Jon Stewart’s View of the IRS Scandal

4By Greg Hunter’s

Jon Stewart may lean left, but even he cannot pass up good material.  The recent IRS scandal involving the targeting of hundreds of conservative groups provided him with just that material.  This would be much funnier if was not so serious.  The segment is titled “Barack Trek Into Darkness.”  It’s a take-off on the new Star Trek movie with a similar title.  Please take time to watch this very funny Comedy Central video from a recent “Daily Show” episode.

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  1. Mitch Bupp

    HI Greg, This is a curious pattern of 2-term scandals for presidents. This too convenient and I see this is to shift the gear for the next puppet.

    • Greg

      You know the tide is turning Mitch when Jon Stewart is on your tail!

  2. Al

    Funny. True. But only a comedian can get away with such facts and not be damned by the very powers that promulgate such tyrranical conducts, for such a comedian utters such truths in jest. Jest, where many a truth have been uttered. The big question is, what is being done about it? Laugh all you want people, then cry in pain.

  3. Troy

    Not Too Shabby :)!

  4. mark

    Hi Greg, has an article by Jon Rappoport entitled “Stunner, Who is telling the Liberal Jackals to Attack Obama?” Interesting view of how those who hold high office are set up and taken down at the discretion of those who set the agenda. Not too much of a stretch if you consider that Hillary may be the favorite of the insiders to hold the office of the presidency. But first we need significant distraction from Benghazi, if that is possible. Thanks Greg for all your efforts. God bless.

    • Greg

      Thank you Mark.

  5. Nathan

    I’ve watched this video at least six times in the last couple of days . It’s very funny, yet disturbing, to see the look of disbelief in his facial gestures over the last couple of days . You can tell through his comedy that he realizes he’s had the wool pulled over his eyes . But Kudos , he didn’t skirt around it . He manned up and gave credit to his nemesis Fox news (Who of course is running with this opportunity as fast as they can in any direction) I think Stewart is a stand up guy (No pun intended ) . He impressed me a while back with a segment on the NDAA bill also . If you get the chance Google it .

    • Greg

      Stewart is probably the face of millions of Obama voters who are realizing that the Senator from Illinois is really not what they thought he was. I also predict Stewart is marking a sea change in thinking for many former supporters.

      • Al Zito

        Greg, any thoughts to the idea that he, and msm are giving the “IRS” story legs as a way to leave bengazhi and gun control in the background, while those agendas still progress.

        I’m trying to look at the Stewart episode like my father would, and we disagree on everything. I know that the govt is purposeful, as well as harmful,in their actions to the 99%, while he usually chalks things up to incompetence, coincidence, or that things are cyclical and will eventually turn around.

        Stewart did do his best to disparage even the idea that Obama was complicit in the Bengahzi coverup, while also diminishing the mere idea that the govt may come for our guns. He also has now given a credible reason for conspiracy theorists, but its a somewhat false rationale. He pretty much states that conspiracy theorists can exist because of stupid govt sh”t like this, and essentially that without “stupid govt sh*t” the people would have no credible basis at all. People hear what they want to hear, and I think while confirming a minor “conspiracy fact” this irs scandal they may still be steering people away from the more serious smoking guns. Specifically the aforementioned Bengahzi and gun control, both of which are, in my opinion, of greater importance.

        Thanks for all of your videos and for your website.

        • Greg

          We disagree a little. I think the scandals have brought the Obama agenda to a screeching halt. This is why Stewart is so upset. What has happened is a game changer for the public. The only thing that will proceed is Obama care because it is already signed into law and that will be a disaster for 2014. Thank you for your comment.

      • Allen Ols


  6. jc davis

    Thanks Greg I loved it.

  7. chris

    I like your ‘soft’ tone.
    I like your dyplomatic way of ‘going around’.
    I think that ‘realization’ of WHO is in the WH is there … it is just covered with so many layers of deceptions that the ordinary citizen does not see what’s going on …..
    But, you can lie to the hunger person for a while …. only for a while….
    the hunger is STRONGER than anything else in this world …. All we need is … time… Just wait….

  8. This Guy

    As always, love the site and appreciate your hard work!
    There’s a couple of things I’d like to point out with relation to the Revenue service/presidential scandal going on right now…

    1. Notice that there weren’t many Republican groups targeted, mostly just “conservative” groups… tea party, constitutionalists, etc. What does that tell you? That the prevailing left/right paradigm is simply two different sides of the sides of the same coin. I know that this is old news (especially on this and other similar sites), but this should be glaringly obvious to even the average Joe, if he or she even bothers to think twice about it. The masses have been trained to think of “Republicans” and “conservatives” as the same thing. But I think the vast differences of the two are on grand display here and that ppl should take note.

    2. Not that I would consider the Obama administration blameless, but I think the real question is did the administration order the Revenue service or did the Revenue Service order the administration? Clearly, The taxman would be threatened less by the traditional Republican party paradigm, and more by constitutionalist and “tea party” activists who could point out the blatant unconstitutional aspects and ultimate illegality of our revenue service. Since the revenue service is basically the intimidation arm of the Fed, and the Fed supplies our wasteful government with the funds needed to pursue it’s insanity… then who do you think is really in charge here? I would think the answer would be very obvious.

    If there was ever a moment in our history showing our republic is almost dead, and that we are almost debt serfs to those TRULY in power, I think that now is that moment.

    Your thoughts?

    • Greg

      This Guy,
      It’s hard to argue against this logic, although the Tea party groups are more Republican by nature.

  9. Dan

    If Ford had NOT pardoned Nixon, and Nixon had gone to the slammer where he belonged….


    we’d probably be living in another country, like ICELAND.

  10. Derrick Michael Reid

    love him or hate him, he puts you in stitches, meh ….

  11. Jerry Frey

    The AP scandal, in my opinion, is Obama’s true Achilles heel because holder stirred up a hornet’s nest.

    With regards to the IRS scandal, bureaucrats are essentially averse to initiative.

  12. George

    Wow… this can only is a glimpse of reality

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