MSM Disinformation Scam, Trump/Putin Meeting Fake Hysteria, Wells Fargo Troubles

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 344 7/20/18) 

Putin dropped a bomb in the recent Trump/Putin meeting in Helsinki, Finland. Putin charged that an investment fund manager named Bill Browder (a British citizen) took $1.5 billion out of Russia and that he (and others) made the money illegally. On top of that, Putin charged that some U.S. Intelligence Officers helped guide “$400 million as a contribution to the campaign (2016) of Hillary Clinton.” Putin suggested Russian authorities want a deal to talk to Browder. Trump has turned down Putin, but shouldn’t the U.S. ask some questions? Don’t expect the disinformation scam that is the mainstream media (MSM) to ask the hard questions because FOX and MSNBC would only get Browder’s reaction to Trump turning down the Putin request. NOBODY would ask about the $400 million that Putin says was sent via U.S. Intel Officers to the Clinton Campaign. Not asking that question of Browder, when you have him on camera for an interview, is too stupid to be stupid.

The Deep State and their MSM partners are going hysterical because of the meeting with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. They are calling Trump a traitor, but they know it’s a fake and phony charge. The real reason for the hysteria is they know that the Deep State is in deep trouble, and they are trying anything they can to discredit him and cast doubt. Trump is not afraid and has announced another meeting with Putin. The Deep State wanted war between the U.S. and Russia, and it looks like peace is breaking out instead. The Deep State, MSM, Democrats and RINO’s are panicked that Russia and America are working together against the New World Order and the Deep State.

Warren Buffett’s bank, Wells Fargo, is in trouble again for ripping off its customers. Why do they keep doing this sort of thing? Could it be the bank needs money anyway it can get it?

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis on the week’s top stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(This report talks about how the MSM is ignoring a $400 million Putin bomb he dropped on Clinton, the Deep State’s panicked reaction to the Trump/Putin meeting in Finland and more warning signs of trouble for Wells Fargo.)

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After the Wrap-Up:

Correction???? (Up-Dated)

The plot thickens.  Now, I find that the Russia News Agency TASS has made a correction in the $400 million number Putin used in the Helsinki press conference.    TASS (Russian state sponsored news) has corrected the number to $400 thousand sent to the DNC and Clinton campaign.  I find it hard to believe that Putting had this big of a miss.

It is still illegal for U.S. intel Officers to “guide” money to Clinton campaign and DNC from a foreign national (Browder).  Why aren’t the MSM press talking about this?????

Financial and gold expert Egon von Greyerz will be the guest on the Early Sunday Release. He will talk about the record breaking global financial risk and how it is being ignored.

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  1. Tad

    If Browder is a British citizen, Mr. Trump can’t force (legally) a Putin-Browder meeting.

    Would like to know how the $1.5 billion was earner-or not.

  2. Tad

    As we see silver hovering near a 15, high 14 handle, I wonder if we’re near “the low” or whether Harry Dent’s prediction becomes reality. He may ultimately be half right, and a gold repricing may take place shortly after the fabled reset.

    • K. Wayne

      Gold repricing…..IS the Reset….. of the Monetary system.

  3. Gary

    “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).

  4. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: What a clarifying week! $400 million and a parade of MSN weasels.
    Moreover, that $400 million will not go away no matter how hard they try to ignore it.
    $400 million!
    $400 million! $400 million!
    $400 million! $400 million! $400 million! $400 million!
    $400 million! $400 million! $400 million! $400 million! $400 million! $400 million!
    . . .

    • K. Wayne

      In today’s monetary madness $400Mln seems insignificant in terms of the fraud and debasement that is either overt or covert. Collectively a few hundred Billion.
      I suspect Clinton may have had a higher price tag closer to a billion, but failed in the negotiation phase. Obviously those in higher places have more influence. Nonethless its the arrogance, deceitfulness and treasoness behaviour of Lucifers princess that I find utterly disgusting. To imagine that she actually ran for POTUS will never cease to amaze me. She would have bought new meaning to the CIC….Criminal in Charge.

      • William Stanley

        K. Wayne: I think I agree: The point I was making wasn’t only about the size (although it was jaw dropping in the context), but the ease with which what happened can be understood and communicated. Even $400 thousand couriered/guarded by US intel officers to Hillary’s campaign is an astounding revelation.
        If your point is that $400 million is peanuts compared with the damage she has done, then I agree completely.

        • William Stanley

          Indeed, I agree that even in the context of payments to her and the Clinton Foundation, $400 million doesn’t begin to cover it all.

          • This Sceptred Isle

            William in the event of an apocalypse I will attempt to hire you and Charles H as bodyguards as moderate minded individuals that can handle a gun. What would your currency be in such a scenario?

            • William Stanley

              TSI, We are all in this together. Where we go one, we go all. Put another way:
              “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”
              King James Bible
              John 15:13

    • Fanny Bly

      Reminds me Will’s, of the Jehovah Jehovah, Monty Python stunt! Cracks me up. What a time, what a world.
      Remember Yakoff Smirnoff, the Russkie comedian. After funning about the states. He’d end with. What ah country! Meaning good or bad, were sure different. In a funny sort of way, oievay!

  5. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,the MSM have decided to collectively commit suicide,so be it,although their shareholders must be somewhat antagonised.
    Here in the UK,home of the Guinness scandal,no bankers of note are residing in jail,none.So the idea of a recovery is beyond a joke.Now our currency is being assailed by all and sundry particularly those good Europeans in the city of London,talk about a knife at your throat!Of course Mr Browder would be welcome with dubious money here in the UK,no questions asked of course,why walk into the Ritz or Graff or Harrods and follow the blood trails of dubious Ukrainians or smug Turks all trailing a bloody trail of humanity in their wake.The number of fleeing oligarchs,yes even from the USA,has increased in the last year,all it needs is £2Millions of “investment”here in the UK and you are anchored,but none of them are dim enough to park their serious money here,oh no,they allow that to reside in nice tax friendly jurisdictions like Philadelphia as nice juicy Treasury Bills(90 days or less)earning USA Dollars.Do you think that I might be slightly miffed at this,how many were murdered for this money and so many more?
    Any who,Her Majesty the Queen,still has the terrorists Qatar for tea and crumpet,whilst they,the Qataris,lavishly build and decorate her private palaces,so the blood of many people can once again line her walls and still the CIA has Qatar and Bahrain listed as terrorist supporting countries!And still our economy for us “deplorables”is in the doldrums,so all going swimmingly.
    Corruption,nepotism,cronyism and one rule of law for the elite and the draconian law for us peasants,this golden beast should have a happy ending here in the UK.

  6. Marcus

    Time to catch up Greg, Bill Browder is the link to Hillary.

    • Greg Hunter

      Browder is the link to the attempted Coop to take Trump out of office and behind the funding to the “which hunt”!!!!

      • Jerry

        The coop hasn’t happened yet, but it’s coming the closer we move to U-1 indictments.

        The DHS activity I’ve posted about is either prepping for mass arrest or a planned coop. I’m hoping for the former. In any event something is clearly in the works. I have to remind myself I’m still living in the U.S. and not a banana republic.

  7. bob

    god bless you greg… with the gmail problem.. you are now a thorn in the deep states side..proving you are part of the great awakening….keep it up.. take note of this folks.. when they don’t like you and there is too much truth.. they mess with you…to keep us from the truth.. fight back.. they can’t win… we have god on our side… you said it too, greg.. fear not! catchy frase

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bob for your comment and support!!!!

    • Frederick

      Very true When I posted things about 911 on Facebook they banned me which I took as a compliment of the highest order

  8. This Sceptred Isle

    Greg, you are merely slashing at the shadows in Plato’s cave. The globalists and their minions are emanations from a deeper reality. The temple of the sun is rising, once again, in all its myriad forms. At its zenith it will attempt to destroy all who do not unify with the great hive mind.

    • Greg Hunter

      Crack open the Bible and read the last chapter — they lose and badly. Shed some real light into that black hole of nothingness you force yourself to live in. Seek Christ.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        Ha ha ha…Greg, you are out of your mind if you believe that Satan will materialise as a being of red with a tail and pitchfork. He will dress himself in the garb of local custom in order to deceive, befriend and mislead.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are the one “out of your mind” for believing in a black hole of nothingness. Seek Christ. He’s there for us all.

    • William Stanley

      TSI: I suppose you are making a slightly different point; nevertheless I am reminded of this:
      “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
      Ephesians 6:12 (King James Version)

      • William Stanley

        I suppose that I should leave the interpretation of that passage up to the experts. Nevertheless, I will offer my thoughts: The “we” here should be understood to mean “we as individuals.” In any event, wouldn’t you agree that the Bible expresses the thought beautifully (and no less cryptically than Plato would have)?

        • This Sceptred Isle

          Yes, the Bible has some good insights in it.

          • Charles H

            The Record, the Holy Bible – speaks to the fact that God came into His Creation: to live a sinless life, then die to redeem it.
            It takes an act of Will, and decision – to take the Bible AT FACE VALUE. God the Holy Spirit is the Light-bearer for Holy Scripture. Fail in the aspect to respect God’s testimony by failing to believe it; leaves one in the dark; and no human scrutiny will reveal it’s truths. God has placed the greatest of ironies upon the means to find Him: His Holy Word – the Bible. One must seek God in the right place and the right way. It is that simple and unavoidable.
            I started my life with a little more encouragement to believe. But I was like your are – outside: until I made the jump. And everyone must do the same…

      • June Belle

        Sure sounds like what’s really going on Scepter. Could the Bible thumpers thumping have not gone to naught after all. As we seem to be now staring the beast in the face. I just hope she don’t end like the end of the film, On The Beach! Then all inhuman history would have been for naught. Which fer some strange reason doesn’t sound so bad?
        Hoping and praying for a real. Grand new world. Where righteousness dwells and prevails throughout the whole of the earth.
        NOT THIS!
        Old Woman’s Tale
        I Hope I’ll Be Seeing You All Here!

  9. Robert

    James Clapper and the other intelligence agency Trump haters are doing to the USA exactly what their agencies have done to countries in South America and other nations they wanted regime change in. Theyre deliberately sowing division and blaming the other side. And its not even done in a covert manner any more.

    Use to be illegal for the CIA to operate domestically, but that doesnt stop them. Ask the Kennedy family. The intelligence agencies are our defacto government heads. And they hate that we know it now. Hell, even the local police have files on many of the citizens based on all the snitches ( who plea bargain for lighter sentences but also do gooder, phony, monetized, virtue signalers, that tell them anything they want to hear. Wait till that info is weaponized and fed into the NSA databases, then retrievable by the robocop that will soon be coming to every street in the USA and the world. There’s a time coming to every modern nation, as all of pass a robocop on the street, where we will be assessed for threat levels based on the ever changing personal files the NSA collects on all of us. Our cell phones have effectively turned us all into walking talking typing computer files as well as Gladys Kravitz gossips and snitches, capturing those videos we see everyday in the propaganda news outlets , of people acting out, and the person capturing those videos and recorded conversations being compensated by the number of views. News isnt about the truth anymore, it’s about being first to the airwaves, even if it’s nothing but scurrilous specious biased lies. That’s what our addiction to these cell phones has brought to us.

    Senator Rand recently remarked how dangerous people like Clapper are, as they can resurrect data on all of us to be weaponized against us in the court of public opinion or be used to set us up. Thats why the NSA collects all our data. Its not to protect us, its to demonize us should we become a threat by challenging this severe invasion of everybody’s privacy under the guise of protecting the American people. Just wait till our money is digitized. Then these intelligemce agencies will be able to turn off our access to our money, in essence crippling us and turning us into beggars as punishment.

    • Andre

      Good observation. Totalitarian head cannot exist without totalitarian arms and legs and EYES. The system must be complete. And they have it ready. Including local police. One might wonder why they need all the data on us? Bible again gives us the answer. The last days event in this world will be the enforcement of the “MARK of the BEAST” on forehead (which means what you think – your believe system) or on the hand (what you do). That’s why they need to know all abut you. It all comes to keeping ALL ten commandments which the last church will do and if you are one of them, your bank account will be blocked so you won’t be able to buy nor sell. That’s why cash is enemy now and there is a push for digital currency.

      • This sceptred Isle

        And youtube completes the surveillance net – we are policing ourselves by recording each other – Orwell on steroids!

        • William Stanley

          TSI, re: “policing ourselves”
          The Greek root of the word apocalypse is “uncovering” (or “revelation”)? But what if EVERYTHING is uncovered? We know so much more than we did a few years ago and can’t unsee what we have already seen.
          Paradox: so much that was designed to control all of us has also empowered many of us. The battle is now joined. WWGOWGA (Where We Go One, We Go All).

          • Andre

            Many people saw what was going on but no-one believed them.
            If people read Bible they would see these things before evidences mount.

    • Frederick

      Robert That’s assuming we the people allow them to take us to a digital money world I believe there will be a lot of resistance to such actions Got Gold ?

      • Robert

        Why wouldnt the people allow the final transistion to a digital currency? We’re almost there now with credit debit being used more than cash. I worked in the banking industry. The conversion is a generational thing. As the boomers die off the newer generations will have no issue with digital only currency.

        • Frederick

          Well if you’re right, and I think you are, at least I won’t be around to suffer from it

        • This Sceptred Isle

          I left my wallet and keys at home on Thursday by mistake. I tried to borrow a couple of pounds off someone at work to buy lunch but nobody had any cash. Although a couple of people offered to lend me their bank card I was unwilling to take it. In a cashless society I guess beggars are already suffering if nobody is carrying cash. They will have to accept physical donations of food/drink.

  10. Frederick

    MSM is done Totally Fake no doubt Thank you Greg for alittle sanity in journalism You are a treasure and a Patriot
    By the way there’s not a snowball chance in hell that 400 million was transferred without the authorities knowing about it NOT a chance

  11. John Mills

    Hi Greg !
    Here is a website with a lot of good financial info.

  12. Jerry

    For whatever it’s worth, my personal contacts are reporting lots of activity with Homeland Security. I can only speculate as we move forward towards possible indictments in August that the Deep State is planning some type of coop to try and take President Trump down since the propaganda war is not working.

    It is being reported by some sources that Putin gave Donald Trump information on Uraium One, and Russian intelligence concerning 9/11 that will seal the doom of the deep state in the coming court marshals on treason. Once again this is all speculation, but it appears to me that Donald Trump is using the MSM to bait the trap with the Russian collusion theme that is being beat to death.
    We”ll see ?

    • Jerry

      For you Greg.

      The ball has been handed to President Trump. It’s now in his hands.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Trump’s not chicken enough to fall for it.

  13. Larry White

    Keith Weiner is proposing what he calls – The Unadulterated Gold Standard. A modern version of a gold standard different from the one used earlier in the United States. Article is here:

  14. Frederick

    You have to wonder why ANYONE would continue to do business with a criminal bank like Fargo It boggles my mind the stupidity Even talking about war with Russia is a form of insanity PERIOD The Wiener laptop needs to be investigated as does the Seth Rich murder and the Podesta pedofilia charges Where is Jeff Sessions
    The NYer is trash just like the NYTimes by the way Ignore them

  15. Nick de la Gaume

    In 55 years of following the political dramas around the world, since the age of 11, I have never seen such outright, rank hypocrisy as that displayed in the last week.
    I am an unreconstructed hippy and I want to thank all deplorables for voting for Trump. The relief that I felt the morning after the American election still lives with me.
    Very impressed with the American Christians who seem to be leading the charge against the demons that would destroy us all.
    Disappointed , but not surprised by Fox.
    God bless!

    • Russ McMeans

      Nick ; remember who owns Fox. Everyone has a Master.

  16. Tommy

    Anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that if Putin favored any one candidate in 2016 it would have been Clinton since she proved that she could be bought off and because she is no supporter of individual freedom. Does Russia mess with the US? Sure, along with China, N. Korea, Iran and dozens of other countries. The current hysteria is just the enemies of Trump uniting for one big push to get rid of him. It’s ridiculous but unfortunately the majority of Americans do not have the ability and/or desire to think for themselves.

    • Andre

      About the IQ, are you talking about Fahrenheit or Celsius? Just wonder.

      • Tommy

        Whichever one floats your boat.

  17. John

    That New Yorker magazine cover is disgraceful. Has the office of the president, regardless of who it is, ever been shown such gross disrespect as it is now?

    • Chip

      they’ll never do that for a democrat president… Chip

  18. andyb

    Greg: I watch Fox News. Unlike the other cable or MSM networks, Fox is only 50% lies and propaganda; still despairingly egregious; don’t expect more than a modicum of truth. Fox follows the deep state narrative of Russian invading Crimea and Ukraine, the missile take down of MH-17, and the Bin Laden capture; merely just 3 of the lies that are conspicuous because there is no actual evidence of the assertions.
    Crimea: for the vast majority of Crimea’s history it has been a Russian territory. The majority of its people speak Russian and have Russian antecedents. To protect its Black Sea Naval Base, Russian has always maintained troops in Crimea, many of whom were shown on video as evidence of an “invasion”. When Victoria Nuland’s coup of Ukraine was successful, Russia held an election in Crimea which overwhelmingly favored Russia, rather than Ukraine, as its sovereign.
    Ukraine and MH-17: In spite of the fact that the US maintains constant satellite surveillance over the area, there are no sat photos (or others by journalists) of Russians actually invading Ukraine. Nor are there images of the take down of MH-17. On-the- ground photos of the downed fuselage show symmetrical circular holes which could have be made only by 50cal air-to-air cannon, certainly not damage from a missile.
    Bin Laden’s capture and death:
    Every month or so, Fox trots out “the man who killed Bin laden”, even though its own Fox News website, in December, 2001, noted Bin Laden’s death in an overseas US naval hospital. He had Marfan’s disease, a debilitating, always fatal illness, and required 24/7 care. It is also interesting that Benazir Bhutto, PM of Pakistan, told David Frost in an interview that she knew where Bin Laden was buried in Pakistan.

    There are many other examples of Fox’s perfidy. Too many Fox commenters are dishonest shills who toe the line for their generous paychecks. There are however, several exceptions: Tucker Carlson, Trish Regan, Neil Cavuto and although he is a confirmed lefty whom I can’t stand, Shepard Smith. All three come out with some anti deep state and globalist remarks and wisdom on occasion, but far too rarely.

  19. David Bain


    The 400 million has been corrected to $400,000. But still illegal.

    • Andre

      David Bain
      Don’t you think $400,000 would be an insult to queen Hillary? From a guy who just run with 1.5 billions from Russia? They would send him back for this one.

  20. Southern Girl

    I’m so glad you brought up the $400 millions funneled to HRC. I remember hearing it in the press conference but it blew by me without really registering. Putin probably spoke the truth and no one is used to hearing it.
    Sunday when I was at church I was asking God how is it that so many people cannot see the TRUTH. I heard, “They live in sin.” I’m thinking yes that would be a real reason. They live in darkness and don’t want to see the light. They are like moles that are underground and digging constantly and afraid to come to the light. That is just my take.

  21. Southern Girl

    I’m one of those who contributed and yes I have checked my spam and a big nothing. I don’t have a gmail account so I just wanted some of your viewers to know that something is still being blocked. But thanks I know you have tried. Love your WNW’s. I look forward to them every week. Wish you could be on everyday.

  22. Mark

    Hello Greg,
    Great show as always.
    How did the Fed/banking system handle this?
    It’s interesting how that much cash can run through the system without a question.
    My local Bank America branch demands proof of who I am before they will take 50 bucks from me as a deposit into my account. For the record, I have been a customer for many years.

    • DeLeon Burch Key

      Same with my BofA account. ..I get irritated when I have to prove myself to put money in my account.

  23. tsuki

    Dear Mr. Hunter,

    About Browder, he rejected his US citizenship in 1998. Since US taxes are based on citizenship, not residency, prior to this date he was responsible for both US and RF income tax. We know that he did not pay his 13% flat tax in the RF (he is a convicted felon). The question I would like answered is: did he pay his US taxes?


  24. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Brennen, Comey, Muller, Clapper, not necessarily in that order, are criminals and traitors of our democratic ideals & institutions based upon our Constitution. They, along with the MSM, the deep state who owns the MSM, aka the American Pravda, are in full court press to stop Trump at any cost. Its unbelievable what this President has to contend with that no other ever did, especially Obama. The more they try to derail the election the more I support our President. Putin has had enough, there may well be more coming out about the 400 million you discussed.

    As to Fox News, it waning on many conservative issues now, and is quickly becoming “main stream” in its format. The 400 million dollar Hillary campaign contribution is a big deal and Fox should cover it, or uncover it if you will, in detail. As for Obama, I have always said he is up to his eyeballs in the 2016 election meddling; not Trump and or any of his people!

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Arthur Barnes,
      Lysander Spooner once quipped; “Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it”. If I were a betting man, I’d wager a goodly sum that one day these words will be followed by — no kidding, dummkopf. SOD

  25. John McNaul

    Hi Greg,

    You should have Martin Armstrong on to talk about, Bill Browder > Hermitage Capital > Maginsky Act.

    Thank you,


  26. Diane

    Wow. Great news report, Greg.
    Thank you for real news.

  27. Angelo

    This information about the intelligence officers involved in bribes regardless of who’s involved in the US side is chilling! I always thought that these news channels are complicit to the entire agenda. I truly believe the saying “what you tolerate, you promote”. Thanks for revealing the truth Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Angelo and great quote, “what you tolerate, you promote”. Love it!!


      • DB Cooper

        Angelo and Greg, This follows the Legal Maxim that says when you acquiesce you are agreeing. DB

    • paul ...

      What is more chilling is that it was an “English agent” (Browder) who was interfering in our election with Deep State help … and all the media talks about is “Russian agents”???

  28. Jerry

    New financial exchange system making final preparations as UAE meets with Xi.

  29. Rock

    Great work Greg. Another week closer to meeting the Lord. Things down here look like they are heating up, and getting gloriously dark. Keep your eyes on Him.

  30. Larry G Carter

    Greg, too support what you are saying about Fox News I have this story to tell you.
    Yesterday, Christopher Wray was interview in Aspen by Lester Holt and made very
    direct comments that he was very much in Meullers ccamp and thinks the investigation by Meuller into collusion by Trump should continue. Remember that Wray was appointed by Trump to head the FBI in June of 2017. He is a Trump appointee expressing his feelings for the will of the “deep State ” to investigate his boss. I fully expected this story to run on the Sean Hanity show. No such luck and as far as I know it has not been presented any where on Fox News.

  31. Debbie

    great update Greg as always – the more the left screeches – the more they bring light to their darkness and all the illegal activities they are doing….you can smell their fear..blessings to you

  32. brian

    I mean, its getting to the point where the sheer volume and nature of clear evidence coming to light regarding the crimes of many of these people in our “government” simply obviates the need for any due process or trial. Good God, if one sits down and takes into full account the proven falsehoods and deception on display the only need we have now is to literally peel from the guilty a more complete version of the truth plainly available to us. Sounds dangerous I know, but if they want to subvert due process into something they can hide in I guess its their choice; they corner themselves like that and take a pillar of our society hostage I guess we just burn them out and repair the damage later. When we consider the level of damage already done, what other choice have we got?

    • Charles H

      You beat me to it, brian. It is the sheer SCOPE of lying, corrupt, untruth that threatens to define the system, rather than overwhelm it.

  33. Jallen

    Greg, (The Paul Revere of the modern era),
    Your weekly wrap up makes one think of the Bible Book of Revelations.
    Did not our Lord Jesus Christ forewarn us !
    Let us review the current state of affairs;
    1. Crooked Financial markets.
    2. Pure propaganda so called news networks.
    3. Secret Government not subject to the electorate.
    4. The warmongering Neocons and anti G-d liberals
    5. Zionist influence over American Churches and the United States Government.
    6. Democrat Party (US Communist Party (Republicans are not much better)).
    7. The removal of G-d from schools: Abington Senior high school BY THE SCHEMPS Around 1963).
    8. The anti G-d Supreme Court. (Nothing supreme about it).
    How many babies murdered since Roe Wade?
    Their black robes drenched in blood and their votes daggers in the hearts of babies.
    9. The greatest of all cons in America, THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK.
    Unlimited Counterfeit money for the so called elite and their war and propaganda machine.
    The Federal Reserve is the root that feeds the beast, slay it and you kill the beast.
    This is the cancer place upon the earnings and savings of hard working Americans;
    excessive taxes and inflation!!!
    10. and up Reserved for others to add.

    There is no freedom and rule of law in a country where the Almighty G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and his only begotten Son Jesus Christ are not welcomed !!!


    • Chip

      awesome post…. chip

  34. steve pool

    Keep up what your doing Greg, love the inside info that no one what to talk about. How do we get this info out to the msm, what will it take to make the msm do stories on this intel? If you do responds to my site and its blockedits ok just knowing that your out there with the subject and guest is all the reply I really need. thanks again greg

  35. George Hoashi

    Do you think the $400M accusation and the recent FBI high level cybersecurity intelligence officers resignations are related?

  36. Andre

    Thank you for calling “a spade a spade”. The first step toward repentance is the admission of sin. It surely is time and the last chance or “we the people” will be no longer. As the fish starts to rot from the head it continues until the whole fish is consumed. It makes one wonder what point we are at right now. Let’s humble ourselves before the Almighty God and do some heart searching because the ungodly will push sooner the world to nuclear war than be willing to lose power.
    Here is a good news from Bible prophecy (book of Daniel chapter 11) telling us that the ungodly will be defeated. This is the parable of King of the North (Babylon representing religious confusion and not the true church) finally overrunning King of the South (representing the deniers of the Lord – Exo 5:2 And Pharaoh said, Who is the Lord, that I should obey his voice to let Israel go? I know not the Lord, neither will I let Israel go).
    This prophecy is being amazingly fulfilled in front of our eyes. But there is bad news too. Both kings are enemies of the true church which “keeps the commandments of God and has the testimony of Jesus Christ” and the destruction will eventually come from the north. The King of the North is a conglomerate of apostate churches something like “World Council of Churches” which are all uniting under the Papacy.
    We really are at the very end of time. Let’s be prepared to face our Maker.

  37. john duffy

    Planned Parenthood Kills More Blacks in 2 Weeks than the KKK Killed in a Century

  38. oneno

    Greg, you didn’t mention the scoop by former technical director at the NSA Bill Binney who discovered the hack into the DNC files to be a red herring for which Seth Rich was murdered for releasing to Wikileaks.

    Some history: Gucifer 1.0 was a Romanian hacker who was picked-up and arrested. Then after him, in July when Wikileaks was getting ready to publish all of these emails, all of a sudden Guciffer 2.0 appeared. The original Gucifer thought that this Gucifer 2.0 was a fabrication. Then Gucifer 2.0 claimed that he hacked the DNC for the Russians. He then later on put this (fabricated) data out on the web as the data that he claimed to have hacked for Russia from the DNC. Now there was data that could be examined forensically to determine what it meant and whether or not it was really a hack. Former FBI Director Comey claimed this was an indication that this was a Russian hack into the DNC that outed HRC and the DNC that gave Trump the Presidential victory!

    The highest transfer rate for the files was 49.1 MB/s (that is megabytes per second NOT megabits per second. Onlu a good USB 3.0 flash drive and port on a computer can handle such rates indicating the files were downloaded locally and not over the network (and vertainly not the web) as is claimed. Testing for this was conducted at various locations around the world to prove that this operation was local as in plugging a USB 3.0 flash drive into a USB 3.0 port on a computer to download the files. The testing against the alleged network transfer was done at various locations by Europeans in the Netherlands, Albania, Belgrade, and also in the UK. The fastest network rate clocked was from a data center in New Jersey to a data center in the UK at 12 MB/s. That is 1/4 the speed of the observed 49 MB/s for the local transfer.

    This meant, that it was NOT possible to transfer that amount of data across a network at the required rate of 49 MB/s. However, it is a perfect download rate for a thumb drive indicating the download to the flash drive was a local event. So it is not possible to prove who did it from this data. But can prove that this wasen’t a hack from overseas from Russia.

    So Comey, Brenan and others in our US government, were claiming this DNC hack to be a Russian effort. But this is clearly impossible from the data files of the DNC hack available from the web.

    The data comprised two sets of data, from 5-Jul-2016 and 1-Sep-2016. If looked closer by ignoring the hour and the date but looked at miniutes, seconds, and milli-seconds, those two datasets merged perfectly. That meant that Guciffer 2.0 was manipulating the data taking one file splitting it into two parts, issuing them at the two different dates to manipulate and changing the data to produce a fabrication. This means our US intelligence people are using data that is a fabrication to make a claim against the Russians that they hacked the DNC files to bring HRC down so she wouldn’t win the election giving Trump the victory. That claim is a complete fabrication!

    Further examination shows three seperate time-stamps (one for the east coast US, one for central time, and one for pacific time). This meant that people were playing with the data in different areas to create the fabricated data.

    The intelligence community assessment released in January 2017 came from selected NSA, CIA, and FBI agents. So these were selected people NOT random people who came forward with their assessment about the claimed Russian DNC hack. Now there are 17 intelligence agencies in the US. Three of them were making the claim of this Russian DNC hack. Only two of them were claiming this to be highly likely confidence. And they were the two that didn’t matter (CIA and FBI). The one that did matter was NSA who claimed moderate confidence.

    The (MSM) news media claimed 17 agencies that made the claim of the Russian DNC hack. But in reality, it was only three agencies and the only one that really mattered was the claim from the NSA who had moderate confidence.

    So this was a fake assessment and witch hunt of Russian collusion against President Trump.

    The NSA assessment is what maters because they are the agency that are watching (like hound-dogs) all the IP choke-points coming into the US. So they are watching all of US as well completely through the Internet and all forms of surveliance that passes across the Web. So if this was truly a Russian hack, the NSA would be able to say that it came from that building and that city in Russia as they did for a recent Chinese attack.

    Bill Binney met with Pompeo – director of CIA – on President Trump’s recommendation to Pompeo to discuss this issue with forensic proof that the claim of Russian DNC hack, that outed HRC during the election campaign giving Trump the victory, is a complete fabrication and this can be used to expose the bad actors in the deep state who are supporting this claim in the first place.

    NSA would have all the data that was transferred to Wikileaks to identify those bad actors responsible for making the transfer of fabricated data to Wikileaks.

    So the claim by the MSM about the 17 agencies finding evidence on Russian collusion for the DNC hack that lost HRC the election victory in favour of President Trump is a complete LIE!

    So Bill Binney who already met with then CIA Director Pompeo giving him this information before this report and conclusions were released was not relayed to President Trump by former CIA Director Pompeo.

    Gina Haspel, the current CIA Director needs to meet with Bill Binney to review Binney’s assessment, already given to former CIA Director Pompeo which he simply sat on and didn’t sound the alarm, of the fabricated claim of the Russian DNC hack that outed HRC and the DNC giving President Trump the election victory and to start the process of identifying the bad deep state actors responsible for this fabrication!

    The mathematical chance of any one of the 40 – 50 files of the 1-September data merged into the 5-July data and matching the gap between the two data sets is probably one in a 100, and the chance for all files matching the gap is one chance in 100 to the 50th power. In other words, that is (1/100 * 1/100 … ) 50 times! So that is 1 chance in a 1 followed by a hundred zeros.

    Fast forward to the recent Putin-Trump Summit where Putin circumvented U.S intelligence, and gave Trump real intelligence. See for July 19 2018:

    Confirmed: Putin circumvented U.S intelligence, and gave Trump real intelligence.
    Additionally Putin has been reported in Mex Media to be headed to the White House for a second meeting with Trump. Crickets in American media on this topic.

    160 TERABYTES, that’s with a T. It is all the communications, phone calls, EVERYTHING the corrupt U.S. intelligence agencies did to undermine the presidency and rig the election, all the communications from rigged media, and it is all in plain English. Yes, Putin and Russia were doing hacking I guess because they have the entire crime body nailed from top to bottom. Pulled the pants right off the NSA. They must have known about that vulnerability in all Intel processors and exploited it. Ouch. That would be “unintended consequences” if there ever were . . . .


    That story is straight. Here’s how I know: I commented to Claudia that they were reporting old news about a Trump Putin meeting. I at least understood that much. Then Claudia said, no, they are not reporting the old meeting, they are reporting that there is going to be a second meeting, this time at the white house.

    I just checked American sources on this topic and there are only crickets. But is is confirmed that Mex Media did report this, on Diez en Punto (I hate them now but that’s beside the point) at least if they said Putin was headed to the U.S. that would not be wrong.

    160 terabytes of the truth, while American intelligence did nothing but lie their asses off to Trump would be precisely why there is such an enormous freak out going on in the criminal MSM, criminal intelligence agencies, and criminal left in general. They now know Trump knows EVERYTHING THEY LIED ABOUT and they are scared sh*tless.

    • William Stanley

      oneno: You make several good points. Among them:
      (1) We have known for about a year (via Binney and associates) that the DNC server information given to Wikileaks was not downloaded over the internet (as would happen if Russia did it); it was downloaded locally (consistent with Seth Rich doing it on a thumb drive or plugged in external hard drive). We know that because the timestamps show the download was performed at speeds unachievable (at least then) over the internet. The Guccifer 2 info also has forensic problems and cannot be definitively linked to the Russians (because, among other reasons, Snowden (Vault 7?) revealed the means for anyone to make their server mimic any other server).
      Yet this past week we see Mueller still claiming that it was the Russians, and timing his unprovable indictments of 12 Russians to undercut the Trump/Putin summit. Moreover, the MSM, like us, had to be fully aware of the facts, yet “failed” to fully report concerning them.
      (2) You also point out that Binney personally conveyed the time stamp information to, then, CIA Director (now Secretary of State) Pompeo who, apparently, did not convey the information to Trump.
      What to conclude? First, the Deep State is so desperate they are not only coming out of the shadows, they are making claims that are provably false. Second, Mueller’s entire enterprise is unmasked as a complete fraud; yet not even Fox is pointing it out some of the most convincing details (so they are compromised along with the rest of the MSM). Third, Pompeo may be compromised as well; hence his transfer out of the CIA to the State Department (which, increasingly seems out of the loop and kept in the dark). Fourth, President Trump has a pretty good handle on who the traitors are, even if he is keeping some of them close (maybe just to use as tools to spread disinformation to their fellow coup plotters so as to ferret them out, too). Finally, since we can deduce these things, so can the coup plotters; therefore, they’ve got to try to throw a “Hail Mary pass” (false flag event) pretty soon.

  39. iwitness02

    2018, and we are so divided as a nation, that we are a dysfunctional nightmare.
    Truth and Justice are still the 98 pound weakling at Muscle Beach getting sand kicked in their face. I despise all these criminal politicians and their media pals.
    My goal in life is to live long enough to see a full measure of justice meted out to all those who so richly deserve it.
    Thank you Greg ‘Pit Bull’ Hunter. A voice of truth is of high value to me.

    • Chip

      you will not see that full measure of justice meted out here on earth… Chip

  40. paul ...

    Hey Deep State warmongers … you better get used to the fact that “nuclear war is obsolete” … there is no place in Gods world for such weapons of mass destruction … so stop all your efforts to make Russia an enemy … if you want to play your war games and want to continue to build more and more nuclear weapons and want to kill for a living … do it in some wilderness area where you and your enemy can battle it out only between your hired mercenaries … but “stay out of our civilian cities” … everyone knows you changed your nuclear doctrine so nukes can be used in “a first strike” and are continuing to make nuclear weapons smaller and smaller and with less radiation … eventually your nukes will have the power of a hand grenade … and all this effort just so you can continue to justify using these evil weapons … if you are so dead set on using nukes why don’t you go and fight your wars on Mars and make planet Earth “a Neutral War Free Zone” like Switzerland was during your other World Wars … if you need to fight another World War go fight it on “another World” and leave our more advanced intelligent civilization here on Earth out of your dumb moronic low IQ private fights … if you want to exterminate each other … go ahead and do it somewhere else off world … and “our Earth” will be the better for it!!

    • paul ...

      And another thing you Fascist warmongers better get used to is the Second Amendment … don’t go handing us Americans the lame excuse that you must enter our cities to “get the terrorists” … “armed Americans” can get rid of the terrorists inside their cities … we don’t need your warmongering troops in our cities … so keep out … and stop trying to get rid of our right to defend ourselves … so you can have a total monopoly on the use of force … that always leads to the abuse of power … why do you think our Founders wanted to split the powers of our government … if warmongers from two countries want to kill each other let the two sides battle it out in some remote area away from civilization like the “Knights of Old” who didn’t go around slaughtering innocent women and children!!

  41. Andre

    It is interesting to notice that when Trump spoke in the Whitehouse about having confidence in US Intelligence the light went out at this very moment. But it was not shut off but it was dimmed down to make sure all understood it was not an accident. Was it to tell them that they keep him in darkness? What is he telling? How about the death of one of the security guards in Scotland allegedly from stroke (I don’t buy it) that media are not talking about? Was it an attack on Trump?

  42. Hoosier river rat

    Anyone who is paying attention can clearly see the satanic deep state ,its media and minions trying to gaslight the president and his supporters at every opportunity . You can see through the lies ,hype and hypocracy which showcases their desperation. Why ?because pres. Trump is putting a wrecking ball through its agenda. We have a fighter in the whitehouse but the deep state is like a vicious cornerd animal . So convince 10,000 of your closest friends whom haven’t been brain launderd to get out and vote for real republicans who will support the president.if we can hold the house and senate and the president gets a second term it would be the lefts worst nightmare.this fight is going to the 10th round and we’re not looking for just a fat lip or bloody nose ,we w ant a knock out.and never forget the power of prayer.

    • Chip

      who has 10,000 friends?

  43. Gun Runner

    The real reason for the [treason &] hysteria is they know that the Deep State is in deep trouble, and they are trying anything they can to discredit him [the Trumpster] and cast doubt. Trump is not afraid and has announced another meeting with Putin. The Deep State wanted war between the U.S. and Russia, and it looks like peace is breaking out [all over] instead. The Deep State, MSM, Democrats and RINO’s are panicked that Russia and America [and we the sheeple] are working together against the New World Order and the Deep State. Greg Hunter, parenthesis mine.

    Yes Greg, the deepster scum are in full blown panic mode and the treason, for the reason? To stop Trump! It goes way back long before Trump even left New York for the campaign trail! That effort began in earnest when Mike Morell [the infamous Jocko] formed the leftest coalition of our intell agents to stop him {Donald J. the Trumpster} from getting the republican presidential nomination. To then from taking the oath of office and now from remaining “el presidente,” and as is their experience toppling governments across the globe, by means of their agent embedded Mocking Bird, corporate media. Thought shaping, we the people, with this constant dribble of disinformation. Propagandizing us, again and again, for ever and ever. For all time, until the end of time! In perpetuity, until hell freezes over! Perpetually, eternally, endlessly, interminably, unceasingly, unendingly, forevermore! Until the cows come home! Until kingdom come! Aye ad infinitum!
    (These guy’s could have got most Catholic’s to turn against Mother Teresa with their constant hounding.) So began the massive tax payer funded campaign to eliminate the Donald and reestablishing “la presidente” [Hitlery.] As ole Pat Boone would say, at our expense!
    But why the massive panic? Because its deep. Massive. It started with the plausible deniability scam. Which is only plausible to the scum bag lawyers who created and represent them. Just what did these traitorous lawyers do? They made a way to take our right of the people to representation in the Washington Swamp! For which we fought the Revolution, away from us! The reason Tray Gowdy and Paul Ryan are now in full cowering mode. The Deep State Department should be cowering before them, because they represent us. Their supposed to be for us, we the people! Not visa versa! They got the power and they better start using it! That includes all of you in both houses of congress. Because there will be Sheol to pay! Mark theses words. Trey Benghazi Gowdy and family man Ryan. Just remember guy’s. You took an oath to us your American family and we come first and foremost, or you shouldn’t have taken the job and we’ll take it back and throw you out on your arse’s if you don’t!

  44. RTW

    The democratic “communist” party which includes the MSM, IS patently treasonous, given the fact that they have been dedicating every waking minute to overthrow our duly elected president with no proof that he’s done anything wrong, other than beat Hillary. Just because Trump didn’t reach over and “bitch slap” Putin he’s labeled a traitor. Joe Biden is lucky he’s a dem because given his proclivity to “get creepy” with other people’s wives and children he would be crucified. Instead he’s just “good ole crazy uncle joe”. The hypocrisy is so deep you need wings to stay above it.

  45. Tony dB

    Too bad President Trump did not (or could not) raise the issue of Russian resources (missiles and personnel) shooting down a Malaysian passenger airline over eastern Ukraine with President Putin, who is a gifted liar and manipulator. One cannot trust Putin.

    September 30, 1938: British Prime-minister, Neville Chamberlain states “Peace in our time!” after signing an agreement with Hitler. In less than a year, WWII starts. This is a thought provoking parallel fact and warning.

    • Greg Hunter

      Tony db,
      Did the Russians shoot down that jet or is that propaganda? Did the Ukrainians shoot down that jet in actuality? We don’t know. So please don’t state that as fact.

      • Gunny

        There’s scuttlebutt the UKR shot it down with a Russkie BUK mobile missile launcher. All we have to do is release the satellite images to settle the case, but it seems everybody is satisfied with the stand-off! So will have to wait. But like I say, one day they’ll be Sheol to pay! Only love is stronger than death and these scum better start lovin there neighbor!

      • Andre

        You are absolutely right. Putin may be a thug, and we have them too, but he is not stupid. He had nothing to gain but lose from shooting down the plane. They tried to push Putin out of Crimea key strategic port for Russia.

        • Greg Hunter

          Andre and the Russian Navy was there by treaty not force. Like Guantanamo Cuba.

      • Charles Turnerct

        if it has been shot down from the ground, neither side would have known it was a passenger airline. It was too high up. most airlines were redirected away from the conflict zone and a plane could fly over the whole conflict zone in a matter of a few minutes.. One only has to look at the shooting down of Iran Flight 655 by the USA to put this in context. There are plenty of sources on this.
        Secondly this plane was not shot down in Russia, it was shot down in Ukraine. Thirdly, Russia was not allowed to be part of the investigation. Fourthly, we were led to believe the locals in the area were savages. When investigators got to the crash site they found native ukrainians praying to god and placing flowers on the ground . In the western media we were served up with a video that showed Ukrainian gunners shooting the plane down. Everyone can draw their own opinion on this.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Did the American Navy shoot down Iran flight 655 in 1988? What’s your point?

      • Betty Heath

        AT ITS height, the Roman Empire was the greatest human administration the world had ever seen. Roman legislation was so effective that it is still the basis of the legal code of many countries. Despite Rome’s achievements, however, her legions were unable to conquer one insidious enemy: corruption. Finally, corruption hastened Rome’s downfall.

        The apostle Paul was one who suffered under corrupt Roman officials. Felix, the Roman governor who interrogated him, apparently recognized Paul’s innocence. But Felix, one of the most corrupt governors of his day, delayed Paul’s trial, hoping that Paul would give him money to secure his release.​—Acts 24:22-26.

        Instead of bribing Felix, Paul spoke to him frankly about “righteousness and self-control.” Felix did not change his ways, and Paul remained in prison rather than try to sidestep the legal process with a bribe. He preached a message of truth and honesty, and he lived accordingly. “We trust we have a honest conscience,” he wrote to Jewish Christians, “as we try to conduct ourselves honestly in all things.”​—Hebrews 13:18.

        Such a stand was in stark contrast with the morals of the time. Felix’s brother Pallas was one of the richest men of the ancient world, and his wealth​—calculated at $45 million—​was accumulated almost entirely by bribery and extortion. His fortune, however, pales into insignificance when compared with the billions of dollars some of our corrupt 21st.-century members of congress have hidden away in secret bank accounts. Clearly, only the naive would believe that today’s governments have won the war against corruption.

        Since corruption has remained entrenched for so long, can we assume that it is just part of human nature? Are we all just scoundrels? Can something be done to curb the massive corruption without interruption?

    • Andre

      Tony dB
      Hitler had the biggest army in Europe well funded by bankers and supported by Vatican. Russian army is not a match to US. This time the roles were reversed, sorry to tell you that.

    • Frederick

      Tony you are drinking the MSM koolaide brother Look at who overthrew the elected government in Uktaine(Victoria Nuland) and installed their puppet Porky Poroschenko I’ wouldn’t be surprised if that criminal regime was responsible and did it to create a false flag to blame on Russia The whole thing stinks

    • RTW

      So Trump raises the issue of the Malaysian airliner and Putin comes back with the issue of TWA flight 800, then what? Everybody has something they would like to left buried.

      • Frederick

        Putin was not responsible for that flight going down and any rational thinking person gets that Look to Kiev and DC to find the real culprits

    • Chip

      Tony dB, you don’t know anything about Putin. He’s demonized and has been demonized by the MSM and our deep state for decades (except when Obama was president). I would stack Putin up against almost anyone in our congress and senate. Much more intelligent and truly fighting for the betterment of his country and his people… Chip

  46. al

    Fox is a scam in this area too… North Florida

    • Chip

      Fox always has the the illusion of fair and balanced. I told my wife this a long time ago when she continued to watch Fox and I can’t stand it when it or any other MSM news is on. Pure lies and propaganda… Chip

  47. Sue Robinson

    Thanks once more Greg for your wonderful work. As Jallen wrote, you are our Paul Revere. We all need to stay strong, pray for President Trump and our families, and fight back however we can. The latest news that the traitor Mueller is giving that even worse individual Tony Podesta immunity is his endless quest to destroy our President and all who support him is just another reason for us to stand up and be counted. So. E-mail the White House and tell POTUS you are supporting him. And Help USA Watchdog, too.
    Again, Thanks Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sue,


  48. Gary K


    Great WNW. I’ve posted links to here already. Your point on Fox is something that I’ve been seeing for quite a while. They omit lots of crucial news from their reporting. They report enough to make them look good, but leave out the really vital information that people really need to hear.

    Thanks for your honesty and perseverance in bringing out as much as you find. I become more of a Greg Hunter fan each week.

  49. Elusive Joseph

    Excellent analysis and work, Greg. Thank you.
    Jesus Christ bless you and your family and protect you. Be safe.

  50. Betty Heath

    How Can Corruption Be Curbed?
    The obvious first step in curbing corruption is to recognize that corruption is destructive and wrong, since it benefits the unscrupulous to the detriment of others. Some progress has undoubtedly been made in that direction. James Foley, U.S. deputy secretary of state, said: “We all recognize that the cost of bribery is high. Bribes undermine good governance, harm economic efficiency and development, distort trade, and penalize citizens around the world.” Many would agree with him. On December 17, 1997, 34 major countries signed a “bribery convention” that was designed to “have a major impact on the global fight against corruption.” The convention “makes it a crime to offer, promise or give a bribe to a foreign public official in order to obtain or retain international business deals.”

    Bribes for winning business contracts in other countries, however, are just the tip of the corruption iceberg. Eliminating corruption across the board requires a second, much more difficult step: a change of heart or, rather, a change of many hearts. People everywhere must learn to hate bribery and corruption. Only then will graft disappear. To this end, Newsweek said that some feel that governments should “encourage a general sense of civic virtue.” Transparency International, an anticorruption lobbying group, likewise recommends that its supporters “inject a ‘seed of integrity’” into the workplace.

    The fight against corruption is a moral one that cannot be won by legislation alone or by “the sword” of legal penalties. (Romans 13:4, 5) Seeds of virtue and integrity have to be sown in people’s hearts. This can best be achieved by use of what the apostle Paul described as “the sword of the spirit,” God’s Word, the Bible.​—Ephesians 6:17.

  51. Tommy

    Let’s see, when was the last time the liberals loved the US intelligence agencies? Hmm. I’m drawing a blank.

    • Frederick

      Not much to love to be honest from what’s been going on Tom and I’m not defending liberals

  52. flattop

    Everybody in Wash DC and the MSM are screaming about how the Trump/Putin meeting should have not been. So Trump says, ” I think I will invite Putin to visit the White House. I see that as ” Trump taking it to them “

    • Greg Hunter


  53. K. Wayne

    Time for some Bill Holter.
    Kudos to the man who first called the “Truth Bombs” as the antidote to the farcical world of politics, government, controlled markets and Treason.

  54. GoneWest

    Greg, want to know what the Mueller probe is all about? It’s about giving immunity to all of the DNC, Clinton campaign, and others so they never stand trial.

    See this:

  55. Dan Shalom

    One thing is for certain. All the power players in DC know about this and are complicit if they do not pursue the corruption the is rife in the cesspool of DC.

  56. Viewer133

    Excellent news wrap up for 7-20-2018.

  57. Kathryn

    Greg Hunter, The Modern-Day Paul Revere
    Maybe Trump believes there was meddling/collusion since money appears to have been illegally/treasonously funneled to Hillary that she used to influence voters via the MSM. So the “Russian” money did influence the vote, just the other way around from what MSM/Mueller say.
    Real truth tellers tell the whole truth ALL the time, no material omissions.

  58. DanT

    I still say that before it ever came close to some top official, bigshot, whatever being prosecuted and something sinister being uncovered they will “kick over the table'” as Bill Holter calls it. The quickest easiest thing to with the largest draw on public attention would be a major false flag “terror attack” on US soil. Rule of law is dead in this country and it is more apparent all the time.

  59. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, Its amazing that you didnt even mention the Karen McDougal story at all. Its all on tape for anyone to listen to. Looks like all Trump does is raid our honey pots and then pay us off not to tell all about it. He is a truly pathetic human being. He is a male chauvinist pig who gets his jollies off getting into our panties and then telling us to screw off as if we have no value. I dont expect you to post this cause its too damaging and you cant stand up to the truth anymore than Trump can. But you know and I know and God knows the TRUTH. That makes a quorum ! In practice if not by law !

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a paid troll and what you push is unimportant. Nobody cares about some consensual tryst that Trump had long ago. You just want Trump out of office so you can try to continue your commie, Marxist, godless takeover of America where “Wed the People” suffer under your Marxist tyranny. Nobody wants the crap you are selling.

      • Mme Hedin

        Greg,mwe all look at you at your fellow Trumpies and we think you are under some kind of crazy, cultish spell from this man of utter darkness; Trump’s a proven liar and con artist, a totalscumbag to his three wives…and yet you are still loyal to him?!? Look. I have nothing to gain from opening your eyes to what a horrible man he is. All I hope for is that you can eventually see how you’ve been manipulated to believe he is interested in your wellbeing and your wellbeing. It is a total lie.

        • Greg Hunter

          Mme (aka weasel)
          It is you under a spell of New World Order and godless people. It is you who are the crazy, name calling irrational name calling losers that you are. It is your eyes that are shut. You want communism/Marxism and tyranny. You are nuts like your other godless friends that pray to a black hole of nothingness. YOU are a total Lie and anonymous to boot. I only put this up to let patriots know what you weasels think. You got nothing but irrational illogical name calling and not a clue on how to make our lives better–only worse, and we are “crazy” for not accepting you tyranny. Who is crazy??? Look in the mirror you irrational factless moron.

        • William Stanley

          Mme Hedin, re: “we all look at you at your fellow Trumpies”
          Who is “we”? It sounds like you work at the same troll farm as Gina.
          BTW, Gina was a little flat this time. Not bad, but not up to her usual standards either. Disappointingly, you were less interesting than Gina on her worst day: no sense of humor at all, veiled or otherwise. What’s gone wrong on the farm? Why have your standards slipped so badly? Is there a morale problem?

    • Sayonara

      You are an extremely sick, wicked and evil human being! You advocate an ideology that is directly and factually responsible for the extermination of a 100 million human beings over the course of the 120 years!
      If you want to know how wonderful your sick, wicked and evil socialism is doing currently, I would be privileged and honored to buy you a one way ticket to Venezuela so you can experience your hellacious socialism in live and living color.
      How dare you !

    • Sgt. Carter

      What don’t you understand? Trump was a star. Woman love men of immense money, power. If you was a woman you would know.

      These woman brought the daggers out just weeks before the election. Trump did the right thing. There was no time to do otherwise.
      Like the woman who fawned and fainted over Adolf Hitler, it’s in human nature. No money no ticket, no wife. Thank God for older woman who could care less.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      “Pay us off”?!? “Our panties”?!?
      If you’re as hot as most of Trump’s women, please link to pictures.

  60. DanT

    Wells Fargo in financial trouble? Maybe, but then again when a country has descended into a criminal culture because there is no rule of law, what is to stop them from trying anything. Was anyone arrested or under a serious investigation? Nope. Pay a fine to who? and where did the money go? Wells back to the next scam and maybe it pays off this time.

  61. DanT

    What you are doing is not popular Greg? That’s because darkness hates the light.

    • Greg Hunter

      Arrows from everywhere!! I have a shield.

      • This sceptred Isle

        a DEFLECTOR shield.

        • Greg Hunter


          Your country is being destroyed by globalist imprisoning people like Tommy Robinson for pointing out Islamic pedophiles. But you are not concerned about this at all. So happy all in your country are not as disconnected and stupid as you: You are the one with a gigantic “DEFLECTOR shield.”


      • Roger P. Carpenter

        This is not about being popular! Its about survival. The Hail Mary may likely be bringing down the U.S equity market to bring shame upon our president. JMHO.

  62. coalburner

    Most people never heard about the money Putin talked about because they don’t speak Russian. Like me! First time I heard it is listening to you. Never saw a word on Breitbart either.
    Now I know Trump was so surprised he was tongue tied.

    Greg, no the Russians did not shoot down the airplane, hired thugs that Vic Nuland and Obama sent to start trouble in Ukraine shot it down by accident or incompetence. Someone tipped them ( Probably CIA ) that Putin’s plane was coming. He outsmarted them with an inflight change, like any smart Russian would do.

    You and PCR are right on target about the WAR intentions too!

  63. Mark Langston

    I have to respectfully disagree with Greg on one thing here. Fox News isn’t a scam folks, it’s a big business with corporate sponsors who support them, many of whom are easily spooked. Most of the people on Fox get hammered constantly for standing up for Trump as it is. Taking a claim at face value from a propagandist like Vladimir Putin and running with it as a story would get them crucified as bunch of Russian stooges and start boycotts all across the country against Fox’s sponsors. Now Putin may well be telling the truth about all that money being funneled and laundered into Hillary’s campaign, but because of his background, he cannot be regarded as a credible source. If this same story had broken coming from some other reliable news source with at least a few details to back it up, Fox would almost definitely be running with it and calling for an investigation. However, they have already run numerous stories about deep state corruption and called for investigations to be held, meanwhile virtually nothing of any real substance has come from it. Fox can only go so far on their own with this kind of thing, and neither Congress nor the American public has done their part. In a country where public officials can’t even have dinner in public without being harassed, a business can’t risk losing their key sponsors from the kind of negative hysteria that would result from touting the claims of a Russian dictator and former KGB head. As it stands, the story is simply too hot to touch. I am disappointed by Fox’s reaction, but let’s not condemn them as being a scam just yet. Tucker Carlson actually just did a story on UFOs for God’s sake, so Fox is still willing to take risks that almost no other media outlet would even consider. Meanwhile, I hope to God Trump has people somewhere following up on this corruption behind the scenes for whenever all of these alleged sealed indictments finally get served and the predicted military tribunals begin, because that is probably the only way the truth will ever come out.

    • Greg Hunter

      Did FOX hire you as a paid troll??? FOX is a scam but I will grant you, less of a scam that the other corporate media.

  64. Billy

    Hi Greg- get someone to talk about George Washington’s dream. He talked about expansion, civial war these have happened and then America to be attacked by foreign countries.

  65. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good wrap-up. When I saw the cartoon below I immediately thought of USAWD…

  66. William Pickering

    This story pales to that of the Brady bonds ($360 billion) , the fall of the USSR, the Bush/Greenspan/Clinton crime syndicate, 911 and its coverup and ended war. Why not take a swing at this one?

  67. Julia

    Greg, that was a wonderful review. While I wish the removal of the Deep State were moving faster it is allowing the Traitors whether its Deep State, Democrats and Never Trumpers and TV NEWS (CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX NBC) to be exposed. My conclusion… they have all sold us out.


    • Greg Hunter

      They have Julia and continue to do so!! Thank you for your comment and support!!

  68. Clare Doll

    While we are following the money . . .
    — Trump (supposedly) must thump the dollar
    — because its too high
    — because the stock market is about to take a dump
    — BECAUSE THE YUAN just hit a low relative to the dollar
    So, at a bird in his ear’s suggestion, Trump says that the dollar is too high and darned if his Fed chair isn’t doing his bidding and raising rates and maybe he should stop that crap …
    The dollar gets clobbered, the stock market is saved and no one thinks to check out CHINA, true mover of the the market!


  69. Jennifer Ohman

    Thanks for the reminder of how investigating reporters should be posing their questions! Being unavailable for viewing, I had DVRed the Trump/Putin press conference. Your Wrap Up reminded me to go back and listen to it. I viewed the section to which you are referencing many times. I will add that not only did Trump stay silent, but he nodded, continually, in tacit agreement with Putin, through this revelation to the public! Trump did not appear AT ALL that he was hearing this information for the very first time! Did they , therefore, discuss this, beforehand, in their lengthy private meeting together?
    In case you did not pick up Trumps’ body language, Putin said, “For instance, we can bring up Mr. Browder in this particular case. (Trump nods “yes”). Business associates of Mr. Browder have earned over One and a half billion dollars in Russia (Trump calmly nods in agreement). They never paid any taxes, neither in Russia nor in the United States (Trump continued to nod Yes). And yet the money that escaped the country and was transferred to the United States. They sent HUGE amount of money, $400 million as a contribution (Trump continues to nob in agreement) to the campaign of Hillary Clinton (Trump continues nodding). While that’s their personal case, it might have been legal, the contribution itself, but the way the money was earned was illegal. So, we have a SOLID reason to believe (Trump firmly nods) that some Intelligence Officers accompanied and guided (Trump SHAKES his head in agreement) this transactions. So, we have an interest in questioning them. (Trump nods).”
    Note that Trump nodded “Yes” in acknowledgement of $400 million, and Putin emphasized “Huge amount of money”,…so you may be right, that Putin did not misspeak!
    If you are up for another try, you may want to try reaching Sean Hannity again, directly at [email protected]
    Good Luck,

  70. Open Eyes

    Hi, Greg! The Shield:

    Psalm 119:113-120 New King James Version (NKJV)


    113 I hate the double-minded,
    But I love Your law.

    114 You are my hiding place and my shield;
    I hope in Your word.

    115 Depart from me, you evildoers,
    For I will keep the commandments of my God!

    116 Uphold me according to Your word, that I may live;
    And do not let me be ashamed of my hope.

    117 Hold me up, and I shall be safe,
    And I shall observe Your statutes continually.

    118 You reject all those who stray from Your statutes,
    For their deceit is falsehood.

    119 You put away all the wicked of the earth like dross;
    Therefore I love Your testimonies.

    120 My flesh trembles for fear of You,
    And I am afraid of Your judgments.

    • Greg Hunter

      I feel stuff bouncing off it already!!!!!!!!

  71. Russ McMeans

    I’m late to the party! But I have to say that our former CNN reporter has the best little independent news website on the planet. The only other puppy is Zero Hedge. Long live Greg and Tyler!

    • Frederick

      Lionel Nations “Conspiratoreum” is the only one I would add to that list Russ

    • Mme. hedin

      Zero Hedge is all from private submissions under the fake pen name of Tyler Durden, from the movie “Fight Club”. In other words, anyone can submit anything at anytime, whether it is true or false news. Likewise, for USAWatchdog, Greg only chooses the guests and viewer responses he agrees with politically. He eliminates comments he doesn’t agree with politically. He says he maintains the right to do so, as it is his own site. Neither of these situations absolutely guarantees you that will get news which is true, objective or well-researched. Buyer Beware.

      • Greg Hunter

        I eliminate anonymous people with nothing to say, or false narratives, or just hateful unimportant crap. You can to “Mme.” and are free to start your own site and deploy your own capital and say all the crazy hateful unimportant things you wish. It’s easy man–try it.

  72. Russ McMeans

    God will prevail. The Boss always gets His way…….

  73. Russ McMeans

    Btw: a few years ago I sequestered GMail, Yahoo and Facebook into a little box in my Apple computer. No access to contacts, calendars, photo library- zip. I get my birthday best wishes on a made up date also. It’s cool. But Tim Cook has all my stuff in the Cloud. I’m hoping the king of privacy doesn’t sell me out, but under future management I’ll probably go onto the chopping block. Remember WHE ARE THE PRODUCT.

  74. Barbara Treaster

    Maria Barti4omo, on Sunday Morning Futures, just interviewed Browder and asked him about the 400 million dollars that was donated to the Clinton campaign. He denied it completely. Here is the link: (the interview with Browder isn’t available yet)

  75. Mme. hedin

    Greg, you can continue to remove my comments if you’d like, but that tells me a lot about you. You believe what you believe, and facts be damned.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are talking about YOUR “facts” not actual facts and yes I will continue to remove you comments when your “facts” mislead people. I care not what you think you are anonymous and nameless.

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