Meet the Mainstream Press

By Greg Hunter’s 

Nothing is more emblematic of the mainstream media (MSM) than NBC’s “Meet the Press.”  I wonder if it should be renamed “Meet the Corporate Mainstream Press” because that is exactly what it was on Sunday.  Before the first vote was cast, Sunday’s panel anointed Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate to face Barack Obama this fall.  I really wonder why we have caucuses or primaries at all.  We should all just watch TV and let shows like “Meet the Press” tell us what’s good for us.  The word pompous comes to mind when I see them in action, and last night, Ron Paul showed them how little they know what America really wants by finishing just a few percentage points behing the Romney.

The MSM doesn’t tell reporters or guests what to say; they just pick the people who will say what they want.  I heard only one relatively flattering thing about front runner Ron Paul during the entire discussion.  Kathie Obradovich from the Des Moines Register said some of the caucus goers were “flocking” to Ron Paul because they were “desperate for real change,” and Congressman Paul was “completely different.”  Other than that, every other word about Paul was negative.  Why?  Let’s face it, the left and right do not want real change and will try to taint or destroy anyone who brings it.  They want the system of secret banker bailouts and Fed deals that rescue companies like General Electric from financial ruin which is part owner of NBC.  (During the financial meltdown of 2008, GE was the sole owner of NBC and now has only a 49% share of the network.)  They do not want prosecutions of Wall Street bankers for causing the financial meltdown with “liar loans” and “toxic” mortgage backed securities.  Republicans and Democrats want what they have now and are just taking turns ripping off the country.  The corporate owned MSM is just happy to take campain advertising money and are happy to cover the fake fighting.

You could not have gotten a more Romney biased panel on “Meet the Press” if you would have gone to Mitt’s campaign headquarters.  Mike Murphy, GOP strategist, said Congressman Paul, “. . . would be the surprise disappointing finish.”  Mark Halperin of Time Magazine said he saw “two scenarios for Romney and they were “great” and “good.”  Andrea Mitchel of NBC said Paul “really hurt himself on foreign policy.”  To be fair, it is not just NBC doing a hatchet job on Congressman Paul, other networks have been less than objective.  Yesterday on FOX, Democratic strategist James Carville opined that Romney was the only Republican that “has a chance of winning nationally.” 

I think the Democrats and President Obama would like nothing more than to run against the man who thinks “corporations are people too.”  Mitt Romney would be predictable and would not go after the real issues that are holding America back.  The main issue is the fraud and rip-offs in the financial system.  There will be no recovery and little job creation unless and until the banks and Wall Street are no longer able to rig the system so they always win.  There should also be some prosecutions, but I digress.  Romney, who couldn’t get much more than 25% of the Iowa Republican vote, will be very beatable for Mr. Obama.  Both are the picks of Super PAC corporations.  Santorum would just be the Republican replacement for Romney if he can hold up after Iowa.

Paul, on the other hand, would be unpredictable and difficult to corner.  The Congressman also has something all other Republicans envy and that is motivated, young supporters who want real change.  President Obama can no longer campaign on the change slogan.  He got in and nothing really changed.

If you would have said Ron Paul would be a close third in Iowa a year ago, I am sure you would have been laughed out of the room.  That is the same thing you could have said about Barack Obama in January of 2008.  Hillary Clinton was so strong, they were doing skits on “Saturday Night Live” belittling the other candidates in the Democratic field. We all know how that turned out.  I am not stumping for Congressman Paul.  I just want accurate reporting, and accurate reporting is usually fair reporting.   I don’t see much objectivity from most of the MSM, and it is not asking too much for facts without spin or distortion.

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  1. JA

    “Rick Santorum, whose determined Republican presidential campaign offered strong fiscal convictions and conservative social values, was rewarded with a second-place finish in Tuesday night’s Iowa caucus.”

    The Iowa Republican caucus was determined long before the representatives cast their vote. Ultimately, the outcome of any compromised “election” is not who casts the votes, but rather who counts them. The “electrifying” finish of Santorum and the elitist buffoon Mitt Romney should come as no surprise. That said, my support for Ron Paul will continue.

  2. Tom

    A downright pathetic situation isn’t it, Greg? Pretty boy “Miss Massachusetts” does not have either the guts or integrity in him to fix all the corruption that is eating this country up.

    • Greg

      Neither does Obama. Both are corporate candidates.

      • Tom

        Oh, yeah. He showed his true colors about two weeks after inauguration.

        “Hope and change we can all believe in.”

        What a crock.

  3. Sandor Bors

    RP had only 10 percent of the vote in 2008 in Iowa. He more than doubled his support! Romney stayed the same with 25 percent. Santorum just took the Huckabee vote and will probably fade in a similar manner – lack of funding,organization,voting record,etc. And the strange thing is that Bix Weir said Sarah Palin would endorse RP this Spring! Can this statement be the precursor?

    Things are getting interesting…

    • Greg

      Boy Sander I just had a crazy thought. Paul/Palin ticket. Would it work? I don’t know but an interesting thought.

      • Nathan Hale

        What about Paul & Paul? That would be nifty!

        • Greg

          Nathan Hale,
          Yes but not likely. Rand Paul will definitely run for President in the future. Greg

  4. George Too

    Just the simple fact and let me decide

  5. Warren

    Good article, Greg.

    The Republican contest is revealing a very interesting dynamic wherein the main question is not “Can Ron Paul win?”, but rather “How can Ron Paul not win?”. His dedicated 10% following insures that if anyone other than Ron Paul is nominated then that candidate will turn into Bob Dole and the Republican nomination will be worthless. If the Republicans come to their senses and nominate Paul, then there will be great changes in domestic and foreign policy. If they do not nominate Paul, then the electorate will be educated on limited and Constitutional government which will lay the groundwork for Rand Paul in 2016. By then, the Republicans will realize they can’t win without Paul’s tireless 10%.

    It does not take a majority to prevail.

    • Greg

      Nice analysis, although Paul’s 10% will probably grow much higher. Thank you for the comment.

  6. Art Barnes

    Greg, best article you have ever written on the Status Quo Press. Last night when Paul gave his speech after taking a close 3rd, even Fox forgot about him and decided he finished a distance third and mentioned him no longer. Your insight when saying ” Republicans and Democrats want what they have now and are just taking turns ripping off the country” said it well and said it all. I add that Paul represents a growing citizenship of awareness of your statement.

    • Greg

      Thank you Art for your comment. When it comes to Dr. Paul FOX News is unfair and unbalanced.

  7. Edward Ulysses Cate

    If you really want to understand main-stream-media, focus on Gannett. Not only do they own 85! major dailies, their largest shareholder is JPMorgan Chase. Now that’s banker control of media. In McCain country (Phoenix) they control both the major newspaper (Arizona Republic) and Channel 12 TV station, among other local entities. Now you know the rest of the story.

    • Greg

      Thank you Edward Ulysses Cate!

  8. Sam

    Dear Greg,

    No, the establishment does not want Dr. Paul because they want things to remain the same. Most people know that the two “frontrunners,” Romney and Santorum, are RINOs. Of the three top finishers, most people know that Dr. Paul represents real change. Why is it on BOTH Twitter AND Drudge Report 2000 polls yesterday, Dr. Paul finished first? Because Dr. Paul speaks his mind, no one “grooms” him. He’s the real deal.

    As to your appearance on “C2C” last night: it’s what I’ve been saying for weeks on two other sites – Iran will be chairman chicken’s Poland. The two bigger boys on the block, China and Russia, have had enough of NATO’s (read: America’s) aggression. The so-called “Arab Spring,” where we’ve seen the wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians, where Islamic despots have made a return.

    I really don’t think we’ll have an election, I really believe that chairman chicken will declare martial law. Hopefully, someone will launch an EMP strike against this country, and things will return to local control.

    • Greg

      Thank yopu Sam and Leah.

    • Becareful

      re: EMP……Be careful what you wish for…

  9. Leah

    You are 100% correct, and I enjoy your site.
    I do not believe that there is any scenario, event, etc. where the MSM can be trusted.
    The Media’s attempt to first ignore, then aggressively attack Ron Paul when that didn’t work, only provides proof that they are not the purveyors of thought control that they once were. The internet is truly the most revolutionary event to affect society since the invention of the Gutenberg printing press.
    Too bad the powers that be will probably succeed at controling that as well.
    These are definitely interesting times.

  10. slingshot

    Fair reporting? That was pitched out the window long ago. Forty years of voting and listening to all this and I am at the point of DGAS! If our country is controlled by a few behind the scenes and the rest of us are too stupid to figure it out. So Be It. The odds of correcting our country’s problem is overwhelming and we do not have the fortitude to cope with what has to be done. Forget what the Mayan’s predicted, the politicians are spouting their own 2012 prophecies.

    • Art Barnes

      Slingshot, are you at the “point” of DGAS or are you already there?
      I ask because I am and will greet you when you get here. I only comment here because I want others to realize how the political class has destroyed this country which history will record in the future and I am hoping that historians may write that a few of us were not fooled. I always enjoy your thoughts. A.B.


    Hi!, Patrons Of USAWatchdog:

    Realizing that our country is desperate to nominate a candidate who will be later in action a statesman President that is a man of the people vs. being a professional, forget my real campaign promises politician, please dear readers consider the following:

    Are we so ignorant and/or misguided in or understanding of our real guiding governing document, the US Constitution, that we allow emotions presented by a parade of well dressed socialist priests to dictate the terms of how our country is governed? One TOP example is Article 1; Section 10 which mandates only gold and silver coins to be used in lieu of debts payed by all Americans; no redeemable paper scheme is this. The paper money scheme that broke down, called the Bretton Woods Agreement, on August 15th 1971 when then President Nixon closed the US gold window declaring International bankruptcy, has already produced the evidence we need to have the gold/silver in our pockets only. This Constitutional arrangement and universal, state wide agreement would automatically and immediately kill the Federal Reserve System plus eliminate the need to audit the gold supposedly held in custodial force within Fort Knox or elsewhere. There would be no more need for me and thee to receive fliers either from the US Mint nor their representatives selling American gold or silver Eagles, because these coins would come into our possession as the Constitution mandates for FREE. Now the Mint would have us buy our own gold paying a premium over spot gold prices plus shipping. What good does any custodial gold do anyone on the streets of our Nation; when the constitution says all Americans are to have both gold and silver coins in their pockets which makes every American a custodian of their own precious metals money supplied FREE from our US mint?
    In conclusion therefore, which of today’s’ candidates will make positively sure we will be receiving our gold and silver coins for FREE right after they are elected and live up to that Constitutional edict and responsibility to our Nations’ people in every State Of The Union? Remember, this action would automatically kill the Federal Reserve credit card plus remove the necessity of ever needing to audit custodial held gold in such depositories as Ford Knox which is a long distance from our respective pockets.

    Finally, reader you are encouraged to visit the Von Mises Institute on the Internet and search for their online version of Fiat Money Inflation In France by Andrew Dixon White who was the co-founder of Cornell University and then please read all 70 some pages or purchase their hard copies @ around $10 ea or both. This treatise will inform you regards how inflation began in France; what inflation brought France and how inflation ended with Napoleon telling the French Ministry that they would provide him gold coins with which to pay their troops or they would leave the battlefield. What if our troops where that informed and told our leaders the same thing today? I know my efforts alone here are paltry but together as informed citizens we might make an historical difference!


  12. D. Smith

    Meet The Press and all the other lying media fools out there can talk the way they do because they KNOW the outcomes of these things. You are right – why do we even bother to have caucases and voting rights. Everything is bought and paid for ahead of time. It has to be. Otherwise there is no rational or logical explanation for Rick Santorum to have come all the way from the bottom of the barrel to now being a “contender”. There just isn’t a way. Big money. Big corporate money.

    America. Is. Screwed. What I wanna know is how did we let this happen. Have people been asleep for the past three decades? The answer, sadly, is yes.

    • Art Barnes

      D. Smith: Answer, we simply continued to reelect the political class time and again while we went to work allowing them to grow rich and powerful on the backs of our efforts. The political class talks to our fellow Americans as they were friends as they take the cigars from the bankers in the back rooms, not to mention the bankers buddies, the MSM.

  13. jay

    Its getting harder everyday to turn on the news. Its like a mind altering drug. No reality to it. Im not just talking politics..Its every subject.Not meaning to sound religous , but its like satan himself has control over main extreem media.
    I thank my GOD for you Greg.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jay for your comment and support.

    • masterluke

      Its like Lenin said – “A lie told often enough becomes the truth”.

  14. Spud

    Good article. However, I think the people who watch tv news are too stupid to decide anything for themselves anyway, so the pundits there just ‘know their audience’. The american people get the govt and news they deserve. Do you really think most americans actually want freedom? You’re naive.

    I’ll still write in ron paul though.

  15. Brad


    I believe it was Samuel P. Huntington that said a two party system is better than a single party system because the yoke rests lightly upon the populace but one still may achieve the same effect. It essentially becomes the proverbial two heads on one body, as is beginning to become evident.

  16. M SMITH

    Greg, its called No Free Press, NFP shows us just how corporate facism operates, last night was a prime example.

  17. Herman Gerbils

    I have noticed everybody attacks Ron Paul’s foreign policy but nobody dissects it, nobody says why it’s so crazy or why the present course is preferable to his alternative vision. But as I have posted before, look who sponsors the program, companies that have a vested interest in war and it’s aftermath. The news divisions of NBC/MSNBC are the marketing departments for GE’s weapons products, itself a hedge fund masquerading as an industrial concern. Meet the Press’s value is that it does represent the corporate mindset, what they don’t talk about, (everything but the Republican debates)the sins of omission are just as telling as what they do discuss.There has been no in depth discussion about the Gulf oil disaster, Fukushima, Libya’s invasion and aftermath (not a word since Qadaffi was murdered),the fact Haiti is still a wreck etc etc. We are staring down the barrel of WW3 and MTP focus’s on the sex lives of Herman Cain, Anthony Weiner and other trivialities. And nobody has ever said “hey Andrea, you are married to the guy that F’d up the entire western financial world, wassup with that?”

    • Greg

      Great stuff. I am smiling as I answer your comment.

  18. Gillian

    The repugs don’t want Paul in the WH or representing their party. I don’t think Paul will advance in ANY of the primaries because the fix is in. He needs to start thinking seriously about mounting a 3rd party challenge, with a party that gives him the greatest ability to have votes cast for him across the nation. He will get the youth vote and the Independent vote. Obama will love it as it increases his chance at re-election. However, the distaste increasing numbers of Americans have for his administration will unseat him unless the criminals figure out a way to steal the vote.

    It’s definitely time to clean house, to get rid of ALL members of Congress, the Executive branch and the bought-and-paid for “Supreme” Court. It’s time to take our country back.

    • Greg

      Actually I have to agree with you. The De ms and Republicans are two heads on the same body. What dose Paul have to lose? Nothing.

      • Art Barnes

        I also agree, I have to wonder if Paul has used the Republican Party just to get some exposure in the debates. If Dr. Paul wanted real press now he would launch a “real” third party movement. The time is now and is a very limited window. If that should happen the MSM would act in concert to stop it, it would be the biggest MSM bias of all time, which is to say allot, but the bias would be so patently offensive that it would be so obvious even to the sleeping American sheep.

  19. Jim H

    Left the US in 1990 for Desert Storm (Contractor)and returned home in 2009. As a Contractor more times than not you live among the locals rather than being locked down in a tent city. Imagine my surprise returning home to find many people in my country unable to achieve critical thought concerning most things important. All my wife and I needed to do was watch CNN/FOX (two sides of the same team) to know what would be chirped by neighbor’s, co-workers, friends and most people we were in contact with. I’m sure it happened slowly without much notice but believe me after being gone without much contact except short vacations home with family and friends or CNN/FOX I sure notice. My people have become frieghtened of everything the MSM tells them to be scared of. God forbid you criticize the Government or anything the MSM has fed you. Ron Paul still speaks most all he was saying in the 70’s. He is a taste of the home I left. He even criticizes the Banker’s CIA and Government. Come to think of it the last President who did that had a sudden end for whatever reason. Glad to know 21% of Iowa voters are still thinking critically. Don’t mean to sound superior or vain. Must admit it does make me worry about the food, water, air and certainly the MSM here.
    Let’s try to be less afraid in 2012 and vote for Ron Paul or someone who isn’t controlled.

    • Greg

      Jim H,
      Thank you for adding your unique perspective. I liked the comment.

  20. Sean

    You’re right, Greg.

    Also, in addition to wanting more banker bailouts and corporate corruption, the left and the right want more war. Every single GOP candidate, except for Paul, is a war candidate who is promising to target Iran. Just like Obama is doing. In other words, Paul is the only candidate who is promising to seek peace and security, and to protect the lives of American servicemen rather than commit them to the goals of private globalists.

    In reality, if your vote has moral implications such as spending more lives and tax dollars on more foreign wars, moral people need to be voting on this issue first. Sending more Americans around the world to kill and die as a means to implement globalist economic policy, or keeping our kids safe at home and letting the world move ahead without being forced into compliance using our tasx dollars and our lives. If we’re not voting with that ever-present moral imperative in mind, we are probably about as depraved as a society can get.

    • Greg

      Thank you Sean!

  21. mayeeden

    It is amazing that a 76 year old man is all that stands between us and tyranny. We need to stand with him since it is the CFR controlled media and 2 party system that is dedicated to defeating and silencing him and to keep the corrupt and unconstitutional current system in place. Paul has my vote and financial support. Go Ron Paul.

  22. Bob

    Hillary supported the useless wars and that’s why she lost to Obama. I think the Pentagon could live with Obama or Paul but the other fools don’t have a chance. The top dog must be David Petraeus by now, when it comes to picking the leader of the free world. Petraeus holds the keys to many doors. He clean the pentagon out and turn it over to the bean counter. He must have the CIA clean up by now. Next he will go after the boys and girls in DC, who have used his young warriors for useless wars and profits. I kind of expect to see a new head at the FBI and homeland security soon. I bet they will be friends and old war buddies of Petraeus.

  23. bob

    hi greg,

    altho i quit reading yours i always read JSinclair and would bet on his bets anytime,,,,,,,,however your column today, jan 4, in his sinclair post jan 4, is outstanding and so i thought i would tell you i find it great

    as to repub runners, if the voters make anyone but Perry the repub candidate then they are throwing the race to obama and Perry is
    best for USA which is in freefall

    • Greg

      Thank you Bob. I hope you come back.

  24. bob

    hi greg, me again,

    i think you should analyze obama as to second term and send your critque to JSinclair for his posting


  25. Craig

    Thank you Greg. I used to watch Fox news, but after dismissing Glen, then not even giving him the time of day on their anniversary show this year, I am done with Fox. Murdoch has now shown me he is part of the BIG Govt team. It used to be somewhat fair and honest and at least it was not all about the left. Now, it is more than apparent to me that Romney is Big Government and like all governments, they refuse to do the right thing for the people. The Fed is bailing out Europe through their available swaps to the bankers who buy Sovereign bonds, our debt ceiling will be raised to $16.3 Trillion. Maybe it is a war of Sovereigns now. Whatever, I am very tired of this charade and will vote accordingly. I like Mr. Paul. As far as I can see he is the only politician in the group who has remained true to his values. In that great spotlight when he asked Mr. Bernanke “is gold money”, the second question seems more right on right now. That question was “will you ever admit you were wrong?”. I know now that the Federal Government and the Federal Reserve and they Big Banks are tripling down on all their bets. What it means Greg is that “when” and not “if” this thing blows, it is going to blow up big. Because no one in the Government will admit they were wrong.

    • Greg

      Thank you for your comment man!

  26. bob

    hi greg,

    thanks for post of my info, the voters are in need of some data as to who is best repub candidate for pres, and, since i am 82y and have had the pleasure of watching all the dumbheads, since truman, get elected by uninformed voters i thought my view would be of worth

    repubs ought realize that obama polarized everything including repub groups such as big bucks versus big brains and thus is stammering along

    but if you look at repubs versus dems then you see the disaster obama polarization, which causes strengthening of the usa econ freefall, which the voters ought not continue another 4yrs

    altho might cause loss of some voters, i think you should give your critique of the runners of today and then this fall when the election circus takes place


  27. Vess

    Face it, Greg, Ron Paul will never be a President of the USA. Never, ever, no matter what.

    It doesn’t matter that he is the only honest one of the bunch. It doesn’t matter that he is the only one deserving the position. It doesn’t matter that his beliefs and policies are logical and make sense.

    He will never be allowed to become a President of the USA. If the attempt to ruin his reputation during the election campaign fails, some kind of voting scam will be used. If that fails, he will be denied winning on a technicality. Or some kind of obscure sex scandal will be dug up from his past. It doesn’t even have to be true – it could be a complete fabrication. If he survives that, Congress will attempt to impeach him after his first serious act in office. If he survives that too, he will fall victim to a “lone gunman”, an “Iranian terrorist plot” or whatever. Or his plane will crash.

    Face it, folks, the system is so corrupt, that it can no longer be fixed from the inside, while playing by its rules. All we can do is wait until it self-destructs and then try to build something more constructive on its ruins. Sadly, history is against us. Superpower collapses tend to lead to world wars, totalitarian regimes, and barbarism – not to a bright future… 🙁

    • Greg

      Thank you for weighing in. You make valid points, but I hope you are wrong.

    • slingshot

      Your post does support why one candidate comes from nowhere and catapulted to second place. Have we ever had Free Elections? Even if we have a majority vote of the people, the candidate must have the electorial votes to be elected to office.
      Even more sinister is that if Paul is elected, he will not be able to forfill the office of the President and the wishes of the people. Adding support to the notion that Our Elected President is only a puppet for the Captains of Industry,is why has there been no energy plan? Why has there been no balance budget ammendment? Why no term limits? Could it be THEY just do not want them. Not in their best interest. Is the next ten months just a dog and pony show with a predetermined winner?
      I hear that we need Republican Candadate who can beat Obama. I read that our country is headed in the wrong direction. Why did we have so many republicans to choose from? Is the party that divided. You would you could run any republican with a good plan and half a brain against Obama and win considering what is happening on Obama’s watch.
      To add to your conspiratorial veiw that the “Fix is in” for anyone but Ron Paul. I would say that this may be our last election in the USA. I used to say, If you don’t vote, you can’t complain”. I do not think that holds water anymore. I think I will sit this one out.
      Enjoyed your post, Vess.

  28. bob

    hi greg,

    i finished up a lot of business so have time to read yours so please subscribe me, thanks, bob

  29. Gordon

    Only Ron Paul will put this country in the right direction, only Ron Paul. People that do not see this, will do well working in Stalin Gulags. If you read history, you will read that those that supported the communist leaders and praised them in the beginning were either killed or sent to work camps far away. Even the communists did not want these people. Next they killed the opposition leaders and next the used the opposition people to do the work, because they were the best workers.

  30. space cowboy

    Paul is the only honest candidate in the field- the only man who actually says what he believes and is true to his convictions- everyone else is hiding their true agenda- that’s why they fear him- they know he’s not for sale.

  31. Rich Hopkins

    Hello Mr. Hunter,

    I last wrote to you several months ago congratulating you for your weekly recap spots you post on YouTube and have sent many of my followers to your channel (mine is MrThriveAndSurvive).

    I have recently eveloped a website ( an effort to combat the biased media coverage of candidates who are genuine in their quest for preserving our liberties and for ending the corporate welfair and military-industrial complex states.

    I know that all that is posted on the web is public domain but I would like to ask your direct permission to reproduce your writings on my web site (giving your site full credit and a link of course).

    It would be greatly appreciated having this permission and would help, in my opinion, add to momentum for building a momentum to restore America back to when “We the people” were in control of our own destiny.
    Thank you,
    Rich Hopkins

    • Greg

      All I ask is that you post only half (or a little more) of the article and link to for the rest of the content. This is a win-win and both of us will get traffic and content.

  32. M SMITH

    Greg, I would like to add, Armstrong has writen a piece all of the Military & their Families need to read. The tax cheater Chalie Rangle got to stay out of jail by getting this law passed. FATCA will make more Americans with large amounts of wealth flee the U.S.! As you said the MSM or the real name for them NFP (No Free Press) has not covered this & if they have I have not seen it.

    Each day we will see more such surprizes from our King!

    • Greg

      Please tell us more about FATCA. Thank you for the comment and info.

      • M SMITH

        Here is the link to FATCA, Martin explains well. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act sponsored by Tax Cheat Charlie Rangel. Anyone doing business with the USA better read up on this New Law. When Gremany was rounding up people & sending them off to camps, many said it won’t happen to me, well we know how that turned out. When a gov has done so much damage to the Nation all it can do is do more damage by passing such bills as NDAA, NFTA, and soon to be SOPA if congress passes it & I am sure Obama would sign it, he signed NDAA after saying he would Veto it, but on the last day of 2011 he sided with the dictators who really control things.

        It took me some time to find where I read it, but I should had known if you want to learn what is really going on behind the curtain, Armstrong has already printed it, some times more than once.
        Thanks Greg, keep up with telling the truth. has a piece on the MSM losing its feed or completely just not letting Americans hear what a U.S. active duty 10 year war Vet has to say & why he & so many in the military support Ron Paul & his foreign policy.

        • Greg

          M SMITH,
          Thank you for this!!

  33. Phybrr

    Right on!! I am so sick and tired of the biased reporting that I remind
    my wife that TV commentators are just puppets for the crooks.

    Romney, Santorum, Gingrich etc. all receive millions of dollars of free
    air time while Ron Paul is rarely even mentioned. I cannot help but believe
    that the race in Iowa was won by the biased media.

    When Paul says he wants to cut foreign aid they interpret the comment to
    mean he is against Israel specifically. He is the only candidate that gives
    our country a chance to recover. No mention was made of Santorum’s
    support for the costly earmarks attached to most bills or Romney’s
    corporate handouts.

  34. Antonio

    The interesting thing that the media has not realized is that Americans are getting tired of being told essentially who to vote for (or who to seriously consider). Dr. Paul is probably getting a good deal of votes from people who have been alienated by this widespread approach. Because of that, Ron Paul should probably be thanking them. It only makes his case as an outsider who can foment real change stronger.

    I think Santorum is a one-state phenomenon (at least I hope!). His ultra Christian perspective probably won’t get him much further. If he did win the nomination, it would be a gift to the Democrats. I’m a registered Democrat and would vote for Paul over Obama without hesitation. Santorum is dangerous and I would not like to see him leading this country.

  35. Todd

    Hey isn’t this the guy from Coast to Coast? 😉

    Heard you last night bro.

    I agreed with your views, which seem fairly tame compared with those of others one hears on the show.

    War with Iran is highly, highly unrecommended — the full height of folly in my humble view. But they don’t care! War waging is now fiscal policy. (I say “now”; it has been for all the 20th C.)

    Americans I’m afraid are in for one HELL of a rude awakening, probably before the end of the year, e.g. sovereign default. When the dollar collapses, we shall have no choice but to bring ’em on home, just as Mr. Paul suggests.

    I’m in large agreement with your views, Mr. Hunter. Best new year to you, god willing.

    • Greg

      Thank you Todd. Yes, 2012 will be full of surprises and they will not be the good kind.

  36. Richard Free

    I totally agree with you and also believe the MSM has been totally and completely compromised. We need to do something like an all out boycott to demand the networks work from a more neutral stance and not trash Paul every chance they get. I actually think Paul got more votes and I find it very odd that the way the votes were counted this year is different from all the previous years. In secrecy things that continue to make you go hmmmm.

  37. bean

    the MSM is nothing but the american version of Pravda. the 4th branch of government. if they like the candidate, they push them along. if not, that candidate is ” Bushed”.
    we all know whats coming greg. our country hit the point of no return years ago. and for as many as there are that are trying to save the republic, there are an equal amount who are trying to kill it. with the media being in the latter.
    the question i have is why?

    • Greg

      Good question.

    • jay

      I know why. Its all to do with the rfid chips. Freedom can not allow implanting chips in humans without chiose.
      As Greg says, Thats how i see it.

  38. Martin


    Short and sweet:
    Why don’t we hear anything more about tax reform?
    Why don’t we hear anything more about auditing the FED?
    Why were Paul’s anti-war positions cheered loudly but MSM ignored?
    Why was Steve Forbes derided as a Kook for his initial flat tax stance?

    Just a few rhetorical questions as ,the banks, the FED, and the IRS are the cold days of hell in talks of change.

    Romney will be, and was always, “The Candidate”.

  39. Robert

    The question I have for you is: After all you have said, why are you not stumping for Ron Paul? He is the only one who is not evil, greater or lesser. The only honest person running. The only one who knows our history, our constitution; the only one who is an economic maven. He is the only statesman running. What in God’s name would it finally take to influence you to support Ron Paul publicly–a halo over his head?

    • Greg

      I still consider myself a journalist and I want to remain objective. I also want to see folks like Dr. Paul get a fair shake, and I cover how the MSM treats him with objectivity. It has more meaning that way doesn’t it? Thank you for your comment and for supporting this site.

  40. Paul


    I love ya man, but you’re going a bit off the deep end in this and recent articles.

    I let ya slide in your support of the poopy Occupiers. They remain a confused bunch who should stop complaining and breaking the law and run for office, once they have a defined message. I will take the Tea Party over this wayward smelly gypsies any day.

    But there are gaps of logic in your recent articles: Iran’s possible control of Hormuz is a problem that should not be ignored (I agree); Ron Paul thinks we should ignore Iran threats (No, no, no). Connect the dots and one comes to the obvious conclusion: the American electorate will ultimately ignore Ron Paul because his foreign policy is nutso.

    Even to those of us who are somewhat libertarian in our views think his domestic policy is fantastic, but see his foreign policy putting an end the United States.

    Supporting Ron Paul’s viewpoints (Iowa, did you understand all of what Ron Paul is saying?)and the poopy Occupiers is dangerous and confused, in that order. Time to dial it back.

    Still love ya though. You were great on Coast to Coast.


    • Greg

      Attacking Iran is also risking WWIII with Iran and China. You are kidding yourself if you think attacking Iran will be painless. If we do, we should raise taxes and bring back the draft. If attacking Iran is of such national interest then we should all sacrifice. Do you think the $235 trillion in derivatives held by just 4 banks will be settled seamlessly? How long do you think it will take $8 a gallon gas before we slip into a deeper depression. If we go to war I just want people to know what we are agreeing to and it will be very ugly. By the way, you are OK with the $trillions ripped off from America and lack of criminal prosecutions for the liar loans, toxic securities Wall Street created and foreclosure fraud in the millions? You are more upset and repulsed about a little poop? How many poop incidents were there with hundreds of protest from around the globe? One, two? That was a bullshit talking point created by FOX to discredit people protesting about Wall Street rip-offs and rigging the game so they always win. Here’s a real fact: Major members of the Tea Party voted for the $2.4 trillion increase to the debt ceiling. Is that the way to smaller government and less taxes. Confused? Please stop, you have a weak case. There are no gaps in my logic. I am open minded and consider all views–even yours. So you demean “poopy Occupiers,” Dr. Paul and me without much of an argument other than you don’t like what we say. I’ll “dial” nothing back. Still love ya too.

  41. Stan

    I see very little difference between today’s Republican and Democrat elected officials. The Democrats are simply destroying this country a little faster than the Republicans would be doing. Ron Paul is really the only choice as all the other candidates would continue to grow the government in size and scope. Even voting for Ron Paul is more symbolic than a real solultion as the house and senate Republicans and Democrats wont support what he wants to do if he were elected. The Republicans talk a good talk but their actions are all big government as evidence by the prescription drug program and the expenditures of vast monies that we dont have for multiple wars. In the end our country will go belly up because of financial ruin and it wont matter if the next president is a Republican or a Democrat.

  42. Davis

    Sitting on the Edge, Oblivious to What Lay Before Us.

    “Crisis takes a much longer time coming than you might think, and then it happens much faster than you would have thought.”

    Rudiger Dormbusch
    Late MIT Economist

    So now we have the latest brouhaha over President Ellsworth, I mean Obama, making non-recess recess appointments to the NLRB and some new so-called consumer protection oversight commission. Don’t hold your breath but someone will start bloviating about impeachment before the week is out. No doubt AG holder, who couldn’t recognize the foul odor of corruption if he was having excrement for breakfast, will pronounce the actions “technically” legal.

    This is a joke right? Congress passed the Frank Dodd bill and the CFTC continues to ignore it, i.e. position limits on precious metals and other commodities have still not been put in place even thought the law required that it be done by June of last year. It’s just more meaningless laws and more meaningless bureaucrats, trotted out as distraction, while power continues to be consolidated in the hands of the elite (of both parties) at the top. Meanwhile the blind partisan hacks will be kept busy fighting over a new bone as our liberties are dissolved into a new legislative morass, known as the National Defense Authorization Act.

    Congress passes and the President signs this abomination (the NDAA) that more or less scraps half of the Bill of Rights and the media and the politicians yawn. The police state is here and no one seems to care. Hey the Orange Bowl is tonight and the Super Bowl is in a few weeks, what else could possibly matter right?

    I’ve never been a Ron Paul fan, he might be right on target on economic and monetary policy but on foreign policy I think he is out of touch with reality, (evil does exist in this world and no matter how hard it gets slapped down, the bitch that bore it is always in heat). But in the longer term if we acquiesce to the slide into a fascist police state here at home, where the police are allowed to write their own warrants and the courts no longer exist as a neutral abettor between the citizen and the power of government, whether or not Iran has the bomb won’t much matter from inside a detention camp.

    More than a few of us would be well served by looking up just how the British enforced the hated “Stamp Act” and how it led to not just the Revolution but the demands for the inclusion of a Bill of Right into the Constitution in the first place. We best open our eyes and speak up or even that right will be gone as well if Congress passes the SOPA (so-called internet piracy act).

    We sit at the edge of the precipice and far to many refuse to see.

    • Greg

      Great comment and I love this quote “Crisis takes a much longer time coming than you might think, and then it happens much faster than you would have thought.” Thank you.

  43. norcar survivor

    Where’s the coverage for this, another power grab by our defacto king Obama. This King needs replacing or removal and soon.



  45. Dennis

    You have created an article that apparently caused some deep thinking with your readers. Many good comments and some good questions like “how did we allow this to happen…”? Over at Jesse’s Cafe several days ago I listened to a wonderful video with a possible answer: Hopefully you won’t mind if I post it. Best thing I’ve listened to in a long time.

    • Davis

      Logic, common sense and reason from a self admitted leftest Berkley professor. Maybe there is hope after all. Naa never happen for those very reasons.

  46. therooster

    Greg …

    Can you please make sure that Ron Paul gets the right support in the way of real-time significance for gold-money ? He’ll win in the 4th quarter if he has the right timing and can properly digest what it’s all about. He can also shake hands with the elite and get some establishment support on the basis of seeing just how the script was written/followed and how real-time gold came about.

    • Greg

      I always try to give Paul a fair shake. thank you for your comment.

  47. Brent


    I want RP elected so bad I can taste it, but sadly our society is not ready. As an officer in the US Army I find it unbelievable how unaware everyone is on what’s really going on, including other officers. Ask them what they think of NDAA, MF Global, or our national debt and all you’ll get is a blank stare. The couch is still to comfortable, there are still to many scary terrorists lurking around the corners, and it’s still cheap to drive a gas guzzler. We’ll all learn the errors of our ways, but not until we’ve suffered good and hard.

  48. kenny

    REALLY….. is anybody surprized, MSM is the liberals mega phone whatever topic they cover is lopsided crap.

    • Greg

      FOX has been anything but “Fair and Balanced” to Dr. Paul. Last time I checked FOX was not a liberal network.

  49. Jan

    I cannot watch more than fifteen minutes of local news and only a couple of minutes of cable news. I am disgusted with talking heads thinking they are king makers. I’ve been watching a lot of HGTV lately.

    We have NDAA and I read recently the FBI wants food activist declared domestic terrorist. It seems they are harming the economy with their activisim. First food activist, then what blogger activist? Corporate American is truly becoming a police state.

    The only way out of this is Ron Paul, but I fear the powers that be will not stand for him to be the candidate. If he doesn’t make the ticket, we can write him in – I hope.

  50. CJay

    The Republicans are splitting into 2 factions , the old school GOP Ron Paul types whom I identify most with and the Neoconservatives that have really hijacked the party since 9/11 and even prior. The Neocons ( Neofascists) however are not really controlling as much of the Republican Party as they would like to now and I think they now realise this fact.Of course they basically own MSM and use it as their weapon of choice in the ” infowar” folks like myself give MSM zero credibility marks , I prefer the New MSM ( Alternative Media) folks like Greg Hunter and this website for accurate and fair new and comment. It is going to be a real battle of wills and Ron Paul is FAR from being out of this no matter what is reported in the MSM. I believe Ron Paul is still the best candidate full stop!~

    • Greg

      Thank you CJay.

  51. jay

    WOW! This site must be growing big time..
    How about some form of election created by the people. Maybe online voteing. Or some other form. Just as with the dollar, when a better more desireable function is obtained it will replace the undesireable.
    If not but to keep a check on the rigged system we now have. If banking is safe online there could be voteing i would think. Or some other system.
    Any ideas? Anyone ?
    Thanks Greg.

  52. Michael J. McFadden

    Greg, the clip that made me first take real notice of the dynamics surrounding Ron Paul was a little compilation done by Jon Stewart at:

    I’ve long been aware of how the media can shape people’s thinking into conformity, but this particular crystaline example of not just two or three major outlets doing it but seemingly DOZENS of them just blew me away. The fact that Paul is still surviving at ALL considering this sort of outrageous treatment seems to indicate that there’s a lot more to him than most people realize.

    Check that YouTube clip: it’s worth it.

    – MJM

    • Greg

      Michael J. McFadden
      Love the link!!! Thanks.

  53. Sean

    One more point on mainstream corporate media: You can still find nuggets of great information and content, even in the worst offenders of controlled media.

    Im my own opinion, the worst media offenders are those under the control of the six Council on Foreign Relations media conglomerates: General Electric, Walt Disney, News Corp, TimeWarner, Viacom, and CBS. Not only has 90% of our media been consolidated into these six organizations, their subsidiary news organizations are now working together to consolidate news within individual markets. Meaning that supposedly competing news outlets are sharing resources and agreeing not to duplicate reporting on stories – thereby providing viewers with only one perspective. You can find some detail on the six media conglomerates here:

    One of the CFR media organizations not included in the big six is The New York Times and it’s subsidiaries. NYT recently published one of the “nuggets of great information” that I referred to in my opening sentence. On December 13, 2011, NYT published an opinion piece that was co-authored by two retired 4 Star Marine Corp generals who vocalized their opposition to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that Obama signed into law on December 31, 2011. Although we don’t know what the newspaper editted out of the submission (this has happened to me on occasion where opinion context is removed by editors), the following points were published:

    “In his inaugural address, President Obama called on us to “reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals.” We agree. Now, to protect both, he must veto the National Defense Authorization Act that Congress is expected to pass this week.”

    “One provision would authorize the military to indefinitely detain without charge people suspected of involvement with terrorism, including United States citizens apprehended on American soil. Due process would be a thing of the past. Some claim that this provision would merely codify existing practice. Current law empowers the military to detain people caught on the battlefield, but this provision would expand the battlefield to include the United States — and hand Osama bin Laden an unearned victory long after his well-earned demise.”

    The piece continues with addtional fantastic points at the following link:

    So clearly there remains some level of editorial discretion in some of our largest and most controlled newsrooms, but you need to dig for these pieces. And don’t expect to find them above the fold. Also note that this piece wasn’t picked up by the wires, despite the weight added by the fact that this was written by a couple of the highest ranking soldiers from our highly celebrated Marine Corp.

    It kinda makes me wonder how our sitting generals will respond to orders. I hope that the NDAA isn’t intended to be part of a recipe to create a coup among our highest ranking officers. I knew a few 2 and 3 stars in the 80’s and early nineties (all currently retired) who certainly wouldn’t have followed these orders, but there was also much less political polarization at that time.

    The question in my mind is “How many of our ranking officers will follow them today?” If these two generals reflect the unspoken thoughts of current leadership, my hope is that the NDAA is nothing more than a paper tiger. Otherwise, we could be facing a split within our own military forces.

  54. LeeAnne

    I agree with most all of the things Ron Paul says about economics, about the Fed, the debt and our horrible monetary system of printing fiat money. I agree we should live within our means and use Austrian Economics. I agree we should stay out of other countries’ business with non interventionism. Thank you Ron Paul for being one of the first to talk about these issues, which are now a part of the public consciousness with awareness by many that we must make changes and rapidly.

    BUT after hearing him talk, it’s Paul who takes himself out of the running as a Presidential contender, for me. He goes too far with non-support for our country’s defense. It’s unrealistic to either pretend we don’t live with the potential of danger, either now or in the future, or for him to say it’s wholly and only because it’s our own fault. If our President does not take the long view of necessary measures ahead to ensure our defensive systems are strong now and in the future, that is inexcusable. That does not mean to ever have a pre-emptive military attack on Iran or anyone else! I hope we learned that lesson in Iraq.

    I agree with many who think Romney is the only candidate who can beat Obama, and thereby get us off this train of big government socialism going at hyper speed. I just saw John Thune on television today offering his support of Romney.

    If the banking and stock market issues are to be faced up to–by all means, keep talking about it and open the consciousness of the general public about that too! which will hopefully bring about needed changes.

    • Philip

      With all due respect, I believe it is Dr. Paul’s view that in order to have the strongest defense possible for our Country we need to consolidate our forces HERE AT HOME so as to be ready and able to defend us HERE AT HOME.
      I suppose the confusion, helped along by the MSM, I might add, is the difference between self-defense and offense.
      Also, it has been referenced by many in the upper echelons even in the military itself that the biggest threat we face for our Country is our national debt. And I guess you could say this is indeed ‘our own fault’. So, I don’t know about you but I know I will sleep much better after we institute President Paul’s sane foreign policies.

  55. Rick Anstine

    The MSM doesn’t tell reporters or guests what to say;
    Sorry Greg but I must disagree when I see Jimmy Kimmel do a bit every night where they splice together daily clips from every MSM and there all saying the same thing.

    • Greg

      Rick Anstine,
      I was never told what to say and I don’t know anyone who was directly told what to say. Part of the problem is TV gets it’s news (for the most part) from the same source–newspapers. The MSM TV and cable operations could not function without them,and that is a fact. However, there is probably some of that going on and your point is valid!

  56. Agent P

    The Republican party as it stands now, is backing itself into the corner of irrelevancy if they continue with the ‘war’ footing. The party higher-ups along with their ‘conservative’ AM talk show middle managers, have only the constant drone of ‘they want to kill us’ in their repertoire. Their unfeigning support of the ‘military-industrial complex’ and the hideous amount of $spending it takes to run all of our ‘wars’, is already wearing thin among many of their own supporters, let alone the increasing number of non-partisans who are fed up with the loss of lives and No Real Results of these wars, other than a failed attempt at ‘nation building’…

    This is where Obama and his handlers have frustrated and surrounded the Republicans. They have proved that they can do ‘war’ just as good as the Republicans, and now he is beginning to draw-down the number of soldiers abroad just in time for the election cycle. How clever is that…?

    And what do the Republicans have to counter this – save for trying to prove themselves even more ‘pro-war’…?

    And if this economy begins to ‘float’ on Bernanke’s last couple years of money printing – or if he decides to print a little more this Spring to make sure we ‘float’ right on through to November, just what are the Republicans going to do…?

    Save for the message of Ron Paul, they’re going to SINK. And not a moment too soon…

    Bye-bye Levin… Bye-bye Rush… Bye-bye Ingraham… Bye-bye Hannity…

    You’ve had the better part of 11 years to justify the enormity of lives shattered, broken and lost – and what do you have to show for it, except to parrot that it’s an ‘ongoing battle’ and that ‘they still want to kill us…’?

    It’s OVER, Republi-Crats…

    • Greg

      Agent P,
      Thank you!!! Greg

  57. David Conrad

    My dear friend,

    Although you are a great personal friend, brilliant, a peach of a guy and honest to a fault, I am at odds with you on this one. Your stellar site is a lone beacon of truth in a sea of lies.

    But my friend, you are wrong on this one. I take you at your word that you are not stumping for Paul, but your article comes across as though you are.

    I agree that Ron Paul, as Kathie Obradovich stated, is “completely different.” Indeed. He is also naive and dangerous. Although I like many of his domestic proposals, his foreign policy views are beyond risky. He would let Iran have the bomb, and then plan, as we did during the cold war, to “contain” the threat. I’m sorry, but that is idiotic thinking. We were plunged into a cold war with Russia after World War II; I grew up during this time. I remember getting under desks at school during nuclear attack drills. I also remember the Cuban missile crisis …. how easily that could have turned out catastrophic. If Paul becomes president (no way) his ostrich / hiding his head in the sand mentality deallng with (or more probable – doing nothing with) crazy regimes such as the one currently ruling Iran …. could get us killed. If Iran gets the bomb (they won’t – Israel if no one else with see to that), they will use it, in the name of Jihad. We could be plunged into an unspeakable war, with unthinkable consequences. This cannot and will not happen.

    I also disagree with your statement that the left and right do not want real change. Such a blanket categorization is not fair – I am on the right, and I want real change. I have many friends with similar views. I believe many of the bankers that helped get us into this mess should be serving life terms at hard labor. And like you, I believe the banks should have been allowed to fail, with only the depositors saved. Yes, there are Republicans who’s main focus is on the fattening of their own wallets, but there are many of us out here that put country first. I am one of them.

    And I almost never agree with James Carville, but he is correct on the assumption that Romney is the only possible candidate to beat Obama. I believe the Democrats fear Romney; they have for some time been running negative ads against him, even though he is at this point far from the nomination. Why do they fear him? …. they believe he can beat their boss! So do I. For Carville to state that Romney could beat Obama was an honest statement.

    I will make a prediction: Romney will be the Republican nominee, and either Santorum or Rubio will be his running mate. And they will win. Count on it.

    • Greg

      David Conrad,
      Good men can disagree and you are solidly behind no change and continued banker bailouts and unpunished fraud non a massive scale. Thank you for you support and comment.

    • Sean


      I enjoyed reading your feedback to Greg. One of my concerns with your perspective on Ron Paul’s foreign policy platform is that your comments reflect the foreign policy history that has been delivered to us for the last 60 years by Simon & Shuster in our schools and by the maninstream media in our living rooms. They conveniently didn’t teach you that you were chased under your classroom desk so that you would believe in a threat that would justify supporting the massive spending (and globalist banker and defense industry profits), and you would believe in foreign policy activities that were designed to bring foreign nations into compliance with globalism requirements, while presenting them to you as necessary policing actions conducted by a benevolent United States in the interest of global peace.

      The banksters have been running the show for close to 100 years and have owned most media and publishing houses for more than 80 years. It takes a conscious decision to step away from what you’ve been taught and to take a new look at history before you can possibly understand Ron Paul’s foreign policy platform. In a nutshell, he’s saying that the US will back away from forcing the world into globalism, he will restore US sovereignty under the US Constitution, and that by doing these things we will no longer have a need to apply “enemy” labels to nations who don’t want to be dominated, and we won’t need to place our soldiers and our nation in jeopardy by running around the world and forcing nations into compliance while lying to our citizens and saying we are out to defend freedom and democracy.

      If you cannot see that our government has been controlled by private interests who have been lying to us for several generations, then I understand that you disagree with Paul’s foreign policy. But it’s a shame, because there can be no change and no fix until people understand. Your comment on this forum highlights why the US people may never crawl out from under private corporate control.

  58. Bob

    How about all these British commentators on TV telling us what to think.

  59. Denarius

    Meet the Mainstream Press
    4 JANUARY 2012 100 COMMENTS

    Only “100 COMMENTS”? Not anymore!

    The only report I got was purely by accident while checking out an FM
    radio receiver. The blurb on NPR had the results as 25% – 25% – 23% .
    The whole segment marvelled about what a challenge the runner-up
    was to the front guy. I knew instinctively that by completely ignoring
    the “third guy” it must have been Dr. Ron Paul.
    The fact that, in any book of statistics, these figures would constitute a
    dead heat, a three-way tie, never came close to entering the airwaves.
    My judgement that the whole political process, and the reporting of it,
    has become totally irrelevant is confirmed once again. Just another
    playoff game … and maybe not even that.

  60. Daniel

    Its not just the MSM pushing these so-called front runners. Talk radio hosts like Laura Ingraham are pushing Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich. Gingrich??? No talk of Ron Paul who almost tripled his support from 2008. It wasn’t even like Gingrich came in at a close 4th. He lost to Paul by almost 10 percentage points!!! I find myself screaming at my radio all day because I know exactly what they are doing. They want to sway undecided voters and re-enforce that they know what is best. Real journalism is dead.

  61. WillieG51

    First off, I’d like to say congratulations on a great web site. Lots of information here, not just from the site itself, but from those making comments.

    I really don’t have much to add, save to say I turned off the cable over 2 years ago. I still have access to broadcast TV but find it so repulsive I can barely stand it. It’s all I can do to watch the local news/weather for 10 minutes or so.

    On the political realm, I have been quite interested in all the clamoring by the “old guard” republicans. . trying to prove they have the “right stuff”. . As if any of them do, or ever did. And of course the “pick of the week” is now Santorum, what a vile piece of work he is. . Voted most corrupt in 2006, yet apparently people don’t seem to care. .I do believe voting for the same corrupt, fools would classify one as “crazy”, expecting these leopards to change their spots. I guess if they say it, “it’s so”. .

    It’s hard to wake up people who don’t really want to be awakened. . They’ll realize just before the end, that they’ve been used, abused, and throw under the bus. . When it’s too late. . I hope I’m wrong!

  62. hp

    Ron Paul is the only candidate who did not promise, before God and everyone, to commit premeditated mass murder in the interests of a foreign nation.


  63. kaycee

    So you do “REALLY BELIEVE that the ELECTIONS are FAIR and are NOT RIGGED and that your Votes do Really Count”? Well think again? Ever wonder why the Jews refer to all Non-Jews as GOYISHE KUP or STUPID CATTLE?

    > You view this on your own and then think about the advice
    > that you posted on the messageboard.
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > Ps: There was voter FRAUD and VOTE Rigging in all of the
    > major states. One has to be a copmplete moron or a complete
    > idiot to have not noticed it!

    • jay

      Well..theres 2 weeks of study to do. true of false it deserves looking into. Its time for smart minds to come up with a peacefull plan.

  64. Bruce Stebbing

    The inferior, corrupt American electoral process is worse than the worst reality show on T.V. It’s not funny. It’s scary as America declines and becomes a failed state.

  65. John

    I tend to be more liberal on certain social issues then Ron Paul. But I would vote for him in a heart beat, if he is on the ballot come November. We can debate and come to reasonable conclusions about our differences on how we care for our elderly, sick and all those other issues later. But right now, Ron Paul is the only choice for anybody who wants a healthy, strong and sovereign United States of America. I proudly tell people all day, that I didn’t vote in 2008 because I saw right through Obama and McCain. The Corporate state has to be taken down. The Bank, military and Corporate industrial complex has to be cut down to size and the rule of law and rights of the people returned to the people. If the manufacturing base doesn’t return to our shores, we are all but done. Ron Paul has been calling for these things for some time, right along with his call to END THE FED. I hope Ron Paul hires his own security though, with people he REALLY trusts. Sorry to bring up the obvious, but the last “real” president this nation had, that took on the same power structure that Paul is attempting to do, was murdered in broad daylight in Dallas in November 1963. The MSM won’t report that JFK’s murder allowed Vietnam to go forward, The CIA to remain a powerful agency and get stronger, The Cold War to continue and certain tax loopholes to remain in place. Just like they won’t report that Obama is in the pocket of the powerful elite and just signed a bill into law, that basically rips the Bil of “our” Rights into pieces.

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