Mass Migration is a Globalist Weapon – Alex Newman

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Journalist Alex Newman says the mass migration you are seeing in Europe and on the U.S. Southern border is nothing more than weapon of the globalists who want one-world government in their sick New World Order. Newman contends, “It’s all Western civilization that is under attack. The ‘Yellow Vest’ protests in France are much more than about global warming (tax) policies. The French are tired of paying ridiculous taxes to fund third world dictatorships in the United Nations to tackle a boogie man. . . . The protesters have said . . . there are valid concerns concerning the mass migration. The French people are tired of this mass migration. People all over the world are tired of it. They did surveys here in Europe and Europeans are overwhelmingly opposed to this. . . . In many cases, the strong majority wanted an end to the Islamic mass migration and the governments just do not respond to the will of the people.”

Newman goes on to say, “You have millions from totally alien cultures with totally alien beliefs. They don’t speak the language coming in, and they are being used as a battering ram to take down the nation states and Western Christian civilization. They want to do the same thing in the United States. . . . These globalists have been openly telling us this and I did interviews on this at the Polish conference last week. They said hundreds of millions are going to be headed our way very soon. So, this is an existential threat to the United States. . . .These people pushing for this have absolutely have no concern for these immigrants. They hate the immigrants just as much as they hate us, but they recognize this is a very useful strategy to break down national sovereignty. They have said so themselves on many occasions. Peter Southerland who is the former boss of Goldman Sachs and became the UN Representative for International Migration said this openly. He said we are going to use these mass migrations movements to break down national sovereignty and these old memories of our countries. We have a very serious problem on our hands and I think Trump understands this. This is why he is putting so much political capital here to make sure the border security gets taken care of while there is still time.”

In America, the Democrats are no longer the party of JFK. The Democrat Party is pushing the Globalist agenda and its platform is Marxist, socialist and communist. Newman says, “Back when Democrats were updating their platform they had actual members of the Communist Party USA and members of Democratic Socialists of America. They had actual members of these Marxist parties on their platform writing committees. They hate God, and they will tell you so. They hate free markets. They don’t like borders. They want globalism and they are willing to sacrifice our country, our liberties, our Constitution and our republic to get it. For me, it’s how quickly and how easily they dropped the mask. I think now they are counting on this mass migration to make up the numbers. . . . Now the Democrat party needs to fill up the voter rolls, and so they use dead people. They use illegal immigrants. They use fraudulent votes, and that is their strategy. They know the American people who love liberty will not turn over their freedom and their country. Their platform is to tear down America and move us into a New World Order.”

In closing, Newman says, “If you think this is a political problem you are missing the point. . . . We are dealing with a diabolical conspiracy that hates God and hates God’s people, hates his church and everything He has ordained. Everything you would expect to see is exactly what you see. God ordained there should be nations after the Tower of Babel. So, of course, the Globalist wage war on nation states. God has ordained there should be families. So what do we see? A massive global war on families. God has ordained private property. Thou shalt not steal. So what do we see? A massive global war on private property. . . . It’s ludicrous, but it is everything we should expect to see from a force that hates God. I think that is what we see.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Alex Newman journalist for The New American.

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After the Interview:

There is much free information, content and analysis with many talented writers on The New American. You can find Alex Newman, who is a prolific writer, on his own special section on The New American.


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  1. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Mr. Newman was a wonderful guest.
    This past week was momentous. I suspect that until this week, President Trump could not bring himself to truly believe the depth and breadth of the “globalist” conspiracy.
    I suspect that Trump’s phone call with Turkey’s President Erdogan was pivotal; apparently, Bolton came clean and verified that Trump’s own military/security advisors were acting on their own initiative and pursuing goals that were contrary to Trump’s . . . and keeping him in the dark.
    BTW, some of the machinations surrounding the Khashoggi “murder” reportedly are leaking out and, while amazingly convoluted and murky, they seem to involve betrayals and deceptions among multiple state actors . . . as well as between agencies of individual nation states and private actors as well. I’m not sure we can trust the source, but here it is:

    • Greg Hunter

      Good points William!!!

      • Roger

        Merry Christmas from the UK. May your efforts to bring truth and light to the world carry on into 2019 and beyond!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Roger, and Merry Christ Mas to you and yours!!

    • Zyclonic transmission

      Great!!! Trump trusting the word of Erdogan when making strategic military moves.

      • William Stanley

        Apparently, it wasn’t so much Erdogan that he “trusted,” but his National Security Advisor.

      • TSI

        Why now though? He may be bringing the troops because the you know what hits the fan. Ominous sign.

        • William Stanley


    • Tin foil hat

      William Stanley,
      – Khashoggi and Bin Laden (Deep State) were friends.
      – Mohammad bin Salman arrested a whole bunch of Saudi billionaires who are friends of the Bushes (Deep State).
      – Erdogan was with the Deep State until the failed coup.
      – Whenever Trump threw a monkey wrench at the Deep State, he exposed a mole within his administration – I liked Mad Dog Mattis.
      – Trump is trying to do the rigtht thing, but the swamp creatures will do everything they can to stop him.

      • William Stanley

        And now it’s beginning to look like “the Huber investigation” was a sham:

        • Greg Hunter

          This is NOT the case. This is the problem by stating your opinion as fact. Huber was only looking at FBI and DOJ failed coup of Trump and not Clinton Foundation. Clinton Foundation is under a separate investigation. This is why Huber did not testify in Congress recently.

          • William Stanley

            Mr. Hunter,
            I listened to Mr. Still a second time. I don’t think I misunderstood him or misrepresented what he said. Mr. Still implies that Mr. Huber has been doing nothing about anything. Yes, my “opinion” was that the Still Report is a trustworthy source, hence my citation; I didn’t go so far as to vouch for the substance of his “Report” as “fact.”
            It seems you think my opinion is incorrect and you’ve given me some facts to doubt what Mr. Still clearly implied. Thank you. However, in fact, you have mischaracterized the nature of my post.

            • Greg Hunter

              Huber has not been doing nothing. That is totally untrue and a mischaracterization of what is going on. Still talked about Uranium One and Victoria Toesing’s client Dennis Campbell. This is one of many frauds and treasons that need to be chased. Huber is working on the FBI and DOJ coverup of Hillary Clinton email server. There have been around 25 top people at the FBI and DOJ who have been fired, quit or asked to resign. This alone represents a huge, never before case in U.S. history. There are many different crimes frauds and treasons that need to be taken one at a time. The FBI has a separate investigation on the Clinton Foundation that Huber is not doing either. This is the problem with stating an opinion based on some facts and jumping to a conclusion that is stated as fact, IE: Huber is doing nothing. This is not a fact. Not trying to be mean just giving you the best information I can find.

    • Zapato

      Are we still skeptical about secret societies controlling influence on the globe now such a ‘wonderful’ guest has made reference to it William?

      • William Stanley

        Who is “we”?
        If you would be more specific, maybe I could indicate the degree of my skepticism. Certainly, it’s been a long time since I wasn’t skeptical about a lot of official narratives.

      • paul ...

        Seems the German High Court qualifies as “a secret society of pedophile perverts” (as they want to make it legal for an adult to marry a child) … these judges are as sick as the fascists who married Jewish children (likely to gain influence in the banking world) and then allowed Hitler to burn the six million Jews that were left as they had no need for them!!

  2. FC

    As I mentioned months ago we now have 2 Generations who have attended an education system dominated by the Left and their thinking along with thinking of the freeloading immigrates will push our society towards Marxism and Socialism if we don’t stop it, but unfortunately the numbers are against us as the majority of the population won’t do anything about it until it effects them and that’s when it’s too late.

    • Crybabe

      Don’t forget the freeloading babyboomers that we have to pay for as well with their bloated pensions. Younger generation s have to pay for these pensions but will not receive one in return.

      • Crybabe

        Perhaps eliminating socialism should start with drastically cutting down pensions to be in line with the assets backing them instead of leaching off working people.

        • Bob H

          Crybabe: You’re absolutely correct. we can start with your parents and grandparents and see how it works.

          • Crybabe

            What a stupid comment! Pension cuts would not start with a couple of people. What saving would that make? Pension cuts would be across the board for everyone simultaneously.

            • William Stanley

              It looks like you’ve missed his point. Deliberately?
              He’s pointing out the self-serving nature of your policy prescriptions. Why cut just pension (for people who have already kept up their end of the bargain). Why not cut ongoing government supported child care, over bloated education expenditures, and the world-wide military posture of our bloated military/industrial complex? Why keep on with the F-35 program and supporting dinosaurs/sitting-ducks like aircraft carriers? Why not cut immigration for people who cannot be expected to contribute more than they take, including child care?
              Why all the animus toward oder people? Are not younger people more socialist-minded than the older folks and didn’t they disproportionately vote for Hillary and her globalist/socialist schemes that are bleeding everyone dry and sowing dissension among us?

              • paul ...

                What we have to do (to pay our pensions) is tax the robots that industry uses to take away our jobs!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Class warfare?

        • William Stanley

          Mr. Hunter,
          Yup, this is the latest wrinkle in the socialist/fascist divide and conquer class-war strategy.
          Presumably, Crybabe is concerned about the pensions of government employees. What he conveniently ignores is that those pensions were promised as partial payment for labor to be delivered. The labor was delivered. That the pensions will not be paid in full, doesn’t mean that they are not owed in full. It just means that government can’t be trusted to deliver on its promises.

          • Crybabe

            Ah yes William, but what you “conveniently ignore” is that this promise of labour for overly generous pensions was made before millennials were even born. So you expect the labour of the younger generations to make good on ridiculous promises made by previous governments. You know as well as I do that the age at which you can claim a pension is rising and younger people will not have such a generous offer. This is socialism at its worst and shows that we do not live in a true democracy.

            • Dr Darryl Jewett

              @ cry – thanks for your comments… average life expectancy for a man in the US is declining significantly while benefits are declining and age for receiving those benefits is increasing. in my generation, the average man will not live long enough to collect a full pension or social security. and anything less than a full pension and social security won’t pay for subsistence. that’s after a life-time at or below subsistence. yeah it looks really grim.

            • William Stanley

              No, Crybabe, as I stated, I don’t expect you to make good on the promises made by your government. I expect you to look for some reason why someone else’s ox should be gored. Neither do I expect you to accept the notion that it was overly large, “socialistic,” government that has led us into this quagmire.

          • Zyclonic transmission

            Pensions are supposed to be paid from the money invested into a pension fund over the course of a working life. It is not acceptable to ask someone else to bail out unfunded pension funds.

            • William Stanley

              Would it matter to you if the money that was supposed to go into the pension fund was stolen and given to support programs that you voted for or of which you were the beneficiary?

        • SOD

          This is a spin off of “femsplaining”–it’s called “gensplaining”!! SOD

      • FC

        Crybabe, don’t worry the majority of Baby Boomers won’t be enjoying the pension like their parents have, this will evaporate in the upcoming crises.
        The pension model was created decades ago when young workers out numbered the retirees.
        Now we facing longer living retirees out numbering the working young.
        In fact I strongly recommend everyone to take physical ownership of their 401K and alike because that too will evaporate.

        • paul ...

          Like I said before … let’s tax the robots that corporations use to eliminate the human workforce … why should the corporations that use robots get to keep “all the benefits” of putting us humans out on the street!!

      • Chip

        I paid for my pension through contributions working my whole life and over 44 years of Social Security contributions so you can stuff your baby boomer BS up your arse… Chip

        • Dr Darryl Jewett

          @ Chip – no, Chip. you’re a communist. your pension and social security benefits ran out before you even retired. long before you retired, the gov’t was stealing the proceeds from my slave labor and putting it into your retirement account.

          one-hundred-percent of your benefits are a product of tremendous gov’t subsidies to your industry, tax-dollars and slavery of men like me. YOU did not pay for your pension. I did. you wouldn’t even survive the average day of a man like me who actually works in the US. spare me your whining.

          it’s one thing to receive these kinds of benefits, supporting your profligacy and excessive life-style choices. it’s another thing to insult, ridicule and condemn men like me from whom you steal those benefits, denying where they come from.

          (and in my case and the cases of other similarly disposed men, I’m forced to work to pay for your profligacy and excessive life-style choices under the real threat of imprisonment if I can’t and my passport has been taken away from me to make sure I stay in the country like a prisoner and a slave to keep you happy. shame on you!!!

          as I’ve written before, communists are sooooooo stupid, some actually think they’re conservative republicans and they did it all on their own. they did not. you are entirely dependent upon men like me for your survival. lots of men think exactly like you do and they’re all wrong.

          which is an important reason economic problems in this country can’t get fixed. because men like you aren’t honest with yourselves or anyone else about where your money comes from. your a communist. it comes from the proceeds of someone else’s labor. no one in your generation worked hard enough to afford the lifestyle that men like you enjoy.

          where do you think all your money comes from. you think it comes from you? ha ha ha… explain to me why men like me don’t enjoy the same or higher standards of living than you do. people like you make me want to throw up.

          • Crybabe

            Thanks for putting Chip straight on this issue. A lot of people on here are against socialism yet want society to bail out their pension funds. Go figure.

            • Dr Darryl Jewett

              yes, cry, that is exactly my conclusion too.. the hypocrisy is strong in some people and we would all be able to move on as a nation if these people would disabuse themselves of these hypocritical notions…

              first step to recovery is the truth… and as I explained before, I don’t care about these other people. the problem is the consequences of their behavior for me and my dependents and then their ridicule of me and my dependents for being real victims of their irresponsible behavior.

              developments like this are exactly why gov’ts shouldn’t get into the business of changing money or social engineering. most people are stupid and they lose the narrative very quickly. so it’s best to keep gov’t small and simple. so that people don’t get caught up too easily in corruption by it. most people are very vulnerable.

              like when people spend their entire lives living off the gov’t dole and then somewhere between birth and death, they forget all about that, where the gov’t gets that money and how dependent they are upon the slave labor of others.

              and then spit at the people on whom they’re entirely dependent. because they think that THEY’re the problem. regarding them with sneering contempt. as if their deplorable lives are somehow their own fault. you can’t make shit like this up. some people just got no sense.

              I endure this kind of behavior literally every day. many times a day. I take it from women. from baby-boomers. parents and grand-parents. no wonder this country is in such terrible shape. people are idiots. as I’ve written before, people get the gov’t they deserve.

              • Chip

                I’ve worked harder than you ever have in your life. You have ZERO clue what I’ve done in my life. I’ve accomplished and built more than you’ll ever dream of. What an arrogant man you are… Chip

                • Dr Darryl Jewett

                  no you have not… anything you did, you did with someone else’s money and slave labor… you did nothing on your own… shame on you

            • paul ...

              We don’t have to resort to socialism .. just tax the robots so that they contribute to our retirement fund!!

          • William Stanley

            Wasn’t it you who said that your parents were druggies and trailer trash? If so, who do you think paid to raise you and provide for your education? (at least through high school, and probably beyond). I’m guessing that would be the very people (perhaps, including your parents) who now “make you want to throw up.”

            • Dr Darryl Jewett

              raised myself – no assistance by others or the gov’t

              • William Stanley

                Not even wolves?

          • Chip

            I’m a communist for wanting what I paid for? You’re an idiot… Chip

            • Dr Darryl Jewett

              you didn’t pay for it you ignorant fool… you borrowed it and made other hard working men like me pay for it with out slave labor… I figured this scam out when I was 5 yrs old. what are you… in your 60’s? 70’s?? and you still haven’t figured it out. everything from the new house you owned (or two or three) or half a dozen cars were paid for by my slave labor. people like you disgust me.

            • Chris in Arkansas

              Chip – if you’re on e pension plan retirement payment and that pension plan is 100% funded (i.e. the Plan has enough assets to cover all of its current and future obligations) then good for you. You are one of
              the few that has such a plan. If the Plan is not 100% funded then others here are correct. You are living off of someone else’s contributions. Welcome to the pension Ponzi scheme. It doesn’t matter how hard you worked. People made promises to pay you money for retirement and that will continue working until they day it doesn’t. What will happen when the plans are forced to cut monthly payments by 25%, 50% or more while at the same time COLA adjustments are either eliminated or put on hold? Are you ready? By the way some formerly “solid” pension plans have already cut payments.

        • Crybabe

          Most pension funds are underfunded because 1) the government has stolen the workers contributions 2) the assets purchased from the contributions have been underperforming due to suppression of interest rates. If sufficient assets are in the pension funds there should be no need for younger peoples’ pension contributions to be directly used to pay for a current retired person’s pension. My pension contributions should be funding MY future pension not yours. If the government has stolen your contributions that is between you and the government.

          • William Stanley

            re: “If the government has stolen your contributions that is between you and the government.”
            I think you’ve gotten pretty close to the nub of the problem here: i.e., whether or not this government is “of, for, and by the people” and whether we still are a “people,” i.e., a “nation” (as in a large aggregate of people with a common language and culture who identify with each other).
            If all of that is still true, and we are a nation governed by the people, then we should take responsibility for what was done via “our” government, including pay the pensions that “our” government promised in exchange for the labor that was provided by its employees.
            If the government isn’t of, for, and by the people and we aren’t a nation, then government is or is likely to become mere theft and, perhaps, it’s time to change the situation.
            I’m reminded of the aphorism: “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take everything you have”? Of course, that warning goes double if the people are no longer a nation.

            • Dr Darryl Jewett

              @ William – you voted for the gov’t to steal the proceeds and give it to you in exchange for more votes and absolute control… wow you’re phenomenal at self-delusion.

            • Dr Darryl Jewett

              @ William – this is the kind of argument feminists and women use (up until now, I had assumed that you’re a man but now I’m not so sure)… “I didn’t make false allegations against the father of my children and use them as excuses to steal the proceeds of his labor to pay for my profligacy and excessive life-style choices, knowing that most of that money isn’t going to my children. The gov’t did it. or the gov’t made me do it.” what a disgrace this irresponsible and self-serving argument is. completely lacking in agency or self control. yes the gov’t invented the laws of which women take advantage (women and feminists promoted these laws and voted for them) but the gov’t didn’t put a gun to the heads of these women and feminists, forcing them to make false allegations that gives gov’ts an excuse (legal or not) to steal the proceeds. That’s on the women and feminists. they’re responsible. it all starts with their choice. the gov’t is just along for the ride on the gravy train that the woman is driving. no one put a gun to your head, William, forcing you to take the proceeds of my labor so you can live like a pig at a trough while I live in squalor. it was voluntary. you chose to do it. don’t give me the, “the gov’t made me do it” or “the gov’t did it and I have nothing to do with it” routine. you had nothing to do with except hold out both hands waiting for the gov’t to fill it up with the proceeds of someone else’s labor. that you knew was someone else’s labor. and that you didn’t need. and that someone else did. and we know they did because it was their labor that generated the proceeds in the first place. when I was given that choice, I declined. any conscientious man would. you need me more than I need you. you owe me. I don’t owe you. don’t give me the “oh the gov’t did it, not me routine…” that’s the argument of cowards and communists. and manipulators. hiding behind the gov’t. what a disgrace. I’ll bet when you were a little boy, the dog ate your homework a lot. take responsibility for your behavior and stop blaming the gov’t. for sure don’t blame me. i’ll call you on it over and over again. hypocrite.

              • William Stanley

                Hi, Gina! I see that you’re back.

            • Crybabe

              William you are correct. I guess people will only do something when their pension is reneged upon.

              • Dr Darryl Jewett

                yup… some people will continue to accept handouts by the gov’t even after they know that their contributions and the returns on the investment ran out a long time ago and they’re entirely dependent upon slave labor (what difference does it make? – it makes me sick to come to this site and read a bunch of Hillary Clinton puppets). but before their pensions are reneged upon, they’ll spit on the slaves for not working hard enough and complain that they still don’t have enough money. for some people, it’s never enough. that’s why they borrowed to pay for things they didn’t earn and didn’t need. because they knew that someone else would pay their way for them. where I grew up (which might as well be Mars anymore), people like that were called free-loaders. people like that are no better than the illegal immigrants trying to force their way across our southern border and then complaining because we won’t let them through. then after they complain enough, the gov’t will pat them on the heads and say good boys here’s your check. we’ll show those bad slaves.

                • paul ...

                  The “free Loaders” are the corporations that don’t pay into our retirement fund for the robots they use and simply toss the humans in the trash!!

              • William Stanley

                Thanks for conceding my point by not actually responding to it.

        • FC

          Chip it was a wonderful dream the government sold us many years ago and those in their 80’s and beyond enjoyed the full dream.
          The rest of us will need to except the reality that this dream is ending.
          I’m 57 and I have excepted the fact that my pension and 401K will not exist when it’s called upon and I started doing something about 32 years ago. One of greatest fallacies I’ve ever heard in my life was the act of handing money over to government for the promise of being taken care of in the future…… It still makes me laugh 32 years on.

      • sk

        We ALL should research creative ways to cook rice&beans – spices, salsas, sauces, garlic (the king of cuisine!) It ain’t half bad. Grandpa and grandson eating a cheap, but delicious dinner together in peace, what could be better?

        • William Stanley

          Good point.
          The spice trade was also pretty lucrative. And some of them last a long time. I’ve been meaning to stock up.

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      yes Gen x and Millennials have been indoctrinated by communists. but Baby-boomers and Greatest gens invented those institutions of communist indoctrination. and Baby-boomers and Greatest gens are the net recipients on average of benefits from those institutions. Gen x and Millennials are net payors. they will see no benefits on average.

      • William Stanley

        I’m beginning to think that you work for the government.

        • Dr Darryl Jewett

          @ William – I’m beginning to think that you’re a communist oligarch…

          • William Stanley

            Well, DDJ, I wish I were. Then I’d be able to hire you at a high salary . . . except for the that, by all indications, you aren’t capable of productive work.

            • Dr Darryl Jewett

              you need me more than I need you (way more)

            • Dr Darryl Jewett

              it must be terrible for you approaching the end of your life (hopefully) and discovering so many things about yourself that you didn’t know (like you’ve been deluding yourself all these decades that you’re not a communist – you are, super-genius). or worse: that you did know all these things and someone finally called you on your bullshit. I know people like you hate it when that happens. you think you have everyone snowed. you think you can pull the wool over their eyes. you think you’re so good at deception. but you’re not. it’s just that some people are so stupid or desperate or just don’t care, that they have no choice but to acquiesce. that’s the whole thing about communism – it requires apathy primarly but a healthy dose of desperation and stupidity. the only person you’re fooling is yourself. i think sometimes that you actually believe your lies. if you tell yourself the same lie over and over again, eventually you start to believe it. i’m sure bernie madoff believed his lies too. it may have started off that way. but then he adopted the philosophy that i’m doing the same thing our gov’t is doing so it must be alright. it’s ok to screw innocent people because someone else is doing it too. just like you. you can fool other people but you can’t fool me or God.

            • Dr Darryl Jewett

              i’m so productive, William, that I solve in my sleep the problems you’ve created – and i’m sure that reality pisses you off – I don’t need you at all. without you, the quality of my life (and life expectancy) improves substantially. without my slave labor, you and other communists like you wouldn’t survive a day on your own. you what is particularly amusing to me… that you are so stupid that you don’t even have the sense to be ashamed of yourself so I have to do even that for you. you’ve deluded yourself so much that you can’t stand the reality of the mechanism you and your generations have created to steal the proceeds of other men’s labor. and then you have the audacity to spit on those people, ridicule and condemn them, and complain that you still don’t have enough. cognitive dissonance. lack of logic and lacking analytical skills. make yourself look good only by making others look bad. your lies and deceit are exposed. they’ve been revealed. deal with it.

              • William Stanley

                Re: “i’m so productive, William, that I solve in my sleep the problems you’ve created”
                Well, DDJ, why are you so upset if you’ve solved the world’s problems? In your sleep no less. Dream on, Little Broomstick Cowboy.

    • K. Wayne

      Its called Psychological Warfare and it has been used en masse by the Unelected Rulers to control the world’s populace. We are beaten (metaphorically) until we submit to their nefarious agendas by believing we have rights and freedoms , whilst at all times we are under their rule and coerced and manipulated into never ending slavery. As long as we are productive, we have an economic use for them. We are a means to an end. Our whole society is a fabrication….economically, socially, politically & financially.

      To consider that events of today were conceived in a Blueprint drafted centuries ago is testament to your comment “the population won’t do anything about it until it effects them and that’s when it’s too late”.
      They truly are swamp creatures and have all the Luciferian qualities of a breed that has absolute disdain for humankind. Alex captured this context very well.

  3. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Newman,Merry Christmas,and of course a fascinating,disturbing and truthful interview.
    Yes,the bureaucratic deep state wishes to destroy the America we all,yes even those of us outside the USA,love.The America we all so much admire and aspire to have in our backyards but don’t.So far you have imported the worse of Europe,Asia,Africa and beyond,the worse ideas,Marxism,the worse technology,mobile phones and most poisonous the elitist class.Marx had the audacity to write anti-semitic articles in New York papers and him and his apologists have contorted themselves to the contrary,nice try guys,yet his ideology is at the very heart of globalism.The phones are just spy operations by perverts at the NSA and here in the UK the super-perverts GCHQ and the poisonous elite class who are never wrong,like Larry Summers whose grasp of accountancy is somewhat lacking,yet he was and is able to advise Presidents about how to suppress the people economically.Just a few imports that need to be viewed a little more carefully.
    Here in the UK,Holy Season of Advent,Christmas is being viewed more as a shopping spree for the rich.High street shops are crying and online shops are failing,due to quality ,ASOS,but the real reason is we peasants have no money.Come Christmas Morning the Grinches who own these stores will want their rent which is due-severe irony.The heating and lighting bills all landed on our doormats,if we have one,this last week for Autumn,so a “Merry Christmas for all!”,with what?Walking around central London,it is hard to believe it is the same country as the rest of the UK.Mr Ronaldo,a famed footballer who played for Manchester United(A northern city) is now selling his former home in the county of Cheshire with a massive discount and still no takers,on the same property website there are as many as fifty confirmed properties languishing empty and not sold.So much for the Potemkin village of central London.
    The pretend economy here abounds with houses being built that are little better than coffins and warehouses on major roads pretending to be busy and pension funds getting in on the act with Oxford and Cambridge colleges all shovelling money into projects with a pay day somewhere in the future that never materialises,all underwritten by us peasant tax payers.I see Harvard University is doing a similar thing gobbling up Californian water ways and aquifers.All in all,the Satanists are having a fair old time ensuring us all that there way is the best and how we lap it up!
    Let us hope and pray that God guides us to a better world .

    • Gordo Mc.

      Let us hope and pray that God guides us to a better world .
      He is Maria and he will over there!

    • Ken Lee

      Always enjoy your commentary and British POV, Maria. Thanks! Merry Christmas!!

  4. Scott Baldock

    Great interview Greg. Merry Christmas to all!!!

  5. Genocidal Politician

    The wall is the tool that is going to make opponents bend to the CIC’s will
    That could break them

  6. Derek Sinclair

    My concern is not that this global illegal migration will not be stopped (it will) but that the presence of the millions of “migrants” who have already arrived will be presented as a fait accompli by the globalists. That cannot be accepted because their rates of fertility means that they will still take over our countries. Mass third world and muslim migration must be stopped and reversed. They must all be sent back. No-one voted for this so they are all by definition, illegal.

    • Alyce A.

      I live in California, the Sanctuary State. There will never be protests here because there are not enough non migrants left, people are fleeing to other states as fast as they can. California is really just an upscale Mexico.

      • Bob H

        You mean upscale “for now” don’t you. When the companies and corporations that employ the people also “migrate” out of californication, then we’ll see how “upscale” it remains.

    • Don'

      Not gonna happen. White people were the first to pioneer mass migration to the new world. That being said I would like to see Tony Blair share his real estate empire with some of the migrants he let in.

    • paul ...

      DEREK … Does keeping Arab populations poor, politically divided and fleeing in mass migrations to Europe (to eventually take political control of European governments and their nuclear weapons) enhance the security of Israel?? … does fooling around in Syria helping the Kurd’s against a 70 year ally Turkey (which will only push Turkey out of NATO and force them into joint alliance with Russia, China and Iran) enhance the security of Israel?? … the answer is NO!! … Trump is smarter then Bibi … he knows it is more important to stabilize the Middle East (so Muslims will return to an economically thriving homeland from Europe) … to further fool around disrupting Syria, supporting the Kurds or destabilizing the Middle East as Bibi wants to do is insane (if Israel really wants to prevent it’s enemies from getting nuclear weapons)!!

  7. Anthony Australia

    It’s so bloody obvious that are destroying society from within. They are using every means at their disposal and profiting of it also. I watched a documentary on Chicago and it floored me.
    Seasons greetings Greg Hunter.

    • Saved by grace

      Yes! Whilst they blame the innocents of the crimes THEY themselves commit!

    • Russell

      We will dig them out of their holes. I’m optimistic about the defeat of these swamp creatures. They are scum and garbage who have overplayed their hand. They can only push people so far before they get a fight.

    • Steve Twitchell

      What documentary? Name? On web? On Netflix? Thanks.

      • Anthony Australia

        I live in Australia and we are scallywags to say the least but I can’t imagine living in this kind of environment. I also watched another on Detroit and wondered if society becomes like this eventually, as in naturally destined for destruction, or are there other factors at play?

        • William Stanley

          The documentary (sort of) answers your question at the end: government welfare destroyed the incentives for black women to marry the fathers of their children. That led to the breakdown of society. In short, socialism did it.
          I would add, however, that CIA-aided drug trafficking helped quite a bit.

          • William Stanley

            Professor (later, Senator) Patrick Daniel Moynihan pointed this out more than fifty years ago in his Report
            The Negro Family: The Case For National Action. Of course, that incentive eventually reached and damaged other racial groups as well as most famously documented by Professor Charles Murray, especially in his book, Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960–2010 (2012).

  8. FC

    I can’t believe the number of people who have said Happy Holidays to me over the fear of offending me, so in return I reply Merry Christmas.
    With that said I would like to wish you Greg and every USA Watchdog viewer a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  9. Robert

    Read Tolkein’s “Lord of the Rings”; prophetic.

    • Flatliner

      I have. Please elaborate.

      • paul ...

        The “12 Days of Christmas” is also prophetic … on the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th day of Christmas five(5) gold rings are given to a loved one … that’s a total of forty (40) gold rings … quite an impressive amount of gold … … however the banksters don’t like such “real gifts” being given … so they recently modified the song … the “new” 12 Days of Christmas song now makes no mention of “gold rings”!!!

  10. John Little

    Greg, we love your show. It’s great. You are doing a great service to us all. But, we wanted to hear his predictions about 2019, and you interrupted him. And, we didn’t get it. Yes, the Luciferians are behind this. We got it. But, could you let someone make a prediction that we can sink our teeth into, before you derail his train of thought?

    I know that this is probably an unfair criticism, since you are doing your very best. And, I don’t want to the load of criticism that you already get. But, the future looks grim, and we want to know what your guests think of it.

    Keep up the good work, Greg. We love what you do.

    • Zapato

      Whenever I mention secret societies on here I get skepticism. When Alex Newman mentions their controlling influence everyone takes it seriously!!!

      • Donald

        “Whenever I mention secret societies on here I get skepticism.”

        “Secret societies” have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. The only difference now is that awareness of them is growing at a very fast rate. And yes, the war is already on against them.

        • paul ...

          The secret “Satan” societies abide by “his number” 33 … for God the Father threw Satan and 1/3 = .333 of his evil minions out of Heaven … when we finally bury these lovers of Satan who lay in coffins for their initiation ceremony … we should mark “the beasts grave” with the number 666 when we pee on them … which is the number of the good Angels remaining in Heaven after Satan’s fall (2/3 = .666) !!

  11. Saved by grace

    Of all the articles I’ve read on this subject this one hits the nail right on the head courageously & succinctly!
    I absolutely agree.
    We are looking at 100% truth here.
    He’s cut right through all the convoluted PC BS & cut right to the bare truth if the matter.
    Of course the globalists haaaaaaaaaate the truth so that marks him a marked man.
    Even worse, a marked man with a voice who’s persuasive.
    Pray for this mans protection!

  12. Thomas Tren

    So glad to see you guys point out the real story which is that this is a war against GOD! Obviously we can figure out who wins in the end! Be blessed everyone. Keep praying and be of good cheer!

    • paul ...

      We all know God wins in the end … that’s why we who believe in God have no fear … but what of the atheists out there? … they don’t believe in God … and thus do all kinds of immoral things to accumulate wealth and win over others … never in history has so much wealth been held by so few … nothing trickles down to the moral believers in God (even after an earthquake) when atheists like Hillary for example would let the deplorables in Haiti “eat cake” (the one box of donuts her Foundation contributed to the earthquake victims after collecting hundreds of millions to help these people) … but in the end … when such atheists die … they don’t win … because they will leave this planet just as broke as the people they deplore!!

  13. Roger D

    And there we have it. Alex Newman spelled it out for us. The math of demographics is left for us. Choose your tribe carefully.

  14. Jerry

    Deutsche Bank is at 7.87. If people can’t figure out what that means, look at the three year chart.

    FYI- As I posted on Friday from my personal sources, the troops are being pulled backed from Syria, and Afghanistan to be repositioned for domestic violence and possible martial law as a result of a coup attempt being planned by the deep state in February.

    Greg I reaffirmed this information from my contact on Friday. This is not fear mongering or conspiracy theory. This is real. He has reaffirmed this information with a very high source so I would take this information very seriously. The timing of this event is open for debate, but according to his contact it will be sometime in February.

    Greg I offer this information to you and your readers freely because I support your effort to educate and warn people of what’s coming so they can take the proper steps to protect themselves and their families. I have no book to sell or website to promote or any other alterior motive. There is no risk in laying aside extra food and water and supplies for the event that I am right. If however this information turns out to be all B.S. or the timing is wrong, then all you’ll have is some extra food to eat and some water to drink. That’s all. It’s your decision.

    • dadiz

      As always, appreciate your research and thoughts.
      Markets crashing by mid-February would be a set-up for disparagement of Trump and coincide with the tenets of your source.
      Smart move bringing the troops home.

      • Jerry

        There are so many unanswered questions

        It’s hard to tell what’s real and what isn’t. But when I get on the ground hard Intel I take it very seriously. I am reminded by my mother that during WWII when information leaked out about Nazi death camps, the fake media ginned up the story that it was all made up to promote the war. That’s why General Patton paraded them through the camps with their cameras when it was all over. In our everyday scrub a dub world it’s hard to imagine that things like this happen, but they do.
        Thanks Jerry.

    • Jerry

      Like I said, the troops are coming home to be part of the Northern Command while black water is subcontracted to fill their spot.

    • paul ...

      Anyone who didn’t get a yellow vest for Christmas … better go out and buy one before February … as we all will have to march in the streets against the Deep State (when they implement their unconstitutional and traitorous move against Trump)!!

      • Jerry

        I wish I could tell you this is a new development, but its not. The military has been traing for urban warfare for quite some time.

        In fact a mock urban city complete with church’s and subways had been built for this purpose. Make no mistake civil war is coming to America. Forget bugging out. If you live in an urban area and plan to leave your home during said conflict you will be a causualty because the streets will become war zone.

  15. Melanie Kurdys

    Many Republicans are playing into this too. Betsy DeVos dignknh the G20 Hlobsl Education agreement is an example. How can we fight this if the powerful from both parties are aligned to make it happen?

  16. BDS

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
    Thank you for the years of sacrifices and hard work getting out the word. I appreciate your efforts in providing factual current events over the years. My family and friends thank you indirectly.
    Enjoy your week off and looking forward to 2019!

  17. al

    Just reporting what my analysis divulges …
    Removal by assassination or otherwise = Revolution / They lose either way

    Merry Christ mas everyone
    and a Happy New Year

  18. George Eddleston

    Greg, Great you are shining the light of truth upon the evil intentions of the oligarch’s. In 1992 Lyndon LaRouche documented the coming mass migration across borders in the film “Storm over Asia” targeting Europe; and that the southern border of The United States would be violated. Again none if us can understand what is going on in the world without reading “Treason in America” from Aaron Burr to Averell Harriman by Anton Chaitkin, citizens would quickly understand what Muller is up to, Anton would be a great guest.

  19. Diane

    Alex wrote a great article exposing the “global warming” HOAX.

    THANKS for having Alex on , Greg

  20. Nick in UK

    It’s called the Couhaven Kalergi project in Europe.
    Not sure about America but I assume it’s a similar project with similar NWO desires.
    Merkel won the Charlemagne award for services to this Kalergi plan – opening Europes gates and letting them flood in.
    Other historic winners are Tony Blair and Bill Clinton and current French leader Macron.

    Here are some links to information sites, this is a big rabbit hole so take a deep breath.

    According to the independent newspaper the UK has in excess of 25,000 Muslim jihadis already in place.

    In 2013 a top Muslim terrorist leader threatened to insert 5000 Jihaddis into every Western country – and our clueless Western leaders (with the exception of Hungarys Orban) just opened the gates and let them walk in with the other low IQ so called refugees!

    We did have an investigative journalist called Stacey Dooley who did a one hour documentary of Londons ( in an area called Luton) Muslims. It’s available on YouTube.
    Here is a four minute clip.
    She was practically unknown and must have been bombing near the target and needed silencing – redirecting because she recently won some TV Celebrity dancing competition and no more investigative journalism, I suspect.

    Sorry about length of post. Troubled times are coming.

    • Nick in UK

      Sorry I typed clueless when I should have typed complicit.

      • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

        Thanks for that Nick. Let’s hope that Stacey D isn’t distracted for overlong and gets back on message. Andrew UK

    • sk

      Coudenhove-Kalergi gotta spell it right in case you want to research it it wasn’t primarily about Muslims formulated in about 1925 (between the world wars), the intent was to prevent a repetition of internecine European wars it has metastasized to now be more about Muslims Blacks Asians anybody-but-European-descent-white Nick:you might be missing the current intent it is to homogenize humanity into a tan mass 0f serfs which is easily led to whatever goals the top dogs want

      • sk

        Apologies re the punctuation above. Greg’s site doesn’t do intervals, dots, and semicolons.

      • Bob

        Coudenhove’Kalergi’s intent was explicit.

        In a 1925 interview he said “We intend to make Europe into a mixed race”.

        In his book “Practical Idealism” he said the white races of Europe would be replaced by “Afro-Eurasian Mongrels”.

        There is also an award in his name given bi-annually. EU presidents have won it, but it’s kept kind of quiet, for obvious reasons.

        So there is a plan to destroy the white race. It is real.

        • TSI

          Why does it matter what race we are? If everyone becomes ‘mixed race’ then that will be one less thing to argue about.

          • Greg Hunter


            It’s not what God wants. Says so in the Bible.

          • Bob

            That’s what Coudenhove-Kalergi said.

            Race matters. That’s why the anti-whites are obsessed with it.

          • Bob

            Anti-whites always casually say “What does it matter” as if it is unimportant, a triviality.

            Yet, witness the venom if you suggest a White country has a right to exist. They you find that race does matter to them, and in fact they are obsessed with it.

          • William Stanley

            I know some mixed race people . . . well that would be almost everyone. For some reason, race seems to matter to most of them and a lot of them try to use race for political purposes (mainly to promote socialism).

            • William Stanley

              What prompted me to reply was that this very morning I got an email from a blond and blue male who was married to a very dark-skinned woman who was born in Guiana (as red blooded an “American” as you will find). Their daughter is extremely race conscious and strongly identifies as Black. It does have an effect on her politics.
              Yet here is a video of a beautiful “black” young lady who also strongly identifies as black and is apparently free of racial animus. Yet she was devastated to discover that her mitochondrial DNA is of nearly pure European origin.
              My point? Not much, I guess, but race is important to a lot of people, and not necessarily in a bad way.

              • paul ...

                It also shows that Ponzi schemers outside of Wall Street also exist!!

          • Brian Smith

            It’s the only think I worry about.
            White genocide is real.

  21. Brad Skiles

    Excellent interview, Greg. You covered all the important topics. Great job! Thanks for your ministry! Have a Merry Christmas!

  22. Justn Observer

    Greg, Epic interview….cuts to the heart of the problems…his book will be a great success.
    Am wondering if he has contemplated the existence of the NED…and if they are running the 7th floor at the State Dept.? who funds them to the tune of $100 million a year it is said. And they are in stride with the Muslim Brotherhood as well as the old NAZI guard = rat line… That they may be the remnants of the Trotsky crew that is against Putin (Russia) for stopping and not helping expand their WORLD (COMMUNIST) REVOLUTION MOVEMENT which seems at the core of the atheist anti border one world order movement? I gave a link last interview…but leave these for you guest and watchers to mull over and throw in with your great guests interview…which ‘may’ cast light on who and what is really pushing the wider deeper agenda… WRM =


  23. Sasquatch

    Kennedy was a democrat in name only. That is why he was killed. He didn’t toe the line on taxes, he lowered them. His Peace Corps was about helping people live better in their own countries. After he was killed LBJ made a full left turn and never looked back. Slavery poverty programs, more war., the list all goes down hill

    • Diane

      Very true, They killed the man who would have made the world a better place.

  24. Old Geezer

    Everything from 12-2-18 until 12-23-18 still missing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Still working on it.

  25. Chip

    Wow Greg and Alex a most riveting interview. These are THE most important topics of our time and I think you got right to the heart of them. Yes the time for Trump to act is NOW. I’m hopeful with the Syria and Afghanistan announcements, as well as the strong stance over the border wall, that he is beginning to act on more of his campaign promises.

    Thanks for the great informative interview. Good to hear Alex perspective, having been in Europe for the last seven months.


  26. Zach

    Viva la revolution.
    At this point we have crossed the rubicon and the only way we
    stop it is to take it back by any means possible. Keyboard warriors
    need not apply. If you are not willing to help take are country back
    not only for yourself but for your kids and grand kids then you get
    what you deserve. The Europeans the French in particular have lit
    the fuse.

    • MCasey

      (“Viva la revolution. Keyboard warriors need not apply.”)

      Zach…..You just finished listening to Alex Newman, a journalist, a “keyboard warrior”! And Greg Hunter one of the greatest “keyboard warrior” of today!

      Words, written or spoken, are as important as weapons in any revolutionary cause.
      Words can foster a sense of unity and community—of one nation—for one cause.

      If you recall in the interview @ 26:50, Greg and Newman began discussing our “education system”…..the dumbing down and illiteracy of America’s children. As Newman said, “…this is the most sufficient battlefront that exists”.

      Yes! The Deep State knows the ability to read and write, the power of words, is as dangerous as any weapon.

      Some can “fight’; some can “write”……some can do both; but all do what they can. Respect that!

      James Otis, The Rights of British Colonists Asserted and Proved
      Mercy Otis Warren, The Adulateur (satirist playwright)
      John Leacock, The Fall of British Tyranny (satirist playwright)
      John Trumbull, “M’Fingal,” satirical poet
      Benjamin Franklin, Edict by the King of Prussia, political satires
      John Dickinson, “Liberty Song”, patriotic songs (fyi, “Yankee Doodle”, originally a derogatory ditty sung by the British depicting New Englanders as fools, later became the battle cry of the colonial forces.)
      William Billings, “Let Tyrants Shake”, songwriter patriotic songs. (Joel Barlow wrote: “One good song is worth a dozen addresses or proclamations.”)
      Philip Freneau, Poet of the American Revolution
      Phillis Wheatley, poet, (African American slave), in her 1775 poem to General Washington, she coined the usage of “Columbia” to refer to the new United States.
      Thomas Paine, Common Sense, political writer. Albert Marrin stated, “Tom Paine did more than anyone to change American minds in favor of independence….Paine lit a fire that leaped across America.”
      John Dickinson, “Olive Branch Petition”

      • MCasey

        sb….As Newman said, “…this is the most significant battlefront that exists”. Sorry…..”significant” not “sufficient”……a “keyboard warrior” misfire!

  27. laura ann

    Excellent coverage. Problem is many websites react and expose this agenda, yet no action is taken by anyone in authority. Europe has fallen into Islamic control by leaders who alllow Muslims to get away with all sorts of crimes, and anyone opposing the invaders gets thrown in jail. Europeans are cowards for allowing this to go too far. Americans are so dumbed down, that few will speak out. Trump has no chance of getting in a second term if he slacks off on the borders and nationalizing the Fed. Reserve, etc. Wall could have been paid for if money wasn’t sent overseas to nations that hate us. We won’t be voting next time, way things appear now.

    • paul ...

      Laura … I wonder if there were globalists at the time China wanted to build a wall to keep out the mongrels? … but the “Great Wall” of China was built … just as Trumps wall will be built … and it will be “A Great Wall” for the American people!!

  28. Gordo Mc.

    Same here Anthony, Floored me too! But I was there.
    Drove from Detroit in 5 hours. Lot of dead dear along the highway, getting there. Busy city! People walking everywhere. Big tall building’s. Car’s and traffic, museums. Back in Detroit, felt like a ghost town!

  29. Country Codger

    Shame on you Greg,
    This interview will have the P.C. police going nuts!!
    Fantastically articulate and knowledgeable young man, for whom I pray, that our Father in Heaven will protect, watch over and prosper for years to come.
    Lo Iyrah!

    • susan

      CC, Exactly!! The most important thing for us to do now is pray for all these courageous heroes, meaning Greg and Alex and so many others. Merry Christmas to all this blessed season.

      • Greg Hunter

        All prayers to God the Father and His Son are accepted and appreciated!! Merry Christ Mas.

  30. Sylvia Sterling

    I’m in shock ! ! ! Never heard a better interview. He said it all. What a brilliant young man is Alex Newman.
    Thanks, Greg, for a real Christmas present.

  31. Tin foil hat

    “Syria’s brutal dictator, Bashar al-Assad, remains in power despite U.S. demands for his ouster. Syria’s deadly civil war remains unresolved, with a mounting death toll and millions of refugees displaced. Russia and Iran’s influence in Syria has grown…..”

    Pure propaganda, Assad is the brutal dictator who saved the Christians and Yazidis from the head chopping ISIS rapists. Russia has influence in Syria since 1971. The Russian naval facility in Tartus is irrelevant in that regard to the MSM – just amazing!!!

    • Henry Williamson

      I agree. Assad protected Christians yet it is more important to bait Iran than criticise Saudi Arabia and ISIS. Good guest.

    • Frederick

      You’re awake there Foil Merry Christmas to you

  32. iwitness02

    When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory: And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats: And he shall set (put) the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left. Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: Matthew 25: 31-34
    The wolf also shall dwell with lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. And the cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together: and the lion shall eat straw like the ox. And the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the cocatrice’s den. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy Kingdom: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea. Isaiah 11: 6-9
    Say to them that are of a fearful heart, Be strong, fear not: behold, your God will come with vengeance, even God with a recompence (reward): he will come and save you. Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped (opened). Then shall the lame man leap as an hart (deer), and the tongue of the dumb sing: for in the wilderness shall waters break out, and streams in the desert. and the parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water: in the habitation of dragons (jackels), where each lay, shall be grass with reeds and rushes. And an highway shall be there (highway of holiness), and a way, and it shall be called the way of holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it; but it shall be for those: the wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein. Isaiah 35: 4-8.
    Merry Christmas to all the Watchdoggers everywhere in the world.

    • paul ...

      Don’t think Jesus is coming back as “a King” … he will come as the “President” of many independent Nations united under a common Constitution called “The Ten Commandments” (the world will be “a Republic” composed of many Nations) … let’s not give the Globalists any comfort by making them believe we are for a “One World Dictatorship” by some King … Jesus taught us by example that he was against the money changers … so he is not going to rule over us like some dictator or bankster … if someone does come to rule over the world like a King (or Bankster) he will be the anti-Christ … so Trump should now fire Powell and then abolish the Fed!!

      • john

        Abolish the Fed and replace it with what? Paul, the issue is not the FED but a government that will not live within its means. Just because you abolish the FED and return monetary control back over to the Treasury does not mean that government would not try and print money as well – there has to be a political will to live within our means and not run fiscal deficits. Next, you have to know why Jesus (Yeshua) was against the “money changers” – it was for the selling of sacrifices at the Temple thereby turning God’s house into a retail outlet mall instead of a house of worship.

        • paul ...

          John … Once we place money printing back in our hands at Treasury we will back our Constitutional money with gold (and that will limit the amount that can be printed)!!

          • john

            Paul – that is a very simplistic explanation on how to control spending – just because you are on a gold standard does not mean that spending is curtailed -they can mine more metal or simply just change the weighting between dollars and gold. Exploding deficits become exploding debt issues when rates are increased – there has to be a political will to keep deficits in check – no matter if the system is a fractional reserve system run by a central bank or a gold standard administered by the treasury. I agree, you have to mop up all this debt with Gold to bring confidence back into the system on a global basis – then there has to be real discussions on controlling rising medical costs, defense spending and entitlements to individuals who never paid into the system.

    • iwitness02

      The scriptures quoted earlier are intended for the general world of mankind. Even though they don’t believe now, there are still provisions for them.
      Psalms 14: 1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.
      Isaiah 35: 8 The wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein.
      Salvation is for everyone. But for those who believe now, there are better promises, than what is promised to the unbelieving world. They shall eventually inherit the earth. We, on the other hand will be with our Lord. God willing, we will all be together in heaven, once all the work is done on the earth. I didn’t mean to convey a narrow view of the Kingdom. I just wanted to say that Salvation is for everyone. The earthly phase is not discussed much, which is why I chose the scriptures that were posted above. There really will be good will towards men.

  33. H. Craig Bradley


    Clearly, we have entered a new phase in the ongoing struggle for control of our government. In fact, its a global struggle manifested in various forms of a “cultural war”. Alex is correct, as it is definitely heating-up, although most people don’t talk openly about it, partly because they can not articulate the financial pressures they feel in concrete terms. As a matter of fact, this discussion is probably way too abstract for the average voter or man on the street in America. Most vote personality or appearance (True-Dope for example).

    However, to fully comprehend the big picture and what is driving things (trends), one needs to first be well informed. Most voters surely are not. Secondly, you need a pretty high degree of “abstract reasoning”, a form of intelligence. Once again, most voters can not see outside of concrete terms like a “wall” or a govt. shutdown. So, you can not reach them with intellectual arguments that exceed their mental abilities. It helps little that the average I.Q. in the American population has declined by 2 points to 98 in the past few decades or so.

    Dumbing-down at public schools cripples individuals and further weakens the “Body Politic” ( Our Democracy). Lump it all together and you have a visible ongoing national decline with many facets. Too complicated for most voters, again. President Trump is probably a precursor to a dictator or sorts, or maybe after the next crisis, a President for life. We need a Nanny or Authoritarian Figure (Uncle) to sub-in for absentee parents or no parents.

  34. iwitness02

    Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

    • paul ...

      There are no pedophiles in Heaven … so Trump will eliminate them from Earth … God the Father did not kill his enemy Satan … similarly Trump will be leaving Syria, Afghanistan and hopefully other places in the world … as it is not America’s business to kill women and children around the world “for political purposes” … when the politics of Nations have them changing sides every few years … from the time of Genghis Khan to Julius Caesar to Germany, Japan, Vietnam, etc., etc. alliances, enemies and friends fluctuate back and forth … so lets follow God the Father’s example and stop all the killing of women and children in the world with these constant, non-stop, never-ending wars for power and greed!!

      • paul ...

        When God’s “Republic” comes to Earth (as it is in Heaven) America will be Great again (and there will be many such Nations)!!

  35. Open Eyes

    I didn’t have time to listen to the interview yet but thanks Greg for the work you do and Merry Christmas to you and everyone!

  36. Mike

    Question. When is the Davos meeting? I seem to remember Trump saying ; He would not be here when the economy ( dollar) failed. Maybe a clue to a time line?

  37. Keith wilson

    Currently in our capital city of London there are 423 mosques. Over 100 Sharia courts. In 35 boroughs of London 24 are occupied by non whites who are being ethnically cleared by the powers in charge. To be a white person in London you fear going out after dark. Any person who speaks out like Tommy Robinson is thrown in jail.
    I am called a racist white extremist who should be caged in a zoo. I am just so happy my grandfather and great uncles who stormed the beaches of Normandy are no longer around to see this multi cultural Islamic state called the UK.

    • TSI

      Being scared to go out in London, after dark, has nothing to do with being white. Most of the people that are killed by stabbings, in London, are black. In my personal experience, my most worrying confrontations have been with aggressive white males. I did have an experience of being surrounded by a group of black male youths but they dispersed rather rapidly when I grabbed one of their hands and held it tightly.

      • William Stanley

        Impressive grip strength! No wonder you see no need for self-defense tools.

        • TSI

          It is my Jedi training.

      • RTW

        What were the ages of these black male youths? 5 & 6 year olds? Because if you tried that on the South Side of Chicago it would turn out very differently I can assure you.

        • TSI

          I didn’t become well enough acquainted to know their birthdays. At a guess I would say around 16 years old.

      • Chip

        BS TSI and you KNOW it… Chip

      • Stephen Simons

        TSI is such a typical Brit.
        All the same.

    • Diane

      So sorry Keith.
      I share your pain.

    • Mohammad

      Am glad for you Keith, very happy for you ….
      You are reaping what you have sawn.
      When your country go and bomb the hell out of those overseas countries to level it with dust and influx of immigrants once lived happily there find their way to your land then do not blame but yourself.

      Merry Christmas.


      • FC

        Unfortunately you’re correct Mohammad.

        • Major Payne

          No. Not correct. Not at all. The English people, like many others in the West, have had their governments hijacked by the globalists. Tony Blair, Obama, etc. wee responsible for the chaos in the Middle East. Mohammed, you really do need to work on those critical, reflective thinking skills.

          Carry on, sir. And Merry Christmas.

      • TSI

        The only problem is that Tony Blair and David Cameron will not reap what they have sown as the instigators of these wars.

        • Mohammad

          They will TSI…
          They will….
          If not here it will be in the hereafter …

          God will Judge us all.


      • Nick in UK

        What an appalling lack of empathy you show Mohammad, for someone who claims to be a doctor!

        Just because it is dark and evil prospers in some places in the world your solution is for that to spread everywhere. Brilliant !

        The biggest killer of Muslims are more extreme Muslims.
        The biggest killers of black youths in London are black youths in London.

        How is Kieth to blame for the UK bombing and and the continuing wars in the Middle East ? Did his one vote tip the balance?
        This situation started centuries before he was even born.
        Did he single handedly start the Arab Spring ??
        Those countries have been sh**holes since time began, usually run by despot dictators with tribal in fighting to boot, all because the lands weep oil.

        Am I to blame ? I never voted for Tony Blair (war criminal) and I am in no way responsible for the unresolved strange death of Dr. David Kelly who spoke out against the non existent “weapons of mass destruction”.

        Likewise many Americans never voted For Bush who pulled the 9/11 farce. Even those who voted for Bush would not have expected such a false flag treasonous act as to attack US citizens on US soil to find a reason for more Middle East war.
        Anyone who believes a bunch of cave dwelling camel jockeys could fly TWO planes and disintegrate THREE buildings into their own footprint in the most militarily advanced country with probably the defence systems in the world , is beyond stupid. Plus changing the insurance, keeping a lot people off work, shorting the airline stock etc etc.

        There are many good Muslims in the world, far outweighing the numbers of the extremists. There were many good Jews in the world far outweighing the bad ones in the 1930s in Germany . Unfortunately when society reaches tipping point extreme far right parties get into power which results in a cleansing which does not differentiate between good and bad. I can see a point where the West becomes very unsafe for the entire Muslim minorities. See my earlier link to Stacey Dooley – Luton my home town to see how well these minorities integrate.

        You Muslims never speak out against other Muslims, hence IMO you are all guilty. Just reading this post from a Christian white guy proves I am willing to speak out against crimes by other Christian white people.

        In 1984 Yugolslavia held the Olympic Games, seven years later the previously peaceful multi religious country where Christians and Muslims were good neighbours exploded into a ten year religious war resulting in absolute carnage. That’s what’s coming to the West.

        You are a Muslim, I assume living in the USA, you are part of a minority group in a well armed country, good luck with that.
        Perhaps you should return home and help improve the medical facilities in the country of your forefathers, making sure you take your family with you. You will enjoy Sharia Law I am sure. Perhaps you could send USAW a copy invite of your eight year old daughters wedding invitation one day.

        I will have to fight Muslims as your religion (the religion of peace lol) says death to all unbelievers and infedels, and I am clearly one. Your namesake, the pedophile prophet says this many times in his book.

        My religion says peace to all men and thou shall not kill.
        At some point I will have to kill or die, I will stand and fight and I am ready. If I have to justify this decision with a higher power in due course then that’s the way it goes.

        The extreme Muslims have a head start as they are used to barbarity, us Christians will have to get up to speed at some point.

        • Mohammad

          Merry Christmas Nick


        • sk

          Si-i-i-lent night, h-o-o-o-ly night, all is calm, all is bright….just for ONE night, Nick, OK? OK???

        • Major Payne

          Well said, Nick.

          Carry on, sir. Merry Christmas.

          • Frederick

            No it was NOT well said It was rubbish especially on Christmas You people should be as ashamed as Tony Blair and Bush

        • Keith wilson

          Nick. I will be going to church this Sunday to say a small pray. Louisa Jesperson and Karen Uceland where butchered in Morroco just before christmas. They came from Norway and Denmark aged 24 and 28. Before they where beheaded by a Muslim Isis terrorist gang. One of the butchers cried out. It’s Allah’s Will. Before he cut her throat with a kitchen knife. There deaths where posted on social media. Another two young girls butchered by a religion which belongs in the dark ages. Please pray for Louisa and Karen and hope there families will come through this senseless murder. What did they do to deserve this death ?

      • Justn Observer

        Mohammad, All the U.S. and European falt? LOL You so conveniently ignore the Muslim Brotherhood and the Al-Taqwa bank…after the days of the Ottoman Empire! Most of what is occurring was generated by M.E. leaders in consort with the same that pushed the WW’s then…Ya need to take the plank out of your eye and stop blaming Christians … the Muslim’s stop being useless tools of their aims! They no better care for the Islamic religion than the do the Christian ones…they are WRM atheists bend on —in the end doing away with both! Finish these then go up to earlier posts above… We have POTUS at least trying…who you have over there doing the same? President of Turkey? How about leaders in Iran? A much deeper deception pitting both religions against each other…as it has always been ! It started after about the time of the Battle of Samara when religions became the ‘tool’ and ruse for conquest…(always the uninformed faithful that suffer their ploys)

        • Mohammad

          Merry Christmas JO


          • Justn Observer

            Nice to enjoy Christmas and all religious seasons this time of year… Hope yours is as merry and joyful as well Mohammad.
            Once we all find our true commonality…as opposed to differences we truly will have learned what is required of us to thrive and survive together! Those that walked before us clearly left us the knowledge needed and no doubt would likely be quite disgusted to see the squabbling over trivial matters rather than learning the important lessons and clues. Our children need to together look back to the earliest of days before ‘religion’ and align with a more cosmic spiritual enlightenment our Creator must have intended us to pursue Only true freedom and understanding. with mutual love, honesty, respect, morals & ethics all inclusive will ever free us long enough to GET THERE. I can’t help but notice all the hiding of information, the theft and destruction of sacred sites in the world over that some seem to desperate to keep us from. Knowing that truth will vaporize their authority and claims over all the less awake sheeple of all ‘religions’. Maybe we can all start here and try again?
            NEBRA DISC:
            PHAISTOS DISC:
            58 HOLE GAME:

            • Tin foil hat

              Justn Observer,
              Stevie Wonder is the brother from another mother of Mohammad.
              He will never badmouth Obama, Muslim Brotherhood and sharia law and will never admit Obama, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Clintons, ……. are minions of the Deep State.
              However, I wonder about his obsession about Israel. I can’t put my fingers on it but it’s strange that Israel, like H. Bush, seems to be always hovering around.

              • Justin Observer

                Near top post… when you understand the Cafe’ Vienna WRM design = Nazi/Muslim Brotherhood/Bolshevik to defeat Nationalism…and their dismay with Russia (Stalin) for stopping, satisfied with Russia…and their obsession with drawing us into taking it down now, and Sidney Shapiro and Levi Epstein helping set up the overthrow of China into the hands of Mao… and the selling out of the U.S. who was drawn into the WW’s to weaken it then, AND now by transfer of jobs/technology…you can see the much wider push of a WRM towards Trotsky’s Communist World. See too – that China push into the South America – aligning with Canada and threat to Australia, even now ghost cities in many places of Africa… the push for borderless/nationless continents (regionalism)…is the last step before ‘their’ completion and take over by a UN. Notice the flag of UN. as I pointed out long ago…it is surrounded by Caesar’s wreath = symbol of a pagan Rome before the ruse of it’s co-opting the Christian religion. That tri-crown as ‘they will try ‘to meld into a one world New Age – ‘it takes a village’ singularity. Next stop = transhumanism – attempting to be BE a god, at creating life themselves. Pure atheist at heart…worse…since even Satan believed in God, he just rebelled against him !

              • Tin foil hat

                I am aware that many international bankers are Jews but what does that has to do with Israel?

                • Stephen Simons

                  Israel just bombed Damascus on Christmas day.
                  They like to rub it in.

  38. Tad

    “I am pleased to announce that our very talented Deputy Secretary of Defense, Patrick Shanahan, will assume the title of Acting Secretary of Defense starting January 1, 2019,” Trump wrote on Twitter Sunday morning. “Patrick has a long list of accomplishments while serving as Deputy, & previously Boeing. He will be great!”–Donald Trump Twitter, December 23, 2018

    Will he be capable to follow the most direct of presidential orders? I’m referring to Syria and Afghanistan troop withdrawals for starters.

  39. H. Craig Bradley


    Everyone follows the rules, the cultural nuances or decorum that includes common cliches, conventions, and policies. Its what keeps us in-line or employed, as the case may be. Step too far out-of-bounds and you may be taking a “break in-service” (retirement), as some would say. This includes President Trump.

    His latest exhibit (antic) involving a well-worn cliche’ in yet another presidential conflict with the Congress over budget and/or policy matters. In this instance, the bone of contention is funding for the Border Wall or “The Wall” and attributing “blame” for not acting. A Federal government shutdown is the often utilized Presidential convention in such circumstances. Its pretty ordinary (not original by any means ) and one of many others found in a President’s “Playbook”.

    Trade Tariffs are another policy from the same worn-out playbook that presidents faced with growing nationalism ofen rely on, even if they have been proven not to work in every case they were utilized ( President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1930’s). Thus, we roboticly repeat history and never seem learn from our mistakes. We repeat. Its universal too, not just in politics but also with professional or institutional investors.

    My financial advisor recently used this same logic to explain how fund managers allocate their risk assets (equities) in their fund portfolios. His rationale rotated upon the concept of a fund manager’s “active share” compared to his benchmark index. My comment was such conventional management techniques too often leads to merely following the performance of your peers, however mediocre it turns-out to be. This year, they all went down and have negative total returns for the past 12 months and YTD.

    This pattern sure has been the case in 2018 with almost all wealth managers, both in mutual funds and private portfolio managers, as well. By sticking to conventional investment rules, they are still able to follow the pack and presumably keep their jobs, if not their clients.

    One professional photographer once shared his secret to keeping an income in an ultra competitive industry: Photograph the Cliches that most Tourists widely recognize. People purchase what they are most familiar with and like. So, he produced calendars with his photos of popular international travel landmarks. His strategy was simple: photograph the same scenes, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Tower of London, or the Grand Canyon time and time again. Each annual visit yields a slightly different rendition of the same object or familiar landmark. They sell and he has a steady income (a job) from his travel photography business.

    Moral: If you take too many risks, you will sooner or later be punished. For President Trump, that may mean not being reelected if the stock market and overall economy decline in the next 12-18 months, with or without an “official” recession. Voters will not want to reelect him if they are hurting. Above all, voters want prosperity again (MAGA). Otherwise, elect another candidate who is more conventional.

    • Percy The Sledgehammer

      From H. Craig Bradley, above.
      Moral: If you take too many risks, you will sooner or later be punished. For President Trump, that may mean not being reelected if the stock market and overall economy decline in the next 12-18 months, with or without an “official” recession. Voters will not want to reelect him if they are hurting. Above all, voters want prosperity again (MAGA). Otherwise, elect another candidate who is more conventional.

      H. Craig Bradley,
      H, The people know who owns this stock market decline and it’s not the Trumpster and it has coincided with the Dema cat’s taking over the house!
      Trump will get us out of this mess and I wont go into the detailsnow, but he will!

      How else will they make the cry of;
      New Heart English Bible ◄ 1 Thessalonians 5:3 ►
      For when they are saying, “Peace and safety,” then sudden destruction will come on them, like birth pains on a pregnant woman; and they will in no way escape.
      Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Schedules Emergency Call With President’s Working Group On Financial Markets On Christmas Eve
      Last week was the worst week for the stock market in 10 years, and it is understandable that they would want to try to do something to ease the panic in the marketplace, but for many, this is just going to confirm that a new financial crisis has now arrived.
      Michael Snyder — December 24, 2018
      WORSE THAN URANIUM ONE!!! Gowdy Drops A Moab On Mueller In Front Of Entire Congress(VIDEO)!!!
      RTD Ep:69 “A Reset Of All The Global Fiat Currencies Against Gold” – Kevin Massengill

  40. Tad

    You have some hope for Syria and Afghanistan and then you realize it’s all a game.

  41. Jesse

    And to all who read this – say a prayer for the protection of Alex and his family in Sweden. And say a prayer for the protection of our President. For the long awaited storm is upon us.

  42. Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

    To be sure, Islam and the Islamic invasion of Europe are Satanic. Allah, as his messenger Mohammad taught, sanctions killing the unbeliever, rape, & pedophilia. Christ taught us to love our enemies. Mohammed taught his followers to kill their enemies. Allah does not sanction freedom of thought. The Enlightenment could never have happened in the Islamic world. Allah is not too keen on music either. The music of the Islamic world cannot even begin to hold a candle to the sacred music of the West. And yet, the three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are supposed to be worshiping the same God. Then why does the Koran advocate doing such violence to Jews and Christians? Islam is based on a web of lies.

    • Angry old man

      Catholicism is also under the sway of Lucifer. Saturated with paedophilia and goddess worship (Mary worship). They also pray to dead people (saints) yet Jesus is supposed to be the only way.

    • paul ...

      Love that name TTTIII (Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III) … actually Islam, Jews, Christians and Atheists all worship “different aspects” of the same God … the Atheists believe in nothing or zero (0) … the Jews and Christians in positives (+1) … and Islam in negatives (-1) … all linked together by the equation (+1 = +1) which mathematically proves only a positive God exists … for this equation can also be written as zero equals plus one and minus one (0 = +1 -1) … bet the Atheists and Islamic’s out there don’t realize they believe in a positive God (just as much as their Christian and Jewish buddies)!!

      • paul ...

        This equation can be found right in the Bible … “I Am who I Am” … can be represented mathematically as (+1 =+1) … and from this equation a zero entity and a negative entity can arise (0 = +1 -1) … which means inherently God “is composed of a Trinity” (a plus, a minus and zero) … so we Atheists, Islamic’s and Jew/Christians should get our act together and stop all the conflict that has been going on between us for centuries … because we all believe in the same one God … the God who said “I Am who I Am”!!

        • Mohammad


          0 Was the invention of Arabs, Romans did not know a swat….


          • john

            Mostly the Indians – the Mayans cane up with it as well on their own. I would say Hindu-Arabic to be accurate.

        • Tin foil hat

          Arabs didn’t invent zero!!!!

          According to the book “The Crest of the Peacock; Non-European Roots of Mathematics,” by Dr. George Gheverghese Joseph, the concept of zero first appeared in India around A.D. 458. The Sanskrit word for zero, śūnya, which meant “void” or “empty” and derived from the word for growth, combined with the early definition found in the Rig-veda of “lack” or “deficiency.” The derivative of the two definitions is Śūnyata, a Buddhist doctrine of “emptiness,” or emptying one’s mind from impressions and thoughts.

          Zero and its operation are first defined by [Hindu astronomer and mathematician] Brahmagupta in 628. He developed a symbol for zero: a dot underneath numbers.

          An inscription on a temple wall in Gwalior, India, dates back to the ninth century, and has been considered the oldest recorded example of a zero, according to the University of Oxford. Another example is an ancient Indian scroll called the Bhakshali manuscript. Discovered in a field in 1881, researchers thought it also had originated in the ninth century. However, recent carbon dating has revealed that it was probably written in the third or fourth century, which pushes the earliest recorded use of zero back 500 years.

          Marcus du Sautoy, a professor of mathematics at the University of Oxford, said, “Today we take it for granted that the concept of zero is used across the globe and is a key building block of the digital world. But the creation of zero as a number in its own right, which evolved from the placeholder dot symbol found in the Bakhshali manuscript, was one of the greatest breakthroughs in the history of mathematics.

          “We now know that it was as early as the third century that mathematicians in India planted the seed of the idea that would later become so fundamental to the modern world. The findings show how vibrant mathematics have been in the Indian sub-continent for centuries.”

          Over the next few centuries, the concept of zero caught on in China and the Middle East. According to Nils-Bertil Wallin of YaleGlobal, by 773, zero reached Baghdad where it became part of the Arabic number system, which is based upon the Indian system.

          A Persian mathematician, Mohammed ibn-Musa al-Khowarizmi, suggested that a little circle should be used in calculations if no number appeared in the tens place. The Arabs called this circle “sifr,” or “empty.”

          Arabs invented a little circle or a big 0.

          Merry Christmas to all.

          • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

            For some reason Muslims also like to credit themselves with inventing the TOOTHBRUSH, of all things. Very amusing…

            • paul ...

              According to Al Gore … he was the only one to make any practical use of zero when he invented the internet and assigned zero carbon credits for those who use coal!!

  43. Blather

    It is obvious they are sending in immigrants as an invasion without firing a shot. Your enemy is declaing VICTORY.

    What enemy?

    The ones in parliament and Congress. And YOU put them there.

  44. David L

    Greg, Awesome guest! If Trump doesn’t run in 2020, Alex Newman has my vote!

  45. Not So Free

    Just wanted to say welcome back. Had us worried for a while.
    I’ll watch the video and come back to comment.

  46. Rhona

    WOW!!! Could you be more specific!!!! There was a hand held computer that had programs that taught kids how to read ( preschool kids!!) called Leap Frog. Great great great !!Parents were impressed to say the least. A company bought it and off the market it came.
    I love Trump I think he is a genius He said he was going to drain the swamp and he will. I love the way he shows his brilliance.

  47. Rhona

    WOW!!! Could you be more specific!!!! There was a hand held computer that had programs that taught kids how to read ( preschool kids!!) called Leap Frog. Great great great !!Parents were impressed to say the least. A company bought it and off the market it came. Why—-it was selling big time
    I love Trump I think he is a genius He said he was going to drain the swamp and he will. I love the way he shows his brilliance.

  48. Willard Ferch

    There is no doubt that a great deal of the interview and the comments are true. The culmination is when the economy crashes and people begin running out of food due to the Grand Solar Minimum. This is the “Perfect Storm”: Economic collapse and the “little ice age” that’s upon us. My pictures of “The Hand of God?” only fit in one place; the Lord led me to Proverbs 1:20-33. Because this nation won’t repent, this is our future. We are living parallel to the days of Jeremiah, and so it does not look good. People will be terrified and easy to lead and control, the perfect set-up for the enemy. Yours in Christ, Willard

  49. Mohammad

    F Powell popped the market with his F rate hike pin.

    The damage is beyond repair.

    Trump is doomed since his market’s achievement he once arrogantly claimed ( when he was supposed to distance himself from) is tumbling on his watch.


    • Jallen

      I enjoy your intellect. I do not enjoy your ‘F’ comments. You detract from your message.

      Merry Christmas to Greg and all Watchdogs.


      • Mohammad

        I will tone it down, it is just those Babylonians are so evil …
        Merry Christmas to you Jallen.


    • Frank in The Hague

      Damage on all fronts! The economy, trade, national security, government shutdown etc. All on Trump’s watch!

      His grandiosity and impulsivity, his hypersensitivity to the slightest of criticisms, his inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality – allied with his lack of respect, decency and kindness towards others – is plunging the US into chaos and collapse and as well destabilizing a fragile world order.

      Mexico will kindly pay for Trump’s long term psychiatric care after he is forced out or after he is resoundingly defeated in 2020, whichever comes sooner.

      • Mohammad

        If any one thinks he is outsider she/he is dead wrong.
        He is from within.
        He is meant to have that role…Destruction and dismantling of US.
        The game had unfolded in front of my eyes so many times that its rotten smell fills the air, the whole M.E. was done by the same book.
        Pit two sides against each other.
        Polarize society.
        Then the old Babylonian mantra: “Divide and conquer…”


        • K. Wayne

          I don’t always agree with your comments…but on this one I concur wholeheartedly.
          The “WALL” is seen by all and sundry as a means to keep out illegal aliens …. those thiefs, drug traffickers, gangs, disease carrying reptiles etc etc.
          The Hidden Agenda of the “WALL” is about keeping the masses caged in like animals…unable to seek refuge outside the hell that is on the horizon and about to unfold. Collapse is coming and the avenues for escape will be contained. Hollywood (aka the new Babylon) has covered this numerous times in many feature films.

  50. On Feb 13, 2018: The judge dismissed all charges in the lawsuit brought against Dr Tim Ball by BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver. It is a great victory for free speech.
    ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’.
    “Human Caused Global Warming”, ‘The Biggest Deception in History’.

    • Justn Observer

      The Seastacks of Ireland says it all….the people are confounded and pinned to the dogma – they refuse to see and accept, adjust ! The sun rules, the waning sunspots give the warning, the Melankovitch cycle along with TSI = volcanic and seismic perturbances will further exacerbate the situation… Most sad is the fact the very time people will need their financial resources to prepare…the evil elite will have emptied their pocketbooks via a carbon tax ! What those that know know…is that the ‘illegal’ migration is going the wrong direction…and those stimulating that are the truly most evil of all !…0.0..0.79.412.6……0….1..gws-wiz-img…….0i8i7i30.SEieyBOnsxc

    • Garth Harris

      Good on you Dr Tim Ball for defeating and fighting back against these ‘green hoaxers’ with their ‘global warming fraud…indeed a great victory for intellectual freedom in science and liberty in general. I have seen and read your work and writings and can only congratulate you for your efforts in exposing this scientific fraud and corruption.

      I have enjoyed debating and educating a few people on this hoax as well. However, there are some we cannot reach, mainly those who cling to this ‘green apocalyptic scenario of global warming’ as members of the Green Taliban, or those who have pinned their whole career and income on maintaining the hoax – think Al Gore, or perhaps Dr Tim Flannery who resides in the same country as me, Australia). The hypocrisy of these warmers is beyond reproach and laughable, except we are paying these people billions in tax-payers money – Gore with his fleet of cars, houses, private jets; and Flannery with famous statements like the ‘dams will never fill again’ (because the droughts will be so bad), etc, and funny about him living almost at sea-level when he predicted that ‘the sea would rise 8 metre’s and swamp us all’…crikey, so much for him running for the hills. Of course, none of Flannery’s or Gore’s predictions eventuated: the dams all flooded over the next year as the wet-cycle returned; the sea levels didn’t rise and islands are not being swamped; nor did even one of their junk science computer doomsday temperature models even get close to real temperatures!

      A simple way to expose the fraud in less than 3 minutes is this discussion I use with those interested & something USA Watchdog member may like to consider on the topic:
      1. As CO2 is supposed to be a toxic gas causing global warming, can you tell me what % of the atmosphere is CO2? Almost no one gets this right. After they have guessed wrongly, I explain it is approx 0.04% of earths atmosphere.
      2. Next-how much of the CO2 is man made versus from nature itself? Once again most fail to answer that only 3% is from human activity versus 97% from nature (volcanoes, etc).
      3. OK, given man only produces 3%, how can that seriously have any major impact on temperature versus the 97% produced by natural causes – check-mate!!!! Of course they cannot answer. Further, if Nature contributes 97% of CO2, then can you explain to me what you are going to do about this so-called natural pollution process…perhaps you could start with eliminating a few volcanoes first up, good luck!
      4. In Australia, I finish it off by stating that the % of global man-made CO2 that we produce, is approx 1%, or in total, 1% of 0.04% =0.0004% of global CO2 emissions, so we cannot have any influence on this even if we stopped all emissions. Even our Chief Scientist (who is a warmist) admits that even if we stopped all man-made CO2 production (but not sure how to stop the millions of cows farting & belching), that it would have NO effect on temperature…what a scam this whole Paris gravy-train is.

      Keep up the great work.

  51. paul ...

    French bank Natixis and Dutch bank ABN Amro both see silver pushing to $18 dollars per ounce in 2019 … that is $3.32 dollars over it’s current price of $14.68 per ounce … now with the market crashing and Treasuries paying only 3% … putting some money in silver (to gain 22.6%) is simply ignored by Wall Street traders … who are asleep at the wheel!! …

    • Frederick

      It’s not ignored Paul The establishment is programmed to be anti Precious Metals for the little guy anyway They know exactly what’s going on and as George. Arlin said “ It’s a big club and you ain’t in it “

      • K. Wayne

        There will be only one refuge from the implosion of the monetary system and it will be after the fire that the masses wish they had purchased insurance.

  52. Richard Winkel

    The luciferian elite are psychopaths and psychopaths are very good at “reading” empaths. They have enough insight to manipulate people, but not enough to identify with them. It must be lonely. Anyway, it’s ironic that the economic and political conditions that the migrants are fleeing were largely imposed by the very nations that they’re fleeing to. This is a business model which has been very long in preparation.

    • paul ...

      Hey Humans … you come into this world without a dime and you will leave this world without a dime … yet in-between … you will lie, steal, commit murder and worse yet create constant unending wars killing millions of women and children … for a dime … can’t you idiots figure out the real reason you were put here on Earth???

      • paul ...

        I’ll give you a hint … it wasn’t to collect enough dimes to buy all the food off the shelves of every Walmart in America … how fat do you want to get anyway??

  53. Bruce Wayne

    it’s worth noting that Democracy denotes an idea of rule by popular vote and yet when the democrats can’t win by popular vote, they choose to play the minority card and attempt to overrule the democratic ideals by supporting minorities, often while betraying the wishes of the clear majority of citizens…………We don’t want transvestites in the bathroom with our daughters and yet, the democrats feel they have to overrule, not only the democratic majority, but also the common sense……………

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      we aren’t a democracy. at least not a pure or direct democracy. we’re a republic.

      democracy is when two wolves and a sheep vote on a dinner menu. a republic mitigates the consequences of direct democratic (mob) rule. democracy is rule by gossip. social credit scores. majority vote. you don’t want to live in a true democracy.

      especially a democracy where the large and growing majority of the electorate are women (women are a growing majority of the electorate in the US, particularly since the life-expectancy of women exceeds that of men in the US by almost six years).

      that’s called a matriarchy. most native-American tribes (and other aboriginal tribes around the world) are matriarchies where only women vote for male leaders and the other men are slaves. we’ve almost got that entirely in the US. and it’s a disaster.

      hopefully Trump will return us to a republic. Benjamin Franklin after his contribution to the Constitution was asked by a journalist what kind of gov’t we have. he responded: a republic, but only if you can keep it. we’re at that cross-roads today.

  54. Anthony Australia

    Proud of you Greg, your message reaches people all over the globe.
    Merry Christmas

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks AA!!

  55. Aussie

    Agenda 21
    “Get Them Off The Land” is part of Agenda 21
    California Fire, Paradise. confirms the above
    Evidence of the use of Micro Wave laser (blue beam) from multiply sources, now confirms this as fact. There is NO doubt in my mind, this was orchestrated by the Globalists. Oh yes they would!

  56. John Mills

    Would the USA require a border wall with Canada ?
    Canada just signed the UN Migration Compact ! … The USA/ Canada border is the longest unguarded border in the the world !

    • Greg Hunter

      I think True-Dope just made a Northern border wall a necessity.

    • paul ...

      We should have made Mexico and Canada a part of the US years ago!!

  57. Southern Girl

    Wishing you and yours Merry Christmas!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SG!!! Merry Christ Mas to you and yours!!!

  58. paul ...

    The Plunge Protection Team tells Wall Street “liquidity is fine” … and the market plunges for protection from this phony lying team!! …

  59. Mohammad

    God may bless us all.


  60. Nick

    Excellent interview Greg. Alex Newman was superb and perhaps a tad chilling – yet this is important to know information.
    The key issues remain as what can an individual do to meaningfully stop / oppose the Globalists?
    Have a safe and enjoyable Christmas
    God Bless

  61. Gene

    Dear Mr. Hunter,

    I strongly agree with you and Mr. Newman that anyone who has aided and abetted ISIS should be prosecuted and found guilty of treason. Under 18 U.S.C. 2381: “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned … .”
    The public should be convinced that those who have held high office and who have been found guilt of treason should be sentenced to death, that all appeals therefrom should be swiftly concluded and that all such sentences should be carried forthwith thereafter. If such persons should merely be imprisoned for their heinous crimes and power should somehow return to the partisans of the traitors, we should expect that they will be freed from prison and returned to positions of power to continue their horrendous criminal acts to the grave detriment of our country.
    Merry Christmas!

  62. Percy Sledgehammer

    God’s Word Is Alive

    Jesus Christ​—Little Baby or Reigning King?

    DURING this Christmas season many persons think of Jesus simply as a little baby in a manger. Scenes are displayed of “wise men” bringing gifts to a newborn babe. People say that it was at this season of the year that Jesus was born. Is this what the Bible says?

    Why not open your Bible and see what it actually does say. Read carefully Luke 2:1-20 and Matthew 2:1-16. Now, does the Bible not say that shepherds were in the fields taking care of their flocks when Jesus was born? Since December in Palestine was the rainy, cold season, it is not likely that shepherds would be out-of-doors with their flocks at that time of year.

    Notice, too, that this was the time of the registration when the people were required to travel to their home city to register. It certainly is not likely that the Roman rulers would require a people that were already inclined to revolt against them to make that trip to register in the dead of winter. Other evidence, too, proves that Jesus was not actually born at Christmastime.
    Did you also note that when the so-called wise men brought him gifts, Jesus no longer was a babe in a manger? The Bible says that “when they went into the house they saw the young child with Mary its mother.” (Matthew 2:11) Who really were these “wise men” that were guided, not by the instructions of an angel, but by a star? They were Magi, or astrologers. And although astrology is popular among many people, God condemns it.​—Isaiah 47:12-15.

    As the Bible record shows, those astrologers were not at first directed by the star to Jesus in Bethlehem but to murderous King Herod in Jerusalem. Now, if God had used the star to guide the astrologers, would he have directed them first to Jerusalem so that they would come in contact with that dangerous king? Obviously not!

    When the star finally led the astrologers to Jesus, God stepped in and warned those men in a dream not to go back to Herod. God thereby saved the life of Jesus. How do we know? Because when Herod learned that the astrologers had fled without reporting to him, he sought to kill Jesus. But by then God had provided for Jesus’ escape. So that star was actually a scheme of Satan the Devil to have Jesus killed!

    It is also a scheme of the Devil today to try to make people think of Jesus only as a helpless baby. But he is not! Before Jesus was born, the angel Gabriel told his mother regarding him: “He will rule as king . . . and there will be no end of his kingdom.” (Luke 1:33) Jesus Christ is now ruling as a mighty king in heaven, and if we are to receive life under his Kingdom rule it is vital that we recognize this fact.​—Isaiah 9:6, 7.

    Now For The Real Adults In The Room
    Every day brings news of conflict and tragedy in the land of the Bible. We can easily become discouraged. But God promises a solution to the problems in the Middle East. Here, in Zechariah 14, is God’s final solution.
    The Final Solution!
    And A Happy New Year!

  63. Riggy

    When we lost the education system we lost the republic. My young adult children (22-26 years old) all are democrat socialist. Last night while in the same SUV we disused the next presidential race. I commented that I believe Michele Obama will be the democrat nominee. My 22 year old son was gushing on his support for her. I asked him why he supported her as president. His response – “she is a strong black women”. Nothing about what she would do or what policies she would have. Those are simply not important.

  64. Mike R

    Worst.Xmas.Ever. For stocks.

    Supposedly, the S&P 500 just entered a ‘bear market’. (although more than 40% of its stocks, were already there months ago).

    The thing about this minor correction is that it JUST NOW brought stocks to their 200 week moving average. They were WAY over-valued, and had to come back to the mean at some point.

    If we have any REAL kind of a market coming back, where valuations actually mean something, then the S&P really needs to correct ANOTHER 50 to 60% downward from here. It won’t. At least not in any sort of straight line. That is because our fraudulent Fed will activate their PPT, and buy stocks hand over fist directly, just like Japan has done for the better part of the last 2 decades, and also China has done, and the ECB has done. Its in part why the globe now has $270 trillion in debt. And another $700 trillion AT LEAST, in derivatives attached to that debt. Many of which are interest rate triggered. All of which are just really BAD BETS. WHY are they all bad bets ???? Because they all attempt to pass off risk onto another party, or entity, so if everyone is simply passing the buck, and it stops nowhere with no one or no entity actually accountable for poor decisions, you have essentially a big ponzi being propped up by a game of financial musical chairs. The globe can’t pass risk onto every other party, and expect any sort of positive outcome. Its fooling itself, and has done so for years, aided and abetted by central bank fraudulent monetary policy, where interest rates at zero never allow ANY asset to properly be valued, and where all ‘risk’ gets re-assigned at virtually ZERO cost. Folks that is like you and I being able to buy home insurance, car insurance, life insurance for free. We know that is not possible. Unless those assets are considered FREE, or worth nothing. In all reality, with so much debt, and hundreds of trillions in derivatives, the banksters have essentially created a world where every single asset on the planet (except perhaps for precious metals which has no counter party or liability on the other side) are now worth absolutely nothing. Land, homes, commercial real estate, cars, buildings, machinery, every appliance known to mankind, every single asset could be ‘sold” (to whom, aliens ?) and still not ever pay off even a fraction of global debt. And since it is so much debt, essentially since assets are now worth zero, they have made everyone’s current and future labor worth zero for at least the next 40 to 70 years. So everyone on the planet needs to work for FREE, for that many years to clear all the debt, so we are talking at least 2 maybe 3 generations in hock for life. No, not even the super rich, have the real ‘wealth’ they think they have, particularly when the currencies finally reflect this indebtedness, as no one will ever work for anyone rich unless they are paid in something like gold. The rich are dependent the serfs labor, and they cannot simply keep billions of humans repressed forever. Neither can our governments.

    When currencies go to zero, especially when our US dollar implodes and goes to zero, since more than 60% of the world’s trade is in US dollars, that is when the rich worldwide, will also lose more than 90% of their ‘wealth’, and literally all of their power. This is when God is really going to be active, and if he isn’t in your life now, you can pretty much forget about surviving all of this.

    We all knew this 9 year mania, had to come to an end. Its hard to say if that is now, or if the Fed will do something stupid, and reverse course. (i.e. re-start QE). Its also absurd that Trump and Munchkin are talking PPT right now. Does that mean big banks are in trouble ??? And the markets didn’t know this ??? why talk PPT with only a 20% market correction ??? Its really a bumble headed move, if something more serious isn’t taking place behind the scenes. You call in the PPT when something like a Lehman is failing. (maybe its Doochebag Bank that actually is failing, and they are finally admitting it?)

    Either way not a good Xmas eve.

  65. Gary

    Merry Christmas to all and my God bless each of you and your families in the coming year! Maranatha!

    Let There Be Peace on Earth – Wintley Phipps

  66. Not So Free

    Greg: FWIW
    Mark Skidmore was on the Corbett Report this past Monday.
    Link below.
    Also Dave Janda and Bill Holter interview.

    I hope you don’t mind these links.

  67. Prophet

    Ive never listened to Newman before and i did like his perspective…Great interview….
    Retail sales at Christmas plus the fact we have decent economy should stop the market
    bleeding by the first of the year although another 1000 pt drop would not surprise me, the days of the dow being 27000 are over….This downturn is related to fear the Fed, brexit, china, and the new house “leadership”.. If the markets were going to breach 20,000 I think we would see more movment in metals…..Trump will compromise on the 5 billion , there will never be a complete wall, just pieces….Its possible Mueller has something on Trump…The only reason i say this is he has been in business 50 years, the mans not an angel, I think as long as they can somewhat control Trump untill 2020 this will appease the deep state…Democrats will still start endless investigations just to get his numbers down.. impeachment would lead to civil war and its not time….As for Huber, his investigations will fade away…tit for tat….Stuck my neck out we shall see
    Merry Christmas

  68. Mohammad

    Here we go Greg, this is the first clue to what I have been talking about all the time here on the blog.

    Now I did not care much for all the vital industries that were transferred from US to China, nor the theft of technology by Israel that implanted it in China, rather I will say this and you will find it true at some point in the future:



    • Greg Hunter

      All the gold in China is owned by Israel? I don’t know what to say.

    • Tin foil hat

      I know you are not a comedian but you make me lol.

  69. Prophet

    Just a quick note…… IF 100 or so people of government were indicted the Market would go into a tailspin and the worlds house of cards would come tumbling down, Trump is a smart man he knows this….He doest want a relapse of the great depression on his watch,
    It could happen anyway by other means but exposing to the world how corrupt our politicians are would be like pouring gasoline on a tiki torch…here is the really sad part
    if we actually cleaned out the swamp, the aftermath of a collapse would only bring us closer to full scale globalism…

  70. Roger Dodger

    Final Warning
    Final Warning

  71. Roger Dodger

    Owning DC Warmongers: Senator Rand Paul Twitter Blasts Neo-Cons & Communists
    Merry Christmas neo-cons and warmongers.
    Tim Brown — December 24, 2018
    Following the resignation of Defense Secretary General James Mattis because of the announcement that President Donald Trump was pulling US troops out of Syria and half of them out of Afghanistan, neo-cons and Communist warmongers in DC ripped into the president. However, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) decided to fight back via Twitter and blast them on behalf of the president.
    Among those that Paul tore into were Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who you know is hating seeing his beloved jihadis in Syria and the remaining elements of the Islamic State, which he and treasonous John McCain helped to create, and Council on Foreign Relations member and Trump adviser John Bolton.
    “You’ll be surprised to learn I have some grievances with people in Washington, fellow members and others. It’s time to talk about them now, because it’s the holiday season,” Paul tweeted. MUCH MORE;

  72. Percy The Sledgehammer

    Trump Points The Finger At The Central Bank, Rothschild Responds!

  73. William

    Clower and Pivin on the border. Look them up.

  74. William

    Look up Clower & Pivin.

  75. zteve.0

    Merry Christmas Greg and to all your listeners. It would be a great show to have a couple of experts talk about pensions unions and government employees. I have been fortunate to serve as a municipal employee (paramedic) for almost 30yrs. When I started it wasn’t to get rich and I made less than many of my old friends who worked in factories and small business. Years later my 2% raises have added up and I feel like we make good money now – though my taxes and utilities have doubled. As I get closer to the pension age I think of it as part of my pay package that I have earned – lets face it: if I had always put 10% of my income into a balanced tax sheltered mutual fund I would have a substantial nest egg as well – anyone would (that is promised in the bible). Unions as well could be viewed as communism and many times I did not like the work the union did for us – but years later I feel like it was fair legal representation – similar to what people in business would hire for themselves if they were negotiating a contract.
    I think we can look at the yellow vest folks and agree that people have a right to get together and demand better from the 1% and that is the way I feel about our union – we demanded fair treatment and better work conditions ongoing and it has paid off. That said, I feel blessed by God for the job i have and life it has given me – so I wont apologize for living on the heavy tax burden or enjoying my pension when it comes as it has been provided by God (and I have held up my end of the bargain).
    I wish you all health wealth and happiness in the New Year

  76. Steve M.

    “…they are willing to sacrifice our country, our liberties, our Constitution and our republic to get it.”
    And I am willing to sacrifice as many globalists as it takes to get them to leave us alone.

  77. sam

    Regarding interest rates, they have to go up as the low near zero rates might be good for borrowers but they are destroying the pension funds whcih rely on a return of 8% to stay above water. They have also destroyed the bond market which will come down. The policy didn’t work.
    Martin Armstrong writes about the founding of the FED system and how it was changed and should be put back to the original intention:
    Therefore, the structural alteration of the Federal Reserve for World War I transformed the theory of Quantitative Easing into an INDIRECT stimulus rather than DIRECT. They “hoped” the banks would lend but NEVER did. Interest rates did not decline on credit cards and consumer loans in proportion to what the Fed was doing. The entire stimulation theory fails BECAUSE the Fed does not act directly with the economy and relies on the banks.

  78. sam

    100% agree about the education of our children and the long range plan of the globalists.
    They do not care what we think as they have our children.
    We need to address the education system . We need to demand change right now
    We can home school but it is such a small minority it won’t make a difference.
    We need to emand the education system goes back to teaching facts and morals and get rid of the marxist subject matter immediately.

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