Market Pre-Crash, China Bumps US Debt, Biden Better than Hillary, Dems for Iran Deal

4By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 205 8.28.15)

To say the stock market was on a roller-coaster ride this week is an understatement. Already, some are saying this action is just a blip. They say it’s a buying opportunity. They say it’s a correction and nothing more. My sources say none of that is true, that this is just the warm-up act of a much bigger downturn. Charles Nenner told me this is just the pre-crash. The big crash is coming. Gregory Mannarino of, who called the top in this market more than 2,000 points ago, says market crashes are not a one and done event but a process. He says the 2008 meltdown started in September and didn’t finish until March of 2009. It only ended with massive QE and money printing and suspension of accounting rules by FASB. Fast forward to today, and we have reports of China selling U.S. debt (Treasuries) because China’s markets are in turmoil. In simple terms, they need the cash to try to stabilize their markets. is reporting that when China sells Treasuries, it is really QE or money printing in reverse. It is reported that if China sells enough Treasuries, it could spike interest rates. Funny, former Fed Head Alan Greenspan also recently warned that a bond bubble could explode and spike interest rates. What happens if every other country sells a chunk of the more than $16 trillion of liquid U.S. government debt all at the same time? This is the scenario economist John Williams has been warning against and will be here for an update next week.

Hillary Clinton now says she “made a bad choice” for having her own private server doing government email at the State Department. That is an interesting description, “made a bad choice.” I guess you can say fraudster Bernie Madoff “made a bad choice.” I guess you could say David Petraeus, former head of the CIA, “made a bad choice.” He pled guilty to a felony charge on how he mishandled documents. He did not put national security at risk. It is alleged that Clinton broke the law and jeopardized national security by her use of a private server. This server was magically wiped clean before it was taken by the FBI. This story is far from over, which is why you are hearing loud rumblings of Vice President Joe Biden getting into the race. You think he has some inside view of how much trouble Hillary is in after decades in Washington? In a new national poll, Biden does better than Hillary in a national election against Republicans. Do you really think the Democrats are going to take a big chance on Hillary? I still think she will not be President, and she may be out of the race before the first Democratic debate next year.

The White House is pushing hard for votes in the Iran Nuke deal. Obama is picking up Senate votes from Democrats, even though the deal allows Iran to inspect its own military facilities. The deal is a sham, but that hasn’t stopped 28 Democratic Senators who have come out in favor of the deal. Obama needs 34 yes votes from Democrats in the Senate, and it is still too close to call if Congress will be able to override a Presidential veto. Meanwhile, it is reported that Iran will continue to support Hamas, which is intent on destroying Israel just like Iran. This deal will give the Iranians $150 billion, and all restrictions will basically be finished. This so-called deal is not going to usher in a new more peaceful Middle East but bring it to war. By the way, new reports say Pakistan is on its way to being the third largest nuclear arsenal within 10 years but already has many nukes, and Saudi Arabia has said many times it wants nuclear weapons and is very friendly with Pakistan.

Finally, former adviser to UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is telling his fellow countrymen to “stock up on tinned goods and bottled water.”  Also, Damian McBride says get “hard cash in a safe place” because you won’t be able to count on the banks being open. This was reported this week in the Independent, a large UK news outlet. It sounds to me that the top insider knows full well time is short, and some of them have a conscience. I hope people will take note no matter where you are in the world. What is coming will be a global phenomenon.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Bernmeister

    Thank God that there are still reliable sources for truth on the web and Watchdog is always my first stop. I pray that you continue to be blessed, Greg, for the fields are ripe but the laborers are few. The Holy Word of God says that there will be a time when “they will throw their gold and silver in the streets.” The ONLY safe passage through the days that lie before us is to abide within the shadow of the wings of the Almighty God. Thanks again, Sir for your wonderful work, as well as the work of your many contributors. May the Lord grant us to not allow our love to grow cold during the trial of our faith and patience. Blessed are they that have eyes to see and ears to hear.

    • Thomas

      The only truth is that all of Gregs guest have opinions, and 99% of them haven’t been correct. Sure Mannarino said the market has topped, until the next high is reached. Greg makes people think outside the little box with the MSM talking heads, and I’m greatful. All we know is that change is coming, adjust accordingly.

    • Don

      I enjoy Greg’s input and most of his quest, But you are absolutely right. We may not have the economic intelligence of many of Greg’s quest, but to know and love Christ, regardless of what the NWO and our government is doing, is the only safe place. We are starring at the end times, and as things fall apart in this world, the comfort of knowing God through his son, is worth more than anything in the world. Thanks for your commit. Thanks again Greg for the stellar commentary.

  2. Paul from CA

    Great wrap up, as usual.

    Mannarino does indeed rely on technical analysis. The truth is most institutional investors and real Wall Street professionals know that technical trading is absolutely hogwash. A quick internet search will confirm this.

    As for the current predictions of a crash, I would rely on Yale’s Schiller. He is dull but reliable and unbiased; and he will only make a prediction if there are facts to back it up. Some of the wacka-doodles appearing on Mondays and Wednesdays are entertaining but are most concerned about their next commission, subscriber, client or book sale.

    I am no fan of Keynes, but this variation of a quote attributed to him should be appended to your market crash predictions since 2009: “The stock market can remain irrational longer than you can stay solvent.”

    • WD

      GM is right, a lot, so what differences does it make?

  3. JMiller

    From the ZeroHedge article it is not specifically Treasuries but FX reserves that has had a big decline. Treasuries are a part of that. So I think it is wrong to assume all of the decline in FX reserves is all Treasuries. In fact it is almost certain not to be only Treasuries but other assets as well.

  4. Steve Laurence

    Hi Greg,

    You are providing an invaluable service. The truth always hurts but this time the pain barometer may explode.

    Hey, I’m going to donate a small sum, just to here you role something out about New Zealand. Like what John Key (NZ prime minister) and Brack Obama talk about when playing golf. May be its about the TPP, Cashless economy and/or remaining control of the monetary system, or even about what assets those in the know can buy in NZ when the shit hits the fan (sorry I’m a cow cocky/dairy farmer). Thanks SL

    • Z'Big

      Well Steven you are a bold rascal aren’t you? Such impudence must support a mighty appetite.

      John: So what about our young New Zealand Cockerel, cow cocky/dairy farmer).
      John: What’s the matter? Have you no stomach for honest meat?

      Steven: For honest meat, yes. But I’ve no stomach for traitors.

      John: You call me traitor?

      Steven: You? Yes and every man here who offers you allegiance..What else do you call a man who takes advantage of the King’s misfortune to seize his power?

      Steven: And now, with the help of this sweet band of cut-throats
      you’ll try to grind a Ransom for him out of every helpless New Zealander.
      A ransom that will be used, not to release Richard… but to buy your way to the throne.

      John’s lackey: Let me ram those words down his throat, Your Highness!!
      John: Oh no, later… let him spout for the moment
      John: And…… what do you propose to do?

      Steven: I’ll organise revolt. Exact a lie for the truth and i’ll never rest until every New Zealander in this Shire can stand up, Free men and strike a blow for Richard in the English speaking world.

      John: Have you finished??

      Steven: I’m only just beginning. From this night on I use every means in my power to fight you with the truth from USAWatchdog!!!

  5. Apollo

    Greg, this article
    makes a lot of sense in my view by clearing the mist and focusing on the big picture which surrounds the present global economic and geopolitical situation. Basically it’s says that all the powerful G20 nations are all in bed with each other. Cheers

    • Jerry

      As I suspected Apollo. It all happens before the G20 meeting in November.

    • Jerry

      Here is the other dot to connect to your post. It is happening now. Note the title of the document “Post Crisis Agenda Moving Forward” that was sent to the G20 in preparation for their November meeting.

      The Financial Security Board is the errand boy for the Central Banks and the NWO under the G20. Its pretty telling that you would tittle a future agenda by using the word “Post”. Pretty much says it all.

      • paul

        Good catch Jerry … so the crisis “will occur” before the G20 meeting in November!

    • The Skeptic

      I don’t like the redefininggod site. It feels weird in a strange way. He makes it sound like we’re getting all the straight caca, but in the end I always feel more hopeless and disempowered. Other sites don’t do that. This site doesn’t. Nor does even the infamous Jim Willie.

  6. andrrew

    thank you so much Greg for all your help.Im confused about the china thing. Do you think the dumping of Fed. paper and decreasing their yuan is simply so that their yuan will be closer in #s to the float of paper they hold with Gold and hard assets? In the old days in the US even during the depression He who had dollars was ok. Most didn’t have however. Now there is tons of US paper but no value! It seems to me a simpleton that if I decrease my float of paper and back it with “hard something” I will be ok. Me being china? Is this sound thinking? Thank you AP

    • paul

      Andrrew … if the Fed is forced to “print” to cover deficit spending for military and domestic needs because China (and others) are not going to be buying our Treasuries … then what we have is massive monetization or QE4 … which will lead to hyperinflation as existing “paper currency” becomes ever more diluted and worthless … so don’t expect this market crash predicted by Mannarino to last too long … for once a hyperinflation “mind set” becomes the common talk on Wall Street … the stock market and gold and silver will be “looked at as something hard” and explode upward (but only in terms of depreciated fiat dollars)!

  7. Southern Girl


    As always I so enjoy your WNW’s. You are really expressive and make me laugh. The comment about how The Donald will shred Hitlary in a debate. It will be like fighting an octopus. He will hit her from every angle….I am still laughing…now I am scream laughing…. I love it. You know they say that laughing makes your whole body better. You could be the answer to the new, “How to make yourself feel better movement.”

    I’m with some of the others…Hitlary for Prison 2016. But what will probably happen is she will be pardoned by Obama. Makes me sick but two sociopath’s will help each other out…it is all about the cause. As Jim Sinclair said Wednesday, “They don’t have a conscience.”

    Well dehydrated some more chicken last night…still preparing. I will be replaying the octopus thing in my head all day. Thanks again Greg.

    • Diane D

      And can you imagine Biden debating Trump? Trump would take control of the White House faster than Alexander Haig.

      • Z'Big

        I don’t know Diane D? Biden made mince meat out of Ryan and saved Obombers rear! THE TWO IRISHMAN HAVE AT EACH OTHER;

        “Biden vs. Trump!” If it comes to that it will certainly be the debate of the century, or of all English speaking history and the way the worlds going, maybe the history of mankind in the balance!
        Which ones Trump? Which one Biden? Only their hair designer/creator knows for sure. You just cant make this stuff up as the Greg’ster would say!

  8. Your fan in Japan

    Greg, congratulations on another great week of interviews and WNW.
    But Biden? Stephen Cohen on the John Batchelor show this past week said Biden was very deeply involved with the US support of the Kiev government -this being against Russia. he said that it would be a very dangerous thing if Biden becomes president. (but we are probably toast no matter who becomes president)

    • paul

      Dangerous indeed … if Biden thinks he owns the Ukraine … Putin will have something to say about it!

    • A R M A G E D D O N ?

      Your fan in Japan; This is what were risking WWIII for?

      Crony Collusion: VP Joe Biden’s Son Joins Board of Ukrainian Gas Company

      By 21st Century Wire
      Global Research, May 15, 2014

      According to today’s elite squatters in Washington DC, there’s no such thing as a ‘conflict of interest’ anymore…
      Whether it’s Senator Harry Reid and son Rory’s involvement in lucrative land deals and the BLM’s federal racketeering behaviour in Nevada, or Senator Diane Feinstein and husband Richard Blum’s inside track contract award to sell 56 buildings located on prime commercial real estate that currently house U.S. Post Offices, or Dick Cheney and family’s shareholdings in Haliburton and fortunes reaped during his tenure as Vice President and In exactly the same vein, Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden, who has been pushing hard to demonise and disrupt Russia and Gazprom’s relationship with Kiev, while supporting the heavily NeoFascist coup de tat in Kiev, Ukraine – just happens to have a son who just happens to be working as the ‘head of legal affairs’ at Burisma, Ukraine’s largest private gas producer. The conflict of interest – or the outright collusion involved here is fairly blatant.

      On his recent ‘business trip’ to Kiev, Biden proclaimed, “Imagine where you’d be today if you were able to tell Russia: keep your gas. It would be a very different world”.

      He also had the stones to condemn the Ukrainians for their government corruption, crowing arrogantly, “To be very blunt about it … you have to fight the cancer of corruption,” he said.

      No word from Joe on this latest revelation, and son Hunter Biden, sees no problem at all with this geopolitical corporate love triangle. “I believe that my assistance in consulting the company on matters of transparency, corporate governance and responsibility, international expansion and other priorities will contribute to the economy and benefit the people of Ukraine”.

      Read it for yourself…

      Joe Biden’s Son Blames “Russian Agents” For Ashley Madison Profile
      Tyler Durden on 08/28/2015 14:26 -0400

      Last night we heard the best ‘excuse’ yet if you are caught with an Ashley Madison account, from Dan Loeb – “due diligence.” Today, not to be outdone by a married hedge fund manager, Vice-President Joe Biden’s son “Hunter” has unleashed his own set of excuses for member ship of the extramarital affairs website, as Breitbart reports – Biden thinks international agents, possibly Russian, who objected to his board membership with a Ukrainian gas company set up a fake account to discredit him. However, IP mapping suggests otherwise…

      It’s no wonder more and more of the American people are getting all fired up, these people need to be FIRED! Can you here it, your Fired! Hillary is getting sacked as we speak, she’s fired. Sounds good doesn’t it. The sound since 2008, ur Fired! Message to the power’s that be, soon wont be, he he, your Fired. Message to the muddle glass you’s HIRED! Now that sounds much better!

      PS. Back in the late 90’s the msm were recommending to buy Haliburton. Cheney was CEO and that was before 9-11 and before he took the vice presidency of the United Stares.

      • Galaxy 500

        Isn’t it sad that the people have grown accustomed and even expect that their representatives be lying degenerate scum.
        Trump has my vote so far for all the reasons the RINOs don’t

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


      There are many grotesque conflicts of interest when it comes to Washington’s involvement in Ukraine.

      ➢ Joe Biden’s youngest son Hunter Biden is a on the board of directors for the largest privately owned Ukrainian gas company Burisma

      ➢ Devon Archer who was a senior adviser for John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign is also on this board.

      ➢ David Leiter works as a lobbyist for Burisma. Well what do you know….Leitner was a former chief of staff to SOS John Kerry.

      ➢ Archer was also very close to Kerry’s stepson who has the surname Heinz. That’s right the name is ‘Heinz’. Kerry’s second wife is a substantial heir to the Heinz Company. Can anyone think of potential conflicts of interest here given that the Ukraine is [more like was] one of the iconic food bowl producing areas of the world.

      ➢ Neocon Nuland, at a conference sponsored by Chevron, stated that the US had invested $5 billion in regime change in the Ukraine. She is married to Robert Kagan who was once foreign policy adviser to John McCain. Kagan is regarded by many as a leading neocon. I won’t go into the ins and outs of this monumental treasonous intrigue. I will just quote from the article by Robert Parry:
      “In other words, the Family Kagan has almost a self-perpetuating, circular business model – working the inside-corridors of government power to stimulate wars while simultaneously influencing the public debate through think-tank reports and op-ed columns in favor of more military spending – and then collecting grants and other funding from thankful military contractors.

      Here is the link to the full article;


  9. Justin Case

    From yesterday’s ZeroHedge article (written by Brandon Smith of
    “Lies You Will Hear As The Economic Collapse Progresses” :

    John Maynard Keynes in 1927: “We will not have any more crashes in our time.”

    H.H. Simmons, president of the New York Stock Exchange, Jan. 12, 1928: “I cannot help but raise a dissenting voice to statements that we are living in a fool’s paradise, and that prosperity in this country must necessarily diminish and recede in the near future.”

    Irving Fisher, leading U.S. economist, The New York Times, Sept. 5, 1929: “There may be a recession in stock prices, but not anything in the nature of a crash.” And on 17, 1929: “Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau. I do not feel there will be soon if ever a 50 or 60 point break from present levels, such as (bears) have predicted. I expect to see the stock market a good deal higher within a few months.”

    W. McNeel, market analyst, as quoted in the New York Herald Tribune, Oct. 30, 1929: “This is the time to buy stocks. This is the time to recall the words of the late J. P. Morgan… that any man who is bearish on America will go broke. Within a few days there is likely to be a bear panic rather than a bull panic. Many of the low prices as a result of this hysterical selling are not likely to be reached again in many years.”

    Harvard Economic Society, Nov. 10, 1929: “… a serious depression seems improbable; [we expect] recovery of business next spring, with further improvement in the fall.”

  10. Chip

    Awesome WNW Greg. What a crazy week it was. Including yesterday’s last hour dump and pump!!! The Dow went down about 350 points in a half hour and then straight back up 350 in the last half hour of trading!!! THAT should scare the bejesus out of everyone. What is the market cap loss of that decline? “investors” did not buy into that decline. It had to be the Fed or “plunge protection team” or whatever power is trying to maintain the illusion of a “recovery”. How much fiat money did it take to pump that right back up? We’ve got to be talking about hundred’s of billions? I would like for you to pose this question to Gregory M. I’ll bet it’s something he could answer. Thanks for what you do Greg – have a great weekend… Chip

  11. NC Gal

    Regarding Hillary, if anyone has an hour and a half to spare, watch “Hillary Clinton Exposed,” a full length movie she apparently banned from theaters ( It confirms exactly what I have observed about her, going all the way back to her time in Bill’s campaign to become President. My former husband observed that she was even more power hungry than Bill, and I think he was right.

    I hope that Gina Mancarella will watch this and stop posting about what a good President Hillary would make and how she would solve our country’s problems. I am not sure WHY Obama is making sure she doesn’t get to be President, but this is one thing I am glad he IS doing (probably the only one!). Hillary would make an awful President, worse than anything we’ve seen yet. We may not have elections at all, but it would be good if Hillary was out of the picture if we do.

    • Grafique

      NC Gal, I agree with you about Hillary, but I’m curious – how would Hillary ban a film from theaters?

      As to why Hussein Obama doesn’t want her to be president –
      He and the Clintons don’t like each other. Obama only agreed to let Hillary be Secretary of State because at the 2008 Democrat Convention, she and Bill agreed not to fight Obama for the nomination in exchange for Hillary getting the position.

  12. USAF Airman Rich Treadway


    Just to educate you …. Hillary Clinton happens to garner very strong support from the Council on Foreign Relations, which happens to be the intellectual hotbed mainly tasked with the continuos consideration of ideas for the purpose of ensuring our national security. It is a very important logistical body. There is no way that Hillary Clinton will not be on the Democratic ticket perhaps with Biden as VP. Biden after all would compliment Clinton very well since he is keenly astute with aligning the interests of banking and finance along with the national security objectives that we’ve set. That said, I dont like Clinton. After all, she is a Democrat. However, the only viable candidate that the Council on Foreign Relations will ordain is Jeb Bush. Naturally, I like Jeb because he is a Republican, but he is in no way as strong a leader as George W or his father. This is a problem and it gives us pause because the Iranians will be very dangerous if we conduct an unrestrained assault, which Jeb is more likely to do than Hillary. I believe that under Hillary, our assault will be much more complete and ruthless because when there is a conflict, she does not shudder under pressure, so in the end, it very well may be Hillary that we need in there despite being a democrat. I saw the comment regarding my F bomb on a previous post and I apologize for letting that slip out. It was totally a mistake and I will try and censor any verbage from my mouth that may offend decency.

    • Diane D

      An ‘unrestrained assault’? You mean waging another unjust, unconstitutional war. We have been doing that for 50 years now. And what have we gained? America now has two generations who know of nothing but war. Who in heck do we Americans think we are?

      The ‘supreme crime’ of international law is the Crime of Aggression. America is the greatest international criminal in the world. How did America become so blood thirsty? What happened to the America that believed in the ‘Golden Rule’? (Matthew 7:12) America abandoned God. And we wonder why America is bleeding out?

      • Silence is Golden

        Let us not confuse a Nation with a Corporate.
        US of A.. LLC is run just like a corporate… fact it is one !!!!
        It has at the helm sociopaths and criminals.
        You ask “how did America become so bloodthirsty “.
        This should be evident in the constitution of the corporate.

      • Milton

        Classic “hammer looking for a nail” case.
        Beautiful, formative years spent parroting “Yes-sir…sir!”, and you get airman above.

      • Galaxy 500

        Diane, you wrote, “America is the greatest international criminal in the world.” Madame, please travel the world some. If you survive, your horizons will surely be broadened. I am simply tried of the old “America is evil” bull shiite. This was a great nation and it can be again but it is hardly an “evil” nation.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          “Hardly an evil nation”

          Try telling that to the families of the 35 million plus people that have been killed by Washington’s as a direct result of evil hegemony from WW2 to 2009. And while you are at it reflect too on the 350 million they have maimed.

          Whats the score on the number of countries you have bombed….. ummmmm….. thats right 30+ and rising each and every year.

          Come to think of it there is probably a good commercial opportunity here. Perhaps a global dart board could be a big seller. Countries like Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and all 30 of the rest of the sorry list could be targets, each given different values when you hit them….again.

          It probably won’t be anywhere near as financially rewarding as the munitions industry these wars spawned but every little bit helps, especially when per capita the US is significantly more broke than Greece.

          With moronic responses like the above one made to Diane I have come to the conclusion that you are indeed one very screwed up dude. I would sincerely suggest you crawl out of your cave and do some travel yourself.

    • brian

      haha, you are a hoot man.

    • Galaxy 500

      You like Jeb because he is a Republican? I am more of a Martian than he is a conservative.

    • Grafique

      “Republican” does not equal “conservative”. Nor is Bush – to this point at least – a viable candidate.

      I agree with Greg – Hillary Clinton will not become president. In fact, she will be out of the race before spring.

  13. Jerry

    Greg, at the risk of being repetitive I’m going to state this again. China and the BRIC nations are going to decouple from the dollar in September. Every indicator I have access to is pointing to this happening. And now this.

    Trillions of dollars of U.S. treasuries will be dumped back into the market, that will cause the dollar to collapse. I’m not sure about the exact timing of this event, but one thing I am sure of it will happen before the G20 meeting in November.

    Your readers should forget about the 2016 elections and make final preparations to survive in a harsh winter environment. The signs I am seeing as of late are pointing to an early winter. If you rely on electricity for heat, you may want to make alternate plans depending on your circumstances. You only get one shot to make it right, so don’t second guess what may or may not happen.

    • Southern Girl


      I’m with you especially the last paragraph about the harsh winter. I heard this one will be cold but next year even worse. Just bought 3 more ricks of wood. I can heat the whole house with the fireplace. Also I don’t think there will be elections in 2016….they will be postponed because of martial law. I think Obama wants to stay in and if he knocks Hitlary out he can get old Joe to bow out.

      • Bob Lamb

        I’m thinking the same.

    • WD


      Farmers Almanac is saying a very cold early winter…


    • Grafique

      I’m not saying China wouldn’t abandon the Dollar, but my question is, why would they abandon a trillion dollars worth of bonds? Or do you think they’ll try to sell them before then? That’s a lot of bonds to liquidate in one month.

  14. brian

    This might sound ignorant, but I don’t see why any of us should be concerned if Iran has nuclear weapons or not. I mean, Pakistan has had nuclear weapons for how long now, and the way this war on terror has been prosecuted it looks like our goal was to do whatever we could to push nuclear armed and super muslim Pakistan into total chaos….so whats the big deal with Iran? What, some whacko pretending to run the country says some stupid stuff? Haha, what if we judged the United States worthiness to be nuclear armed based on the comments of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton or Dubyah? HA! Or you know, our current salt and pepper prez and his glib remark that you know, “he’s pretty good at killing people.”?!? Besides Iran at least tries to keep a degree or two of separation between their sponsored militias and the mayhem they inflict on people…look at us, we don’t give a toot apparently about what we do to who; I mean we are actively bombing people in countries (Yemen) we are not even at war with for Gods sake. Maybe we shouldn’t have nukes, especially when you look at how unstable and criminal our banking system is and how deep into the asshole of our government they are…or the fact that we chop up babies and sell their parts for God knows what to be done with them!

    Nah, I think Iran is a big country filled with rational adults who want to live, not die in a nuclear war. If they acquire nuclear arms maybe it forces Israel and the rest of the world to find a serious solution to the Jewish/Arab problem over there instead of just pretending to care while everything done in the so called pursuit of peace and harmony manages only to reap a whole fresh crop of discord and disaster.

    I think the world would breath a sigh of relief if maybe the US would just take a few steps back and stop trying to control, manage and profit off of everything that happens.

    • Greg Hunter

      You make good points here but Ignore the fact Iran wants to wipe out another country.

      • brian

        Well, I get that, but the country they want to wipe out happens to have nuclear weapons of their own and has a proven track record of being able to handle itself quite well…so what I figure it boils down to is:

        A) will the Iranian people sit by and tolerate anything more than empty rhetoric from some wild elements of their government. I mean do the majority of the Iranian people want a nuclear war with Israel? And…..
        B) Is the US in any position right now to bring anyone to the negotiating table on any issue without managing to only agitate things even more by the sheer lunacy and hypocrisy of our involvement?

        Unfortunately I think that whatever happens in the middle east (and the larger world as well) right now is a forgone conclusion. We forfeited any leverage or moral high ground we had long long ago and this is the cost; a world of chaos and uncertainty, a world that we as a nation have no ability what so ever to meaningfully impact in a good way.

        In all fairness, I should probably recant my earlier assertion that we should not be concerned about a nuclear Iran and amend it to say that our concerns are completely irrelevant at this point and if acted upon will only inflame things and bring about the proverbial self fulfilling prophecy.

        • Greg Hunter

          We will just have to agree to disagree on what is going on here.

        • Grafique

          Brian, not worrying about Iran getting atomic bombs – just because Pakistan has them – makes no sense.
          How is it no big deal that two islamic nations (one of which is a sponsor of terrorism and seeks control over the Middle East), not just one, can wipe out civilization?

        • aussie jeff

          Brian said,
          A) will the Iranian people sit by and tolerate anything more than empty rhetoric from some wild elements of their government. I mean do the majority of the Iranian people want a nuclear war with Israel?

          Answer to the first part of A is ………………..YES

          Answer to second part of A is …………………NO
          That “wild element” of the Iranian government string up it’s citizens in the same way we shell peanuts while watching a football match!!
          It’s that simple reason alone why it’s masses have not dared to take to the streets and overthrow it’s brutal and barbaric government.
          The government rules with an iron fist, it’s either comply or die.
          As far as the average Iranian wanting nuclear war with Israel, I guess you could ask that question to any “thinking” person on the planet regardless of what country they live in and you would get the same answer, NO.
          The only difference being in the case of Iran and Israel is that their is something way more sinister at work here than meets the eye.
          Israel is surrounded by her long time enemies,they have tried to decimate and wipe her off the face of the earth time and again,but have failed.
          Psalms chapt 83 ………..contains 18 verses, it also contains Israel’s current plight and it’s final outcome.
          God Bless.
          P.S ……..if anyone bothers to read those verses,keep in mind what Iran has said about Israel in the last few years,(like wiping it off the face of the earth)and then it all starts to make sense.

      • Diane D

        But Greg, the US has been engaged in wars to protect other countries for the last 50 years. Where in the Constitution is the authority given to the central government to protect other nations?

        • Greg Hunter

          Diane D,
          Did I say the US should protect someone? I said the ME is headed for war faster now that this Iran deal is done.

    • Charles H.


      Religious Fanaticism is as strong a driving force as they come; and some religions, in their construction or doctrines are horrific. It is not prudent to assume countries who labor under such conditions are “rational”.
      I grew up in America in the 50’s and 60’s. In that time girls and women weren’t afraid for themselves; mass-murders and shootings were unheard of. Today, it is not safe – either for them, or us. America was THE most civil and law-abiding country in the world; and where are we now? Do you suppose less civilized countries have gotten better since then? Now is not the time to wear rose-colored glasses. No one knows when the knives will come out.

      • brian

        I get what you’re saying Charles, I understand that a nuclear Iran is not something to cheer about. But having said that, what exactly is the United States supposed to do about this whole thing?

        Our country is not going to find it possible to convince or even push Iran out of going nuclear, and the harder we try the more likely the whole effort will result in a war. Why? Because there is absolutely no reason for Iran to trust anything on our side of the bargaining table and absolutely no reason for Iran to trust our nations motives, promises, accords or agreements. No trust = no meaningful negotiations; and the more we are involved the more paranoid Iran’s leaders will get, the more convinced they will be that a first strike is coming and so the more they will lean to taking some type of overly defensive stance…which will lead to war.

        It sucks, I am not saying I wish Iran had nukes, but it is what it is, welcome to the new world order, nobody has any moral authority and its just chaos.

        • Charles H.

          Thank you for the refreshing and civil reply. Although I would like to join you in keeping an attitude on the positive side: I cannot. Whether we are as nice as pie, or terrible as tyrants – I think we will never gain a position or perception for negotiations. As the world fractures, and nations vie for position – looking out for themselves: there are still areas that deserve encouragement, and others deterrent.
          I would be well if the US actually was ‘good’ and ‘fair’; and went about doing things the right way: but it isn’t, and it doesn’t.
          Human history revolves around the Middle-East; and the future is decided there also. In a world of ‘lesser evils’, and struggling between Good and Evil: it is a hard slog to steer a course in a right direction. Keeping Nuclear Technology and Weapons out of as many hands as possible is, to me, a right thing. THAT kind of power requires great responsibility: and frankly, I don’t believe Iran can measure up to it.

          • brian

            Well Charles, I cannot argue much of what you are saying, other than to challenge the ends-justifies-the-means approach you take on this whole thing, as it would likely and ironically lead to the ultimate result we are ostensibly trying to prevent; that being a nuclear exchange involving several nations.

            I honestly do not think that the United States is capable of doing anything to diffuse the situation in the middle east, especially in regard to Iran’s nuclear aspirations, as much of Iran’s desire to go nuclear does in fact come from the perception that they are threatened by nuclear powers.

            I am an America first kinda guy. I firmly believe that until we can at least restore the rule of law here in the highest levels of government in our own nation we are not in any position to promote stability and peace in the world.

            In regards to keeping nuclear technology out of the wrong hands, it would probably be best to start by removing the overt criminals currently loitering around the levers of our own nations arsenal. To me that would go a long long way in bringing some of these brewing conflicts back to a low simmer.

            • Charles H.


              IF you ARE an America First sort of person – WHY do you only argue against the USA? “Overt criminals”?!?? That is BS.

              • brian

                is it? Should we not expect more from such an exceptional nation? I do.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          You said;
          “Why? Because there is absolutely no reason for Iran to trust anything on our side of the bargaining table and absolutely no reason for Iran to trust our nations motives, promises, accords or agreements. No trust = no meaningful negotiations; and the more we are involved the more paranoid Iran’s leaders will get, the more convinced they will be that a first strike is coming and so the more they will lean to taking some type of overly defensive stance…which will lead to war.”

          This is exactly what I have been trying to get across on WD now for some time. Most don’t want to hear this perspective from me. After all said and done I am just an opinionated old farmer from the antipodes, what the hell would I know.

          I wonder if they will hear it from you. Good luck to you.
          By the way I think this is the most brilliant single paragraph that I have yet read on this Iran debate.
          Brian…… you nailed it man!

          • brian

            haha, nah Colin, I don’t think there is any convincing that would happen on a comments board. Everyone has their opinions and they are stickin’ to ’em.

    • Galaxy 500

      Iran is a big country full of rational adults just like America. And none of them are in charge of anything. Giving people nukes that leader’s say their goal is to murder an entire race of people is not only ignorant, it is the height of suicidal stupidity.

      • paul

        Iran can get out of their fix by using Bill Clinton’s strategy when he said “it all depends on what the meaning of [is] is” … the Iranians can simply say they did not mean they were going to wipe Israel “the nation” out … what they meant was they were going to “erase” Israel off the map they have hanging on the wall in the Presidential palace with a pencil eraser just as a symbolic way of showing their displeasure with Israeli policies.

      • brian

        just like here in america huh…funny things are the same wherever you look.

    • Russell

      Brian – you have bought into the moral relativism argument. It’s okay for Iran to have nuclear weapons because Pakistan has them. And India. And North Korea. And the US. And Israel too. So why not Iran? The fact is that nobody, and I mean nobody can put forth a morally sound argument for any nation to acquire, build or possess nuclear weapons. I don’t care how you spin it. These things are the most indiscriminate ever created. In Japan the vast majority of victims were civilian non combatants. And in fact nearly 8,000 Christians were incinerated instantly because ground zero was St. Mary’s cathedral, one of the largest buildings in Nagasaki and a good target for the bombardier.

      Frankly I am disgusted by people who direct their angst exclusively toward Iran but have no problem with Israel possessing nuclear weapons. They’ve never owned up to the fact that they have them and won’t sign the Non Proliferation Treaty. I don’t trust Israel to not use them when push comes to shove. And if they do most of the victims will be innocents. Why is that people, especially those that identify as Christian, have no problem with that? I’ll tell you precisely why – moral relativism. Moral relativism said it was perfectly fine for 8,000 Christians and tens of thousands of other innocent people to be incinerated because it might save some arbitrary number of American soldiers during an invasion of Japan. Moral relativism lead Madeleine Albright to suggest on 60 Minutes that it was acceptable that 500,000 Iraqi children were dead as a result of US sanctions during the Clinton regime. Moral relativism leads people to worship a president (Lincoln) who was responsible for killing nearly 800,000 Americans during the war of northern aggression. Right is right even if nobody is doing it. And wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it. Moral relativism is the idea that there is no objective standard for our views as to what is right or wrong. That everything “just depends…” on the situation. In other words the goal posts are moved in between plays.

      Iran should not have a nuclear weapon. And neither should Pakistan, India, the UK, France, North Korea, Russia, Israel or the US. I cannot imagine an argument that would persuade me otherwise.

      • brian

        moral relativism aside, the real world begs the question; just what exactly is the United States going to do to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons? I think if we push this too far we will show ourselves unable to follow through and embolden our enemies thus making the world even more dangerous.

        We have got to pick our battles, and quite frankly, with this “team” we got at the helm, I’d rather see nothing done.

      • Kerry

        I agree with your sentiments but how do you put this genie back in the bottle? The fact is, nuclear weapons exist, and eventually Iran will have them, one way or another. Once the technology has been discovered, it will be used, it’s just the way things work. If a man is determined, he can destroy a 747 jumbo jet with a box cutter. If I have a better mouse trap then my neighbor, why not use it? If you think your enemies are no better than vermin, what is to stop you from using whatever you have to exterminate the vermin? The only way to stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction ( or other weapons, for that matter) is a change to human nature (or the return of Jesus Christ.) Human nature is not going to change, so I am guessing there is a need for a return: “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.” Mathew 24:22 Your guess is as good as mine as to what He meant by “the elect.”

  15. Randy

    Greg, You’re right, God is in charge. And as a Christian who has made Him the Lord of my life, I “fear not.” Thanks so much for your interviews and weekly analysis. You’re a watchman on the wall.

    • paul

      The problem with relying on God to come to the rescue because “he is in charge” fosters an attitude in men of doing nothing … likely Jerry Brown figures he doesn’t have to do anything because God will make it rain and save California … the way God helps us … is for us to use our own brains he gave us … and solve the problems ourselves!

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Agreed absolutely!!!!

        Thinking back, how did ‘God’s rescue’ work out during the rise of the Nazi party pre WW2 ? Not that well by all accounts. 60 million people lost their lives!

        What about for the Jews herded into queues for the gas chamber.
        How did ‘waiting for God’ and ‘fear not’ turn out for them?

        IMHO ‘relying on God because ‘he is in charge’ is an utterly pathetic childlike response that is exactly the same as doing nothing.
        We might as well all try the old ostrich denial tactic and see if that works.


        • Greg Hunter

          Please do mock the faith folks have in God here and I promise no will mock you for the lack of it.

      • Randy

        Paul, I think you made an assumption that I only advocate getting right spiritually with God, then sit back and watch the show. Absolutely not… I believe we’re headed to a very dark place, and the storm clouds are almost upon us. All of us should take notice and prepare accordingly. Greg always states at the end of his WNW that you should prepare yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. I was struck by this weeks WNW ,at the 17:27 mark of the video, where I saw the distress in Greg’s eyes and body language. I was only pointing out one of the most important of the 3 things he mentioned. If you’re right spiritually, the rest will fall into place. I’ll leave you with this: Proverbs 22:3 – The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.

        • paul

          Good Randy… glad you agree that although we all have faith in God setting things right … it should not be used as an excuse not to prudently act to avoid danger … and Colon … yes, we humans must do everything in our power (a power that God gave to us) to resist the elites who want to take Earth’s population down to 500 million.

      • Galaxy 500

        I don’t see Jerry Brown praying to God for rain. BUT I have no problem visualizing Jerry sacrificing unborn children to his master Satan or Allah or what ever is in vogue to call Lucifer these days

  16. Sdonne

    Utter nonsense. Wall Street sent equities into a sharp correction going into September because of the Fed’s talk about raising interest rates, in essence forcing the Fed to back off (not that they would ever raise rates anyway).
    So the Fed sent out an official, Dudley, on Wednesday to tell Wall Street traders what they wanted to hear: rate hike postponed yet again. He also hinted at another round of QE if necessary. And equities skyrocketed: biggest two-day rally in history.
    They’ve played that game over and over in the last seven years.
    Yet, tons of people still don’t get it apparently.
    And it will go on indefinitely… as long as Russia and China don’t grow a pair and finally reject the dollar. Looking at this objectively, I think the world may wait a very, very long time.

  17. Craig

    Just to add some fuel to the fire about the drought in California, where I live. Nestle company is pumping 27,000,000 ( million ) gallons of water per year from our parched state through a longtime EXPIRED contract for a little more than $500 a year, and they REFUSE to stop this practice. So, they pump water from us, bottle it, and sell it back to us in plastic bottles while the rest of us are harassed daily about flushing the toilet, taking more than a 5 minute shower, watering our plants. Add to this the fracking industry using over 5,000,000 gallons daily to pump oil from the ground where the waste water is now toxic and they’re poisoning the aquifers with it. Of course they aren’t being stopped or forced to clean up their toxic waste. And lastly, you sure don’t see any brown golf courses around here! But, our governor has a bullet train costing BILLIONS of dollars on the way! Good work, Jerry!

    • paul

      The bullet train is “a good idea” we shouldn’t trash it … bullet trains will bring down cancer rates in our country because flying at 10,000 feet subjects passengers, flight attendants and the pilots) to extremely high radiation doses when solar activity stirs up … as for Nestle pumping millions of gallons of water for peanuts and then selling it back to us for huge profit … why don’t we WatchDoger’s get together and set up a company to sell bottled air to breathe that we can get essentially for free (and promoting it as having extra oxygen and being radiation and smog free … ocean plankton are being killed off by ultra-violet radiation (because Earth’s ozone shield has been destroyed) and by the Fukushima radiation (being flushed into the Pacific by Japan) … so it is only a matter of time and Earth’s atmospheric oxygen will reach levels that begin to promote cancer in our bodies … the money we make can be used to fight the elites and bring morality back to the world!

  18. Robert in Nevada

    Trump v. Hillary debate would be the pay-per-view broadcast of all time

    • brian

      You know the scary thing is that I could see that actually happening. I mean talk about bread and circus; a presidential race between those two clowns would captivate quite an audience….while the world falls apart and is openly pillaged by the purveyors of such carnage every grueling step of the way.

      • paul

        Pay -per -view ratings would sky rocket if Trump and Hillary faced off in a musical contest … Trump blowing his trumpet and Hillary blowing her husbands sax … winner take all … people can vote from their easy chairs … and the best blowhard becomes our President.

    • RTW

      That would be something the low information voters would thoroughly enjoy. After all look at all the mind numbing, inane, garbage that sells on television under the guise of “reality TV”. Listen in sometime to the conversations of these individuals and you’ll get a feeling of where their heads are at. Hint: It’s a warm and dark place. They would tune in and howl at the antics acted out on the stage and completely forget that the result of it is the further destruction of our country from the “winner”. This country has been in a downward spiral since the 90’s and it looks like it isn’t going to get better any time soon. The mass murder rate is through the roof, we kill unborn babies at an astronomical rate and now we have stooped to an all time low, selling their body parts. We have an invasion going on right under our very noses, while we are busy fighting a war in the ME, ostensibly to protect our freedom. Millions of illegals have/are streaming across our border and reproducing like mad. Our elected officials are passing laws daily to take freedom away from us and pass it on to the illegals. This is what is known as an oxymoron. While we’re talking about oxymoronic behavior, lets not forget that this whole country is literally still up in arms over the shooting of a criminal, by a white policeman and the mantra is still “Black Lives Matter”, while hundreds of black children are killed each year, in Chicago alone, and not one peep. Why, because it doesn’t fit their narrative. When a GOP candidate tried to say that “All Lives Matter” he was shouted down and had to issue a correction. That’s where we’re at.

  19. Cryptic Little Sister

    I hope that everyone is well.

    I would like to emphasize again: the president will sign a very large increase in military aid to Ukraine in the budget for the 2016 NDAA . Someone recently asked me about this aid, and I repeat here what I told this person: the budget increase will be for lethal aid. The final amount of this aid will be 1.2 billion dollars. This will occur just before a collapse in the stock market, accompanied by a rapid drop in the dollar, by roughly 30 percent. Plans anticipate very high unemployment going into next year. The Euro has been written off. It will be allowed to die.

    You will see various attempts at propping up the American dollar, and they may work for a brief time, but I want to be clear that I do not see how these attempts can succeed for very long after the crash.

    I and others like me cannot conscionably participate in what is going on now in the media. The news is completely immoral and without a conscience. It is evident now that the media are very actively pushing aside the truth in the past few days in order to lock up the exits.

    Thankyou for this venue. I will attempt to post this information each week in order to keep it in public view.

    The crash is being manufactured.

    With the death of the Euro, a new currency will be unveiled, instituted by France and Germany.

    The word that I have seen concerning next year’s elections is “suspended” not cancelled.

    Watch the currency markets: the dollar is being bumped up to clear out traders. When you see the large NDAA defense budget increase, look for a crash in the stock market accompanied by a single drop of 30 to 35 percent in the dollar.

    Inflation will continue to rise. These events involve no deflation.

    Events have begun to move politically rather than financially. A lot of the pressure is coming not just from China but from within the U.S. at the state level. The U.S. military is not really a single entity any longer. What you are not being told by the media is that governments are fracturing nationally and internationally. The changes that are being planned are primarily political not financial.

    I cannot stress this enough: events are now political, rather than financial. Power is about to begin to shift from the U.S. to Europe and a new European currency, not the yuan. Tension will continue to increase between the U.S. and China and between the states and the feds. You are about to see more exposures of people and groups in high places. Pay attention to the many “retirements” that happen in the coming year. The markets will continue to weaken, and then they will crash around the specific events which I have given you above.

    • Greg Hunter

      Is there any way you can give us some information on how you know this without jeopardizing you sources? Thank you for the update.

      • WD


        Please tread with caution around CLS….I still smell a troll. All of sudden are we supposed to believe she is trustworthy and a reliable source and the many immature and threatening post this person posted?

        • Greg Hunter

          Grain of salt my friend. Let’s see if she/he is correct She have given a specific time frame and 30% devaluation of USD and a market crash. I am interested in seeing if this prediction is correct.

          • Pondering

            Absolutely, Greg. There are interesting claims there that must be validated by observation.

    • brian

      Hey lil’ sis’,

      Since when has there ever been a line between what is political and financial? Whats the difference between money and power anyway? I don’t get it.

      And I would still like to know what you are doing to prepare for this, just a rough sketch would be nice.

    • Thomas

      CLS, lmao, and I got a bridge to sell yah. My people have said a completely different scenarios will play out, so your people must be wrong. Change is coming, adjust accordingly.

      • Greg Hunter

        What do your sources say is coming and please give timing if you can. Thank you for the info in advance.

    • Cryptic Little Sister

      Hilde, thankyou for showing an interest. The section on aid to Ukraine is what you will want to continue paying attention to. The house and the senate have each passed a bill authorizing a relatively small amount of lethal aid. This aid is what your articles are referring to. The congress will reconcile these bills when it returns from recess. Specifically, what I am referring to is what happens after that. Pay attention to Obama: at the very last minute he will increase the budget for Ukraine in the 2016 NDAA passed by congress. The final amount of aid will be 1.2 billion dollars. This will come at the last minute, after the congress has done its work.

      When you see this last minute increase you will know that the stock market will drop very quickly, and the dollar will devalue by about 35 percent.

      • WD

        I will give you benefit of doubt…. because I have thought for a long time “its all about Ukraine” don’t know why maybe just some intuition angle.

        I think they want to take Russia down by any and all means… I will look for your telltale signs.


  20. vincent_g

    China fell first as they were effected more directly by the poor economy.
    This is due to China being the main producer of products.
    When the sales drop people are laid off which is unlike what we have in the USA where nothing is made anymore.

    When people see the effects of a bad economy they respond.
    In the US you don’t see it very much.

    Radio Shack closes – it’s not a big deal to people here.
    It’s when they see most of the major store chains closing then they understand the News is full of it and things are really bad.

    The crash this year was predictable many months back.
    News that the trade deficit was down –>
    News that china is shipping less. –>

    This is not new news – sales have been very weak in the USA and I imagine in Europe also.

    Cap One has over 1 billion dollars in default Credit Cards.

    Credit is at the heart of this problem as people can’t pay off debt if they can’t keep enough of what they earn to do so!!

    And now once again the dominoes are falling.
    And once again the banks are going to take a big hit.

    They don’t fall fast – a market crash today will have little effect on you right away.
    Over Time things fall starting from the date of the crash.
    Some companies will go under a year after the crash.
    The damage of the crash pushes marginal companies over the edge.
    The most immediate effect is the job loss.

  21. Brian

    Greg, I think your views on Iran are a little off the mark. There are lots of good articles on Iran and it’s leader, for instance here is an un-biased view by the Council on Foreign Affairs (I am not posting this crap) Here is another one from Noam Chomsky (More biased crap that I am not posting) I would be more worried on what Israel, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia are doing.

    • Greg Hunter

      “un-biased view by the Council on Foreign Affairs.” Really?? “unbiased”?? The CFR is the heart and soul of the NWO. Noam Chomsky is a leftist wacko that hates Israel and would also like to see it destroyed. Never mind the stated goal from Hamas and Iran is they want to wipe Israel off the map. Not posting the links to this crap. Pleaqse start you own site and post all the biased Jew hating content you wish and let us know how it works for you.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Your comment and I quote:
        “Noam Chomsky is a leftist wacko”.
        What an outrageous thing to say!

        Would this happen to be the same Noam Chomsky who was voted the “world’s top public intellectual” in a 2005 poll.
        Would this be the same man who is widely regarded as one of the leading intellectuals of modern times.

        I sincerely hope you are talking about another ‘Noam Chomsky’ otherwise this is a very sad day indeed for WD.

        • Greg Hunter

          He is a leftist and I am not sure the “poll” was on the up and up as this article says from the Guardian in the UK: “Since the poll was for the world’s leading intellectuals, it should come as no surprise that websites manned by supporters of Chomsky, Hitchens and Abdolkarim Soroush were used to draw attention to the poll.” Just because we disagree doesn’t mean you are automatically right and I am automatically wrong. I don’t think the same as you so it is a “sad day”? That’s your argument? Trying to destroy my point of view because I am not smart? Not going to work. and we will have to agree to disagree on this point. I think for myself and don’t need a left wing wacko academic to shape my thoughts.

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            Of course I am not automatically right.
            What on earth makes you think I regard myself as anything of the sort. I have said it before;
            “I didn’t come to WD with any doctorate, I simply came with a perspective”.
            I do however continually challenge right wing western narrative so I probably qualify as a left wing wacko too.

            I note that anytime anyone makes a comment that is even slightly critical of Israeli policy or dares to suggest that there maybe another side to the story with regard to Iran then you immediately come out swinging.

            Don’t recall saying you are ‘not smart’ either Greg. Its a complete mystery to me as to where that one came from. And by the way it would be a pretty poor forum if we agreed on everything all the time wouldn’t it. In fact it wouldn’t be a forum at all.

            Nothing personal here Greg, I still have huge admiration for you and your site. We each have our own perspectives and no of course none of us are “automatically right” as you put it.

        • Galaxy 500

          Yes, Colin and this same group of socialist intellectual pigs gave 0bama the Nobel Peace prize rendering it devoid of value.
          Was this an attempt at sarcasm or levity?

          • Greg Hunter

            Forgot about that 500. Good point. Thank you.

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            No neither sarcasm or levity.
            Perhaps you should put your ears on some time, google ‘Chomsky/Iran’, and actually sit down and listen to this man’s view on Iran’s perspective in all of this.

            Remember too that your countries disgraceful meddling in Iran’s affairs for more than 60 years has spawned most of this ‘extremism’. For Gods sake many of us NZers would be ‘extremists’ too if we had endured this sort of aggression and hegemony from a foreign power located on the other side of the world.

            Just little old me but I’m afraid Chomsky “the left wing wacko” makes more sense on the subject than anyone else I have ever heard…multiplied by about 10!

            This great man actually acknowledges that in all of this tragic saga the Iranian people do have a perspective too. This may not be comfortable for US neocons to hear but believe me they are just like the people of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, the list goes on. In fact I heard on the news today that the tally of victims that the US has bombed since WW2 comes to an absolutely staggering 30 sovereign countries.

            Can anybody think of a couple of common denominators within these countries.
            I know I can.

      • Grafique

        Greg, thanks for stating that about the CFO.
        If you hadn’t, I was going to.

  22. Tommy

    Agree with you re: Biden and Clinton. If Biden runs, Hillary’s done. If Biden doesn’t run it means the Democratic party is going to keeps its wagons hitched to HRC and will back her to the hilt. I thought Warren would be the pause to refresh, but as it stands it looks like it’s Biden if it’s anyone and I wouldn’t be too surprised if Warren doesn’t offer him full support, maybe even as a running mate. Joe would appeal to the old time Dems, the white males, etc. and she would garner the support of the wacko fringe currently supporting Bernie.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think Warren might be a VP to Biden if he runs. Hillary is in deep trouble and people are delusion to believe she is not. Remember the Obama’s the Clinton’s hater and I mean HATE each other. No way Obama allows her to be President and control the Justice Department and the IRS. As they say in the hood “pay back is a M#$##@@# F^%$#%$.

  23. stephen wight

    So someone posts something you dont like – it doesn’t get published – nice

    • Greg Hunter

      You don’t get to come on this site and call people liars and spread BS. Yes, I screen comments and you are welcome to start you own site and say all the crazy hateful things you want. Nobody is stopping you. When you do I promise I won’t act like a jerk and post with a fake name and tell you how to run your site.

    • Galaxy 500

      Stephen kudos for being able to figure out why the site is moderated. Haters have the right to spew vile nonsense under the first amendment but the first amendment allows you to defecate on your own site, not to defecate on Greg’s

  24. Dolly Dogger

    Greg: Do bear in mind that former UK prime minister Gordon Browne sold the country’s gold for the astoundingly stupid price of 250 dollars an ounce when he was the clown in charge here so perhaps this warning is his mea culpa? And when the collapse hits us here in the UK remember that the citizenry are unarmed so maybe the outrage/ reaction will be a lot different to that in USA. ?

    • Hilde

      Mr Brown may have been a clown in some respect, I still liked his former advisor Damian Mc Bride’s tweet a lot. He has received a lot of criticism and ridicule for that tweet in British papers that I don’t think he deserves.

      • Dolly Dogger

        Agreed Hilde!

  25. Galaxy 500

    Have your heard about this Christian beast to death by moslems with his Bible amoung other things? We need to be prepared for a crusade here.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think this is what the 2nd Amendment is for.

      • Galaxy 500

        I think the first rule of thumb is not to invite over any moslems if you are a Christian. This poor guy invited them into his house.

        • WD

          Awaiting my new Walther PPX 9mm to come in…very excited

        • Hilde

          I have several Muslim friends and colleagues and would never never hesitate to invite them to my house . The Muslims I know are beautiful people . One can never generalize like that, that’s dangerous in my opinion. Btw, I am not a Muslim myself.

  26. aps

    IF you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.

    As you have said many times Greg, Fear Not. God is in control. As the 5 wise virgins had plenty of oil, be sure to have plenty of food, water and other essential items on hand. Think months and think of others.

    Greg, outstanding week, thank you for all you do and for all of the unnecessary crap you get. God bless you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Aps for your comment and kind words. Yes I get some crap but it comes with the job.

  27. art barnes

    Greg, one thing is certain, China sold some treasuries to shore up their markets, you may find that Russia with low oil prices will have to do the same as Russia gets 70 percent of their tax and or revenues to pay their own people’s entitlements from oil. What if China & Russia started selling in earnest, let me make a simpleton prediction: WE ARE TOAST! Hold on, the little blip of instability of last week may well be a pre-quake. The FED is in Jackson Hole talking recovery again all week, its amazing how the whole world listens every time they pass gas. Frankly, its beginning to smell!

  28. Terry

    Level headed Americans do not panic. We are prepared to defend our rights, our property and our way of life. There may be some level of chaos on the horizon but I am not worried. The 2016 election is not going to be “suspended, postponed or canceled”. That would be the last straw. Anyone who thinks that the current US government could muster the power and cooperation required to suppress the resulting revolt is misinformed at best. Armed Americans are the deadliest fighting force in the world and that is NOT going to change. And we ARE heavily armed.
    I am glad Donald Trump is running for President because he does not take any bull from the leftist commie press. Whether he is your choice or not does not matter. His blunt speaking ways are contagious and that is good for the debate. All of the GOP candidates are getting “Trumpy” in this manner. Maybe a Trump/Cruz ticket could work. Too soon to tell but I have had it with the GOP as it has evolved into dem lib lite. We have GOT to stop electing career pols and start electing Patriots.

    • Thomas

      I agree Terry, Trump/Cruz is an alternative choice opposed to another career politician. They’re won’t be any Jade Helm, or a postponed election or confiscation of money,gold, guns, or our wealth. We out number them (whomever the tinfoil hatters keep referring to) 10k to 1. I like my odds, and I’m bigger, faster, stronger and meaner then 99.9% of the free population. Changes is comin, adjust accordingly.

  29. Terry

    Greg, Thank you again for this great site and all of your insight and very wise guests.

  30. bobd

    Policing the world is foolish and not going to pan out. If you want to control another country you must wipe out that countries history and all the people of that county who think they have a country. This is why ISIS is the best chance the Wester World has to complete this noble task .
    I think we humans must be devils and the Devils game is his fun watching all the little devils believing in good and bad.

  31. Markp

    Dear Cryptic Little Sister,
    Sorry to be so negative; I’m just a tad [well, to be truthful, incredibly] suspicious of your comments.
    1. The increased $1.2 billion ”lethal military aid” to Ukraine you mention coming up in NDAA spending is loose change in the whole scheme of things. The 2014 DOD expenditure allowed under NDAA is $607 billion, thus this is a 0.2% increase in the budget. That’s a rounding error in DOD accounts. Please explain how an extra $1.2 Bil has any effect on anything.
    2. Suddenly, after a $1.2 Bil injection in Ukraine aid, the stock market collapses. How do these events relate to one another, or do they not? Does Obama’s signing of the increase of an extra 0.2% to a hugely extravagant DOD budget cause the collapse? If not, why does the stock market tank?
    3. A new currency instituted by France [are you serious??] and Germany [ok, I can see this]. Germany is the world’s 4th largest economy [by GDP], the 5th largest by PPP, purchasing power parity. But France? I love the country, however, it is in dire financial difficulties, not that different from Spain. France has govt debt levels almost 100% GDP [2014 data]. It is a prima facie fiscal basket-case. How are they going to guarantee a new currency? And who would trust them?
    4. Is this supposed new currency, which is replacing the Euro, ANOTHER fiat currency, backed by nothing except government good will? If so, what’s the difference between it and the Euro? I mean, apart from the governments getting another period of X years to get their acts together [wishful thinking, on my behalf] until the populace is sick of this next new promissory note.
    5. Please elaborate on your quote “events moving politically rather than financially”. I am a bit slow, if you know what I mean. How about some concrete examples of what you are saying to clear my mind from your doublespeak.
    Like I said, I’m a tad suspicious. Just saying.

  32. Sayonara

    Passing observations on the Weekly News Wrap Up:
    *How does the DIJ crash +1,000 first couple of minutes on Monday morning and then recover during the week to at 16,643? Nuclear powered plunge protection team called the Fed.
    * China is not completely stupid, sell US Treasuries while the dollar is still relatively strong and that they know the Fed will do anything to keep the price from collapsing. Then watch the Fed Balance Sheet expand exponentially like a big balloon.
    * There is nothing more astonishing than watching Emailgate unfold and watching how this women has the audacity to proclaim that she essentially innocent when what she has done is blatantly criminal and borderline treasonous. What is also astounding is the absolute corrupt and criminal behavior of those who are trying to protect her. I believe that she is going to get away with it and be elected the next President because the average American voter is too stupid and the Republicans are too weak and timid.
    * Obama and Co have demonstrated that they are absolute Traitors and Corrupt. They are engineering the collapse of the United States and western civilization. There has never been one person who has contributed more to the cause of Islamic Caliphate in history than Barrack Obama. This Iran deal is a blinding glimpse of his contributions to the Islamic Caliphate. Anyone supporting this act of treason is either an advocate of the Islamic Caliphate or Suicidal.
    With all that is unfolding, what can you say about the USA? Sayonara!

    • Greg Hunter

      Craig Hemke of, who has deep Wall Street experience, talks about the markets which he calls “a hall of mirrors” coming up next. You sir are spot on.

      • Sayonara

        The following is going to blow you away. Two of my neighbors are number one and two top executives of one of the most successful mutual funds companies as rated by Barron’s. I own stock in this public traded advisor company because this company is very successful and it is run by extremely smart people that I respect and that is why I own the business. I just received notification that on 8/20/15 the Advisor company is tendering to buy back 1M shares at $25 per share – I had no insider information on this. The total shares outstanding is 6,025,381. The collective board owns 2,562,666 shares or 42% of the company. The board has stated that they will tender 25% of their shares or 640,666 of the 1M shares or 64% of the shares being tendered. On 8/3/15 stock price was $19.93 a share. This last Friday’s price was $24.86 per share. The tender offer is to be completed on 9/18/15. This is publicly known information and these are very smart people. Wonder what’s up? That my friend was a rhetorical question 😉

        • Greg Hunter

          Great Catch and thank you for posting it here!!!

  33. karl

    This is an example of how deluded people are.
    I posted the Independant article to an d friend and this was his response

    I won’t start stocking those tins just yet Karl… I’m to busy quaffing Champagne to notice the sky falling…. but do keep me updated to what the illuminati are up to… Soon I will have to get rid of all my maids and just have the one… I’m starting to get worried… How will the collapse of the global economy effect the price of business class travel?

    • Greg Hunter

      At some point, everyone will know what we know now. Thank you for sharing this story. I have totally stopped talking about any of what is coming to family members. You can only do so much.

  34. karl

    Hi Greg,

    I noticed your comment on the NWO.
    Are you saying you do brlieve in the NWO conspiracy?
    Martin Armstrong refutess it and says its all just part of a cycle and thete is no agenda and noone is in control.? I for one do nit buy that as only an idiot woukd loads up coubtries with all this debt thinking it can work out. What is your view? Cycle or preplanned?

    • Greg Hunter

      From Bush 41 to Biden last year at the Air Force Academy, many have referred to the New World Order. What exactly will it look like? I do not know, but the term is real and it has been uttered by top politicians in the world.

    • Galaxy 500

      Using the term NWO doesn’t mean that there is a group is in charge as some conspiracy theorists claim. I don’t buy it either but not because Armstrong says it isn’t so

  35. JC Davis

    Keep your head high folks. God Almighty is in control.
    Keb Mo singing Better Man.

  36. diane s.

    It will be interesting to see if the United States finally decides to stop trying to “save” the world and just save ourselves.

    • frederick

      @Diane do you really believe that the US or whoever controls the corporation we call the USA is so generous to others for any reason other than controlling them İ have my doubts

  37. Mike from the North

    Greg I believe we have reached the 11th hour.

    Time is now short.
    Not sure how this mess will escalate going forward but I do believe it will end with no gold and no silver available to us average middle class.

    If you have not yet achieved your stacking goal you likely will not get there.

    I think we are weeks away at the most from a non delivery event.

    Great audio piece by Andrew McGuire now available at KingWorld.

    Thanks for all your efforts Greg…you have earned the respect of many.

    • Diane D

      diane s., excellent article, thank you.

      The greatest international sin is War of Aggression. War is the greatest producer of refugees. And the US is the greatest international criminal. Much of the blood from this flood of refugees is on America’s hands.

      Do you remember what happened to Ron Paul when dared to suggest that America’s foreign policy should go back to the ‘Golden Rule’ (Matthew 7:12). People in the audience who call themselves Christians booed him and drowned him out! This was in South Carolina, arguably the heart of the Bible Belt.

      America now has two generations who know of nothing but constant wars. War, war, war… I’m sick of it. Who do we think we are?

  38. H a p p y P a p p y

    Obama Administration Wins Ruling in NSA Data Collection Case
    Andrew M Harris Updated on August 28, 2015 — 12:19 PM EDT

    A challenge to the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of telephone-call data was dealt a setback when a U.S. appeals court ruled a judge who called the initiative “almost Orwellian” was wrong to block the program.

    U.S. District Judge Richard Leon in 2013 granted legal activist Larry Klayman’s request that he halt the NSA’s collection of his data. Leon then put that ruling on hold pending a government appeal.

    A divided three-judge panel Friday overturned Leon’s order, while saying Klayman’s case may still proceed. The judges all agreed Klayman hadn’t shown he is likely to succeed in his lawsuit, but two of them said he should have the opportunity.

    One of those two, U.S. Circuit Judge Janice Rogers Brown, said it was entirely possible the Obama administration may rightfully refuse to turn over the information Klayman requests.

    “Such is the nature of the government’s privileged control over certain classes of information,” she wrote. “Regulations of this sort may frustrate the inquisitive citizen, but that does not make them illegal or illegitimate.”

    U.S. Circuit Judge Stephen Williams agreed the case should move forward. U.S. Circuit Judge David B. Sentelle said Klayman, who heads an organization called Freedom Watch, hadn’t met a threshold requirement of showing his data were being collected, giving him standing to sue.
    Patriot Act

    The NSA program was born in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, as part of the USA Patriot Act. The collection of bulk telephone data — numbers dialed, call duration, and other information — began in 2006.

    Under the law, the intelligence agency can access the data only after convincing a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that it has a reasonable suspicion a particular phone number is associated with a foreign terrorist group.

    Klayman, in 2013 filings, argued collection of the information alone amounts to an unlawful search that violates the U.S. Constitution.

    The law authorizing the program has since been superseded by new provisions that have not yet taken effect, the court said.

    The appeals court case is Obama v. Klayman, 14-5004, U.S. Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit (Washington). The lower-court cases are Klayman v. Obama, 13-cv-0881 and 13-cv-0851, U.S. District Court, District of Columbia (Washington).

    District of Columbia U.S. Court of Appeals Janice Rogers Brown Law Washington

  39. Galaxy 500

    About six years ago, ABC ran a special saying we were going to have severe climate change by 2015. Are we there yet?

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