Movement is Life-Catherine Austin Fitts

7By Greg Hunter’s 

Investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts knows the economy is bad, but not all bad.  She says, “There are many aspects of the economy where the fundamentals are dreadful, and there are certainly parts of the economy collapsing in an evolving implosion.”  Fitts contends capital has shifted out of the old system and into a new system that is high tech and rapidly evolving.  Fitts explains, “One of the things that is keeping the slow burn going is that money flowing into the new system is being reinvested, and those parts of the economy are not only growing but growing strongly. . . . . You need to see the fact that we have a global 2.0, which is essentially bankrupt; and we have a global 3.0, which is rich with resources and growing dramatically. . . . The reinvestment in global 3.0 is now accelerating at rapid speeds, and I think it is going surprise everybody of how dramatic the changes are going to be.”   Fitts says you can sum up what to do with a line from last year’s Brad Pitt movie about zombies.  Fitts says, “Movement is life.  It is unbelievable in importance that we all be prepared to shift.  When you have this very deep and dramatic shift in technology and investment flows that ripple through all aspects of our lives. . . . So, the guys that are going to be the winners are the guys that can get the high learning speeds.”  

What is one of the biggest changes coming?  Fitts says, “In September of 2011, there were approximately 800 million people on smart phones or tablets or desktops around the world. . . . Since September 2011, another half a billion people have gotten onto smart phones and tablets. . . .That’s astonishing because we have 1.2 billion people on smart phones and tablets who are one market in theory.  That’s new.  Never in the history of the world have we had 1.2 billion people who shared membership in one consumer market.” 

On Bitcoin, Fitts says, “I am not a fan of virtual currency, even though I think virtual currency is here to stay.  I always say it’s the hardware that controls.  So, whoever controls the cable, whoever controls the pipe can intercede and can come in and grab the server.  Sovereign governments have physical control, and the most sophisticated intelligence agencies are going to have the ability to hack on in.  The notion that this stuff is anonymous, you’re dreaming.” 

On gold in 2014, Fitts predicts, “I think gold is in a primary trend up, but I think that primary trend has to be reproved.  I doubt it will be reproved in 2014.  It will probably take longer.  I think there is tremendous pressure to keep the gold price down so the big central banks and big financial institutions can cover their shorts.  In the long run, you have enormous global demand from the emerging markets.”  

Some of the big risks to the global economy include China and its slowing growth story.  Fitts warns, “If you think we have a problem keeping people employed with automation, China has got a much bigger problem.”  

On all the money printing and market intervention, Fitts says, “When you have central banks and sovereign governments intervening in these extraordinary ways in the financial markets, what happens is the possibilities of scenarios get wider and wider.  It’s like the economy stretched on a bungee rope.  If it snaps, you can get very extreme scenarios.”  

One extreme scenario includes war.  Fitts says, “The most significant risk to the global economy is the risk of war.  Fitts goes on to say, “There is enormous global incentive to avoid war.” 

Rising interest rates are another possible problem in 2014.  Fitts, who was a former Wall Street investment banker, says, “I think there is going to be tremendous pressure to keep those rises managed.  Now, let me underscore something.  We have never ever in the history of civilization managed rising rates when we have had a huge book of interest rate swap derivatives. . . . If interest rates start to move up quickly, we have no idea what could happen to that interest rate book. . . . It’s literally like a nuclear bomb that could go off. . . . If they can’t prevent the rapid rise, I think we will have war because that is the only way you can force the intercession you need to keep a lid on things.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts from     

After the interview:  Catherine Austin Fitts says part of her brand is to be “positive.”  She underscored the importance of seeing both the negative and positive aspects of the economy.  She thinks this is really the only way people can navigate the dramatic changes coming.  Click here for more on Catherine Austin Fitts or

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  1. Rebecca

    Please have Catherine Austin=Fitts on again SOON.
    I would love to hear her expound more on this 3.0 global system and how to take advantage of the big change coming.
    She mentioned automation, technology. Is this change all technological?
    What changes can we expect to see? She stated she thinks everyone is going to be surprised to see how “dramatic” the changes are?
    Please get her to explain more what these dramatic changes are.
    Thank you for a great interview. I always enjoy Catherine’s input. She and Paul Craig Roberts are my two favorite guests on USA Watchdog.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sure thing Rebecca. Fitts has a lot of free material in too.

      • Finn

        If you do have her on again just don’t ask her about Bitcoin. You’ve embarrassed her.

        There are no servers to grab and you don’t just “hack on in”. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about in this regard.

        Generally though Catherine is the real deal. She makes great points on the new global economy.

        Good work as always Greg!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Finn!

        • Geo. T (formerly George)

          Have you missed how the NSA/MI6 have intercepted data between servers and have taken over servers and/or set up their own servers as part of internet. BitCoin is ripe for exploit but more important, if they throttle the internet or shut it off, how do you spend it. There are not any easy ways to exchange it for cash in the USA.
          Glad you like, me, I’ll take a gold or silver eagle in my pocket instead of a bitcoin in my bitwallet,

    • Rodster

      Rebecca here’s a hint at some of the things to come via technology. It’s worth a read by James Dines

      “The Coming “Age Of Immortality” Will Shock The World”

      • Rebecca

        Rodster, that was a “shocking” read.
        My mind cannot wrap about this 3-D printing technology.
        But this I can say, it sounds “too good to be true.”
        Or maybe more aptly said, “too good to be ‘good’.”
        I don’t believe it is a “road” I care to walk down.

    • KAREN

      I have so appreciated and respected Katherine and her insight, but I do not understand why she gave BP even a mention for anything good after the Gulf oil disaster.

    • Uglys

      Not exactly sure what she meant either, but here are my guesses. By economy 3.0 global systems, I think she is referring to that for survivors and our future economy we will be buying equities (company stocks) from all over the world via the electronic medium. We will be using our iPads to make our purchases on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. Basically, we will have stocks in Tawain and China as well as USA.

      This is what she means by ‘Movement is Life’ . There is an old saying in business and in money investing, ‘if it is not growing, then it is dying’. A good analogy would be $10,000 in a bank savings versus say a mutual fund. Thus, your money must keep moving. If not, then it is dying.

      The shock will be those that cannot keep pace with the new economy 3.0. They will be in poverty, while others get filthy rich. Thus, that is where the civil unrest comes in. The future ‘Haves’ versus the future ‘Have Nots’. That is why I am getting debt down so I can have some more disposable income. But I think the plans of healthcare are to make sure the middleclass has no disposable income.

      • Rebecca

        Thank you, Uglys.
        The picture you painted is not pretty.
        Where do the senior citizens fit into this scenario.
        What happens to those who don’t want technology running every facet of our lives?
        I don’t mind being “poor”. but will the powers leave you alone to live your life as you see best?
        You are right. Healthcare is making paupers of the middle class, at the same time a psyche is developing that criminalizes not having healthcare, not to going to the doctor, using natural remedies of instead of big pharma’s drugs. There seems to be a dimming of perception among medical professions and caregivers: they can’t understand how it could possibly be that someone cannot “afford” to go to the doctor.
        One has a hard time comprehending how they became disconnected from “reality.”
        However, on the flip side, I know people who doctor for every ache and pain … and they have some kind of ache almost everyday. Their medical bills get very high, but they don’t worry. This has become their reality.
        Catherine Austin-Fits has told us in previous interviews: we need to take control of our health and take care of our health. I agree with her 100%.

      • Elderlearner

        Movement is Life equals Timing. If you had put 99% of your money in stocks in 2007 and thinking you were going to retire in 2009 you would be in a world of hurt, a bank account would have looked good. Another saying A rolling stone doesn’t grow moss; you need to learn, be aware and move towards a future direction dictated mainly by following the mouse as it is eaten by the snake. Which age group the dollars are going to spent? (Hint: older people mostly go to smaller homes and buy cars, clothes, when they are needed, don’t spend a lot eating out, etc. ) Follow the mouse and you’ll know what’s needed (baby boomers are the mouse).

        • Rich


          I have always been told that:

          Some people get what they deserve

          and that

          Some people deserve what they get.

          We have got to choose to learn and learn to choose which we will be.

      • allen ols


        here for you;
        Federal agency asks companies for operational support in event of national emergency
        Paul Joseph Watson
        January 28, 2014
        The Federal Emergency Management Agency is soliciting companies to provide operational support for a “motor coach evacuation of the general population” of the United States in response to a declared emergency or a natural disaster.

        Image: FEMA Check-In Point (Wikimedia Commons).
        The solicitation originally appeared on the FedBizOpps website back in October but was recently revised after businesses began asking FEMA questions about the contract.
        “This is a synopsis for a single indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract to obtain evacuation planning and operational support to facilitate a motor coach evacuation of the general population in response to Presidential-Declared Emergencies and Major Disasters within the continental United States,” states the solicitation.
        Attachments to the solicitation provide more details, including of how FEMA requires companies to provide security at “a staging and operational area in the event of a no-notice, life threatening event that requires the contractor’s immediate or rapid deployment.”
        One scenario outlined in the documents is a massive hurricane striking Florida and the Louisiana-Texas-coast which would mandate the evacuation of thousands of citizens in the affected areas.
        The document notes that even in the event of a presidential declaration of emergency and an official evacuation order, “Many people (would) refuse to evacuate.”
        Last week we reported on how FEMA was preparing for a pandemic by seeking, “vendors that can potentially provide either dumpster service and/or bio-medical waste collection and removal services during emergency response events within the Continental United States.”
        Although FEMA would argue that its job is to prepare for every kind of national emergency that could possibly be envisaged, such actions routinely prompt concerns from some that such crises could be exploited to justify unconstitutional actions.
        During Hurricane Katrina, law enforcement disarmed residents even in the high and dry areas, with police telling citizens, “No one will be able to be armed. We will take all weapons. Only law enforcement will be allowed to have guns.”
        As we have documented, networks of emergency detention camps have been constructed across the United States, despite the fact that the media treats such claims as baseless conspiracy theories.
        In 2006, Halliburton subsidiary KBR was awarded a contract by the Department of Homeland Security to build detention centers designed to deal with “an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S.,” or the rapid development of unspecified “new programs” that would require large numbers of people to be interned.
        In December 2011, we received a document from a state government employee confirming that KBR was seeking sub-contractors to staff and outfit “emergency environment” camps located in five regions of the United States.
        During the Iran-Contra hearings it was revealed that the U.S. government had secret plans to detain large numbers of American citizens considered to be “national security threats” under Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984.
        In 2006 we revealed how a FEMA program was training pastors to teach their congregations to “obey the government” in preparation for a declaration of martial law, property and firearm seizures, and forced relocation.

        • Uglys

          Al OLs.
          The best we can do is just live life and be ready. USA is in the meltdown phase with no signs of recovery. When will it go from meltdown to collapse is anybodies guess, but I am thinking it is within 5 years away–maybe sooner? There is no doubt our Government has been preparing too. But not exactly sure what their plan of action and end result will be?

    • jane

      She’s describing what we have today, but with more automation. A system that doesn’t work for the majority. Why don’t you try having Peter Joseph on your show. He would certainly stir up a lot of debate.

    • Mark_BC

      I don’t share in this optimism for a new technological future. This is part of the deceit we are being dealt. The problem with hi-tech is that you can’t eat it, it won’t heat your house, and it won’t power your car. It only allows for information transfer and providing entertainment. You can’t live off that. 3D printers still need energy and raw materials to run, none of which are provided by hi-tech.

      I’m in mechanical engineering designing lots of these things and I see a near universal misunderstanding out there between thermodynamic entropy and information entropy. Almost everyone gets these confused. We need thermodynamic processes to provide energy and food to keep us alive. We (don’t really) need information technology to make bells and whistles, and help us organize society.

      Unfortunately the primary trend in energy and food is down, while that of information technology is up. This provides the deceptive environment to fool everyone into thinking that they are getting wealthier, and that technology will save us, because every year iPads get better and cheaper. That is a diversion because the things you really need — energy, food and resources — are getting scarcer and more expensive.

      I argue that ultimately this is simply the manifestation of the Malthusian Collapse that enviro whackos have been warning about for half a century when Peak Oil first raised its ugly head, the collapse which has been buried under this 40 year ponzi scheme designed to prop up the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency so the trade deficit could be maintained to facilitate the flow of the rest of the world’s resources over to American soil because America is clearly running out of its own resources.

      The system has always been corrupt with the elites using the financial system to steal from the middle class. That theft was historically always offset by economic growth which brought new wealth from the natural world, via the middle class slaving away, into the economy. Due to declines in resources, growth is over. Now, that theft cannot be sustained. The extreme degrees we are seeing now to keep the ponzi scheme going are essentially just the monumental efforts of the elites to keep the growth trend continuing so they can steal more. But only the financial system is growing; the real world is contracting.

      The US imports almost half its oil. When the financial system ends, so too will US oil imports. I can’t see any way how the US will be able to grow in that scenario, especially since so much domestic tight oil production is simply a result of low interest rate Wall Street shenanigans that will evaporate when rates rise. If anyone’s interested I wrote some essays on this.

      • Mark_BC

        Here is a good report report from the Post Carbon Institute debunking the myths about energy independence. Any slight increase we have seen lately (which merely brings us back to 2001 levels!) is just a consequence of high prices coupled with low interest rates, and Treknology allowing us to drill better. That will end, just as all previous fields have declined.

    • oncefired

      As long as she doesn’t talk in circles – we need understandable information. I have her ranked as your worst guest

  2. Justin King

    On GOLD, Fitts says that ” you have enormous global demand from the emerging markets”. Yet these EM’s now seem to be in tremendous flux from central bankers policies.

    So, what will these EM governments and gold centric cultures do in a time of upheaval ??
    That’s right, they will go for the one thing that they know has been the beacon of security since the beginning of civilization.

    • Troy

      Guns and Butter!

      Where it gets strange. ‘Value’ is a concept/belief. The value of Au is measured in fiat, not totally unlike measuring the value of a Gal. of milk in quarts. It defies logic, but reality is perception.

      Mark Twain — ‘Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to
      stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.’

  3. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Well she told us lot of things with which we can agree, but personally I think she is to optimistic. I think there won’t be a global war, but a local war with global consequences.
    I’m saying this, because China’s banking system is collapsing right now:
    -there is no way to stop or contain it, so it will come to our economy. They will try solve it (as Financial Times noted) with capital control, this will fail so they will ramp up the printing press. The money printing will cause serious inflation or hyperinflation (which will cause a great civil unrest ), so the Chinese government will try sink the US dollar by selling the US dollar and US dollar denominated asset.
    What she mean by economy 2.0 & 3.0?
    Your thoughts.

    • Oracle 911

      The Financial Times report which was from Forbes was untrue, but we should be wary:

    • Greg Hunter

      I try to put on as many views as possible and let people judge for themselves. I did think what Ms. Fitts had to say about derivatives was riveting and very honest. Her war comment were also sobering.

      • Jim

        Absolutely! She has a sanitized way of expressing situations that could become very distasteful ( ugly to most of us, ha). She told of several scenarios where results could yield hugely difficult times for our citizenry. Listening is an art. I think I heard some real disturbing things in her interview.

        • Greg Hunter

          I did too. The time we are getting to prepare is a gift but not unlimited.

  4. Justin King

    Greg’s website is improving by the month, as usawatchdog “top stories” becomes MUST reading for alternative financial aficionados.
    CONGRATS to Greg on his betterment of the website in general, and his story research in other websites of gravitas, especially Zero Hedge.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Justin. Always trying to get better.

  5. Jim

    I have always thought the entire global economy rides on three things; agriculture, manufacturing and mining. Seems that the new economy is mostly services or service related. Doesn’t produce anything. We can’t all be farmers or miners. Much of the world, many country’s, need to be a manufacturing superpowers with a market to survive and be vibrant. Will the “changes” lead to a very defined population of, “haves and have not’s?” There are many people who are not equipped to participate in a “3.0 ” situation. Where are we going? How do we prepare? Comments please.

    • Anne Elliott

      Anybody remember the original Star Trek episode about the Cloud People who lived in beauty and luxury in the clouds, and the Troglidites who laboriously mined on the planet below? That’s the picture I’m getting.

    • Uglys

      You asked, ‘Where are we going’….
      Well just look at the SOTU speech. It looks more and more like mega-spending, zero job creation, and more dictatorship. There is no balance of powers because if He does not get his way, then He is the Power….He is God’s gift to the USA. Thus, we will spend until it ends and that is where it is going….

      You also asked, ‘What can we do’.
      Not much. The best you can do is to manage your own household as efficiently as possible. This does not mean be a ‘tightwad’, but pay bills, get debt down, and use your disposable income where needed most. This means to get a food storage going, learn to garden, buy produce locally, know a farmer(s), join a CSA, buy PMs, buy stocks if applicable, be community to willing people, barter where possible, buy tools and solar stuff, etc, etc, etc.

      Ultimately, still live. Go out to eat. Go for a walk. Drink a beer, or two. I am a runner and I still plan on doing marathons and half-marathons in 2014. Keep going dude! We are the Americans!!!!!!!!! They are not!

      • Rich


        Amen. Perfect.

  6. Doug George

    Dear Greg,

    She is wrong and right.

    Wrong about the automation and wealth just going to a few. If people have no jobs and no income where are the buyers of these products going to come from?

    Right about new technology. I’m an amateur interested in alternative health and I’m involved in the latest idea that soon everyone will be able to diagnose themselves AND cure themselves with just a few attachments connected to their computer. I already have this system up and running.
    So all of those people involved in expensive medical treatments and insurance will soon be out of a job.

    • allen ols


      Would you send me a free copy of your self diaignostic system for systems analist; I will get it back to you as soon as I diaignose, this country. tks

      al ols fopusawd

    • Anne Elliott

      Doug George – maybe it’s all my paranoia over the recent Target credit card leaks, the NSA, and every Wikileaks wanna-be hacker, but getting “diagnosed” on any computer linked to the internet is akin to me posting “I think I have cancer” or “I probably have diabetes” on Facebook. Pretty soon I’ll start getting pop-up ads for pain medicine and/or syringes and insulin suppliers. Yuck.

  7. Steven

    I do not think so called 3d printing and automation will be global 3.0 now.

    The two technologies are still not mature to meet mass production demand.

    The 3D printing , prototype technology , already exist more than 10 years, is limited on high cost, longer producing time, fragile material and component accuracy.
    The automation development, in most the field, not smart enough to replace human worker.
    It is unrealistic Talking about these two technologies will dramatically change the world .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding your thoughts on this Steven.

  8. Steven

    The two technologies ,internet virtual shop, electronic currency are definitely future trend. However, they are still at early stage of development

    • smaulgld

      Another one that I am interested in researching is nanotechnology
      3-d printing and nano fully developed mean self sufficiency

    • allen ols

      Dont forget to pickup you latest RIFD chip upgrade to be really able to trade faster, longer, shop easier, un encumbered with bibical wisdom. Go for the FOREHEAD VERSION, QUICKER–First in line gets the best deal. 🙂

      alols fopusawd

      • J.C.Davis

        Allen ols . Exactly. Hit it on the head. There not using them anyway. Remember the old saying use your head for more then a hat rack.
        Sad thing is desperate people will fall for the mark to survive this world and forfeit the next.
        Greg. my question for C.A. Fitts What she believes is the mark of the beast. Something seems to have changed in her vision of good, and evil.
        3.0 pure oligarchy control.

  9. Jerry

    Interesting interview Greg.
    Global 3.0 eh? Where do the 47 Million on food stamps fit into that economic paradigm ? How about the 37 percent that are unemployed? From my perspective, the only expansion I’m seeing is government growth, and I’m sorry that’s not free enterprise. Increasing the numbers of government regulators, and auditors does not encourage economic growth. I would love to hear what Paul Craig Roberts has to say about Mrs. Fitt’s economic theories.

    This is reality Greg. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or a Wall Street Banker to understand this chart, and where the dollar is going.

    In a normal global economy I would agree with Mrs. Fitt’s theories. But with the amount of theft and manipulation that has gone on in the markets, I’m sorry I just can’t buy it. Thanks for trying to offer a different perspective Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      You asked,”Where do the 47 Million on food stamps fit into that economic paradigm ? How about the 37 percent that are unemployed?” Those are the really scary questions with no good happy ending answers.

    • smaulgld

      Bingo- if people were free to develop new technologies in truly free unfettered markets we would see major innovations. We are living off the past as the current leaders are more intent on dividing up and redistributing what’s left of prior innovations

  10. Galaxy 500

    Seeing the positive as the house burns and falls down around you doesn’t seem like a valuable skill set to me. With the collapse of Global 2.0, IMHO, economic septasemia will spread into the world. Perhaps there will be enclaves of growth but global 3.0’s money is in Global 2.0’s banks so explain how this is going to survive?

  11. Chu


    I believe that inequality is the main problem of the world including America. The gap between between poor and rich is getting much wider reaching a dangerous level.
    It doesn’t matter moveing from 2.0 to 3.0 the inequality problem is not going to be solved . On the contrary it will get even bigger.

    Rich gets even richer
    This is another article from Mother Jones
    The most lucrative sports league on the planet NFL don’t pay tax.

    When Catherine mentioned about an article from Busness Insider “America will be energy independent in 2035. ”
    There is another article from Business Insider “Oil Guru Destroys All Of The Hype About America’s Energy Boom.”

    Read more:
    Mr. Arthur Berman is a petroleum geologist with 34 years of oil & gas industry experience – 20 years working with Amoco (now BP) and 14 years as a consulting geologist.

    • smaulgld

      government coddling of the superrich is the reason for wealth inequality. It can be explained by the concept of TBTF

  12. Diane Ryan

    Global 3.0? I guess I missed 2.0. Maybe I’m old school, living on another planet but I’m sticking to ‘real’ skills. We have become a nation of consumers. Most people make nothing, grow nothing and raise nothing for their subsistence. I look around at all these folks futzing with their smart phones and wonder what they are going to when all this technology (including the grid) collapses around them. All things ‘virtual’ can disappear real quick. Gadgets and real skills are not mutually exclusive. However, you better have some of the latter.

  13. Will Swanson

    I just went grocery shopping for the first time this year and have serious sticker shock. I live in the mountains and usually shop a couple times a month. Milk had gone up about a buck a gallon alone. I fear the consumer costs and new taxes will slow this engine down.

    • allen ols


      I like where you live and I like how you shop, congrats

      al ols

  14. WD Deni

    Greg, A few years ago I statrted following CAF, she remained staedy on her opinion this economy is deep deep trouble. However in the last year she seems to have completetly changed her views on this, and its a radical change. She has become more “Pollyana”. I don’t get this “turnaround”.

    What difference does ist make in the shift to a 3.0 technology? Smartphones are just more tech enhanced phones that people are paying for when they can’t afford it!! Because it is the cool thing to do? The same thing happened when people went from regular phones to cell phones….SO WHAT.

    And I do respect her, she was one of the first people that I heard that cued me in to this disaster we are facing. But now I don’t get what direction she is taking???
    She seems to have become more filtered, censored…Did someone get to her ?!?!
    By the way I still use my flip phone!!

    Thanks as always

    • Greg Hunter

      I have a “dumb” phone too and I think that makes us smart! I try to put on as many views as possible and let people get what they want out of the interviews. I think she is honestly very worried about rising interest rates and the massive derivatives out there. I was shocked she compared it to a nuclear explosion.

  15. john duffy

    Amazing how most of your guests predict the end of the world and yet, Catherine says everything is just fine?

  16. Mike Gunther

    I dont know Greg, If economy 3.0 is robotics and automation, wont that make the impending collapse/reset that much more harder to deal with and come out of? If you factor in the learning curve for the new jobs (if there are any) and the loss of jobs we have already I dont see the upside. From what I see Ms Fitts trying to be positive is like playing the violin on the deck as the Titanic sinks. Please know how important your website is to many folks daily analysis. Many Thanks!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mike for your comment and perspective.

    • WD Deni

      Mike, Very well put. This is exactly what I wanted to say. Or playing the fiddle as Rome burns. She has done nearly a 180 on this; completely changed her tune to what she was saying for the past 2 years. A few “notables” have called her out on this and referred to her as “disconnected”.

  17. Paul from Indiana

    So, according to this analysis, we have a “good GM, bad GM” scenario in the economy as a whole. The problem is that maybe 20% (good GM) of our society is properly positioned to take part in the “economy 3.0”, and 80% (bad GM) has no earthly shot. We are already seeing the trend of a generation of college graduates with huge debts and no economic prospects. (Google Search “student loan defaults”.) New economy 3.0 is a recipe for feudalism (serfs and lords, no middle class, no social mobility). If this is an accurate and “positive” portrayal of what is in store, there will be much worse than mobs marching with torches and pitchforks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Paul for adding your perspective. Many will never make it out of 2.0 and that will mean poverty and even death for 10’s of millions. There simply is no getting around that fact.

  18. Jay

    Well, whatever the nature of the coming financial collapse, you can be sure that it is designed to cull a large portion of the population and control the few that are left. You can guess some of the rest of it from there.

  19. vincentg

    Lets get real here – automation has been with us for over 100 years – this is nothing new.
    It’s reaching new levels but again nothing really new here.

    Gold markets as well as Stock Markets are controlled thus values are artificial.

    This brings us to the real issue – what do people do with their money?
    Long term best to pay off your mortgage – as if a banking crisis takes place then banks will call in your mortgage and you will loose your house. This will happen even if you only owe a few thousand!

    Silver is a safe bet as it is Gold that runs kingdoms and silver that runs the street.

    The Fed will not raise interest rates!
    With a federal debt of 20 trillion a one percent raise will add 200 billion to the federal debt. The interest rate should go to 10 percent but that would bankrupt the government.

    The only way out is inflation and this means the Fed would have to buy back all Federal debt and retire it.
    That would cause the dollar to be worth much less than what it’s worth now.

    The banks will not allow the government to default on the debt!!!
    So by the Fed retiring the debt it will be passed on to the people in the form of severe inflation.

    When this takes place then interest rates will rise much higher than current rates.

    The only way you will ever see a greater then 1 percent change in interest rates is if the government debt is wiped clean.

  20. Galaxy 500

    So why do you think BBC did a hatchet job on Gaddafi?
    I guess you can claim he did many things and no one will refute them. Libya was better under his rule than under Al-Qaida. But as Obama took Al-Qaida out of Iraq and drop with weapons in Libya, I don’t think you see him agreeing. Wonder who got the Libyan’s gold?

    • Jonathan

      I had no idea Khadafy was into that sort of thing. Surprised they didn’t find any lampshades or soap made out of those young girls as that is one sick guy.

  21. Galaxy 500

    Wow, gold is such a poor investment, most of the world’s mints can’t keep up with demand even working overtime! Buy it while it’s on sale.

  22. Tony of ca

    I find it odd she references Amazon when Karl,at Market ticker, rip apart Amazon’s finance numbers. They are trading at 1500 p/e ratio.

  23. Jerry

    So…Catherine Fitts
    ….you’re telling me there’s still a chance … ?

    yea baby!

    • Greg Hunter

      Too funny I am still laughing!!

    • Rebecca

      Thanks, Jerry, for the laugh.

    • Diane Ryan

      Ha ha. Thanks. I just sent the video to my friends who think DC can be fixed.

    • Rich

      I finally gave in and took a peek. Way too funny. I needed the laugh – thanks.

  24. Patrick

    Regarding interest rates on deriviatives, “It’s literally like a nuclear bomb that could go off.” Umm yah. Didn’t Warren Buffett warn us about these financial weapons of mass destruction? But I guess making a quick buck is more important than our country’s financial stability. It just stokes my fire.

  25. pessimist

    I think she is totally out of touch with reality. A global 3.0 economy is going to save us all with technology?

    But I suppose most financial analysts are out of touch because they have never taken a course in basic science … much less understand what it means to exceed the carrying capacity of basic resources that make an economy even possible.

    Sorry but I have to cubby-hole her in with the ones who think prayer will save us all from financial collapse.

    • allen ols

      I agree with pessimist, 🙂
      alols fopusawd

    • Galaxy 500

      With the trend toward more automation, less jobs will be around. A war would be needed to decrease the population.

  26. NeoLuddite

    Greg –

    Catherine is one very smart lady and calls what’s happening perfectly.

    The new investment paradigm may well be “crowd-sourcing” – She didn’t mention it specifically, but certainly alluded to it.

  27. John Allen

    Your interview with Catherine was provocative to say the least. It sounds like 3.0 is the Phoenix rising from the ashes… The problem as I see it; too much mal investment due to
    managed interest rates by the Fed and until those investments are resolved not much hope for 3.0. My question to Catherine how much of 3.0 will survive when interest rates return to normal, when the Fed must choose between the Dollar or Zero Percent interest rates? I would also share with Catherine; the markets always win out over
    the centralized banks in the long term. Catherine brings a lot to the table with lots of food for thought. Excellent interview.

    Thank you,
    John Allen

  28. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    I always like to hear Catherine’s view and regularly check her web site. I respect her positive viewpoint but in this case I just cant see how the Global 3.0 is ever going to be able to produce jobs for the now 100,000,000 …er…ah…workforce non participants let alone the unemployed. The number of people in this country now categorized as functionally illiterate is depressing and they are ill equipped to “move”. I hope I’m wrong and she’s right again but this time I don’t think so.

  29. Jeff

    Being positive is good. Being a realist is better….. Sorry, I don’t buy into her “3.0” theory. We’ve been living beyond our means for over 2 decades (credit). Even her technology Co’s live off borrowed money (and gov subsidies). Apple is cash flush and yet they borrow to pay their div and buy there own stock. Not a lot of “investment” going on there……….The gov #’s are phoney (lies) and the economy is no where close to her ” I have a dream” 3.0 hopes. Regarding cell phone use, sales are already slowing and dropping ( ask IBM or INTC)…… Finally, (what’s really not being said) much of the “tech” investment money is being used to promote NSA ( i.e. to spy on us). That kind of “3.0” hope and change I can live without….Of course, you might have a different perspective if you’re one of the few crony capitalist getting paid by Nobama for lousy work….. So tell me again, where are we headed ?

    • On The Beach


  30. John

    I don’t see anything she say’s will come out of chaos, and corruption. technology does
    not create vast amount of jobs and people shifting hundreds of miles to chase 50 jobs.
    Her saying no dollar collapse in 2013 is no big deal as she knows the decline is slow moving. Most of this technology has proved to be harmful from microwave radiation,
    to being perfect as a means to spy on people, so this whole interview told me nothing
    as it was far too optomitic. Her gold comment was even worse the USA has no gold.
    Please get some new guests Greg.

  31. Galaxy 500

    I really don’t know what to think about Fitts attempt to be positive. I agree with some of her positions on the economy.
    The looking for the positive in the coming disaster floors me. Oh, look. There is a tsunami 500 yards away. Isn’t the water a beautiful blue green colour? Oh snap, I can’t breath water.
    I realize that one can not stay fixated on all the evil but I don’t believe looking for something positive in it is the way to go . Look for the positives in God, in being prepared and in your life and family.

    News that makes you understand that there is no positive in the progressive democrat agenda:

  32. dave

    Hi Greg
    Here,s a good one ,hot off the Press

    Great reporting
    Thanks Dave

  33. dave

    Hey again Greg
    The hits just keep on coming .I can’t believe this and would close my account right then and there!!

    Thanks Dave

  34. al

    Greg: Miss Fitts has a New World Order view of things. Totally opposite of what Lindsey Williams is saying- TOTALLY! WHEN SHE MENTIONED THE BIG COMPANIES GET ALL THE GOVERNMENT BACKING SHE DIDN’T CALL IT AS IT IS- FASCISM!!
    Let’s call thing as they are?

    War maybe in the card- “when all else fails- they take us to war”( gerald Celente) that what these ELITE’S do- she calls them central planners?

    She is a smart lady. but has come out of the system of the ‘elite’s” I believe she know the collapse will come from the interest rate derivatives just as Lindsey has said. The elite have tested this and they know it will bring down the world in short order.
    I believe Lindsey is seeing this collapse now in early 2015!!??


  35. smaulgld

    Interesting interview. I have never seen Catherine. I agree with her on Bitcoin. I am in favor of people being able to chose their own currency, however, I am not a fan of bitcoin.
    Here are some thoughts on Bitcoin with plenty of links on the topic:

  36. Matt O

    Greg, glad that you gave props to CAF about being correct last year – I think about the “slow burn” concept often, and have realized how right she was. It’s been a 5 year slow burn, so who knows how long this can be maintained? As much as I love PCR, Jim Willie, Karl Denninger and all of the great guests that you have on, CAF is really the only one who maintains that a silver lining is possible. Global 3.o is all about adapt-or-die, which is movement-is-life restated, I suppose. What is alarming to me about this interview is that she was careful to point out the interest rate swap derivatives time bomb that awaits in the increasing likelihood of rising, out-of-control interest rates. It really ties in to what Jim Willie is and has been saying, as well as many others. War is probably the only contingency plan that the elites have up their sleeves, in that event. And yet so many other “black swans” out there… On another note, also glad that CAF gave you props for going out on a limb and stealing that market share from the MSM! As always, thank you!

  37. TimeTraveler

    I realize Ms Fitts wants to keep a positive spin on the current world situation, but she better pay attention to what’s really going on with the EU and the implosion of Argentina and Venezuela, as well as the situation with the physical gold and silver markets and the paper holographic market!

    She doesn’t hit on the fact that the middle class is no more. There buying power has been extinguished, as well as their livelihood! So when she says there is a thriving 3.0 technological uptrend in the electronic marketplace, it is the last gasp of the human race.
    Pay attention. The shelves at the Comex & the LBMA are empty. They are about to default. When they do it’s game over for the west. Gold and silver do a moon shot, and China flips the switch and resets their own currency system based on gold certificates!
    No amount of electronics is going to save the US or the EU. It’s game over!
    But Ms Fitts also doesn’t l

  38. Anne Elliott

    Ms. Fitts says that we must change in order to keep up with the new global economy, and realize that robots and technology will overtake up to 40% of our jobs… “Danger, Will Robinson!!” A huge portion of the American public is already dangerously unemployed or under-employed, and now a huge portion of China’s popation is going to be dangerously unemployed or under-employed too??? What the heck are all of these unemployed people going to do? Stand by with an oil can like Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz, waiting to be of use to the robots? This is so not good for the vast majority of current and future blue collar workers who aren’t going to be able (or willing) to make the change over, I just can’t wrap my head around it.

  39. robert h siddell jr

    When a derivative fails, arrest the CEO and other officers for fraud and seize their assets; if a hedge fund or bank fails, it just fails. No wars for them to profit from and distract the public.

    • Galaxy 500

      Sounds like a plan

  40. c ireland

    Nice to be optimistic, but really…global 2.0 and global 3.0?! Oh, I get it, 3.0 is when Goldman Sachs finally owns the entire world and we can all get on our tracked cell phones and have a discussion about it.

  41. Jeff

    1.2 Bil people with smart phones. 1.2 Bil people being tracked and spied on by the good ‘ol USA…… Who are they saving us from ? Who was it that said. (Washington, Jefferson ?)…. ” If you trade your freedom for security you will lose both” ………Besides the social consequences, Fitt’s “new world 3.0” technologies are hurting world trade. Distrust of ones trading partners is not a small thing when it comes to technological advancement. The way the bully USA uses it’s technology has done nothing to promote world trade, trust, or investment.

  42. Ken

    Hello Greg, while I admire Ms Fitts acumen, I think she is either overly optimistic or out of touch with the vast disparity between the Rich and Poor and unmitigated corruption that has taken over our “2.0” politics, business and banking. While she talks about the emerging global middle class as the group that is going to bankroll the “3.0” global market through the purchase of equities, smart phones/devices, at what point do ethics, Constitutional law, Free Market and common sense come into play. You don’t have to be a Rhodes Scholar to see the declining state of the US and world. We have been in war after war not to free repressed people but to control the businesses, currency and politics of those countries. Every country with a Central Bank is literally bankrupt borrowing from each other to keep the illusion of solvency alive for another day. The scandals in our country alone are no longer the exception but the daily rule. The fiat fractional reserve currency scandal, Libor rate fixing scandal, precious metals fixing scandal, the MBS banking scandals, the drug laundering and terrorist banking scandals and the 1.4 quadrillion derivatives scandal, etc… the list goes on and on and if the writing on the wall isn’t clear enough for all to see then a person isn’t paying attention . If she thinks we are going to allow this to continue she is woefully wrong. I think Ms Fitts is a very intelligent person but she is way off the mark and time will soon tell!

  43. art barnes

    Greg, your guest in my mind is way over her head in optimism, intelligent as she is, and plugged in to her world of high intrigue as well, I believe the elite she understands so well will get by & prosper accordingly. However, the regular people out there won’t benefit from her 3.0 elite businesses. & technology. The working people will be screwed again while the elite move their money to her so-called 3.0 assets & businesses. That is the America of the present & future. To be fair, she is right as a prophet as to the 3.0, but wrong that the working class will benefit from it; just watch and witness. The multinationals & her theorized 3.0 corporations/elite are not the working peoples friends. I can here them now as well as they cried in 1797 :”let them eat cake”.

    • Rebecca

      That is my concern, too, Art. There is this gut feeling that these “dramatic changes” are not going to forebode well for the impoverished working class (former middle class). I am not sure all this coming technology will be “good” for mankind.

  44. 02144pomroy

    Move from 2.0 to 3.0? Sure, just keep moving all those uneducated immigrants, ghetto people, trailer park people, welfare cheats and all the dope smokers etc. to finally embrace a technological education to be able to function and thrive in a 3.0 world. Good luck with that. Brain power and the ability to defend yourself will now be the determinant of natural selection.

  45. allen ols

    enjoyed the interview;

    check out;
    The Coming Economic Collapse Will Be Far Worse Than Most Realize
    Dead Mall Syndrome: The Self-Reinforcing Death Spiral of Retail
    Jim Willie Reveals the SMOKING GUN On US Gold go to

  46. Uglys

    Think about it. When she says get ready from 2.0 to 3.0 she is talking economics on a NWO basis. She is basically saying that those that can keep up with technology, buy equities, and keep their electronic currencies moving will survive. The clods that cannot, well sorry….

  47. mohammad


    The more I listen to her the more i understand her!
    I would like to tell her something here:
    That private black hole budget in the hands of the few that is sucking the life out of 2.0, WILL HAVE ITS BACK BROKEN AND SMASHED ON THE DOORS OF DAMASCUS WHEN JESUS COMES BACK!

    • Galaxy 500

      I understand those that adapt survive. I am just curious as to what / who is going to trust a new fiat system whether it uses electronic currency or not. Perhaps, stranger things have happened.

      • mohammad

        Keep focusing on the big picture galaxy, do not get lost in the details.

  48. andrew

    Like Karen Hudes, CAF has a streak of optimism that is admirable. The can both rail at the system and voice concerns, but they seem a bit out of touch with things on the ground. I think this happens to folks who listen and converse with other high thinkers. It is all concept and new paradigm talk. However, there is such a deep reservoir of mistrust and misallocated resources at present, that I doubt her optimism that there is a clear path forward.

  49. john


    • Galaxy 500

      BS… just because America is not in the bible doesn’t mean we won’t be around. We were founded on Christian principles. Yes, we allowed the liberal atheists to strip God from everywhere. But the Israelites were wicked and lost their way from time to.time to.

      • mohammad

        Let me correct a historic misinformation, free masons who established the the country, free masons who wrote the constitution, and free mason who waged a war to unite the country, please correct me if i was wrong.

      • Uglys

        I think USA is inferred in the Bible. According to Daniel and Revelation, in the last days there will be a 10 Nation confederation, where 3 of the 10 have fallen. Out of this 10 Nation confederation comes the Anti-Christ. Read Revelation 18 and see if that does not infer some portions to USA. In this 10 Nation confederation, we may very well be one of the three that have fallen but yet still part of it–just not the power(ie no petrodollar, a new system like econ 3.0).

    • Anne Elliott

      I always thought the US wasn’t mentioned in the Bible because Yellowstone was going to blow (hence the darkened sun and blood red moon) or we were going to be EMP’d and were taken out that way. Just my sad little thoughts.

      • Greg Hunter

        The “Red Blood Moons” is a cycle of four full moons that are red in tint. The cycle starts this year on Passover and ends in September of 2015. This cycle has only started on Passover three times in the last 500 years. Let me give you a little history. The last two times this cycle started on Passover was 1949 (shortly after Israel became a Nation) and 1968 (Six Day War with Israel and all the Arab countries surrounding Israel.) Israel annihilated the attackers. The next cycle that starts on Passover is April 2014. Anything going on in the M.E. that might be a little stressful for Israel? Here’s more: It’s from Rev. John Hagee and he wrote a very interesting book on the subject.


        • allen ols

          spot on!!

          al ols

  50. allen ols


    just in–zero hedge, “Man Jumps To His Death From JPMorgan London Headquarters”


    • gerald

      Was not founded on “Christian principles”. Most of the founding fathers were deists. Some even detested the bible. Check history instead of listening to some theologian.

    • Uglys

      You should never answer the ‘knock’ on the door with two men wearing sunglasses….

  51. Alyce

    I never get much from Fitts. It’s hard to contest many of her statements because she uses terminology the average person isn’t used to. Also, I always come away with the feeling that everything’s fine, not to worry. But no one I know is ‘fine’. Yes, most are still asleep about WHY things are so tough, but they definitely feel pain. Maybe she doesn’t hang out with average people enough. She always says, yeah gold is good to own, but don’t get your hopes up too much! eh, wishy washy.

  52. Geo. T (formerly , George)

    oh, my heart is having a heart attack, let me call someone…what? no doctor will take my app…my Obamacare insurance…there is a16 hour wait for the app to connect with a real doctor…I guess you die.
    I have had it explained to me by several liberal professors that we have an information based economy. Why are the real growing economies based on manufacturing. Wealth creation is based on adding value to raw materials and selling the finished products to people instead of everyone attempting to make everything. I don’t see 3D printers making everything in your basement in 20 years. I do see a collapse of confidence in the US$ (in fact, in all fiat) and an economic reset. Mental movement will be the key to survival as will the return to old time values.
    In economic, they teach you what capital is. Capital isn’t a pile of money. Its equipment that can generate a product and therefore income. Yes, cash can be traded for theses things and they are measured in dollars but without equipment/plants, you have nothing.
    Explain why I would trust Fitt”s 3.0 when the same thieves are running things? It seems like a view of the world thru rose colored glasses. God bless her positive outlook. But having a positive outlook while on board the maiden voyage of the Titanic didn’t help anyone survive. But she is correct in the “movement” or adaptable will survive and prosper. But isn’t that the way that things have been for ten thousand years?
    Fitts seem to forget that Amazon is now charging sales tax in NC. Sales taxes are a big leveler for the brick and mortar stores and it causes me to be less inclined to buy on the net. She seems to be cherry picking her facts. Such as the “jewelry” buyers in the third world. Families hold there wealth in India and Asia in gold. In India, when you marry, your wife comes draped in her dowry (gold jewelry). It is not being purchased in the third world as a fashion accessory but as a store of wealth. What is happening is the third world sees the coming debt tsunami destroying the fiat currencies.
    Movement is life. How do you keep your life and your wealth while in movement? Will there be any places that will be safe?
    Sorry for this incoherent rant

  53. Rodster

    It’s spreading, we’ll see if this one turns out to be a hoax like it was in China.

    Russian Bank Halts All Cash Withdrawals

    • Galaxy 500

      Not sure I buy the one in China was a hoax. I believe the banks were bailed out.

  54. Jeff

    There has been a downhill trend in this country since ’07. Socially, economically, and spiritually. Our citizens are asleep and the leaders they follow are worse…..Notice nothing comes out of the congressional houses lately ? Could it be they have finally gotten it that the debt we are drowning in is insurmountable ? Maybe they are smarter than we have give them credit for (or maybe not)…… Regardless, I can tell you that #’s matter and it’s over. We are just fighting over chairs on the Titanic….. 3.0 ? A little late….. Years ago when we started talking “Trillions” I told my friends it’s over. Anyway you want to spin it, mathmatically it’s over.

  55. Jeff

    After the discussions end remember one thing………Politics is just a distraction. War is a distraction. And if I may put on my tin foil hat….. False flags are merely a distraction….. The closer we get to “D-day” (it’s over) the louder the distractions will become.

  56. John M.

    I agree that movement is life, which is probably why we must all move away from America in order to preserve the lives. Not exactly kidding around!
    I don’t put much faith in all that 3.0 stuff, as it sounds too much like all that hype we were forced to swallow about information technology and the internet.
    We do have a plethora of information, which mostly causes one giant brain freeze as it cannot be generally utilized. We have the internet which provides great speed and power for really good porn and wasting our resources on games and entertainment.
    We have GPS-controlled tractors that have mostly taken over agriculture, but what happens when the grid goes down or we experience more frequent glitches than we already do during normal conditions?
    I don’t really like the idea of robots running everything, unless I am the person in total control of those machines. It scares me to think that the government will have even more control over us through more technology and automation. I want to know if the government and the banking elite will be the creating the templates for these automatons.
    They already control all of our markets and our medium of exchange. They can’t give us sound and honest money with all of their super-computers and their pointy-headed economic drones. This new world does not offer a lot of optimism, that’s for sure!

  57. Angusdude

    Perhaps Katherine has not been paying attention to activity on the COMEX where shorts are not being covered as much as they are growing at various times as the bullion banks manipulate the price. Latest number is 1200 claims on each ounce held by COMEX. In addition when the US is supposed to have 8000 ounces of gold and may have 80 ounces and the rest has been hypothecated numerous times and no longer bears the original owner’s marks.

  58. Angusdude

    Sorry mistake in US gold holdings…should have said 8000 tons

  59. Galaxy 500


    If ICE officials think the GOP is going to stand up to this criminal administration, we are doomed. Only the conservative TEA Party is standing for anything and the RINOs are marginalizing them because the RINOs are for the status quo, not saving the country.

  60. mohammad


    It cannot be made any clearer than this:

    “From Israel’s perspective, the result [of the interim nuclear deal] is disappointing compared to what we had hoped for,”

    “Most experts doubt whether a [final] deal can be reached, so we should treat the current situation as one which will continue. They [the Iranians] will continue enriching [uranium] to a level they regard as permissible, until the opportunity arises when they decide to catch up easily. It’s only a matter of time. Meanwhile, they achieve sanctions relief and the sense of [Western] laxness. The threat of military intervention is dissipating in the air,”.

    • Greg Hunter

      No way we depart 2014 without a major war that starts in the M.E. This is very, very serious. At some point everybody will realize that the talking is over and positions are in cement that will need to be broken. Hope I am wrong.

      • allen ols

        Jim wiles, Trunews interview just told the Jackass;

        “I advised Gaddafy to just hand over the gold to Langley and he would have no problems.” I advised Sadaam Hassien as well, “just give them the gold” but they wouldnt listen. I advised Egypt, the same, “give them the gold” all will be well.
        Same with Noreaga in panama. give up the gold.

        al ols fopusawd

        • mohammad

          gold is the ticket to space (literally), gold is ANTIGRAVITY, please mark those words, down the road i will remind with them!

  61. Liquid Motion

    Your interviews with CAF always brings forth such an abundance of topics and issues. This one is no exception.

    CAF talks about the shift from Global 2.0 to Global 3.0. I liken this to the operating system (software) updates that we are constantly subjected to. Except in this case she refers to changes in many things on a global scale from the way we manufacture, to the buying of goods and obtaining services, how we use technology, communicating and the transferring / acquiring of knowledge to name but a few. It also refers to the changes / shift in power. Its endless. CAF uses the idiom ” Movement is Life”. This is saying that you MUST absorb and accept and utilise the changes that are being thrust upon us. Non acceptance to move in sync implies “redundancy”, it implies “failure”, it implies you lose and in the case of the software upgrade it makes/renders you helpless.
    The scariest thought that results from this movement is that the pace of the changes are accelerating. We are constantly being bombarded with new innovations/technology. Workforces or human labor cannot transition fast enough to new industry, neither can new industry fully absorb redundant or wrongly/ill-skilled workers. Concurrently we all can’t become entrepreneurs and start up new businesses only to be shut down by BIG business parading as corporate regulators. Nor can we create new technologies or advances in technology without someone watching over one’s shoulder or wanting to control the process or the technology. The impediments are too great.
    CAF mentions the growth from 800Mln a few years back with 500Mln being added to users of smart phones/tablets. I must point out her math is somewhat poor. She continually referred to 1.2BLN people using similar technology. The difference (100Mln) is not immaterial. It would constitute several European countries aggregate population. Nonetheless a startling point IF everyone had the potential to add/create some value.
    I would hazard a guess that a large percentage of the users are non-productive in their pursuits of technology and use of communication devices.
    Another point raised by CAF centres around Bitcoin. CAF says ” I am not a fan of virtual currency, but I think its here to stay”. This is in complete contradiction to her Main theme of Movement is Life. Bitcoin or virtual currency does have a future….so does CAF become redundant or will she eventually succumb to the pressure ? She will become a fan because it will be forced.
    Hate being picky but let me raise another point that CAF made about interest rates and Gold. ” Rising interest rates are very bad news for precious metals”. Not true.
    That may only be true when there is a full recognition of true/real inflation. At this juncture and for the foreseeable future , real interest rates are and will remain negative. If the FED/markets were to push rates higher, we would only see a detrimental effect on precious metals when real rates were in fact positive. Assuming Inflation is north of 10% interest rates would need to go from near zero to 11-15%, perhaps higher. At that point Gold would have peaked. Any transition to that level will not be overtly detrimental to Gold. Btw …interest rates at anything above 5% would create an implosion in derivatives and would cause the credit rating agencies to issue a C Grade to the USA. Hmmmm….any more thoughts on interest rates and gold ?
    CAF paints a world of “advances” and “acceptance”. She skilfully avoids the consequences of this faster and more dynamic world. For another day perhaps Greg. I’m out of breath.
    Also it might be worth re-visiting the interview @ 16.07 – 16.17. That right there encapsulates it beautifully.

    • Greg Hunter

      Liquid motion,
      Yes, the consequences are dire for many and that was very much understated.

  62. nm

    “We have never ever in the history of civilization managed rising rates when we have had a huge book of interest rate swap derivatives”

    Can someone explain in lay mans terms what this means exactly?

  63. Rebecca

    I relistened to Catherine’s July 20, 2013 interview with you, Greg.
    This interview and that one are as different as night and day.
    Instead of govt. 2.0 and 3.0, she labeled them USA (old system) and the Break Away Society, where there is a huge “swooshing soung” of money leaving the old system (USA) into private hands. She said what the “new economy” (Break Away Society) is building is the domestic oil/gas infrastructure, consolidate agriculture, rebuilding the country’s manufacturing with fabrication, robotics, and material sciences (the 3rd industial revolution). It will not translate into large number of new jobs.
    Greg, it took effort, but you finally got her to admit there is going to be big losers. Yet still she downplayed that by stating, “There have been big losers for the last 20 years.”
    Catherine definitely has some kind of internal struggle dealing with “reality” of what is going to happen to most Americans. The winners will be few (and one can question if there will be any winners in the end), but the losers will be the majority.

    So listening to the two interviews, I see Catherine struggling with reality in the old video and in complete denial about the reality in this current one. Call a mental block, if one wants. The woman who in much earlier interviews was advocating the “losers” learn to take care of their health, find a home cottage industry you can do to survive, be prepared to survive – that Catherine seems to have convinced herself it is just govt. 2.0 phasing out and govt. 3.0 coming in.

    I guess most of us here know that is not the reality coming our way.
    When 2.0 is gone, the majority of people will be in a very bad way. (I myself do not have the heart to detail how bad very bad is.)
    And as some of your readers have stated here, the new 3.0 system will be elitists in nature who engineered in all the first place. Reminds one of Hitler trying to engine the perfect race, only this is the engineering of the perfect social network.

    Is Catherine becoming one of the 3.0’ers?
    As one reader noted, she has transformed a lot over the last year.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding your perspective and analysis. I still think Ms. Fitts is a good person. (Maybe she is scared of what they might try and do to her?)

  64. aka_ces

    Having seen several interviews w/ C.A.F. over the years, here & w/ Max Keiser, I find this one very strange, muddled, and confused. First, she posits an Economy 2.0 transitioning to 3.0, and anticipates that automation will destroy a large portion of employment, while she asserts that those who can learn and adapt will do very well. She also suggests that the U.S. will be energy self-sufficient; here, she ignores analysis that argues that new oil and gas sources are quickly exhausted and create net energy and water resource deficits in their extraction, while creating environmental havoc, e.g. from fracking. She then returns to the themes of the previous C.A.F. interviews I’ve seen, of concentrated power becoming more concentrated; unlike in the earlier interviews, she does not emphasize the pervasive fraud and abuses of an oligarchy. She acknowledges the threat of war, and believes that those who might make it will decide it’s not in their economic interest — i.e. she assumes rational decision making among all the deciders.

    She does not seriously weigh the lucrative aspects of Economy 3.0 with the strong possibility that the transition to 3.0 will extinguish the last vestiges of democracy and cause great suffering for millions/billions of people. She makes no mention of global warming and pollution, nor of their impacts on climate and world ecology.

    My sense is that either the interview occurred during a moment that she was not thinking very clearly; she has become exhausted with contemplating and attempting to prevent the more distopian scenarios that she’s already outlined, and for the sake of personal sanity has gone into the mode of “don’t worry be happy”; or that she feels much more stalked by the interests that in previous interviews she has described as personally threatening. Greg, please follow up soon w/ another C.A.F. interview to help clarify what’s going on with her thinking.

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