Meet the Mainstream Press

By Greg Hunter’s 

Nothing is more emblematic of the mainstream media (MSM) than NBC’s “Meet the Press.”  I wonder if it should be renamed “Meet the Corporate Mainstream Press” because that is exactly what it was on Sunday.  Before the first vote was cast, Sunday’s panel anointed Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate to face Barack Obama this fall.  I really wonder why we have caucuses or primaries at all.  We should all just watch TV and let shows like “Meet the Press” tell us what’s good for us.  The word pompous comes to mind when I see them in action, and last night, Ron Paul showed them how little they know what America really wants by finishing just a few percentage points behing the Romney.

The MSM doesn’t tell reporters or guests what to say; they just pick the people who will say what they want.  I heard only one relatively flattering thing about front runner Ron Paul during the entire discussion.  Kathie Obradovich from the Des Moines Register said some of the caucus goers were “flocking” to Ron Paul because they were “desperate for real change,” and Congressman Paul was “completely different.”  Other than that, every other word about Paul was negative.  Why?  Let’s face it, the left and right do not want real change and will try to taint or destroy anyone who brings it.  They want the system of secret banker bailouts and Fed deals that rescue companies like General Electric from financial ruin which is part owner of NBC.  (During the financial meltdown of 2008, GE was the sole owner of NBC and now has only a 49% share of the network.)  They do not want prosecutions of Wall Street bankers for causing the financial meltdown with “liar loans” and “toxic” mortgage backed securities.  Republicans and Democrats want what they have now and are just taking turns ripping off the country.  The corporate owned MSM is just happy to take campain advertising money and are happy to cover the fake fighting.

You could not have gotten a more Romney biased panel on “Meet the Press” if you would have gone to Mitt’s campaign headquarters.  Mike Murphy, GOP strategist, said Congressman Paul, “. . . would be the surprise disappointing finish.”  Mark Halperin of Time Magazine said he saw “two scenarios for Romney and they were “great” and “good.”  Andrea Mitchel of NBC said Paul “really hurt himself on foreign policy.”  To be fair, it is not just NBC doing a hatchet job on Congressman Paul, other networks have been less than objective.  Yesterday on FOX, Democratic strategist James Carville opined that Romney was the only Republican that “has a chance of winning nationally.” 

I think the Democrats and President Obama would like nothing more than to run against the man who thinks “corporations are people too.”  Mitt Romney would be predictable and would not go after the real issues that are holding America back.  The main issue is the fraud and rip-offs in the financial system.  There will be no recovery and little job creation unless and until the banks and Wall Street are no longer able to rig the system so they always win.  There should also be some prosecutions, but I digress.  Romney, who couldn’t get much more than 25% of the Iowa Republican vote, will be very beatable for Mr. Obama.  Both are the picks of Super PAC corporations.  Santorum would just be the Republican replacement for Romney if he can hold up after Iowa.

Paul, on the other hand, would be unpredictable and difficult to corner.  The Congressman also has something all other Republicans envy and that is motivated, young supporters who want real change.  President Obama can no longer campaign on the change slogan.  He got in and nothing really changed.

If you would have said Ron Paul would be a close third in Iowa a year ago, I am sure you would have been laughed out of the room.  That is the same thing you could have said about Barack Obama in January of 2008.  Hillary Clinton was so strong, they were doing skits on “Saturday Night Live” belittling the other candidates in the Democratic field. We all know how that turned out.  I am not stumping for Congressman Paul.  I just want accurate reporting, and accurate reporting is usually fair reporting.   I don’t see much objectivity from most of the MSM, and it is not asking too much for facts without spin or distortion.

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  1. JA

    “Rick Santorum, whose determined Republican presidential campaign offered strong fiscal convictions and conservative social values, was rewarded with a second-place finish in Tuesday night’s Iowa caucus.”

    The Iowa Republican caucus was determined long before the representatives cast their vote. Ultimately, the outcome of any compromised “election” is not who casts the votes, but rather who counts them. The “electrifying” finish of Santorum and the elitist buffoon Mitt Romney should come as no surprise. That said, my support for Ron Paul will continue.

  2. Tom

    A downright pathetic situation isn’t it, Greg? Pretty boy “Miss Massachusetts” does not have either the guts or integrity in him to fix all the corruption that is eating this country up.

    • Greg

      Neither does Obama. Both are corporate candidates.

      • Tom

        Oh, yeah. He showed his true colors about two weeks after inauguration.

        “Hope and change we can all believe in.”

        What a crock.

  3. Sandor Bors

    RP had only 10 percent of the vote in 2008 in Iowa. He more than doubled his support! Romney stayed the same with 25 percent. Santorum just took the Huckabee vote and will probably fade in a similar manner – lack of funding,organization,voting record,etc. And the strange thing is that Bix Weir said Sarah Palin would endorse RP this Spring! Can this statement be the precursor?

    Things are getting interesting…

    • Greg

      Boy Sander I just had a crazy thought. Paul/Palin ticket. Would it work? I don’t know but an interesting thought.

      • Nathan Hale

        What about Paul & Paul? That would be nifty!

        • Greg

          Nathan Hale,
          Yes but not likely. Rand Paul will definitely run for President in the future. Greg

  4. George Too

    Just the simple fact and let me decide

  5. Warren

    Good article, Greg.

    The Republican contest is revealing a very interesting dynamic wherein the main question is not “Can Ron Paul win?”, but rather “How can Ron Paul not win?”. His dedicated 10% following insures that if anyone other than Ron Paul is nominated then that candidate will turn into Bob Dole and the Republican nomination will be worthless. If the Republicans come to their senses and nominate Paul, then there will be great changes in domestic and foreign policy. If they do not nominate Paul, then the electorate will be educated on limited and Constitutional government which will lay the groundwork for Rand Paul in 2016. By then, the Republicans will realize they can’t win without Paul’s tireless 10%.

    It does not take a majority to prevail.

    • Greg

      Nice analysis, although Paul’s 10% will probably grow much higher. Thank you for the comment.

  6. Art Barnes

    Greg, best article you have ever written on the Status Quo Press. Last night when Paul gave his speech after taking a close 3rd, even Fox forgot about him and decided he finished a distance third and mentioned him no longer. Your insight when saying ” Republicans and Democrats want what they have now and are just taking turns ripping off the country” said it well and said it all. I add that Paul represents a growing citizenship of awareness of your statement.

    • Greg

      Thank you Art for your comment. When it comes to Dr. Paul FOX News is unfair and unbalanced.

  7. Edward Ulysses Cate

    If you really want to understand main-stream-media, focus on Gannett. Not only do they own 85! major dailies, their largest shareholder is JPMorgan Chase. Now that’s banker control of media. In McCain country (Phoenix) they control both the major newspaper (Arizona Republic) and Channel 12 TV station, among other local entities. Now you know the rest of the story.

    • Greg

      Thank you Edward Ulysses Cate!

  8. Sam

    Dear Greg,

    No, the establishment does not want Dr. Paul because they want things to remain the same. Most people know that the two “frontrunners,” Romney and Santorum, are RINOs. Of the three top finishers, most people know that Dr. Paul represents real change. Why is it on BOTH Twitter AND Drudge Report 2000 polls yesterday, Dr. Paul finished first? Because Dr. Paul speaks his mind, no one “grooms” him. He’s the real deal.

    As to your appearance on “C2C” last night: it’s what I’ve been saying for weeks on two other sites – Iran will be chairman chicken’s Poland. The two bigger boys on the block, China and Russia, have had enough of NATO’s (read: America’s) aggression. The so-called “Arab Spring,” where we’ve seen the wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians, where Islamic despots have made a return.

    I really don’t think we’ll have an election, I really believe that chairman chicken will declare martial law. Hopefully, someone will launch an EMP strike against this country, and things will return to local control.

    • Greg

      Thank yopu Sam and Leah.

    • Becareful

      re: EMP……Be careful what you wish for…