Mind Boggling Treasonous Acts Exposed and Punished – Mark Taylor

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Former firefighter Mark Taylor, author of the popular book “The Trump Prophecies,” correctly predicted President Donald Trump would win the 2016 election.  The day after Trump’s historic win, Taylor predicted there were going to be “military style tribunals” to clean up the massive corruption in Washington.   Now, with revelations of bribes by Russian agents given to the Obama Administration in a shady uranium deal, a rigged primary by Hillary Clinton and an Obama Administration “plot to destroy Trump,” revealed in a new book, is there any wonder why former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is calling this “the biggest political corruption scandal in U.S. history.”   Against this backdrop, the “military tribunals” predicted by Taylor do NOT look farfetched now.

Taylor says, “The Lord started working with me about two or three weeks before the election. He kept telling me there’s going to be military style tribunals because the length, the depth and the scope of this corruption goes big, it’s going to boggle people’s minds.  I can’t believe how big this is.  Folks, put your seat belts on, this is going to be going on for years.  These military style tribunals are going to have to take place because this thing is so big that, right now, we’re just scratching the surface. . . . It’s going to take military style tribunals to handle this because these are treasonous acts that are taking place right now.  You are seeing treason on a scale that has never been seen before in the history of our country because of how many people are going to be involved.”

Taylor also points out, “America is not under judgment. It is the systems that are under judgment right now. Whether it’s our political system or judicial system, the immigration system, and even the church is under judgment right now.  If you are a leader in this country and you are corrupt, God himself is going to expose you, and he will remove you. . . . The day they arrest Hillary Clinton, do you think she is going to go down by herself?   No way.  She is going to sing like a bird.  What you are seeing right now with Donna Brazile and Hillary Clinton, you are seeing the enemy turn on one another and devour one another which is Second Chronicles 20:21 and 20:22.  That’s where it talks about in the Bible where the enemy turns and devours one another.  Notice those numbers 2021 and 2022, which was the New World Order timeline to have America captured.  God is saying right now, ‘No, that’s not going to happen.’  The enemy has his timeline 2021 and 2022, and God is saying, ‘I have my timeline,’ and God does not go by any man’s written timeline – period.  God has stopped the enemy’s timeline.  So, you should just strap in.  This is going to get bigger and bigger.  The exposures are going to continue to keep coming, and these military style tribunals are going to take place.  You’re even seeing Hollywood getting wrecked right now.  This is just the beginning.”

Taylor has a new prophecy involving five former presidents (Carter, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama) that all got together recently at a charity event to trash President Donald Trump. The predictions given to Taylor from God are not kind to any of them.  Taylor explains this latest prophecy in the interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Mark Taylor, author of the hit book “The Trump Prophecies.”

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After the Interview:

You can find all of Mark Taylor’s prophecies for free on his firefighter equipment website called SORDRescue.com (Special Operations Recovery Drag). Click here for all the prophecies.

Click here to buy a copy of his popular book “The Trump Prophecies.” It is a compelling book that gives you Mark Taylor’s story telling about his 20 year firefighter career and the trauma and stress of his lifesaving job.  It also includes insights and stories leading up to Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory.

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  1. johnh

    Did he really say that God will call two of them Home??? to Heaven?
    Will they repent and ask for His forgiveness first?

    • Carol Biedermann

      johnh, 2 will be taken, 3 will be shaken.

    • Tuaca

      Hey Greg, in order to take care of that cold – get a low heat humidifier and use one part hydrogen peroxide and one part water to get rid of it!! Virus and bacteria can’t live in an oxygen friendly environment /;-D

    • Cindi

      No, he didn’t say they’d be called home. M Taylor said “two would be taken.” Translated- Two will die. He never implied where they’d spend eternity.

  2. Paul ...

    Whether it is military tribunals or corruption committees … Trump should follow the lead of the Saudi’s … and empower a military tribunal or civilian committee to arrest those putting their personal interest above the public interest and funneling public funds into their private bank accounts … every government official (previous or current) who engaged in such behavior … regardless of their status in government or in a civilian position … should be held to account based upon the criminal evidence!! … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-04/shocking-purge-saudi-king-arrests-billionaire-prince-bin-talal-others-anti-money-lau

  3. Boston Custer

    Roger Stone , The Stone cold truth_Donna Brazil_ Clinton, Obama, Democrats Future, Open Phones Current Events
    Truth bomb’s keep marching along!

  4. Ned Kelly

    South Carolinian’s sing’s and dance, D I X I E!
    The Mason-Dixon Line________________________

  5. Robert Peter Bailey

    I have watched and listened to Mark Taylor, I know by watching him speak that he loves the Lord Jesus Christ, ( I watched Greg and Mark ) on You tube ! I would like Mark, to read Daniel 4: 17; “ The Most High Ruleth in the kingdom of men”. Any or all the Prophecies that Brother Mark Taylor, has in his book, The Trump Prophecies, unless we let the Spirit of Prophecy, that continues from The Holy Spirit, in all aspects of our lives we are in danger !

    In 2 Peter 1: 20, 21; says, No Prophecy is of any private interpretation by the will of man, but Holy men of Old times were moved by the Holy Ghost. KJV. I think that Brother Mark Taylor, has been moved by the Holy Spirit, to give his witness, to the evil and wickedness in high places in the US political mechanism of government during the last several years !

    Not just during the 2016, time period ! I have tried to share with Greg Hunter, my 37 years of research evangelism about Rev 13: 11-18; but for whatever reason that is beyond my understanding brother Greg, does not see it as I do ? That in these sared and deeply prophetic words in verses 11-18; of Rev chapter 13 , The Word of God, with other vital Scripture texts such as Daniel 11: 40-45; backs up the self interpretation of Scripture itself
    reveals your nation the United States of America, in Bible Prophecy!

    Why do people like Greg, who loves truth, and honesty and the rule of law does not see and understand this great Truth in these verses and chapters, only the Lord Jesus, knows the reason ! How can many Christian brothers and sisters, don’t see and understand, that your foundation of your country and nation hood, the greatest nations that ever was in the history of this world, was founded on the principle of religious freedom, built on the words of Jesus Christ himself :- “ Give to Cesar the things that belong to Cesar, and give the things that belong to God”; your Constitution was built on these words from the lips of Christ himself found in the New Testament!

    Why should not the Great God of creation, not have your nation the USA, in these Prophecies of the Word of God, in Daniel 11: 40-45; and in Revelation 13: 11-18; after all it was these great Prophecies from the Old and New Testaments, that made me a Christian Evangelist way back in London, UK, in 1980. I was a Buddhist, before the Spirit of God, captivated my mind, and showed me marvelouse things out of his Law !

    I have been an Evangelist to the nations of the world, self supporting now with my employment of Nursing the old and the sick, and preaching and teaching this Everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ for nearly 37 years ! In closing I have been through seminary training in the U.K. and I was educated within my Theology and History degree, in the Science of Theology, the principle word of Hermanutics, which simply broken down in layman’s language this word Hermanutics is the science of Prophetic interpretation!

    Meaning if you study the Bible, you bring in all other Bible texts on any given subject, and then you will have all scripture explaining the real and true meaning of any given Bible texts ! Put simply The Scripture is Interpreted by Scripture, The Holy Scripture IS SELF Interpreted by its self, in fact The Bible speak about How to Study it “in Isaiah words Line upon Line, Precept upon Precept, here a little there a little, these words from Scripture explains HOW to study The Word of God, and HOW to obtain the correct meaning and understanding to build a correct framework of Bible Doctrine,

    This is how the Protestant Reformation from the 16 Century started , Luther in Germany or then it was known as Saxony, The Holy Spirit, opened Luther’s Mind, and he saw the truth of these words from the Book of Romans, “ The just shall live by faith”. This is the rule and the real tool how a Christian can see and understand why your nation has been put in The Word of God, please contact me for further information, sorry for this very long reply. Amen.

    • Paul ...

      RPB … how about we study these profound words from the Bible … “The meek shall inherit the Earth” … the only way to bring this to pass … is to deny the evil people with murderous tendencies the right to bear children … by eliminating their rotten murderous genes from the human gene pool … the world will gradually become a better and better place “filled with loving and caring people” … spay the women who murder their unborn children, castrate the men who abort 18 yr old children in wars for profit and castrate the pedophiles who murder children children for pleasure!! … that is the only way to to fulfill God’s words[The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth] … simply “forgiving these evil bastards” is not going to change the world for the better … unless we castrate them at the same time we forgive them for child murder!!

  6. This Sceptred Isle

    Robert Lykens please read this…

    “Given that Iraq had no usable chemical, biological or nuclear weapons that it could deploy and was not about to attack the coalition, then two tests of a just war were not met: war could not be justified.” Gordon Brown


  7. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Mr. Hunter.

    The entire world needs to be exposed.

  8. Ron Spoon

    Not going to happen… None of those people will ever be prosecuted.

    • Paul ...

      Well if they resist prosecution we will just have to take them out!!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Not in military or civilian courts with JAG judges….too much corporate $$ involved protected by the brotherly love at the top brass.

    • Gordon Carpenter

      It will definitely be divine intervention if any get indicted. I would then know it was a supernatural occurrence – and only then. Being Canadian, I hope GOD has mercy on this country and cleans house of the globalist king ruling in our capital – Justin Trudeau the traitor.

  9. Brian Colarusso

    Mark JUST talked about this in his video!! WHAT!! are you SERIOUS!!!


    • Macray

      A little confused here. Isn’t Jay Greenberg and his Neon Nettle website the one’s that published

      Obama To Pardon Hillary Clinton Before Trump Presidency President to block Trump from charging Clinton


    • Frank

      Brian, there is a lot of fake news on that site. Check out their claim that “Obama will pardon Hillary before Trump presidency”. You need a better source for your news.

    • Lynne Barrett

      Unfortunately, true. Nothing to see here, move along.

  10. H. Craig Bradley


    I think Rabbi Jonathan Cahn would disagree about it just being our “systems” or some non-personal causation. Rather, its the entire Federal government of the United States and all of its political subdivisions, as well. That also means in particular “the people”. To say otherwise is a clever self-deception, as we are all culpable for our country’s policies and actions and we will all pay for them to, not just for our “systems”. Before you can honestly confront any kind of problem, you first have to define it. Nebulous systems really is an artful dodge. Bottom Line: We are all individually accountable, separately and collectively. That’s just the way it is with the Higher Authority.

    • Paul ...

      HCB … Yes … we are all culpable for our country’s policies and actions … and we will all pay for them … this is why we must reject the claims of the Deep State neocons for the establishment of a NWO in which national boundaries are eliminated … and where Islamic immigration is allowed into any part of our country the way it is currently allowed in Europe … the Europeans should pay the price of Islamic invasion as they were instrumental in allowing the Holy Land to be given away and divided up … but we here in America did not take away title to any Islamic lands … thus we regard Islams claims to our land and free welfare benefits here in America as a grave menace to our national, political and economic life (so we need to build a wall) … if there is anyone with a claim to take back American land (based upon them living here 2000 years ago) it is the American Indians (now stuck on reservations) not the Islamists!!

  11. Todd

    Thank you Greg for bringing us Gods Truth. We live in a time of deceit and deception. God is truth. God is about to enter the seen. We need to be prepared! God is our only salvation. If we stand with God we have nothing to fear!!!! God is eternal. He is our true Father. He has sent His Son, His only begotten Son to save us. He loves us as only a Father can. God bless you and all your listeners. Todd

    • Paul ...

      Seems God foiled the evil Deep States plan to take down the entire internet worldwide … shows Satan’s power is being diminished (only sporadic internet take-downs in the US … Europe was taken down pretty much completely … and only limited areas in Russia and China were affected)! … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-06/comcast-users-report-massive-nationwide-internet-outage

      • Paul ...

        On the other hand … perhaps taking down the internet is not that bad an idea … because Comcast is putting G5 internet routers in peoples homes that give off highly cancerous radiation “without telling the homeowner” that their internet router is being used as a “cell tower” … now that is “pure evil” … to radiate the fathers, mothers “and their children” with deadly radiation that creates brain and other cancers and does massive genetic damage to their DNA codes … for what? … fiat money profits? … these evil Comcast executives should all be castrated!!

  12. jc davis

    Greg. Some of the biggest names in traditional retail have closed more than 5,000 stores this year amid slumping sales and increased competition from online sellers like Amazon.

    I hope the Rosie picture Make believes comes true, yet I don’t see many jobs coming back. With the dollar loosing influence around the world in trade. Looks bleak to me.

  13. Rob

    Hi Greg!
    You have got to bring Lynette back on as her latest video is very informative:

    Please remember that cleaning up some of the cesspool will keep the peasants pleasantly preoccupied while they move us toward the cashless society the scriptures clearly prove must come to fruition for total control:
    Revelation 13:16-17 And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    The left right paradigm has worked well for years but now its time for the powers that be to move us to the good verses evil paradigm where their own who appear to be good take down the more evil within as their are plenty of patsies such as the Clintons that TPTB can afford to lose and nothing will change at the IMF and central bank level:
    Isaiah 5:20-21 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! (21) Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

    This is all coming down from the throne room:
    John 3:27 John answered and said, A man can receive nothing, except it have been given him from heaven.

    Love in CHRIST! Rob

  14. jc davis

    Speaking of the book of Revelations, not the entire group of the bible books.
    And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

  15. Russ

    Excellent discussion Greg. They will turn on each other; Donna B. is just getting out in front and positioning herself to not be the one thrown under the bus.

    Had to watch it on YouTube, bummer. (YouTubes’s interface won’t let me go picture ib picture.).

    • Paul ...

      Russ … here is a random thought I just had … what if all this “coming clean” about Hillary not being “the legal candidate” … is a way for the Demon-rats to say “the election was illegal” and Trump tossed out of office because Trump ran against “the wrong candidate”? … and that now a new election must be held … where Trump must run against Bernie?

  16. T.Bone

    Support Our Lawsuit To Expose
    Checked out one of your ad’s and thought I might share it with the gang here at USAWatchdog.com

    Illegal Intelligence leaks
    Help Expose The Deep State!

    Washington doesn’t want what the American people want.

    There is a deep state, shadow government, in place, a government staffed by recent appointees or hires of Obama. There are lots of Democrats in the bureaucracy, and lots of Republicans, who think they know better than President Trump and are willing to thwart the rule of law.

    It’s not just Republican vs. Democrat or Conservative vs. Liberal. It’s the Washington Establishment vs. the people!

    They will go to virtually any lengths to maintain the status quo and the public corruption that erodes our Constitution. We’ve seen this with the reckless disclosure of communications intelligence information aimed at destroying President Trump’s national security advisor, Lieutenant General Mike Flynn.

    This is all part of a political smear job by the Washington establishment who are rightly terrified of President Trump and the “swamp draining” that he has promised. They are actively organizing against him and subverting the rule of law!

    Fortunately, Judicial Watch aims to get to the truth behind these crimes. We filed a lawsuit against the CIA, the Department of Justice, and the Treasury Department for records on these illegal leaks!

    Sign the petition to support our lawsuit against members of the shadow government actively subverting the will of the people!

  17. George

    Mark Taylor is a good example of Natural Law in action, God’s Law the highest law that transcends man made law. He is also an example of the difference the action one individual can make politically when he gets involved, it would not take many action oriented individuals to turn this, mess, injustice, corruption, treason, usery, satanism around. Good work Greg, thank you

  18. Solomon



    The reasons that PT has to utilized US Military Tribunals are;
    1. Treason is involved.
    2. Most all of the Federal and State Judges are corrupt and part of the problems. That is specifically why facilitators of evil were groomed and selectively placed as judges and key courts.

    For starters, I desire to see all the Bush Crime Family Members, kildabeast, slick willy, Barry Soetoro, and “Michael”, in orange suits and chains before a military tribunal. First, all of their financial backers and all of the Shylock Banksters have to be arrested before they can escape justice.


    Every layer of the constructed evil pyramids requires dismantling.

    After their trails they can CHOOSE a remaining life on this planet of hard labor shackled in a multiple chain gangs laboring as road maintenance crews OR crawl a very long gauntlet line where their many victims or family members will be standing on both sides.


  19. H. Craig Bradley

    Another aspect of National Decline is everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is in on it one way or the other. What we Americans do is talk out of both sides of our mouths and then often receive the same from our elected representatives. Yes, we complain about illegal immigration, but then we go out to restaurants that on occasion employ them in the kitchen. At home, we hire Mexican gardeners ( “Mow, Blow, and Go” ) and maids commonly in many American Suburbs. A number of them are illegal, yet we knowingly hire them anyway and then say want a “Wall”. Who is kidding whom here?

    Another example of who is at fault when a whole nation fails is Germany, which was utterly pulverized by Allied Bombing at the end of WWII. Every German, both “good” and “Bad” suffered because at one time, most ALL Germans voted for and supported Adolph Hitler because he turned the economy around. Sound familiar. People easily sell-out and won’t admit it.

    • Paul ...

      HCB … are you saying Trump is like Hitler because he is turning the economy around?? … shouldn’t you wait to see if he invades other countries first and starts WWIII?? … he is not Hitlery yet!!

      • H. Craig Bradley

        The Devil wears Blue Jeans.

      • Paul ...

        However look at what is going on between Saudi Arabia and Yemen (now after 3 years of Saudi bombing of their country Yemen lobbed a rocket back at the Saudi’s) … will this be taken as an excuse by the Saudi’s for overt war against Yemen and Iran?? … the US does not have to get involved … Constitutionally the US just can’t just go in and invade Yemen … unless a “false flag” is staged here in America that makes it look like Yemen attacked America … but I think Trump is too smart to fall for a Yemen false flag attack on America … as that news would be just “too obviously” fake … like when bldg 7 fell at free fall when never even being hit by a plane … how many times can they “pull” … the wool over our eyes and think they can get away with it?

  20. Diane

    Can’t believe a church would purposely destroy history. Shameful

  21. Paul ...

    You know … Trump should set up military and civilian corruption tribunals to go after not only those working for the Government and doing evil things … but bring to trial evil corporate enterprises like the MSM and the internet companies that deny the truth being told … and also bring to trial evil corporations like Monsanto that genetically modify God’s creations without his permission and remove the very seeds of life from God’s creations … as for those abortion clinics that slice living babies apart in the womb … close them all down (if women don’t want children they should submit to a “castration operation” whereby they give their permission to have their ovaries removed) and stop the slaughter of all these innocent babies (who can’t go out and buy a gun to protect themselves from terrorists with knives)!

    • Paul ...

      Any women that walks into an abortion clinic to have her baby killed should “automatically be spaded” … why should American taxpayers be paying to have children killed by women who are essentially “mass murderers” (cavalierly visiting the abortion clinic every time they get pregnant and need to murder another child) … do women have a “moral right” to kill babies?? (and don’t tell me Hillary said it is alright!!) … isn’t it enough that American taxpayers pay “men politicians” to create wars to “abort” our 18 year olds … in their immoral non-stop continual wars of “mass murder” they love so much? … does lining ones pockets with dirty money make killing legal?!!

      • Paul ...

        Trump … lets take all the neocon men who promote and start wars (and castrate them) … and take all the women that have abortions (and spade them) … and I bet in a very short amount of time humanity will return to its moral values and become more like God the Father wanted us to be!! … only Satan delights in killing babies by abortion and young children by war!! … if the rule (No Women – No Children) is too much to achieve … I’m willing to compromise and make the rule just (No Children) for now … with the hope that eventually one day the rule will be (No Men – No Women – No Children)!!

        • Paul ...

          As for Bill Gates putting sterilization ingredients into his vaccines (to stop all the abortions and achieve population control) is an outright violation of a woman’s Constitutional right to bear a child (if she wants one) … since when does he have the right to deny women (who may want children) from having babies!!!

          • Paul ...

            It is so damn easy to set things straight Trump … just sign an Executive Order that any women who enters “a taxpayer funded” abortion clinic must sign a form that allows doctors to remove their ovaries along with the fetus!! … and sign an executive order that all Military officers who abort more then say ten(10) young men in battle must submit to being castrated!! … and lets see how fast the abortions and the wars stop!!

            • Paul ...

              Oh … that’s not fair … as women will then claim the right to be able to kill ten(10) fetus’s … equal rights you know … how about just giving women and men the right to kill five(5) children? … but then the pedophiles will say they are being discriminated against for having to submit to castration for killing just one(1) child … so the only “fair number of killings” is “no killings at all”!! … God the Father had the number right when he stated … “Thou Shall Not Kill” period!!

              • Paul ...

                Now some people women, military men, pedophiles and Satanists may get all indignant … and say castrating men and spaying such people … is cruel and unusual punishment “for simply killing children” … well it is not as cruel “as a life for a life” … doing so (castration and spaying) simply removes the ability of people who have no morals about killing children to carry on their “bad genes” … eventually the human gene pool will contain only the people who look upon child murder with disgust and being a totally evil abomination!! … “selective breeding” in this way is not like the “genetic manipulation” Monsanto does (which is to remove the seeds of life from the entire population” which is total genocide!!

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        My experience as a crisis pregnancy counselor was that husbands and parents pressure for abortions more than mothers. Boyfriends take the option for granted and don’t even offer to pay. You are ferociously hard on women, Paul. It takes 2 to tango. Would you demand castration for the men as well? Abortion is a serious operation and very unpleasant with many emotional after affects. How many young mothers have you helped? How many babies have you helped raise that might have been aborted? Middle class married women have most abortions in the USA.

        • Frederick

          Yes I know ALL too well My Catholic raised ex wife had four against my wishes while we were married and I worked very hard and earned a good living and could have easily afforded them so I guess I’m an anomaly Deanna

        • Paul ...

          Yes Deanna! … castration for men as well (if they kill a child) [i.e. men pedophiles and neocon military men who purposely start wars for profit] … there can be exceptions made … like for women who were raped or had non-consentual sex (in such cases the men will be castrated and the women given the right to an abortion without spaying)!!.

          • Paul ...

            Understand … I am not removing the right of a woman “who did not have consensual sex” to choose to have the baby “if she wants it” … that’s how we got Jesus!

            • Paul ...

              I’m thinking we will also have to castrate and lock up the evil scientists at CERN, Monsanto, etc., etc. … where Neurological Labs are now taking the brains of fetuses (from mothers who think it is alright to kill their babies) and implanting the fetus brains into mice (who become more intelligent but have the genes of a mother who thought nothing of killing) … what are these scientists planning? … to weaponize these intelligent rats now with some additional cannibalistic genes and have them invade countries we don’t like?? … http://www.iflscience.com/brain/mice-part-human-brains-are-smarter-their-peers/

              • Paul ...

                Mouse traps are not going to work against these “Demon-rats” who can easily burn down your house … and can be designed to be as vicious as the Demon-crats currently trying to take down our Nation with a “color revolution”!!

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          Thanks for the good replies, ya’ll
          Frederick, I have heard that situation often. The wife and her “health practitioner” collude with a dnc procedure, perhaps for a supposed miscarriage.
          I’m so sorry. Catholics have the most abortions of any faith, Jews the least. Wish I understood more…

  22. Tim

    Nonsense. Anyone who claims to have received extra-biblical revelation is a fraud. Period.

    • Kal

      I agree. I have been hearing these sorts of claims since the 1970s. Funny thing, those old predictions are rarely heard today because most of them did NOT come to pass. IMO, it is an act of desperation to grasp onto the few predictions that may have come reasonably close to being accurate, while ignoring the rest.

    • Matties

      “As for the accuracy of Mark Taylors predictions : http://www.remnantofgod.org/Trueprophets.htm
      Deuteronomy 18:21-22
      “And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken? When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

      As the status for any christen :
      Michael S. Heiser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soWg70VJ5QM
      Jeremiah 31:31-34
      31 “The days are coming,” declares the Lord,
      “when I will make a new covenant
      with the people of Israel
      and with the people of Judah.
      32 It will not be like the covenant
      I made with their ancestors
      when I took them by the hand
      to lead them out of Egypt,
      because they broke my covenant,
      though I was a husband to[a] them,[b]”
      declares the Lord.
      33 “This is the covenant I will make with the people of Israel
      after that time,” declares the Lord.
      “I will put my law in their minds
      and write it on their hearts.
      I will be their God,
      and they will be my people.
      34 No longer will they teach their neighbor,
      or say to one another, ‘Know the Lord,’
      because they will all know me,
      from the least of them to the greatest,”
      declares the Lord.
      “For I will forgive their wickedness
      and will remember their sins no more.”

      • Paul ...

        The children of Israel (including Christians) from the least to the greatest “know the Lord” for he has written his words in your hearts … listen to your heart … and know right from wrong … you can’t go around removing the seeds of life from God’s creations … you can’t be putting human brains in mice … you can’t do QE to infinity, etc., etc. … stop all the wickedness … and the Lord will remember your sins no more … don’t stop the blasphemy … and the Lord will have no choice but to end this world in “fire”!!

    • Tracy Welborn

      I’ve received revelation straight from the holy spirit. Many people have.

    • Paul ...

      Does this mean that anyone who thinks for himself is a fraud? … thinking is a God given ability … so all our thoughts are basically from God … but in addition God gives us the ability to choose which of our thoughts are good ones and which of our thoughts are evil ones … and it is “our” responsibility to reject the evil thoughts! … like “should I kill my unborn child”? … or “should I press the red button and create a nuclear holocaust”? … “should I do drugs”? … should I take advantage of people with a Ponzi scheme? … “should I print money and give it to my bankster buddies”? … etc. … etc.!!

      • Paul ...

        Perhaps God’s message had to do with Saudi Arabia Princes? … not American Presidents? … God has already called two(2) Crown Princes “home”!! … I bet Bush, Clinton, Obama, etc. are all praying Mark Taylor mis-interpreted God’s words!!

      • JC Davis

        Paul the man antichrist will come preaching logic, and reason. He will have power to back it up with proof. Don’t be deceived- (Not to say you are). He will not come as a man in darkness. Never, but never believe a man is right on anything. We see threw a glass darkly. Mark is in my mind a man that seeks God, has dreams and visions. yet the spiritual realm is open to devils to misguide the good ones. There is a reason we must become like a little child to enter Gods right way.
        We will win when we care more for God then our own lives. This looking to the Don to help me is not for me.

        • JC Davis

          Greg Wednesday will be new interview. Could be any crazy changes happen over night. Count this future post another waste.

          • Greg Hunter

            Don’t have anything new for Wednesday.

            • JC Davis

              Get well Greg soon In the name of Jesus. I don’t know of a time you missed a interview without telling us first. You must be sick. Be well.

              • Greg Hunter

                I just took a bit of a break and I let the Mark Taylor video breath as it has important info on it. Taylor has bee right on the money with his prophecies. Sourcing and overt facts are backing him up.

                • jc

                  Warn me before you change my diet.

    • Daniel Jantzi

      Jesus said that whoever believed in him would do the things he has done and would do even greater things ~~~~ so how is it that Mark is doing anything extra-biblical; and I would be very cautious calling him a fraud ! Check it out in John 14:12.

      • Kal

        Daniel – There are 36 recorded miracles of Jesus … and many of them are amazing. Walking on water, raising the dead. We also read about the Apostles doing many mighty works – healings, raising the dead.

        Yet these later day claimants do little except talk. Where are the “greater things” that will confirm the words of these later days prophets? Since the invention of the phone camera which can reveal facts, even the ‘miracle’ claims of the spirit churches seem to have miraculously disappeared. Now that is a miracle.

        • Paul ...

          Jesus Care was totally “free” … unlike the “abortion” Obama Care (that takes an arm and a leg) … Jesus “raised people” from the dead … Obama “put people 6 feet under” with his “death panels” … I bet there were a good many “health care practitioners” back then who supported the “money changers” in getting rid of Jesus … just as today the health care industry and the banksters want to get rid of Trump!

    • Tim


      I am a Christian, but I think Taylor and others like him are frauds.

      • Greg Hunter

        Do you really think I would push fraud on this site??

        • Tim

          No, Greg. I think you lack discernment.

          • Greg Hunter

            So sorry “Tim” my track record says different, and I don’t hide my identity when I trash someone.

    • Dave


      I completely agree with all your points, and heck, I am a practicing Catholic! The last few minutes of this interview were complete nonsense. Excellent guest Mr. Taylor is, but, honestly, who believes decades of malfeasance by one’s own country stewards, should be rewarded with a clean fiscal bill of health. Thank you for your unbiased and clear opinions.


      • Paul ...

        Dave, Sharon … we don’t actually have to default … we can simply give a “precious stone” to pay off all our National Debt … Trump can sign an Executive Order that transfers title to Mount Rushmore (a “one of a kind” giant precious stone “piece of art” depicting four(4) US Presidents) to the banksters for $20 Trillion dollars! … presto … all our debt is gone and the banksters hold title to some very unique and valuable art!!

        • Paul ...

          Now if the Demon-rats want to take down the Mount Rushmore statues as being “racist” … let the banksters defend their property against explosive demolition as they failed to do on 9-11!!

    • Greg Hunter

      So if we are that bad, why do you come here?

    • Greg Hunter

      I am proud of my faith, but I also have some basic math skills and the math says the debt (not only in the U.S.) will never be paid. You better watch out, NZ debt is on the rise too. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11873204

    • JungianINTP

      Sharon, I once was a staunch atheist, too, who could defeat any Christian believer in the mental combat about existence of spirit. Then, out of nowhere, came spontaneous OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES, which made me think of mental illness! One day, while in a bookstore, my wife came rushing up to me with a book, which described the exact same “mental illness” I had had. That book changed my life–and my understanding about what we humans really are : “We are more than a physical body,” which is what the biblical Jesus came to teach by his death and resurrection. The book mentioned above is “Journeys Out of the Body,” by Robert A. Monroe. Get the book–and be forever changed, Sharon.

      • Greg Hunter

        Wow “Jungian,” love this story and I thank you very much for sharing it!!! Jesus is real and it is scientifically sourced and documented. What you did and shared will bring more people to Christ than anyone ever could.

  23. Doug C.

    Great interview. There is a great article on The Millennium Report outlining how the whole “Russian investigation” by Mueller is all just a scam to bring out the real collusionists. Namely, Clinton, Obama etal. It is a great read and is all coming true.
    This is finally about to come out in the open. It is all tied together with the influence peddling, pedophilia, and bribery that is so out of control in DC and the rest of the country. Donna Brazils book……Huge info. bomb. Seth Rich was even mentioned in her book. Nice to see some more info. come out about how he was the one that passed emails onto Wikileaks and was killed for it. Scary stuff for insiders. Keep up the great work Greg. You do every one in the Western World a great service.

    • Chip

      Wow! If true this is huge! Chip

    • Jodyp

      This is very good info. I still don’t believe top dogs will see jail time, but being exposed will be huge. And Jeff Sessions? Hopefully we’ve been wrong.

  24. Russ

    Donna Brazile Says She “Feared For Her Life” After Seth Rich Was Killed
    What’s that cute term? It is pronounced, “Arkansawd”

    Apparently Donna B figured out quickly that it wasn’t a botched robbery…

  25. Wendy Bryan

    For some reason, the live interview option is not on the post. Love your work Mr. Hunter.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s up not Wendy. So sorry my mistake.

  26. C

    It was a great interview from utube. It would be interesting to observe MSM kicking n scream all the way down their rabbit hole, unfortunately I don’t really take the time to listen to their nonsense.
    Thank you for all you do and God bless the work you do.

  27. andrew citsay

    GREG..Anxious to watch Taylor video..I have some rare free time NOW at 12:45 Sunday afternoon….HOW LONG TO GET IT UP TO VIEW ???

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry Andrew, but I messed up and did not check to see if the embed took.

      • JC

        Nopodys nurfect.

  28. Justn Observer

    Greg, More stuff coming down about Hillary Clinton and other journalists that deserves attribution for parts the breaking stories alluded to in your interview here…
    Strong suggestions insiders in law enforcement and have a video of Hillary having a Myra Breakenridge event like Rachel Welsh and a cowboy? About an old law firm of the Clinton’s…and ‘secret’ questioning by congress of FUSION GPS principles that the people are not being allowed to know about corporate officers hiring Russian spies to set up Trump and his son? Interesting side notes to the unraveling of Uranium One and more?

  29. Tad

    Some comments on the tax bill before Congress:

    1) Widespread regulatory overhaul has likely reduced elements of cost-push inflation if and when this bill is approved. No one could give you an inflation number, but one could say that removal of obstructions has reduced lead time for projects which may have never been considered or heretofore cancelled.

    2) I contend that the overriding element driving the federal budget is welfare costs due to illegal immigration. If certain reforms are legislated and enforced to dis-invite the un-invited, one could only estimate in hundreds of billions the cost savings, therefore, a dis-inflationary construct would assert itself near the beginning of an economic uptrend as evidenced by said tax bill implementation.

    3) How does one deal with dollars overseas? One could rely on presidential arm twisting/patriotism or a pep talk about saving a nation we all grew up in, and a little less concern for well heeled shareholders.

    4) Obamacare seems to be fading into oblivion: a natural death. Only a free market solution exists, realistically. Until the immigration problem is fixed-with or without a wall and rapid reforms, well. . .it’s all about gold and silver, isn’t it?

  30. R Scott

    Mr. Taylor,

    Although I pray that these evil deeds and individuals will be exposed and brought to justice I am disturbed when you state they sold their souls to Satan. My brother have you no knowledge of one of the Bible’s greatest books? Ezekiel 18-4 – Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die. Our Father owns all souls and they are not for sale. You may be a good man and maybe God is speaking to you but when you speak in ignorance I must question you. Please recognize that I only wish you and all God’s children love but if you are to engage in (representing the Father, preaching) remember also I Peter 4:17 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? Brothers and Sisters if you speak God’s word please speak in truth from the King James Bible, for to not speak in truth may cause another to stray and your words may be responsible. And finally you will ask why do I say the King James Bible? I will say to you: read Ezekiel 13-20 in the King James (Wherefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against your pillows, wherewith ye there hunt the souls to make them fly, and I will tear them from your arms, and will let the souls go, even the souls that ye hunt to make them fly) and then read Ezekiel 13-20 in the NIV( ‘Therefore this is what the Sovereign LORD says: I am against your magic charms with which you ensnare people like birds and I will tear them from your arms; I will set free the people that you ensnare like birds). The Words are changed to cloud the meaning(there is no rapture), but only in the King James is this clear. God’s children must not be deceive. Finally please remember as written in the King James Bible, Revelation 18-21 (18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: 19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.
    20 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. 21 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

    • Tracy Welborn

      Liten up R Scott. Everyone knows what “sold you soul” means.

    • Paul ...

      “The soul that sinneth … it shall die” … exactly why castration and spaying is necessary … to prevent the people with “bad genes” (child killers) from procreating and spreading their evil moral code to the next generation … we are not preventing a women from “her right to choose” to kill her unborn child … or men who choose to kill in war for money … we (who don’t kill children) “also have a right to choose” (to stop the souls that sinneth from making more of their kind)!!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      It is a very solemn, dangerous thing to ascribe private messages to God…or to a saint. I’ve had answers to prays like that but they were always short and full of kindness…never punishment, which is opposite to everything Jesus came for. I would be very afraid of “quoting” Jesus, the Father, Mary unless I was absolutely sure and the words were a confirmation of scripture. One I am sure of was on an Easter morning from Jesus, “Heaven is about the charm of beautiful desires for other people.”

      Our country, our republic, has turned around…lumbered slowly away from the wreckage. We should be thankful and remember those in Sutherland Texas who are Christian martyrs with crowns of glory…may God have mercy on whoever shot them.

      • Paul ...

        Mercifully shot dead … so his evil seed can’t ever find its way into the human gene pool … where we desire beauty and kindness from each of us!!

  31. Truthy1

    WOW ! Can it really be coming to a head ? Fantastic revelations, Greg ! All Praise to the Father ! Your Brother for all time, Donald

  32. Greg Hollister

    For all I know Mark may be a end time prophet. Time will tell. However, having spent over 35 years being very involved in the church, be very skeptical of anyone saying they have heard directly from God. My experience is they have something to sell or are working an angle.

  33. Southern Girl

    satan must not want the video to be seen. I did a search on youtube and was able to pull it up under the title- The Enemy Turns & Devours One Another. Were there is a will there is a way.

    • Greg Hunter

      I was my mistake. I did not check to see it the embed took and of course it didn’t. So sorry.

  34. Kim

    Thank you for you for a great interview!! God bless!!

  35. H. Craig Bradley

    Beware of False Prophets !

  36. Mike

    You must be under attack. No video available today

    • Greg Hunter

      Not this time Mike. I did not check to see if the embed took. My bad. So sorry for the inconvenience.

  37. Tad


    While some site members are unfamiliar with US military in Africa, this article provides an introduction.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      We are there to further and guard American interests…like the giant fishing ships scooping up the ocean and taking all the fish from the Somali fishing villages…destroying their very livelihood for McDonald’s and Burger King, etc. The same story everywhere…EVERYWHERE. And when citizens complain or form a group, they are labelled “pirates” by our media, which very definitely HAS sold its soul.
      Our corporate charities sell cast off clothes by the container ship to poor countries, putting local seamstresses, weavers, and shops out of business…..so we nice people can feel good and pat ourselves on the back. Coca Cola and Pepsi invade and buy out local soft drinks and fruit drinks, then kill them off. Don’t like it? You’re going to get our military to MAKE you drink he crud.
      No wonder “Peace” is now a curse word by all politicians!!

  38. Mike R

    The Saudi’s, along with the NSA, are going expose all of the criminal actions, perpetrated by Bill Clinton, Both Bushes, and Obama. They along with many inside today’s government, and ex-government employees that were part of the deep state’s minions, will also be arrested, most of whom will be convicted of treason against the US, and prosecuted using military tribunals. Trump will use the military to do this, hence ONE of the many reason’s, he has General Kelly in the position that he is, and at his beck and call. Many in congress will also be arrested, so it will be impossible for anyone to impeach Trump. They and others in the media will be charged with attempting to overthrow our government. The helicopter blowing up with 8 Saudi officials and the many recent high level Saudi arrests is a pre-cursor to this massive Executive Branch action. Multiple CIA, and FBI officials will also be arrested as well. NSA has compiled enough evidence to charge everyone of these people that will be charged. http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2426.htm

    • marcus

      Nice read very direct .

      • Paul ...

        I must give Trump credit when credit is due … supposedly according to the above article … the NSA was given a secret warrant 3 months ago by President Trump authorizing them to search for and find potential criminal sexual offences committed against women and/or children by all those in Government, Hollywood, the Main Stream Media, etc., etc.!! Bravo Trump!!!

  39. Gina M Mancarella

    You want to talk about treason ? You want to talk about corruption ? Well Michael Flynn will be charged this week. Jared Kushner will follow that. Next will be the Donald who will be led frogwalk-grip style out of the white house to face high crimes and misdeameanor charges and ultimately impeachment. Greg, you can say Nyet Nyet Nyet all you want, but in the final analysis, read em and weap !

    • Greg Hunter

      You did say Hill would win in 2016???

      • Frederick

        Ginas predictions ain’t doin so good

      • Tad

        I find Gina very entertaining to read. Can you help her (he) get a job at CNN or MSNBC ? She’s wasting valuable internet space.

      • Macray

        Gina Gina Gina

      • Frank

        Not only that Greg, but Gina also “guaranteed us” that even after Trump won the election, that “he wouldn’t take office on Inauguration Day”. LOL. It must be hard for Gina to be so wrong, so often.

    • Justn Observer

      Gina…. Watch this…enough said…
      Satan and Serpent Cults of THE ESTABLISHMENT of THE NEW AGE ….
      Story of elected Democrats that channel the dead: https://youtu.be/0EX2tQ6PbGI
      Things you might not know about Eleanor Rossevelt and that Hillary talks with the dead frequently?
      Troublesome there is so much out there people are un -aware? of… or are you Gina?

    • Flattop

      Gina: You are one sic puppy. Someone needs to take you to the vet for your rabies shot

    • Justn Observer

      Gina, Since you seem to be so attuned to what is up at the DNC…could you help understand this anatomy of international fraud shown in this new release and trail of the papers of the Clinton Foundation shown here? I know it’s lengthy… 2 1/2 hours… but a clear and concise video and whiteboard layout of all actually lack of legal documents and illegal acts vs. the stated use of ‘purpose’ for 501c3 of their foundation and Clinton Library functions… Can you show or tell us …why… this money garthering was done in this manner? Charles Ortel seems to have a clear case of illegal and inappropriate conduct of the whole Clinton group including that donated and took deductions illegally ….knowingly or not…leaving how many people exposed …not only federally …but state by state it appears …from illegal contributions and illegal tax right offs? https://youtu.be/bxOOxew4BV0
      As to your concern about Michael Flynn… in comparison to the above… what IF he might have made a phone call to an entity days before or after he was actually apart of the campaign is up for review it appears… but fails in comparison to the systemic fail for decades of illegal filings, purposeful use of contributions for other than stated reasons, and lack of filing ‘foreign agent’ notices as well? Honestly – I only know what I am ‘learning’ in such investigations by much more knowledgeable people…many that are attorneys and accountants…but with you so close and so protective of the Clinton and DNC rules of accounting …maybe your enlightenment of what IS …is could change this ””preception”’?

    • Paul ...

      Good to hear your “random thoughts” Gina on the matter of treason, corruption, sedition, etc. … so we can more “accurately define” our thoughts on what constitutes the crime of treason and sedition … now lets see … Soros and the Demon-rats creating an Antifa revolt, disturbance and violence across our Nation … against our lawful civil authority (the police) … with the intent to overthrow our government … “is Sedition”! … and Demon-rats in Government intent on helping to destroy our country’s institutions and our Constitution (particularly the 2nd Amendment) in opposition to their “official duties” to support the Constitution … “is Treason”!!

      • Paul ...

        In case you didn’t get my drift Gina … Trump did neither!! … however the Demon-crats “have done” both (Sedition and Treason)!

    • Bob

      Greg, block Gina until she provides info. This is pathetic.

    • All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump


    • Mike R

      Gina – this one’s for YOU !
      “When Trump was asked if he’d consider firing Mueller, he responded by stating he was confident he’d be absolved of wrongdoing. If Mueller is so corrupt and intent on protecting the Clintons, like so many on both the right and the left believe, why isn’t Trump sweating? He alluded that he’s not even thinking about firing Mueller. Not only is Trump a man of his word, he’s rarely ever wrong and his instincts are killer. It also should be noted that Mueller is a decorated Marine who served in Vietnam and has received many medals including the Purple Heart.

      Mueller was hired to investigate Clinton, period. If my theory proves to be correct, this will go down as one of the most brilliant sting operations in history.

      Liz Crokin is an investigative journalist and the award-winning author of Malice.
      Read more here at https://www.sgtreport.com/articles/2017/11/8/how-mueller-president-trump-are-pulling-the-biggest-sting-in-history

      Your ‘hero’ Hillary should look pretty ‘bright’ in her Prison Orange Pants-suit ! And she does love those ‘pants-suits’ doesn’t she ??? Do you by any chance also wear Pants-suits ? Gina ? People who actually think Trump is dumb with all his Twitter rants, and constant Twittering, have zero clue how this guy is the master of distraction and entrapment for the enemies who wish to take him down. Mueller is methodically executing according to what Trump knows he would do, without Trump even having to tell him how to do it. The Mainstream Media continues to take the bait for all of this, hook, line, and sinker. Trump knew they would do that too, which will make the outcome of all of this, even more relishing for those of us who recognize how truly crooked and treasonous both Clintons have been. After Brazille, and many others are distancing themselves from Hillary and Podesta, wouldn’t surprise at all to see even Billy boy, and Chelsea ALSO eventually distancing themselves from Hillary.

    • Charles H


  40. Butch Poss

    Greg what happened to the interview today? Mark Taylor?
    Have you been identified as an enemy of the state or something? Hope not.

    • Greg Hunter

      No I made a mistake and did not check the embed. So sorry Butch.

  41. Paul ...

    Interesting how helicopters with hired mercenaries (the Saudi’s use all the time) were used in the Las Vegas shooting (one was caught on film shooting) … the fact that the shooting was “restrained” to such “few” casualties … is likely because it was meant as a warning to Trump (to play ball with the Deep State/Saudi/Bush/Soros/Clinton criminal elements “or else”)!! … perhaps the Saudi helicopter that just went down today was Trumps response?!!

  42. Lee

    Greg…..where is the video…..nothing coming up in Western Australia? Are things OK over there?

    • Greg Hunter

      I made a mistake and it is up now. So sorry.

      • Frederick

        No problem Greg but I was getting alittle worried about you

  43. Rick Hester

    There have been reports of Hilary going to California to participate in witchcraft.
    Watch for a trail of mysterious deaths. The evil cabal will not cease with their standard method of operation…..Vince Foster, Seth Rich, etc.
    Man alone cannot clean up the mess. It will truly take repentance and prayers for God to make the changes.

  44. genocidal politician

    the deficit of religion in the 21st century educationally driven empirical evidence derived structures is it requires lots of imagination,
    21st century extremists and political deviants pursue the same route, collective consciousness to achieve belief systems imposition,
    facts and evidence really don’t matter,
    nor should they…

  45. Jerry

    The last vestiges of western central banking controls are being removed to make room for the gold backed petro Yuan benchmark.

    Once again China and the BRICS alliance rush in to fill the void as the western axis of power leaves the middle east. Folks this is what it looks like when a dying empire turns on itself. Just like a wounded animal caught in a trap, it chews off its own leg. The first hint should have been the potential sale of ARAMCO to the Chinese. I see it all the time when I buy depressed properties from landlords. There comes a point when assets become liabilities. With petroleum prices being below $60. a barrel for the last three years, the Saudi’s have reached that point. A deal with China IS forthcoming.

      • JMiller


        I just want to correct the misinformation coming from several ALT media sources who imply that fake gold bars are being made by the Canadian Mint. These fake gold bars in fake certification cards have been around for several years. The gold bar in question was not made by the Canadian Mint but was made in China. Someone either sold the fake to the Royal Bank of Canada who in turn sold it to that Ottawa jeweler or someone who works at the bank replaced a real gold bar with the fake one. Not a big deal like some ALT media sources are making it out to be.

    • Macray


      Just one question for you from this Gold equity investor, if I may? Is $1,400 Gold Coming Soon?

      As a Gold equity investor, I am rooting for the paper price of Gold just to rise to $1400/ounce or more! As most who follow this market know, the last time gold reached $1,400 was in 2013. I know all those legendary Gold mystics out there calling for some astronomical numbers, but I am just rooting for $1400 first! And I have to confess, I was not born with those mystical powers possessed by so many in the Gold community.
      I have talked with over 150 gold companies,( juniors, mid tiers and majors) just in the past 3 months alone. Most, not all, believe $1400 gold will have a really major positive impact on their share prices.
      For those that wish to do their own “simple” homework and confirm for themselves, I highly recommend going to a Gold show that may be coming close to their neighborhood in the future. The companies that set up booths are there to talk with you about their companies. But I assure you that if you have 5 or 10 general questions about the gold market that you wish to really learn about, do a couple hours of work! Its amazing what you can really learn. Yes, you can call individual company PR departments, but there’s something about being face to face with a person that you are talking with that you are not able to get with just a phone call.
      AND yes, they all believe the gold and silver markets are manipulated. They are not stupid. Many don’t like talking about this, but they know. And they they know that they are unable to call when and what the gold price will be in the future. They will tell you this too!
      My favorite group in this Dull Gold market we are currently living in are the junior gold explorer’s. But I do follow them all!
      Juniors companies are the ones usually looking and finding new discoveries. In general, they all believe the best value they can receive for their gold assets is about $100.00/ounce in the ground. And that is tops based upon a great justification, as well as water and electricity nearby.
      When gold reaches $1400, all of a sudden they can visualize over $150 an ounce. I have heard as high as $175/ounce. If and when gold goes to all time highs in one’s lifetime, then it goes up considerably from there. But to be honest, I do not waste my time on those figures because I should do very well with Gold reaching $1400!!!
      Thanks Jerry for any insights you may have here!!!

      • Jerry

        I see that day coming once the Chinese have drained the COMEX of gold. Then they will reset the price. We will know more before the end of the year I’m sure as deals are put together with the Saudi leadership. Whoever that turns out to be?

      • Gary

        Macray, as a holder of physical gold, and silver I would like to comment on miners.
        “A gold mine is a hole in the ground with a LIAR on top”
        I have made some good coin over the years and lost some good coin on miners, to many pumpers who make the reco to buy to their subscribers , then they sell their private placement.
        The ONLY annalist on juniors that I would trust is Eric Coffin
        out of Vancouver, and believe me you got to pay for his picks.

        Attending a resource show, which I do in Vancouver, and PDAC in Toronto, “is a weakness of mine” I love the atmosphere where the CEOs, come out of the bush, they are usually geologists who have a stake in the company, and they are there to tell you how wonderful their company is.
        The same pumpers, Pr firms, can rep several gold juniors, and these same guys, have rotated from the Uranium, Mollly, days
        to the current Gold, Molly, Lithium, juniors.
        “When a Geologist behind a booth pulls a 44 magnum out of her purse” who has been working in the Yukon you know your at the right booth.

        • Macray

          I very much respect your comments on miners. And for the most part, I completely agree with you.

          There are thousands of junior minors out there, as you know, and I have probably spoken with close to a thousand of them over the past few years. Of all of those, I own a significant amount in one and have minor positions in 2 others.

          You state “The ONLY annalist on juniors that I would trust is Eric Coffin out of Vancouver, and believe me you got to pay for his picks”.

          For me, the ONLY analyst that I would trust for my investment dollar is me.

          • Greg Hunter

            First, I would not invest in any mine unless they sent me the stock certificate for me and me only to hold. If a brokerage holds it you might get into trouble if the crap hits the fan and the brokerage goes under and there are going to be some brokerages go under in the reset. I never pushed Eric Coffin as I do not know who he is. I personally would buy and hold the metal. All the best to you.

      • Paul ...

        “The silver is mine … and the gold is mine … declares the Lord of hosts (Haggai 2:8) … so why shouldn’t we be using “God’s money” in our everyday transactions? … instead we use the Fed’s fiat paper note (their IOU) … but gold and silver is (God’s IOU) … now who should we trust more to preserve our wealth? … the Fed or God??

    • Newman

      Indeed, Jerry.
      Whatever this all means.
      However late the hour…


    • Jerry

      Nothing to see here. Move along.

      So the international banking systems are converted. The patches are patched. And the quantum satellites are orbiting. So what’s the holdup? Why haven’t they pulled the trigger on the global currency reset? It turns out Rob Kirby was right. Nothing will happen until every last drop of gold has been pulled into the vaults in China and the SGE. China wants to reset the gold price. You know about the golden rule, right?

      • Macray

        That is most logical.
        On another note, Pepe Escobar is reporting THE DEAL

        From Pepe’s Facebook posts,
        Even the White House has confirmed that Trump and Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman were on the phone slightly before or during the Night the ongoing purge that is taking place in Saudi Arabia.
        And a crucial deal was indeed struck (later hinted at by Trump); the Aramco IPO will be in the NYSE. Forget about the Chinese buying 5% of Aramco. All bets are off that Xi and Trump will talk about it tomorrow.

        Keep in mind, Trump has told the world that he is solely responsible for the historic market rise in the US markets, so I would not put it past him if he told Mohammad what the Aramco share price will reach in 2018. What effect this will have on the potential Petro Yuan with Saudi Arabia, we also may have to wait and see.

      • Paul ...

        Jerry … perhaps the Globalists are finding it difficult to do a re-set that will bring in a One World Currency because Russia and China are not on-board … Russia and China are looking to link Karta Mir and Union Pay to defeat the One World Currency plans of the Globalists … their goal is not to have ONE dominant world currency … by having “an alternate money system” will stabilize the Global Financial System … hence the Globalists who want a “complete collapse” of the global financial system … so they can bring in their SDR (world currency) … are having problems with the timing of their re-set!! … this is probably why they want a war with “both” Russia and China … and their latest military moves to attack Iran and N.Korea!!!

    • Jerry

      Like I said, “the dollars days as reserve currency are numbered”.

  46. Dave

    Good People
    Please don’t forget the NUCLEAR TRIGGERS to China during the fund raising for the second Clinton Presidential election.

  47. Gary

    I love it when you have Mark on thanks Greg

  48. Alannon

    So its about time we admitted all this doom and gloom investment advice was incorrect as we have missed out on some incredible gains in the market!

  49. Son Won Seong

    Everyday still unbelieving ! Mueller sit right next to big white elephant in the room and no recognizing white elephant fart. No understand why only Trump people prosecute and Hillary laughing all over. Donna Brazille telling everybody the truth about Hillary cheat Sanders but the peoples get angry with Brazille???? That smart ???? I don’t think so. DUMB !!!

  50. The Seer

    Nice to have a different guest and outlook.
    As for the abortion issue, bear in mind that souls fly in and out of the womb
    constantly. A woman is not murdering a child when under difficult circumstances
    makes the choice to have an abortion. At that point the soul leaves to insert itself
    into another womb that works with it’s soul and karmic path.
    I also would like the “men” of the world to bear responsibility in impregnating women
    and not being there to support the raising of a child which further drives women to
    abortion. A woman would not become pregnant unless the “sperm” is shot into
    her cervix. Why aren’t men wearing condoms? Why don’t more men get vasectomies which is a minor quick out patient easy solution? Where is the “pill” for men?
    Why are women always subjected to being the only responsible party?
    So, know that there is no murder and that the soul understands the procedure and flies
    out to go to another womb selected with it’s spirit guides/angels.
    For those women who have had abortions, please relieve yourselves of the awful pressure and guilt placed by others upon you. You have had to make a hard choice, have had to go through the weeks of the after effects physically and emotionally. Be in the blessing that your potential soul union did not take place and that the soul has moved onward with the divine guiding it to it’s next destination. Blessings!

    • Paul ...

      Seer … you have a different view of what constitutes the “soul” … the “soul” is a unique entity like our DNA Code … it is what sets us apart from everyone else … your view suggests all our “souls” are one big blob in Heaven where we don’t have an “individual” defining self … where the souls of everyone is just a mixed up mash flying in and out without identity! … for example … when God created a grape … he put a definitive “soul” into it (the grape seed) … when he creates a new fetus in the womb … he puts a definitive “soul” into that child (its DNA Code) … they way you suggest things … we don’t have individual identities … but our souls must be different from one another … how else can God punish evil souls and reward good ones!!

      • Paul ...

        As for vasectomies … it can be a useful option for birth control … however the “castration fix” is for outright pedophiles, rapists and warmongers … we don’t want these evil people to be able to reverse the process and get their genes getting into the human gene pool!! … by “selective breeding” in this way we can create a society that is finally “human” … “selective breeding” this is not “genetic engineering” where the attributes of “other species” are included in our own … we remain human … but a better breed of human!!

        • Paul ...

          We have the ability to “modify humanity” beyond recognition … to make us better and less evil then we are now … lets get on with it!! … http://listverse.com/2017/11/02/10-foods-that-have-been-genetically-modified-beyond-recognition/

          • Paul ...

            And soon … we will see among and within all of us us … the face of Jesus Christ … his return will be reflected in all the faces of humanity as we finally look kindly upon one another in a world peace that is absent war and the premeditated killing of women and children!

  51. Flattop

    GREG: A Question.
    Read in my local paper that George Soros brother died. Was it of natural causes, or did someone bring it about??

  52. Tommy

    We will be judged not only for the evil we have done, but also for the times we saw evil and did nothing.

    • Paul ...

      It’s about time we get started doing something about it … hopefully Trump is a new beginning for all of us (as long as he can resist the neocon Deep State warmongers and keep them from starting WWIII)!!!

  53. Flattop

    I can not tell you how excited I am about what God The Father is doing in our nation. I am beginning to realize that He is the one who is draining the swamp, and doing it through our President. If God is the one doing it, it will surely be drained, dry.

  54. Michael

    when you get time please watch https://rutube.ru/video/35f47363af9ce3fd35be7126d3e225ee/
    posted on http://thesaker.is/

    Thank you for being an honest journalist.

  55. Justn Observer

    Going beyond the smoke and mirrors of the MSM… star players Hillary, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Podestas, Terry McCulliff and on and on according to Crowdsource?
    The Dilyana Files ( feeding ISIS ARMS loop): https://youtu.be/Jt7Z3XFrzOg
    A road map to the Oil, Illegal arms, Sex trafficking, drugs, organs dealing….?
    Looking back… Crowdsourcing, Jason Goodman opened up topics that now seem increasingly relevant…. the Strange deaths of Joseph Rago , Julie Fuergson, (Miami / cuba /Haiti/ chile immigration attorney bringing in children EB-5 visas / FUSION GPS and Peter Smith ?
    Clinton foundation ties to Russian pharma and Abbot, sex slave market in Benghazi that Christopher Stevens objected to … Jeffery Epstein flights … Hillary’s odd trip to same airport just days before Ron Brown plane went down? INBEV… many oddities around international mergers being ‘approved’ by ‘someone’ at the State Dept. ? arms build up in Columbia? Crazy stuff… ISIS buildup in South America… remember the building of strife in Venezuela, Columbia, FARC and designs on taking down Panama Canal by Florida Marquis’s (ex-military intel guy) you tubes links?
    These a must watch for those who like to connect dots over time rather than the more ‘immediate’ emotional events used to distract attention….
    Google PROJECT ZERO?
    Pictures tie Seth Rich ties as possible relative of Warren Buffett?: @ 3:26 = https://youtu.be/Q6Qu9746rtc
    Operation Paperclip II : https://youtu.be/938ADeabETY

  56. FreeOregon

    Military style tribunals imply martial law comes first.

    I do not want to guess the trigger.

    • Paul ...

      I’ll submit a guess … Deep State helicopters (with mercenaries aboard) flying over populated areas in each State firing machine-guns and killing people by the thousands … with a Yemen flag waving in the breeze (to try and get us into a “new war” in the Middle East) … hopefully Trump is too smart to be bullied into war … and will implement the tribunals with all the force of law!!

  57. Hugh


    Sorry, but no one is going to be punished for all the crimes. Its the same old story. All the people on Clinton supposed hit list, a Supreme court justice killed, Hillary and all her crimes, Soros, Hollywood corrupt as ever, the DNC, Haiti official killed when coming to testify, 9-11, building 7, all the crimes on wall street…….etc, etc, etc…….. Nothing has changed, sure we here about it, but that is it. Its the same old story, its like ground hog day and keeps getting worse because they know they will not be punished and can get away with things!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      When did you just give up Hugh?? You are doing what they want you know

      • JC Davis

        O k Greg. We gota get into it. I have been watching this oligarchy control everything all the way back to JFK. I think it is by and caused by the fact that we don’t sit our ass down and refuse to work. The only hope of real change is to stop the oligarchy running the world. Sit down all over the world. What would they do ? Bomb us they lose.
        It is the fact of life we are their slaves when we use their currency. False hope is no hope.

        • JC Davis

          Greg a few interviews back I said there is no hope. Humans are too complex to be able to see the evil that has been forming the world and how to deal with it in one mind. Jesus is coming.
          Site make sure Jesus knows you. It is not as important that you have knowledge of Jesus . It is everything that Jesus knows you. Obey the spoken word in your soul.

        • Greg Hunter

          Do you understand why Christ Must return. I think you do.

          • jc

            Greg, Peter refused to let Jesus wash his feet. Jesus said if I don’t wash your feet you will have no part in me. We must obey the written word. Their comes a time to obey the spoken word. His way of separating the washed from the unwashed.

    • JC Davis

      Hugh you nailed it big time buddy.

      • JC Davis

        Hugh one morning I went to feed two homeless drunks passed out on rocks at a cliff. As I stepped onto the rock they were on ,to wake them , and feed them I could not take the next step to wake them. My heart said put it down. So I did, and walked away. My spirit from God said inside me you did that for GOD ALMIGHTY. My hope is in the next life. That day I knew I / little me made God Almighty smile. Life is worth it. Best moment in my life. To make God smile.

    • JC Davis

      Hugh I posted this on another spot, meant to post it for you.
      Greg Wednesday will be new interview. Could be any crazy changes happen over night. Count this future post another waste.

  58. Dan the Man

    Ok. And WHO is going to call these military tribunals?

    • JC Davis

      Dan. THANK YOU
      We live in a world of sheep’s, and no wolves. The evil flee when no one is chasing them.

      • JC Davis

        Had to do it Dan. Vote for me and I will raise Andrew Jackson, my cousin from the dead. He will kill the bankers.

        • JC Davis

          Greg do I need to send you some money to post this to Dan the Man ?
          Just let me know if you need help.

          • JC Davis

            If any two agree as touching any one thing it will be done. John 17 That we be one with God as Jesus was one with God. His prayers always got answered good.

  59. Tin foil hat

    This article is for Jerry and it’s google translated from Chinese.

    On November 5 local time, a large-scale anti-corruption operation broke out in Saudi Arabia. Four incumbent ministers, more than 10 former ministers, and 11 princes have been arrested by the “Corruption Commission” under the command of the Crown Prince. In the ensuing personnel changes, Mohammed Tuvchriti, the deputy minister of Saudi Arabia’s economic planning department who publicly declared “considering using renminbi for financing”, was promoted to the position of chief official. This can be an unexpected good for Beijing.
    Analysis, the RMB into Saudi Arabia, as will further deepen the financial ties between Saudi Arabia and China. Given that energy and financial officials from China and Saudi Arabia also met intensively in mid-October to hold discussions on China’s settlement of oil imports from Saudi Arabia in RMB. Once Saudi Arabia agrees with China’s proposal, the oil dollar status will be in jeopardy and the entire international financial market will also have a chain reaction.
    The promotion of Mohammed Al-Tuwaijri will be the catalyst for the process. The coup d’état brings good news To the outside world, Saudi Arabia’s “fight against corruption” has shown another layer of meaning because of its leaders. Because it was ordered by the King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, to be run by prince Mohammad bin Salman. Accompanied by four incumbent ministers, more than 10 former ministers, and 11 princes were arrested. In addition, the Prince of Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz also died in a plane accident on the 5th and this series of turmoil has opened the eyes of the world. However, many people in Europe and the United States have no interest in the civil strife in the Middle East royal family.
    After all, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries have only established their own state of power in petroleum. For example, after visiting Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump, who visited Japan, immediately wrote a statement on the social network that he had called the Saudi king. However, he considered only Saudi Arabia’s “Saudi Arabia National Oil Company “(AMIC) went public on the New York Stock Exchange, emphasizing that this was” very important “to the United States. However, the political situation in Saudi Arabia may not make Mr. Trump happier. In the meantime, Beijing is surprised to find it unexpectedly.
    Al-Eqtisadiah, the Saudi media, disclosed on the 6th that Armenia’s board of directors and former Saudi treasurer Ibrahim Al-Assaf have been arrested. Adel Fakeih, the Saudi minister of economy and planning and the well-known “reformist” figure, was also dismissed. Fakhli, who is a deputy at Fakhh, publicly declared his position as “working in renminbi for financing” and was therefore promoted to full-time employment. This is undoubtedly good news for Beijing, who is seeking “PetroChina Renminbi.”
    According to the “Petroleum RMB” information on how long it has been shown, from the beginning of 2017, the political and financial circles in Saudi Arabia, represented by Tawi Jili, have indicated this to Beijing more than once. By August 23, Chinese Vice Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli visited the sand, the Riyadh authorities even emphasized “willing to consider some overseas financing through RMB to further promote the financial cooperation between the two countries.” Given the incident that followed the re-establishment of King Salman, Beijing’s role in the eyes of the new Saudi government can also be imagined. Related reading Saudi anti-corruption night arrest 11 princes break the brother and the most powerful 80 debut In fact, compared to the protracted “Amoco listed New York” case, the Saudi side has been prepared as soon as possible to reach the oil transaction RMB settlement and other actions.
    Energy and financial officials from China and Saudi Arabia even met intensively in mid-October 2017 to discuss the issue. At present, China has started to amend the terms of the oil trade agreement with Saudi Arabia. Beijing also considers paying in RMB with Saudi oil trade. Prior to this, the Shanghai Futures Exchange has successfully completed four tests of crude oil futures production environment, these oil futures contracts denominated in RMB, can be converted into gold, plans to be listed before the end of the year. Previously, Carl Weinberg, a well-known economist, has asserted that China will “urge” Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil producer, to settle its crude oil in RMB, and once the Saudisar is loosened, the entire crude oil market will be the only one to look forward to. To the dollar. The reshuffle by the Saudi cabinet will undoubtedly become a catalyst for the process.
    From multi-dimensional news network http: //www.dwnews.com … 1510027503531 …

    • Paul ...

      Breaking News: War Declared on Saudi Arabia … seems the Deep State … seeing the Saudi’s moving closer to China and Russia politically … and moving to clean out the corruption within their government … has decided to effect a “regime change” in Saudi Arabia (by using its puppet government in Lebanon to declare war on the Saudi Kingdom) … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-06/verge-catastrophe-saudi-arabia-says-lebanon-declared-war

      • Paul ...

        The first thing the Deep State banksters will do is bomb bomb the Saudi oil wells … so as to drive up the price of crude … and thus bail the big banksters out of their losing oil derivative contracts!

        • Paul ...

          With oil wells burning in the Middle East and the price of crude rising does anyone really think Harry Dent’s prediction of $700 dollar gold will soon be a reality? …

          • Paul ...

            Of course the Deep State will spin the narrative that it is Iran behind Lebanon declaring war on the Saudi Kingdom … seems like an obvious false flag to me … Iran should be “very happy” with the current Saudi regime which is moving closer to Russia and China politically and is now beginning to sell its crude for Yuan!

    • Jerry

      Thank you Tin Foil Hat.
      Just like a duck on a pond. On the surface you don’t see anything. But below, the knees are churning. Its about to get real.

  60. Paul ...

    Hey Demon-rats … it was the Second Amendment that brought down the Texas Church shooter … parishioners carrying guns fired back at the shooter … and when the shooter ran the parishioners chased him down … and shot him dead!! … any Demon-rats who speaks of taking away our guns … should automatically be denied (by Presidential Order) the right to hire private security guards!! … https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/several-casualties-reported-texas-church-shooting-n817751

    • Paul ...

      To deny US citizens their Second Amendment right to defend themselves “is an Act of Treason” … the punishment should be “Equal Justice Under the Law” and deny all these Demon-rats “their right to protect themselves” … President Trump should sign an Executive Order that automatically denies these Democrats (calling for gun control) the right to buy a gun … and also deny them the right to hire private security for their own protection!! … http://thehill.com/business-a-lobbying/358868-democrats-renew-calls-for-gun-control-in-wake-of-texas-church-shooting

  61. Buffy V.S.

    It is truly mind-boggling that you and your viewers continue to harp on and on about Clinton, while Mueller’s team of 18 lawyers has just arrested THREE Trump campaign advisors for criminal activities connected to Russia and the Ukraine. You are all obviously in total denial that you helped to elect a treasonous puppet of Putin. Oh wait – look over there- something else to distract you from your sheer idiocy! Hahaha!

    • Macray

      Harp, Harp, Harp!!! We didn’t realize this was so emotionally exciting for you! So lets continue Harping!!!

      When Donna Brazile begged Hillary Clinton to find Seth Rich’s killer, Hillary “blew her off”

      Donna Brazile was ordered not to discuss Trump Dossier: “I Was Told I Did Not Need To Know”

    • Frederick

      Buffy( Gina) we wouldn’t ” harp on ” about Hillary if she would just go away To Leavenworth preferably and take her so-called husband and Weinstein with her

    • Paul ...

      Hey Buffy … Mueller’s team of 18 lawyers should be arrested for treason … what is truly mind-boggling is that you are on the traitors side against American patriots who want to lock up the crooks, perverts and warmongers!!

  62. Tad

    What an interesting day to be a fly on Vladimir Putin’s wall. Mister Putin makes a call to Shinso Abe discussing regional peace and prosperity objectives. This is the day after the Trump-Abe meeting in which Mr. Abe received an earful on anything from US Treasury purchases, upgrading military hardware, assisting in overthrowing the DPRK regime.

    What a level of cognitive dissonance (or stress) Mr. Abe must be experiencing.

  63. Bill

    GREG: A couple of thoughts.
    A gun is like a parachute. If you need one but don’t have one, you wont ever need one again.
    We are advised to not judge all muslims by the acts of a few lunatics. However, we are encouraged to judge all gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics
    We are always hearing about Social Security running out of money. We never hear anything about welfare or food stamps running out of money
    We cut benefits for our veterans, no pay raises for the military, and reduced the size of our army. But no sopping or cutting back on payments and benefits to illegal aliens.

  64. Tad

    Why, to reduce our “trade deficit” with other nations, must the POTUS press the issue of exporting weapons as a consumer good?

  65. Justn Observer

    Greg…. Appears The Uranium One Ratline- might have a length inception and and massive structure? Any wonder why so many Senators and Congress want the investigations to fade away and go nowhere – like maybe back to them? lol
    Attribution to= George Webb… Maybe some viewers here would like to help fund his efforts and costs he is incurring to get this into court ?
    1 https://youtu.be/6WRjkyHKmqM
    2 https://youtu.be/98BKZ9P6ZXs
    3 https://youtu.be/8Xj5opPXS5A
    4 https://youtu.be/M5D3nn9wHRg
    5 https://youtu.be/6DePDBV-3WA
    6 https://youtu.be/EnhHIL1hYm4
    7 https://youtu.be/i6ptrKwU9kU
    8 https://youtu.be/XDZhiNeVeKI

  66. Tad


    Another timely piece by Bill Holter. The Saudi relationship with Russia and China only succeeds if the CIA and other American-based NGOs are either expelled or arrested and charged with doing an Iran, circa 1953.

    • Paul ...

      Excellent analysis by Holter … Trump accepts the petro-yuan … while the Deep State says “no way” and pushes for WWIII … we sure need God on Trumps side!!!

  67. Justn Observer

    Greg – more breaking and why MSM will not help…they and many others in on the dis-information – and LACK of coverage for vested interests?

  68. Jennifer Ohman

    Hi Greg,
    Mark referenced a Ken Clement, whose “prophecy” was that…with one stone a USA leader would take care of our debt. I have heard Trump say that he loves to work the banks and he has worked them, indeed. People are always siting his multiple bankruptcies. He said during the debates that he had taken advantage of the laws that existed to benefit his businesses and his family. “If you don’t like it”, he said to Hillary on stage, “then change the laws. You wrote them.”, alluding to the fact that she was a law maker.
    And as you referenced, Pres. Trump essentially said, after the devastating hurricane hit Puerto Rico, to a reporter, “your friends… Goldman Sachs are going to have to kiss those loans goodbye, because Puerto Rico can’t pay it.” He had no qualm in saying that.
    I have felt all along that he wants to build up our country’s infrastructure and to get the wall built and to build up our military, even though our nation’s debt is so high, because he would be more than willing default on our debt, IF we have to. Just like he did what was good for his business and for his family, he would do the same for his (our) country and his American family.
    He has expressed many times how we (USA) have financed the needs of so many countries without their fair contribution. I believe that if the US had to, he would essentially “TAKE” what we gave to them in the past by defaulting on this debt. They would still accept it because they would have no choice and because without a strong USA the world would not be a veery safe place.
    It may not sound pleasant, but if it”s necessary and good for our country, I believe that THIS is the STONE that Trump will throw.
    The stone is not what Mark suggested, namely, Trump, through his policies, will grow the economy and through this strength, poof… the debt will be paid.
    Thank you as yours is my favorite news site on the web.
    Kind Regards,

    • Greg Hunter

      I have a different take. Trump did not get a bailout like Warren Buffett and the rest of the creeps on Wall Street. Trump took his knocks and turned his assets over to the bankruptcy court about a half a dozen times. This is what Goldman Sachs should have done with the “investment” in AIG. How about AIG are you good with that? Goldman got bailed out through the taxpayer. It would have gone under right along with AIG if not for the bailout of two reckless companies. This is a pure historical fact. How about the $700 billion given to the banks to bail them out? How about the trillions given to the banks to keep them from going under only to have the lie and cheat and rip us all off some more after the housing crisis? Little guys lost in 2008 and the fat bankers got fatter. Do you have any idea what would happen to the buying power of the USD if Trump tried to pay off or liquefy our $20 trillion debt? How about “that cup of coffee is $45 please, and that gallon of gas is $120.” I am not trying to be a wise guy or give you a hard time. I am just giving you a different perspective. I have covered bankruptcies in detail, and it is NOT a way to make money. Bankruptcy is the LAST place you would ever want to commit fraud. Think about it, you do not hear of bankruptcy fraud much do you??? Thank you for your comment and for your support.

      • Jennifer Ohman

        Goldman, the banks, AIG, and all those who were bailed out should have been allowed to fail. The banking system was collapsing and they should have let the banking system collapse. They should have let it cleanse. The system would have restructured, and then in time it would have been built up again, probably with different, stronger banks. I believed this then and I believe it now. I am in full agreement with Jimmy Rogers on this point.
        THOSE were the rules. Tax payers should never have been left to foot the bill. That was not the rule. And unless individuals, including billionaires, sought to protect themselves before the pending collapse, they should not have been bailed out either. There was FDIC insurance. The rules were to spread your funds among banks to stay within the defined limits or exit the system and go into hard assets, if one wanted protection. Those were the rules. No one could anticipate that the rules were going to be changed and that the taxpayer and savers were going to have to bail out the banks.
        Now, if gold should go near where many of your guests believe it should go, to $10,ooo and beyond…or to $50,ooo as Jim Sinclair suggests, do you think your cup of coffee will be at $1.50 or above $45? Or that your gallon of gas is going to stay at $2.59 a gallon? The dollar has been debased and continues to be debased. That is fact.
        The savers (investors), who played by the rules, have had to pay for the bail outs, too, as the Fed drove interest rates to near zero, in order to bail out the banks. Not right. Not fair.
        I don’t think it is Trumps hope, desire or intention to default on the debt, but I do think that if he had no other option, he would work with our creditors to restructure our debt. And that is tantamount to a default.
        Listen to his comments regarding Puerto Rico. Do you believe that the U.S. can pay its debts or grow its way out of it? If you do,then you should sell your gold.

        • Greg Hunter

          I think we are in total agreement. Thank you for the analysis and comment.

          • Jennifer Ohman

            Hi Greg,
            Thank you for your response and lively debate! It’s all good. It’s the American Way! : ) Have a great day and again, thank you for all your good work!

  69. wd


    Donna Brazille’s book is a big deal. I believe she was a marked woman, albeit a soft target. The dems threw her under the bus. She knew that they were after her.

    That book saved her life!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree!

    • Justn Observer

      WD… Donna Brazille may not be being totally truthful…but throwing enough meat in an attempt to put a wall between what was going on prior to herself actually taking over…like hey ….don’t look at me…THAT happened before I was in charge! Which may be that she did not know…but then she became IN CHARGE and wants to appear it was others and she had no knowledge or culpability? But you listen to these and see if you get what I do… and if when George Webb gets to depose these people guess we might find out the truth ? Well – if people actually do tell the truth or don’t end up on THE LIST… with Seth Rich !
      Day 19 WU 1: https://youtu.be/Qr0qMkHTflM
      Day19WU 2: https://youtu.be/KXQd6Peea0k
      Day19 WU3: https://youtu.be/gzcHspbEWMA
      Day19WU4: https://youtu.be/Vrdt0S5CvS4
      Day19 WU5: https://youtu.be/oXRCwY1D7UA

    • JC Davis

      wd We were discussing her in the garage today. We agreed she is cashing in to keep from cashing out. She will be destroyed , yet with useless cash, and a bad name.

      • JC Davis

        Now she will rake in the money from the ones she could spill the beans on.
        She is not smart enough to hold this bag of worms. They will turn into snakes.

  70. marcus

    How many times have I heard give me your money and you will receive 7 x more ….please Greg give us news.
    I like your reporting news, it is why so many follow you.

    • Greg Hunter

      God is now part of the News Marcus even though you don’t believe in him.

    • Robert Lykens

      Marcus, it would be a mistake to reject God because of other peoples feelings. The Bible tells us to “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”

      • Robert Lykens

        Sorry, “failings”, not “feelings”.

    • Tracy Welborn

      I think our country’s slow and steady march away from God is THE story. It’s behind all of our economic and political problems. Corruption, lying, stealing, cheating, murder, pedophilia and on and on. We are behaving like a godless society and its having its effect on all of us.

    • Paul ...

      Marcus … God is, was and always will be the news … would the MSM ever report it (if they could)… and where was the MSM when God said “Let there be Light”? … waiting for the 7 days of creation? … and for the Fed to create money out of thin air? … so they could then say “give me your money” and we will create “all the fake news” the Deep State wants for us to provide to the public!!!

  71. Ed Schindler

    All the metal sites are certain that the gold and silver markets are manipulated through naked shorting on the COMEX. For this to be true, there must be traders that are victimized on a regular basis or there must continually be new money coming into that market to be harvested by the banks. Why does none of the sites ever try to get an actual trader in these markets, who must be getting clobbered if this is to be true, and interview him. I would love to hear a perspective from someone in this position. Why do they trade? What is their personal experience. Do they NOT know what is happening or is their view different? This would make for a great interview.
    Listening to you for a long time. Best Regards

  72. Robert Lykens

    Greg, you OK? I expected a new guest today.

  73. Sylvia Sterling

    Paul , Paul, Paul, Paul……… Is this Paul’s website or is it Greg Hunter’s ?


    • Paul ...

      I keep calling out … it’s ten O’clock Sylvia… perhaps you know or don’t care where all the missing children are? … are you against fetal brains being sold to scientists (to be implanted into rats skulls)? … or are you for it?

      • Paul ...

        Perhaps Greg should be allowed a well deserved week vacation every once and a while … “without a guest” … and where we can really go at it and have open “unlimited thinking and discussions” on “any topic” concerning the critical issues that now confront humanity … and Sylvia that would of course mean we will be able to toss our ideas back and forth “without limiting” our free speech to just two(2) comments each!

  74. Jerry

    Heads up Greg,
    All military bases on high alert.
    I’m also hearing National Guard units are as well. It could be nothing, but I don’t think so. The military jets are really active in my area. EBS has been on at least ten times a day.

  75. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    I hope and pray that Mark is right. Everything I see in scripture says otherwise.

  76. JimK

    1993 WTC bombing — direct FBI involvement

    1995 Oklahoma City bombing – inexplicable FBI behavior (missing video, mysterious police officer death, Kenneth Trentadue murder)

    2001 9/11 false flag by elements of fedgov and others

    2001 to present — illegal wars, US-state-terrorism, murders, torture, secret prisons, rape, theft (domestically and internationally).

    2008 – A “president” elected that was using false identity documents. The police find out later and inform the public. No state or federal authority has a problem with the president using false identity docs.

    2016 – A populist elected to drain the swamp and stop the wars. Populist president drowns in swamp and goes full-retard-warmonger on North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and Syria. Launches sneak attack on legitimate Syrian government.

    The pentagon has “disappeared” 20 TRILLION since 1998. The same year they quit doing yearly audits. And yet, somebody thinks military-style tribunals are coming?

    The military and military-industrial-complex is the backbone of the treason against our country.

  77. secrete sensitive

    The plan comes together?
    by Bill Holter | Nov 6, 2017 | Articles | 9 comments
    My original thought was to write further about the left turning on and eating each other. The volume of news, “who” and the timing seemed to indicate something very big coming down. However, another story broke out of the blue this morning from Saudi Arabia that supersedes (though very well may have connections to) the feeding frenzy.
    More … https://www.milesfranklin.com/the-plan-comes-together-2/

  78. secrete sensitive

    U.S. President Donald Trump emerged from a lengthy meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday to declare that he believed he and Xi together can solve “probably all” the world’s problems.
    “I look forward to many years of success and friendship working together to solve not only our problems, but world problems, and problems of great danger and security,” Trump said between meetings at the Great Hall of the People. “I believe we can solve almost all of them, and probably all of them.”

    ‘I want peace through strength,’ Trump says in South Korea
    Trump strikes hard line against North Korea in Japan

    • Paul ...

      I’m back on board with Trump if he has truly declared “all the world’s problems can be solved peacefully by negotiation rather then by war”!! … that’s the Trump I voted for!!!


    Hi Greg

    his another great video https://rutube.ru/video/c9e4e9722bb5594f8f9f97f95635f0b2/

    Get the head of RT on your shown in previous posted links.

    Will help open peoples minds to what is going on not just in USA.

    Keep up the good work. Also, how about interviewing http://thesaker.is/

  80. oink

    Hey Hunter….at one time you were interesting. No longer….join the TV evangelists for all I care. Nobody will touch you any more.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for telling me I am over the target.

  81. Linda L.

    Hello Greg
    This is off subject, but I just wanted to THANK YOU! for the referral to Christian Healthcare Ministries (chministries.org). I applied and will have a great alternative to healthcare insurance starting 1/1/18 (no one is turned down by this wonderful organization). I picked the gold plan (the best) for $150.00 per month and added the Gold Plus Brother’s Keeper for a modest $25.00 per quarter. I figure with the once per year $40.00 administration fee, the total per month for healthcare protection will only cost me $161.66 per month. And what is also fantastic is that I won’t have to pay a penalty at the end of the year for not being in an Obama plan! If I had of gone through Obamacare for health insurance (the only other alternative here), my monthly fee in AZ would have been over 1230.00 per month (I couldn’t handle this). I told them who referred me and gave them your website information. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Linda for the comment and the kind words.

  82. Bob Lamb

    And whatsoever nation shall uphold such secret combinations, to get power and gain, until they shall spread over the nation, behold, they shall be destroyed; for the Lord will not suffer that the blood of his saints, which shall be shed by them, shall always cry unto him from the ground for vengeance upon them and yet he avenge them not.

    Wherefore, O ye Gentiles, it is wisdom in God that these things should be shown unto you, that thereby ye may repent of your sins, and suffer not that these murderous combinations shall get above you, which are built up to get power and gain—and the work, yea, even the work of destruction come upon you, yea, even the sword of the justice of the Eternal God shall fall upon you, to your overthrow and destruction if ye shall suffer these things to be.

  83. scooter

    Greg, Rev.18 prophesies the destruction of end times Babylon. To me it is clear it is the globalist occult UN headquarters and in the USA, further amplified in Isa.13, 47 and Jer.50,51. But note it is very prosperous in that text at the time of destruction, and had never been subjected to being conquered. It is noteworthy to see in Rev.14:8 a mid-tribulation text paralleling and referencing the time of destruction. Likewise in Isa.13:2,3 we see the Lord’s faithful removed/raptured before he implements his “anger”/retribution against the evil. Per Isa.24:1 and Rev.16:20 I believe it will be a pole reversal of total devastation. God promises to ultimately remove his faithful before he unleashes his WRATH (see 1Thess.1:10, 5:9, Rom.5:9 and Rev.6:12-17) against the forces of evil left to face his recrimination. So, expect them and their evil to be exposed as is starting to occur ,because the end times will be as in the days of Lot (Sodom per Luke 21:28) but concurrently many will come to the Lord as his Spirit is poured out. He is a God of love, wanting none to be lost.
    So, to Mark’s points, God wants the church to flourish before the final events. I think Trump will be successful in the regeneration of our prosperity as the faithful prosper tremendously in the work of salvation of souls who seek the Lord Jesus as savior. Nevertheless, much devastation and death is prophesied to come upon the world in the final years, and likely will involve those nations defying the Rev.11 prophets warnings, and seeking evil against Israel.

  84. James Maher

    Wow, lots of comments on this one!
    I really love you Greg and from my heart believe you are sincere but some of your Christian guests lately are not fully vetted by you! The weakness we as Christians have is that we want to believe good in others and we fall prey to wolves who know that.
    Dane Wiggington, Steve Quayle, Fireman Mark, Hagman are not legit. There are back stories to some mentioned here that are truly diabolical.
    It grieves my heart to see them on your show!

    I’ve only got 10 years of research in to these matters and don’t know it all but I’ve learned who many of the rats are. You having these people on associates you with dishonest and false bretheren. I don’t want to think of you in that way.

    There are some really great people to interview who are honest and informed. I would be glad to make some suggestions but you’ll need to respond as a show of humility and a heart for the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      You start out by saying “Wow, lots of comments on this one!,” and I just started posting the comments so there were none when you wrote this. “Dane Wigington, Steve Quayle, Fireman Mark, Hagman” are legit and I will continue to have them on. By the way I have never had Hagman on but I have been a guest at “Hagman and Hagman” and they are great folks. You saying I “need to respond as a show of humility and a heart for the truth” is a total scam.

  85. James Brown

    Awesome job brother!
    Keep kicking Ass!!! Time for Martin Armstrong and Paul Craig Roberts.
    Do it!!!

  86. coalburner

    James is behind the news curve. Congress just let the cat out of the bag, hearings coming about weather monkey business.

    Oh yes great discussion by Jennifer and I wish Jerry would clarify just a little more or maybe discuss what the results are going to be when he discusses these events in the fight for the new world reserve currency.

  87. Leena

    Three people I wish you would have on your show who have all written books:
    Technocracy Rising by Patrick Wood
    Twillight of Abundance by David Archibald
    Dark Winter by John Casey
    These would be excellent interviews.
    Thanks for what you do.

  88. Cheryl Anne Sedler

    Try again, that incorrect prophecy was in 2012, hey only off by four years. The bible reads prophets are to be 100 % accurate ALWAYS NO EXCEPTIONS. All you people need discernment.

    • Greg Hunter

      That prophecy was not released in 2012. Taylor kept it to himself. He says so in his book. It is you who needs “discernment.” And you need to be truthful and accurate as well if you are going to trash someone. You are not allowed to have your own facts.

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