Looming Catastrophe Hanging Over Our Heads – Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, says the record highs you see in the stock markets are based on “phony profits” that come from global central banks “propping up” the financial system. Roberts says, “Any of these central banks are really only there for a handful of big banks. That’s all they are concerned with. All the Federal Reserve has been concerned with for the last decade is the welfare of a handful of mega banks. Of course, the banks are too large. They should have never been allowed to get that large. When you have a bank too big to fail, then your policy has failed. You’ve allowed too much concentration. Where is anti-trust? Where is the Sherman Act? Everything that was legislated in the past to prevent the kind of looming catastrophe that is hanging over our heads, this looming catastrophe is produced by central banks. They are perpetuating it because they don’t know how to get out of it.”

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has just warned on the profitability of nine huge global banks. Some say they equal nine possible Lehman Brothers, which was the financial institution that started the 2008 meltdown. Is the IMF terrified of the slightest correction in the markets? Dr. Roberts says, “I think so, yes, because it’s not based on reality. It’s based on massive liquidity. So, it’s full of all kinds of dangers.”

The biggest danger to Dr. Roberts, who has a PhD in economics, is the U.S. dollar. Dr. Roberts contends, “It seems to me that the only thing that would cause the Federal Reserve to stop the liquidity would be if the U.S. dollar fell under attack. If for some reason people said, hey, we don’t want the dollar anymore, and they started moving out of dollars into other currencies or into something else, if they cease to hold assets in dollars, if that happened, the Fed would have to try to raise interest rates to support the dollar. Then you could see that everything could come apart. If the interest rates would go up, there would be all kinds of derivatives that would not be sustainable. The stock market would collapse. It would be a mess. It would be an utter mess. That’s what the IMF is worried about. It’s a messy situation. How do you get out of it?”

How does Dr. Roberts say people should protect themselves? Dr. Roberts says, “I would not be in debt.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert and award winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

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After the Interview:

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is a prolific writer, and you can find all his work for free on PaulCraigRoberts.org. If you would like to support Dr. Roberts, you can make a tax deductible donation by clicking here.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    The upmost respect for this man. Many thanks Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you AA!!

    • AA


  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Dr. Roberts is one of the very best. Thank you so much!

  3. Paul ...

    As PC Roberts states: “When the dollar falls the markets fall” … as the dollar weakens the central banks must raise interest rates to support it (so the markets won’t fall) … but by raising interest rates they put all their derivative bets in trouble … so the banksters “know” they can’t continue to keep the market up … they probably figure if things are going down … they may as well just print to infinity … at least all their debts can be papered over with Zimbabwe money … but this also means gold and silver will be worth many US “Zimbabwe” dollars … so look at what the Giant Squid of Wall Street just wrote which is very very significant (and they didn’t cloud the waters when it release this ink):
    “We believe that precious metals remain a relevant asset class in modern portfolios, despite their lack of yield. They are neither a historic accident or a relic. Indeed, by looking at each of the physical properties of an ideal long-term store of value, we can clearly see why precious metals were initially adopted and why they remain relevant today.” – Goldman Sachs

    • Paul ...

      As the Fed moves rates up “to manage” the inevitable fall in the dollar … I expect the 2 yr yield curve “will rise to about 2.75” over the next 2 to 4 years … look at the current 2 yr yield curve chart $YC2YR in the following article … notice the three major steepening trends … and how it coincided with powerful rallies in gold (and the other precious metals)!! … http://tsi-blog.com/2017/10/gold-the-stock-market-and-the-yield-curve/

      • Paul ...

        How do people force a change in this rotten corrupt banking system? … by voting for a Presidential candidate that is beholden to the big banks? … No! … there is a much simpler and “extremely effective way” to change the rotten corrupt banking system … withdraw your money from the large banks (Chase, etc., etc.) and place your savings in small “credit union” banks … and see “how fast” the corrupt system changes for the better!! … don’t speak with your vote … speak with “your true power” … the power of the purse!!

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          Americans want it all…local credit unions are a good way to support your community but not always convenient for quick drive through withdrawals. I use one and don’t mind the planning and self control….but most people want everything quick, easy, and in every street.

    • William Stanley

      Paul. . . Good point! I’m calling it Paul’s Inevitability Generator: If you try to save the dollar by raising interest rates, you destroy the financial system due to excessive derivatives exposure to . . . interest rates. So you keep printing dollars, thereby destroying the dollar anyway.

      • Paul ...

        William … you might want to sit down to listen to this random thought I had … what if God created us for the sole purpose of being “random thought generators” … so that he could use us as input to “comprehend himself”?? … He has stated : “I Am Who I Am” … but perhaps he wants to know “What Am I”?? … and it is up to us to provide that answer??? … now that would be profound … and it seems Satan is working overtime to make the majority of our thoughts evil ones!! … we must work fast … and lock up all the evil Satanists!!

        • William Stanley

          Paul . . .Okay, with prior apologies to you (and all others who may disagree or think me entirely fatuous), and in the sincere spirit with which you pose your comment, here are some responsive, I hope, interrelated koans which, unfortunately, prove nothing, but may be of some minor use to you nevertheless: (1) some theologians think God said “I am who I am” so that humans (his creation) would not gain control over him by knowing his name (yes, many others believe that God has actually revealed His name) — put another (less controversial) way, God has decided to remain mysterious and forever beyond our grasp; yet, (2) meaning exists only in relationships. Thus, (in line with your musings), if humans are (let’s say, one of) God’s greatest creations, then, while man cannot attain full meaning without a relationship with God, then neither can God have his full measure of meaning without a relationship with man, his creation. Therefore, if man severs his relationship with God by turning to Satan, God will be demeaned in his own eyes. It follows, for complex reasons, that man has a duty to God to resist evil and to save God from one possible (horrible) self-assessment of what He is — even though He has chosen to remain mysterious to us.
          Of course, if it is true that God has chosen to remain mysterious, He has paradoxically purposed man as a “meaning” generator (horrible thought?); but, then again, (3) maybe God does not, after all, play dice with the meaning of the universe, despite his mysteriousness and the usefulness of quantum physics. So maybe we need to just shut up and keep calculating (I know you get the reference and, I hope, you are not offended); or, finally, (4) maybe the world, for all eternity, “just is” — with its “meaning” unprovable (I’m thinking of Goedel’s theorems) despite (or because of) the unreality of the manmade interrelationships composing its true and valid oneness.
          My apologies, Paul, for failing to provide a worthy sounding board for your thoughts, and to those who find such musings offensive.

    • Dean Young

      Then I’m confused because the dollar is falling and the market keeps rising?

      • Paul ...

        Dean … The market keeps rising as it becomes valued more and more in “Zimbabwe Dollars” … as Buffet says the Dow will soon be “One Million” … and you know that $10,000 Treasury Note … it will soon be changed to a $10 Trillion Treasury Note!!

      • William Stanley

        Dean: I don’t see the contradiction between a falling dollar and a rising stock market — especially if you expect more dollars to be created in the future (or to be repatriated) and you also expect those dollars to be used to buy up equities, thus raising their prices further (especially when the current mania is that stock prices go up no matter what).

        • Bill Rollinson

          I don’t think they have a problem with any $100 dollar bills coming back! http://www.marketskeptics.com/2011/06/the-esf-and-its-history.html – See part 5, though all is good.

          • William Stanley

            Bill: Isn’t it true that many if not most “dollars,” whether in the U.S. or abroad, are in the form of bank demand deposits, not cash. Moreover, if the dollar comes to be seen as a depreciating asset relative to other forms of money or other assets, wouldn’t you expect dollar denominated balances held abroad to, in one way or another, be “repatriated” to the U.S. to be exchanged for something of more enduring value — perhaps even equities in U.S. companies?

  4. Silence is Golden

    The Governments around the world are held hostage by the Bankers, Industrialists, Aristocrats and the Multi-Nationals.
    The policies enacted into law are there to serve these criminals. There is no other way to explain it. Laws that were put in place to avoid the littany of crimes that we have witnessed, were repealled. Knowing what the potential effects would be , why would any sane person allow such a thing to occur?
    Sure there might be an argument there ….that creating bubbles is better than crashes, deflation, destruction and lack of liquidity (which we all know freezes the financial system)…so they continue with the FREE MONEY…..indefinitely.
    We are blinded by the need to avoid a systemic crash…when the real purpose… or their MO…. is to control the ECONOMY…ENTIRELY…!!!
    We got to experience Socialism and the lifestyle that it permitted.
    Im afraid the next chapter involves something much more sinister.

    These Luciferians have ONE agenda. CONTROL.
    We are forced to accept ZIRP and that there are no Markets where price discovery can be achieved through normal supply / demand mechanisms. We are force fed food contaminated with pesticides. We dont have jobs because industry has moved house. There is no economic growth. We accept the FED can bail out their brethren banks. We accept that the FED/Government Appendages are permitted to prop up the stock markets/bond markets/real estate markets/Currency market. What few remaining privileges we have left will soon disappear. Education is failing. We are constantly distracted with technology. The collective of the masses is not focussed on the issue at hand and certainly not armed with the skills, knowedge or fortitude to bring about any change.
    There are many of us who think that “they” (Government/FED…Establishment….or whatever colorful name you choose) are clueless and keep repeating the same mistakes. I suspect that there is more to their madness than what is currently accepted. They have real purpose in their actions……and I believe it is nefarious. They are performing in a very overt manner, intentionally. It is readily seen, witnessed and castigated by all. Yet “They” are drawing attention for all the “wrong” reasons because the underlying theme is hidden. We are being trapped…like caged animals.
    Join the dots. Put the pieces together. Formulate a conclusion.
    I would welcome any suggestion or thoughts that we as a nation/race….are on a different trajectory.

    PCR has serious doubts about the potential for change (harsher policies to correct this mess) and rightly so….because in a Command Economy …the Government knows best( and it will act in the best interests of those that keep it in power).

    I would add that Gold (or any other precious metals) will not be the saving grace in a world gone mad.
    The most important assets for Life are Liberty and Freedom….without which.. Gold serves no purpose.

    1. the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s behaviour or political views.
    2. a right or privilege, especially a statutory one.

    1. the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.
    2. the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.

    • Paul ...

      Excellent SIG … let’s start to “correcting the process” by first moving our money out of the big banks and into the credit unions … later we can begin boycotting defense industry contractors (like not flying in Boeing planes, etc.)!!

    • Dave Duclos

      We, basically, have not had either liberty or freedom for 100 years. All is run for benefit of big banks and large corporations, guided by George Soros types. Fairly simple. No need to over think it. Without God as a rudder and guide, down we go. Since ALL fiat currencies end up at their true value, gold and silver make sense, as do other paid for income generating assets.

    • JC Davis

      SIG your so deep it is scary. Sometimes I lay awake thinking of your comments. It fits. Sad but fits.

      • Silence is Golden

        Just my observations JC.
        I too have sleepless nights.
        It fits….YES.

  5. This sceptred Isle

    The elite sold an illusion of infinite growth – the baby boomers bought it – the younger generation is paying for it!

    • Frederick

      I’m a baby boomer and I NEVER bought it

      • Stemmer

        me too

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      It’s my Boomer generation. You’re right. I watched them become born again greedy Capitalists after the draft ended. heck, I raised some of their kids…yuppie orphans. Only a few here and there tried to live differently and we were ridiculed. I’ve never done drugs, hate rock& roll, and am a Christian…but I’m a “hippie” because avoid sweatshop clothes and like to sew….and drive an old car to work at 70. How the Boomers sold out! I can remember the Nestle boycott. Now they have stock in Nestle and Goldman and pray the dividends keep growing!!! There are many who are exceptions….but they aren’t visible on the golf course.

      • John

        You are correct. Our generation sold out in 74

    • Paul ...

      The infinite growth of the money supply worldwide is no illusion … unlike Americans who avoid gold even if it was offered to them for free … the Chinese people … who see their banking system in trouble also … know it will require the Yuan to be devalued … and many Chinese are getting their money out of China … those who can’t “are buying gold” hand over fist … now we all know Trump won’t allow the Chinese to gain an unfair trade advantage by devaluing their currency … so Trump will have to devalue the US dollar in kind … any one who wants to hold “paper cash” for some reason should look to the Swiss Franc, Pound and Euro (not US dollars or Yuan) … but what is infinitely better then fiat paper is … physical gold (and silver)!

  6. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, PCR is one of best guests you have on. Love his chuckles. On a serious note, the world is already getting out of dollars as we speak, its a slow grind but its going on at a fairly constant rate, I am sure much greater than the Federal Central Bank would like. Can you remember when interest rate hikes were commonplace whenever the FED thought it needed one? Now, on the other hand, they outline a raise program and back off of it every-time; telling that they know they cannot raise or the economy tumbles. The FED has never been a friend of the working man and women of this Country, nice to see them paint themselves in a corner, it would be nice if only one politician would consider a bill to abolish it and be serious about it, we need a national debate as to whether or not to keep it. They have inflated our dollar by 97 per cent since 1913, meaning that the dollar of 1913 is only worth 3 cents. If I stole 97 percent of your money in your wallet it would be a crime, yet, they march on with their chests out. You can’t shame them but in the end they will destroy our way of life, sooner rather than latter I suspect. A national debate as I mentioned would at least expose them for what they have done to the working class which is now fast turning into being the “working poor”!

    • This sceptred Isle

      “Love his chuckles”
      You have to either laugh or cry!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Many of the best people online…Catharine Fitts, Leuren Moret, and Paul C Roberts chuckle when they are describing the most awful stuff…I know they must smoke pot before they talk…not that I blame them. When you’re that smart you just can’t be shocked and let it get to you. After all, even if we’re going down the tube, we have to live and not take things too seriously. Can you get over how shocked some are that Hollywood is babylon?? Have they been living under a rock all their life?

  7. ross

    PCR is the antithesis of Alex Jones. PCR gets his message across with logic and facts and no hyperventilating BS.This makes him a very credible commentator. We are very close to the end of the present debt money creation system and again the masses will be screwed.
    Harry Dent is again preaching fear about gold falling to $700.00 . Gold in 2008 was $ 1000.00 with real inflation of 7% pa it should be double at $2000.00 per oz today. This inflation rate does not include shares, bonds or realestate. So Harry would have us believe that gold will fall $400 .00 below production costs and be less than half 2008 prices in todays inflated money.
    When this rips apart I fear for all good hard working people on this planet, myself included.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Harry Dent rivals Bo Polny for forecasting accuracy. I don’t begrudge the odd inaccurate forecast. I have done this myself! But these gentleman are shameless serial offenders.

    • Corleone

      I need your help. Contact Harry Dent as soon as possible and tell him this. If he could convince me that the gold price will go below 1,000 Federal Reserve Note, I could convince him that Pontius Pilate is my uncle.

  8. Jerry

    The Chinese Communist Congress begins its meeting today and runs until the 24th of October. Sometime during this meeting, a decision will be made as to when the Gold Backed Yuan Petroleum Benchmark will be introduced.

    As to when they will actually launch the Petro Yuan is open for debate, but judging by the fact that Saudi Arabia has borrowed billions of dollars from the Chinese to stay solvent, and opening a Yuan clearing house in Dubai ……I would say NFL. (Not for long). Americans seem to have short memories . It was not long ago when the subprime mortgage debacle hit that the United States did the same when it borrowed close to 3 trillion dollars from the Chinese just to keep our banks solvent. Now I ask you, who is running the show? Certainly not us. If that were true the Saudis would be seeking loans from us instead of the Chinese. The writing is on the wall for the dollar retaining its reserve currency status, which allows us to feed our addiction to debt.

      • Kim

        Thank you for staying on top of these events!

    • This sceptred Isle

      Beware the hydra monster. Jason will have to fend off its attacks in his quest for the golden fleece.

    • JC Davis

      I have had your name on this date on my calendar for over a month now. I wrote Jerry said this day would start the end of petro dollars. If you are right, my entire group will know your name. Keep sending info. Thanks bud.

      • JC Davis

        Jerry when you sit on top of the worlds stockpile of nukes others move slow and easy around you. Some times more slow then easy. Sometimes more easy then slow. Point is it is not likely to be fast and furious.
        Second thought. The rest of the devalued world joining fast could upset the apple cart. Yuan oil is big, so it must be done slow.

  9. john duffy

    The Luciferian Left

    • Greg Hunter

      I watched all of this and thought it was powerful. It is NOT tickling the ears of Christians but is very eye opening and rather harsh. I loved it.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        There’s a Luciferian right, too…

        • This sceptred Isle

          That’s correct Lucifer is politically neutral. He will accept followers from all accross the spectrum.

    • Paul ...

      Excellent John … I took the liberty to attach the “audio” link … https://www.churchmilitant.com/mp3/vort-2017-10-17-Audio.mp3

    • Kim

      Great video! Thank you for sharing it!!

  10. Robert Dziok

    The world is currently well into the process of dumping “King Dollar”. This is particularly true in the East. Russia and China now only do bilateral trade in their own currencies. Iran and Turkey just agreed to only do bilateral trade in their own currencies. Venezuela has recently stopped all usage of the dollar. China recently stated it will have payment for oil in it’s currency to be redeemable in gold. The East is setting up payment, trade, financial platforms outside the dollar system that many countries in the West are getting on board with ( BRICS, AIIB, CIPS, SCO, etc.) The US is not involved with any of this. The MASSIVE One Belt One Road Eurasian trade project initiated by China involving TRILLIONS in construction/trade was FOOLISHLY not something the US wanted to become part of. “De-Dollarization” continues on at a faster pace now. The world is sick of US wars to try to force continued use of King Dollar ( e.g. Iraq wanted euros for oil payment, Libya wanted a gold backed Dinar for all of Africa ). This will all result in financial (and resulting social) catastrophe for the US much sooner rather than later. Americans will be totally caught off guard and devastated because of all the financial (as well as other) propaganda (e.g. see Shadowstats for TRUE economic statistics} now thrown at them as well as their lack of knowledge of what money REALLY is. King Dollar is well on the way out as the world reserve currency.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Those that are skeptical about the dollar’s demise do not understand that China and Russia will tolerate the short-term pain of weaning themselves off the dollar in exchange for the long-term political freedom of having shaken off the shackles.

    • Russ McMeans

      Robert; yes King Dollar is crap. It’s just that people don’t quite realize it yet, unless you’re paying attention. Purchasing power has been disgusting for quite sometime now and it’s been getting worse!

    • Paul ...

      What is good for evil people … is bad for good people … evil people want what is “good for them” … good people want what is “good for everyone”!!

  11. J. R. Godfrey

    Thanks Greg, another great interview.
    I consider Dr Roberts to be one of the few sane voices in a mad corrupt world.

    Sadly, the corruption runs deep, and the majority of people do not get it, or as Dr Roberts says, “are too insouciant” to even care.

    A lot of people will be totally unprepared for what is to come.

    • Greg Hunter

      “A lot of people will be totally unprepared for what is to come.” You are correct sir. Most in the world and America will be stunned as to how bad it will get in a very short amount of time.

      • JC Davis

        Greg, I hope the other countries dumping the dollar don’t do it in short time. Give this big dog a steak to chew if your going to rob it.

      • Bob Nilla


  12. kath

    There is indeed a looming catastrophe hanging over our heads and he is getting loonier and more desperate by the day. He should resign so he can spend even more time golfing, in a tanning bed and watching Fox News. Begone, Mr. President

  13. Russ

    Thanks Greg, excellent interview with which I agree entirely. Paul Craig Roberts puts the debt and ongoing corruption into perspective vis a vis real world events.

    Speaking of corruption: I hope you cover Uranium One in your Friday wrap-up. First we read:
    “FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow”
    So the Obama admin knew Uranium One was a corrupt deal to intended to enrich the Clintons at the expense of US national security and he okay’d the deal anyway…
    … and now that it’s out in the open we read that the…
    “Senate Launches Probe Into Russian Nuclear Bribery Case That Netted Clintons Millions”
    Oh come on, they expect us to believe the Senate didn’t know this already??? The Uranium One deal has been out there for a long time, but only now that the DoJ and FBI are under new management is anyone in DC looking at it seriously. Hope it isn’t another whitewash.

    • Russ

      More on the Russian-Clinton Uranium bribery deal…
      “FBI Informant “Threatened” After Offering Details Linking Clinton Foundation To Russian Bribery Case”
      …”While the mainstream media has largely ignored it, the scandal surrounding Russian efforts to acquire 20% of America’s uranium reserves, a deal which was ultimately approved by the Obama administration, and more specifically the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) which included Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder, is becoming more problematic for Democrats by the hour.

      As The Hill pointed out earlier this morning, the latest development in this sordid tale revolves around a man that the FBI used as an informant back in 2009 and” …

      • Greg Hunter

        This is very big and the MSM is largely ignoring it. This is how you know the MSM is pure propaganda.
        Thank you.

        • Gary

          Oh Canada, “We stand on guard for thee” Greg
          Frank Giustra a Canuck set this whole thing up, heads the Clinton Foundation in Canada.

          In Bill Clinton’s own words, “If you do not know this guy, you should get to know him”
          This is actually old news, not a peep on our networks here in Canada. If your readers want a blast just Google FRANK GIUSTRA.


    Shadow Maddow Government /Comcast MS[NBC] 3 Stoog Morrell/Brennan/Clappers/ Big Trap Muslim BrotherHood ObamaCIA MockingBird BrainDead Media HolderOvers!
    P L A Y ////F O R////P A Y___!
    Homey Comey allows Obama administration approvel of Russkie deal to purchase American uranium reserves, whilst FBI simultaneously sits on discovery of Russian bribery plot! TALK ABOUT RUSSKA COLLUSION!
    Short vid; Lou Dobbs
    https://finance.yahoo.com/video/fbi-warned-obama-administration-russian-011030494.html HIS’tory in The Making!

  15. Tom D.

    Such a nice man and a perfect gentleman. I admire his ability to keep his sense of humor in these dark times. Thank you for having Dr Roberts on your show.

  16. Tad

    Heard this morning that George Soros is giving $18 billion to his Open Society foundations. Either he’s relatively close to death from an undisclosed illness (something of a psychological, pathological nature) or he’s received recent clues that someone or organization-perhaps nation- is about to take him out.

    This would be a curious case: What nation would false flag a political event or war to avenge his death? It could be the necessary precursor a nation was looking for large scale military fireworks. One in the same.

    With $18 billion, one could invest in defense stocks if a personal confidence in inciting war was realistically assured.

    Mister Roberts believes a conflict with DPRK is now unlikely, or mostly off the Pentagon’s agenda. I somewhat degree on simplistic grounds, but not worthy of consideration.

    He believes the one preceding the sticks and stones version will be with Russia. One can only peruse his site to find numerous articles reflecting his thoughts. I largely agree, especially when references to ignorant masses and uninformed journalists.

    I regard the potential as 50/50, though I suspect 70/30 in favor of Mr. Putin’s initial response.

    That suspicion lies with Israel, quite frankly. The buttons they’re pushing with Mr. Putin is where we’re likely to see nuclear engagement. Wise or not, Netanyahu is probably utilizing advice from his wife, Sara, a psychologist. What could go wrong?

    Foremost in a leader’s mind to to give the populace hope along many levels. Israel’s young are leaving and the BDS movement has taken hold-at least regionally.

    Perhaps what this comes down to is Israel having complete confidence that the US would step up massively against Russia and China should Israel escalate in Syria and Iraq or a massive attack on Russian units.

    I don’t think Netanyahu has those assurances-not yet, anyway.

    • Frederick

      Seeking advice from “Sara” huh She’s the one that subsidizes her household budget with bottle returns right?

    • Paul ...

      $18 billion is what Soros probably had to pay for his AI body … once they transfer his brain into that machine he can make decisions based upon what is good for him and what is bad for him … his computer mind will tell him “making money is good” no matter how many people he must kill to get it … his computer mind will tell him it is perfectly fine to send his own people to the gas chamber as long as he gets their homes and property to enrich himself … and those people in America who have homes and property … why not create a “color revolution” over there so I can get their homes and property too … as that will be good for me … THIS is what Artificial Intelligence will bring to the world … to have “real intelligence” one must have more then a brain that sees what is good for you (or bad for you) … you must have a heart (one call it it the Holy Spirit) and it decides what is right or wrong … computers don’t have hearts … thus they don’t have God within them … Soros never had God in him as he declared himself an Atheist … so transitioning to an AI body for him is worth $18 billion dollars … I wouldn’t pay one dollar for such a “soul-less avatar”!!! … can AI computers ever be built that have souls?? … scientists think “quantum computers” can be designed to have a “heart” but will they really be as God??? … will their computer have a “soul”???

  17. Macray

    War of words: Trump denies telling Special Forces soldier’s widow in speakerphone call to family that her husband ‘knew what he signed up for’ – as congresswoman who heard it says president ‘has a brain disorder’ and didn’t even know slain man’s name

    It’s a shame that this particular incident has turned into another US political joke.
    But seriously …… Niger???? What countries in the world are we Americans not fighting and killing in????

    • Macray

      We all have our favorite guests. PCR is mine!
      Thank you Greg for a very informative interview.
      If PCR is correct, my respect for his intellect is off the charts, as long as the Central Banks continue to provide the liquidity to the markets, they will continue to rise. PCR sees no reason to think that another US war with Korea should affect Central Bank policy. He see no direct link between US wars and Central Banks putting out more money.
      “We have been beating up countries since Clinton attacked Serbia. We have destroyed whole parts in the last 17 years 7 or 8 countries in the Middle East ……” He points out accurately that these wars did not cause any reduction in Central Bank liquidity.
      Hey were even in Niger and the leading stock market indexes continue to set new highs.
      What I really liked about this interview is how PCR made it very clear how past market analytical tools were useless as long as the Central Banks are in the markets.
      Again, great interview Greg. Thank You.

      • Russ McMeans

        Kudos Macray! Sir Roberts has seen the whole song and dance, i.e. The whole damn movie plus the credits at the end. He knows things…. ( Game Of Thrones)…….

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t believe a word of this and the Congresswoman is a Democrat from Florida named Rep. Frederica Wilson. I think lying it the only policy the Dems have for 2018. I have nit heard one single idea that will make the lives of people better so the Dems continue to LIE and distort and claim President Trump has a “brain disorder” WHICH HE DOES NOT. They want to remove him form office with any lie they can make up.

      • Macray

        “I think lying it the only policy the Dems have for 2018”
        Greg, you are so correct here and that is why I referred to it as a political joke. The President says Rep. Frederica Wilson fabricated her remarks.
        Rep. Frederica Wilson is the only one commenting on a private conversation here. Why?

      • Dan

        Serviceman’s mother confirmed Rep. Wilson’s version. Face it, Trump is a pathological liar!

  18. Bob Crachett

    I just saw this comment on e-watchman & it seems very significant!

    (This is Greg Hunter, and I deleted all of your comment and numerous links. PLEASE DO NOT post JW material on USAWatchdog.com. I don’t want links, or quotes, or ANY JW material or teachings on this site. IS THIS CLEAR?????)

    • Frederick

      What’s JW material anyway? And what about it offends you so much?

      • This sceptred Isle

        Jehovah’s Witness?

    • JC Davis


  19. Kim

    THANK YOU for such a great interview! The way things are today means it IS hard to find honest information. I greatly appreciate your insightful questions and the very informative answers of the guest!!

    It feels as if we the American people are under an evil insidious guerrilla warfare attack. Every week seems to be some sort of disastrous event. It is as is we are already in some sort of invisible war!

    Please consider reviewing the documentary “What the Health ?” posted at YouTube. I was unable to post the link, sorry.
    Greg, I was sad to see the sad status of the beautiful state of North Carolina. It is not so much what is happening to our economy, but the survival of our food!

    We are also being attacked long term, in other ways via environment, thru medical conditions. It is heart breaking how many children are obese, autistic and have cancer. A majority of adults have diabetes, addictions, heart disease, cancer. If you are not shot or victim by the weather, your life will be cut short by some sort of disease.

    We are being attacked financially and physically. We do still have the freedom to choose what we do and most importantly be informed. Sorry for the ramblings.

    Thank you again for your website and having the chance to wake up to reality! Hope you find the documentary “What the Health?” enlightening. God Bless!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kim. Dr. PCR did this interview at my request on this specific topic. I too am grateful for his time and analysis.

  20. Stan

    Hey Jerry: It is October 18th today and guess what? No Dollar collapse, no Petro Yuan, no market crash – what are your sources telling you now? (ha ha ha ha)

    • Frederick

      Stans filled with ” Schadenfreude” today I see

    • Paul ...

      Stan … Checks and Balances was the principle our Founding Fathers used to control Government (so forget using “elected politicians” who have no morals or have skeletons in their closet to change things) … once we start moving our checks and balances out of the “Big Banks” and into the credit unions … we will put the banksters “under our feet” … they will lose their power to control the dollar and the stock market … we begin first with the banksters … then we move on to the defense contractors … and all the paid lobbyists in the world won’t be able to stop an awakened public that mobilizes and uses “the power of the purse” to destroy evil corporations on the public dole!!

      • Paul ...

        Man must make a choice … does he stand with God … or with Lucifer … do we do what is right … or do we do evil … if we stand with God … we have a lot of repairs to make … lets get on with them … and not wait for the politicians (who continually drop the ball)!! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUQOXaMJshc

    • JC Davis

      Stan Jerry did not say the collapse would happen this day. Good grief, He said this would be the start of the Yuan/ Petro witch would crush the petro dollar. Without war why is this hard to see ? The entire 7 billion people on this planet has been looking for a way out of the petro dollar control. AIIB, CIPS, China stocking of gold to back their contracts. My word if the USA could join they would.
      Sorry to be harsh Stan. No offence intended.

      • allen ols


        which/witch lol

        • JC Davis

          I caught it after my post. Some things never change, but I have gotten better over the years.

    • Jerry

      What Stan. You didn’t get the memo?
      I’ll make sure President Xi contacts you personally. If you’re not to busy sniping go back and read my post. I said it was happening inside the international banking system. The Chinese Communist Congress does not convene until October 24th. Once again go back and read my post. That is if you can read. Get your crayons out.
      – AIIB
      – CIPS
      – SGE
      – Quantum Satellites
      – 102.000 tones of Gold
      – Gold backed Yuan petroleum benchmark
      End of petrodollar

    • Jerry

      You never answered my question. How do you pay for 125 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities using 3.4 trillion dollars in tax revenue? Oh that’s right…..you can’t. Here’s another picture for you.
      You’ll love this one. I got it from one of my favorite sources. The St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank. Even you can figure this one out.

    • FC

      Jerry’s dates are incorrect but his information is true………..remember Stan he who laughs last laughs the loudest.

      So invest in a premium pair of ear muffs because it’s going to be deafening.

    • brewmaster

      You’re right, Stan. Maybe next month, lol.

    • Jallen

      You seem to be very jealous of Jerry, you are backing a dollar that has lost at least 97 percent of its value since 1913. Stan, I will make you a prediction, you will use your paper dollars for toilet paper in the near future. Perhaps, you can give us (watchdogs) your analysis of the dollar and the yuan. Stan, the following test is for you; what is worth more 1000 one dollar bills or one ounce of gold? How many dollars did it take to buy an ounce of gold in 1920? How many dollars does it take to buy an ounce of gold today? Stan, what direction is the dollar headed, more value or less value?
      Jerry, keep up your research, it is much appreciated!!!



      • JC Davis

        Nailed it !

  21. Macray

    PCR….. Watch the dollar for indication as to when the Central Banks may turn off the liquidity spigot.
    It seems to me that this is firmly in the Chinese and Russian hands. Both countries have told the Don to back off starting a war with N Korea. So, no war with North Korea unless the Washington powers are “doubly” insane.
    Perhaps this means we now turn our attention to Ukraine, Iran, etc. for the rest of 2017. We’ll see.

    • SB

      Gloating is unbecoming, and a sign of insecurity. Strange that you think you know how the game ends…

  22. stonewall

    Dr. Roberts is a very wise man. He cuts through the propaganda and B.S.
    and tells it like it is. Root of the problem is greed and power concentrated
    in the hands of very few without any checks and balances.

    • SB

      @ Stan

  23. Diane

    Catherine Austin Fitts warned of this recently
    Don’t get scammed Watchdoggers!

    • Chic Meout

      He cuts through the bs, unless of course it’s his bs, excuse me, his rhetoric!

  24. James Brown

    It doesn’t get better than PCR. Thank you. Jesus told us to teach people that God loves us all (teach them, tell them, show them). Too many people just complain about all the things that are wrong (I’m not going to point out Bill O’Reilly by name). You are bringing us people that explain what is wrong and how to fix it.
    One of my friends bought a house in 2010, at the bottom of the market, from a bank that had foreclosed on it. The previous owners took out a $1,000,000 mortgage on it and handed the keys to the bank and moved to Qatar (true story). My friend bought the house for $400k. This is what the “Gang of 535”, Wall St., and the banks are doing to the USA, they are ripping all the equity out of our “House” and leaving it bankrupt.
    Keep on truckin baby!

  25. jerry

    I hate to break it to you and your readers, but the fact is “we’re already slaves”. Bond slaves to the central bankers who have infiltrated our government and borrowed against US as collateral. Don’t think so? Just try not paying your taxes and see what happens. And for those of you living on the government welfare plantation? Just try owning something for yourself and see how long those government checks keep coming in.

    I realized along time ago when I came over from the dark side, that I was already in debt to the ONE who paid the price for me on the cross. I have one lord, and one master, and his name is Jesus Christ. Whether you like it or not, or believe it or not, the fact is you’re going to have to surf someday. Its just a matter of where that’s going to be. In the end that’s all you ever get is….time………and……an……….epic……ride.

  26. brian

    Over the years of listening to Dr Roberts, the thing I have come to love about the guy is his ability to crack himself up and chuckle over the ridiculous antics of our so called government.

  27. Glenn Shumway

    In fact, an economically-logical investor, whose primary financial obligations are to him/her self and family, realizing that the entire world economy – including virtually all financial creditors – is subject to the hegemony of the Luciferian self-styled “elites” whose end-game is the DESTRUCTION of the existing financial world order so that they can realize their New World Order (Illuminatist motto “Ordo ab Chao” – i.e., “a NEW order out of the CHAOS which THEY create”), such investors should be LOADING UP with as much UNSECURED debt as possible, and USING that UNSECURED debt to acquire precious metals, EVEN AS THE “ELITES” THEMSELVES ARE DOING AS WE SPEAK.
    When they crash the system – as they intend to do – ALL such UNSECURED “debt” will be 100% UNCOLLECTIBLE by them, and well they know this. The “end-game” for them is NOT to try to wring blood from turnips, but to ACQUIRE THE ASSETS of those who attempt to “save their credit ratings” by selling off whatever they can to give to the creditors, who will acquire same at ROCK-BOTTOM PRICES, which is the point of the whole game.

  28. JC Davis

    Greg, Allen Ols came by today, and said PCR is on Gregs site. I couldn’t wait. Two of my favorite people I trust advice.
    I don’t regret getting out of stocks. It is a moral problem for me if I receive money without risk, or work. Seeing the stocks so high says to me it is a game for thieves. They are stealing form their own future. Mine is in my hand.

  29. Jodyp

    One word describing P.C.R… Trustworthy.

  30. Tad


    You may have read this article already, Greg. It seem like a 54 year delay is quite enough.

    While one might expect the documents to be somewhat redacted (black magic marker)
    I’m curious as to how Israel may have been involved.

  31. Just a thought

    It would be interesting to know what actual percentage of the stock market the Fed/Gov owns. The plunge protection team was created right after the 1987 crash, which means they have been in the stock markets for a very long time. What if they already own 70% or more of it ? How then can there ever be a crash as long as they don’t dump it themselves. All that money to purchase stocks wouldn’t cause inflation either if it’s just sitting there parked. In communism, the gov owns everything. If they eventually own all of the companies and houses etc., think how much easier it would be for the US to actually flip to communism. Maybe that’s their plan all along ?

  32. Sayonara

    In today’s contemporary economy, we no longer produce tangible wealth. Today we consume existing tangible wealth by playing an economic smoke and mirrors game of leveraging existing wealth with fiat money that will never be paid back and that is distributed to the corrupt economic and political elites that run the system. That is why PCR emphasized the classic example of corporations borrowing money to by back their stock – it only fictitsiously increases the stocks PE ratio thereby creating the illusion of increased earnings per share therefore justifying an increased share price. And this is precisely what this faux bull market is about. A lot people have hit on Greg Mannarino for erroneously calling the top way back when. Mannarino made his call on fundamental economic and financial analysis. I agreed with Mannarino 100%. What Mannarino and the rest of us traditionally trained economist/financial professionals did not realize is the extraordinary magnitude of blatant corruption that is rampant in this faux economic system. This house of cards will collapse as it is just a matter of when and when is imminent – the timing imminent is elusive. We all think it will be soon – but soon is relative as is fair is a state of mind.

    • Sayonara

      This is brillant ->
      The Fed Is Stuck In Hotel California:
      by Gary Christenson of Deviant Investor
      Hotel California and the Federal Reserve
      In 1977 the Eagles spoke to us about “Hotel California.” Lyrics are here.
      A few lines from the song …
      “On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair…
      Up ahead in the distance I saw a shimmering light…
      Then I was thinking to myself this could be Heaven or this could be Hell
      Welcome to the Hotel California
      Some dance to remember, some dance to forget
      They’re living it up at the Hotel California
      We are all just prisoners here of our own device
      Relax, said the night man, We are programmed to receive,
      You can check out any time you like but you can never leave.”

      The lines have been rewritten to fit the Federal Reserve – the hypothetical “Hotel
      Marriner Eccles:”

      “On a dark digital highway, QE rewarding my pals
      Up ahead in the distance I saw a burning pyre of debt
      I was thinking to myself this should be Heaven but it’s Hell
      Welcome to the Hotel Marriner Eccles
      Some pontificate to remember, some lie to forget
      They’re living it up at the Hotel Marriner Eccles
      We are all just prisoners here of our own device
      Relax, said the chairman. We are programmed to deceive
      You can check out any time you like but you can never leave”


  33. John


    Great guest, great questions, great venue and great service! I have said this before but will repeat again – get gold, get out of debt and get small. If you listen to the supporters of gold they advise a 10% allocation to gold/silver. Here is what is scary – if only 2% of the population holds gold just think what is going to happen when the masses run to gold and silver when this thing blows up. Greg, I buy gold from a big dealer in my area – I bet if I showed up with $100,000 it would wipe out their entire inventory of gold eagles at one time – necessitating a reorder that would take days to replenish. Can you imagine those individuals with net worths in excess of one million dollars trying to convert 10% of their portfolios to gold bullion at one time? Sorry, not going to happen as there will be no supply. Time is running out on accumulating God’s economic flood insurance – gold bullion.

  34. William

    Sprott fired Marc Faber for not being PC.

    I will begin liquidating all my Sprott investments next week.

    I will not deal with organizations which punish people for opinions.
    In my opinion they deserve to be punished.
    Bye bye Sprott.

    • This sceptred Isle

      In the current climate Sprott didn’t have any choice as some of the Sprott investors may be of African origin. I do agree with you that people should be free to express their views without getting fired, as long as they are not inciting violence.
      Instead, we should respond with a rational counter-argument. What Marc Faber wrote was ridiculous as…
      1) Comparing Zimbabwe to America is like comparing apples and pears. One has been the victim of empire, whilst he other has exploited poorer countries through its own empire.
      2) Yes, Zimbabwe experienced a hyperinflation. So have lots of other countries, notably the Weimar Republic. This was caused by the actions of WHITE people. I would also add that the Jewish Federal Reserve has hyper-inflated the US dollar as it has lost 97% of its value. Again no black people to blame for that one!

  35. Maximiliaan Goldstein

    Dear Greg Hunter,
    Thank you very much again for this interview and/but catastrophe or no catastrophe depends on ‘where you are’, in my opinion.
    Advice Charles Nenner (sources 2017: many, like YouTube and USA Watchdog): ‘stock market crash over a period of around 4 years to DJI 5.000, shift to European government bonds’.
    Advice of my favorite forecaster Martin Armstrong (sources among others: USA Watchdog (2017) and Goldseek Radio, September 29, 2017): ‘stay away from government bonds, DJI will rise to around 25.000 after surpassing the 23.000 mark and will hoover around the 25.000 area for a while. This puzzles me, because of what Armstrong said on July 22, 2017 during his conference in Frankfurt am Main; source: https://youtu.be/IA8PsvyIC9g
    She said to Meat Loaf: ‘what’s it gonna be boy, yes or no?’
    Best regards,
    Maximiliaan Goldstein (from Germany)

  36. Russ McMeans

    The old sage speaks with much wisdom. PCR is the best of the best. Thank you Greg for the great interview! Regarding bringing back the Glass Steagal act/ law.: not going to happen when the Casino is rocking and the drinks and cigars are flowing and smokin. Glad I’m not in that place- not smart enough. Only a few will walk out just in the nick of time. But the House always wins in this game… i.e. The Banks and their printing screens.

  37. Roger

    Another awesome interview with PCR. Thank you Greg.

  38. Chic Meout

    I’ve been reading PCR’s column for the last 5 years and he’s been making this claim since I first came upon his articles. Point is if you wake every morning predicting rain, eventually you prediction will come true!

  39. Chic Meout

    So every comment must pass your scrutiny? Makes me very comfortable with the integrity of this site!

  40. Paul ...

    Hey Bush … what about the conspiracy and fabrication perpetrated on the American people by you? … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-19/outraged-george-w-bush-lashes-out-trump-bigotry-seems-emboldened

  41. helot

    Dear Greg Hunter,

    Thank you for your past feedback. I appreciate it. I wish I could change your thinking on some things, and I imagine you have the same thought. I do hope we meet a at a point of truth. The pursuit of seeking the truth of the matter of things is why I keep coming back to your website.

    I suppose it’s easy to see that I have given up. I have. Many times. [It’s married life, ha.] Yet, I keep striving, in spite of it all. [I like the guy, but My better-half is soo p.o.’ed at G.M. for what she sees as his flip-flops, it isn’t even funny. You can sense the, ‘I feel like I’ve been taken’ in her voice.]

    On days when I give up, is when I reflect upon stuff like when PCR mentions on his website about nuclear Winter, and all that, in combination with others who discuss the direction of the chemical-world nanny security state. Your response about, sitting tight, helps. Immensely. I relate it to the many hunting dogs I’ve been next to who quiver while out in the field, and then, I pause. …The pause has often been Very long. And, very taxing.

    Ten years of reading about the imminent collapse is difficult, to say the least. Or, as Sovereign Man put it, something like, ‘I confused imminent, with immediate’.

    Ha! Like telling that to your significant other is comforting. Psft! A whole lifetime has flashed past.

    But, I get it. It’s a long game. Not a series of downs.

    Still, it’s frustrating, as all get-out. …as, ‘Concerned Dad’ can attest. I can feel the guy’s pain. It’s my own.
    ‘The system’, is like that. ‘The Master’s of the Universe’ know our weaknesses, and exploit them, they are like a ringing in the ears to the point of pain.

    Or, like the cussed finance guy on the film, ‘The Big Short’ when he says, ‘Being early, is the same as being wrong!!!’

    i looked at the local real estate listings in my area in detail recently. I looked at what they surely must have spent to fix up the place over the years, then I looked at their tax obligations and considered what they must pay in interest. I could see from the math that those who have been trying to sell their place since 2004 and 2008, and even 2012, have been swimming downstream this whole time. Even those HGTV types who bought recently are downstream-salmon.
    It seems like many people have been delaying the time of reckoning, for awhile now.
    Just about every single listing I have read that lists a history of listings, shows a 10 to 20 percent drop in price. When you combine that with tax obligations, Plus interest, you have an upside down property. And, this is in an industrial/military town [QCA] of high prosperity!!! The trend, is not their friend.

    Do you suppose, ‘being early’ and not being noticed, can pan out to, ‘It’s here, and now’? And, has been here the whole time in spite of being smoothed over by TPTB? … Ok. Anyway, we’ll see what happens, and, to whom.

    I read about surviving a nuclear Winter. I prepare for a lot of things. I don’t prepare for surviving a nuclear Winter. In my past writings I’ve tried to express how I think that Brandon Smith thinks, and how the Power Elite have expended a lot of effort and money into creating a control grid upon the American population via cameras at every intersection and all that [ it disgusts me how people don’t object ] and how TPTB won’t willingly give up their control and grids by destroying it through a nuke war.

    Then, I think of what the next installment of the film series, ‘The Godfather’ would look like.

    Every time I post a comment I regret the truth I express and the feedback I suspect I might draw. So far, every time I went back and read the feedback, I’ve been surprised that I wasn’t crucified for my observations. So many times, I’ve told myself, ‘Stop Talking!’ i just want people, to see. So, maybe, I don’t go down with the ship with them. But, then, I see that the ship is taking on water.

    As you said, get your insurance.

  42. Tim McGraw

    Great interview! Dr. Craig Roberts is one of my favorite pundits and authors out there telling the truth. Good to hear that he believes there will NOT be a war in Korea.
    People are not prepared for emergencies. As you both said, most folks can’t raise $400. We just had horrendous fires go through Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties. 6,000 structures burnt to the ground. A lot of those were homes and businesses. How do those folks rebuild their lives? Fire insurance money will help; if they have it. But where do they get the money for day to day living?
    A friend of mine is a firemen. While he was saving an elderly woman’s life from one of the fires, his own house burned down in Santa Rosa. He makes pretty good money as a fireman so I think he’ll be okay and he can sleep at the fire station. And our neighbor here in Healdsburg had his big house in Fountaingrove burn down, but his house, pool, and guest house next door to us will do him nicely. He is also letting his burnt out neighbors in Fountaingrove stay in his guest house and main house. They have money and will be okay.

    But the poor and retired in the countryside and the poorer neighborhoods of Santa Rosa are NOT okay. They are living in tents and trailers and campers and RV’s at the various county fairgrounds. What do they do? How do they rebuild their lives?

  43. Justn Observer

    Ok…. a message from RAPPAPORT with a bit of music for the background….then ya have to make a choice….surrender your free will, your individuality and your private property rights and jump on the globalist Luciferian wagon …or not?
    But then… there is NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS …right?
    and if you really want to find some spiritual truth… maybe it has been hidden in the symbolism all along? Do not judge the messenger …( Some do…then they go back and see than maybe Jesus just did give this guy a ‘point of view’ worth considering in theses days ) …. seems fair some get this point of view if the globalists get their Illuminati cards….
    Stop judging and being blindlessly led…awake up…and see …the Holy SEE…might just be but the ‘all seeing I’ of the Lucifer…the ‘Illuminated one…as set forth in the book … Morals and Dogma ?
    ** https://youtu.be/Pa4nsCYzM1w
    Ok- I heard snoring…back to sleep. Just remember…HE never promised to save you… however HE did give you a ‘free will’ and a way to save your soul …thru HIS son… not a sun-god…and of course best to make that choice sooner than later?

    • Greg Hunter

      The whole thing stinks and the “official” story keeps changing.

  44. JC Davis

    When crime is the normal would any be happy if stock market reached 68 K . Blood money nothing less. Indulge yourself in a moment of this sin. Your repentance will not be herd from my Dad- God Almighty. Dealing in stocks, knowing it is rigged are you not a slave of the beast? Change or …. Reap what God Almighty gives for this sin. I am just a fruit inspector. No judge of any.

  45. Richard Winkel

    Dr. Roberts is too smart to be so naive. The incompetence theory doesn’t hold water. He summed up the fed’s motivations at the end: they are a walking talking conflict of interest. Booms and busts are part of their shareholders’ business model, that’s why they caused the great depression:


    “… Let me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve. I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. You’re right, we did it. We’re very sorry. But thanks to you, we won’t do it again.” — Ben Bernanke

    And now, just as they framed clueless homeowners for the mortgage fraud bubble derivatives fraud bubble ((fraud * bubble) squared) a financial false flag that they engineered ( http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/02/13/AR2008021302783.html ) , they need a way to avoid responsibility for the new even more catastrophic situation which they’ve deliberately created. The only solution I can see if they want to keep their scam going is either war or a dollar crash. They probably prefer war since it increases govt debt. But either way that are disaster capitalists, they’ll do just fine.

    “This Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth…. When the President signs this Act, the invisible government by the money power, proven to exist by the Money Trust Investigation, will be legalized…. The new law will create inflation whenever the trust wants inflation…. From now on, depression will be scientifically created.”
    — Senator Charles Lindbergh Sr., Nov. 1912 (father of the aviator, author of book Banking and Currency and The Money Trust, 1913)

  46. Justn Observer

    Greg, An older clip about the push back of those in Sonoma Cal. to the Agenda 21 programs they stopped… likely now since the ‘fires’ the projects will continue to move forward? @ 1:02:30

  47. marcus

    One on the ball is Jerry, must say it was good old fashioned information, if it wasn’t for Jim Willies voice Im sure he was saying what the golden Jackass has been saying for years.
    Good work Greg for the first time in a long time it was real journalism, Not once did we cross the line with scriptures, keeping it real is what you get with Dr Roberts.
    And If we fight together for truth and realizem all will become real, so happy to have this man on the side of the humanity freedom fighters.

  48. Jan

    I think you have to look at what they do with the money they have been paid back .. after giving credit.
    They just buy the economic substance for this money through corporations
    We can especially observe this expansion in Eastern Europe.

  49. Daniel

    Great interview as always Greg! You’re one of a handful of courageous reporters who dare to have Dr. Roberts on, not to mention that you do so consistently. Thanks again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Roberts is a good man!

  50. sam

    On another note I used to read Global Research
    However they seem to be big on global warming and thre is no space for comment.
    Have they changed?
    I don’t remember them being pro climate change? It puts into question the validity of their other articles?

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