MSM Will Not Cover Treason, North Korea Update, Cartoon Markets

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 306 10.20.17)

The mainstream media refuses to cover the real Russian collusion and treason story. If you watch the MSM, you will not hear that President Obama and Hillary Clinton signed away one-fifth of U.S. uranium production with what looks like bribes to the Clinton Foundation in the form of “donations.”  The FBI, under Robert Mueller, knew all about the shady Russia deal and ignored it.  The second in command at the Justice Department, Rob Rosenstein, also knew about it as he investigated part of the kickbacks and bribes surrounding the deal.  Fast-forward to today, and you have Rosenstein hiring Robert Mueller to investigate Trump and collusion with the Russians in the 2016 election.  There has not been a single person charged after a year and a half of “investigating” by Mueller.  There are calls for these people to step down and an investigation be started on all involved in this uranium deal.  You cannot make this stuff up.

The U.S. Navy and South Korea are conducting war games around the Korean peninsula. North Korea has slammed the warship gathering as a “rehearsal for war.”  Meanwhile, Russia is warning the U.S. not to “back North Korea into a corner.”

There is one all-time high after another in the markets these days. Why are the markets so exuberant since the economy is not growing at a rate above 2%?  It’s so crazy it’s like a cartoon.  Is it because the Fed will have a new and even more dovish Chairman soon when Janet Yellen’s term ends?  Are things about to turn up because of Trump, or is it a super nova stock market top getting ready to blow into a black hole?  Renowned Yale economics professor Robert Shiller is warning 1987 could “happen again.”

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Dr. Dave Janda is the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.” Dr. Janda talks about skyrocketing insurance premiums and why the health insurers think they are going to get a bailout.  Dr. Janda also taps his deep Washington D.C. connections and reveals how and when some shoes will be dropping about what’s coming for the elite surrounding child abuse and rape.

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  1. Paul ...

    Come on Trump … give Ty some help … … unless you need to pay Hillary to pray for you!

    • Paul ...

      Forget Hillary’s “pay-for-play” operation … imagine what Hillary got in her “pay-for-spy” operation … … now that she is finally out of power … she still has something up her sleeve ( a “pay-for pray” operation) … by her becoming a “minister” she can tell her Satanist followers “she has connections” … and for a sizable donation to her “Spirit Cooking Fund” she can intercede on their behalf and get them a guaranteed ticket to Hell!!!

      • Paul ...

        So Hillary and the Demon-rats make a deal with Putin to return their spy’s … they make a deal with Kim Jung-un to provide him with nuclear weapons, ICBM’s and guidance technology, make deals with other nations for cash contributions to their private bank accounts … and then they turn around and blame Trump for doing deals with Russia? … it isn’t hard to figure out who the crazy people are? … Trump has been blinded, his hair cut and he is now in chains “turning the grist mill of war” for the evil ones … but way deep down inside I still have hope … hope that perhaps like Samson in the Bible he can break his chains and bring down the evil Deep State structure around him … and return our Nation to its Constitutional foundations!!

  2. vincent_g

    Why would anyone listen to a one term president?
    Bush is yesterday and he was a failure.

    During the debate against Clinton and Perot it was clear he was so disconnected from the people which is why he lost.

    Nothing he has to say is worth listening to.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      George W. Bush was a 2 term president. Don’t confuse him with his father, George H.W. Bush, who was a 1 term president.

      • Paul ...

        And lets not be confused that Bush “was a traitor” for attacking his own country … just as Hillary and Bill “were” by selling uranium to Russia to “strengthen them” and selling nukes, missiles and guidance systems to N. Korea to “strengthen it” … and who was Bush and the Clinton’s taking their orders from?? … The Deep State! … who’s plan it was to “strengthen” both Russia and N. Korea … so the Deep State could have a valid excuse for placing even more nuclear missiles around Russia and China!!

  3. vincent_g

    Dr. Paul brought up Glass Steagall for a good reason.

    Since the regulation side of Glass Steagall was removed the FDIC is no longer protected.

    At this point the FDIC is not able to cover one top 10 bank failure.
    They would have you give you an IOU.

    If I was to guess it would be they would only cover small accounts and the rest would have to take an IOU.
    When the next downturn happens some of the top 10 banks will go down.
    This will continue until there is only one bank left standing.

    This is the road that Fiat Money leads to.
    Do you like it?

    • Paul ...

      I hope everyone remembers “not to put” the Trump tax cut you get into the “big banks” … keep the approximate $4,000 dollars Trump will give to ordinary taxpayers “under your bed” … and when you do spend any of it … buy American made products … and watch the VIX rebound … as the economy is finally given a boost by people having the money to spend (rather then the Fed giving the money to the banks who did not invest it in America)!

    • JMiller


      The FDIC insurance fund will not even be used if any of the big banks fail. The FDIC has stated that if any systemically important bank becomes insolvent that they will create a bridge bank which will be solvent. The FDIC will then transfer all of the insured deposits, as well as the assets of the insolvent bank, to the newly created bridge bank. Insured depositors will then have access to their accounts. Since the insured deposits are now in a solvent bank there will be no payout to insured depositors from the FDIC insurance fund. Now how this all plays out is yet to be seen but the FDIC’s first responsibility is to protect depositors, especially insured depositors, and this is how they plan on doing it when it comes to the TBTF banks. And if the FDIC needs any money they will get it. They already have a line of credit with the Treasury. So insured depositors will NOT be getting an IOU unless you are talking about insured depositors getting paid in dollars.

  4. Robert Dziok

    Obama was nothing more than a Slick Talking Hypocritical Trojan Horse Globalist controlled Lackey. Had the

    Obama was nothing more than a Slick Talking Hypocritical Trojan Horse Globalist controlled Lackey. Had even a small amount of the TRUTH that came out about him over the years been known upfront he wouldn’t have been elected dog catcher as the saying goes. What a wrecking ball for the Republic he proved to be.