionion. Too much emphasis on China vs USA vs Russia. You cannot equate the interests of Obama with the interests of the USA. They are in large part opposition of each other. The important point I want to make is this: Obama is an individual and he persuits his own agenda, which is in line with the oligarcy, but which is CONTRARY to the interests of the USA / US citizens. The trick politicians use all the time is that they SAY they represent us – so they can justify control of the resources for whatever purpose they SAY they will pursuit – but in reality they do not represent us. If you listen to the MainStreamMedia and if you believe what they say, you are then automatically without knowing it falling for this trick. They are they oligarcy and they act in opposition to the interests of the citizens of the USA. The real battle is not China vs USA vs Russia vs some other nations. If you are talking about our grandchildren reaching third world status, the REAL issue is that this a class warfare. I am NOT talking about the 1% versus the 99%. I think this is ONE of the things were Democrats go wrong. This is a class warfare between the oligarchs/super-super-wealthy-and-connected or 0,01% against the rest of us or the 99,99%. This 99,99% consists of the majority of the 1% (measured in number of people, not in wealth), the non-crony upper class, the middle class and the lower class. This is also not about the capitalists, but the crony-capitalists versus the rest. Who is this 0,01%, who are these people? They are they ruling class. They are the president, the Congress (with very few exceptions, such as for example Ron Paul), the CEO’s of major companies that use cronyism. In order for people to gain and hold power, they have to scare the rest of us by using fearmongering about terrorism to keep up the pretense of legitimacy, while bleeding the rest of us dry and continuing their war against us and our civil liberties.
      In short: while you refer to the USA when dealing with other countries, you are really talking about the 0,01% that is the ruling class which do not really represent the USA despite what the media says. When you in effect are talking about the 0,01% that is the ruling class, they are the enemy, and we should scrutinize EVERYTHING they do.

      As Greg in one post put it brilliant succinct: “The enemy is the same and that is the NWO. It is on all continents and it is covert.”

      I am sorry to everyone on this site for repeating what I have already stated on occasion, but I do so because I feel it is THAT important that everybody gets the following message. I copy-pasted this from one of my posts on August 27, 2014 when Greg interviewed James Corbett. If you haven’t already, I urge you to click on the links and watch the video’s:

      “the best and singlemost comprehensive explanation I have ever seen about the NWO [New World Order] comes from one of Edward Griffin’s lectures. His lecture is called “The Quigley Formula” and it is a review of professor Quigley’s book ‘Tragedy and Hope’. Professor Quigley was a Council on Foreign Relations member and historian, as well as mentor to CFR & Trilateral Commission member Bill Clinton. Professor Quigley was one of the ultimate insiders and his book is the conspiratorial view of history as taught by the conspirators themselves. This book was never supposed to see the light of day, but it did. Griffin’s lecture on ‘The Quigley Formula’ absolutely blew my mind. In my book this is an absolute MUST SEE VIDEO.
      You can see it on:

      You can see Bill Clinton mention professor Quigley covertly but in a highly symbolic and meaningful setting when he accepts the nomination for president at the Democratic National Convention in 1992:
      [41 seconds]

      Ron Paul explains the significance and meaning of what happened there at that Convention in this short video (but you really have to see Griffin’s lecture):
      [1 minute, 47 seconds]”

      I hope you take my response seriously. All the best to you,

  42. CoalBurner

    When Nomi told about Citi Bank wanting to finance Iraq, that answered a lot of questions for me. I wondered why we would go in and bleed like that and not take the oil. Soooo….. The finance world is far bigger money than oil! That is why! Some of you commentors are calling a one sided game, “the US does all the bad stuff!” I say no, we have competitors. Maybe the Russians and or Iraqies wanted to slow down the Saudis in France? This reminds me of the mine that was proposed on one side of the Serengeti in Africa. Our US companies would not touch it because of the environmental impact on many things like lions who fear nothing, not even Tractor trailers and 75 miles per hour. A US company needing PR would have at least built some underpasses and fences. But no! So What? China waltzes in builds a dirt road for 60 miles per hour and to hell with whatever gets in front of the truck. It is not just all about us anymore. We are going to have to compete and that is what this is all about. And we waited way too long to get started. That means blood and high risk of more.

    • Mason

      Yes, you are correct. Most certainly the US is not the only one doing the bad stuff. But here again, IMHO, too much emphasis is put on nations, instead of who exactly rules these nations. And too little emphasis is put on the fact that this ruling class acts in direct opposition of their own people.

      If it makes you feel better (it certainly does not make me feel better) the Russians and Chinese have their own NWO. The oligarcy in Russia just changed their hat when the Soviet-Union fell, but they are still there. They are called leninists or sometimes marxist-leninists. You have to understand that there is a big difference between ordinary communists or marxists on the on hand and leninists/marxist-leninists on the other hand. Lenin said: “Comrads, it makes no difference what you think, or what you know, how many books you have read, how good a debater you are, how smart you are. None of that is important. All that matters is to come to power. You must come to power. Now, once you do that, then you can afford debate, because if you have the power you can shoot everybody that disagrees with you.” [see video at 6:20]:

      On last point: the ruling class of our own nation is much more dangerous to ourselves than the ruling class of another nation. For example, the NSA who does the bidding of the ruling class poses much more of a threat to US-citizens than their Russian counterpart. The reverse is true for the ordinary Russian person. Their own Russian secret service is much more of a threat to them than the NSA.
      I feel people don’t give this fact as much consideration as they should.

      In short: the difference between interests within a nation is much larger than the difference of interest between nations.

  43. CoalBurner

    While I am on a roll. To Matt: You are right! I don’t know that writer you speak of but my good old Dad, explained it too me 50 years ago. He survived his senior trip across Europe after Patton picked up the dozen or so left in his company in Paris. He was unprepared to use what he learned in his lifetime but I will pass it on. Be sure to add “Guns, Germs and Steel” to your reading list. It is one of the best history books you will read in a lifetime.

  44. ufo

    The question of “how long does it go?” referring to ZIRP, is forever. Antal Fekete has a paper in which he states that interest rates can be halfed forever without reaching zero. Each halfing of the interest rate would double bond prices. The breaking point occurs when all participants in the market decide to barter instead of using a currecy that is an instrument of debt. As long as bond prices double, the principal on the debt keeps increasing. Eventually market participants decide to barter and swallow costs themselves. This becomes a private contract. Third party interference in a private contract is forbidden by law, since contracts come under the unalienable right of property.

  45. Aisatsana

    Great guest, Greg. Every guest has its own speciality, its own branche, its own field of knowledge. “Merge” all of your good guests and I see a beautiful piece of art, a color palet! But then, I also wonder – when this charade ends, will it be quiet outside, only birds singing? Or madness? Or both (?!) Let’s see how events unfold. Many excellent comments up until here. Maybe this is all over within the next 28 days/weeks/months, who knows. Any postponing I consider to be extra time to buy the stuff that I need. Also, think about this… maybe it’s not such a bad thing that not everyone knows what is going on, for if they did, things would have ended one hour ago. Just imagine… Quite a fragile situation these planners are all in! Keep up the good work. Time doesn’t wait.

  46. dominosql

    I dont know Greg. I was relieved that Nomi hadnt been on for a while because she doesnt add much to the ongoing central conversation. She thinks gold is for nutcakes. Have you read her other work? Yes, she points out the obvious and only the obvious, but even the CFR, Builderbergers and Trilaterals as well as the Project for a New American Century all tip their hands regarding the agenda and the tune everyone is expected to dance to. Gold should be front and center in this conversation because it is the only trustworthy proxy for use as a “currency.” Or should I say … REAL MONEY !

  47. Mason

    Interesting guest, and I think a worthwhile book to read. Good questions also Greg as usual.

    However, 2 of Nomi’s remarks in the interview raised an eyebrow with me were:

    1) Nomi suggests that the Ukraine will become more prosperous because the IMF is going to LEND them more because they are coming in the Western camp. How is the IMF lending the Ukraine more going to help them (other than just down the drain)?

    2) Nomi said that China is buying more long-term bonds? And the reason she said was that China doesn’t want their 1.3 Trillion dollar debt to become worthless. By adding more billions onto their debt? Really?
    I’m really trying to make sense of her statement, and the only way I can come up with is if the Chinese are playing for more time.

  48. David Brown

    I’ve always wondered who Tyler Durden really is. Any attempts to interview him or his fellow bloggers?

  49. Liz

    Saw a comment here where Putin said NWO wil come 4m Africa.I know u hate us coz of Obama but we also hate his global bloodline where pride is King.Our God hasnt 4goten us n we will not take any trash from Obama in form of aid for
    We had to win this war thru prayers.Putin is our good friend.Most of our churches have been handed over2 Alshabab by the LORD.The 4 horses started riding in 2007 n we are headin for climax startin Oct. where ebola wil visit us.

  50. DiscoProJoe

    Great interview! Nomi is cute and smart….

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