Money Riots Coming in Next Financial Collapse-James Rickards

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Financial expert and four time, best-selling book author James Rickards says there is no avoiding another economic collapse. Every time the economy suffers a setback, such as recently hitting a $20 trillion debt ceiling in the United States Congress, things get a little worse. Rickards explains, “The point of my books, ‘The Death of Money’ and my more recent book ‘The Road to Ruin,’ is that these are like snowflakes building up to cause an avalanche.  The avalanche is the instability of the financial system as a whole.  The concentrations of assets among the banks, the interconnectedness of the system, and almost a $1 quadrillion, not $1 trillion, $1 quadrillion, that’s a $1,000 trillion of notional value of derivatives, all these things are unstable.  What does it take to cause that avalanche?  What does it take to cause a loss of confidence in the system?  These are major body blows.  When you say the government will shut down or you say the government can’t borrow, the Congress is really playing with fire here.  We are going through some very dangerous periods.  I am not saying the system is going to collapse in the next 30 days.  I am saying the system is very vulnerable to collapse, and it will collapse sooner than later.  These are the kind of things that can cause it. . . . We are really playing with fire here.”

So, could we be facing a “Mad Max” world if the financial system totally crashes? Rickards says, “In ‘Road to Ruin,’ I talk about what I call the money riots.  There is a lot of reasons for rioting.  When you start shutting banks and the stock exchange and they say you can’t get your money, it’s only temporary, trust us, people will go out and start to burn down banks.  The government is ready for that also with emergency response and martial law. . . . Governments don’t go down without a fight. . . . You can see the shutdown coming because they will try to buy time until they come up with a solution, whether it’s gold, Special Drawing Rights (SDR), guarantees or whatever it might be.  There are only two or three possibilities here, but all of them will take time, and they will have to shut down the system. . . . People will not sit for that.  So, that means people will riot.  They’ll burn down banks.  They will smash windows, but what is the reaction to that?  The answer is martial law, militarized police, actual military units and you get something that looks like fascism pretty quickly.”

Rickards, who was one of the few that predicted a Trump Presidential win, says the new President has battles on many fronts. Rickards contends, “It’s one thing to say there is an opposition to a President.  There is always some opposition to the President.  It’s a two-party system.  What we see now is extreme.  Trump didn’t get a honeymoon, he got a burning bed.  Trump is facing four pockets of resistance.  There is the Deep State, the resistance, the media and even the Republican Party as we saw in the Obamacare repeal.  I am not saying they are all in this together as some deep dark conspiracy, they don’t have to be. . . . President Obama has set up an anti-White House about two miles from the real White House.  It is a government in exile, or an opposition government.  He’s operating through a front company called Organizing for Action (OFA).  He’s not organizing for America, he’s organizing for action.  This is the continuation of the 2008 and 2012 Obama campaign. . . . Trump is not up against normal political opposition.  He’s up against the resistance and the Deep State . . . . They want one of two things.  They want to impeach Trump and remove him from office, force him to resign or, at a minimum, make him so ineffective he is a place holder until the next election.  They are not out to oppose the Trump Presidency, but to destroy the Trump Presidency.  This is extraordinary, and I call it America’s New Civil War.”

With all the financial and political chaos on the horizon, Rickards strongly suggests “people have at least 10% of your financial wealth in physical gold and silver.”

Join Greg Hunter as he sits down with four time, best-selling author James Rickards, with his newly updated paperback book “The Death of Money.”

(There is much more in the nearly one hour long, in-depth interview.)


After the Interview: 

You can find free information, analysis, tweets, and articles on You can also subscribe to James Rickards’ monthly newsletter called  Strategic Intelligence, by clicking here.  Rickards is giving away some free stuff with this offer.  For a newly updated paperback copy of Rickards’ best-selling book “The Death of Money,” click here.  


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    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rolf!

      • al Hall


    • JC Davis

      Good stuff Rolf Havelock.

    • Julia

      Thank you Rolf. I have heard of using Bear Spray before. It is a great suggestion for those of us who want a non lethal way of defending yourself.


      • Paul ...

        How about we start using Bear Spray against the Demon Rats and Reptilican pedophiles who are “literally” eating our women and children “worse then any wild bear you can imagine” … notice how the MSM promotes Madona and Miley’s out of control evil antics on the TV screens our children watch … yet … the MSM keeps all the arrests Trump is making of these evil pedophiles “quiet” and off the TV screens!! … to supposedly protect the public from indecency?? … or to in reality protect their evil Satanist buddies reputations?? …

        • Paul ...

          How is this for “pizza pie” in our face … the evil pedophiles have created an organization called the Pedophile Information Exchange” (PIE) to promote the passage of laws that will make the “consensual sex” between an adult and a baby or child “LEGAL” … the same way abortion clinics make it legal to “snuff out children with beating hearts” because “they assume” the child has consented to its own murder! … perhaps a little “Bear Spray” on these pedophiles will help calm their “sexual fantasies” that are “all too real” to the women and children they have abused and murdered … NO Women … NO Children … just “Bear Spray” for all these Satanic evil ones!!!

    • Jon Davis

      Really great interview Greg. And many thanks to James Rickards! I cannot say enough praise for receiving such valuable inside information.

  1. Frederick

    I agree 100 percent and have 20 percent of my assets in gold and silver Mr Richards mentioned insider trading just before 911 evidently he’s a “truther” and doesn’t buy into the govt fictional story He’s way too intelligent for that

    • This sceptred Isle

      You would think so, but in Currency Wars he believed it was entities related to the terrorist groups that shorted the stock of the airlines involved in 9/11. He then used this premise to help the security agencies develop a warning system that detects any abnormal stock market activity that could indicate a terrorist attack is coming.

      • This sceptred isle

        In death of money I mean

        • Frederick

          Oops that means he is contolled opposition( corrupted) Isle

  2. Dan

    WOW, GREAT interview! Jim Rickards never disappoints. I hope everyone will join me in making a donation to your wonderful site as a thank you & to help keep these great interviews coming. Thanks again Greg!

    • XuscitizenSweden

      With regards to J Rickards being a 9/11-truther, I don’t think so:
      “…once again Rickards makes the following hallow, water boy-for-the-establishment claim:
      “This was insider trading BY terrorist associates, I want to be scientific and rigorous about the evidence, and separate this from some of the crazy theories out there that somehow the US government was behind 9/11, that’s all nonsense. And again I want to separate myself from that.”….”.
      From what I’ve read/seen of Rickards, the above statement is his normal discourse.
      Just search the net with the following *James jim Rickards 9 11* to see for yourself.

      • Frederick

        He’s a coward for sure because everybody with any semblance of intelligent thought can see what a farce the “official” story is

        • Tin foil hat

          I had dinner with couple of businessmen from Turkey. They said the government had become increasingly radical and Islamic as of late. Increasing crackdowns on nightclubs and bars in the cities are noticeably alarming.
          Are you aware of any change?

      • Macray

        You are correct,

  3. JC Davis


  4. MIlton Welch

    Desire to feature “the background” in his presentation video.
    That’s what bothers me.
    Bloated and infantile.

    • Dan

      MW, way to focus on what’s important!

      • MIlton Welch

        Nomi Prins and Greg, as example of class, have the background that help one “focus”(if one needs it, that is). I don’t.
        I just know “tacky” when I see it.
        For TW below: My comment was not criticism of interior design behind.
        Not being loved ???

      • Riddick

        I think this is important. An Edgy Overview.
        The whole series, Start at Day 109 if you want the big picture…
        Wait till this goes mainstream…
        Some good “Rice Comments” and coverage here…
        “There is no defense to truth once we hit this inflection point. We have Grassley now. He has McCabe dead to rights. He knows Rice can’t order surveillance. The Rice Cover will be blown in a few days. He hides behind race shields, but truth is coming.”

    • Tracy Welborn

      Someone didn’t love you enough when you were little, did they? 🙂 I think the wood interior is beautiful.

      • Frederick

        I agree I loved the stained and oiled white pine board walls to be honest He has a great home there even if he is wrong on 911

    • Roger D

      Excellent interview. Thank you.

      Mr. Rickards does a great job of describing the multiple battle fronts that Trump faces.

  5. This sceptred Isle

    3 years in hardback! that’s outrageous…This never happened in the UK. Also I purchased the Road to Ruin in paperback end of last year. It didn’t even come out in hardback. I think someone is taking liberties in America. Hardback books are the worst of both worlds;Too expensive and impossible to carry around with you as they are too heavy and tear holes in your bag.
    Having said that it was a great interview. Sums up his last book nicely and adds a few extra details.

  6. ross

    Some may not like Jim Rickards but he is essential in getting an different in depth view of what is happening. I cannot see our elites letting this drag out because the masses are fast becoming aware which empowers their opposition. The financial system is impossible to save and as Jim notes is primed for a huge collapse.
    The alternate finance media including people like Jim Rogers are warning in unison of an impending disaster. Almost 10 yrs has past since the GFC and the mug gamblers are back into the share market , extending their credit and buying over valued houses.
    Most I warn will not listen. They suffer normalcy bias and I’m a conspiracy theorist.
    Another excellent interview Greg.


    Greg ,the Fed ,Wall Street ,the military industrial complex and everyone else on the government dole could care less about planned parenthood . All they care about is money ,so in the end they will see to it that congress raises the debt ceiling . Also they like Trump because he brought confidence back to the stock market and they made money . They want Trump to succeed so that the world will keep buying our bonds and the U.S. dollar will remain the international reserve currency because it’s all to their benefit . From where I’m sitting the future looks great . Our economy is going to boom and the U.S dollar will remain as the world’s reserve currency . God Bless America

    • al Hall

      Ashley: you’ve got those rose colored glasses on again girl! The global elite’s have postponed the collapse now for many years- they can pull the collapse plug anytime they want? As James said- we are already bankrupt as a nation- we can fall off the edge anytime- won’t take much to start down the collapse road! This time nothing can stop it,
      it will be at least 10X worse than 2008 collapse!

    • This sceptred Isle

      Your confidence maybe misplaced. Know this: Your economic outlook is directly contrary to Katy Perry’s…

      • This sceptred Isle

        I think the nuclear cloud shaped candyfloss is a nice touch

        • This sceptred Isle

          Near the end of the video Bob Marley’s grandson says:

          “It is my desire
          Break down the walls to connect, inspire
          Ay, up in your high place, liars
          Time is ticking for the empire”

          Is this some kind of predictive programming?


        The Rothchild plan for a new world order satanic government was dependent upon, their people at the intelligence agencies, voters believing media propaganda , the wealthy people invested in the Fed ,wealthy people on Wall Street , etcetera ,etc working with them, the democratic party, Hillary Clinton becoming president , collapsing the economy, forcing nations to accept the S.D.Rs as the new world currency, but none of the plans dependent upon things worked out ,and thus far have failed . Their people at the intel. agencies were defeated by our patriots at the intel agencies ,their media propaganda wasn’t believed , the wealthy people invested in the Fed ,on Wall Street , etcetera ,etc didn’t and don’t want to lose all of their paper wealth and control in U.S. dollars and become new world order slaves ,so they worked against the plan .Obama , Sanders and Hillary destoyed the democratic party by splitting it into pieces and dividing it against itself ,so Hillary had no support or base and wasn’t elected president to collapse the economy and force the world into the Rothchild S.D.Rs And a economic collapse without Hillary jn place to push the Rothchild S.D.Rs would be to risky of a chance for the Rothchilds to take because if the economy were collapsed and the world didn’t accept the S.D.Rs then the Rothchilds would lose most of their wealth along with their control over nations and could find themselves hanging at the end of ropes . It’s better for everyone involved to just stay with the existing status quo . Thus instead of president Hillary , economic collapse and S.D.Rs we have president Trump and Trump = economic boom = nations buying U.S bonds = U.S remaining the world reserve currency =a future that looks pretty darn good from where I’m sitting .

  8. Deanna Johnston Clark

    The only collapse Americans need to worry about is the collapse of our neighborly love and mercy. There is a Chinese proverb that Jesus would have quoted:
    Those whom God would not see destroyed, He first makes compassionate.

    When elderly people die in the heat with no one to look in on them, as happened in the Chicago heat wave to mostly poor white people (blacks and Latinos check on family all the time), THAT is the collapse. Mad Max began long ago.

  9. VegasRob

    Wow, Always love to hear from Mr. Rickards.
    The take away for me on this interview was his perspective on what Trump is truly up against. I have a lot of faith and confidence in his abilities and he is a fighter but as Mr Rickards describes …im not so sure he has his power in place enough to do significant battle. I will continue to pray for him and our government that we can get things back on track and continue to depose these treasonous people engaged in current acts of sedition. A few high profile perp walks might just get him some momentum with “we the people” but will for sure put the “fight” in full public view.

    Greg, always love your work and the talent you bring to the site, thanks again for all you do !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rob!

  10. Jerry

    For where so ever the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together,
    Even though Jesus Christ was referring to a spiritual reference, it works that way in the material world to. There is only one reason that an American bank would invest 250 billion dollars in the Chinese RMB? Answer:Its their investment in the coming reset. Think about what a 250 billion dollar investment into an American project would do to help turn our economy around. Why would they not do that? Answer:They know what’s coming.

    Jim Rickard’s knows this. His government contacts have already told him what the game plan is. Anytime you see two former treasury secretary’s involved with a company like ” The Working Group” collaborating with central banks to expand the RMB exchange platform in the United States, you know “The Jig Is Up”. Ice Nine is not a theory, its a fact, and when the time comes for the central banks to reset the system using the RMB and the SDR as a replacement for the dollar, they’re going to use it.

    So how much time do we have left? Answer: Not much. The ESF may be able to bail us out with purchases of U.S. treasuries that are being dumped on the market, but what can they do to stop the collapse of the European Union and Japan? Answer: Not much. The ECB is printing money hand over fist, and Japan is using helicopter money and negative interest rates to stay afloat. At some point both mechanisms will fail, and then what? You got it. A new exchange system featuring the SDR and RMB digital system that the central bankers and “The Working Group” have been orchestrating to put in place. Anytime you see the Chamber of Commerce involved with the central bankers and the Chinese in an organization like ” The Working Group”, you know the eagles are beginning to gather at the carcass.

    • sk

      Eagles? Don’t you mean ‘vultures’?

      • Jerry

        The KJV says Eagles. But vultures do make more sense.

    • JMiller

      Actually Jerry, that article that you gave the link to is wrong in it’s headline about an unnamed American bank that is to invest in 250 billion Chinese renminbi. And it is 250 billion Chinese renminbi and not $250 billion U.S. dollars as you mistaken said.

      China will give the United States a 250 billion yuan (currently about $36 billion) investment quota for the first time to buy Chinese stocks, bonds and other assets under its Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (RQFII) program. Not just one bank as that article’s headline wrongly states.

      However, one American bank and one Chinese bank will conduct yuan clearing business according to Vice Premier Wang Yang.

      That article that you gave the link to says the same thing as Bloomberg and Reuters.

      • Jerry

        Take the rose colored glasses off. Anytime a deposit is made with a bank it becomes part of their unencumbered assets. Either way the Chinese have injected 250 Billion dollars into our banking system, and it’s now part of the structure they are building with “The Working Group” headed by former Goldman Sachs executives Hank Paulsen and Tiny Tim Geitner,

        • JMiller


          Take off the dark sunglasses. Surely you can not be this blind. What you just said has nothing to do with what I am talking about. The fact is that the article that you linked is not talking about one American bank investing 250 billion dollars in China like you mistakenly thought. You just do not want to admit that you were wrong.

          Those articles all state that China will give the United States a 250 billion yuan (currently about $36 billion) investment quota for the first time to allow U.S. financial institutions to buy Chinese stocks, bonds and other assets under its Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (RQFII) program. China has done this with a number of other countries including Ireland.

          My comments have nothing to do with China injecting money into our banking system or the “The Working Group”.

          • Jerry

            In the rush to prove me wrong , you’re missing the bigger picture so I’m going to give you the crayon version. I personally know people who are contented with HSBC bank who have confirmed to me that HSBC bank has loaned the Chinese many billions of dollars to help them in their global expansion of international currency. What you are missing is that essentially the Chinese and American Banks have become joined at the hips. “The Working Group” is a prime example.
            If you know as much about banking as you claim you do, then it should be no surprise that the Bank of International Settlements through the IMF decide the global distribution of funds globally through the World Bank.

            As I have stated umpteen times, if the United States looses its majority vote with the World bank of governors (which is coming April 21st) the financial landscape will totally change.

            • JMiller

              I am not really missing the bigger picture Jerry. I told my brother about three years ago that the U.S. dollar was losing it’s reserve currency status, that Russia and especially China are going to be more influential in the world and because of those things that the U.S. will no longer be “King of the Hill”. Of course it is obvious that China wants to integrate with the rest of the world and that other countries, including U.S. allies, are expanding their options by joining with China in the AIIB, CIPS etc… It makes perfect sense. So none of your posts about what China is doing surprises me.

              And yes, while I do know more about investing and financial matters than you and 99% of the people in the ALT media, which does include certain parts of banking like the FDIC and bank bail-ins, I do lack some knowledge when it comes to international banking and organizations such as the World Bank and the IMF.

              And of course I know that the U.S. and China and for that matter Europe and Japan are all linked together to some degree.

              Perhaps the next time when you make an obvious mistake and I nicely point it out that you simply acknowledge it or not even post any reply. We would then not have to discuss other topics that we already know and agree on.

    • Tin foil hat

      If The Working Group’s purpose is to expand the RMB exchange platform in the United States, then the SDR is unlikely to take over the dollar as the reserve currency.
      The exchange and clearing platform seems to be an invitation or the initiation of the currency merger between the RMB and the dollar. In other word, China has become the partner, rather than a client, in the dollar Ponzi.
      If I were on the right track, then the Chinese has stabbed the euro/SDR, mainly euro, in the back. The squids win again! The dollar Ponzi or dollar/yuan Ponzi will live on.

      • Jerry

        Tin Foil Hat.
        Do you think there’s a reason that Goldman Sachs is encouraging its investors to buy gold?
        I find it very interesting that Hank Paulsen ( who was a former Goldman Sachs CEO and Treasury Secretary) is involved with an organization that promotes a currency (RMB) that will most likely be backed by gold in the not to distant future. Accident? Hardly. If we have learned anything, its that bankers always rig the game, and it will be no different this time. The dollar is paper fools gold.

        • Tin foil hat

          “Do you think there’s a reason that Goldman Sachs is encouraging its investors to buy gold?”
          Since the Federal Reserve can’t openly buy gold in the opened market, I guess the next best thing is to have rich American investors stockpiling gold.
          Indeed, it’s very interesting that the likes of Bloomberg, Geithner and Paulson are involved with an organization that promotes a currency (RMB). Hence, I think “The Working Group” is a lot more than an ordinary trading and clearing platform.
          RMB will not be back by gold if the parties were preparing/anticipating a liquidity swaps. The Chinese used gold as a leverage to join the SDR. ( E.U. was hoping that the Chinese yuan would stand with the euro against the dollar hegemony within the SDR arena.) Thereafter, they probably used the SDR membership as a leverage to be our partner in the dollar/yuan Ponzi.
          It’s also possible that it could be the other way around. Perhaps the squids offer the Chinese partnership in the dollar Ponzi.
          We are currently engaging in a financial world war, I think gold is the financial nuclear bomb which wouldn’t be utilized unless it is a total and absolute must.

    • Tin foil hat

      I think you will appreciate this article.
      “It will take a huge leap of faith(!!!!), but by cementing the yuan’s standing in international capital markets and facilitating its use in global trade transactions (The Working Group???), China’s currency should gain wider acceptance as a medium of exchange and a respected reserve asset.”

      • Jerry

        Thanks Tin Foil Hat.
        That’s a great article. It may be true on public exchanges that the dollar is still king, but behind closed doors private investors are converting dollars to Yuan for a reason. I speculate that a gold price fix that should have been done in April last year at the SGE, is coming. I think the Chinese are going to squeeze the living crap out of gold paper contracts before they pull the trigger, and when they do they’re going to back the Yuan with gold. They are closing the exits now with over 150 mines being shut down. Supply and demand. No rigging this time.

    • Tin foil hat

      I suspect “The Working Group” is a platform to be used for liquidity swaps rather than small scale trading, clearing, and settlement. While central bank liquidity swaps and currency swaps are structurally the same, currency swaps are commercial transactions driven by comparative advantage, while central bank liquidity swaps are emergency loans to overseas (U.S. to China or China to U.S.????) markets.

      • Jerry

        Tin Foil Hat.
        I think most readers on Greg’s site, and maybe even Greg, are missing the bigger point about the information I posted about “The Working Group”.
        In my mind after you put the pieces together , it sure looks like Hank Paulsen has brought an RMB Trojan Horse into our banking system. Especially when you consider the talks he was having with the Chinese in Beijing in 2006. This is very suspicious to me.

  11. Larry White


    A blog reader alerted me to some interesting news stories in Russia Insider and Sputnik about Russia and China encouraging BRICS transactions in gold which I cover in this blog article:

    This kind of news may tie in to Jim Rickards prediction that the US dollar will eventually be replaced as the global reserve currency. Lots to keep an eye on these days.


  12. Yankee in NC

    Wonderful Interview ! If Rickards is right, what are you going to do? Is there a clear pathway to survival? Are there any grassroots opposition to the elitists opposing Trump?


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Yankee!! Rickards is a hard get but I got him.

      • John


        Thanks for having Rickards back on again. This guy is great! If I understand this correctly the SDR will be the vehicle as to how countries will conduct trade with each other. Gone will be the day where we send off dollars in exchange for goods and services originating from other countries. It appears that Gold will be one of the physical entities backing the SDR. The other physical entity that will play a crucial roll in the valuation of the SDR will be oil. The demand for the dollar will wane as oil rich countries seek to diversify out of dollars and into currencies of real value – i.e. the SDR (with Chinese gold backing the paper) or a Gold backed Yuan in the near future. The decreased demand for dollars by the rest of the world in conjunction with the inability to suppress the physical gold market with paper gold will crush the dollar and its current perceived value. If we retain use of the dollar within our borders for domestic trade then what happens when these dollars come home – the hyperinflation that John Williams speaks of or the eradication of debt that was argued by Bix Weir? I will hedge this debate by holding Gold/Silver and paying off debt because any domestic scenario is ugly if you are a consumer or an investor. I suspect that gold and silver will step back up on the world stage as we try and align fair trade with other countries at the same time we try to absorb the trillions of currency units that have been created throughout the world.

        • Doug

          There will be no “Gold Backed Yuan,” The Chinese ( NOW, look it up ! ) don’t allow their gold to leave the country. They know, worthless countries like France, will come with boats loads of Yuan to get gold. Yea, their government want their people to own gold. BUT, IT DOESN’T LEAVE THE COUNTRY.

      • Gallup On

        So Greg, what is your response to Yankee’s questions? I feel that I am one of many who could dearly benefit…

      • This sceptred Isle

        Can you book Nassim Taleb?

    • andyb

      Yankee: the clear pathway to survival is to be prepared with at least 3 months of food and water for you and your family and the means to protect same.

      • Wayne

        An excellent and fairly recent series of “Be Prepared” articles by Jim Sinclair were posted on his site. They provide details and suggestions for basic necessities plus promoting mental-physical-emotional-financial readiness.

    • Frederick

      Farmland and silver And lots and lots of ammo Done

      • Charles H

        Can you own firearms where you are at, Frederick?

        • Frederick

          Charles Yes

  13. al

    Awesome show. He speaks fast but has great info. SDR (Special Drawing Rights) is one way to, as Christine Le’Garde said back in 2014, “do an Economic Reset” / currency reset. However, only 2 weeks ago China and Russia set up a gold trade system which took place as of yesterday Apr 1. Yes, that’s no April Fools joke, it’s here, the Gold Trade Note has been given birth, passed a few technical issues being hammered out. I’m more inclined to go with Jim Willie’s Gold Trade Note than Jim Rickards SDR, but what do I know? I didn’t write 4 best selling books.

  14. Kevin

    Very good interview as always. Mr. Rickards provides a way to cut through the “economic blather” and explain things in a simple straight forward manner for his readers. There is an abundance of information for the masses out there to provide them with the economic reality of what is upon us, it is up the viewer and reader to take the needed steps and take advantage of the situation. I am grateful for individuals such as Jim Rickards who exposes what is reality and how to prepare! “No fear,” just wake up and pay attention to the “deep state.”

  15. James

    in re your “Worst President” poll, I did not see an “All Of The Above” selection!

    Great site, great interviews.

    Thank you.

  16. Doug

    Am I suffering from deja vu? Didn’t Jim Rickards give this interview previously? It was in the same room. Perhaps he’s just repeating what he said previously.
    Am I right Greg?

    • Greg Hunter

      Some is repeated but much is not.

  17. Corleone

    My notes based on this interview:

    — US government has been operating in the state of emergency since 9/11 and it is just a phone call away from the marshall law.

    — Organization For Action is a transgenderist terrorist organization setup by Husein and Michelle Obama (Michael Robinson) to destroy American presidential system.

    — If the banks are closed and ATMs are emptied, USA will experience a short Mad Max scenario followed by a long Apocalypse Now scenario.

    — Federal Reserve wants to raise rate high enough, so it can cut the rate in the next recession.

    — The leaders of G 20 are the board of directors of IMF and they are working to setup one world government.

    — Christine Lagarde uses climate change theme as a Trojan horse to weaken national governments and introduce the concept of one world government.

    — Saying that there is not enough gold in this world to support the money supply is silly. What we need is just to set the gold price right.

    — US dollar will be like Mexican peso that can be used in bars, discotheques, and massage parlours, but can not be used as a benchmark global currency.

  18. Press Play

    JR refers to the “elites” as if they are some other, removed class of individuals that he knows only in passing. He were honest, though, he would include himself and use the phrase “we elites.”

    I agree with most of what he has to say, and will always stop and listen to him even though he is a closeted elitist.

  19. BetterChetter

    Mr Rickards was on USA WD in Oct. ’16, predicting that the stock mkt was already keyed in for a HC win, but if DT won, the DOW would plummet by 1000 pts. His logic was convincing… yet the mkt. went up 500 pts that week. Needless to say, I followed his advice, investing in a short position, & lost a chunk of change.

  20. Chip

    Great interview Greg & James… Chip

  21. vincent_g

    How does this help our economy for the average citizen?

    I can understand heroin as this is a hard core drug problem
    Anyone that takes heroin will become a hard core criminal in a short time.
    They will do anything for their next fix.
    And we turn a blind eye to Afghanistan farmers who grow what?

    Then we have meth and crack – two other bad drugs.

    But marijuana is not a drug that would cause a person to do anything wrong on the job and it’s legal in many states.

    What this story fails to show is what types of jobs these are.
    The company Sterling Technologies pays $8 to $14 per hour.

    That pay rate is not enough money to survive in a country where living costs are so high.

    With no hope of a future, locked into such a job, it’s not surprising.
    In china they built high fences on their buildings that house factory workers in order to prevent suicide.

    This economy is so lopsided that it is causing the country to rot away little by little.

    CNN has done an injustice to Americans running this story in the way they presented it.

    Same old nonsense – never blame the rulers it’s always the fault of the natives.

    • Mark Maples

      We should legalize everything. I worked in the state prison system and witnessed first hand the destruction of the families that our “war on drugs ” has given us. Regardless of our personal opinions on the subject we must acknowledge as a society that the 40 year war has been an abject failure. Legalize, tax, regulate. Personal responsibility is the answer. Just because alcohol is legal doesn’t mean I am helpless and have to buy a fifth every time I drive by a package store. Legalization puts the cartels and street gangs out of business more than offsetting any higher rates of addiction. We tried prohibition before, thu name is Al Capone and the New York Chicago crime syndicates

  22. C romana

    We in Canada pay 30 percent more to buy gold. Our dollar is not respected the world over. When I traveled, US $ only, they would say. Any advice for Canadian fans Greg?

    • Frederick

      Come to the US with a load of prescription drugs and go back with gold

      • Tin foil hat

        Lol, that sounds like a good plan.
        Btw, C romana, a friend from Hong Kong told me the average wait for root canal in Hong Kong is ONE YEAR. How long does it take in Canada?

        • Frederick

          I don’t have any idea I had one done in Warsaw and it was immediate and only around 180 USD in 2004

        • Tin foil hat

          You can get root canal done right away in Hong Kong too, as long as you pay out of your pocket. I believe the price is reasonable since it’s direct transaction without the insurance company.
          I heard the wait for cataract eye surgery in Japan is three years.

  23. Justn Observer

    Greg…. This pretty much sums it up presently…

  24. Wayne

    Rickards reiterated many details of how the domestic and international fiscal-economic-financial systems are intricately convoluted. And may even be geared by the so-called “global elitists” toward establishment of their New World Order dream of single governance. This included their variations on the old Hegelian dialectic, a strategy of Cause the problem-Observe the target’s reaction-Propose their desired solution. Good summary of existing factors, along with potentials for martial law/system lockdowns, etc.

    But he’s predicted for several years the price of gold would soon soar to 10,000 USD per ounce. Even more recently, that the stock markets would soon crash. There’s nothing wrong with one wanting to sell his services or newsletter (I’ve seen these “imminent” predictions in advertisements for his Strategic Intelligence). But no one can predict the timing of such events. Even hinting at this does not inspire confidence.

    He states “the system is vulnerable to collapse.” This has been going on for nearly a decade since the 2008 collapse. Almost all economic and commerce data worldwide has been negative and keeps getting worse. Screamed endlessly last year was the imminent demise of Deutsche Bank and the Italian banks (especially Monte dei Paschi); the impact of global devastation to follow was implied. Yet here it is April 2017 and we barely even hear these banks mentioned anymore. Somehow they just keep being propped up.

    The SDR is essentially a basket of fiat currencies. The real issue is whether the Petro-Dollar standard will collapse and if so, when. And then what will it be replaced by? Rickards didn’t go into the bypass of the USD via AIIB/CIPS and how China-Russian-Iran are forming economic and milarty alliances, including building the new Silk Road. Nor new gold-backed transactions now being initiated between China and Russia (BRICS?).

    Rickards is on target about the real price for precious metals (PM). It is what the buyer is willing to pay. And what the seller is willing to sell for, where under dire cirumstances, there indeed be no sellers at any price. As he stated, those who refine gold in large amounts say they cannot keep up with demand. Those who want metric tonnage are currently paying double the current spot price of ~1,250 USD, if they can get it.

    Don’t be fooled in pricing at any meaningful level by observing individuals buying just 1-2 American Eagles or Canadian Maple Leafs, paying only about a 10% premium over spot price. (But do use this opporunity to buy at this ridiculously “subsidized” rate.) Remember, PMs are the mortal enemy of fiat currency because they are a proven store of value over millennia. The Central Bank, whose Ponzi scheme relies upon inflation creation, does not want the public to be reminded daily of how this stealth tax destroys its purchasing power. The Fed’s motto should be: “You can’t spell ‘stealth’ without ‘steal’.”

    Silver has great industrial application and rumored new technologies may exponentiate this (see Clif High et al.). Above ground silver is exhausted as soon as mined and critical shortages exist right now. This is why industry analysts such as Andrew Macguire and Andy Hoffman say the COMEX paper game is on its deathbed in determining actual price. It cannot deliver on physical metal of any significant quantity and is being called out on this, finally. How much longer it can throw 3 years’s worth of gold production onto the market in just a day or two, via naked shorting in paper contracts and get away with it, is anyone’s guess. These atrocities have gone on far longer than anyone could have imagined.

    As with all else we’ve been seeing and discussing, Rickards’ interview no exception, trying to time these effects is a fool’s errand. No one knows which grain of sand, and when it happens to fall onto the mountain, will start the avalanche. So just practice “be prepared.”

  25. Rock

    Great interview, Greg. Listening I can’t help feeling that Rickards is part, maybe a big part, of tbe problem. Why has no interviewer ever asked him “Why did you negotiate a bailout? Why didn’t you do what needed to be done and let the system collapse because nothing you collaborated on has made the system stronger but actually helped kick the problem down the road, knowing it would only be worse in 5-10 years?”

  26. Everett

    Greetings Greg,
    Although I don’t trust Mr. Rickards no further than I could push my 1953 chevy up hill, I did like this interview very much. In my humble opinion a very informative interview, thank you very much Mr. Hunter. Mr. Rickards appeared no desire to address the Bible prophecies which is a huge mistake, very huge. Without the Bible and the direction from the Holy Spirit, a man is functioning like a blind goose in a snowstorm. “Let no man deceive himself, if any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool that he may be wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness. And again, the Lord knoweth the thoughts of the wise, that they are in vain.” This is where many like Clif High etc. are making fatal error. “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7) We do well by studying them and asking for wisdom to understand what is ahead. Thanks again for another good interview.

    • Charles H


      The Bible is the original and only correct context to view the world. Few believe it. And as the detractors increase – understanding will disappear. I, too, think Mr. Rickards is compromised.

  27. Tad

    Off topic, but I think you can read between the lines.

  28. Max Meister

    I know you are likely not going to post my comment again, but i will tell you my opinion about Jim Rickards regardless.

    Jim Rickards made many forecasts in the past about the collapse of paper currencies hyperinflation, etc.. The most recent one was pupished by thedailyreckoning last December where he forecasted hyperinflation starting as from the 1st. of January 2017.
    Like all of his more recent forecasts, this one didn’t materialized either.
    So, the credibility of such “experts” is not really gaining if they always come up with specific dates when the SHTF scenario should emerge and it doesn’t happen.
    So for the rest of their message. It’s no longer News. We know all of the theory as they preach those things for years or even decades now. I don’t say they are basically wrong, but they are allways wrong with the timing. Sometimes i’m not sure how much of what they are saying is really reliable insider knowledge and how much of it is just guess and provocative language just in order to gain media attention.

    Greg, you are giving those people a plattform. So what is really the goal of your channel? Is it just to be an antidote to the mainstream media or do you really want to provide quality and reliable news? Do you just invite people who best share your personal view on the things or should the news be balanced, allowing other oppinions too? What i have observed during the several years i’m following your channel is that 95% of the people on your channel are fully inline with your point of view. I personally would appreciate more challange and dispute within the interviews. Why not having more than one guest at the time on the show? That could spice it up too. That’s just my opinion.



  29. FC

    The cure is the cause of this financial collapse and that’s the reason people will continue to have confidence in the dollar up until the time when leaders of other countries like China and Russia starting moving away from it.

  30. Mr. Lee

    Fantastic interview Mr. Hunter.

    I am unclear on one thing though, Mr. Rickards explained that the push for global monetary governance (SDR) is a venue to register corporations under a global registry for revenue purposes. My assumption here is that the revenue would be intended to go to the global governance source/entity. If this is the case then why have national governments been pushing for the various trade deals (TPP and the like) decades of neo – liberal / globalist off shoring to cheaper low regulations jurisdictions? Surely any centralized body/initiative would continue this as it is in their best interest to do so since they and the multi nationals have the same agenda.

    I agree that all of these so called green/carbon taxes are nothing more than a revenue grab and will continue to be so, Alex Jones pointed this out over a decade ago with many echoing his sentiment.

    Thanks for all you do Mr. Hunter

  31. Walter Baumgarten

    I don’t know Greg. What Jim Rickards says about gold assuming a value of $10k is very logical and mathematically correct in the scenario that he lays out, but in a system where logic and mathematics have no place and no value, it is more likely that it will never be allowed to happen. Those who rule have successfully instituted and rule over a system of control where “if they say it is true than it IS true”, math and logic be damned. The only force that can overcome such control would be a mass revolt by large numbers of Sheeple that control enough assets and enough power to actually have a voice worth considering. Our society, our system has the Sheeple sufficiently doped up, drunked up, distracted enough, and most of all terrified enough that the Fairytale cannot be allowed to end, that the control that they wield against the masses is total and complete!

    I was discussing this subject with a close friend of mine who is a retired mortgage banker. His opinion is that since every other country in the world is and has been printing fiat currencies as fast as they need them without limit, that any loss in value from one denomination in relationship to another can be offset simply by printing more. You can never run out of fiat currencies when they are easily printed and backed by nothing. He may have a point.

    The human being has devolved into a mindless automaton who will stare mindlessly into it’s techno-bauble and pretty much do what they are told. Far too many simply do not care, cannot be bothered or are too terrified to pull their eyes from the tiny screens that own them. You, I, Jim Rickards and all of the other wonderful, intelligent and informed individuals you bring to us are a small minority in comparison to those who care not. The good news is that we who know, while we may be powerless to change the course upon which we have be set will at least not be fooled when it all runs off the cliff. There is power in the truth and in those who understand the truth. Thank you for your great work as usual.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      When the health effects of wi-fi and smart meters sneak out into the public, people will discover their brain again.

  32. Timothy Toomey

    Nice to see sane comments after an GREAT interview. No name calling.
    Cheers Greg and Jim.

  33. Rock

    Great interview. One thing though, I wonder about this recommendation of 10% precious metals position. Why only 10%? What happens to the other 90%? Is the 10% figure for the awakened Sheeple, while the elite pile into the PMs to solidify their grip on the populace? Maybe the elite figure they can still exercise control as long as there is not a “middle class” with a collective accumulation of metals to hold on and carry through a collapse?
    I like to listen to Rickards, but anyone who consults for the bad guys cannot be fully trusted.
    Thanks Greg for all you do. Keep up the fine work.

  34. Mike R

    Don’t under-estimate Trump. He has got the entire US military on his side. Obama NEVER had that. He’s got their back, and they have his.

    • Diane

      Agree….Trump would not have gotten elected of not part of the deep state wanting to stop the Marxist left.
      Pray for Trump.

  35. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Jim is fundamentally correct about the state of emergency but he is wrong about the inception of the emergency. If you want to know more you can read about it here:

    Keep up the great work.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      It must be fun to sit in a comfy chair surrounded with heat&AC and a fridge full of chow, throwing rocks at the New Deal on a computer….probably not one at the library.

      Let me take you the the woods behind Target nearby and introduce you to the vets and other folks living there…or the little girl in my grandson’s public school 6th grade who lives in a car (one of many others here in the south).
      Sorry, keep your Codger and his cold heart.

      • Country Codger

        Deanna wish you all the best but the New Deal was illegal and a socialist takeover of the United States of America. You may not like it but that is the truth.

        Also, my chair is old and broken and I am a farmer that produces all my food and teach others how to do so. But, I am retired government, former NSA, former CIA, State Department and DOE contractor. I know first hand how evil the United States government truly is.

        ANd, what the heck does the new deal have to do with someone living in their car?

        • Charles H


          From a curiosity standpoint – I’d like a mind-meld, to know what you know. Then, from a contemplative moment – I think it would be better not to. Not everyone is meant to have the same burdens.

          • Country Codger

            Hi Charles,
            You are very right, I don’t even want to know what I do because, I can never go back to being that poor dumb naive kid from south Louisiana that thought the U.S. was the best and most godly country in the world. Reality sux sometimes.

        • dbcooper

          CC, My mother used to tell me about the depression and how all the New Deal programs were suppose to be ‘Just Temporary’ . So when did we ever see the government get smaller?? We are in your corner and have your back.
          Yours in Faith and Liberty,FN, DB.

      • Mark Maples

        Deanna, this is the primary issue. I have a big heart myself but finding human tragedy stories in a nation of 350mil is easy. Trying to engineer a society that guarantees cradle to grave care for all 350mil gives us this over regulated, freedom stifling society we find ourselves in. No offense intended

  36. Paul ...

    The Death of Paper Money and it’s Road to Ruin is the uncontrollable “non stop printing” of the stuff which eventually results in higher prices and run away inflation … the Fed tries to moderate this inflation in the money supply by raising the Fed Funds Rate (FFR) … the Main Stream Media helps the Fed by “lying to the public” promoting the false idea that a rising FFR is “kryptonite” for gold … lets look at the “true data” the MSM hides from the general public … between Apr 2001 and Aug 2011 the FFR averaged 2.1% and gold soared 640% higher … between Jan 1970 and Jan 1980 the FFR averaged 7.1% and gold soared 2332% … the “unvarnished data” indicates that the higher the average FFR … the more powerful the gold rally … and this makes perfect sense because the world’s fiat paper currencies are as plentiful as all the grains of sand on the world’s beaches (thousands of trillions of them) … for Rickards to say gold will be worth 10 times as many grains of sand in a few years isn’t what makes gold valuable for us to hold … what makes gold valuable for us to hold is that there is not as may grains of gold in the world as there are grains of sand!!

    • Walter Baumgarten

      Runaway price and hyperinflation may have been the result of such money printing practices in the past, but there are a few reasons why it is very possible that it will never happen at least here. In cases where they overprint or in the mass influx of stolen wealth (Conquistadors), inflation and hyperinflation resulted due to the “bidding wars” that ensued as those with too much cash were able to bid up prices of everything as they competed with one another. Inflation can also be boosted by the increased cost to manufacture goods or shortages in the supply chain. In today’s world, those who are raking in all the profits are very few in numbers and are in positions to not have to compete with one another for domination. They are working (for the most part) together thanks to technology and the brotherhood of the fabulously wealthy. They own governments so they can print all the money they want and keep the costs of essentials like gasoline down to the level where the working idiots can always afford it by having the governments subsidize the industries that need it. Food and clothing are under their control and even though cars have gone through the roof, long term financing stills keeps the commuters commuting. There will be NO Stock Market crash for the common working idiot has no money in the game except perhaps for his retirement funds. These can either be stolen outright or simply just not given out should they be requested, the working people will simply shut up and get back to work whenever this happens and it has happened before. There will be NO run on the banks because most of the working slobs don’t have any money IN the banks anymore now do they? Even when housing prices skyrocketed and then collapsed, working slobs simply walked away from them, moved in with Grandma, or moved into rental owned by the Big Boys. I am afraid that a collapse is completely avoidable by those wealthy few who own everything. The days of them competing with each other for domination is over, they already dominate -US!

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Makes sense….Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan decided it’s better to bury the ego hatchet and not waste energy in feuds!!! The old way was at least more colorful and entertaining to read about.
        I believe everything from ‘entitlements’ so called to Corporate earnings to the military are so inter-dependent as to be one and the same.

      • Paul ...

        So what you are saying is that because the Big Boys are few in numbers they have control over the “sand box” on the beach? … and so none of that infinite fiat sand they are printing up will ever spill out of “their box” onto “our shores” to create inflation!!

        • Walter Baumgarten

          What I am saying is that there is no reason for them to raise prices, at least on the things that people will fight over if they can’t get them like food or housing (rent if they can’t own). They do not need to raise prices to get more income, the government simply “prints” them more or adds zeros to their accounts. Prices can now be held artificially low as they are doing right now with gasoline, food, precious metals because corporations are guaranteed profits from the government. I am convinced that “supply and demand” pricing has been dead for a decade now. Today it is a “dial in the price for sale and print dollars for profit” system. Think about that.

      • Walter Baumgarten

        It is something that I am simply at a loss to understand – how people do not understand that once a government allows entities such as the “Federal Reserve” to come into being and simply print money (which is POWER), those few who control the Beast (from Jekyll Island) will then decide who has the money/power and who does not. They keep their buddies afloat and they allow the others to sink. It completely overrides the natural selection process of free market societies. This evil Beast has what amounts to God-like power over the population and business. It is NOT going to end well though it may drag out and degrade for years to come. It can NEVER get better.Not while the Beast yet lives.

  37. dbcooper

    Greg, Thank you once again for this latest installment … you provide us all with ‘tru’ news and a forum where by the little people like this humble farmer can wax poetic!! That said it saddens one to witness the commenters who seem to need to disparage other participants with name calling and denigrating comments … those individuals I just breeze through and do not read because my dance card was already full when I got here!! Those who wish to live in denial of the true nature of the muslin culture are not worth my time of trying to convert (Pastor Charles would certainly do a better job than I !!) because what we are dealing with here is in my opinion a Fascist Ideology ( This deserves Capitalizing!! ). I care not what someone else believes, that is their choice but bring it into my farm yard and we Will have a problem. Mr. Rickards said that we (USA) have been in a state of emergency since 9/11 … read that State of War with Terrorism … and the source of that terrorism is your ‘blessde’ islam. Once upon a time G-500 misunderstood a comment that I made and upon explaining my position we were once again off to the races which is not to say that we cannot agree to disagree … this being the civilized thing to do. Greg, you are a gracious host and I thank you for the opportunity !!
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Frederick

      I don’t read your nonsense either and if he said that about 911 he is a traitor or a fool looked you Cooper There I said it Deal with it

  38. dbcooper

    TO Seer, I will repeat my previous comment to you … all of our land is owned via Certified Patent and held in Allodial Title. That said How do you take your allodial titled lands off of the tax rolls and do you know anyone who has been successful with this process??
    Yours, DB.

    • Country Codger

      Hey DB,
      Do you have Bob Miller’s .pdf on patents and allodial title? I have used patents to keep the Navajo Indian Nation from taking my water rights away but I have not addressed the property tax issue since I am currently not living full time on the property. Patents are handled differently in Texas because Texas was an independent nation before it became a state.

      If you want Bob’s .pdf let me know and i will get it to you.


  39. glen charles

    interesting as per usual, Trojan horse(s)

  40. Bob

    Great interview. Just one question though, if gold reaches $10,000.00 an ounce and silver $200.00 an ounce, what will a loaf of bread cost in USD?

    • Frederick

      Thirty to fifty dollars for a Nice French baguette I’d estimate

  41. Bob

    Anne Coulter predicted Trump would win too.

    • Diane

      So did Armstrong’s SOCRATES.

  42. Laura Snyder

    One great interview after another, & I always learn something new. There may be a time for various means of transactions, but I just wanted to point out Ezekiel 7:19. It basically says: They will throw their silver into the streets, & their gold will be like refuse.

  43. Flattop

    BOB: Ann Coulter is coming to California to make a speech and the libs are having a fit. Their usual mantra appears in the local paper. Racist, homophobe, anti abortion etc, and she hasn’t given her talk yet

    • WD

      Hello Langley!

      I have no doubt this was a CIA driven explosion….

  44. Flattop

    GREG: New subject. The government of California took the gas taxes that are collected for road repairs and used that money to balance their budget. Now they say they need to raise the gas taxes by ten cents since they have no money to repair roads and bridges. The people of California allow these democrats to continue to do things such as this. Guess they are dumb, or just don’t care, or maybe both!!!

    • Wayne

      As Margaret Thatcher said, “Socialism is great — until you run out of other people’s money.”
      Having run out of OPM, now they just run the old Wimpy cartoon meme of “I’ll gladly pay you on (Tues)day for a hamburger today.”

  45. James Brown

    Another great interview.
    I listen to a lot of different voices. Rickards, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Peter Schiff, Martin Armstrong, etc. These guys have some similar takes on the future of our economy and some differing/contradictory points of view about our economic future. Unless our system achieves the proper restructuring, I expect us all to have a lower standard of living in the future at best and the “Zombie Apocalypse” at worst. Please get Martin Armstrong back on and have him give us a 5 minute summary of what will happen quarter by quarter over the next 5 years. Remember what my late, great friend, Kennedy Gammage said, “Those who predict the future sometimes end up chewing on shattered pieces of their crystal ball”.
    Thank you and keep up the great work

  46. WD

    There can be no doubt where this economy is headed. Yes I know it has not happened yet. But you are dealing with multi trillion dollar ponzi scheme, you can fake this for a long time. We will pay the price. What we have here goes against all fundamentals. We have deep state gov trying to run things and will ruin them.

    It will collapse, it has to. Look at the laws of energy, money, debt etc. We are # 3 now behind China and Russia at least as far as potential goes. We are done. Tick toc….

  47. Justn Observer

    Greg, So appears they are closer to the ‘unmasking trio’? Rice ?

  48. C.M. Gough

    I’ve read most of Rickards’ books, and I am thankful for his perspective on the history of money, which is very informative. However, his opinions on 9/11 are ludicrous. It’s hard to figure this guy out. Something about him is off.

  49. francis m reps

    Mr. Hunter, From the” insouciant” Cliff High to the very ” self focused ” Mr. Rickards ; you certainly have a variety of interesting guests. There seems to be a lot of : “I” , “MY”..”I.”.”My” ;as well as “My Books”…and “My visits to other countries to speak of My expertise”….to My assessments of the future { hedged of course} ; Mr. Rcikards is a heck of a self promoter. The essence of his message is that Trump better get moving…The SDR { modern Rentenmark } might help the financial system, and a small core holding of precious metals is prudent. Gee Whizz Mr. Hunter…Bill Holter could tell us that in five minutes. Ms. Fitts could give us a college economics course in the time that this man spends on self promotion. Nothing NEW HERE from this guy….MOVE ALONG. At least Cliff High makes us laugh…and Mannerino and Fitts make us think. Please do not use your site as a venue for self promoters who re state the obvious.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Any expert who isn’t interested in ALL the people of my country bores me.

      There’s a story in Dickens of a father and several sobbing children who have just lost their mother. The dad just manages to put black clothes on them for the funeral. Some women in the gathering spend the time criticizing the short skirts and pants of these children. Dickens doesn’t comment…he just lets the reader absorb this scene.

    • regular NJ guy

      I agree with you Francis, but you forgot Nomi Prins. That lady is awesome eye candy. Every time I see her, I fall in love again and burn up with desire.

  50. Diane

    Greg….this is common knowledge to those of us who listen to Catherine Austin Fitts Solari Report. You should ask her about this next time she’s a guest on USA Watchdog.

  51. sam

    trojan horse
    This is how the climate really works
    The Cloud Mystery

  52. JMiller

    Recent Rickards interview

    Rickards said in the interview that 10% of your investable assets should be in physical gold and silver which is what he says he does with his own money and what he recommends to investors. He thinks 10% is the right amount.

    He also recommends 30% in cash (cash equivalents). Also recommends private equity, fine art, land, real estate. Pretty much what he has said for the last several years.

  53. Barn Cat

    I don’t see a 50 to 1 gold to silver ratio in the future. I expect it to go back to its historic ratio of about 16 to 1. So if gold is $10,000 I expect silver to be $600.

    • Diane

      Does anyone think platinum coins issued by US Mint are of any value?
      They used to make them then they stopped. Now I think they are minting them again.
      I know platinum has some value…but are they real money?

  54. Bill

    GREG: I surely hope Mr Rickard is wrong in his opinion of Trump. If I accept what he says, Trump is already finished and should just pack it up and quit… Might he have any other good news???

    • Greg Hunter

      God the Father put Trump in office. In the Bible, God is the original King maker.–“Fear Not.”

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Well, that might depend on what some define as God’s character!!!
        Something or someone put the words in Hillary’s mouth that the Catholic church was responsible for much of the world’s problems (that was leaked). That turned the Church at the last moment…the most powerful body on earth.
        For all Francis’ loosey-goosey ways, that attack may have been too much even for him. It’s only fun being liberal when there’s a strong moral center somewhere.

      • karl kuhle

        I agree Greg. He is a modern King Cyrus

      • karl kuhle

        However Greg my only suspicion is why has he filled the swamp with more gildman sachs people ?

  55. Justn Observer

    Greg, Another wake up interview with Field McConnell- of ABEL DANGER

  56. coalburner

    Great Job as Usual!

    TinFoil, Turkey has been going that way since Erodigan took over. I informed here a year or two back about my aquaintance with a young turk a few years before that. She was sent by her parents to school here in the USA. Her folks told her to make a life here , never come back. They knew what was coming. I am withhiolding their position of special knowledge and other relavant facts that enhance my point.

    Also thanks to Rolf Havelock for good stuff. Summit Survival and Infidel Body Armor has some other great videos on Escape and Evasion.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very dedicated and very kind to USAW!! Thank you.

  57. karl kuhle

    Can Rickards be trusted ?
    Bill Holter says he can’t. .

    • Greg Hunter

      If I waited for the perfect guest I would never book anyone. Rickards is a 4 time best-selling book author. I worked months on getting him and he gave me an hour. You have no idea how hard it is to book people like Rickards. I am happy and lucky to get him on for you guys to listen to him. Yes, he is a connected guy but he reveals a lot I think. Thank you for your support!!

      By the way, I love and respect Bill Holter (and Jim Sinclair.)

  58. regular NJ guy

    I guess the new normal is that everyone can be *legally* spied upon without cause or for any whim and no reason by the FBI, NSA, CIA, DHS, TSA, ATF, State Police, Local Police and whoever. This is normal surveillance now, right ? How about greeting Hillary in the same way ? Oh I forgot. She’s one of the untouchables. **Beyond reproach.**

    What a country we live in.

    • Greg Hunter

      The Susan Rice revelation is stunning and bad for the Obama team that was trying to knock Trump out of office early. It did not work and they never considered that possibility. There will be Hell to pay from these Obama Weasels!!

  59. Mohammad

    Very serious development in M.E.

    A chemical attack took place in northern Syria in Idlib:أميركا-ليس-من-مصلحة-السوريين-بقاء-الأسد-لكن.html

    Seems there is a crescendo of blaming Assad regime for the attack and pretense of taking a more decisive action with this current admin as a response compared to the weak action taken by previous admin.


    I will translate again from alarabiya :

    “وجمّل المتحدث باسم البيت الأبيض #شون_سبايسر بصراحة مسؤولية المجزرة التي وقعت اليوم في ادلب للنظام السوري. وقال إن “الهجوم الكيمياوي الذي وقع اليوم في #سوريا واستهدف ابرياء بينهم نساء واطفال (هو) مشين”.
    وأضاف أن “هذا العمل المروع من جانب نظام بشار #الأسد هو نتيجة ضعف الإدارة السابقة وانعدام التصميم لديها”.

    “White House spokesman # Sean_Spicer bluntly blamed the massacre that took place today in Idlib for the Syrian regime. “The chemical attack that took place today in Syria and targeted innocent people, including women and children, is shameful,” he said.
    “This appalling act by Bashar Assad’s regime is the result of the weakness of the previous administration and its lack of determination,” he said.”

    It seems to me Greg very odd that the regime that is winning every where in Syria kicking the ass of ISIS will resort to something like this.

    Any way I thought it was a very serious development that it should be posted here since it may carry a dynamic rolling ball of fire on its own.


    • Mohammad

      Follow Up:أميركا-ليس-من-مصلحة-السوريين-بقاء-الأسد-لكن.html

      In Arabic:
      “ترمب يجتمع مع فريقه الأمني للرد على مجزرة إدلب
      البيت الأبيض حمّل النظام السوري مسؤولية مجزرة إدلب “التي لا يمكن قبولها”

      “Trump meets his security team to respond to the Idlib massacre
      The White House blamed the Syrian regime for the massacre of Idlib “which is unacceptable”

      I am smelling the US carriers gathering in the Mediterranean Sea.


    • Greg Hunter

      I think your gut is correct . M.E./Syrian war getting deeper and more dangerous.

  60. Dennis Dahlberg

    It is sad that Jim Richards had the audacity to use the USA Watchdog format to advertise his books. I would not accept any of his books even if they were given to me free of charge. It appears everything Richards does is geared to promote himself or his books whenever he gets the chance. Did anyone gain unique information from his meandering dialogue? Not me! If he returns to USA Watchdog it would be a nonevent for me. Greg, thankyou for continuously bringing the truth to our attention through your journalism and insightful interviews.

    • Greg Hunter

      I will repeat what I just said to Karl:

      If I waited for the perfect guest I would never book anyone. Rickards is a 4 time best-selling book author. I worked months on getting him and he gave me an hour. You have no idea how hard it is to book people like Rickards. I am happy and lucky to get him on for you guys to listen to him. Yes, he is a connected guy but he reveals a lot I think. Than you for your support and feedback.

    • Mohammad


      He said something very important.
      If you take only this from an insider like JR then you are set.
      He said every thing is locked and loaded in legislations.
      They do not pass a legislation unless they are hell bent on implementing it.
      I think Greg did a big service to his audience putting this info out.
      Listen again and you will find it very informative interview.


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