Trump Guilty, Missiles Fired on Russia, Rubino’s Analysis

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 636 5.31.24)  (John Rubino is a guest and helps Greg with the Wrap-Up)

Donald Trump was convicted of 34 felony counts in a New York court on Thursday.  The judge gave some cartoon-like jury instructions, and many are saying that this fact alone will be grounds for reversing these convictions.  How long will this take?  Will there be an emergency appeal to the US Supreme Court?  Will they jail Trump?  Will they get desperate enough to kill him?  Is this the kind of thing the Democrats feel they must do if Joe Biden’s areal approval rating is just under 8%?  (Yes, this is the real number, according to Martin Armstrong and another confidential source I know personally.)

While everybody was in shock that Donald Trump was convicted in an obvious attempt to rig the 2024 Election, President Biden greenlighted Ukraine to fire US made missiles into Russia.  This is a huge escalation!!!  “It pushes the US closer to WWIII than it has ever been before,” according to WNW guest/analyst John Rubino.

Rubino gives his take on the timing of Biden’s approval of US weapons to be shot into Russian territory at the very hour the Trump guilty verdict was put out.  This was done on purpose, according to Rubino, and he will tell you why the Biden Administration did this.  Rubino thinks this is the big story that was covered up by the Trump court news.  This should terrify all Americans.  Rubino also thinks this 34-count felony conviction is going to “backfire big time on the Democrats.”   

There is much more in the 58-minute newscast.

Watch the 8-minute video to explain how easy it is to ride out any power killing storm.  You can contact them at or

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more with the help of financial analyst/writer John Rubino for 5.31.24.

After the Interview:

Renowned Analyst Karen Kingston will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  She will talk about the Bird Flu vax, China and its new law that says you cannot criticize the CCP.  The CCP has infiltrated the USA much more than anyone can imagine.  Kingston will explain.

John Rubino is a prolific financial writer, and you can see some of his work for free at  There is even more cutting-edge original information and analysis if you subscribe.

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  1. J

    Vid doesn’t work

    • Greg Hunter

      It has to finish processing at rumble.

      • forsaken


      • Brian

        No such things as nuclear weapons.
        That should give us a little hope

        • Mat

          The Russian early warning system that was attacked was only of of many redundant systems. Instead of 12 to 14minutes advanced warning they now have 8 to 10 minutes advanced warning.

          These radar stations are for nearby early earning, not from the US. For those they have more advanced systems.

          And word is they were not severely damaged. MO

          • AL HALL


  2. michael burton

    How much did this jury get paid to vote guilty? Were they threatened by the judge if they didn’t vote guilty ? Or was the jury too scared to do the right thing ?

    Here is what AI said about this crap in Russia, notice the point about energy

    The question about why NATO, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Vatican, and international bankers might want to “attack” Russia involves a complex interplay of geopolitical, economic, and historical factors. It’s important to clarify that the term “attack” can be misleading, as the interactions between these entities and Russia are more accurately described in terms of political strategies, sanctions, and diplomatic efforts rather than direct military confrontation.

    Here are several reasons often cited for tensions between these parties and Russia:

    ### 1. **Geopolitical Influence**
    – **NATO Expansion**: One of the main points of contention is NATO’s expansion eastward. Russia perceives NATO’s expansion into Eastern Europe and former Soviet states as a threat to its sphere of influence and national security.
    – **Buffer Zones**: Russia historically seeks to maintain buffer zones between itself and Western Europe. NATO’s presence in countries like the Baltic States and Poland is seen as encroaching on these zones.

    ### 2. **Security Concerns**
    – **Military Posturing**: Both NATO and Russia engage in military exercises and deployments that the other side views as provocative. This mutual distrust feeds into a cycle of escalation and counter-escalation.
    – **Cybersecurity**: Allegations of cyber-attacks and interference in domestic affairs (e.g., elections) have increased tensions. The U.S. and its allies have accused Russia of using cyber tactics to undermine democratic institutions.

    ### 3. **Economic Interests**
    – **Sanctions**: The U.S. and EU have imposed economic sanctions on Russia in response to actions like the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the involvement in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. These sanctions aim to limit Russia’s ability to finance military operations and exert influence abroad.
    – **Energy Resources**: Control over energy resources and pipelines is another critical factor. Russia’s control over gas supplies to Europe is a significant geopolitical tool, and there are ongoing efforts by the U.S. and its allies to reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian energy.

    ### 4. **Historical Context**
    – **Cold War Legacy**: The legacy of the Cold War still looms large in relations between Russia and Western countries. Mistrust and rivalry from this era continue to shape perceptions and policies on both sides.

    ### 5. **Ideological Differences**
    – **Democracy vs. Authoritarianism**: There is a broader ideological struggle between Western democracies and Russia’s more authoritarian model of governance. Western nations often criticize Russia for human rights abuses and a lack of democratic processes, while Russia views these criticisms as hypocritical and a pretext for undermining its sovereignty.

    ### 6. **Vatican’s Position**
    – **Diplomatic Role**: The Vatican generally plays a diplomatic and mediating role rather than engaging in direct political or military actions. The Vatican’s involvement would be more about promoting peace and dialogue, rather than “attacking” any nation.

    ### 7. **International Bankers**
    – **Economic Stability**: International financial institutions are more concerned with global economic stability. Sanctions and economic policies aimed at Russia are typically geared towards promoting international norms and stability, rather than being direct attacks.

    In summary, the motivations behind the actions of NATO, the U.S., and other entities towards Russia are multi-faceted and rooted in a mix of security concerns, historical rivalries, economic interests, and ideological differences. The concept of an “attack” is more nuanced and involves a range of diplomatic, economic, and military strategies aimed at influencing Russia’s behavior on the international stage.

    • Judge Roy "W.Brennan" Bean

      When a missile is lauched into Ukraine. It won’t worry the Russki’s to launch a tactical nuke into Ukraine.
      Why? Because nobody in the west will respond in kind when Russia rolls out it’s missile launching trucks. Not even Nikki Haley would risk New York, Paris or London burning for Ukraine.
      You can poke the bear so far and the bear ain’t gonna wait for the pot heads to develop hypersonic multi nuclear tipped missile’s.
      The train has already left the station Admiral Sevretis. The Leo Strause, Crystal’s, Kagan’s Wolfullitze, pipe dream of Mother Russia has gone up in smoke.
      Trump is the answer not Alex Soros, as the Trotskyist deep state is slowly turning the US. ship of state around and turning the screws on the, unintelligent agent Obomber’s dreams of his father’s. Yes another pipe dream, bites the dust!
      Remember it’s not nice to fool mother nature or the Amerikan sheeple, besides the Trotskyists, or whatever.
      All the people want, is summed up in the film Network.
      All Mr. Beal said people want, are their radial tires, their color T.V. and a little peace and security.
      If you can’t leave him alone, to live his life, he’ll be as mad as Hell and, he won’t take it any more!
      They’re as made as hell now, in Russia and Amerika. The people!
      Better watch out, you so culled world leaders, hypocrites!
      Better be nice to Mr. Trumpster.
      There will be no final solution for him or for your assets.
      For Whom the Bell tolls?
      Be wise man, mate, buddie! It tolls, for thee.
      Don’t pee, yer pants for me!

    • Thomas737

      It would have been way too easy to filter out any republican jury members in a district that is 96% democrat. Voter registration records? I would not assume they are “secret”.

  3. Jim Wade

    WOW,WOW, WOW!! This was an excellent discussion you had with John Rubino. Who would have ever thought that the government of America could sink so low and become so evil as it is in these times! The Trump trial and conviction is a black eye for the world to see. It will have far reaching repercussions. Add to that giving a green light to Ukraine to use American weapons and bomb inside Russia! What else is looming just around the next corner? Things are escalating beyond control. Every American citizen has to be concerned. Where will it go from here? We shall soon know.
    Keep up your great work. It is refreshing to hear the truth, even if it is dark.

  4. Einstein

    The United States has become a dictatorship under Biden and Obama.
    Donald Trump, not Biden, is the elected president of the United States.
    Donald Trump overwhelmingly won the 2020 election.
    But they used criminal methods to defeat him.
    His own party leadership betrayed him. The Democrats have controlled the FBI, the CIA, the chief justices, William Barr the media and the election officials. Pence has stabbed Donald Trump in the back, as have Mitch McConnell and others in his inner circle.
    Donald Trump has been the best president America has ever had.
    He has brought unemployment to its lowest level ever.
    He destroyed ISIS within six months. He has supported Israel like no one before. He has supported the black community. He has freed blacks who were unjustly imprisoned and created programs to integrate them.
    He has brought Israel and the Arab world together.
    He didn’t start another war, he ended wars. He made the American economy the strongest economy in the world.
    But what has that accomplished? He has failed to eliminate the traitors from his environment.
    He won the 2020 US election with an absolute majority. But the votes in the swing states are still not counted today because the supreme judges the election officials and his own party members prevented it.
    Example , the dirty Republican Raffensperger from Georgia :
    After the fake court ruling against Donald Trump, I expect America to finally stand up to Obama’s shadow cabinet. It is high time that millions of Americans unite and demonstrate across America against Obama’s fascism.
    The American people are also the largest army in the world. About 100 million Americans are armed. That is why I am convinced that the American people can defeat any dictatorship in a very short time and end it once and for all if they stand united against those who are in the process of eliminating President Trump. An armed army of 100 million patriots cannot be defeated. The U.S. Constitution gives American citizens the right to defend themselves against dictatorship. Now is the time to find intelligent people capable of mobilizing the American people united against the tyranny of the deep state.

    • David Lynch

      Greg, thank you for all of the interviews you have done with intelligent and brave individuals over the years. The warnings of where the United States is headed have been blaring for many years. We are being systematically destroyed from within and without
      The former Constitutional Republic has become a Bananna Republic and the whole world is watching. We are bathed in lies from our government as they steal our labor through onerous taxation, fees, regulations and the debasement of the currency ( inflation ) . Meanwhile , creating never ending wars and sowing discord around the globe is about to come back home in a Big Way ! The Biblical end times scenario is unfolding in real time.
      If you haven’t already, now might be a good time to get right with Jesus ! Read the gospel of John and ask God to reveal Himself to you !

    • Earth Angel

      Well said Einstein. Your name is worthy of your intelligence. Its high time American’s take our destiny into our own hands- unite, have courage, and do a lot of praying. We’ve little left to lose at this point.

  5. Barsoom43

    The US has reached the end of the Tytler Cycle.. The final stage is Dictatorship.. John is right.. They must initiate a crisis of some kind so they can establish martial law and dictatorship… Invest heavily in gold, silver, beans and bullets. And, you’re both right- the US is now the bad guys..

    • Randy Best

      Agreed. Ammo up!

      • Galaxy 500
        If you can’t find it local, Sam G will take very good care of you and ships quick
        (Just a customer saying they are good)
        Ammo up, Magazine up too Repeat customer at both places.
        And about to buy my second order from the Guys at ReadyMadeResources.
        Just average Joe customer that is happy with all 3 companies and I receive no form of compensation

        • I Dig Au


          i’ve also had excellent experiences with all of the vendors you mentioned.

    • Ken Yu

      It doesn’t matter how many paper U.S. dollars you have in your bank or stock account, be it $300 Dollars or $3 Billion Dollars they are all worth nothing!!
      So just as Klaus Schwab has been telling us: “You Will Own Nothing”!!
      And when people own nothing they will eat whatever they can scrounge up (like bugs, worms, snakes, etc., etc.)!!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Well said Ken. Most if not all in the bank will be someone else’s money, just like show the Elites haves and rob the working guys 401k with illegal manipulation.
        After this Shiite show gets in high gear, if that paper dollar, silver quarter etc, isn’t in your hand, you won’t own it

      • Katy Bar

        Ken – You will own something if you own Gold and Silver. Steve Forbes predicts an imminent return to the gold standard. This may be hard to believe by the chocolate bar lovers but the entire world (starting with the BRICS) is beginning to move toward a gold-based monetary system right in the face of the fact that a gold standard is held in almost universal contempt by bankers, economists and financial officials!!

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Barsoom43, don’t forget the bandaids (medical supplies)! You’re much more likely to have to take care of a sick/injured friend or family member vs. having to shoot someone.

  6. deerflyguy

    The election has become a non-issue! It is a foregone conclusion that Biden can not beat Trump in an honest election! The eyes of the people are opening more and more every day. They see the government-level corruption and want it stopped. The politicians know that their lives are in jeopardy if this trend toward a 2nd Trump administration is allowed to happen; the Democrats and RINOs must stop it by any available means – including assassination! With Trump out of the way, the Republicans can run a RINO and the crooked politicians can finish destroying our nation no matter who wins!

  7. Derek Sinclair

    Russia’s early warning system hasn’t been destroyed. One radar system took minor damage (from a drone) which has probably already been fixed. Giving permission to fire missiles into Russia will probably change little. ATACMS, the missiles that will be fired, are already been shot down in droves over Crimea – some 90-95%+ are shot down. The same goes for SCALP and Storm Shadows. Everything we produce in the West appears to be sub-standard in a peer to peer face off. Conflicts against hill tribesmen turn out not to be a good proving ground for advanced weaponry.What a surprise.

    • Randy Best

      I agree with you 100%.

  8. deerflyguy

    Can you tell me what repercussions, if any, happened to the black congressman who pulled a fire alarm just before a vote was to be taken?

    • Galaxy 500

      In a two tier justice system, nothing

    • stanley skrzypek

      “Can you tell me what repercussions, if any”. people of “colour” here in ammerika today have no repercussions…. they get “Reparations” …

  9. Barbara

    Breathtaking news update.
    Yesterday (our Thursday) I shared with the ladies at my Bible Study, here in Australia, what has been happening in the US with everything… they had zero idea.
    I led prayers for the US and our world, and that the world leaders keep cool heads, use wisdom, and God’s Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

    Afterwards I suggested they get somewhat stocked up on their needs bc whatever goes on in the US dominoes into Australia.

    Thank you for your bold reporting over the years, Greg.
    Much appreciation for you brother.
    Jesus is King!
    Barbara/ HoosierDownUnder

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Barbara from Down Under.

  10. Galaxy 500

    Outrageous and here is more Justice

  11. Galaxy 500

    Newsweek… in my childhood a standard, today not fit for toilet paper.
    Pray up Watchdogs for Trump’s victory, which is our Victory and pray for the downfall and desolation of the Principalities of Power …

    Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin said that U.S. Supreme Court justices could be removed from former President Donald Trump’s presidential immunity ruling by petition of the Justice Department.

    Raskin’s theory, written in an op-ed published by The New York Times on Wednesday, follows the recent controversy involving Justice Samuel Alito, who was caught flying two flags outside of his residences that are associated with the “Stop the Steal” movement and the riots at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

    • Katy Bar

      Wasn’t it Newsweek Magazine that had Hillary on its front cover as Madam President?? They probably already have this front cover printed up for Trump!!

      • Galaxy 500

        I really think that is there plan

  12. Charlene Bliss Beyer

    Greg Hunter spot on as usual. Also what happened that was covered up…3 Liberal Supreme Court Judges recuse leading up to Brunson Case before Supreme Court about the 2020 Election.

    Thank you!

  13. Galaxy 500

    Americans are easily distracted… check
    We are being scammed … check
    Blacks are waking up to Trump… they see them doing him like they have been done,

    Who is gonna take any meds from Pfizer et al? Had bad lungs all my life.
    Up until Covid, I took a flu shot, the quadravalent, every year. Pneumonia shot, check, Shingles, check
    NEVER again.
    So they made a windfall, killing people, and think the world is going to be rosy.
    Nuremberg style trial, and break out the piano wire

  14. David Kulesa

    Because Pres. Trunp betrayed the second and signed into law CICA . AND HIS UNWILLINGNESS TO COME CLEAN ON THE VACCINE , I WASNT going to vote for him . as of the reading of the verdict , i am now going to vote for him , even if i have to write it in

  15. Galaxy 500

    Love to hear from John Williams on the real numbers

  16. Galaxy 500

    Damn, what a feat wrap up! Scary times

    Guys in Charge are not the GOOD guys…
    Our duly elected Government was overthrown in 2020. Demons are in charge, pray them down and call out for relief in the name of our Lord YHWH and His ONLY begotten Son.
    Greg, they do Hate Trump but more so they Fear him. Evil always fears the righteous.

    Choose your crisis… hit the wall…

  17. Galaxy 500

    GOD Jehovah (YHWH), our Father who art in Heaven, thank you for my Salvation. Please, Lord, bring your righteous wrath upon this evil plague of corrupt powerful usurpers that rule America. We are a Christ following nation. The Word say Seek and ye shall find, ask and ye shall receive. All mighty YHWH, I call out to you, seeking, asking.
    Guide all of us here and put our feet upon the path you would have us travel for your Glory.
    In your Holy Son’s name Jesus I praise and beseech you. Amen
    Greg, powerful close. Fear NOT. The Gates of Hell SHALL NOT prevail nor will the evil men in charge.
    I pray for you and your family. Thank you for your insight. You are an inspiration to me.
    Sorry for sounding silly but we appear to be coming to that inflection point. That event where the entire world hears the camel’s back snap under the weight of a seemingly insignificant straw. I wanted to say thank you.
    I had a better plan a year ago but things beyond my control changed everything.

  18. Stephen Ryals

    God is judging Sodom. U can’t save Sodom its foolish. You can’t hedge God’s judgment. We are in the time of sorrows and the tribulation is at the door. Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic is just sad. Did u not think paying for 80, million dead babies was going to get u Greg. You paid for it. Enjoy

  19. David

    Trump has achieved the status of a current day “Robin Hood”. They are making him the “folk hero” of the common man (the silent majority in this country), the exact opposite outcome of what they wanted. The hubris and miscalculation of the Washington cabal is front and center for all to see.

  20. DavidM

    Dear Greg,
    regarding the Trump decision, in a book “Legends of the Bible” by Louis Ginzberg, ttere is a passage under the chapter “Abraham” which relates the self-serving justice of what went for judges, in Sodom and Gomorah. What amounted to crimes as we would understand them today became services for which the victims would have to pay a fee, and any act of charity by a citizen became a crime punishable by death through slow torture. In the end it was the cries of people under the burden of these injustices which reached the heavenly court and brought the intervention of the Lord to destroy these cities. With this conviction of Trump, I believe the judicial system in New York is fast reaching this level of corruption, though thankfully the people of New York appears to be with Trump (- in the case Sodom and Gomorah, all citizens were involved in the attempted rape of the angels sent to save Lot, even down to the level of children).
    Regarding Russia, I believe we in the west are in a terrible situation. In particular the British Isles including Ireland. There is a prophecy attributed to St. Patrick that seven years before the “last day” (however one interprets “day”) that Ireland would be submerged under a great tidal wave (i.e. but an act of mercy to spare the Irish from the great tribulation). Well Russia has already threatened to unleash tsunami bombs on the UK if Sunak continues to F*** about with the war in Ukraine. Also I doubt the government of Ireland is not currying any favour with the Lord by asserting that it will recognise a palestinian state.
    As for the situation in Gaza. For weeks or even months before the attack on october 7th, there was a feeling in my soul of the desperation in Gaza. Not from being trapped by the Israelis, but being trapped by Islam. If anybody wanted to leave, no arab land would accept them. There were no opportunities other than to be conscripted into Hamas to train to kill jews. As teenagers they are allowed to be sent to the Israeli barriers anagonize the Israeli soldiers, who sometimes responded with deadly force. There were no outlets to come near to the God of the Bible, … or one would be condemned and executed, if not by a sharia court by your own family. In the end, once the attack on the 7th took place, many of the attrocities attributed to Hamas we actually committed by the flotsem of ordinary gazans who followed the trained Hamas warriors. Who is not a terrorist here? The ordinary gazans cheered as the jewish hostages were paraded through the streets of gaza. Who is not a terrorist here? Liberal podcasts protest the deaths of women and children as genocide, but have the women of Gaza been so corrupted that they are willing cannon-fodder for this moloch called Hamas? Gaza, a modern day Sodom and Gomorah in spirit.

  21. Galaxy 500
    NO SHIITE… figuratively and literally… This point an out that IF you want justice, you are going to have to take it yourself. And if the LAW shows up to your house, you have demonstrable evil and INjustice is at your door. Don’t ask me what to do in these case. Submit and you are tortured and maybe murder (see J6 and woman praying at baby murder business) or you resist and or tortured and die. One thing you WILL not get is justice… just ask Trump
    So does they are not going to take care of justice are they.
    Moslems want us all dead, not just the Jews…

  22. Steve Carter

    We have occasionally mail ordered premium beefsteak (Allen bros,) for years and paid the price. Recently the meat is far from premium and we will not pay the inflated prices for meat that is chewy and has a funny taste ………MRNA maybe? Even the hamburger meat is affected.

    • Galaxy 500

      Yuck, that doesn’t sound very appealing

    • Jim weeber

      I would call them. They would likely want to know.

  23. Jason Dekker

    One minor correction: John referred to Salesforce as a staffing company. Salesforce is actually a software company that produces Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Their reduced sales figures would point to reduced corporate investment.

  24. Robert E. Salt

    I predict Donald Trump will be sentenced on Election Day to four years of community service.

    • Stephen

      Funny Robert. I agree with you. This will backfire big time. But we should just add it to the list.

    • Nat

      EXCELLENT, Robert!

  25. LoriQ

    The Luciferian Left will NOT give up power easily. Hence, the lockdown, the 2020 stolen election, and the ensuing kangaroo court, trial and guilty verdict of Trump. Of course, this mishandling of justice has done the opposite expected by the Luciferians, and galvanized Republicans, Independents and disillusioned Democrats. My great fear is the evil, desperate Luciferians will set up Trump and have him murdered. In turn, comes Civil War 2.0 and WW3.

    By the way, how long can Russia stay quiet as USA/NATO build up troops, arms and rockets on its border? Did we stay quiet when the Soviet Union had rockets in Cuba in 1962? Why are we provoking Putin? Russia is allied with China, Iran, North Korea and other American enemies that have been waiting to tear us down. This time, they will be successful! We are NOT the same nation we once were, we are the bad country fomenting terrible trouble in this world.

    Americans need to be ready for severe shortages, empty stores, famine, draconian lockdowns, citizen roundups, civil war on our soil and NUCLEAR WEAPONS landing in our nation, and great loss of life. Be prepared as best as you can.


    Pray and be right with God. Do not wait. Time runs out for Mystery Babylon.

  26. Larry

    The best yet Greg.

  27. Neville

    What has become of Donald Trump is proof positive that no discernable trace of JUSTICE exists anywhere in AAcrime!!
    AAcrime is fast winding up the last series of crimes against humanity which includes the citizenry of that cesspit. The next elections if they are held looks a foregone conclusion that they want the nappy wearing Binden to remain in the crooked oval office. Perhaps should be called the instruction office where the incumbent idiot gets told what to do…..even if it is in his idiotic bungling way!!!
    Every effort and devious decision has been recklessly taken to ensure that the world is at war rather sooner than later to hide the BANKRUPTCY AND INSOLVENCY OF


  28. Your Next

    Jan 6 political prisoners (labeled insurrectionist) still in jail – crickets. No one speaks about that.

  29. Lucie

    As Paul Craig Roberts very recently described, Trump has told his donors that he would have already bombed Moscow and Beijing. How is this any different from our current regime? Sure, Trump has been unfairly and outrageously persecuted, but he expounds the same war-mongering garbage as they all do.

    I’m very nervous about WWIII. They’re desperately trying to lead us to war, every one of them, so they give us no true alternative. Terrifying times.

  30. Gerry glover

    I always believed that they would kill Trump, however assassination by the justice system at this time does the same thing!

  31. John Basso

    Greg, you might correct me if i’m wrong, but i seem to remember some years ago a discussion in the press that there is a slush fund in the U S congress to pay for non disclosure agreements (funded by the taxpayrs of coure) Hmmm, it doesn’t have anything to do with silencing stories to help rotten corrupt politicians get re-elected IE chuck schumer and company. What they claim President Trump is guilty of. OK for that P.O.S., and many more uniparty clowns jut like him.but not for President Trump. INFURIATING Greg, just INFURIATING.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct and a very good point.

  32. Scott

    Early May two Jordainian illegal border cross attempted to ram a panel truck through the security gate at Quantico. There has been a complete media blackout no coverage. I contacted a friend of mine who has a high military clearance who lives in the area to see if this was true, his response: yes, it was probably a test run or a recon, there have been more than 100 of these recently at multiple bases. Several groups of Chinese were called trying to get through the perimeter at Marine bases on the West Coast. It’s a real problem. As you have said this is too stupid to be stupid, it is a plan that Obama and Clinton hatched to sue the United States. The ultimate goal is the subversion of our founding documents to be replaced with the UN.

  33. Bill Holder

    Did not watched any of the Trump show except for bits and pieces talked on podcasts. The whole thing was a display of propaganda and fake lame cases to politically attack an oponent.

    There is no freedom in the US, we have the illusion of freedom. The US Citizens live in a golden cage and have no idea on how the world works. All the people know is via tainted fake news outlets and TV programs.

    The truth is like a beach ball, to keep it under water it takes a huge amount of effort, the depper it goes, the more effort is required. The powers that be are getting exhausted on holding the ball down.

    • Tom C.

      Excellent post Bill. Can’t wait for your next appearance here.

      Best regards-
      T C

      • deerflyguy

        Tom, you have this gentleman, Bill Holder, confused with Bill Holter, a recent interview.

  34. Blumhagen

    Give the Russians the coordinates to all George Soros, bill Gates, entire Rothschild family, the Rockefeller’s mansions, compounds & hideouts.

    I would think strikes here first would end the war immediately….no bosses for the military industrial complex.

    • Rodney

      I would dare say they already know them….plus a host of others.

  35. It's Lupus Dr. House

    Generally in the blue states and cities, the more felonies one has the greater chance of getting elected. Just sayin.

  36. marty

    Not making parallels but didn’t the same thing happened to Hitler which made him so popular?
    ” How Adolf Hitler Turned a Year in Jail Into a Step Toward Power”

    • Greg Hunter

      Comparing Trump to Hitler? Really?? This is really Bet Midler or Rob Riener, right?

      • Jeff

        Or Robert Dinerdo

    • Helmut Ott

      You can´t have any idea of history, moron! I am German btw.

  37. EH Foundation

    Thanks Greg Hunter for best Interviews if best most intelligent knowledgeable people very appreciated TRUTH we find difficult to get elsewhere Great Shows

  38. Daniel

    Only Jesus can save us now….

    • i: a man; travis

      Jesus did not come to save us from the Romans; He came to save us from sin

      • Galaxy 500

        Amen, and YHWH expects much of us. Not to sit around cowering in fear.
        Many are called but few are chosen…
        We need the return of the III%
        We need the retune of Society of the Cincinatus
        God YHWH gave the Israelites the land of Canaan… but it did NOT come gift wrapped. They had to fight … to go to War against evil to take it,
        Yeah, looking at map… we are here…

  39. Kay

    I am concerned about the recent news. I could not sleep last night. Americans think it can’t happen here, but it IS happening right under their noses. I met an elderly Christian lady who fled Cuba as a child a few weeks ago. She was upset about the things she was seeing in America. She said many Cubans see parallels between what is happening in America in 2024 and what happened in Cuba. She told me that Americans need to wake up because America is halfway there to what Cuba is today. It gave me chills to hear her talk. She is afraid for her kids and grandkids. My friend in India WhatsApp me today. She said that America brings hope to people overseas. If we go down they will lose hope. She is concerned by what they see on the Indian news about the USA.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Kay, for adding this.

  40. Tom C.

    Greg, the possibility/probability of the Sleeper Cells being activated should be factored into what we’re facing. We could have 1,000 9-11’s in one day.

    Thank you and may God bless us all.

  41. Gero

    I have been telling you from the beginning all the Trump trials are theater staged by the CIA, including the rape trials, the Story Daniels trials, and the financial trials that are being decided today. A lot of people have come to realize this, and the mainstream is now admitting it. Most people in Europe have been ignoring the whole thing, believing correctly it is just more American TV fiction, like The Apprentice. . . or the US elections. Every day we get more proof of that, as the judge or lawyers say something that would never be said in a real courtroom. But today it was so obvious many in the mainstream are mouth-agape at the absurdity of it all. It is time for the fake judgment by the jury, and the judge is giving them final instructions. The first absurdity is that the jurors are not being given copies of their extensive instructions, being expected to memorize what the judge just said. They can ask for a repeat of specific points, but no paper copies are being made. To save trees, I guess.
    Miles Mathews

  42. Katy Bar

    We have all been betrayed. From Russia (with NATO expanding up to its borders and now firing missiles directly into Russia itself) to the American people with a stolen election, railroading Trump to jail, green-lighting WWIII and injecting us with the Kill Shot(s)!!!

  43. Justn Observer

    Greg, the dominoes are aligning…at some point…they may well trigger what most of your guests have spoken about for years. And we know this was going to happen…just not when – right. Yup, took over the U.S. without firing a shot. Just corrupted the gov’t from the inside, spiked the economy, weakened the military, corrupted the minds of the youth, killed of hundreds of thousand of military age as the ‘sudden deathed’ many of our most senior journeymen and women and their needed talents.
    ALL at a time solar cycles are also aligning that will escalate concerns about two of the most important needs…food and energy and the ability to respond to those failing supplies and supply chains and the hundreds of suspicious processing factorys and plant destructions.
    We know the decades old GRAND DESIGN…and here are but a few more things one can only add to what you and John Rubino could have added …

    BIG TROUBLE IS COMING for the Northeastern United States! =

    World Events Interconnecting to the Point of Being Obvious =

    • Justn Observer

      one does wonder what records the Chinese showed DJT, the only President invited to the FORBIDDEN CITY in China. Could it be their 10k years of weather and import history compared to the U.S. 200 years plus Farmers Almanac?

      • Galaxy 500

        Right…not very observant or fact driven, but…. And it couldn’t be that the Ice Breaker in the US Coast Guard we have are way past useful life.
        Have you not looked into even simple Shiite, China has about 3,000 years of written history and that powerful secret weather data probably written by extraterrestrials as to have meaningfully data, you need to be able to accurately measure stuff…
        Dude, 1,000 years ago in Europe you could grow two grains back to back the weather was so good.
        What is it with crazy conspiracy theories… if making up Shiite is your thing, at least research a little so your fabrications have some chance of misleading someone

  44. Fred Daake

    This is not just some dainty game of simple lawfare. Instead, this is MALICIOUS PROSECUTION. This is a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY. This is BETRAYAL – a slap in the face of everyone who suffered and died for a great country. This is an ATTACK on the American people to completely destroy the fabric of the country.

    The trial of Jesus, the Magna Carta, and the Declaration of Independence, are illustrations of the use of courts by runaway governments as being common throughout history. As a group, hundreds of million of Americans are bigger than their little snake. Accurate descriptions are one way to stop this by effectively influencing the public of the true demonic and systemic nature of this problem.

    Cornell Law School description:

  45. Shirl

    Great Interview, thanks for making this public!!!

    May God Almighty Bless you both and all who heed the wisdom shared.

  46. Prospector

    Probably nothing, right ? Royals dropping out of sight for a while.

    A palace statement about postponing royal engagements due to the general election campaign has been described as “odd” and a “surprise” by a constitutional expert.

    Sky News May 23 , 2024

  47. Jeffrobbins

    Great WNW. If he can stay alive, Trump wins in November- the whole Republican Party, the (down ballot) has huge wins also. It would buy the country more time to prepare for the dollar collapse.
    —-lots of comments about gold and silver the last two weeks. A different way to look at holding PMs is to have enough to pay property taxes/ or personal property taxes in your county and state for 3 or4 years (up to 10 years?) while the dollar dies and is reborn. I have figured that to be my minimum stack.
    ——and unless they run away, no way this side of heaven and hell are my boys (15 and 13) going into the military, not until moral authority is brought back. No way they are going to college either- trade school/ or apprenticeship !

  48. Marie Joy

    Biden is NOT capable of making decisions so who made the decision to bomb Russia?
    Au, Ag, Pb
    Dominion, 2000 Mules, Traitors
    CC… Times, they are a changin’.
    Americans are weak. I’m including myself in that.
    Be smart. Think. They want kinetic war. Kinetic is a problem.
    VOTE. Get involved

  49. I Dig Au

    The Totalitarian State has revealed itself for all to see. Now is the time to grow a pair and get to work defeating them. Speak truth and demand it from others and pray, pray, pray.

  50. Prospector


    Germany joins US in allowing Kiev to use its weapons to strike Russia over Kharkov

    Germany has joined Joe Biden in giving Ukraine the green light to strike back with its weapons at Russian military assets targeting Kharkov.

    […]“We are jointly convinced that Ukraine has the right, guaranteed under international law, to defend itself against these attacks,”

    “To do so, it can also use the weapons supplied for this purpose in accordance with its international legal obligations; including those supplied by us.”

    Zelensky hails US weapons green light as ‘step forward’

    Zelensky on Friday hailed a US decision to partially lift restrictions on using US-donated weapons to strike inside Russia as a “step forward”.

    ” You MANIACS , you really did it , you blew it all up ” – Planet Of The Apes

    Starting a big war is one way they might try to avoid and escape the COVID reckoning that is surely coming.

  51. Nina

    Love John Titus! You should have him on.

    I really hope Trump stays out of jail. The FBI will try to “Epstein” him. It worked before. That is all it takes for the FBI to put that tool in their box.

  52. Galaxy 500

    Tucker thinks this escalates up to assassination
    Chief Nerd
    🚩 Tucker Carlson Says They Will Do Anything to Stop Trump From Being President Again

    “If you begin with criticism, then you go to protest, then you go to impeachment, now you go to indictment and none of them work…What’s next? Graph it out. We are speeding towards assassination obviously…They have decided that’s there’s something about Trump that’s so threatening to them, they just can’t have it.”



  53. Paul in oz

    I am in no way question that the clot shot is a bio weapon. The poll if done in the US saying 25% of the people know someone who died from the jab can not possibly be right because the US population has not declined by the projected 75m that the poll would suggest. Now if it is worldwide, and it includes deaths there it may be possible, but that would also suggest 1.5 billion would have died. Perhaps it is injury, not death, extrapolating from a straw poll is dangerous and really shouldn’t be used as anything but anecdotal.

  54. Tom Grier

    An F35 just bit the dust south of Albuquerque, pilot bailed out ok.

  55. Mike

    Not clear who would fight the deep state?

    United States military people who honestly swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution should be fighting the deep state and their Satanic masters. Derek Johnson can prove that a military operation is active, but he cannot say what they are doing. I have faith that the US military would not sit idle while a global dictatorship is established.

  56. Paul Seward

    I like Rubino. I started following him after you started interviewing him. He is a level headed good guy!

  57. George

    He’s right about the Black men voting for Trump 🤣 all convicts are brothers Obama wasn’t as popular as the media portrayed 🤣 was known as a white man N word

    • Galaxy 500

      Hey, my neighbors aren’t and have never been convicts. 2 are vets and the other is a retired business man. They support Trump

  58. Eli Dumitru

    He says “they risk civil war”. He doesn’t seem to realize the want civil war. That’s what they have working so hard to create for years with all of the vitriolic social divisions. Unfortunately, Trump fed right into that with his name calling and other inflammatory speech. I like when he told the truth, but you don’t need to go out of your way to be insulting in order to tell the truth.

  59. Poochiwoo

    Excellent interview. Mr Rubino’s synopsis and analysis are timely and on target.

  60. Dr. Tyz

    Every American living in the US should be embarrassed and ashamed to have allowed the country to become debased to the level it has and yes I am an American, Vietnam vet and do not live in the US.

    Obviously, the long term plan was to dumb down the citizens and that is exactly what has happened as the country has been entirely taken over and will most likely collapse from the inside out rather than from an outside enemy. This has all happened with little resistance from a society that talks tough but never backs it up.

    People you have been manipulated, brainwashed and deceived by those you should have been able to trust. Don’t be surprised when the global technocrats decide to pull the plug eliminating most of you and all this is just around the corner.

    In summation, blame no one but yourselves, you stood by and did nothing to stop it and like the saying “the end justifies the means.” Adios

  61. j.p.reinhard

    It is a Dejavue-Moment for the Laconia-Case in 1917
    AgainThey want to go in a War

  62. steven poloncak

    Recession? Get serious already. The USA has been in a depression for many years. I am sorry to say that Chump is not your savior. You can’t change the gang by bringing in a new member. If I was not so old I would move to some where else. I can’t find anywhere better. This global system of slavery is everywhere.

  63. rob

    Talking with my friend in Kiev every day its so bad she suffers stomach issues and hemroids. So much stress is going on with everyone she gets under her bed every night. That one general i think who was on said it best when we start giving long range missles /weapons to ukraine they will use them against russia.

  64. Rob

    Where I live near the border marine aircraft for 3 weeks have been going out of san diego stopping here in bellingham,wa and going to alaska…. never seen airforce jets in my life be so many and since last summer sub sniffers are on the cost of washington. I need to buy more popcorn. Studying law and the constitution i am not a trump supporter but his rights where un believablly violated even if he ends up behind bars he can still run for office look at the man during ww1 who spoke out against the war griffin i think was his name i would have to look he ran for president behind prison bars. Trumps legal defense are code/statue attorneys not common law lawyers. Gerry Spence has great books and i stopped counting after 40 on how many constitutional laws where broken.

    • Galaxy 500

      Good points Rob but the RINOs on Congress are planning to knife the election if Trumps wins

  65. Steve

    ok…this is off subject again but related to on the ground.

    re AC…have any of u heard or tried or know about the Oribreeze on utube advertisements…is it a scam or does it work..any insights appreciated.

    ok back to Rubino.

    • Galaxy 500

      You mean the grossly overhyped “cooler” that is a waste of money. This isn’t gonna cool any but your wallet

  66. Galaxy 500

    Just in your face corruption… they expect us believe that you can lose 24 F’ing Billion dollars?
    Oh, Wait, Gov Lose-Some, found it in my coat pocket…
    This would take me a few weeks at most to figure out.
    Each fund, has X number of dollars available…
    Ok, you had 1.5 Billion and you spent, 3…
    I realize my background make this simple but this really is not that complex…

    • Steve

      thanks Galaxy….you cooled me down.

      • Galaxy 500

        Like you, I was looking for a low energy and inexpensive system to cool. I looked at something similar a few years ago. It’s an evaporative cooler where the performance declines based on humidity.
        It would work a little in a desert low humidity … but in a desert, water is precious.
        Bosch and a few other companies make what’s called a mini-split system. Your average generator will run it. It isn’t $59 but hey, it can heat and cool a space.
        Like you I see these ads where a college dropout or engineering student has discovered “disruptive” technology…
        Right, just like the cures for diabetes cancer and other chronic illnesses

  67. Galaxy 500

    NBC say inflation is ok… of course, SLO Joe to the rescue

    • steve

      Still Galaxy….no other solutions…don’t think it right that i spend 8g for a new ac….so any alternatives….important friend…come up with something besides fans…are u sure coolers don’t cool a little..have u tried them…let me know.

      • Galaxy 500

        Hi Steve
        I had to replace my my entire HVAC system. House built 20+ years ago and the original system just gave up the Ghost last year. You’re right. Isn’t cheap.
        Look up evaporative coolers… old tech…
        I can set this up in a lab conditions STP and yes they will cool down things under certain circumstances. The airflow over the water combined with enough room humidity wise for the water to evaporate. Desert conditions, heck yeah. High humidity areas I live in.
        They used a similar principle in South. In
        the 60s they had buildings size evaporation cooler to cool small office buildings. So yeah, but IMHO it isn’t going be of use
        Maybe a mini split non ducted system?
        Don’t have all the answers

        • Steve

          ok will think on it…appreciate thoughts

  68. Jeanne

    Dear Greg: Thank You for your commitment to great journalism. Below is the fallout of corruption. I am certain many other countries in the world feel the same way. God Bless You and your family.

    Real Estate Investor Says Nobody Wants to do Business in New York City Following Trump Verdict (VIDEO)

  69. Galaxy 500

    Ukraine supporting RINOs… they are not Conservative, they are not real republicans. They are Demoncrats wearing a facade
    Vote them out… shun them.. punish them and those that support them

  70. Galaxy 500

    Fabricated testimony…

    Say it ain’t so…

  71. Guardian Angel

    Moses came to deliver Israel from Egyptian slavery, and ruthless Romans are descended from ruthless Egyptians.

    But the more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and spread; so the Egyptians came to dread the Israelites and worked them ruthlessly.
    Exodus 1:12-13

    Then the LORD said to Moses, “Stretch out your hand over the sea so that the waters may flow back over the Egyptians and their chariots and horsemen.” Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and at daybreak the sea went back to its place. The Egyptians were fleeing toward it, and the LORD swept them into the sea.
    Exodus 14:26-27

    The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness.
    Romans 1:18

    The one who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work.
    1 John 3:8

    JESUS is LORD!

  72. Galaxy 500

    They came after our Presidential candidate…
    We must prosecute these demons and teach them fear… the Demons have thrown out ALL appearances of Justice
    SiriusXM host Megyn Kelly comments on the guilty verdict in the Trump “hush money” trial and declared Democrats will rue the day they decided to use lawfare on a presidential candidate.

    “It is a before and after moment for America,” Kelly said. What just happened today is a line we can’t uncross, and these Democrats will rue the day they decided to use ‘lawfare’ to stop a presidential candidate. I’m not talking about violence. I’m talking about tit for tat. You just wait. And it won’t be Hunter Biden the next time. It’s going to be Joe Biden.”

    MEGYN KELLY, THE MEGYN KELLY SHOW: This is ridiculous. What a sad day. The country has been disgraced. That is what has happened. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and this Judge Juan Merchan have disgraced the country. We made it, what, almost 250 years without doing this. And now because of “falsified business records,” we have convicted – as a felon – a former president of the United States. You don’t think we could have done something like this to Bill Clinton, or Hillary Clinton, or others? We had a standard. We didn’t do this in America. We aren’t a banana republic. Or at least we didn’t used to be.

    And don’t forget what happened in this Trump case in which he has now been found guilty of all 34 counts against him. It was overcharged to begin with. It shouldn’t have been a case at all. And once charged, it should have been one count. The whole case boils down to the same alleged scheme, but they stretched it into 34 counts so now Trump looks like Al Capone. But the idea all along was to stop him from becoming president again. That was the idea behind this prosecution. That was the idea behind New York Attorney General Letitia James bankrupting his company. That was the idea behind E. Jean Carroll, and her sexual assault case brought 30 years after the fact alleging a sexual assault/rape in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room; a case she couldn’t even remember the year of. And that is the idea behind Fulton County DA Fani Willis and Special Counsel Jack Smith, times two. Stop it. Stop him. Stop Trump.

    It is a before and after moment for America. What just happened today is a line we can’t uncross, and these Democrats will rue the day they decided to use ‘lawfare’ to stop a presidential candidate. I’m not talking about violence. I’m talking about tit for tat. You just wait. And it won’t be Hunter Biden the next time. It’s going to be Joe Biden. It could potentially still be Barack Obama. It could still potentially be Hillary Clinton. Turnabout is fair play. And John Yoo, an amazing lawyer who worked in the Bush administration, has a great piece out today in National Review talking about how that is the only way they will learn. The only way to save the Republic now is to give them a taste of their own medicine. That’s it. The Democrats started this game.

    Who is getting indicted next? Joe Biden? Maybe Jill Biden? How low can we go? You may not want to see that. That ship has already left port. That horse has left the barn. That is where we are going. So, before you celebrate too much over at MSNBC and CNN – who are positively gleeful over this absurd conviction – you wait and ask yourself what kind of Pandora’s box has been opened here. As Trump said to reporters as he was leaving court today, this is “long from over.” He is absolutely right. This will be reversed. This will not stand even in a New York appellate court system that is weighted with Democrats on the bench. They are capable of reaching a rational decision. And if they are not, this could be appealed up higher still to the U.S. Supreme Court. There were state constitutional violations here and there were federal constitutional violations here.

    At this hour, Trump’s donation website has crashed. You can feel the number of people going there to pony up dough they didn’t think they had. They thought they had given their last donation. People are hurting right now, but they are donating and I’m sure it is by the tens of millions. This will be a financial windfall for the Trump campaign and, arguably, for America. This jury, the jury of the American voters will be heard on November 5. They will have the final word. And in the meantime, Donald Trump will hear the term ‘convicted felon’ every day, everywhere he goes.

    Electorally, I think this is going to help Trump more than it hurts him. That is my bet. But I don’t know because the media is just going to be nonstop. And I don’t know that the increased enthusiasm on the GOP side will be enough. You can’t win with just Republicans. You need independents too. Net-net though, you couldn’t ask for something better to stimulate enthusiasm on the GOP side. I don’t think there is anything you can do to stop the Trump voters now. MAGA was prepared to vote for Trump before and now even disaffected Republicans who might not love Trump are going to run to the polls.

  73. Galaxy 500

    Have you guys got it yet? Conservatives? What the F are you conserving? You can not compromise with evil. Conservatives are just liberals working to make insane compromises so they don’t have to make a moral stand.
    We are in a POST Constitutional America. You are worried about WW III? Worried about nuclear war?
    The Usurper VP Biden’ perversion of government agencies… the NUKED us!
    Have you got that yet? There is no law, there is no Constitution…
    They made up Shiite changed laws making BS punishable after the statutes of limitations solely to nuke Trump and us.
    We must prosecute every single criminal Demoncrats. The demons broke open Pandora’s Box.
    Where are the Friends of Cincinnatus?
    In so much as it is in your ability to live in peace… Paul Said this… do you believe in objective moral reality? Or do you just want to shift the goal posts so you don’t have to resist… Romans 12:18
    These people are going to have to learn the hard way. Bully and demons can not be reasoned with

  74. Shiloh1

    Hi Greg. Thank you for pleasant surprise of John Rubino on WNWU. Looking forward to Karen Kingston 9n tonight. Meanwhile just the video clips on this ZH article today with Dave Smith v Chris Cuomo / lying legacy media are great:

  75. Prospector

    Destruction of the food supply continues.

    One of America’s Largest Chicken Farms Completely Destroyed in Huge Fire
    Flames destroy chicken house in Lancaster County | ABC27
    6 days ago … RAPHO TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — A chicken house burned to the ground in Lancaster County overnight. The fire broke out around 12:30 a.m. Sunday

    List and Map.

    Is this what millions of military age males invading our country are for ?

  76. Prospector

    REPORT: Dr. McCullough warns the bird flu response is a GIANT threat to the food supply. @VigilantFox ( Twitter )
    “They’re coming on farms with hazmat suits doing mass PCR testing of healthy animals. All that’s going to do is raise a false case count and create orders for MASS CULLING.”

    ( So we have BOTH food plant fires and mass culling of animals. Just like COVID one of the symptoms is having NO SYMPTOMS ! Scam alert ! )
    Although wild birds can carry HPAI without “appearing sick,” according to the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, cases of HPAI in domestic birds may be “fatal.”

    An official told CBS News that “depopulation is ongoing.”

    More than 4 million chickens in Sioux County, Iowa are to be culled after the flock reportedly came into contact with bird flu.
    According to the Iowa Capital Dispatch, 4.2 million chickens are affected, the largest number since the virus impacted 5 million chickens in 2022.

    • JT

      If we are really concern about the H5N1 if we stopped feeding cattle chicken waste products. If you doubt this look it up.

  77. Galaxy 500

    Axlerod says novel legal theory, don’t us against them… ROFLMAO… is that what you call illegal malicious prosecution for made up crimes?
    Damn, this didn’t work so what is next in this 4 years of increasing escalation against America President Trump? All that is left is for them to Epstein him… that is a wet dream for these bastards… I pray that these evil men are bought to desolation and prosecuted to the full extent of LAW

    On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” CNN Senior Political Commentator and former Obama adviser David Axelrod stated that he thinks “it’s a good thing in this country if, no matter who you are, you are held accountable when you break the law.” But acknowledged that the case against 2024 Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump relied on a “novel legal theory” but Trump’s crime “was there for everybody to see.”

    • Earth Angel

      Well if this frame job on Trump sets a precident- then I guess its time to haul in the Clintons, Obama, the Bush’s, the Biden’s, Merrick Garland and all the crooked judges, and the MANY others in Washington for THEIR many crimes which were/are “there for everybody to see.” We might as well make a clean sweep of it. Then we should turn off the lights in DC and shut down that corrupt town for good.

  78. Galaxy 500

    Damn, I got to get out to the range or on the water or in the woods… reading stuff and understanding that the Republic has fallen…
    Look at the this smug pedophile bastard… you take showers with your teenage daughter, yes you’re a pedo, his daughter admitted it, it ain’t speculation

  79. Galaxy 500

    Morons nuke us and then are afraid they will get nuked backed? How can they truly be this stupid?
    Remember when the Dem lead Senate changed the filibuster rules to nuke the opposition? They were reminded that they wouldn’t always be in power. Be evil men are impatient short sighted and well evil…

  80. Led Skeletor

    “I’m rolling back prices to 1965, what do you think about that?”
    From the movie: “Falling Down” (1993)

    Nothing would make me happier than a new FED policy that deflates the cost of living by 2% as their target.

    And that new “South Park: The End of Obesity” is so correct regarding ‘Big-Pharma’ and ‘Big-Poison Food’, although morally complete trash.

    • Jerry

      I remember that movie – Falling Down. Great film.

  81. bert trim

    We are at the end of a drug era. Most of the population doesn’t care about what’s going on in the world. And the other half has been medically compromised from the jab or other Psychological problems. Kiril of Moscow has given Mr. Putin full authority to neutralize. God help us all.

  82. Diana Brown

    Thanks Greg! Interesting switch up for the weekly wrap up!

  83. Cytek

    Great interview Greg. I just saw Geert Vanden Bosshe’s latest prediction on the vaccinated in the next 90 days. He believes a variant with start soon in the vaccinated.

  84. Galaxy 500

    Distractions are in the air… UFO reports being released… big nothing burger as if they had the technology to get here we would have been enslaved

    Yes, everyone knew that Oswald was NOT a lone gunman. And he wasn’t even good, barely qualified for marksman, lowest qualification.

    June 1, 2024
    The JFK Autopsy Skull X-rays Prove The Government Knew Oswald Wasn’t a Lone Gunman
    By Jerome R. Corsi

  85. Mike D

    Can’t find any buttons to click on to watch ANY of the videos.
    What’s going on?

    • Greg Hunter

      Go to the After the interview section and you will find them. That’s what I said in the interview.

  86. Richard Westwell

    You Know and so do many intelligent people who follow this podcast that it is NOT the Ukrainians who will be firing these weapons but NATO personnel. Nato already has “boots on the ground” in Ukraine.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, of course. I agree.

  87. SnapFactor

    New York City and New York State best impose an “Exit Tax” like New Jersey and California. Businesses are fleeing. Jobs are fleeing. The wealthy are fleeing. Who’s going to pay your taxes, New York? The illegals and street thugs?

  88. Bill Holder

    The powers that be wants a war, any war, civil, military, does not matter, even a migrant crisis, anything to blame the economy and financial debacle. Shift the blame focus from them (powers that be).

  89. Coal Burner

    Greg, I watched the F-35 fire from my local vicinity. The pilot barely got off the ground and was looking for a spot to crash her and still survive. And be close to the Airbase to easily get a Perimeter with armed over watch over the site. It is still a Classified airplane. Funny, Classified, on a junk pile. I have heard the Israelis have stripped it and made a real fighter jet out of it. ??????

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting, Coal.

  90. Coal Burner

    Greg; Please ask a couple people like Rubin what they would do with a small chunk of cash in a bank/credit Union? Just go ahead and pull it and buy metals if one cannot buy Real Estate???? That one great answer from Mr Rubin may have been the answer. But it looks like we end up with no cash money anyway.

  91. Ira Elliott

    The plan is quite obvious. Nuclear war is the plan that they have. That is why they are getting their proxy puppets in Ukraine to hit the long range radar systems in Russia. That’s why they are so afraid of Trump. Trump will negotiate a new financial system and throw all the deep state in jail because that will be part of the conditions Russia and China will place on the US.

  92. Clive

    Putin seeing the increasing threats will probably go for financial nuclear option
    Putting Rouble on a gold standard.
    Better than nuclear war

  93. Richard Gould

    Soul — The original-language terms (Heb., neʹphesh [נֶפֶשׁ]; Gr., psy·kheʹ [ψυχή]) as used in the Scriptures show “soul” to be a person, an animal, or the life that a person or an animal enjoys.
    The connotations that the English “soul” commonly carries in the minds of most persons are not in agreement with the meaning of the Hebrew and Greek words as used by the inspired Bible writers. This fact has steadily gained wider acknowledgment. Back in 1897, in the Journal of Biblical Literature (Vol. XVI, p. 30), Professor C. A. Briggs, as a result of detailed analysis of the use of neʹphesh, observed: “Soul in English usage at the present time conveys usually a very different meaning from נפש [neʹphesh] in Hebrew, and it is easy for the incautious reader to misinterpret.”
    More recently, when The Jewish Publication Society of America issued a new translation of the Torah, or first five books of the Bible, the editor-in-chief, H. M. Orlinsky of Hebrew Union College, stated that the word “soul” had been virtually eliminated from this translation because, “the Hebrew word in question here is ‘Nefesh.’” He added: “Other translators have interpreted it to mean ‘soul,’ which is completely inaccurate. The Bible does not say we have a soul. ‘Nefesh’ is the person himself, his need for food, the very blood in his veins, his being.”—The New York Times, October 12, 1962.
    — As is NOW happening, WHY are all of the lies and evil being exposed? Because we are told in the Bible that ALL evil will be openly exposed before the end begins so that the people have no excuse for not recognizing what is going on AND how bad rule by men truly is. Personally, I have never voted; I will not vote for corruption. Why is there so much corruption in ALL human governments? Satan selects all who serve in human governments; go ahead, read it in your own Bible; Luke 4:5-8. Corruption cannot occur under the direction of the Almighty, but most people have rejected such direction and instead turn to Satan for guidance trough the so-called Christian churches that Satan controls – if you have questions about this, please email me for further information. In what is now a very short time, you will see how well that works out for such churches AND ‘persons’.
    Bible proven correct AGAIN; Jeremiah 10:23 I well know, O Jehovah, that man’s way does not belong to him. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.

  94. Richard Gould

    World War 3 – is a very real possibility NOW. Trump Guilty, Missiles Fired on Russia
    Everyone knows that the US debt is never going to be repaid; that is impossible with those who actually control who is ‘acceptable’ to ‘serve’ in the US government; the BIG donors. These are also the benefiters of the massive government pay outs/debt buildup. Much/most of the wealth of the BIG donors came from the ridiculous and continuously growing unpayable debt of the US Corporation in Washington DC. We know why this Satanic system ends; “IT WILL WITHOUT FAIL COME TRUE” is the promise given us in the Bible about the end of Satan’s time to rule the earth and select the politicians; Luke 4:1-8.
    Some of Almighty Jehovah God’s (Psalms 83:18) servants have been waiting for the end of this system of things for a long time. From a human standpoint, the fulfillment of God’s promise might seem to be delaying. Jehovah addressed that concern when he assured the prophet Habakkuk: “The vision is yet for its appointed time, and it is rushing toward its end, and it will not lie. Even if it should delay, keep in expectation of it! For it will without fail come true. It will not be late!” (Hab. 2:3) Did God provide that assurance for the benefit of Habakkuk only? Or do His words have meaning for us today? Under inspiration, the apostle Paul applied those words to Christians, who are in expectation of the new world. (Read Hebrews 10:36, 37.) Yes, we can be sure that even if our promised deliverance seems to delay, “it will without fail come true. It will not be late!” And, we have been told that the end is very close; VERY close. We were told before that the end is close; this is the first time we have been told that the end is VERY close. I

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