More on CME, CDS and Iran

The nice folks at RNN gave me and a nice plug.  It, also, broke some news that was basically ignored by the MSM this week.  The U.S. gave Iran a “last chance” ultimatum about its nuclear program.  This is a cartoon, but what it is talking about is anything but funny.  The description put on You Tube said, “Midday News for March 14th discusses the ISDA declaration of a Credit default event in Greece and the subsequent reaction in Gold and Silver pricing. We review the move by the CME to get out of the business of clearing European Derivatives. We also touch on Tuesdays FOMC and the message sent to Iran by Hillary Clinton.”  Give it a look.  It is not very long, but it is good.

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  1. Chuck Allen

    WAAAAAAY Cool Greg,

    Just a little humor on such a huge problem. Can anyone say “Steam Release Valve?” Somber topic discussion but very well done.

    Also thanks to the folks at RNN! Sometimes humor in the form of cartoons can get the point across where other media cannot.

    • Greg

      Thank you Chuck for the comment.

  2. jay

    I love it! Digger even looks a lot like you. If we continue to spend 8 billion more the we take in every day times 30 months…Who can belive we will not have a price to pay for it. My caculator dont go that high.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jay Bryan and Vortex for the comments.

  3. Baja Bryan


    Great stuff, humor mixed with objective truth. What a refreshing concept.

  4. vortex


    One observation on the Iran news… Clinton did not warn Iran… She told Russia to warn Iran… And Russia let it be known… Russia is doing all it can to avoid war… and next week is naruz…

  5. norcar survivor

    Finally, News in a format that everyone can understand. Where was the rap music. Great spot Greg. There’s no such thing as bad publicity. They should try to implement some of the roadrunner footage in these. Lord knows how many failed attempts are cataloged there.

    • Greg

      Thankns for the comments Norcar and AndyB.

    • norcar survivor

      I was being facetious about the Rap music.

  6. AndyB

    I am glad you are receiving recognition, Greg, although it is highly unlikely that you will ever be allowed to be a guest on any of the MSM financial networks. But in my mind, you fall in the group of similarly boycotted distinguished truth tellers such as John Williams, Bill Murphy and Bill Black. Keep up the good work.

    • Edward Ulysses Cate

      Andy B, I couldn’t agree with you more on those you named, and Greg certainly ranks with them. Definitely the “A list!”

  7. Edward Ulysses Cate

    This might help clarify CME’s new position.

    “The unit “subsequently determined, in consultation with its clearing membership and its governing committees, that at this time it should remain subject only to FSA regulatory oversight,”

    Folks might remember the MF Global hypothecation issues between the CFTC in D.C. and FSA in London. The City of London FSA rules are much looser and did not favor the victims.

    Perhaps CME’s seein’ the future and doesn’t want to play by CFTC’s rules. So they’re pre-empting any argument over who’s rules apply in the very near future. This can’t be good for anyone but CME, and the financial sociopaths behind them.

    • Greg

      Thanks for adding your analysis and this link to this post. This extends the content and we all thank you for this!

  8. Christopher

    Greg, that is too cool. the ultimatum was def news to me. Edward, good stuff too. Thanks. I like the jigsaw puzzle piece collective in these threads.

    Greg, somewhat related and somewhat off topic. Last time I heard you on C2CAM it seem like you were rushed with time, and George Noory thew out that line about the regime saying repeatedly Israel should be wiped off the map. Can someone give me an honest source of this, because the most honest source is the one I linked below.

    Seems Noory has quality researchers such as yourself and Gerald Celente, Alex Jones on less frequently and instead has Jerome Corsi more frequently. Since then he has changed to more of anti iranian rhetoric. i’m not saying you or anyone is perfect. Alex Jones is a great source of info, but I double and triple check everything and i have caught misleading info on occassion and guests such as Corsi who see with him on some things like 911 truth, but Corsi makes us look bad. Jerome Corsi is like Lyndon Larouche or Webster Tarpley to me. I don’t question their intelligence, just their motivation. the guy doesn’t like anyone only his own totalitarian agenda while often sounding like he is for the Constitution. Corsi backed Bob Baldwin but won’t back Paul because he won’t strike Iran and he thinks he is dangerous on foreign policy? Ironically, Ron Paul supported Baldwin over McCain in 08 too based on his constitutionality.

    IMO anyone who works at WND is nuts or part of some agenda. The whole birther conspiracy seems started with them and is still perpetuated by them. Whether or not you believe the Birth Certificate is Real or Fake, there is definately great questions that remain about Obama’s past, included Bar Records, etc. But, i think this whole WND news, Donald Trump, Sheriff Joe Arpaio stuff is all just set up to block the truth and label those who follow crazy. It’s pretty obvious Glann Beck was used for this purpose too.

    Glenn Beck talked a lot of truth, but spun it. now on the Santorum bandwagon? Beck still has many fans. The problem is when i talk to SOME people about about issues once in a while i’ll hear, you sound like Glenn Beck. When i talk to SOME about Ron Paul being ignored they say oh, the media just doesn’t like any republicans look how they treated bush or palin. bush and palin were both dumb that’s the
    it’s just one big giant manufactured dissension and consent (michael moore and noam chomsky) game being played with our minds. So, when the truth is spoken it’s Crazy talk from conspiracy theorists on the Right or the Left. I am telling you all this is no joke. everyday, i listen to the radio and watch the news dispite hating them both. I flip the stations and the channels. listening to rush, medved, hewitt Fox, MSNBC CNN, whoever, whatever. i just want to know how everything is being spun at every angle. Personally, I think Rush Limbaugh wants Obama reelected, same with the rest. They just want you to believe them so We will elect their Big Loser who will Lose, meanwhile alienating their listeners who after election day, are going 5o rune in and here rush say he hopes obama fails…again… speaking of beck…your video made me think of this cartoon. After i think too much, i seek laughter and this one hit the spot. 🙂

    • Christopher

      …cont…sorry for the double post. I just forgot to add my link to the cartoon i mentioned at the end of my previous remarks. here it is. whether you love, hate or are indefferent in regards to Glenn Beck, this is classic and makes me laugh every time. It’s truth and comedy together.

    • Greg

      Yes, Christopher I think you are correct. The last time I was on C 2 C I said the most chilling thing I read in the news was the an Iranian military leader saying Iran could strike first. I had not heard that before. Netanyahu said the same sort of thing late last week. This kind of talk is ominous. Iran is not without sin here. It has been fighting a proxy war for years with Hezbollah in the North and Hamas in the south. Both groups have consistently been firing rockets into Israel. How long do you think that would go on if Canadians starting firing rockets into Maine? If you want peace don’t you have to stop shooting? I am not taking sides here. I get this comment a lot from people about the incorrect translation Iran’s leader. Fair enough. But the rocket attacks are kind of sending the wrong message aren’t they? I hope for both sides (and the entire world) there is not war between Iran and Israel.

  9. Christopher

    Greg, thanks for taking the time to respond. I have a lot of respect for you and your opinion and i appreciate your obvious your reciprocation. As well as Noory, who i think is a very nice, intelligent individual, and patriot for serving our country. I agree with your points, you make a fair argument and i do believe Iran is not completely innocent.

    However, i think the assertion that canada attacking maine is not the same because it’s way more complex than that.

    switzerland doesn’t consider Hamas a terrorist group, neither does Turkey. so doesn’t that make them ‘supporters’ of terrorism? they are defiantly responsible for terrorist activities, i don’t deny that either.

    Though, Hamas funds schools, orphanages, mosques, healthcare clinics, soup kitchens, and sports leagues. “Approximately 90 percent of its work is in social, welfare, cultural, and educational activities,” writes the Israeli scholar Reuven Paz. The Palestinian Authority often fails to provide such services, and Hamas’ efforts in this aras well as a reputation for honesty, in contrast to the many Fatah officials accused of corruption. The military wing of hamas is only around 1000 people. furthermore, Hamas doesn’t get US or European aid so who funds them? Iran as you mention, is one, and Saudi Arabia another.

    Israel has not been innocent either. Saying that could get me labeled an anti-semite. But, i know a lot of Jewish people who are with me on this. The Turkish Flotilla incident was not neccesary, and a good example. a 19 year old unarmed woman was amongst the killed, for what, trying provide food? would we label the Red cross terrorists and dismiss justice for the same thing? I honestly don’t beleive a word out of Netanyahu’s mouth at this point, and at least one prime minister agrees with me.

    George Noory has mentioned that fact that when US politicians are good to Saudi, they are given gifts when they leave office. The President Clinton Library was built with Saudi Funding. (just one example). not to mention the hijackers of 911 mostly being Saudi and a recent revelation shows Saudi may have funded the Al Qaeda HJ’s as well as Pakistan intel.

    Even though we sanction Iran, Hamas is still getting funding from another Ally which we enrich-en. Such a hypocritical double standard to ‘Either you are with us or against us’ so I think.

    Not to mention not everyone in Isreal is happy with their government,

    And only 43 percent of israeli’s want this war with Iran

    Israel has not been innocent either. And saying that could get me labeled an anti-semite. But the Turkish Flotilla incident was not neccesary. a 19 year old unarmed woman was killed for what, providing food?

    It looks like the UK is not going to back Israel on an Iran strike either.

    I think of the 61 Berlin Crisis. Eisenhauer and Nixon talked to Khrushchev before during and after the Berlin Crisis. The CIA worked covertly spying on the Soviets, Khrushev, thought Allen Dulles continued the spying behind Eisenhausrs back which resulted in the Gary Powers u-2 crashed after being shot down. first they said it was a weather balloon. then when they admitted it, they said he couldn’t have survived. He did, and was not killed but tried convicted and released early. Power found guilty of espionage, was carrying a ‘suicide pill’ in case of torture, but didn’t need it obviously. But this incident most definitely prolonged the cold war and sparked the distrust, culminating the Cuban Crisis, and further more the shooting down of Korean Air 007. Eisenhauer farewell address makes me think about Allen Dulles most of all. Remember Allen Dulles was the mastermind behind the 53 Coup in Iran, Bay O Pigs and MK Ultra which brings this whole thing full circle back to US. Full circle back to Hezbollah, which was formed during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Full circle back to our endless covert operations in Persia ever since, including the SPy plane captured.

    I’m not in any way an ahmedinijad supporter, or defender. However, Ahmedinijad wrote an open letter to the American People, also one to President Bush and one to President Obama. I’ve read those letters. Seems like he is willing to talk peacefully, yet, nobody seems to want to respond. think of how our isolation of Castro only empowered him. I believe he would be gone by now.

    The real evidence suggests they don’t have a weapon and they don’t want one. ‘Israeli officials who favor a strike do not want Iran even to reach the point where work on a bomb could begin.’ this is just from the latest headline that backs up what i’m saying. it’s like the thought/pre-crime police.

    I could have gone into more detail, but i think you will understand what i’m trying to say. I love my country but things haven’t changed since the Dulles days. Fletcher Proudy would probably agree with me. As would Ron Paul who says it’s the 21st Century, and we can’t talk to these people?? We talked to far worse. Bush and Obama both spoke similarly and sincerely in their 1st term campaigns. No nation building, i want to talk to people, open doors, etc. yet, i don’t see any follow through. I think not much has changed since then and our ‘isolationist’ foreign policy works against us like it’s murphy’s law. I think of how our isolation of Castro only empowered him and I believe he would be gone by now. Good evidence suggests that the fall of the east german wall, had more to do with Bruce Springsteen and not our military force and interventionism.

    • Greg

      I bet if Switzerland or Turkey was being hit with rockets from Hamas or Hezbollah they might change their minds about calling them a terrorist group. I am not pushing for war. I think it is a terrible idea. Also the international community glosses over the fact that Iran is supplying these groups with rockets to attack Israel. The shooting has to stop on both sides for there to be a peace process and that is clearly not happening. Thank you for your comment

  10. pieter


    The idea that Israel can defeat is an insane idea as they are not capable to do this anyway. Not to mention that there is no reason for this too. Let us not forget why is it that rockets rain down on Israel
    all the time, occupation is never liked by anywhere in the world by ppl who are been military been occupied. The real reason lies in the secret Zionist idea of a greater Israel. How would it that Belgium would treaten German to bomb them? This is too crazy fro words, let us not forget the Israeli political leadership has been telling too many lies for decades, just a shame for them that less and less ppl continue believing them. We should mention as well that Israel refuse any inspection of their nuclair sites and no inspection is allowed how many nuclair boms they have. Let us look honest to both sides of the story. Do ppl have any idea how huge Iran is: is bigger the Germany, France, Spain and Uk combined together. Israel is real bluffer no way they are capable to defeat Iran alone , let them try and they will regret it forever that is why they are pushing for the US to take the lead. Just after two lost wars the military is not eager to go for another war, neither is the US taxpayer who is getting bankrupted by the banksters/military complex adventures.

    Keep good work up Greg,



    • Greg

      Israel reportedly has at least 200 nuclear warheads. If total war happens, it is not an “insane idea” that Iran could be devastated. That said, I find it hard to believe that Iran doesn’t have a few nukes of its own. The entire situation is very terrifying for the entire world and nobody will really be a winner in this coming conflict. I hope for all concerned war can be avoided. Thank you for weighing in and for your support.

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