Military Tribunals Beginning of Cabal Takedown – Mark Taylor

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Author of the popular book “The Trump Prophecies,” Mark Taylor says what is going on is all a setup for the coming military tribunals, which Taylor gave a prophecy for right after Donald Trump was elected in 2016. Taylor says the tribunals will be for “the evil people” of the failed coup of President Trump. Taylor also says, “If you notice, one of Hillary Clinton’s tweets is if Kavanaugh gets in, he’s going to gut Roe v. Wade. They are disguising it under Roe v. Wade. This has nothing to do with Roe v. Wade right now for the cabal or the Deep State. This has everything to do with military tribunals. They know it. They will be charged for treason, and some of them may be executed. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. . . . This is not just about America. People have to understand this is a global thing that God is exposing. God gave these prophecies to me back in 2011. He was talking about how he would expose the cabal, the Illuminati and the elites. God is going to take them down–period. He is cleaning out the corruption, and this is global. . . . This is a global network, and it is going to take time to take all of this down. God is going to handle it. He’s already spoken. How we get there step by step, I don’t know. I get questions like this all the time.”

Dr. Dave Janda revealed last week former President Obama recently requested and got a meeting with President Trump. Dr. Janda says, “The meeting did not go well for President Obama.” What could they have talked about?

Another prophecy Taylor has given said former President Obama “would be ripped and stripped of his Presidency.” Taylor explains, “In the one prophecy the Lord gave me in 2015, he said (Obama) would be ripped and stripped of the title of Presidency. How do you do that to a President? To my knowledge, he has to be charged with treason, then he would be ripped of the title of President. Did he ask for a meeting with President Trump? I don’t doubt it because I can tell you right now that this guy is going to go down.”

Taylor says indictments of criminals and traitors in the U.S. government is going to cause some upheaval and violence when the release of FBI and DOJ documents show they tried to frame President Trump for a crime he did not do. Taylor explains, “That is the start of it. That is the shot that starts the race right there, and people better be prepared. The civil unrest is going to take place initially. I don’t believe it will be from the people, but from the paid agitators from the DNC and George Soros. Eventually, it may lead into something larger once they start the mass arrests, but there are protection mechanisms in place. . . . The Deep State is kicking and screaming.”

In closing, Taylor says, “As a Christian, we don’t need to be walking in fear, we need to be walking in faith. Those that have gone before us are praying for what is happening now, and they don’t get to see it. We are the ones that get to see this and that this actually will come to pass. God is going to remove the corruption, and he is going to set the spiritually oppressed people of the earth free. We get to witness this. We get to be a part of this. So, when the arrests start to go down, Trump may declare martial law. . . . He may declare martial law and that is going to scare a lot of people. . . . Don’t allow this stuff to give you a fear based mindset. We need to be walking in faith. God has spoken. . . . There’s going to probably be a rough few months . . . so stock up on some food like you would do for a hurricane or a natural disaster. . . . Just be prepared. When we come out of this, the corruption will be removed.”

Join Greg Hunter as he talks to Mark Taylor, author of “The Trump Prophecies” that has been made into a feature length film coming out in early October.

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After the Interview:

You can get all of Taylor’s prophecies he says come from God the Father by clicking here. You can put in your Zip Code and find out where “The Trump Prophecies” movie is playing in your area and watch the trailer by clicking here.    For the The Trump Prophecies” book click here.

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  1. Frederick

    Trump should get the ball rolling by arresting Soros and Co and pack them off to Gitmo

    • JK

      In 6 months from now, if none of the arrests have been made and the deep state is still in charge, then we have been lied to again. It is time for real concrete action. Otherwise, we are being played.

      • rwmctrofholz

        6 months is the time line? How did you arrive at this?

    • Rodster

      Maybe he could add Gina to that list.

    • Jallen

      The Democrat party is morphing into the Americam Bolshevik Party.
      The motto of the Bolshsviks; Lie, Steal, Cheat Smear and Murder to name a few.

      You have been forewarned!!!

    • Tad

      I would’ve said the same, but Soros seems to be protected species.

      • paul ...

        Perhaps Sore ass thought that by bringing in boat loads of different species from Africa he could make Europe into one big zoo … thereby making it hard to find “his particular” sorry ass!! … now the new Italian government has put pressure on Panama to make Soros’ NGO boats carrying illegals to Europe “illegal” by revoking their shipping license!

    • al

      and don’t forget their gene-pool who will no doubt seek revenge in one form or another. Abolish the virus plaguing Mankind.

    • paul ...

      More probably Trump will simply use a drone to sanction him and all his “sore ass buddies” for being an immediate and dangerous threat to our Nation’s security that must be dealt with without delay!

      • paul ...

        And how much longer can the American people put up with the pretense and willful ignoring of factual proof by the Main Stream Media? … the MSM too … is an immediate and dangerous threat to our National Security (by conspiring with Deep State traitors to overthrow the our legitimate government elected by the American people) … so lets round up and arrest all these traitors also!!

    • Jodyp

      In this day and age, the ‘ball’ might have identity problems…possibly born with flat spots.

      • Mohammad


        I find that funny…


      • paul ...

        The Earth is a bit flat at the poles and bulges at the equator … you know what would be really funny … is if the Earth speed-ed up it’s rotation … and flatten-ed out into “a plate” … although it would put a smile on the “flat Earther’s” faces … the Annunaki will likely be frowning … as it will put Antarctica on the bottom of the plate … and all the ocean water will concentrate at the edge of the plate … making it exceedingly difficult for the Annunaki to get over to “our side” of the flat Earth (to exert control over their government stooges) … not only that … but they will likely also have their hands full “continuously holding on” to the bottom of the flat Earth (to prevent falling off) … and since the Sun is on our side of the flat Earth … it’s going to be Hell for them living in total darkness!

    • Sueshia

      By your comment one can clearly see you don’t know Soros. He is one of the most evil there is. Not everything is antisemitic like people like to make it, or shed tears over. Soros being Jew or not he deserves nothing less than to be put to death.

      • William Stanley

        Sueshia: I suspect TSI was being ironic.

    • William Stanley

      Yes, TSI, I miss him, too.

    • UnitedElephants1

      Everything President Trump does is precisely timed. A.G. Sessions will have Soros in GITMO along with about 50,000 other slithering vipers.

    • Dj

      It’s to late the culling of the useless eaters has begun and the destruction of world economy .if all of earth doesnt fight now they will all be dead soon.

  2. Stephen Miller

    Downer’s gonna need a good, fair dinkum, Yankee lawyer! Better to spill the beans Alex’x. Honesty here, is not just the best policy. But the only policy!
    Prep can’t just make this stuff up! It’s all just incredible. The Brits and members of our parliament? What was James Clapper up to, down unda? The latest from the greatest!

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thanks, I deeply appreciate what you’ve been doing.
    We have an enemy determined to destroy us by any and all means possible. There is absolutely no way out of this without a fight to the end. In reality, our options are very limited, and compromise isn’t one of them. That is very clarifying and, strangely, also very liberating. We will make mistakes along the way. Then we will fix them and move on. We will do what has to be done.

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Taylor.
    Calling on the UK’s GCHQ for information is depressing,reading this article by Hitchens is an eye opener.From way beyond the second WW communist infiltration of our establishment is complete,from the highest office to the control freaks at our local councils here in the UK communism is endemic.But its got a lovely polite face from here in Britain to the glories of the EU communism is endemic.Not one of us ,for get it!
    The Catholic Church is being destroyed from within by homosexual Communists planted there from the 1930s.
    So do you thinks that these commies do not exist and survive in the government halls of the USA as well?If so,no wonder Mr Trump has been so roughly attacked verbally and physically.

    • Chip

      The communists have infiltrated the US as well. They are in firm control of our entire education system, our main stream media, hollywood, and our banking system. And they have a sizeable number installed inside our administrative state… Chip

  5. Nick in UK

    If Assange doesn’t unexpectedly commit suicide within the next month, Wikileaks says it will bring down Hillary by October 21st.

  6. Norbert Reiser

    Hi Greg!
    My Question on you and Mark Taylor is, why Hilary Clinton has visit NZ for a couple of month ago? She has received a million US Dollar check from the NZ Government for her Clinton Foundation. Go on You Tube (isace green anti school hilary clinton new zealand), then her visit was on the NZ news too. Or why Mr. Comey (former FBI Director) has visit MR. DOTCOM here in NZ? FIVE EYES ?
    Continue your good work and all your good guests on your US Watchdog.
    See you

  7. Joanne

    Please spell the name of the response teams discussed in the interview. Thank-you

  8. David

    It is unlikely that we’ll see military tribunals for U.S. citizens committing treason, sedition, or subversive activities. U.S. Code, Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 115 applies in such cases. Military tribunals have only been convened for non-U.S. citizens during a time of war, except in rare instances (e.g., assassination of President Lincoln, Dakota War in 1862).

    The issue of military tribunals raised by Senator Graham during the Kavanaugh hearing specifically referred to a U.S. citizen collaborating with an enemy of the U.S. during armed conflict. Specifically, the Hamdi case involved a Saudi citizen, who was a U.S. citizen by birth, detained as an enemy combatant for his activities with the Taliban, and held in a U.S. military facility. Still, there is considerable debate whether a U.S. citizen can be tried by a military tribunal under any circumstance, including under the law of war.

    Ex Parte Milligan, a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 1866, states that military tribunals for U.S. civilians/citizens, when civilian courts are still functioning, is unconstitutional.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not true David according to Lindsey Graham’s questioning of Kavanaugh at his hearing. Go to the 2:34 mark on this YouTube video to hear for yourself:


      • David

        I believe Senator Graham is referring to the “law of war” or “armed conflict”, whereby a U.S. citizen is an enemy combatant (e.g., fighting with the Taliban or ISIS against the United States). In these cases, it is possible for an American to be detained and/or tried in the military system or by a military tribunal. Hamdi vs. Rumsfeld is case in point.

        Military tribunals have primarily been used for “non-citizens” of the U.S., although there have been exceptions as I noted.

        If there was a total collapse of the U.S. government, including criminal courts, then military tribunals will likely take place. Maybe this is what Mr. Taylor is referring to given the state of affairs in this country.

        • Greg Hunter

          Graham brought up Nazi collaborators that were executed. It is case law that Kavanaugh confirmed with name of the case. Please listen closely.

  9. Rob

    I think Mark Taylor had better start reading his bible a little closer! Jesus absolutely did submit to this command:

    Romans 13:1-2 Let every soul be in subjection to the higher powers: for there is no power but of God; and the powers that be are ordained of God. (2) Therefore he that resisteth the power, withstandeth the ordinance of God: and they that withstand shall receive to themselves judgment.

    Jesus did not resist the civil authority of the Roman army that ruled Israel under Pilate and was executed because the religious leaders prevailed over the civil authority:

    John 19:10-11 Pilate therefore saith unto him, Speakest thou not unto me? knowest thou not that I have power to release thee, and have power to crucify thee? (11) Jesus answered him, Thou wouldest have no power against me, except it were given thee from above: therefore he that delivered me unto thee hath greater sin.

    America is following in it’s mother’s footsteps:

    Just remember the churches are full of hirelings who will sell out Jesus’ true followers:

    John 10:12-13 He that is a hireling, and not a shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, beholdeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth, and the wolf snatcheth them, and scattereth them: (13) he fleeth because he is a hireling, and careth not for the sheep.

    John 16:1-3 These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be caused to stumble. (2) They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the hour cometh, that whosoever killeth you shall think that he offereth service unto God. (3) And these things will they do, because they have not known the Father, nor me.

    There are many Judas Iscariots in the church today:

    • Greg Hunter

      The romans did not gain power under a coup and covert actions as Obama and Clinton were trying to pulled off. Rome was the legitimate power. Big difference.

      • Rob

        Please forgive me for disagreeing but the Roman empire was very unstable as it grew in size as “positions of authority in Rome had a high turnover rate due to assassinations, promotions, demotions, and transfers of power” while they were occupiers of Israel:

        What happened to the physical Jews was a type and shadow of what is happening and about to happen to the church:

        1 Corinthians 10:11-12 Now these things happened unto them by way of example; and they were written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the ages are come. (12) Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.

        • Greg Hunter

          Please forgive me Rob but the Roman empire was more than 1,000 years from beginning to end. Sounds pretty stable to me. At the time of Christ and after Acts the Roman Empire lasted for another 400 years or so. It was not in the process of being completely taken over from the inside–period. That was the case for America between Obama and the failed presidential attempt for Hillary. nHad they succeeded America would have been a government based on deception, corruption (as in corruption of the Constitution) and fraud. “Romans” (in the Bible) would NOT have applied as it was totally different circumstances.–end of discussion.

          • JungianINTP

            Speaking of beginnings and endings, Greg, this scribbler has been saying this, re the spending of multi-trillions of dollars (( been repeating it to my wife, Susan, from the late 1990s forward )): “They are spending as if there’s no tomorrow!” // What event had prompted that thought? The Washington Times reported, in a News-in-Brief column – in one short paragraph – that a team of DoD and Pentagon officers had travelled to a Four-Corners Hopi villiage, and had consulted with elders there, about Hopi prophacies detailing our civilization’s ending (( over-spending for those underground cities? )). -Rick // P. S. Believing in the power of INTENTION in sincere prayerfulness (( the most basic form of self-hypnosis is prayer, which power can move mountains )), the coming Earth changes may be greatly mitigated: // And study Edgar Cayce’s warnings–and his advice on prayer.

      • Lesha Roberts`

        I am so sorry you have to deal with these idots that ought to listen and learn rather than talk.

      • Evelyn

        We must obey God rather than men:

        27 The apostles were brought in and made to appear before the Sanhedrin to be questioned by the high priest. 28 “We gave you strict orders not to teach in this name,” he said. “Yet you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching and are determined to make us guilty of this man’s blood.”

        29 Peter and the other apostles replied: “We must obey God rather than human beings! 30 The God of our ancestors raised Jesus from the dead—whom you killed by hanging him on a cross. 31 God exalted him to his own right hand as Prince and Savior that he might bring Israel to repentance and forgive their sins. 32 We are witnesses of these things, and so is the Holy Spirit, whom God has given to those who obey him.”

    • Eric

      Well Rob you missed something in your zealousness. It is these very powers (deep state) that are RESISTING a duly elected President. We are SUPPORTING our leaders (Trump) as Jesus commanded.
      How about this scripture…….. always learning and never coming to an understanding of the truth.
      I would also caution all to NOT condemn God’s prophets as judgement will sure come your way. I also did not agree with much of Mark’s words. But I was instructed (by the Spirit) to not judge him.

    • Roger D

      Re: hirelings. Christians, did your pastor preach against the murder of 1,631 babies since the previous Sunday? Or against the US military which has murdered, maimed, orphaned or displaced millions of innocent people in 27 years of perpetual wars against sovereign foreign nations? If not your pastor is a true hireling. And you who are sitting on your thumbs every Sunday are complicit by your silent.

      How did Christians become so blood-thirsty?

  10. Russ

    Thanks Greg, Mark Taylor is always interesting. I watched as Sen. Lindsey Graham questioned Brett Kavanaugh regarding military tribunals — an interesting line of questioning.

    As for how the “He said, She said” will go Thursday…
    “Blasey Ford’s Female Classmate, Her Last Named Witness, Doesn’t Recall Ever Attending Party With Kavanaugh”

    None of Blasey Ford’s named witnesses corroborate her story, she’s on her own. I don’t know what memories reside in her mind, but her friends do not share them.

    Rip the band-aid off.

    • al

      I want to see this lady ripped to shreds. Trump is brilliant! He seems truly concerned about the matter knowing that this is all contrived BS from the globalists. Let her squirm and cry and carry on. I want to see the globalists ripped to shreds through this moronic globalist shill called Dr. Ford.
      Another nail in the coffin. So many nails, not enough wood. It’s over.

  11. Roger D

    It doesn’t matter if we believe Mark Taylor and God are BFF. Taylor’s prediction of treason convictions are hogwash. To do so in the absence of declared war is simply unconstitutional (Article III Section 3).

    Of course so-called conservatives who are silent to Trump’s perpetual unconstitutional wars should not be concerned with unconstitutional murders of American citizens. Oh wait, that was legalized by the Republican’s NDAA. Ouch!

    Toto, we are not in America anymore.

  12. Taddie

    you have the best guests Greg – love Mark Taylor – helps to combat the fear of future events – this is all theatre – we have to have faith that God will take care of these treasonous individuals – get the popcorn!! Off with their heads!!

  13. al

    OMG, lots of data, worth a listen!
    Mark is a good man but God speaks to all of us in one form or another if we allow ourselves to listen. The signs are there for all to see.

    Everything Mark says can be pieced together by listening to other commentators from Lindsay Williams to Alex Jones, Dave Janda, Jim Willie, Rob Kirby, John WIlliams and even reading the Rothschild’s Economist magazine which predicted a change in currency in 2018, back in 1983…

    The people I mention all contribute a piece of the puzzle and should be listened to for clues. Taylor is astute enough to put it all together in logical progression. He calls this prophecy, I call it a brilliant compilation of matters using critical thinking. I liked the fact that he mentioned “gut feel” because that’s what it’s all really about. To call it prophetic is degrading his intelligence (in my opinion).

    Back in 1999, a very astute person named “John Titor” called himself a time traveler from the future. He made claims that sounded absolutely preposterous back then when the Twin Towers were still standing, yet now what he claimed is common knowledge. Was he really a time traveler, a prophet, or was he a genius like Mark, able to visualize several steps forward? I say the latter.

    I like hearing what he has to say because it is very encouraging to us degenerate useless eaters (as the Elite laughingly like to call us).
    Personally, I would like to see their gene-pool eradicated as opposed to jailed where the enemy media can get them on the air crying and BSssing about their plight to the weak minded who still watch CNN.

    As for the treasonous Pastors, if you doubt what Mark is saying just read history. Look where the Catholic Church was during the Nazi Regime and past dictatorships. It’s easy to sift these weasels out, if your “pastor” pushed Hitlery or Bernie or socialism behind the pulpit, there’s your culprit. Take it from there.

    Mass intention works, call it prayer or what you wish, I’m part of it daily. I pray/intend for the President’s safety and this Country to gain the rule of law once more.

    God bless you Greg, Mark and most of all our good President, Donald J Trump.

    PS: For those who watch this with disdain and want the President impeached or worse, HEED THIS WARNING.. Trump is a movement, there will be another and he won’t be so nice to you. Be glad you have a Christian in the White House and not a true tyrant for righteousness.

  14. James Hastings - Cherokee Center of the World

    I will be impressed by Mr. Taylor’s prophesies, when specifics come true…..

    When two “are taken”……this year.
    When Obama is “ripped and stripped”.
    When Hillary is arrested.

    “If a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD but the thing does not take place or prove true, it is a word that the LORD has not spoken” Deuteronomy 18:22

    Christians, will be persecuted….it is written.
    “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the ELECT those days WILL be shortened”. Matt 24:22……This has not been fulfilled….yet.

    I look forward to these prophesies coming true.

  15. Robbie 41

    Very good report Greg, thanks for the interview today with Mark.. Here is some one who you have not had on for a few years, is ( Ellen Brown ). Maybe she would like to give all of us a sneak peak on what she may know what’s coming.?!

  16. Robert Peter Bailey

    Hi Greg and Mark,

    I having been saying now for 38 years that The United States as a Modern day nation, will jail and expose these Lucifers followers in the deap state that is being exposed with Presidents Trumps office, I fully agree with Brother Mark Taylor’s book The Trump Prophecies !
    In Revelation 13:11-18; Is the USA in Bible Prophecy, which will go back fully to its Christian roots, and this Christian revival and reformation, possibly through these present day events with President Trumps, decentralisation of global power and corruption!
    God bless President Trump.

  17. Doug C.

    Great interview as always.
    When will the movie be released in Canada and around the world. We have A LOT of people in CANADA that need to see this movie. Brain Washed, just like in your country by the MSM.
    Thanks again Greg for reporting on this stuff.
    Doug C.

  18. Hoosier river rat

    Frederick: I agree , but there can be issued a letter of mark which authorizes his assassination . If there ever was an individual who needed to be strangled in his cradle it’s George sores.

    Greg: the only thing wrong with the interview was that it was to short. Mark Taylor is so darn interesting. We need to heed marks advice to never cease praying because our faith is being tested. Good one Greg.

    • paul ...

      George in the cradle was no normal baby … he was a born “bull-scheisse” artist … always producing it , playing with it and molding it … and as he grew older … he was able to throw the scheisse a lot farther then his crib to make the people he didn’t like (like Trump) smell … his parents named him well … “sore ass”!!

  19. iwitness02

    Interviews with Mark always helps me to reset to a more positive attitude. I want him to be right. I would love to see the Fed Reserve Bank and their fake money close their doors forever. I am so tired of being ripped off by these banking criminals. Tired of being ripped off by criminal politicians, tired of our fraudulent justice system, tired of our public school indoctrination centers, tired of unfair taxes and unfair regulations, tired of having my rights stripped away, one by one. Tired of the LSM and their constant lies and propaganda. I get weighted down by all these concerns. Then Mark reminds me that there really is good reason to hope for a better world. My thanks to you both, Greg and Mark.
    Often times I dwell on Satan’s’ power and influence more than our Creators power and influence. That’s a bad habit. We need to be focused on our Heavenly Fathers four main character attributes: Wisdom Justice, Love and Power and put our trust there, and in His Son, our Lord Jesus. He is the one who will bring Gods Kingdom to the earth. That is the reset I want the most. Hand in hand with the Kingdom is eternal life.

  20. Rick Hester

    Another great broadcast.
    Let’s all fasten our seatbelts and stand firm in our faith.
    God Bless you both.
    Romans 10:9-10 9 If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is LORD,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.

  21. Justn Observer

    Of course we expect equal consideration of ALL religious views from ‘social’ media – Right?

  22. Bernie

    I’ve seen no evidence, no public statements, and no indication whatsoever that thousands of deep state criminals, bankers, or pedophiles will be arrested and tried. Catherine Fitts calls this stuff “hope porn” and she’s right. Government aggression is more likely to be directed at war protestors and those in the streets demanding a tiny slice of the pie.

    • Greg Hunter

      Stop watching CNN and MSNBC.

      • Bernie

        That was very good Greg and even I laughed. I’m quite sincere. We’re in a financial war of some kind and it remains to be seen which heads will roll.

      • Robert

        Greg, if tribunals do happen, the left will go absolutely nuts in their belief that Trump is the new Hitler. The left will riot. The right will too. Not a good scenario although I do think the crimes of the top players in the 3 alphabet agencies are guilty of a failed coup. Michael Moore has supposedly left the last 20 minutes of hus 11/9 movie to compare Trump to Hitler. Moore is telling his viewers we who support draining the swamp, are Nazis. I cant tell you how offensive that is. Where are we headed? I don’t think our country can ever be united again. Too many identify now by their ethnicity and sexuality, not by any unity around a common respect and support for our nation.

        • Frederick

          If the left need to riot so be it This needs to get done regardless of the consequences unfortunately

  23. FC

    God created Earth in 6 days and on the 7th he rested.
    Its been 7 years now since God spoke to Mark and nothing has really happened.
    Has God’s prophecies fallen victim to our bureaucracy or are we dealing with a fast talking salesman?

    • Darrell Dullnig

      No doubt about it; the latter.

  24. Stephen Miller

    IDF Claims It’s Given Russia All Data Exonerating It in the Il-20 Incident
    18:03 (09.23.2018)
    Russian Il-20 Military Plane Shot Down Over Syria

    • paul ...

      Well … well … well … there you have it … just as I have been warning to no avail … Bibi is not doing any favors for Israel’s security … Israel is now to pay a huge price for last week’s attack on Syria (which led to the accidental “friendly fire downing” of a Russian reconnaissance plane with 15 electromagnetic warfare personnel on board) … as Russia now takes retaliatory action and begins to shut the door on Israel striking targets in Syria with impunity … Putin’s Defense Ministry has just announced plans to deliver advanced S-300 air defense system’s to Damascus within two weeks (Bibi is lucky Putin didn’t give Syria and their Iranian, Hezbollah, etc. allies S400’s or S500’s but is likely keeping that move in his back pocket) … Israel needs to “negotiate” with Russia to control their enemies … “not start a shooting war” like Bibi is doing with Putin!!

  25. Country Codger

    Great interview both of you. YHVH does change His mind if, the sinner changes their heart: 2Kings 20:1-6. ((And, if you read on He gave Hezekiah one heck of a confirmation to prove He changed His mind.))
    Lo Iyrah!

  26. T. Agyle

    Woman denies attending party where alleged Kavanaugh assault occurred
    By BURGESS EVERETT Updated 09/23/2018 08:33 AM EDT

  27. STEVE

    I can’t wait for the tribunals!
    I can’t wait!
    Americans and the Lord deserve to see evil judged in the public sector. Again, I can’t wait! I suffered daily through the previous evil, corrupt, devious administration. I literally begged the Lord for disclosure and justice.
    I pray for that every morning as part of the Presidential Prayer Watch!
    Bring it on Lord, bring it on!!!

    • Frederick

      I can’t wait either I’d like to see George W. Bush,Cheney , and Silverstein tried and convicted along with all the other usual suspects which includes Giuliani,by the way

  28. raymond jones

    im getting nothing no word about this which is weird ill pray about it as all of should

  29. NWNH

    Greg, let me say again, love the site, enjoy coming here. Hope you approve my comment this time. Well, once again, I must state, so far it’s still all just talk. There has yet to be even one high-profile traitor in the FBI, DOJ, Obama Admin to be indicted and arrested. And even when Trump does follow through on a promise, he backs off at the least little pressure (re: FISA DECLASS). Even the Republican leaders in Congress are showing us, once again, they are gutless cowards; who cower, surrender, and submit to any and every sick, illegal, and unreasonable demand put forth by the evil, traitorous Democrats’ . Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley recently stated “I feel like I’m playing 2nd trombone in the judiciary orchestra and Schumer is the conductor”. Grassley (the one who is supposed to be in charge) has no one to blame for this but Himself! And these are the people who are somehow, in the near future, going to magically become “Heroes” of the Republic, and stand up to these criminals and traitors, and arrest, prosecute, and punish them? Makes a good fairy-tale though. BTW: I have been hoping, praying, and working (for 40+ years) to see the day when our Republic is returned to “We the People”; the Evil Cabal that has had total control over everything for the past 100+ years is taken down; and all those associated with it (who have broken the Laws of the United States) are arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced appropriately. Thanks for Listening! NWNH

    • Greg Hunter

      OK, we get it. Stop posting the same comment. You don’t think it’s going to happen. You are Wrong so let’s give it a few weeks here unless treason is the new ‘I did nothing wrong.’

      • Lesha Roberts`

        Honestly, if more people would follow Qanon, they would understand everything you and Mark, and Dr. Janda for that matter talk about. It’s been laid out for months. It is very peaceful knowing it is all coming to pass, even though it is not visible. FAITH!

  30. Southern Girl

    Thanks for having Mark Taylor on. I pray everyday for Trump and his family to be guided by the Holy Spirit and protected by St. Michael as a messenger of God. I will watch this in my life time and never thought it possible. My church prays for him also because I list him in our book of intentions every Sunday.

  31. SusanD

    As always, thank you so much! Between Dave Janda, Mark and YOU, I am so READY!!! Love your Sunday videos!!!

  32. EJ

    Mark, I certainly hope you are right about all of this, but I will believe your take on things when I actually see people going to jail for their treason and sedition. Either way, though, there is going to be great civil unrest as the dark side, the deep state, the swamp dwellers, whatever you want to call them, will do everything in its arsenal to see POTUS taken down along with our constitutional government.

  33. eddiemd

    Kavanaugh. Should be confirmed by Friday close of business or hold a vote over the weekend.

    Seth Rich. Was Feinstein, Schumer, Wasserman, Blumenthal, and Clinton involved in the hit? Donna Brazil where are you at? Podesta brothers? Comey?

    Unmasking. Susan Rice, Brennan, Samantha Power, Clapper, Obama, Lynch.

    More criminals. Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, Huma, Donilon, Harry Reid…the list is endless. And it includes RINOs.

  34. Da Yooper

    Greg …….great interview

    If my pastor has a government “manual ”

    what are the odds my (your) personal physician has a similar ” manual ” ?

    • Frederick

      Indeed A VERY few honorable exceptions My childhood next door neighbor is such a MD Hates insurance companies with a passion and treated my son, wife and myself even though he’s a pediatrician Briiliant man but he’s getting old Very old A true dying breed Could diagnose anything without a CAT scan etc

  35. Lake M


    Mr. Taylor gives a false impression of global oil production by stating that the US is the largest oil producer in the world. Last time I checked, it wasn’t.

    Currently, Russia is the largest producer of oil, followed by Saudi Arabia at number two and the US at number three.

    The US still imports 50% of its oil. US refineries are designed for heavy crude, not the lighter variety from the fracking wells, making it difficult for the fracking crude to be turned into consumer products.

    Fracking is not financially viable at $75 barrel. Fracking production for the past 7 years has been underwritten by the FED largess and Wall Street financing. This mostly junk debt is large and looming over the industry. Oil needs to be $100 or more for a positive turn around. If rates rise and credit falters, deep trouble will arise in the oil patch.

    The Chinese, which were buyers of US oil through midyear, may have cut purchases to near zero in Sept. The Chinese did the same with soy beans. The trade conflict only hastens the moves to end the petrodollar dominance. The Chinese have begun to purchase oil with RMB instead of dollars. Pipelines are being laid to transport Russian oil to China.
    No dollar currency needed. No US oil needed. Oil traded for gold notes or the purchase of Chinese made goods with RMB. Welcome to the Silk Road.

    Of course, WWIII could change all this. As could many other things.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is out recently from Fortune Magazine:

    • Chip

      The US is set to become the largest “producer” this year at about 10.7 million barrels per day. HOWEVER, as we “consume” roughly 20 million barrels per day we will have to continue our significant level of imports which currently come from over 80 different countries.

      Even though we import significant quantities (over 10 million barrels per day) there are companies that are exporting oil on the open market. Latest figures I’ve seen for US “exports” are around 3 million barrels per day. Keep in mind that Saudi Arabia exports about 7.5 million barrels per day… Chip

    • Chip

      Renewable energy is a farce. Were it not for government subsidies no one would be doing it. A solar farm for example still requires that a power plant be online to provide power when the sun isn’t shinning. The result is that we now have twice the infrastructure to maintain than if we just had the power plant running full time alone.

      Renewable is good for remote locations and smaller applications. I have a solar system on my shed and can store enough power to run small power tools. There is no way to store large amounts of energy from a solar farm. It has to be put on the grid and used or lost…. Chip

      • Frederick

        It’s not a farce for me here in Turkey We get 95% of our hot water from a 500 Dollar solar setup with a storage tank on our roof It’s fantastic and saves us more than the installation cost annually

        • Tin foil hat

          The energy lost in transmission and storage cost make the renewable energy a farce. Renewable is more suitable for “use it or lose it” kind of localized energy rather than replacing the average big centralized power plants.

          The water shortage problem in CA could be alleviated by simply subsidizing residentual cistern water system. The bogus “Climate Change” cannot be solved by renewable energy.

  36. James Morales

    If his “prophesies” do not come true please do not have him on again I am somewhat opposed to his comments saying the “Lord told me” if they do not come true he is a false prophet.

  37. oneno

    Only after the election did they realize that their voter base who they thought they were going to encourage to vote who they thought would all go out and vote for HRC, the majority of them voted for Trump. And I can tell you why that is. And these are primarily Mexicans. The reason they voted for Trump was they came into the united States the difficult way, the legal way. They got their citizenship, they got here, and they know what Mexico is like. The crime, the theft, that you can’t walk down the street with your purse without being robbed and they are now in the united States and they see President Trump as somebody to block out what they left. What they didn’t want, what they got away from with true great effort. And they are not interested in seeing people come into this country willy-nilly, with no papers, no medical records, etc. And they (the DNC) did not realize this. The point is they tried to use AI of voting populations to try and swing the vote towards their candidate HRC.

    … see this podcast at the 36:05 mark

  38. Wry One

    I’m glad you still show up on Youtube. It gives me the chance to download the videos to watch/listen later when I’m offline.
    I would like to contribute. Please post a mailing address. I don’t do credit/debit cards online. I could drop something in the mail.

  39. Paul Atriedes

    I believe he is correct, although it won’t be soon. The Antichrist must reveal himself as Christ before this can happen. Along with a few other things that herald the return of Christ, other than that happening, yes we will have a prolonged period of peace where everyone believes the lie that things are going to be ok now. But it is a lie!
    However, in the end, Christ returns sets up his kingdom here ON earth and we continue on without all the evil that is currently consuming us all.
    Amen and may God bless and keep you safe Greg.

  40. Susan

    “In the one prophecy the Lord gave me in 2015, he said (Obama) would be ripped and stripped of the title of Presidency. How do you do that to a President?”

    You do that by showing that he could never legitimately hold the office because he is not a natural born citizen, as required under the Constitution.

  41. WD


    Do think McCain was tried and put to death?

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s what Janda says and I believe him.

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter,
        At his memorial service, McCain’s daughter evinced so much anger and hate toward President Trump that it cries out for explanation. My gut tells me that Janda is right.

        • Frederick

          William I’ve read that MCCain got the Erwin Rommel ultimatum Who knows what the truth is but if anyone deserved it Johnny Wetstart sure did

          • William Stanley

            Frederick: When you attack the king, you must kill him. Both Rommel and McCain failed. (BTW: It pains me to compare Rommel in any way with McCain).

      • WD


        As you may have read before about my sister being an oncology nurse for 17 years she could care less about politics one way or the other…
        She said this about McCain’s condition “…must have been a mis-diagnosis because I have has never seen a patient with glioblastoma look that good for as long as McCain had it. Nor would someone die the within 24 hours after stopping treatment”

        So I agree with you…

    • Prophet

      If mccain was secretely tried, found guilty and then put to death ….We have much bigger issues than the deep state…How this could have ever happened and not be leaked to the media is beyond comprehension….

  42. Joe LaMaster

    I would like to see some proof that Mr. Taylor is actually receiving advance information of what’s occurring? I was raised to trust, but verify claims made and have not seen any proof thus far. Where is the validation of these claims? so that I can be sure it’s not false testament.

    • Greg Hunter

      Taylor predicted trump would be elected and that there would be military tribunals the day after Trump won. That’s a good start.

      • Joe

        True Enough Greg! But, it’s a 50/50 coin toss. I too voiced to my family members that Mr. Trump would defeat the dishonorable HRC. I just hope this information put forth is accurate ? Time will tell! and I especially hope that Mark is the real article, if not , as the saying goes there will likely be hell to pay! Thanks

  43. flattop

    GREG: Rosenstein
    In regards to his wearing a wire, and discussions on how to get the 25th amendment in motion. Rosenstein says he was only joking. Hey Mr Rosenstein, we really believe you. NOT

  44. Andrew Sonne Ermocida

    People should know that the corrupter’s are serving God’s purpose. They ‘believe they are the head of the snake. The snake is a tool until the work is accomplished. Obama, Hillary, the left, Soros, the global Cabal. They believe the great lie. They bought Satan’s scam. And are themselves being scammed. Satan is the greatest scammer in the history of scammers!
    Only the love of the truth can see it;

  45. Walter Baumgarten

    Some of us who Believe, are aware that God speaks to all of us who believe. Not all of us hear Him, it is sometimes difficult to interpret what He is telling us, but for many of us, Yes, we know that the Lord God communicates with His people. When someone like Mark comes along and so boldly declares that God told him this and showed him that, we are prudent to be at least a little bit skeptical, however, who can say for sure? What makes me question what he says is that it really sounds way too good to be true, at least if the state of decay of America is a bad as I believe it to be. But then, what do I know, why can’t we have a turning back? I would not take a side against this man for what he says can certainly be true. In fact all that he predicts can easily fit into the scenario of Armageddon, for as wars and the threat of the Greatest War of All Time continues to loom in the Middle East, well is that not the time when Our Heavenly Father steps in and puts an end to it all? What form would that take here in America? I guess there is only one way to find out, but I would think it wiser to side with Mark than to stand against him, and so I do.

    • Jodyp

      Another good reason for HRC losing. Strange, it wasn’t in her book.

      • Jodyp

        Sorry. Was supposed to be response to ‘ oneno ‘.

    • Jodyp

      Good post Walter. This is also how I feel. How can anyone put full faith in a human they hardly know?

  46. jon

    Hi Greg, In your opinion, if a foreign power conspired to aid a coup against President Trump. Is this an act of war?

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not an expert, but yes, it could be.

    • Walter Baumgarten

      Thank you Jodyp and while I cannot put my faith in Mark right now, I will place my hope that all he says is true, for it may be. Is it not sad to say that it sounds too good to be true? Have we really been fed so many lies and deceptions by those sworn to lead us that we would feel this way when hearing this? After watching this country decay so badly for the sixty-four years I have been here to see it, a Great Turning back would be a grand reward for keeping faith and I would welcome it. I pray Mark is right.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      I will look forward to the wily PM Theresa May using “The Devil Made Me Do It” defense! Perhaps Flip Wilson really was one of England’s top barristers before he ever tried his hand at American comedy. SOD

  47. Jerry

    What is there left to understand? We are at war with the deep state that have their hooks in our government. Check out this letter sent by their errand boys to the DOJ.

    Military tribunals are not only coming, they’re needed. Needed to clear our government from the deep state scum that not only thinks they’re entitled to power, but think they’re above the law, and above a duly elected president.

  48. Mohammad


    Follow up on what could be the most dangerous point in human’s fate in the foreseeing future.
    It is in Arabic but I will try to translate the most pivoting points:إسرائيل-ترفض-التحقيق-الروسي-بشأن-إسقاط-الطائرة-بسوريا

    1- Israel refuses the Russian’s explanation of the downing of the plane killing 17 top Russian military personnel on board.
    2- Russia maintains that the Israeli fighter jet used the plane a s a shield.
    3- The defense ministry in Russia indicates that the Israelis notified them with the operation: a- within a very short period of time which does not allow Russians to pull the plane away, b- Israelis told them the operation was to take place in the northern part of the Syria while it was really in the west right where the reconnoissance plane was.
    4- Putin is limited likely to 3 scenarios:
    a- to not retaliate….Unlikely.
    b- to lock all Syrian space like he did to the eastern Mediterranean space.
    c- to pull out of the coordination deal with Israel over flights in Syria.
    b,c, are Israel’s nightmare scenario….(my opinion).


    • Mohammad


      Russia is do option b
      They will supply S300 to Syrian army to lock the whole Syrian space.
      Also Russia will jam the communications for any hostile jet fighters.
      I think option c is practically included.
      Worst nightmare to Israel is materializing.


  49. Greg Hunter

    He has mentioned the Bush family and cited 41 1nd 43 as corrupt.

  50. Prophet

    First off one has to realize why god gave us free will, This was granted so at some point man would realize after failing again and again. we would come to see we cannot govern ourselves ,man cannot rule man , no Empire or government has stood the test of time…The only perfect Governing body is the one God himself will Ordain….Ask yourself why would God be interested in fixing our worldly government? I do believe when our founding fathers concepted this country we had Gods blessing, but look at us now Are we one nation under God anymore? Think about it , between abortion gay marriage , removing the 10 commandments from public buildings we have lost are way…If one is to believe God is going to remove the corruption from our government, one would also have to believe God us going to bring us back to morality , thus throwing our free will out the window…Yes the bible speaks of corruption being revealed, and its happening but its not a sign he is going to Fix things , its a sign he is returning to judge and time is short…Find a good church and get connected, if your scared there spying on you then, Read the word daily Joshua 1:8

    • Greg Hunter

      Our nation was blessed by God the Father at the founding. The US is the most Christian country on the planet and is responsible for spreading the Word of God (Bible) more than any other on Earth. The Glass is half me but to you it is half empty.

      • Frederick

        Greg How can our country be blessed by god when we allow things like 911 to go unpunishing I would like to agree with you but with that monstrosity of an injustice hanging over us like a dark cloud it’s pretty darn difficult to imagine

    • Bill

      There was a day in the 1600s when some people knelt down on the beach and prayed, dedicating this country to God. All went pretty good until we decided we didn’t need him to help us run our lives, schools and government. All will not go well until we return to those biblical principals that once controlled our lives

      • Prophet

        My point exactly Bill, as i stated our founding fathers were blessed by God when they concepted this country, I think God was pleased with America..Its very clear Our nation has turned away from God as well as a majority of its people….Things are going to get much much worse, today is better than tomorrow will be as far as our worldly system….Greg was right my glass isnt close to being half full anymore when it comes to this world…..But its overflowing thru Christ

  51. Mike R

    If Obama was stripped of his Title, and imprisoned for all the corruption he has wrought on America, that would make me the happiest person on earth for the rest of my life. I would finally feel that there is true justice in this country. Next would be the same for HRC, in terms of prison stripes. The rest going to prison, would all just be icing on the cake. (i.e. Comey, Strock, McCabe, Podesta, Rosenstein, Mueller, and so on). Soros would be another one, but he is too old, and likely to die soon before they’d ever be able to lock him up. If martial law for a short period, or tolerating some civil disobedience for awhile is the short term price we have to pay, it would be worth every cent.

    • paul ...

      If Obama is stripped of his Title … the Demon-rats would go nuts … but isn’t that exactly what Obama did to our Founding Fathers? … he took down their statues from public places all around the Nation and degraded their worth and integrity by calling them “terrorist radicals” … amazing isn’t it … that what went around under the Demon-rats … now comes around (to rightly bite “them” on the ass)!

  52. Arthur Barnes

    eddiemd, so true, the list is endless, including many RINO’s and just to add to your astute comment add NBC, ABC, CNN, & CBS fake news anchors such as old Lester the soft ball pitcher Holt and his cohort D. Brazil, remember the debate between Trump & crooked Hillary? These agencies and their spoiled anchors are the soft coup co-conspirators, they need some jail time too! Hey Lester Holt, better answer your phone as C-Block is calling!

  53. wondrouscat

    Mike Adams on has done a superlative job in laying out Trump’s 4D chess moves to out maneuver the deep state: Really worth listening to as he explains we have been in a state of war since Bush declared it four days after 9/11, and now on top of that we are in a national state of emergency (exec. order 12/20/’17) so that the executive branch is in full control.

    • paul ...

      By the House and Senate forgoing their Constitutional power and concentrating power in the President … they have signed their own death warrant … for once a President has all the power (essentially becoming a dictator) … their is no need for a House or Senate!!

  54. wondrouscat

    If my link doesn’t bring it up just go to and look under Latest Stories and then EMERGENCY REPORT. Stories and pages change/disappear rapidly on that site, don’t know what’s up with that.

  55. Jennifer Ohman

    Hi Greg,
    I would like to add to your point…that most people do not know that there are 2 currencies… coins, like the quarter dollar, that are minted by the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Notes, ie, the fiat currencies created by the Federal Reserve and the banking system.
    What most people do not realize is that INCLUDED in this “coin currency”,… the copper penny once worth about a penny, a nickel, sized to be worth about 5 cents, silver dimes and quarters sized to be worth their valve, are all the Eagles.. $1 Dollar Silver Eagles, from fractions of an ounce to the 1ounce $50 Dollar Gold Eagle. These are ALL minted by the U. S. Treasury and they are ALL Constitutional money, as per Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.
    There are some very well known pundits that have said that sometimes gold is a commodity and sometimes it is money. WRONG!!! IT IS ALWAYS MONEY WHEN IT IS MINTED BY THE TREASURY! Just as copper or nickel are always commodities, when every they are minted by the Treasury THEY ARE MONEY!
    This, by the way, is the reason that we are not taxed when we Americans buy and sell Eagles. Because the government does not tax the exchange of money. If you exchange 4 quarters for a $1 bill or 20 $1 bills for a $20 bill, you are not taxed. Or if you exchange U.S. dollars for Canadian dollars and vice versa, you are not taxed.
    Technically, that is, legally, when someone exchanges 1200 paper dollars for a face value $50 one ounce gold eagle ( it used to be $20, but the official price for one ounce of gold is now pegged at $42.22 since 1973) they are not BUYING IT, they are doing a currency exchange, just as when one “buys” yen or pesos or euros. They are technically not “buying” them, but exchanging one currency for another, and not taxed.
    This is why individuals who want to own physical gold should exchange their paper dollars for Eagles. Maple Leafs and Kruggerands, for example, although gold, are not minted by the U.S. Treasury and therefore not U.S.A. money, and could be viewed as commodity gold and could potentially be taxed.
    Please feel free to share this with the pundits.
    Kind Regards,

    • Jennifer Ohman

      Incidentally, the reason why people don’t transact or exchange FACE VALUE ONE DOLLAR SILVER COINS (i.e. Eagles) or FACE VALUE FIFTY DOLLAR GOLD COINS (i.e. Eagles) is for the same reason they don’t transact or exchange SILVER dimes and SILVER quarters any longer. Because their REAL market value is worth so much more than their FACE VALUES. NOT because they are clunky and metal!!
      The reason why people are so willing to transact in paper is because its FACE VALUE is worth so much MORE than the paper it is printed on! NOT BECAUSE OF EASE OF TRANSACTION!!

      • Jennifer Ohman

        Understand that the government will always peg the official 1 ounce price of gold BENEATH the market price. This keeps us from transacting in coin and keeps the public transacting in paper, thus supporting the fractional reserve system.
        If and when they peg the price of 1 ounce gold AT MARKET price is when we will be back on a gold standard.

        • Frederick

          Can’t have honest money Jennifer The parasitic banksters would actually have to work in that case Can’t have that

  56. brian

    Nobody should be telling us what God has to say to us when we can simply pray to God for ourselves. Thats all I gotta say about this fool.

    • Greg Hunter

      I guess Isaiah of the Bible should have keep quiet. That’s all I gotta say about this foolish comment.

    • Frederick

      I agree with Brian It should be a personal thing between you and god We sure don’t need Hypocrites like pedofile priests preaching to us now do we

  57. Prep America

    How Michael Moore Lost His Audience
    Owen Gleiberman 5 hrs ago
    Moore’s an old fuddy duddy set in his way’s. He’s angry? Yup because his own people passed him by! Macomb county Michigan was Hillary’s thin blue line. Trump blew past it with flying colour’s, literally! Every rally in Oakland and Macomb county was like this song; with moore people on the outside who couldn’t get in!
    1. Our shadow govment killed Kennedy!
    2. The shadow people bought and paid Obomber. Siding with ISIS took the cake, we were feed up with the secret agent.
    3. The Mid-Westerners were in total shock! A New Yorker from Brooklyn/Queens was talking their language! Farmer’s, white-collar, auto workers, the mom and pop’s. I never ever saw such ecstatic joy and tears on faces before. No more of that political B.S! He was one of us. He knew the disappointment, the Bushes, then the Clinton’s, worst of all Obama! Obomber, let us down, as the biggest bull shitter of them all, because we really wanted to believe his bullshit! Why do you think the blacks didn’t vote in Detroit for Hillery. They had to stuff the ballot boxes, it was so embarrassing!
    The Media couldn’t stand Donald. It seemed everybody who was somebody had nothing good to say about him. Then we started noticing the people who got rich while we got poor were afraid of him. Why did they hate him? Trump must be doing something right then after all! They hate him cause we love him. What other conclusion could we have.

    President Kennedy talked to the American people like it was a conversation. He used some humor, but he never talked down to the people like politicians do today.
    “We aren’t able overnight to solve all the problems that this country faces, but is that any good reason why we should say, let’s not even try?” Like congress today. Their just there to get their piece of da pie and some @$$!

    scromtrulescent 4 years ago
    I wish we had politicians today who spoke like they had balls.
    Like Melania?


    fountainhead 1 year ago
    I have to applaud Moore for having the intellectual honesty to explain Trump’s appeal, even if he doesn’t think it’s justified. Most people in the media aren’t even willing to do that but instead keep hammering the line that the only possible reason someone could support Trump is that you’re a white racist.

    Stephan Saunders 1 year ago
    “Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin…the Brexit states” jesus christ did he nail that or what?!

    Michael Moore Explains Why TRUMP Will Win
    Published on Oct 24, 2016
    Michael Moore explains to us why TRUMP will win. He gets it. This is capitulation. Trump will win BIG LEAGUE! REMEMBER REMEMBER THE 8TH OF NOVEMBER !!
    All of you globalists, Wall Street criminals, CTR and Hillary shills stop spamming my video with those allegations that Moore is anti-trump. He’s clearly not. I will ban you if you harass anyone commenting in here. Please make sure to share on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you!.
    In The Spirit of Ned Kelly, Meghan?

    One Moore Time for Old Times! We don’t hate you Rog we love ya!!
    last but not least_

  58. Jodyp If Trump nominated the Pope himself for the Supreme Court, the left would…uhhh, wait a minute.

  59. DA

    I hope no one watching this actually wants military tribunals adjudicating cases involving american citizens. Citizen protections with the rule of law are weak enough. Ask anyone that’s been wrongfully accused how it feels to be stuck in jail for 3 or more months while he can’t afford bail, loses his job, house, possessions…

    There is irony in supposed constitutionalists seeking subversion of the bill of rights in order to purportedly save them — or do i assume too much when i say that? It reminds me of Bush II saving capitalism by breaking it. And the break continues for the 10th year, after changing hands twice.

    It appears a trap. The power you would yield will be in the hands of someone you don’t like someday. Would anyone here want Hillary Clinton appointing the heads of tribunals to prosecute her political enemies?

    • Frederick

      DA I see you point but since the entire system is rotten there is no alternative That point was proved following 911 with Judge Hellerstein in NY and his obvious bias regarding Silversteins case The courts are a joke with all the crooks and charlatans in charge

  60. Mohammad


    I listened to the interview, and it got me very interested.
    I am not buying for a martian minute his say about god is talking to him.
    However I am taking seriously every word coming out of his mouth because I think he is connected to the inner circle of the force behind Trump somehow, he could be their unofficial spokesman.
    Well … What he says makes a lot of sense except for removing the rounding of “christians” in FEMA and replace it with the rounding of “muslims” in FEMA.
    I think the turmoil that is planned to happen here is to get rid of muslims in US because it is the fastest growing religion on earth and they have to stop that by any means.
    His face that is reddish purple from too much alcohol may be does not inspire someone who god is talking to him, rather it is someone who possibly is talked to by the devil himself.
    I fear for muslims fate in EU and US.
    I think what happened in Spain centuries ago is plotted to happen again and history is repeating itself.
    The invention of ISIS and AlQaeda by the intelligence agencies of the west and Mossad is meant to hit the fastest growing religion on earth.
    I hope am wrong
    But I think not.


    • Bill

      Please tell your psychiatrist that you need help

    • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

      Islam teaches to kill your enemies.
      Islam does not teach the Golden Rule.
      Christianity teaches to love your enemies and obey the Golden Rule.

      King Ferdinand was absolutely correct to kick Islam out of Spain.
      Islam is a toxic ideology. A violent, intolerant system founded by a violent, intolerant man. It needs to be eradicated from the West.

      • Frederick

        Thaddeus My wife and her entire extended family are all Sunni Muslims and some of the nicest, kindest most generous and welcoming folks I’ve ever met in my 64 years I have to take exception to your horrible suggestion And I thought the constitution allowed freedom of religion

        • Greg Hunter

          I know some very nice and kind Jews too.

          • Frederick

            Greg , So do I but that wasn’t my point I was responding to Thaddeus with his vile interpretation of Muslims I have two Jewish in laws One named Frederick Rosenblum so please you don’t need to keep droning on about that It’s total nonsense Just because I don’t like the policies of Zionist Israel certainly does not make me against Jewish people I’m NOT

            • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

              Frederick – Yes, the way many Muslims interpret the Koran is indeed vile. But it’s their interpretation, not mine.

        • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

          The Koran is a blueprint for undermining and taking over another culture. Taqiyyah, the Koran teaches, is the act of lying to the infidel until you are strong and numerous enough to conquer. “One can smile, and smile and be a villain” to quote Hamlet.
          Muslim rape gangs in the UK? What fun! Such nice people! (Raping the infidel’s women is sanctioned in the Koran.)
          My experience with Islam here in the West (not in Turkey where you live) is that it sees itself as superior to other religions, disrespects our women, takes advantage of social services and welfare, and has no desire to assimilate.
          I’m tolerant of other religions that are in truth tolerant towards me. But I draw the line at this so called “religion of peace”.

        • Jennifer Ohman

          According to the 4 Schools of Sunni Law and Shia Law interfaith marriage between a Muslim woman and a non-Muslim man is forbidden. If you are not Muslim, your wife is not following and acting against the Laws of her Faith. Just like in Christianity and Judaism, so it is true with Islam, that there are more people who do not follow their religious laws strictly than who do.
          I, too, have Muslim friends and acquaintances that are very nice, kind and considerate. But don’t confuse their behavior with the Laws of Islam and how the religion is supposed to be practiced.
          Hannity used to have a guest on his show named, Josef. He wrote a book called, “The Son of Hamas”. A must read. His family founded Hamas. He converted to Christianity and wrote this interesting expose.
          He said, on Hannity, when asked, that one of the biggest mistakes that Westerners make is to believe that there are moderate Muslims!! He emphatically said that is TRUE! He said that ALL Muslims are Jihadists! He said that Jihad means “Struggle”. Struggle for one world religion…Islam! They are NOT tolerant. He said that there are tiers in the religion, I think 7, if I am remembering correctly. The HIGHEST LEVEL of Jihad, is to die for Allah. To give one’s life. Those that commit suicide for Allah are not considered CRAZY in Islam, but rather the bravest and holiest! This is why we do not see Muslims denouncing them in mass, when Western Leaders wish that they would!
          He said, when one group of Muslims are attacked, ALL are called to Holy War to fight against their enemy. In the earlier part of the 20th Century, when England aided in giving Jews a homeland after their treatment in Germany, they uprooted Palestinians from their homes. They had been their for generations. So, Muslims were then were called to Holy War against the enemy. It’s no mistake that there has been migration into Europe. We support the Jews. There is Migration here. And it WILL CONTINUE.
          According to Col. Oliver North, whom I had a conversation with on this very subject, Josef is now in hiding, as there is a stake on his death.
          Muslims mobilize (migrate) into the homelands of their enemies. When they outnumber them, they give them the option to convert or die. Holy wars can be eternal. So.. they are patient. If it takes generations or centuries, they will plug along. When their Imams then order Muslims, including the “lower level masses” to mobilize, it is their duty to mobilize against the Infidel. Until then, they are just part of our neighborhoods,
          The Marine Hymn, Hall of Montezuma, (From the Halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli; We will fight our country’s battles; in the air, on land and sea..). Do you know where Tripoli is? Google it if you don’t.
          Thomas Jefferson went to the Muslim’s homeland and studied them. He determined that Islam wanted to make the rest of mankind their slaves. He went to war with them. This incidentally, is where the term “leather necks” comes from. Our soldiers had to wear leather bands around their necks to protect them from the Muslim’s trying to behead them!
          The danger for Western societies is that they assume Islam is a tolerant, loving, peaceful religion, when in reality, it is not. Like Thomas Jefferson, will our Leaders ever consider it a national security threat?
          “Lying” to the Infidel is acceptable, in Islam. The Muslim neighbor who greets you with, “Hi my brother, my friend”, will turn on you when the day comes that Muslim’s outnumber the Infidel and their Imams tell them to mobilize. Let’s just hope that day never comes.

          • Jennifer O

            I will add that “Deep Staters” are well aware that Muslims are bound by Sharia Law and NOT the U.S. Constitution. As Dr. Janda so aptly points out, they love and use war to achieve their ends. And they have no respect for human life.
            They defend Muslim’s religious liberties BECAUSE Islam is one of their tools of war. Not because they care about Muslims’ religious self-expression. Muslims are willing to kill off Christians, Jews, Gays, and Old White Conservative Men. The same groups that the Deep State despises. But they just as soon let the Muslims fight their wars for them…for now.
            So, growing their population here is greeted by them. Muslim pledge their allegiance to Sharia Law, not the Constitution. As their numbers grow. so goes the vote against the Constitutional Rule of Law.
            The Deep Staters are not afraid of the Muslims because after they do their dirty work, they will have NO qualms doing away with them, if they give them trouble. Their sinisterness is just a horror!!
            There are Muslim’s who believe in the U.S. Constitution and value individual human rights and liberties above Sharia Law. And they want it to protect them FROM Sharia.. But they need to have the courage to come forth and differentiate themselves, otherwise one has to believe they embrace Sharia Law, i.e., if they claim to BE Muslim.

            • Tin foil hat

              Jennifer O,
              Sharia is illegal in Turkey. Hence, Turkish Muslims are considered bad Muslims by other Sunnis.

            • Frederick

              That’s obviously NOT a prerequisite for marriage as we were married in Istanbul by a government official And certainly Muslims are no different than any other religious group in their adheranace to the rule of the religion I had Jewish friends in HS who ate ham and pork the minute they got out of the house against their parents rules Nothing new or shocking here

              • Jennifer Ohman

                It’s irrelevant who married you. Its the Quran that defines Islam.

                Like I said, there are more people who do not follow the laws of there religion strictly than who do.

            • Tin foil hat

              Jennifer O,
              You got it right the first time. Sharia is what makes Muslims dangerous, not the Quran.

              Quran is opened to interpretation. Hence, there are different branches and schools in Islam. Alavi is the most moderate vs. Salafi which is the most intolerable (I prefer an Alavi Muslim as my neighbor over a Hasidic Jew).

              According to a study, Turkey wants secularism more than the U.S. A small number of Turks — 9% —want Sharia law. Turkish respondents, 23% of them, felt that Sharia could play some role, but not an exclusive role, in government.

              About twice as many Americans, 46%, felt that Christianity should have an impact on our nation’s laws – I have no porblem with that since Judeo-Christian values is tied to human love, creative work and play vs. Sharia which is tied to a slave trading, child molesting and bloodthirsty Messenger of God.

              • Jennifer Ohman

                Tin Foil Hat
                Where do you think Sharia Law comes from?
                I have a Quran on my lap. I will take quotes out of the very first page.
                The very first line in it says, ‘The Quran is the supreme authority in Islam.”…”This supreme status stems from the belief that the Quran is the word of God, revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, via the archangel Gabriel, and intended for all times and all places.”…
                “…, the Quran is the basis of Islamic law …”, and, “Everything is based on the Quran.””The entire religious life of the Muslim world is built around the text of the Quran.”

                • Tin foil hat

                  Jennifer Ohman,
                  I’m not disputing that Islam is a gutter religion which encompasses Quran and Sharia.
                  The fact that the Quran is full of contradiction allows the good Muslims to follow the first half of the Quran which is a lot more peaceful than the latter half.
                  Sharia is consistent. It’s barbaric and intolerence from the beginning to the end.
                  I’m no fan of Islam but it’s habitual for me to know everything about my opponents.

                  • Jennifer Ohman

                    Tin Foil Hat
                    I did not say that Islam is a gutter religion, but there way of life is at odds with ours. Each person has a right to their beliefs, but no one has a right to kill others for disagreeing with them.
                    Because Islam is intolerant, for America’s safety, they leave us no choice, but to consider those Muslims who do not put our Constitution before Sharia, when in our country, should be denied citizenship ( or even entry would be acceptable to me).

  61. Braulio

    Greg Hunter,
    Finally the whole of the country and perhaps the world are getting to know your arduous work towards the liberation of our nation. Thank you.

  62. Lisa

    Does Mark have any insight how God will work in other countries to remove evil. It seems like in Canada most everyone is blithely going along and just a few of us are on watch.

  63. paul ...

    Zero point energy makes all the oil, gas, and coal in the world used for energy”obsolete” … and polluting our precious ground water to extract the stuff is criminal … the elite should go to jail “for purposely withholding zero point energy from mankind” just so they can continue to make a profit selling us their primitive hydrocarbons!!

  64. Don Barlow

    Chris Hedges: Are We Witnessing The Collapse Of The American Empire?
    Posted By Tim Hains
    On Date September 16, 2018
    First two comments;
    The collapse of America is the central plank in the Democrats’ platform.
    Johaness Return
    More central to the Democrats’ platform is hating White people.

  65. Don Barlow
    Ceuta Onslaught: How Gaddafi’s Grim Prophecy for Europe is Coming True

  66. bob

    WD reads interesting info- Britain’s second empire

  67. Ray

    Good interview…..thank you.
    Such a double standard though…….sickening actually.
    No one is allowed to meddle with a sitting US president (as the supposed “5 Eyes” have).
    Yet, just this week we have Rudi Gulianni mouthing off about how the US is intent on regime change in Iran!!!
    What say you Greg?
    Is it perfectly acceptable for the US government to meddle with the governemnts of the nations of the world, whilst at the same time, no other nation may dare meddle with the US government?
    I’d be interested to hear your response.
    Looking forward to the Military tribunals and watching the NWO swing from a well deserved rope.
    Blessings to Mr Hunter and all Watchdoggers…….sit tight through this amazing period in history.
    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • Mohammad

      Not true Diane, this is what US haters would drool over to see,
      ONE FOR ALL.
      ALL FOR ONE…
      Keep this in mind, the strength of US with all the states together under the federal umbrella is what makes US great.
      The civil war in US claimed lots of souls to bring the country to ONE is a lesson to keep in mind.
      The divide and conquer mantra is smelling to the sky from this zero hedge poisonous article.


      • Diane

        I agree .

        • Diane

          I will not go to zero hedge anymore. Mohammed is right.
          They seem to be turning to the dark side.

          • Mohammad

            Go there, I do.
            You have your mind to weigh things.
            Be informed, and your mind and heart will tell you what to take and what to leave.
            God bless


  68. Mohammad


    I sense that Israel is dragging Russia into a conflict.
    Israelis are saying they will continue to target Syrian sites despite S300 delivered to Syria.
    If any action by the Russians harms Israel that will drag US into it.
    Syria is becoming a huge black powder barrel and every one is throwing matches at it.
    I hope for some wisdom on behalf of the Russians to not get dragged into the trap, but the problem is when Israel’s provocations injures the Russians to the degree that takes their pride away then conflict is a must.
    It is obvious that Israel is doing their best to drag every one into a conflict to hit Iran , they cannot do it on their own, they want US to fight their wars as always, even if that will ignite the world.


    • john

      News flash – how about just leaving Israel alone! Really Mohammad, Iran has no agenda? The black powder in the barrel are those countries that openly insist on destroying a small nuclear armed power – Israel. The next conflict against Jews will not be like the holocaust of WWII where millions were slaughtered as scapegoats for the degraded world condition. Next time, expect a fight and it will be asymmetrical against her enemies.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Leave ISRAEL alone?!? Newsflash to you, john, the fight is already ongoing, and is quite plainly asymmetrical.

        Israel, by their own admission, has attacked, literally, HUNDREDS of targets inside the sovereign spaces of their regional neighbors, none of whom have retaliated against Israel.

        Are some of the regional neighbors of Israel their sworn enemies? OF COURSE they are – what would YOU do if your neighbor openly, brazenly, and repeatedly, came into your yard, damaged and destroyed your property, and you had no recourse? And worse yet, what if there were members on your neighborhood association board who support your neighbor’s continuing destruction of your property, because you threatened to retaliate?

      • paul ...

        What good are nukes if a small nuclear armed power can be destroyed? … this is probably the reason N. Korea and Iran are giving up the development of 300 nuclear weapons for themselves … they are useless unless committing national suicide is your objective by actually using them!

    • Tin foil hat

      I hope Trump will stay out of this mess. If I had to pick a side, I’ll be in the Russian’s corner.
      There will be no victors at the end of this conflict.

    • Tin foil hat

      The Israeli F-16 had already shot their wad, they were hanging about after, shown in the MoD presentation, is uncharacteristic. Usually they fire off their munitions and then make a run for it.

      Sending in the lone f-16 to escort the Il-20 again. What’s the purpose, he already shot his wad and was unarmed?

      It seems obvious the Israelis specifically wanted the Russian aircraft to be hit by Syrian AA. The first attempt at it failed during the actual israeli attack, the 4 F-16s hanging anout to see if the Russian plane got mistakenly hit.

      It didn’t, so they detached one F-16 from the group to close, as if making another attack run, to entice the Syrians to fire another round of SAA missiles. They did, and that lone Israeli F-16 lured the S-200 missile onto the Il-20.

      • Mohammad

        It is obvious, the Russians explained in a long video with radar positions the jet presence after the attack and the lies of the Israelis that all their jets were home when the plane was downed.

        Israel obviously wants a war, they want to drag US into it so our moms cry their kids instead of the Israelis moms who tan on the beach.
        I am afraid they will get the war they are asking for.
        Trump will need that war too if things go haywire with a democratic congress and impeachment, do not be surprised if the Israelis lobby is behind anti trump movement to corner him into one option only….WAR, they have a foot on each side.
        Seen it before when Bush dad stopped loans to Israel and next thing you know…WAR.


      • flattop

        Tin Foil Hat
        Since the russian airgraft was an intellegence gatherer, might it be that they discovered some information Israel did not them to know??

    • paul ...

      “Israelis are saying they will continue to target Syrian sites despite S300 delivered to Syria” … so I guess that means Bibi won’t stop until Iranian and Hezbollah troops inside Syria are both armed with S50o’s by the Russians! … and this makes more sense to Bibi then simply sitting down and negotiating with the Russians who can “easily put controls” on their surrogate forces in Syria??

      • paul ...

        “There is no instance of any nation actually benefiting from prolonged warfare”… Sun Tzu!!

        • Mohammad

          Except Israel Paul, they have to have wars, if peace commences they will be diluted in the surrounding Arab population (birth rate mismatch), that is why as long as Israel is without borders defined (THE ONLY STATE IN THE WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS) wars will never stop.
          Am describing and not subscribing.


          • Greg Hunter

            Israel has borders, it’s just people do not like those borders. The Arabs started two wars and lost. You do not get all your stuff back when you start and lose two wars–thus, the current borders.

            • Mohammad

              Wrong Greg,
              Go and check facts
              Israel is without defined final borders.


              • Greg Hunter

                The borders are defined, you just do not like the borders. I am NOT wrong and don’t give me UN “We Hate Israel” BS either. I do not accept the UN.

                • Frederick

                  WOW what’s up with the loyalty to Israel there Greg ? No wonder our country is hijacked the way it is with Christians such as you giving them priority over US interests It’s absurd and treasonous frankly I would never think of siding with any foreign power over the good of my fellow Americans You can take that to the bank sir

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Israel is an ally of the United States. This is a site called So, do you prioritize the interest of Turkey over the interests of U.S.? You have a self installed dictator in Turkey, and Not a word against him. Tell us all how you hate the fact you have a dictator in Turkey. For you it’s always just the Jews, Oh, I mean “Zionist” (dog whistle) Jews. Never a Muslim–ever does anything wrong.

              • Mohammad



                “Israel’s borders with Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan are defined borders. The cease-fire lines in the north (Syria) can only be finalized if and when a Syrian government decides to negotiate a peace treaty with Israel in good faith without demanding a complete Israeli withdrawal to the 1949 Rhodes Armistice line.
                The same is true for the West Bank and Gaza. The “pre-1967 borders” that Mahmoud Abbas is so in love with are nothing but cease-fire lines drawn in 1949 to denote the separation of forces at the time of the cease-fire that ended Israel’s War of Independence.
                The 1949 Rhodes Armistice Agreements specifically state that these lines “are not to be construed as recognized international borders in any manner” and that final borders will be achieved through direct negotiations between the parties.”


                • Greg Hunter

                  Try to cross one of those borders and you will find out they are indeed defined.

                  • Tin foil hat

                    Lol, that’s a good one. I don’t think the Israeli border guards are as kind and gentle as ours.

  69. Mohammad


    Kavanaugh is not going to need a miracle to make it with the second allegation thrown at him in the worst time ever just before Nov. crucial elections:

    This time it is more graphic which plays as intended with the public’s emotions.


    • Mohammad

      “Kavanaugh is going to need “

  70. Mohammad

    Trump did not swallow the bait, good for him.

    He can fire him after the elections.
    Good move Mr. Trump…!


  71. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, your statement about being negative at times around the 30:00 minute mark made me feel better about myself as I too fall victim to that too many times. Just last night I commented after the second accuser of the Judge came out that the Democrats sure know how to use power & the republicans just simply don’t, it was a very discouraging & defeatist comment to be sure. Anyway, your statement gave me hope and after listening to Mr. Taylor I am back in the “the deep state can’t go on forever” camp again. So thanks for having him on once again. Can’t wait until I see the gang of 4, Hillary, Obama, Comey, & Lynch (among many others) hauled off for high treason in their failed coup attempt.

  72. WD

    Amazing that these people would put fellow countrymen in FEMA Camps and look the other way. I was never a huge fan of Anne Coulter but she said it perfectly; the left HATE people. I get that now. I did an internship at the university I went to and these droll boring dirty people really did think they were superior.( long story).
    So much of these “conspiracy theories ” being collaborated/confirmed all the time now.
    So when I listened to Alex Jones on radio in mid 90’s…he ended up being right about all of it. He just got to close to the source. So they shut him. Luck he is still alive.

    • Jennifer Ohman

      I believe, the real truth is that those “hating LEFT” do not really feel SUPERIOR at all! They know in their hearts that they are actually INFERIOR!! Why? When a human being willfully, not mistakenly, but willfully, chooses to do “wrong” instead of to do “right”, to do “bad” instead of to do “good”, habitually and as a way of life, and to thereby corrupt themselves for it, as these progressives so often do, they morally bankrupt themselves. Even if they don’t say it to themselves, explicitly, they cannot, but thoroughly disrespect and HATE THEMSELVES for it!
      So, then the mere sight and existence of “good” people, of “happy” people, of decent people, becomes a stark, blunt reminder of EVERYTHING that they are NOT! They hate that others can be happy when they themselves cannot. They hate being reminded of their own depravity. And the existence of good, decent, happy people do just that to them! And so, they seek to destroy them.

  73. flattop

    GREG; Mark Taylor
    I fear that if Mark Taylors landslide victory does not happen,he will have very little , if any, credability henceforth.

  74. Chet

    Great info – love to see it happen – yet liken it to Clif High’s data-mining. We can expect it, even want it, but it doesn’t mean its going to happen ($100/oz silver).

    Wasn’t that what Maundy Thursday was about (?)- folks following Jesus in to town, to not just clean out the money-changers, but wipe out the entire parasitic system. Wrong – – – so now we expect to see justice in timely human fashion (wrong again?)

  75. WD

    A huge part of the fate of our Republic depends on votes cast in 2 events in the next 40 days…
    Kavanagh vote is most important of those 2.
    For if we lose the Kavanaugh confirmation, what faith will anybody have in the Republican Party after this? A friend of mine from Maine has told me that Susan Collins is voting against .
    him now. I cannot verify that 100% but he says he’s hearing that’s the word. I have no reason to doubt him at all. I am praying with my all my strength that I have and hopefully we can save this Republic.

  76. Open Eyes

    Did you see the photograph on President Trump’s Twitter account where Vice-President Pence is shaking/crushing French President Macron’s hand and giving him the dead-eye? Talk about a friendly greeting.

    Mark Taylor is one of my favourite guests on Thanks for always having him on Greg!

  77. Jerry

    This could be nothing, or it could be a beta test for a grid down.

    At 6:30 a.m. down detector showed massive AT&T’s outages over large areas of the country. Normally I see small pockets but nothing this big.

  78. Arthur Barnes

    Greg & folks, the MSM, their anchors, & top employees are conspirators in the soft coup of our President, not just the actual actors like Hillary, Obama, Comey, etc. Lets not forget them when indictments come forth as they were part and parcel of the treason at large.

  79. Jimm Motyka


    Responding to Mark Taylor’s comments about the Clergy Response Teams, allow me to submit this link for your readers.

    Being the “source from Ohio” (cited in the article) and witnessing this in real time, I can assure your audience that this stuff is real.

    When Joyce Riley and Dave Von Kleist were still the hosts of the Power Hour Radio Show, I alerted them to a local, Ohio megachurch running a pandemic drill in tandem with FEMA. I did find the repost of the original article, complete with my sources and resources. I am a former Akron/Cleveland area music journalist, so digging for info (AKA, the truth) comes pretty naturally.

    Welcome to the Red Pill Reality!


  80. Justn Observer

    Conservatives/Christians still being targeted by alphabet agencies? Wonder when they will start purchasing lions for weekend entertainment…

    yet…likely the EDDY minimum will beat them to it…and put the whole world in a state of distress. Prepare to thrive & survive!

    Long shelf life foods to go along with your stacks of PM…time will tell which is worth more?
    Pocket Soup:

  81. Occasnltrvlr

    “…{something}…, [R]ight now. Period.”

  82. Pastor Earl Wallace

    Hello, I am Pastor Earl Wallace, of Liberty Christian Fellowship Church.
    God gave America what I call, “the church’s first amendment position to be the conscience and moral guide of American society, civics and government.”
    To see how America was established on the “Application of The Bible to civics,” use this link to view “The Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights”
    to see how God can renew America by motivating we, “who are called by His name” to live whole heartedly for Christ, which includes applying Biblical principles to every aspect of life, including, in our civic and political decisions.

    LCF exists to glorify God and teach how we respond to Him as He reveals Himself from Genesis to Revelation!
    LCF stands in the gap to advocate for our God-given, inalienable rights, referenced in The Declaration of Independence, which God secures for us in The 10 Commandments.

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