Middle East Revolution & Inflationary Depression Coming-Paul Craig Roberts

1By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (Early Sunday Release)

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts thinks the Middle East violence is going to get much worse.  Dr. Roberts contends, “Unless the Islamic State somehow collapses, you are going to see a new wave of revolutionary developments in the Middle East.  I suspect all the oil dictatorships will be overthrown because there is a tiny handful of people we installed there and they are mega-billionaires, and there isn’t anybody else that’s got anything. . . . I think they are all headed down the drain.”

Why does the foreign policy of the U.S. in the Middle East look so confusing and scattered?  Dr. Roberts says, “The administration has different elements with different agendas.  So, different elements in the administration are pursuing different agendas.  Some still want to overthrow Assad; so, they want to support ISIS.  Others think ISIS has gotten out of control and is doing something we didn’t expect.  So, you have various blocks inside our government in conflict with one another.”

Turning to the American economy, Dr. Roberts, who has a PhD in economics, thinks, “If you measure inflation correctly, GDP (gross domestic product) has been negative since the downturn in December of 2007.  It never recovered.  All of the other indicators show that there is no sign anywhere of recovery. . . . My own opinion is the first quarter and second quarter of this year will be negative and probably it will go down from there.  I don’t think there will be a recovery, and there is really no way they can recover it except by understating inflation.  There has been no growth in real consumer income for decades.  That means people have no growth in their income.  So, they can’t spend more and prices are rising faster than are acknowledged.  All you got to do is go to the grocery store. . . . So, people’s real income is falling, and if real income is falling, there can be no growth in consumer demand. . . . What can the Fed do?  There’s not much they can do except print more money.  That will eventually get into the economy and drive up prices.  So, you are going to have no ability to buy anything because of rising prices—hyperinflation.  They have created a perfect storm.  There is really no way out for the Fed.  They focused the economic policy since 2008 on saving four or five big banks.  That’s all they have done. . . . They have used up everything to save four or five big banks.”

What does Dr. Roberts see for the rest of this year?  Dr. Roberts says, “I don’t retain a forecasting model, but I can see what’s going on.  The first six months of this year and the GDP, even with the fake inflation numbers, will be negative.  The decline is so strong now that they can’t hide it anymore with manipulated numbers.  So, we are going to go into a recession.  How do you get out of it?  I can’t see any way for them to get out of it, so, it will worsen.  I think it will head into a depression. . . . I think we are going to have an inflationary depression, and there is no policy cure for that. . . Dr. Roberts goes on to say, “They may expect this and that could explain the militarization of the police.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts of PaulCraigRoberts.org.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Dr. Roberts is a prolific writer and posts his articles on his free website PaulCraigRoberts.org.  If you would like to help out Dr. Roberts with a tax deductible contribution (click here.)

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  1. allen ols

    Greg; video not up, been checking ESR, and listening to Andy Hoffman/Turd Ferguson. Andy says, he is glad he stayed away from miners.
    I was hoping u would have someone with BITE. 🙂

    I read the interview, but video still down, what I read, is SIMPLE, AND RIGHT!!!!!


    • Jeff L

      ” Andy says, he is glad he stayed away from miners “……… That was a pretty no brainer statement…….

    • allen ols


      While the EU faces chocking debt crises across the Eurozone from Greece to France, Italy, Spain and investment declines amid repeated US-ordered economic and financial sanctions against Russia, the two Eurasian nations are welding long-term overland economic bonds that are making US foreign policy guru Zbigniew Brzezinski get gas pains.

      • allen ols

        ..AND maybe this will help brzezinski blood pressure.


        Transport Minister Yisrael Katz and China’s Minister of Transport Li Shenglin signed the memorandum of understanding in Beijing.

        by Rhonda Spivak, July 11, 2012

        The biggest piece of news that emerged from Israel this past week (July 3) is one you may have heard nothing about–but it is a game changer in terms of elevating Israel’s economic/strategic position in the Middle East.

        For decades, Egypt has been able to potentially isolate Israeli and strangle trade to the Israeli posts of Ashdod and Haifa by threatening to/ and or closing the Suez Canal to marine traffic.

        But this is about to change. Last week, as reported in the Globes, Israel and China signed historic cooperation agreements to build the Eilat railway, linking the port of Eilat to the ports of Ashdod and Haifa. This will enable cargo boats to dock at Eilat, bypass the Suez Canal altogether and then the cargo will travel by high speed rail to the port of Ashdod, or Haifa–this route will be far faster than the same boat having to reach the Mediterranean through the Suez canal. Once cargo reaches Ashdod or Haifa it can travel from there onwards to the European mainland.

        This means that if ever the Egyptian gove….


    • allen ols


      Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, a prominent U.S.-born Israeli rabbi over the weekend compared President Barack Obama to Haman, the notorious villain from the biblical Book of Esther.

      “The president of the United States is lashing out at Israel just like Haman lashed out at the Jews,” Riskin said according to a Jerusalem Post report on his Saturday night speech at the Jerusalem Great Synagogue.

      The Post reported that Riskin said he could not comprehend what might be going through Obama’s mind as the president reportedly was set to make steep compromises in a negotiated deal on Iran’s controversial nuclear program.

      “I’m not making a political statement,” Riskin said according to the Post. “I’m making a Jewish statement.”

      President Barack Obama waves from Air Force One upon his arrival at Andrews Air Force Base, Sunday, March 29, 2015. Obama is returning to Washington after a weekend getaway at the Floridian National Gold Golf Course. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)
      President Barack Obama waves from Air Force One upon his arrival at Andrews Air Force Base, Sunday, March 29, 2015. Obama is returning to Washington after a weekend getaway at the Floridian National Gold Golf Course. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)
      The Jerusalem Post reported that an audience member called out to Riskin that he was being disrespectful to Obama, but the interruption was booed by the crowd.
      “I am being disrespectful because the president of the United States was disrespectful to my prime minister, to my country, to my future and to the future of the world,” Riskin said.
      While he cast Obama as the villain, the rabbi compared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Mordechai, one of the heroes of the Esther story.

    • kevin

      Let people talk we all know the crash is coming no can tell us the exact date

      • Richard

        . . . and those predictions are increasing with the end event being increasingly scheduled to occur this year, maybe even this summer. All this war mongering that is increasingly taking place is starting to resemble the conditions that were in place previous to WWII, but this time it’s not going to work out for the U.S. who was untouched by any of the conflicts of that period. Like Dr. Roberts pointed out, we are almost totally dependent on foreign professional services and manufacturing, services and goods that have to be imported to keep this country running. Tough to do during international conflicts when the oceans become part of the battle field !

  2. Andrew Maggard

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has concluded the only possible outcome for this debacle involving currency creation on an unprecedented scale. The eminent economist, Ludwig von Mises wrote of the consequences involved in such an inflationary scenario similar to that created by the current and recent policies of the Federal Reserve. What is surprising however is how all of these supposedly informed and educated officials managed to break every rule of economics in order to pursue what not only economics cautioned against but more pointedly, what plain common sense cautioned against. Such is the pervasive influence of Keynesian economic fallacies and the self delusion of, “It can happen here.” Utter nonsense, meanwhile the future of our children and their children rests in the balance. Dr. Roberts commentaries have been prescient in the warning of this approaching financial debacle.

    • RJ

      I concur most definitely. I am a graduate of Grove City College, PA, and studied under Dr. Hans Sennholz, who was one of four of Von Mises’ doctoral students. I think it is safe to say that the entire intent of this fiasco is exactly what those in the know are stating- the enrichment of those at the very top at the expense of the rest of us, and it has now run it’s course. The entire system is corrupt, rigged, etc. Unfortunately, short of a miracle, there is no turning it around. With 48 million on the public dole, the ruination of higher learning by and large, the obsessions with “bread and circus'”, etc. too much of the public is dumbed down, pacified, or both. The system is clearly fascistic in it’s evolution, and that aspect of it is evolving while the Keynesian/Central Bank-dominated economic system is devolving. Factor in the crises in the ME, coupled with the battle between the Central Bankers and Russia/China, and it appears to all be coming to a catastrophic conclusion.

    • Al Hall

      Andrew: Your comment are right on- but common economics is not in play here.
      We talking about an overthrow of the world- New World Order. This has been planned for 100 years- and is about to break through. You won’t like the other side of this matrix.

      Best interview ever for Dr. Paul- 2 thumbs up for Greg and the Dr. This is what my insiders tell me and have for a long time. BUY GOLD AND SILVER NOW- ONLY REAL MONEY!!

    • paul

      Andrew … currency creation on an unprecedented scale has many people saving copper pennies … but here is an interesting picture … http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/images/user5/imageroot/2015/03/gold%20supply.jpg

      All those people saving 1981 pennies and below … and discarding all the pennies from 1982 to the present … according to the above chart … should be doing just the opposite! As Zinc is rarer then Copper … they should actually be saving the Zinc pennies and discarding the Copper ones!

      • paul

        Here is an interesting aside to silver stackers … notice silver is not even on the above chart (it must be “extremely rare” right now) … while the black squares on the chart show that “only” Gold, Zinc and Diamonds have less then 20 years of supply left.

  3. Alyce

    Re: the police becoming more aggressive….I personally knew 2 officers killed in the line of duty, one was Roberto Sanchez who was killed last year and the funeral was televised all day. Both were in CA where I live. The other has a memorial sign named for him near the 91 freeway. His name was Shannon Distol. Many other cops have been killed in my city and all over the country. It seems people are getting even more aggressive towards cops…as in Ferguson. Years ago, it was unheard of for a cop to be killed. It’s our whole society that’s changed, not just our police force, Dr. Roberts, and it’s no wonder cops are a little edgy. I wouldn’t want to pull over some stranger to give him a ticket. We absolutely have some crazy laws and there’s a lot of nonsense that goes on when it comes to drugs. But that’s getting into another subject and I just wanted to voice a different side on the subject of police brutality.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Alyce.

    • RJ

      I think both Paul and Greg are right. Having worked in LE, there were always outstanding officers as well as those that were “badge heavy”, on a power trip, etc. There are still great officers out there, however, there is a militarization going on across the board, regardless of the size of jurisdiction. It seems even the “Mayberrys” are getting this kind of equipment, SRT/SWAT teams, etc. My hunch is it indeed is to prepare for whats coming, but the DHS-infected departments are only pons that will be used in the grand scheme of things- it is not about “officer safety”, but an agenda. Case in point: look how the current administration has encouraged even more the “Balkanization” of our country- socially, economically, racially, politically. The Justice Department has only egged this on as well, including the likes of George Soros, one of “them”. So they have a vested interest in keeping the sheep as divided as possible, so that when the time comes, many of the sheep will be at each other versus them, and then they will deal with the rest. It is a paradox wrapped in an enigma, but those in power will use/misuse the police, the military, etc. just like fascism always does- or what Lenin called “the useful idiots”, and once their usefulness is over, well, it does not end well. I think LE will be like the military in terms of what is coming: those who believe in the rule of law, the Constitution, duty, honor, country, will not participate or will take a stand, and those that have been corrupted will play ball with the oligarchy.

      • paul

        Depending on high ranking military to save us from the evil ones destroying our nation is “just a dream” … most high ranking military are trying to make “General” so they can land exceedingly good paying jobs after leaving military service in the Military-Industrial Complex!

        Any hope we have will only come from “enlisted” gunts who will morally disobey orders to shoot and kill American citizens!

        • paul

          As for the build up of local police forces to the status of “military” units … perhaps … just perhaps these “local military units” are the guys that will support the grunts (not the Generals) when the order comes down to shoot and kill Americans and take us “for extermination” to FEMA concentration camps.

          Yes … I know some “low IQ” types are into the “power control freak” thing but the vast majority of police officers are Americans at heart and are not that way!

      • Terry

        I believe LE has its hands full. 40 million illegals doesn’t help. Also, code and ordinance enforcement. Hundreds of new “laws” every year enacted by boards and councils and legislatures and the objects of these laws are getting pissed. Throw in obama and his ilk whipping up racist hate. Does anyone remember “Move” from Philly years ago? This type of group is thriving across the country right now. LE is getting ready for race riots and who can blame them. I like PCR but he is wrong in his statements that the cops are killing people for no reason or beating them for “no reason”. There is a damn good reason in EVERY ONE of these incidents. Facts back me up.
        Also I have doubts about anyone who would cooperate with Chuck Schumer on ANYTHING.
        All that being said, I see his point economically, but all of you should know that just because you can see no possible solution, doesn’t mean there is no solution. God is in charge.
        My old drinking buddy Henry once said “I don’t hate the cops, but I seem to feel better when they’re not around”. I agree. I’m one of the good guys.

    • Robert

      Recently retired from serving 25 years in law enforcement in a mid sized, midwest community. Which is true? Are police becoming more aggressive toward the citizenry or is the public becoming more distrusting of police? My answer is both are true and as one side increases in intensity it will cause the other side to increase as well.

      I have many friends still in the LE community. Some of them are wonderful people who truly love the community and public they serve. They would literally lay down their lives in service to the public they protect. Others have no business wearing a badge or carrying a gun. They view the populace at large as the”bad guys.” A very definite we/they mentality exists in their minds and they are quick to become heavy handed.

      Police are just a cross section of society at large. When things get bad, you can expect that they will react much like the rest of the people; Some good, some bad. Some will realize they will not do what they are being asked to do to maintain control. Some will do whatever it takes to keep a job. Some will just revel in the idea of controlling people.

      Take a look at the uniforms of the swat teams and riot control police on the news. You will notice the only difference between their uniforms and those of our soldiers in combat zones is the color. Our law enforcement has become militarized. You can argue that it is a good or bad thing but you can’t argue that it has not happened.

      I’ve been out of LE for about a year now and am more clearly being able to see the world through “civilian” eyes. Things that I took for granted before now very much concern me. Things that would have never been allowed in law enforcement in the 1980’s are now very commonplace. When I started in LE, no one would have ever thought the confiscation a large amount of cash from private citizen (with no alleged criminal offense) would take place. Now, it is so commonplace that it is rarely even questioned.

      I don’t believe in conspiracies. I do believe what my eyes, ears and common sense tell me is happening around me. You too should believe your lying eyes.

    • Larry

      And I know of a local cop who pulled (stalked might be a better word) over attractive woman for no reason. Was he fired? No. He was moved to a different area. I think we all have stories on both sides of the issue. I do feel good every time I see a story painting LE in a positive light… that they deserve. But too often, that get’s overshadowed by something bad… like shootings (you are more likely to die by cop than by terrorists in this country), civil asset forfeiture, going after free range parents, fingerprinting people in bona fide political meetings that are unpopular with the government, etc.

      Here’s my take. Distrust in the police goes along with distrust in the government. Look how so few people trust the government these days, and for good reason. They screw up almost everything they touch. Is government made up of bad people? No, I’ve worked with (and in) the federal government for the bulk of my professional life. There are many, many good people there, but I’ve ran into many psychopaths too. There are two problems. One, government attracts psychopaths, especially at the elected level. And two, we, as Americans, have entrusted too much power in the government, primarily because of safety (you could say bogus) concerns. The military and LE may be well meaning sheepdogs, but their leadership (both political and organizational) have become rabid. And as we know, rabies spreads. Since our political system is broke beyond repair, government will continue on its march to an authoritarian system in the US.

    • Angie

      In California – Sacramento ares specifically there seems to be a complete lack of people skills on the part of younger law enforcement personnel. I have witnessed this on several occasions with officers under the age of 40 (maybe a little younger). There was a time when the sheriffs would show up and could defuse a potentially explosive situation but today they ARE the problem – or can be. Their attitude is beyond rude and they have huge chips on their shoulders. There was a time when they earned the respect but today too often they do not. I know I am loosing respect for them and when I see younger officer come to a scene I hold my breath because they can act like gasoline on a fire. Sorry but that is what I have witnessed too many times over the last 7 or 8 years!

  4. JC Davis

    Greg. take a vacation.

    • JC Davis

      No mention of AIIB or is this change not more important the who fights who. Our countries structure is changing.

    • JC Davis

      According to News 2 at 11 in Nashville TN. The stocks rose higher after China has come up with a plan to fix there economy. I like to fell out of my chair.

  5. allen ols


    I just heard the video, and right off I disagree that Iran has a nuke program for peaceful purposes only, but they have SECRET LOCATIONS, TO HIDE THE centrifuges to speed up the process and make the centrifuges spin faster. To even think Iran would only want nuke electricity is bogus. Them-there mullahs want power, to take Jerusalem. They want to be the BIG MUSLIM GOAT ON THE BLOCK.

    The part about neocons wanting to draw iran into war with yeman I believe is true.


    • Yaroslav

      USA is run by corporations, each one of them have their personal opinion and right…

    • aussie jeff

      Allen, Siberian tomato plants will set fruit in temps as low as 40F.
      If you have’nt already got these on your list of 100 items you will need when the shizen howsen hits the fan you may want to consider them.:)

      Craig Roberts is one of my favourite guests you have on Greg,paying attention to what this man says is a must imho.

      • allen ols


    • paul

      Allen … I also disagree with Robert’s statement with regard to Iran’s current nuclear capabilities … the simple fact that the US is in “serious diplomatic talks “with a nation on the “terrorist list” … strongly implies they “already have” nuclear tipped ICBM’s … the US is simply keeping things quiet for now … so they don’t look like they are “giving in” to Iranian power. Years from now the US will finally admit Iran has 300 nuclear bombs just the way they recently admitted Israel has them also.

      • allen ols


        We disagree on Iran having nukes already, as Israel would already have attacked Iran if this was so.

  6. Spanky

    So, to according to Paul Craig Roberts, the administration’s left hand doesn’t have a clue what the right hand is doing. It all sounds schizophrenic to me, which leads me to ponder whether this country suffers from multiple personality disorder? If so, does anyone know who is control of the helm at any given time? All this reminds me of an old adage: too many cooks spoil the soup.

  7. sk

    Wow. Impressive. Thank you, Greg and Paul Craig Roberts.

    • aussie jeff

      Hey Spanky, and thats exactly what they want you to believe!!
      Their is however a method in their madness.
      They know that in reality most of America and for that matter the world is asleep at the wheel when it comes to what is REALLY going on.
      Not all in government are aware of the Elite or for that matter would even believe they exist if they read about it.
      While confusion seems to reign at various governmental levels,they all the while are in full control having tenticles that reach far and wide in order to accomplish their agenda.
      If you google ……………..”the 13 blood lines”
      It gives you a run down on how we are all being “taken for a ride” so to speak and for the most part the majority willingly/blindly hop on board and take that ride!!

      • Silence is Golden

        Before you said …”google this”…it would have been apropos to say:
        ** Warning** …Spoiler alert.

        You just took the fun out of living a blissful & ignorant life.

  8. Jim Taylor

    Oh man I hope he is wrong, but its hard to argue with him

    • andyb

      PCR is not wrong; he has connected all of the dots as we all should. The coming collapse, martial law, etc. is a given. Greg should have on someone who can give good advice on how best to prepare for what’s coming. Should we remove our funds from TBTF banks? How much food, water should we have to prepare for the disruption of the just-in-time inventory restocking at the grocery stores? How much cash, gold, silver? How about the ability to defend our families from the rioting mobs when the EBT cards cease? Keep your IRA/Keogh, or pay the tax penalty and get out?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Mr. Taylor, he IS wrong on at least one point. He says that there is no solution to an inflationary depression. That is completely, and totally, wrong. There is a solution; it’s called STOP PRINTING MONEY. What he meant to say, I’m sure, is that there is no ACCEPTABLE solution, as ceasing to print money means no further deficit spending and, at the very least, a moratorium on debt payments, or an outright default. If this sounds like GREECE on huge scale, that’s because it is. Best always. PM

  9. John A. Seed

    Blue Light Special

    S T A G F L A T I O N; on an unprecedented scale, IS IN YOUR FUTURE!

    It’s all on sale now folk’s, the sale of the century! Get it now while you can, soon the United States will be plucked clean, don’t wait for king dollar to come home to roost and believe me their coming home AND STARTING THEIR ROOST. For the blue light will be flashing here, {US.} for all the world too see, sooner den you tink! So stop dat stinkin thinken and. . . .

    M A R K _M Y _W O R D S!

  10. Coalburner

    As always PCR doesn’t dissapoint. When he talks about the US economy, it is golden. Just like I remember and the smart people I have known said as we went along throught those years. The other day Zero Hedge has a great written summary of the years since 1971 when.e we went off the gold standard and that report was right down the line with PCR with charts and graphs to show proof. I hate to extrapolate that to the first of his discussion about our foreign policy in total. But I have to say it so much fits in the moronic way our conflicted policy has unfolded. The most difficult to really believe is that the threat of Iran is a lie. The second worst problem is aobut the militarization of our police. At times I am sure the administration is elated with any fear they can insite that might cause disturbance in the country whether through lies or real action. The in country manuevers now must have a primary reason to upset the populace. That is the most vile of things an administration could do. So what does one do?

    • Anne Elliott

      One can become friends with the local law enforcement office if possible. I knew of an older lady back in the 1920’s who would every week bake the sherrif’s office a batch of cookies or something. She was a horrendous driver, but never got a ticket in that town!! It would probably be different these days, but the principle remains the same. The more you know someone, the better you can understand how to deal with them.

  11. James Hastings

    I enjoy Dr Roberts. He has a different view on many subjects. I’m glad I can listen with an open mind. He may be right on some things, I never considered. I want to develop a mind set, where I listen to different points of view…and reach an accurate conclusion. I always find myself re-evaluating my position after watching one of his interviews. I think……therefore I am…That was a plagiarism from….as a man thinks, so he is… I’m not sure what is, reality anymore. I’ll need God to help me sort out the facts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes sir James, I try to add many different voices and let it rip. Thank you for adding your comment and perspective.

      • charles turner

        It is good that your channel allows for different views and even if you personally disagree with them you have the honesty to both challenge your guests and treat their views with respect. I personally don’t know what is true or false about Iran but am more inclined to lean to Paul Craig Roberts view rather than yours. Being British, I was astonished at the blood curdling support for Binyamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress and the increasing trend towards war rather than peaceful solutions in America. As a matter of interest has anyone got any facts on how many countries Iran has invaded since the last world war or in the last 100 years for that matter. I suspect they are not as warmongering as the media would have us believe. My problem is I nolonger know which propoganda to believe or not believe

        • Gerty

          Charley believe the Biblical!

  12. Agent P

    So glad to hear Dr. Roberts explain (and educate) albeit briefly, the history of U.S. involvement in Iran, vis-a-vis, ‘Death to America’, as the host is obviously not about to give an inch on the ‘Sean Hannity’-esque, kidergarten approach to this issue so common with people who are Ignorant of history and blinded by what seems to be near jingoism.

    Greg, the reason you can’t wrap your head around what Roberts briefly had a chance to explain regarding Iran and ‘Death to America’, is because YOU DON”T WANT TO wrap your head around it, because it DOESN”T FIT YOUR ISRAEL-FIRST dispensationalist Narrative…!!!

    Yes I know I can go to another blog-site, start-my-own-blog-if-I-don’t-like-yours, blah-blah, etc., fine…

    Now then, when you have a guest of a pay-grade like Dr. Roberts on YOUR program, perhaps it might be a good idea if you just sat back and listened carefully to what he has to say, and save the interruptions for another time… One can easily tell just by the facial expressions of the video exchange, how Mr. Roberts grows exasperated, while in the process of attempting to explain something to you and by extension, YOUR audience, You keep interrupting him with inanities…

    Other than that, this was typical Paul Craig Roberts fare – i.e., a Brilliant assay of the current geopolitical situation.

    • Greg Hunter

      No Agent P, I disagree. Iran has been fighting a proxy war with Hezbollah and Hamas for years against the Jewish State, and that is brushed aside with your “Israel-Last” narrative. That too is a real issue. What country would put up with that? Do you think Iran would? To be fair, it should be also be brought up just like the recent report out from Amnesty International that said Hamas is guilty of war crimes for the war last year. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2015/03/26/hamas-guilty-war-crimes-in-gaza-clash-amnesty-internatl-charges/ This is one of many articles. Now, both Israel and Hamas are guilty of war crimes. I try to be objective and fair and not totally one-sided. So there is lots of sin to go around in the Middle East, including for Iran who funds Hamas (and Hezbollah.) Here is another war crime (in my opinion) and it is how Hamas fired thousands of rockets from densely populated areas when they could have used the wide open spaces around Gaza. Don’t believe me? Check out the satellite map of Gaza and check the 1950 Armistice Line that makes the border of Gaza. http://www.nationsonline.org/oneworld/map/google_map_palestine.htm Hamas wanted a high body count and they got it. Oh, and my favorite part, if Palestinians complained about how Hamas was conducting the war, they took them into the street and shot them. Reportedly 20 in all: http://www.worldtribune.com/2014/07/31/sources-hamas-quickly-puts-dissent-gaza-kills-palestinian-protesters/ So you like those guys? If you don’t like my reporting please go somewhere else, and if you wish to heap criticism on me on this free site, please man-up and use a real verifiable name, Blah, blah, blah. Don’t bother to answering if you don’t. I guess it’s easy to be condescending when you can do it from the safety of the shadows. On second thought, don’t come back at all. I mean it, you are done here.

      • Francis Peters

        Totally agree with you Greg. I was also feeling a little squirming when PCR was essentially saying “oh no problem they won’t bomb us and don’t have or won’t make nuclear weapons.” I totally disagree with PCR on that. The other thing is… I see a mounting anti Jewish sentiment rising everywhere and PCR can say what he wants and he is a very educated man but he obviously doesn’t know or understand the Bible because everywhere the rising hatred against the Jews is written about in the Bible. Jesus IS A JEW and HE IS PRESENTLY KING OF THE JEWS whether PCR wants to admit that or not. He WILL RULE FROM JERUSALEM and the Jews who have accepted Jesus as their King and Messiah will rule planet earth with Him. All the Muslim countries around Israel hate the Jews and hate Israel and Satan is using them because if he can totally destroy Israel and all the Jews then he thinks he will have made it fruitless for the King of the Jews to come back and at the same time he has made God to be a liar and not to be trusted as Almighty God. Guess what? It AINT going to happen no matter how much the Muslims want to kill the Jews off. We can label all Jews as banksters and criminals but that AIN’T TRUE EITHER. I see so much hate directed at every Jew rolling them all into the hated “bankster” model it makes me sick. PCR is a brilliant man and I give him that. But there is lots of brilliant men that will go to hell because they didn’t believe Jesus claims about Himself and who He is king over so I see that lacking in PCR’s understanding. If you gave all the Muslim countries nuclear weapons and launch models they would immediately try to wipe Israel off the map. Not because of the USA! But… Because that is their modus operandi. That is what their Koran AND Hadith teach them. A “good” MUSLIM hates Jews. Maybe you could get a Mr. Walid Shoebat on your show sometime. He was a Muslim Palestine terrorist who converted to Christianity after studying Christianity to prove to his wife that it was a false belief system. He was converted by the sheer weight and truth of history and the Biblical scriptures. He knows ISLAM from the inside out and in that area he would shatter PCRs arguments in support of Muslim countries and his now support of Obama and apparent hatred of Israel.

        • sk

          I quote from Stephen Zarlenga’s superb book “The Lost Science Of Money”: ‘A side effect of Bibliolatry is seldom considered: it can reduce the mind’s power of critical thought and observation. Looking at the Bible as the literal word of God inevitably limits the mind’s ability to use the full methodology available to human beings for gaining knowledge:mainly observation, reason and logic, intuition, memory, transferring analogous conceptual structures, even authority.’ My two cents: to change the real, material world, you have to understand it AS IT IS. And that is done by use of the aforementioned mental tools. Labeling others as Haman and Amalek and then proceeding to kill them might satisfy an atavistic urge of a small part of humanity, but that’s about it. Don’t forget that in 2015 the world has the ability to destroy all life on Earth. In Amalek’s day it was clubs and spears.

          • Greg Hunter

            So you are an atheist? This line from Zarlenga is funny man: “God inevitably limits the mind’s ability to use the full methodology available to human beings for gaining knowledge.” “God inevitably limits the mind’s ability . . . “ Ha, ha, ha He’s a pinhead who doesn’t know how stupid he really is.

          • Gerty

            SK ,
            Can You Find Peace in This Troubled World?

            DO YOU live in peace? For many, the clear answer is no. They live in areas plagued by wars, political unrest, ethnic violence, or terrorism. Even if you are spared such calamities, you might find your peace disturbed by crime, harassment, and quarrels with business partners or neighbors. Families too are often like war zones rather than havens of peace.

            Many people yearn for inner peace. They may search for it in religion, meditation seminars, or yoga groups. Others hope to find peace in nature—taking vacation trips, hiking in mountains and wilderness areas, or visiting natural spas. Even if the searchers seem to find some inner peace, they may soon come to realize that such peace is superficial and short-lived.

            So where can you find real peace? The source of peace is our Creator. Why? He is the “God who gives peace.” (Romans 15:33) Under the rule of his Kingdom that is soon to come, there will be an “abundance of peace.” (Psalm 72:7; Matthew 6:9, 10) This is far more than just a feeble peace settlement. Such accords often herald little more than a brief interruption in hostilities. But God’s peace will eliminate all causes of war and strife. In fact, no one will learn war anymore. (Psalm 46:8, 9) Real peace for all at last!

            As beautiful as this hope is, you might nevertheless yearn for a measure of peace right now. Is there a way to find inner peace that can carry you through our troubled times? Happily, the Bible shows us the way. Consider some guidelines in the 4th chapter of the apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippians. You are invited to read verses 4 to 13 in your own Bible.

            “The Peace of God”

            SK, in verse 7 we read: “The peace of God that excels all thought will guard your hearts and your mental powers by means of Christ Jesus.” This peace does not come through mere meditation or character development. Rather, it comes from God. This peace is so powerful that it “excels all thought.” It surely surpasses all our anxieties, knowledge, and reasoning. We might see no way out of our problems, but God’s peace can fill us with the well-founded hope that one day all our troubles will be gone.

            Impossible? With men yes; but “all things are possible with God.” (Mark 10:27) Faith and trust in God help us to control our worries. Think of a young child lost in a big store. He knows for sure that all he has to do is find Mommy and everything will be fine again. Like that child when he is found, we can trust that God will take us in his arms, so to speak. He will soothe us and finally chase away all our anxieties.

            Many truth seekers have experienced the peace of God under the most severe trials. For example, consider Nadine, who lost her unborn baby. She relates: “I find it hard to talk about my feelings, and I always try to keep a stiff upper lip. But inside, I was brokenhearted. Almost every day, I poured out my heart to God in prayer and begged him for help. I have felt the power of prayer, for whenever I was at my worst and thought, ‘I can’t go on any longer,’ I experienced inner serenity and peace. I felt safe and secure.”

            Bibliolatry, Protection for Your Heart and Mind

            Let’s go back to Philippians 4:7. It says that the peace of God will guard our hearts and mental powers. Just as a sentry guards his post, the peace of God guards our heart, so that materialistic philosophies, unnecessary anxieties, and ungodly values do not enter. Consider an example.

            Many people in this troubled world believe that in order to be happy and secure, they need substantial financial assets. On the advice of experts, they may invest some of their savings in stocks. Do they then really feel at peace? Not necessarily. They may anxiously check the share prices every day, wondering whether to sell, buy, or hold. When the stock market takes a downturn, they may panic. The Bible certainly does not condemn making investments, but it does offer this sound insight: “A mere lover of silver will not be satisfied with silver, neither any lover of wealth with income. This too is vanity. Sweet is the sleep of the one serving, regardless of whether it is little or much that he eats; but the plenty belonging to the rich one is not permitting him to sleep.”—Ecclesiastes 5:10, 12.

            Philippians 4:7 concludes by saying that the peace of God guards our hearts and mental powers “by means of Christ Jesus.” What connection is there between Christ Jesus and the peace of God? Jesus plays the key role in the fulfillment of God’s purpose. Jesus gave his life so that we may be delivered from sin and death. (John 3:16) He is also the enthroned King of God’s Kingdom. Knowing the role that Jesus has can contribute greatly to our peace of mind and heart. How so?

            If we sincerely repent of our sins and ask for forgiveness on the basis of Jesus’ sacrifice, God will extend forgiveness, which contributes to our peace of mind and heart. (Acts 3:19) When we realize that life cannot be enjoyed to its fullest extent until the coming of Christ’s Kingdom, we avoid frantically living as if this life is all there is. (1 Timothy 6:19) Of course, we are not spared all trouble, but we can find comfort in the sure hope that the best life is yet to come.

            So how can you find God’s peace? We find some hints at Philippians 4:4, 5, where we read: “Always rejoice in the Lord. Once more I will say, Rejoice! Let your reasonableness become known to all men. The Lord is near.” When Paul wrote those words, he was unjustly imprisoned in Rome. (Philippians 1:13) Instead of lamenting his unfair treatment, he encouraged his fellow believers always to rejoice in the Lord. His joy clearly depended, not upon his circumstances, but upon his relationship with God. We too need to learn to enjoy serving God whatever our circumstances. The better we know him and the more fully we do his will, the more we will enjoy serving him. That, in turn, will bring us satisfaction and inner peace.

            In addition, we are encouraged to be reasonable. If we cultivate reasonableness, we will not expect too much of ourselves. We know that we are not perfect; we cannot be the best in everything. So why lose sleep pondering how to be perfect or, at least, better than everybody else? Neither will we expect others to be perfect. Therefore, we can keep calm when they rub us the wrong way. Another rendering of the original Greek word translated “reasonableness” is “yieldingness.” If we are yielding in matters of personal preference, we avoid quarrels, which often are of little profit but which can take away peace with others as well as our inner peace for a period of time.

            The next statement at Philippians 4:5, “the Lord is near,” may seem to be out of context. God will soon come to replace this old system of things with a new one under his Kingdom. But even now he can be near to everyone who draws close to him. (Acts 17:27; James 4:8) Being aware of his closeness helps us to rejoice, to be reasonable, and not to be anxious about today’s problems or the future, as verse 6 brings out.

            When we look at verses 6 and 7, we recognize that the peace of God is a direct consequence of prayer. Some view prayer merely as a form of meditation, thinking that any form of prayer can further their inner calmness. The Bible, however, speaks of genuine communication with our heavenly father, a communication as intimate as when a child shares his joys and worries with a loving parent. How soothing to know that we can come to God “in everything.” Whatever is on our minds or deeply buried in our hearts, we can confide in our heavenly Father.

            Verse 8 encourages us to concentrate on positive thoughts. It is not enough, however, just to think of positive things. As verse 9 explains, we also have to put the good advice of the Bible into practice. Doing so will give us a clean conscience. How true the proverb is: A good conscience is a soft pillow!

            Yes, you can find inner peace. It comes from God, who gives it to those who draw close to him and who want to follow his guidance. By an examination of his Word, the Bible, you can become familiar with his thoughts. Applying his directions is not necessarily easy. But it is worth all the effort because “the God of peace will be with you.”—Philippians 4:9.

            “The peace of God . . . will guard your hearts.”—PHILIPPIANS 4:7

            How soothing SK to know that we can come to God “in everything” and find real sanity in this soon to be replaced, insane world!

            Greg couldn’t help it being so long, but it seems to help my mind’s power of critical thought and observation. Looking at the Bible as the literal word of God and to think i’m positive, their inevitably is a benevolent higher power than man, unshackles my mind’s ability to use the full methodology available to all human beings, like myself, for gaining knowledge:mainly observation, reason and logic, intuition, memory, transferring analogous conceptual structures, even authority, from the creator of the universe! My two cents: to change the real, material world, you have to understand it AS IT IS. And that is done by use of the aforementioned mental tools and the ones who created us in their image and likeness!

        • Silence is Golden

          The ‘anti-Semite” word comes from none other than those that it is aimed at. It was created by a Jew…for the purposes of deflection. Anyone who opposes any of their objectives are immediately tainted with the broad brush…..and every effort within their vast network of resources will be used to discredit the offender to the fullest extent possible.
          I question whether you fully understand the Zionist State that occupies Palestine and how or why it was created.

          Greg, my last comment wasn’t posted. I assume you did not approve and accordingly trashed it. If not then I would surmise that your system is compromised…this is the 4th time in 2 weeks that my comments are not appearing (after clearly seeing the “moderation” statement).

      • susan

        Thank you, Greg!

  13. aldo

    leadership is failing society by leading us with fear.

    monetizing & militarizing the world is not serving society – eventually the 1% will realize that when it is too late…

    then renewal will come & society will continue to evolve!

    hopefully the process will not take lives in the process – but history says otherwise – ultimately we choose!

    why do we need inflation when wages do not seem to rise and technology is driving productivity – the banking system is robbing the 99% – eventually the truth will become clear!

  14. Cedric Smith

    Hi Greg,

    Great interview with Paul Craig Roberts. I applaud you and him for your integrity in exposing the MSM for the garbage that it is. Paul Craig Roberts is as smart as they come. Hi view on the world is the most accurate I have seen. Fiat currency, quantative easing, job offshoring, and endless wars cannot go on forever.

    All the Best!

  15. Hank

    I don’t think FP (foreign policy) is PCR’s strong suit. I’m retired USMil and have worked for a number of years for that company who’s name you (Greg) have mentioned many times as furthering US Policy in various foreign places.

    Roberts should stick with speaking on the Economy, the Fed. the Banks, etc….to deny that Iran is pursuing Nukes (weapons) and their own regional hegemony is just ignorant and borderline dangerous. Their (IRoI) jihadi handiwork is obvious throughout the ME (Syria, Israel, Iraq and now Yemen) thus the immediate retaliatory joint re-action by the Saudi and Egyptian Air Forces over the past few days IOT stop them….if the Saudis fall to Iran, look out for WW3. At that point, all of us should be called neo-cons.

    PCR labelled Amb.John Bolton as the chief neo-con, I believe. Well, I’d much prefer to hear Amb. Bolton expound on the ME and the US foreign policy…that’s his field of expertise. Greg, any chance you could get an interview with Mr.Bolton??

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Hank for your comment and professional input! I do like PCR though.

    • Jim Gilly

      Bolton – another right wing, war mongering neo-con that only someone naïve and ignorant would want to listen to. On the other hand, PCR is one of the 1/10 of 1% who actually knows what is going on and not afraid to let it be known.

      As a former Vietnam vet and law enforcement officer I can say what we are now looking at is a defunct and beaten military and a growing militarized police force consisting of bona fide psychopaths willing to kill at the drop of a hat.

      Of course many of you still think Americans are “exceptional” and the BS and party will just go on and on forever. Hate to burst your bubble but your days are getting numbered. Maybe you’ve got months, maybe days or weeks but not years.

      Fear not sheeple because soon the vast majority of you will either be D or D – Dead or Detained. The culling of the herd is about to begin.

      • Angie

        American’s are still exceptional of course defining “Americans’ and what that means is the corner stone to that definition. We are those who practice Judeo-Christian values and adhere to them in our daily life. We believe in principle and doing what is right because it is right. We believe that giving one’s word is binding. We also believe that respect is earned and that there is a time that we must make a stand even if that means going all the way. When you live a life under those Judeo-Christian constrains right is right, wrong is wrong, and the gray areas are very narrow.

      • sk

        The Neocons are the mental/spiritual descendants of the Trotskyites in Russia in the early 20th century. Read up on what they did to the Russians who didn’t want to go along with them, circa 1917. Brutal bloody mess. I also initially thought ‘it can’t happen here in the US’, but the early steps are similar.

    • Jeff L

      Did Iraq have weapons of mass destruction ? Afghanistan ? Vietnam ? Libya ? Egypt ? Bosnia/Kosovo ? All the central American countries we try to influence ? How about Ukraine ? Our Founding Fathers would tell you ALL these bullying wars were unconstitutional…… Being the bully of the world has only cost us our freedoms through bankruptcy. Just like all the other great empires thru history……………. Our country has never seen a war/country they didn’t want to control….Thus the ultimate reason for our collapse/downfall……..any other discussion is secondary…….. Pull the log out of your eye first.

      • Diane Ryan

        Amen Jeff L. Our Founders’ Republic has been squandered. America abandoned the Constitution and immersed itself in foreign entanglements. We now have two generations which know nothing but war and wicked ways. Shame on us.

    • lake effect


      As Dr. Roberts pointed out, the US neocon fools have manipulated ME politics for years and to blame it solely on Iran is ridiculous. The Saudi’s, Israel, the various oil potentates are all heavily involved in the multi-milleneum struggle between the Islamic sects and Christianity. You think the Sauds are our allies? Please. They have funded radical Wahhabism schools throughout the ME for decades. Those schools promote death to infidels. Sorry to dent your professional opinion, but they are not our friends. And I wonder how threatened the ME Arabs in general feel with Israel having 300 or so nukes? We have been at war for 15 years and have killed millions of civilians and destroyed billions in property for what? Our founders warned us of foreign entanglements a couple of hundreds of years ago. Time to quite our meddling and promotion of world hegemony and tend to our own wounded nation and try to rebuild the best we can. Dr. Ron Paul warned us of the same.

      And Greg, please lets not have the MSM Fox News Chief of ME Propaganda, Sir Bolton, as a guest on your program. Most of your followers seek the truth, not more propaganda. We are drowning in it already.

      • sk

        Couldn’t agree more. Bolton is THE URNeocon of all.

  16. smaulgld

    I don’t know who is better Stockman or PCR. Real insights from guys who were on the inside.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Smaul, Yes, but by PCR’s own admission, where he reveals that there are factions in government advocating different things, and all kinds of gamesmanship going on and jockeying for influence, just because he was “on the inside” doesn’t mean he knows what EXACTLY went on then, or what’s going on now, especially with this non-leader Islamophile in the White House. Yes, he is an economist, and I agree with his assessment, but none of the rules apply anymore. Our government is both corrupt AND out of control. Without a huge scale-back, we have no way out but through totalitarianism, the logical conclusion of unlimited government. Because we as a people refuse to get on top of any of this, the worst version possible will be visited upon us. Best always. PM

  17. Jordi C.

    Very nice video. I like his conclusions because they make quite sense concerning the political sphere. If you re a politician who has the full day scheduled to the minute, they come to you with “papers/orders to sign”, yyou sign without a second thought.

    I hope everything resolves peacefully in the Middle East. Would be nice Saudi Arabia and Iran recognized Israel, simply to allow ambassadors to have some kind of exchange.

    But again, is all about short-sighted politics.

  18. trident888

    Greg: This interview was an absolute Tour D’ Force, and thank you for presenting it to us. There is more wisdom in this interview than can be scavenged from the Mainstream Media over the past 15 years. Thank you, too, Dr. Roberts.

    The reason society has lost its way is that this kind of insight and brilliance was never available to the people, until now. Unfortunately, only a very small percentage of the people are tuning into this kind of wisdom, which could save them, if they did.

    The one thing that even the best minds in the world still skirt around and avoid is the HUMANITARIAN crisis that is brewing due to the economic collapse that is unfolding and the endless wars that are being fomented and prosecuted to divert people’s attention away from it. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the people are being educated in this: Sheer Ignorance. They have no earthly idea about the economic and social carnage that is approaching with the force of a hurricane. Because they are educated in Ignorance, they are vastly underestimating the potential of this hurricane to destroy their lives, and they are therefore making no preparations for the fiscal, financial, monetary, economic and social storms that are going to turn their lives upside down. Therefore, there are tens of millions of people who are strolling the shoreline, picking up shells and admiring the sunset, while a tsunami approaches at 500 miles per hour, about to drown and destroy them. Due to the “Normalcy Bias,” a particularly deadly psychological defense mechanism, most people view warnings such as this as lacking in credibility. They say, “Nothing bad has happened up until now; therefore, nothing bad is going to happen, period.” History from Pompeii to Hurricane Sandy shows that the Normalcy Bias is a vicious killer.

    But in a much larger, almost Biblical context, is this: Over the past several decades, the United States’ endless wars for profit, wars that have been nothing but grotesque Military Industrial Complex gambits to turn death into money, with the full support of bankers and politicians who have similarly profited by turning body bags into money bags, have resulted in the deaths not only of soldiers, but of millions of innocent civilians. These wars have also created, literally, tens of millions of refugees … people who have been bombed out of their homes, and who now live in camps, if they are “lucky,” or who scavenge from the earth, day after day, week after week, if they are not.

    All the while, the American people completely ignore this reality. They are busy watching sports and “Reality TV,” going to the movies, turning themselves into human balloons through gluttony, and shopping. Refugees ‘R Them, not Us. Who gives a damn about some refugees half a world away??? Certainly not Americans, who consider themselves to be far above this kind of human catastrophe, when it occurs to “others,” you know, non-Americans. Non-Americans are non-people; who cares about them??? They are not exceptional or indispensable; they are merely non-people.

    But every single Universal Law of Consequence and Retribution that has existed from the beginning of human time begs to differ. Every single Universal Law says that if you visit wanton destruction on this world, and particularly upon the innocent, then all the Universal Wheels of Justice will be set into motion to visit the exact same kind of killing and destruction upon the Destroyer. And this is what the militarization of our police, as so clearly explicated by Dr. Roberts forebodes. The American people are soon going to experience the kind of death and annihilation that this country has visited upon tens of millions throughout the world. Unfortunately, the Neocon monsters who have destroyed the world will be safely hiding out, deep in their bunkers. The Retribution will come to the innocent here, just as our killings have taken the innocent overseas. And the Forces of Evil will continue to march, as the Good are slaughtered. In time, Justice will take charge, but only after an enormous bloodletting of the innocent.

    I would simply urge your community to pay very close attention to the for-profit slaughter we have visited upon the world, because every single Universal Law says that such horrible, for-profit slaughter will come back upon us, and then some.

    Again, thanks for a great, mind-expanding interview with Dr. Roberts.

    • Jeff L

      Amen………. The truth hurts……. we are, if nothing else, hypocrites

  19. David S

    Dr. Roberts is referring to the 1% and the politicians whom enforce the 1 percent’s wishes when he refers to: the shipping of jobs oversees, the low pay of American workers, the militarization-arming of local police, the internment camps being constructed to imprison American Citizens. It appears that the NDAA Act was passed by both parties to ensure the dictatorial powers of the New Dictator ( i.e.. the 1%, politicians, big bankers, and the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about). Dr. Roberts seams to be indirectly inculcating the viewer that a dictatorship is soon to be officially established by the 1% and their lackeys.

  20. Jerry

    Greg, I agree with PCR on the job numbers. I have a very close friend who is very high up the totem pole at John Deere Tractor. He told me two weeks ago that production is completely dead. In fact he said they have hundreds of people in the plants that make $100,000. plus a year that have virtually nothing to do. They spend several hours a day trying to find menial jobs to help keep them from being laid off. When he told me that, I asked him, ” how long can you continue to do that”? He looked at me and said ” I honestly don’t know”.

    There you have it. A major manufacturer that historically has always been rock solid financially, that is on the verge of disaster . Forget the GDP numbers and the weekly employment numbers. They’re pulled out of someone’s hat.

    • mattc

      Other companies are probably doing the same. You may be aware of parking lots of new, unsold cars across America. So GDP is likely closer to 1.0 than we’re led to believe.

      While these workers are essentially unemployed collecting a paycheck, I would assert an unemployment number is closer to 35 percent, nationally. Unfortunately, I have no way to prove that.

    • Jerry

      Australia is the latest to join the Bank of China.

      Greg what people fail to understand from a business point of view, is that every time a country signs a deal with AIIB, that is one less country in which we will be doing trade with. That is a very dangerous thing when you consider that we have next to 0 GDP here in the U.S. and virtually no retail sales. The collapse is happening right before our eyes, and it will soon find its way to our pocketbooks.

      • JC Davis

        Jerry. As I see it there will be over 80% of world GDP using the AIIB. Very little is discussed about this, yet it is the biggest change in the world in our lifetime. Or am I missing something?? I feel like I must be missing something.

        • Silence is Golden

          Context …JC !!!
          Migration to the NEW INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT BANK…….means participating in East-West development.
          Don’t think for one moment that the Rothschild’s are not involved or want total domination sooner rather than later.
          Be absolutely clear also…..that if that is not permitted….they will create the necessary to ensure WW3 commences….perhaps they have commenced proceedings in this anyway.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, do you remember a company called International Harvester? Ask your Deere buddies if they do…I live in an agricultural community. Demand has been satisfied. The farmers bought all new equipment over the last 2-3 years during the recent great inflation in farmland acreage and crop prices (paper equity, just like in other markets. That paper equity is used to collateralize all the other spending.). That has all peaked, along with farm income, and now we’re going down. The free/easy money policy that enabled all that is no longer able to work its magic. All QE and other forms of artificial stimulus do is pull demand forward. It’s a scam to give an illusion of “better times”. He who dances must pay the piper. Best always. PM

    • Jerry

      For those of you who think the NWO is a made up conspiracy theory please explain this.
      It appears to me the United States is not only being isolated economically, militarily , but politically as well. Here you have an organization that is developing a World Federation to replace the United Nations. Of course without the United States. But what the heck? Is that really a surprise when you consider the world has branded us as a war mongering debtor nation?

    • WD


      Just a side note, you may or may not know this but BRICS has made an internal agreements to use only products manufactured in their respective countries, so a John Deere can’t go sell their goods in a BRICS nation. Just food for thought…

      • Jerry

        I didn’t know that. That makes sense. So there really is no way production will ever come back at this point.

        • paul

          The Neocon’s taught the world about sanctions … now the world is boycotting all US made products … how is that for payback!

  21. WK Swanson

    Holy Cow! Looks grim from just about any perspective…so one has to ask: How do you avoid a train wreck when you’re on the train, other than jumping from the train. No happy solutions it would seem. It would appear that most Americans will soon know what it was like to have been sold down the river in the antebellum South.

  22. allen ols

    One of my sons works in Nash. for “Green’s Military” which among selling to the public, also sells to the Police, HP, and yest. some Kurd s came in and bought sample boots, camo stuff to send to the Peshmerga in N Iraq. They asked about N ight V ison, and my son called me, and I told them 550 pulsar digi scope for 200 yrds shot. They are gearing up ubber der.

  23. Snorky

    I’ll state up front that I am an ‘idealist’, which means that I am constantly disappointed in the behavior of the human race. Having said that, after living for 60+ years, I would never have imagined when I was 20 years old that I would be living in the world that I am living in today (and I lived through the Vietnam war and the late 1970s borderline hyperinflation). The world is an alcoholic who refuses to quit drinking. The outcome is clear. I’ve given up trying to predict when that outcome is going to happen. It will just make a person physically ill. Every instiution has been corrupted. I think that an individual needs to find some consolation in ‘spirituality’ in these trying times. Thnx for the interview, Greg.

    • Anne Elliott

      I so agree with you, Snorky. And, Jesus gives peace where no one else can.

      • Don

        Yes, to know that you are a child of God means every thing, in times like these. I’m also in 60’s and I feel the same way. The Lord has already told us what to expect of the world. Always thought I would get to see Christ in my life time, and it looks as if the end of the age is upon us. Kissinger wants the world forced chipped in 2017. I suppose Obama care will be used here to implement that at some point. The signing of a peace accord for seven years between Israel and her neighbors with the Anti-Christ as a watchdog will start the 7 year tribulation period. A revised Roman empire with the beast rising out of that. The apostate pope as his false prophet. Islam and Catholicism may reach some type of unity. Lots of things falling in place for end time wars. Russia and Islam uniting, Russia gaining in Baltic nations, radical Islam attacks Israel, Damascus Syria destroyed some time soon according to prophets. We live in an exciting but tragic time. Not to worry if we know Christ. Know fear.

  24. eddielaidler

    Sobering ! Sobering despite the fact that I have been paying attention to the slip for many years. I really am starting to believe the only way we preserve ourselves is by collapsing and rebuilding this country the hard way with an isolationist policy to the Nth degree. We have the resources and could do it with pain while defending ourselves with a total hands off or else attitude. But the forces in power in the shadow government won’t allow it. It wouldn’t be profitable. We and this world were not ready for globalism. The pirates have all the booty. I will not allow my son to fight any war that doesn’t involve protecting these immediate shores. I WILL hide him. I will and have been drawing closer to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I will never deny my faith. I will never allow my mind to be broken by any despotic regime that tries to steal my freedom. YET things always twist and turn along the way and God shows his hand in interesting ways. Be ready! Be vigilant! Never sacrifice your convictions.

    • aussie jeff

      Appreciated your post Eddie,enlightenment is what I pray for, that those in search of God may be enlightened and have hope.For without God their is no hope.

    • Jeff L

      eddie says…” the only way we preserve ourselves is by collapsing and rebuilding this country the hard way with an isolationist policy to the Nth degree”……………isolationism ? What our Founding Fathers would call constitutionalism.

      • paul

        Just imagine all the money we won’t have to spend in foreign aid and payoffs to dictators and military bases, etc., etc. … those trillions and trillions of dollars can be used right here to help Americans!

    • Fran

      Amen, Eddie. God bless Dr. Roberts for being honest. Not easy stuff to hear but it has to be said. I sincerely pray that Americans wake up. Thank you Mr. Hunter for bringing these interviews to the public.

  25. Harry Tuttle

    Dear Greg, Dr Roberts is right about cops being Nazi’s. Do some research and you will be appalled. Check out this site:


    • Greg Hunter

      Yes police forces are increasingly militarized but it is not ALL cops-at least right now. Let’s be fair here.

  26. Darin G

    Hi Greg. Another great interview with Paul Craig Roberts. I was wondering about the possibility of Fernando Aguirre (author of “Surviving the Economic Collapse”) being on your show. This would give the listeners the opportunity to hear how someone survived a major collapse in another country (in 2001 in Argentina). Also, have you ever considered having Ron Paul on your show? He once mentioned how he thinks the goverent will basically steal IRA’s and 401k’s, and replace them with worthless, inflated government bonds (probably not his exact words). He has always been a big gold-backed currency supporter also. Just curious if he might make a great interview. Anyway, whoever is on the show, I’ll be listening. Thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Darin G,
      Send along a website and contacts and I’ll consider it. Thank you for your comment and suggestion.

  27. Yodarik

    Greg Hunter

    I writing to you in regards to your latest interview with Paul Craig Roberts.

    First may I say that I have the highest admiration for Paul Craig Roberts, he is a man of truth, a quality in rare supply these days.

    I am writing about your views and conceptions regarding Iran.

    My first questions is what has Iran ever done to the USA, the answer is nothing. All they have ever done is to be an independent nation free of American imperialism. Yes they have been accused of many things all of which have been manufactured by your media and government. Because of their unwillingness to kowtow to the empire they then become a target, how many times has this happened? The whole nuclear weapons thing has been manufactured with the assistance of your friends in Israel.

    Secondly you made the statement that the Ayatollah Khomeini was chanting death to America, where did you hear this, did you personally hear him say that, of course not, what you are doing though is repeating the America propaganda line, I though you were an independent thinker?

    I am and so I did a simple search and guess what came up?

    Khomeini Orders Media to End ‘Death to America’ Chant (http://iranpulse.al-monitor.com/index.php/2013/10/3015/khomeini-ordered-end-of-death-to-america-chant-only-for-media/).

    I thought you prided yourself on reporting truthful factual information? What gives?

    Have you ever heard the Ayatollah Khomeini, he is a very wise and compassionate man, check out the following http://thesaker.is/tag/khamenei/ for some of his words.

    Also let us look closer at what this chant says, “Death to America”, as a Canadian I interpret this to mean death to the America way of imperialism, death to the American intervention into the affairs of other independent countries. I am sure that many would agree with the statement based on that interpretation. as I certainly do.

    What it does not say is death (physical) to the American people, it is not a call to go out and kill Americans. This is in sharp contrast to a retired American General calling for the physical killing of Russians, (The only way the US can have any effect in this region and turn the tide is to start killing Russians).

    Your country claims to be exceptional and in one degree I must certainly agree, exceptional hypocrites. There are other words I could add but I shall be polite.

    May I remind you that your country shot down an unarmed civilian Iranian jet containing 290 souls and it has been reported that the commander of the U.S.S. Vincennes was given a medal for his efforts?

    Greg, I am seventy years old, I question everything I am told and I realize that I have so much to learn.

    in the mind of the beginner there are many possibilities ♥︎ in the mind of the expert there are few ~ Shunryu Suzuki-roshi

  28. Al Hall

    Greg: Come on man- the Dr. Paul is correct- you are defending the Police= Dr. Paul is correct- the police(most) have gone over the edge, they been trained to hate Americans.
    He caught you @ 36.40 on your interview. Check this one out Greg.

    Guy did nothing wrong!- http://dailycaller.com/2015/02/26/highway-patrol-error-results-in-hellish-roadside-experience-for-classic-car-owner-video
    This is happen more and more all over the USA

    • Greg Hunter

      All is a very broad brush. Do you want balance or do you not? I try to be fair.

      • paul

        Greg … Here are the facts … in 2014 police in the United States killed 1,100 people …  during the same year police in Canada killed 14 people … police in China killed 12 people … and police in Germany didn’t kill anyone at all … something is a little bit out of whack in the US … could it be Americans are more violent? … why do we have the largest prison population then any country in the world?

        • paul

          The reason for the violence is likely the “massive drugging” of children and adults for a supposed mental illness (like believing in freedom, etc.) … the “mind control” drugs are actually creating the unstable and dangerous people that the American police then have to shoot and kill. It is important for all of us to support CCHR otherwise the New World Order will be controlled by people like this … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=II96QkZaz1E

          • JC Davis

            Thanks for the documentary Paul. A Friday night watch.

  29. Mike from the North

    and the masses still believe that everything is fine and that our way of life is not under attack or at risk.

    Done what I can to wake up those close to me but I am done beating my head against the wall.

    Just waiting for the paint to dry on the sign I just painted.


  30. dee garmon

    What a genius!
    It must be very difficult to interview such a genius.
    Overall, except for some hiccups e.g., Iran
    you did a fine job.

  31. paul

    As Paul Craig Robert’s says … the real reason behind the Yemen conflict is the Neocons pushing for a war with Iran … they must have already loaded up their accounts with zillions of cheap oil “Call Contracts” … now all they need to do… is create a military showdown between Saudi Arabia and Iran to push up the price of oil … and they can clean up and walk away with billions? trillions? of dollars.

    Saudi Arabia and Iran are the Middle East’s two largest oil producers … with the Iranian government actively assisting the rebels against the Yemen president Hadi (who is an ally of the Saudis) … and Saudi forces now actively engaged against the rebels (that the Iranians support) … things can easily devolve into a major conflict between the Middle East’s two largest oil producers that will push oil prices skyward … and make the Neocon’s a cool fortune!

    Am I suggesting WatchDoger’s should go out and buy cheap oil call contracts … No! … it is not morally right … it will place us in a compromised moral position of wanting to see killing “for profit” … YAWA has told his people of Israel many times over many years … Thou Shall Not Kill … so what exactly is “wishing for war”? (It is wishing for “Killing”) … to abide by the rules of the Covenant with God we must follow the prescribed Commandments of YAHWEH in order to be “chosen” as his people.

    So we have “a moral obligation” to try and Stop this “Evil Neocon Plan” (as Dr. Robert’s is doing) … so that it does not take place … but if it does … oil prices will bounce higher … make currencies closely related to commodities (Canadian, Australian, etc.) stronger against the US Dollar … and a weaker dollar will drive gold and silver prices higher … but though we may benefit financially … it will not be with the “overt purpose to kill people for financial gain” … YAWA (YAHWEH) should understand we WatchDoger’s “do not invest in or condone murder” … we invest for good valuation in “highly under appreciated” physical metals (Gold and Silver).

    • paul

      If this whole “take down” of the oil price was “planned” by the Neocon’s (using sanctions against Russia as an excuse) just so they could purchase cheap oil Call Options before they started their war with Iran … these “diabolically evil people” should be taken by YAWA and thrown into the worst hell he can imagine!!

      • paul

        There must be limits to evil … no women … no children!
        Madeleine Albright (that said “the killing of 500,000 children was worth it”) is just the type of “loony tune” that needs to be removed from our government … along with all the rest of the warmongering Neocon’s … who should be fired and dismissed immediately by our Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama!

        • paul

          Why did it take so long for the US to place sanctions on Saudi Arabia for the 9/11 massacre? (Only now pivoting to Iran).

          When the US was under attack Bush (a good friend of the Saudi’s) ran to a bunker and left the Neocon Cheney in charge of defending the Nation (and Neocon Cheney gave the order to “Stand Down”) … while our Neocon Defense Secretary decided it was more important to help carry an injured worker to an ambulance instead of getting back to the “real job” he was hired to do at the US Military Operational Control Center when our Nation was under both plane and cruise missile attack (launched at both our financial center and the Pentagon)?? … Did anyone ever even think of investigate how many “put options” these Neocon’s owned at the time?

          • paul

            Money is at the root of all Evil … and the sad fact is this fiat that people kill women and children for … is “worthless paper”!!!

            • WD

              The lust for money is the root of all evil, …..

          • Watcher

            Could this be?

            Melted Granite

            Research this to see. Beyond my pervue.

            If you think it is good, pass it on.

  32. Offended Police Officer

    This guy is totally out of wack. He maligns Law enforcement officers because we now employ more advanced tools to deal with the bad guys. Hate to break the news to you. People aren’t as “gentile” as they were 50 years ago. If you told a citizen to stop 50 years ago, they would stop. Now some of them have the nerve to say “F#@# Y**” to a law enforcement officer, which is totally unacceptable. I am gonna tell you up front that if you disrespect law enforcement in this manner on my watch,I dont give a $#!^, You are in fact gonna get shot and probably die from a head shot wound. We are trained to shoot to Kill so dont play Russian Roulette challanging police. If we raid your house, just play nice and everything will be okay. And regards to cash, you dont need to carry a lot of cash. Thats what credit cards are for you idiots.

    • Larry

      No sir if you raid my house, you can expect a head shot. And as far as carrying cash, I’ll carry as much as I want. I don’t need a police officer telling me anything!

    • allen ols

      offended p o

      stay outta our business, i will carry all the cash i want to, leave us alone!!! I will decide if i want to carry a credit card, or 5 k in cash!! amerikan cops have become arrogant!

      quit writing your tickets for speeding (tax collections at end of month) un till U STOP SPEEDING!!!!

    • dbcooper

      whoa… Dude… Part of the problem?/Part of the solution? Just saying, DB

    • Silence is Golden

      Law enforcement doesn’t imply you have the right to act above it ..or outside of it !!
      Some folks don’t like to be traced by using credit cards. Who are you to suggest them to use such.
      As for playing nice… if you decide to raid someone’s house……you’d better have legal grounds…..you don’t play fair….then why should law abiding citizens ?

    • Brian Stemmerman

      My understanding of what you’re saying is that when school teachers are told to F off they should just beat the children.

    • eddiemd


      Who paid you to post here?

    • paul

      As I mentioned to Greg above … in 2014 police in the United States killed 1,100 people … during the same year police in Canada killed 14 people … police in China killed 12 people … and police in Germany didn’t kill anyone at all … something is a little bit out of whack in the US … why do we have the largest private prison system in the world? … Are Americans more afraid then other people in the world of being locked up for profit? … So they resist more?

    • Shadow of Doubt

      To the Offended Police Officer,
      Death by cop, theft by cop and now we have– how to live your life by a cop! There are a number of us also trained to kill -who have sworn to uphold the Constitution and American justice–so if you idiots think you can dictate tyranny and run rough shod over a law abiding citizen merely cuz you have a shiny badge-your run will be short. Play nice while we raid your house. Sounds like the same jack booted thugs we defeated in Nazi Germany.

  33. 8Ball

    PCR, a class act and there is no doubt that he loves his country. He could have been a fat cat lobbyist and doing the lecture tour but he chose to speak out and was ostracized by the PTB. Some critics knock him for being an “insider” because he has a portrait of Alexander Hamilton with his hand in his coat behind him in some photos. More BS nitpicking to distract from and defame the messenger.

    “PCR: That’s Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury. It’s a copy of the original. It was given to me when I was appointed Assistant Secretary of the Treasury. It hasn’t any other kind of meaning…. A lot of people think it implies that I’m a Mason, because the person in the portrait has his hand in his waistcoat—like Napoleon–and some think that this is a secret sign of Masons. But, of course, Napoleon wasn’t a Mason. It has been explained to me by art historians that the reason for this is that it’s very difficult to paint the human hand, and that the price for a picture with the human hand was much greater, so at the time it was the convention to get the human hand out of the picture! I don’t know if that’s true or not….”

    A true American Patriot.

  34. Silence is Golden

    The “Who” and the “Why” of the militarisation of the police is critical.
    Who authorised it – was it the Administration or was it by Executive Order ? Either way Obama must know about the true nature of its making. So too would the CIA, NSA and DOD.
    AND the Why – “Making the streets, towns, cities…country safer” …from what ? Or is this intentional – to circumvent the planned uprising/revolution that is on the doorstep ? PCR’s link to this point is “ON TARGET”.
    PCR’s observation and comment (not alone in this regard) about how ridiculous it is for the Police (SWAT) to be armed and fitted out like SEAL teams….is one that rings true for many other countries as well. It seems as if the whole globe is preparing for some decidedly nasty turn.
    One point I would make is that it is not ideal to be strategically arming Police and other Government Agencies after a public uprising. Nor would it be useful to be training for “armed combat & restraint” when all lines of resistance are broken. You don’t send enlistees to War without appropriate skills or without resources. You require combat ready service people to carry out orders.
    The streets of the globe will become unruly after the next collapse. The collapse is a certainty (unsustainable monetary policy is destructive)….as espoused by many well credentialed people.
    Collapse = Chaos = Communism.
    Again, in my mind, this seems to always revert back to The BIGGER picture.

    I would recommend that you attempt to get Dr. Pippa Malmgren on your show. She talks about the breaking of the social contract (amongst many other topics)…and was previously part of the PPT. Very well credentialed and equally qualified lady who can offer even more insight into the governments inner workings. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1781487405/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=1781487405&linkCode=as2&tag=kinwornew-20&linkId=7LURDNK43HWBPCSA

  35. frederick

    I feel a need to comment on Gregs naiviety regarding the Middle East. He keeps saying that the Iranians say they want to destroy the US and Israel. First of all I don t believe the population of Iran believes this but more importantly we need to ask ourselves why they feel this way. I am very curious how the US would feel if another nation interfered throughout our region creating death and instability. I just wonder why you cannot see that obvious fact Greg is it your blind allegiance to the Israelis perhaps. I enjoy your videos but am in agreement with others who have commented about this. I live abroad and the arrogance of America is clearly eroding our support here. I do have hope though as I see more and more people waking up thanks to sites as yours.

  36. Gerty

    Washington Post Politics

    Former intelligence official: Obama’s Middle East policy is ‘willful ignorance’!

    By Josh Hicks March 29 at 10:09 AM 

    Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency. (DIA Public Affairs)

    The former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency on Sunday described President Obama’s Middle East policy as one of “willful ignorance,” saying the administration needs a clearer strategy for dealing with conflicts emerging across the region.

    Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said during an interview on “Fox News Sunday” that recent developments in the Middle East are moving in a bad direction for the United States, with Iran “clearly on the march” to influence events in a “regional sectarian war.”

    Critics of the administration have pointed out that the United States appears to be siding with Iranian-backed rebels against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria but opposing such fighters in Yemen.

    “At the end of the day, we have just this incredible policy confusion — never mind what our strategy is to execute that policy,” Flynn said. “We have to stop what we’re doing and take a hard look at everything going on the Middle East because it’s not going in the right direction.”


    • Greg Hunter

      Good stuff for balance Gerty. I like getting all angles in.

  37. Gerty

    Larry Kudlow , 3-27-15

    Confusion reigns?


  38. Wim

    Hi Greg, thank you very much for the interview, love to listen to dr. Roberts.
    We live on a beautiful world, on the other side a very sad world repeating her destructive history. All these years we live in two worlds, the little one preparing and awaiting the collapse, the big one completely unaware of what’s coming. Love your work Greg, for being there to inspire the little world, being there to expand that little world. I wish I had a crystal ball, as for the first time in my life I am so very curious how the future will unfold. An inflationary depression sounds better than a complete meltdown. Let’s hope for a landing somehow, instead of a sinister bloody crash site. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

  39. Doug

    Another good interview Greg. I am in general agreement with PCR but I have a different take on the ‘militarization’ of the police. I applaud you for attempting to steer him away from the broad brush he was using.

    First of all the police are a reflection of society as a whole and PCR is still stuck into the Mayberry R.F.D. paradigm. I wish to God that was the case….but it isn’t. We have an increasingly violent and lawless society. We have people that reject any/all authority and are willing to use violence at the drop of a hat and many of these people are well armed. How many of us would want to be a cop today? You could walk up to a car and get blown away before you have a chance to react.

    The best thing to do is to comply with the request of the cop and it can be sorted out later. With the increased scrutiny of the police as well as with more and more audio/video recordings if officer friendly steps out of line you have a better chance of holding his feet to the fire now than ever before, just don’t do something stupid in the process. In the vast majority of these officer involved shootings if the person would comply with the officers requests at the time the violent encounter could be avoided.

    I’m not a cop. I am ex-military and work an armed security detail but I do work with current and former police officers who moonlight at my employer to try to make ends meet. They are fantastic people and do a job that few really want to do today.

    The whole thing is kind of the chicken and the egg argument. Are the cops getting heavily armed and exerting more force because society is disintegrating or is society disintegrating because the police are using more force and are more heavily armed? I believe it to be the former.

    Being former military I’m not worried in the least about the policing today. Even if the government and DHS is arming them because they see the writing on the wall put yourself in the cops position. If TSHTF and society has totally imploded are you going to be out on the streets being the target that society can take it’s frustrations out on [especially when your town is broke and can’t pay you] or are you going to stay at home to try to protect your family?

    Even if DHS is arming the police because they fear the coming implosion the whole wet dream of martial law is a fantasy. When Katrina happened and assets were stripped from all over the nation and poured into the area they couldn’t maintain order…and that is with the rest of the nation up and running. Whats going to happen when TSHTF all at once? There is nowhere to draw assets from or to reinforce from.

    In the Army National Guard I was familiar with my State’s civil disturbance plan. To boil it all down the National Guard and State Police would attempt to protect critical infrastructure until reinforcements from the Federal Authorities arrived. When this hits all at once there will be no calvary coming over the hill to save the day. Our military will protect it’s own critical infrastructure and attempt to protect government facilities but that is going to be about all they can do. There is simply no way that the nightmare of martial law with a cop and soldiers on every corner can come to fruition. In one or two good size cities at a time, yes it can be done. When the whole nation in turmoil not a chance. And that is what is coming. People might long for martial law as opposed to the violence and lawlessness that is going to happen.

    If I didn’t know that God is sovereign and in complete control of his creation I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. But because I do know this I still sleep like a baby. Thanks for all you do Greg and keep up the good interviews.

    • Greg Hunter

      You said, “If I didn’t know that God is sovereign and in complete control of his creation I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.” I say Amen brother and “Fear Not.”

    • eddiemd

      Rodney King riots on steroids across the nation at the same time will not be contained by the local and state police. There will be limited military to come to the rescue.

      The LA riots in ’92 demonstrated what will happen. Remember it took elements of the 7th Infantry division from Fort Ord, the NG, and elements from the Marine base at Camp Pendleton to restore order in one small portion of LA.

      Imagine Miami, Houston, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, St Louis, etc all going up in smoke simultaneously. It will not be controlled by local and state forces. There will be limited quick reaction forces coming to the rescue.

      The local police forces probably have plans to pull back and protect their own. They will need to secure fuel, food, and water resources. When the power grid goes down, command, control and coordination of force will be nearly nonexistent.

  40. Hilde

    Dear Greg,
    Thanks for a great site and superb journalism. No need to post this article by Michael Snyder on Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve, sending it just in case of interest, probably you read it already.
    All best, Hilde.


    • JC Davis

      Hilde. Yellen argued the audit measure would allow politicians to second-guess the Fed’s decisions, which, in turn, would weaken the central bank. And the ultimate victim of that process, she said, would be the U.S. economy.
      In short the Scam would be exposed and criminals would not invest.

  41. Ofc. Tillman

    As a law enforcement officer, I resent the suggestion that the police are acting irresponsively towards the public with this so called “militarization.” We have great responsibility to keep law and order and to do that we occasionally need to bring overwhelming force to bear. The drug dealer in your neighborhood is usually armed to the teeth and so we need to be just as armed and just as ready to dispense force as the criminals are. Law abiding citizens have nothing to fear. We dont target innocent individuals. As far as carrying large amounts of cash, I recommend that you carry no more than $150. In this day and age you have an ATM at every corner plus the convenience of credit cards that you can carry everywhere in your wallet securely. When you carry large amounts of cash, you become a potential target for criminals and that creates extra concern and work for us. Some folks will say, well what if I am buying a car. To that I say – Have you ever heard of a cashiers certified check ? Again there is no need to keep large amounts of cash. If you do keep large amounts of cash on your person or stashed at your domicile, then you are inviting suspicion because no normal reasonable person does this.

    • allen ols

      O tillman,


    • Don

      Greg enjoyed the interview. You did a good job once again. Dr. Roberts along with the many guess you’ve had since I’ve been listening, help us see from different perspectives. I can tell the changes going on in society though. Since 9/11, terrorism has been sold to the point, where attacks on our gun’s rights, militarized police force, and a fascist government has appeared, when an attempt of imperialism by our presidents use of executive orders. The view of the police force is represented hear, and I’d have to say to be under suspicion for carrying over 150 dollars even though its legal to carry any amount shows the flawed training, were the citizen is guilty until proven innocent. Carrying cash or pulling a certain amount out of the bank brings questions and suspicions any more which comes from our government and is pushed in the law enforcement training. Just like the name calling by the offended officer and even the other. We are something other than human to them. There will come a time when these officers will have to view the public as an enemy of the state. Based on there testimony we’re not far off.

    • Terry

      Tilman or whatever your name is from post to post. Your opinions are not held by any “normal reasonable person”. Good luck at the ATM. You are a troll.

    • Art Barnes

      Officer, your violating the Constitution of citizens every day, you don’t need to know if what cash I have as I don’t have a right to know what you are caring. You attitude is telling as to just what power you think you have and how you will use it if ordered to. Frankly, you make a strong case for the militarization argument & open carry proponents.

  42. Hilde

    Dear Greg,
    Perhaps better from Michael Snyder’s homepage. This is probably old news by now and you probably read it long time ago. I sent the first link because comments had been deactivated there.
    All the best , Hilde.


  43. Billy

    Mr Roberts is completely wrong about Irans intentions. Iran has a stronghold in the Middle East. Look where they have position and power- Iraq, Iran, Syria and Yemen not to forget the red sea, Yemen is one of the most important strategic countries due to the red sea with trade and oil. Iran has taunted Israel as the little Satan and America as the big Satan and has continually threatened to wipe these countries off the map. They believe in starting a war for there god to return- how could anyone trust this mindset.
    I thinks wars coming with Iran but not with America i think Germany and the EU will take on Iran. The Catholic church and the Muslims have a long history of war.
    Great site Mr Hunter with real journalism.

  44. Johnny Braintree

    Reading this story and considering the mess we are in while having a president like this reminds me of being on a trans-atlantic flight then realizing there’s a nut on board.

  45. Art Barnes

    Greg, Dr. Roberts is absolutely correct in his discussion about the militarization of our police forces & the brutality treatment of citizens in basic traffic stops, its happening 100 times a day if not more across America. His questions is why? What is the agenda, why are they being trained like this? I’m old enough to remember not being afraid of the police if you got stopped. Now, I am afraid to get pulled over, that I may reach into my glove compartment to get my insurance card or registration & be shot if the officer mistakenly thought my flashlight in the box was a weapon. Out here on the Western Front you can witness most stops with the officer’s hand on his gun & heaven help you if you get out of your car without being as to, the gun will be drawn. I believe the training is orchestrated by the elite for the upcoming civil unrest all the while indoctrinating the local forces that the reason is their personal safety so the police go along with it without questioning the real motive behind the change of training. Remember, shooting 80 year old veterans, handcuffing 6 year old children, shooting dogs at will, choke holds for any questioning of their authority, is happening on a massive scale each day; Alex Jones covers a small amount of this abuse daily, it is real, its happening all over, and its getting worse by the day. No wonder people are afraid. Now the police want to know if you have any cash, what’s up with that? Look, speed traps, etc., have been around for decades, but wanting outright cash, what is the training & reason behind that? The MSM do not ask questions unless it appears to be a racist shooting & is witnessed by many, but they never investigate or question any others of which there are dozens if not more each day of basic run of the mill stop & question shootings which are not race related. In my mind the police are being programmed with an “us vs. them” mentality and desensitized at killing civilians so that when civil unrest comes they will follow orders and shoot at will as nothing will stop a riot quicker than direct gunfire into the riot condition. The police have a tough job and probably don’t realize they are being used for a future agenda, but this phenomenon is real and is happening in real time.

  46. Art Barnes

    Greg, I have said the America is becoming a third world country and to hear Dr. Roberts near the end of your interview expose the same theory based upon the jobs leaving the country gave me a better understanding as to why this is happening. Jobs/employment which can’t sustain a family simply can’t sustain a country, its a simple as that. Thank God I can remember when if you had a job, you could have a wife, a couple of kids, a house with a white picket fence, two cars, and a two week vacation & a few dollars in the bank for emergencies – try doing that today on the jobs out there today! I agree with Dr. Roberts that this nation is fast becoming a third world country. Either believe it or not, either way its right around the corner.

  47. Matthew Lee

    My father was a state trooper and, later, a detective sergeant with the Texas Department of Public Safety for 30 years and he has lamented to me on several occasions regarding the deterioration of the relationship between the police and the public.

    He has said that the citizens used to treat Texas State Troopers like royalty and with a great deal of respect and that he was trained to be polite and courteous towards the public and that there were severe repercussions for any trooper who disrespected or mistreated a citizen.

    Those days are long gone. The police–at all levels–act more like an occupying army than they do peace keepers.

    • Greg Hunter

      There are always two sides to every story. Thank you for adding your perspective.

    • Art Barnes

      Yes, you are right about the new police forces as the “times they are a changing”. Can’t paint them with a broad brush yet, but its not a pencil thin brush either. Thank you for your comment, wish the police forces of today would act like your father as they would be greatly respected once again. ab

    • allen ols

      Matthew lee, and greg;

      I agree, the police have no business poking their nose in how much cash i carry, and they can stop stopping me for speeding while i watch them booking down past opryland going 70 in a 55mph, trying to get to greens military b 4 it closes, i know i follow them. happens all the time.
      Nashville cops are arrogant!!

  48. Jerry

    Greg it looks like the first casualty of the oil collapse is the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

    This could be the first of many things to come, as the strings begin to snap under our economic system. I honesty can’t remember so many events all happening at the same time? This is hard to keep up with.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s picking up speed. Thank you for all your postings!

      • Jerry

        Greg I just got another piece of information from my source. He said the commercial real estate bubble is getting ready to pop. And when it does it’s going to take down a couple of mega banks with it, including Euro Clear Belgium that is currently holding 6 Trillion dollars in treasury’s. I don’t have to tell you what’s going to happen once 6 trillion dollars comes back home to U.S. shores. This is one to keep an eye on. I’ll try to get more information.

        • Greg Hunter

          Maybe I starts soon and ends in September with one big giant boom? Thanks for posting the info. At least Belgium has 211 tones of its gold back.

        • Silence is Golden

          Its going to be a race in my book as to which one goes first.
          I’ll stick with my earlier forecast that Greece will default….then the cascading will start. That scenario plays out over the next week or two if memory serves me correctly…debt falls due…government is broke….cannot function…..!!!
          Russia …anyone ???

        • allen ols


          KEEP IT COMING!!!!!!!!!

    • WD


      This news was sent to me by my brother in New Orleans, LA a very oil based economy:

      ******* New Orleans news paper ” The Advocate”


      Jim Willie emphatically states the oil price drop- was Saudi Arabia and Russian backed scheme. He said that driving down those prices would be suicide for our economy and that our govt took credit to save face.

  49. James Grant

    Greg –
    I always appreciate your interviews with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James and I too think Dr. PCR is a good man!

  50. mushroom

    Outstanding interview. Dr. PCR has the correct moral compass as well as the courage, intelligence, experience, and knowledge to rank with the best as spokesman for truthful analyses of current reality.

    Thank you for bringing him to us again.

  51. Memento Mori

    On the one hand we should be aghast at what is going on. On the other this is the story of the world since the fall of man…oppression of the weak by the strong. Unfortunately the weak would do the same should they get unbridled, centralized power like those who currently have it. The heart of man is corrupt and only a regenerated heart can change this.

  52. vincent_g

    One point that was covered which is that the Fed QE programs only helped the big banks is correct and the Fed by doing this is doing what it was designed to do.

    That I think needs to be better understood!

    Lets look at the simple line that is used to describe the Fed’s purpose.
    “Lender of last resort”

    If you needed such a lender that would mean your company is in such bad condition that no one will lend to you or that the amount of money is so large that one one has that much money.

    Who is the lender of last resort?
    That lender is the citizens of the USA as the money required to fulfill the loan would have to be created and thus increasing the money supply which will cause inflation.

    The cost of the loan is inflation!

    In addition to this loan the Fed would also have to create conditions that allow the bank to be able to pay the loan back.

    This is what QE is for.

    And this requires more money creation which causes much more inflation than that of the loans given out.

    Now if the market is as such that there is not enough business to support all the banks then some of the smaller ones must be acquired by the bigger ones.

    The Federal Reserve was created to protect the big banks.
    This is it’s only purpose!
    Think of it as an insurance policy that costs the banks nothing!

    If you eliminate the Fed you eliminate too big to fail.
    Banks would fail and life would go on.
    For banks would never get so large as to cause big problems.

    The Glass Steagall Act should be restored as it and it alone solved the problems that effected the average citizen.

    It placed restrictions on banks to greatly reduce wild speculation and created the FDIC.
    If back in 1913 congress had created the Glass Steagall Act instead of the Federal Reserve we would have a very different world today.

    Keeping the Fed places us on a road where the big banks would have to get bigger to stay alive.

    Again how many banks are there in Japan now verses what was there in 1990?

    • JC Davis

      Vincent G Great ( simple explanation ), and solution . Would have, could have , and should have will have no present change on greed.

      • vincent_g

        Greed is a normal human trait!

        The solution is to help prevent the abuse which is what Glass Steagall was designed to do.

        You can’t eliminate greed.
        All people suffer from greed.

        If this was not true then not one lottery ticket would sell.
        People buy lottery tickets because they want to be king of the hill.

        Worse is no one wants to lose anything.
        So you create a system that reflects your greed.
        A system where no one has to pay the bill.
        A system where no one can lose.

        Yes that system is called collectivism or communism.
        and the cry is from those that support it is down with capitalism and down with greed.

        The real problem is people never seem to like what they see in a mirror.
        Why is that?

  53. JM

    Nice to hear PCR’s views on many of these topics. Greg, it’s easy to verify the training of police officers simply by talking to recent graduates of police school. We have a very large school near my home in Georgia. They will tell you that “officer safety” has in fact changed routine procedures for officers. Many of these procedures come straight out of the military and do work very well. The dilemma is in the fact that we, the USA, are not a war zone. However, several routine procedures are based on war zone methodology. The trend in training is clear. “Protect and serve” should be followed by a question of who. This is not our grand parents police force anymore. Sure, there are many many many great officers out there but in another decade will we be able to say that?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, JM that is all true, but you have to keep in mind my old saying and it has served me well: “Never argue with a man (or a woman) with a gun.” You must be respectful. It is the best chance you have to keep alive and unharmed.

      • JM

        Absolutely, Greg. Every traffic stop or any other type of interaction with police has now become a life or death situation. I’m glad that most of the officers on my local small town force are still of “old school” mentality. The future force will be closer to a militia than a police force. In other countries, they call this phenomenon a Police State.

  54. James

    Great interview Greg….in a long series of great interviews. i WONT hassle you for having your own opinions, even if i disagree with some of them. (by God, you do get feisty some times).
    Greg, the overwhelming opinion of your interviewees is that we are looking at the end of an era…..and that it will not be a gentle end. I am convinced this is the case, and so my focus is to better understand what will happen at street level when the end approaches.
    There are the usual bunker types, and i don’t totally discount their thinking, but i am faced with the conundrum of how can i stand by while others go hungry. Alternatively, i don’t believe the PTB will meekly sneak away….they are not the type to shrink away from violence done in pursuit of their agenda.
    Your ‘bully pulpit’ has done a great service to the PEOPLE, by shedding light on the coming crisis. I would ask that you consider going one step further …..bring on people to talk / debate on what will happen at the street level . I know this is desperately difficult thing to do, since finer detail requires finer fortune telling about how the crisis will unfold. May i suggest you tackle the issue in three scenario sessions: First scenario: the crash will be a long slow process, that will allow people to react ……Second, a scenario where the crisis unfolds in a series of mini-crashes, where there is less time for people to react…..and Third: A major crash that sweeps away even the basic needs of life.

    Hoping you can do that….Anyone who is is awake should know by now there is a storm coming ….but what will that mean on the street is still not discussed , other than by the ‘sky is falling’ bunker types.

    Thanks Greg. I laughed when j C Davis recommended you take a vacation ….last year i remarked your site photo shows a fresh faced young man …and you are looking a tad worn by the heavy load you bear for us all. Fear not, history will be kind .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James. I am hoping to get as many as possible awake and prepared before the SHTF. The more people prepared even a little, the better it will be.

      • dbcooper

        Greg… Prehaps James Wesley Rawles?? Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN DB

    • sk

      Yes, in spite of my disagreement with you on several issues, you, Greg, are a GOOD man. You CARE, and yes, your face has become more careworn. That is only logical.

  55. Jerry

    I’m feeling much better now (hint of sarcasm)
    I just learned that Jade Helm 15 is really a mock invasion drill in preparation for the U.S. Military going into Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey this fall. I’m sorry I don’t buy it. I think the government has setup a new strategy to infiltrate the alternative news organizations with disinformation agents, just like they employ trolls to sweep alternative sites. Lord is they’re anything these people don’t try to manipulate?

    One must conclude that things are really going to get bad when you see the lengths these people go through to alter communication. My guess is if the alternate news was really just made up conspiracy theories they’d blow the whole thing off as a joke instead of setting up a misinformation bureau to counter it. But when you see this type of response from a so called “transparent government” that enforces political correctness down to the tiniest detail, you have to wonder.

  56. ANON

    This perspective does not take in to account the long history of isl@m doing jih@d since before the middle ages – the long history of conflict between shia and sunni factions. He states the west is responsible for the current state of isl@m and its problem but this is omitting a whole lot of pre-American history. Also, isl@m itself is a dictatorial, totalitarian form of govt rule. These like-minded Paul style thinkers always offer the blame to America for everything wrong in the work as a false sacrafice upon the alter of history.

    • ANON

      Oops, typos – posting again

      Greg, PCR’s missives on Iran and the Middle East do not take in to account the long history of isl@m doing jih@d for expansionistic purposes since before the middle ages – nor does he take into account the long history of conflict between shia and sunni factions which did not happen because of the USA but which violently and almost instantly happened upon the death of M0hammad regarding a deadly conflict over. the rightful successor of M0hammad. He states the “imperialist” West is responsible for the current state of isl@mic countries and the regions problem but this is omitting a whole lot of pre-American history of the region. For example, M0hammad is known to have to detested the Turks – that should indicate a long ago strong conflict in the region prior to America even existing. What M0hammad thought of Persia I don’t know but regional conflict did exist long before the “imperialist” USA existed. The USA is not responsible for all middle east conflict. It may have impact today but these conflicts of what are now modern nations go much deeper and are far more historical than PCR understands – much to do with tribal history among these bedu peoples and cultures which have been running and morphing for hundreds of years. PCR has zero knowledge of the Wabbi history of the area that long predates the existence of Saudi Arabia. He plants today’s regional hostility on the shoulders of the US completely ignorant of the psychotic mass and serial murder of populations time and time again for centuries by Wahabbi factions since around or before the 12th Century. Also, PCR seems not to understand that isl@m itself is a dictatorial, totalitarian form of govt rule. These like-minded Paul style thinkers always offer the blame to America for everything wrong in the world as a false sacrifice upon the alter of history. Frankly, these Paulite thinkers are completely ignorant on the entire region and its lengthy history and should not even go there at all.

  57. Gene

    Dear Mr. Hunter,

    I recall that, shortly after the overthrow of the Shah in 1979 and the takeover by the Shiite Islamists, crowds in Iran were filmed chanting, “Death to the satanic American pigs!” That was over 35 years ago, and Iran has yet to attack us, although its crowds have continued to shout such frenzied phrases from time-to-time ever since.

    That strongly suggests that they should be interpreted figuratively. For example, the crowds that gather in Mecca during the Hajj throw stones at a big rock, which over time has had as much practical effect.

    After 35 years of this energetic Iranian blather, it’s difficult to take it as a serious threat.

  58. John D

    I have a relative, Tom Decker who was a fine young man and an officer for the Cold Spring MN police department. He was gunned down Nov.29 2012 with a 20 gauge shotgun as he step out of his patrol car . The remark Paul Craig Roberts made about all police was an unfair generalization. Yes their are police that abuse their authority. However some are honest hard working people trying to make a living and raise their families.

    • Greg Hunter

      John D,
      Thank you for sharing this perspective and makes my point that “ALL” (when referring to police) is a very broad brush.

  59. Angie


    money creation

  60. Angie

    This guy is so naive or he is just plain stupid- history has proven that Iran cannot be trusted! This is not just according to the US but others in the middle east. I am sorry Greg as you have respect for this guy but he is just completely slipped off the logically endgame board. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. The enemy is the enemy.

  61. Wiley

    The steadily increasing violence of the police is depressingly evident to those of us who are near Dr. Roberts’ age. The most basic fact is that all police officers voluntarily choose lives of violence. Their primary purpose is to force others, by whatever level of violence is necessary, to obey their commands. The difference between “good” cops and “bad” ones is in whether they give free rein to their violent tendencies and their desire to control others, and whether they have the ability to think for themselves, judge right from wrong, be realistic about the seriousness of the perceived “crime”, and govern their actions accordingly.
    Unfortunately, I think the increasing levels of violence and theft by police are inevitable simply because violence and theft are the very foundations of the government they serve. Violence and theft are the seeds from which our government has grown and the means by which it sustains itself. As government grows and becomes stronger, the less need it feels to hide its true nature, the more openly and extensively it conditions its servants to reflect that nature, and therefore the more overt and extreme it’s theft and violence become. “Evil will out”, as the saying goes. The positive aspect of the situation is that with the evil coming out in the open, we are all presented with a clear and unavoidable choice of whether to serve it or refuse to do so.

  62. Art Barnes

    Greg, love the Dr.’s chuckles, a real American without rose colored glasses. Wall Street made some fiat money today, I wonder what changed from last Friday, CNBC claims all is well in equities & you better get in and get your share of the wealth; the financial media is broadcasting at light speed all is well – my experience when all is well things start to unravel & go south, could CNBC be priming the pump before the fall? People, hold onto your guns and bibles as your going to need them.

    • Silence is Golden

      “Pump & Dump”….MO of the Wall Street thieves….. for all time.
      Create the booms then the busts is the MO of the CB’s.
      Who feeds off that…The Banksters…..they finance everything. Then when the SHTF…they collect on the collateral…assuming it is still there …and not hypothecated/leveraged to infinity.

  63. Yaroslav

    ME is one big hive. France and England make it this way, USA destroyed borders.
    You can’t do anything to stop it…

  64. Al Hall

    Note to all: New info from Lindsey Williams- coming this year

    When is the US banking system going to crash?
    Bank deposits are no longer money! – ISIS vs ISIL?
    Truth about oil. – Deflation not inflation!!
    Annihilation of Israel. – Violence in Washington.
    Interest Rates? – The Levant???
    ** IMPORTANT NEWS From Pastor Lindsey Williams
    It has been two months since Pastor Williams’ last email newsletter. Over the past months many things are happening around the world. It is almost like things are happening moment to moment. Further on in this month’s newsletter is an important article from Mark D. Johnson entitled ‘Information Overload’ as well as an article by LindseyWilliams.net webmaster James Harkin entitled ‘Global Financial Events, Collapse & Gold’. There is also a two hour video linked within this newsletter that is very important viewing and will explain a lot of what Pastor Williams has been saying in his recent DVDs.
    Firstly, Pastor Williams shared an important article stating ‘VERY IMPORTANT! This email was just sent to me from my Wall Street Insider friend. An interest rate hike will impact the Derivative market – Which will probably bring down the Euro and in a short time devastate the dollar.’ The article is entitled ‘Bob Doll: Fed Rate Hikes Likely in September’.
    A few days ago Pastor Williams received an email from his Wall Street Insider. The information relates to the possibility of “a move to replace the USD as the world reserve currency at some time in the future.” There was a press release from the IMF entitled ‘IMF and China’s Ministry of Finance Sign Agreement on Strengthening Fiscal Institutions and Capacity Development’. Another article sent to me by Pastor Williams with a note ‘Very interesting turn of events. These nations will not use the dollar. The demise of the dollar must be very near’, was entitled ‘Washington Blinks: Will Seek Partnership With China-Led Development Bank’ in relation to the US conceding defeat and is seeking a partnership with the Chinese-Led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) after initially blasting allies such as Britain for signing up to be a founder.
    Another article Pastor Williams shared and he stated ‘Food for thought – Not worry’ is from Trend forecaster Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal. Entitled ‘Collapse: It’s Coming! Are You Ready?’ the article discusses that while pundits argue over whether or not a double dip recession is coming, many on the street have finally begun to realize that another recession is the least of our problems.

    Something interesting from The End Times Forecaster: “Jewish tradition believes that lunar eclipses signal judgement for Israel and solar eclipses signal judgement for the nations. Are the three solar eclipses on Av 1 in 2008-10 an indication that a time of distress is to begin for the world? Think of what happened after August 2008 – the beginning of the financial collapse. Are the three solar eclipses a sign that the 70th week will begin between the first and last eclipse? Also note that in 2015 you have 2 lunar and 2 solar eclipses all on significant days”.
    Pastor Williams shared with me an email about the recent total eclipse over the North Pole on the first day of spring. Pastor Williams said ‘More and more signs in the heavens by the day’. The article entitled ‘Passover Blood Moon Preceded by Exceedingly Rare Solar Eclipse’ talks about this rare event occurring once every 100,000 years. For it to appear on the first day of the first month of the Biblical calendar year is, however, entirely unprecedented since this is only the year 5775 according to Jewish tradition, meaning that there has never been such a solar occurrence in human history.

    IMPORTANT NEWS From Pastor Lindsey Williams

    It has been two months since Pastor Williams’ last email newsletter. Over the past months many things are happening around the world. It is almost like things are happening moment to moment. Further on in this month’s newsletter is an important article from Mark D. Johnson entitled ‘Information Overload’ as well as an article by LindseyWilliams.net webmaster James Harkin entitled ‘Global Financial Events, Collapse & Gold’. There is also a two hour video linked within this newsletter that is very important viewing and will explain a lot of what Pastor Williams has been saying in his recent DVDs.

    Firstly, Pastor Williams shared an important article stating ‘VERY IMPORTANT! This email was just sent to me from my Wall Street Insider friend. An interest rate hike will impact the Derivative market – Which will probably bring down the Euro and in a short time devastate the dollar.’ The article is entitled ‘Bob Doll: Fed Rate Hikes Likely in September’.

    A few days ago Pastor Williams received an email from his Wall Street Insider. The information relates to the possibility of “a move to replace the USD as the world reserve currency at some time in the future.” There was a press release from the IMF entitled ‘IMF and China’s Ministry of Finance Sign Agreement on Strengthening Fiscal Institutions and Capacity Development’. Another article sent to me by Pastor Williams with a note ‘Very interesting turn of events. These nations will not use the dollar. The demise of the dollar must be very near’, was entitled ‘Washington Blinks: Will Seek Partnership With China-Led Development Bank’ in relation to the US conceding defeat and is seeking a partnership with the Chinese-Led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) after initially blasting allies such as Britain for signing up to be a founder.

    Another article Pastor Williams shared and he stated ‘Food for thought – Not worry’ is from Trend forecaster Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal. Entitled ‘Collapse: It’s Coming! Are You Ready?’ the article discusses that while pundits argue over whether or not a double dip recession is coming, many on the street have finally begun to realize that another recession is the least of our problems.

  65. David Scully

    I don’t live in the USA but it never ceases to amaze me at the angle some US commentators take. PCR reminded Greg why the Iranians might not be so enamored with the US. The US war crimes are horrific throughout the world. The US was never the good cop on the beat. That’s the most childish story out there. Ditto with Israel destroying Palestine and performing ethnic cleansing over the last 60 years. If I was a Palestinian I would fight to my last breath to get my country back for my children. This “forget history and assume it all started yesterday” Fox News treatment doesn’t work for me.
    Great interview with PCR. long may he continue.

    • Bob Lamb

      The US is rogue right now but in the past has done great things for the world like stop Hitler and Communism. Also we have fed most of the world. Probably your country too! Our founding values are spot on. The problem is we have strayed from them.

      • Melanie

        The US did not stop Hitler, it was Russia. The US didnt get involved until the very end. I had the worthless history classes in America also but when I became an adult I was able to see that most of the lies being taught in the class room were just that. Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that we are sending food, money and war to every corner of the globe for the good of humanity, when in truth it’s all for the bankers and the military industrial complex.
        Communism is not dead, it is in America right now and the evil ones are perpetuating it around the planet to save their war dollar. Look up Prescott Bush to find out the truth about how some Americans not only funded the Nazi machine, but also provided the gas for the gas chambers.
        A excellent article to read about it is called a Nazi in the hand is worth four in the Bush on the information clearing house website.

  66. ulrich sherry

    Great interview Greg.

  67. Steve

    Good job getting Dr. Robert’s excellent interview. I agree with him in most respects but find it very difficult to follow his argument about Iran’s “peaceful” nuclear intentions. Also I don’t go along with the idea that Obama is acting independently of the Neocons in his administration. I think they are all in this mess together and maybe we don’t know the whole story behind the Iran negotiations. Dr. Roberts is spot-on as far as the economy is concerned however. It’s all one God-awful mess and I don’t know that any one person can make sense of it all. Meanwhile where to put one’s money is a continuing issue. There is the war on cash, war on precious metals, war on savings, war on small independent banks, etc. As someone else said, the best you can do is split savings between the various types of investments and hope all classes of investment will be a total loss when the SHTF.

  68. Cathy

    Great interview. Young people today are trapped in a dead end matrix. They would do well to intern with the Amish communities to experience a new perspective from these truly self-sufficient people. The system today is not working for much of America; it’s time to forge a new way.

  69. WD


    This is the headlines my brother sent me from the New Orleans news paper ” The Advocate”


    Jim Willie emphatically states the oil price drop- was Saudia Arabia and Russian backed scheme. He said that driving down those prices would be suicide for our economy and that our govt took credit to save face.

  70. KIP

    Again. The Doctor made me wonder. In his time and mine, these social activities going on now would never be allowed. Ie: “am i vulranable” in a simple traffic violation? Was my father wrong? Am I all alone out here? Am I protcted? To serve and Protect? I hope the Doc is wrong. Good interview again. Thanks K.

  71. Offended Police Officer

    You know ? In my line of work, I find that it is an extreme pleasure to use my gun because whenever I have the opportunity to fire my service weapon, I have the opportunity to rid the court system of another criminal perpetrator. For me it is Nirvana to see my target skull shot and left limp. When these baddies go down, we all celebrate because it means less bad guys on the street. Our motto is really ONE SHOT – ONE KILL !

    • Greg Hunter

      Offended Police Officer,
      You will need to post a verifiable name to comment here again. I think you are a paid troll and you are here to stir people up and get them to comment negatively. If not, you need a psychiatric evaluation and should be relived of your badge and weapon. Folks, please do not answer this person. He is done here.

      • JC Davis

        Funny Greg. That is what I told Allen Ols today about this fraud cop poster.

        • Greg Hunter

          JC Davis,
          I do not think many real cops would come on and say the things he did. If he is a real cop, then he need serious psychiatric help.

      • RTW

        Good move cutting OPO off before things get out of hand. Unfortunately it is questionable whether he is (was) a legitimate police officer, however, one thing is for certain…he is in dire need of psychiatric care.

        • Greg Hunter

          Agreed. Thanks.

  72. RTW

    Offended Police Officer? More like Offensive Police Officer! He sounds like he is one of few police officers that the Sharptons and Jacksons love to identify as the reason why people distrust the police.

  73. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    PCR ought to make every American proud…a national treasure. Correction: An international treasure! Thanks Greg, A

  74. bob

    sorry greg, dr. paul is right on the police force. some are good. but they will be removed. when you live in a town of 7800 and the police set up for the the biggest employer when they get off work to trap them, somethings up. i get pulled over and i was in fear. right off the bat i was accused of drinking. well, as soon as i rolled my window down he should hav been able to tell whether i had been drinking or not. after the bs and ticket, i got home, my wife said boy i can sure smell the factory on you. maybe you should read from 3/15/15 st. louis post dispatch. favors,fines grease wheels. this is another problem we have as a society.

  75. Ross

    When you deprive citizens of the means to make an honest living, dishonesty becomes the norm and means of survival. Gerald Celente notes, “When people lose everything they lose it.” Desperate people do desperate things and civilisation takes a back seat.

    This applies to all levels of society.

  76. Andy Sloan

    Hi Greg,

    I do enjoy listening to PCR and thanks for having him on. However, with the following providing some reference and context, perhaps next time, you might ask him why he believes Russia and China are peaceful.


    Kind wishes and God bless,


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Andy Sloan.

  77. Traffic Cop

    Paul Craig Roberts points out that police are not as nice as we once were. Perhaps, the population needs to reconsider their stance towards us. It seems that noone wants to respect authority anymore. When I pull offenders over, I never know what I am going to be dealing with, but many times, the person in the car wants to play word games and debate the law with me and blurt out nonsense about their constitutional rights. People need to understand that we dont have to tolerate the publics BS. I am not going to entertain legal arguments on the side of the road about the constitution when I am simply performing a traffic stop. Save your breath for the courtroom if you are so inclined. As a citizen, you are required to do as told when in custody of law enforcement. If you fail to comply, then I have every right to grab your ass out of the car and bash your head in for you. And if you pull a weapon ? WHOA – Your ass is mine because once you do that you have entered the twilight zone and there is no walking it back once the situation has escalated and it is this particular situation that often results in shootings. So if we pull you over, do as told and dont be a smart mouth asking stupid questions and playing word games. If cited, you need to sign the summons when told. Refuse to sign ? Also a bad move because when that happens, I am required by law to take you in front of a judge right away and that means impounding the vehicle and taking you in by whatever force is necessary, which can include lethal force. So bottom line – RESPECT US. Failure to do so can be fatal.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      You can demand and rationalize all you want but respect is earned–if you comport yourself like an overgrown, cretinous, thug you can rest assured respect will be the last thing you’ll be getting.

  78. Terry

    The use of the word “neocons” when placing all the blame should tell you something. PCR may know economics, but his world view is wrong. This man does not have any answers. Any kid who has run a paper route or lemonade stand could tell you we are screwed. Blaming Bush reminds me of someone else I know.
    Stop electing commie liberals.

  79. Bill

    Wanted to put a comment out about Bix Weir’s interview last week. Bix talked about after the collapse our dept will be forgiven due to the enormity of the derivative bubble. Do any of you have a take on that? I am having a hard time understanding the connection to debt forgiveness and the bubble to come. I guess the more important question for me is, should I keep trying to pay more money to pay down my dept, or direct more of it to by gold and silver. Also would like to know how I can get more coinage – what kind and from where? I was hoping you could comment on this to Greg! Thanks again for all your work on this site! You are a blessing to so many of us!

    • Greg Hunter

      There are two sides to this argument. You heard Bix Weir’s. Folks like Jim Sinclair say the banks will re-price the old debt into a new currency and you will still owe for the most part. We have never faced what is coming so who knows how it will turn out. If you do not have a good local connection then I would use the folks advertising on every page of the site–Discount Gold and Silver Trading. This is not a commercial for them but I have had them on the site for about a year and I have never had a complaint. It took a long time to find someone I could trust to put on the site that sold gold and silver. I turned down many I thought were not honest. https://usawatchdog.com/discount-gold-and-silver-trading/ And these folks have a phone number and you can talk to the owner in many cases. Melody is her name, and she has never shamed me. Tell her I told you to call.

    • WD


      Dimitri Orlov is a collapse expert and says that debt will be wiped out- 1) no other choice 2) nobody can pay it back.


    • Melanie

      You are being played like a fiddle. I urge you to take the red pill and get out of the matrix. There is no difference anymore between the red ties and the blue ties, they both work for the same corporations and banks.
      Tell us how the Republican party has been conservative in the past 15 years. I suggest you turn off the fox news warmonger and start doing your own research if you want to know the truth about what is going on with our broken country.

      • Melanie

        My comment was to Terry, sorry.

  80. WD


    The fact that all these countries are joining AIIB is about self-preservation. When it comes down to it they have to survive. The gig is up for us, unfortunately,we have been bullying these countries economically and militarily since Commodore MAtthew Perry “forced” Japan to trade with us.

    We see that coming t an end

  81. aries

    The problem in america is simple, most people suck, are lazy and unmotivated. No entrepreneurs no jobs, period. america was not found on jobs, it was found on opportunity, look around, start at home, what do u see?

  82. knowmadic news

    I didn’t read all the comments, so I’m not sure if this was said already.

    But there is a very generic reason why the cops are being militarized and that’s simply because of money. The MIC needs to sell weapons and toys, so why not sell to our own police departments? Low hanging fruit. Who cares about the outcome, and keeps people employed and shareholders happy.

    Remember, the US does things for the “greater good.”

    What is the greater good? All the jobs created (although this is drying up fast), happy share holders, and super wealthy executives. This is the USA’s greater good, everything else doesn’t matter, not even our children’s future.

    That said, the greater good is dying–jobs are gone, wages are depressed, prices are rising, and the markets are rigged by high frequency trading. The only thing not broken yet are the rich executives in American fortune 500 companies.

    Their time is coming though, thrust me, because you cannot sell products to angry, poor, desperate, hungry, labor-less serfs.

    You’ll know we hit bottom when the government hands out credit cards to everyone in desperation.

  83. Andrew Maggard

    Cut the deal and the problem goes away? I don’t think so. The history of Iran and of the Middle East points to an entirely different conclusion. While Dr. Roberts is entirely on point with his comments that involve the administration and the differing interests within, he is off base with his presumption that a deal with Iran would make the problem go away. If anyone else holds an opinion similar to that of Dr. Roberts, please offer a comment, this stance is perplexing considering the history of Iran. Yes, I agree with the statement involving the overthrow of Mogadeshu in the early 1950’s however that is now rather ancient history, especially where it involves the rise of militant Islam.
    Dr. Roberts is on point with his prediction of a coming depression, inflation. At this point it cannot be avoided.

  84. mark

    Greg, love your guest! Please correct me if I’m wrong….I’m trying to understand this is my situation. When the US Dollar stops being accepted outside the US, supply shortages will hit….how long before we create a new currency that will be accepted to continue trade outside of the US? Jim Willie claims the new currency will be devalued at least 30% from the start. If we are smart enough to have our money OUT of the banks when this happens….will we trade it in for this new currency? We will loose money in the exchange, plus the inflation due to the shortages will take effect also, right? After storing food and water to last a few months and having purchased Silver coins with half of the cash pulled out of the banks….I should be in good shape, right? Do you thing the purchasing value of Silver will escalate when the Dollar is rejected? Again, will the US Dollars we have in our possession…be able to be traded for the new currency….or not? Or should I purchase Silver with the cash? Please explain if you can….thank you so much.

    • Greg Hunter

      You will be in better shape than most but who knows how it will all go down. What we face has never happened in human history.

      • mark

        Thank you Greg. What are your thoughts on Benjamin Fulford? This is his latest clip…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgf7jZWHuKY He claims that there is a counter attempt by the good guys to overthrow the Elites….and that the Federal Reserve have lost all power. Interesting.

        • Greg Hunter

          I think we will have all out war before they can get this set but I hope I am totally wrong.

  85. Don

    Dear Greg, go to goldsilver.com and read article called SDR fundamentals and furture announcements, by clicking news on front page. Gives possible time frame for IMF basket of currencies to start Jan. 1, 2016, and is to be timed with Oct. debt ceiling being reach and announcement of China’s gold . Also mentioned was the 20 Asian patient holders who died in the Malaysian flight. The technology patients held by the 20 who died was evidently needed for this change. The Rothchild’s shared that patient and are the only remaining patient holders, according to my own research.

  86. John

    Greg, what planet are you on? I can’t believe you’re defending the massive and glaringly obvious militarization of the police all over the US. It’s as if you lack intestinal fortitude to accept information that doesn’t please you. You don’t listen carefully either. You stuff words into PCR’s mouth instead of paying attention to his more nuanced remarks. You interrupt continually. You need to calm down a little and learn.

    • Greg Hunter

      I simply said All is a very broad brush to paint the police with, and I stand by my statement. That said, even a blind man can see to police being militarized.

  87. nobody

    Probably anyone over 50 can make the claim in any age that things have changed fast for them. But have they also claimed things have changed so drastically, the past seems more like a dream than history?
    I was very young, but alive in the 60’s and like PCR, I remember a different world. A couple commenters here have stated that persons don’t need to be carrying cash; there are credit cards and banks. These comments sounding weirdly alike are allegedly made by law officers. I don’t know about that but I do recall a world called America where no officer of the law nor anyone else ever concerned themselves with whether someone was carrying around $17,000 or 17 cents. It wasn’t even a matter of whether it was anyone’s business… NO ONE CARED. We had other things to focus on and we all did so. My point is we’ve been taught or driven to focus on certain things and to forget about the rest. The rest being compassion, love (which I’m sure we even understand anymore), truth and beauty. Those are our weapons against annihilation.
    I don’t mean to portray the 60’s or any other time as idyllic, rather to illustrate a stark change -like from day to night. PCR’s words seemed to inspire this for me. Many persons are too young to have experienced the world and our country any different than it is now. When PCR says the changes are more stark and un-looked-for than ever before, believe him.
    Also, Mr. Hunter, many a snarky commenter has raised the ire of many a hard-working host on these forums. By all means, tear up the “agentp” ‘s if you want to. I trust you won’t let them get to you though because they simply haven’t been taught any manners. Lack of respect is rampant in this narrowing world of ours. It’s part of the force we must overcome. It’s all part of taking responsibility for oneself when so many outside forces drive us to depend upon inescapable systems for everything. I would hope we could all be more patient with one another and we could appreciate mercy as well as stand up to tyranny. It’s a sticky wicket we must all navigate to preserve the best of humanity while forbidding the worst.

  88. Ken

    First , may I say how much I enjoy your website , it is refreshing to get views which are excluded from main-stream media.
    I am a Brit, well Scottish actually, I have worked in twelve countries and on two continents as a consultant to manufacturing businesses.
    Re PCR’s comments on police forces , I was working in Poland in the mid 90’s and the Russian Mafia were very active there, with many police in the pay of these people, to the extent that citizens were scared to report crimes against them in case they were killed by the aforesaid Mafia.
    It underlined for me that you can live with corrupt policians but when you cannot trust the police then this is truly, anarchy.
    I now live in Cyprus (Lab rat for European economic experiments) I have seen ordinary decent people’s life savings wiped out because they trusted banks and politicians.

    Best wishes


  89. Dennis

    Thanks for continuing to invite Dr. Roberts on USA Watchdog. There seems to be some confusion, both with some commentators and you, with respect to the intent of Dr. Roberts’ remarks about the “militarization of law enforcement” and the “police becoming much more aggressive”. The source of the problem is not the police officer per se. It’s the new paradigm of paramilitary weapons being used by law enforcement personnel and their concomitant indoctrination with a mindset, based on the volume of incidents being reported throughout the US, that the citizenry, prima facie, are enemy combatants in an undeclared war. As altruistic as some, even many, officers may be at the outset, the whole reason they qualify to be law enforcement personnel is that they have “the right stuff”, which means in part that they will follow orders. Yes, mistakes happen…but when children are being killed for playing “cops and robbers” with a plastic gun, when street people are being immediately tasered for not “assuming the position”, when infants are being harmed for life during a drug raid gone wrong, when docile civic-minded grandparents are being forced to the ground at gunpoint, etc. etc. there’s a problem with the SYSTEM. The people at the top, who have the power to effect change, are changing things for the worse and the results speak for themselves.

  90. Tracy Wolfe

    Please research to find out how much of AIIB the Rothschild’s own!

  91. victorkiriakus

    I think PCR is right that Police brutality and corruption is a growing problem in America. I suggest you have John Whitehead and William Norman Grigg on your show to discuss this topic. Thanks for your great work.

  92. Sovereign Economist

    Hi Greg,

    I’m a bit late to this post, I see… but regarding the surge in Police Violence, I invite you to take a look at this interactive tracker of police killings in the US since 2000…


    The militarization of the police is a deliberate program to prepare for civil unrest when it comes… and it requires training a new mindset into local police. The increase in violence is the inevitable result. It’s easy to lose sight of just how many people are being killed in encounters with police since, as PCR pointed out, the coverage is predominantly local and the US National Media has been given marching orders to de-emphasize close investigation of the phenomenon.

  93. Jon

    Re: Death to America
    Farsi speakers use “death to” the same as we use “damn”. It is common to hear one say “death to traffic” as we might say “damn those kids”.

    Translating literally is a time tested propaganda trick.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yeah, it’s harmless. Right.

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