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I want to share with you two videos that will surely enlighten and maybe even enrage you.  The first is from “The Daily Show.”  It seems a comedy show that repeatedly claims to do “fake news” was the only mainstream media outlet to call BS on Fed Chief Ben Bernanke’s BS.  Bernanke stated on “60 Minutes” last Sunday that the Fed was “not printing money.”  This statement is preposterous, in light of the fact the Fed is creating $75 billion a month to buy the debt of America.  I worked for two networks as an investigative correspondent, and I know how things are supposed to work.  The “journalists” that should have called out Bernanke on this obvious misstatement were “60 Minutes.”  It is a Cardinal Sin for a news broadcast to knowingly allow false statements to go out over the air unchallenged.  “60 Minutes” could have called a dozen PhD level economists to refute Bernanke’s assertion that the Fed is “not printing money” when it is churning $75 billion a month out of thin air.  It took a comedy show to point out the best person to refute this BS was the Fed Chairman himself from an earlier “60 Minutes” interview.   To CBS I say,Have you no sense of decency, sir?” If this doesn’t shame them, then nothing will.  Please watch, and keep in mind if the lie and cover-up is this blatant, then we must be headed for big trouble in the economy soon.  (You can open the video fully by clicking the button in the lower right hand corner of the screen.)

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The second video is called “New Rules: You and the IRS this January.”  It is from the  The video is about how the government wants to collect more taxes from small business.  It wants to accomplish this by forcing new tax reporting for any transaction more than $600.  This video is well done and should be frightening to any red blooded American.  Is this the “Change” we can believe in?  This new law could start the biggest black market in American history, but no matter what, it is an attack on privacy and freedom.  Please watch this video:

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  1. Sam

    Dear Greg,

    The IRS, with the backing of the usurper-in-chief, has pretty much ruined small business already. No matter how much we shell out in expenses, we are still considered “rich” even though “Owner Drawing” accounts are less than what the average PRIVATE SECTOR American makes. Yes, this pretend president wants to force us all into government dependency, but even if all I make in net profit is barely enough to fill a penny sleeve, I for one will never give up. Having a business is the last bastion of freedom in this country, one that should be protected and cherished, not squeezed to death just so some selfish bureaucrat can buy a Mercedes or a wall-mounted television. If we go under, there goes not only choice, but also an outlet where one can purchase goods and services that the “big boys” don’t have or do. If we go under, you can kiss whatever freedoms you thought you have left goodbye.

    • Greg

      I agree with you because I am a small business owner myself. Thank you for the comment.

  2. John Bernard

    I must say that all the predictions from the likes of Michael Ruppert, John Williams, et al seem to be slowly rolling towards us. With the passage and implementation of Senate Bill 510 and Obamacare the United States of America has disappeared. We now live in an incipient police state, the one the left has complained of, and have only ourselves to blame.

    I am not a leftist nor a right wing ideologue. I have served in the military, graduated from college, started and sold a successful business. In short I have done everything correctly and now find myself sitting on an ashheap of a great nation. The worst is yet to come.

    Americans will not wakeup: nearly 44 milllion are on food stamps.The rest look at the stock market and believe their wealth is being restored. Gurus like Dave Ramsay are government tools assuring people that this is a normal albeit severe downturn; just hang in folks.

    Last week’s unemployment number was revised upward to 435,000 as I expect this week’s number will also be similarly revised.

    Yet go to the shopping center, the mall, wherever. People are using their credit cards at a record pace. Mountain House foods are sold out at the moment so some of us are awake.

    Thanks for keeping this informative site going I only hope more will tune in.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment and kind words of support.

  3. slingshot

    I think you are about two steps away from getting a visit from a man in a black suit,carrying a briefcase. An audit from the IRS.
    The two largest and most powerful institutions in the United States of America, are waging a confiscative war against its people.
    They are the Federal Reserve Bank and the Internal Revenue Service.
    At this point it does not matter who exactly is behind these arms of government or private sector, only the enormous impact they have had on our lives. We have been so condition that the one makes the money and the other takes it, that it is our lives. Now they can track anything of importance you purchase. Not too far from telling you what you can purchase. Want 500 lbs of corn to feed your cattle? The FOOD CZAR says you can only buy 400 lbs. So what about corn. Corn in one form or another is in everything we eat. Now in our gas. Get it? Just Like Oil. Everything we eat and everything that moves.
    The only other entity to complete this trilogy of disaster is the U.S. Congress. The grand enabler who turns a deaf ear to its citizens and grants more power to those who plan to destroy us by deception.
    We can remove the FED and the IRS but that is another video.

    • Greg

      Thanks for the warning. I thought this site was on the tame side. Thank you for the complement.

  4. Robert

    Greg, the journalists that should have called Bernanke out all make 7 digit salaries… they are bought off plain and simple… and then they want to be respected… One of the best real investigative journalists out there is Matt Taibbi.. He does alot of work for Rolling Stone..

    On a differnt note but similar as much as it shows how much the politicians are selling out, here’s an article link about 13 newly elected republican politicians that have hired as their chiefs of staffs, corporate lobbyists… How many of these politicians ran on the Tea Party platform?

    Many of the Tea Party candidates the won ran on a supposed platform to clean up government but they will soon fall prey to the allure of prestige and the money they can attract for their re-elections and positions outside of the politicals arena once the leave office… They run on a theme of doing good for the country and end up doing quite well for themselves.. It seems today, everybody has a price and the electorate fall for these shills everytime…when are the people going to say enough?

    • Greg

      Each election is another sell out of the country. This is very sad. Thank you for the comment and link.

  5. Bob

    There not printing money out of thin air. The dollar is back by the control we have over oil. The give away or money to over seas banks is there cut of the world biggest heist, of the oil. The wars was about oil from day one an anybody who thinks different,is a dam- fool. There is no news just lairs on TV. Just like they talk about don’t ask don’t tell over an over, it’s all smoke. I just can’t believe the insanity we are living in,but what the hel- . If you get hungry kill something an eat it. YOUR A GOOD MAN Greg, peace

    • Greg

      Thank you Bob. You make a very good point here!!

    • Owen

      There is nothing backing the federal reserve note. The Fed is only printing money out of thin air. Most banks don’t even bother with the paper it takes to make ‘money’ they just shift numbers on a computer.

      The risk of hyper inflation is very real.

      The only legal money in the unites States is gold and silver coin. One would only need to read the Constitution to see that. The other side is that since we have not borrowed any gold and/or silver coins there is no federal debt. All congress would have to do to pay off the claimed debt is to fire up the printing presses and ship container loads of federal reserve notes to those who lent them to us.

      • Greg

        Thank you Owen.

  6. Dr. Neal J. Houston

    Gesh Greg…Don’t know what to say…The two videos that you shared with me and the world did in fact “enlighten and maybe even enraged me”….Sad to say in a way… Keep the great articles going…

  7. Jeff

    It seems like everyone in the media saw Ben squirming on “60 Min” Sunday!

    As William Cohen points out in todays NYT on line column……… is the first time Paul Krugman and William Stockman have ever agreed on anything………….they both think this deal before congress stinks producing major economic problems as our debt has reached the point of no return. Twitching Ben sees major problems that he can not control and has no answers for.

    I hope congress rejects this legislation and I think reasonable people on both sides of the aisle may have the guts to stand up to it!!

    • Greg

      You are correct Jeff, and we also need massive cuts in spending and a partial default on the debt of Fannie and Freddie. That is not going to happen (sad to say) so folks are turning to the gold and silver market. Thank you for your comment and observation.

  8. Owen

    If the American people took the time to read the federal tax laws IRS would be too scared to even come near your home, paycheck, accounts, etc.

    The Obama care is perfectly legal and constitutional due to the fact that like the income tax it does not apply to citizens of the united State of America. If you’s read the IRC then you should know that the only taxes even being taken out of you pay are the ones that you’ve asked to have taken out under subtitle C of the IRC and then most people turn around at the end of the year and claim that they are the subject of the Subtitle A income taxes of which only foreign corporates and nonresident aliens are the subject of that tax.

    Now on to form 1099. It is simple read the instructions. The only person that is required to give a tax ID number on a form 1099 is a lawyer who is acting as a lawyer on behalf of the business furnishing the 1099.

    If you go into the regulations of the IRC 26CFR301.6109-1(c) you can see for yourself that there is no requirement to require/request any tax id number from a citizen of the united States of America.

    When the IRS files a notice of delinquency it only applies to subtitles A and B taxes and yet when they come to court they will admit they are trying to collect subtitle C taxes. So thus if the people want to fix the problem then they should become educated, resist, educate other, and sit on juries. Oh in Washington state it’s legal to shoot/kill anyone committing a felony in your presents. FYI most IRS agents will be committing a felony when they come to your front door.

    Become educated and understand how the laws apply. Oh and on a side note the 16th Amendment, according to the USSC, confers no new powers of taxation. It only limits the powers of taxation. Also USSC has ruled that money you have earned through labor and/or exchange is not income since there is NO CAPITAL GAIN (ie your labor has value). Income is limited to capital gains. The income tax only taxes the income of nonresident aliens and foreign corporations. The income tax is a FLAT 28% and legally falls under taxation as a duty (the income tax forms from the past even stated it was for the income duty) it’s a flat rate. Do the math next time your look at your pay stub.
    Taxes on fuel, liquor, beer, fishing weights, etc are excise taxes also flat rates.

  9. M SMITH

    Your work has made a difference Greg, more folks are awakening to the lies,fraud & corruption that is coming from every direction & spin the MSM can think of to support the PE goals. This is just one of the many ways they have been able to twist our laws to finance their many crimes. I give credit to “The Ol’Grey Ghost” to use this link to his article. If we look how our government uses one law for the people & another one for the PE, we now see behind the curtain & it’s nothing like our founders intended,is this not correct? Thanks again Greg for a great week of real investigative reporting!

    • Greg

      M Smith,
      Thank you for the kind words and the link.

  10. Mike

    I agree with slingshot with particular respect to his warning that you could be but two steps away from receiving a visit from a man in a black suit carrying a briefcase.

    Large “Organizations” rarely attack other large “Organizations”. Large “organizations”, like a pride of lions or hyenas chase, hunt and slaughter individuals.

    Your website is needed. Your reporting is needed – but believe me you are been watched, scrutinized and studied.

    You deserve a Nobel prize for bravery. Keep it up.

    • Greg

      Thank you Mike for your support!!!

  11. Art Barnes

    Greg, all the radicals thinkers of my day thought the United States was becoming a socialist or a totalitarian government, never heard
    very much about a fascism type society in the past. Looking back now,
    when our large companies commenced shipping their factories overseas
    in the 70’s, hiring cheap labor which took the jobs away here, and the U.S. government did not try to do anything to stop it, and instead, gave tax benefits to them allowing it, that was the start of our fascist state. The cheap labor overseeas made big profits which our government relished in as taxes to spend themeselves and the spiro began. And, of course, our polititians, the great patriots that they are, took the bribes by way of campaign contributions and gave them a green light all the while knowing that it was not a moral thing to do, but the greed and power hungry could not stop; the money and power made them addicts to it disregarding any ethics. The real problem with fascism, among others, is the loss of freedom for the little people in the end game. You could have a fascist state without a hitler with a genocidial mind. However, you cannot maintain freedom to work where you want to or own your own business, etc., that does not conform with a fascist state. It is not necessary illegal to have your own business under it per say, however, the forces at play in such a society limit the opportunities because the laws are stated for the benefit of the large corporations which own the means of commernce. Assuming for a moment we are going into a type of hybred fascism, a melting between capitalism and fascism, the american people can only suffer more for it as they are now. Greg, under a fascism society the banks play a large role with profits for themeselves as well. There you have it, three amigos, government,
    business and the banks, just as we have now. May God bless America and stop this power grab from the American people.

    • Greg

      I think your “three amigos” description is right on track.

  12. nm

    Someone said the following to me the other day:

    Yes, America looks like it’s going down, but it is still America. In other words, where are all the rich people or rich countries going to put their money? America is one of the few places that still has the rule of law on it’s side. The same goes for western Europe.

    So, at the end of the day, America may lose some of it’s economic power, but it will remain strong because where else are you going to put your money or store your wealth? in Russia? I don’t think so. In China? No way.

    Then, throw in the fact that it still has the strongest army in the world and no one is going to mess with it.

    For me who grew up in a much poorer country, I realize that you don’t need that much to “survive”. Nobody in the world has lived as well as Americans have. They’ve been too rich for too long and now, they’re just going to have to learn how to live with a little less (which will still be a lot more than the rest of the world).

    I’m not worried because I know I can survive with very little. For many Americans, this realization may be harder to accept, but they’ll have no choice but to accept it. Trust me, you are still better off than 99% of the world.

    • Greg

      Thank you NM for sharing your perspective.

    • Owen

      We do not have the rule of law in this country anymore. I’ve seen too many corrupt judges flat out ignore the law. Allow citizens to be charged with a punishment when no crime can even be shown to have been committed.

      So because we have the biggest army in the world we are the greatest country? I don’t think so. Take a few history lessons and learn about Rome. Rome debased it’s currency as part of it’s fall. America has debased it’s currency and we are falling. Rome had a massive army and towards the end hired foreigners with the promise of citizenship. America is doing the same thing. The list goes on.

      Now we have a foreigner pretending to hold what was supposed to be the most humble office in the nation and is now considered to be the most powerful office in the nation.

      Congress has long ignored the rule of law. When was the last time that a law was truly Constitutional passed? The Constitution is the highest law of the land. Between the states collectively AND in the states separately. Rule of law… Obama care does not apply to citizens of the united States and yet it will be forced on them. A form 1099 follow the instructions you will find that only lawyers are required to give a TIN. Where is the law being followed there?
      Social Security is VOLUNTARY and yet the government will charge criminally and civilly if you don’t volunteer to pay into it. Where is the rule of law there?
      When asked for a law making citizens of the united States file any sort of tax return none can be shown and yet judges have told juries time and time again that it exists. Where is the rule of law there?

      I am glad that you are happy living here and if you came here legally more power to you BUT do not speak about what you have no knowledge please.

      I study law because I find it to be mentally stimulating. I also study because it has be declared that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Ignorant and free shall never be.

      We have so many laws in conflict in this country either in the way they were written and/or enforced there is not any rule of law here. We live in an tyrannical anarchy where the laws are what ever the judges and lawyers say they are and only apply to whom and when they say. Don’t believe me? Go traveling around in your automobile without a license plate on it and without a driver’s license with you.

      Still don’t believe me look up how many times a parent or alleged parent gets to have a jury decide his or her case. 7th amendment protects your right to a jury trial in all civil cases involving a dispute of more than 20 dollars.

      Where are the gold and silver coins that are supposed to passed as currency?

      Please become more educated about the rule of law before commenting on it.

  13. Jill

    Hi Greg, I loved the political cartoon! Too True. You had an article on your site a while back “Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss”. If anyone that voted for change is happy with what they received, I suggest a drug test. My husband is afraid of what he sees coming. I see Congress saying that the rich have enough. Maybe they do but where do they get off taking what others earned? We are not rich but we feel that we pay a higher % of taxes than the wealth. Glad you are got there

    • Greg

      Thank you Jill. The article you mentioned was written by Gene Tunney.

  14. Stephen Clifton

    As much as I agree 100% with the fact that we are being robbed blind I will also say that we are all to blame. We don’t want the government to raise taxes but riots would start if the government cut programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. It’s a sad state of affairs when a government employee who makes more than the business owner is attacking the business owner, demanding they “pay their fair share” when the government employee only takes from society. The business owner provides a service to their customers and jobs to their employees. We are truly the pathetic, weak offspring of a once great nation. My grandparents are rolling in their graves.


    • Owen

      That might do use some good though. So long as the TRUTH gets out exposed in the process.

  15. James

    “to free humanity from imperial control

    We are approaching the end of the current basis of western civilization—the debt-based monetary system. This will likely cause the end of post-Enlightenment rationalism as well since the money system was an extension of that philosophical system. The ramifications of this are almost incomprehensible. Our lives will be profoundly changed since everything from economics to government, from psychology to religion is dependent upon this system.

    As we approach the end of post-Enlightenment rationalism, we could go one of two very different ways. We could either see the next Dark Ages or enter Renaissance 2.0. That depends largely on you. Which will you choose? Will you be active? If you remain passive, we will likely see the dark version of the future. A new renaissance depends upon the enlightenment of individuals from the bottom-up. If individuals remain passive, then top-down forces will determine the future, and top-down power is the very definition of darkness. From the perspective of reason and rationalism, those with top-down power are only concerned with keeping their power. So controlling everyone else is the answer to the problem facing them. That may be reasonable from their perspective, but from the perspective of everyone else, it is called tyranny.” Damon Vrabel

    • Greg

      Very good James.

  16. Brian

    Greg, I agree some with what Owen is saying above. The tax issue is something that needs to be addressed more in the public forum. Everyone is scared to address this critical issue. The Congress critters don’t even know what is lawful and harmonious with the provisions of the constitution regarding taxation. There are 2 types of taxation available to them that encompass everything. Direct and Indirect. Simply put, Direct taxation is that which taxes your existence or personal property. Indirect taxation is a tax on an activity or privilege. The “income tax” is an Indirect tax. So riddle me this what activity or privilege have you participated in to enable your existence?

    Hint: Its all in the definitions. Take note of #(9),(10),(26)—-000-.html

    Also of note…A term that is defined in the law loses all of its normal meanings and only means what the law defines it to be. In all reality they could define “white” as black and vice versa.

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