Kim Jong Un Blinks, Tariffs On, Dems Will Cheat in 2018

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 325 3/9/18) 

The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, appears to have blinked in the face of pressure President Donald Trump has put on him. It’s reported the U.S. military was in the process of planning a possible preemptive strike on the North Korean regime.  “Un” has invited President Trump to talk about nuclear disarmament in May, and Trump has accepted.Meanwhile, President Trump has paid off on the promise of tariffs on steel and aluminum. China and many other countries are upset and are threating to counter.  Some say Trump is starting a trade war, but the fact is we have been in one for years.  That’s why the U.S. runs a half trillion dollar trade deficit with China alone every year.

I keep asking Democrats to give one idea that is not socialist, communist or Marxist that will help average everyday Americans improve their lives. The Dems don’t have one, but they are willing to do plenty for illegal aliens, and their New World Order overlords like George Soros.  This is why I think the Democrat Party will have to cheat like never before in the 2018 midterms.  Election fraud and voter fraud here we come.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp will come on to update what’s going on between the Trump Administration, the globalists and the deep state.

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  1. David Larsen

    “According to the figures, public works crews in Orange County collected 404 tons of debris, 13,950 needles, and 5,279 pounds of human waste during a massive overhaul between Jan. 22 and March 3, the Orange County Register reported.”

  2. Paul ...

    To prevent voter fraud in the next election Trump should require a valid ID (drivers license or SSN) before handing anyone a “paper ballet” to cast their vote (green cards not accepted) … then hold on to the paper ballet (with their fingerprints on it) just in case a re-count is required … [anyone wearing gloves] must be required to remove them!

    • Chip

      Problem is, Commiefornia is giving out drivers licenses to anyone that wants one without proof of citizenship. And a DL is all the ID they need to vote… Chip

      • Paul ...

        This should be declared illegal by Trump!

  3. Steve Poloncak

    How about getting somebody to interview that can explain who owes what debt to who Greg?

  4. marcus

    Fair deal or No deal
    All this is jargon, the war is between 2 parties, you go on about different parties different forms of Government, you are dividing your folowers with your racist views……
    Take this in Greg, the war that is going on today has been going on for centuries It is between the Noble bloodlines and the Banker…… The noble bloodlines believe it is their right to rule the world and will not go down without a fight, the Bankers want to own the world by finance……this war still rages today there is only one difference is that the weapons they have today are not swords but new aged space weapons. You need to research history to real understand this ragging war for control, your attack on communism V democracy is WHAT they want all you dumb down consumers to believe divide and conquer.
    Man o man this is by far the craziest news have seen for a long time, you come across as load and obnoxious…. and Greg I now you are not.

    • Silence is Golden

      Actually thers’s a third Party which you conveniently omitted…..The Roman Catholic Church..aka The Pagan Roman Empire..which remains at the top of the chain/pyramid.
      Research history…yes indeed.

  5. Nick de la Gaume

    LARF !!!!!!!!
    But, but, but……Greg
    What about the communists?

    You,re the man!

    God Bless

  6. Paul ...

    Tariffs on steel and aluminum (help domestic producers) and is exactly what needs to be done to prevent the globalists from completely decimating America’s most basic “critical” industries … next Trump should impose a stiff 50% tariff on gold now brought into our country at artificially low prices by globalists (intent on destroying our inherent power like Delilah) … allow our domestic gold producers to compete fairly and we can easily”refill” Fort Knox (and thus bring back the economic power Clinton and Rubin stole away from us) … by regrowing our domestic gold production (just like Samson) we can regain enough strength to bring down the massive stone pillars of the globalists One World Temple!!

    • Paul ...

      It was the “bubble brained” globalists Greenspan, Bernanke and Yellen who kept interest rates too low … for too long … sapping the strength of savers (as the Wall Street Casino operators profited) … rates must be allowed to rise because the Wall Street Casino “is not the economy” (what does buying and selling certificates using high speed programmed trading have to do with the real economy?) … we need people saving (and earning a respectable rate of interest) so capital will be available to invest in American businesses and infrastructure … now that Trump kicked the former Goldman Sachs CEO out of the White House these globalist banksters will likely try to make Trump look bad by crashing the Stock Market … but like I said before … what does the high frequency trading of paper stock certificates have to do with the real economy … nothing … nothing at all … Trump knows this and is strong enough now to give the globalist bankers the boot!!

      • philipat

        As usual, Washington is attacking the wrong target. China is the symptom not the problem. The deficit with China is for the most part benefiting US Global Corporations who manufacture in China then keep the profits offshore in tax havens through a combination of IP fees, royalties and transfer pricing. Only a very small part of the proceeds remains in China, mostly wages and a small contract manufacturing margin.

        The simplest way to address this problem without penalizing the consumer, especially now that US Corporate tax rates have become competitive, is to tax US Corporations on realized profits wherever they are earned, not as now, when they are repatriated to the US (For accounting purposes).

  7. coalburner

    Greg; Everyone needs to watch this speech, Steve Bannon in Switzerland.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


      What a fascinating perspective this is on the populist revolution. Bannon believes this global movement is clearly gathering momentum. I hadn’t realised just how overwhelming the anti-establishment vote [66%] was in the recent Italian elections.

      Bannon confirms my suspicions that Brexit and the Trump victory were just the precursors of a global philosophical revolution of historic proportions. Late in the questions section, an older guy summed it up rather well when he asked the question…” is this freedom for the individual versus freedom for the state in a Marxist setting?”. I think this is a brilliantly succinct observation.

      I was also quite surprised as to how highly Bannon still speaks of Trump given that he was sacked from his position as chief strategist.

      There are also some fascinating insights in here too on tariffs, ‘free trade’ and the impending trade war. Bannon points out that this is a terribly complex and challenging problem to deal with, especially in relation to the structure of the Chinese governmental model and its inherent mercantile interference.


    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      By the way, thank you so much for posting this link.
      Talking about food for thought…this is not a meal… is a veritable feast!
      Cheers and regards

  8. william cochrane

    A great report, as usual,
    Lets hope the arrests start soon.
    Thanks, Best Regards, Bill

  9. David

    North Korea has a history of engaging negotiations to stall or loosen sanctions while continuing their missile and nuclear development program. Kim Jong-Un has dusted off his father’s game card. He will never, never give up his nuclear weapon or missile program. If I were Trump, I would listen carefully to those who have been there, done that, so that he doesn’t get sucker-punched on the world stage.

    Any successful war with NK will necessarily involve a ground war. It will take a year or more to prepare logistically for such a massive undertaking and I’ve seen no sign of propositioning. NK, China, and Russia know this.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


      Goodness me…do you really honestly believe that there is any such thing as a “successful war” in these times?

      Have you at the very least even contemplated the fact that North Korea is located right on the doorstep of not one but two superpowers?

      For crying out loud

      • Mikey

        Actually successful wars are fought all the time. It all depends on the leadership.

      • David

        Colin: I wasn’t suggesting a war, nor do I support one. I was simply pointing to the fact that we will not have war any time in the near future (as Rickards has suggested) and that Russia, China and NK know this. Thus they are not worried or concerned.

    • Paul ...

      Come on David … moral people are not going to stand for fighting another ground war in N.Korea … nor stand for nuking an entire nation out of existence to kill 10 bad men and millions of innocent women and children … God the Father only nuked Sodom and Gomorrah because he couldn’t find 10 good men out of millions … lets allow the North and South Koreans to merge and put their country back together the way we did with Germany where their is no longer a check point Charlie ,no longer a Berlin wall, no longer big powers aiming tanks at each other … the neocons (just like Satan) love to have eternal conflict between nations … it sells weapons and generates a lot of money for them … well it’s about time Trump puts some controls on the neocon warmongers that have kept Korea divided for 70 years … lets remove this source of conflict in the far East and then concentrate on mending the problems and sources of conflict in the Middle East (without war)!

      • David

        Paul: I never said that I supported war.

        • Paul ...

          Sorry David … what threw me off was you saying “any successful war with NK will necessarily involve a ground war (and that) it will take a year or more to prepare logistically for such a massive undertaking (and that you saw) no sign of propositioning” … so I got the wrong impression you supported war and was frustrated you didn’t yet see signs of getting one started! … my mistake!!!

    • Frederick

      David Still drinking the Neocon koolaide I see

      • Greg Hunter

        Are suggesting the Marxist flavor? There’s a least 100 million who drank that, puked and died.

        • Frederick

          Not at all I’m not in any way in favor of Marxists That said I find the people who carried out the largest treason in our history quite disgusting And so should everyone

      • Mikey

        Name-calling is a poor substitute for facts, of which you offer zero.

        • Frederick

          Oh Mikey those pesky facts again huh and why is pointing out that someone is buying the BS considered “ name calling” ? Huh Mikey?

      • David

        Frederick: I’m not a neocon. Nor am I drinking anyone’s kool-aid.

        • Frederick

          Glad to hear that You could have fooled me

  10. CareWeMust

    Are you not worth more than [the birds of heaven] are?​—Matt. 6:26.

    For Jesus, it was unthinkable that his heavenly Father would provide food for the birds but not take care of the same basic needs of humans. (1 Pet. 5:6, 7) He may not put the food right in our mouths, but he may bless our efforts to grow the food we need, or to earn the money to buy our daily provisions. In cases of need, he may motivate others to share what they have. Although Jesus did not mention providing shelter for the birds of heaven, God the father has provided them with the instincts, skills, and materials needed to make nests for themselves. He can likewise help us find adequate housing for our families. When saying the words found in the title verse, Jesus no doubt had in mind that he would soon give his life in behalf of mankind. (Compare Luke 12:6, 7.) Jesus did not die for the birds of heaven, but he did die for us so that we might enjoy unending life.​—Matt. 20:28.

    • Paul ...

      We were created to “take care” of all God’s creations … instead our actions are destroying species at a rate of 1,000 to 10,000 times the normal extinction rate … the US alone (among the great powers on Earth) is currently at war in at least nine countries … have 1000 Military bases around the world …want to do pre-emptive nuclear strikes on Russia, China, Iran, etc., etc.., etc. … their goal is to kill everyone (and every living thing) on Earth … in order to earn a few more paper dollars … neocons are mentally and morally sick people that gravitate into becoming bankers and politicians because of their insatiable greed … just as pedophiles gravitate into the professions where our children are … like foxes to a hen house!!

  11. Jerry

    This is where I sit back and watch what happens until the 26th. The central banking cabal have black swans lined up six ways to Sunday. In fact various sources are saying that they are planning on crashing the stock market on the 16th triggering martial law. Do I believe them? Let’s just say I’m from Missouri , but “somebody” is putting this information out for a reason. If you don’t think we are at the crossroads of our republic, think again. The deep state is backed into a corner and they are desperate. In fact I’m hearing mass arrest are in the works followed by military tribunals for treason. Once again, do I believe it ? It’s 50/50 . It’s either misinformation put out by the deep state, or it’s the truth. Either way, be prepared.

    FYI- last weekend I worked at a preparedness fair at a major city in Missouri . After weeks of advertising we had a scant 150 people show up. The American people are in for a world of hurt when TSHTF because of their ignorance. Be thankful for Greg .

    • Jerry

      Listen at your own risk.

      I can’t confirm any of this information , but what I can tell you is this.
      1. President Trump met with president Xi of China behind closed doors in Florida a few months ago for a reason.
      2. The Chinese congress have just approved legislation which will allow president Xi to remain in office for life.
      3. The Chinese petro yuan will launch on the 26th essentially putting an end to the reign of the petrodollar.
      Do you think maybe the Deep State is worried about losing power?

    • Alannon

      Or they are have heard the sky is falling for so long and nothing happens that they are tired of the fear mongering, bad investment advice, and are happy that they didn’t cash out there 401ks and screw themselves.

    • Paul ...

      Let them crash the Stock Market … it is full of “immoral” greedy gamblers … who deserve to tell their families “I lost everything” … the “normal” moral people in America who are not tempted to play in the corrupt “House fixed” Wall Street Casino won’t be affected by their high frequency computerized trading of paper stock certificates … because Trump is bringing “real jobs and manufacturing” back to American shores and is going to “raise interest rates, cut taxes and change the CPI) to give ordinary people an incentive to save once again … the Corrupt “House Fixed” Wall Street Casino Controlled by the Banksters is not the “Real Economy” … it is simply a digitized Ponzi Scheme (like their unreal crypto and Fed IOU currency) … what “Is Real” is your job and your savings (preferably physical gold and silver coins)!!

    • Stan

      More Bull[expletive] from Jerry. Yawn….

  12. Robert Dziok

    Here is some related information:
    1. California was ranked 50th (LAST) in quality of life in a 2018 US News and World Report study.
    2. Dick’s Sporting Goods also owns Field & Stream so boycott them also.
    3. With regard to Oprah running for POTUS Trump recently tweeted that if she did she would be EXPOSED and defeated. From this tweet we know he knows facts/info she would NEVER want to come out. He knows her from decades ago and what she is REALLY about. She also knows this tweet is a direct message to her as well.

    • Russ McMeans

      Oprah is buddies with Obama. It’s a pathway for the resurrection of Obama’s Marxist politics if she were to gain the presidency. And I don’t think that’s going to happen. Trump will crush all in 2020.

      • Beverly Kingsford


        Don’t be so sure about what Trump is going to be able to do. These people in power think much more evil than you or I ever could. We all need to be praying for his safety night and day, and also that he be blessed with wisdom to help this nation.

    • Paul ...

      For going against our Second Amendment Rights … boycott Dick’s Sporting Goods and Field & Stream (along with boycotting the NFL for being un-Patriotic) … and let’s not forget to boycott Google and YouTube who are now trying to deprive Americans of our First Amendment Freedom … boycott “all those with Satanic instincts” to go against our Human’s Right to self defense, Free Speech and the Human Right to Life, Liberty and Happiness … do you see the Demon-rats demanding that saber tooth tigers have their eye teeth removed? … are they protesting in the streets to have the stingers of jelly fish removed? … how about cutting off all elephant’s ivory tusks as they pose a danger? … No … they march in the streets “to stop discrimination” and yet openly discriminate against gun owners (who need to protect themselves from these mentally ill Demon-rat snowflakes with their twisted, contorted, warped, demented minds)!!

      • Paul ...

        These Demon-rat snowflakes have IQ’s so low (from drinking fluoridated water, eating GMO corn chips and breathing chem-trail aluminum) that they can’t figure out why a town that requires every citizen to carry (unlike Chicago, New York, etc.) has such a low crime rate! …

        • Paul ...

          Could it be these big cities that remove the Constitutional Right of US citizens to own a gun (creating the ideal conditions for more crime) … have very expensive Police monopoly’s that throw’s their support to the politicians that agree to pay out billions of our tax dollars for police salary’s and pension benefits? … think about it … would there be any need for a farmer to hire a policeman to guard the hen house … if every chicken owned a double barrel shotgun that could blow the rotten tail off any evil fox who even dared hurting their kids!!

          • Paul ...

            And then when a “gun free” school gets attacked by a crazy … the cop we hire to protect our kids … stays outside with his gun “to protect himself” … so he can retire on the nice pension we provide “for his service providing protection to the community”!!

        • JMiller

          The ZeroHedge article about Kennesaw Georgia does not give a complete picture. It forgot to mention the fairly recent mass shootings in Kennesaw Georgia.

          Also the number of rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults have been increasing the last five years in Kennesaw.

  13. Chet

    Surmount election fraud with hand written ballots !

  14. Tad

    Does not want to go to war. What is Syria about–other than invading a country without permission or without being provoked?

    I know, it’s a globalist thing or Israel-inspired “intervention.”

  15. Tommy

    The Dems have been cheating forever, except now they are very transparent about it. Chicago politics have taken over in every major city in the country and have brought life to Somoza’s quote, “Indeed you won the elections, but I won the count”.

  16. Judy K

    Election fraud? Voter fraud? That was Trump’s response when Clinton won the actual Presidential vote by 3 million votes. But nothing was ever found to be amiss when he had people follow up. So now you are already alleging possible voter fraud or election fraud ahead of the next election? How about that Americans are sick and tired of the current GOP-majority Congress doing absolutely nothing about tightening gun laws, preventing Russian meddling like in the last election, or having their health care and social security benefits lessened/taken away? All are plenty of reasons for conscious, intelligent voters to vote differently this time around…

    • Greg Hunter

      Judy K,
      “nothing was ever found to be amiss” This is a total lie. The Trump “Election Integrity” commission was stonewalled by Dems. So Trump shut it down and turned it over th the DHS. Now it is a national security issue ands yes there was “substantial evidence of voter fraud.” Not ONE GOOD idea that will help American Citizens. The Dems have nothing but fraud to win.

      • Judy K

        Umm, did you actually read that aricle attached to the link you gave, Greg?!? Your “quote”, in quotation marks, was nowhere to be found in that article. Instead, here is a real quote from the article:“ in fact, no state has uncovered significant evidence to support the president’s claim, and election officials, including many Republicans, have strongly rejected it.”

        • Greg Hunter

          What Republicans? Well, many Republicans strongly say voter and election fraud is real. You Dems cannot give up the con. You lying weasels and keep telling us all voter fraud and election fraud is a “myth.” Meanwhile, California and many other cities and states have declared “sanctuary” to protect illegal aliens and they do vote. California is issuing drivers licenses and registering illegals to vote. Chicago is doing the same thing. One of the very best undercover sting operations on voter fraud was done by Project VERITAS in 2016. They caught on camera (many times) the top people who also had meeting in the Obama White House–more than 40 that involved the President: illegals don’t vote? Yes, they do, and Obama told them to vote in the 2016 election in an interview with Gina Rodriguez. That means Obama thinks illegals vote and I believe him:

    • Maurice

      Hillary only won the popular vote when you count the illegals that were allowed to vote in blue states like California. Just saying.

    • JC Davis

      Judy K a steak dinner from evil means is not as good as crumbs gotten from honest ways.

    • tin foil hat

      Judy K,
      Democrats protect criminals like the NRA protects legal gun owners. The mayor of Oakland allows these criminals to take over the streets with the police practicing Community Policing instead of the good old fashion lock them up and throw away the key policing.
      Do you think these low lives shooting their guns into the air are members of the NRA or the Democratic Party?

    • Joshua T. Door

      But nothing was ever found to be amiss [when we] had people follow up.
      Judy, Judy, Judy, are you sure your talking about the US.? Not the USSR! And Judy, Judy, who is we?

      Judy we do know! They had actual recounts In the upper MidWest. Thanks to Jill Stein. That’s why they had to just about throw out all the ballots in Detroit because the voter fraud was so massive. The black voter just didn’t come out and Judy do you blame them? Hillary never went out there except once for 15 minutes to a cookie shop across from the old Redford theater! She believed her own thought shaping CIA disinformation propaganda. So the ballet box’s were essentially empty and just to tempting not to fudge the numbers written on the box’s that were EMPTY! Hillary had to much wine and took it to easy and lost despite the all pervasive CIA media campaign that everybody and their sister and mother saw through! Remember how many times Donald mentioned Detroit in the debates and came to Detroit and spoke in the churches and told Detroit, what have you got to lose try me?
      Now we the people want blood. That’s what you have to worry about, not losing the election. Your all gonna lose your heads if you don’t straighten up and fly right! Let The Donald do his job, or your going to be counted out because of darkness!

      Botched elections. Missing ballots. Is this any way to run a democracy?

      Voter Fraud in Michigan: Turns out the Liberals Were Right! MASSIVE FRAUD UNCOVERED

      Whats the Democratic solution to all their corruption?

    • Chip

      Judy, you’re obviously brain washed by the Communist News Network… Chip

  17. ivan anaconda

    The steel for the US military vehicles and tanks is not made in China. It’s made in a steel mill in Sault Ste Marie in Ontario, Canada. No need to be concerned about the national security.

    • Joshua T. Door

      What about the cheaper Molson across the border at the beer store, Anna Conned ah!

    • Paul ...

      So we don’t have to worry because there is “no border” between Canada and the US … when did we annex Canada? … put a tariff on Canadian steel too (perhaps only 15% instead of 25% to 40% on the rest of the world because they are our friends) but we must bring back the American Steel industry “as a low cost producer” by smelting with American “clean coal” … and begin underselling everyone else in the world … so as to reduce our Trade Deficit … if our Nation is to Survive our Trade Deficit must be brought down to “Zero”!!

  18. Suzia

    Thank you for the great Wrap up.
    I am looking forward to the interview with Kevin Shipp, can’t believe I have to wait 2 days. Ha
    About 2018 elections , I know the Dems will cheat, it’s all they have. I understand that Obama put the elections (unconstitutionally, of course) under the jurisdiction of the Department of Home Land Security, I wonder if that could backfire on them.

    Interesting times.

    • Paul ...

      Under Trump … Homeland Security will now work “to protect” the Homeland … by guaranteeing all dead people are removed from the voter rolls … that ID be provided by the person doing the voting and their finger print recorded on the voter roll (or do an eye scan) … and any paper ballets found to have the same finger print on them will be discarded like chad !!

  19. Todd

    Thanks Greg

    • Beverly Kingsford


      You said it RIGHT when you said, Fear Not, for God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ are in control!! How true! And, why is it important that we believe that with all our hearts? Because if we truly believe that, then we will be SO much more likely to stand up for the truth and not cave in when the persecution comes our way. Hard times ARE going to come to us who seek out the truth. Lately on Amazon Prime and Netflix there have been documentaries about the reformation. One is called A Lamp in the Dark. Others are just called the Reformation. But, these shows are about men who were willing to burn at the Stake for Jesus. They were challenging the power and control of big religion and they were killed for it. We have to be strong and brave like they were.
      Watch those shows everyone!

  20. Agnostic

    Hugo Salinas Price’s latest article posted at explains how the US created it’s own perennial trade deficits by becoming the world’s reserve currency, thereby forcing foreigners to undersell US companies. The tariffs only serve to hasten the end of the dollar as reserve currency. The result will be drastic dollar devaluations which will cause accelerating inflation.

  21. Flattop

    If Pres Trump moves to prevent voter fraud in Nov, what will he do with California where illegals will be voting. The only answer, as I see it, He must challenge the entire California vote until each ballot can be verified. It would make Floridas hanging chads look like a sunday school picnic

    • Paul ...

      Trump has to sign an executive order (countermanding Obama’s order) forbidding illegals any right to vote in American elections (Obama probably said illegals could vote so he could vote for himself) … Homeland Security and the Immigration Police should be stationed at all voting places (to immediately arrest and ship out of the country any illegals trying to vote)!! … audits of the voter rolls should take place before any election to guarantee “all dead people” have been removed from the voter rolls!

  22. Roger D

    The Steele dossier and FISA memo was put on a platter for justice just 5 weeks ago. And now it is gathering dust. The Marxists maintain relentless offense and possess the killer instinct necessary to defeat their enemy. Conservatives lack both.

    It’s Declaration of Independence time yet we cling to fixing Washington. Samuel Adams would be ashamed of us.

  23. al

    Greg, the World can come down on my head but when I hear those words “Fear Not” being uttered by you, I get a sense of peace.
    Thanks for all your hard work


    • Paul ...

      And the “stupid” evil greedy Satan worshiping neocon warmongering degenerate pedophiles who “fear not” … because they think they can fool God Almighty (after killing his only Son) by simply saying “I believe in Jesus” … “I believe in Jesus” … will be awakened to smell the roses on their rotten graves … as they are judged by God the Father “who can’t be so easily fooled”!!

  24. Daniel Smith

    Drivers licenses in my state are handed out to illegals first thing we need a alternative national voter id to end voter fraud!

    • Paul ...

      What?? … why are illegals given regular drivers licenses??? … Trump better immediately sign an executive order stating that only “diving permits” be issued to illegals (if necessary on humanitarian or medical grounds) with “Illegal Alien” written boldly across the permit… not given the same official drivers licenses legal US citizens are issued!!

  25. PzBz

    Thankyou, Greg for calling out the communists for what they are. Their modus operandi has always been to use government as a weapon against all opposition. Of course they want to jettison the second amendment; the great wall barring them from realizing their twisted dream.

  26. iwitness02

    Great report Greg. I listened to Kevin Shipps’ three part video on twitter. That too, was a great report. Looking forward to hearing more from him on Sunday. Between you and Sundance over at the conservative tree house, a lot of good information is coming out for those who seek it. As a journalist/reporter, you are working in a target rich environment. So much crime and corruption of all kinds are being exposed day by day. Here’s hoping for peace and freedom.

  27. Mike G


    One of your best friday wraps

  28. Sherrie

    Thank you Greg,

    My daughter is fourth generation to live Orange County California, my family has witnessed the state go from a great and happy place to live to the mess it is today. I often read people’s comments on why is it Californians keep electing the same people who’ve destroyed the state but I’ve never believed this to be true, I don’t think Californians are that stupid, I don’t think those in office here are there via legal voting, I think it’s been rigged for decades.

    I so hope President Trump and his administration will be able to turn things around because due to the election fraud we can’t do it without them. Thank you for all you do.

    Sherrie Gibson

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sherrie for the street level reporting from California.

    • Charles H

      It HAS been rigged for decades. The Liberal axiom of “The ends justify the means” – has propelled political machinery to “insure” retention of power, in the position of Office. It’s a ‘done deal’. Go through all the Voter Registry AND those who count and certify “results”: and you will find corruption of incomprehensible scope. Why do you think they were already printing and announcing Clinton won the Election? The California model wasn’t sufficiently ‘in place’ to insure the Election.

  29. Sue Patterson

    Your Weekly News Wrap-ups are always worth the wait. I share your concerns about the probability of massive attempts to sway the 2018 vote with illegal aliens. This really makes me angry. Illegal aliens have no right to vote for anything in my country! This coming week I plan to call my county supervisor of elections and ask what is being done here to insure that illegals are not allowed to register to vote. If any of your other listeners read this I hope they will do the same. I’m not able to stop election malfeasance in the whole USA, but I can question my county elected official and insist on election registration oversight.
    Psalm 37:7 Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him;
    Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way,
    Because of the man who carries out wicked schemes.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sue for the support and scripture!!

      • Peter Harris

        You still support the orange clown, despite the fact that he exploits and breaks every one of the seven deadly sins?

        You are a perfect example of what Christ said about hypocrites in the church .

        • Sue Patterson

          I’ll pray that Holy Spirit helps you with your critical attitude.

    • Julia

      Thank you Susan for the scripture!

      • Sue Patterson

        Bless you.

    • Russ McMeans

      Sue; if I contacted my local elections office they would put me on hold due to high volume of requests for illegal ballot applications. They are gleefully happy to
      process them as fast as possible. I’m telling you the honest to God truth!
      As for Trump winning the electoral vote in America: he also won the popular vote when you discount dead people, illegals and votes cast in more than one county city & state. !!!

      • Sue Patterson

        That’s tragic. Mine actually are quite open and helpful. We may have an election happening this Tuesday, so I may put off my call for a few days so I can actually get someone. I will post what I find out.

  30. Bob Tate

    Trump to meet North Korean leader:
    From past historic experience US twice derailed talk agreements with North Korea by placing additional last minute conditions making Koreans to walk away. Why would it be different know? US still considers itself as special not equal to all. Bulling attitude did not go away.

  31. coalburner

    Syria is about Natural Gas, Pipelines and Money made from Heating Europe the next fifty years. Look it up!

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Yes…just as

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        …some of the disruption in Korea is about disrupting economic initiatives as well…see above link in response to coalburner.

  32. EW

    Some good points but you’re way off base on the Trump tariffs. Tariffs are taxes on the American people and reduce OUR standard of living. You’ve had Gerald Celente on many times and he gets it right, trade wars lead to shooting wars (when goods and services don’t cross borders, soldiers will). There is no shortage of steel and aluminum to build our tanks and planes (i.e. we don’t have to ask China for these products so we can go to war with them). Please try to get David Stockman onto your show, he’s been all over the last couple days talking about this and does so very succinctly (see below). Please help educate your subscribers on the dangers of tariffs.

  33. Bob Tate

    US Bonds buying chart (steep up, slow down) is reverse to gold chart (slow up, steep down). MANIPULATION of price.

  34. Tracy Welborn

    Just saw this over at SGT.
    There’s not much the governments of the world can agree on EXCEPT maybe one thing – that Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency will not be allowed to operate outside of their control.
    There’s just no way that can allow it to happen.
    The IRS will not stand for it.
    Can’t do anything about it?
    Who do you think controls the power grid and communications?
    Trust me, it’s the government.
    Yes, yes, yes – I think the future of currency is distributed ledger – probably hashgraph – but it WILL be controlled by the authorities. Most definitely so:-)

    • Frederick

      Absolutely The IRS doesn’t let anything get past them that’s for sure

  35. coalburner

    Great job Greg:
    I wanted to point out that people may underestimate the phrase “Presidential National Emergency”. Even though you have made it clear, it would be easy to do because there are so many government buzz phrases that mean little. I worked inside the animal a lifetime and I can tell you those are extremely powerful words for a President willing to use them. There are in all sorts of regulations as an “out” for the President to disregard those Regulations for the National Security of the nation. They go back later and review those impacts. Many may not know but as remote as the Clean Water Act that control things like approvals for the Keystone Pipeline can be issued in a paragraph when it affects the National Security and that is easy to show. No Problem with environmental difficulties and no delays from the USFWS Endangered Species Act, a job killing monster, on the border fence with a National Security Declaration. This President can cover so much ground on his own and make these decisions, like never before a President could or would. That is why we are turning around so fast. The guy is unbelievable and he is fighting for us! MAGA! I believe he can keep the mess afloat for seven more years. What Jerry is talking about is correct but this EO you keep referring too is designed to stop that cold or pay our bills overnight. Let them make their move and the FED and many others will be done forever. All their wealth confiscated. LOL! I been saying freeze Soros, but the President is thinking about Freezing 1100 traitors, not one. Chess to Checkers. LOL! GO Greg! May the Lord Bless you!

  36. wondrouscat

    They, the globalists, want civil war in this country one way or another. They’ve tried to start a race war, an ethnic war, and who knows what else. Now they’ve hit on a good one – the state head globalists, even though they are elected officials, will defy the federal government over illegal aliens and voila – total head to head confrontation. Will this bring troops to the streets of California? Martial order? Do the citizens really care about this enough to support their “let them all in” leaders or will they finally vote them out after stepping in it on their once pristine downtown sidewalks . . .

  37. john duffy

    You knocked it out of the park again, Greg. The commies dirty work is now exposed for everyone to see. They have a foothold in politics, the judicial system, schools and the churches. They will not quit until they destroy us or we destroy them. There is no middle ground with evil.

  38. wondrouscat

    Maybe in time the illegal aliens will start to vote other illegal aliens into office, and the DOJ will have to arrest them all causing mass riots and again voila – civil war. California, Colorado will become anti-Federal – and the United Nations will come to their defense. This is getting ridiculous.

  39. Tim McGraw

    Hi Greg, What a great and emotional report! I agree with Ron Paul that tariffs are nothing more or less than a tax on the consumer. But I agree with all of your other positions. NAFTA can only be read in person in two locations. I believe they are both in DC. Lew Rockwell went to one of the places and read some of NAFTA, which is thousands of pages, for himself. He says that NAFTA is just page after page of special deals for big corporations in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. NAFTA should be scrapped.
    The coming race war in South Africa will be bloody. I just hope it never happens in the USA.

  40. John

    Another week and the swamp is still strong. Clintons, Clinton Foundation, FISA. There is no justice in America.

  41. JC Davis

    Greg your wrap up has been in my mind all day. Just want to say thanks.

  42. John T, People's Republic of California.

    Greg –
    The petrodollar deal with Saudi Arabia required SA buy US Bonds with a portion of the profits. The trade deals with Japan and China required they buy US Bonds with a portion of the profits. I wonder what US Bond buying requirements are in NAFTA.
    Now that China and Japan are dumping our bonds there is no over-arching reason to continue to favor them with an unrealistic currency peg and/or permit commodity and low priced trade goods dumping.
    I’ve come to wonder just how many bad (for us) trade deals included a bond-purchase clause.

    • Paul ...

      Requiring Saudi Arabia, China and the rest of the world to buy Treasury Bonds (because the US fiat paper dollar was the world reserve currency) … was a “hidden tariff” on the entire world (as the Fed printed and inflated the money supply out of thin air) … however the benefit of this “hidden tariff” did not go to the American people (their money was also depreciated as much as everyone else) … instead all the riches generated by this “Ponzi tariff” went directly to the globalist banksters who invented the all fiat paper dollars (out of thin air) and continually depreciated them from 100 cents to 2 cents … now “the very ones doing the most complaining” about Trump’s tariffs (designed to help the American people by bringing factories and jobs back home) “are the evil thieving globalist banksters”!!

  43. Sayonara

    Great news wrap up.
    My comment about this WNW and my biggest complaint and disappointment regarding President Trump is upon taking the oath of POTUS is his failure to send in Seal Team 6 and to take out the greatest economic and social terrorist in the world which George Soros. I have ranked George Soros as a terrorist in same category as Osama Bin Laden for decades. The scary thing is that you ask people who George Soros is and they have no clue. George Soros and his ilk are directly responsible for the current economic and social unrest in the world.
    My gravest extreme concern is that conservative capitalists who create wealth and the greatest standard o f living in human history are being eaten alive by the wicked and evil totalitarian left whose ideology is responsible for the extermination of over 100M people in the last 120 years.
    It is way past time that common sense conservatives get organized and aggressively fight back against the tyrannical marxist democrats who desire to enslave everyone in their evil ideology.

  44. Justn Observer

    ALL JUST A RICH MAN’S TRICK… but we do hope President Trump ..might be different…but since JFK….I have my druthers !

    Diaboli Ordinati Intrepidi =


    • Beverly Kingsford

      justn observer,

      Trump is different than most, but we, the people, have to do our part as well. We can’t just leave it all in the President’s hands. We have to be writing letters to our State legislators, governors, mayors, etc. telling them what you think. The John Birch Society has a really nice website that helps you find out lots of the information you need to know when it comes to sending mail, and they make it easy. We have got to be making our voices heard though, and we can’t just leave it up to a few to do the job.

  45. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Democrats don’t want to “rip apart” the families of illegal immigrants but they promote family law and child support which rips apart the families of men who’s forebears came to the country hundreds of years ago. And Democrats don’t have a monopoly on communism (or stupidity). Republicans are just as bad. If not worse. Remember the idiotic comment by one Republican senator: No one (in the US) has ever died from lack of access to health care.

    • Paul ...

      Just wait for the “new vaccines” that Big Pharma is producing … the body count should rise significantly … as the “new vaccines are going to be made with viruses carrying “non-human DNA” to be implanted in us to alter our human DNA” … if immoral Big Pharma wants they can program right into our DNA code “a propensity for greed, lust and/or murder” … “evil producing vaccines” is exactly what these Satanists want … to create even more Demon-rats (to join their Communist flock) … Trump needs to immediately sign an Executive Order giving all Americans the God given right to refuse being injected with DNA modifying vaccines that will change God’s creation into some Evil Demonic creation!!

  46. StClareSeeds

    Hi Greg,
    I would be interested in your opinion on the following article, the part on North Korea. Maybe in a future post of yours.

    I think the guy is right.
    Keep up the great reporting, wouldn’t be surprised if you get shut down one day either.

  47. Russ McMeans

    Beautiful news wrap up Greg! Our beautiful world of nature and creatures continues to be asaulted by the ugly side of Mankind. As for ugly Jerry Brown and Kamala Harris here in my home state: I wish I could personally throw them in prison for sedition.!
    I have crazy idea that would bring this sanctuary state crap to a quick head: ANNOUNCE AMMNESTY FOR ALL SOUTH OF CALIFORNIA ‘S BORDER. PULL BACK ALL FEDERAL AGENTS FROM BORDER DUTY AND GIVE FREE PASSAGE TO ANY FOREIGNERS THAT WISH TO ENTER. …. let’s enjoy the reaction from San Diego and the Democrats that ensues!
    Of course it would be important to announce a few weeks before so the illegals can pack their bags.

  48. Russ McMeans

    i.e. if Calitopia wants amnesty, give them the lawlessness they deserve. I’m up near Tahoe, so I can bail out to my sister’s place in Nevada. My wife will be stuck in an increasingly bad neighborhood up in doper liberal Humboldt county. She’s in love with a stupid pretty house up in doperville. You should see the local town discussions on medical marijuana clinics here. It’s a complete joke! So much for Americans producing anything of real value!

  49. Chip

    Greg, you were on fire in this WNW! Simply awesome… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Chip for the kind words and for your support.

  50. Tad
    Ann Lee made a point on Friday’s RT that American companies located in China might be adversely affected by tariffs on imports to US.

    The point of tariffs is-in part- is levying on the products origin, regardless of the products birthright (American owner or his politics back home).

    Moving production to low wage nations and not feeling the consequences later on never entered their psychology.

    Perhaps former Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn and his Goldman Sachs influence and globalist views is why he’s gone.

    Asked and answered.

    In other news, Democrats schedule a Friday news conference to announce a compelling need to raise taxes– after the midterms.
    I saw the farce, and no mention of spending cuts.
    Their base must be thinking their in a parallel universe: Mr. Trump wants me to keep more of my income and Democrats are are playing in way left field-everywhere and every topic.

  51. Tad

    The episode of RT mentioned in previous post.

  52. Tad

    I like the program’s possibilities if we’re talking about anyone other than illegals. Like unemployed and homeless veterans, for starters.

  53. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Two words : SPOT ON!!!

  54. John

    FYI – went to purchase Gold today – it is flying out of the store per the dealer. People buying 10 ounces at a time! I bought my usual ounce and they only had 2 ounces left. These guys are large dealers in the Charlotte area.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your street-level reporting from the Tar Heel state!!!

  55. DerStan

    The Dems will cheat, they have in every election in the last fifty years. Our elected republicans know this and they will do nothing to stop it. The republicans are only in politics to enrich themselves and they prefer to be the minority party so they have an excuse as to why they cant do anything. We lose Texas to illegal voters and we lose the nation…

  56. Billy Roberts

    The history has always been. Seems were entering stage 2.
    1- Currency War
    2-Trade War
    3- World War

    Remember Japan only attacked America after trade sanctions that was there response with Pearl Harbour. I think this is a very dangerous time for America i get the sense that Europe, Russia, China and other countries will work together against America.

    2 major problems for USA
    1- China and other nations getting rid of US Dollars in response. This will cause the dollar value to drop and confidence in the dollar will b bige issue. other countries not trading in US Dollar.
    2- Sea gates- this is where America is at huge risk. Around the world China and Europe have control of Seagate’s that connect the world together. Foreign countries could block seaports to America and also not allow American ships through gates. Major Major risk.

    Greg – i thankyou for mentioning the White South Africans. Pls interview Simon Roche from they need our help to raise money.

    • Greg Hunter

      Keep posting updates here and I will approve.

  57. Norbert Reiser

    Hi Greg!
    you are super in your details and wrap up. But look for this journalist and his blog

    • Norbert Reiser

      Hi Greg !
      I got switched off by “Stasi”
      Look for Arthur Heinrich Stern Jornalist ( your college) he has a blog like you, See I hope you can translate this website
      Cheers Norbert
      God bless you all real thinking Americans and hope the fight against evel! And hope some one can translate this website!

  58. Norbert Reiser

    Hi Greg !
    I got switched off by “Stasi”
    Look for Arthur Heinrich Stern Jornalist ( your college) he has a blog like you, See I hope you can translate this website
    Cheers Norbert
    God bless you all real thinking Americans and hope the fight against evel! And hope some one can translate this website!

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