MSM Will Not Cover Treason, North Korea Update, Cartoon Markets

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 306 10.20.17)

The mainstream media refuses to cover the real Russian collusion and treason story. If you watch the MSM, you will not hear that President Obama and Hillary Clinton signed away one-fifth of U.S. uranium production with what looks like bribes to the Clinton Foundation in the form of “donations.”  The FBI, under Robert Mueller, knew all about the shady Russia deal and ignored it.  The second in command at the Justice Department, Rob Rosenstein, also knew about it as he investigated part of the kickbacks and bribes surrounding the deal.  Fast-forward to today, and you have Rosenstein hiring Robert Mueller to investigate Trump and collusion with the Russians in the 2016 election.  There has not been a single person charged after a year and a half of “investigating” by Mueller.  There are calls for these people to step down and an investigation be started on all involved in this uranium deal.  You cannot make this stuff up.

The U.S. Navy and South Korea are conducting war games around the Korean peninsula. North Korea has slammed the warship gathering as a “rehearsal for war.”  Meanwhile, Russia is warning the U.S. not to “back North Korea into a corner.”

There is one all-time high after another in the markets these days. Why are the markets so exuberant since the economy is not growing at a rate above 2%?  It’s so crazy it’s like a cartoon.  Is it because the Fed will have a new and even more dovish Chairman soon when Janet Yellen’s term ends?  Are things about to turn up because of Trump, or is it a super nova stock market top getting ready to blow into a black hole?  Renowned Yale economics professor Robert Shiller is warning 1987 could “happen again.”

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Dr. Dave Janda is the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.” Dr. Janda talks about skyrocketing insurance premiums and why the health insurers think they are going to get a bailout.  Dr. Janda also taps his deep Washington D.C. connections and reveals how and when some shoes will be dropping about what’s coming for the elite surrounding child abuse and rape.

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  1. Paul ...

    Come on Trump … give Ty some help … … unless you need to pay Hillary to pray for you!

    • Paul ...

      Forget Hillary’s “pay-for-play” operation … imagine what Hillary got in her “pay-for-spy” operation … … now that she is finally out of power … she still has something up her sleeve ( a “pay-for pray” operation) … by her becoming a “minister” she can tell her Satanist followers “she has connections” … and for a sizable donation to her “Spirit Cooking Fund” she can intercede on their behalf and get them a guaranteed ticket to Hell!!!

      • Paul ...

        So Hillary and the Demon-rats make a deal with Putin to return their spy’s … they make a deal with Kim Jung-un to provide him with nuclear weapons, ICBM’s and guidance technology, make deals with other nations for cash contributions to their private bank accounts … and then they turn around and blame Trump for doing deals with Russia? … it isn’t hard to figure out who the crazy people are? … Trump has been blinded, his hair cut and he is now in chains “turning the grist mill of war” for the evil ones … but way deep down inside I still have hope … hope that perhaps like Samson in the Bible he can break his chains and bring down the evil Deep State structure around him … and return our Nation to its Constitutional foundations!!

  2. vincent_g

    Why would anyone listen to a one term president?
    Bush is yesterday and he was a failure.

    During the debate against Clinton and Perot it was clear he was so disconnected from the people which is why he lost.

    Nothing he has to say is worth listening to.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      George W. Bush was a 2 term president. Don’t confuse him with his father, George H.W. Bush, who was a 1 term president.

      • Paul ...

        And lets not be confused that Bush “was a traitor” for attacking his own country … just as Hillary and Bill “were” by selling uranium to Russia to “strengthen them” and selling nukes, missiles and guidance systems to N. Korea to “strengthen it” … and who was Bush and the Clinton’s taking their orders from?? … The Deep State! … who’s plan it was to “strengthen” both Russia and N. Korea … so the Deep State could have a valid excuse for placing even more nuclear missiles around Russia and China!!

  3. vincent_g

    Dr. Paul brought up Glass Steagall for a good reason.

    Since the regulation side of Glass Steagall was removed the FDIC is no longer protected.

    At this point the FDIC is not able to cover one top 10 bank failure.
    They would have you give you an IOU.

    If I was to guess it would be they would only cover small accounts and the rest would have to take an IOU.
    When the next downturn happens some of the top 10 banks will go down.
    This will continue until there is only one bank left standing.

    This is the road that Fiat Money leads to.
    Do you like it?

    • Paul ...

      I hope everyone remembers “not to put” the Trump tax cut you get into the “big banks” … keep the approximate $4,000 dollars Trump will give to ordinary taxpayers “under your bed” … and when you do spend any of it … buy American made products … and watch the VIX rebound … as the economy is finally given a boost by people having the money to spend (rather then the Fed giving the money to the banks who did not invest it in America)!

    • JMiller


      The FDIC insurance fund will not even be used if any of the big banks fail. The FDIC has stated that if any systemically important bank becomes insolvent that they will create a bridge bank which will be solvent. The FDIC will then transfer all of the insured deposits, as well as the assets of the insolvent bank, to the newly created bridge bank. Insured depositors will then have access to their accounts. Since the insured deposits are now in a solvent bank there will be no payout to insured depositors from the FDIC insurance fund. Now how this all plays out is yet to be seen but the FDIC’s first responsibility is to protect depositors, especially insured depositors, and this is how they plan on doing it when it comes to the TBTF banks. And if the FDIC needs any money they will get it. They already have a line of credit with the Treasury. So insured depositors will NOT be getting an IOU unless you are talking about insured depositors getting paid in dollars.

  4. Robert Dziok

    Obama was nothing more than a Slick Talking Hypocritical Trojan Horse Globalist controlled Lackey. Had the

    Obama was nothing more than a Slick Talking Hypocritical Trojan Horse Globalist controlled Lackey. Had even a small amount of the TRUTH that came out about him over the years been known upfront he wouldn’t have been elected dog catcher as the saying goes. What a wrecking ball for the Republic he proved to be.

  5. Brent

    Hi Greg,

    I feel very bad for you on what are going through right now with your health insurance. I find it interesting that you were paying more for insurance than I what I make at my job. I am living on a part-time job that pays $965 a month (after taxes), and because of that I get free medicaid through the Obamacare medicaid expansion. I now feel very fortunate as that $2,900 a month they want now from you is beyond ridiculous! I have heard that Obamacare was designed to fail on purpose, and judging by those rates you posted, I believe it to be true. God bless…Brent

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your kind words. It’s going to be OK. I will get some sort of Christian health care.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      We live on that and have medicaid as well….if a disabled senior works the income line goes up. It’s good the govt. encourages it. Obama did some good things…he was dead set against privatizing Social Security because older people spent their savings on the younger family members and were counting on it. I remember when he said that. I hated those wars but liked some things Obama did…like the US govt. watch on slavery and sweatshops by country. He cared about those people.
      I read blogs on economics online and nobody talks about those sweatshops and slaves, just their own personal money.

  6. KBR

    Once again Greg you are spot on and god bless. Thank you.

  7. Mike from the north

    BEST weekly news wrap up…..EVER

    Knocked it out of the park with this one Greg.

    Thank You..will share this one with others.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mike for the viral promotion.

      • freebrezer

        Greg – first time I could not watch you! Three minutes in to the Hillary crap I had to stop listening … I came to a boil and my head was about to explode over the corruption! I am well versed in it but it is beyond frustrating see this level of corruption … Where in the hell is Jeff Session! Why in the hell isn’t there a special prosecutor going after Hillary, Comey, Muller, Loreta Lycnh etc? I will finish later, but this is beyond the pail per corruption! They all belong in Jail and now! And we have a special prosecutor going after trump because Russia ran a couple add on face time (or what ever it is called) … NO!!!! what is happening is that Mueller and company are deep sixing all the ties to Russia to protect the corrupt hillary team and all involved!

  8. James Brown

    “Lock Her Up!”
    “Lock Her Up!”
    “Lock Her Up!”
    -Say It Like A Prayer

    • Paul ...

      Say it with every bead of your rosary!! … “Lock Her Up” (along with all the other traitors)!!

    • freebrezer

      Oppps forgot to capitalize ‘Trump’ … my mistake

  9. Aussie Clive

    Great WNW Greg.
    Isn’t it clear to everyone by now that Session and Rosenstein are there to protect the Clintons, Obamas, Bush (9/11) Nothing positive will occur until these two are fired. From the start Sessions acted like a weasel, looked like a weasel and smelled like a weasel. You can see it in his eyes – he’s a WEASEL. What has he achieved since he was appointed DOJ except recuse himself from the Russian investigation. Sessions would have known before his appointment that he was going to recuse himself but I’ll bet he didn’t tell Trump that beforehand. I don’t like some things Trump has done and said so far but if he is serious now he will go a long way to redeeming himself. The USA needs a Turkey style mass arrest of embedded traitors.
    The trouble, as discussed before in this forum, is that if Trump makes a sincere effort to pursue these traitors, he or someone close to him, will likely be killed.
    Just imagine the day when the MSM will be forced to report that Obama and the Clintons were actually colluding with and profiteering from the Russians, not Trump.
    One has to be patient and remember Henry Wadsworth Longfellows’s words “though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small”.

  10. dachsielady

    There are two items of very good news this week regarding human trafficking and pedophilia in the United States.

    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
    “84 kids rescued, 120 human traffickers arrested in FBI sting”

    Authorities in Polk County, Florida
    arrested 277 people on prostitution and human-trafficking charges during a weeklong undercover sting.
    “Operation No Tricks, No Treats” included agents from police departments in Lakeland, Haines City, Lake Wales and Winter Haven, in conjunction with the State Attorney’s Office.
    Mike Cernovich being interviewed by Infowars made some important observations in this video…
    “let’s just give them Harvey Weinstein”
    These Harvey Weinstein revelations are a distraction thrown at the public to distract from the total collapse of Hollywood and the the total exposure of the widespread pedophilia rampant deadly sin in the USA.

    Shirley Temple Black was interviewed on the Larry King Live TV show about ten years ago and told how she and her mother were being interviewed by two top studio executives for a movie that she was being considered to star in and she and her mother in two separate rooms were subjected to most inappropriate sexual behavior by each of the studio executives. Shirley told her mother after the major studio interview that the man who interviewed her was “an exhibitor.” This was in the early 1940s when Shirley Temple was about 11 years old.
    This Hollywood garbage has being going on at least since the talkies came in 1929 and all of Hollywood and mainstream media know it.
    I am looking forward to the interview of Mr. Janda. This is the Lord’s work in exposing this Satanic evil. It will save the lives and hopefully the precious souls of the abused and trafficked and even murdered victims.
    Here is more good news.

    Las Vegas “massacre” official narrative is falling apart rapidly. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and Dr. James Fetzer are publishing and seeking medical proofs and specific information to substantiate the names and numbers of people who were reported to have been killed and injured. Las Vegas and federal government officials are working hard to not have this important information, or lack of information, revealed. The Clark County Nevada coroners office is on “lockdown” and refused to give any information about the “58 plus “shooter” – 59 people killed.”

    Christus vincit.
    Christus regnat.
    Christus imperat.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Dave Janda talks about the media black out of all the pedophilia arrests. Janda is the guest for the “Early Sunday Release” and he drops some bombs on why Michael Flynn has never been charged.

      • Paul ...

        Greg … the media blacks out the pedophilia arrests as they want to keep the power to mold men’s minds by interpreting, molding and even deleting the news … instead of simply reporting the news … sort of like what the Vatican does … instead of just giving us the straight news as written in the Bible (for us to interpret) … i.e. like when I read in the Bible … a man was told “by God” to kill his son … that God had to be a “false God” … why does our belief in God always get wrapped in some sort of blood sacrifice? … the only God I know of who deals in sacrificing our children, eating their bodies and drinking their blood is Satan and his evil pedophile followers … a God of love (Jesus) would never do such things … but the MSM wants to keep this quiet … why? … because they are Satanists!!

        • Paul ...

          Very sad news about the reporter doing God’s work who was blown up with a car bomb by Satanists … we will take casualties in this war between Good and Evil … but we will eventually destroy the Evil Deep State … one “Stone” at a time!! …

  11. JC Davis

    Good long wrap up.
    I love my country, my flag, my state, my city, and my friends. Those that don’t are missing the joy of living.
    Hate, and corruption will always be, however it will never own the soul of a faithful person. We can change what is around us by changing ourselves.

  12. Southern Girl

    I’m still scream laughing about your comment, “They pulled his pants down…and showed all his warts. Never heard that one before but works for me. Got to make a donation for anyone who does all your hard work to keep us informed of the TRUTH.

  13. Louis

    1.5 Trillion.
    1.5 Trillion in tax cuts. The market is
    in full jubilation. The tax cuts will be the
    catalyst for a economic recovery. The markets
    know that the fed is going to continue to print
    until the dollar just disappears. The only thing
    is when does it end ?

  14. john duffy

    Christians, they will soon come after you, they always do!

  15. Flattop

    Is it true that ISIS is the army of the Deep State/ Cabal. Financed and directed by them?

  16. pat the rat

    The federal reserved found out how to fix the stock market buy using computers and some limited statement,they drive up price until humans take good look at it and the collapse is clear to everybody.

  17. Macray

    Rep. Frederica Wilson politicization of the Don’s phone call was complete BS. It’s a shame that all members of the Don’s party doesn’t come out swinging at this joke.
    First 7 min and 45 seconds of video

    But when I asked the question, what the F are we in Niger and what country are we not fighting and killing in, no one here or out there gives a F.

  18. iwitness02

    Things are really getting interesting now. The noose is tightening around the elites (so called) while the noose is relaxing a bit around the necks of the citizens of this country. We may see truth, justice and freedom in our life times.
    I have not heard of anyone suing Greg for his statements about treason. Must be a reason that nobody is defending themselves for treason. To busy covering it up. If they had ironclad alibis they would have Greg off the air by now, or worse. And of course the non stop lying by seemingly the entire obama regime. Also the alphabet fed. agencies are slowly be revealed for their criminal activities. They can’t seem to stop the truth from coming out. Oh great controllers of the narrative. Can’t wait for them to tell us to give up all of our guns. The lying liers are being found out.

    • Greg Hunter

      If the noose is tightening as you say (and I agree) then this is a very dangerous time. Desperate people do desperate illogical things such as crash financial markets and start wars. Thank you for your comment and support!!

    • Diane

      Greg won’t get sued either, because the best defense againt a slander suit is the truth.

  19. Fear Not

    Greg, It’s called “Psychological Projection.” Wikipedia defines it as “a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities… by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.[1] For example, a person who is habitually intolerant may constantly accuse other people of being intolerant. It incorporates blame shifting.”

    So when Hillary, and her accomplices, commit treason by approving the 20% sale of Uranium One in a “Pay 4 Play” scheme, then accuse President Trump of colluding with the Russians, they’re just projecting their own guilt on the opposition. Another example is Antifa. They say they’re anti-facists, yet they use the very same violent tactics of Hitler’s Brown Shirts to shut down free speech.

    Some people would say the left is mentally ill, but from my perspective, they have a “reprobate mind.” They so far from God’s presence and laws, to them, what’s right is wrong, and what’s wrong is right.” I don’t even try to figure them out anymore.

    Isaiah 5:20 – Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not”
      Thank you for this analysis and comment!!! I think you got it!!

  20. Fatima message

    Greg, you are absolutely correct! God is in control!
    The Fatima message, a documented event that took place over 100 years ago, that a HUGE battle between the forces of “good and evil”/God and Satan was about to occur, that ALL evil would finally be destroyed – by God. Seem impossible? What about the deluge event! That event quickly destroyed an evil civilization and even our cultural memory of this civilization. Read Matthew’s Gospel chapter 24! Research the Fatima event. Today the good and evil forces are taking noticeable positions. As Lucia (Fatima seer) said there are NOW only two sides: if one is not spiritually good – free from sin – one is on the side of evil and Satan! The Evil of this material world is in plain sight – easy to discern. Atheistic communism – Russia’s Error – (man glorified instead of God glorified) seems firmly entrenched everywhere. The swamp is huge. Even in the hierarchy of the church – it’s rite of ritual mass giving worship and glory to God has been replaced after Vatican II by a service to”man.” The battle lines are clearly drawn! Take notice!

    • Greg Hunter

      I am backing Jesus Christ!!! He’s going to win hands down (Matthew 28:18) Thank you!

      • Mr. Byrd

        “I am backing Jesus Christ!!!” you say. I say, ‘Not so long as you embrace the ideology of Dispensationalism.’ You should come clean with your readers about the sort of ‘Christianity’ you actually endorse.

        • Greg Hunter

          Mr. Byrd,
          I have NEVER said ANYTHING about “Dispensationalism.” I “endorse” Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. The rest you can read in the Bible and you can start with Matthew 28:18. You Lie. Please read:

    • Bill

      Fatima message:
      I am amazed that you think there will be this great big battle between God and satan. They are not equals. God created him along with all the other angels, therefore he can off him at any time he chooses.

  21. Jim

    Good WNW Deep State is desperate when they have to bring Bush 43 out of mothballs. Obama and 43 are now, suddenly BFF’s.

  22. Michael Spevacek

    Snopes debunks you.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are using the fact less left wing Snopes? I am having a big old belly laugh right now!!!! NOT credible, and you are embarrassing yourself by posting this.

      • Justn Observer

        Ha Ha …I am with you Greg…. people might want to snopes snopes and see who backs and funds them! lol

    • Diane

      Everyone knows SNOPES is FAKE.
      They were Clinton supporters…they are part of the main stream media FAKE NEWS.

  23. Sue Patterson

    I absolutely love your Friday WNWs, and I look forward to them all week. Daily would be even better (hint, hint). Maybe just a MNR, Mid-week News Round-up. Some of the big names who do the daily internet shows are a bit too frenetic, and take four hours to say what you back into 20 to 40 minutes. I especially love the way you cover the absurdity of mainstream headlines. It’s easy to get frustrated so your final words of encouragement are stellar!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sue. I’d love to do this everyday but that would take a staff. I work on the WNW all week long and I spend most of Thursday putting it all together. You are very kind to support USAW!!!

  24. andyb

    It is patently obvious that the FBI and DOJ are corrupt and have been for many years, more so even when Hoover kept extortion files on politicos during his tenure. The revolving door history of all the major players, Mueller, Comey, Holder, and the Clintons indicate that the power behind the throne in the deep state controls all of the intelligence agencies and is the last word on placing people in high sequential positions, whether in government, law, banking, national security or as in the case of both Bushes, Clinton, and Obama, the actual Presidency. Bush Sr was the CIA coordinator in Dealey Plaza. It’s no accident that JFK Jr (who knew who was behind the assassination) named his publication “George”; and it wasn’t a homage to our first President. Obama’s mother worked for many CIA front organizations, and Clinton funneled drugs for the CIA in Mena, Arkansas. So the CIA (and FBI, DOJ) are obviously the controller of action and policy both foreign and domestic under the direction of a more powerful entity which could only be the Red Shield.

  25. Buffy V.S.

    Mueller was only hired as Special Counsel in May 2017, just five months ago. He had to hire a team and begin collecting information from witness all over the globe. . He has NOT been doing this for one and a half years! Alternative facts much, Greg?!?

    • Greg Hunter

      Buffy VS,
      This so-called “investigation” has been going on since July of 2016. Mueller is only the most recent part of the “investigation.” Here’s the liberal leaning for backup: Now, get your crayons and go back to playing in the street please.

  26. Larry White

    Here is Jim Rickards latest updated analysis on North Korea. Just heard back from him this morning after he attended national security meeting in Washington DC yesterday (10-19-17):

  27. jerry

    I hate to break it to you and your readers, but the fact is “we’re already slaves”. Bond slaves to the central bankers who have infiltrated our government and borrowed against US as collateral. Don’t think so? Just try not paying your taxes and see what happens. And for those of you living on the government welfare plantation? Just try owning something for yourself and see how long those government checks keep coming in.

    I realized along time ago when I came over from the dark side, that I was already in debt to the ONE who paid the price for me on the cross. I have one lord, and one master, and his name is Jesus Christ. Whether you like it or not, or believe it or not, the fact is you’re going to have to surf someday. Its just a matter of where that’s going to be. In the end that’s all you ever get is….time………and……an……….epic……ride.

    • Justn Observer

      Indirectly true…but then ‘legal’ contracts have to have such attributes as offer, acceptance, sufficient consideration….along NOT ONLY with mutual assent but with the REALITY OF ASSENT …and mental competency… As the people (sheeple) awaken… it will become clear the tool USED to enslave them was ….passed without a quorm… that the use of FICTITOUS TRUSTS…Capital names … suggests they are incompetent to contract for themselves at birth and/or were abandon…that the ‘terms’ were never made clear or apparent to the ‘informant’ (mothers) at time of birth to place them in ‘regis-try’ and the terms apparently…without a lock box on the promised benefits tied to SSN never ‘materialized’ sufficient to be adequate to the ‘promise’ nor have they then or now stuck to those ‘terms’ …nor with sufficient revision to alter the contracts.. and then too…it — IF the ”intent” was as you say…economic enslavement without proper knowledge …even less than the old ways of …indentured slavery. That purpose…might not pass muster as I am lead to believe…that slavery of any kind – against a persons will is illegal or am I wrong? …so at the root PURPOSE of ‘contract’ that Sen. Reid always considered ‘ voluntary’ is actually ….ILLEGAL.
      And dare say…as the re-writes on benefits and payouts etc… without clearing up any of the prior shortcomings of the parties lack of understanding … the continued non-disclosure and concealment of the facts you seem to offer to the masses…. I can only ask…if what you say is true….what have YOU done to remedy YOUR enslavement…?
      Of course as to the above…were it considered factual….then ‘Substantial and Timely Performance under the terms might be a consideration for those suffering a lack of SOCIAL SECURITY or PROMISED PENSIONS which opens a huge door of excuses for NON-PERFORMANCE…. of which might include death,(de-population) non- existence of thing necessary for performance ( collapsed banking and debt instruments or commercial frustration)… unforeseen difficulty (world war)… In light of the obvious…must do the ostrich thing and hope it all just goes away while some ‘stack’ and others prep… Most lean on the 2nd amendment but lack clarity as to when or what will be the last straw to which they might actually use them….and with the advent of DEW weapons…one wonders… at what point will they have waited too long for that to matter? lol After years of eating the GMO, taking mercury vaccinations, breathing CHEM -TRAIL LADEN air… It seems ‘their’ plan is the slow burn…as CAF suggests… at which point the rats always become too weak, too ill, to complacent, to infeebled to respond… My guess…they will increase the legal pot and opiate use…and soon replace the ‘helicopter drops of cash and pumped up markets’ with bags of Doritios , free sports and porn viewing on line.
      Of course…there is always hope people will TAKE A STAND , rather than learn TO TAKE A KNEE….and soon!

      • Jerry

        Justn Observer
        Your question:
        …. I can only ask…if what you say is true….what have YOU done to remedy YOUR enslavement…?
        My answer:
        Pay off all debts. Refuse all government handouts (including social security). Be self reliant. And most importantly…. pray for the speedy return of our lord Jesus Christ to destroy Lucifer’s empire.

        • JMiller

          Social security is not a government handout. It is not welfare.

      • Stan

        Hey Jerry: Where is the Gold backed Petro Yuan? (he he he)

    • Jerry

      Lucifer has dreamed of being the head of a one world government since he was cast out of heaven: Revelation 12:7
      Is it any wonder the globalist attack religious values and try to destroy the family? Anything that resembles religious freedom and exceptionality has to be torn down to make way for the one world government the desire. I post the information about the Chinese exchange system as warning to this end.

  28. Paul from Indiana

    John 8:32 Thanks, Greg
    (“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Indy Paul!!

  29. Justn Observer

    Pollock family owns crisis actor company and crisis management biz?
    What? Pollack alive in Atlantic City?
    Pollock brother may have been seen where?
    and NO CHANCE these were muzzle flashes- PERIOD?
    AND WHO? said his room was # 32134 and had survelliance wires from the hall going under his door?
    Amazing —-simply amazing huh ?

  30. Tad

    Greg, I want to see the pedophile list publicized. Online. Where is Julian Assange?

    Following Uranium One with Tucker Carlson the past few days. He believes this process is continuing.

    If I were President Trump, I would call for an export ban on uranium or plutonium-period. Unlike US government handling of gold and silver, the military and civilian energy and weapons implications should signal the no-brainer light.

  31. epidoc

    The NYT, also known as part of the mainstream media, broke this story a couple of years ago. Here’s the link to today’s summary from the WAPO, as well as a verbatim paragraph.

    “In any case, the New York Times devoted two ace investigative reporters — Jo Becker and Mike McIntire — to the story. The project received a boost from materials gathered by Peter Schweizer, who has been a senior editor at large at Breitbart and is the author of “Clinton Cash.” Fox News used input from Becker for a piece on the uranium decision. Other media outlets ran followups, fact-checks, blog posts, the whole deal.”

    I’m not sure whether you lie in order to keep your followers or perhaps you don’t even know you’re lying. Based on my past experience with you, you won’t print this because you don’t print my comments when I present actual evidence that you are wrong. Facts do matter.

    • Greg Hunter

      What a joke. They mentioned it and it was pretty much a one and done. Total joke. Said things such as “possible conflict of interest” when in fact we now know it was bribery and fraud and I think treason!!! There is new information out about how the FBI and DOJ had active investigations with insiders before and after the Uranium deal with documents and witnesses that proved bribery and fraud. Are you an idiot that will believe anything the Liberals at the MSM will tell you? Can you not use some critical thinking skills or are you a product of the “common stupid” public education system??? The MSM never touched or investigated the global charity fraud of the Clinton foundation which is where the “donations went to. This is too stupid to be stupid!!!!!!!! What the MSM did was really a way of saying “look we covered this and there’s nothing to it.” THEY DID NOT DIG INTO THIS, because if they did they would have found the Clinton Charity was never set up to take money correctly in the first place. It was set up as a presidential library. They would have also found massive fraud and many angry people in Haiti that got screwed out of billions of dollars collected on their behalf because of the devastating earth quakes there. They protested outside of Bill Clinton’s NYC office many times and the MSM and NYT and the WAPO ignored them. Get the hell out of here with this weak as hell crap.!!!!! I was an investigative reporter at the networks and know how it’s done and this ain’t it. Yes I agree, “Facts do matter” and you and the MSM keep leaving them out, or spinning them, or flat-out lying to America. Now go collect your pay Troll.


      By the way the new headline is Bill Clinton met with Putin just before the uranium deal was completed. I am sure that was a coincidence. Did you see the NYT or WAPO report this little recent fact????????? Hell no,and that is my point. The MSM lies by omission and also out-right lies too.

  32. Alannon

    Have to drop WAY more than 5,000 points to justify being out of the market as long as most of us have been. PCR even said its been a “Mistake” to have been out of the market for the last 10 years. Total Crash or Bust!

  33. Rock

    Thanks Greg. Another great week of work. You are a beacon of light in a dark world.
    On an unrelated topic, it seems like everyone I know is having muscle cramps unlike anything they have ever had. I am wondering if it is related to geoengineering chemtrails, something in the water or the food. We are in Texas. Just wondering.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for posting that question here.

    • Justn Observer

      Muscle cramps offer an indication of something…so seek medical advise. Might try a pinch test and see if your excessively dehydrated or maybe lacking some essentials like mag, zinc, potassium also… Can come with aging, and dehydration due to excessive caffeine and food that are diuretic.
      You might also seek out some quinine sulfate tablets at a health food or get a prescription. Some meds might also cause such….so best seek advise….but …that said…VETS do get quinine sulfate for such…and it works quite well and effectively against those bouts of late night leg cramps… There in Texas…hot, everyone sweating and working un customarily hard doing all the clean up, along with upset routines and lacking water supplies… would suggest special attention to getting ample clean and fresh water intake… view these… with what you all are going thru there in Texas and Florida, and Puerto Rico… a combination of these reasons and lack of maybe iron ( add some dark baking chocolate to your coffee?) might be a combination of reasons.
      Wishing you all well down there …and for a speedy recovery…

  34. Hugh


    As I said a couple weeks ago, none of what your guest are saying or saying is going to happen. All these prediction have been going on for months. I for one, as I am sure others are sick and tired of these doom and gloom predictions. The markets keep going up no matter what is happening. All your guest continue to recommend gold and silver and buys some mining stocks. Anyone who has followed that plan as lost their rear end and missed the greatest market rise ever.

    This was suppose to be a big week with CHINA, and it turned into another dud. These insane predictions of what the Chinese and Russia are going to do is getting very old.

    I believe we are in a house of cards, but things can stay irrational for a very long time. 2015 was the year, then 2016, then 2017! Well 2017 is about over and life is wonderful. Ask anybody that invest for a living and they will tell you clients are thrilled!!

    • Greg Hunter

      We live in a cartoon world that is as unpredictable as bugs bunny. All I am saying is you need to get ready and stay ready. When it goes it will go fast.

  35. Gonzo

    Awesome wrap up Greg.
    Keep up the good work.

  36. I Felt Like Writing

    It’s like President Trump is literally battling the forces of evil: ISIS, Kim Jung-Un, Iran, the Clintons, the crooked Puerto Rico mayor, the conniving congresswoman in a cowboy hat, globalists, antifa… I could go on and on. He has his flaws but if he wasn’t such a Godly man I don’t know how he’d still be standing. They even used witchcraft on him. The crazy world we live in!

    Trump, despite his flaws, is the embodiment of the good in America. He and the good people in America are the only reason why it hasn’t already fallen to it’s own corruption –not that it’s the only corrupt country in the world. Really the battle between good and evil happens every day in our choices.

    • This sceptred Isle

      So what are Saudi Arabia the good guys then??????? Sold them a lot of weapons…

  37. Walter Baumgarten

    Well Greg, you make me feel even better about setting up regular support of your work last month. Ask and you shall be given, eh? Keep up the great work my brother and God bless you and yours. Remember…For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Walter for your kind words and support!!

  38. Kim

    Great wrap up! Maybe you should call it the Weekly News Wake Up!!
    Grateful you keep on top of the reality of our situation.

    When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;
    But when a wicked man rules, the people groan. Proverbs 29:2 NKJV

    The fear of man brings a snare,
    But whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe. Proverbs 29:25 NKJV

    • Greg Hunter

      “Wake up” I like that. Thank you.

  39. Linda L.

    I live in AZ and received notice from Cigna that they won’t be offering my particular individual healthcare plan as of December 31. I’m currently paying well over $800.00 per month with a 7,500.00 deductible. It will run approximately $1200.00 to $1300.00 per month (like a mortgage) to go on Obamacare next year, which I’ll not pay because to do so would mean that I would drain reserves/no savings. I’ll be forced to find a plan that only covers catastrophic incidents and will end up also paying a penalty at the end of 2018 unless the Trump team stops the penalties (but how can they do so with so much waste and so many insured that don’t pay anything?). Sometimes I wonder how many low income folks could have received healthcare insurance revenues just from the mega millions that were wasted on creating the Obamacare website. As always, I thank you for your work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Look into Christian Healthcare Ministries I am not endorsing them but they sound promising and they have a good BBB rating:

      • Mark

        Greg, My family and I have been with CHM for 4+yrs. I did a lot of research before switching. Because it sounded “too good to be true.” We’ve saved 10’s of thousands of dollars. I’ve had many friends who could not afford their increasing monthly premiums, even when their employer was paying half. They’ve all moved to CHM and everyone of them thanks me regularly. When a family member needs medical treatment, we call CHM and tell them the situation. They will even call the medical facility and alert them of our arrival and work directly with both of us to get the best rates for service negotiated prior to our arrival at facility. Try getting a health insurance company to do that. Oh, an added bonus, I was not even aware of, but has been super. When you refer someone to CHM, if they list you and your CHM acct# on their application as having referred them, after they make their 1st 3 months premium payments, you get 1 months premium for free.

        Thank you for what you do Greg. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into helping educate your audience.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Mark. I think we are looking at these guys for coverage and I will pass this along.

      • Tina H.

        I can recommend C.H.M. They have shared all our medical bills $150,000, from a cancer diagnosis. As a gold member they reimbursed every medical bill. You are not restricted but can choose any doctor or facility, no waiting on referrals. As a self pay “cash”patient most doctors and facilities discount your bill. If you have prexisting you are put on the prayer page and still receive help from other believers. A huge blessing to us and extremly affordable!! P.S. I appreciate your website and all your hard work!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Tina. This is the one we are looking at now. Lots of good feedback on these guys too.

  40. John M.

    I never get tired when you mention that Hillary should be tried for treason. If she walks like a traitor, talks like a traitor, hides her emails like a traitor, takes bribes and cash as a traitor … she just might be a traitor.
    We are not even mentioning all the mysterious deaths that surround Hillary and Bill like the plague, as the conspicuous body count is thirty-something. The more high-profile ones are Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Seth Rich, but then again there are so many other possibilities, like Caruana Galizia (The Panama Papers) who just a few days ago died in a car bomb explosion in Malta. Of course crooked Malta politicians may be partially or totally responsible for that one.
    Crime and treason pays very well, but the soul of these evil-doers must pay dearly for it in the next world. But that’s not much of a consolation for all the innocent people who must suffer, like everyone from this govt manipulated-socialized medicine that Hillary and her ilk love so much. It has probably already cost some Americans their very lives because of their carefully crafted health-care crisis. Ho hum, the swamp certainly doesn’t care.
    Our group insurance (like yours) with Blue Shield (CA) went up again, and we dropped down to a lesser plan with high deductibles, which we also did last year. This health insurance/medical cost scam is sucking huge amounts of productive capital from small businesses and working Americans like all of us.
    This Obamacare must be a big part of the master plan to destroy America. The traitors make us pay in so many ways.
    May God give us Americans our vengeance — and soon!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I think many in top positions in the Obama Administration should be jailed and that includes the president if he knew about this.

  41. canadagal

    When the Oregon rancher & his son were put in jail for setting a back fire to save the ranch house & winter hay supply from an approaching forest fire it was mentioned that Uranium One had the mineral rights in that area. Since they didn’t want to give up their ranch could that possibly be the real reason they are in jail.

  42. Tad

    FYI SGT Report recently deleted ALL my content at his site because I asked him if he got paid when he interviews people with newsletters to SELL. That becomes WRONG when it doesn’t get disclosed to listeners! He never invited me back because I have nothing to SELL. I waited 50 weeks (11 and a half months) before bringing it up to him, he expressed displeasure and DUMPED me and my FREE content!!

    One of these newsletter sellers, who gets unlimited coverage by You Tube interview shows, offers a newsletter subscription priced at $500 to $1,000/year. It has to do with the metal, silver. In September or October 2012, he stated in public that silver would never fall below $30 again. Comes next mid-April 2013, silver fell from $30 to $18 and has never recovered to $30. He’s been wrong for 55 months running and still hucksters his “investment” newsletter. Interviewers should be required by law or by You Tube regulations to state if they’re doing a paid infomercial for helping these newsletter sellers to “harvest” more subscribers. However, this applies to all investment areas, not silver only.

    Charles Savoie


    I’m not advertising for Charles Savoie, other than to say he’s an advocate for gold and silver (honest money) and wants the likes of YouTube to monitor hucksters.

    One could go to these site links or The man is a wealth of knowledge on silver.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am NEVER paid for interviews. I also Never get paid for linking to somebodies site or book or subscription page. I do it as a courtesy. I get paid by advertisement just like TV (before cable) in the good old days.

  43. Julia

    How about military tribunals? Sessions would be out of it. That insurance is unbelievable. I have Christian Healthcare. My premium…..$49.00 a month for myself.

  44. genocidal politician

    shot in the leg whilst dodging 200 rounds and only using an old mans stick to get around with just a few days later?
    what are the odds of no bones being shattered in a narrow leg when ht by a ‘bullet’ fired from close range?
    how about we observe the extent of the injury on live broadcast?

  45. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    You need to change your name from USAWATCHDOG to USA’S-PITBULL!! You go WAAAAYYYY beyond watchdogging. This is one of your BEST WNW’s. Keep up the great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CC!!

  46. Rick Geisler

    As I have stated in previous posts, one of the trademarks of the followers of Saul Alinsky is to project scandal onto the enemy. So it is of no surprise that Hillary has been pegged with the greatest scandal involving the Russians. Her and Bill. The Clintons were so confident that they would win the election, that they went into this corruptive uranium Russian traitorous deal, knowing full well that if they won they would bury the deal and no one would ever hear of it. When they lost they panicked and suddenly Donald Trump had a problem with Russian collusion. All this time it has been a Alinsky type cover up. Textbook to the very iota. She accused Trump of everything she and Bill did their selves. That’s what this is about. It is about time the people woke up and learned who these scheming monsters are. Also how we need to find constitutional individuals to represent us.

  47. Victor

    Greg, there is a global market for uranium and you can buy as much as you want, whenever you want. The stuff is dirt cheap. You go on and on about selling 1/5 of our uranium production as thought this were a big deal, but uranium sells for only $20/lb. Ever since Fukushima there is little demand for it, and we are only one nuclear incident or near-accident away from that coming to an end.

    • Greg Hunter

      You should tell that to the Russians who wanted Uranium One so badly. The Russians wanted it, and Clintons and Obama sold the U.S. out. The Clinton (fraud) Foundation alone got $145 million in donations. This is bribery and treason. So sorry victor this is a very big deal this is why the FBI and the DOJ ran a huge investigation which the Obama Administration and the Clintons snuffed out. The entire administration is complicit. They should all hang.

  48. Jodyp

    Great wrap-up! Greg, DJT has said ‘crazy’ things both on the campaign trail and as our President. Whether it’s the McCain hero jab or the unpatriotic NFL,he still comes out on top. Why do you or anyone here think he’s chosen to own this rising stock market he called a ‘big bubble’ before? The guys gotta know something we don’t.

  49. pat the rat

    I see that Raqqa fell yesterday maybe peace may now come to the middle east,ISIS will now slowly dissolve into history. The army job is to kill people,and break things maybe enough people have been killed and things broken for now. Let us all hope so.

  50. Robert E. Salt

    Except for the ground floor and the mezzanine, all the windows in the Twin Towers were tall and narrow. They were only 14 inches wide, because there was a steel column between each one which ran all the way to the top of the building. These towers had the strongest exterior of any office building ever built. Anyone who thinks the aluminum wings of a jetliner could cut through all these steel columns has a pretty wild imagination. The fake news showed a plane fly through the building as if it were a cloud. You can view a more sophisticated hologram online if you google “hologram whale”. Two types of explosives were used to blow holes in the upper floors of both buildings. The first type was used to cut through each steel column at two points a few feet apart. The second explosive set to detonate a tenth of a second later was used to blow out the section and create a huge fireball. If some of the first set was late the second would blow away the first which is what happened in a few cases with the south Tower. You can see this in a closeup photo. The planning of 9/11 goes as far back as the 70‘s. We know this from the last episode of Wonder Woman and from the “Breakfast in America” record album, available online. Hold the album cover up to the mirror and what do you see above the Towers. If Arabs had planned 9/11, they would have arranged for Israelis to take flying lessons. Everyone talks about Building 7, but no one talks about Buildings 4 and 6. How do you slice a building in half with the southern half missing and the northern half left untouched (Building 4, very much like the Oklahoma City building)? You use a directed energy weapon (DEW). How do you hollow out a building leaving the exterior intact (Building 6) ? You use a directed energy weapon. How do you level a neighborhood and leave the trees standing (Santa Rosa). You use a directed energy weapon. You need to have Dr. Judy Wood on your show, Greg. She’s the only physicist with the guts to talk about this.

  51. John M.

    Everyone should take the time to read a very very interesting article on URANIUMGATE.
    According to the article, the haughty Clintons may soon be caught in a very clever web of the master chessman Putin.

  52. coalburner

    Great WNW. you are getting better every one. The Authority is looking out for you so be careful, the devil will come knocking. Keep your armor on!

  53. Sayonara

    The one noteworthy news story missing this week is George Soros moving $18B to his tyrannical communist terrorist media organizations. Why was this not covered?!
    This man has done more to destabilize the political western world than anything else in existence today. If I had taken the oath of office of POTUS, my first military executive order would have been to send in Seal Team 6 to execute George Soros for terrorism and broadcast the execution live to the MSM so that they would go nuts and try to defend this communist political terrorist. George Soros is a grave threat to our constitutional democracy and needs to be exterminated with absolute and extreme ideological prejudice. Go hard on marxist tyranny or go home to marxist enslavement.

    • Flattop

      Sayonara: I agree, however, I imagine the deep state has the same feeling about our President since he is intervening in their plans and programs to turn us into a one world government and economy. Pray for our nation

  54. RichM

    This is ALL I need to see and know. The man prays before major meetings or decisions. There is nothing more important to me than my President having the faith to pray to our GOD!!!

    • Chip

      Very cool. Thanks for sharing that… Chip

    • Buffy V.S.

      I guess a man’s life does not reflect his beliefs, eh?,? So he’s had five children with three wives, lies constantly, has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault, has stiffed many of his contractors and subcontractors, goes for full-on vengeance when someone offends him…yet you think because he prays in public on occasion, that makes him a GOOD man?!?! Sorry, but you are clearly and sadly an ignorant and foolish soul. Go back and do your homework on con men and grifters…then you won’t be fooled again!

  55. Jake Brown

    The market rise has little to do with the FED chairman but money fleeing from Europe into the USA. Europe is about to come apart as the EU implodes.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for this info!!

  56. Chip

    Fantastic wrap up Greg! Thanks as always for what you do… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chip!

  57. Chip

    I have friends who are in their 50’s, no kids, and their plan is $1500 per month with $3500 deductible (EACH). That’s $25,000 a year before they get one single aspirin paid for!!!

    It’s meant to CRUSH the middle class and to implode so everyone will scream for the Government to “fix it”… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mark. Lots of good feedback on these folks!!!!!

  58. Curtis

    Please…quit calling these pigs the Main Stream Media. THEY ARE THE LAME STREAM MEDIA and the sooner everyone gets it, the faster they will go down the tube. Everyone, please call them what they really are.

  59. Scott Davis

    Sessions is part of and profits from the prison industrial complex which is paying inmates 30 cents an hour taking real paying jobs away from regular folks. This is every state in the union -big money. He is a weasel. They are all weasels! We are sick of hearing that they step down. They must be prosecuted, bankrupted and incarcerated!

  60. Russ

    Thanks Greg, excellent coverage of the Uranium One issue. Congress needs to press this issue and force DoJ to release the FBI informant from the NDA held over his head by a former AG. The FBI’s informant seems to wants testify but can’t due to that DoJ NDA. Then they should bring AG Sessions in to testify and determine just how many members of DoJ are involved in covering up the treasonous, for profit activities of current and former members of government. This is a huge issue that just might have legs.

  61. Ross Herman

    Hollo Greg,
    Investigation is code word for active cover-up.
    How long can a “Justice Department” exist without actually obtaining a conviction for something? How long can a country exist where no laws are inforced?
    Do you still think Hillay will ever face jail time?

    Just my ignorant guess: North Korea is just more political theater!

  62. Robert Dotson, MD

    Greg… Another great weekly summary. Thanks for your hard work on getting the Truth to the masses.
    I see that you are having Dr. Janda on and encourage you to discuss the systemic failures of “allopathic” (“mainstream”) medicine. I am a MD of >40 years (still seeing patients) and years ago woke up to the fact that mainstream medicine is based on the usual piratical corporatism that controls this failing state and a basket full of flase assumptions about health and the Human condition. Unless the underlying scientific basis of mainstream medicine is revised and injected with a large dose of TRUTH and bias-free science (70-80% of published medical papers are false or fraudulent), NO amount of “health insurance” will make a difference. The existing system is simply another way to control and loot the masses. Most people can learn enough to care for themselves better than any “priest” in a white coat. Question authority. Educate yourself. Avoid contact with the healthcare system unless shot or hit by a truck.
    Thanks for all you do!


    Very nicely explained once again Greg Hunter!

    Got to buy you a good vest! Your in shark infested waters. God bless your candor!

    • Greg Hunter

      I am an extra large and thank you.

  64. beLIEve

    North Korea’s …GOLD DEPOSITS…..are among the LARGEST in the WORLD 💡 💡
    IF……All Wars are BANKERS WARS…is North Korea just another GOLD HEI$T ?
    It would SAVE western “banks” from BANKRUPTCY…and the BANK$TERS from the GALLOWS.
    * *
    Kim Jong Un …is “apparently” running short of funds with which to …BRIBE……Top government officials in NK.
    Bearing in mind Kimmie is an Illuminati stooge….why don’t the… EL-ite$ …simply INCREASE his FUNDING ? ?

    Makes me wonder …IF….the…North Korea….WAR DRUMS…are…YET ANOTHER…….SEQUESTRATION of SOVEREIGN “shiny stuff” …aka….Mali …Ukraine etc.
    * *
    @ 26:00 in the video linked….North Korea …among the largest GOLD deposits in the world…
    * *
    North Korea Documentary ! Why Invading North Korea Would be Insane Secret State of North
    * * *
    Kim Jong-Un a Swiss-Indoctrinated Mason in the Grip of the London City Banker. North Korea Another Illuminati Stooge Play
    * * *
    But is it all just Play for the gallery by the London City´s – ILLUMINATI ?
    Adam Weishaupt´s Legacy II: One-World Government
    * * *
    SGT Report And Harvey Organ Show How The GOLD REALLY IS GONE

  65. Michael Spevacek

    Snopes makes two key points need to be addressed:
    1) The Uranium One deal was not Clinton’s to veto or approve
    2) Despite transfer of ownership, the uranium remained in the U.S.
    Can anyone respond directly? If not, I’ll have to go with the Snopes conclusion that your accusations as False.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are fact resistant and think Snopes is legit. You cannot convinced because you don’t want to know the truth.

      • Michael Spevacek

        Greg —
        You failed to address the two facts I stated.
        I’m not the one who is fact resistant. You are.

        • Greg Hunter

          I laid this all out in the Weekly News Wrap-Up and YES Clinton signed off on the Uranium One deal. It was part of her JOB!!! The whole thing is breaking wide open right now. The Wall Street Journal has a story this morning that says Robert Mueller should step down from the Special Counsel job: Oh, and your buddy Hillary Clinton paid for the phony so-called “Trump Dossier” that got the whole phony Trump/Russian collusion investigation going in the first place. So, get a grip and smell the coffee. Most of the Obama Administration leadership sold out the country to the Russians and this party is just getting started. Now go away. Open your mind. Crimes were committed and that include TREASON!!!!

          • Michael Spevacek

            And how much uranium was actually transferred from us to the Russians? None?

            • Greg Hunter

              Michael you are embarrassing yourself. Please stop commenting:
              New York Times: Despite claims to the contrary, Uranium One has, in fact, exported “yellowcake” out of America and is “routinely packed into drums and trucked off to a processing plant in Canada.”

              The New York Times confirmed that: “Asked about that, the commission confirmed that Uranium One has, in fact, shipped yellowcake to Canada even though it does not have an export license.”

              This is the left leaning NYT, might I add. We don’t know who got the uranium–yet, but it WAS SHIPPED OUT OF THE COUNTRY.

              • Michael Spevacek

                We do know who got the uranium. The NYT article states that 75% was returned to the US and that only 25% had gone to Western Europe and Japan.

                Are you alarmed that our allies are the recipients?

                • Greg Hunter

                  What did Western Europe do with it? Did the NYT do a top notch investigation? After all, the NYT has been pushing the fake Trump/collusion story for a year with zero facts and NOT A SINGL CHARGE on anyone. We all know the NYT is mostly propaganda and hates Donald Trump. Don’t take my word for it. Look at this Project VERITAS video with a top NYT editor trashing Trump. This senior editor is responsible for what is put on the front page of the NYT: There are more videos of other NYT employees and editors showing bias and hatred of Trump. When it gets down to that all you are is propaganda.

                  Fact is, the uranium did leave the country and it was NOT supposed to. The investigation is just getting started. This is treason and fraud and bribery at the highest levels of the Obama Administration–period, the end.

  66. Crazy Cannuck

    I’ve said it many times ….. any of these “elitists” can get away with murder and I suspect many of them have already but I never expect the justice system to do anything to them. They have proven themselves above the law that is applied to you and I. We are slaves to these groups and nothing will change because the vast majority just doesn’t care. Obama just admitted as much when he commented on the Weinstein fiasco. He said, “Any man who demeans and degrades women in such fashion needs to be condemned and held accountable, regardless of wealth or status.” I agree with the first part but since when does “wealth or status” have anything to do with breaking the law? The answer is … IT ALWAYS HAS! And for your Canadian readers … don’t jump up on your high horse, our Canadian system is no better!

  67. Mort Coleman


    I’ve been using Samaritan Ministries health sharing plan for over a year, and it’s growing right fast. It exempts you from oboma care.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mort!

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