Man-Made Weather Engineering Killing Us All – Dane Wigington

By Greg Hunter’s 

West Coast wildfires, wild temperature swings and hurricanes in the Gulf are all part of the consequences of man-made weather modification called Geoengineering.  Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says, “People need to unite in the fight against climate engineering because it’s killing us all. . . . If we look at this mathematically, climate engineering and all of its ramifications are the greatest threat we collectively face short of nuclear annihilation.  The ramifications are beyond grave.  There can be no legitimate discussion about the climate, or the the state of the climate from any perspective, without addressing this issue first.”

More than five years ago, Wigington warned then Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom (who is now Governor of California) about the devastating and uncontrollable fire destruction coming to the West Coast.  Record high temperatures along with a record amount of millions of acres have been torched this year in California alone.  Wigington remembers, “I had a private meeting with Gavin Newsom and his top aid in his office in the capitol, and I gave a full presentation on the climate engineering issue.  They did not dispute the data.  They couldn’t dispute the data.  We have seen no acknowledgment from Governor Newsom, even as the state is burning to the ground, which is exactly what I told him would happen.”

Wigington says if you want to heal the planet, then stop geoengineering now.  Wigington contends, “It is the single biggest leap we could make in the right direction.  What we have is the environmental groups trying to protect their 501- (c) (3) nonprofits, and they are told not to talk about this issue–period.  This is a taboo subject that they will not touch.  How can you have a discussion about the state of the climate if you do not acknowledge the single greatest disrupting factor of all?  What has set the template for these fires to burn with such ferocity?  That is absolutely climate engineering.  It is cutting off precipitation, toxifying soils with the elements used in climate engineering . . . . That poisons the root systems and kills the trees from the bottom up.  Geoengineering is destroying the Ozone layer.  That’s releasing immense solar radiation, and that is killing trees from the top down.  These particles are electrically conductive, creating far more dry lightning, which is igniting more fires.   These materials, aluminum, barium and strontium particulates, are incendiary, which means they are flammable.  This means they are coating forests from every conceivable direction.  Climate engineering is the issue that must be acknowledge in regard to the ferocity these fires are burning.”

Wigington also ties Bill Gates, CV19 and climate engineering together, and it is an ominous thing.  Wigington explains, “The world’s second most recognized climate engineer, Dr. Ken Caldiera . . . we have him on record stating one of the jobs he did for the Department of Defense (DOD) was to design ways to spray pathogens into clouds to effect the populations below. . . . Who does he work for now?  He works for Bill Gates.  We have peer reviewed studies that CV19 has been found on atmospheric particles.  When you look at the uniformity of how this was spread around the globe, they had to be aerosol dispersion.  It was too uniform and spread too quickly. . . . You can’t hide from needing to breathe air.  If this is being dispersed, how do we hide from that?   We have these characters working together, and what kind of a picture does that paint?  This is weather warfare.  It’s bio warfare, and it’s an all-out assault. . . . Those in power have long stated that there are too many people on the planet. . . . We better face this picture squarely now because we are rapidly running out of time.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with climate researcher Dane Wigington, founder of

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  1. john duffy

    We Are Being Played Big Time!

    • jake

      Dane is correct about chemical spraying but dead wrong about CO2 causing Global warming. For every molecule of CO2 there are 2500 molecules of Oxygen + Nitrogen + Argon. They are trying to tell us that CO2 absorbs and retains 2500 times more energy than 99.7% of the bulk of our atmosphere, which defies the laws of physics. We have times when CO2 levels were 10 times the present and we had ice ages. Greg ask Dane about this reality next time.

  2. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Wigington,a quick analysis of the experiments being conducted on the Earth by people who are anonymous with tax payer money.I don’t remember being asked to fund such dangerous worldwide experiments whose outcomes are not widely discussed.We plebs really are pawns for the elite.The elite seem unaware we all inhabit the same planet and bio-sphere.
    Mr Wiginton’s research has taken a heavy toil on himself,as he stands for truth in an ocean of lies.Soe time ago a friend,a geographer,was astounded to see straight lines in weather fronts across the USA.Not once or twice but consistent since 1993,he is still digging into this .
    Love USA Watchdog,bringing us research that is not popular.

    • Self Exiled

      ”The elite seem unaware we all inhabit the same planet and bio-sphere.”

      I also am amazed as I watch the destruction of business and jobs in the Philippines airlines, tourist [empty beaches] , streets empty ——–and they don’t seem to think this will not be also their destruction. The deception is complete. Well, their father doesn’t believe in his destruction either [spirit of unbelief].

      • Charles H

        Turn the binoculars around – and to the Elite: we don’t matter, because we ARE the problem. I think Heaven will reveal that technology is Lucifarian driven. Turn from God, and deny Him – What is left? (LEFT – get it?)

    • Lou Robson

      I stopped my car to take pictures of those line clouds here in Michigan, near Detroit. They even had video on the evening news, it’s so strange.

  3. AndrewB

    If Greg will allow, this is a re-post . . .

    Three mounted police, over half a dozen foot patrol police, and a helicopter overhead – all to harass just one 71 year old for walking in the park. This is the State of Victoria, Australia, today. Coming to your location real soon unless, like this brave soul, we ALL demonstrate our human right to ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’.
    Worth watching to the end . . .


    • Freebrezer

      A- very disturbing videos, and all over a worthless, f#$^ing mask. Plus, given that she is young, there is about zilch chance she would get sick. Quarantines are for the sick (! ) and not for the healthy … when you quarantine the healthy that is called tyranny! All I can say/ask is what the hell is going down in Australia and New Zealand?

    • K. Wayne

      That is BLATANT Government/Police overreach. Clearly there is a bigger agenda in play. It is quite analogous to what I saw transpire in Wuhan at the height of their Lockdown. I understand that the Government Official in charge in that State has been “labelled”. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if they indeed were CCP sympathizers.

  4. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    I have listened to Dane Wigington many times on USAW and he makes cogent arguments. However, I struggle with the knowledge that the perpetrators live on the same planet and breath the same air as their ‘victims’. As far as I am aware, mankind has yet to populate another planet. Perhaps the perpetrators intend to dwell underground (they will be closer to their deity) for a few generations – while the surface-bound suffer massive depopulation? In any event, IMHO, Dale needs to address the issue – of how the perpetrators are immune to their geoengineering toxins and how they intend to survive the environmental devastation he claims they are causing. This comment is not intended to detract from Dale’s thesis, it only seeks to point to a fundamental reason why people may find reason to doubt its veracity.

    • AndrewB

      In retrospect, Dale Wigington has done the work to identify the geoengineering threat. The befuddling issue – how do the perpetrators intend to survive the consequences of their depopulating actions – is not Dale’s responsibility alone to determine. It would, IMO, help the wider public to heed Dale’s warning if, for example, Bill Gates (who he names in the interview) was not to be seen breathing the same California air as everybody else. Am I alone in identifying this as a conundrum?

  5. Steve

    Good on you, having this interview.

    • Steve

      Contrials dissipate reasonably quickly and are at high altitude, Chemtrails spread and widen and drop down and take a long time to disperse.

  6. Jean Koontz

    WATCH LIVE: Bobcat Fire Threatens Monrovia, Mount Wilson | NBCLA
    448 views•Streamed live 41 minutes ago
    The smoke and soot have reached the Great Lakes. Here in Michigan it’s dimming the sun & sunshine. Weird amber red sunsets, weird. 2000 mile’s away! Eye’s feel grainy?
    Skip down to satellite photo, of 2000 mile smoke screen!

  7. Coalburner

    Shortly after Trump came to the White House, maybe one to two years along I noticed the seeding of the skys stopped in New Mexico. The skys became clear and that beautiful blue we have known came back. Like magic the criss crossed vapor trails went away. Just my observation.
    remember the National Park service wanted to shut the power plants to bring back clear skys, well the spraying stopped and the clear shy came back.

    One hundred years ago we had the same problems with fire only worse in the west. For many years we managed forests, by timbering and learned to do spot clearcuts and the fires became smaller. Then along came the overreaction to the save the environment movement. And obviously the forests went back to the old natural ways, same for the big game animals of the west, fed to wolves. Wolves boom in population, elk were nearly wied out of Yellowstone and the wolves spread chasing the elk ball ove rthe high plains. When almost all the elk are gone the wolves will die off and the elk will return and maybe boom in population and here comes those Canadian wolves again. The natural cycles are boom bust, boom to giant old growth and brush then all burn down. That is why forest management was invented and then thrown out with the hysteria of unnatural nature. Well, the only good thing is the mountain lions are eating some of the nut jobs that wanted it this way. I dont really know about California because I will not go there, for the reasons so many are running from there. As for Oregon, I have spent time there, it is overgrown, ready to burn as soon as it drys out and some Antifa Idiot starts the fire. Speaking of cycles, Antifa, Marxist, White Libtard Evil Thugs burning the citys. Either stop them soon or it will be a city cleansing with fire nation wide.

    • Freebrezer

      Coal – operative sentence “antifa starting the fires” … most of Oregon and Washington fires are man made and it is spelled ARSON! Think of the billions $$$ in damage this antifa and Black lives mater has done! When I saw the BLM making patrons at restaurants raise a fisted arm … all I could think of was the 30’s in Germany and the brown shirts making people give the nazi salute … Wake up world and do not give in to the tyranny!

  8. JC

    Interesting that the west coast fires magically stop at the Candian and Mexican borders.

    Martin Armstrong:
    While September/October is the normal cyclical period for wildfires on the west coast, the extent of these fires is by no means natural. There are around 100 separate fires on the west coast. They are too spread out and it appears cyclically that this may be another orchestrated plot to justify the Great Reset because they are immediately blaming this on climate change.

    • Jerry

      You are right over the target.

      The pentagon has come out and said that the fires are caused by a Chinese DEW ( direct energy weapon ). Really? I’m not buying it. Let’s blame the Chinese for everything. Never mind that Fauci and the boys at the world financial forum have had conferences since 2015 on how to achieve their technocratic goals. Many on Greg’s site have no idea how far technology has gone, and how it will soon have a direct impact on our daily life. My son works for a Swiss company that specializes in building technology. They have already developed workbots that will replace construction workers on commercial building sites. He says orders are already backed up. Who wouldn’t want a worker that works 24/7 and does not require union benefits?

      • H. Craig Bradley

        Actually Calif. fires caused by a giant Rey Guns mounted underneath one of those Battle Cruisers high in the Stratosphere, as depicted in the Star Wars Movie “Rise of Skywalker” last year.

  9. Jean Koontz
    Oops, the fire run amoke! 4 hours ago. Was Live.

  10. Self Exiled

    NOT CLIMATE CHANGE: Oregon Woman Catches Arsonist on her Property with Matches — Holds Him at Gunpoint Until Police Arrive (VIDEO)

    • K. Wayne

      Arsonists are to blame for many Wildfires. Not Climate Change.
      I recall watching the devastation in Australia late last year. A high percentage were attributable to those purposely lighting fires. There are some very sick people in this world….using destruction and devastation to bring about change. Their nefarious plans will climax in the early summer of 2021…@ WEF – “Great Reset”.

  11. Jonathan Oquinn

    Thank you so very much Greg for interviewing Dane. This is Vital Information that needs to get out. If the environment dies, because of ultraviolet C, which is now increasing on the Earth’s surface, and also because of poisoned are food and water, then we die too.

  12. Jonathan Oquinn

    A former NASA contract engineer is now working with Dane. He’s working help expose this information that we will understand what’s going on better. He has very sophisticated equipment provided by, equipment used to measure ultraviolet C. He’s getting very strong ultraviolet C readings on his equipment at the Earth’s surface. He estimated back in 2017 at the ozone layer was already Approximately 80% gone. If you train your eyes and start looking around here, even here in North Carolina where I live, you will begin to see many trees where the branches are burned out on the top and the leaves are scorched. I see this everywhere where I live, in Greenville North Carolina.

    This former contract engineer from NASA estimates that the ozone layer will likely be completely gone on the current course, by approximately 20 26. When that happens, no more people.

    The distraction and illusion of the left-right Paradigm of politics means very little when we don’t have food that we can grow. Also, watch for skyrocketing cases of skin cancers.

    I’m a physician and have been studying this on my own for years. Dane is absolutely right. If one does not believe that there are chemical trails all over the sky is most days, even here in North Carolina, study his website and look at those pictures and get those images in your mind. These are not contrails. I’ve seen in start and stop whereas contrails don’t do that. And if anybody does not believe that the ultraviolet C radiation, which is just a notch below x-ray radiation in severity, is increasing, then stand outside with a short sleeve shirt on the next time the sun shining brightly and notice how your skin feels. Notice how hot the sun feels in your skin and compare this with previous memories of how the Sun used to feel when you were younger.

    • Self Exiled

      Thank You for the confirmation of my observations about being in the sun, I too have noticed that I can only expose my skin 20 minutes to sunlite and it is painful. The intensity and depth of the effect on the skin is amazing, like being cooked. I thought it could be the medications I was on. I never see chemtrails here in the Philippines. Only twice a year the exhaust trials of a B52 on a south east to north east flight path. I will watch for plant destruction, altho a half year rainy cycle may help circumvent this affect. When I think about it we have many intermittent cloudy days being caught in between the ocean and the [almost] mountains/hills. The sky’s here are very blue and I noticed this right away when I first came here. Being 71 years old I have the same observations.

  13. Jerry

    All I can say is WOW! It’s refreshing to hear from someone who gets it. Speaking of getting it, check out what is in the sword blade of the new Abram accord commemorative coin. Is that a syringe?

    Gears moving together with a syringe, with the inscription “ and if one is inclined towards peace, it inclines towards you”. Rest In Peace?

  14. Self Exiled

    Did Joe Biden Just Promise Fewer Fires, Floods, & Hurricanes If He Wins In November? Admission of climate manipulation?

  15. A. E Jones. JR

    I heard the same thing about ozone holes, acid rain, coming ice age, the big one in CA etc. “By the year 1990, all of eastern Canada with be a forestless waste land.” “We will all die from skin cancer due to the ozone holes.” One can make a fool of themselves by using short term events and projecting them long term. Back when Andrew Jackson was President the federal government was closed from December to March because the Potomac River froze and the river fords were not usable. When was the last time the Potomac froze? I live in southside Virginia on a River. The river used to have a canal system and up til about 1900 people ice skated on the canals. Not in my life time of 75 years. My grandmother told me about the skating. On the scale of things to worry about this concern is at the bottom of the list. Besides, the government is laying the groundwork to tell us the truth about aliens living among us. How else can you explain Trump’s orange hair? I heard that on CNN and you know they would not tell a lie!

  16. Bill the Cat Guy

    I’m sorry but I think he’s crazy and nothing he says is true.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am sorry but you are ignorant and you refuse to educate yourself.

    • Steve

      Its very easy to spot a contrail versus a chemtrail- wake up

  17. Jerry

    Here is this weeks update on 5G rollouts.

    I’m no techno geek, but I’m not sure why you would need multiple towers in one location, unless you’re planning on increasing the wave strength? Some areas have over a hundred. The system is scheduled to be turned on the 28th of October. Happy Halloween!

  18. Paul Anthony

    I am not sure we can start to fox the climate issues until we get real leaders world wide. Very informative video and scary

    Now Pritzker and Lootfoot are setting out, ‘Drop-boxes’ for ballots? My state is scary

  19. butch

    A clown planet ruled by psychopaths as the populace play with matches in straw houses. Seems like a good formula, eh?

  20. Vernon Tart

    Truth is not revealed by the media, truth is revealed by brave individuals.

  21. Charles Ober

    Do you suppose this is where some of the “missing” 21 million dollars has gone? Who is doing this, and who is paying for it??? Are we supporting our own demise with our own tax dollars ???

  22. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg. Even having had a brief with Dane Wigington, Gov.Newsom is still pushing it off on Global Warming.

    California’s governor makes ominous prediction for America

    …”California’s governor made a rather ominous prediction this weekend when he told an interviewer that “California is America. . . fast forward.”
    He was talking specifically about the wildfires that have ravaged his state– a warning that the natural disasters will soon plague the rest of the country too, thanks to climate change.” …


    • Self Exiled

      Sorry to generalize: but if Neusom can I will also. California is not America. The only thing California has in common with the other states is that they speak English. I know; I married a Californian. When it snowed first time [Nov.] she was thrilled; marvelled at it, jumped in it, made angles in it, watched the cat jump and run in it. 3rd day after snow she was standing at the window crying. “What’s wrong”? ”When is it going away?” “Well sweetie. probably about April.” A silent look; a mix of horror and unbelief.

  23. Mike R

    Hey Stan – looks like climate change and global warming keep harming your gold shorts. Gold is back up again at $1977, well above your short point below $1200 (as you told everyone here when you were SHORT)

    Obviously You keep losing money Stan with such a ridicously bad bet , and very soon Gold will break back above $2000, and be off to the races permanently higher, never again in your lifetime to go back below $2000, just like Gold has never again dropped below $1000, since 2009. It’s just what Gold does Stan, when your reckless (and feckless) ‘buddies at the Fed’ do really stupid things like QE to infinity, and debase the US currency, pretending that’s not inflationary. Gold is going to become SO VALUABLE, that you’ll soon be able to buy a shiny new Tesla Model 3 with 1 Gold coin, weighing a mere 1 ounce. A model 3 is WAY more care than a non-electric Bentley will ever be. (especially when society runs out of your fossil fuel to power your fossilized car) Think about that Stan !

    • Stan

      Mike R: We’ll see who is right regarding Gold. The fat lady has not sung yet. I say $785 Gold with 24 months. It will be a swift and brutal decline. Global reset will be majority of countries adopting the Dollar and their currency.

      • K. Wayne

        Stan (somebody’s clandestine alter-ego),
        Your logic is absurd as much as your predictions are fanciful.
        AU = $785 would imply all miners would stop mining (price being below cost of production). What that would do to the price of Gold on a pure Demand vs Supply equation (both in Physical and Paper)…..well…..I liken it to a Saturn 2 Rocket…..the same ones that were used to take man into outer space…and the MOON apparently.

      • Self Exiled

        At first, maybe: but when there’s no business infrastructure left to sustain it; then what. I think that’s a reasonable question from an economics 101 novice. I only know the basics.

      • Mike R

        $785o is more probably Stan. You KNOW That, but you refuse to admit it. Silly boy.

      • Mike R

        Stano – here’s article just for you. Read it and weep about your gold shorts ….

        Actually all Americans not holding gold, or silver, should be weeping after comprehending the outcome of sudden trillions of QE debt within mere months. This is basically Zimbabwe style currency debasement at warp speed.

  24. Mike R

    Glad that Dane points out that Bill Gates is tied to Covid 19, and other nefarious activities. One of the most evil men, the world has ever seen, with zero ethics and who is hell bent on reducing world population BACK to below 2 billion people. He plans to accomplish that via means that are incredibly inhumane. He’s playing god and getting away with it. His arrogance and reckless hubris are beyond the pale. Apparently one of the world’s richest men is totally above the law, and above any level of recrimination. His former Microsoft ruthlessly, and illegally destroyed every potential competitor for decades. Government looked the other, because they were all bought off by Gates himself. The most unethical monopoly ever created, except for perhaps Google. Many people are still STUCK using Microsoft products, and its only other possible serious competitor, Apple computer, is far too expensive with far fewer productivity features. Over priced and over valued, and pretty much all eye-candy.

    • Self Exiled

      The wicked plots against the righteous
      And gnashes at him with his teeth.
      The Lord laughs at him [the wicked one—the one who oppresses the righteous],
      For He sees that his day [of defeat] is coming.
      The wicked have drawn the sword and bent their bow
      To cast down the afflicted and the needy,
      To slaughter those who are upright in conduct [those with personal integrity and godly character]. Psalm 37:12-13

      For yet a little while and the wicked one will be gone [forever];
      Though you look carefully where he used to be, he will not be [found].
      But the humble will [at last] inherit the land
      And will delight themselves in abundant prosperity and peace Psalm 37:10-11

  25. Paul ...

    The diabolical plans by the globalist “commies” are greater then just engineering the weather … these same evil criminals engineering the weather are also engineering virus’s … their Satanist agenda “is to destroy humanity” and drastically reduce Earth’s population … they have infiltrated and infected not only our Government, schools and corporations in America but are in all Nations around the entire planet … and these “commie” Demons are being helped to do their dirty deeds “by really dumb people” who have been duped into thinking they are helping to make the World Great Again … Dane Wigington and others fighting against these criminals who have a “Global Plan” (endemic to reduce Earth’s human population) … things will only begin to turn for the better … when “we all get a pair of balls” and begin fighting the Global Plandemic thrust upon the World by evil criminals like Fauci, Hillary, Gates, Soros, Brennon, etc., etc. … and begin putting them in handcuffs and locking them up behind bars (instead of them hiding behind a Barr to remain free) … we have the evidence (to put all the evil criminals in jail for life) … lets start making arrests Barr … and tear down their evil web the same way the Demons are using their BLM terrorists to burn down our Nation …

    • JC

      Paul… don’t worry about anything…
      Fed sees interest rates near zero until end of 2023…

      Zager And Evans – In The Year 2525

  26. Jason

    Last winter a few days before the first big snow storm of the season, I watched three large jets flying over the area from my living room window. One of the jets was followed by a contrail that dissipated in a short time. the other two jets were flying in a loose formation and the white trails behind them did not dissipate so I witnessed both phenomena at the same time in the same patch of sky.

  27. John Fahey

    Greg, I’ve believed for a long time the so called Elites are set up underground and off- planet.
    They don ‘t care what happens here on the ground.

  28. Rodster

    I believe Dane but i’ll repeat a comment made by another poster sometime ago. “Dane seems to find Geoengineering under every rock”. People eventually tune out much like Covid 19.

    • Greg Hunter

      If you ever read you would not repeat the comment. It’s really sort of ignorant, so educate yourself.

      • Rodster

        Hate to break the news to you Greg, but i’ve been following Dane Wigington for years and probably longer than you. I have commented on his website many times. Maybe you glossed over the part where I said I believe him. “Re-read it”.

        What I am saying is that I don’t believe Geoengineering is responsible for every weather event on the planet that Dane is claiming. Neither is Climate Change responsible for every weather event. Dane Wigington falls into the same trap as the Climate Change crowd by saying: “see that’s proof that geoengineering is real, see that’s proof that climate change is real”. The Covid 19 crowd are doing the same thing by lumping CV19 with various health issues.

        As Dane continues to to espouse that Geoengineering is responsible for every weather event and people hear that hurricanes are purposely being steered by nefarious weather makers, people will take him as a nutter.

        • Rodster

          In other words he is unintentionally doing a disservice to himself.

        • Greg Hunter

          Nobody said “Geoengineering is responsible for every weather event on the planet” and Wigington does not say this. He said there are may things contributing to what is going on and The BIGGEST SLICE OF THE PIE IS GEOENGINEERING ” Wigington also says on this interview and I quote, “There can be no legitimate discussion about the climate, or the the state of the climate from any perspective, without addressing this issue first.” That’s a long way from you incorrect quote and description.

          You saying Wigington is a “nuter” and doing a “disservice to himself” shows you don’t know what you are talking about and your opinion is not a fact. There is scientific evidence hurricanes can and are steered. It’s on if you care to talk actual science and not your feelings.


          • Jerry

            I think you are spot on. As I have posted on your site many times, most people have no idea how far technology has gone. My son works for a Swiss company that is on the cutting edge, and the things he tells me would curl your hair. Science fiction is always fiction, until it becomes fact. Case in point the stealth bomber. Until you see it up close, you have no idea of the technology that went into this weapon. A few years ago people who have called you loony tunes if you told them about an invisible plane that can reach a target anywhere on earth.

          • Rodster

            And you are also espousing your opinion. But that is my opinion and it’s the reason many take Dane Wiginington and Guy McPherson as nutjobs. It is a disservice to claim hurricanes are being steered like some drone in the sky doesn’t help your cause.

            And when you try and pin down Dane on who is steering the these hurricanes or who is doing the spraying i.e. military and commercial jets you inevitably get a vague answer. I once asked him if Delta, United and other commercial carriers were spraying and his response was, it’s a complicated answer. They are either spraying or they are not. It’s that simple.

            So my responses have not been ignorant as you claim but rather educated as I have read countless articles on his website along with watching his videos and doing other research on Geoengineering.

        • Angiemn3

          Agree with you Rodsster. The point that Greg is not getting is that this guy forces the narrative in SOME instances. I guess according to Greg I am as ignorant as you and others who do not see Dane as the almighty source he is presented to be.

          Sorry Greg, but this guy has made mistakes. Off the top of my head he contended that tress loose their leaves in fall due to the changes in temperature when it is the shorting of days that cause them to lose their leaves. He has sone excellent info but some of it is over the top.

          Lost 80% – 90% of their population ( insect) in 2018? Not true BUT there are issues here and it should be put out there. If you believe that one then the remainder of insects are living here in norther CA.

          • Greg Hunter

            You said, “The point that Greg is not getting is that this guy forces the narrative in SOME instances.” Really??? Please source this opinion. Give an example not your opinion. I am not “missing” anything because I do not agree with you and I put on someone with a huge site full of sources and facts to back up what he is saying.

            • Rodster

              But you are NOT asking the right questions Greg. All you are doing is allowing Dane to have a podium to espouse his views and HIS opinions which he says are based on facts. Some of his opinions are fact based and others are just based on his opinion and come off as outlandish.

              • Greg Hunter

                You are fact resistant and you call actual facts “Opinion”. I give up we will have to agree to disagree. I guess this is worth exactly what you paid for it.

                • Rodster

                  Greg, we don’t disagree and we agree more than we disagree. As I have stated numerous times, I believe Geoengineering is “REAL”. However my contention is that I believe Dane is taking things to the extreme and when you do that you risk losing an audience. He’s lost me.

                  Here’s an excerpt from his latest Global Alert News Hour. Doesn’t that sound like what I have been saying that Dane is blaming everything on Geoengineering? I think that makes a good case. And as I have stated my problem with Dane is he makes these vague statements such as “weather makers”. Who are these weather makers. He never gives out names. That’s one of my problems with him.

                  So here’s his latest excerpt: “The US West is not the only part of the world that is incinerating, the Amazon and Siberia are also in flames. What agendas and objectives do the fires and smoke fulfill for the geoengineers and those they serve? Moisture from Gulf of Mexico hurricanes is being utilized by the weather makers for manipulating Eastern US cool-downs. International agencies are warning about imminent starvation, chaos, and carnage. The CV-19 global lockdown scenario is completely interwoven with it all.”

                  • Greg Hunter


                    Let’s agree you ignore some the facts and data. I have spent hours on Everything Dane says has some sort of source and documentation. You do not spend this much time building a data base such as you find on to lie and BS people. If you went on the site you would see the back up for all the statements by Wigington. Do you think you are the first to question Wigington? You are just offering your “feelings” and not any sort of fact or data to back up what you are saying. We will have to agree to disagree on the actual facts that you refuse to consider or offer. Do more on this as I will not post it and please don’t tell me I am censoring you.

                    One last thing, Wigington uses a verifiable name and stands by his work. You would be ripped to shreds in any sort of live debate with Wigington and he has debated some of the top people in the field:

                    MacMartin got creamed by Wigington and will not debate anymore.


  29. Paul from Indiana

    It would seem to me we would have to get political control to do anything effective against what Wigington is calling “climate engineering”. Since all the posts on this site demonstrate clearly, we Watchdoggers have NO CONTROL , or we wouldn’t be in the situation we are now. This is a grave issue, but nothing can be done until we solve the immediate problem of what becomes of the country. A two-state solution seems to me the only way out. Best always. PM

  30. al

    man-made weather modification called ANTIFA/BLM/MS13/Released Arsonists/ etc… should also be taken in to consideration. Just sayin’

  31. Bill B

    My wife had an opportunity to spend some time talking to Dane concerning our planet weather. She had been a doubter, but after her briefing she came away convinced he is the real deal.
    God Bless you and yours.

  32. BDS

    Great interview with Dane W. Most people probably don’t think our Government or other entities would be so evil to expose humanity to weather, biological warfare and possibly make a profit (buying futures on the commodity exchange) using our tax dollars.
    I have been following this for years, I was always amazed to watch chemtrails disperse like a spraying of ashes from an ash tray high above the clouds. I later found out it is COAL FLY ASH
    ( contains potentially carcinogenic substances including aluminosilicates, iron-oxide, several trace elements, nanoparticles and alpha-particle-emitting radionuclides)! This is part of the Solar Radiation managemnt program. Also, dependent on exposure levels could lead to increased environmental risk factors to develope lung cancer, COPD and other Neurodegenerative Disease.
    For more documentation and information there is a great book “Chemtrails Exposed A New Manhattan Project” author Peter A Kirby. Very interesting in understanding how this all started via after WW2. The abundance of top scientist who needed continued employment. Many of these projects were created under the pretense of doing good things for the country. Since then the SWAMP has taken over for other reasons. Once you know how evil they are all this makes sense!

  33. Jim Ratzlaff

    Greg – thank you for having Dane Wigington on. He had new information that I hadn’t heard. He has such courage to continue after what he sees.

  34. H. Craig Bradley


    Let me clue you in on a Truth: Man is not the one reason to our calamities, be they fires, drought, climate change, or hurricanes. For the Western States, please also bare in-mind the fires on the West Coast “mysteriously” stop at the Canadian-U.S. Border and the U.S.-Mexican Border ( Martin A. Armstrong, Blog, REF below *). Nobody could possibly make this happen so precisely except God. Unveil your eyes, see the truth as it is. Do not be deceived by man or man-made explanations or reasons. They are but foolishness before God.

    First, the Good News from Rabbi Jonathan Cahn ( Harbinger II ):

    Next, the Current ” Situation” for America * (Martin A. Armstrong):

    • Greg Hunter

      Geoengineering is well established science with lots of documentation over decades. Remember what Revelation 11:18 says at the very end of this scripture. “And the nations were enraged, and Your wrath came, and the time came for the dead to be judged, and the time to reward Your bond-servants the prophets and the saints and those who fear Your name, the small and the great, and to destroy those who destroy the earth.”

      • H. Craig Bradley


        Correct me if I am (currently) wrong, but the United States is the focus of current “earthly destruction”, with a deadly plague (Covid-19) and uncontrolled wildland fires in Liberal Left Coast States and cities in Oregon, Washington, and California. ( Not British Columbia, Canada). I expect the “schematas” to intensify in the near future, as Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has discussed recently here with you ( Harbinger II).

        So, its not necessarily man made and its not “engineered” by anyone as much as it is a combination of factors such as mismanagement of our National Forests for 40 years. We are in a long term drought cycle in the West, as well. Few prescribed burns are accomplished each year on Federal or State lands. No money. For me, the simplest explanation is the truth and its referred to as “Occam’s Razor ”

        Besides, you can twist Scripture to fit any occasion or rationalize any opinion or interpretation. The end of the earth is not yet upon us and guess what, the end of America won’t necessarily mean the end of the world. Our downfall is our fault and it won’t be felt in Asia because they no longer need us. We gave them what they wanted.

        Even if the United States is destroyed, life will continue elsewhere, as it did in 420 A.D. with the Fall of Rome. Barbarian Life was not so bad once you got used to it Greg. So, It does not matter if its exactly due to nature, God, or Mad Scientists working in a lab and seeding clouds with aluminum.

        • eddiemd

          The Chinese/CCP have a plan to colonize the USA. They will kill large numbers of Americans and enslave the rest to work the fields.
          It will be short lived. The great tribulation only lasts 7 years.

          Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only hope at this time. Guns, gold, silver will not help when you find yourself left behind in the great tribulation. Many will die of sheer terror. Many will kill themselves. It is coming.

          Watch, take heed, pray. Look up, your salvation is near.

          • eddiemd

            From the Jewish Bible.

            Isaiah 26:1-4
            On that day this song will be sung
            in the land of Y’hudah:
            “We have a strong city!
            He has built walls and ramparts for our safety.
            Open the gates! Let the righteous nation enter,
            a nation that keeps faith!
            “A person whose desire rests on You
            You preserve in perfect peace,
            because he trusts in You.
            Trust in Adonai forever,
            because in Yah Adonai,
            is a Rock of Ages.”

            In the King James.
            Isaiah 26:1-4
            26 In that day shall this song be sung in the land of Judah; We have a strong city; salvation will God appoint for walls and bulwarks.
            2 Open ye the gates, that the righteous nation which keepeth the truth may enter in.
            3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee.
            4 Trust ye in the Lord for ever: for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength:

            He will keep us in perfect peace, when our mind is stayed upon Him. He is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Messiah. Almighty God in the flesh. Prince of Peace. Emmanuel. The Name above all names.

          • H. Craig Bradley


            According to Joel Skousen of World Affairs Brief, a Chinese General in the mid-nineties gave a revealing speech (loosely translated ) in which China revealed its long term (global) military goals. It sounded similar to what you just posted except they plan to also use a (real) biological weapon to hasten the depopulation of our major cities, but leave them largely intact. Only strategic military targets and bases will be hit with Chinese or North Korean nukes but not our civilian population.

            One huge difference compared to your version: The Ethnic (Han) Chinese are intensely racial and absolutely hate and loath Americans and Anglos, as well as other Asian races. No American would be allowed to live very long once our cities were occupied. Ditto in the rural areas later-on, as well.

            An EMP detonation or two would also be used to destroy military and civilian communication and the national power grid. It is estimated it would take 12-18 months to restore electricity. Most civilians in the large cities will starve to death or die of disease in the first few months. The rest of the population will be dead within a year after a first strike. So, If you are “left behind” then you are effectively left to die under this rather brutal, chilling scenario.

            According to Rabbi Jonathan Cahn in his recent book “Harbinger II”, the shakings we are now experiencing get stronger and stronger, according to the ancient Old Testament Template of a Nation under God’s Judgement, as was the case with ancient Israel before its total destruction as a nation. Our final judgement would possibly be such a military defeat or attack by China + Russia in about 10 more years or so.

            The Chinese Military Strategy reminds me of those ant farms we used to have as kids. The black ants first dug their tunnels and chambers and then you add the red ants who attacked and overpowered the black ants. Afterwards, the Red Ants occupied the ant farm. No more black ants but same ant farm. That could be North America, circa 2045 A.D. Plenty of Room for a Billion more (Red) Rojo Chinos.

            • eddiemd

              I believe it will be sooner than later.

              I saw how the Chinese have infiltrated central and south America over the past 30 years. Especially countries along the Andean Pacific coastal areas. Peru in particular. They are taking over the mines for rare earth minerals. In addition they are trawling the seas off the south American coasts for food. They have lined up the agricultural resources of Brasil and surrounding nations.

              In central America they have taken over the Panama Canal. They run many large banking centers in Panama City and are involved in the drug running business from Bolivia/Colombia up through Mexico. They are in collusion with the Mexican cartels. They are connected to all the drug gangs from MS13, Calle 18, and the Mexican cartels. They have reach into the USA through the drug gangs throughout big cities in the USA. Blm and Antifa are connected to the drug gangs like MS13, Call 18 and the Mexican gangs such the Gulf cartel, Sinaloa, Juarez…these people are here in the Phoenix area running meth, fentanyl, and black tar heroin.

              The Chinese are all over Nicaragua, Honduras, El Sal, and Guatemala. Trump knows this and so do the democrats. The US population is asleep. Staring into the mind control of the iPhone.

              Time is short. Blm, Antifa, MS13, Calle 18…all useful idiots for the CCP. They will be discarded with a 7.62x39mm round to the back of the head when the time is up.

          • notyourpatsy

            To that extent EddieMD, Deu CH 28: 49-53 CHINA IS the enemy of Chrisitians! Joshua CH 22: 5!

            I’ve been telling anyone that would listen since the 1970’s that; “all these ‘china towns’ in cities across America are just outposts of Communist China, and one day the Chinese there will rise up amongst us in an internal war!” I knew I was’nt crazy then, and I’m not now. Have you EVER gone to a Chinatown in a major US city and heard ENGLISH being spoken by ANYONE appearing to be Chinese? HELL NO! They NEVER intergrate into any society/Country they invade! They only operate within their chinatowns to their own benefit. And you wonder where/ how all of the ‘Intel’ that leaves this Country goes /gets to China?!! Pelosi herself, the Head Demoncrap communist, had a Chinese National chaffuer listening to everything that came out of her mouth or into her phone. He probably recorded her and she had no clue or did not care!

            Do no business with Chinese in America, boycott everything they own and send them ppacking back to China!

  35. J.D. Clampett

    China’s state counselor makes unusual statement; Inner Mongolia protests: parents punished
    •Premiered 14 hours ago

    “I Am The Target”: Silenced Chinese Virologist Tells Tucker COVID-19 Intentionally Released, CCP Trying To ‘Disappear’ Her
    by Tyler Durden Wed, 09/16/2020
    Hours after her unceremonious Twitter ban for, we assume, presenting evidence that SARS-CoV-2 was created in a Wuhan lab, Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” where she told the Fox News host that the virus is a “Frankenstein” which was designed to target humans which was intentionally released.

    ‘Crazy to somehow say that the vaccine in general is malign’
    Steve Watson | – SEPTEMBER 16, 2020

  36. Kathy

    Wow. This made me think about the book of Revelation in the Bible, the different bowls and seals. I always thought it was God doing all of that as judgment but it sounds like WE ARE DOING IT TO OURSELVES! Or perhaps I should say evil foolish people, influenced by satan, are doing it. They are foolish because they think they are going to kill everyone off but themselves to drastically lower the population, BUT GOD ALMIGHTY will return put a stop to their evil and wicked plans! Another great show Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Read and pay attention to the very lest few words: King James Bible Revelation 11:18
      “And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.”

      • Felix Lietner

        Wow, Greg! One simple scripture sums it all up and in the end we win! Why? The destruction of earth will fail, whether inadvertent, intentional, or not and the meek shall inherit the Earth and we have his word on it “Bible,” from the word himself, “Jesus!”

    • Steve

      Gods here and its us- we have to do something about this

  37. John M.

    Thanks Greg for bringing on Dane again. It’s been a long time. The timing could not be better.
    In my part of the Central Valley of CA, we finally can see the sun again after weeks of so much dense smoke looking like fog. And the mantra of Climate Change is all over the place.
    Something has got to be up with all this emergency rhetoric, as the Washington Gov. Inslee and Biden have both been sounding the same alarm as my crooked Gov. Gruesome Newsom. I know it has a lot to do with trying to get Americans to ditch Trump in the upcoming elections, but I think there is a lot more to it. They seem to be going full throttle into something bigger that I cannot quite put my finger on.
    Dane did a superb job of intelligently presenting his argument. It sure does appear that man is responsible for destroying our environment and the planet. But it has little to do with ordinary humans conducting business and living their lives. I would blame it on evil globalists who do not love their fellow man and woman as Christ had instructed us to do. It’s that simple.
    I would hate to be these souls in the next life. How can human hearts be so cruel and cold? I guess we have plenty examples of tyrants, murderers, and liars in history from the very beginning of that fallen angel.

  38. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you for having Dane Wigington on again. I have listened to his weekly Global Alert News for many years now. This is tough love extraordinaire. There is nobody like him on God’s green earth. Blessings to you both.

  39. Rodger Pape

    Few people know that the U.S. and then Russia, have an agreement basically stating “We won’t mess with your weather if you don’t mess with ours”. If we cannot manipulate weather, why would we have this agreement unless we can change the weather.

  40. Dane

    My deepest thanks to Greg (and USA Watchdog) for the critically important help with exposing the climate engineering / weather warfare onslaught. The insanity in our skies must be exposed and halted, or we will very soon have nothing left to salvage.
    “Hacking The Planet”:

    • Charles H


      Tesla cracked the Code with Resonance, Q; and it’s been downhill ever since. Most people’s knowledge of technology begins and ends at a light switch. Knowledge is power; and technology is power raised to powers. It should be no surprise that this is early hijacked; just like government. Thanks for your work and voice.

  41. Not So Free

    Another thank you for having him on. The world needs to know what is going on.

  42. K

    I have a bumper stickers on my cars that say: STOP SPRAYING OUR BLUE SKIES WHITE. Have had it on the cars for several years and I still get questions and comments. I’ve even had people take photos at stoplights of the bumper sticker.
    So many facts point to one agenda: depopulation. Our only hope is God.We must pray collectively for the kingdom to come and God’s will to be done.

    • Self Exiled

      For surely there is a latter end [a future and a reward],
      And your hope and expectation shall not be cut off. Proverbs 23:18

  43. Self Exiled

    In the news Philippines; starting, random on the road Coved tests at checkpoints. Highway Patrol Conducted. Blood test for Coved and for alcohol/drug a urine test. No face shield or mask you are tested. The more they squeeze the more will slip through their fingers. The grape vine here is fast and effective. More travel on auxiliary roads and streets to be expected. When I see an unusual amount of u turns on the highway I know the checkpoints are ahead. Also; I have seen motorcyclist giving hand signals of some nature when checkpoints are ahead. Need to watch more closely. Clutch hand four fingers rise and are moved left and right, hand not taken off the grip.

  44. Doctor Smith

    Fake News CBS Caught Using Photo From Latinos For Trump Event in Phoenix and Tagged it as Biden’s Florida Event!
    By Cristina Laila September 16, 2020
    Fake news CBS got caught in a huge lie AGAIN!
    CBS News used a photo from a Latinos for Trump in event in Phoenix and tagged it as Biden’s Latino event in Florida.
    Emblazoned on CBS’s chyron: “Biden pitches crucial Latino voters during Florida campaign stop” — with a photo from Trump’s Phoenix rally.
    A Latina in the photo was literally wearing a hat that said “I Love Trump.”
    Biden’s Latino event in Kissimmee, Florida yesterday was a total disaster.
    Biden was nearly 2 hours late to the event.

  45. The Canuck

    I’m on Vancouver Island, 50th parallel. I had an over the fence conversation with my neighbor yesterday and she mentioned that they were preparing to have three large , mature Balsam trees removed from their front yard as the trees are dying. Then this evening I had a conversation with a 74 yr old orchard farmer who still lives on the land he was raised on and he also menti0ned his Balsam trees are dying. We live in communities that have signed on to Agenda 21 and the chem trails have been plenty for the past two summers although I have not seen any at all for about three weeks. No shortage of bees in my garden patch this year. Lots of pollinators.

  46. Justin Facts

    NEW AUDIO Released in Ukraine Reveals Joe Biden Trashing Trump and Promising to Stay Involved After Trump Inauguration — While His Son Was on the Dole!
    By Jim Hoft September 16, 2020
    Much evidence has come out over the last year that the real collusion in the U.S. 2016 presidential election was between the Clinton campaign/Obama admin/Biden/DNC/Deep State. These tapes were recorded after Ukraine released the famous ‘black ledger’ which allegedly showed then Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort taking ‘off the books’ illegal payments. The ledger was later shown to be fabricated after the Mueller investigation was over.
    The third tape shows Biden discussing getting Poroshenko’s children into University of Pennsylvania.
    Will Kama La, drop her running mate? Stay tuned!

  47. Lou Robson

    Never Churchill
    by Bob ZeidmanSeptember 17, 20200215
    American Jews Ignore Reality And Vote Biden?

  48. J.D. Clampett

    Without Consequences For Launching Coronavirus Against Trump’s Re-Election, Deep State Will Do It Again

  49. Justin Factoid

    It’s obvious to anyone with a brain, or with an uncorrupt mind, that the pandemic of the Chinese coronavirus was planned, and executed, to bring down President Trump in November.

    Historic Jesus statue decapitated in Texas cathedral vandalism
    Marina Pitofsky 10 hrs ago
    Police in El Paso, Texas, have detained a suspect after a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was destroyed in an area cathedral on Tuesday.launching-coronavirus-against-

  50. Stan Sylvester

    Dane is incredible. I listen to his podcast every week. I’m proud to stand with him.

  51. Marie Joy

    Thank you.

  52. JC

    One way or another, we are doomed…

    Diversity? It is the end of America. The country once was overwhelmingly white, European, Anglophone, and Christian. It worked, as approximate monocultures usually do. No longer. The North hates—the word is not too strong—the South and seeks to erase its culture and uniqueness. The Bible Belt is intensely Christian while the northern elites, heavily Jewish, seek to suppress Christianity. The coastal elites hold the central deplorables in contempt. Blacks hate whites. Feminists hate men.

    Hispanics float in indeterminate limbo, not having jumped either way. Amerindians maintain a demanding apartness. Jews, neither Christian nor, in the minds of many, neither quite European or quite American, control the media and finance, generating perennial hostility. Bulk lot Somalis, having nothing in common with Minnesota, are in Minnesota. On and on.

    It is going to blow. If it doesn’t, a miracle will have happened.

    Currently, if weirdly, blacks hold the whip hand in the country, but it will not last and won’t improve racial relations. it is lighting a fuse, fertilizing hatreds that cannot be expressed but, if ever they are, Katie bar the door.

    Statues come down if blacks don’t like them. Universities abandon teaching English grammar because blacks can’t understand it. Whites are fired for saying, “All lives matter.” The country lowers standards for blacks in medical schools, lowers required scores on the bar exam for them. High schools give diplomas to blacks who can barely read.

    Gonna blow, boys and girls. At least that’s the way to bet.

  53. bruce

    Hi Greg, just my 2 cents RE geoengineering. It can be partially mollified with orgonite crystal/resin/metal matrix tossed within 1/4 mile of offending gwen emf towers.
    Thank you.

  54. eddiemd

    In the Phoenix/Maricopa County area there seems to be less chemtrails than usual. It depends on the weather During this past extreme heat wave there was less.

    I read somewhere that the amount of UV and gamma rays reaching the earth had increased due to the reduction in air pollution from the industrial slowdown secondary to coronavirus.
    I did notice that my garden did average this year. Fewer melons than previous seasons but that could be secondary to the heat.

    We had no monsoon season this summer in Phoenix. Unusual. The entire state is in drought, some parts extreme. Maricopa county south to Tucson relies on the Central Arizona Project canal for water from the Colorado. There is some water from Salt River Project and aquifers. The quality of water is very poor and suspect. The local municipalities keep the water testing information hidden from the public.

    I worked for a lab named Arizona Testing labs in the microbiology lab back in 89-90 while a student at Arizona State. I would intake water samples from cities and towns all over the state to test for fecal coliform and other microbes. I had to sign a statement of confidentiality before employment. Back then the water quality was suspect from the microbiology point of view with many places having unacceptable coliform levels versus above acceptable chlorine levels. A few times I worked over in the inorganic/organic chemistry end and saw the high levels of arsenic in nearly all samples from throughout the state in addition to high levels of nickel, cadmium, chromium, lead.
    Home filtration recommended. I am sure that other places in the USA have similar or worse water.

    We have had 2+ weeks of high altitude smoke from California here in Arizona. Some days it turns the early AM, late PM sun to red. I have noticed eye irritation over these past few weeks.

  55. notyourpatsy

    Eddie MD, We’ve had the West Coast fire smoke going past NJ the last two weeks. It’s at higher altitudes that most don’t notice it.

    We had a 3.0 earthquake here last week at 0200hrs. It awakened me from a deep sleep with an INTENSE shaking of my home and such a LOUD sonic boom, that I literally thought it was NWS Earle blowing up!! Then I thought,”Hey? wait a minute? is this The Second Coming of Christ? and ran outside in my night clothes so as not to miss Our Lord Jesus Christ!!! unfortunately, it was’nt the latter, and disappointedly I went back inside.

    People spend less time on your phones and computers, because when He returns he’s not waiting for YOU to ‘log off’!!! Greg’s is the only site I post to and read regularly. The worse things get the MORE BIBLE STUDY I do!!

  56. Alex Chester

    Can someone answer this please. I am seeking a sincere answer here. If the chem trails are true I would assume that there would be chemical particles deposited on the ground eventually. Do we know if these have been found? If so I would be interested in any data thank you

  57. Marie Joy

    Wood stoves
    That said, decades ago, Spokane, WA made it illegal to burn your wood stove, every other day. It could be 0 degrees and it was, still, illegal to burn a wood stove, every other day.
    They want us dead.

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