Russia Warns, Trump Wave & CV19 Vax Atrocities Continue

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 637 6.7.24)

War is getting closer as Russia is warning NATO and the US of a “fatal miscalculation” in Ukraine.  This comes after the Biden Administration gives the okay to fire US made missiles into Russia.  The New York Times has already confirmed missile strikes in Russia with US missiles.  Russia is now threatening to give its long-range missiles to enemies of the US and the West.  The Russian Navy will be conducting war games in the Caribbean and plans to port in Cuba and Venezuela.  Might Russia be offloading some long-range missiles that can hit America?

A Trump wave is getting stronger as his legal cases implode.  He’s raised more than $400 million since his 34 count NY felony conviction.  The latest Trump case to crater is the Georgia so-called RICO case.  The Georgia Court of Appeals has indefinitely paused the case against Donald Trump.  I think prosecutor Fani Willis and her case are finished.  The other three cases against Trump are also grinding to a halt.  What if the US Supreme Court decides Donald Trump does indeed have immunity to all these lawfare cases?  I think Donald Trump could be back on the campaign trail as Biden hits a new low with his real job approval rating now at 7% down from 8%.

Another young athlete suffers from a seizure and cardiac arrest in Kansas City.  This happened to BJ Thompson while having a Chiefs team meeting.  The NFL bragged about getting their players CV19 vaxed at a rate of 93%.  With 700 million CV19 bioweapon injections in the USA alone and 14 billion globally, this is far from over.  The shots kill and disable at different rates for different people.  Christine Anderson, a German MEP in the EU, recently said, “The CV19 vax will be known as the biggest crime to ever have been committed on mankind.”  Meanwhile, the FDA unanimously approved yet another CV19 bioweapon kill shot for fall.  Never give up the con and keep on killing FDA!!!

There is much more in the 52-minute newscast.

There is an 8-minute video to explain how easy it is to ride out any terror attack or extreme storm.

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Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 6.7.24.

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After the Interview:

Renowned geopolitical and economic cycle expert Martin Armstrong will update us on the coming global war and 2024 Election.  He has some wild predictions to share.

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  1. christine reeves

    Greg, a school district in our area has three bus driver’s with cancer, one has died. The two that are still battling the unknown cancers are in their 30’s.In a memo shared with this tragic news , it was also made known there has been alot of loss in this past year.An article in the Daily Mail yesterday stated how Dr.’s are explaining the increase in cancer’s. They are saying because of the so called pandemic people did not go see their doctor’s.

    • Anne

      I’m surprised that fools are not blaming the surging deaths on their “FAKE CLIMATE CHANGE” delusions.

  2. James Quagraine

    I do not think Hillary will replace Biden. I think it will be Michelle Obama. He is a better man than Biden.

    • john

      You know, it’s wierd to imagine, but i think I have to agree. BUT, don’t think he can win…..he doesn’t seem to have the charisma of his husband barrach sotero,plus he seems more bitter than Comrade Joey B.

    • john lance

      Yea , lets hear it for Big Mike . He already has Joan Rivers vote . Oh ! what was I thinking ? Never mind .

      • Peter Mazurek

        Response to John Lance: And we all know what happened to Joan Rivers…

    • Ray

      Ha Ha Ha!!!
      That is a good one James. 😎
      Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘

      • Galaxy 500

        It was, wasn’t it. LOL
        Hi Ray,
        How are things?

  3. Don W.

    Greg, I think that the wealthy that are in control of our Nation want this war so they can claim a NO ELECTION time because we are at war and that will stop the whole thing. But hard telling what the war will bring in real live to this Nation.
    I like your picture of our two former Presidents. Joe is former as well as he has NOTHING TO DO WITH MAKING DECISIONS.

  4. Alex Salley

    I rarely miss a WNW, they are great! 19 years ago I read Matt Brackens’’s “ Enemies, Foreign and Domestic “. It seemed far-fetched then. Today it reads like news!
    You should read it then have him on as a guest.

  5. Peter

    Greg – I never miss a weekly news wrap up and no question you are one of the “good guys” of journalism, sadly none of your breed exist any longer in corporate media, they’ve reject our Lord Jesus and His free gift of love, peace and understanding leading to an eternal existence in His presence and instead they have chosen to follow evil leading to hate, destruction and an eternal existence in the abyss.

    “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

    I ernestly encourage you and all your faithful listeners to increase their knowledge of what has been censored that disease is caused and passed on by “germs.” There are some lonely voices in the wilderness who have done the heavy lifting by trying to find validly conducted, replicatable scientific studies with controls to isolate and identify viruses and then prove that these pathogens are passed between humans or from animals to humans. Astoundingly, they haven’t been found: one would think that all these medical experts crying about germs causing illness would easily produce these studies when asked, but they haven’t. This is one of the enemy’s boldest deception to create the fear needed for control. If people don’t understand this they will allow the chickens and now cattle to be wiped out unnecessarily and they will continue to line up for their death injections.

    Daniel Roytas, author of a new book titled “Can You Catch a Cold?” is one of these researchers. He has spent the past 4 years assembling a history of the “germ theory” and looking for one or more such studies that prove it’s true. Big nothing burger. Didn’t one of the Nazi’s say that the bigger and more bold a lie the more people will believe it?

    “The idea that the common cold and influenza are spread via coughing, sneezing, and physical contact has been firmly implanted in our minds since childhood. However, the results of human experiments cast doubt on this theory. Researchers have failed to consistently demonstrate contagion by exposing healthy people directly to sick people or their bodily fluids. These findings suggest that our understanding of infectious disease is incomplete and challenges the long-held belief that a cold or flu can be ‘caught’.

    So, what might be causing these seasonal afflictions, and why do they appear to spread from person-to-person? Can You Catch A Cold? Untold History & Human Experiments answers these questions by delving into the historical records, investigating past pandemics, exploring human psychology, and reviewing more than 200 contagion studies. With over 1,000 citations, no stone has been left unturned in the pursuit of unravelling this age-old mystery.”

    “The claim that colds and flu are contagious may be one of the greatest ever blunders of medical science. Prepare to be shocked as this book brilliantly brings to life the buried data that can no longer be ignored”.
    – Dr Mark Bailey Co-author of The Final Pandemic: An Antidote to Medical Tyranny

    Other watchmen (and women) include Drs. Sam and Mark Bailey, Tom Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Christine Massey, Sam Stone (,) The Perth Group, etc., more are arriving at the same conclusion such as Michael Yeadon.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind to say this. Thanks.

    • PAUL L

      The Germ theory of disease was actually a stroke of genius by the medical profession!. By making disease seem random and totally unrelated to lifestyle, it gave them immense power – THEY were the intermediaries between mortals and health. They probably got the idea from the greedy medieval Church. That control has now been elevated to a new (political) level with these BS pandemics. I can also recommend Goodbye Germ theory by William Trebing. Pasteur was the instigator – and he stole everything from Pierre Bechamp and corrupted it. Bechamp developed very high-powered microscopes and only worked with living cells. He found that cells are pleomorphic – they change their form as their environment becomes toxic – from neutral to bacteria … to VIRUS!. The function of the virus is to clear out toxic matter NOT to ’cause’ disease. The symptoms (sneezing/coughing) are BENEFICIAL – again ridding the body of toxins. The Germ theory is DUALISTIC – disease attacks from without at random. The HOLISTIC view is that disease is a SIGNAL of imbalance generated WITHIN by the body. Making people believe that they live in a hostile unpredictable universe is a GREAT tool of control. Being able to see through it reauires an advanced consciousness – sadly rare as CV19 demonstrated. Modern quack medicine and the GTD will be seen in future as a total hoax!

  6. bernard

    ECB just lowered the Interest Rates. GERALD IS RIGHT! One man outsmarted just about everyone in the supposed “Alternative Media”. There is something great about Contrarian of Contrarians.

    This is the beginning of IR Down spiral. The rest of Central Banks will follow suit. The Dollar is FINISHED! Inflation will go bonkers in the second half of 2024

    • Galaxy 500

      ECB is irrelevant. They had negative rates a while back.
      Yes, our fiat dollar is almost assuredly going to die. But the Euro and Pound will precede our dollar’s demise.
      It’s a matter of scale

  7. Wildbad

    Regarding the free speech theme which you discussed, I think you should interview Mike Adams, the health ranger, who has opened a lawsuit against the dod, google, meta, X and various media titans, alleging collusion (Rico) to undermine first amendment rights. The case is very strong. They are mentioned in documents so will have standing. This suit will help EVERYONE even if it is blocked. That it is opened in Texas it has a very good chance.

    • Galaxy 500

      Looking him up on line shows is a dead site

    • Katy Bar

      And upon this grim news the Fauci Death Advocate (FDA) unanimously approves for every American yet another CV19 bio-weapon Kill Shot for the Fall of 2024!!!

  8. john

    Lets recap. There was the three blind mice,, then let’s see, the Three Stooges Larry, Curly and Moe and now there are the three Rat Face treasonous Weasels ………Fauci, Garland, Schumer. The latter three are the masters of double speak , lying, and passing the buck. All three rats seem truly evil with everything they do and are gluttons for taxpayer money (or 30 pieces of silver, if you will). But it’s apparent these men have no conscience. or morals…….Of course, many believers know that judgement day cometh, in this life or the next.

    • Ken Yu

      All three Demon Rats need to be brought before their good buddy the GR (Grim Reaper) for swift justice and if the GR won’t act against a fellow Demon then they should be sent off to a GR (Gunnery Range) for swift justice by family members who lost loved ones to their Covid 19 “Kill Shots”!!!

  9. Derek Sinclair

    Trump doesn’t need to weaponize the Justice system. Weaponization is only needed when no illegality has been committed. When Trump gets back into the WH the Justice system just needs to be released/allowed to do the job it’s designed to do.


    Greg , Great! Biden doing so bad the Dems would vote for
    ” for a sock 🧦 on a stick 🏒 ” 😂😂
    Your funny 🤣 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. Thanks for the laugh we needed it with everything going on.
    Great reporting 👍

    • Kay

      Amen, Derek!!!

      We need tough men in charge. I don’t want to see my female gender in the White House in any capacity. 2024 needs to be the year of the DUDES! Feminism is killing all of us and, most of all, making women insane. As long as they embrace feminism, they are not fit to hold any office or job. All men and mothers with sons need to read the book How to Destroy A Man Now (DAMN): A Handbook.

  11. Robert

    Thank you for another great update. You have been consistent all along particularly on the corona bologna. We have experienced many health problems within our own family particularly turbo cancer. I’m also seeing much more of this with other people that we know as well. The facts are what they are, and the truth is they have poisoned the world.
    Thank you for not wavering on this.
    Makes one wonder what else they have in store.

  12. Gene Bean

    We’re only about 5 months out from the election and Trump STILL(!) hasn’t reversed course on HIS “beautiful vaccine”.

    HIS “beautiful vaccine” has killed as many Americans as WWI & WWII combined!!!

    I’m sorry, Trump fanatics, but real America-first Conservatives like me will NOT give him a pass on the biggest mass-murder in our history!

    What were you THINKING by re-nominating this NYC Liberal Democrat again??? How can you not see that by doing this you’ve surrendered ANY chance at Covid Justice??? Are you THIS blinded by your fanaticism???

    • Galaxy 500

      You must must be paid to put out this mendacious skat.
      Very intellectual dishonest of you

      • Michael

        I have not seen anything from Trump denouncing the Vax
        Have you?

  13. Gas Lighting

    CDC, WHO, FDA, WEF recommend:
    If you are a young healthy person with no prior health conditions please exhibit caution while:

    1) Eating
    2) Sleeping
    3) Breathing

    As this may lead to cardiac arrest or turbo cancers.

  14. Roger Wayne

    Trump campaigned in 2016 on a promise to “make America great again”.

    The country was a sinking Titanic when he left office in January 2021.

    You’re truly insane if you still believe his 2016 campaign rhetoric and God help us if the Deep State re-installs him as President…

    • Greg Hunter

      What actual facts are you using to show the US was a “Sinking Titanic” when Trump left office? Biden and Crew killed the Keystone Pipeline on HIOS FIRST DAY and $1 billion in union pay with it. It went downhill from there. Please compare to the economy we have now with actual facts.

    • Paul from Indiana

      So, you’re going to vote for Biden and the Democrats? Nice. Thanks for the advance notice. Best always

    • Earth Angel

      Roger FACT: When Trump was removed from the office he rightfully should have WON by a national landslide in 2020- Regular gas was $1.67 a gal. in my town. Now- not so much at $3.39 a gal.. FACT! Was Trump perfect? No!.. Did America have problems? Of course we did- but they paled in comparison to what we are facing now as we spiral out of control in the aftermath of an election stolen by treasonous sympathizers of marxism and enemies of freedom. One thing you are correct on- we DO NEED GOD’S help- regardless of who is installed by the deep state as president. But WE also have to act- Remember, The Lord helps those who help themselves! No sitting on the sidelines.

    • Kay

      Roger, go back and look at Trump’s old interviews on Donahue and such. Trump has ALWAYS said America is the greatest country on the planet. MAGA is nothing new for Trump. He has repeatedly said that America is the greatest country on this earth for decades. His love for America has always been strong. The proof is there for all to see if they look.

    • Galaxy 500

      You must live in a different reality than the rest of us.
      Trump did a marvelous job in the economy and foreign relations

    • mike

      you sound like my neighbor. he says this biden economy is the best we have ever had. I just don’t know what to say to outrageous statements like that. its not even worth discussing the matter as it would be like arguing with a drunk.

  15. peter waroblak

    The corruption has been going on since Obama was in diapers, we need to follow the money from all the lobbyists that are distributing the globalist’s money. Is the CIA and the FBI doing the big banker’s dirty work? If Trump is legit and really wants to drain the swamp, how will he find the right people for his administration? Are there enough patriots that are willing to risk their life to clean up this mess?

  16. nascent light

    2-min clip — Glenn Beck who has the documents showing US gov collusion with Moderna years before the Covid outbreak . . . to cause the Covid outbreak.

    and Trump is still saying it’s “safe & effective” he is as brain addled as Joe Biden

    • Galaxy 500

      Trump’s contract called for a safe and effective shot.
      It was neither.

  17. Susan R

    I am with you Greg, about Jesus, son of God. The elect will be saved. It is our souls that Jesus protects. Our bodies stay here and the soul returns home. All the currant mayhem seems to be about as bad as it could ever be. Mankind has had enough time to figure out all the treachery, swindling, stifling murderous atrocities to the degree of a Doctoral and use of this knowledge is not for the benefit of earth’s population. There is an inherent source of greed in the greater number of people looking out for number one. It is usually portrayed in print and film and in real life that attaining a high status opens doors to an infinity of avenues to feed greed. Corruption is a very viral disease that has at this point in time in our civilization become the virus that may take us down.

    • Greg Hunter

      No Susan,
      Jesus said there “would be no flesh left”. Jesus was talking about physical people/elect that He would “Shorten the days” for.

      • Susan R

        I see the bible says “there should be no flesh be saved” I understand what you say and appreciate learning from you, always. God bless you.

        • Greg Hunter

          Sister Susan,
          At some point Jesus will step in and save his flock he died for. Count on it. “Fear Not.”
          Your Brother in Christ,

          • Nadezda Bennett

            When you think about it, the meek are to inherit the earth. They must be real live flesh and blood people and not disemboweled souls.
            Souls or angels enjoy the spiritual realm.
            Mankind was meant to enjoy the earth and fill it. Not destroy, or depopulate it. Makes sense to me.
            The question is though, if God will destroy the earth and make a new one. A lot of fellow believer’s are confused about this. But the end seems so near, we will soon find out, eh! Just don’t forget your 🎾 tennis shoes! Referring to the Halebope comet folks.
            Sad joke, like the Jim Jones folks deceived into suicide. It’s amazing how gullible people are, to Satan the😈Devil’s
            Thanks for sharing the truth as we know it so far, brother.
            Love ya! N.B.

            • Greg Hunter

              Sister Nadezda,
              Meek means teachable.
              Brother Greg

              • Nadezda

                Thanks Greg, that makes sense to me. We’re all sinners. You don’t have to teach children not to lie steal or cheat. But their usually teachable at that age and Jesus said we must be as a child to inherit the kingdom of the heavens.

  18. lemon candy

    on 20 May 2024, the seer Luz de Maria, posted this message:
    “Pray, My children, pray, France will be attacked.”

    June 07, 2024 — be sure to read Hal Turner’s conclusion:

    Also, a French soldier was in June captured in Ukraine by Russian troops.

  19. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    Sorry I haven’t had time to comment for awhile, that is probably a blessing for you. Lots of things going on and we are teaching prepping almost everyday of the week.

    In my cycles research we have big things on the horizon and I am looking forward to hearing Martin but I would also like to hear from Dr. Charles Nenner. Can you have him back on again soon? His research is complimentary of mine and I don’t track all the things he does but I do track war and other things and I would really enjoy his take on the coming war.

    The solar cycle is intensifying and will start going crazy in October through 2025. This will cause maximum uncertainty in the ability of people to reason, therefore I see more war on the horizon and unfortunately it will come to my beloved America.

    Sorry to see one of your sponsors leave. I thought that it might happen after Bob died. He was a good man and he lived what he taught and sold.
    Lo Iyrah!!!
    p.s. Look at this!! Isn’t it cool?!/lo+iyrah+i+have+no+fear-A664ea02ae1d5e24b47f02e79?productType=347&sellable=0kjRdr5nq0IQEzjqQ0e9-347-8&appearance=17

  20. Fred Daake

    I do not see Hillary or Michelle being chosen as a presidential candidate. However, I do see a scenario where Hillary or Michelle is chosen for VP to replace Kamala. It would be easier to swap Biden out after the election due to some of the states election laws that are too late to change before early voting begins.

    But there is no reason for any of that. It is obvious that the party of peace and love is not trying to win the election the old fashioned way. They have two billion dollars of dark money to spend on proven, advanced techniques where there are no consequences to cooking the books or hitting below the belt.

  21. 'a' simple horseman

    I think the masses should keep ignoring all of the “global” food crops being systematically destroyed by targeted engineered weather. That way people will walk themselves into the “FEMA” camps when they get hungry. The biosphere is soooooo close to imploding. The powers that shouldn’t be know that and the masses refuse to acknowledge the fact. There will come a day, all to soon, when ALL of you will say to yourselves, “Damn it, that Dane Wigington guy was right!” Anyone know what the nutritional value of gold is? How about paper currencies?? Forget about how hot the sun is making everything, just go get a bigger air conditioner. Those pesky climate alarmists are so annoying. Wally world is still open and McDonalds is still killing you with their so called food, “what could possibly be wrong in the world?
    God is bringing a complete paradigm shift, “Deal with it!!”

  22. Justn Observer

    Greg, another attempt to shutdown shipping and supply chain not in LLM ?

  23. Coal Burner

    Greg: First, Russia will put conventional warheads on a couple of bad boy missiles and burn some spots in Europe, maybe one on one of our factorys. Note: Dear President Putin, please put your first one on the WEF. Even if you send a warning shot to the USA we will forgive that if you totally destroy our enemy of the people, the WEF and many of their minions.

    • Katy Bar

      The Globalists have likely converted most of their ill gotten fiat money into Gold and have it stored in Vaults in Switzerland. So Putin should send his first warning message to these Evil Globalists (now trying to do a regime change inside Russia) by NUKING the Globalist’s wealth. Exploding two(2) or three(3) One Hundred Mega-ton Nuclear Bombs on the Globalists Gold Vaults will make the entire Swiss Alps so radioactive that the Globalists Gold will not be able to be accessed for hundreds of years (all such gold recovered will have to be thrown into the streets as untouchable and unusable due to the high radiation levels). As the Bible says: “An Eye for an Eye a Tooth for a Tooth” which is the only completely fair response whereby the Evil Globalist “Will Immediately Own Nothing” And “Will Have To Eat The Bugs” (just like the rest of us)!!!

  24. Coal Burner

    It is proven already that Biden stole Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania. There is no question about it . And if we end up in war and internal war from the illegal invaders, those who stole the election and those who voted for this bunch of criminals can thank themselves for the lives lost. We will blame them for everyone.

    Yes Obama is the guy! Biden is no longer a human being. Did you see him poop his pants at the WWII Memorial in France with Macron. LOL!!!! What a President, LOL!!!

  25. Justn Observer

    Greg, wondering if you could run this by Mr. Armstrong and get a comment on its validity? 5 star T popped up some time back but never gained traction in the media. Seems it’s run out of somewhere in the state of NH or CT ?… but seem could answer some of the ‘missing money’ concerns and endless printing ie…PH’d Skidmore and CAF
    and yes, Rob Kirby=

  26. Coal Burner

    Greg: I would like to see Bo Polny again before long. I pay attention to his time dates. Because it works and we all know why. It is not a mystery. I know people don’t interpret everything the same but the dates work.

    There has been a rash of dying in my acquaintance circles the last two weeks. I am starting to think everyone who had two or three shots is going to die. It is going to be devastating! I am already old, but I plan to fight to live another generation to hopefully help raise a generation beyond.
    I find it interesting they want to start a war with Russia while there is a massive die off happening in America. I don’t mean the America haters, like Gates, Obama, WEF, Tedros, and Castro Boi from Canada!

    • Paul from Indiana

      I’m no fan of the shots, but shots or no shots, all of us are going to die, and some sooner than others. My focus is on what we can do while we are here. Have a succession plan for your ideas with the next generation. Best always. PM

  27. Justn Observer

    Thought BIS AND BRIC were in opposition to each other? or are they both on the path to de-dollarization of U.S. Since the U.S. helped set up BIS, CIA HELM’S ,
    grandfather =
    woujld seem then that the CIA is totally aware of the ‘inside’ moves of things?
    Just say’n, interesting times to be in German banl =
    On August 30, 1924, he was appointed as the American director of the general council of the Reichsbank,[8][9] the central bank of Germany from 1876 until 1945.[a] McGarrah was quoted as saying:
    “There is no wizardry in finance. The only foundation for success is patience, hard work and good friends.”
    During his time with the Reichsbank, Hjalmar Schacht served as president of the Bank.[8]
    The idea for the Bank for International Settlements originated in the United States, and the “individuals involved were international bankers who, despite past differences, ‘worked together to establish a world financial order that would incorporate the federal principle of the American central banking system.’ Specifically among them were people such as ‘Owen D. Young, J. Pierpont Morgan, Thomas W. Lamont, S. Parker Gilbert, Gates W. McGarrah, and Jackson Reynolds, who, in conjunction with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, sought to extend the principle of central bank cooperation to the international sphere.'”[13]
    Do wonder if he knew Prescott Bush and Union Bank in that timeframe?

  28. Lyle Christensen


  29. Galaxy 500

    My Gracious… a 400 pounder won Ms Alabama.
    I guess I should be happy it wasn’t a guy pretending to be a woman.
    All concepts of normal and beauty are gone.
    There is nothing attractive about 400 lbs…
    Ok, guessing on the weight it could be more, could be less … but Damn…

    • Paul from Indiana

      4-Bills deserves some kind of award! What was the talent part of the presentation? Getting dressed by oneself? Pardon my irreverence (not). Best always. PM

      • Galaxy 500

        Who knew that that beauty contests would start giving participation trophies LOL
        It boggles the mind doesn’t it?
        We are told ugly is beautiful. We are told evil is good.

  30. Richard Gould

    True God Jehovah – The true God is not a nameless God. His name is Jehovah. (De 6:4; Ps 83:18) He is God by reason of his creatorship. (Ge 1:1; Re 4:11) The true God is real (Joh 7:28), a person (Ac 3:19; Heb 9:24), and not lifeless natural law operating without a living lawgiver, not blind force working through a series of accidents to develop one thing or another. The 1956 edition of The Encyclopedia Americana (Vol. XII, p. 743) commented under the heading “God”: “In the Christian, Mohammedan, and Jewish sense, the Supreme Being, the First Cause, and in a general sense, as considered nowadays throughout the civilized world, a spiritual being, self-existent, eternal and absolutely free and all-powerful, distinct from the matter which he has created in many forms, and which he conserves and controls. There does not seem to have been a period of history where mankind was without belief in a supernatural author and governor of the universe.”
    Proofs of the existence of “the living God.” The fact of the existence of God is proved by the order, power, and complexity of creation, macroscopic and microscopic, and through his dealings with his people throughout history. In looking into what might be called the Book of Divine Creation, scientists learn much. One can learn from a book only if intelligent thought and preparation have been put into the book by its author.
    In contrast to the lifeless gods of the nations, Jehovah is “the living God.” (Jer 10:10; 2Co 6:16) Everywhere there is testimony to his activity and his greatness. “The heavens are declaring the glory of God; and of the work of his hands the expanse is telling.” (Ps 19:1) Men have no reason or excuse for denying God, because “what may be known about God is manifest among them, for God made it manifest to them. For his invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world’s creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and Godship, so that they are inexcusable.”—Ro 1:18-20.
    Jehovah God is described in the Bible as living from time indefinite to time indefinite, forever (Ps 90:2, 4; Re 10:6), and as being the King of eternity, incorruptible, invisible, the only true God. (1Ti 1:17) There existed no god before him.—Isa 43:10, 11.

    • Jerry Jeru

      Accdg to the New Testament, when Jesus teaches the apostles to pray, he calls upon “Father”. He could have said something else, sorry no did not.

      The LGBTQP has their pronouns. The Evangelicals have the names. It is not a coincidence these denoting games are happening together. Sowing confusion—is the handiwork of Satan because it causes chaos.

      • Galaxy 500

        Father is a title, not a name… if you go back in time, it was our Father Jehovah who art in heaven hallowed be thy name…
        Father isn’t a name … Jehovah is

        • wayne hardin

          Could you please show we in the Word where it says
          Father Jehovah who art in heaven hallowed be thy name…
          i cant seem to find it .
          Did you call your dad by his name or just dad????

          If it is not in the Word you are adding to the Word .
          If it is show me please .!!!!!!!

          Wayne Hardin

          • Greg Hunter


            The name of the God you (and I) pray to is Jehovah. Ps 83:18 KJV. You can also find “Jehovah” in Exodus 6:3; Isaiah 12:2; 26:4.
            In the Torah it is in PS 83:19.

            You got to ask yourself why did they leave the actual name of God the Father Jehovah out of so many verses of the Bible?

            Is Praying to Jehovah in the name of Christ Jesus a powerful combination? YES!


            • wayne hardin

              I know the name of God .
              That didn’t have anything to do with
              what i ask .
              If you want to Pray to God using
              Jehovah instead of Father so be it .
              He hears Father just like Jesus said .
              And people saying you need to use
              Jehovah is not what Jesus said.
              Is all i am saying .

              Wayne Hardin

              • Greg Hunter

                Jesus said pray to my Father. He did not say don’t use his name. Can you explain why the name “Jehovah” was taken out of the Bible thousands of times and replaced with God or Father? Are you sure Jesus did not say Jehovah in the original texts? The name Jehovah is in the Hebrew and Greek scriptures but only 4 times in the KJV. WHY?

                • wayne hardin

                  My bible says After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
                  500 said it use to say our Father Jehovah who art in heaven hallowed be thy name…
                  Since i want to pray the way Jesus said please show me where it says Father Jehovah
                  I need to know for real !!!!!!!!!!!

                  Wayne Hardin

                  • Greg Hunter

                    What does your Bible say the name of God is in PS 83:18? It should say Jehovah.

    • JM

      Jesus Christ of Nazareth is God in the flesh. You forgot to mention that part.

  31. Richard Gould

    Thank you, Greg. I really appreciate your information. Keeps me up to date on many things that I would have missed without your help. Keep up the good work.

  32. Richard Gould

    The bottom line is simple; there has been only a single party in DC since the early 70s., or even from the 60s. That explains the BIG runup in the national debt and the greatly increased corruption in general. But according to the Bible, this is what we should expect! Some of Almighty Jehovah God’s servants have been waiting for the end of this system of things for a long time. From a human standpoint, the fulfillment of God’s promise might seem to be delaying. Jehovah addressed that concern when he assured the prophet Habakkuk: “The vision is yet for its appointed time, and it is rushing toward its end, and it will not lie. Even if it should delay, keep in expectation of it! For it will without fail come true. It will not be late!” (Hab. 2:3) Did God provide that assurance for the benefit of Habakkuk only? Or do His words have meaning for us today? Under inspiration, the apostle Paul applied those words to Christians, who are in expectation of the new world. (Read Hebrews 10:36, 37.) Yes, we can be sure that even if our promised deliverance seems to delay, “it will without fail come true. It will not be late!” And we have been told by the FAITHFUL AND DISCREET SLAVE appointed by Jesus that the end of this satanic system is VERY close. Not just close, but VERY close.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes. When George Wallace ran as a 3rd-party candidate in 1968, his theme was the sameness in effect of Republicans and Democrats, saying there was “not a dime’s worth of difference” between them. He called the two parties “Tweedledum and Tweedledee”. In 1972, running as a Democrat, and winning early primaries, he was put down. Oh, sure, they had some sad-sack loser they tried to pawn off as a disaffected “lone wolf”, but everyone knew the score, it being just 9 years past the Kennedy murder. We’re done. Best always. PM

    • John Doenutter

      Better late than never, eh Rich.
      Yet as you pointed out, we can be sure that even if our promised deliverance seems to delay, (Armageddon) “it will without fail come true. It will not be late!”
      Yup all the ducks seem to be in a row, great reset, thedebt bill is due now, it will not be repaid by the grand kids. The due date is here and now and it’s world wide. It’s either economic collapse due to riseing prices and paper money printing to hyperinflation, or stagflation with the Fed and central bankers ever riseing interest rates and increasing unemployment, with the only way out. War with mother Russia!
      That’s five or six Alaska’s, but that won’t save the wicked system from the true God!
      You have his word on it, our lord Jesus the Christ and not a Christ child anymore. Like he said, I never promised you a rose garden and when he returns in full armor, no more Mr. nice guy!

  33. Bill Holder

    Here is the thing…

    Dems win, we will go to war and a world economic debacle blamed on a war.

    Reps win, we will go to a world economic debacle and war blamed on Trump.

    Either way, we are going to have an world economic debacle. These globalist evil rats want to create a distraction to keep the blame away from them.

    • Johnny Nobody

      “These globalist evil rats want to create a distraction to keep the blame away from them.”
      100% correct. The central banking families – the global puppet masters – need to avoid culpability for the financial collapse, so that they can author the next self-serving, ultimately calamitous, financial system. This is not new. They have used WAR in the past and they know it works to serve their interests.
      We ‘normies’ fall for their scams every time. If the Covid scamdemic taught me anything it is that the vast majority of humans are easily manipulated idiots. ‘Baron’ David de Rothschild was once asked by a street reporter, “What is your most valuable asset?” He replied, “My DNA.” Interesting that the scamdemic sought to destroy that ‘MOST VALUABLE ASSET’ for the mass of humanity. Wakes, wakes!

      • Johnny Nobody

        Autocorrect . . .
        ‘Wakey, wakey!’

  34. Richard Gould

    What an ending!! Glorify Jehovah’s Holy Name as often as possible! There is still a small window open where more can be taught and come to an accurate knowledge of the Truth as given in the Bible. You might want to mention this; Great tribulation
    The Greek word for “tribulation” conveys the idea of distress or suffering resulting from the pressures of circumstances. Jesus spoke of an unprecedented “great tribulation” that would come upon Jerusalem and especially of one that would later befall mankind in connection with his future ‘coming with glory.’ (Mt 24:21, 29-31) Paul described this tribulation as a righteous act of God against “those who do not know God and those who do not obey the good news” about Jesus Christ. Revelation chapter 19 shows Jesus as the one leading heavenly armies against “the wild beast and the kings of the earth and their armies.” (2Th 1:6-8; Re 19:11-21) “A great crowd” is shown as surviving that tribulation. (Re 7:9, 14) I am a part of that great crowd.

    • JM

      Jesus Christ of Nazareth is God in the flesh. His name is the name above all names.

      You forgot to mention that part.

  35. Brian Vaci

    I’m not a mathematician, but a rate of one trillion in deficit spending every hundred days equals approximately one hundred thousand dollars in deficit spending per SECOND.
    How long can that be sustained?

    Keep delivering the mail.
    Truth tellers are few and far between.

    • Greg Hunter

      Here is the bad news, a friend of mine who is connected says the real debt number is $1 trillion every 40 DAYS!!
      We are getting close. $1 trillion every 100 days is the best they can make it look. get ready and stay ready because time is short.

      • Galaxy 500

        YHWH please smit these evil doers

  36. Ray

    What a SUPERB Weekly News Wrap that was.
    Look at Hunter……..look at him.
    It’s the 10th round, he’s up off his stool and punching hard.
    The oponent can’t lay a glove on him.
    He has them out pointed in EVERY round.
    He’s the fighters’ fighter, that’s for sure.
    Keep punching mate……you are an inspiration, and a true St. George Red V Dragon.
    Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘🥊

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ray!!

  37. John poley

    Darpa created covid-19 bioweapon and dod patented it….why does our military leadership fail to provide the antidote? There has to be an antidote. Or, is the power of the Babylonian radhanite merchant banksters so powerful that these satanic worshippers control everything as they have created every war, every depression, every central bank, every communist country, every fed…

    • Greg Hunter

      China developed it with US funding and help.

  38. Alex MacArthur

    I think that message you showed should say NOW less than 7% . Am I correct ? Thanks , Greg for all you do

    • Greg Hunter

      I mean to say no more than 7% but it is between 6% and 7% according to two sources one is confidential and the other is Martin Armstrong.

  39. Joe Wong

    This is what happens when the current Joebama Buyden administration completely LACKS any concept in conducting DIALOGUE & DIPLOMACY since all Blundering Anthony Blinken, and Jacob Sullivan does is threaten every nation leaders they meet with wars and sanctions, instead of some form of agreement or compromise.

    Also, the current Joebama Buyden administration does NOT practice any legal form of Constitutional Governance. They have essentially turned the USA into a USSA or United Socialist States of Amerika. Its a disgrace what the did to Scott Ritter and Donald Trump.

    Also, when all else FAILS – they will take you to WAR !!! since War no longer seems to work anymore as well. Whenever the US, UK, EU, NATO attacks or starts a war with another nation, they now have the resources to FIGHT BACK now.

    Speaking of beef and chickens, there was a bird flu outbreak in Iowa which caused 53 people to get sick, and end up in hospitals as well.

    Then you wonder why Asian People in Asia are still eating CATS, and are living longer lives than we are in the states.

    Have a nice weekend to all.

  40. Galaxy 500

    We have to stop funding the U.N. We give Billions to our enemies to attack us.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree. UN = Pure Evil.

  41. John Jauregui

    There will be no election come November. None! America’s future is now in the hands of a foreign comic actor turned unelected despot given that he has been blessed with tens of billions of US dollars, a variety of NATO and US long range missiles and the unbridled authorization to use any of them to destroy theater and strategic targets deep inside Russia. He has already destroyed a strategic over-the-horizon early warning radar which has nothing to do with Ukraine’s national security. It’s destruction only proves to Russia and everyone else on this planet that NATO and the US have every intention of engaging Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and perhaps the rest of the BRICS nations in all out Thermo-Nuclear war, preferably this summer or fall immediately before the US national election. How could their conclusion be anything other than that? How much more Ukrainian targeting like this will it take for Russia to respond, by existential necessity, with tactical nukes which will escalate quickly to a planetary holocaust? Zelensky’s call, not ours. This grim logic has not escaped the American people two thirds of which can expect to be vaporized in such a nuclear exchange. This fact resonates with everyone since it was about that same proportion of Americans who were cajoled, manipulated and mandated into submitting to injections of a novel, untested, gene-editing mRNA, CDC proven fatally toxic concoction just a few months ago. To this day doctors are still authorized to engage Americans with this bioweapon just as Zelensky is authorized to engage any and all Russian military or civilian “targets” with US missiles. Dito Israel.


    • Greg Hunter

      Not sure there will be no election in November but there is a possibility of a nuke war.

    • Pete+only

      Reply to John Jauregui: About 50,000 Ukrainian soldiers are now being put out of action each month by the Russians, and this is up from about 30,000 per month at the start of the year.
      Putin and many of the BRICS countries now consider Zelensky as being an illegitimate president, as his term ended in May.
      Zelensky’s so called Peace Plan Meeting in Geneva Switzerland in a few weeks time will only be attended by a handful of countries, with not one BRICS nations in attendance, and even Joe Biden will not be attending Zelensky’s Peace Conference.
      The U.S military has about 800 bases located around the world, compared to just several for the Russians, so the U.S military has a lot to lose if the Russians start giving their hypersonic missiles to adversaries of the the U.S.
      Think of how many nations around the world that have been impacted by the actions of the CIA over all these years…so payback will be a bitch.
      After 2 years plus of war in the Ukraine, the western nations as well as the U.S are now virtually out of most ammunition and artillery shells, not to mention tanks, and missile defence systems.
      The Russians now produce 3 times the ammunition and artillery shells annually as the U.S and the NATO combined…Then you have North Korea, and China which produce even more of these components.
      Last month, Great Britain tried to fire a missile from one of it’s submarines in the gulf region on as a test, but it turned out to be a dismal failure.
      NATO is all talk and no action, but they are run by imbeciles, and this scares the hell out of me, as all they have left are nuclear weapons, when all is said and done.

  42. Randy Best

    Stock markets at all time highs. No 30% haircut for the US$. Bo Polny wrong again about God moving his hand . What is his reason for his poor forecasting?

    • Greg Hunter

      You are delusional if you think things are going well. Debt for US $1 trillion (Or more) every 100 days. Petro-dollar contract with Saudi Arabia is ending in a few days, and oh yeah, the risk of nuclear war has never been higher.
      Early is not wrong. Monumental moves ahead and you better be ready for dramatic change.

      • Galaxy 500

        I remember a very wealthy guy I worked for saying when I asked how he made his wealth , “I got in late and got out early.”
        No one buy YHWH has perfect timing

  43. Jeffrobbins

    Greg, If it’s not too late could you ask Mr. Armstrong about his thoughts on the insurance industry- in particular about home owners insurance? All the excess deaths have to factor in too. It’s not hard to image cancelled policies and entire areas being uninsurable and therefore unfinancable. Here in the west fire risk is becoming a huge issue, like some new type of red lining. But the real issue is another angle of the great taking/ and getting us off the land and into 15 minute cities.

  44. Prospector

    Dr. Peter McCullough in 2 minutes shreds the bird flu.

    The Athens, Georgia Poultry Diagnostic Research Center is the Epicenter for Bird Flu aka Disease X

  45. Justn Observer

    Greg. Ron Paul who saw the Ukraine mess long ago, people should have listened =

  46. christine reeves

    Read this on Gab social………one out of 3 Biden supporters, are just as stupid as the other 2! I have met Biden supporters in talking with folks. My sister in law sadly is one of them.

  47. Pam

    My husband retired from public school teaching last month. A former student came by the house to thank him for being such a wonderful mentor, when his own father was not. Anyway, he has just left the military after 4 years and shared that the suicide rate is off the charts. At least 3 per week, and mostly from guys that are called gamers…….those young men that have and do spend all extra time on video games. He said they don’t seem to have the mental capacity to deal with the stresses of the military or even life in general.

  48. Kay

    Right now, we have a two-tiered real estate market. The luxury homes are doing well because those folks are not affected by economic issues like the middle class. (The same was true with COVID. Not everyone experienced COVID the same.) The news reports that home values are rising, but many FL realtors say that since luxury home sales are more robust than non-luxury, the median price for a home is skewed upwards by the top-tier numbers.

    In Florida, many realtors expect a fire sale in the real estate condo market. New laws have hit that market, and many condo owners are being hit with very high assessments after mandatory inspections and rising HOA fees. I have heard two condo owners complain they got hit with 40,000 and 53,000 assessments. Most owners have a condo as a second home or bought cheaply since they are on fixed incomes. We need to watch this in addition to the commercial real estate market. Real Estate is not up and up and away like some on MSM claim. Major cracks are starting to show up here in SW FL.

    Three residential housing markets on the west coast of Florida are among the national leaders in slashing prices, with the deepest cuts nationwide coming from the North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton market, according to a new report from real estate data company Redfin.

    Housing supply surges by up to 50% in these metro areas — and many sellers are being forced to slash their asking prices

    Floridians were bombarded with hurricane news even before the season officially started, and now we are being bombarded even more. Several areas in Florida seemed to be “targeted” as to where the hurricane would hit. It is almost like they are saying they will steer these systems. WEIRD!

    Will a hurricane hit Florida during 2024 season? Research shows state’s, many counties’ risk

  49. Prospector

    INCOMING !!!!

    Michael Farris
    Prof. Murakami—A NEW BIOWEAPON

    Professor Murakami and Masako Ganaha talk about the MRNA replicant vaccines in Japan, his biggest fear, and more.




    Prof. Murakami’s new interview with

    We need World’s attention on Japan.
    Japan is the only country approved new death jab. This will affect outside Japan. This will affect everyone, everywhere. This new weapon is created to jump from jabbed to unjabbed.

    The mRNA will self-replicate.
    Self-amplifying weapon.

  50. Prospector

    Another isolated incident ?

    Michael Yon: Callsign BIG HONEY 6
    Chicken farms burning in Japan

  51. Justn Observer

    Greg, the ‘attacks’ by gov’ts on ranchers and farmers is becoming more nefarious than just irresponsible. There is more going on/planned than people are realizing.
    IDAHO SHUTS DOWN FARMERS “We’re all going to fail” =

    and as posted earlier about farm and ranch land grabs =

    When one sees what they are doing in places like the Netherlands and other parts of EU etc…and all the suspicious meat processing plants, egg production, grain storage etc… all as ‘some’ entities push for beyond meat type ‘fake food’ …and buying up lands and making them dormant and in the hands of ‘foreign’ owners. How long before food sovereignty is lost? ie the right to grow, produce, food for oneself, family, local community and nation…not just to eat, but as a means of financial security and economic security of one’s nation.

  52. Galaxy 500


    Are They TRYING to Start a Nuclear War?

    The steady path toward World War III continues. U.S. and NATO support for Ukraine in the war with Russia has been one long failure, but that hasn’t stopped them from escalating the war with new weapons and tactics.

    Russia has met the escalation with its own escalation every step of the way. At what point do rational leaders in the West (if there are any left) pause, consider that the war is lost in Ukraine, deescalate and seek a treaty to end the war?

  53. Galaxy 500

    While Beijing Buyden is tell Israel to allow Hamas time to regroup and rearm… something you don’t let terrorist do, Israel is kicking a$$.

  54. Stanley

    Hi Greg, you mention the EU and populist (popular) politicians making gains.

    You have probably heard of Eva Vlaardingerbroek, but I thought I’d mention her just in case she hasn’t yet caught your attention.

    She is right on your wavelength about god and the family, immigrant invaders, leftists and woke polices, the lot.

    ” Eva Vlaardingerbroek | Reject Globalism: Embrace God | Brussels National Conservatism Conference”

    “Netherlands immigration: ‘The PM doesn’t care!’ says Eva Vlaardingerbroek”

    “Eva Vlaardingerbroek says young girls are being ‘sacrificed on the altar of mass migration”

  55. DK

    Greg, I just wanted to give you some quick feedback. I usually don’t watch the weekend wrap-ups that you do, not because I don’t want to see them but just because I spend enough time during the week watching people’s activist videos, etc. (I do frequently watch your interviews with various people, like Bill Holter or Martin Armstrong, for examples.)

    But I did end up watching your weekly wrap-up on Friday, and I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your down to earth honesty and sincerity. Even though you’re doing things sort of off the cuff, it comes across really well and engaging. Love how you hold up various headlines to the camera and then talk a bit about them. Also really appreciate the integrity and the emotional sincerity that comes across. I can tell you are coming from the heart when you speak, and that’s a big deal. In other words, I like your style! We need more journalists like you. 😉

    Keep up the great work…


    PS The above words have nothing to do with the following, but I wish you would consider reading the book I’ve spent 22 years writing. I guarantee it will grab your interest long before you reach page 20. You won’t find it boring, poorly written, or irrelevant. This project has been my primary life mission and I think it is going to change the world of religion along with the perspectives of practically everyone who reads it – – and that is no exaggeration. As the latest reviewer on Amazon says, if you read English even just slightly well, this book is a must-read. It’s a once in history gift to the people of planet Earth. I hope your subscribers will check it out. Reading the latest Amazon review by a woman named “Gabrielle,” one will get the point very quickly. This book is a game changer for the world.

    Here’s the link to the Amazon page. I suggest that people read some of the reviews to get the idea.

    Wrestling with Jesus: A Global Gift of Love and Liberation

  56. michael burton

    Psalm 46:8-9, 8 Come and witness the activities of Jehovah, How he has done astonishing things on the earth.9He is bringing an end to wars throughout the earth. He breaks the bow and shatters the spear; He burns the military wagons with fire.

  57. Greg [Not Hunter]

    Greg your doing good work………..keep it up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for supporting USAW!!

  58. Bill Holder

    Gotta love all these wheasel rat bastards are doing. Have anybody step back for a min and look at the entire globle and see what is going on?

    If you look carefuly, the NATO rats wants to weaken Russia; at the same time, weakening themselves from the inside. At the end, we end up with a destroyed world population, destroyed world economy, destroyed nations. You might ask why?

    Who is coming to pick up the pieces and rule over what is left? If you can answer that, you will be way far ahead of the majority.

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